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Aspects for the week beginning 13 October 2019

Ginger Baker

“When the city of Atlantis stood serene above the sea,
Long time before our time when the world was free,
Those were the days.”

~ Those Were The Days, co-written by Ginger Baker and Mike Taylor, from “Wheels of Fire” 1968

Outstanding drummer Ginger Baker died last Sunday.  He didn’t like the term “rock drummer” preferring to be known as a “jazz drummer”.  He was 80 years old, but had survived a lifetime of poor health.  His working life encompassed the membership of several bands, but he is most known for his time in the legendary band Cream during the heady late ’60s.

Birth Chart

We do not have a birth time for the flame-haired Ginger, but his well-known fieriness comes from having half his planets in Fire signs.  It’s a volatile, dry heat of fire, and not an emotional passion, for he had no Water planets.  He did though have 6 (over half) his planets in the Fixed signs, so was very headstrong.

His Sun in Leo denotes the showmanship and natural leadership that he is reputed to have, and its conjunction with Venus inclined him to music.  He was also known for his unpredictability and eccentricity, and that shows up with Sun/Venus square Uranus.

His Moon was square Mars, making him quick to react emotionally, and he was known for having a violent temper.  I have not read his autobiography “Hellraiser” but his close bandmate Eric Clapton’s autobiography is one of the favourites in my bookshelf.  Here, Clapton describes his introduction to Ginger Baker:

“…I was very flattered that he was interested in me. I was also rather frightened of him because he was an angry-looking guy, with a considerable reputation. He appeared physically very strong although extremely lean, with red hair and a constant expression of disbelief mixed with suspicion. He gave the impression that he was fearless and that he would take anybody on…”   I will write more about Ginger Baker’s relationships with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce later in this piece.

There were plenty of strengths in his chart, one being an exact trine between Uranus and Neptune (the ability to process complexity), which formed a Grand Trine in Earth with his Mars.  That was part of his unique energy.  He also had a trine between Jupiter and Mercury/Pluto and Pluto exactly square his Nodal Axis (that’s the “Hellraiser”!).  With Chiron in Cancer, drumming and rhythm was therapeutic to him (and often to those who listened to his drumming).


Baker joined Blues Incorporated in the 1960s.  In his interest in drumming, he found a soul mate in Keith Moon (from the Who).  The latter was responsible for Baker acquiring a two bass drum kit.  They shared a flamboyant mentality, with their Mercuries in Leo exactly conjunct with each other.

Baker met up with bassist Jack Bruce.  The success of the later band Cream depended on a vital third member, Eric Clapton, three being the magic number to produce their exceptional music.

Jack Bruce had Mercury closely conjunct Uranus, a brilliant mind.  He and Clapton were credited for writing most of their hits, though Ginger Baker did appear on a few credits.  Both Baker and Bruce had Venus square Uranus in their charts, and therefore a propensity to estrangements.  We do have a birth time for Jack Bruce, and find his Midheaven (Careerpoint) in Scorpio in the 11th House of Bands.

The two clashed fiercely: Jack’s Sun was conjunct Ginger’s Uranus, activating Ginger’s Inner Rebel.  But Jack’s Venus was trine Ginger’s North Node, so their relationship came back together several times, through karmic forgiveness.  Jack’s Saturn sextile Ginger’s Mercury enabled Ginger to concentrate his mind.

So Eric Clapton joined them in 1966, and Cream was formed.  In the two years until they broke up (due to the clash between Baker and Bruce) they achieved the pinnacle of success, with three albums.

Eric’s relationship with Ginger held an element of fear:  Ginger’s Pluto was exactly square Eric Clapton’s Moon.  Clapton’s Moon was also conjunct Baker’s North Node, so karmically compelling.  Clapton’s Venus was conjunct Baker’s South Node, indicating they were “old friends” from past lives. But Baker’s Mars was conjunct Clapton’s Ascendant, an inflammatory placing.  Clapton’s Pluto was trine Baker’s Jupiter, so Eric did have some power in the dynamic between them, and was part of the glue that held the three of them together.

There was more harmony between Clapton and Bruce, with their Venuses exactly sextile (musical harmony), and their Jupiters exactly sextile.  Clapton praised Bruce in his autobiography:  “The most forceful bass player I had ever played with… His understanding of time was phenomenal. All this was reflected in his personality, fiery and quick witted.”

Eric Clapton reflected on his role in the group: “Maybe I was the necessary catalyst for them to get along, like a fulcrum”.  Certainly in their transits, Clapton seemed to be less affected by intense planetary line-ups, intimating that the primary karma was between Baker and Bruce.

At their first gig on July 29th 1966, the transits for Ginger Baker showed Pluto sextile his natal Chiron in Cancer, a major psychological fulfilment.  For Bruce, the North Node (karmic mission) was on his Sun (self-expression) and trine his Jupiter (a success, or karmic reward).  The impact on Clapton’s chart was not so notable.

At their split in November 1968, Ginger Baker had some strong transits:  Uranus sextile his Pluto (extreme change), Neptune square his Sun (extreme confusion) and Pluto trine his Mars (high energy, possibly inflammatory).

For Jack Bruce: Jupiter on his Neptune in Virgo in his 9th House (a spiritual freedom), Saturn was trine his natal North Node in Leo in his 8th House (karmically dictated event) and Uranus square his natal Venus in Cancer in his 6th House (a classic parting-of-the-ways transit, mirroring his own natal square and that of Baker).

For Clapton, maybe not so heavily affected, Jupiter was on his natal Chiron in Virgo in 12th House, a chance for a healing space.

A Brief Discography

If you’re not a Cream fan, perhaps you’ll remember “Spoonful”, “I feel Free” and “I’m so Glad” from their 1966 album “Fresh Cream”.

Or “Sunshine of your Love”, “Tales of Brave Ulysses”, “Strange Brew”, “Blue Condition” and “Take it Back” from  their 1967 album “Disraeli Gears”

Or how about “White Room”, “Those Were The Days”, “Crossroads” and “Sitting on Top of the World”, from their 1968 album “Wheels of Fire”.  That was the talk of the campus when I went to Uni in the Autumn of 1968.

After Cream

After Cream, Eric Clapton went on to work with the talented Stevie Winwood (from Traffic), and was dismayed when Ginger Baker asked to join them in their band Blind Faith (termed a “supergroup”).  His intuition told him  that history would repeat itself.  The band lasted not more  than a year (1969).

2005 Reunion

Ginger Baker played with Jack Bruce over the years, though their relationship was always volatile.  Bruce was quoted as saying: “It’s a knife-edge thing between me and Ginger. Nowadays, we’re happily co-existing in different continents… although I was thinking of asking him to move. He’s still a bit too close”

In 2005 with Clapton they prepared for a reunion tour, to be played at the Royal Albert Hall and Madison Square Garden.  The reunion took place around 3rd May 2005.  The transits are interesting for all three of them.

For Baker, his exact Neptune/Uranus trine was exactly bisected by Saturn: an orchestrating by the Universe, if there ever was one.  For Bruce, Saturn was sextile his natal Sun in Taurus in 5th House on his I.C., and trine his natal MC in Scorpio in 11th House of Bands.  Again, Saturn was pinning him down for a reunion.  In addition, Pluto was trine Bruce’s natal Chiron in Leo in 8th House – a healing.  For Clapton, it was a moment of triumph in that Jupiter trine his natal Uranus in Gemini in 8th House.  But he was struck down by flu and had to play in that condition, then regretted the encore at Madison Square Garden as he thought they peaked at the Royal Albert Hall – Uranus squared his Uranus, bringing the unexpected into the equation.


Jack Bruce died in 2014, and his funeral was attended by Baker and Clapton.

Ginger Baker suffered ill health for most of his adult life.  He was addicted to heroin, suffered from chronic back pain (from degenerative osteoarthritis), and in later years suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, with serious heart issues.  At his death, Neptune was exactly trine his natal Chiron (a final healing).

A eulogy from Stevie Winwood:

“Beneath his somewhat abrasive exterior, there was a very sensitive human being with a heart of gold.”


“The Autobiography” by Eric Clapton


At tea time today (in the U.K.) we have a sextile between the Sun and Jupiter which can bring happy news, fun and laughter.  It is one of the most upbeat aspects of the year.  A positive story in the news is rare, but look out for one.  In your own life, an opportunity may be coming your way.

Early evening the Moon is Full at 20 degrees Aries.  The Full Moon in Aries (emotional needs) opposes the Sun in Libra (balancing your own interests with that of the other) so it is a tussle, as it always is with a Full Moon.  At the same time, Pluto squares them both, creating a T-square, so there may be drama involved, or at the very least psychological adjustments to be made.

Early tomorrow (Monday 14th) is a day for serious communication, delivered in a measure fashion.  This chimes well with the fact that the Queen’s Speech is scheduled, which will be by no means an easy task for the deliverer.  She will not give away what she thinks about it, and will be well aware that none of it may come to fruition, because we don’t know the duration of the Johnson government (which does not have a mandate).  But it is a good day for laying down your intentions and plans, and realistically evaluating what can be done.

Hard on the heels of that aspect, Pluto actually squares the Sun (it was coming into a square at the time of the Full Moon).  That may be a difficult aspect to negotiate, but keep talking (Mercury sextile Saturn is still operational).  Last minute Brexit and Backstop talks may be going on even as the Queen speaks.  Pluto square the Sun is a deep soul searching aspect.  With the seriousness of Mercury/Saturn and the depth of Pluto/Sun you have to get down to business, and to the nitty gritty.  There is no whitewashing or kicking the can down the road.

It’s an easier ride on Tuesday (15th) which brings a trine between Mercury and Neptune.  While Monday represented hard facts, Tuesday lets in some whimsy and artistry (but established on the foundation of the previous day’s hard facts).  Perhaps you formulated a plan on Monday, and can embellish it slightly on Tuesday.  Not that I am suggesting that you can embellish the Irish Backstop question, some questions are just too hard.  But say you obtained funding for a project on Monday which had carefully laid rules and boundaries, you might be able to work on a more spiritual level with it on Tuesday, and bring forth some higher inspiration.  Monday is the contract (if not disrupted by the square from Pluto), and Tuesday is the opportunity for creativity.

A minor aspect on Thursday (17th) between two of the greater planets may affect us at a deeper level than the more superficial aspects.  Pluto will be semi-sextile Jupiter on that day, which can bring power struggles.  It may for instance be significant in the power struggles between the U.S. and Russia with regard to the Turkish-Syrian situation which is concerning at the moment.  In your own life, you may be re-arranging the furniture in some way.

We end the week, on Saturday (19th), with a sensible and constructive tone, provided by the third sextile of the week, that of Mercury sextile Pluto.  This may be helpful in tying up some of the issues of the week, and settling some scores.  The communication flows, but is not trivial.  It is the day when Parliament is being recalled to discuss the results of the current Brexit negotiations.  It is the first time the Commons have sat on a Saturday since the Falklands War in 1982.  It is the deadline for the prime minister to comply with the Benn Act (to write to Brussels for an extension) before Halloween.  Mercury sextile Pluto honours the gravity of the situation, and enables meaningful debate to occur (no filibustering!).  So if you have something important lined up, keep your negotiations to the point, and  you may find proceedings useful.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Jovial; emotional tension
  • Tomorrow – serious communication; deeper issues
  • Tuesday – mental inspiration
  • Thursday – rearranging power systems
  • Saturday – grown up communication

Aspects for the week beginning 6 October 2019

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Part 3

Powering through the next four contestants of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, though I still have a few more to report on later in the series.  The standard seems really high this year, and is an absorbing watch!

Kelvin Fletcher

Kelvin Fletcher was drafted into the contest at the last minute when Jamie Laing dropped out due to injury leaving professional Oti Mabusi without a partner.  Kelvin played Andy Sugden in Emmerdale for 20 years, before leaving in 2016.  He has 0 planets in the Air signs, so is very instinctual in his approach to life.  With the Sun square Mars he has a penchant for cars and racing, hence his switch to being a professional racing driver since leaving Emmerdale.  His Mars is conjunct Pluto giving him high energy, and a possible attraction to danger.  Mercury sextile exactly Mars provides quick mental reactions and excellent co-ordination, which  explains how he came out blazing in a fast-paced dance the first week.  Mercury conjunct Jupiter confers an excellent brain, which explains how he was able to learn the steps so quickly.  Mercury also conjoins Neptune, so his brain is attuned to the spirit of dance (Neptune).  In other ingredients which make for an engagingly watchable dancer Mars sextiles Jupiter (energy allied with enthusiasm) and Mars sextiles Neptune  (movement with meditation).  He is currently riding high on the leaderboard.  This weekend Mars squares his Neptune (not an easy transit),  and by the end of the contest he has contradictory indications in the shape of Saturn square his natal Pluto (difficult and exacting circumstances) and Neptune trine his Mars (skilful dance).  As things stand, he does look likely to reach the final, though Saturn squaring his natal Pluto may just scupper his chances of actually winning.

He is partnered with: Oti Mabuse

Kelvin’s partner Oti is the sister of new judge Motse, so the relationship between the two sisters will be very much under scrutiny.  Like Kelvin, Oti has 0 Air planets, and so is also very instinctual.  When their instincts are running in sync, they could be very inspired. In their synastry, his Saturn squares her Sun, so he is a challenge to her.  His Nodal Axis squares her natal Mercury, so he is also a puzzle mentally for her.  But his Chiron trines her natal Jupiter, so there is a healing chemistry that occurs when they dance.  His Saturn is also conjunct her Pluto, so they mean business.  It’s not altogether an easy match, but they are determined to make it succeed.  This weekend, Saturn sextiles her natal Pluto, firming up her determination, Uranus trines her natal Uranus (she has the surprise factor), Neptune sextiles her natal Mars (her dancing is inspired), Pluto is on her Saturn (again, great challenges) and Pluto opposes her Chiron (she needs to take care about the balance of her health).  By the end of the contest, Pluto trines her natal Mercury (exquisite mental concentration), Chiron is on her natal Saturn (again, the need for the utmost precision), Pluto is on her Neptune (a profound psycho-spiritual challenge and learning), and the North Node trines her natal Neptune (a karmic pinnacle of her dance talent).  That is a powerful finale for her, so if they get to the final or win, it will be testimony to her skill as a teacher and choreographer as much as Kelvin’s own undeniable talent.

Viscountess Emma

Emma is married to Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth, who she has known since she was four years old.  She has half her planets (5) in the emotional Water signs.  With the Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces, the sign of dance, she was born 5 days after the dancer Jamie Bell in the same year.  At Longleat, she works a great deal with the animals, but also does philanthropical work.  She has a lively, energetic and rebellious chart (Sun/Mercury square Mars/Uranus).  She can get irritable and tense (Mercury square Mars/Uranus), but her greatest strength is a Grand Water Trine involving her Moon in Cancer, Pluto and Jupiter, giving her deep emotional reserves.  She has endured a great deal in her journey through life, facing opposition from her husband’s family, and being the target of racial abuse (her father was a Nigerian oil magnate).  She also has the Warrior Archetype (Mars trine North Node and square Sun).  Dance could be a joy for her, and a way of unwinding, with Jupiter sextile exactly Neptune (dance) and the North Node trine Neptune.  She and her husband have two children, one born from a surrogate.  Her current transits show the Nodal Axis square her Venus (she could take a little time to settle in to the contest, though I don’t see her going out yet), Uranus sextile her Jupiter (a spirited performance), and Uranus trine her natal Neptune (being able to grasp the complexity required).  By the end of the contest, Pluto will be square her natal Venus (she may have matters to attend to in her private life).

She is partnered with: Aljaz Skorjanec

Aljaz is a veteran of Strictly, having danced with among others Alison Hammond, Daisy Lowe and Gemma Atkinson.  The chemistry between them shows a good karmic bond (Aljaz’ Sun sextile closely Emma’s North Node), his Mercury sextile her Saturn (the ability to communicate requirements), his Jupiter sextile her natal North Node (a successful partnership), and his Neptune square her Venus (stretching her dance ability).  This is a relationship which could continue as a friendship.  Aljaz current form shows shows a variety of influences Mars square his Jupiter, Pluto on his Saturn, Saturn on his Neptune, and the North Node on his Neptune.  To be fair, it is rare for any of the professionals to underperform!  By the end of the contest, Mars is sextile his Sun and Jupiter, and Jupiter is on his Pluto.  That is quite a high for him, but that may be more about success in the performance of the professional dances – Emma may not stay the course with him.

David James

Alas, footballer (goalkeeper) David James was in the dance off last week, and on the spin-off show It Takes Two (which I don’t watch by the way, but is scheduled just before the BBC 6 o’clock news) a panel of three voted him most likely to go next!  He is a Leo, with the height to match.  In his chart, his footballing credentials come out clearly in his Sun/Mars exact conjunction.  He would normally, say in private life and on the football pitch, be quite a sparky individual, with the Sun/Mars sextile Uranus, but somehow the spark does not translate to the dance floor.  He has a few difficult aspects to Neptune, which may indicate that he is not at home in this medium: Neptune square the Nodal Axis, Mercury square Neptune, and Neptune opposite Saturn.  It just doesn’t flow for him.  His great strength is shown by Saturn trine Pluto.  His transits this weekend (I am writing this on Friday evening, before this week’s show) are not memorable enough to report on…At the end of the contest, Uranus will be square his Mars (shock), and Chiron will be trine his Saturn – he’ll be philosophical!

He is partnered with: Nadiya Bychkova

This is Ukranian Nadiya’s third year in the contest.  I wrote last year: “She’s a very perfectionistic Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo, with all the brilliance of Sun exactly trine Uranus, and all the energy of Mars sextile Pluto.”  Her synastry with David is quite good (with a trine between her Jupiter and his North Node), so that does not seem to be the problem.  It may be purely down to his stiffness on the dance floor.  Her current transits are the North Node sextile her natal Mars (bravery), Chiron square her Jupiter (awkwardness), Mars square her Uranus (shock), and North Node trine her Pluto.  At the end of the contest she has Mars trine her Sun and Uranus (she’ll be energized), Neptune trine her Jupiter (she will enjoy the group dances!), Uranus sextile her Neptune (she will have some complex learning) and Pluto exactly trine Pluto (self-empowerment).  Maybe one of the dancers will lose a partner and she will step in.  Again, the two may remain friends on some level, so all may not be lost.  As you can see, I am not predicting that he will stay in the contest.

Alex Scott

Female footballer Alex Scott retired in 2017, and then followed a media career.  She has Sun/Mercury in Libra, which gives her a fair-minded outlook, but her birth chart is not well co-ordinated in terms of connecting aspects, and that may make her an unusually free spirit.  The standout feature of her chart is an exact conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn, which makes her super energetic and enthusiastic, driven and ambitious.  She kicked off the series with the first dance on the first week of the contest, and made a real impact.  Her current transits include Pluto square her Sun (the contest is a real challenge for her, or she has something currently challenging in her personal life), Uranus trine her Mars/Jupiter conjunction (huge excitement!),  and Neptune trine her Saturn (trying to master the precision required, with sensitivity).  At the end of the competition, Chiron squares her Sun, Mars opposes her Pluto and Saturn squares her Pluto, which are not helpful supportive transits.  I think she will progress well, and may make it to Blackpool, but may sustain a minor injury before the semi-final, or other factors may be distracting her by the end.

She is partnered with: Neil Jones

Red head Neil Jones recently split up from his wife Katya, another professional on the show.  He has waited a few years to get a professional slot, having taken part in the group dances in the meantime.  He’s a Taurean, with a sparkling triple conjunction of Mars/Mercury/Chiron in that sign.  The synastry with Alex includes good communication (his Venus trine her Mercury), and his Uranus opposite her Chiron (some clashing).  Head judge Shirley did comment last week that she liked their chemistry.  Neil’s transits this weekend show Saturn trine his Sun (steady) and Pluto trine his Mars (great force).  The latter transit was exact to the day when he and Katya announced their split, though it was presented as amicable.  He would be hoping to do well in his first series, but his transits at the final week are a mixed bag: Pluto trine his Sun (psychological strength), Chiron trine his Mars (physical well being) and Mars opposite his Saturn (a bit of friction).  I think he would achieve the semi-final at best, but my guess is that they will just get to Blackpool.

With apologies to my non-Strictly Come Dancing viewing readers!


Uranus opposes Mercury on Monday (7th), posing technological challenges and bringing controversial communications.  You could take a holiday from the internet and social media, but someone somewhere will probably need to get in touch and bend your ear, if only telepathically (Uranus rules telepathy).  No man or woman is an island these days, unless you happen to be on a real retreat.  If technology is a must, then take the opportunity to learn as much as you can about the issue at hand.  I always try asking questions, but not being savvy with these things, tend to end up with more questions than I started with…

Well that is the morning challenge, anyway.  In the early evening there is a different scenario, with Saturn squaring the Sun.  It could be that you may be a bit irritated from Uranus-Mercury wrangles if you have not been so successful on the communication and/or technological front, and that may contribute to a feeling of stuckness or frustration later in the day.  At any rate, the mood of Saturn with the Sun tends to be flat, and even unmotivated.  You could try distraction with lighter activities, or you can look into the source of the ennui and you may find you go through it to a brighter prospect.

On to Tuesday (8th) and we have a shift of feeling, with Venus entering Scorpio.  This is a time when deep feelings can be experienced and expressed.  Her previous sojourn through Libra focussed on relationships, and on entering Scorpio the quality of relationship deepens.  You can take a relationship to the next level.  Venus will change sign again on 1st November, so make the most of the opportunity.

You’ll wonder what is going on with relationships on Saturday (12th).  Uranus opposes Venus and keeps her (and you) on her/your toes. Someone around you may be displaying skittish behaviour (maybe it’s a pet!)  It will have been useful if you practised tuning in telepathically on Monday morning (Uranus with Mercury), as on a more human level telepathy will be useful in understanding your opposite number, or even a group situation.   In fact, group consciousness may be more suited to the requirements of this capricious aspect.  It occurs in the late evening of Saturday, and may also make for exciting encounters, or lively party atmospheres.  Don’t overdo the alcohol, though, you may just need to keep your wits about you.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – keep your mind alert; pay attention to your mood
  • Tuesday – deepening relationships
  • Saturday – flighty relationships

Aspects for the week beginning 29 September 2019

Gina Miller

This week, with Parliament reconvening after an illegal prorogation, female MPs such as Hannah Sheriff and Jess Phillips described their rage at incendiary language used by the Prime Minister, which they felt put them at risk.  They reported a constant daily barrage of threats, and Jess Phillips’ office was actually physically under attack.  Yvette Cooper’s daughter expressed her fears for her M.P. mother.  These female M.Ps are Brave (with a capital B).

Though known as a business owner, philanthropist and activist, not an M.P., Gina Miller played a vital role in bringing the occupants of the House of Commons back to their workplace this week.  She too has faced right wing hatred, and deserves a medal for bravery.  She has taken an unpopular stance on two notable occasions, and carried through with calmness.

Two Legal Challenges

The first occasion was over article 50 in June 2016, just after the referendum.  She brought a challenge to the UK government over its authority to implement Brexit without the approval of parliament. Her argument was that only Parliament could take away rights that Parliament had instituted.

Her transits at the time of the Referendum (23rd June 2016), which was such a crucial time in her life, as in ours, were: Jupiter square her Nodal Axis (a karmic push), Saturn trine her Mercury (mental focus), and Saturn square her Uranus (pushed out of her comfort zone).  She stated that her motives were for the sake of democracy.  She is undoubtedly a woman of great principle.  As an aside, I just see it as ironic these days, that both sides of the argument, Remain and Brexit cite that they are upholding democracy! Her legal challenge was upheld in January 2017, and article 50 was eventually triggered by PM Theresa May in March 2017.

Subsequently, Gina Miller suffered death threats, threats of acid attacks, and  racial abuse (she is from Guyana).  One man, who was charged in March 2017, called her a “boat jumper” saying “If this is what we should expect from immigrants, send them back to their stinking jungles”.

The second occasion was over the recent prorogation of parliament.  Her transits at the first legal challenge indicated that her issues were unfinished, her work not complete, with Saturn square her natal Pluto.  On 28th August this year, together with others such as John Major and Shami Chakrabarti, she launched legal proceedings against the government for their unprecedented action.   She stated it was “a brazen attempt, of truly historical magnitude, to prevent the executive being held accountable for its conduct before parliament”.

Although the High Court ruled against her, the Scottish Court of Session upheld her claim that the prorogation was unlawful, and on 24th September (last week) eleven members of the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that prorogation was unlawful and the Queen had been misled in agreeing to it. On that day, Saturn had moved to precisely trine her natal Pluto, the completion of that phase of her work.

Birth Chart

In her birthchart, she has the Warrior/Peacemaker dual Archetype.  Her Sun is in Aries (The Warrior) and is conjunct Venus in early Taurus (the Peacemaker).  Thus she is able to be in the fray of negotiation, playing that dual role.  We do not have her Ascendant, but she comes across as coolly composed and determined.  She has half her planets in Earth signs, making her very grounded and practical.  Her Moon is in Sagittarius, giving her a global perspective, and squares Uranus (challenging the status quo).  Mars opposes Saturn in her chart, giving her an understanding of the force lines of immovable objects, and knowing when to stand her ground or otherwise.  Her Mars is conjunct Uranus in Virgo, so she is a social engineer. Pluto is conjunct her Mars, endows her with a powerhouse of energy.  She has a free, unaspected Jupiter, making her very much a free spirit.  Saturn exactly opposes Pluto in her chart, and she is prepared to count the cost when making extreme decisions.  With Neptune trine closely with her Chiron,  she may be motivated by a desire for healing, and by her own concept of spirituality.

I have not read her memoir, entitled “Rise: Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall & Leading The Way” but it’s on my list.


The week largely belongs to Pluto – deeply challenging but ultimately rewarding.  Pluto reaches right to the heart of who we are.  To  set the mood:

“Pluto serves in a dual capacity as eliminator and renewer.  In this respect, it works surreptitiously, as its nature is subversive and its domain lies underground, but there is a good reason for its modus operandi.  Eventually, Pluto forces things out into the light.  It reveals ideologies, neuroses, and activities which have long remained hidden or suppressed in the subconscious of a person or nation. It draws these clandestine situations out of the darkness so that they can serve their purpose in the universal plan.”

~ Alan Oken, “Complete Astrology”


“The evolutionary past of any individual also represents the deepest sources of unconscious emotional security.  These old unconscious security patterns create resistance to change and the unknown in varying degrees of intensity in all of us.  This security/resistance dynamic creates compulsion, obsessions, or emotional complexes in many individuals (or nations).”

~ Jeff Green, “Pluto, The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul”

As the week opens you may still be basking in the late night aspect of Venus sextile Jupiter from Saturday:

“And as a reward for all that hard work, Venus sextiles Jupiter in the late evening, one of the loveliest aspects of the year.  It would be good for weddings, engagements, parties, and cultural events.  Chin up, and chin chin for the end of the week!”

You may be able to squeeze every drop from that in the run up to our first aspect, which occurs on Tuesday.  At some point, you’ll feel the pull of Pluto over Jupiter in relation to Venus and our relationships.  From carefree, to looking deeper.  In finance, from spending freely to skidding to the edge of our budget.

So the early hours of Tuesday (1st October) in the U.K. brings us a square between Venus and Pluto.  You may experience some tension, after the honeymoon from Venus sexile Jupiter. The gloss may wear off in a relationship, or in a financial transaction.  This will require some psychological soul-searching, e.g. were your expectations too high, did you really see things as they are/were?  In this transition, Venus (love and feeling) is a key player, and a heart to heart may be healing and get to the truth.  Self-honesty will also work well with this aspect.

Our next Plutonian feature is early morning on Thursday (3rd), with Pluto Stationary at 20 degrees Capricorn prior to turning Direct.  We may feel we are coming through a transition, or at least on a more salubrious path.  The ruminations of Tuesday and Thursday, or indeed even the entire retrograde period (since late April) if you are taking the longer view, bear fruit.  Breakthroughs can take place at this juncture, e.g. reunions where perhaps people have not been speaking to each other.  There may be a positive impact on the Brexit process.

A little later, the same morning, and continuing the Plutonic theme, Mercury leaves Libra (a concentration on fairness and justice) and enters the Pluto-ruled sign of Scorpio.  This mental outlook is more forensic in nature, and looks deeper than the surface.  As Alan Oken says, Pluto “reveals ideologies, neuroses, and activities which have long remained hidden or suppressed in the subconscious of a person or nation.”  We’ll put aside our romantic novels, and start reading crime fiction, or psychology textbooks.  In your own life, you will have more courage to look at what really matters, and to worry less about how things appear to others.  Mercury stays in Scorpio until 9th December, because there is a retrograde period during that time.

On Friday (4th) in the early hours Mars marches into Libra – a slight change of emphasis or mood, but Mars is known as the “lower octave of Pluto”, a more basic and physical energy.  What is happening here is that Mars, the god of war, is entering the sign of Libra, the sign of peace.  We are back to the principle of the peaceful warrior (as exemplified by Gina Miller).  There is a need for balance, especially between opposing factions, so the Warrior/Diplomats among us have work to do.  People may be putting more energy and effort into Libran pursuits, such as the understanding of art (we are intending to make for the William Blake exhibition at Tate Britain some time in October, which may fulfil that directive) or practising a musical instrument (Mars demands some action!). Mars entering Libra gives fresh incentive

to tackle such areas of our life and psyche where we are currently just gliding, biding our time, or complacent.  It energizes the issues of the area of our chart (the House) it currently moves through.  Mars stays in Libra until 19th November.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – the turbulence
  • Thursday – the psychological breakthrough; looking deeper
  • Friday – war and peace

Aspects for the week beginning 22 September 2019

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Part 2

On with Part 2 of my survey of dance contestants for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing  competition.  Last night’s dance show was quite simply thrilling! Here are the next four contestants, and hopefully, you might have heard of at least one of them…

Emma Barton

Emma Barton plays the bright eyed and slightly naive character Honey in Eastenders.  She is quite a modest character in the soap, but in real life, as a Leo Sun sign, one would expect her to shine much more.  Emma has half her planets (5) in Fire signs, and the Sun sextile Mars, so we would expect a fiery display at times.  Nor would she be as demure as Honey in real life, with a rebellious square between Uranus and her Sun (in a T-square with her Chiron).  She has 0 Earth planets, so somehow will need to connect her feet with the ground (if we had a birth time, that connection might be revealed).  Her Mercury in Leo sextiles Jupiter in Gemini, so she has a keen and curious mind with a love of learning and travelling (again, a far cry from Albert Square).  With Venus conjunct Jupiter in Gemini she is very sociable and chatty (in her role as Honey, she communicates a lot with her eyes).  Mars trine Pluto will give her the energy for the up-tempo dances.  Her transits for this weekend, when the first dances begin, include Uranus on her Chiron, which is tricky, but she danced last night with great panache to the song “Honey, Honey”.  By the final, Jupiter will be square her natal Saturn (not entirely in her comfort zone), and Pluto will be square her Pluto (she could feel drained or disempowered).  That isn’t very promising, sadly.

She is partnered with: Anton du Beke

Anton du Beke considers that he has a chance at least to get to Blackpool week, with Emma.  He is the joker of the pack, and often given the celebrity dancers who have the least prospects.  The astrological chemistry between Emma and Anton is not very marked, which may count against them.  How are his transits throughout the competition?  His transits for this weekend, are exciting, with Jupiter square his Uranus/Pluto (fun and some overstretching), Uranus sextile his natal Mars (more excitement), Neptune trine his natal Jupiter (high hopes). He must have been happy with their first dance.   At the end of the contest, Uranus will be square his Mercury (mentally, he’ll be frazzled).  That twosome doesn’t look as promising astrologically as one would hope.

Will Bayley

Will Bayley is a table tennis champion (currently ranked World No. 1) and Paralympian, with a host of medals to his name (Silver in the London 2012 Summer Paralympics, and Gold in the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympics), plus an MBE.  He was born with a condition named arthrogryposis.  In his birth chart he has Sun in Capricorn square Jupiter (which gives him enthusiasm, and the ability to bounce back).  At the age of 7 he was diagnosed with cancer and when he was recovering his grandfather gave him a table tennis table.  The Sun sextile exactly his North Node gives him a karmic mission as a sportsman.  His physical struggles may be shown by Mercury exactly square his Pluto in his chart, and Saturn conjunct Uranus.  His transits this weekend show Pluto square his natal Jupiter (power allied with enthusiasm), and he too did very well in his inaugural dance.  His transits at the end of the contest are the North Node squaring his natal Mercury (some nervous strain), Chiron square his Jupiter (in need of some healing), the South Node on his Pluto (a karmic challenge) but countering that, Pluto sextile his natal Pluto (some self-empowerment and transformation despite the challenges).

He is partnered with: Janette Manrara

In their synastry, there is some spark (his Uranus squares her Mars), some harmony (his Neptune sextiles her Saturn), and some abrasiveness (his Saturn/Uranus is on her Neptune), but that constitutes more of a connection than between Emma and Anton.  Janette’s current transits are fairly quiet, and at the end of the contest Neptune squares her Mercury (so she will be quite sensitive), Uranus will be on her Saturn (challenging), Mars opposite her Pluto (very difficult) and Saturn square her Pluto (ditto).  So, again, this pairing does not look like the winning duo.  But they were off to a great start.

Michelle Visage

At last, a birth time to work with!  American Michelle Visage, well known in reality TV, has Sun in Virgo, Moon in Virgo, and Ascendant in Scorpio.  She has Sun in Virgo closely conjunct Uranus, so should be exciting to watch.  The Sun also sextile with Neptune may indicate prowess on the dance floor.  The Sun’s conjunction with Pluto will be good at the dramatic dances such as the Tango and the Paso Doble.  Her Moon conjunct Mars indicates that emotional expression will be a strength.  Mercury conjunct closely Venus in Libra, may be quite smooth and elegant in her retorts if Craig Revell-Horwood prompts one, but on the other hand she has Mercury opposite exactly Saturn, which makes her equally  eloquent in her silence, or in a look.  She’s a Warrior, with Mars square exactly the Ascendant at the top of her chart.  And Neptune conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th House, could result in a great deal of flow in the slow dances.  There isn’t a strong planetary line up for her at the beginning of the contest, but despite this she was amazingly charismatic in her performance.  Neptune will oppose her Moon  in Virgo in the 10th House at the end of the contest, so she will either be mesmerizing or dazed.  Jupiter will be sextile her Jupiter, a good transit for Success however, so she has an excellent final transit.

She is partnered with: Giovanni Pernice

Giovanni’s Sun is conjunct Michelle’s Midheaven (Careerpoint), so he is able to help her to shine.  They are both Virgos, which gives some basic mutual understanding and striving for perfection.  His Mercury is conjunct her Jupiter, so there will be good-humoured communication between them.  His Saturn trines her natal Jupiter, which means that he will be able to direct her with discipline in a constructive way.  They will work hard together.  His Uranus trines her natal Moon in Virgo, providing a spark.  His Neptune (dance) trines her Midheaven, so he could make her appear quite professional.  At this time Jupiter squares his Mercury and Neptune opposes it, so he may not be entirely at his best.  But Uranus trines his Uranus, so there will be plenty of excitement, spark and the power of surprise which will more than make up for it.  At the final, Pluto will be exactly trine his Sun to the day – a sure indication of something momentous happening for him (like lifting a glitterball trophy!).  Jupiter will be sextile his Saturn (if he is in the final, his  performance will be uplifting).  Pluto will be on his Neptune (could  success be difficult for him to take in?).  And the North Node will be trine his natal Neptune (a karmic reward for Dance).  This is one of my favourite couples to win, with the best final transits so far.

Dev Griffin

Dev Griffin is a Radio 1 DJ, hitherto unknown to me…He is another Capricorn, like Will Bayley.  The Sun sextiles Mars in his chart, like Emma Barton, so another Warrior.  An interesting feature of his chart is the Sun exactly conjunct Neptune, which may attune him to the world of dance instinctively.  His sensitivity creates a great deal of nuance.  He was born just after a New Moon in Capricorn.  He has good communication skills with Mercury sextile Venus, which would be useful in his chosen career.  Mercury is exactly conjunct his Uranus, so he is highly intuitive, if not telepathic.  He may come out with some memorable lines, e.g. in response to Craig.  With Venus sextile Uranus he could have a zany personality.  Mars square Saturn may be a little clumsy, a trait he may need to overcome on the dance floor.  Mars sextile Neptune however may counteract that, with a few smooth moves as well (maybe in the same dance!).  Mars trine Pluto endows him with great energy, like Emma.  His most notable current transit is Jupiter sextile his natal Venus, a feelgood transit – he’ll be enjoying the culture and the social life.  He is another contestant who wowed the judges, last night.  At the end of the contest Mars will be trine his Sun (he’ll be fired up) and trine his Neptune (energy combined with sensitivity), plus Neptune trine his Pluto (psychologically aware).

He is partnered with: Dianne Buswell

Red-head Dianne is still strongly linked with her celebrity partner of last year Joe Sugg, who was in the final.  Dev’s Sun is trine Dianne’s Jupiter, so that is a good basis for their dance partnership.  In addition, her Uranus is sextile with his Pluto, which could be helpful in tackling some of the complexities of the more challenging dances.  Her current transits include Uranus sextile her Mars (excitement), a Saturn Return (a decisive time in her life), Saturn on her South Node (also a karmic time in her life), Chiron square her Uranus (some turbulence in her private life, or health), Saturn sextile her natal Pluto (stability and strength to deal with challenges), and the North Node exactly trine her natal Pluto (this really is an important time for her generally).  At the end of the contest, Jupiter opposes her Sun (high enthusiasm), Pluto is on her Neptune (psychological challenges), the North Node trines her natal Neptune (like Giovanni Pernice, a karmic reward for Dance).  These two could make it to the semi-finals, or even the final, but with more of a struggle than Michelle and Giovanni.


Today could be a bit of a slog, especially if you are catching up with paperwork or undertaking travel.  Slow and steady wins the race, with Mercury square Saturn.  If you are studying, the material could be difficult to take in, and may need going over a few times.  Communication could also be flat.  More haste could mean less speed.  Have a restful Sunday!

Tomorrow (Monday 23rd), the atmosphere may lift somewhat with the Sun’s entry into Libra (the Autumn Equinox).  There will be a change of pace and mood.  It is a good time to take stock of the events of the Summer, and embrace the colourful Autumn prospects: different, but equally beautiful.  Libra may draw you to artistic or musical pursuits, new relationships, or an interest in the law and justice.

We have an uplifting sextile between Mercury and Jupiter on Tuesday (24th), which may redress the balance from Sunday’s flatness in communications.  Tuesday will be a great time for mental expansion, higher learning, travel prospects, and positive affirmations.  Speaking words of wisdom and encouragement will come naturally.  It may also be favourable for education and teachers.

Wednesday (25th)  brings a square between Venus and Saturn and focusses on our feelings, and our artistic and musical projects, and any blocks in relationships.  Open your heart, and take these to the next level.  Someone may need your help, be it a listening ear or a ray of healing.

Mental challenges and conundrums may characterize Thursday’s (26th) square between Mercury and Pluto.  It could be a busy week generally for Geminis and Virgos, as their planet Mercury makes a lot of connections.  This is a day to focus and ponder on the deeper meaning of your current obsessions.  It is difficult to eradicate worry entirely, and sometimes one worry can take your mind away from another.  Some ‘me space’ could enable the depth of thought you need to see things clearly, and put your priorities in order.  Again, travel and communication could present some difficulties.

Hopefully a new refreshing vibe will sweep away some of your concerns on Saturday (28th) with the New Moon at 5 degrees Libra.  Some of the artistic, musical and relationship issues you have been grappling with could receive new impetus and a more confident direction.  Where there has been struggle, there could be more harmony.  Where there has been vacillation, there may be more balance.  But whether or not you are conscious of beneficial changes or shifts in these matters, they may still be progressing and bear fruit over the next month.

And as a reward for all that hard work, Venus sextiles Jupiter in the late evening, one of the loveliest aspects of the year.  It would be good for weddings, engagements, parties, and cultural events.  Chin up, and chin chin for the end of the week!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – concentrate
  • Tomorrow – new focus
  • Tuesday – uplifting communication
  • Wednesday – examine feelings
  • Thursday – mental challenges
  • Saturday – new beginning; super social Saturday

Aspects for the week beginning 8 September 2019 and the week beginning 15 September 2019

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Part 1

And now something completely different…from politics.  Last night, the contestants for this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing were matched up with their professional partners.

Here are my first four contestants.  I struggled to find some that I already knew.  Jamie Laing has already left the contest.  As usual, I will be picking up the theme every few weeks and writing about more of the hopefuls.

Anneka Rice

I have fond memories of the “Challenge Anneka” days, and of her regression by Andrea Foulkes on This Morning as a sailor on a galleon (the programme wasdecades ago; the lifetime was centuries ago), and like many others it seems, I would love her to do well (although the bookies give her low odds).  But it seems she has already suffered some minor injuries, and she says she has never danced.

She has the Sun exactly conjunct Mercury in Libra in her birthchart, with Venus and the North Node also in Libra. She has a degree in Art, a province of that sign.  She would approach everything coolly and mentally.  Her South Node is in Aries, pointing to past lives as a Pioneer.  She has Mercury trine loosely Mars – an energetic mind and body with quick reactions.  Mars closely square Pluto  attracts her to danger and possibly extreme sports; she has written books on skiing and scuba-diving.  In dangerous situations, buoyed up by faith, with Jupiter conjunct closely Neptune in Scorpio, though if not religious it would be faith in herself.  She has immense personal power, with Jupiter sextile Pluto, and a sense of karmic responsibility and awareness with Saturn sextile the North Node.  Saturn trine Uranus also gives her the mind of a structural engineer, she had to oversee building structures during her time on Challenge Anneka, and is very capable.  With North Node trine Chiron she may have trained in healing in past lives.  On the dance floor, she is likely to bring elegance.

At the opening of the series, Anneka has a splendid trine from Jupiter to her Uranus in Leo, which spells success, so she should shine (though it has been said she disappeared from the dance floor at one point in last night’s show).  At the close of the series, Jupiter will be square her natal Chiron, bringing healing issues, Saturn will be trine her Venus (sound, but not exciting; she may have made friends  for life, though).  Neptune will be trine her Neptune (spiritually in tune, if not in harmony with dance), and Neptune will be opposite her Pluto (she may feel spiritually or psychologically overstretched).

She is partnered with: Kevin Clifton

That is a gift to her, for if anyone can get the best from a dance partner it is Kevin, but it is seen as a disadvantage to Kevin by his legions of fans.  Kevin and Stacey Dooley, who won last year, have of course been an item throughout the last year.  I wrote of their synastry last year:

“Their synastry is strong:  His Uranus trines her Jupiter – a sure sign of a successful partnership!  In addition, his Pluto sextiles her Uranus, again a great strength for working together.”

Of his synastry with Anneka, her Mars opposes his Uranus (some antagonism), and her Saturn sextiles his Sun (some steadiness).  Not such a special pairing.

Kevin’s transits at this time are Saturn square his Venus (being partnered with an older woman), the Nodal Axis square his Venus (some karmic unease), but Jupiter on his Mars (has enthusiasm and joe de vivre), Saturn sextile his Jupiter (a new challenge), and North Node trine his Jupiter (a karmic reward at the same time).

For the final, there are no notable transits, so he might not be there…

Mike Bushell

I know Mike Bushell as the have-a-go sports reporter on BBC Breakfast.  He comes from that adventurous sign Sagittarius (traditionally associated with sport), so he won’t be short of enthusiasm on the dance floor.  He shares some similar Archetypes as Anneka Rice, most notably the Dare Devil Archetype!  He has tried out over 350 sports.

In his chart, he has a tense T-square composed of Saturn/Chiron opposite Uranus/Pluto  (anarchic energy) square with his Sun, so he is restless and has to keep moving.  He thrives on the unexpected, and loves to be on the edge.  Mercury conjunct exactly South Node in Sagittarius gives him Adventurer/Explorer and Teacher Archetypes from past lives. Venus trine exactly North Node  could give him some artistry.  According to Wikipedia “He also seems, perhaps rather worryingly, to be a bit of a ‘ladies man’ & appears to be rather flirtatious.”  He has some super aspects to his Mars (energy): a trine to his Uranus, a sextile to his Neptune (which may make for some sensitive footwork in the competition), a trine to Pluto (boundless energy) and a sextile to Chiron.

On 11th April 2018 he apparently fell in a swimming pool while interviewing swimmers in Australia, and the footage went viral.  The transits for this event are rather interesting:

Jupiter sextile his natal Mars – a jolly jape

Jupiter conjunct his natal Neptune – (literally) – A Sagittarian in the Water

Uranus sextile his natal Jupiter – good fun, with a surprise twist

Pluto on his Mars – hot water!

His current transits at the start of the contest are: Mars exactly transiting his Pluto by conjunction (scary for him!), Neptune sextile his natal Venus (artistry on the dance floor), Neptune sextile his Pluto (complex work) and Pluto on his Mercury (mentally demanding).  At the end of the contest, he has Chiron on his Mars (a possible injury – but surely dancing can’t be rougher than his usual fare), the North Node sextile his Saturn (feeling realistic), Chiron sextile his Neptune (mastering the art of dance) and Jupiter sextile his natal Pluto (maybe he wins despite a slight injury!)

He is partnered with: Katya Jones

Katya caused a stir last year when she kissed her celebrity partner Seann Walsh.  She recently split from her husband Neil Jones, who is now appearing as a professional mentor for the first time.  Of her relationship with Seann Walsh, I wrote last year: ” In their relationship, there is a karmic tie with her Sun on his South Node.”

Her synastry with Mike Bushell is strong energetically (her Sun trine his Mars), but confusing in some ways (her Sun opposite his Neptune).  Her transits right now include Pluto trine her Sun (transformative), Mars trine her Saturn (galvanizing), and her Saturn Return (decisive).  She also has  the South Node on her Saturn (requiring a more mature approach), Chiron square her Uranus (some sharp learning curves), Mars trine her Neptune (some inspired footwork), Mars sextile her Pluto (an injection of energy), Saturn sextile her natal Pluto (concentration at a deep level) and last but not least the North Node trine her natal Pluto (this is going to be an important time for her development and evolution).

At the end of the contest Saturn trines her Venus (steady progress), Neptune setiles her natal Uranus (complex undertaking), Pluto is on her Neptune (deep learning), the North Node trines her Neptune (spiritual progress), and Pluto sextile her natal Pluto (self-empowerment). They could reach the final.  I am not sure if they would win.

Catherine Tyldesley

As a Corrie fan, I know Catherine Tyldesley as the character Eva Price on that soap. Catherine has attention to detail, with Sun in Virgo conjunct Mercury.  Mercury is a key planet in her chart, as it also squares the Nodal Axis exactly. Her performing side comes from Venus closely conjunct Mars in Leo, while her Venus/Mars also trine Neptune – she’ll be capable of inspiration on the dance floor, and sensitive footwork.  She also has the Entrepreneur Archetype (Jupiter conjunct exactly Uranus) and can turn her hand to several skills – I have recently seen her cooking on television.  She also sings, and has released an album.

She is now starring in a new sitcom, Scarborough, which aired on Friday evening, so her transits for this new enterprise are virtually the same as for the start of Strictly, which are: Pluto trine her natal Mercury (a transit often found at the beginning of a series for an actor, but also endings).  Pluto was exactly trine her natal Mercury when her final episode of Corrie was screened, which highlights the importance of Mercury in her chart.  At this time, Chiron is also trine her Jupiter/Uranus (she will relish this experience, almost as a healing).  At the end of the Strictly series, Chiron will be trine her Mercury (a healing), and Neptune will be square her Jupiter (she’ll almost be punch-drunk, certainly dizzy).  So she could make the final or semi-final, but may be disappointed at the last hurdle.

She is partnered with: Johannes Radebe

This is Johannes’ first year as a professional dance mentor on Strictly, and so the first time I am looking at his chart.  He has 6 Fire planets, and was born close to a New Moon in Taurus.  His dance credentials include the Sun closely trine Neptune.  He could do well in the dramatic dances such as the Paso Doble, with the Sun opposite closely Pluto.  He has Mercury trine Uranus, so could surprise us with ingenious choreography.  With Mars sextile Jupiter, he has energy combined with enthusiasm.  Venus/Jupiter conjunct his North Node could bring him luck in life (in the right place at the right time with the right people).

In his synastry with Catherine, his Saturn squares her Mercury, which could create a block in their communication.  Her Uranus trines his Venus, and her Neptune trines his Mercury, so she could inspire him.  His Uranus conjoins her Neptune, so there will be some higher telepathy and empathy between them.

At the onset of this contest Uranus is on his Sun – he’s electrified!  Saturn is square his Jupiter, so he is also cautions and controlled.  By the end of the contest, Uranus is on his Pluto, which is a bit uncomfortable.  So his final transits do not add anything to hers in terms of increasing her chances.  I think she’ll have a good contest though.

James Cracknell

I have to confess I did not know who James Cracknell was, but wanted to write up about two women and two men for this initial blog (Mike Bushell was the only bloke I had heard of).  It seems that he is a record-holding British athlete.

So, getting to know him through his birth chart:  He is a Sun Sign Taurus, with Moon in either Aquarius or Capricorn.  He has 5 (half) his planets in Air like Anneka, so would also .  tend to approach everything coolly and mentally.  He has 0 Water planets, though he is a rowing champion.  Jupiter trines his Sun, which can denote sporting interests and prowess.  Uranus opposes his Mercury, so he is not afraid of controversy, and Chiron conjoins Mercury which gives him problem-solving abilities.  Like Anneka, he has Mars square Pluto, tremendous energy and some attraction to extreme sports.  He is also a risk-taker by virtue of his square between Jupiter and Uranus.  Pluto trines his North Node, so he has a strong, powerful and dramatic karma.

In the ups and downs of his biography, 2006 was notable for a burglary in which he lost his Olympic medals (but they were retrieved).  His transits included Pluto (burglary) opposite his natal Venus (ruling planet, and possessions).  The following month he triumphed in the London Marathon, assisted by Jupiter opposite his natal Sun.

On 20th July 2010, he suffered a serious accident while cycling in Arizona, attributing his survival to having worn a cycling helmet.  Saturn was on his Pluto, and Uranus was opposite his Pluto (both serious transits) but karma was on his side in the shape of Saturn trine his North Node and Uranus sextile his North Node.  He subsequently campaigned for the wearing of cycling helmets.

At the start of the contest, he has Jupiter sextile his natal Uranus, so he could get off to a flying start!  Jupiter also trines his natal Chiron, so he will find it healing and enriching.  But Saturn will also be square his Chiron, so it might be too much for him to cope with on a physical level (though he is not someone to give up easily).  By the end, Neptune squares his Neptune, so he might feel a bit confused or at sea with the whole thing, or have other fish to fry.

He is partnered with: Luba Mushtuk

It is Luba’s first year in the professional mentor role, and all we know of her age is that she is 29 (no birth date or time).  This puts her roughly at her first Saturn Return, so the experience is an initiation for her.

Motsi Mabuse

Motsi is the new judge to replace Darcey Bussell, and also happens to be the sister of professional dancer Oti Mabuse.  Motsi is an Aries (with half her planets in the Fire signs), and Oti is a Leo, so both fiery.  She is a real leader, with 8 of her 10 planets in Cardinal signs.  Her dance talent is shown by Sun/Venus trine Neptune in her natal chart (note that Johannes Radebe also has Sun trine Neptune). She can be outspoken (Mercury trine Uranus), and has a teaching karmic mission (Mercury closely trine her North Node).  She also has the Entrepreneur Archetype (Jupiter sextile Uranus).

In her astrological relationship with her sister, she has Chiron square exactly Oti’s Sun, which is more tricky for Oti than for Motsi.  Their Venuses are in square relationship to each other, so they express their artistry in contrasting styles.  Oti’s Saturn squares Motsi’s Mars, so there are ways in which Oti is able to create boundaries with her sister.  Oti’s Uranus also squares Motsi’s Mercury, so there is a telepathy there, but also mental irritation.  It would have been interesting to see how they would relate in this professional relationship, but Oti’s partner Jamie Leigh has pulled out of the contest through injury.

I will review four more contestants in a few weeks’ time.

Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe died this week.  In the absence of an astrological obituary, if you would like to read either of my blogs about him, you will find them in the following dates under the chronological folders:

4th August 2013, and

19th November 2017

Aspects for the week beginning 8 September 2019

As I will be away next Sunday, you have a double bill today, so can plan ahead astrologically for the next two weeks.  This week we have another chock-full set of aspects.  So that you don’t get confused which week you are reading, I have put the dates in bold (a friend of mine watched the whole of last week’s Andrew Marr show on catch up this morning by accident instead of this morning’s show!  You know who you are…).

Today (Sunday 8th September) Jupiter squares the Sun, so what you do today may be imbued with extra enthusiasm and gusto, vim and vigour.  It’s also a good day to find the humour in life.  However, in politics, as in life, there could be some bending of the rules.

We also have the Sun sextile the North Node, which favours right action on a karmic level.  It is a good day to look at your life path as a whole, your creativity and self-expression and where you would like it to go.

Mercury trines Pluto tomorrow (Monday 9th September) which brings a profound mindset.  It begins another earnest week in Parliament – could proceedings top the shenanigans of last week?  Certainly we have another full round of aspects, if that had anything to do with it.  It is time to dig deep with your mental processes in order to find solutions.  Conversations could be life changing: the right word at the right time, striking home in the right place.

And there’s more: Mars trines Saturn, which means hard work can pay off.  Think through what you want to achieve, and set about steadily allowing it to unfold, with some concrete or physical input or ignition on your part.

Tuesday, 10th September brings an opposition between Neptune and the Sun, so not as practical as Monday, and with fogginess obscuring your aims.  Try to apply yourself to the basics and look at the detail (though that may seem impossible).  As someone reminded me last week, which had two Neptune oppositions “there’s many a slip between cup and lip”, so that is worth bearing in mind.

Straightforward karma is the theme of Wednesday 11th September, with a sextile between Mars and the North Node.  This could favour those born under Aries, and Warriors.  They will be able to get their message across directly and actively.  For the more timorous amongst us, we may need to embolden ourselves.

This is followed by a square between Mars and Jupiter on Thursday 12th September, a dare devil aspect which might be needed to push you into the gym, onto the dance floor, or a fitness regime.  Spiritually, too, it is very adventurous.  Results are not guaranteed, however!  In parliamentary proceedings, we may hear of fiery exchanges, produced by the fire of Mars and the fire of Jupiter set against each other!

The thought of Friday 13th September may set some people’s teeth or nerves on edge, but I can reassure you that there is that most congenial and mild-mannered of  aspects Mercury conjunct Venus on that day.  This is a splendid literary and cultural aspect.  If you watched Mary Beard’s programme “Front Row Late” last Friday night, you’ll be in the groove.  They discussed the biography genre (my main reading since the early 1970s) and my eyes were opened to issues which had never occurred to me.  Then they discussed self-portraits in the artistic world, which was equally interesting, introducing an intriguing Kashmiri artist.  So I will be watching again next Friday night to see if the standard is maintained.  Whether you are hosting or attending a cultural event, or actively honing your craft, it should be a satisfying day.

On the same day, Pluto trines the Sun, which is constructive, though not as mild-mannered as Venus conjunct Mercury.  It gets to the heart of the matter, and transforms from that centre.  Whereas Venus/Mercury is content with more superficial pleasures, Pluto demands more meaning and movement in affairs.  So on one level you may be content with something on Friday, then realize that you can go to a whole new level, or depth.  The two projects or issues may be entirely separate, or consist of a process.

This in turn may churn up emotions as we go towards the Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday 14th September, often a time of emotional tension.  Pisces is one of the most sensitive and emotional Full Moons of the year, so treat yourself with tender loving care and you can then treat others with that sensitivity.  Issues which may come up may be the plastic in the sea, or the fishing industry.  The Pisces Full Moon reminds us that we are all One.

As if to amplify those issues, Neptune opposes Mars the same morning (Neptune ruling the sea and fishing, and Mars causing some antagonism).  Other themes from this aspect may be vision, and illusion.  If you are confused about the way ahead, your best option is literally to rest and reflect.

Mercury then goes into Libra, after leaving Virgo.  You can relax on the small print and enjoy the mental engagement with art and music, or arguing points of law.  You may be open to new relationships as you go about your business or social life.

At lunchtime, Venus also enters Libra, having travelled with Mercury since they teamed up at the literary festival the day before.  After engaging the mind with cultural activities on Saturday morning, you can enjoy them on a feeling level when Venus enters her own sign of Libra, where she is very, very comfortable.  If you have design skills in art or music, they could be heightened now, and in the near future.

The week (week beginning 8th September) in bullet points:

  • Today (Sunday 8th) – laughter and karma
  • Tomorrow (Monday 9th) – profound mindset and productivity
  • Tuesday (10th) – foggy
  • Wednesday (11th) – straightforward karma
  • Thursday (12th) – adventurous
  • Friday (13th) – lucky for some
  • Saturday (14th) – emotional tension, a tug at the heartstrings, cultural enjoyment

Aspects for the week beginning 15 September 2019

Week two of my fortnight blog…with fewer aspects for this week.

The aspects start on Wednesday 18th September, with the astrological event of the day (not an aspect as such) being Saturn Stationary, prior to turning Direct.  This may be experienced as a relief to some, especially for Capricornians, and may release some of their chains or burdens.  Climbing up that mountain may seem slightly easier. Depending on where this turnaround falls in your chart (13 degrees Capricorn), your efforts, struggles and hard work in that area may start to bear fruit, progress, and just get easier.

A dynamic day is on the cards for Thursday 19th September, when Mars trines with Pluto.  There may be some upheaval, as when you are decluttering in earnest, but you should have the energy to start afresh once you have cleared some old ground.  This aspect speaks of self-empowerment, but you have to remember that everyone also has this force!

Mars trine Pluto may be a very powerful aspect, but the most important aspect of the week belongs to Saturday 21st September: It’s Jupiter square Neptune.  It is the third manifestation of this aspect, which occurred in January and June this year.  So it is a chance to sort out fantasy and illusion, from bluff and exaggeration and overblown ideals: a theme we have been working on all year.  You could say that the rise of Boris Johnson this year has been an exercise in this evaluation, with many accusing him of lies, bluster and buffoonery.  He has promised much, and is now in a position to try and prove whether there was substance to this self-confidence.  It is certainly an important stage in his reckoning.

In your own life, perhaps there is a situation which has got out of hand.  Neptune has been in its own sign of Pisces, stirring the waters, while Jupiter has been in its own sign of Sagittarius, stoking the fires.  Who will win?  Can both win?  Can the truth be seen among the overblown emotion and expectation of this combination, or stand off?  It is time to get your philosophy of life clear (Jupiter), and also see clearly what you put your faith in (Neptune).  We’ve been practising all year, and we have to settle some issues now, or blend ideas, perhaps come to some compromises, e.g. over Brexit.  It may all seem so complex and overwhelming at times, but we have to come to some sort of conclusion, arrangement or peace of mind now, as a result of this square we have been dealing with for so long.

My next blog will appear on Sunday, 22nd September.

The week (week beginning 15th September) in bullet points:

  • Wednesday (18th) – some relief
  • Thursday (19th) – dynamism
  • Saturday (21st) – the culmination of some overblown circumstances


Aspects for the week beginning 1 September 2019

Ruth Davidson

On Wednesday last week, Boris Johnson announced the drastic step that he would prorogue parliament, and we were told to expect Ruth Davidson’s resignation the next morning.  Ruth Davidson, who has been Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party for the past 8 years, is a unique and capable politician, once hailed as a future leader of the Tory Party.  Such was her influence that the Conservative presence of MPs in Scotland went from only one (herself) to 13, a factor that helped to retain the balance of power for the Tories.  A feat that Caroline Lucas in England has not been able to pull off for the Green Party, sadly.

Resignation Speech

So it was, that she resigned first thing on Thursday morning.  As a Remainer, she has been struggling over Brexit, and there had been no secret about her having a difficult relationship with Boris Johnson (in their synastry, his Pluto is on her Saturn), but her speech was diplomatic and spared Johnson too much embarrassment.  She focussed on other reasons for stepping down, such as the toll electioneering would take on her new family life, after the birth of her son Finn.  In her speech she told how she had looked Boris in the eye, and he had assured her he was trying to get a Brexit deal.

So this timing was crucial for Boris (orchestrated no doubt by Dominic Cummings), coming the day after a cross-party initiative by MPs of all parties who wanted to prevent a no-deal, and for Ruth Davidson who chose this moment.  The transits of last week were dominated by Uranus, the planet of Change.

For Boris the transits were Mars on his Uranus (sudden decisive action) and Uranus trine his Uranus exact to the day (the power of surprise), plus the North Node trine his Neptune (using his intuition) – does Dominic Cummings have access to choosing dates by Astrology?

For Ruth the transits were many (she has a lot going on).  Here is a selection: Mars trine her natal Chiron in Taurus in 1st House (we have a birth time because she is Scottish) – instigating her own healing; Jupiter trine her natal Ascendant, from 9th House cusp, favourable change of lifestyle and freeing herself through a change in her belief system; Saturn sextile her natal Venus – loyalty prevailing in relationships; Saturn square Ascendant from 10th House cusp, renunciation of career status; Uranus conjunct natal Chiron in Taurus in 1st House – huge change; Neptune trine her natal Sun in Scorpio in 8th House – a new spiritual focus; Neptune square Neptune – some confusion, or being torn.

Birth Chart

Ruth has the Sun in Scorpio conjunct exactly Uranus in 8th House, a rare brilliance.  Her Moon is in Pisces unaspected except for a 2 degree conjunction with the South Node in Pisces in 12th House – Motherhood is an important role, from past lives.   Her Mercury is conjunct Mars in Sagittarius in 8th House – she is an incisive speaker, and to the point with Ascendant in Aries. Mercury in her chart is trine exactly Jupiter – so she has a superb intellect, wide range of knowledge and interests.  This trine is perfect for journalism and broadcasting, which was her first career.

As an Aries rising, Ruth’s biography is littered with firsts, among them the first lesbian political leader to have a baby by IVF while in office.  Her Venus conjunct Uranus gives her great magnetism and ability to handle people, and that and her Venus square Mars point to her being a non-conformist in social terms.  She also has Venus sextile Saturn, a very personally loyal aspect, and although she reported in her speech that she had been a bad family member, neglecting them for her career, she was now going to redress that balance.

Saturn squares Neptune in her chart, which is difficult in subtle ways, and she admits to having wrestled with her sexuality and her mental health in the past, so balance is key to her well being.  Neptune squares her Nodal Axis, so she is sensitive about mental health and also about her own karmic path.

Saturn from Virgo in the 5th House trine loosely the Midheaven in Capricorn points to her calling in a political career, and Saturn trine Chiron in Taurus in 1st House gives her a practical approach to healing.

Pluto opposing her Ascendant by 2 degrees, conjunct the Descendant  in the 7th House of Close Relationships means that she  interacts deeply and strongly with others.  She “looks them in the eye”, in her own words.

Implications of her Leaving

Some say that Boris has made a mistake in not appreciating Ruth Davidson’s role in the party.  Will Boris be seriously hampered by her leaving? Probably.  He can ill afford to lose the presence of the Scottish Tory MPs, the rest of which may flounder without Ruth’s charisma and leadership.  The coming week is going to be very eventful (there are a lot of aspects, by the way).  What is on the table? People are taking to the streets in protest against the prospect of a No Deal, and the democratic threat of the prorogation of parliament.  Legal processes are being planned by opposition MPs, a No Confidence vote has not been ruled out, and some political pundits are even predicting that a General Election may be called this week.

Ruth’s Chosen Path

Ruth’s conventional career path in her chart is depicted by her Midheaven (Careerpoint).  At the point that she was declared Leader, Jupiter was exactly trine her natal Midheaven in Capricorn in the 9th House (almost always a sign of career advancement).  Pluto was on her Midheaven at the time, a profound transformation in her career.

Her life changed when she gave birth to her baby Finn last year.  Exact to the day, Saturn was on her Midheaven, a portent that her career and ambition would be curtailed.  But other values were stealing into her life: Neptune was trine her natal Venus in Scorpio in her 7th House of Close Relationships and Marriage.  She was experiencing a high level of spiritual love in her life.

Who knows how much time she will dedicate to politics in the future and to supporting her party?  However, the pull of motherhood is strong in her chart: her natal I.C. (rootedness and security) is in Cancer, the sign of motherhood and nurturing.  Her Moon is on her South Node of past life habits and karma.  Some of the MPs and proteges she brought to Scotland have told that she has been a wonderful mentor, and that is a related role.  There are also healing indications in her chart: her Chiron in Taurus is in her 1st House, her Midheaven trines closely Chiron, while her I.C. is closely sextile her Chiron, so she may be preparing for a healing role.  That may be literally in alternative healing, but it may be in a more advisory or diplomatic role in relation to her own party, trying to bring unity.  Whatever you think of her party, she was undeniably a real asset to them, but also a one-off.

Next Week: Strictly Come Dancing – Part 1


As mentioned, we have a busy week of aspects (at least one for every day!), starting today with Mercury trine Uranus.  If you found that last week brought positive changes through the three trines with Uranus, then you will welcome this next one. It fosters mental brilliance, technological upgrades, lightbulb moments, and futuristic inspiration.

Another trine follows at tea-time: that of Venus trine Saturn.  This operates on the realm of feeling rather than mental processes.  In relationships, it can bring great loyalty and commitment.  This will especially benefit Taureans and Librans.

Tomorrow (Monday 2nd)  the Sun conjoins Mars at 9 degrees Virgo, which may be confrontational, but is also an aspect under which  you can get things done.  “Action” is the word.  It is not a great day to be taking risks, however.

In the afternoon, Venus is square Jupiter, which may be socially awkward.  If you’ve read my piece today, you’ll see that Ruth Davidson has this in her natal chart, which makes her a non-conformist.  If you are a non-conformist, you will probably revel in it, but if you are a stickler for social manners or rules you may be hard put to impose your control on others.

The following afternoon, Tuesday 3rd, Mercury conjoins Mars at 10 degrees Virgo.  This brings brisk action, mental and physical stimulation, and again can help movement in your projects.  Again, there is a small element of risk of being incident-prone, as in minor cuts and bruises.  So mindfulness is a key to successful outcomes. This is another aspect Ruth Davidson has in her natal chart, one which makes her mentally acute.

Wednesday (4th) brings another conjunction: that of Mercury and the Sun, at 10 degrees Virgo.  If you know which House Virgo occupies in your chart, you’ll find that area of your life to be exceptionally busy.  This conjunction brings exceptional mental focus, excellent for study, office organization, or applying the mind to environmental issues.  You may have a moment of crystal clarity.  This conjunction takes place in the early hours, and so it may either keep you awake, or result in a vivid dream which yields interesting information.

Late morning, Venus opposes Neptune: this may be the first real challenge of the week.  It involves sorting out your feelings, the real from the illusion, and especially in relationships.  In politics, there may be bluffs and double bluffs.  In relationships, more compassion is needed, and in finance more honesty.  Fine words may butter no parsnips.

Mercury trines Saturn on Thursday (5th), and there is a chance to maintain, restore, or improve balance in organizing your life, and especially your paperwork.  Following on from the mental focus of the previous day, you can make real headway if these are your goals. It is a good time to assess what you have achieved so far, and plan ahead.

There are ups and downs this week (mostly ups), and on Friday (6th) the mindset is almost the opposite of Thursday’s, for Jupiter squares Mercury, so you can go from applying information really efficiently, to taking in too much information and scattering your concentration.  The mental mood may be slightly more upbeat than Thursday’s, but maybe less realistic and overstretched: almost too much possibility.

There is another change of mood in the evening, for Saturn trines the Sun, and a re-stabilization may occur.  For example, you may have been able to whittle down your options to a few basic important ones, and your overall task looks more manageable.  Plans may be starting to take shape.

Two more contrasting aspects fall on the last day of the week, Saturday (7th).  First, in the early hours, Venus trine Pluto, settling your deepest feelings into a more comfortable psychological context.  This may mean beautiful dreams for some.  This aspect helps us through changes and transformations on a human level.  So you should at least get out the right side of the bed…

Around breakfast time, Neptune opposes Mercury, so brain fog may start to set in, and you may need some caffeine to help you focus.  Having had a good level of focus most of the week, you may wonder why it suddenly evades you.  It may be that you have done all you can on a project or issue on the logical side of the brain, and need to soft focus and let your imagination, spirituality and inspiration take over.  Take care though that you do not overbalance this process into fear and paranoia.  There is a lot of panic at the moment about Brexit, and stockpiling.  Step back from the worry, after you have done all you can (for the day).  If you’ve been studying too hard, give it a break (there is only so much of Descartes you can take).

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mental brilliance, relationship loyalty
  • Tomorrow – action, and social non-conformity
  • Tuesday – briskness
  • Wednesday – mental clarity, relationship illusions
  • Thursday – mental practicality
  • Friday – mental overstretching, restored stability
  • Saturday – deep feelings, mental fog

Aspects for the week beginning 25 August 2019

Jair Bolsonaro

For me the most important event of the week was the burning of the Amazon rainforest and its implications for the planet.

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, bears a huge responsibility for this  catastrophic event, and the destabilization of the earth’s ecosystem.

Just this lunchtime at the G7 Summit, £18m was pledged to help put out the fires, mainly for aircraft and technical support.  US President Donald Trump, who refuses to acknowledge the seriousness of climate change, was notably absent from the discussion.  Bolsinaro is an admirer of Trump and seems to model himself on him.

The Science Bit

The huge fires in the Amazon basin, which includes the largest tropical rainforest in the world, contribute to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The forests (the “lungs” of the planet) remove carbon dioxide, for photosynthesis, and produce much needed oxygen.  In the course of plant transpiration, vast amounts of moisture are also given off which provides much needed rain and fresh water for the Amazon river.

After the fires have died down, the soil in the  resulting cleared land  does  not support crops for very long, because it lack nutrients.

His Birth Chart

Born on 21st March (1955), with his Sun at 0 degrees Aries, that is possibly the most potent degree of the zodiac for the Fire element.  Interestingly, his great grandfather was also an Aries.

The Sun from 9th House of global impact trines Uranus (which is on his Ascendant) very much highlighting his Inner Rebel, or Disruptor.  The Sun also exactly squares his Nodal Axis, which could symbolize the misuse of the “Solar Fire” karmically.  Mars sextile Jupiter, can be inflammatory, though usually it is harmlessly exuberant.  Likewise his Jupiter conjunct Uranus, usually seen as enterprising, but in this case perhaps opportunistic.

Neptune is at the base of the chart, on the 4th House cusp, signifying that he may build his empires on shifting sands.  In terms of his career, that may certainly be true.

Venus square closely Saturn may indicate a lack of feeling: certainly he does not seem to take seriously the human cost of what is happening.  Donald Trump, whose values he shares, has Venus conjunct Saturn.  Some of their values stem from a lack of feeling. [disclaimer: not all people with a Venus/Saturn connection are anti-abortion etc.!]

Mars conjunct the Midheaven (the Careerpoint) describes his 15-year military career, but now also a reputation linked with Fire.

Jupiter square loosely Neptune can point to a skewed or deluded religious outlook.  He is quoted as having said “God above everything. There is no such thing as a secular state”. Though he later in his campaigning to be president stretched to include atheists, there is no sense of humanity in the ethics of his policymaking, especially towards the indigenous people of his country.  Possibly his most destructive aspect is Saturn square Pluto.

Chart of his Presidency

Bolsonaro came to power as the 38th President of Brazil on 1st January 2019, and the chart of that event is very interesting.  The Sun closely conjunct Saturn indicates a repressive regime.  Mars is at 0 degs Aries, transiting exactly on his Sun at that critical degree, and squares Bolsonaro’s Nodal Axis, a very fiery karma. Chiron conjunct Mars indicates some sort of wounding.  Uranus closely squares the Nodal Axis, bringing in harsh changes.

Parallels with Donald Trump

A denial of and disinclination to act on climate change is only one of the shared policies with Donald Trump.  They are both right wing populists.  In views such as anti-homosexuality and opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion, he is probably more extreme than Donald.  But these values tend to be held by many in Donald’s republican party.  Bolsonaro (like Trump) is a misogynist, with many unsavoury quotes to his name.  He is also a staunch supporter of Israel, like Donald.  In their synastry, their Jupiters are squared, which means they can encourage each other’s excesses or extremism.

Effect on Indigenous Population

It is rumoured that the fires were started (a few weeks ago) just after an Amazon tribe’s rights to preserve their lands were upheld by a court (though not in Brazil itself).  The finger was then pointed to other bodies who had vested interests in deforestation.  Bolsonaro, who has made no secret of his lack of sympathy for their cause, has made comments attempting to deflect his own government from suspicion in this matter, especially this week.  His advisers have indicated plans to expand nuclear and hydroelectric power into the region.   The figures for deforestation have soared since Bolsonaro came to power.

Let’s hope the combined efforts of the G7 can bring the fires under control as soon as possible, and that there is a sensible change of regime in Brazil in the near future.


Did you spot the deliberate mistake from last week?  I ended with the words: “Eat, drink and be merry, for on Monday the daily grind awaits.”  Of course, it is Bank Holiday Monday today, and most of us won’t be working.  Who would want to be working in this heat?  Possibly the odd blogger here and there…

This afternoon (Monday 26th) we have a splendid trine between Venus and Uranus, which might be wasted on a working day.  It favours socializing, reunions, surprise meetings, heart-centred telepathy and empathy.  In the field of the arts, it can bring originality and surprise, e.g. to a performance.

Wednesday (28th) brings another trine, Mars trine Uranus.  So we are held in the first part of the week between two trines. Even if we are returning to work on Tuesday, we may be glowing from their effect.  Mars trine Uranus also brings excitement, but of a more active variety.  In science, technology and mechanics there could be progress and advances.  Engineering and electrical themes also benefit, so sparks fly, but in a good way!

Mercury enters Virgo on Thursday (29th), and work themes may be really bedding down by then in your schedules.  There will also be more emphasis on health and ecological awareness, such as dealing with the rainforest fires.

Another trine for Uranus occurs on Friday (30th), so this could be an exciting week, all in all.  The Sun trine Uranus highlights performance, self-expression and creativity of the most inventive and original kind.  You may be embellishing themes and projects which started earlier in the week, if you found them successful and want to build on that.  Group meetings and endeavours are favoured under this trine, too.

There is also a New Moon on Friday, at 6 degrees Virgo.  As the New Moon (Moon plus Sun) is trine Uranus, this heightens the excitement of the new beginning.  Aspirations around the New Moon in Virgo could be very work-orientated, but Uranus brings new life and futuristic vision to any work project you are involved with, and that could be very engaging.  It’s a great week for making changes.  Ecology and the environment are one of the provinces of Virgo, so benefits could accrue for the planet if enough minds are concentrated on this aspect of life.  Greta Thunberg should have arrived in America by then, so she may have something memorable and potent to say that day.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – Originality in the Arts
  • Wednesday – Dynamic
  • Thursday – attending to detail
  • Friday – Originality in Creativity, and a new beginning

Aspects for the week beginning 18 August 2019

Peter Fonda (1940 – 2019)

“Head out on the highway

Looking for adventure

In whatever comes our way

…Born to be wild”

~ Steppenwolf, theme song for Easy Rider

Going back to the 1960s today, in tribute to Peter Fonda, who died this week.  He is bound to the iconic role he played in “Easy Rider”, a film which he produced, wrote the screenplay for, and starred in.

Birth Chart

Peter Fonda had 0 Air planets in his chart, so he lived on instinct, but his I.Q. was over 160.  His Sun was exactly on the Midheaven in Pisces, reflecting the hedonism and enjoyment of life which summed up his personality.  It also represents the all-encompassing role of the film director (Sun/Midheaven/Pisces), a path he pursued.  His Sun was exactly sextile Mars, reflecting a strong male energy.  Interestingly, his sister Jane also had the Sun exactly sextile Mars in her chart, so it is obviously a family astrological signature, but expressed differently: she played some raunchy roles in her career.  She is depicted in his chart as linked with his sense of early security, by the Moon (female) conjunct the I.C. in the 3rd House of Siblings.  His mental brilliance shows up in his chart as Mercury exactly sextile Uranus.  But he was also a dreamer, with Mercury opposing Neptune.  Mars square Pluto saw him flirting with danger at some points in his life (he accidentally shot himself aged 11, with Mars opposite his Neptune, and Pluto square his Uranus).

Art imitates Life: Easy Rider

Peter Fonda became a (self-proclaimed) poster boy for the Counterculture of the late 1960s, although his film did point out the downside of the lifestyle.

Ed Vulliamy writes in the Observer today:

“high up the iconic images of the 1960s, that of Peter Fonda in floral shirt and outrageous sideburns, riding free on his Harley, to a soundtrack of Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild”

The career ambition and drive of Mars exactly sextile his Sun/Midheaven in Pisces ensured that he fulfilled his ambition and crystallized that Archetype fairly early in his career. The film was directed by his co-star Dennis Hopper, and was released on 14th July 1969, on a New Moon in Cancer.  Easy riding Mars was trine Peter’s Pluto in Leo in his 2nd House of Finance and Uranus sextile his Pluto at the time, establishing his material wealth.

I am always fascinated by the way in which a film star or actor can be defined by a role or persona which actually strongly reflects their chart, and Peter Fonda is a textbook case. The Sun/Midheaven in Pisces speaks of the Hedonist Archetype; the Sun exactly sextile Mars is the image of the Biker (he rode a Harley Davidson in Easy Rider), a role which he had established before that film:

He said in 2007:

I ride an MV Agusta.  This is an Italian racing motorcycle.  It forces focus.  You have to be focussed and in my life, in this business, focus is hard to find sometimes.  so I need to force focus and that’s great.  The bike takes you on a free road.”

His Ascendant is in Gemini, which represents the Open Road.  His Sun in Pisces represents the dropout, drug fuelled counterculture of his time.

He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for the film.

Companions on the Road

The male bonding with the characters played by Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider were essential to his archetype.  The making of the film was very much a collaboration between himself and Dennis Hopper.

Dennis Hopper

The success of their partnership is shown by Hopper’s Jupiter sextile Peter’s North Node, an indication of a collaboration resulting from a good karmic connection from previous lives.  Hopper’s Saturn conjunct Peter’s Mercury gave Peter the impetus to knuckle down and focus, and Peter’s Jupiter trine Hopper’s Ascendant gave the latter the enthusiasm and luck to follow his dream.

Dennis Hopper’s transits at the time the film was released included Neptune opposite his natal Sun (a dream which came true).  Neptune (the medium of film) also trined his natal Pluto and sextiled his natal Midheaven (establishing a film career).  And Pluto squared his natal Jupiter, the wielding of Power.

Jack Nicholson

In the film, Jack Nicholson played a jailbird who travelled with them a short while before coming to a sticky end.  Peter’s connection with Jack Nicholson was more gritty: Jack’s Mars squared closely Peter’s Sun, urging the dare devil in him.  Peter’s Saturn squared Jack’s wild Jupiter/Pluto opposition, trying to if anything temper and steady Jack’s excesses and shape them into something they could use.  Their Mercuries however were exactly sextile, so mentally they were on the same page.

The success of Easy Rider was a high for Nicholson, too (he was nominated for best supporting actor): Jupiter was on his Moon, bringing him luck; Neptune was sextile his natal Jupiter (screen success); and like Hopper he had Neptune trine his natal Pluto (profound psycho-spiritual changes).

Acting Dynasty

Peter was part of an acting dynasty, together with his father Henry Fonda, his sister Jane Fonda, and his daughter Bridget Fonda.

Jane Fonda

I once had a close encounter with Jane Fonda (about 5 inches) in Waterstone’s Cambridge at her book signing, after a lengthy queue.  Her autobiography was a good, honest read.  But this was over a decade ago, so I rescued it from the back room and blew the dust off yesterday.  He did write his own autobiography “Don’t Tell Dad” in 1998, but hers has been useful in the making of this blog.

In her tribute to Peter, Jane described him as her “sweethearted younger brother”.  In her autobiography she describes him thus:

“Peter is all deep sweetness, kind and sensitive to his core.  he would never intentionally harm anything or anyone.  In fact, he once argued with me that vegetables had souls (it was the sixties).”

In other words, the classic Pisces ideal (the other side of Pisces from the drug-taking dropout portrayed in Easy Rider).

She has also mentioned that he was “the talker of the family” [Ascendant in Gemini].

It was their karma to share a childhood (Peter’s North Node sextile exactly Jane’s Moon); Peter’s Ascendant was square exactly Jane’s Saturn (she was the elder); and her late Sagittarian Sun was on his Ascendant (good companions).  They needed each other, for their father was very detached, and their mother suffered from mental illness and committed suicide when Peter was 10 years old.

Henry Fonda

As mentioned, Peter’s relationship with his father was distant at best, and Henry was often harsh towards him.  Problem areas in their synastry included a double whammy of Peter’s Mercury square Henry’s Pluto and vice versa (mental challenges).  Henry’s Saturn was potentially squashing, sitting on Peter’s aspiring Sun/Midheaven, but Peter fought for his freedom of expression.

Jane wrote in her autobiography, about their relationship:

“I marvelled at the extent to which he would, in the face of Dad’s anger, remain himself, exposing his heart, challenging Dad: ‘See me for who I am.  I will not change in order to make you comfortable’ ”

Ulee’s Gold

In his later years, he became an outspoken (Mercury sextile Uranus) environmentalist and critic of Donald Trump.  But he notably triumphed in another film Ulee’s Gold in 1997.  For his performance in this film, he won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor.  His character Ulee Jackson, that of a widowed beekeeper, was very different from the role he played in Easy Rider.  In this film, he tries to save his son from the world of drug abuse, and the film (spoiler alert) even has a happy ending…

The astrological picture for Peter when this film was released included Jupiter trine exactly his North Node (a karmic reward), and Pluto square exactly his natal Sun/Mercury, implying it was hard won.

According to Jane “he went out laughing”.  Jupiter was trine his natal Venus, and that Sun on the Midheaven was shining brightly.

Bibliography: “My Life So Far” by Jane Fonda


My Picture

After 13 years (the website was set up in January 2006), I have finally changed the photograph on the About Me page (about time, too!)  Hubby has just confessed, after all this time, that it looked “a bit severe”.  I was working at the Quiet Office at the time, and there was a photographic studio a few doors down.  I went in there with 3 different items of jewellery, and asked for a variety of shots.  After taking the photographs, the chap asked “So what sort of website are you setting up? Jewellery?”  “No, Astrology” I replied.  He looked rather disappointed, and nearly dropped his tripod.

So this new photo has 13 years of extra wrinkles, but was taken with some lovely friends recently at Supersonic Sound Pod, and I hope is more friendly.



The main feature of this week is that three planets leave Leo and enter Virgo, so gradually we’ll be making the most of our holidays and bit by bit knuckling down to some advance work in preparation for our Autumn schedules (hubby and I have enrolled on a year long Philosophy course, so I have heavily invested in the cartoon-like Graphic series of Philosophy books for dummies, to give myself a sporting chance.)

The planetary migrations started this morning with Mars entering Virgo, a conscientious statement of intent if there ever was one.  Mars has been making hay in Leo since 1st July, encouraging us to play.  Together with Jupiter (they trined), it was responsible for the hottest day in the U.K. on 26th July, so it did deliver the goods.  Entering Virgo, it starts to clean and clear the working space in preparation for some real work to be done.  Mars in Virgo spells efficiency, but it also represents economy of effort and energy, organizing ourselves to best effect.  Any ardent de-clutterers out there, should be in their element.

Tomorrow (Monday 19th) Jupiter is semi-sextile Saturn, so adjustments are being made in order to re-calibrate, re-organize and move some office furniture.  You may be trying to reconcile two very different strands of your life and psyche.

Venus enters Virgo on Wednesday (21st), which is the second Ingress.  Having possibly laid the foundation for future work on Sunday, we now become choosy about the aesthetics.  We pay attention to the detail of the decoration (of the office, say), and we are discriminating about the company we keep (if we subscribe to such a philosophy).  We choose the catering (in a healthful, Virgoan or Vegan way), and we tailor our practices following Greta Thunberg’s ecological climate emergency advice (if we are not Arron Banks, Donald Trump or even Julia Hartley-Brewer).  Come on, we all want to be her.  Venus stays in Virgo until 14th September.

As if to help us in this endeavour, Mercury also trines Jupiter on that day.  This is a mentally cheerful vibe, and one that takes in a great deal of information and covers a lot of ground travelwise.  It is favourable for academic enterprises (I might tackle Descartes’ Meditations that day), communication, foreign travel, and good news generally.  It helps the teaching profession and educational policies, and fosters dialogues between nations.

The Sun enters Virgo (the third Ingress) on Friday (23rd).  Mars and Venus have paved the way, in their own ways, but the main player the Sun looks for more of a fanfare.  In the Virgoan office however, the atmosphere is more modest, the staff just get on with their work, and may not turn a hair at his entry.  But his will be a silent power, a quiet force adding to building towards the season of industry.  The Sun in Virgo will aid a sense of focus and purpose, and bring people together in common objectives.

Come the weekend, on Saturday (24th) there is more opportunity to let your hair down, with a conjunction between Venus and Mars.  They have been toiling in Virgo since the beginning of the week, and have earned some fun and joy (they do like to hang out together!).  Intense friendship, and even flirtatiousness, may be on the cards.  Eat, drink and be merry, for on Monday the daily grind awaits.

Next Week Ahead from Monday 26th August

There is no planetary aspect next Sunday, and I am away that day, so my next blog will be written and appear on Monday, 26th August.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Prep
  • Tomorrow – Adjustments
  • Wednesday – Aesthetics; Education; mental frolics
  • Friday – More knuckling down
  • Saturday – Party time

Aspects for the week beginning 11 August 2019

Toni Morrison (1931 – 2019)

My project is an effort to avert the critical gaze from the racial object to the racial subject; from the described and imagined to the describers and imaginers; from the serving to the served”

~ Toni Morrison

We have lost a colossus of the literary world this week, but one whose imprint is etched in the hearts of many.  When I was a student at University in the late 1960s, black fiction was defined by the work of James Baldwin, Richard Wright, and Langston Hughes.  There was a gaping space for the emotional expression of the black female writer, and that groundbreaking role was taken up by Toni Morrison, who published her first book in 1970 (The Bluest Eye) and whose most famous work was published in 1987 (Beloved).  In giving a voice to the voiceless, she also ignited the inner writer for many black Americans.  Her death at this time reminds us that in this era of increasing racism everywhere, and the current aspirations of white supremacists, we still have a long way to go.

Birth Chart

With 6 of her 10 planets in Cardinal signs, Toni was a leader and pioneer, and her Sun in Aquarius was that of a groundbreaker (one who sees the future, sees what needs to be done, and acts).  Her Sun squared the Ascendant, from 10th House, suggesting success through a Creative career.  Her Moon in Pisces brought the fertile imagination of her novels, and the emotional intelligence for which she was esteemed.  For all the dark themes in her novels, her Moon trine exactly Jupiter describes a very positive emotional make up, one that was needed to look into the face of the tragedies she saw and wrote about, and hint at possible redemption.  The depth of her imagination was increased by a trine to her Moon from Pluto, and a sextile from Chiron.  She knew how to put the reader through an emotional wringer, and then deposit them on a stable landscape to continue their journey.  With Mercury sextile Uranus, she positively courted controversy, fearlessly.  Her Mercury (writing) was conjunct her Midheaven (Careerpoint) in Aquarius in her 9th House of Publishing.  In relationships, she was a realist (Venus conjunct Saturn in Capricorn).  But she also wrote about the supernatural (Venus in 8th House) and ghastly tragedy (Venus square Uranus and opposite Pluto; Saturn exactly opposite Pluto).  Finally, she could sometimes resolve her relational themes through magical outcomes (Venus trine Chiron).  Mars in her 3rd House implies a prolific writing output, and conjunct the I.C. point in Leo in that House means she was rooted in a tremendous drive to creativity.  Her ruling planet Uranus was conjunct North Node in Aries in the 11th House, pointing to a life purpose of changing society.


“The conceptual connection is the search for the beloved – the part of the self that is you, and loves you, and is always there for you.”  ~ Toni Morrison, writing about her trilogy.

She published her most well known book “Beloved” in 1987, a harrowing tale about an African American enslaved woman who was forced to kill her daughter, and whose daughter returns to her as a ghost.  This book is in many ways the lynchpin of her career, and was made into a film.

The transits at the time it was published show up key themes in her chart:  Jupiter was sextile her natal Sun in Aquarius (a high point of success) in the 10th House (a fulfilment of her highest potential careerwise).  Jupiter (expansion) was squaring her natal Mars in Cancer in her 3rd House (representing her writing output).  Neptune was trine her natal Neptune, a time when she was spiritually poised, balanced and inwardly at peace with herself.


Another groundbreaking Aquarian, Oprah Winfrey, was to play an important role in her success and the dissemination of her work.  Not only did Toni appear three times on Oprah’s show, but Oprah fought tirelessly for ten years to get the film “Beloved” to the silver screen.  Then she founded her Book Club in 1996 with a publication of Morrison’s (The Song of Solomon), the Book Club itself becoming a huge, enduring and influential success.  Toni Morrison’s life impacted Oprah’s too, with Oprah casting herself in the lead role of the film “Beloved”, and finding inspiration and motivation for projects related to Toni’s work.

In their synastry, Morrison’s Neptune was square Oprah Moon (firing the imagination), Morrison’s North Node was sextile Oprah Jupiter (a mutually nourishing karmic reward) and Morrison’s Sun was sextile Oprah’s Ascendant in Sagittarius, on Oprah’s 3rd House cusp (the Book Club).

Maya Angelou, whose seminal work “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” was published in 1969, was also a champion of Toni Morrison’s work.  By 1988 it had become clear that in a glaring omission Morrison’s work had not been appropriately honoured, and together with other black writers and critics Maya Angelou gave her name to a statement in the New York Times on 24th January 1988.  This also was a significant time astrologically in relation to Toni’s chart.

Uranus (sudden success) was sextile exactly Toni’s natal Sun in Aquarius in 10th House.  Pluto was sextile her natal Venus in Capricorn in 8th House (a deep recognition), and notably the North Node from Pisces (at 25 degrees) lay on her 11th House cusp sextile exactly her Ascendant, bestowing a karmic due.  Angelou’s North Node (agent of karma) was exactly sextile Morrison’s Uranus (her ruling planet).

Toni Morrison was eventually awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993, making her the first black woman to win it.  Groundbreaking transits impact her chart at that time, such as Uranus on her Saturn and opposing her Pluto; she will have had the maturity to deal with the enormity of it.


Morrison divorced her husband in 1964, and brought up two sons.  It was in this period that she began to write seriously: “It was though I had nothing left but my imagination. I had no will, no judgment, no perspective, no power, no authority, no self; just this brutal sense of irony, melancholy and a trembling respect for words. I wrote like someone with a dirty habit. Secretly. Compulsively. Slyly.”

One of her sons, Slade, wrote children’s books with her, but died of pancreatic cancer in 2010 (when Saturn was on her natal South Node in Libra).  She was nearly 80 by then, and had stalled in the writing of her current novel.  She later wrote:  “I stopped writing until I began to think, He would be really put out if he thought that he had caused me to stop. ‘Please, Mom, I’m dead, could you keep going …?'”  She subsequently finished the novel “Home” and published it in 2012.   Her last and eleventh novel “God Help the Child” was published in 2015.   She died early this week aged 88, of complications from pneumonia.

“In order to be as free as I possibly can, in my own imagination, I can’t take positions that are closed. Everything I’ve ever done, in the writing world, has been to expand articulation, rather than to close it, to open doors, sometimes, not even closing the book — leaving the endings open for reinterpretation, revisitation, a little ambiguity.”

~ Toni Morrison


Today, Jupiter pirouettes into Direct motion around lunchtime.  That might bring a breath of fresh air to your day’s plans, peppering them with promise.  You might have planned a quiet Sunday, after the gales of the last few days (in the U.K.) combined with the breakdown of the national grid and rail and air troubles.  But something may lift you, and point the way to your next direction.  In the words of Alice Bailey (the seed thought for Sagittarius): “I see the goal.  I reach that goal and then I see another”.  You at least get to the stage of seeing the goal, or resuming an earlier goal.

In the early evening, Mercury (now Direct) returns to Leo which livens communication and debate and applying the mind to summer hedonism.  Enjoy this trend, which lasts until 29th August.

So today, it is up the ladder, and tomorrow (Monday 12th) it is down the snake, for Uranus is Stationary prior to turning retrograde.  Uranus of course is the trickster, so whichever way you go may not be according to plan. Plan for the unexpected, if you can.  You may see some goalposts moving.

In the nicest aspect of the week, Venus conjoins with the Sun on Wednesday (14th) at 21 degrees Leo.  That is the day to make a diary appointment which you hope will go smoothly and make the best of a meeting.  If you are an artist or a musician, it is the day you can produce your best creative output or performance.  There’s a lot of love to be had on Wednesday.

The Moon is at the Full on Thursday (15th) at 22 degrees of Aquarius.  This may produce monthly tension, or a stand off between the individual and the group.  But resolutions can be found.

The Sun aligns that day with the fixed star Deneb Algedi in Capricorn, and “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld offers the following resonances:

“This binary can enhance the ability to work with patterns and cycles that are related to practical environments.  This can strengthen the ability to make predictions based on past performance.  Some aspects of the underlying cycles may become clearer for individuals when they work with this star.  This is a way of predicting the future based on a careful study of patterns and how they move through various cycles.  The individuals who work with this are Astrologers, Economists, and Historians.  After they have observed and worked with most of the information available and understood these cycles, they may become very quiet and enter a state of emptiness.  This emptiness often becomes filled with new ideas and better intuition as to the correct course of events.”

Last of the aspects this week is Uranus square Mercury which occurs on Friday (16th) in the late afternoon in the U.K.  Be prepared for the continued theme of the Trickster energy, disrupted trains and computers needing attention.  Use your intuition to be one step ahead – the Universe may be trying to show you new pathways, and possible new perspectives.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Up the ladder
  • Tomorrow – Look at loopholes
  • Wednesday – A lot of Love
  • Thursday – Emotional tension, pay attention to patterns and cycles
  • Friday – Looking at things differently


Aspects for the week beginning 4 August 2019

Marianne Williamson

“There is no order of difficulty in Miracles”

~ from A Course in Miracles

New Age Author

In 1992, Marianne Williamson published her commentary on A Course in Miracles “Return to Love” which made this difficult book more accessible to the average reader.  This marked her out as  a spiritual teacher, and she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and established herself as a lecturer in New Age philosophy.

Apart from a workshop on feng shui, the workshop I attended of hers in September 2008 in London is the only New Age workshop I have managed to drag my scientist hubby to!  I was struck by her warmth and authenticity.  On just now questioning hubby about his thoughts he said he found her very “together”, and was impressed that she rose above being defrauded by her agent.


Marianne ran unsuccessfully in 2014 in a bid to represent California’s 33rd congressional district in the United States House of Representatives.  But in January this year, she announced her candidacy to win the Democratic nomination for the Presidency in 2020.

She has taken part in two televised debates, and in the first round in Miami she stated that if she became President the first call she would make would be to Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, as an admirer of her principles.

This week she took part in a second televised debate, and a Guardian headline yesterday announced “New age author takes Democratic debate by storm”.  She stands for themes such as forgiveness and peace, and wants to establish a new way of doing politics.

Birth Chart

With 6 planets in the Cardinal quadruplicity, Marianne’s chart is straightaway established as that of a leader.  She has Sun in Cancer closely conjunct Uranus, which puts her in the New Age movement.  Her Ascendant is in Gemini, making her a good speaker and communicator.  Venus conjunct Uranus gives her great personal magnetism.  There is a definite streak of warriorship and activism, with Mars in Scorpio closely trine the Midheaven (work in the world).  She also has the Entrepreneur archetype, in the shape of Jupiter sextile exactly Uranus, and certainly made use of a much needed gap in the market (elucidating A Course in Miracles).  Her Neptune trines the North Node in Aquarius – describing her as a New Age (Aquarius) Spiritual Teacher (Neptune).  Jacinda Ardern also has this sign of spiritual leadership (Neptune trine North Node).  Her Ascendant trines exactly North Node on cusp of 8th and 9th Houses (the linking point of Psychology and Philosophy).  Her Part of Fortune/Chiron conjunction in Capricorn is 2 degrees apart – This combination has the ring of miracles about it, someone who deals in Miracles.

This Week’s Debate

According to the Guardian “The controversial author proved curiously magnetic to the American public again during the brief moments when was able to speak from her lectern”.  Despite being low profile among 10 candidates, she was the most Googled candidate afterwards.

Among other comments, she referred to the current climate:

“If you think any of this wonkiness [the debate over policy] is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the collectivised hatred that this president is bringing up in this country, then I’m afraid that the Democrats are going to see some very dark days”

All power to Marianne, for trying to bring some light through to the world of politics.

Quote from Marianne Williamson from “A Return to Love”:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?”

[This quote is often wrongly ascribed to Nelson Mandela, who included it in a speech]


It is my great pleasure to announce that this is a good news week!

It may not look like it (we are watching the rain clouds over the dam at Whaley Bridge with anxiety; there have been gunmen on the loose in El Paso and Ohio, all situations with repercussions and much anxiety surrounding them) but hopefully (oops, a word banned by Jacob Rees-Mogg) in some way, we can put our cares behind us on some level this week and enjoy life (to a degree, if not to the full).  It is very rare I can say that, because most weeks there is at least one fly in the aspect ointment.

Wednesday (7th) brings one of the luckiest aspects of the year: the Sun trine Jupiter.  It’s a good week to embark on a holiday, or have a little flutter on the lottery.  Jupiter trine the Sun favours long distance travel, pilot strikes permitting (!).  However unlikely it seems if you are struggling, this week could bring you that lucky break, or even a miracle.  Recommended reading for your suitcase: “A Course in Miracles” and “A Return to Love” (see above).  Weather watching again this week, it seems that there will be some sunshine, and some fleeting showers.  Perhaps the residents of Whaley Bridge may be allowed to return to their homes by Wednesday.

It is a day of good cheer, laughter, adventure, golden opportunity and looking ahead to the future with optimism.

The news broadcaster Robert Peston has Sun exactly trine Jupiter in his natal chart, and when asked in an interview “What has been your biggest disappointment?” he replied: “I am rarely disappointed.  I try to make the best of things.”

Marianne Williamson has the Sun closely sextile with Jupiter, a similarly positive outlook.

The next day, Thursday (8th) brings possibly the second most positive aspect of the year, Venus trine Jupiter.  This concentrated goodness in the middle of the week might encourage you to make some plans or celebrations.  It is an aspect conducive to parties, engagements and weddings, and can certainly bring some romance into your life.  If romance is not what you seek, it could bring some money into your life!  Or you may find the meaning of happiness.

So that’s it: a very intensely happy middle of the week.  I hope to hear success stories, rather than complaints at the customer service desk!

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – happy clappy
  • Thursday – lovey dovey