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Aspects for the week beginning 22 November 2015

Sagittarian Animal Totems and Archetypes

The Sun enters Sagittarius at 15.25 Hrs today.  This is the seventh in the series where I look at some of the animal totems and Archetypes for the various signs. Do you, or someone close to you, have Sun, Ascendant or Moon in Sagittarius?


Of course the horse is the traditional animal associated with Sagittarius, its symbol being half-man and half-horse.  In the Native American tradition, the characteristics of travel and freedom match up to the astrological qualities of this sign.

Ted Andrews writes:  “Horses are symbols of freedom – oftentimes without the proper restraints. Horse people in Chinese astrology are friendly and adventurous…Horse brings with it new journeys.  It will teach you how to ride into new directions to awaken and discover your own freedom and power”.

Jamie Sams and David Carson emphasize Power, for Horse: “In allowing all pathways to have equal validity, you will see the power and the glory of the unified family of humanity.  This is the gift of the Rainbow Warrior or Warrioress.”  Sagittarius represents the global vision and universality, and in Esoteric Astrology it rules the Earth.

Famous Example: Martin Clunes, who breeds horses and presented a TV programme “Heavy Horsepower”

Specific Breeds

Although I have been working with animal totems for many years, it is only in the last few years my researches have been trying to refine information down to actual breeds of, in this case, horses.  Martin Clunes is reported to have 12 horses, ranging from Shetlands to Clydesdales.  The programme also featured Percherons – a heavy horse of French origin.  “There is something about a heavy horse’s honesty, stoicism, size and reliability that just gets to me” Martin Clunes is quoted as saying. Certainly large horses would be most associated with Sagittarius, with this sign ruled by Jupiter and expanding all that it touches.  Recent canvassing of Sagittarian opinion also brought up the Shire Horse as a significant association, and also the Arab and Camargue breeds.

Big Dogs

Dogs generally come under the banner of Mars and Aries, but the larger dogs are associated with Sagittarius, with some exceptions such as the Rottweiler (Scorpio) and the Alsatian (Capricorn).

Jamie Sams and David Carson associate the quality of Loyalty as being uppermost with dogs:

“Reclaim the power of loyalty to self and self truths.  Become like Dog – your own best friend.”

I would also posit that Trust is an important feature and requirement in connection with dogs.  Trust in life is a Sagittarian quality.

Specific Breeds

So we have Great Danes, and Doberman Pinschers for Sagittarius.  The large fluffy variety such as Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are more Piscean.


In the Native American tradition, Rabbit represents fear, but in my own research I would bring out other qualities.  A cheerful bounce in their gait connects them with Sagittarius, I feel.  >(;-B

Ted Andrews points out:

“The rabbit is known for its…ability to  make great leaps and hops….and individuals with this totem find that their endeavours do so as well” (sounds like Sagittarius!)


Here is another jumping/bouncing animal, and the Wallaby of course is akin to the kangaroo.  Saggies tend to bounce back easily, if they are knocked down.  They are prone to exuberant comic book/cartoon expletives such as “Gadzooks!” and “Jumping Jupiter!” and onomatopoeic words and phrases.  “BOING!” is a favourite with Sagittarians.


The brightly coloured Ladybird is a favourite with Sagittarians.

Bird Totems


The Robin is a harbinger of the Christmas season and stalwart of the Christmas card – cheery red among the gloom of winter.  This may be symbolic as much as real, for it is listed as a Springtime bird.  It is also a bird that in popular lore represents ancestors coming to visit us.  In a U.K. nationwide survey early this year, the Robins came out as the most popular bird, and they are trying to institute it as the National bird.

Andrea Wansbury equates Robin with Protection and Guardianship (a Sagittarian and Jupiterian quality): “A robin is asking, do you still look to other people to protect you and look after you, just as a child looks to an adult for protection?  Or are you being overprotective towards someone?”

Ted Andrews emphasizes the spread of new growth (another expansive Sagittarian theme): “The song of the robin is a cheery, rolling trill…for anyone with this bird as its totem. It reflects a need to sing your own song forth if you wish new growth.”

Bird of Paradise

The gaudy and exotic Bird of Paradise came up recently in my surveys of Sagittarians, whereas this unusual bird did not figure with any other sign!

Nicholas J. Saunders provides some information about this bird: “It is the female that chooses which she breeds with.  By choosing the gaudiest male, she is more likely to have gaudy male offspring, which in turn will tend to be chosen by other females.  In this way she increases her chances of passing on her genes, via her male offspring.  At the same time, the species as a whole becomes more and more exotic.”  Very Sagittarian.

Mythological Figures


In Greek mythology, the Centaurs were a group of half horse, half human beasts.

from Nicholas Saunders: “The Centaurs inhabited the wild Thessalonian countryside and were said to join the power and speed of the horse with the intelligence and emotion of humans”


The most esteemed Centaur in astrological usage is Chiron, and is the name of an Asteroid which has come to symbolize “The Wounded Healer” because Chiron in the mythological fable had the gift of healing others, but could not heal himself.  Astrologically in the birth chart it has come to represent where we have a wound (often carried forward from past lives), and where we work towards healing and come to teach healing for those who have suffered the same wound.  It is still a matter of conjecture which zodiac sign is ruled by Chiron, some say Sagittarius, but a strong contingent say Virgo, which is a sign naturally affiliated with health, hygiene and safety issues (see “The Radical Virgo” blog, by Joyce Mason).  The method of healing is coloured by the sign in which your Chiron is placed, thus for instance if your Chiron is in Sagittarius you heal via philosophy and positive thought.

Unicorn and Pegasus

According to Diana Cooper:

“Unicorns are pure white seventh dimensional horses who have returned to Earth for the first time since Atlantis to help us with our ascension…

They have spiraling horns of light which radiate from their foreheads, through which they give healing, joy and enlightenment. The light of a unicorn is so powerful that it enters you gradually, in waves, only ever as much as you can cope with at any time.”

I personally do not have any experience of Unicorns, but know of people who have vivid dreams, visions and meditations where they appear.



According to Caroline Myss, the Storyteller “relays wisdom and foolishness, mistakes and successes, fact and fiction on a plane that’s often heightened beyond ordinary awareness, including a metaphorical level of teaching.”

I am sure that Scheherazade, spinner of “The 1001 Tales of the Arabian Nights”, was a Sagittarian!  Sagittarians like to embroider and exaggerate the truth.

Famous Examples: Jane Austen, Edna o’ Brien, Joanna Trollope


Famous Example: Alain de Botton

Let’s face it, to carve out a profession as a Philosopher is a rare thing, but Alain de Botton has managed to do it in this modern day.  He has followed his Soul’s path and made it his career.  His birthday is 20th December (Sun at 28 degrees Sagittarius).


Sagittarius is known for its humour, and the Clown is an old Archetype, and professes comedy but sometimes sheds a tear.  People often wonder why Sagittarians are not always jolly – often they will have some planets of their neighbouring sign Capricorn in their chart, so are no strangers to depression.  There are people who have a phobia of Clowns – this can be a past-life association or childhood trauma, and can be seen in the chart in a difficult aspect to jolly Jupiter.

Famous Examples: Miranda Hart, Christopher Biggins, Billy Connolly and Martin Clunes

New Archetype – The Spiritual Seeker

In her book “Archetypes” Caroline Myss identifies the Spiritual Seeker as one of her new Archetypes for the 21st Century.

Characteristics of the Spiritual Seeker are very Sagittarian and include:

  • “trusts intuition unconditionally
  • searches for the true meaning and purpose of her life”

She points out that the Spiritual Seeker is a Seeker and not a Finder.  This resonates with the esoteric seed thought for Sagittarius in the Alice Bailey teachings:

“I see the goal.  I reach that goal and then I see another.”  The Sagittarian archer needs an endless supply of arrows.

Caroline is herself a Sagittarian, with a good few planets in that sign.  In “Archetypes” she stresses that the real goal is Truth, and becoming comfortable with the Truth.

There are other aspects of the Spiritual Seeker which are more of a Piscean nature, however.



“Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams and David Carson

“Archetypes” and “Archetype Cards” by Caroline Myss

 “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews

“Animal Spirits” by Nicholas J. Saunders

“Birds Divine Messengers” by Andrea Wansbury


Strictly Come Dancing – Extra

Anita Rani

At long last Anita Rani’s birth date has appeared on the internet.  She is a strong contender in the competition Strictly Come Dancing, and has impressed me from the beginning.  Around the first week of the competition, her “Who Do you Think You Are?” was broadcast, and her emotional intelligence really struck me from that programme, much of which was filmed in India.  She has done consistently well on this series of Strictly Come Dancing, too.  Now having the luxury of looking at her birth chart, I can see what is impressive in her astrological make up.   Her Sun is in Scorpio, a sign of great depth, and her Mercury trines Jupiter giving her mental breadth to match.  But the most striking feature of her chart is an exact conjunction between her Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) and North Node (karmic mission), increasing the profound nature of her life purpose.  And then this exact conjunction is enhanced by an excellent exact sextile from the spiritual planet Neptune.  Last night she danced the Paso Doble to traditional flamenco music, with such intensity and concentration, and her sense of drama was praised to the hilt by Craig Revel Horwood. Neptune is currently creating a Grand Trine with her natal Mercury and Jupiter, bringing her sense of inspiration to a peak.  But she also has transiting Pluto squaring her natal North Node/Pluto.  Moving to the end of the contest, she has Saturn sextile her natal Venus (controlled artistry) but the Pluto square moves to being exact.  She may be facing a difficult time in her life, which may unsettle her concentration for dancing.  If she wins under that square transit, she can conquer anything in her life – she does have a very strong chart.

Partnered with Gleb Savchenko

Gleb Savchenko is the new heart throb in town, and clearly works well with Anita.  He has the Moon and Chiron conjunct his North Node, so has a poignant understanding of women.  He also has a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, which is about transcendence – he may or may not have explored that potential in his life.  His sensuality and appeal is shown by Venus sextile Mars.  His Mars loosely conjuncts Uranus, some electrical energy, but not too much.  He may have some mental tension, through Mercury square Chiron and Uranus opposing Chiron in his chart.  In their chemistry, they have a near perfect mental rapport with their Mercuries sextile with each other, and also Gleb’s Mercury sextile Anita’s Jupiter.  He brings out the best in her, with his Jupiter trine her natal Chiron.  His Uranus sextiles her Venus, which creates excitement, and on a more stabilizing note, his Neptune (inspiration) trines her Saturn (self-discipline).  He provides the inspiration, and she translates it into practical action.  He has mixed transits at the moment, so may not be working to his full capacity (though it is hard to see how he could be doing better).  At the time of the final his transits are still mixed, but Jupiter is close to being on his Sun (a triumph).   I intend to review all the charts again when the exact date of the final programme is announced.


The Sun enters Sagittarius today, and the intensity of Scorpio may feel lifted.  You may feel the benefit, in terms of a lightening of mood and outlook, and a greater ability to look forward to the future.  You may have a moment today where you sense this, or something triggers it, such as a quip from your favourite comedian.

Tomorrow, Venus opposes Uranus, bringing the quality of the unusual to your social transactions.  You may meet a confrontational character, or a blast from the past, or an aspect of your future self.  You won’t miss that moment, as it should be highly arresting!

Tuesday’s (24th) aspect is Mars trine Saturn, and after having been blown about by the winds lately, both physical and metaphorical, it is time for some reconstruction, repair, and attending to the foundation of things.  Make some moves, however small, in your intended direction.  Bear in mind that your gestures may be overtaken by other events later in the week (in other words don’t expect too much), but it is still significant to make that step forward on Tuesday.  Signal to the Universe that your will is as important as any other.

There is a lot happening on Wednesday (25th), and much may still be achieved, but bear in mind that there are hidden agendas at work which may manifest on Thursday, so batten down your hatches and close any perceivable loopholes, while you work.  First Mercury conjuncts Saturn, so for some concentration and focus will work, but others may be depressed by a lack of progress, or the incessant stream of negative news in the media (you may be compelled to switch it off).  One of these manifestations is likely to be George Osborne’s Autumn Statement and spending review, setting out more austerity cuts.

The next aspect is Mercury square Neptune, focussing on the deceptive nature of news (the Saturn conjunct Mercury focusses on its economy and depressing nature).  Take nothing at face value!

There is some rallying round later, with Mercury sextile Mars, and possibly some combative words.  In politics, a backlash is certain, but in your own life, you may need to pick yourself up with a pep talk, or instill courage into someone else.

The tension builds gradually up to a Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday night.  There may be a war of words, which it is tempting to engage with, though a meditation in advance may determine whether it is nobler to stay quiet.  The U.N. are considering united action against ISIS (now being called Daesh) in Syria, but there are still some dissenting voices trying to hold back.  This situation may reach a crucial point on Wednesday evening and on Thursday.

Wednesday may be emotionally exhausting, but Thursday is the biggest day this week, with a square between Saturn and Neptune – the most important challenge since the final Uranus-Pluto square on 17th March.  Saturn represents the frustration of inaction and Neptune oversensitivity which can also result in paralysis.  This square has been stealing on us for a while, and so you will not be surprised by it, as you will have felt in some area or areas of your life an inability to proceed, which peaks at this time.  But there are hidden agendas which may now emerge: the factors and causes which you may not have suspected, but which have contributed to the current state of affairs, like a slow pollution which has gone unnoticed.  The good thing is that it is now coming to the surface and can be seen, so you can deal with the problem from a more enlightened viewpoint.  Such world problems which are now coming into clearer focus are the plight of the refugees (Saturn and Neptune represent borders, from the point of view of tightening and relaxing them, so two principles at loggerheads), the threat posed by the over-use of antibiotics (Neptune rules drugs), and the fear and paranoia surrounding the possibility of further terrorist attacks (Neptune represents paranoia, and here it is combined with fear from Saturn).  There is a new report of Paris protecting its water supply in the wake of the attacks, and adversely aspected Neptune also represents pollution of water.

All that is thoroughly depressing, but as I have said, we have seen most of it coming, and the peak of the square exposes the worst so that we can move forward with more information and enlightenment based on the bigger picture.  Our worst enemy is our own fear, and in this regard Saturn-Neptune plays into that, but it is not as extreme as the Uranus-Pluto squares we have faced in recent times.  Concentrating on seeking out the truth and correct information, seeing through the illusions of our times, and really looking at what we are dealing with, will take us far this week.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – look to the future
  • Tomorrow – social surprises
  • Tuesday – construction
  • Wednesday – busy and complex day
  • Thursday – looking at reality

Aspects for the week beginning 15 November 2015

Paris Shootings – Part 2

Just when you thought it was safe to hop on the Eurostar and spend a weekend in Paris, things got a whole lot worse, and the prospect seems further away.  There can’t be many people who didn’t spend the weekend thinking about the people of Paris, and racking their brains for the solution to the worldwide problem of ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State.

For myself, I cannot imagine that this is what Mohammed had in mind as the founder of Islam. Islam, in common with Christianity and Judaism, has at its heart the Ten Commandments, notably among which lies the injunction “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

What attracts young people to such an existence of incessently fighting?  Is it the glorification of violence in film?  Or is it because we have created such an unpalatable society which has alienated them?

And poor Paris, why them, twice in one year?  Is it because the French have banned the burka, and been proactive in the war in Syria?  In January, the magazine which was targeted had been actively provoking a reaction with their anti-Islamic cartoons.  But this latest spree of brutality does not have such a direct cause.

I am not in favour of airstrikes in Syria, but I am a pacifist.  Neither do I think there is any prospect of getting ISIS around the negotiating table.  So I am at a complete loss as to the way forward in terms of the international community’s response.

The Parisians marched in solidarity in January, but are prevented from doing so this morning, urged to stay at home safe.  But I think Francois Hollande has shown great statesmanship in what must be a heartstoppingly difficult assignment for him.

So this morning, I will just take a look at the aspects around this issue, and compare with those in January, and issues which came up in my original blog then.

The Chart of the Massacre

What stands out to me in the chart of the massacre was the conjunction of the North Node and Mars (the way of the Warrior) at the I.C. at the foot of the chart.  The I.C. (Latin: imum coelum) stands for the sense of security and groundedness of a person, or in this case humanity.  So it is a shaking of that sense of security which was brought to it by Mars conjunct the North Node.

The Transits for France

Why France?  The North Node/Mars/I.C. conjunction was by transit conjunct the French Sun, which is at 29 degrees Virgo.  The North Node was at 28 degrees Virgo, and Mars was at 0 degrees Libra, so France’s Sun was sandwiched between the two, and exactly conjunct the I.C. at 29 degrees Virgo.  Mars takes 2 years to travel around the chart, and will be in that particular position again in two years, but not in conjunction with the North Node.

Francois Hollande

We have a birth time for Francois Hollande, which is crucial because some of the pertinent transits are to his Moon, which moves significantly during the course of a day, and so its position needs to be precise when considering transits.  Uranus was in this latest event exactly square his Moon, causing great personal shock.  Chiron was sextile his Moon, causing crisis but also bringing out his Inner Healer.  Uranus squares his Jupiter, so that would take him out of any complacency if he had any.  And Chiron trines his natal Jupiter, so again his Inner Healer comes to the fore.

The Chart of ISIS

Profiting from the potential of “success” from the Jupiter-Mercury sextile on Friday evening, ISIS came out with a “win”; their plans were not discovered by intelligence services, and their three teams carried out their missions.  The Jupiter-Mercury sextile keyed into their chart exactly, with Jupiter exactly on the Sun in their chart!  Their finest hour, and one of humanity’s worst.

Comparisons with the first Paris Shootings

Here is the astrological analysis from my original blog:

“Mars squares the Mars of the French chart, while Jupiter conflagrates the whole issue of Liberty by a conjunction with its Uranus (Revolution) and an opposition to its Pluto.  A natal Uranus-Pluto opposition at the time of the French chart (the time of the Revolution) highlights the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity, but in such a way as to keep them simmering and evolving.”

Note that Mars was prominent in its involvement then as well as now.  Mars is often a trigger, but there are wider forces at work in such an event, and the nearest confrontation we have in the larger planets is an approaching square of Saturn and Neptune, due to become exact on November 26th, though it has been simmering for some time.  Saturn and Neptune together bring a sense of futility and depressing paralysis, which is descriptive of the present inability to make any coherent sense of what, if anything, can be done by the international community.

While we deliberate, we have to go inwards to our vision of a world of peace and harmony, and what the world could be, and work from there.

Astrology Seminar

I attended an astrology seminar in London yesterday; a welcome distraction from the events in the outside world.  It was organized by the Centre for Psychological Astrology, and was based around the theme of our scripts in early childhood.  This is an important subject for me because a great proportion of my work is the preparation of baby charts, so I now feel I can approach this work in a more conscious way than ever before.  I know 3 babies who were born this week, and have already prepared one of their charts because the baby was on my waiting list during pregnancy.  I became acquainted too with the solar arc method, long overdue.  The lecture was given by Frank Clifford, a talented Astrologer who it seems achieved a great reputation at a young age, and has published several books.  It made a nice change for me to be in a roomful of astrological minds in dialogue, where often I am just talking to myself!  The last time I attended a workshop at the Centre of Psychological Astrology was nearly 30 years ago, in 1986, where I made a lifelong friend (you know who you are!)


Our aspect journey begins on Tuesday (17th) with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio, which has the potential for achieving some brilliant mental focussing.  It is a day when you may be able to see into the heart of things, a talent many Scorpios possess naturally.  Whatever your plans for that day, be it academic work, ladies who lunch, or early Christmas shopping, it will end up with that satisfying glow of a job well done.

More welcome news on Wednesday (18th), when Neptune is Stationary prior to turning direct.  If you have had a sense that your spiritual path lately has been on an upward struggle, smoother times are to come.  Some of the kinks along that path may be ironed out for you to proceed with more serenity.

Friday’s (20th) news is not bad either, in that Mercury enters Sagittarius.  Something may turn your mind on to an upward swing: some good news, or just a new way of looking at things.  Mercury in Scorpio may have had you focussing on the gloom, but you may be able to look forward again now, or at least tackle the Christmas shopping list.  There may be something you have been putting off, and you have the energy to begin now.

Sadly, the upwardly mobile aspects of the week are disrupted on Saturday (21st) with a square between Venus and Pluto.  We may have been able to raise our vibration for a few days, but have to deal with the realities of heartaches that have arisen lately, such as the aftermath of the Paris bombing.  There are likely to be many burials taking place in Paris, bringing memories of beautiful people who lost their lives, and re-visiting the trauma of last Friday.  Television and social media will ensure we all share in the experience of their grief, and the continual debate of how humanity can move forward, intensify the light and dissolve the darkness.

Next week: Sagittarian Animal Totems and Archetypes

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – deep focus
  • Wednesday – spiritual re-orientation
  • Friday – optimism
  • Saturday – coming to terms

Aspects for the week beginning 8 November 2015

Tim Peake

British Astronaut Tim Peake was on television this week publicizing his forthcoming 6-month stint on the International Space Station, and hoping to interest young people in the science behind it.  Schoolchildren put a range of fascinating questions to him, with a zestful curiosity.   Space travel fascinates children, and many profess to want to be astronauts when they grow up, but it is still a very rare profession.  I thought I would take a look at Tim Peake’s chart, and those of a few other Astronauts.  The profession demands a wide range of skills, but are there any similarities within their charts?

Tim Peake has 0 planets in Fixed signs (so he is very adaptable), and 0 planets in Water signs (so he is not over-emotional).  He has the Sun in Aries, conferring physical strength, energy and an interest in fitness, all very necessary to the task.  You can see the Aries in his ginger hair and corresponding skin type (Mars ruling).  In some of the Astronauts, you can see their background in the Sun sign, and in Tim’s case he came from a military background (Aries).

What interests me in Tim’s chart is a theme of isolation.  He can willingly separate from his family and his life on earth for months on end, and that is reflected in several ways in his chart.  First of all, Aries is self-reliant.  He has Venus conjunct Saturn which can be lonely, or alone, as a pattern or lifestyle.  Pluto is at 0 degrees Libra (relationships), an ultimate test of relating.  Uranus is closely opposite his Sun, representing breaking away.

Other features of his chart are Saturn trine his North Node (strong sense of responsibility, applied in karmic mission), Mercury sextile his Mars (quick nervous reactions) and Mercury trine exactly Neptune (a fine tuned mind, spiritually).  He also has the North Node (karmic mission) at 1 degree of the futuristic sign of Aquarius.

He is due to go into space on 15th December this year, a time when he has his Uranus opposition (mid-life rebellion).  Neptune also plays a great part in his transits of that time, squaring his natal Mars and sextile his natal Jupiter, signalling change in his perceptions of life.

Helen Sharman

On to the television breakfast sofa they also brought Helen Sharman, the first British woman to go out into space, in 1991, albeit only for eight days.  She contributed some interesting information to the discussion.  The work of an Astronaut is very demanding on the physical body, not least because of the zero gravity effect.  When asked about re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, she said that the bodily fluids suddenly rush back towards the feet, which is a lot for the body to cope with.

Although Tim Peake will be separated from family and friends, he will of course have a handful of fellow Astronauts working with him as a team.  Helen Sharman recalled that on her stint, they made an effort to have their meals together, and to all try and sit in the same orientation as if they were sitting round a table rather than floating haphazardly.

She also had a specific scientific role on the Space Station, whereas Tim Peake says that nowadays they are all trained in all aspects of the work so that they can take over each other’s roles at any time.  Helen, a Sun sign Gemini, came from a scientific background (Gemini) as a Chemist.  Mars conjunct Uranus in her chart also gives her a talent for engineering.

She has a couple of isolationist features in her chart (Sun square Pluto and Venus opposite Neptune) but it is not such a strong theme as in Tim Peake’s chart.  She did not travel away from the Earth for long, but it must be a challenge to know that you might not come back.

Her path as a scientist is highlighted further in a sextile between Mercury (Science) and the North Node (karmic mission).  Chiron exactly trines her Neptune, so she has some healing instincts.

When she went into space, she had transits of Uranus sextile her natal Neptune (embracing a greater level of complexity) and Uranus trine her natal Venus (a new social group).

One of the scientist brought on the programme to comment observed how space travel had changed since the 1960s.  It started out as a competition (or war of sorts) between East and West, but now had a more international flavour of co-operation.

Neil Armstrong

I wrote about Neil Armstrong when he died in 2012:

In his chart, his own Moon holds the distinction of being at the power point of the Galactic Centre.

His achievements were great, but so also was his character.  He eschewed the status of fame, and remained true to the humility of Neptune at the base of his chart.  Armstrong’s Neptune is exactly square to his Ascendant, on the cusp of his 4th House of Home.  This accounted for the fluidity of his roots: his family moved several times in his early years.  This may have been part of the making of a man who could let go and travel out into space.  Maybe it was part of the training which his life provided.  Although Neptune is more usually associated with the ocean, it is also connected with the ethers.  He had a highly sensitive finely tuned nervous system, with Neptune conjunct exactly his Mercury and the conjunction square to his Ascendant.

The high vitality of his chart is shown by Mars in his 1st House trine exactly the Part of Fortune in his 5th House, then backed up by the Sun in between sextiling both, and Uranus sextile his Mars and trine his Sun in Leo, also providing the scientific abilities needed by an Astronaut.

His career path is represented by his Midheaven, which is placed in the air sign of Aquarius, and from the age of 6 he was interested in flight.  Aquarius is also the sign of technology, and futuristic endeavours.”

Neil Armstrong was the Commander of the first manned mission to the Moon in Apollo 11, his role reflecting his Sun sign of Leo.  At the time of the Moon landing on 20th July 1969 (I remember I was the only member of my family to stay up and watch it) Mars was square Neil Armstrong’s Neptune (reminiscent of Neptune square Tim Peake’s Mars when he goes into space later this year):  the Mars/Neptune squares may be symbolic of taking a step out of context in the Universe.  At the Moon landing, Mars was also on Armstrong’s Descendant, and Saturn was sextile his natal Jupiter, Mars showing the need for physical caution, and the Saturn position showing the exercise of caution.

Buzz Aldrin

The second member of the manned mission team, Buzz Aldrin, had the Sun at 0 degrees Aquarius, a crucial degree for space flight (close to Tim Peake’s North Node).  He had the North Node closely conjunct Chiron in the 11th House of teamwork.  His Gemini Ascendant was exactly opposite the Galactic Centre, and therefore Armstrong’s Moon was opposite his Ascendant (a Moon-centred relationship!).

His Neptune on the I.C point opposite his Midheaven resonates with Neil Armstrong’s Neptune position on the cusp of the 4th House at the bottom of his chart (see above).  His Mars is exactly sextile his natal Part of Fortune in the 9th House of Space Exploration.  Neil Armstrong’s North Node was exactly sextile Buzz Aldrin’s Ascendant, on the cusp of Buzz Aldrin’s 11th House of teamwork.

At the time of the Moon landing, Jupiter was exactly conjunct Uranus (Enterprise!); Jupiter (far flung travel) and Uranus (technological advance) were exactly trine Buzz Aldrin’s natal Sun.  Mars was square his natal Neptune, like Neil Armstrong, but they were born in the same year and would have their Neptunes close together.

Michael Collins

Unlike the other two members of the Moon landing team, we do not have a birth time for Michael Collins.  His role was to orbit the Moon in the Command Module while the other two actually landed on the Moon.  Fascinatingly, he reported his feelings at the time as not those of loneliness, but “awareness, anticipation, satisfaction, confidence, almost exultation”.

Collins is a Scorpio by Sun sign, with Jupiter exactly conjunct Pluto (his ruling planet) in Moon-ruled Cancer.  This is a conjunction of great power and positivity.  He was probably really feeling that conjunction in his description of his solo flight.

He had a karmic bond with Buzz Aldrin, in his Sun being exactly conjunct Aldrin’s South Node.  At the time of the Moon landing Chiron was square his natal Saturn, Saturn was exactly trine his natal Saturn and opposite his natal Sun.  There was a great emphasis therefore on control and solitariness in the role the Universe was asking of him at that time.

In those days, it seemed the adventure of conquering Space was all in front of us, but with accidents occurring to Astronauts later, and financial constraints, question marks began to appear over the whole concept of colonizing Space.  These days we have probes investigating various planets, and programmes working towards manned travel and colonization of Mars.  I recently caught an episode of the U.S. comedy series The Big Bang Theory in which scientist Sheldon Cooper had applied for a manned trip to Mars.  His girlfriend Amy was a bit miffed that he would leave her behind, and the show ended with him applying for her to go, too.  It takes all sorts to make an Astronaut.


Venus enters Libra today, where she is more at home than in Virgo.  She is at home in Taurus and Libra, but they are slightly different homes.  Taurus is a comfy home with peachy or terracotta interiors, soft sofas and silk cushions plus a lush garden.  Libra is more like an elegant, well-designed penthouse suite in cooler colours, all light and airy with plenty of windows…just setting the scene here.

Venus in Virgo was very exacting with high standards.  Libra oils the wheels and enables a greater sense of harmony, whether through people-pleasing, diplomacy or negotiation.  Not everyone wins, but people do get to share views, and there is no dictatorship under this regime.

The Sun trines Chiron tomorrow, so there is a chance to intensify healing efforts, especially along alternative lines.

On Tuesday (10th) Mercury sextiles Pluto, which is a step towards constructive outcomes, most certainly in medicine and psychotherapy.  It is a good day to lose yourself in deep thought, adopting the pose of Rodin’s “Thinker” from time to time, as the mood takes you.

All the karmic healing and thought-filled activity pay off on Wednesday (11th) when the Sun sextiles Jupiter, bringing an opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned, to bring everything together or expand your ideas.  A small Lotto flutter may bring dividends, if you are the gambling sort.

The Moon is also New that day, at 19 degrees Scorpio, so any innovation you make should be profound, and stands a good chance of taking root.

On Thursday (12th) Mars enters Libra.  While Jupiter and the North Node are in Virgo, and Mercury, the Sun and Moon are in Scorpio, Venus has had Libra all to herself to refurbish and re-design her home for the requirements and style of 2015.  She has had a few days to get the place as she likes it, nice and peaceful and tasteful…ah…just feel the luxury of that peace…it is just about to have a shaking up with the entry of Mars.  Mars in Libra represents the challenges of achieving peace in times of war.  Mars demands action, and cannot leave things as they are.  In the Arts (a domain of Libra) it represents the process of “Art and Harmony through Conflict” (one of the 7 Rays of Alice Bailey).  Now Venus has much of the day to prepare, so savour that beautiful space on Thursday, for the arrival of Mars at her door does not take place until 21.41 Hrs in the U.K. You’ll know when he arrives, as he will knock noisily, then barge into the Penthouse without a by your leave!  I recommend an hour’s meditation at 20.41 Hrs, just to make sure you register the difference.  Venus has some power (the power of Love) and has established her territory for the time being, but now negotiations have to begin.  Whether it is Art, or War, or the Art of War, something will be happening.

Friday (13th) may be lucky for some as Venus sextiles Saturn, a loyal and forgiving sort of aspect.  Forgiveness and letting go will prove useful and effective tools in the effort to create a positive ambience for the day.

By early evening, you may feel the benefits of Mercury sextile Jupiter, an aspect suited to commercial and academic success.  If you are contemplating new learning, widespread or global communication, the Universe will back you up on such efforts.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – art and harmony
  • Monday – healing
  • Tuesday – profound thought
  • Wednesday – success and innovation
  • Thursday – art and harmony through conflict
  • Friday – lucky for some

Aspects for the week beginning 1 November 2015

Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Part 3

Please note I do not have Anita Rani’s birth date – maybe she is holding the winning transits!


In Jamelia’s chart, enthusiasm abounds, with Jupiter closely trine Mars.  She also has an exact conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, so she can be contrary or her decisions can be finely balanced.  The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction sextiles her North Node, so she can be very focussed about her path in life.  Mars is also exactly trine Saturn, so she has good co-ordination, and Mercury exactly sextile Uranus gives very quick mental reactions.  Her musical side comes from Venus conjunct Neptune, providing some musical inspiration.  Her life is not without a sense of crisis, with Chiron exactly squaring the Nodal Axis.

Partnered with Tristan McManus

Tristan MacManus has his Sun on the cusp of Cancer and Leo.  He has three planets in musical Libra, which includes a passionate exact conjunction of Mars and Pluto, which might land him in trouble at times.  He is enthusiastic as well as passionate and energetic, with Jupiter closely square his Sun.  He is also sociable, with his Venus closely trine Jupiter, and Jupiter loosely conjunct Mars.  His Sun exactly trines Uranus, so he is capable of some original choreography, and Mercury also trines his Uranus, so he is quick-thinking too.  Mars sextile exactly his natal Neptune is the aspect which shows genius in dance, and sensitivity in movement.  He is also a good teacher, with Mercury sextile his natal Chiron, and may have or develop an interest in alternative medicine.

Jamelia was super-excited when they were partnered.  Their Mercuries are opposite each other exactly so they can learn and communicate a great deal together.  Her Pluto is exactly conjunct his Mars, which brings about excitement, and a hint of danger.  Sparks, positive and negative, can fly between them.  Their Plutos are exactly conjunct, so they understand each other on the level of being peers in their generation.  Pluto is currently trine Jamelia’s natal Chiron, so she may be saved for the time being.  The North Node is currently sextile Tristan’s Mercury, so he may have some karmic credit.  At the end of the tournament Saturn sextiles Jamelia’s Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, so she could nail it.  But Tristan has Uranus opposite Saturn, so they may not last the tournament: perhaps there is too much fire between them.

Kirsty Gallacher

Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher is another ambitious Capricorn, but with Saturn exactly opposite her Sun, she can doubt herself at times.  She has much energy and drive from Mars trine Pluto, which undoubtedly feeds her interest in sport (she comes from a sporting background).  Her Jupiter/Chiron conjunction can give her a knack for problem-solving generally in life, but Mercury square Uranus in her chart can be heavy on the nerves – that may be one of her problems on the dance floor.  This weekend she has the North Node trine her Sun, so may not face the chop!  Uranus is on her natal Jupiter, so the element of the unexpected may swing her way.  Plus more support from the Universe comes from Neptune trine her natal Uranus.  At the end of the tournament she will be enjoying the general ambiance, with the North Node on her Venus, but more likely as a spectator.

Partnered with Brendan Cole

Brendan is still my favourite among the professionals!  In 2013 I wrote: “Her [Sophie Ellis-Bextor] partner Brendan Cole has not been so lucky or enthusiastic since the first series of Strictly, when he won the contest with Natasha Kaplinsky.  His “bad boy” image funnily enough comes from his conjunction of the Sun and Chiron, which wants to do things his way – in the past it got him into hot water with the judges.”  Mars is currently trine Brendan’s Mercury this weekend, so he will come out fighting!  Uranus is transiting his Venus, so he may display considerable artistic ingenuity.  Chiron trines his natal Mars and Jupiter sextiles his natal Mars, so his energy will be flowing well.  But Uranus squares his natal Mars, so that may produce a fly in the ointment, and the fly in the ointment carries on through the rest of the series.

Katie Derham

Katie Derham is a news presenter, a fitting career for the sign of Gemini.  The Sun in Gemini exactly trines her Jupiter, so this enhances her curiosity and talent for broadcasting and communication.  Her Mercury trines Uranus, so she likes to be inventive and bring something fresh to each piece of work she does.  She made a wonderful start in the competition, and her natal Venus trines Neptune (befitting one who presents the Last Night of the Proms) showing not a modicum of dance skill, but it transpires that she is not so nifty with the Latin dances, so her scores are very up and down.  Venus trine Neptune is more suited to the soft flow of the traditional dances, such as the waltz. Currently she has Jupiter trine her natal Saturn, Saturn sextile her natal Uranus and Neptune conjunct her natal North Node.  I think the public will keep her in the contest.  For the end of the contest, Saturn will be trine her natal Chiron, and Neptune square her Mercury.  She could make the semi-final, I think.

Partnered with Anton du Beke

It is a matter to be celebrated that Anton du Beke finally has a partner with whom he can take part in the competition!  Len observed in the first week that Anton could realize that Strictly goes on until Christmas.  I don’t recall that I have ever written anything about Anton, because he has never progressed very far with his previous partners.  Anton has Sun, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, which makes him very responsive to his partners personally.  But his Sun trine Saturn has a very traditional and formal side.  And contrasting with that he has the rebellious Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo.  So a quirky, contradictory character.  He has contributed a great deal to the fun in Strictly over the years.  His major link with Katie is that her Chiron is exactly trine his Mercury, so she has a key to his mind.  Neptune is currently trine his natal Mars, so he is moving well these days, and Jupiter is transiting his natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction so he is riding high in many ways.  By the end of the contest, Uranus squares his natal Jupiter, so he will do well but it is not likely to be the year he wins Strictly.

Georgia May Foote

Coronation Street actress Georgia May Foote is holding her own very well in the contest.  Judging by her chart, she is a much deeper and more complex character than she appears, with Sun square Pluto and Neptune conjunct Uranus. In her Halloween dance to “Ghostbusters” yesterday, she maintained an impressive speed, and in her chart energy and speed is highlighted (Mars trine Mercury, and Mars exactly sextile Jupiter).  Paradoxically, in week one, Craig said she needed more stamina.  Venus sextile exactly Neptune gives her a talent for dance.  She is doing well, and her current transit of Jupiter opposite her Venus isn’t doing her any harm.  At the end of the tournament Mars will be trine her Sun, she will maintain her energy, but it will square her Chiron, so there may be a slight health issue.  Another contender for the semi-final, but not necessarily the final.

Partnered with Giovanni Pernice

Newcomer to Strictly, professional Giovanni Pernice is a Virgoan perfectionist, with pin-up looks from Venus square Mars, and Mars sextile Jupiter energy to match Georgia’s.  He is capable of great precision (Mercury closely trine Saturn), and inspiration (Sun exactly trine Neptune), so he has the whole package!  In addition, Jupiter is on his South Node, so he brings good karma through from the past.  I think he and Georgia are well matched.  Her chart taps into his inspiration, with her Uranus trine his Sun, and her Uranus conjunct his Neptune.  Currently, he is working hard, with Chiron opposite his Mercury (a little mental strain, there) and Saturn trine his Jupiter.  His transit picture confirms that of Georgia’s at the end, a little lacklustre for the final prize.

At this stage, I feel that either Peter Andre or Helen George will win, but I may revise that nearer the time!


Mercury enters Scorpio tomorrow, increasing mental determination; perhaps you have let opportunities slip away during Mercury’s stay in Libra (since 27th August). In the office, you may be persevering in recent initiatives, such as the drive for a paperless office. Dig deep mentally, and take a forensic look at what needs changing in the office, your environment, or if you know which house 0 degrees Scorpio occupies in your chart, apply accordingly.  If you started clearing clutter when the Sun was in Virgo, you’ll be taking a deep approach to it now.

Sweet dreams Monday night/Tuesday (3rd) morning for 1.10 a.m. (in the U.K.) brings a conjunction between Venus and Mars at 24 degrees Virgo.  A relationship may be blossoming and your emotional life may seem rosy.  It’s definitely a time to gather the roses, smell the roses, strew rose petals on your pillow or pathway or in the bath.  Take pleasure in the minutiae of life, with this conjunction in Virgo.

On another level, there is a struggle brewing, an opposition between Jupiter and Chiron, so you need to stay awake to the bigger picture while you are taking pleasure in the minutiae of life. The Universe is asking you to multi-task on Tuesday.  There may be healing required, so brush up on your first aid, or Reiki symbols. The tussle may be between control (Jupiter in the sign of Virgo) and surrender (Chiron in Pisces), but balance is the optimum aim.

When you feel you have successfully negotiated the power struggle (within or without) the rest of the week should be plain sailing. The Sun sextile Pluto (Friday 6th) could see you deep sea diving into your own soul, rolling in the deep.  Psychological work reaps rewards for you and others, especially in the early hours.  At lunchtime, Mercury trines Neptune and ensures the ease of inspiration to record deep thoughts in poetry or by other means.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – thinking deeper
  • Tuesday – sensuality and healing tension
  • Friday – deep experience, and inspired thought

Aspects for the week beginning 25 October 2015


An aspect of my work which I don’t often get round to writing about is past-life therapy.  So I would like to write a little about this, for a change!

There is nothing more satisfying than taking someone back to the source of a problem or pattern which has its origin in a past life.  Sometimes it has an instant benefit, and sometimes it begins a process of unravelling towards a release of the issue, and towards creating new pathways.  The conscious creating of the future is accelerated by using future life progression.

When you read books by prolific authors on past lives, you see the intense interest of the practitioner behind the pages: Brian Weiss’ interest was piqued in his first books such as “Only Love is Real” when he saw how people were brought together from the past, and the emotional impact and psychological benefits of this work.

The recently deceased Dolores Cannon tirelessly worked to uncover historical details, in books such as “Jesus and the Essenes” but was also fascinated by sessions where her clients travelled in space ships to other planets.

The rewards of past life work lie mainly in their therapeutic value, and that can be through non-traumatic ways such as uncovering past life talents and witnessing the bonds of love that unite people through many lifetimes, but as one who studied History at University, the surprise viewing and in some case rewriting of history is one that I especially enjoy.  In the 25 years I have been practising, I have been witness to some magical visions of the past.  I often think that historians and archaeologists are really missing something if they are not past-life therapists.

So today, bear with me while I take you on a time trip through history based on regressions I have been a party to over the years:

Other star systems

Some clients have travelled to other planets in their quest to find parts of themselves.  The time question is very difficult to pinpoint in these cases, but when asked one person said “it was a time before our earth was formed”.  Some of our souls are that old.


I once regressed two friends who had only just met, and they each went to the same scenario in pre-history, seeing it from a slightly different angle.  They were both part of a group of troglodytes (cave dwellers) harassed by creatures which seemed like the flying dinosaurs (Pterodactyls).  Historic knowledge would have it that humans were not around at the time of the dinosaurs, but why else do they capture the imagination of children so strongly?  This session also caused me to marvel at how we have travelled so long with the same group of people.


Many years ago, a group of my friends spontaneously tuned in to a lifetime where we were healers in a Rose Quartz Temple in Atlantis, where we had different healing roles.  The information we each received independently dovetailed into a vivid picture, which we also illustrated in our artwork.  The coming together of a group for its evolution was beautifully documented by Arthur Guirdham in his books about his group who were Cathars at Carcassone.  One of those books is “We Are One Another”, but he also wrote about other incarnations, such as in “The Island” which was about a lifetime involved with the Eleusinian Mystery tradition.  Atlantis of course is regarded as a fable by many.

The Pyramids

One of my most memorable regressions was that of someone who was helping to build the pyramids.  Like the building of Stonehenge, this is one of history’s great mysteries, as in how the stones were moved.  Were they moved by sound, for instance?  This regression memory seemed to endorse one of the theories on the building of the pyramids, that of assistance from the star Sirius, the brightest fixed star in the heavens.


Pompeii has come up more than once in regression, most notably for an elderly lady many years ago who re-lived a lifetime at the destruction of Pompeii.  The remarkable thing about that regression is that she was playing a harp at the time, and with her hands she was actually seen to be playing a harp.  She was as amazed as I was, when we talked about it after the session.  She had previously been told that she had been a Gaul at the time of the Barbarians, so this was a welcome contrast in her view of herself.

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is portrayed as a dark time in many ways, conjuring up a picture of the population as ignorant and superstitious.  What has surprised me in taking people back to this era is how much more enlightened they actually seemed.  One woman was an adviser to one of our English Kings, and very attuned to crystals.  Another rode with the Crusaders and seemed to take on the role of a horse whisperer.

Famous Figures

I have come across a few clients who were famous figures, or believe they were.  This is of course very rare, because we cannot all be Cleopatra.  Denise Linn says that if we have a feeling of being, say, a famous King or Queen, then more likely than not we could have been part of their entourage or one of their helpers, such as a lady-in-waiting, and that is why we have such an identification.  I would not, in any case, write about anybody without obtaining their permission.

Spanish Armada

Somehow I seem to have crammed three lifetimes into the 16th Century.  One of those was as a fisherman on Lake Titicaca at the coming of the Conquistadores.  But karmically I was then reincarnated into Spain, where I was conscripted into the Spanish was against the English.  One of my very first past life memories, and a key one for me, was drowning and starving off the English coast in the Spanish Armada.  Past lives can often depict current struggles, such as fear of drowning, and eating disorders.

Oriental Lifetimes

Lifetimes in territories such as China, Japan and Tibet are useful to relive as they help us to connect our right brain to our left brain thinking.  The Western rational left brain type of thinking still dominates in Europe and the U.S.  But oriental philosophies and religions such as Buddhism encourage the stimulation and orientation of the right brain, more open thinking.  When we come into contact with that in this lifetime, if we start off with the rational approach, it can set us on a wider spiritual path.


I have had a succession of people who spent years trudging across Russia in the snow at the end of the 19th Century, including myself!  Of course there was more to it, in each case.  But my husband, who almost never remembers his dreams, and doesn’t remember any past lives, once memorably dreamed of trudging through snow in a place called Novosibirsk in Russia!  Maybe you too have trudged through Russian snow.  I always keep a blanket in my regression room for these instances, as people actually feel the cold when they are reliving such a climate.

20th Century Wars

The devastation of the two World Wars of the 20th Century and the Holocaust were often the immediate previous lifetimes for people coming for regression, and so very pertinent, as we are taking up where we left off in those lessons.  One of the most moving I encountered was a regression of a woman whose genuine love for her comrades and their love for her was a tangible force, and continues today in her work with communities.

Well that concludes our time trip today, which I hope has stimulated interest and memory for you.  It is a subject which I would like to expand in a book one day.


Both aspects for today occur in the evening, so if you are reading this blog today, you won’t miss them and you will be able to prepare for them!

The first is Venus conjunct Jupiter, just after 8 pm in the U.K., which make a bright pairing in the heavens and in our psyche.  It is a conjunction of hope and vision and unconditional love.  Anything you can dream of you can make your reality, is the feeling it gives out.  So wish upon a conjunction tonight!

If you are doing the wishing exercise, best make it within a 3-hour window, because at nearly 11 pm, Mercury opposes Uranus, which is the spanner in the works, but remember that the spanner may not be in the works of your wishing exercise.  In other words, it may not affect what you believe in, so allow your vision free rein.  The fault of the Mercury-Uranus connection will lie in communication.  Words may be controversial, and travel may be disrupted.  If you are trying to communicate your vision, it may be too soon.  If you are travelling by public transport – well who tries to travel on public transport on a Sunday evening (unless you are a shift worker, in which case, my sympathies).  A Sunday evening meditation may be a better alternative, calming the storm, than watching the television and imbibing the electrical and other vibes.  I will be on my weekly phone call with a regular Light Buddy, and could get my wires crossed, especially as her specialist subject is Telepathy (but with the Masters of Light).  Our conversations sometimes take a strange turn, if she is tuning into them and I am talking to her – there seem to be several beings on the line at once.

So today may provide us with much food for thought and nourishment for the Soul.  Good preparation for Tuesday (27th) when we have a Full Moon and Supermoon (when the Moon is close to the Earth).  The term Supermoon was coined by Astrologer Richard Nolle 30 years ago.

On Tuesday the Moon will be at 3 degrees Taurus, opposite the Sun in Scorpio.  I find the Taurus-Moon, Scorpio-Sun Full Moon one of the most powerful calendar events of its type, because Taurus and Scorpio are so strong in their feelings.  You can’t fail to feel on this Full Moon!  Moon in Taurus grounds us in the way we feel about our possessions, the Earth, and the Arts.  Others may be representing other, equal and opposite feelings, as represented by the Sun in Scorpio and the mysteries of the life cycle.  The aim is to encompass both, and feel the oneness of all.  Only then can you feel the peace which is beyond polarity.

This week really is a spiritual journey, because on Friday (30th) the Sun trines Neptune, so all you have worked with from Sunday to Friday can take you on the next level of your spiritual journey.  You may need to shed some baggage along the way in order to take that step, for Neptune does not need mobile phones and laptops among other trappings of modern day life.  It would be a good day to take a fast from such things.  Discover the core and essence of your being, and allow yourself to experience that for a day.  If you can’t spare a whole day, then at least take a minute’s silence at 21.06 Hrs to savour this aspect.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – True Love, and mental disruption
  • Tuesday – intense feeling
  • Friday – sublime spirituality

Aspects for the week beginning 18 October 2015

Scorpio Animal Totems and Archetypes

While Leo only has one major animal totem, I have spotted numerous animals for Scorpio over the years I have been working with them, so am having to prune the list here.  The Sun enters Scorpio at 17.47 Hrs on Friday 23rd October.  This is the sixth in the series where I look at some of the animal totems and Archetypes for the various signs. Despite the fact that many of the following veer towards the shadow side of (human) nature, Scorpio remains my favourite Sun sign! Do you, or someone close to you, have Sun, Ascendant or Moon in Scorpio?


Scorpions throughout various ancient cultures have had a reputation for death and destruction, let alone the sting.  I have known evolved Scorpios who were born without the sting, so look out for this new breed!

I offer you my story for the Scorpio Inner Child:

Once upon a time there was a baby Scorpion in the desert searching for water.  She had a very magnetic, deep-set, penetrating gaze and a capacity for intense concentration.  For this task, she also had a great deal of energy and an extremely strong will, capable of taking on great challenges.  She was also powerfully in tune with the guiding forces and angels of the desert, not to mention the angels of the water element (the undines), and there was a sure sense of knowing, within her being, that one day she would find water.  She climbed pyramids, she burrowed down into ravines, but still she had not reached the end of her quest.  Just as she was getting to the end of her tether, she managed to borrow some water from a passing camel to refresh herself.  But being a profound thinker, she realized that this was only a temporary solution.  One winter, she saw three wise men passing on their way to Bethlehem.  She asked them their names, making casual conversation, concealing the true nature of her quest.  One of them, named Melchior, was very astute, and gave her a present, asking her not to unwrap it until Christmas Day.  As it was a few days off, the anticipation was almost unbearable, but she’d waited this long for a breakthrough, and the Scorpion had a long fuse…at last the great day came, and she unwrapped a beautiful amethyst-studded water-divining rod…From that day, the fortunes of the Scorpion went from strength to strength as she realized that she would always have everything or be given everything that she needed.


The snake also does not have a good press!  In Christianity of course it symbolizes the cunning evil lurking in the Garden of Eden.  It is associated with stealth, and like the Scorpion, with poison.  Like Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, there is a potential with this animal totem for transformation, and the cycle of death and rebirth.  Even the shedding of its skin has symbolic meaning.


Cobra takes the snake wisdom to a powerful new level, adding extra danger, and the strength of the life force or kundalini.  It represents the actual process of spiritual awakening.


That staple totem of Halloween, the Bat, is another “dark” animal.  Here is a poem by Jamie Sams and David Carson from their “Medicine Cards”:

“Sacred Bat…flew to me,

From the darkness of the cave.

Womb-like reflections,

Answers it gave.

Birth, death, rebirth,

Cycles of the whole…


Just eclipsed,

The journey of the soul.”

As you can see, similar themes arise.  Nicholas J. Saunders in “Animal Spirits” brings out another skill: “They ‘see’ by echo location, sending out high-frequency clicks in a form of pulsed sonar which evolved millions of years before 1930s scientists hit upon the secrets of radar.”  I wonder if humans can develop this.

Big Cats


These large cats with black pigmentation seem to carry Scorpio associations, with different qualities according to different sources.  If Puma comes up in your meditations or dreams, it is about owning your own power.

Ted Andrews in “Animal Speak” advises: “The cougar can teach you how to bring out your power and fill your heart with it in a manner that will enable you to take charge of your life.”

Secretiveness, stealth and courage are also represented by these animals.  Of Panther, Ted Andrews writes: “Those who have a panther as a totem will find their greatest power in silence as goals are pursued.  Revealing too much or speaking too much about pursuits can counteract some of the effectiveness.”  Scorpios, more than other signs, tend to reserve their power.

Bird Totems


The jet black Raven has long represented a messenger of difficult news.  As with many deep psychological processes, there is enlightenment at the end of the tunnel.

Nicky Scully in “The Golden Cauldron” points out a constructive path with this bird totem:

“As an ally, Raven is especially beneficial for those who have had difficult childhoods, for he is able to get into the dark places where fear and tension lurk, break them down, and help to get rid of them.  He can find the hidden places of physical and emotional abuse, and lighten things up to prepare the way for healing.  Raven helps people reclaim the joy that was once theirs or that they missed.”


The vulture is important in certain ancient cultures in association with burial customs, e.g. the sky burial in Tibetan culture, and in Zoroastrianism the “tower of silence”.

Ted Andrews informs us of an unusual phenomenon associated with the Vulture totem:

“It is not unusual for those with a vulture totem to have changes in their own digestive system occur.  Foods that used to be enjoyed and have no side effects may become less compatible.  On the other hand foods always thought of as incompatible may become compatible.”


The black widow spider, the death watch beetle, and the indestructible cockroach all have resonance to Scorpio.

Mythological Figures


The bird of Greek Mythology, the Phoenix, rises from the ashes in an act of transformation.  This is also the process associated with Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. When people have Pluto on the Ascendant, there can be many occasions in their life when they reinvent themselves.  A transit of Pluto to the Ascendant or a personal planet can have a similar result.  Like a tree that is cut down, a person can re-emerge with greater strength than ever.


If you know anyone who is a collector of dragon figurines, you can bet they have Scorpio prominent in their chart!  The fiery dragon is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, and is the equivalent of Scorpio.  Some of the Chinese animals correlate, but the animal which comes after the dragon is the Snake, also a Scorpio totem, so exact parallels cannot be drawn.  The Tiger (correlating to Gemini) comes after the Ox (Taurus) so parts of the circle do flow together.  Then after the Snake (Scorpio) you have the Horse which is Sagittarius, and then the Goat which is Capricorn…

The character given for the dragon in China is described by Nicholas Saunders as follows: “Chinese beliefs held the dragon to be a symbol of supreme spirituality and the image of the divine power of transformation…the dragon is the first of the Four Auspicious Animals or animals of good omen.”  If you have the dragon as your Chinese sign, you are a born leader, powerful and lucky.  At last some good press!



The Detective Archetype is well suited to Scorpio because of its love of mysteries and crime fiction, and the forensic mind exemplified where someone has Mercury in Scorpio particularly.  Where someone has say several planets in Scorpio in the 12th House you may suspect they have the Detective Archetype, or even its relative the Spy Archetype.  It’s fun to conjecture…The Observer this morning has an interesting piece on our fascination with espionage in history and culture.

Femme Fatale

Whereas Libra is the Lover, the Scorpio magnetism and art of seduction can sometimes be misused.  Caroline Myss says of this Archetype: “Highlights the erotic energy of the feminine.  Opens your heart when your dependency is rejected”, for its Light Attribute.


Scorpio is traditionally able to use resources cast off by others, e.g. material resources and money (e.g. in banking and insurance) or literally energies.  It is associated with hypnotism, both in the positive and the negative applications.  It recycles energy, and therefore can be associated with psychic draining if it is not in balance or equal exchange.  There is also the association with the vampire bat, and its fangs (back to images of Halloween…).  Every Archetype has a positive side, remember!  In spiritual healing, one province of Scorpio, there is the capacity to remove unwanted energies.

On the positive side, I believe this ability to transform energy is often constructively used, for example in regression or hypnotherapy.  Two practitioners who spring to mind are Brian Weiss (born 6th November) a doctor who has written many books on regression and one on future life progression, and hypnotist Paul McKenna (born 8th November) whose best sellers include “I can make you Sleep”/lose weight etc.

Religious Figure


In the Hindu religion, Shiva is one of the trinity with Vishnu and Brahma.  It is the province of Shiva to destroy what is not needed, so that a sense of purity remains in what is left.  Visually, he is often portrayed slaying demons.  He is associated with limitlessness, and as the Destroyer he destroys what is limiting us.

Mantra: “Om Namaha Shivai”

In conclusion, I would like to salute the Scorpios.  It is good to build up our light quotient, but someone has to engage with the darkness in our society in order for humanity to evolve.  It is often the Scorpios that do not shy away from that; they rarely take the easy route.  The Virgos, Cancerians and Pisceans are the carers of our society, and often do encounter the sadness and grief of hospitals and hospices, or the therapy room.  But Scorpios are often right on the coal face of the struggle between darkness and light, working with the dregs of society and the disenfranchised, in social work and prisons.  Even when not engaged in such work, the Scorpio tends to confront life rather than to avoid it or rise above it.


“Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams and David Carson

 “Archetype Cards” by Caroline Myss

 “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews

“Animal Spirits” by Nicholas J. Saunders

The Golden Cauldron” by Nicky Scully


All the action takes place on Thursday and Friday this week.  If you are pushed for time today, you might like to revisit this blog on Thursday, and play it by ear early in the week.  Take time out to enjoy the lack of planetary pulls in any direction…

The first aspect, on the evening of Thursday (22nd), is a challenging one: that of Mercury square Pluto.  So the mental focus is on all those courageous qualities of Scorpio enumerated under the list of totems.  In fact, pick a totem from the above – you may be able to use one.

Conversations on Thursday may be mind-blowing, or give you such food for thought that mental digestion requires extra time and space.  Eat lightly.  Sleep may be elusive, so try not to have too much sensory input in the evening, e.g. cut down on your television viewing.  Question Time might be all right, but don’t bother watching This Week afterwards…Collect yourself, and find your sanity.

Clear the mental level on Thursday night, and Friday rewards us with a trine between Venus and Pluto.  Once the mental stuff has been digested, the rich feelings (Venus) can come through and find life’s meaning (Pluto).

Breakfast on Friday morning will be an entirely different scenario: appreciation of life, gratitude, and admiration.  Pile the blueberries on your porridge! You may feel the need to reach out to someone with an early morning text.  If you’ve got artistic or musical projects going on, tackle them with an early start and they should blossom.

During the day, Chiron opposes Mars and you may encounter an energy crisis of some sort, perhaps hampering your plans in the middle of the day.  Someone in the office may endure a paper cut, and make a fuss.  The resolution of any crisis may involve energy balancing, within oneself, or between people.  Perhaps you are meeting strangers for the first time and need time to adjust to their energies.

The Sun is leaving reasonable Libra, and in the late afternoon/early evening enters Scorpio, and you may feel the deepening challenges of the approach of winter.  What to do about Halloween?  What do I really think about fireworks? Such stress, as the Sun’s energy intensifies.

But we are coming of age…we have played in the Sun in August, knuckled down to work schedules in September, sought harmony in art and music in October, and now it is time to look at life as it truly is, without evasion and denial, grasp its meaning, and maybe make a stand on what you believe in.  Love the Scorpio you’re with.

The week in bullet points:

  • Thursday – challenging ideas
  • Friday – beautiful music, energy crisis, the meaning of life

Aspects for the week beginning 11 October 2015


I’d rather be a rebel than a slave” ~ from the film “Suffragette”

The film “Suffragette” will be released tomorrow in the U.K (23rd October in the U.S.), and stars Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan among others.  It has been a long time in production (since April 2011) but is timely as this year, top Hollywood actresses have been highlighting sexism within the industry. Emmeline’s great granddaughter Helen Pankhurst is a lecturer in Women’s studies, and emphasizes there is much further to go for feminism.  It is the first film to gain permission to film inside parliament.

Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst, whose name is synonymous with female emancipation, is born under the female sign of Cancer.  The sign of Cancer is traditionally associated with female roles in life, such as the home, family, and motherhood, but since the 20th Century is often strong in the charts of women involved with women’s liberation.  She believed she was born on Bastille Day, though her birth certificate has her birth recorded for the day after, but she identified with the symbolism of that revolutionary event.  With the Sun trine Mars, she also has the chart of a warrior.  So Sun in Cancer trine Mars + Moon (women) sextile Mars = female warrior.  Mars was also exactly at the top of her chart squaring her Ascendant, so warriorship was visible as her life’s work.

She had a close conjunction of Mercury and Saturn, which gave her a great deal of mental focus, Mercury sextile Uranus conferring original thought, and Saturn sextile Uranus giving her great strength.  The Sun and Mercury trine Neptune in her chart was inspirational.  Jupiter at the I.C. gave her a foundation of confidence, and Jupiter squaring her Nodal Axis meant she was willing to take risks.  She died on June 14th 1928, shortly before all women over the age of 21 were granted the vote on 2nd July (when Saturn reached her Midheaven).  Pluto was sextile her natal Moon, and Neptune was conjunct her natal Venus, at the time she died – her personal job was done in relation to improving the lot of women. There are very strong and positive transits to her chart this week: Mars trine her Pluto (power to her elbow: there is still more to be done), Uranus sextile her Ascendant (a breakthrough) and Neptune sextile her Pluto (a profound gift of the spirit).

Emily Wilding Davison

Emily Davison was a suffragette who died when she threw herself in front of George V’s horse at the 1913 Derby.  Emily was a Libran, presumably motivated by a deep desire for justice and equality.  With Jupiter exactly trine Neptune, she was very idealistic.  She is known historically for an act of self-sacrifice, and had Neptune at the Midheaven (as well as Pisces on the cusp of the 8th House of Death).  Uranus was sextile exactly her North Node (karmic mission as a revolutionary).  At the time of the event, Jupiter (horse) was square her Mercury, and Neptune was square her Neptune (depicting her martyrdom).  It is not clear whether Emily’s act of sacrifice was deliberate, but the effect was the same in terms of how she is remembered.

Meryl Streep

Ordinarily, you can often see important roles mirrored in an actor’s chart, but Meryl Streep, who plays Emmeline Pankhurst (almost a cameo role) in the film, is no ordinary actor or actress.  She has had so many award nominations, has 2 Academy Awards, and has played some extraordinary and varied women, including Margaret Thatcher.  But what she does have in her chart, which is very telling, is the Sun in Cancer at 0 degrees of that sign: the essence of womanhood.  Her female planets (Moon and Venus) are in harmony with each other, in a sextile.  Her Sun is exactly conjunct Uranus, so she is a good role model for female emancipation too.  And, like Emmeline Pankhurst, she has Saturn sextile Uranus (strength).  Her emotional range and depth are shown by an exact square between Moon and Pluto – some of that depth coming from the loss of a partner early in life.

Carey Mulligan

In the film, Carey Mulligan plays a larger role as a young mother (laundry worker Maud Watts) who is inspired by Emmeline Pankhurst.  The focal point of Carey’s chart is a close conjunction of the Sun (otherwise unaspected) with Chiron in Gemini, so Carey would very much live on her nerves but often with healing outcomes.  She has the Moon (feminism) trine her natal North Node (part of her karmic mission).  She also has the Inner Entrepreneur (Jupiter exactly sextile Uranus) and with Mars trine Jupiter, she would have been very enthusiastic about the role, and indeed suggested Meryl for the role of Emmeline.  Like Emmeline, she has Jupiter exactly square the Nodal Axis (a risk taker), and her close opposition of Mercury with Saturn reflects Emmeline’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction, so she may share values and character trait with the founder of the suffragette movement.

Abi Morgan

Abi Morgan is the writer of the screenplay for the film “Suffragette”, and has distinguished herself as a writer in the past, notably for the screenplay of “The Iron Lady”.  Sadly we do not have a birth date for Abi Morgan.

Sarah Gavron

Sarah Gavron is the film’s Director.  In her chart, she has a very empowering Pluto, which trines her Mercury, Venus and Mars.  Her Moon is in Libra, the sign of justice, fairness and equality.  She also has a defined element of responsibility within her karmic mission (Saturn closely sextile her North Node).  There is a strong sense of a Soul Contract with Emmeline Pankhurst, because they have their North Nodes conjunct in Pisces, and Sarah’s Saturn sextiles them.

Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter, a unique actress, has played, among other very varied roles, the Queen Mother in ”The King’s Speech”.  She is strongly Geminian (and likes variety), with the Sun and Mercury (its ruler) exactly conjunct in that sign.  She is also a bit of a warrior, with the North Node conjunct her Mars at the end of Taurus.  She has the Rebel conjunction of Uranus exact with Pluto in Virgo (a child of the mid-60s), and the serious side shown by Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces.  So she has quite a range in her character, as well as her roles.  In the film, she plays an activist who is a pharmacist and munitions expert, Edith Ellyn, a fictitious character who is an amalgam of more than one suffragette.  One of the women on whom the character is based is Edith New, who was on hunger strike in prison.

Natalie Press

Natalie Press plays Emily Davison, who has a very fitting chart for an actress: Sun conjunct North Node in Leo.  Her Soul expression and karmic mission are on the same page.  She is also quite a warrior, with Mars conjunct Pluto sextile the Sun and North Node.  Mars conjunct Pluto can put itself in danger, which reflects the fate of her character in the film.  There is a dramatic karmic link between her and the character she plays in that Emily’s Pluto is exactly square Emily’s Nodal Axis.  Natalie also has Neptune exactly trine the North Node, so her life of stardom looks very promising.  I think she will go far.  Peter Bradshaw, writing in the Guardian suggests: “Press is an excellent, underused performer: maybe her Davison could have occupied a greater part of the film”.  It looks like this film will have an important impact in her life path, as Neptune is trine her Venus at this time (artistic perfection) and Uranus is opposite her natal Pluto (dramatic life changes).

Anne-Marie Duff

Anne-Marie Duff plays a friend of Maud Watts, Violet, who draws Maud into the movement.  Anne-Marie has a reputation for playing gritty characters, and has the tough conjunction of Mars and Pluto, like Natalie Press, as well as the Moon in gritty Capricorn.  She also has the Sun in Libra desire for equality and fairness (that Libran theme again), conjunct Uranus the Rebel.  She is able to convey subtlety or ambiguity of feeling, with Venus conjunct Neptune.  She has an idealistic karmic mission (North Node on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces) and holds it all together with an exact trine between Mars and Saturn.  She was interviewed on the Andrew Marr show this morning and was eloquent, and articulated the film’s dilemmas very well (Mercury in Libra).

Women’s Vote

The chart for women over 21 receiving the vote sees four planets in the female sign of Cancer, with the Sun exactly conjunct Venus in that sign (dignity for all women).  Uranus was exactly sextile the North Node (karmic change).

Chart of the Film

The film is being launched at an impactful moment astrologically: Jupiter is trine Pluto, a powerful agent of change, and the Sun opposes Uranus (an explosive expression of the Rebel).  We need those deep and powerful aspects to recognize the changes we need, the benefits of change, and the methods of change.  A good moment to pick for its message to hit home, but also a moment that reflects synchronistically the nature and purpose of the film.


In the early hours of this morning, Venus was square Saturn, and with a sigh you may have had to let go of something or someone, or a cherished belief you were clinging on to.

This paves the way for the freedom to fully express the amazing and powerful trine which happens close to midnight, in the U.K.  At 23.51 Hrs, Jupiter trines Pluto, a fortuitous combination of astrological giants (I refuse to call Pluto a dwarf planet!).  This trine is a powerful agent for change, whether used consciously or unconsciously.  Some may ignore astrology totally, and change will happen anyway.  Some will choose to have an early night, and experience shifts in their dream state, or dreams whose significance they cannot shake.  Others, poised and attuned astrologically, may consciously play with the power of Pluto and the optimism of Jupiter, and dare to acknowledge their dreams.  In the words of Bake Off winner Nadiya this week (dubbed the best acceptance speech by the Guardian):

“I’m never gonna put boundaries on myself ever again. I’m never gonna say I can’t do it. I’m never gonna say ‘maybe’. I’m never gonna say, ‘I don’t think I can.’ I can and I will”

That’s the spirit of Jupiter trine Pluto!

What do we then have in the early hours of tomorrow morning?  Sun opposite Uranus, the breakaway actions of the rebel, determined to bring about change.  This aspect is potentially destructive, but is trumped in power by the Jupiter trine Pluto, whose vision may keep it on a constructive pathway.  For some, it will be throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but keeping an eye on the greater vision of Jupiter trine Pluto can keep it a rebellion that does not get out of hand, hurt anyone, throw eggs or spit in their faces (which is an issue currently being debated in relation to social demonstration).  How far to go?  What would Mahatma Gandhi do?

To sum up: Something you do today or tomorrow could have far reaching effects, most likely on the positive side.

Moving on to Tuesday (13th), in the early hours of the morning (00.06 Hrs, to be precise) there is a New Moon in Libra at 19 degrees.  This affords a fresh start in relationships and the Arts.  It is a good day for designing and composing, and exhibiting your craft.

After breakfast, Mercury sextiles Saturn so it is also a good day for making and honouring contracts, making plans and setting the foundation of ideas.  Tuesday is a good day to consolidate practically the outrageous energies and ideas from the beginning of the week, and by the end of the day you should have something to show for your efforts this week.

Friday (16th) can also be constructive, if a little volatile.  It’s a high energy day, courtesy of Mars trine Pluto.  A show of force may be in evidence, but there is a potential for constructive release of energy.  Again, there will always be those who misuse the strength of this aspect, and respect for others must always be involved in asserting your own case.  It is easy for some to go too far.

Saturday (17th) begins in the early hours with an opposition between Venus and Neptune, the possibility of misunderstanding in relationships or misreading feelings.  You may go to bed with an emotional puzzle on your mind, to woo or not to woo.  Consign the question to your subconscious mind, and drift into a dream which explains it all clearly.  The dream may deepen your understanding, and even raise more questions in doing so.  Sleep, if you can get it, will help the digestion of this aspect.  You should awake in harmony with your finer feelings, and be able to put that into practice throughout the day.

By the evening, your way will be clear to enjoy a conjunction of Mars and Jupiter at 14 degrees Virgo.  You’ll feel full of enthusiasm for the evening’s activities, and ecologically inspired projects.  Networking for work purposes would also succeed, e.g. an office outing for a special occasion.  This conjunction is still trine Pluto, so a chance to impress the powers-that-be if you are not the powers-that-be, and impress the employees if you are part of the Establishment.  If you are a member of the elite, now is the time to put your money where your mouth is if you agree we need a fairer society.

Future Lives

I attended the Advanced Future Life Practitioner Course with Anne Jirsch last weekend, which was immensely inspiring.  I can now offer more services under this banner, which I will shortly add to my Future Lives page.  Among these processes are “Meeting your Future Self”, “Viewing your Future Home” and “Meeting your Loved One in a Future Life”.  I find working with the future empowering and creative.

Next Week: Scorpio Animal Totems and Archetypes

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – letting go, then empowerment!
  • Tomorrow – the rebel lets rip
  • Tuesday – new avenues, and sensible contracts
  • Friday – high energy
  • Saturday – early puzzlement, late enthusiasm

Aspects for the week beginning 4 October 2015

Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Part 2

Kellie Bright

Kellie Bright currently plays the landlady of the Queen Vic in Eastenders, Linda Carter.  Kellie kicked off the whole series with a Tango danced to the tune “You Really Got Me”.  She tells us she is strong willed, stubborn and bossy (she has 5 of her 10 planets in the Fixed signs).  Her dance was greeted by a warm and enthusiastic reception by the judges, Len saying it was “bubbly and fizzy”, and Bruno describing it as “swinging”.  Her birthchart has the Sun conjunct Venus in feminine Cancer, showing beauty and musicality.  She has Moon conjunct Mars – easily triggered emotionally (or am I confusing her with her Linda Carter?), with quick nervous reactions too (Mercury sextile Mars).  Saturn exactly squares her natal Uranus – earthquakes sometimes in her personal life (or am I confusing her with Linda Carter again?).  Added to that Sun/Venus square exactly Pluto – a challenging life and psyche, Saturn square Chiron and Chiron opposite Uranus (healing blocks and crises)!  The Sun in her chart trines the North Node exactly, providing showmanship, and Mars trines Chiron, providing some positive healing energy.

At the beginning of the competition Pluto was opposite her Venus, presenting psychological challenges, which she is no stranger to astrologically.  In fact challenge might be her middle name.

Interesting, then, that she kicked off the whole series with a stunning performance.  At the end of the competition Jupiter will be exactly trine her Jupiter.  She could be bound for the final, if not the glitterball trophy!

She partners Kevin Clifton and I have reported in the past that he has “great natural elegance with several planets in Libra”.    There is also great dexterity, with Mercury sextile Uranus. He has good chemistry with Kelly Bright, disciplined and intelligent with her Saturn sextile his Mercury, and his Saturn trine her Mercury.  In addition, his Pluto sextiles her natal Mars, so they will be able to sizzle in the Latin dances.  At the time of their first dance, Kevin had two major Neptune transits, and may have been tentative in comparison to what we will see later.  I think their performances will be excellent.  At the end of the tournament his transits are not as good as Kellie’s: although he will have Pluto sextile his natal Jupiter and Uranus trine his natal Mars, Pluto will be exactly square his natal Venus which may be upheaval in his personal life, or a stumbling block later in the contest.

Helen George

Call the Midwife star Helen George is thoroughly Geminian: Chiron/North Node, and Mercury/Sun/Venus, in that sign.  Consequently she partakes of all the nimbleness of that sign for her dancing talent.  She also has the dreaminess of Moon in Pisces, and the self-discipline of a close Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio.  Her first dance was a waltz.  She’s a great fan of Darcy Bussell who loved her performance.  Bruno said it was high class, Len said she had elegance and musicality, and even Craig said it had potential.

Like Kellie Bright, she has Sun conjunct Venus (beauty and musicality).  She has the optimism and enthusiasm of a sextile between her Mars and Jupiter, and the balance of Jupiter exactly sextile Saturn.  Her Sun opposes Neptune, adding to the dreaminess:  she can internally inhabit another world, and interpret that in her self-expression.

She has good interior connections between her planets, and a trine of Pluto to her natal Sun means she can be deep and meaningful, but with less angst than Kellie (who is well suited to heavy drama and theatre).

Helen can portray deep relationship effortlessly, with Venus trine exactly Pluto.  It is as though she can pull out a performance from somewhere she may not have even experienced in this lifetime, something she knew in a former life, a lesson well learned.

Her close conjunction of North Node and Chiron hints at a karmic mission which is to do with healing, possibly through acting, or possibly something completely different.  Perhaps she will be very involved in a charity.

At her first performance on Sunday 25th, Jupiter was exactly trine her natal Jupiter, and she really did triumph and impress the judges!  Mars was also exactly trine her natal Neptune, giving energy to her inspiration and bringing out the potential of her dreaminess.  At the time of the final, Saturn will be conjunct her natal Uranus, and something may intervene before she reaches the final, such as an injury or conflicting personal interests.  I will look at this again nearer the time, when I have an exact date for the final.

She partners Aljaz Skorjanec of whom I wrote last year: “Aljaz Skorjanec is an out and out Capricorn with several planets in that sign, but normally fairly lucky with Sun exactly trine Jupiter.”

At the beginning of the tournament Neptune sextiled his natal Uranus and Mars squared his Pluto, but for their first performance he had different challenges: Jupiter square his Nodal Axis, and Mars opposite his Sun and Saturn square his Sun.  It could be that he finds it a challenge to bring out the complexities of Helen’s talents, though he did a good job.  It may be easier as the tournament progresses.  At the time of the final, Jupiter will be trine his natal Sun, but Pluto will be on his natal Mars, and Chiron will trine his natal Pluto.  It could take him in the final, and Helen with him, but there is some complexity in this journey.  Their chemistry too is contradictory: her Saturn squares his Mercury, which is very exacting for him.  But her Uranus (higher mind) sextiles his natal Mercury (so they can meet on a higher plane!)

Daniel O’Donnell

Irish singer Daniel O’Donnell’s first dance was a waltz, to the tune of “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”.  He received good comments from the judges: Len said he had the best footwork, Bruno said he was prim and proper, and Darcy said he was a gentleman.  In his chart, he has 6 of his 10 planets in Mutable signs, which should make him adaptable.  He is as Sagittarian as Helen George is Geminian (with Venus, Mercury/Sun/Mars all in Sagittarius).

He has the Sun exactly conjunct Mars, and though he makes a great play of being relaxed but has the Inner Warrior somewhere in that make-up, and as it is placed in Sagittarius more specifically he has the Inner Swashbuckling Pirate, but we shall see if one of the dances brings that into play.

He was very light on his feet in that first waltz, which may be a quality of his Mercury conjunct Mars.  Mercury conjunct Mars would also give him the “Inner Critic” Archetype, so another facet of his nature to watch out for.

He’s immensely sociable, as he not only has a satellitium in Sagittarius, but also Venus sextile Jupiter.  In many ways he is conventional, as his Uranus is largely unaspected, though it may show up in more prominence in a full birth chart where his birth time has been obtained.  Paradoxically, he may also be a free spirit, with his Uranus unaspected.

He has Venus square Pluto, like Kellie Bright, so may have suffered great heartache earlier in life.  Like her too, he has Sun exactly trine North Node, conferring stage presence, leadership and showmanship.  His Mars too is exactly trine his Ascendant, so he may have great courage and fortitude too.

At the beginning of the competition Uranus trines his natal Sun, Chiron squares his natal Sun, and Mars trines his Mercury

At his first performance, Jupiter was square his natal Venus, Mars was conjunct his natal Uranus, Saturn squared his natal Uranus, but Jupiter was conjunct his natal Pluto.  He managed to impress Len with the lightness of his footwork.

At the time of the final, Chiron will be square his natal Mercury, and Saturn will be square his natal Pluto, so he is not likely to appear there.

He partners Kristina Rihanoff, who has a fearsome reputation when it comes to the men she partners!  She has recently brought out her memoirs which have had the BBC trembling, by all accounts, entitled “Dancing out of Darkness” to be published in October.  I wrote last year about her: “With the Sun at the very end of Virgo, Kristina is an exquisite perfectionist.  She has the dexterity aspect of Mercury sextile Uranus, like Kevin Clifton.  She also has the ability to get the best out of her partners, with her Jupiter exactly sextile her Chiron.”

She has an extremely compatible interaspect with Daniel for dance: her Mars exactly trine his Neptune, so she can really push out his Inner Dancer!

She had some difficult transits for the beginning of the series, possibly to do with contention about her memoirs.  Some of these were still lurking, but at her first performance Jupiter was trine her natal Uranus, so the performance was well received.  At the end of the tournament her transits are rather flat, so this reinforces the impression that this couple will not go through to the end.

Jay McGuiness

Looking like a younger version of Mick Hucknall, Jay McGuinness is a band member of The Wanted.  His first dance was a cha cha, to the song: “I’ll be There”.  It looked fine to me, but Craig said it lacked showmanship [even though he is a Leo!].  He was very nervous.  He has some talent from drumming, which is down to his planets in Cancer (associated with drums because of rhythm, e.g. Ringo Starr).  For his first performance, Neptune was giving him support with a sextile to his natal Mars, but Pluto was a bit overwhelming with a conjunction to his natal Neptune.  He is trying to take a lot in at the moment (as they all are, but it is more intense for him than most).  There are no major transits showing at the end of the tournament, so he may have left a couple of weeks before the end.

His partner Alioni Vilani has patience and strength, due to her Sun and Moon being in Taurus (she was born on a New Moon), but also has a feisty side from a conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Aries.  She has no Air planets, and is very instinctive and sensuous.  Curiously, Jay also has no Air planets either, so I don’t expect them to be very calculating or in their heads, but will be very much moved by the music.  She has Sun closely trine Jupiter, so she enjoys the competitive element of the game, but Saturn opposes her Sun at the same time, so sometimes she could feel defeated.  The good news is that her Jupiter sextiles her Saturn exactly, so she is very balanced in her approach to life (glass neither half full nor half empty, or both!).  Her Mercury/Venus trines Neptune, so her instinct for dance works well with her mind, co-ordination and musicality.  She had some powerful Pluto aspects for their first performance, which would have given her a confident start.  However, these have tailed off by the end of the tournament, by which time her mind may be elsewhere.

North Node enters Virgo

You may notice a subtle shift in karma has been occurring and culminates at the end of this week when the North Node finally enters Virgo, retrograding from Libra.  Old relationships have been surfacing for resolution.  The karmic tone of the North Node in Libra was diplomacy.

The karmic focus of the next 18 months, with the North Node in Virgo will be health and ecological concerns.  Climate change will come further forward on the global agenda (and about time too).  Its karmic implications will be recognized.

In our personal lives, we will be urged to attend in greater detail to the minutiae of life and its symbolism.

In politics, the protection of the work force by the trade unions may be strengthened in importance, having waned for many years.  Maybe the balance needed to be redressed or re-adjusted slightly.

A push towards scientific research and medical breakthroughs are highly possible under this placing.

Scrupulous ethics and morals may be the order of the day, as old scores are settled and old abuses held to account.

[If you recognize this posting, it was first introduced here 3 weeks ago]


There may be drama on Tuesday (6th) lunchtime as Pluto squares the Sun.  Someone in your circle may have reached the end of their tether.  Acknowledge the depth of their feelings, and go from there (the only way is up).

By the evening there may be some stabilization, as Mercury sextiles Saturn.  A plan may be hatched, or a more rational mindset takes over.

The early hours of Wednesday (7th) morning may bring more paranoia or unstable action, with Mars opposing Neptune.  This may take place during dreamtime, or nightmare time.  It may help in working things through subconsciously.  So Wednesday at breakfast is a good time to pick through your dreams and analyze their meaning.  If you have a breakfast partner, you can chew over your dreams together, over the muesli.

Surely this gets better? You might ask.  Thursday (8th) is quite neutral.  Mercury conjuncts the North Node, which is informative about karma, in this case the direction of karma for humanity as well as your own karmic group or personal karma.  It is also a good time to discuss such matters with interested parties.

In the late afternoon, or early evening, Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo.  Love of leisure and pleasure give way to a more industrious purpose, or finding work you love, and finding love for the work you do.

Friday (9th) is a positive turning point, with Mercury going direct.  You can breathe a sigh of relief in your communications, as they get the green light.  This may not be instant, i.e. it may take a little while for Mercury to get working on your behalf again, but you may not feel you are treading water in that respect.  I am hoping the vicious attacks on Jeremy Corby in the media in his first 3 weeks as leader may ease off when Mercury goes direct.

Saturday (10th) sees the North Node turn into the sign of Virgo, having hovered at 0 degrees Libra for a while (it moves backwards).  This reinforces the theme of constructive work, in respect to karma.  Thus if you have been hankering after making a hobby into something which pays, you may be able to give it more of a role in your life, whilst cutting down the day job if that is the direction you want to take, e.g. increase the hours of singing in a band and decrease the office temp job hours.  Alternatively you may want to be a part of the growing ecological movement: such work directions will be encouraged by this placement of the North Node.

Future Life

Those who have been following my personal story, will understand my excitement in doing the Advanced Future Life Practitioner course with Anne Jirsch this weekend.  If you haven’t, then please look at my Future Life page, and Future Life category for more information.  I hope that I will be able to provide an improved service in this aspect of my work after this week.  To use a phrase I haven’t used previously, “Woo Hoo”!  There may be a blog in it.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – heavy emotion; sobering up
  • Wednesday – emotional confusion
  • Thursday – karmic information; artistic industry
  • Friday – communication ban lifted
  • Saturday – karmic shift

Aspects for the week beginning 27 September 2015

The Syrian Question

There is a meeting of the United Nations in New York today, aimed at reaching solutions for global poverty.  Alon Ben-Meir of New York University says: “The UNGA annual meeting, which is now in progress, offers the US, Russia, and Iran a momentous opportunity to come up with a solution, which is absolutely within reach if they only will it.”

I don’t agree with David Cameron that we can wait to solve the migrant crisis until we have solved the Syrian problem, as he said before the body of little Aylan Kurdi was washed up on a beach.  We have waited 4 years for a solution, and one is not in sight.  But I do agree that the inhospitable, barbaric conditions of some North African and Middle Eastern countries is the cause of the desperation to migrate.  And I do agree with Jeremy Corbyn that our actions in the past have had a contributory cause to some of the conditions the people find themselves in.  Migrants are not just coming from Syria, they are coming from Iraq (a country Bush and Blair interfered in) and Afghanistan (ditto).  We also intervened in Libya (before we decided not to intervene in Syria).  The Arab Spring rebellions seem largely not to have worked, in that chaos has ensued, and ISIL have mushroomed in these places.  Not that the tyrannies that preceded the Arab Spring were just.  Saudia Arabia still has a strict regime, but does not consider its role to be one of assisting refugees, not even with their vast luxurious tent facilities.  Saudia Arabia was this week the scene of a major disaster of pilgrims killed in the Hajj.  And then there is Iran, recently involved in a treaty with the U.S. over its nuclear facility – with many unsure whether they can be trusted, but the treaty does mean a shift in the power balance of the territories.  I have looked at some of these issues before in past blogs, but feel it is time to take another overview.

This week, Russia signalled its support of Bashar Al Assad of Syria, by sending reinforcements.  Though we are at war with ISIL, who are fighting in Syria against Assad and against the rebels who rose in the Syrian Spring, we are by no means in favour of Assad’s repressive regime.  David Cameron has said an agreement can only be reached if Assad steps down. Turkey, once a key hope as a peace broker in the area, has now become more radical.  And a peace process with Israel is further away, now that Israel is determined to batten down its hatches and isolate itself among all the instability around it. One thing is for sure, and that is we are not going to have stable regimes in those areas in the near future, enough to stop the migrations.

I can’t hope to disentangle the issues of all these countries and their interactions, but will take an updated look at the astrology of some of their charts.


I wrote about the chart of Syria in 2011:

“The natal chart for Syria shows a combination of Mars conjunct Uranus volatility and North Node conjunct Pluto shadow side of power.”

And of its current transits, I wrote earlier this month:

“Currently, Jupiter is exactly square Syria’s Mars/Uranus, possibly depicting the sudden mass emigration of its populace, who cannot take any more of ISIL or President Assad [and the other conflict groups such as Al Nusra]…

And Pluto is exactly square Syria’s Ascendant on the 4th House cusp, maybe the lowest point at which it could sink.

Neptune (the sea, and photographs) in Pisces is exactly quincunx the Syrian natal North Node/Pluto conjunction (loss of life) in its 10th House of Reputation.”

Looking at the transits for today and tomorrow (the period of the Lunar Eclipse), the Full Moon and its opposition with the Sun keys exactly into Syria’s natal Neptune (the ability to cause confusion) in its 12th House of Isolation.  It may be a good time to try and tackle, and disentangle, some of the complexity of its issues.

According to Alon Ben-Meir: “The search for a solution to Syria’s civil war and the unfolding tragedy of the Syrian refugees can be found only by defeating ISIS while simultaneously formulating a political solution to prevent the complete disintegration of the country.”


President Bashar Al Assad, whose father before him was tyrannical and not averse to bloodshed, has his Sun in Virgo conjunct the anarchic Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-1960s.

He is currently undergoing his Chiron Return, which means he either has to find his Inner Healer, or deal with dis-ease.  His natal Chiron is opposite his anarchic triple conjunction in Virgo, and the internal havoc must be having an effect on him.


The chart of Russia has a complex but opportunistic trine between Jupiter and a conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn.  Capricorn is a sign I have always associated with Russia, not least for the symbolism of the struggle with its unremitting extreme climate.  Russia also has an exact conjunction of Venus and Pluto in 4th House, which can have a divisive effect.  There are power issues depicted (Sun exactly square Midheaven), too, in its chart.  The current eclipse sees Russia in belligerent mood, with Mars on its Moon, Uranus trine its Mars, Chiron square its Mars, and Pluto on its Uranus.


I wrote about his chart in 2012:

“In his natal chart Putin has the power-hungry aspect of Jupiter square Pluto.  His natal Mars (Inner Warrior) is at the galactic centre, magnifying his power and emphasizing warriorship.  His South Node is in Leo, indicating that he would be accustomed to power in past lives.”

The transits at this time are not so favourable for Putin getting his own way.  Saturn blocks him with an opposition to his Moon, and the North Node trines his natal Moon which means he should be accountable to karmic law.

Over to Alon Ben-Meir again: “Putin was and remains determined to safeguard Russia’s interests in Syria by preserving the Assad regime, which remains central to his strategy. As he has done in the past, Putin will continue to block any solution to the Syrian crisis unless it is done on his terms.”


In its natal chart, Turkey has an exact conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Libra in the 4th House, which points to a need for reason and strictness in the rulership within its own country.  It has 5 of its 10 planets in Water signs, so there is a great deal of emotionality in the national character.  Its greatest strength is a trine between Uranus and Pluto, a power which has great potential.  At this point in time, Neptune in Pisces on the cusp of Turkey’s 9th House of Foreign Relations, trines its Ascendant.  Internationally, it may be playing a sensitive role.


I wrote of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, in June 2013: “He has Sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces so can encompass a range of political ideas, and has a basically flexible nature (with 3 other planets also in flexible signs).  This flexibility will have helped him stay in power for so long.”  Neptune is currently on Erdogan’s Sun in Pisces, which is trine Turkey’s Ascendant: there is a fine spiritual link between him and his country.  However, people may be trying to guess at the moment at his own intentions.


The 1979 chart of Iran, which represents the departure of the Shah, has links with its traditions in the Sun’s position in Aries, a sign I associate with ancient Persia in Karmic Astrology through Zoroastrianism.  Mercury conjuncts Mars in this chart, so sharp words can come forth from its leaders, but this conjunction placed in Pisces means that the words could be couched in confusing terms.  Mercury is trine closely its Jupiter, and that reflects its rich cultural tradition.  Chiron is at the Midheaven, so its political upheavals can be quite painful for the populace.  Currently, Neptune squares its Moon and opposes its Saturn, so there is a similar pattern to Turkey at the moment, in that it is hiding or keeping quiet in some ways.


I dedicated a blog to the ruler Hassan Rouhani in September 2013:

“A focal point of his chart is an exact conjunction of Venus and Neptune in Libra, the sign of diplomacy and sweet words.  He certainly knows the truth of what he is saying, and has many years of experience in Iranian politics making him a shrewd realist. In another life, with that conjunction, he could have been an inspiring musician.…He has a forceful chart, with Mars also trine Pluto.  Saturn closely trines his North Node, so although it has taken him a while to rise to this position he has a sense of responsibility, and leadership.  He does not have a sinister chart, though an innocent chart may be used to sinister ends.”

Rouhani’s own transits at the moment are much more dramatic than Iran’s.  He has Pluto square his Venus (which could be a personal upheaval), Uranus trine his natal Mars, and Chiron square his Mars.

Here is Alon Ben-Meir’s perspective: “Iran is also in a position to prevent any solution to Syria’s civil war unless its strategic interest is guarded. Regardless of the extent of the destruction that has been inflicted in Syria, Tehran will continue to support Assad to the last Syrian soldier.”


The chart of Israel has Sun in Taurus, very strong-willed, with Midheaven, Moon, Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Leo in the 10th House: a reputation for pride and strength. There is a great deal of fire and energy in the chart, and an exact trine between Mars and Jupiter underlines this.  Mars is also strong by virtue of being sextile its Ascendant.  So there is certainly a strong “Inner Warrior”.  Its troubles are reflected in its chart by a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, Chiron in the 1st House, and Pluto closely squaring its Nodal Axis (karma by the spades).  Current transits are keeping its head down, but for a square between transiting Jupiter and its Mercury, so there may be some attempt to be upbeat in its dissemination of information.


Binyamin Nethanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, is a Libran, with some wide but powerful conjunctions in his chart:

He has Venus conjunct Chiron, so in his personal life has some unorthodox solutions to personal problems.  He has Moon conjunct Neptune, which may have been misused in manipulation, as its potential is emotional sensitivity.  He has a ruthless conjunction of Mars and Pluto, which is wide, but evident in his attitude to life.  Tellingly, Neptune is exactly conjunct the South Node, which shows that subterfuge is a habit he has brought through from past lives.  Crucially, he manipulated the last election by exploiting fear over Iran.  Currently he has Uranus opposite his Moon, and Saturn on his Ascendant, so he is sitting uncomfortably, possibly awaiting the next phase of U.N. policy.

Saudia Arabia

There is an aloofness in the Saudi Arabian chart, with a religious flavour, as described by Jupiter exactly conjunct Neptune in Virgo in the 9th House.  This reflects its untouchability at the moment, with no country challenging its exploits in the Middle East, or its lack of assistance to the refugees.  At the same time it has a commanding conjunction of the Sun to its Midheaven in 10th House, reflecting its oil-related dominance in the world.  This is strengthened by an exact trine with Saturn, and the creation of a Grand Trine with Chiron in Taurus.  Currently, Chiron squares its Ascendant on the 4th House cusp, which may be connected with the shattering losses at Mecca and the Hajj recently.  But Saturn also trines its natal Mars at the moment, so it is still keeping a lid on some of its action and policies.

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

This new ruler of Saudi Arabia, since January, has his Neptune exactly conjunct the South Node of Saudia Arabia, showing the strong genetic lineage with its royal family, and karmic link with the country, ruling by divine right.  He is a hard headed Capricorn, with the North Node conjunct his Sun in Capricorn, born to rule.  There is no reason to see that he would step out of the status quo that has governed his country for decades.  He has Venus trine exactly Pluto, and would fight for those he loves.  And how do the stars look in relation to him at the moment?  In one word, resolute.  Mars is trine his Uranus, and Uranus sextile his Mars, plus Pluto is on his North Node.  He is in no mood to compromise, though karma could work against him.

Transits to United Kingdom and United States

At this point in time, Jupiter is opposite the United Kingdom Uranus, which can bring sudden changes.  Pluto opposes the United States Sun, which is an aspect of upheaval.  For its leaders personally, Chiron opposes David Cameron’s natal Pluto, stirring him deeply, while Barack Obama has a good set of personal transits: Mars sextile his natal Venus, Saturn sextile his Jupiter, and the North Node trine his Jupiter (he may be able to be more productive than usual).


In the early hours of tomorrow morning (2.50 a.m. in the U.K.) There is a Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon.  The position of the Moon will be 4 degrees Aries.  Eclipses, particularly if they fall in a crucial position of one’s chart, can affect life over the following 6 month period, even if nothing appears to be happening at the time of the actual eclipse.  The Moon in Aries describes the emotional need to fulfil one’s own goals.  It opposes the Sun in Libra, which represents the need for fulfillment in partnership, often necessitating negotiation and compromise.  These represent the two opposing forces at this time, which may prey on your mind and keep you awake tonight!  Do you do the right thing for yourself, or for your significant other?  Or perhaps you have conflicting needs within your own psyche and current lifestyle.  I am sure Shakespeare described the dilemma better in one of his plays.

On Wednesday (30th) lunchtime, the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Libra at 7 degrees.  This is a bull’s eye of concentration in the middle of the week, so you can aim for results at that time.  If you have legal or artistic aims and projects, there will be a succinct moment when all can come together, and be expressed perfectly.

There are no aspects in the second half of the week, but two fixed stars in the constellation of Virgo are aligned with our Sun.  You can give them a whirl, if you like!

Fixed Stars

On Thursday 1st – Friday 2nd October Vindiematrix and Porrima can assist you.

According to Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld, when considering Vindiematrix:

“People who work together can gradually discover a common goal.  You may find that there are resistances and struggles with accepting that goal as your own.  For instance: ‘It isn’t what I thought of myself, but what the group thought of.” Or, ‘If I work with this, will I be tied to this group?’ By utilizing this star, you may discover the ideas that formed the initial inspiration.”

And for Porrima:

“The use of these stars can create a powerful balancing of the ability to be effective in the world, combined with the ability to learn.  The awareness of this balance within individuals for the purpose of learning can affect left and right brain balance, but generally will be around apprenticeship and working with other people for learning new information and new ideas from them.  Utilization of this star provides a deep learning as if there is an apprenticeship, a companionship, an absorption, a oneness, and then a release so that the learning takes place in a powerful transfer.”

That is interesting for me, because I am going on a course next Friday (which I will write about next week).

Past Lives

Porrima also has some interesting past life information: “In Atlantis this binary star was utilized for the development of crystalline technologies for the receptivity and transfer of information into a crystal and then into a person.  This was done utilizing  the light from this binary, the elixir, but most importantly by journeying to Porrima in one’s mind.”  You may find that interesting if you work with crystals.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – a turning point
  • Wednesday – a focal point
  • Thursday and Friday – group work, and learning

Aspects for the week beginning 20 September 2015

Libra Animal Totems and Archetypes

The Sun enters Libra at 8.21 a.m. on Wednesday 23rd September, ushering in the Autumn Equinox.  This is the fifth in the series where I look at some of the animal totems and Archetypes for the various signs. The traditional symbol for Libra is of course inanimate: the scales.  But Libra does have animal power to draw upon.  The emphases with many of these totems and archetypes are the Libran qualities of Love and Peace.  Do you, or someone close to you, have Sun, Ascendant or Moon in Libra?


The main quality which qualifies the deer as principal animal totem for Libra, is its gentleness, and there is also its elegance.

In “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams and David Carson we learn:

“Deer teaches us to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are trying to keep us from Sacred Mountain…Stop pushing so hard to get others to change, and love them as they are.”

InAnimal Spirits” by Nicholas J. Saunders he tells us:

“A gentler approach to the animal is seen in Buddhist teachings, where the deer symbolizes meditation and meekness.  Deer on either side of the circle of the Wheel of Law signify the Buddha’s first sermon, which was preached in the deer park at Sarnath.”

Ted Andrews adds that deer represents innocence and return to the wilderness, while Nicky Scully emphasizes sensitivity and in particular sensing the environment.

Bambi is surely one of the cutest cartoon characters ever created!

Fluffy White Angora Bunnies

The fluffy white angora bunny represents Libra’s cute and fluffy side, soothing and comforting, as a child’s toy if not the real thing.  I have used this animal for Libra for over 20 years, but have a gorgeous photo taken a couple of years ago of my grandson’s encounter with just such a bunny across a garden fence – he has a Libran Ascendant.  It was quite an initiation for him, as the whiskers were right in his face!

Bird Totems

As an Air sign, there is an emphasis on bird totems.  Birds of Libra are generally very elegant, such as the long-legged flamingo and the avocet wading bird.  Then there are the lovey dovey ones…


Flamingos really are beautiful birds, a joyous sight to behold as they gather in the lakes, even for those who don’t like pink!  Pink is one of the colours associated with Venus, the ruling planet of Libra.

Angela Wansbury emphasizes the balancing qualities of flamingo, which of course is one of the attributes of the Scales:

“A flamingo is asking, have you recently been upset when you didn’t maintain your centre?  Did a person or situation throw you off balance and you got very hurt and angry instead of being poised and unfazed?  Look at what negative beliefs the situation or the other person invoked in you, and use them as a learning curve.”


Doves and Peace

Doves have traditionally been associated with peace, especially in connection with the biblical story of Noah and the flood, where the dove carries an olive branch in its beak.

Angela Wansbury advises:

“If you are fretting over a situation and a dove appears, it is telling you to quieten your mind and to stop worrying, because dwelling on the problem is not only making the matter seem worse but it is stopping intuitive thoughts and guidance coming through.  If you are currently going through a harrowing time, the appearance of a dove is reassuring you that peace is coming soon.”

Ted Andrews points out:

“The song of the dove speaks to all who hear it.  Its mournful tones stir the emotions, the internal waters.”

Turtle Doves and Love

Doves are sometimes released at weddings, which are Libran occasions as Libra rules marriage.  The turtle dove is associated with Love especially, and often depicted as a pair, signifying soul mates.  They form strong pair bonds.  They are referred to in the biblical Song of Songs, and as one of the true love’s gifts in the Christmas carol.


“White crane!
Lend me your wings
I will not fly far
From Lithang, I shall return”

So wrote the 6th Dalai Lama in a love song.

The crane is a bird revered in the Eastern countries of China, Japan and Tibet, and has the elegance in its flight that we would expect of a Libran bird.  In my work on Karmic Astrology, I associate Libra with these Eastern cultures, for example when looking at countries important in past lives.

Ted Andrews tells us:

“The crane was a powerful symbol to the ancient Chinese.  It is a symbol of justice and longevity, and it is one of many solar symbols…If the crane has shown up in your life as a totem, it could very well reflect that you are about to recover what had almost become extinct within you.…The crane can also provide possible clues to past life experiences”

Nicholas J. Saunders adds:

“Vigilance, longevity, wisdom and fidelity are prominent in the spectrum of the creature’s positive attributes….The elegance of their natural lines made them popular subjects with Japanese artists”

There’s a Japanese legend and tradition that folding 1000 origami cranes will grant a wish, and you might think this is too much effort, but my niece did just that for a wedding present to her brother and his wife last weekend, presented in a lantern.  Don’t try this at home if you do not wish to incur an R.S.I., was the implied message of her accompanying note.


There are a number of Archetypes associated with Libra, and I have picked out just a few.


The knight is associated with the medieval codes of romance, courtly love, courtly manners and chivalry, but also with its polarity Aries through warriorship.  The term “gallantry” comes from the Baroque ideal of refined elegance.


The Princess Archetype is the Queen (Leo Archetype) in waiting, the desire for emotional power but with the lack of responsibility.  It is carefree and youthful.  Often a young girl will play Princess to a certain type of father, who is willing to play the game of pampering.  It can be a harmless Archetype, but is sometimes seen as a diva.  It can be a necessary stage of development for a female in trying to establish her own power.  In some ways it is the female counterpart of the Knight, in its pleasantries, and is related to the Damsel Archetype.


Librans are well known for their love of justice and fairness.

Advocate – Traditional

Traditionally, the Advocate is squarely Libran, associated with the law profession and promoting equality.  In her “Archetype Cards” Caroline Myss defines it embodying “a lifelong devotion to championing the rights of others and a passion to transform social injustices.”

Advocate – Modern (with Aquarius)

In her book “Archetypes” Caroline Myss introduces new forms of Archetypes for the modern world.  For the Advocate, she progresses the picture:

“The Advocate may be the most unfamiliar archetype among our family of ten.  That’s because this is a relatively recent addition to the cosmic theatre, having emerged as a recognized pattern of power with the rise of civil consciousness and social action in the 1960s”

Her final thought is: “There has never been a time in history so primed for the talents of true Advocates.  Listen to your heart, find your cause, and commit to it.”

Famous Examples: John Lennon, Sun in Libra, Advocate of Peace, with Ascendant in Aries the Action Hero, partnered by Yoko Ono, Sun in Aquarius, the Social Activist.

Sting and Bob Geldof, Librans born in the same week of the same year, are Advocates for a number of causes.

Married couple Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas share a birthday in Libra, and have hosted a Nobel Peace Prize concert together.  He has been involved in supporting the causes of human rights, nuclear disarmament and gun control (specifically prompted by the death of John Lennon).


The Diplomat is related to the Mediator Archetype.  In my 2010 article which appeared as a guest blog on Joyce Mason’s astrological blog site, I identified an Archetype for South Node in Libra for a past life:

South Node in Libra

Venus conjunct South Node

Archetype: The Diplomat
Place: Ancient Greece
Time: 421 BC

My name is Demis. I live in Corinth and try to smooth relations between  Athens and Sparta. I can see both their qualities and greatness and feel that I can bring them together.  There are plenty of people practising the art of war, but not enough cultivating the art of peace.  I love justice, too, having been educated in philosophy and law and hope one day that all people will accept the balance it brings. I am proud, too, of the artistic achievements of my country, which I think are outstanding. For beauty is truth and truth beauty, as you can see on this urn that I have before me. Maybe one day a poet will capture that essence.


Another modern Archetype pointed out by Caroline Myss is “The Fashionista”:

“If you are a modern-day Fashionista you were formed out of two opposing forces.  One is the feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s, which gave you an appetite for freedom of expression and appreciation for your body.  The other is the rise of the modelling and cosmetics industries and the fashion press…”

Under her Checklist for the Fashionista she offers the mantra “I consider my life my personal fashion statement.”

Famous Examples: Gok Wan, Style Guru – Though he is a meticulous Virgo Sun Sign, he has a forensic exact conjunction of Mercury and Pluto in Libra.

Maria Bueno, who in the 1960s wore groundbreaking tennis outfits and was the last word in elegance; Serena Williams is also Libran, and has a fashion house.

Gary and Martin Kemp, Libran brothers, leaders in the New Romantic(s) movement of musical style in their band “Spandau Ballet”.  Librans are collaborators, so where you have two Librans together, there can be a good partnership.

Mythological Figures


Ted Andrews links the Greek Goddess of Love neatly with one of Libra’s bird totems informing us that “In the Greek tradition, Aphrodite was born from an egg brooded by a dove.”  Ancient Greece is another country linked with past lives in Karmic Astrology, with its elegant architecture and classical beauty.

Cupid and Eros

Eros was the Greek God of Love (sometimes known as the son of Aphrodite), while Cupid (meaning “desire”) was his Roman counterpart.

If you are Libran, and you feel these totems and archetypes are not edgy enough for you, it may be down to another element of your chart.  Rarely is a Libran 100% so in a totally hearts and flowers way, and will often for instance have some of its neighbouring sign Scorpio, which is very edgy.


“Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams and David Carson

 “Archetypes” and “Archetype Cards” by Caroline Myss

 “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews

“Animal Spirits” by Nicholas J. Saunders

Birds Divine Messengers” by Angela Wansbury

Tags: Love, Peace, Elegance, Gentleness, Weddings


First of all, I have to apologize to my dear readers for alerting them maybe prematurely to the shift of the karmic North Node into Virgo, because it is still at 0 degrees Libra (it moves backwards).  Some people do prepare that far ahead and sense such a shift earlier, but you may need your energies elsewhere this week.  It will reach 29 degrees 59 minutes of Virgo from 0 degrees Libra on 10th October.  So I will repost some of that information on Sunday 4th October, so that you will be really in gear.

This week is split into two halves: the first half, until Wednesday, is felicitous and smooth-sailing; the second half (Thursday to Saturday) is more challenging (or at best, mixed).  Perhaps leave some space in your diary in the second half, for the digestion of experiences.

The felicitous day is Wednesday (23rd), the day of the Autumn Equinox, which brings two harmonious aspects.  In the early hours of the morning Venus trines Uranus, and you may be anticipating a super social day.  Even if your diary is blank, you may experience a delightful chance encounter, e.g. in the supermarket if your routine is humdrum.  It is a good day for social communication, and group activities.  If you are an artist, you may receive intuitions of a highly original order.

The Equinox occurs at 8.21 a.m. so you can start the day with celebration of the change of season, appreciating the mist and mellow fruitfulness.  The Sun is entering Libra, the sign of relationship, art and fairness.  We have worked hard perhaps at establishing our new term’s working schedules, and setting up activities for the Autumn, under the Sun in Virgo.  We can relax into those schedules now.

In the evening, the Sun sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius.  You may get a sense at this time of what benefits, if any, you can expect from Saturn’s entry into the jolly sign of the zodiac.  The tone may not be jolly, as Saturn is always serious, but there may be an uplift of something you have been struggling with, which may seem relatively jolly.  You may see a humorous side, or a silver lining, in a serious undertaking.  It is also a good day for planning in general.

Thursday (24th) may start well, because the Sun conjuncts North Node, and if you have been eating your greens your hair may turn curly, or there may be some other karmic reward for some other good effort.

However, you may sense there is something else brewing throughout the day, because in the evening Mercury squares Pluto as it backtracks along its retrograde path.  You may remember that when Mercury was going forward on Wednesday (9th) it ran into this problem:

“…we may be forced to re-think a course of action, or turn our consciousness round at least 90 degrees.  What we thought reasonable yesterday may come up against a glitch, or be opposed by authorities.  Perhaps you had an idea about improving community relations, and it proves unworkable due to government cuts.  Some deep thinking about causes and effects may bring about a breakthrough in how to proceed.  In the meantime, if the stand-off brings about a headache, lying in a darkened room may allow more inspiration to arise.” That one – maybe you recall the issue.  With Mercury retrograde, there may even be a return to the same issue.

The aspects of Friday (25th) are reasonable enough: First Mars enters Virgo, so our energetic expression turns from show and spin to something of more substance and practicality.  The last vestiges of holiday mode are laid aside, and we knuckle down to achieving our life’s work, mind, body and spirit.  We are motivated to having something to see emerging from our aspirations.

Then Pluto turns direct, which is very useful indeed, like the Universe backing us up and supporting what we are trying to do, instead of the constant challenges it sometimes feels are thrown at us.  With Saturn having been in Scorpio, and Pluto having been retrograde, our psyches have been put through a mill and tested to the hilt recently.  Maybe you can give yourself a pat on the back for something you’ve done recently which you didn’t think you could do.

Finally, on Saturday (26th) we again need to exercise caution because Saturn is squaring Mars, and frustrating attempts to implement the actions we intend as part of our life’s plan, or seasonal plan.  Maybe we planned for a round hole and find ourselves with a square peg.  Or there is a hole in our bucket.  We know what we want, but someone else has a different idea, and their will needs to be honoured just as much.  Our desires come up against reality.  So it may be a question of compromise, or patience, or negotiation. Or you may need to obtain a new spare part.

There may be an impasse, and that might contribute to some pre-eclipse fever or tension building up towards the following Monday (28th).  You need plenty of breathing and meditation at the end of this week to aid problem-solving and keep you equinanimous and buoyant in the run up to that eclipse.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – a gold star day
  • Thursday – karmic rewards, then stressful debate
  • Friday – hard work, and psychological breakthrough
  • Saturday – impasse