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Aspects for the week beginning 23 June 2019

Boris Johnson I was planning to write a piece about the karmic interplay between Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for this Sunday, and then on Thursday Pluto opposed Mars. Thursday 20th June 2019 “So it is reluctantly that I have to report Pluto opposing Mars on Thursday (20th), if you like the major reckoning of […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 16 June 2019

Jo Brand Comedian Jo Brand was under fire this week, for saying throwing milkshake at politicians was too lame, and it should have been acid.  Nigel Farage, assuming he was the butt of the “joke” (made on a pre-recorded radio show, Heresy) called for a police investigation.  The incident certainly sparked a debate on the […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 9 June 2019

Another short blog, while I master my new physiotherapy exercises! Conservative Party Leadership – Part 3 I cannot believe that I find myself writing again about the Conservative Party leadership contest.  Switch off now, if you find the topic agonizing.  The contest formally begins tomorrow, Monday 10th.  Some candidates pulled out last week, but there […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 2 June 2019

It’s over two weeks since I dislocated my shoulder, and I have an x-ray on Tuesday so I’ll know how the healing is coming along.  So I will plough on with the next 5 candidates for the Conservative Party Leadership! Conservative Party Leadership – Part 2 I wrote about five of the candidates last week, […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 26 May 2019

Again, I am still hampered by the dislocated shoulder, which is healing, but am aiming to keeping this short. Conservative Party On Friday morning, Theresa May stood outside 10 Downing Street, behind her lectern, and declared that she had finally come to the end of her rope.  Judging by the lack of sympathy around the […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 5 May 2019

UK Politics The people have spoken this week, and pronounced that the political system as we know it is indeed, as we suspected, broken.  The two main parties have suffered a severe dent in popularity, for various reasons.  They have declared it is because of Brexit, but there are other factors.  Meanwhile, the Lib Dems […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 21 April 2019

Notre-Dame One of the greatest and most beautiful Cathedrals in the world, Notre-Dame in Paris, was shockingly partially destroyed by fire on Monday evening.  The next day, as the damage was assessed, new hope arose and its rebuilding was pledged. It is an incomprehensible marvel to contemplate how such an edifice was created over its […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 7 April 2019

“Becoming” by Michelle Obama Book Review “When they go low we go high” ~ Michelle Obama, 2016 I have had this book sitting in a pile, waiting its turn, since Christmas, and have just finished it, I am glad to say.  So here is the evangelical book review:  if you have it on your book […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 24 March 2019

Jacinda Ardern “We are One” ~ Jacinda Ardern On Friday 15th March in Christchurch New Zealand, a white supremacist opened fire in two mosques, killing 50 worshippers.  The 38 year old Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern immediately stepped up to the plate in this crisis.  Her words were exactly on point, and reminded […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 17 March 2019

Greta Thunberg “Skolstrejk for Klimatet” School Strike for the Climate Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this week, a week which saw the second day of school strikes on behalf of the climate (a month after the first) in the U.K, with similar action around the world.  She began this […]

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