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Aspects for the week beginning 19 October 2014

The Ebola Virus

It is difficult to write astrologically about such a nebulous subject as the Ebola crisis, which with the Islamic State crisis is unifying global efforts at this time.  Saturn is  racheting fear and terror in the closing stages of its journey through Scorpio, while Uranus is about to  square Pluto for the penultimate time in December, so we remain in a heightened state of tension.  Insidious infectious illnesses such as epidemics and  pandemics are ruled by Neptune, and when Neptune and Chiron (healing crisis) were together in Aquarius, an air sign, we were beset by the problem of SARS or bird flu (with the air connection).  Now Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces (the sign of epidemics and pandemics, and a water sign ) we have an intensified panic arising from the Ebola virus, which is spread by bodily fluids.

Sudan 1976

The first recorded case of Ebola occurred in Sudan on 27 June 1976, under a T-square between Saturn, Uranus and Chiron.  The chart for Sudan itself has Chiron on the Ascendant, and Chiron as “the wounded healer” might be very fitting  in this placement in what might be regarded as the “birthplace” of Ebola.  The chart for Sudan also has some potent squares:  Saturn square Jupiter/Pluto,  and a T-square between Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron indicating great challenges.

Tellingly, this first case of Ebola in the Sudan came at a time when Pluto was squaring its natal Sun, indicating a life and death scenario.  The Nodal Axis was also exactly square the Sudan Venus, adding a karmic flavour to events.  Transiting  Chiron was also creating a T-square with Uranus and Neptune and therefore kicking into touch the  nature of the natal T-square.

Guinea 2013/2014

The current crisis began with the death of a two year old in Guinea on 28th December 2013.  Again, a potent and destructive T-square was prevailing, that of Mars, Pluto and Uranus.  This also echoes a fundamental issue or problem in the nature of Guinea, which has Mars square Pluto natally.  At the time of this resurgence of Ebola  Uranus was opposite Guinea’s Sun,  the North Node (karma) was exactly conjunct Guinea’s natal Neptune (epidemics) and Jupiter (faith) and Neptune (epidemics) was exactly opposite the Guinea Pluto (a deep challenge).

Sierra Leone and Liberia

Two other countries have significantly succumbed to Ebola since that initial crisis, and it is interesting to look at their vulnerabilities natally.  Sierra Leone has an intensely karmic link with disease, in the shape of Chiron conjunct its South Node, opposed by Pluto/North Node.  The Pluto/North Node will be transited by Jupiter next year, and that may bring a breakthrough in the regional fight against the disease.  The chart for Liberia is very different from the 20th Century state charts, being founded in 1847 by the American Colonization Society for the resettlement of slaves.  It also has a uniquely difficult and explosive triple conjunction of Pluto/Mars/Uranus, probably the most combustible combination of planets, although we are not looking for combustible for the purposes of this exercise.  However, the natal triple conjunction may lay Liberia open to other struggles.  The chart is hit particularly adversely by the chart of the “birth” of Ebola in 1976: Saturn conjuncts its Sun, while Uranus squares its Sun, and Neptune squares its Saturn (all exact hits).

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization was founded on 7th April 1948, and itself has a very challenging triple conjunction of Pluto/Saturn/Mars, but challenge is the nature of its game.  It declared a state of emergency regarding the Ebola outbreak on 8th August 2014. Pluto (deep problems) was exactly square to the WHO Neptune (pandemics) at the time!


There has been a sprinkling of Ebola cases of care workers outside West Africa, and one of these, an Englishman William Pooley, survived the outbreak after instnsive nursing at the Royal Free Hospital in London, and also has declared his intention to go back to Africa and help – a rare human!

There is some hope for breakthroughs in getting the pandemic under control next year when Jupiter goes into Virgo next August, the sign of Health, though not of Pandemics! Cautious hope may be given to the Jupiter transits to the affected nations, but they may bring breakthroughs, and are worth recording:

Sierra Leone

13/14th November 2014: Jupiter transits the Sierra Leone Uranus

2nd January 2015: As 13/4 Nov, but with Jupiter retrograding

1st July 2015: The third pass of Jupiter over Uranus, moving forward

25th/26th August 2015: Jupiter transits the North Node of Sierra Leone (a karmic turning point)

6th September  2015: Jupiter transits the Pluto of Sierra Leone

4th/5th December 2015: Jupiter transits the Moon of Sierra Leone


25th/26th August 2015: Jupiter transits the Pluto of Guinea, which is within one minute of the position for the North Node of Sierra Leone (a turning point for both, indicated at the same time)


18th November 2014: Jupiter transits the Liberian Mercury (which represents health, though not pandemics); note that its Mercury is conjunct the Sierra Leone Uranus, so it is only a few days later than a possible helpful transit to Sierra Leone’s chart.

29th December 2014: As 18 Nov, but with Jupiter retrograding

2nd/3rd July 2015: The third pass of Jupiter over Mercury, moving forward

11/12th November 2015: Jupiter transits Liberia’s Venus


If you experienced last week as a pleasant one, this week too may be congenial, although not quite as much as last week.  There may be the opportunity to take small steps towards your goals, and steady progress can be made or built on to last week’s.

Tomorrow (Monday 20th) dawns with a sextile between Venus and Mars, which is great for balancing your inner male and female, and outer relations too.  For instance, you may have been using your female side a great deal recently, and may need to re-introduce her to your male side.  There may be archetypes, sub-personalities or past life selves who need to be introduced to each other, such as your inner male warrior and your medieval woman who is furious at being left behind while the male went to war in the Crusades.  They may need to come to a peaceful resolution.

Working with this, and coming to a happy balance between the two, will enhance your experience of Mercury conjunct the North Node tomorrow.  This aspect may feed you information about karmic matters, such as current dilemmas in society.  Perhaps in discussing this or listening to a discussion you form new ideas of your own and receive new insights based on what you have heard.  This aspect also favours karma with siblings, or neighbours.  The transit of the North Node through Libra continues to help us focus on the karma of our relationships.

In the evening, Mercury sextiles Jupiter, bringing a triumphant finale to the first day of the working week.  It is a good time to close a brilliant deal, complete a scintillating module of study or research, have a good laugh with a friend over the phone, or expand your mind with a new interest.

Late morning on Thursday (23rd) the Sun enters Scorpio, and life takes on a more uncompromising direction, after the smooth gliding of the Sun through Libra.  Be prepared to stand up for what you believe in, or be left behind by those who practice what they preach.  All our voices need to be heard, when it comes to current social dilemmas and political climates.  Before we know it we will be asked to vote in the 2015 elections and pick the least worst party.  We need to look inwards at what is truly important, and the sign of Scorpio helps us to prioritize at that level.

In the evening Venus follows the Sun into Scorpio, so Love and Creativity will both be singing from the same hymn sheet, the very wholehearted Scorpio theme.

Here’s a short song list:

Onward Christian soldiers

The Power of Love (both the Jennifer Rush version and the Frankie Goes to Hollywood version)

River Deep, Mountain High

An hour later, at 21.57 Hrs, there is an eclipsed New Moon at 0 degrees Scorpio, which will particularly affect those born around this date.  It will still be a good day to begin new ventures, but will have the sense of a turning point, with the emphasis on the unseen.

Early on Saturday (25th) Venus catches up with the Sun to create a conjunction in early Scorpio.  This can produce an intensity and deep experience of love.  If you do experience this, you may want to share any excess with those who are receiving very little, and seek them out if you can.  There are many human conditions to which love is the answer!  As the Beatles said, Money Can’t Buy You Love (arguably a Scorpio song).  Is there someone you have been neglecting lately, for instance?

And finally, more help arrives in the evening, when Mercury is stationary, prior to turning direct again.  You may then begin to unravel the complex knots in communication which have taken place in the last three weeks while Mercury has been retrograde.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – sensuality; karmic information; enterprise for budding apprentices
  • Thursday – greater intensity; the greatest intensity for some
  • Saturday – unconditional love; communication starts to improve

Aspects for the week beginning 12 October 2014

The Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize is probably the greatest of all the Nobel Prizes.    It encompasses a wide variety of achievements, and in the past some prizes have been contentious.  This year, and this week, it was awarded jointly to Malala Yousafzai and  Kailash Satyarthi.  Malala had been tipped to win last year, but this is her time.  Are there any astrological signatures for this accolade?

Malala Yousafzai

Each time I see Malala speaking on television, my heart opens more to her incredible maturity, and the essence she gives of the divine feminine, and her inner mother.  Her amazing courage in writing a blog initially in defence of the education of girls, then being shot, then surviving the shooting, then speaking out with even more determination for the cause of female education in countries where it is undervalued and discouraged, is all truly amazing.

I first wrote about Malala when she addressed the U.N. in July 2013.  Here were some thoughts:

“Malala is a Cancerian, and though many Cancerians shun the limelight, others become ambassadors for women’s rights, deliberately or unwittingly.

She has the Part of Fortune in 3rd House of communication (a passion for Education), and wrote a blog for the BBC under a pseudonym, about female life under the Taliban with a focus on education for females (3rd House), from age 11.

We do not have a birth time, but it is likely that she has Moon conjunct Mars, warriorship for the female cause, in Libra the sign of Peace.  Mars also trines Uranus, showing immense bravery, in shocking circumstances.

The Sun sextiles the North Node in her chart, giving a karmic mission of the theme of Leadership.  Mercury trines Pluto, making her a deep thinker who looks the truth in the face. Mercury also opposes Uranus exactly, which is controversy in communication, not being afraid to tell the truth no matter what it costs.  With these two aspects to Mercury, she is very strong-minded indeed.  Pluto sextiles Uranus, giving a strong matrix for working in the world.  Jupiter also sextiles Saturn exactly – good balanced judgement: the combination of optimism and realism.

The Moon sextiles Venus – underneath it all, a very loving and gentle person.  At heart, she is working for Peace.  She has been recognized within her own country as holder of the first Youth Peace Prize.  By the time of her attack, she already was a high profile activist for her cause.”

The Award of the Nobel Peace Prize is shown currently in her chart by Jupiter (Awards) transiting exactly by conjunction her natal Venus (Peace).  Her current transits show that it is not an easy time for her right now, though, so the award is a bright spot and recognition for past achievemen, strength of character and her blossoming role in the world.

Kailash Satyarthi

A joint prize implies equal billing, and equal standing, and the achievements of this joint winner are breathtaking.  Kailash Satyarthi is a 60 year old from Delhi, who has sought to remedy the problem of child trafficking and slavery in India throughout his life.

He is quoted in the Observer this morning as saying:

“I am not the most peaceful person and I am angry because of how people can treat children like that.  How they can rob the freedom of human beings and particularly children.”  He goes on to say “There is something wrong in the mindset of people, and we have to change it, sometimes through legal course of action but sometimes through consciousness-raising.”

He is a responsible Sun Sign Capricorn, with a very unusually tight cluster of planets in Capricorn.  Within 8 degrees of that sign, he has Venus, Mercury, the Sun, Chiron and the North Node.  This intensity is all galvanized by an opposition with the humanitarian activist planet of Uranus. He is a Healer, with Chiron as a key planet being closely conjunct his Sun, and his North Node (karmic mission).  I don’t see any obvious comparisons with Malala’s chart.

Uranus is another key planet in his chart (whatever his Ascendant may be – we do not have a birth time) because at this time of the Nobel Peace prize award being announced, transiting  Saturn exactly trines his natal Uranus, which represents his activism and humanitarianism.


Mercury Retrograde

Just a reminder that Mercury Retrograde is still ongoing, and liable to cause misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and Chinese whispers going awry.

I had a case in point last week within a chain of people, whereby information was relayed back to me which was point by point erroneous.  One of the people in the chain was an English teacher from abroad, another was an 86 year old who was hard of hearing.  I myself contributed to the situation by omitting to comment on something.  Fortunately, the fourth person in the chain, an enlightened soul who was aware of Mercury Retrograde, had the presence of mind to contact me and enquire: “Que?!  Are you sure?” and I was able to refute all the points fairly quickly.


This is a week of pleasant aspects.  Today the Sun is still conjunct the North Node, so as I previously said:

“…with the Sun conjunct the North Node in Libra, there may be a sense of karmic fairness, either karmic rewards or just desserts. If you are involved in such a scenario, ask yourself what you have contributed. ”

On Tuesday morning (14th) Venus sextiles Jupiter, which is an aspect of celebration.   If for instance, you are celebrating an anniversary, it could be extra specially romantic.  Love and social benefits are due all along the spectrum, from meeting someone special, to blossoming relationships,  engagements, weddings and anniversaries, plus general party throwing and attending.

On Wednesday (15th) Venus conjuncts the North Node, so there is a recognition of the parts people play for each other in assisting their karmic missions.  Think about the incredible roles some people play in your life, and how you couldn’t have got this far without them!  Something may automatically draw attention to this, but if the cues are too subtle, you may want to thank others in an Oscar-style speech.

The Sun sextiles Mars that morning, and if you are hoping for resolution over problems with cars, men and dogs, there is some positive activity in relation to them on this day.  The wheels may be set in motion on any stuck energy generally.

On the evening of Thursday (16th) the Sun conjuncts Mercury, and there may be time to catch up with your paperwork and documentation (bearing in mind Mercury is still retrograde, so it may not be all plain sailing).  However, it may go deeper than that, because once you have gone through the dry factual work exercise, you may go through to a deeper spiritual insight and experience, and produce some creativity in art or music, with the conjunction being in Libra.  Do the maths, then let yourself relax and go with the creative flow, and you may land up with a more encompassing body of work; music or art to accompany your words, for instance.

In the early hours of Friday (17th) Mercury is sextile Mars, and again the wheels are turning: cars may be going again, bicycles are especially favoured, all motion is zippy.  Minds are alert (that may mean insomnia for some), brain cogs whirring.  Action is also rationalized.

Then on Friday afternoon, Mercury conjuncts Venus, the ideal conjunction for writers, and those who practise café culture.  Time for a trip to your favourite coffee house with a chatty man or woman.  Order your favourite beverage, and set the world to rights.

Not a bad set of aspects, I hope you’ll agree!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – karmic considerations, in a good way
  • Tuesday – celebrations and jubilations
  • Wednesday – romantic possibilities, and free-flowing energy
  • Thursday – concentration
  • Friday – wheels keep on turning, and catch up on conversation


Aspects for the week beginning 5 October 2014

Cilla Black and her Soul Group

I have hugely enjoyed the three part TV biopic about Cilla Black.  The actress Sheridan Smith who has portrayed her has drawn superlatives for her performance.  She has completely brought her subject to life, brought out her essence, seeming more Cilla than Cilla herself.

The screenplay was engaging and fast-paced.  When reading Cilla’s autobiography written after her husband Bobby Willis’ death, I did not notice an emphasis on his role and character.  But this is one of the themes which was brought out really well in the biopic. It seems that Bobby was a good songwriter.   The new facts on which this portrayal was formed seemed to come from last year’s show “The One and Only Cilla”.  The other highlights of the screenplay for me were the character of Cilla herself, feisty and ambitious, and the poignant life and death of Brian Epstein.

Cilla was lucky enough to have been at the right place at the right time with the right people.  It seems as though the soul group came into incarnation with the script that Brian Epstein would act as their Svengali.  He had a genius for knowing the direction the careers of his protégés should take.  He managed other acts, but the biopic focuses on Cilla and the Beatles.  Cilla had the courage and faith in herself to take part in the emergence of this rock and roll phenomena, and be one of the prominent female artists of her era,  but she also had a karmic link with the Beatles and Brian Epstein, which is shown in the astrology of their chart comparison.  Cilla provided the female balance for the group, and her advancement was a karmic reward, or a karmic calling in of favours.


Cilla has an electrifying exact conjunction of the Sun and Uranus in Gemini, and this conjunction keys into many of the main players in the group.  Notably, her Sun is exactly trine the Sun of Bobby Willis in Aquarius, who was her road manager, and a great support to her, later marrying her.  This would be a true Soul Mate connection, according to Linda Goodman.

Brian Epstein

Sheridan Smith manages to look exactly like Cilla, but the Brian Epstein and Bobby Willis characters were not so well matched.  However, their performances were utterly convincing and very sympathetic.  The script really brought out the struggles of these two men in their lives.

The poignancy of Brian’s emotional life, but also part of his genius and sensitivity to music, is shown in his chart by a conjunction of Venus and Neptune in the 1st House squaring Chiron.

Karmic Link between Bobby and Brian

There was a lot of interplay and jostling for power over Cilla’s career between Brian Epstein and Bobby Willis as portrayed in this biopic.    One can conclude that this was karmic.  It is shown in their charts by Brian’s North Node conjunct exactly Bobby’s Sun, and trine Cilla’s Sun.

Cilla and Brian

There was obviously a strong bond between Cilla and Brian.  Cilla’s Mercury  (her Sun ruler)was exactly trine Brian Moon, which fostered their mental and emotional communication.  Cilla’s Mars was also  exactly sextile Brian’s Moon, which is a strong emotional connection. Cilla’s Neptune trined exactly Brian’s moon, and she inspired him.  Her Pluto was two degrees away from Brian’s South Node, which is a profound karmic connection.

John Lennon’s relationship with Brian

A feature of the connections within the soul group are exact Sun and Moon links, which are very personal. John  Lennon’s Uranus trined exactly Brian’s Sun, and his Neptune was exactly conjunct Brian’s Sun, also providing inspiration for Brian..

Cilla Karmic Link with John Lennon

John Lennon Ascendant in Aries was exactly trine Cilla’s North Node – More karma, and lives intertwining.  Moreover, John Lennon’s Jupiter was exactly sextile Cilla’s Moon – he brought her luck!

Close Links between Paul and Brian

Paul McCartney’s Venus was conjunct exactly Brian’s Midheaven/Careerpoint: Paul provided an artistic/musical standard for Brian’s career path.  Paul’s Ascendant was conjunct exactly Brian’s Sun in Virgo: another intensely personal link.

Paul and Cilla

Paul has three exact Sturn links with Cilla’s chart, indicating that Paul may have been more critical in shaping Cilla’s style.


This songwriting due deserves more than a few lines, but in the context of this theme, I would pick out their Marses exactly sextile, making for a good working relationship, and a laddish culture. Paul’s Ascendant was also trine exactly John’s Uranus, so they were able to spark each other’s brilliance.

George Harrison

In his natal chart, George had North Node exactly conjunct Chiron, a karmic mission of healing through creativity in Leo.  With Brian, George had Moon sextile exactly Brian’s Asceadant, and George’s Uranus was trine exactly with Brian’s Moon, both emotional connections.

George and John

John Lennon’s Uranus was trine exactly George’s Sun, another brilliant Sun-Uranus connection.  Uranus also rules groups, and that is another reason why it figures so strongly in the synastry of the group. George’s Neptune was conjunct exactly Brian’s Sun, another inspirational aspect.


Ringo’s Jupiter was trine Brian’s Venus exactly, so Brian may have found Ringo uplifting in some ways,  However. Ringo also had Saturn square exactly Brian’s Mars, so there may also have been a sense of frustration with each other. Ringo’s Ascendant was also opposite exactly Brian’s Sun.  It is interesting that Ringo came into the band later than the other three, and has a different plantetary emphasis.

Brian Epstein Death

Without giving too much away about the biopic for those who have not seen it, it does conclude with the suicide of Brian Epstein, and very heartwrenching it is.  Pluto was exactly trine his Midheaven at the time of death, possibly indicating he had concluded a phase of his work.  There may also have been a sense for him that he was not needed as much as before.

Jupiter at the time was conjunct Cilla’s natal North Node, and she was embarking on a new phase of karma and work, in T.V. which proved to be a medium to which she was ideally suited.

Jupiter was trine exactly Lennon’s Ascendant, so he may have been feeling that his creativity and  life were flowing freely.

In contrast, Saturn was trine exactly Paul’s Chiron, so he would have been feeling a healing crisis, plus with Uranus square his Midheaven, a new career direction may have been forced on him due to the shock event.  It seems to register very strongly in his chart.

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith, the actress who plays Cilla seems to have been born to play her, and her mannerisms and body language were a perfect portrayal.  One would have expected a close connection between her chart and Cilla’s.  The connection is not stunning, so it appears that with a lot of hard work Sheridan has carried out a very skilled work of art. Sheridan’s Mercury is exactly trine Cilla’s Midheaven, and her Mars is conjunct Cilla’s Saturn, but most strikingly her Sun in Cancer is close to Cilla’s Ascendant.


Sunday (5th) begins a week of mixed aspects, but begins on a high of Mars trine Uranus.  This favours electrical goods, engineering and sport (such as cricket on the village green).

The Sun opposes Uranus on Tuesday (7th) and almost the opposite occurs: electrical goods play up, and sport is incident-prone.

We have an eclipsed Full Moon on Wednesday (8th) in the sign of Aries.  There will be a tussle between selfish aims and co-operation. Following on from this high tension, Venus squares Pluto, and relationships continue to flounder.  However, by the evening a trine between Mars and Jupiter may bring new energy which saves the day, or part of the day.

Retrograde Mercury re-enters Libra from Scorpio on Friday (10th) so a softening of words could occur where recently there was abrasiveness.  The same day, the Sun sextiles Jupiter, and you could glimpse and make use of a lucky streak, so look out for this opportunity!

Finally, on Saturday (11th) Venus opposes Uranus, which brings more testing of relationships, but with the Sun conjunct the North Node in Libra, there may be a sense of karmic fairness, either karmic rewards or just desserts. If you are involved in such a scenario, ask yourself what you have contributed.  It’s only half a week to go before the Great British Bake Off final, and with 20 layers requested for the semi-final, could they ask for more?  What will you be serving as your showstopper?  Next week will be exacting karmically, but fair.

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – energetic and constructive fireworks
  • Tuesday – the spanner in the works
  • Wednesday – relationships on the brink, but later new energy arriving
  • Friday – soft words, and a stroke of luck
  • Saturday – more disruption in relationships, but some karmic balance

Aspects for the week beginning 28 September 2014

Have just got back from a wedding evening reception and wedding breakfast in the refreshing company of a group of thirty somethings, at a stage of life where they have just successfully negotiated their First Saturn Returns, and have their lives mapped out.  One of them jetted into Gatwick on the morning of the wedding, having just climbed Mont Blanc  Others were about to travel to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, having passed over an earlier opportunity for a gap year in favour of starting at Medical School.  Several 30 year olds I know have decided this was the year to get married.  Such is the clarity of that post-Saturn Return age!  We usually clear some hurdle or personal issue with this astrological cycle: for me it was an issue of self-assertiveness.


We are still unsure exactly what will transpire at the TV wedding of Sharon and Phil from Eastenders, but we now know that George Clooney finally succumbed to the institution of marriage yesterday evening in Venice.  Hence I find it the least line of resistance to update my astrologicial musings on this formerly sought after bachelor.

George Clooney

Things have turned around quickly for George Clooney.  I wrote about him in February.

Here’s a reprise:


“George Clooney does not have an easy chart (though hard working), and admits to experiencing financial  hardship in his youth.   He had a strict Roman Catholic upbringing (Moon conjunct Saturn) and was interested in social issues from a young age (Moon conjunct Saturn in 11th House).  He has a serious karmic mission, which I think is gradually coming to light in the directing of films of a serious purpose (Pluto conjunct North Node in Virgo).  In this purpose, he is not afraid to be controversial (Mercury square Uranus – an aspect which also sometimes reveals dyslexia, which he learned to compensate for by charming his teachers, according to his mother).  His Mars is exactly opposite his Saturn, so everything he does is carefully measured and deliberate.   Uranus in showbiz Leo is closely trine his Midheaven (careerpoint) which has ensured sustained success in his career.”

I did mention that as he had transiting Pluto squaring his natal Venus (which he still has) it was a good time for reviewing his sense of relationship.  He did, in a dramatic Plutonian sense, by meeting a woman with a serious mission in life, an international lawyer for human rights.

What was it in his chart which had made him so single for so long?  Looking at his chart again, he has an unaspected Venus, which can indicate a sense of freedom-seeking in relation to love.  He also has Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn, so his emotional life is intensely personal.

Meeting Amal

By May of this year, we the public had been informed that he had met and was planning to marry Amal Alamuddin.  Presumably, she has qualities which no other woman had, and ticks all the boxes for George.

There is a birth date for her on Astrotheme of 3rd February 1978, but no birth time.  This chart does chime with what we know of her: An interest in  Human Rights (Sun conjunct Venus in Aquarius), a karmic mission of Lawyer (North Node in Libra) and  emotional sensitivity to accompany that (Moon conjunct Neptune) with an international application (Moon in Sagittarius).

The synastry or chart comparison between the two is not so revealing, and may be honed if a birth time comes along.  Amal’s Uranus opposes exactly George’s Sun, and that would explain the suddenness of their meeting and his decision to give up his bachelor status.  Her Mercury  is exactly conjunct his Moon, which shows that the quality of her intellect appeals directly to his emotions, and she finds his emotional make up interesting mentally.

Timing of the Wedding

Does the timing of the wedding tell us more about the relationship?  The Jupiter-Uranus trine which occurred on Thursday, is still close enough to give blessing to this union.

However, the aspects on the day look quite challenging for George.  Jupiter squares his Sun, an indication that he is taking a chance on life and love, but may not be entirely sure.  Saturn opposes his Mercury, suggesting he is putting aside reason.  Neptune opposes his Pluto, and being in the relationship may have thrown up many psychological conundrums.   Neptune is transiting his natal Chiron, so on a spiritual level he may be experiencing some healing at this time, and this may feel sublime.

Her experience is generally more positive, though also mixed.  Transiting Mars is exactly sextile now with her North Node, so karmically she may have met and married the man of her dreams.  He fits the description of her animus.  Jupiter is also opposing exactly her Sun, so she too may feel she is taking a gamble, but  for both of them  it may be an adventure.  And Uranus exactly sextiles her Sun, so she will be excited to feel that her life is taking a sudden turn for the better.

All best wishes to the happy couple!


The main aspect this week, which occurs on Saturday, is a difficult square between the Sun and Pluto.  There is also another difficult aspect that day, plus Mercury goes retrograde (everybody’s favourite gripe).

There are two way of tackling this situation:

  1.  Just get on with your life this week, and wing it when the day comes
  2. Prepare for these astrological  features during the course of the week, and hope for a sense of control on the day

So I will, as usual, describe the aspects, but will also suggest a strategy in case you are wishing to work with the energies of next Saturday in advance.

But first, tomorrow evening (Monday 29th) Venus will be entering  Libra, which heralds a period favouring relationships, honeymoons, artistic and musical composition, and the law.  So it is a good time to foster such associations in your life, and perhaps spend your week focusing on them, instead of worrying about the square at the end of the week.

Now to Saturday (4th October).  The Sun squares Pluto in the morning, and plans may have to be re-scheduled.  Dramas may occur, but they may be internal ones.  Doors may be closing, but of course we all know that new windows will open as a result, though we don’t know when.

Preparation:  Meditation for calming the mind will be helpful, a daily practice being most useful.  Maybe I sound like a stuck record in this respect, but I do believe in it!

Letting go and releasing what is not needed in advance or at the time, is also useful.

Surrendering to the Universe at the time may be required.

On a practical level, checking health and safety in relation to your planned activities may be helpful, and checking possible loopholes and making contingency plans (B and C at least may be helpful, and may work).

The next  aspect is Mars square Chiron, which is also incident-prone, and apt to bring up what needs to be healed in a psyche or a situation.

Preparation would be to look at the source of any wounds, such as may lie in childhood or past lives, and working on them gradually and patiently through the week.  If you have firm plans for the weekend, think about the issues that the circumstances may raise.  For instance, if you are meeting a long lost cousin you had issues with, seek to work on the relationship in advance.

Homeopathic remedies may be sought, and flower remedies can be to hand, such as Rescue Remedy.

Finally, by the afternoon, Mercury will be stationary, about to turn retrograde.  This may complicate communications on the day and in the ensuing period up to 26th October.

Strategies would include tackling your outstanding paperwork and documentation throughout this week in  advance of Mercury’s  turnaround.

Meditation will help too here, in working on a calm mind and clarity of communication and putting it into practice for the three week period.

I hope this helps!  Love and luck to all my readers.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow  – harmonious connections
  • Saturday – the sense of an ending, check health and safety, and make communications clear

Aspects for the week beginning 21 September 2014

 International Peace Day

Start the day with a slice of peace, on this internationally recognized marker for peace.  And end the day with thoughts of peace.  In fact, make it a sandwich of peace throughout the day.  How you mark it is up to you, but a meditation of peace is effective even on a local level.  A meditation for peace can ripple out, and prevent an outbreak of strife.

With more wars than ever threatening the lives of millions around the world,  in Africa, the Middle East, and the Ukraine to name but a few areas, and with world leaders as uncertain as ever as to whether to intervene or not, humankind has yet to find a solution to war, or a way to persuading those who would bear arms to lay them down, and find other ways to solve disputes.  More than ever the peacemakers need to make their voices heard, to be able to say “Just, stop”!  The arts of diplomacy, negotiation and non-violent communication need to be even further fine-tuned.  Journalists and humanitarian aid workers risk their lives in war torn areas, but there is no respect shown to such roles and there are no boundaries either for protecting women, children and innocent civilians.

So, whatever the aspects, bring out and nurture your Inner Peacemaker today, and contemplate ways in which it may contribute to the balance of peace in the world.  Call upon the Spirit of Peace which unites and connects all peacemakers.

Strictly Come Dancing 2014 – Part 2

Strictly Come Dancing competitors take to the stage on Friday at 9 pm, and then Saturday at 7 pm on BBC1.  Here’s another portion of participants in this year’s dance fest:

Alison Hammond

I remember Alison Hammond breaking a table in one of the earliest series of Big Brother.  Since then she secured a presenter’s role in This Morning, regularly conducting interviews with the rich and famous, her style being a mixture of lightheartedness (she has a great laugh), intimacy and chutzpah  – good for her!  She apparently was inspired to take part in Strictly Come Dancing by the success of larger lady Lisa Riley in 2012.  Alison is an Aquarian, and therefore relies in her humour on the power of surprise.  She promises to be entertaining on the dance floor.  Her huge energy comes from a square between her Mars and Pluto natally.  Around the start of the tournament Pluto transits her Mars, bearing the possibility of injury.  Her partner Aljaz Skorjanec is an out and out Capricorn with several planets in that sign, but normally fairly lucky with Sun exactly trine Jupiter.  However, he has Uranus square his Mars early in the tournament, also incident-prone, and Saturn square his Sun at the end, which is disappointing.  At that time, Pluto opposes Alison’s Saturn, too.  Though I am looking forward to seeing Alison, we may have to savour the experience, as it could be short and sweet.

Steve Backshall

Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall is in his comfort zone around nature (Sun conjunct Venus in Taurus).  But he is taking a break from his usual habitat in the wild, and entering the world of the ballroom.  He has a couple of handy exact trines in his chart which may stand him in good stead: Mars exactly trine Saturn (disciplined movement) and Mercury trine Neptune (the ability to receive inspiration).  Saturn forms two exact sextiles from the midpoint of the Mars-Saturn trine, so he could find the exercise healing for him, and we might find it healing to watch in some way!  At the start of the tournament, the North Node transits his Uranus, highlighting a complete change for him, and also highlighting his capacity to surprise us.  He partners Ola Jordan, which could be a happy pairing with his North Node exactly sextile her Jupiter.  Steve could have a feeling of satisfaction at the end, with Neptune exactly sextile his Venus.  Ola has a couple of Pluto aspects at the start, one empowering (Pluto exactly trine her Jupiter) and one nerve-wracking (Pluto square her Mercury) so she may be confident, but may also be still dealing with the aftermath of her husband James’ stint in the Big Brother house.  At the finish, Jupiter will be sextile exactly her Saturn: a job well done, but not quite triumphant.

Thom Evans

Thom Evans is the token rugby player in the competition, and is already rumoured to have fallen in love with his professional dance partner, Iveta Lukosiute.   Thom is a fiery and energetic Aries, who may well prove popular with the ladies.  He should start extremely well, with Uranus on his Sun/Venus, certainly producing some excitement.  Transiting Jupiter also trines his Venus, often signalling a new romance.  Unfortunately, we do not know what the astrological chemistry consists of, as I do not have Iveta’s birth date.  He has mixed transits at the end, and could end up with a flourish, or the opposite…

Jennifer Gibney

Jennifer is the real life wife of Brendan O’Carroll, the Mrs. Brown of Mrs. Brown’s Boys, a popular British comedy.  Unfortunately I do not have a birth date for her!  Her real husband and screen father Brendan has Moon conjunct Mars in his natal chart, which may describe his alter ego.  He might have mixed feelings about her new jaunt, as Saturn squares his Jupiter (some of his freedom may be curtailed) but at the same time the North Node sextiles his Jupiter, so he recognizes it as a good opportunity.  The organizers found an Irish partner for Jennifer (who is Irish) so that might provide an initial basis for compatibility.  Tristan, who is new to Strictly Come Dancing, has a Leo Sun, so he is a real performer, with 3 planets in Libra, giving him musicality.  He also has great energy (Mars conjunct Pluto), but that may come with a short fuse, so hopefully she will shape up!  He has Sun exactly trine Uranus, so will be original and inventive in his choreography.  His transits early in the competition are lacklustre, and he has  difficult transits at the end of the tournament, so his debut on the programme may not be as stunning as he might hope, but maybe he will do better next year if he stays in the frame.  Brendon O’Carroll has transiting Pluto exactly trine his Mars at the end of the tournament, so he will be pleased to have his wife back, and may celebrate with a Christmas special!


Today, on International Peace Day, we have Venus sextile Saturn to work with, which is very fitting.  It ensures that we work with the principles of peace in a measured and responsible way, taking into account loyalty and other such sterling qualities in human relations.  Certainly it is a day when we are still having to tread carefully in our newly saved Union, as political interests seem to be causing differences in how to proceed to ensure the concerns of the Scottish people are met honourably.  I have noticed the media stoking up the differences with the wording of their headlines, instead of trying to foster a sense of calm.  Rome was not built in a day.  So whether you are meditating for peace, or cooking a Sunday roast over an excitable family dinner table, keep peace in mind.  It is achievable on some level today.

Tomorrow we have the much trickier Mars square Neptune to contend with.  You might want to save some of your peaceful initiative leftovers to dine on tomorrow.  Mars and Neptune together stoke mistrust, and the political dissensions are likely to rumble on, despite Gordon Brown’s best efforts, or any other Brown.  Don’t jump to conclusions, as you may be adding to the paranoia.  Bide your time, and sense what is really going on.  There may be agendas which are not obvious, but may emerge later.

On Tuesday (23rd) Pluto is stationary, prior to turning direct.  This may enable institutions (as it takes place in Capricorn) to take a big step forward, so some conferring by the political parties may bring about some consensus in terms of constitutional reform and its timetable.  In your private life, a particular psychological struggle may begin to bear fruit, or there is a sense of a turnaround in your greater efforts.

Tuesday is also the day of the Autumn Equinox, although the weather already thinks it is Autumn.  Desmond Tutu is urging us to put climate change top of our list, and it would be a good day to pay attention to Gaia.  The Sun enters Libra, and in the cycle of seasons, we have established our work routines in Virgo, and it is time to turn to bringing a greater creative input to our relationships, as represented by Libra.

There is a New Moon at the beginning of Libra on Wednesday (24th), and if you gave some thought to your relationships on Tuesday, you may be in a position to make a significant gesture in your primary or secondary relationships for the New Moon.  You may outline new plans for new directions in connection with the home or travel, for instance.  Or you may make a declaration of new commitment, or receive one.  There may be a sense of excitement in the air, because the New Moon almost coincides with the most exciting aspect to occur for some time.

Thursday (25th) plays host to a trine between Jupiter and Uranus in Fire signs (can’t at this moment think of anything as exciting!)  Plan your most ambitious projects for Thursday day this week!  I will be having a hairdo, for a wedding at the weekend.  My trips to the hairdresser are usually annual, but at best reserved for attendance at weddings, and there was one in May so that makes two this year.  So that is very exciting, indeed, for me.  If you know which Houses these two planets fall in, for your chart, then you can enhance the effect.  It is an entrepreneurial aspect, too, for those of you inclined to Business.  It is also risk-taking, but success is not guaranteed, it’s just a better than usual bet for gamblers.

Finally, on Saturday (27th) Mercury enters Scorpio.  The time of diplomacy this week is past, and the gloves come off.  Verbal sparring intensifies, and the fine print comes under scrutiny.  To everything there is a season, and mentally you need to knuckle down in some way.  Superficiality will just not work.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Peace considerations
  • Tomorrow – suspicion; look at climate change and relationships
  • Wednesday – new beginnings, especially in relationships
  • Thursday – dynamic and exciting; a big day
  • Saturday – sharpen your wits

Aspects for the week beginning 14 September 2014

Scottish Referendum

The Scots go to the polls on Thursday 18/9/14 to determine whether they stay united with the rest of the British Isles, or go it alone. The polls currently are neck and neck.

Time to nail my colours to the mast: I am always in favour of Union, or Unity, (equally for instance in the case of the European Union) as I believe it to be the higher evolutionary path from the spiritual angle.

On a personal level too the thought of dis-union distresses me, and in addition I have never in this incarnation managed to visit Scotland, even though I know I have lived there before.  I would particularly like to visit the new age settlement of Findhorn.

My own fears chime with those of Will Hutton writing in the Observer:

Absurdly, there will be two countries on the same small island that have so much in common. If Britain can’t find a way of sticking together, it is the death of the liberal enlightenment before the atavistic forces of nationalism and ethnicity – a dark omen for the 21st century. Britain will cease as an idea. We will all be diminished.”

Alex Salmond

First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond’s  birthchart displays spectacularly his life path.  One of the great things about the Scots, which every Astrologer will appreciate, is that the birth times are stated on their birth certificates.  No need for any enquiries within the family, or any other subtle (e.g. dowsing) methods of eliciting that all important time of birth which leads to the holy grail of an Ascendant.

Alex is a Sun in Capricorn (ambition and politics) whose Sun is conjunct the North Node also in Capricorn (representing his karmic mission, which is also on side).  He has the fighting spirit of Moon conjunct Mars in Pisces, which sometimes obtains what is desired by subterfuge.  But his Ascendant is in Cancer, giving rise to the moon face and also the patriotism.  Rising within 6 degrees of his Ascendant is an exact conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus (the Inner and Outer Entrepreneur)  And we all know what his Enterprise is.  This suggests that this mission is what he came into this life to do (whether he succeeds or not).  This conjunction also trines his Moon (Ascendant ruler), and Venus completes a Grand Trine.  There is no doubt that he has been successful thus far in his political life and aims.

On the date of the Referendum, Saturn exactly trines his natal Mars and his Ascendant, forming a Grand Trine.  Neptune also exactly sextiles his natal North Node which represents his karmic mission, lending inspiration to his mission.

Nicola Sturgeon

Scottish Deputy Nicola Sturgeon has been prominent on our screens for several years, appearing regularly on Question Time.  She is a role model for the strong woman, and unflinching in her political aims, and in her solidarity with Alex Salmond.  She is a Cancerian to his Capricorn Sunsign, the perfect combination to complete a job.  She is comfortable with power, as her Sun is sextile Pluto, but the remarkable thing with respect to her alliance with Salmond, is that her natal Sun is exactly conjunct Alex Salmond’s Jupiter/Uranus exact conjunction, in other words she can directly help co-create his Enterprise.  Karmically, their North Nodes are exactly sextile, so a karmic contract will have been set up before birth for this aim.  And Nicola started young on her course: she was 16 when she entered politics!  There is a power alliance between their charts composed of Nicola’s Jupiter exactly sextile Alex Salmond’s Pluto.

On the day of the Referendum, Neptune is conjunct her North Node, a day on which her dreams could also come true, depending on how realistic they are!  What is not in question is the strength of her shared idealism with Alex Salmond.

Alistair Darling

Alistair Darling, leader of the No Campaign or “Better Together” campaign, and former Chancellor of the Exchequer under Gordon Brown, has as expected a very shrewd birthchart for financial affairs.  Strikingly, he has an exact conjunction of Pluto (high finance) and the Part of Fortune (Joy), which is sextile his natal Neptune, so he understands the complexities of Finance and is at home in all its subtleties.  He also has Venus (personal finance) very closely trine Uranus, a magical touch.  And with Venus exactly sextile his Midheaven (Careerpoint) a career in Finance would be obvious.  I am only perplexed by his dark bushy eyebrows, which I think are due in part to his Scorpio Ascndant.  On the Andrew Marr show today he was confidant and adamant that the No campaign would prevail.  He won the first debate with Alex Salmond, by asking difficult questions about currency, which Salmond never addressed.  Salmond mustered all his confidence for the second round, in which questions about currency were still not addressed (e.g. how he thought entitlement to the pound was a right), but Alistair Darling floundered and looked lacklustre.  After the second debate, Salmond’s Yes campaign gained ground, and it is possible that Darling feels that a show of confidence is what is needed.

The Astrology of the Referendum day for Darling shows him to be confused and a bit lost, so the show of confidence may just be a show.  Alistair has a strong chart generally, but a weak point is a square between his Sun and Moon (indecisiveness).  At this time, Neptune is creating a T-square by opposing his Moon and squaring his Sun.  The danger for this period is that he may feel disillusioned and shocked by realities at that time.  This may of course refer to his private life, but certainly he has thrown his all into this campaign and it must occupy a great deal of his heart, mind and soul at this time.  He knows what is right and true for him, but is bamboozled by the force and angle of the opposition and does not know how to respond effectively to the lack of response to his rational arguments.

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown has a key role in the No Campaign, and was chosen as the most diplomatic political figure to put forward reforms for the Scottish people in the event of a No vote.  I have in the past given much blog time to Gordon Brown, so do not need to analyze his birth chart.  But I must say, he has the best set of transits for the Referendum. This is intriguing because it flies in the face of all the rest of the astrological evidence.  It is possible that if the vote on Thursday were to result in a Yes vote, he would play a key role in bridging and negotiating the various political and financial parties.  It is by no means certain to what degree of significance the charts of events show up in a personal chart, and seemingly his main role in this lifetime has already been played out, but the transits are: Jupiter exactly conjunct his Moon (emotional buoyancy), Saturn trine exactly his North Node (a serious karmic recognition of his contribution), Uranus exactly conjunct his Ascendant (a sudden change in his lifestyle), Neptune exactly trine his Uranus (a complexity of new systems to master), and Neptune exactly sextile his Midheaven (new sensitive career roles, including a counseling role).   Maybe people will be patting him on the back for his efforts, and that constitutes a hope for the No campaign.

David Cameron

Is David Cameron likely to go down in history as the Prime Ministor who “lost” the Union between Scotland and England or the rest of the British Isles?  Certainly I pointed out at the beginning of the year that he has had Uranus opposite his Sun, and that it might prove a significant transit for September 18th.  Uranus is a planet of schism and estrangement, and so there is a real danger for him in this respect.  It would require great efforts on the part of his Soul to mend this schism, and I felt as he did when he made an emotive speech this last week saying he would be heartbroken at the loss of Scotland.

National Charts

I have concentrated on  three out of a raft of charts which can be viewed to look at the national effect of the events of September 18th :

1922 United Kingdom Chart

I wrote a few weeks ago: “The current chart for the U.K., based on 7th December 1922, has as its astrological signatures Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius (an upbeat sign, and the Sun sign of Winston Churchill), Ascendant in Gemini (mentally lively) exactly square Uranus at the top of the chart (forward looking and humanitarian on the plus side) and Moon in Cancer (patriotic).  That may change if our Scottish brothers and sisters leave the equation.  The current turmoil shows in the transits as Pluto opposite the United Kingdom Pluto, and economic and social hardship is depicted by Saturn squaring the U.K. Neptune.  But there are some livelier transits showing openness to change:  Jupiter squaring the natal Jupiter (a sense of adventure) and Uranus trine the national Mercury (openness to new ideas), which may yield some favourable changes.”

1801 U.K. Union Chart

The transits to this national chart are unequivocal: Pluto exactly transiting its Sun (a death and a rebirth) and Mars exactly squaring its Pluto (intense conflict).

842 Chart for Scotland

This natal chart in itself carries hope (Jupiter on the Ascendant) and depth (Pluto conjunct the Sun) as an expression of the Scottish national character.  However, the transits are not so favourable to Scotland at the time of the referendum: Saturn square its Moon (continued subjugation) and Neptune conjunct its Venus (a sense of betrayal, but at its best spiritual love!).

It will be interesting to see which set of transits most describes actual events this week.

Owen Jones

Young political analyst Owen Jones rose to fame through his first book “Chavs – the demonization of the working class”  He is another favourite on Question Time, and talks a lot of sense.

In an article in the Guardian he says of the Tory policy and current line on the referendum:

Rather than attempting to defeat a yes campaign championing hope with the politics of fear, it would have promised to build a socially just Scotland as part of a federal Britain.”

Owen Jones published his second book “The Establishment” on 4th September (only 10 days ago) and I have only just begun reading it.  He rightly points out the role of the elite in the disillusionment of the lower classes, and not only this current  government: “Many Scots look at the Britain built by this political elite, they don’t like it and they want out.”

In an appeal to the sense of keeping the Union he says: “What appeals is the common traditions shared by Scottish, English and Welsh people as they confronted, fought and defeated the powerful…A new federal constitutional order – with sweeping devolution to the English regions and Wales, and to Scotland if it remains – must be built.

He speaks for me.


Today’s is the most powerful aspect of the week, with Venus trine Pluto.  This gives power to relationships, art, and financial affairs.  You may be able to take your pick which area you work on, or work on all three.

In relationships, the call is for depth and facing psychological issues.

In art, the brief is to create something meaningful and enduring.

In finance, there is a dare to dream large, and work on your abundance issues.

Tuesday (16th) brings a conjunction between Mercury and the North Node.  This may feed you vital information about your karma, in this present or in past lives.  It may focus on what you have to learn and what you have to teach.  The Course in Miracles says: “We teach what we need to learn.”

Wednesday (17th) tests out your lessons from today, with Venus opposing Chiron.  There may be a crisis of relationship, art or money, and you need to handle it with the wisdom with which you made progress on the trine of Venus with Pluto.

In  relationships, you may need to let go, and paradoxically you may find out the true power of the relationship.

In art, you may need to re-work something, based on reality.

In finance, you may need to release some of your hard won profits to charity!

On Thursday (18th) whether you are a Yes or a No voter, at the Scottish polls, or in your heart, may the outcome be of benefit to everyone on these Islands, and may it enable us to perform our true role in the world.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – express your full power
  • Tuesday – listen to the messages of the Universe
  • Wednesday – healing crises and hopefully resolutions in relationships, art and finance
  • Thursday – keep calm and carry on

Aspects for the week beginning 7 September 2014

Strictly Come Dancing 2014 – Part 1

The new series of Strictly Come Dancing starts tonight at 8.00 pm on BBC1. Tonight’s programme focuses on the pairing of contestants with their professional dance partners, so I cannot yet look at that chemistry, but am taking a brief initial look at some of the more high profile competitors whose names and faces I do recognize.  The others I hope to get to know as the series progresses, and I intend to update this topic in the coming weeks.

Claudia Winkleman, new Co-Presenter

No one can replace the unique contribution of long time main presenter Bruce Forsyth who has now retired from the post.  But Claudia Winkleman is a presenter of some talent, and is the daughter of Eve Pollard, the journalist and fashion writer.  Claudia has been a regular presenter on this show, sometimes filling in for Bruce,  usually co-hosting the Sunday show with Tess Daly.  She is a Capricorn and favours wearing black, but I think the penchant for severe black sleeves is a fashion faux pas, possibly down to her Venus exactly square Saturn natally.  With transiting Neptune sextile her natal Mercury at the launch of the new series, she will be looking to refine further her broadcasting skills in her upgraded status.

Judy Murray

Andy Murray has apparently told his mother Judy that she will be “terrible” at this competition…I am not so sure.  I am sure that she will have plenty of backing from the British public.  Her fitness levels must be high.  She has Mars square Saturn in her natal chart, which is presumably the grit with which she encouraged and cajoled her sons as they grew up  in a life of tennis.  She also has as her karmic mission North Node conjunct Mars in Libra, symbolic of  her raising sons to be tennis champions, with the drive needed to do that.  It’s nice that the launch is close to her birthday tomorrow.  Even nicer that Mars is transiting her Jupiter/Moon, giving her a boost of energy and enthusiasm for the new endeavour in her own right.  She may initially have a feeling of uncertainty, with Neptune currently opposite her Mercury.  By the end of the series Mercury will be trine her natal Mercury and Neptune will be trine her natal Neptune, so she will have resolved a lot of issues for herself.

Gregg Wallace

As co-presenter of Masterchef with John Torode, Gregg is famous for the phrase “Cooking doesn’t get any tougher than this!”  His role as food judge is shown in his chart by Venus in Virgo (literal arbiter of taste) conjunct Uranus and Pluto.  The involvement of Uranus and Pluto in his love life (Venus) has produced turbulence and failed marriages, but Masterchef has gone from strength to strength since he took up his role there.  He has Sun/Mercury in Libra, so should show some level of musicality.  Sadly, Saturn squares his natal Mars at the beginning of this process, so he may feel a little awkward or face a minor injury while rehearsing in the next week or so.  He will be happy and harmonious by the end of the process, with Venus trine his Venus, Pluto trine his Venus and Pluto trine his Uranus.  Maybe he will find love with a costume designer.

Sunetra Sarker

I have long been a fan of Sunetra Sarker (Dr. Zoe Hanna from Casualty) ever since she was the steamy nurse in Brookside (the steam arising from a T-square between her Sun, Mars and Pluto).  I would imagine she would make a great contestant in this dance tournament, looking elegant and having the consummate skill of walking in very high heels on a hospital emergency ward.  The astrology however tells of a challenging journey this autumn, with Mercury squaring her Nodal Axis at the start of the process (she may have other things on her mind, or she may view this as a mental and karmic journey).  Jupiter also opposes her Jupiter, so she may feel pulled in two directions in her life.  And even more unsettlingly, Neptune squares her Neptune, so she may find it hard to commit to this project. The latter  transit continues right through to the end, and she may be scattering her energies on and off the dance floor.  When the date of the first competition is announced and the final programme schedules are made known, I will take another look at her astrological progress as I would really like her to do well.  As with all the contestants featured in today’s blog, birth times were not available, and that too could make  a difference.

Jake Wood

You may know Jake Wood more recognizably as the unsavoury Max Branning in the soap opera Eastenders.  Hubby said to me the other day “How come all the villains in Eastenders are bald headed?”.  This bald-header has an aura of ginger about him, and is characterized by a screen history  of ill advised relationships.  So here is a chance to get to know that really the man behind the role is a completely different sort.  His chart shows less monosyllabism, more of a way with words (Venus sextile Mercury), more self-discipline (Mercury sextile Saturn, and Saturn trine Uranus) and a strong sense of competition through the power hungry square between Jupiter and Pluto.  His Mercury/Moon/Mars in Leo may enhance his talent for performing, but Venus conjunct Saturn in Gemini may reduce his artistry and make for a rather too cerebral approach.  However, he should get off to a good start, or certainly be pleased with his new squeeze, as currently Mars sextiles his North Node, Uranus trines his natal Mercury and Uranus sextiles his Saturn.  By the end of the series Saturn sextiles his Pluto, which should give him a real sense of achievement.


Today poses a healing conundrum, with the Sun opposing Chiron.  In what promises to be a roller coaster or snakes and ladders week, we start with a dip.  The puzzle of the week is set, and may be resolved by the end of the day, or may be something to engage your healing energies throughout the week.

Tuesday (9th) brings a Full Moon in Pisces, although occurring in the early hours of the morning, the focus is really on tomorrow night. The full moon in Pisces is the most spiritual of all the full moons, representing as it does the fullness of the lunar experience. The female energy holds sway. The emotions in this full moon placed in the sign of Pisces are in the ocean of the collective unconscious. At their fullest the energies represent world service or global service, and surrender to the universe. This is to be balanced with the sun in Virgo which represents conscious service and conscientious work, the perfecting of which is an earlier stage in human evolution.  Be sure to release any negative emotions.

On Tuesday evening Mercury squares Pluto, and you may be forced to re-think a line of enquiry.  You may make a U-turn if you want to, or something may hit your thinking forcibly which you had previously not entertained.  A Yes vote may turn into a No vote, or vice versa.

On Wednesday (10th) morning Venus opposes Neptune, and relationship issues may be confusing or deceptive.  Someone may try to pull the wool over your eyes, or the rug from under your feet (hopefully not both).  Reserve your judgement, I would say, until you are more certain of your ground.

In the late afternoon or early evening, Mercury sextiles Jupiter, and judgement generally is more sound.  Sales and business thrive.  Wool may look like a good prospect for investment, and oriental carpets attractive in the soukhs, bazaars  and markets of holiday destinations around the Mediterranean or northern Africa.  As this is the best aspect of the week, you might like to make a bid on EBay, or make some such adventurous transaction on or off line.  Make the most of it.

On Thursday (11th) the Sun sextiles Saturn, also favourable but much more sober than Mercury sextile Jupiter.  You may make a calculated investment, or soberly assess your purchase of midweek, and find it to be sound.  It is also a good day for planning, and making serious decisions.

Saturday (13th) morning’s aspect is Mercury opposite Uranus, which is risky and controversial.  You might wake up bright and breezy, but then trip on your new oriental carpet, and be forced to re-think your plans (maybe for the second time this week).  Knowing you might have to be flexible might prove to be an advantage, as your unconscious may come up with a new and better idea for your morning schedule.

After a morning or a day re-jigging you may be feeling a little frazzled as Mars completes its sojourn through the tricky waters of Scorpio, and may be glad of a change of tune for the evening’s events in the shape of Mars entering Sagittarius.  You may feel you are no longer stagnant in an enterprise or swimming against the tide.  You may feel that your energy is flowing unhindered.  Mars in Sagittarius, like any position of any planet in any sign, I am sure will have its challenges (e.g. blind enthusiasm) but for the time being it may seem like a relief that there is some measure of communal and global unity.

Next Week: The Scottish Referendum

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Healing moves
  • Tuesday – heightened emotion; a change in mental focus
  • Wednesday – relationship confusion, then mental expansion
  • Thursday –  lay foundations
  • Saturday – frazzled start, smoother evening journey


Aspect for the week beginning 31 August 2014 – Sun trine Pluto

Sun trine Pluto

We have two planets changing signs this week, and one aspect to play with.

The Aspect we have is Sun trine Pluto, which is all about the force being with you, and as it occurs in the middle of the week, it has enough clout to extend its influence throughout the week; it is aspect enough for one week.

What sort of things can you accomplish in a week with that aspect?  Creative endeavours can be imbued with psychological meaning. Dark areas of the psyche can have a light shine on them.  It is not a minor aspect, but neither is it a hugely prominent one.  So big enough to work with to gain something worthwhile, but not to be too much of a challenge.  It is worth deciding at the beginning of the week what you would be working for along those lines for the middle of the week, have something set up for the middle of the week, and spend the rest of the week refining and finalizing, and monitoring the aftermath.  It is a good aspect to master.


The word Power means different things to people, depending partly on the plane or level they are working on currently or their lifetime theme.  To some it means worldly or material power, to others it may be a career step up the ladder or a shift in spiritual power.  To others it may mean truth, authenticity or freedom.  This week is a good opportunity to define what you mean by power in order to work with it more clearly.  Many people are afraid of their own power, or afraid they have misused power in past lives, and do not want to incur negative karma.  Our power needs to be balanced with the power in the lives of others, but we do need to work with  our own power.  Though some are called to leadership, ultimately, the only true power is about handling our own energies.  For you, personally, this week’s experience may be about uncovering a new corner of your psyche.

Personal Power

The Sun represents personal power, and Pluto represents a deeper psychological power, and also the responsibility of balancing power with others.  The Sun trine Pluto is about using your personal power.  A good book to read this week would be “Personal Power Through Awareness” by Sanaya Roman.  Order it now for your kindle!

Here is a quotation:

“If in any way you fear people in a position of authority or power over you, send them love.  It will help stop any power struggles and attune you to a higher part of their being,  where miracles and love are available.”

If you possess this aspect in your natal chart

The chances are if you are reading this that you don’t have this aspect natally, as it only occurs twice a year.  But this week is your chance to adopt it and try it out, and sometimes when you do this you can keep the skills you learn.

If this is one of the aspects in your natal chart, I would in an analysis be saying something like this to you:

SUN trine Pluto – There is a good understanding of human psychology with this aspect.  Anything you do has to have authenticity and meaning, and you may deliberately test yourself at times for endurance.  There is great psychological strength and the ability to work through testing times.

A Traditional Interpretation

 Here is an interpretation from Margaret Hone’s  Modern Textbook of Astrology, published in 1951:

“Tendency to free the self from bounds or ties.  Easy elimination of the unwanted.”

Archetype: The Alchemist

Caroline Myss says of this Archetype, which very much describes Sun trine Pluto:

“In its highest manifestation seeks complete spiritual transformation…converting matter into some form of altered and enhanced expression.”

Famous  Examples

People who have this aspect natally:

Angelina Jolie

Angelina has never been afraid to pursue her own path, from building a tribe of children, to working with William Hague against sexual abuse towards women in war situations.  Her relationship with Brad Pitt was controversial at its outset, as he was married to Jennifer Aniston, but after many years together and being supported  by him, she married him about a week ago.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand was born the same day as Angelina, though with different birth times and Ascendants.  He too is not afraid to speak his mind, and to do his own thing, regardless of what the world thinks.

Jeffrey Wolf Green

Jeffrey Wolf Green was an Astrologer who founded a branch of Astrology called “Evolutionary Astrology” and wrote books about the in-depth planet Pluto.  So he absorbed the lessons of Pluto at a deep level, and shared them in his writings.  He obtained much of his information through a guru, via his dreams.  His legacy endures.

Judy Hall

Judy Hall is a new age writer on many subjects, including crystals.  But she was one of the pioneers of Karmic Astrology, and as such had a great influence on my work.  One of the abilities she has is to be able to read the Akashic Records, of a person’s past lives, which in-depth work  can cut straight to the root of current problems.

Tina Turner

Tina Turner has Sun trine Pluto within one degree.   She has Saturn on the South Node of past life karma, and her Sun also squares Mars.  Ike Turner’s Mars connected with her Mars and its square to her Sun directly (their Mars’ in square to each other) which brought out the worst karma between them, and violence towards her from Ike.  Her Baptist faith sustained her, and then was added to by a later addition of Buddhism.  She espouses a mixture of both faiths.  I happened to catch an interview with her the other day on the Oprah Winfrey show, where she revealed she had turned her life around completely, and was happily married as well.  She was asked about the philosophy that brought her there, and replied that she arrived at a point of desiring nothing.  This echoes the philosophy of St. John of the Cross: “In order to arrive at possessing everything, desire to possess nothing.”  This was facilitated by her Venus being exactly trine Saturn and exactly square Neptune, not the Sun-Pluto trine.  The qualities shown by the working out of Sun trine Pluto in her life are endurance and regeneration.

Quote from Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?”


On Tuesday (2nd Septemebr) Mercury enters Libra (not an aspect) and you should be prepared for the new academic term by the time Mercury leaves Virgo, and preparing to enter a time when you can share information and negotiate through communication.

Wednesday (3rd) is the day carrying the aspect of the week, and the potential for making a difference in your life and psyche (see above).  May the force be with you, but remember it is also with everyone else, so there will be a need for sensitivity to another’s path.  If you are being authentic, the Universe may automatically make and facilitate adjustments with others.

If you know the two  areas (House placements) occupied currently by the Sun and Pluto, you will find the trine benefits both, but the more enduring changes will be occurring in the House occupied by Pluto in Capricorn, as a result of long processes and psychological work.

On Friday (5th) Venus enters Virgo, leaving the limelight in Leo, and possibly relieved to be in the more sedate territory of Virgo, quietly at her desk writing her new novel and paying more attention to the detail of her artistry.  If you were able to make a genuine shift in your personal power mid-week, some of that energy can be incorporated into your new work initiatives.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – negotiation
  • Wednesday – personal power
  • Friday – connecting up the dots and painting by numbers

Aspects for the week beginning 24 August 2014

David Cameron and the United Kingdom

With David Cameron returning from a long holiday, and the Scottish Referendum a dead cert for a blog in three weeks’ time, and the possibility that we might not be a United Kingdom any more, I thought I would take a look at home affairs as they are now.

David Cameron

Eyebrows have been raised these last few weeks while various crises have come and gone (or stayed) and David and Samantha have been holidaying at home and abroad (in the same outfits as last year) wondering what it would take for David Cameron to  return to his role as leader of the government.  The issue of the beheading of James Foley, a U.S. journalist, by a British jihadist in Iraq seems to have galvanized him, and the issue of preventing jihadists from returning to Britain, though critics still feel he is not fully engaged mentally.

David Cameron is Libran through and through, with Sun, Ascendant and ruling planet all in that sign.  So if he appears to dither or be indecisive at times, it may be due to the classic description of this Libran trait.  His lucky, or privileged streak, is shown by Jupiter exactly sextile his Ascendant.

What do his current transits reveal about his personal and political affairs at this time?  A conjunction of Mars and Saturn on his South Node (past karma) indicates that he is coming back and having to face the music, both personally and in his career role.  Uranus, the planet of shocks and surprises, is opposite his natal Sun for most of this year.  The Islamic State or Isis is a thorny headache for the world powers, but also has implications in our society, in preventing their indoctrination here, and then their possible return if they go overseas to engage with and spread the fighting should they expect to return.  Theresa May is leaping into action over some of these tasks, but in the meantime there are other pressing issues such as the Scottish Referendum.

United Kingdom

The new Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond has called the beheading of James Foley “an utter betrayal of everything the British public stand for”, and indeed it is very Un-British!  If the Scottish people vote Yes on 18th September, will I be looking at a completely different chart for the United Kingdom, or the Dis-United Kingdom?  And would it change our national sense of identity?

The current chart for the U.K., based on 7th December 1922, has as its astrological signatures Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius (an upbeat sign, and the Sun sign of Winston Churchill), Ascendant in Gemini (mentally lively) exactly square Uranus at the top of the chart (forward looking and humanitarian on the plus side) and Moon in Cancer (patriotic).  That may change if our Scottish brothers and sisters leave the equation.  The current turmoil shows in the transits as Pluto opposite the United Kingdom Pluto, and economic and social hardship is depicted by Saturn squaring the U.K. Neptune.  But there are some livelier transits showing openness to change:  Jupiter squaring the natal Jupiter (a sense of adventure) and Uranus trine the national Mercury (openness to new ideas), which may yield some favourable changes. I have yet to spot their manifestation, but if you hear any such good news in the coming days, you will know which transits are responsible.  Unless of course you believe the announcements that we are in economic recovery.

James Foley

James Foley, the U.S. Journalist whose beheading has injected a new sense of  end-of-summer responsibility into our Prime Minister, had a dynamic chart of Sun/Uranus conjunct in Libra (negotiating skills), half his planets in Cardinal signs (leadership) and Mars exactly square Jupiter (high energy and enthusiasm).  His effect on David Cameron’s path is shown by his Saturn (responsibility) exactly trine David Cameron’s Mercury (information to take note of).

Neptune currently squares James Foley’s (posthumous) chart, so there is a great deal of mystery surrounding his circumstances at the moment.  Foley’s chart impinges significantly on the United Kingdom’s reputation (Midheaven) with his Neptune exactly sextile the U.K. Midheaven and his Pluto exactly trine with it.  These deep connections imply that the overall longterm outcome of the crisis will work out better than expected for Britain (e.g. in eliciting useful  ways of addressing difficult issues).  But with James Foley’s Uranus exactly square the U.K. Moon the crisis has thrown the government into disarray and caught them on the hop.

Scottish Referendum

There will be more anon on this topic as we move nearer to its time, but I wrote in my New Year blog:

September 18th: Scottish Referendum: A solid day for Alex Salmond, with a shock for David Cameron.  Favourable change in some ways for the UK with Uranus trine its natal Sun/Mercury, but also schism and trauma in that Pluto opposes its natal Pluto.

[Hopefully, I will find some counteracting evidence when I do the Scottish Referendum blog].

On Monday the second debate takes place between Alex Salmond (for the Yes vote) and Alistair Darling who impressed in the first debate for the No vote.  Alex Salmond will have Mercury opposite his Mars (may have difficulty controlling his nerves or temper) and Mars transiting his Saturn (ruffling his feathers) so may not perform any better than the first round.  Alistair Darling will have some supportive and harmonious transits, which may enable him to charm some of the voters to his side, but has Neptune square his Sun, so he may be wrestling with some personal or public confusion at this time.  I think he will do well, overall, though some of those bright transits will have dissolved by 18th September.

[Amendment Monday 25th:

The debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling is today, not tomorrow, and I have amended it in the blog. It is being televised at 8.30 pm on BBC2. The difference that a day makes astrologically in this case still finds Alistair in a strong position, but an improvement for Alex, in that he may perform better than last time.]


There are mixed transits for the N.H.S. at the moment, with the North Node sextile its Jupiter (some divine intervention perhaps – benefactors please come forward) and Pluto squaring its Neptune (the most dire aspect it could face!).  There is more evidence for the latter, but the N.H.S. has been so dismantled and messed around, that it is difficult to know exactly what is going on.


I doubt that our Educational system will ever fully recover from Michael Gove’s tinkering in recent years, but in the meantime we have a new figurehead from David Cameron’s recent reshuffle.   Nicky Morgan as another Libran might be expected to be a Yes Minister and just cruise along trying to establish Michael Gove’s policies.  Yet her chart has potential for her future political career: Mars conjunct Pluto would give her political grit, Mercury conjunct Uranus some forward thinking Mars square Jupiter (high energy and enthusiasm) and Jupiter square Pluto (a hunger for power).  She may be hamstrung in this coming parliament, but could do well after some cabinet experience.

So that is the United Kingdom today, or my take on it…


Today we have an opposition between Mercury and Chiron.  Mental conundrums will feature heavily. Solutions may come to you easily, but if they don’t, and you wear yourself out mentally, put the problem on the back burner if you can, and allow your unconscious or the universe to come up with a solution. Travel could be problematic. If you can’t solve something along the way, stop at a service station and have a power nap!

Big Monday

Tomorrow (bank holiday Monday) you will need a timetable for all the aspects, whether to ascertain the tone of each appointment in your diary, or if you have a free day, to meditate with each one.  I will be catching up with astrological work, so will incorporate the timetable into what I do.  It could be an eventful day, and certainly weatherwise there has been a severe weather warning for the U.K.
8.46 a.m.: The first aspect is the brisk Mercury sextile Mars. The chances are you won’t be working, but if you are, you can make an efficient start.

If you have a free day, you might want to start with the gym, or some energetic Bikram or Ashtanga yoga.

If meditating, start the day with a physical meditation, e.g. perusing all the parts of the body for their nature and current health and vigour.

At any rate, start your day with your most strenuous task, be it clutter clearing, walking the dog(s), or filing.

9.38 a.m.: Venus trines Uranus – good for planned or unplanned meetings and dynamic social interactions.

Workwise, good for artistic originality.  Meditationwise, helpful for lifting your perception and experience of relationships.

12.29 p.m.:  Mercury sextile Saturn brings more focus, concentration and planning to any work efforts.  Meditation may bring an insight with a practical application.

14.13 Hrs.: The New Moon at 2 degrees Virgo favours thinking about coming work schedules and how they can be revamped or spiced up, especially for efficiency.  If you are just leaving the music festival, you may have had some ideas for new beginnings for work, or for health regimes.For those meditating, take those issues into your meditation, and hopefully your higher consciousness will feed back in a very positive way.
19.30 Hrs.:  Mars conjunct Saturn may mark a downturn of energy.  Many Astrologers feel this is a very difficult conjunction (traditionally they are the lesser and greater malefic, respectively).  I don’t regard it as being as problematic as say Mars paired with Uranus or Pluto, but if can be very frustrating, and can temporarily put an end to progress.  Astrologer Alan Oken describes its effect in the natal chart as “driving with the brakes on”, and that is very true, and may even be literally true.

On Tuesday (26th), Saturn presents more difficulties, in squaring Venus, so that feelings are bruised to add to the frustrated actions of the previous evening.

Wednesday (27th)  sees a square between Venus and Mars, so there may be inappropriate social moves or examples of male-female inequality to exercise your emotions.

We end the week with an opposition between the Sun and Neptune on Friday (29th) making us feel at sixes and sevens in some way.  Maybe it is last minute jitters or uncertainty related to going back to school, or the prospect of one’s little grandson starting school with a sensitivity to school uniform fabrics, and only just being able to put on his socks and shoes…Or maybe there is a challenge looming for you, and you are trying to find your poise with it.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mental conundrums
  • Tomorrow – intense and mixed (see timetable)
  • Tuesday – bruised feelings
  • Wednesday – social gaffes
  • Friday – at sea, temporarily

Aspects for the week beginning 17 August 2014

Robin Williams

Robin Williams, of the kindly twinkly  eyes, the warm emotions of Mrs Doubtfire, and the quick fire mind and communication of an alien,  was a unique comedian and actor. His suicide, after long battles with addiction and mental health issues including (a diagnosis of) bi-polar disorder (often accompanied by creative genius) has re-energized awareness of depression in our society.

Astrological Chart

Robin Williams was a sensitive Sunsign Cancerian, which showed in his emotionality, and was exemplified in his parental role of Mrs Doubtfire.

His zany electrical energy is represented by a conjunction of Mars and Uranus, and his Moon was trine his Mars/Uranus  (lightning  emotional responses) – Carpe Diem in action.  The Moon also conjuncts his North Node (karmic mission) so as the Moon is his ruling planet, he would have been very driven in his actions.  The Mars/Uranus trines with the Moon/North Node and they trine his Scorpio Ascendant, keying into his physicality, producing a high wired nervous system.

Mars/Uranus squaring Jupiter points to another unique quality of his:  an exceptionally high energy.    This torrent of unusual energy made him well-cast in the role of Mork from Ork, a convincing alien with lunar features  at least (I do not have an ephemeris for Ork).

Mercury conjuncts Pluto in his chart, so he was a deep and brooding thinker.  This Mercury/Pluto conjunction straddles the Midheaven (Careerpoint) so he could express his verbal angst through his career.

He had good aspects to his Venus, making him lovable, but Venus was at the South Node, and perhaps there was something from past lives that emotionally he could not resolve in this one.

He led an isolated childhood, which gave rise to his phrase “Love Me Syndrome”.  His chart connection with his mother’s is very intensely locked.  Her powerful exact Uranus-Pluto trine is exactly on his Mars/Uranus and Moon/North Node trine, locking into his Ascendant and his physicality.


At his death he had 6 Mars transits and 6 Pluto transits, so his energetic turmoil was overwhelming.  Uranus opposite his natal Neptune will have added to that turmoil.

I have a feeling he was needed elsewhere in the Universe.



A cheery aspect to start the week!  This aspect occurs tomorrow morning, so it starts the working week.  It’s an aspect of fun, joy, socializing (around the watercooler?) and celebration.  Perhaps the  office joker has just returned from his or her best holiday ever, showing the holiday photos on the I phone…or has returned from the Edinburgh Festival with a host of new comedy material.

On  Tuesday (19th)  Mercury opposes Neptune, which is an aspect of mental confusion  The Class Clown has started to scramble his punch lines.  Travel and weather could prove complicated.

Thursday (21st) brings more psychological stability, with Mercury trine Pluto.  The scrambled thoughts may have been gradually coming into a more coherent focus, accompanied by depth of meaning.

On Saturday (23rd) the Sun enters Virgo which helps to re-introduce you into a work mood after the holiday season.  Many will be on a bank holiday break or at a Music Festival, but ideas may present themselves about how to proceed in the Autumn term and apply talents to working conditions.

Mars also trines Chiron that day which supports healing actions such as intervention by Chiropractors and Osteopaths, or Physiotherapy.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – Love and Laughter
  • Tuesday – Mental Confusion
  • Thursday – Psychological Stability
  • Saturday – Work Mode, and Healing Action