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Aspects for the week beginning 15 January 2017

“Medical Medium”

Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to finally Heal

by Anthony William

Published by Hay  House 2015

Once in a while, as a blogger, I believe you are allowed to evangelize.  And this is my time.  At a time when the performance of the NHS has been allowed to plummet to an all time low by Prime Minister Theresa May, and we are  being urged to take our healing into our own hands, two books are available to us which are utterly inspiring and empowering in this respect.  “Medical Medium” and its sequel “Life Changing Foods” can be your template for diet and health in this New Year of 2017.  In fact, I have just given away a load of books to the charity shop on these subjects, trading them in for these two bibles.

What is so unusual about Anthony William?

Just to read Anthony William’s backstory in the first  book “Medical Medium” is incredible.  But credible in my eyes.  At the age of four he diagnosed his grandmother’s lung cancer.  Later, in his teens, he then developed his sensitivity to the extent that he could not sit in a cinema without diagnosing the illnesses of everyone in the cinema and knowing what  they needed to heal.  He was told by his inner mentor “Spirit” that his level of awareness was so rare that only Edgar Cayce and Padre Pio shared this in the last century. And over the years, he has helped tens of thousands of people through his ability to see into the bodily systems and prescribe natural regimes to overcome their ailments.

Of our time, and beyond

The knowledge Anthony imparts is more relevant to the environmental problems of our time than the work of the earlier healers.  In his first book, he goes into the causes of some of our mystery illnesses, especially so called auto-immune diseases.  He has informative chapters on Fibromyalgia, Diabetes (my own battle), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Migraines and Lyme Disease among many others.  Many of the causes involve toxins such as metals in our environment.  But he leaves no one without hope.  He suggests fruits and vegetables whose purpose it is to heal, and recommends the elimination of foods such as dairy products which hamper our healing. He also recommends certain supplements, some of which I already use such as Hawaiian Organic Spirulina, and some of which I have yet to track down.  As one who has been attracted to the raw food movement, I feel in harmony with this approach, though I have never made a lot of progress on this path despite being a vegetarian.  Some of  the information he reveals flies in the face of current scientific thinking; he explains it is ahead of its time.  But he does include a great deal of scientific explanation, at the same time.  I am hoping that some scientists out there will latch on to some of the directions and avenues which he points to, for their research.  Somehow what he says in this book makes so much sense, that I am newly encouraged to healthier eating.

“Life Changing Foods”

Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits and Vegetables.

by Anthony William

Published by Hay House 2016

As soon as I started reading “Medical Medium” I ordered its sequel. It is a different book, only currently available in hardback, but well worth the investment.  It also has the added attraction of glossy colour photos of recipes, so is more of a kitchen book.  This book seeks to go into greater detail of the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of various fruits and vegetables, and it has made me newly fall in love with the edible plant world!

There is also more detailed information about various ailments and environmental factors which influence us, in this era which he (and other spiritual teachers) calls The Quickening.  With this book beside you, you can feel confident of tackling some of the seemingly insurmountable problems that are facing us both personally and collectively. And his spiritual perspectives on each fruit and vegetable are delightful.   I have a couple of months before my next diabetic appointment, so have time to try and test out the information.  I have already tried the celery juice for improving digestion, which has been very sound.  I have upped my consumption of blueberries, but he recommends wild blueberries which is a bit of a conundrum to find in this small town.  The book is dotted with quirky but satisfying information and suggestions, and he is not afraid to use the “M” word: Miracles.

I have selected some foods which seem to match the requirements of the zodiac signs:

Aries - pomegranate for impatience

Taurus – ginger if you are holding back from speaking

Gemini – coriander to deal with distraction

Cancer – sweet potato to make you feel safe and soothed

Leo ­- artichokes for healing the heart

Virgo – celery for healing the digestion

Libra – apples for bringing you back to balance

Scorpio – parsley if you are on an emotional roller coaster

Sagittarius  - nettle leaf for scattered energies

Capricorn - radishes to bring you out of despair

Aquarius – cranberries if you are experiencing alienation

Pisces – cauliflower for combating confusion

My quest continues, with newly infused enthusiasm and inspiration.


My very first blog was written on 30th January 2007, so this blog is approaching its 10th birthday!  The website was set up one year before that.  Thank you to anyone who has read my blog over the years.

So to celebrate this occasion, I am setting a competition, for which the closing date will be 30th January 2017.

All you have to do to enter is to post under comments either your favourite out of all my blogs in the last 10 years, and the reasons why, or an idea for a future blog.  I will repost the competition the next couple of weeks, in case you need time to think about it.

There will be three prizes:

1st prize – a full astrological analysis, including a year ahead, for yourself or someone of your choice, worth £35

Two runner up prizes of a Year Ahead, worth £17.50

In the event there are more than three entries, I will adjudicate.


Tomorrow (Monday 16th) we have a conjunction between Mars and Chiron, which could precipitate a crisis, or a reminder of wounds past which need to be aired and to find solutions.  Someone around you may need some soothing vibes.  Massage may be a good tool, if you are not rubbing salt in the wound.

Tuesday (17th) may bring karmic rewards of information leading to the neutralization of karma, and progress forward, with Mercury trine the North Node.  There may be insights which undeniably strike home in that regard.

Mars squares Saturn on Thursday (19th), which means that energies could be just plain awkward.  There may  be frustration, irritation, mismatching, lack of harmony or inspiration.  Patience is required during the day, as  you may feel you are taking two steps forward, and one step back.

In the evening the Sun enters Aquarius, and there may be a sense of relief, and some lightening of outlook.  Some of the pressure may be taken off the Mars/Saturn rub.  You may feel  you are about to make some progress, and can tune into the immediate future with more confidence.

We end the week with a profound note on Friday 20th.  Venus will be sextile Pluto, which is good for feelings, and finance.  Love and Art will be deep in nature and impact, and this will give some soul satisfaction, maybe regardless of what is going on in the world.

I recommend eating nurturing avocados if you are watching the inauguration of the 45th American President that day. Anthony William says: “For noticeable benefits, eat one avocado a day. For extreme benefits, eat two per day.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – sore
  • Tuesday – helpful karmic information
  • Thursday – just plain awkward, improves later
  • Friday – feeling the satisfaction at soul level

Aspects for the week beginning 8 January 2017

A Compatibility Guide for Capricorn

Are you a Capricorn, or do you have a friend, relative or partner born under that sign? How do you relate to the Capricorn in your midst?

Capricorn Sun with Aries Sun

These two signs are in squared relationship to each other, so may not be easy to work out.  Both can be self-centred, and may not put the relationship first.  Capricorn may put up emotional walls, and Aries can be a battering ram.  Factors other than the Sun may help to make the relationship work, such as sympathetic Moons.  Aries can bring warmth to the Capricornian, and Capricorn can bring discipline to the Arien, which may be exactly what the other needs.

Famous Example: Mary Archer and Jeffrey Archer

Capricorn Sun with Taurus Sun ****

This can be a relationship of great mutual support.  Taurus has a tendency to take the supportive role in a relationship, and Capricorn can have a great moral rectitude which provides stability.  They may share an interest in the earth and earth’s treasures, from gardening to pottery to archaeology.  They can also be a very successful partnership on a material level.

Famous Example: Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King

Capricorn Sun with Gemini Sun

These two signs do not easily combine, partly because Earth and Air do not always mix.  In addition, Capricorn may be overly practical and serious for the Gemini.  However, Capricorn is not overly energetic and can absorb some of Gemini’s excess nervous energy in a steadying way.  These two can reinforce each other’s scepticism, Gemini being super-rational, and Capricorn being super-practical.

Famous Example: Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre

Capricorn Sun with Cancerian Sun

These opposite signs make an excellent foundation for home and family, complementing each other’s make up and skills.  They are able to make satisfying arrangements when it comes to the work/life balance, and are both natural parents.  There may be some tension, due to their opposite polarity.

Capricorn Sun with Leo Sun

At first acquaintance, these two may not have very much in common.  Leo is hedonistic, and Capricorn can be quite austere or even ascetic.  So their lifestyles may not suit each other, although they may give each other what the other lacks: Capricorn can bring discipline to the table, and Leo warmth and trust. Capricorn can keep Leo down to earth.

Famous Example: David Bowie and Iman

Capricorn Sun with Virgo Sun ****

Another potentially successful pairing.  Again, these two can work together harmoniously, with Virgo having a strong work ethic, and Capricorn believing in ambition.  Capricorn likes to administer and delegate, and Virgo likes to get on with the job, so when it is that way round, the relationship is easiest.  These two can gel well in a business partnership, or be a formidable alliance in the workplace.

Famous Example: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall (a classic romance)

Capricorn Sun with Libra Sun

This combination may not be quite so easy, as they are both Cardinal signs (wanting to lead), and this may be difficult for Libra who wants to please, in the face of Capricorn who may want to stamp his or her authority on their plans.  They can be united in working for the same ends, e.g. a large scale project, in which they have their designated areas of expertise. For example, in a small firm where Libra handles the Human Resources, and Capricorn is in charge of general administration.  In family life, they may similarly have to divide their chores.  Capricorn can help shape Libran aspirations, and Librans can help keep Capricorns buoyant.

Famous Example: Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan

Capricorn  Sun with Scorpio Sun

This is a good partnership, as both have a quiet emotional reserve, but at the same time an understanding of the serious side of life.  Between them, they can tackle the big issues, and socially help the community.  At least one of them will need a sense of humour, though.

Famous Example: Ludovic Kennedy and Moira Shearer

Capricorn Sun with Sagittarius Sun

As neighbouring signs, these two may share planets in each other’s signs.  This can be a balancing relationship, especially if the Sagittarian is classically optimistic and the Capricorn is classically realistic.  If they have planets in each other’s signs, they may flip from one mode to the other, and hopefully their biorhythms would be such that one is able to raise the other’s mood and thinking if necessary.  There is a slight chance that both would be negative at the same time (aargh!) or both high at the same time.

Capricorn Sun with Capricorn Sun

This can be a great partnership, and they could both be singing from the same hymn sheet, and want the same things out of life.  They may share ambition, social status, and administrative ability, so could head up a corporation or institution together.  They may be quietly confident in their relationship, without being showy or flaunting their success.

Famous Example: Carol Vorderman and Richard Whiteley of Countdown

Capricorn Sun with Aquarius Sun

As neighbouring signs, they may have a great deal in common.  At one time they were both ruled by Saturn, but now Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and personalities born under Aquarius can be very different and individualistic.  As long as the Aquarian has an understanding of the traditional values of Capricorn, and the worth of some of its enduring values, the partnership may work. It may also require the Capricorn to keep up with technology and social media, to aid communication.

Famous Example: Carla Bruni and Nicholas Sarkozy

Capricorn Sun with Pisces Sun

This relationship is governed by the sextile, a harmonious aspect.  Both signs can  be quiet and gentle, and so this partnership can flow nicely.  They bring qualities to each other in stability (Capricorn) and emotion (Pisces) and so as a unit they have a lot to offer.  Capricorn can help give shape to Piscean dreams, and Pisces can add nuance to Capricorn’s realism.

Famous Example: Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.



There’s a special fanfare accompanying Mercury turning direct today, in that it signals a rare period of time where all the planets are in forward motion.  The next planet to turn retrograde will be Jupiter on 6th February.  These next few weeks therefore may be times when progress can be made in a number of areas.  But for today celebrate that communications may start to flow better, and if you have got behind on your paperwork, it’s catch up time.  In the meantime, there has seemed no end in sight for the rail misery on Southern Rail.  Maybe there will be some positive moves afoot, though as I have said before the vagaries of Mercury have come and gone in the last year without any resolution.  Prime Minister Theresa May has espoused a “sharing society” in this New Year, but the National Health Service remains unsupported by the government.  Will she prove herself in this retrograde-free window?

Begin your initiatives now, in your plans for the week, but factor in a possible hiccup on Tuesday (10th), in the shape of Sun square Uranus.  The Sun in Capricorn is very organizational, but Uranus from Aries may throw a spanner in the works.  In your plans, try to anticipate possible loopholes and have contingencies ready.  If you are working in a group, someone may want to break ranks or assert their individuality.

Wednesday (11th) is the day this week for getting things done.  If you have slipped back in your New Year’s resolutions, or want to create new ones, it is time to forge ahead thanks to a sextile between dynamic duo Mars and Pluto.  There is plenty of cosmic energy available, if you can handle it!  Seize the week, or even the year.

There is also a helpful second sextile between the Sun in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces, ensuring that the steamroller of Mars and Pluto doesn’t ignore central administrative plans or compassionate concerns, and allowing for healing to take place.  The two sextiles do not completely connect, but are about 4 degrees apart in the same signs, so have a working sympathy, and certainly don’t get in each other’s way.  Medical appointments or surgeries have a good chance of a favourable outcome.

Don’t overdo things on Thursday (12th), as you may feel like overstretching or trusting your luck a little more than would be realistic, with the Sun square Jupiter.  You could feel quite chipper, and that all’s right with the world.  But there’s a Full Moon building up, and your emotions may be running away with you.  The Sun is still in Capricorn, and you may still be building castles (whether in the air, or in the sand, it matters not where), but Jupiter may be pulling you off your intended course, and your ideas may outstrip your resources.  Cut your suit to match your cloth.  This aspect is fun loving, but pranks could get out of hand.

With a Full Moon at 22 degrees Cancer also on that day, there are bound to be tears.  The Cancerian Full Moon is one of the most emotional of the year.  Just as you felt you were getting somewhere with your administration, organization, plans and resolutions, someone may be throwing a wobbly.  You may even hear the words, from some quarter: “I can’t do this!”  But they probably can, they just need a little tender loving care to get them through the Full Moon, and then wash away the tears.  The tears may be a hangover from family matters over the Christmas period, and nothing to do with the task you are trying to co-ordinate.

Support may come after the Full Moon (11.34 a.m. in the U.K.) from forward moving Mercury re-entering the sign of Capricorn (at 14.03 Hrs) and bolstering the Capricornian energy and efforts.  The Sun and Pluto are already maintaining serious work ethics in that sign, and Mercury adds mental ingenuity to the projects on hand.  That’s three planets on the same page, and Mercury may swing the element of communication in favour of collective progress this month.

The last aspect of the week (and coming just before Friday 13th, lucky for some) is Venus conjunct Neptune at 10 degrees Pisces, which occurs on Thursday evening.  This is a conjunction of beauty, inspiration and artistry, especially as it occurs in Pisces, a sign touched by genius.  If you are putting on an evening performance in the Arts, this could be a magical experience for you and your audience, despite any collywobbles experienced early in the day’s preparations.  If you are socializing, people may be more than usually attuned to each other, sensitive of each other’s needs, and not treading on each other’s dreams. Poets John Keats and Leonard Cohen had this conjunction natally, so who knows what can be produced creatively at the end of this week?

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – catch up with communications
  • Tuesday – hiccups
  • Wednesday – full steam ahead, and healing
  • Thursday – mixed: optimism, emotion, pragmatism and spiritual love (in that order)

Aspects for the week beginning 1 January 2017

A Look Ahead at 2017

The Year that Was (2016)

How do we remember 2016?  Let me count the ways:

First of all, we lost so many legends.  I got to write about more than a few of them.  I covered David Bowie,  Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan, Nancy Reagan, Ronnie Corbett, Prince, Victoria Wood, Jonathan Cainer, Muhammed Ali, Jo Cox, Shimon Peres, Leonard Cohen and Fidel Castro.  And of course, there were many, many more I could not cover.  Since 18th December Zsa Zsa Gabor, Rabbi Lionel Blue, Rick Parfitt, George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds have passed over.  It did not escape anybody’s notice that this was a year of loss.

The other incredible phenomenon of this year was that, both sides of the Atlantic, the unthinkable happened.  A huge proportion of the population was shocked by the other slightly larger proportion of the population.  On 23rd June in the U.K. the electorate voted to leave Europe in the Referendum, highlighting a divided nation.  On 8th November in the U.S. their electorate voted to elect Donald Trump as their President, even though Hillary Clinton had won the “popular vote”.  We are still dealing with the consequences of both events, and 2017 will begin to tell how both scenarios will play out.

The prevailing major aspect of 2016 was Saturn square Neptune, which is both depressing and subversive.  I tried to describe it last year:

“Saturn represents the frustration of inaction and Neptune oversensitivity which can also result in paralysis….  But there are hidden agendas which may now emerge: the factors and causes which you may not have suspected, but which have contributed to the current state of affairs, like a slow pollution which has gone unnoticed.”

Of course this does not do it justice.  How I see it in terms of the shocks that came in 2016 is that it represents the underestimation of the disaffection of so many people, which caused them to vote for Brexit and Donald Trump.

Let’s see if we as a human race can collectively do better this year, and what are the planetary prospects for that.

Transits to U.K. Chart, post-Referendum

Some dates to watch:

4th January 2017 – Neptune transits the U.K. Uranus in 10th House: Some bizarre goings on in Westminster, or in connection with our role in Europe

29th January 2017 – Pluto transits the U.K. Part of Fortune in 8th House: Some drama

4th June 2017 – Uranus from Aries in 11th House sextiles natal Mars in 9th House – good for showing some mettle in international relations

12th July 2017 – Jupiter from Libra in 5th House sextiles natal Sun in 7th House: more confidence, especially in society and relationships

20th November 2017 – Jupiter Return in 5th House: Confidence in our image boosted

8/9th December 2017 – North Node transits Neptune in 3rd House – Scandal and misinformation in the Media, with a karmic flavour

Transits to Donald Trump Chart for first year of Presidency

30th December 2016 – Saturn conjunct Donald Trump’s Moon in 4th House: Deflating mood concerning the women in his life

28/29th April – North Node transits natal Ascendant: A karmic reckoning

28/29th June – North Node transits natal Mars in 12th House: possible danger to his person

19th July 2017 – Jupiter transits Donald Trump’s Chiron in 2nd House: favourable news concerning his financial schemes

4th August 2017 – Jupiter Return in 2nd House: good news for his finances

10th October 2017 – Jupiter transits Donald Trump’s 3rd House cusp and sextiles Ascendant – bolder in speech, and more confident in himself

19/20th December 2017 – Saturn transits Donald Trump’s 5th House cusp and trines his Ascendant: more stable in himself, but sharing more responsibilities with a child

Update on the Circular Economy

I wrote in my blog of 3rd May 2015:

“The Yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur, while sailing round the world, thought deeply about sustainability, and has initiated a system which she calls “a circular economy” to use resources differently.”

Some progress was reported over this Christmas period in her enterprise, which fits the Saturn/Uranus trine and can bring hope for us going forward as a species.

It relates to the built-in obsolescence of our material goods in the way we currently manufacture them, and the laboriousness of the current process of recycling. Saturn represents the old, Uranus represents the new, and the process of positive transitions and developments in recycling is represented by Saturn trine Uranus.  A new bicycle prototype has been created, using stainless steel (which doesn’t have to be painted) and can last 50 years.  Furthermore, it is planned to rent out the bicycles for children, so they can be traded in for bigger models as they grow.  How cool is that?  The idea is being considered for other types of manufacturing such as washing machines, and companies such as Google have shown interest in the principle.

Ellen MacArthur is a sea-loving Cancerian with a Virgo Ascendant, which tends to be mindful of sustainability and ecology.  I am not sayin’ Ellen has gone from sailing to saving the world, but her actions are surely a light as to how to proceed, and an example or wayshower to others.  She has one method at least for turning around the economy.

 Dates for your Diary if planning ahead:

Backtracking slightly, the Saturn-Uranus trine which occurred on Christmas Day 2016 will have some bearing as we go forward into 2017, being so close in time.  It is an entirely constructive set of forces, bridging the old and the new, enabling us to take the best of 2016 and bring it into our hopes and plans for 2017.  Maybe you were struck by a good idea over the Christmas period, something you would like to implement in the year ahead.


Monday 6th: Jupiter goes Retrogradeprogress plateaus, a need for reworking (Jupiter went retrograde on 8th January last year, if you would like to consult your diary for its effect).

Sunday 26th: New Moon and Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces – A turning point in the collective unconscious


Friday 3rd: Jupiter opposite Uranus, as Boxing Day 2016 (may have been linked with the earthquake in Chile) – uneasy surprises

Thursday 30th: Jupiter square Pluto – (As last year 24 November) power struggles and brinkmanship reach a peak


Thursday 6th: Saturn turns Retrogradea setback to progress (occurred 25 March in 2016, if you would like to consult your diary).


Friday 19th: Saturn trine Uranus, as Christmas Day 2016 – the process of positive transitions and developments in renewable energy, recycling and sustainable living on the planet


Friday 9th: Jupiter goes Directfull steam ahead (occurred 9 May in 2016, if you would like to consult your diary).

Friday 16th: Neptune goes Retrogradespiritual backtracking, more illusions surfacing, mental health needs in the spotlight (occurred 13th June last year).


Looks to be an important month!

Thursday 3rd: Uranus goes Retrograde – the excitement of progress suddenly turns flat, for a period of re-examination (occurred 29 July 2016).

Friday 4th: Jupiter square Pluto (3rd pass) – more insight into power struggles and brinkmanship

Monday 7th: Full Moon and Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius – turning point,  highlighting what needs to change in society

Monday 21st: New Moon and Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo – another turning point, more focussed on new beginnings

Friday 25th: Saturn goes Direct – hard slog starts to pay off (occurred 13 August 2016).

Sunday 27th: finally, after months and months of teasing, Jupiter sextiles Saturn.  One of the best aspects of the year – balance, and constructiveness


Looks to  be an important day!

Thursday 28th: Jupiter opposite Uranus (3rd pass) – uneasy surprises

Also Thursday 28th: Pluto goes Direct – Psychological progress, and more cohesion globally over issues that affect nations (occurred 26th September 2016).


Thursday 10th: Jupiter moves into Scorpio (for a one year sojourn) – Life-affirming for Scorpios


Saturday 11th: Saturn trine Uranus (3rd pass) – a very constructive time for dealing with international problems, or structural problems in society and communities, or long term projects in your own life.  The process of positive transitions and developments in renewable energy, recycling and sustainable living on the planet.  Hopefully, progress made.

Wednesday 22nd: Neptune goes Direct – spiritual progress, and a boost to issues that affect sea life and water management on the planet.  A sense of quiet satisfaction. (occurred 20th November 2016).


Sunday 3rd: Jupiter trine Neptune (probably the best aspect this year).  See my Christmas 2016 blog for its full flavour – There is “space” for religion and spirituality to breathe in their own right, and come together in harmony.

Wednesday 20th: Saturn enters Capricorn (for a two and a half year sojourn) – A sober tone, a sense of realism, may bring in authoritarian regimes politically, but in some cases more stability.


The week and year start at 6.53 a.m. on Sunday morning 1 January 2017 with a sensitive conjunction between Mars and Neptune at 9 degrees of the ocean that is Pisces.  Plenty of New Year skinny dipping, ducking and diving, perhaps?  Depending on which House this conjunction falls in your chart, you’ll be able to focus on ways to combine the physical and spiritual.  Not so easy if you are very physically orientated, you might feel held back.  But if you are starting from a spiritual viewpoint and working through to the physical, you could be very satisfied.  The best New Year’s resolutions, if they are made on this day, combine the two modes of being.  If you are after more turbo-charged resolutions and new starts (e.g. training for marathons), maybe wait until 11th January when Mars sextiles Pluto.

More sensitivity seeping in on Tuesday (3rd) when Venus enters Pisces at 7.47 a.m. Venus in the previous sign of Aquarius has been socially minded, but there’s a more introspective feel with Venus in Pisces.  Just when you are supposed to be emerging from the seasonal chrysalis and emerge back into the working world, you may feel like retreating.  If you have managed some meditation and retreat over the Christmas and New Year season, then try and bring some of that through to your working regimes. Good will and peace to all workers!  Something may touch your heart that day, and remember that Venus stays in Pisces until 4th February, so if you catch yourself shedding tears of compassion during January, you may be having a Venus in Pisces moment.

Towards the evening, there will be an opportunity to apply your sensitivity and emotion in a mental project, with Mercury sextile Venus.  Verbal and communication skills combine diplomatically with artistic and musical skills, which favour meeting up over coffee, negotiating, or just enjoying discussion.  Creativity too is often stimulated under this sextile. It should make for a friendly and congenial evening.

Late lunchtime on Wednesday (4th) brings a change of mental emphasis, as Mercury while still retrograde re-enters Sagittarius.  You may be able to let go of the seriousness around communication (from Mercury in Capricorn) and introduce some lightheartedness (from Sagittarius), albeit this may come over trivial, frivolous or even klutzy.  But the mood may be more enjoyable, and it may not matter.

Note that Mercury will go direct again on Sunday 8th January, and re-enters Capricorn on Thursday 12th, so you may be having some deja vu sometime soon.

On to Saturday (7th) and early in the morning Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn.  You may wake with a profound dream, or realize you need a plan.  Listen very deeply to your Soul that day, and move forward with the holistic picture in mind.  Someone may be claiming your attention, and you may not be able to fully engage with your own agenda but keep your own vision in mind.

Venus also conjuncts the South Node, bringing relationships under the karmic spotlight, so again you may be called upon to help another, or address a past life issue of your own.  Venus at the South Node reminds us how much can be achieved by Love.

Best wishes to  you all for your hopes and dreams in 2017!

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – sensitive action, or active sensitivity
  • Tuesday – sensitive feelings, and artistic communication
  • Wednesday – silly communication
  • Saturday – profound experience, and karmic relationships

Review of the Year 2016

A Review of 2016

It wasn’t quite all Obituaries.  Selections from the blog…



David Bowie (1947 – 2016)

Rebel Rebel

Bowie’s Ascendant was in whacky, individualistic, rebellious, innovative, revolutionary and androgynous Aquarius – just perfect for what he wanted to do with his life!

So with his Sun and Ascendant, he was a mixture of calculating Capricorn and spontaneous Aquarius.  With the energy and drive of Sun/Mars, he got things done.  His urge for creativity was strong until the end.



European Union Deal and Referendum

First Week

A week is a long time in politics.  And four months is a long time to contemplate and debate whether we should be in or out of the European Union, but the gloves are off in the Conservative Party, and the starting gun has been fired for the In-Out battle…

Project Fear, or Scaremongering, seems to be the main tool of argument on both sides at the moment.  In the country it looks as though the referendum will be close, though polls nearer the time may reveal or conceal more.  Currently the Conservative Party are as much at odds about this issue, as the Labour Party are at odds over Trident.  And there’s a curious mix-and-match quality to politics at the moment, with David Cameron’s hope for Europe being in line with the majority of Labour MPs.



Brussels Bombing

The European wave of terrorism from ISIS, which started with the two episodes in Paris last year, has shifted to Brussels, the centre of the European Union.  This week Belgium was put under enormous stress with the attack in Brussels on Tuesday 22nd March, and there but for the grace of God go the rest of Europe (not forgetting terrorist attacks in other parts of the world).  The continuing anxiety about these attacks has led some proponents of Brexit to claim that the U.K. would be safer out of Europe (not my view).

31 lives were lost, and 340 people injured: a large scale disaster, and the worst in Belgium’s history. 40 different nationalities were involved.



Prince (1958 – 2016)

The world is reeling from yet another high profile celebrity death, and Prince not even reaching his 60s…

With Pluto as his Ascendant ruler, the Midheaven exactly conjunct Pluto in his 10th House of Career carries an extraordinary amount of weight and emphasis in his chart.  He was deliberately enigmatic, and not so much in a Neptunian way, but in the sense of the Pluto journey, plumbing the depths of the psyche, on a journey that was sometimes dark.  Pluto in that position also points to the theme of reinvention and rebirth on his life path.  The Pluto/Midheaven conjunction (his Persona) is at the very end of Leo, signifying a dramatic completion of a creative cycle: an ultimate performer.



Eurovision Song Contest 2016

What a dramatic contest we had last night!  On the face of things, it was the same as usual: Ukraine and Sweden did well, and the United Kingdom came near the bottom of the scoreboard.  But the scoring was a roller coaster not for the faint-hearted.

Toast to Terry Wogan

Graham Norton does a good job.  Nobody could purport to replace Terry Wogan, who was part of the fabric and the enjoyment of the song contest for so long.  But Graham does the dry humour quite well.  So at song number 9 he explained that Terry advised him never to start drinking before that point, and we all raised a glass to Terry.  I had some slightly salted popcorn, and just nipped to the kitchen for some sparkling mineral water to go with that.  Ah, dear Terry.



Reading Guide:

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If you are not interested in politics, you may want to skip the following section, and proceed to Aspects, or my Wimbledon blog…

Jo Cox

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us”~ Jo Cox

Basically, Jo Cox died in vain.  Despite all the protestations of how she was loved locally and nationally, her message was not listened to.



Wimbledon 2016 – Week 2

That first week was quite rain-drenched at Wimbledon, and there is some catching up to do to remain on schedule.  We have had the upset of top Seeds going out (Djokovic at No. 1 and Wawrinka, No. 4 men’s Seeds and Muguruza No. 2 ladies Seed).  Muguruza leaving makes it easier for Serena Williams to come out on top.



Laura Trott and Jason Kenny

Our Golden couple at the Olympics

The Olympics didn’t completely pass me by, and among the snippets which managed to present themselves to me (while passing through the hubby’s television room) was the triumph of Laura Trott (medal tally 4 golds) and Jason Kenny (medal tally 6 golds).

Laura Trott

Cycling as a sport is ruled by Mercury, and that planet is an important focus when looking at her chart, also because she suffered asthma as a child, and a collapsed lung when born prematurely (Mercury related health conditions)…

Jason Kenny

Her fiance broke the records on the same evening, after a third attempt at the Kierin race (the first two races were aborted because of overlapping).  He displayed great patience (he has Sun square Saturn exactly) and calmness throughout the crisis.  When interviewed and asked what was going through his mind he said “Nothing really” – very chilled!



Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Part 1

It’s back!  The hugely popular Strictly Come Dancing returned yesterday for its launch night.  It is the last year for head judge Len Goodman, who reportedly plans to spend his retirement on the golf course.  This is borne out by his transit picture, which looks remarkably quiet going forward, partly because the structure of his chart shows half the zodiac occupied and the end of several years of excitement.

Ed Balls

I have mentioned Ed Balls a few times over the years, in the context of his political persona, notably just before the last election:

“He is a Pisces, which can bamboozle the public perception of him.  He also has Chiron conjunct Mercury, which can lead to an odd way of thinking, but also a penchant for problem-solving.  Pluto also opposes his natal Mercury, which is challenging – he probably does advanced Sudoku in his sleepless hours!  He is an affable enough type of chap, reaching out to George Osborne on Andrew Marr’s sofa, though there are elements of shyness in his nature (Sun in Pisces, Venus conjunct Saturn).  One of the best features of his chart is an exact trine between Jupiter and Neptune (endless faith) which forms a Grand Trine with Saturn, giving him the ability to translate pie in the sky into concrete reality.”

Enter the new persona: as competitive dance contestant.  Never mind twinkle toes, I always find him to have twinkly eyes.  He has written his political memoirs, but his recent interviews have brought out a different side of him. “You can do politics and be a human being” he has asserted.  He is born under Pisces, the dancing sign, but he claims his dance style is that of a “camp rugby player”.



Bob Dylan

“Flashing for the warriors whose strength is not to fight
Flashing for the refugees on the unarmed road of flight
An’ for each an’ ev’ry underdog soldier in the night
An’ we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing”

~ Bob Dylan

What took them so long to award Bob Dylan the Nobel prize for literature?  It happened finally, this week on Thursday 13th October.  The expanse of his work is so large, that I will have to look at it with a personal eye in order to confine it into the nutshell of a Sunday morning blog.  His songs are poetic, and in turn political, philosophical and romantic.

In the dime stores and bus stations
People talk of situations
Read books, repeat quotations
Draw conclusions on the wall…



Leonard Cohen (1934 – 2016)

“But let’s not talk of love or chains and things we can’t untie

Your eyes are soft with sorrow
Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye”

Poet and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen died this week, providing an emotional distraction from the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. Presidency.  Though he died on Monday 7th November, his death was not announced until Thursday 10th, the day after the election results.


“Suzanne” was the song that really made his name, when recorded by Judy Collins.  On his greatest hits album he wrote, “Everything happened just as it was put down. She was the wife of a man I knew. Her hospitality was immaculate”.  She was the first of two Suzannes in his life, the second being the mother of his children (Suzanne Elrod).  The earlier Suzanne was Suzanne Verdal, who was shocked when she discovered he had written a song about their relationship.  Her own verdict was “Ours was a soul connection as far as I was concerned”




Yemen was in the news this week from more than one angle.  On Tuesday night’s BBC News it was headlined for reasons of the starvation and devastation of the country: Fergal Keane reported that babies were being born malnourished, medical systems were collapsing and aid was not getting through due to the war situation.  There is a civil war between the Houthis and Al-Islah, and Saudi Arabia has intervened.  This nation is reportedly the poorest in the Middle East…

The Charts

There are three charts for Yemen (1962, 1967 and 1990).  In terms of determining a national character from them, they all three have Sun trine Saturn (a cautious nature), but two of them have its opposite in Jupiter opposite Uranus (risk-taking).  So that is contradictory, but then so is a civil war.

Aspects for the week beginning 25 December 2016

Religion and Spirituality

Christmas Day and Hanukah coincide this year, and so I thought I would put together some thoughts about religion and spirituality in the birth chart.  I try to honour all religions.  God created all people on this earth, regardless of what religion they were born under.  The mystical branches of all religions, based on the direct experience of their founders, are largely united in their perceptions.  And in this day and age, there is a high proportion of atheism, agnosticism and humanism, which I think can be psychologically healthy and independent, providing it is based on a good set of ethics and values.  In past lives, we have partaken in several religions, depending on the time and place of our births.


Religion in the birth chart is a province of Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter.  A high degree of this sign and/or planet in the birth chart can indicate a strongly religious outlook, a belief in the power of prayer, and of positive thinking.  Sagittarius is an active sign, and prayer is talking to God.  Sagittarius and Jupiter can be prominent in the charts of those who may not believe in conventional religion, but are instead very philosophically inclined.  The Sagittarian may be a Seeker after Truth, and not necessarily focussed on religion.  Humanity’s experience of religious thought and feeling goes right back to ancient times, in various forms.


Spirituality is something we all have, being the connection with our Soul, and the spiritual world.  Some are more aware of their connection than others, and some have more belief in it, and some have more need of it.  Spirituality in the birth chart is a province of Pisces and its ruler Neptune.  A high degree of this sign and/or planet in the birth chart can indicate a mystical or spiritual outlook, and conjure up past lives in monastic settings or sages in Himalayan caves.   Pisces is a passive sign, and meditation is listening to God.  Neptune and Pisces have rulership of the collective unconscious, and access to all knowledge, hence many Pisceans have a breathtaking level of genius and talent.   Christianity is particularly associated with Pisces (with the symbolism of the fish), and the Age of Pisces.  The New Age vogue for Angelology is distinctly Piscean/Neptunian, connecting as it does with the power of the divine in our lives.  In biblical times, the relation with the Angels was one of passive awe and wonder (Piscean).  In the Aquarian Age, the emphasis is more on working with the Angels (Aquarius is an active sign).

Religion and Spirituality in the Birth Chart

Other factors  in the birth chart help to paint a picture of a person’s inner life.  The 9th House is associated with Sagittarius and Jupiter, and represents religion among other areas of life.  So for example, if Uranus is present in the 9th House there may be a religious conversion at some point in the life, as in the example of Cat Stevens.  The 12th House is associated with Pisces and Neptune, and represents cloistered institutions such as monasteries, and spiritual retreats. Thus a preponderance of planets in the 12th House may indicate a need to withdraw from society for a period of time in order to fully connect with one’s spiritual sources.

The Psyche

The whole of the birth chart represents different areas and interactions of the psyche, e.g. Capricorn can bring strictness and discipline to religious practice. But there is in particular another important area which impinges on religion, spirituality, and mental health.   Psychology in the birth chart is a province of Scorpio and its ruler Pluto, and Psychology in itself is a relatively new science, as birthed by Sigmund Freud, although ancient cultures had their own ways of evaluating character and personality (Astrology being one!).  The planet (or dwarf planet) Pluto was only discovered in 1930, and prior to that Scorpio was ruled by Mars.  I find that the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius in the birth chart is an important point, representing as it does the intersection between Psychology (Scorpio) and Philosophy (Jupiter).  How we feel about ourselves, and the meaning of our life (Scorpio/Pluto) is very relevant to how we see life and truth (Sagittarius/Jupiter), and the two together carry a lot of responsibility for our mental outlook and mental health.

Interactions between Jupiter and Neptune

Religion and spirituality constitute a vast subject, and one I find fascinating.  Jupiter is the form of religion, and Neptune the formlessness.  I hope to explore more areas of this in future blogs, but today I will look at the connections between Jupiter and Neptune in the birth chart, which often indicate how comfortable a person is with these areas of the life and Soul.  Not everyone has these two planets connected in their charts, but I will focus on some of these connections, using famous examples as illustrations.  There are so many ways in which religion and spirituality manifest, and I have included some atheists.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune

This combination brings religion and spirituality together like a sacred prayer, and usually denotes success in this field.  However, if your Jupiter or your Neptune awareness is not well developed, there can be confusion in such matters, or over-imagination.  The conjunction occurs roughly every 13 years, and if you were born in 1945, 1958, 1971, 1984, 1997, or 2009 the chances are that you may have it.

Pope John Paul II

This Pope (who held the position between 1978 and 2005) had the conjunction 2 degrees apart in Leo in the 10th House, a very powerful placing.  I  still keep a photo of him with the Dalai Lama on my mantelpiece, as a symbol of universal religious unity.  The two of them met eight times, and John Paul II said of Buddhism:

“In particular I express my highest regard for the followers of Buddhism, the majority religion in Sri Lanka, with its … four great values of … loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity; with its ten transcendental virtues and the joys of the Sangha expressed so beautifully in the Theragathas. I ardently hope that my visit will serve to strengthen the goodwill between us, and that it will reassure everyone of the Catholic Church’s desire for interreligious dialogue and cooperation in building a more just and fraternal world. To everyone I extend the hand of friendship, recalling the splendid words of the Dhammapada ‘Better than a thousand useless words is one single word that gives peace….’ ”

Pope John XXIII

This Sagittarian Pope had the conjunction in Taurus, and became Pope in October 1958 when the conjunction was in the opposite sign from his natal conjunction, Scorpio.

If you would like to delve into the charts of Popes in more detail, Astrologer Peter Morrell’s link here will provide further food for thought:


Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue, whose works adorn every Mind-Body-Spirit section of a bookshop, became an Angelologist after a carjacking in 1995 in which a voice from the Angels saved her life.

She was born in 1958, and has the conjunction across the cusp of two signs.

Ellen DeGeneres

This comedian was one of the first female celebrities to come out as gay in the U.S., and overcame a long period of rejection from the public before her career was rejuvenated.  These days she hosts the very successful Ellen Show, where giveaways (often material goods) are a regular feature, but also recognizing those who do good works.  As well as spreading the joy of comedy, she needed the strength of that Jupiter-Neptune conjunction to become such a social pioneer (Sun in Aquarius).  She was raised as a Christian Scientist, and although it is thought she is probably an atheist, the imprinting from Christian Science can give great strength and mental independence (our war reporter John Simpson was also raised as a Christian Scientist, and he has Jupiter semi-sextile Neptune).

Jupiter trine Neptune

The trine between these two planets is a most positive force, and easier to work with than the conjunction.  There is “space” for religion and spirituality to breathe in their own right, and come together in harmony.

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King embodies the breadth of vision of this trine.  A proponent of Gandhi’s non-violent resistance, he made some of the greatest speeches ever spoken.  His oratory is shown in his chart by Mercury on the Midheaven in the 9th House of Religion, but it expresses the passion of Jupiter exactly trine Neptune:

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’…I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Che Guevara

Another iconic figure who had the trine, Che Guevara was an atheist, but he was evangelistic about Marxism.  He believed in mankind, freedom and brotherhood.

Dion Fortune

“A religion without a goddess is halfway to atheism.

Dion Fortune was an Occultist and British Qabalist, who claimed to work with the Ascended Masters, including the “Master Jesus”.  She established a Fraternity in the Western mystery tradition, but also drew on oriental religions.  After her death, the Fraternity was renamed the Society of the Inner Light.  Her trine was composed of Jupiter in Aquarius and Neptune in Gemini.

Edgar Cayce

The legendary Piscean mystic Edgar Cayce was a devout Christian, whose unconscious mind in trance one day began to give people life readings based on health conditions, and then past life readings.  He also saw into the future.  He was a little conflicted about his gift, as he worried if it contravened his religious beliefs. His trine was composed of Jupiter in Capricorn trine Neptune in Taurus.

St. Francis of Assisi

Patron Saint of Animals, St. Francis of Assisi (1181 – 1226) had the trine in Air signs, with Jupiter in Gemini and Neptune in Aquarius.

Jupiter sextile Neptune

The sextile is also positive and allows religion and spirituality to work together well, but is not quite as powerful as the trine.

Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet is one of the most patently spiritual current inhabitants of the planet.  He is said to be an incarnation of Avalokitesvara, and as a young boy picked out some artifacts belonging to his predecessor.  He spreads light, joy and compassion wherever he goes!

“My religion is very simple.  My religion is kindness.”

Caroline Lucas

Sagittarian Caroline Lucas, Co-Leader of the Green Party, is one of the most ethical and conscientious M.P.s serving in the House of Commons.  Her book “Honourable Friends?” exposes the horrors she found there in her first five years as an M.P.  She may not be conventionally religious but her efforts on behalf of the planet reveal an evolved soul.

“Am I religious…? The spiritual dimension of life is very important, but it doesn’t necessarily mean… I like to take bits out of different religions, so I can’t say I am just one religion. I value very much many things from many different religions. I believe in some div­ine organisation which I couldn’t give very much more flesh to, and I think that those aspects of life that can’t be explained but are to do with a spiritual dimension are incredibly important.

I think that green politics is moral, because we care deeply ab­out our impact not only on other people in other parts of the world but also on fut­ure generations; but it’s not a sort of hair-shirt moralism. It’s based on some clear moral principles – and that is one of the things that attract me to it.”

Justin Welby

The current Archbishop of Canterbury has the sextile exact in his chart, and came late to the ministry, after a career in the oil industry (which is ruled by Neptune).  He has spoken out against austerity measures and their effect on the poor, and urged for the understanding of the religious motivation behind Islamic extremism.  He has referred to himself as a “spiritual magpie”.

“If we want to see things changed, it starts with prayer. It starts with a new spirit of prayer, using all the traditions, ancient and modern. When it comes, it will be linked to what has gone before, but it will look different – because it is a new renewal for new times.

Jupiter square Neptune

In the square between these two planets, spirituality and religion may not co-exist comfortably, and again may produce confusion, unless the person is highly evolved.  Alternatively, the dissonance may be so great that religion is rejected entirely.

Anne Frank

Who knows what the adult Anne Frank would have thought about life and religion?  Sadly we only have the thoughts in a diary of a young girl:

“People who have a religion should be glad, for not everyone has the gift of believing in heavenly things. You don’t necessarily even have to be afraid of punishment after death; purgatory, hell, and heaven are things that a lot of people can’t accept, but still a religion, it doesn’t matter which, keeps a person on the right path. It isn’t the fear of God but the upholding of one’s own honor and conscience.”

Chris Griscom

Chris Griscom, founder of the Light Institute at Galisteo, New Mexico, is one of the proponents of the Light Body in the New Age, and I am often quoting her wisdom.  When a square is resolved, the consciousness can enter new dimensions, and Chris wrote her book “Ecstasy is a New Frequency” from such a perspective.  It is one of the books I would take with me if I were on a desert island.

She says: ” It is our great challenge at this time to allow the unmanifest nature of our true beings to be present with our physical realities, so that our form becomes truly the form of God.”

Brian Cox

Piscean Professor Brian Cox, an ever-present cosmologist on our television screens, and one time pop star, also has the square, but in his case the conflict between Jupiter and Neptune has resulted in an outright rejection of religion, believing very strongly in the power of logic.  He is also a harsh critic of Astrology.

“I honestly don’t think about religion until someone asks me about it.”

Vincent van Gogh

In Vincent van Gogh’s psyche, the square between Jupiter and Neptune may have been one of his greatest inner conflicts. He was a Christian, the son of a minister, but had many spiritual crises throughout his life.  He was devout, and experienced spiritual inspiration.

Jupiter opposite Neptune

The opposition of Jupiter and Neptune is also difficult, but easier to negotiate than the square, as they can be combined through the polarity of the signs they inhabit.  They can bring people together, and help mediate between religions.

Margaret Atwood

Novelist Margaret Atwood is a Humanist, which is one way of resolving this opposition.  She has the Writer Archetype (Mercury conjunct Venus) exact in her chart.  She is also a poet (Neptune/Pisces).  Her Sun trines Jupiter and exactly sextiles Neptune.  In 1987 she was named Humanist of the Year.

Andrew White

A remarkable man, who has written autobiographical works about his ministry, Andrew White is known as the Vicar of Baghdad.  He has brought together people of all faiths (including Arabs and Israelis), and spent many years mediating in dangerous conditions (necessitating 35 Iraqi bodyguards).  He was born in 1964, a year when Jupiter was opposite Neptune, though we do not have a birth date for him.  He has headed up the International Centre for Reconciliation.

Dan Brown

Here is another author, who has the opposition.  His themes have been mysticism and Christianity, and include the titles “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons”.  It is almost as though he is trying to resolve certain issues through his writing and research.  He describes himself as being on a “constant spiritual journey”.

David Frost

The late David Frost, broadcaster, interviewer and satirist, had the opposition between Jupiter and Neptune.  In his early career he gave the impression of being quite cynical but became more open about his Christian faith as time went on.  After his death, Rory Bremner commented:  “…there was Methodism in his madness: his upbringing meant he hated wasting time. He was struck by a quote from Camus that Bobby Kennedy shared with him – ‘in the last interview before he was assassinated’ – about the need to make a contribution to lessen suffering, ‘for if we do not, then who will?’ It’s the closest he came to religion. Someone once asked Carina if her husband was religious. ‘Absolutely,’ she replied. ‘He thinks he’s God.’ ”

Douglas Adams

Author Douglas Adams created a Cosmology of his own, in his work “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” but was a “devout atheist”.  The idea for his magnum opus came to him while lying drunk in a field in Austria gazing at the stars.  It is classified as comedy science fiction, and describes what his particular imagination came up with from his opposition of Jupiter in Aries and Neptune in Libra. The power of this opposition is enhanced in his chart by a trine between Pluto and Jupiter, and a sextile between Pluto and Neptune.

“Religion… has certain ideas at the heart of it which we call sacred or holy or whatever… If someone votes for a party that you don’t agree with, you’re free to argue about it as much as you like; everybody will have an argument but nobody feels aggrieved by it. If somebody thinks taxes should go up or down you are free to have an argument about it. But on the other hand if somebody says ‘I must [not] move a light switch on a Saturday’, you say, ‘I respect that’… Yet when you look at it rationally there is no reason why those ideas shouldn’t be as open to debate as any other, except that we have agreed somehow between us that they shouldn’t be.”

Do we create God and the Universe in our own image?

David Attenborough

David Attenborough truly is a living legend, and I do hope he goes on making his wonderful films on behalf of the planet.  It is no surprise to find this expansive combination of Jupiter and Neptune in his chart.  He describes himself as agnostic, and maybe he doesn’t need religion as he is well and truly “doing his bit” for the planet.

Giles Fraser

Sagittarian Giles Fraser is an interesting example of Jupiter opposite Neptune at work, having started life as half Jewish, but now writes a weekly column on Christianity in the Guardian.  He rose to fame at the height of the Occupy Movement when he was Canon Chancellor at St. Paul’s Cathedral, and resigned rather than have to turf out the protestors.  His regular column is interesting in that he often tries to draw parallels between Judaism and Christianity, thus trying to resolve the dichotomy between them.  His opposition is exact, with Jupiter in Taurus, and Neptune in Scorpio.

On this special Holy day, I wish you All Love and the presence of the divine in  your lives.


There’s a bumper bundle of aspects this week, and four favourable aspects today, Christmas Day, making it extra special!  As there are so many, I will skip lightly through some of them, but there are three very major aspects and I will give them the attention they deserve.

Today (Sunday, 25th December) started at 00.21 Hrs with a trine of great magnitude, Saturn trine Uranus.  You may have benefited from this in the run up to Christmas, seeing a bigger plan at work.  Saturn represents tradition and Uranus represents innovation, so both can be combined with success, and it especially supports big plans.  So this favours the bridging of the old and new generations in the family today, but in your life generally if you are in the middle of a big project, it may all be coming together nicely like an engineering miracle.  You may have felt some real progress in  your work, for instance, right up to the last minute.  A very constructive aspect to start the day, start the week, and begin the Christmas celebrations.  Those in the U.S. will experience this on Christmas Eve, and in Australia the day will be under way with a swing first thing.

Christmas lunch will be a superb affair, with Venus trine Jupiter at 13.23 Hrs in the U.K.  This represents good feasting, good drinking, and song!  A good social atmosphere, and perhaps a special celebration of a recent success. There will be plenty of good humour in the air. It is a good time for romantic proposals, too, in case anyone is wondering whether to pop the question along with the Champagne corks.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Venus sextile Uranus comes along mid-afternoon (16.35 Hrs in the U.K.).  This brings extra excitement and sparkles to the proceedings.  It brings surprises, the unwrapping of the element of the unexpected.  And there may be unexpected meetings, perhaps a welcome guest turns up uninvited.  Charades may be more enjoyable than usual.

Christmas may be anything you want it to be this year, there are enough aspects to suit every taste.  If you are on your own, maybe you will find the solitude soothing, some do.  But all compassion and hearts go out to those who are lonely or grieving, such as the elderly who may be without relatives.  The final aspect of the day, Venus sextile Saturn, occurs at tea time (18.33 Hrs) though you’ll probably still be too full to tackle turkey or Quorn sandwiches by then.  It is a more sober, but still a positive force.  It speaks of loyalty, memories of absent friends or relatives, and serious but loving reflections on the year, the current state of things, and prospects and plans.  It is an aspect of sincere hugs, and sympathy.

On to Boxing Day, Monday 26th December (in case you are losing your bearings by now…).  The day begins with two karmic aspects: Mars conjunct the South Node, which may bring up conflict, and old warrior karma.  Then the Sun trines the North Node, which is a much brighter prospect, and may bring karmic rewards or late Christmas gifts, and the opportunity to balance karma and bring out your creativity.

Coming up to teatime on Boxing Day, Jupiter opposes Uranus, which is a big aspect, and may be tricky.  The element of the unexpected may not work to your advantage, though there may be a silver lining to be found.  Christmas is not known for being a time for pranks, but this aspect may bring out the prankster in someone in your circle.  Adventurousness and enterprise may not seem entirely appropriate.  Be on your mettle, because this  is not a lightweight aspect.  However, bear in mind that Saturn from Sagittarius is currently sextile with Jupiter in Libra, and that may constitute a steady and balancing background force to any unwanted surprises.

On Tuesday (27th) very early in the morning Mercury sextiles Neptune.  If you are going to have a spiritual moment over the holiday season, this could be it.  You may wake from a numinous dream, glimpsing the meaning of life around 4.19 a.m. …

Then spring up at 8.07 a.m. when the Sun sextiles Mars, ready for action, for whatever you have planned for that day.  It is not a day for lounging, nursing your hangover, or taking it easy – it is real carpe diem stuff.  A day to be seized with gusto!

Wednesday (28th) brings sparkling mental energy, with the Sun conjunct Mercury.  It is a good day to focus on your chosen projects, perhaps a new activity suggested by a surprise gift over Christmas.  As this conjunction occurs in Capricorn, it is also good for planning, making schedules,  lists and strategies.

Mercury sextiles Mars late in the day, injecting even more mental energy.  You may have a late night, inspired by a second wind (no double entendre intended).  Enthusiasm, energy and precision characterize your late night activity.  However, don’t overdo it.

In the early hours of Thursday (29th) the third major aspect arrives: Saturn square Chiron.  This one indicates that health matters need attention, so take good care of yourself, and keep an eye on those who might have been overdoing things yesterday.  If you have elderly relatives for instance, they may be feeling fragile at this time.  For such, it may be a good day for complete rest.

For others, who feel on top of things, it may be a day of renewal with a New Moon at 7 degrees Capricorn occurring at 6.53 a.m.  You will feel the benefit according to which House it falls in your birth chart, but generally it favours politics, administration, and forward planning (such as career initiatives).

The day is enhanced further by Uranus turning direct, so higher consciousness can flow more easily than it has of late.  Technology and electricity, Astrology and telepathy all benefit from the more straightforward transmission of Uranus.  Group work is also heightened.

All this, and one more aspect to round the week off nicely: Sun sextile Neptune, which comes on Friday 30th.  This is another spiritual aspect, inspired and creative.  Icing on the cake.  It occurs late in the day, so the day may pick up on the theme as it progresses.

It’s a full week of cosmic learning to prepare us for the year ahead.

A Merry Christmas to All my Readers, and Non-Readers!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today (Christmas Day) – full on gifts from the Universe
  • Tomorrow (Boxing Day) – karmic and tricky
  • Tuesday – spiritual and active
  • Wednesday – mentally focussed and energized
  • Thursday – some difficulty, new beginnings and turnarounds
  • Friday – spirituality and creativity combine

Aspects for the week beginning 18 December 2016

Strictly Come Dancing Final

Last night was the final of Strictly Come Dancing 2016, the highlight of the year for some!  I would have liked Danny Mac to win, but fair play to winner Ore Odube his show dance was breathtaking.

Here is a reprise from my October 23rd blog, which indicates some of the prizewinning transits:

Ore Odube

Judge Craig Revel Horwood has said TV Presenter Ore is the one to beat. I would add do not underestimate a Scorpio – they go for it hell for leather!  He has Venus/Pluto, Mercury and Sun in Scorpio, and with 5 Fixed planets is very determined.  Mercury trine Jupiter in his chart gives him a wide capacity for learning, and Venus sextile Neptune combines a flair for dance harmoniously with musicality.  He also has an electrical energy (Mars sextile Uranus) and great personal power (Jupiter trine Pluto).  In addition, he has the North Node exactly sextile Chiron, so he also has healing qualities.  So he has a lot going for him in life, in whatever he undertakes.  The week before last he gained three 10s from the judges!  Currently, Pluto (his ruling planet) is exactly sextile his Mercury, enabling him to focus in the most profound way.  At the end of the competition the North Node sextiles his Venus (a karmic uplift).  And although he will have a few squares in his transits, Uranus will be exactly trine his Uranus, so he could pull off the final surprise!  He is partnered with  Joanne Clifton who has been taking part in Strictly Come Dancing since 2014.  Joanne has a quadruple conjunction of Pluto/Mercury/Sun/Saturn across the cusp of Libra and Scorpio, which is very intense, with a great deal of mental focus when it comes to musicality.  Like Ore, she has Sun in Scorpio.  There is a strong sensuality about her chart, with Venus exactly conjunct Mars closely square her Nodal Axis.  Relationships are a strong karmic focus of this lifetime.  She has a very go-ahead streak too, with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius.  Bruno said yesterday that their chemistry and connection were outstanding, and in their astrological compatibility they are both born under the steamy sign of Scorpio!  There are also good mental and physical connections (his Mercury sextile her Venus/Mars), though her Saturn is conjunct his Venus which keeps control in the relationship.  Her transits are fairly quiet at the moment, but at the final Pluto trines her Mars (a supreme effort), and the North Node sextiles her Saturn (karmic honour). She also has surprise in her toolkit at the end, with the Nodal Axis squaring her Uranus.

As you can see, for both Ore and Joanne, the karmic factor of the Nodes were in play for the final.  Much has been made of the fact that he had not had any dance training previously, whereas both the other finalists, Danny Mac and Louise Redknapp, had some experience.

Claudia Fragapane

Claudia Fragapane just missed qualifying for the final, and I would just like to tie up a loose end by writing a few words about her, because I did not get round to doing so in my earlier blogs, and she clearly was a great contender in this competition.  Claudia is another Scorpio, of which there were many in the contest this year: Louise (another of my favourites throughout the competition) was also a Scorpio, and Ore Odube is an astrological twin of Greg Rutherford who was also a contestant.  Much was made of Claudia’s skills as an Olympic gymnast, which brought much to her performance, though her overly-gymnastic style was initially criticized by the judges.  With her ruling planet Pluto exactly sextile Uranus, she has a great capacity to surprise.  She feels she grew immeasurably as a person through the competition, and probably surprised herself. She has great determination, with half her planets in the Fixed Quadruplicity.  One of these is the Moon in Leo, which gives her some aptitude and willingness in performance.  She has an exact natal conjunction of Mercury and Chiron, which may have caused her initial diffidence and lack of self-confidence.  She also has an exact conjunction of Venus and Mars in Sagittarius, so there is a great sense of adventure, and ability to savour life.

Pint sized Claudia was partnered with the very youthful looking professional A.J. Pritchard, yet another Scorpio!  He has Venus, Sun, North Node, Jupiter and Pluto in Scorpio.  He also has the sensitive and complex conjunction of Neptune and Uranus which occurred in the early 1990s. They would have much to learn from each other, with her having half her planets in the Fire element, and him having half his planets in the Water element.

Their charts show them to be very much in tune, with several exact interaspects, most notably his Venus exactly conjunct her natal Mercury/Chiron conjunction, which may have been very healing for her.

They went out of the competition on 11th December, on a high transitwise and performancewise: Jupiter was sextile Claudia’s Venus/Mars conjunction, but this beneficial transit had just peaked.  However, Saturn was transiting her natal Mars, and Pluto was square her Saturn. Although Neptune was trine A.J.’S Venus (a transit also on the wane) and their performance as inspired as ever, Uranus was square his Neptune.

Head Judge Len Goodman

from my blog of 4th September:

“It is the last year for head judge Len Goodman, who reportedly plans to spend his retirement on the golf course.  This is borne out by his transit picture, which looks remarkably quiet going forward, partly because the structure of his chart shows half the zodiac occupied and the end of several years of excitement.”

Last night special tribute was paid to the outgoing Head Judge, who will be greatly missed.  Pluto was exactly trine his natal Mercury, which indicates an important ending for him.  Another break with a longstanding commitment in his life is shown by the Nodal Axis exactly squaring his Uranus.

Those who fear withdrawal effects can watch the Strictly Christmas Special on Christmas Day!


It’s another quietish week on the aspect front, which next week will make up for!

There are no aspects as such, just two planetary changes of sign, and a change of direction for another planet (guess which one).  Therefore I would describe this week as one of minor changes (some would say more than minor).

Two of these changes take place tomorrow (Monday 19th), so the day may be upgraded to one of medium change.  First, Mars enters Pisces, which changes the collective energy from go ahead to go gently.  Mars in Pisces gives more in terms of action on behalf of charity and compassion, and unseen or unacknowledged work behind the scenes.  There is altruism, but Mars in Pisces is not necessarily without its own agenda.  It is unselfish, but that in itself may have a need.  At any rate, coming up to Christmas, it is definitely in the spirit of the season to think of those in need or who are suffering, and in these times we don’t have to think long and hard to find such a cause to contribute to.

The second change of the day is Mercury turning Retrograde.  The principle of Mercury is communication, and we have been promised three strikes this week in the U.K., all relating to communication, so already we know of some disruption which will take place.  Southern Rail, which have been severely disrupted anyway for months, are holding a strike from 22nd December for three days, and for three days from New Year’s Eve.  Those who have managed to hold on to their jobs in the affected area will hopefully have some annual leave and not need to travel.  They particularly need the rail service to work during working weekdays, and Mercury goes direct again on 8th January.  However, Mercury direct has not worked for them in the past few months, so 8th January is only a faint light at the end of the rail tunnel.

Post Office workers are staging a strike actually starting tomorrow (maybe they’ve heard the word).  They are striking for five days this week, including Christmas Eve.  It is a dispute over jobs, pensions and branch closures.  There was consequently a panic over my Christmas card writing when I heard, and eek I only just completed them on time.  Astrologers are always warning people to complete their documentation in time for a Mercury Retrograde, but it’s a double whammy on this occasion.

Thirdly, there are Airline strikes coming up to Christmas.  Some baggage handlers, check-in staff and cargo crew are striking in some airports, notably Stansted, Luton and Gatwick.  This is a 48-hour action affecting 22nd and 23rd December.  There is also a potential strike at Heathrow Airport affecting British Airways.

Not trying to put a dampener on  your travel plans, but just amazed that all this is coinciding with the onset of this Mercury Retrograde period.

The third bringer of change this week is the Winter Solstice on Wednesday 21st, when the Sun enters Capricorn.  I always find this moment bittersweet, because just when we are really struggling with the fading of the light, it begins to return but so poignantly imperceptibly.  However, it is a moment to be celebrated by virtue of the fact we know on some level the light is returning.  Some are more sensitive to this point in time than others.

Capricorn is a more sobering sign than Sagittarius, and contains both the Christmas celebration and the New Year.  This year Christmas coincides with Hanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, on the evening of 24th December.  Though the New Year is a new beginning, it is also a time of planning, and planning is a feature of the sign Capricorn.  Capricorn is about career and status, achievement and organization.  So the ingress of the Sun into Capricorn which takes place on 21st reminds you of where you want to be going in the future, turning attention to the resolutions which may be imminent.

I will be posting my blog on Christmas morning, next Sunday, though without any expectation that anyone will be reading it!  However, you do need to know at this stage that there are no less than four beneficial aspects on Christmas Day, so if you are flagging between peeling the sprouts and putting on the roasted parsnips do tune in to find out what gifts the planets are bringing!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – gentle action; communication disruption
  • Wednesday – a sense of purpose

Aspects for the week beginning 11 December 2016


Yemen was in the news this week from more than one angle.  On Tuesday night’s BBC News it was headlined for reasons of the starvation and devastation of the country: Fergal Keane reported that babies were being born malnourished, medical systems were collapsing and aid was not getting through due to the war situation.  There is a civil war between the Houthis and Al-Islah, and Saudi Arabia has intervened.  This nation is reportedly the poorest in the Middle East.

There has long been an outcry about our cosy relationship with Saudi Arabia, and the fact that we have provided arms to that country, and how thereby we are contributing to the misery of Yemen.  And so, in the second story of the week, Boris Johnson (that loose cannon Foreign Secretary of ours) dared to mention this (well, he is known for stating his truth) on Friday.  As we are friends of Saudi Arabia, Theresa May slapped him down, saying he did not speak for the government.  Boris Johnson was always a risky choice for such a diplomatic position, but even his critics have been forced to admit he was speaking the truth.

The Charts

There are three charts for Yemen (1962, 1967 and 1990).  In terms of determining a national character from them, they all three have Sun trine Saturn (a cautious nature), but two of them have its opposite in Jupiter opposite Uranus (risk-taking).  So that is contradictory, but then so is a civil war.

On the day of Fergal Keane’s heartrending report, Mars was trine Mercury in the 1962 chart, information on Yemen’s behalf, Saturn was square its Moon representing the utter despair of their situation, and Uranus opposite Mercury (shock news).  Pluto was sextile its Venus by the time of Boris Johnson’s dramatic intervention.

For the 1967 chart, Mars squared Yemen’s Mercury, a stronger portrayal of news.  Uranus was opposite its Venus, portraying the disruption of its humanitarian aid, and Uranus was square its MC, indicating the shocking nature of the country’s crisis.  The latter two transits were still in play when Boris made his statement.

In studying the 1990 chart, the transits are more benign, and the chart may not be an accurate picture.  Neptune sextiles its Mercury and Uranus, and Pluto sextiles its Pluto which are strengthening transits.  Uranus conjuncts its Venus, causing some disruption. These transits remain through the week, up to the second event.  I am therefore not convinced by this chart, though if true, it may contain some hope.

Fergal Keane

As the author of the humanitarian filmed report, I thought I would take a look at Fergal’s chart.  He is a serious Capricorn, and Pluto at this time is exactly transiting his natal triple conjunction of Sun/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction (which in itself reveals a talented reporter), so it represents a deeply serious moment in his life, an endeavour to put the plight of Yemen at the top of the news agenda.  Yemen has been pushed down the agenda consistently by the situation in Syria, and to some extent Iraq.  Uranus also squares Saturn in his chart currently, so a feeling of shock-horror from him – I can never comprehend how these brave war reporters can function (which led me to read all those biographies going when John Simpson, Kate Adie, John Sergeant and Martin Bell were providing them).  Then there was Rageh Omaar in Iraq, and Orla Guerin still going strong wherever there is conflict.  One last transit which is very telling for how important this is for Fergal Keane at this time: the North Node is exactly transiting his Pluto, so he is reaching right into man’s inhumanity to man to reveal something to himself and not only to us.

Boris Johnson

When Theresa May appointed Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, there was speculation that it was an appeasement but also a call for him to prove himself or hoist himself on his own petard.  It remains to be seen how the effects of this week will play out for him, but his transits too may be revealing.  That the ebullient Boris Johnson is feeling super-ebullient at this time is shown by Jupiter exactly trine his natal Mercury at this time.  At the same time, the seriousness of his words are shown by Saturn opposing his natal Mercury (his Sun ruler).  He feels especially powerful and emboldened, too, because Pluto is currently trine his Jupiter.  The North Node is currently transiting his natal Uranus, so he was pushed into being even more controversial and rebellious than usual.  Pluto sextiles his Neptune, so his finer awareness is heightened at the moment as well.  There couldn’t be a better time for him to speak out (and I am not a fan, but I am a fan of the Astrology).  At other times he may not be so lucky.

Saudi Arabia

Relations between Saudi Arabia and the 1962 chart are not easy: Yemen’s Neptune squares Saudi’s Venus (mistrust), and Yemen’s Mars squares Saudi’s Uranus (sparks flying between them).  With the 1967 chart there are more constructive aspects, such as Yemen’s Uranus trine Saudi’s Saturn, and Yemen’s Mars trine Saudi’s Sun.  With the 1990 chart there is great harmony, so again, this chart does not ring true: Yemen’s Mercury/Uranus trines Saudi’s Jupiter, which should provide good communication.

How does the event of Boris’ criticism affect Saudi Arabia?  There may be some embarrassment, with Neptune squaring its Moon, and some feeling of crisis with Chiron opposing the Saudi Arabian Mercury.  Some spiritual confusion too, with Neptune opposing its Jupiter/Neptune conjunction: maybe someone in their ranks is mulling over the criticisms of how they treat women in the religious context.  There does seem to be a need for some current soul-searching in this week’s transits.


We start the week tomorrow (Monday 12th) with a fantastic trine between the Sun and Uranus.  It’s a good aspect for taking a fresh look at life and finding original angles for creativity.  You may suddenly be struck with an idea completely out of the box for someone’s Christmas present, for instance!  In the Office, you may change the position of your desk, or come across a helpful innovation in your weekly routine.

Not that the day will be completely plain-sailing, for there is a square between the Sun and Chiron, so there may be health issues needing attention, and someone may even pull a sickie in the Office.  These two aspects may work together in some way, and hopefully health issues will be overcome.  For example, if you work in the theatre, someone may be forced to pull out, and a new star may be born in the shape of the understudy.

There could be a little unease on Tuesday (13th) from the upcoming Full Moon at 22 degrees Gemini which takes place on Wednesday (14th) just after midnight in the morning.  Tension could occur in relation to the dissemination of information, such as news reporting.  The parochial concerns could be pitted against the global concerns, and somehow the truth or the need for balance needs to be found.  In your own affairs, aim for the win win situation, which might be found somewhere (if only in higher consciousness).

The rest of the week is fairly quiet on the aspect-front, but there is a minor aspect on Thursday (15th) for those who are avid about working with the aspects.  Neptune from Pisces is semi-sextile with Venus in Aquarius.  There could be a little discomfort with blending styles in the Arts, or slight paranoia in human relationships.  Neptune in Pisces is trying to be true spiritually, and Venus wants to be free creatively, and both can be honoured if egos are willing to take second place to joint ventures and the integrity of the whole – remember that no man or woman is an island, and it is often worth persevering to work out something together that satisfies you both and creates good art, or relationship.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – good for innovation, but some health issues need attention
  • Tuesday – mental and emotional tension, but dissipating throughout the day
  • Thursday – minor artistic and relationship conundrums

Aspects for the week beginning 4 December 2016

A Compatibility Guide for Sagittarius

Are you a Sagittarian, or do you have a friend, relative or partner born under that sign? As a Sagittarian, I have a lot of insider insight into these!

 Sagittarian Sun with Aries Sun ****

A good blend of two fire signs, with plenty of warmth between them.  There may be some anger issues, especially if Aries is in a grump, but generally these two can accomplish anything.  Aries forgives easily, so any issues tend to blow over quickly.

Sagittarian Sun with Taurus Sun

Not a natural blend, but there should be plenty of good will with Sagittarius ruled by jolly Jupiter, and Taurus ruled by Venus planet of love.  A positive vibe.

Famous Example: Ernie Wise and Eric Morecambe, comedy duo

Sagittarian Sun with Gemini Sun

Generally good interaction between these two, but sometimes they can clash.  Communication links these two opposite signs, and is the key to their successful partnership.  These two will be running questions and answers back and forth, piecing together the meaning of the Universe.  If they are living together,  they’ll have a house full of books and written material.

Famous Example: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, divorcing

Sagittarian Sun with Cancerian Sun

This is not a natural pairing, unless one of them has the Ascendant in the other’s sign.  Cancerians like to be rooted, and Sagittarius is happy to be rootless.  So living arrangements may be difficult.

Famous Example: Zoe Ball and Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), together since 1999 but recently separated

Sagittarian Sun with Leo Sun ****

Life could be a bowl of cherries with these two.  Leo is magnanimous and Sagittarius fun loving, and they would magnify these traits in each other.  They could throw tremendous parties together, and also be successful materially and generous with their gifts.  There should be a mutual respect.

Famous Example: Don Johnson and Melanie Griffiths, married twice

Sagittarian Sun with Virgo Sun

Traditionally, these two have a very different world view, the Virgo being less able to see the wood for the trees, and the Sagittarian being less able to see the trees for the wood.  If they are able to co-exist, they can balance each other’s world view, and Virgo will be able to take a wider perspective, and Sagittarius being less apt to ignore important details.  That’s one gift they can bring to each other.  They also share adaptability, so may be able to travel happily together.

Sagittarian Sun with Libra Sun

This partnership could be a lot of fun, and encourage self-expression in positive ways.  Libra may focus on interests in the Arts, and Sagittarius may be inclined towards globe-trotting, but their communication will be excellent and they can share each other’s interests fairly happily.  One area of interest which they do both share is Law: they might both enjoy watching television programmes or films of this nature, e.g. Judge Rinder!  Sagittarius can enthusiastically endorse Libra’s love of fairness and justice in society, and Libra may enjoy intellectual banter and a sense of freedom with Sagittarius.  Outdoor pursuits too may unite them.

Famous Example: Davina McCall and Matthew Robertson have been married 16 years

Sagittarian Sun with Scorpio Sun

These two can work well together, not least because being neighbouring signs they may have planets in each other’s signs.  They are both adventurous and daring, in whatever realms they want to explore, so there will be never a dull moment in this relationship.

Sagittarian Sun with Sagittarius Sun

These two can work well together, with mutual understanding.  They may have a tendency to exaggerate or proliferate everything they do!  They would share interest in humour, philosophy, deep studies, foreign travel and possibly sport.

Famous Example: Billy Connolly and Pamela Stephenson

Sagittarian Sun with Capricorn Sun

As neighbouring signs, these two may share planets in each other’s signs.  This can be a balancing relationship, especially if the Sagittarian is classically optimistic and the Capricorn is classically realistic.  If they have planets in each other’s signs, they may flip from one mode to the other, and hopefully their biorhythms would be such that one is able to raise the other’s mood and thinking if necessary.  There is a slight chance that both would be negative at the same time (aargh!) or both high at the same time.

Sagittarian Sun with Aquarius Sun

This can be a lovely combination, with both signs tending to be positive thinkers.  It can be very dynamic, with a great deal of potential and achievement.  It is also a very high energy relationship, which may exhaust others in their company.  Humour may be very prominent in this pairing, and there are always surprises round the corner for these two.

Sagittarian Sun with Pisces Sun

This is not traditionally an easy relationship, being squared signs.  However they do have a certain mysticism and faith in common, as Sagittarian ruler Jupiter was the original ruler of Pisces.  Both can have sagacity and wisdom, and both may be attracted to spiritual retreats.  Such a couple could be living on another plane!  Where their relationship may founder is that Sagittarius is outgoing, and may end up being the mouthpiece of the relationship.  Pisces is more introverted, and the Sagittarian may not be sensitive enough to understand Pisces’ moods and thoughts. There may be times when the depth and weight of Piscean emotion damp down the fire and enthusiasm of the Sagittarian, unless the Sagittarian has some Piscean features.

Famous Example: Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, television presenters


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.



Yesterday, Mars was sextile Saturn, which was a call to practical action.  You may or may not have started a project at that time, but if you did it may have been in a very conventional, plodding way.

On Wednesday (7th) Mars will be sextile Uranus, so work on your project or practical activities will suddenly take a more dynamic and progressive turn, and the period in between, i.e. the early days of this week, may see a blending of the two modes of action, or a moment when the conventional approach turns into something more exciting.  Wednesday itself will seem to move full speed ahead into the future.

As if to reinforce this trend, Venus enters Aquarius around lunchtime, so feelings and social interactions catch up with the forward-looking vibe, and you may encounter others on the same wavelength, or those enthused by your own project.  Venus may have been plodding a little in Capricorn, doing a duty, and then is reawakened by a sense of inventiveness and originality in its artistic ventures and social approaches.  Wednesday presents a mini-shift into the Age of Aquarius.  New idealistic relationships may be formed.

Thursday (8th) sees karmic consolidations, with Mercury trine the North Node.  You may receive confirmation or information that you are on the right path karmically, and may meet souls who are akin to siblings.  Communication is enhanced, especially as it pertains to soul life.  It is a good day to catch up with writing Christmas cards.

There’s a most upbeat aspect on Friday (9th) in the Sun sextile Jupiter.  Something should put a smile on your face that day, which may build to a Buddha-like belly laugh by the evening.  Whatever your plans, you may be due for a touch of luck.

Saturday (10th) may be mixed.  But don’t have a lie in: seize the Mercury-Neptune sextile which takes place at 8.25 a.m. in the U.K.  This could be sublime for meditation or channelling, and any spiritually-based courses.  The mind and the spirit are in harmony, and you could really get into the zone at the start of the day.

Stay in the zone, as just before Noon the Sun conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius.  This could go one of two ways: Saturn could bring down the tone, and you may struggle to perceive the sunshine.  Or, especially if you have remained in the zone, you may become super-focussed in your intended plan for the day.  A sense of dogged determination may shine through.  You may have a serious purpose, but can accomplish it with humour.  Don’t go for the reverse strategy, a trivial purpose with a flat delivery, which could easily be the line of least resistance.  Put some heart into the day.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – Electric
  • Thursday – karmic communication
  • Friday – a touch of luck
  • Saturday – mixed

Aspects for the week beginning 27 November 2016

Fidel Castro (1926 – 2016)

“There is often talk of human rights, but it is also necessary to talk of the rights of humanity. Why should some people walk barefoot, so that others can travel in luxurious cars? …Why should some be miserably poor, so that others can be hugely rich”

— Fidel Castro, 1979

Fidel Castro, who died on Friday evening at the age of 90, was an icon to many, but also a pariah to many.  The basis of his iconic status was his achievement of a practical working socialism in his country Cuba, and the basis of his pariah status was his dictatorship.  So we have 9 days’ mourning in Cuba, and celebration of his death among Cuban exiles in Florida.

Birth Chart

Fidel had 6 of his 10 planets in Fixed signs, indicating an extremely strong will.  His Sun was in Leo, the sign of power, in a harsh exact square with Saturn in Scorpio.  He was responsible for many deaths coming into power, but it is claimed that the harsh regime (that of Batista) he replaced was responsible for even greater bloodshed.  Together with comrade Che Guevara (whose iconic status is probably even greater) he shared a “whiff of glamour” (as John Simpson put it): this was due to his Sun conjunct Neptune in Leo.

His Sun was conjunct the Part of Fortune (to 1 deg) in Leo in 2nd House, giving a love of power.  But as a socialist his attitude to money (2nd House issues) was firm, and in some ways dismissive (Neptune in 2nd House).  According to Wikipedia, in the early years of his marriage, “Caring little for money or material goods, Castro failed to pay his bills; his furniture was repossessed and electricity cut off, distressing his wife.”

His Ascendant was in late Gemini, and he was verbose in his speeches, giving speeches which lasted hours, and notoriously boring at that.  John Simpson said he once doorstepped him for a quick interview, which lasted for a full half hour!  His Ascendant ruler Mercury was exactly sextile the Moon, and this gave him the emotional power to add to his speech.  His Moon was square Pluto, adding drama to the emotion.  His Nodal Axis squared the Moon, putting him in touch karmically and psychologically with the mood of the people, whom in his view he served.  Mercury also squared Mars, giving him irritablity and a sharp tongue (the Inner Critic Archetype). According to biographer Leycester Coltman: “Castro was well known for throwing tantrums, and could make ‘snap judgements’ which he refused to back down from”.

His main Archetype, and one that gave him iconic status, was that of Revolutionary.  This is shown in his chart by Uranus right at the top of the chart, cusping the 10th House, and squaring his Ascendant.  It fell in his 9th House, and there was, particularly at the beginning of his career as a revolutionary, a great deal of involvement in the politics of other lands.  The Revolutionary Archetype gave way, during the course of his career, to the Dictator or Tyrant Archetype, and Uranus can be very intransigeant, especially in a chart with 6 Fixed planets (or 7 if you count Chiron in Taurus).

He was able to use his personality in powerful ways, with Venus in a Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus.

His Mars was wounded by a conjunction with Chiron in Taurus in 11th House, so possibly he had issues of trust.  When he made overtures towards Eisenhower and was spurned, he turned to Russia as an ally.  Jupiter was also square Saturn in his chart, possibly resulting in some inner conflict over decisions.

In matters of religion, Jupiter opposed Neptune, bringing confusion over religion, spirituality and ethics.  When George Bush said after a health scare: “One day the good Lord will take Fidel Castro away” Castro’s retort was: “Now I understand why I survived Bush’s plans and the plans of other presidents who ordered my assassination: the good Lord protected me.” He was an atheist.

Pluto was exactly conjunct the North Node in Cancer in 1st House, a profound and powerful karmic mission connected with his homeland, and with Pluto also trine his Midheaven he was able to use social forces and psychology in his career.  The Pluto/North Node exact conjunction also illustrated the black and white nature of his image.  North Node being trine his Midheaven gave him a strong sense of destiny, and enabled him to combine his career and his karmic mission.


Raul Castro

His lifelong supporter was his brother Raul, who took over the reins of power when he became ill in 2008.  Their synastry was one of true brotherhood: Raul’s Sun was trine exactly Fidel’s Moon, Raul’s Mercury was trine exactly Fidel’s Midheaven, Raul’s Pluto was exactly trine Fidel’s Saturn, and exactly trine Fidel’s Midheaven.

Che Guevara

Fidel teamed up with Che Guevara early in his career as a Revolutionary.  Che’s chart is in itself the Revolutionary Archetype par excellence: his Ascendant was exactly conjunct Uranus in Aries – the Archetype of the Revolutionary, the Rebel and the Activist!  Che had Chiron conjunct Venus in Taurus in 2nd House, possibly depicting his socialist ideals.  The two had Pluto exactly conjunct, a shared purpose for their generation.  They had good personal links, but specifically enabled each other’s Revolutionary Activist, with Che’s Mars conjunct exactly Fidel’s Uranus.  Che took up positions in Castro’s government (Governor of the Central Bank and Minister of Industries).

Nelson Mandela

Fidel Castro inspired revolutionaries all over the world, and that included Nelson Mandela.  His armies gave practical help to the ANC in South Africa in the struggle against apartheid, and he and Nelson Mandela became firm friends.  They had a harmonious trine between Mandela’s Venus and Castro’s Jupiter.  Mandela’s Jupiter sextiled Castro’s Chiron, and his Pluto sextiled Castro’s Mars (fighting partners).


After a three year guerrilla war, Fidel’s struggles bore fruit on 1st January 1959, when he became leader of Cuba, attempting to form a true socialist state.  Humanitarian reforms for the poor were accompanied by harsh repression of any dissent.  He genuinely looked after the welfare of his poorest citizens in social and health reforms, and in promoting education very successfully.  He was able to do this initially with the country’s economic reserves, but these eventually ran out.

The purpose of the revolution was to free Cuba from U.S. hegemony, and the U.S. tried in vain to unseat him, e.g. during the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961.  With Saturn sextile exactly his natal Uranus at the time, he found himself defending his Revolution.  Pluto also trined his Mars, supporting his fight.

The ultimate brinkmanship occurred during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when there was a stand off between Kruschev of Russia and John F. Kennedy, President of the U.S.  I was 11 at the time, and remember my father saying “Either this blows over, or we do.”  The source of contention was that Castro had been harbouring Russian missiles on his territory, so his role in the crisis was crucial, and his role in the Cold War too was pivotal historically.  Ultimately, Kruschev relented and the crisis passed.  The transits at the time were very much in favour of the U.S. chart: Neptune was trine the U.S. Sun, Jupiter trine the U.S. Venus, Uranus sextile the U.S. Venus, and Chiron trine the U.S. Jupiter. John F. Kennedy was also favoured by the stars, with Jupiter trine exactly his Pluto (power) and Uranus sextile exactly his Pluto.  Cuba was then boycotted economically for 50 years by the west, which kept its citizens in poverty, but they were looked after by the welfare state Castro had created.  Russia continued to support Cuba by buying its sugar.

“We do not have a smidgen of capitalism or neo-liberalism. We are facing a world completely ruled by neo-liberalism and capitalism. This does not mean that we are going to surrender. It means that we have to adapt to the reality of that world. That is what we are doing, with great equanimity, without giving up our ideals, our goals”

— Fidel Castro


The resignation after ill health which came in 2008 when his brother Raul took over was registered in his chart by Jupiter on his South Node in 7th House – a karmic take over by a close relation.  Neptune (ill health) was on his Jupiter, and Pluto trine his Chiron, signalling big changes.

Rapprochement with U.S.

At Nelson Mandela’s memorial, President Obama seized the opportunity to shake the hand of Raul Castro, and cordial relations were resumed after such a long dispute.  Pluto (transformation and rebirth) was conjunct the Sun of Cuba’s chart.  Uranus (planet of surprise) was exactly sextile Raul’s natal Sun.  Donald Trump’s attitude to Cuba and Fidel Castro was summed up in his reaction to Castro’s death: “The world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.”  When inaugurated, he may well reverse the current position on relations with Cuba. At this time, Jupiter is sextile Cuba’s Uranus, bringing a new kind of freedom, and Saturn sextiles its Ascendant/North Node, necessitating decisions about its future.


His death at 22.29 Hrs in Havana on 25/11/16 at the age of 90, occurred with Pluto exactly opposite his Pluto.  Jupiter was also exactly square his natal Pluto.  At the time of death, the Ascendant at 10 deg Leo was exactly conjunct his Ascendant ruler Mercury, so there may have been an element of consciousness about the timing.  The Ascendant was also sextile exactly his natal Moon in Libra in his 4th House.  It is interesting that this unique and most polarizing character died the day after the very polarizing Jupiter-Pluto square.


We have a New Moon to look forward to this week, on Tuesday (29th) at 12.18 Hrs in the U.K.  This conjunction of the Sun and Moon takes place at 7 degrees Sagittarius, if you are locating that in your birth chart in order to pinpoint where your optimum intent may lie.  If you do not know its position in your chart, then your intentions can best flow with those issues pertaining to Sagittarius: global healing, positive thought, philosophy, sport, animal welfare and religion.  You may detect an added frisson and passion by virtue of the fact that the New Moon will be conjunct the asteroid Juno.

In the evening, Venus squares Uranus, and that may produce social quirks in your life, and could bring unusual encounters, e.g. people you may be avoiding. This aspect may also give rise to unusual artforms, such as clashing colours in painting, or discords in music.

As we enter December we have the Sun square Neptune early in the morning of Thursday 1st, which could cause a bout of sleeplessness for some and confusion about direction in life.  A lot of tossing and turning on every level.  So it is a day to try and centre yourself, perhaps start with meditation and retain your core sense of self.

Aspects are brighter and easier for the rest of the week: Friday 2nd December, again in the early hours,  brings a trine between Mars and Jupiter.  That is a really go ahead vibe, especially for active projects, optimism, sporting interests, and travel.  Enthusiasm and energy abound.  It also supports people who need to stand up for themselves, if that speaks to your condition currently.

In the evening, Mercury enters Capricorn, and enthusiastic ideas get the nudge to practical manifestation.  You have honed the theory under Mercury in Sagittarius, now walk the walk.  But do it before 19th December, when Mercury goes retrograde, or you may find yourself stuck in the pre-Christmas stupor.

Lastly, on Saturday 3rd December at lunchtime Mars sextiles Saturn, which is another call to practical action.  If you have been nagging yourself on the clutter clearing front, just listen to yourself, and act on what you hear.  A good clear out before Christmas could be just what you need.  Any other practical or active project or plan may also benefit from this aspect.  You could feel that you are making headway by the end of the week.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – new beginning all round, then social awkwardness
  • Thursday – foggy outlook
  • Friday – go for it!  Put things into practice
  • Saturday – solid work

Aspects for the week beginning 20 November 2016

Jupiter Square Pluto

The major square between Jupiter and Pluto occurs late on Thursday evening, and its effects may also be noticeable during the day on Friday.  You may have been feeling its pressure building up over the last week or so.  It represents power issues and power struggles, and the abuses of power.

I believe its effects have cast a shadow a bit further back in time, for the election of Donald Trump in the U.S. Presidential election, was very much a Jupiter-square-Pluto event.  It was explosive, dramatic, and concerned the exaggeration of truth and power.  The consequences are huge.  We may see a climax in the reaction to this event on Thursday and into Friday (Thursday in the U.S., Friday in Australia).  Donald Trump may announce an outrageous policy or appointment around that time.

Pluto impacting on Jupiter in this way causes wild energy to go rampant, and Jupiter impacting on Pluto in this way causes an exaggeration of power, arrogance, and lack of concern for consequences.

This aspect last occurred 6 years ago, in 2010, and at the time I focussed on the division between religion (Jupiter) and atheism.  I wrote:

“The Jupiter square Pluto experience  will challenge us to define our faiths, beliefs and choices.  We are likely to meet extremes, and choose between the light, the dark or the middle way.  All roads will eventually lead home, but some routes are more circuitous than others, and some consequences take more than one lifetime to undo.  Whether we use the prop of the Divine, or go it alone, that is the question.”

The first pass of the square occurred in July, and the second pass in August, when I noted:

“The dramatic event of last week fell between the aspect of  Jupiter in Aries (the individual, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks) square (versus) Pluto (the Institution: United States, Defence) with Pluto also representing the uncovering of information…”

Jupiter is in a different sign this time, having been in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn in 2010, and now in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  The current situation in the Middle East, which became inflamed during the Arab Springs which began in 2010, is certainly due for some of the peace-promoting potential of Jupiter in Libra, but the square that occurs this week is more likely to bring about some brinkmanship, e.g. between Russia and the west during this period.  Ironically, Donald Trump cosying up to Vladimir Putin of Russia has a temporary effect of looking like the U.S. could be in accord with Russia, at least from Trump’s inauguration in January.  So things are confused and in a state of flux right now between Obama’s policies and Trump’s intended reversal of policies when he takes over, e.g. non-interference abroad.

Those parties who are prone to unpredictability and volatility, such as the Donald Trumps of this world, are more likely to cause problems under this square than those who are more level headed and measured in their approach, such as the Angela Merkels of this world.

We have seen in the U.K. stark divisions in our society this year, between the haves and have nots, the Remainers and the Brexiters, the Corbynistas and the Blairites.  Brexiters have accused Remainers of labelling them as racist or stupid.  Scotland is still at sea about whether or not to stay within the U.K., especially after the U.K. overall voted to come out of the European Community.  Jupiter square Pluto represents these divisions coming to a head.  As Hillary Clinton won the Popular vote in the U.S. election, the divisions between those who welcome a Trump Presidency and those who don’t are equally polarized and creating high passions and divisions.  Donald Trump has allowed the feelings of racism and misogyny to re-surface where they had been suppressed.

This has been a year when, due to political elections, people have made their choices of conscience, and what seems negative to one side seems positive to the other, but was consistent both sides of the Atlantic.  It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that France could elect Marine le Pen of the Front National along the same lines, and the European Union may break up.  But people have been invited to choose, and they have decided.  In religious or biblical terms, this is the “day of judgement” or “sword of cleavage”, or the “separation of the sheep from the goats”, the light versus the darkness.  And this Jupiter-Pluto square is that type of energy.  The new buzz word for this year is “Post-Truth”.*

So in our personal lives, it is a good time to search your conscience, and make decisions based on your best ideals, or practicalities if you are more of a pragmatist.  Unless you are a hot headed type (a Donald Trump) make your decisions coolly (a la Angela Merkel).  You know what the big issues are currently in your life, and if you know what Houses this square falls into in your birth chart (15 degrees Libra for Jupiter, and 15 degrees Capricorn for Pluto), you may fine tune the areas of you life affected.  The 48% who voted for Brexit in the U.K. are currently having to work out what to do with their despair – some are in denial, and trying to engineer another referendum, some are getting more involved with politics to make a difference, or continuing to work in social ways or with charities to reverse issues of poverty and raise awareness.  In the U.S. those who wanted a Democratic President, or a non-Trump President, are also trying to come to terms with the fact that not only will progress be halted in a number of ways, but that gains made in the last few years may be reversed, such as racial equality or LGBT rights.  It is probably too early to decide what can be done in this situation, but this week may be a galvanizing force in that respect.  It would be a confrontational week for action, but it is always a good time to improve the mindset and the quality of thought, and set intentions in the direction you want to go, however difficult the times are.

*from The Guardian:

“In the era of Donald Trump and Brexit, Oxford Dictionaries has declared ‘post-truth’ to be its international word of the year.”

from Wikipedia:

Post-truth politics (also called post-factual politics) is a political culture in which debate is framed largely by appeals to emotion disconnected from the details of policy, and by the repeated assertion of talking points to which factual rebuttals are ignored. Post-truth differs from traditional contesting and falsifying of truth by rendering it of “secondary” importance.


This is a week of turbulence, but it is a week which also has its up sides.  This morning, in the early hours, Neptune turned direct.  You may have let out a sigh of relief, realizing that your spiritual ideals and efforts may have recently been honoured, and you are embarking on a new phase of spiritual progress.  Under Neptune in Pisces, a new voyage of the spirit is under way, or a new phase of the voyage since Neptune set sail in Pisces (February 2012).  Mysteries may be solved, and things lost may be found again.  Some confusions may start to clear.

Tomorrow evening (Monday 21st) the Sun enters Sagittarius, in time to lift spirits for the Christmas home run.  As in the Tesco advert currently running, you might start to feel “bring it on”!  You’ve already surrendered to the cold Autumn mists, and the Christmas lights may be switched on for you, internally.

Tuesday (22nd) is one of the highlights of the week, with a sextile between Mercury and Jupiter.  It is especially good for Christmas shopping, or any other forms of business, sales and exchanges.  It is good for travel, and holiday plans, and all types of communication and learning.  Positive thought and intent are also supported by this aspect.

On Wednesday (23rd) Mercury conjuncts Saturn, so there may be pressure to knuckle down to decisions and paperwork, and if you have been weaving optimistic plans the previous day, to try and pin down  that travel schedule or tour operator, clinch that business deal (unlike on the Apprentice last week where they shook hands and hoped for the best…), and generally try to close loopholes and prevent losses stealing on gains previously made.  It may take some hard work, but it can be done.

The Autumn Statement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer is due to take place that day in the U.K., and may well be disappointing.  Though the new Conservative regime under Theresa May know it is important to curry favour with the public at this time (and avoid an early general election), the Chancellor Philip Hammond in the effort not to fall out with anyone may end up not pleasing anybody.  Mercury conjunct Saturn is quite an austere aspect, and may not reverse much of the austerity of the previous regime under George Osborne.  As if to emphasize the point, the Mercury/Saturn conjunction falls exactly on Philip Hammond’s North Node, so he may be aware of the karma around this, but feel his hands are tied for some reason, to do the honourable thing.  On the Andrew Marr sofa this morning he had a brief but heated debate with the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell who wanted him to change course, but he did not seem like he was for turning.  I would love some Christmas cheer for the N.H.S. but it may be business as usual.

Thursday (24th) is the most important day of the week, with the previously described square of Jupiter and Pluto building up, and peaking late evening in the U.K.  As mentioned, the consequences may be more apparent on the Friday.  Some of the implications from the Autumn Statement may cause heated debate, and may be just as divisive as ever, and not as healing as hoped for the disenfranchised sections of society.  Clashes of interest and power are likely to be manifest on all levels, from the international to the personal level.  The peak of this will at least clarify what you are contending with, e.g. you might find out what someone really thinks about your cherished plan, or where their interests really lie.  Again, as in the EU referendum and the US Presidential election, one man’s meat seems like another man’s poison.  It is difficult to see the whole, or unify it all, or bring both sides together, but at the end of the day we are all one humanity on this globe, and we have to find a collective way through.

Friday (25th) initially it may seem you are picking up the pieces, and trying to make sense of divisions, with Venus conjunct Pluto.  Love is the starting point, and seeing where compassion lies in the situation. Finance and relationships are under an intense spotlight, and temporary negotiations may yield plasters for bruised egos.

But as the day wears on, humour may even help, or save the day, with Venus squaring Jupiter.  There could be awkward social situations or gaffes, but laughter could bring release from tension.  Even silliness may be advised.  Some lightness may be achieved.

Saturday (26th) begins with a square between Mercury and Chiron, and health concerns may be a focus.  But solutions may be found quickly, if you dig deep, or make use of resources to hand.  Your mind may be geared to problem-solving, and you could surprise yourself.

Finally, Mercury trines Uranus and around lunchtime, you may find you have achieved a major turnaround in circumstances, by the use of intuition, vision, and ingenuity.  Bright ideas will be plentiful, and where two or more are gathered ideas can spark between you, bringing enough illumination to see you through the weekend and insight to reflect on your current path.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – spiritual progress
  • Tomorrow – raising spirits
  • Tuesday – best day
  • Wednesday – hard slog
  • Thursday – power struggles
  • Friday – from the ridiculous to the sublime
  • Saturday – from problems to solutions