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Entries from January 2012

Aspects for the week beginning 29 January 2012

David Hockney The Observer reported “Everybody is coming out with a smile on their face” from the David Hockney exhibition.  Accordingly, we took photos of ourselves before and after, and indeed there was a look of great exhilaration after seeing the grand and colourful landscapes, stunningly portrayed.  Of all British artists of the last century, […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 22 January 2012

At the time the Costa Concordia ran aground, Uranus was squaring Italy’s Mercury in the 8th House in Cancer (a shock to its coastline).  Italy suffered a double shock that day, because on the same day, Italy’s credit rating was downgraded by Standard & Poor (the 8th House also represents financial dealings with others).   When […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 15 January 2012

It’s time to consider that there may be a contender pitted against Obama in the U.S. Presidential Election in November.  After Sarah Palin bowed out, and Michelle Bachmann has left the scene, and a few others came and went, Mitt Romney emerges as a possibility after his triumph in Iowa and New Hampshire.  I have […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 8 January 2012

Few people could have been unmoved by the dignity of Doreen Lawrence this week, waiting 18 years for justice for her son Stephen Lawrence.  She has been the epitome of the positive strength of Sun in Scorpio.  Her contribution to the justice system has been outstanding – perhaps she will be honoured in the next […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 1 January 2012

Well, we are here – it’s 2012!  What have we in store?  Is it possible to sense the energy of a year from its first moments – I am sure there are people who can.  I had an email this week from my Mayan Calendar friend O’Douce, talking of Oneness, Change, Miracles and flushing out […]

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