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Entries from July 2007

Aspects for the week beginning 29 July 2007

As you read this you may already be under the spell of Mercury trine Uranus which occurred in the early hours of this morning. Have you planned anything exciting for today? Be assured it will turn out to be exciting. If you haven’t planned anything exciting, the excitement may turn out to be all in […]

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Saturn trine Pluto: Step 1

Previously…”a call to start working with the potential of the Saturn-Pluto trine…as it connects Leo and Sagittarius it also connects two areas of your life and you can enhance the effect of the mutual support of these two planets.” Your handy guide to 6 August: First identify which two areas of your life Saturn and […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 22 July 2007

If it’s all been too much lately, what with needless worrying about the fate of Harry Potter, then it’s a good day to hibernate today. The TV images of underwater towns and villages in the UK will be swimming in and out of your dreams and meditations, and you need to rest and digest…and wonder […]

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How it was for us

Reality beckons as I work on a dossier on the astrological factors behind depression, but how I loved to hear about the many ways people created the space for the healing of the earth on Tuesday. At ancient temples, meadows and lavender fields, communing with sacred mystical poets, in solitude in candlelit homes…Under normal circumstances […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 15 July 2007

The week begins and ends with a Mars aspect, so it’s Mars week. Time to dust down your Inner Warrior costume if it doesn’t get out much, and see if it needs pressing, mending or embroidering. Monday’s square between Mars and Chiron recommends we do that, because if we are not conscious of how we […]

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Fire the Grid

Perhaps the next few days will see, in the Fire the Grid project, a more subtle uniting of people than in the recent Concerts. It is inviting people of all religious and spiritual persuasions to join in pulsing healing into the earth. The chart for 11:11 GMT on Tuesday 17th July, when we are to […]

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Pluto at the Galactic Centre

It may be no coincidence that Shelley Yates is urging us to Fire the Grid on Tuesday, or rather the Light Beings who are helping her. Pluto is a powerful planet in terms of shaping mass thoughtforms and it seems powerfully placed at the Galactic Centre. So environmental efforts on behalf of the planet would […]

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Excerpt from “The Quiet Office” No. 7

Verity: “Sorry to be ignorant but what is the Galactic Centre? It sounds like Dr. Spock ought to be there”. Sharon replied knowledgeably: “The Galactic Centre is the Centre of the Galaxy”. This was a fine line between a blog and a blag…and Sharon knew it. Pluto was said to be at the Galactic Centre […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 8 July 2007

Someone asked me yesterday what was coming up in the week ahead…I had to confess that I wouldn’t know until this morning. Apart from the broad sweeping aspects like the Saturn-Neptune opposition we have just negotiated, I don’t get involved in the aspects until they are upon us. As I write this on Sunday morning, […]

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The Sirius Connection

Here’s wishing you all a happy 07/07/07 tomorrow! I’m no Numerologist, but isn’t 7 everyone’s favourite number? Astrologically, Neptune vibrates to the number 7, so it’s a good day to practise your Spirituality. The Sun is aligned with the fixed star Sirius, which makes it a good day to put your efforts towards earth healing. […]

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