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Entries from November 2019

Aspects for the week beginning 24 November 2019

Martin Kemp “I’m a Libra and try to take a balanced view of any situation.” ~ Martin Kemp, in an interview Bassist in the band Spandau Ballet, Martin Kemp, and his wife Shirlie released their first album together on Friday, “In The Swing Of It”.  Librans are dubbed the beautiful people of the zodiac, and […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 17 November 2019

James Le Mesurier “To save one life is to save all of humanity” ~ motto of the White Helmets James Le Mesurier, the British Co-Founder of the White Helmets, has died at the age of 48 tragically from an apparent suicide. White Helmets The organization known as the White Helmets was founded in 2014, emerging […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 10 November 2019

Tom Watson The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, resigned last week, leaving a gaping hole at its centre.  Since his appointment, he has held together hopes from the moderates in his party, and acted as a reminder to the hard left that other points of view exist.  This has come at a […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 3 November 2019

General Election 2019 So… we have a pre-Christmas election date, of 12th December.  Will this election be fought on the sole issue of Brexit?  I thought I would take a brief look at the chart for that date, and the transits for the leaders of the various political parties. Notice how often Neptune (confusion) comes […]

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