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Entries from September 2008

Aspects for the week beginning 28 September 2008

Diary at the ready – what were you doing the Saturday before last (20th) at 3.21 am (UK time)? Some of you may have been nurturing a talent for writing (especially poetry), with Mercury trine Neptune. I was preparing to go and see Marianne Williamson. Did you have a significant dream, perhaps? Anyway, whatever it […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 21 September 2008

…As I was saying last week, we are in the midst of three trines to Neptune providing support and upliftment. Last Wednesday you may have discovered artistic talents (Venus trine Neptune), yesterday literary talents (Mercury trine Neptune) and still to come are the unknown talents of the trine between Mars and Neptune. I dragged my […]

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New Peace Initiatives

It has been World Peace Week and now it’s World Peace Day and we have a brand new Peace initiative in the form of a website http://ipeace.me whereby we can promote our hopes for peace collectively. As soon as I joined, I felt hugged by the beautiful aura of peace that this website emanates. Inner […]

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Peace – A Karmic Perspective

What is your peace lineage? And where are we going with the cultivation of peace as a human race? These are the questions I have been asking myself in the week leading up to World Peace Day. I have always thought of myself as a pacifist, though I have heard and digested the powerful contrary […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 14 September 2008

To make the most of tomorrow’s aspects you will need to gather the following ingredients: a notebook, a cafe, and like-minded friends. It has all the atmosphere of writers, philosophers and poets meeting in cafes on west banks to thrash out their angst. Select your equipment and venue in anticipation…The conjunction of Mercury and Venus […]

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Saturn opposite Uranus – Intro

It is less than 2 months until the Saturn-Uranus opposition, on the day of the US Elections. This is being seen by Astrologers as a close contest between the New (as represented by Obama and Uranus) versus the Old (as represented by McCain and Saturn). I feel inadequate to see past the posturing, and do […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 7 September 2008

Here we are at the midpoint of Virgo and it’s still raining! It’s difficult to rustle up some cheer, but if you are a Virgoan who is interested in healthful dining and have a sense of humour, why not try the new website by Pete Vincent on Raw Humour? Very timely, very much needed at […]

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Jupiter trine Saturn – Finding Balance

Here’s an opportunity this week: finding balance. Jupiter at 12 degrees Capricorn trines Saturn at 12 degrees Virgo. These two in themselves represent optimism and realism respectively, and other such extremes. But this is no aspect for extremophiles: the harder you push towards one extreme the more there is a backlash from the other end. […]

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