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Aspects for the week beginning 12 April 2015

Andy Murray weds Kim Sears

At last a good news story to intersperse my political blogs!  You won’t find exclusive pictures in “Hello” or “O.K.” for yesterday’s wedding, all credit to Andy Murray, who has over the years firmly embedded himself in the hearts of the nation.  I have written many times about his tennis in my Wimbledon blogs, but haven’t until now devoted the luxury indulgence of a whole blog to him.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a stolid Taurean, and that is one of the secrets of his endurance through long 5-set matches on court.  As a Scottish personality, we are lucky to have his birth time, which provides an Ascendant of Virgo, combining with Taurus to give a very shy nature.  Extra emotional diffidence comes from a conjunction of his Moon and Saturn in the 4th House of Home, and it has taken years for the public to see the real Andy, and what they have seen they have liked. 

Moon conjunct Saturn in 4th House also shows up the protectiveness about his home town of Dumblane and the tragedy it suffered in 1996, which he himself was involved in, hiding under the headmaster’s desk during a shooting massacre.  He says of Dunblane: “I will always hold this place close to my heart”.

At the time of the massacre there was a raft of dangerous transits to his chart (Mars squaring his natal Moon, Pluto opposing his natal Mercury, and the emotional confusion of Neptune squaring his Venus), but there was also the protection of Jupiter trine his natal Ascendant.  Unsurprisingly, there’s no doubting the impact of this event on his life and mind, but some of his toughness may also be due to that.

We as the supportive viewing public went on a journey with him, through the ups and downs of tournaments and nail-biting contests.  Often he would start well, drop a serve or two, and then come back fighting.  The defining moment in relation to the British public was his defeat in the Wimbledon final of 2012, where he seemed to drop his guard and open up when interviewed, and displayed more emotion than before.  He won even more hearts, and the public felt closer to him than ever.  That may have played a part in the final shift which made him a champion, in the subsequent Olympic tournament.  But there was no doubting that he had broken decades of frustration with our tennis performance.

Kim Sears

Now his wife, Kim Sears has a very energetic chart, with 4 planets in Sagittarius, the Sun closely trine Jupiter, Uranus square the Nodal Axis, and Mars exactly conjunct Pluto. She has been an almost constant support to Andy in his tennis career.  Her own talent lies as an Artist, specializing in animal portraiture (Sagittarius).  Andy Murray’s mother Judy says Kim is the best thing that has ever happened to him, and she looked predictably stunning as a bride.

Just a word about the temper…she used the “F” word in a rant against Thomas Berdych in January, in the semi-final of the Australian Open.  Of course, that Mars-Pluto exact conjunction has got to come out sometimes.

Synastry (Comparison of Charts)

Aged 27, both Andy and Kim have their highest number of planets in Fire signs, and she has 4 Sagittarian planets, and he has 3 (which include his Moon, representing the females in his life).  There is a lovely exact trine between Andy Murray’s Jupiter and Kim’s Sun, so that increases the luck when they are together.  Andy Murray’s Saturn also exactly trines Kim’s Jupiter, and she herself has Saturn trine Jupiter, so when together they are able to make balanced decisions.  There is some spark, though, in the form of his Mars opposing her Uranus, so it might not necessarily be a calm pairing.

They could face some tough decisions or restrictions over the next couple of years, with Saturn’s sojourn through Sagittarius, and both of them facing their Saturn Return.  But the Saturn Return is often the time when people have their children, and that does change their lives considerably and restrict their freedoms.  He is reported to have said: “I think I will be more nervous about starting a family because that would be more life-changing, in a good way.”

Chart of the Day

They were married at 4.30 pm yesterday at Dunblane Cathedral.  The chart of the wedding shows up an Ascendant very close to Andy Murray’s own Ascendant, so he is likely to be very comfortable in the marriage.  Uranus transiting his Jupiter ensures that the marriage will keep him on his toes though.  For Kim, Pluto transits her natal Venus, so it is a profound time for Kim emotionally, and may change the course of her Art in some way.

There is some drama depicted in the chart, as the Moon was exactly conjunct Pluto at the time.  A last minute snow flurry erupted, and a photographer died after a fall at the scene.

Mother of the Groom

The only “A” List celebrity reported to have attended the wedding was Tim Henman, whose Henman Hill at Wimbledon turned into Murray Mound when Andy took over as the nation’s hopeful.  But Judy Murray, Andy’s mother and original coach, is now a celebrity in her own right, and has displayed a canny sense of humour we never knew she had, since appearing on Strictly Come Dancing.  On her debut, I wrote: “She has Mars square Saturn in her natal chart, which is presumably the grit with which she encouraged and cajoled her sons as they grew up  in a life of tennis.  She also has as her karmic mission North Node conjunct Mars in Libra, symbolic of her raising sons to be tennis champions, with the drive needed to do that.” Like the bride, Judy looked simply stunning!

Father of the Bride

Kim Sears’ father Nigel is a tennis coach, and apparently was responsible for introducing the couple in 2005.  He actually does have the chart of a matchmaker, believe it or not!  His Sun conjuncts Venus with Venus exactly sextile Mars – excellent credentials for a matchmaker.  Like Kim and Andy, his highest proportion of planets are in Fire signs, and he has Saturn in Sagittarius (so may need to reduce his activity a little over the next two years).

A lovely couple, providing a feelgood story!


Mars sextile Neptune kicks off the week today, though its action is anything but a kick, more a gentle nudge.  It’s a time when you can unite action with spiritual intent and aspiration.  You can start the week on that note, and let it flow.

On Tuesday (14th) Mercury enters Taurus.  While in Aries lately, the collective mindset will have been logical and straightforward.  Mercury in Taurus brings the mind to bear on more relaxing and artistic pursuits.  Gardening, painting and musicality benefit from the application of the mind.  This reinforces the present outlook of Venus in Gemini, as Venus and Mercury in this case are said to be in mutual reception, in each other’s signs.  It’s a good time to set up a cosy club.

Venus is opposed by Saturn on Wednesday (15th), which may deflate some Venus types (Taureans and Librans for instance).  Cinderella may be confined to the housework, and be unable to see her way to the ball.  At best humdrum, and at worst some release of sadness arises.

There may be a sense of flatness midweek up to Friday (17th) because Pluto is preparing to  turn from Direct to Retrograde on that day, in the early hours.  Looking at the issues behind the flatness, you may realize how deep-seated they are.  You may be able to work through this in your dreams or half-awake, before tackling the day.

Saturday (18th) is a different kettle of fish entirely.  Mars squares Jupiter, whipping up excitement, and for a few people anger.  Enthusiasm abounds for your weekend activities.  Then at teatime a New Moon at 28 degrees Aries can bring about a renewal, a new you and a new emotional focus.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today -  sensitive physicality
  • Tuesday – mental application in leisure and pleasure
  • Wednesday – letting go
  • Friday – psychological introspection
  • Saturday – bouncing back and renewing yourself

Aspects for the week beginning 5 April 2015

The Labour Party

This is the 5th in my pre-Election series, and I know many of you are finding this tedious, but I have to do this!  This was an interesting week for surveying the political party leaders, with the 7-way TV debate, in which we got to see the whites of their eyes – most revealing.  They all got a shot at putting forward their case.  David Cameron and Ed Miliband emerged neck and neck in the polls, while Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party went up in the nation’s estimation, with people googling whether they could vote for her in England.

But I am looking at Ed Miliband and his team today.  I have picked out a few prominent faces in the Labour Party, but if your favourite is not here, let me know – I have been poring over quite a few charts, and narrowed the selection down.  I only hope that I can be fair and write about the same number of Tory politicians when I write about them in two weeks’ time.

Ed Miliband – Leader of the Labour Party

Ed’s profile has risen slightly since the TV interview with an ebullient Jeremy Paxman the week before last. He told him he wasn’t bothered by his geek image, but was concerned about the ordinary working man/woman.  There is no getting away from the fact that a lot of people don’t see him as a future Prime Minister.  Nicola Sturgeon was reported this week to have said that she didn’t, but she has refuted this and held out an olive branch to Ed to say she would help him, in the event of a hung parliament, establish a government.  A couple of weeks ago, he was forced, after being repeatedly pestered to do so, to categorically deny he would make a deal with the Scottish National Party.  But his position in terms of the eroded support for Labour in Scotland and the rise of the Scottish Nationalists, is such that it would be almost impossible for him to form a government without their support.

For all his lack of charisma, he does have a very good astrological chart.  Like Gordon Brown, he is an introvert, which is shown by 8 of his 10 planets being in the introverted signs.  One thinks of him as an academic, but he only has one Air planet, most of his planets are in Earth and Water signs (practicality and emotion).

His natal Capricorn Sun sextiles Jupiter (lucky enough to win the leadership contest against his brother) and trines exactly his natal Saturn (great practicality and seriousness).  He has good energy levels married with enthusiasm (Mars trine Jupiter).  He also has (believe it or not) good healing energy (Neptune trine Chiron).  On the minus side, Jupiter opposes Saturn, so he can chase his tail a bit, and Venus squares his Pluto (some relationship schisms, e.g. the brother issue).  But overall a strong and dependable chart.

At the New Year I looked at his transits for Election Day:

Ed Miliband (Labour): [Neutral] North Node transits his Uranus – A sudden change in fortunes”

To this I can add that Saturn (his ruling planet) trines his Chiron, Pluto sextiles his natal North Node, and that Mars trines his natal Pluto the next day, so there are some assertive transits going on.  He is posing these days as though he believes he could be Prime Minister, which formerly he wasn’t.

Harriet Harman – Deputy Leader

Harriet is currently the longest serving female MP in the House of Commons.  Her chart also has much to commend it.  Mercury sextiles Mars, so she is quick-thinking.  Venus is conjunct Uranus so she is skilled at networking.  Jupiter is trine Uranus, so she has the Entrepreneur Archetype.  Neptune sextiles Chiron, so like Ed she has the healing energy, and Pluto trines Chiron adding greater depth and strength (maybe the secret of her staying power in Parliament).

On polling day, she has 3 strongly beneficial transits, and one difficult one.  Neptune trines her natal Venus, so her charm should win out.  Jupiter sextiles her natal Neptune, so her faith will be rewarded.  Uranus trines her natal Pluto, so the element of the unexpected will be with her.  But Pluto squares her Neptune, so there will be a very challenging deep-seated change.  If she is called to serve in a cabinet the transition will not be easy for her.

Douglas Alexander – Shadow Foreign Secretary

Douglas Alexander’s position is difficult, as he holds a Scottish constituency, and most Labour MPs in Scotland are at risk of losing their seats.  His birthchart shows him to be a fighter (Sun in Scorpio exactly sextile Mars), with energy allied to enthusiasm (Mars trine Jupiter) and a lucky streak (Jupiter sextile the Sun).  So he may win through on his natal strength alone.

Despite the disadvantage for Scottish Labour MPs in the current situation, he could hold his seat, as on Election Day he has  Pluto sextile his natal Mercury (important news), Pluto trine his natal Venus (personal satisfaction) and Mars trine his natal Uranus (excitement, in a good way).  On the minus side, Chiron opposes his Pluto, so like Harriet Harman he could experience a culture shock.

Ed Balls – Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Ed Balls is another Labour politician who has failed to gain real popularity for some reason.  He is a Pisces, which can bamboozle the public perception of him.  He also has Chiron conjunct Mercury, which can lead to an odd way of thinking, but also a penchant for problem-solving.  Pluto also opposes his natal Mercury, which is challenging – he probably does advanced Sudoku in his sleepless hours!  He is an affable enough type of chap, reaching out to George Osborne on Andrew Marr’s sofa, though there are elements of shyness in his nature (Sun in Pisces, Venus conjunct Saturn).  One of the best features of his chart is an exact trine between Jupiter and Neptune (endless faith) which forms a Grand Trine with Saturn, giving him the ability to translate pie in the sky into concrete reality.

He has a good showing for Election Day, with Saturn trine his natal Venus (a good solid result) and Neptune sextile his natal North Node (spiritual exultation).  I would expect him to keep his seat.

Yvette Cooper – Shadow Home Secretary

Yvette is married to Ed Balls, and has been touted as a possible future leader of the Labour Party.  She has an outstanding chart, with great leadership and healing skills (Chiron conjunct the North Node – a healing karmic mission, and Neptune trine her North Node).  She can be mentally combative and possibly irritable, with Mercury square Mars.  Like her husband she has a diffident but loyal conjunction of Venus and Saturn.  But Jupiter is exactly conjunct Uranus (the Inner Entrepreneur) and works well with groups.  Her Pisces Sun trines its ruling planet Neptune, so somewhere she is tuned in with the Cosmos, though it is up to her to cultivate that quality – she may not even be aware of it.

Despite all this potential, she has a square of Neptune to her natal Mars on Polling Day, so she may feel uncertain or hamstrung in some ways from actions she would like to pursue.  Her self-confidence may be dented, e.g. a reduced majority.

Chuka Ummuna – Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

Chuka Ummuna has been up and coming for a few years, a really good speaker on the Question Time circuit, answering clearly and knowledgeably.  His Mercury square Jupiter gives him a breadth of learning.  His Mars conjunct Uranus can give him a scientific bent, and a sparky personality.

Is this his time to come forward?  He has mixed aspects for Polling Day, with Pluto sextile his natal Uranus which could propel him forward, but at the same time Neptune opposing his Saturn, which could give him a headache or a hangover of some sort to deal with.

The Labour Party

The chart of the Labour Party has an idealistic and ideological Sun/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius, also conjunct Mars in Aquarius (fighting for the underdog).  It also has the Chiron/North Node karmic mission of Healing, but opposing the natal Ascendant/Pluto/Neptune, which is not easy to manage.

The chart of the Labour Party is actually reasonably well-aspected at the time of the Election, so may be a force to be reckoned with, in a Coalition at least.  Uranus will be sextile its Sun (Change), Chiron will be transiting its Venus (a time to get its act together), Jupiter opposing its Mars (energy and enthusiasm), but buoyantly North Node sextile its Jupiter (karmic reward) and Jupiter sextile its Pluto (Power).  That is a good set of prospects, surprisingly enough – it is possible then that a good proportion of the votes of the disaffected, disillusioned and impoverished will go to them, although undoubtedly many will vote SNP, UKIP and Green.


The first half of the week could bring further challenges (if you found the Lunar Eclipse difficult at the weekend), but the second half is much more plain-sailing.

Mercury conjuncts the South Node today, and some karmic information could come your way, which may be useful.  Relationships with siblings and neighbours may be under the karmic microscope.

The Sun squares Pluto in the afternoon, a cloud or downpour, only softened by the knowledge that we are past the worst of the Uranus-Pluto square and its disruptive powers.  So a situation may return or reverberate, but hopefully only an echo of its former upset.  Some may have solved a long term problem by the last Uranus-Pluto square (I had one of my two cataracts removed; a friend managed to make a long-sought house move) but if you are still working to solve your Uranus-Pluto problem(s), this may be an opportunity to look at it and tackle it again.

Tomorrow (Monday, 6th) you may be able to see the light shining through the clouds or a parting at the end of the tunnel, with an upbeat trine between Mercury and Jupiter.  Helpful news or information may come to light, and there is an opportunity to broaden your mind and horizons, or make travel or holiday plans.

The Sun also conjuncts Uranus, which could be favourably dynamic if it were not for the fact that Uranus is still linked with Pluto in a square, albeit moving away from the situation.  You may be able to see how to make changes, but may be locked in a dependency with others for the working out of that change.  That may make desired changes frustratingly complicated or delayed.  All change at this time has to be sensitively handled.

On Wednesday (8th) Mercury tackles the waning Uranus-Pluto square head on, squaring Pluto and then conjuncting Uranus all in one day.  You may feel compelled to pursue certain communications, although they may be difficult, sensing that the time is now or never, and despite the exhortation of more cautious types that this is not the time for a battle.  Geminis and Virgos may be the most affected.  Remember that words, once said, cannot often be unsaid.  But there will be a fast and furious energy to communication, and words will come out of the mouths of babes.  After this aspect, you may be able to move on for the rest of the week with more harmony.

Mid-afternoon Jupiter goes stationary prior to turning direct, and you may see this as the turning point of the week, a green light for a more positive outlook and a sign of hope even.

Friday (10th) brings a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at 20 degrees Aries, shining a focus of light on Authenticity.  Be yourself, and be unafraid to be yourself!

Venus enters Gemini on Saturday (11th) staying in that sign until 8th May, and artistic matters will take a more cerebral turn.  I have signed up for a local watercolour pencil course which starts this month, which is very fitting to give more shape to my artistic work, now that I can actually see my way to putting pen to paper again [by the way apologies to all who have received garbled messages and endless typos in the last 9 months].  Venus in Gemini is also an opportunity for the social butterfly to flit from engagement to engagement, lunch date to soiree, new best friend to new best friend!

And finally (sigh – it’s so nice to end on a happy aspect) later that afternoon Mars sextiles Neptune and we should all be able to handle ourselves and others with sensitivity, finesse and spiritual attunement.  What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon…

[Wednesday - just discovered that the Mars-Neptune sextile actually occurs on Sunday, sorry folks!  But the energy of it will be available to you on Saturday, so tune in, in advance.  Will write about it again next week]

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – karmic information, then storm clouds
  • Tomorrow – Expanded mental horizons and business prospects, then too much excitement
  • Wednesday – mental friction, then a clearing of the clouds
  • Friday – clarity and authenticity
  • Saturday – new artistic lines

Aspects for the week beginning 29 March 2015

Colour and the Zodiac Signs

It’s uncanny how often people come to consultation wearing their Soul colour (of their Sun sign) or their Physical colour (of their Ascendant), often down to the specific shade of their portion of the sign.  I have always been interested in colour, being mildly synaesthetic since childhood:  I always saw letters, numbers, words and days of the week in colour.

Healing can involve a technique called Colour Breathing, where you visualize the colour you need, and breathe it in.  You can focus it towards a particular area of the body.  Often the colour you need contrasts with your natural tendency, as it is a colour that can bring you into balance.  You can use colour in absent healing, if someone has agreed to receive it.  Chris Griscom is a great advocate of the technique of enquiring within what colour is needed, and then transmitting it to someone who needs to heal a situation or health problem.  Clark and Martine in their book “Health, Youth and Beauty through Colour Breathing” recommend pink as an overall healing colour for their technique.

There are many systems of colour attributions, mostly in agreement, though sometimes diverging.  I have listed four books at the end of this piece which I have enjoyed and used.

From  my blog 28/10/12:

Colour Healing

“Colours of the chakras run opposite to the colours of the zodiac, so they balance and neutralize each other, rolling into white light.  Aries rules the head and the colour red, and Libran blue is an antidote for Aries headache.  The Crown Chakra has Violet as its traditional colour, and Pisces which rules the feet has that colour as one of its main associations.  In the chakra system, the feet are part of the red area of the spectrum.  In the rainbow, and the chakra system, green is the central and most neutralizing colour, and I associate that with Virgo, the sixth zodiac sign.  In the chakra system, green is associated with the heart and yellow with the solar plexus chakra.  However, in astrology the Sun and Leo, the sign prior to Virgo, represent the heart.”



New blood:

Out of a deep breath

of pure peace

the embryo weaves

its earth warm inheritance

Playing its own

unique rhythm

insistent pounding

on and on.

What lies beyond

the crescendo?

No matter:

“I must be heard”

Red is the colour of the 1st chakra in the Hindu chakric system.  In esoteric systems, it is the 1st Ray of Will and Power.  As a basic foundational colour, there tends to be more agreement about it than the rest of the colour spectrum.

As Aries springs into life at the beginning of the astrological year, around March 21st, and on the cusp with Pisces, Crimson is the colour which most expresses that cusp.  There are variations of colour within this sign, but a good clear red serves most of this sign well, especially pillar box red.  As you near the cusp with Taurus, from around the middle of April, this may lighten to a scarlet red.

Late March: Crimson

Early April: Pillar Box Red

Mid-April: Scarlet

Aries natives can be subject to eyestrain, headaches and general hot-headedness, so blue is a soothing antidote for them, and very suitable for colour breathing, even though red is an expression of their nature.

“Colorstrology” by Michele Bernhardt provides a colour reading for each birthday.

For April 1st she gives Fiery Red:

“You have come into this world to be a leader. You are active and lively and want to stand out and express your unique point of view.”


Taurus lies between the red of Aries and the Orange of Gemini, and because it is a feminine sign, and Venus-ruled, the softer pink-orange shades suit it.

Apricot would be closest to the Aries-Taurus border (around 19th April), and Peach would serve the sign generally, especially where subtler and higher levels of spiritual exploration are involved.

Lilla Bek says of Peach:

“Peach is orange on a higher vibration.  For some it is the colour of spiritual love and relates to a more advanced person who has made interesting journeys on a soul level.  It may look wrong on some people.”

According to Linda Clark and Yvonne Martin in their book “Health, Youth and Beauty through Colour Breathing”, Salmon Pink is the colour of Universal Love.  That resonates with the highest expression of the planet Venus.



Beside the shores

of a sacred lake

aglow with goldfish,

let your inner knowing

guide you to

“let go!”

Come and join

the rhapsody in orange

Circle and spin

and dip and whirl,

zing and wing

and taste the succulent

fruits of life

from bountiful trees.

Orange describes the light-hearted and youthful nature of Gemini.

Gemini is at home with a variety of colours, but the other colour most associated with this sign is Yellow, associated with Gemini’s ruler Mercury, and the intellect.

Under the Aura Soma system, Orange over Orange is the bottle to use as a shock absorber, for revival.



Tangerine is a lighter orange, between the full orange of Gemini, and the Yellow of Leo.  It carries the nurturing qualities of Cancer, and the association of the 2nd (Sacral) chakra with digestion.

But other colours are traditional for the soft emotions of Cancer.  White, Pearl and Silver are associated with the Moon, which is her ruling planet.

Laeh Maggie Garfield says of Silver: “The colour to use for triggering intuitive and creative channelling, including artistic endeavours such as music and writing.  When you are done channelling, remove it and replace with your customary colour”

Powder blue is also associated with this Water sign, and is associated with mothering and the Madonna.  Pale blue can cool the fevered emotions of Cancerians.



Lemon sherbert

Light from the Sun

that same light

playing through

each of us.

As the Sunflowers

turn their faces upwards,

So our hearts and minds

obey a higher instinct ~

now to act

And now to wait our turn.

So too the Sun

keeps its place

in the universal

march of time.

Leo resonates to the colour of yellow, bringer of sunshine.  On a higher level, Gold can represent the benevolence and magnanimity of the evolved Leo.  Traditionally, Gold has been associated with its ruler the Sun, just as Silver has been associated with Cancer’s ruler, the Moon.

Cusp of Leo/Virgo

The cusp of Leo and Virgo (around 22nd/23rd August) has two special colours worth mentioning, as people born around this time resonate especially to these colours.

  1.  Lemon-Lime: Laeh Maggie Garfield says that it represents a well-organized mentality, and is “Mentally soothing and uplifting.  The consciousness is in the process of being elevated.”
  2. Olive Green: Under the Aura Soma system, Olive over Olive represents the new age approach to group work of Feminine Leadership.  It is the earthier alternative to Lemon-Lime, as you step into Virgo.



Green has

nothing to prove;

those slanting emerald


through the rainforests,

let them lie.

The green tree

rooted in the earth

that we pass

strolling through the park,


The vast savannah

grassland in our mind

yields its space to us,


And, as time goes by,

we grow to love


As we come to the middle of the Zodiac (the cusp with Libra) we have the colour Green which is a colour of balance and neutrality.  Its associated gemstone Green Aventurine is helpful for soothing the nervous system.

Sage green represents the muted type of Virgo personality.

Apple green more readily represents the connection with Nature, Ecology and the Environment of Virgo.

Fabric-wise, small patterns, such as fine polka dots, appeal to the Virgo love of detail.

Cusp of Virgo/Libra

The cusp of Virgo/Libra and Spring Equinox (around 23rd September) is the mid-point of the zodiac.  While its opposite point, 0 degrees Aries, is Red, here is the beginning of Blue.  At the end of Virgo and the beginning of Libra we have a mix: Blue-Green or Turquoise.

Traditionally, turquoise, and its gemstone namesake, is associated with luck, mental brightness, lecturing and uplifting communication.



Once upon a time,

when the oceans

were true blue,

We used to speak

directly from our hearts,

do you remember?

Listen ~

what are we communicating?

Can it be

the sparkling truth

of aquamarine my friend,

or has time made it easier

to disguise our voices?

Speak to me with joy.

Blue is seen as a generally calming and soothing colour, the state that Librans aspire to.  In colour breathing, blue is especially good for the Throat Chakra, and wearing a blue scarf can be beneficial to reinforce that.

Colorstrology  gives Kentucky blue for October 2nd:

“Your ability to see both sides of a situation makes you a favourite when it comes to telling it like it is. You are the one to be trusted and to judge fairly.”

Late September: Turquoise

Early October: Sky Blue

Mid-October: Royal Blue



Stars at night –

  somewhere a harp plays

  in a distant castle.

But my sight is faded

by the mists of time,

only my heart responds.

  I see a bluebell wood,

  A piper playing –

but can’t quite grasp

the reason for my loneliness.

  The nurse rocks the babe,

  the west wind gently plays…

I cannot go back.


Things will never be

exactly the same.

  Lost and found

  continually shift key,

Stars twinkle…

Indigo for Scorpio represents Healing and Psychology.  Lapis Lazuli is a useful gemstone for this sign, and for the Third Eye.

In fashion, Scorpios like the little black dress (their ruling planet is Pluto, Lord of the Underworld!), and often wear a combination of black and white.

Black is not a colour for healing, but Laeh Maggie Garfield writes:

“As a colour that you wear, has certain uses for introspection and inner growth.  Black causes a kind of sensory deprivation, so that you have a chance to look at your old data without being distracted by new material coming in.  Black does attract negative energy, however.  It’s not good to wear frequently, and it’s never under any circumstances to be introduced into your aura or chakras.”

Maroon is also a colour I associate with the expression of Scorpio’s heavy emotions.


When we come to Sagittarius purple is introduced into the spectrum, and because we are just leaving the indigo of Scorpio, we have the Blue-Purple shades.

Luscher colour testing way back in the 1970s introduced us to the idea that the colour Purple was innovative, thinking outside the box of the primary colours.  It is starting to reach out to the spiritual realms.  It also implied androgyny, because Violet was made of a combination of red and blue.  It is also a protective colour, much used in Ascension circles.

Esoterically, Sagittarius is one of the signs which correspond with the 7th Ray of ceremonial order and magic, and the Violet Flame of the ascended master St. Germain.  The Sagittarian purple represents the sign’s affinity with Religion and Spirituality.

Sagittarius is associated with middle life, through its ruler Jupiter.  Jenny Joseph wrote a popular poem in 1932 which begins with the words “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple”.  Perhaps because I am Sagittarian, I started wearing purple in my early 20s.  At any rate, purple refers to that period of the second half of life which Carl Jung referred to as the time of spiritual seeking, and so fits the sign of  the Seeker well.



When we reach Capricorn, the esoteric sign of the mountain of Initiation, the colour purple deepens to an almost Inky shade of Mauve, before the introduction of red into the purple in Aquarius.  This represents the authority, temporal power and majesty of Capricorn (as distinct from the religious power of Sagittarius).

Other colours are Earth tones, and Green through the esoteric colour for its ruling planet Saturn (designated by the work of Alice Bailey).

The greens of Capricorn are darker than those of Virgo. So you might have bottle green, for instance.

Colorstrology gives evergreen for 22nd December, at the beginning of Capricorn:

“You have an uncanny ability to build and persevere once you decide where you are going and what you want in life.  You need to cultivate security and material success”.


In Aquarius, the spectrum starts to introduce red into the purple, so we have Magenta. This colour helps with group consciousness, which is often the life purpose of Aquarius.  It also represents the wise intuition of Aquarius.

Laeh Maggie Garfield points out that with Magenta:

“ We all have a touch of this.  It means a past life in which we were an administrator, and we are here again to administrate.  Perhaps to organize groups of people.”

Another colour which has been traditionally associated with Aquarius is Electric Blue, courtesy of its ruling planet Uranus.  This helps to express the technological and communicative aspects of the sign.


Dusky pink

The softest sign of the Zodiac, before returning to the pure red of Aries, Pisces has the dusky pink tones after the more strident Magenta of Aquarius.  This represents unconditional love and compassion, and heart-centredness.

Other colours of Pisces are Lilac, also very soft and spiritual, pale sea blue/green expressing the affinity with the ocean, and the more vibrant Aquamarine where the Piscean nature has overcome some of its frailties and is able to express itself with more confidence and self-assurance.


An Angel surrenders

one perfect note

to the Choir

for the Creator;

A tiny child

eagle eyed

spies a pink violet

and tenders it

to the parents;

Cycles of sacred sound

turn over and over and

dreams of perfection

spiral towards reality


“Companions in Spirit” – Laeh Maggie Garfield

“What Colour are You?” – Lilla Bek

“Health, Youth and Beauty through Colour Breathing” – Linda Clark and Yvonne Martine

“Colorstrology” by Michele Bernhardt

Poems by Lana commissioned 1990 by Ray Didcock



With four trines and a sextile this week, things will tend to run smoothly most of the time.

A profound trine of Venus to Pluto on Monday (30th) starts the week on seriously good form.  It is a great day to come to a deep understanding in your relationships, and maybe to resolve long-standing hurt.  You should absolutely know where you stand with someone close.

The same day the Sun conjuncts the South Node, so in addition there will be karmic understanding, so there may have been possible talks about the past, or even about past lives, which highlights karmic wisdom and understanding.

Mercury enters Aries in the early hours of Tuesday (31st), promoting an active mentality which may keep you awake for a while.  The emotional issues of Mercury’s time in Pisces may have been cleared out of the way, and you may be able to see more straightforward possibilities, so it may be the excitement which is keeping you awake.  Bright eyes and bushy tail, at the wrong time of day!

The same day another planet changes sign, with Mars entering Taurus. So during that day you will be able to calm down a little, indeed you may be forced to through sleepiness.  Mars in Taurus is a measured pace of action, and a fairly laid back position with which to conduct the day’s affairs.  Mars will be staying in Taurus until 11th May, should you wish to cultivate that position, through meditation perhaps.  It is good for gentle activity such as Tai Chi, or for mindful gardening.

Wednesday, 1st April (and April Fool’s Day) is a day for healing, with Venus sextile Chiron.  It is especially suitable for herbal healing or Homeopathy, but if you have a medical appointment you’ll be sure to find a harmonious rapport with your practitioner, and congenial ways forward for your treatment.  Love and Money are also well-starred, with healing feelings, and healing financial dealings.

A spectacularly constructive day follows on Thursday (2nd), with Mercury trine Saturn at lunchtime, and Sun trine Jupiter in the afternoon.  Mercury trine Saturn is suitable for getting the paperwork done, attending to the fine print with efficiency, and mentally mulling over plans.  You may have an awkward travel itinerary to sort out, but can do so satisfyingly.

In the afternoon, there could be a golden moment due to the second trine.  It is a day generally when things could fall into place, but you may feel jubilant about developments in the afternoon.  Something you have wished for may go better than expected, even exceeding your dreams.  Taking the day as a whole, you may solve some long-standing issues.

After the peak of that day, and a sense of achievement, you may need to draw a line in the sand, because by Saturday you will be dealing with a Full Moon and Eclipse in Libra.  So you may not be able to afford to rest on the laurels of Thursday, and may start to sense the unease or emotional turbulence building up to the Full Moon.

Saturday’s (4th) Full Moon occurs just after midday.  You may not be able to forget the last eclipse in a hurry, the sight of the half sun glimpsed (or not glimpsed) through your kitchen colander on 20th March, and Brian Cox waxing lyrical on the television.  The Full Moon is a little more challenging emotionally, and some people were challenged emotionally on the New Moon.  Emotions (Moon) will be trying to achieve equilibrium in relationships (Libra), while being opposed by individual needs (Sun in Aries).  Try the colour breathing for Libra, which is blue.  You might also see the continuum between blue and red (Libra and Aries polarity) or fuse them with purple or violet, and raise them to a higher level.  If you are very colour conscious, you may become aware of still higher colours in your meditations, such as opal (which is the gemstone for Libra) or colours that we even don’t have a name for in our current language.

Next Week:  The Labour Party

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – deep abiding love
  • Tuesday – energy shifts: slow (Pisces) slow, quick (Aries), quick, slow (Taurus)
  • Wednesday – harmonious healing
  • Thursday – real deals
  • Saturday – emotional wrangles

Aspects for the week beginning 22 March 2015

Liberal Democrat Party

This is the fourth in my political series in the run up to the UK General Election, and I will look at a few of their leading politicians and their prospects on the day.  Currently, the Lib Dems are running neck and neck with the Green Party in the opinion polls.

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg grasped the nettle, or maybe the poisoned chalice, to enter his party into a coalition with the Conservative Party in the aftermath of the last election 5 years ago.

As Caroline Lucas observed in her new book “Honourable Friends?”:

“So with Labour contaminated by its own time in government, and the Lib Dems muzzled by the coalition agreement, the scene was set for David Cameron to begin an ideological assault on the welfare state”.

Did Nick Clegg have any idea how far he would be used as a scapegoat (Sun in Capricorn) for unpopular Tory policies, starting with the issue of student loans, which hugely dented Lib Dem popularity while the Tories emerged relatively unscathed?

There were many dilemmas for the Lib Dems; they had power, but their hands were tied.  Caroline Lucas picks up on one of those:

“But it [nuclear power] also discomforted the liberal democrats, who as a party were opposed to nuclear, but were now in a coalition with the Tories, who were very much in favour.”

In the Guardian interview yesterday he was quoted as saying:

“Asked how he feels about the swing from net positive to net negative ratings over the past five years, the deputy prime minister said: “it is what it is. I don’t spend too much time…I’m quite a practical person”

His personal planets are not connected in with his outer planets, so there is a sense in which he finds it difficult to connect the personal with the wider social arena.

The Capricorn nature would be black and white, practical and boundaried, but his Piscean side (Chiron/Saturn) would erode those boundaries and bring him to compassion.  The Chiron/Saturn conjunction occurs in his 4th House of home and family, and he said this week that his family means more to him than politics – is it possible to give both equal weight?  I think this conjunction shows a deep idealism, and desire for the betterment of society.  His Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo in 10th House is rebellious and has a strong desire for reform.

He has an optimistic Moon and Ascendant in Sagittarius, and Mars in Libra in 11th House which speaks of taking part in a Coalition with Libran Cameron.  But his Mars exactly squares his Sun, which means he is no stranger to conflict.

His wife Miriam is Spanish, and a lawyer (a Jupiterian profession) and he has the Moon (women in his life) in Sagittarius (from abroad) trine exactly Jupiter (law and foreign lands).  He himself has Russian ancestry (Ascendant in Sagittarius).

In my New Year review of Lib Dem prospects for polling day I noted:

“Nick Clegg (LibDems): [Mixed]  Saturn conjunct his Moon (emotionally dispiriting) but Neptune sextile his natal Mercury [the opportunity for some sensitive communication]”

Vince Cable

Vince Cable is another Lib Dem politician whose reputation has taken a slide since the beginning of the coalition.  He was flavour of the year in 2009 after he had predicted the credit crunch, and lauded for his integrity.  But integrity has been very hard to keep in relation to working in a coalition.

In 2009 I wrote:

“He’s a money-savvy Taurean who states that life has taught him that “All things come to those who wait”.  Perhaps it was his Taurean Sun sign, which swayed him in his decision not to run for leader of the Liberal Democrats, as Taureans tend to prefer the supporting role.  He has a breadth of mental vision which is down to his Mercury sandwiched between Saturn (the old style of thought) and Uranus (the new style of thought), a perfect equilibrium or balance for a prominent member of the LibDem party.”

On polling day, Saturn opposes his natal Uranus, which could make grim processing.  He may retain his seat, but will be disheartened by the overall performance of his party, even though he is a realist (Mercury exactly sextile his Pluto natally) and possesses great strength and resilience (Sun in Taurus sextile Mars and Jupiter).

Danny Alexander

Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has been ridiculed this week for his gesture of holding up a yellow briefcase with an alternative budget after the Chancellor unveiled his budget this week. The week before, there was a “dodgy donations” scandal, which was also ridiculed in the press. Another money-savvy Taurean, I feel he has a strong artistic side which is unexpressed, and some aggression from Mars square Pluto which needs to have a constructive outlet.  Pluto trines his North Node exactly, and I think when he is able to express all sides of his nature, he will have a profound contribution to make, and will be less open to ridicule.

At the time we go to the polls, the North Node exactly trines his natal Saturn, and while he may have a sobering result, at the same time the Universe allows him some dignity.

Shirley Williams

National treasure Shirley Williams struggled to express the fine party line on Question Time this week.  Coming close to the election, she was trying to uphold the achievements of the coalition while re-defining the individual goals of her party.

Shirley has Pluto on the Ascendant, hence she changed her political afflilations a few times in her life, but never in a shallow way, always in a deeply considered fashion.

The mother figure is important in her chart, with a dominant Moon in Leo and a Cancerian Ascendant.  Her mother Vera Brittain wrote, and lived, the wonderful “Testament of Youth” account of a woman’s life in the 1st World War, which was subsequently made into a TV series and now a film.  Vera had the extremely challenging conjunction of Pluto and Neptune, one which many of her generation will have had – a generation which had to pull together.  She had no personal aspects to her Sun (except perhaps her Moon, if her birth time were known), and this comes out in her life and work as a deeply held sense of service, or surrender to the needs of her time.  Loyalty was also a theme, with Venus closely trine Saturn.

So Shirley had a rich heritage, and in her later years married an American academic.  Like her mother she has no aspects to her natal Sun, and a strong social conscience and sense of service.  She has a brilliant mind (Mercury exactly trine Uranus) but is hampered by an exact opposition between Jupiter and Saturn, which means she is sometimes hamstrung in decision making.  Her only cabinet post, as an Education minister under Labour, much earlier in her career, did not live up to her potential and promise.  And yet she was born to put herself into a meaningful relationship with society, with Pluto closely trine her Midheaven, and Chiron exactly sextile her Midheaven: she aches to make a difference.

The ebbing Uranus-Pluto square affects her chart at the election: Pluto exactly squares her natal Uranus, and Uranus exactly squares her Ascendant.  At 85, she is no longer an active member of parliament, but is a Baroness and life peer, and publicly supports her party.  This may be a time of a change of direction for her, with the North Node trine her natal Mars.  She may feel the need to nurture her health more or attend to personal activities and family relationships.

Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes put up a valiant resistance to joining the Conservatives in coalition (he has the Warrior Archetype in the shape of Sun conjunct Mars) and is another Taurean.  Eventually he did line up with the party when they came to power.  His chart is very steadfast in some ways (Sun/Mars in Taurus trine exactly Saturn), but rebellious or contrary in others (Venus exactly conjunct Uranus). He doesn’t necessarily care what others think (Venus/Uranus square Jupiter).  If he had the opportunity to advance his career further, he would be valuable as a problem-solver (Chiron exactly trine his Mercury).

He has a Mars Return on polling day, so will be very much in battle mode.

Lib Dem Party Chart

The transits on polling day make very weak aspects to the Lib Dem chart, confirming the general opinion (without astrological consideration) that they will have a poor showing, and that this last participation in government has damaged their party.  They may find themselves spiritually after this point, however, as Neptune is travelling towards a sextile with the natal Lib Dem Neptune, which occurs at the end of May and the beginning of June.  Venus sextiles their Jupiter on polling day, which is a minor transit, but it will help them pull together personally, and a new sense of spirit may emerge afterwards – there is a possibility that may be in the shape of a new leader, but it may be a new spirit under the leadership of Nick Clegg.

The Observer this morning is highlighting disquiet within the Liberal Democrat party about the possibility of a second Tory/Lib Dem coalition, around the subject of the EU referendum. Political Editor Toby Helm writes: “Because Cameron has said the in/out referendum will be a ”red line” for the Conservatives in any negotiations, a Lib Dem refusal to come in behind the idea would spell the end of hopes for a second Con-Lib coalition deal.”  The Lib Dems face some difficult decisions, as do the electorate.


Mercury sextile Pluto today is helpful for evaluating and reflecting on the outcomes and meaning of last week.  It favours the teaching and communication of profound concepts.

Tuesday (24th) starts with another sextile, between Venus and Neptune, harmony for the Arts, spiritual unity in relationships, fine balance in finance.  Inspiration early on may see you through the day.

There is also a conjunction of Mercury and Chiron on Tuesday, which suggests the coming together of conventional and alternative medicine.  I know two people who are scheduled to have surgery that day, and for that reason, I am going to digress and write about Chiron before continuing with the week’s aspects.


A couple of conversations on the subject of Chiron lately have prompted me to devote a section here to the subject.

I have been working with Chiron since 1987, ten years after it was discovered.  Chiron was a Centaur in the Greek mythological panoply, who had the gift of immortality and healing, but was not able to heal his own wound(s).  I was asked recently: “Is it true that we all have a wound that can never be healed?”

It is true that in astrology, and sometimes in alternative healing, there is more emphasis on the wound than on the healing.  Caroline Myss in “Why People Don’t Heal” writes about the attachment that many people have to their wound(s).

If there was no hope of healing a wound, we might as well give up, and stay in a rut.  We have many lives, and sometimes carry a wound for several lifetimes before we heal it.  But I have found many times, that when we heal our wound, we are able to help others who have the same wound.

Mythology, like Archetypes, can have a strong hold (and a stronghold) on the psyche.  They can be viewed as immutable Gods, rather than principles that can be worked with, like planets themselves.

There is not just one Chiron, we all have an Inner Healer, and if we cannot heal our own wound, we may travel for a time with one who has healed our issue and can point the way.

In the early years of working with Chiron, I began a path of working with Past Lives.  This is one path to healing, and can resolve issues which have been intractable in relation to other healing modalities.

There comes a time in most lives, even those dedicated to natural pathways of healing, when conventional medical intervention (Mercury) has to combine with the alternative methods of healing (Chiron).  Surgery is sometimes a necessity, for instance.

Mercury conjunct Chiron describes the mental crisis which surrounds a health issue, such as when the point comes that conventional medical intervention is needed.  It can also describe the healing that can come when the psychological issue which gave rise to the health problem is suddenly resolved by a new thought pattern, or by a revelation such as the nature of the pattern from past lives.

[End of digression]

So good luck to all those facing mental conundrums or surgical interventions on Tuesday (you know who you are!).

Wednesday (25th) has a much more stable and stabilizing vibe about it, with Sun trine Saturn.  Steady recuperation from any medical procedures are likely.  Any flights of fancy, such as over-the-top artistic embellishments, may be changed to more practical forms.  For example, if you finished a painting on Tuesday, you may decide to tone it down slightly.  Healing outcomes are likely to hold, and prospects brighten, as the Saturn trine brings confidence and reassurance.

Finally, on Saturday (28th)  Venus squares Jupiter, and it’s a day to let your hair down, after a mainly constructive week when you may feel much has been achieved, and you subsequently deserve a treat.  On my diabetic regime, gone are the days of cream teas, but I am allowed a cheese scone now and then!  It’s a good day for a party, or a dinner date, though with the two planets being in square, watch out for social gaffes (gaffe-prone Jeremy Clarkson, currently suspended from the BBC, has this square natally).  Just a celebratory attitude to life will honour this aspect, which fosters gratitude and good news.  I am most grateful for the cataract surgery last week, which has resulted in one eye restored to a level of sight I cannot even remember.  It is so many times easier to see my computer screen, and to cross the road.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – profound thought
  • Tuesday – artistic inspiration; healing
  • Wednesday – solid foundations
  • Saturday – upbeat, with social gaffes

Aspects for the week beginning 15 March 2015

“Soothsayer: Beware the Ides of March

Caesar: He is a dreamer; let us leave him: pass”

~ Act 1, Scene 2, Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Reg: What have the Romans done for us?

Xerxes: Brought peace

Reg:  (very angry, he’s not having a good meeting at all) What? Oh… (scornfully) Peace, yes…shut up!

~ Monty Python’s Life of Brian

 Uranus square Pluto finale

2.54 am Tuesday 17th March 2015 (U.K.)

 This last manifestation occurs at 15 deg Capricorn (Pluto) and 15 deg Uranus (Aries), with a special intensity for those who have planets placed in that degree.

I have been documenting each stage of this square from the first of seven encounters in June 2012, so I can see what can be attributed to the square and what may not be. The dismantling of institutions, such as the fiscal system and the N.H.S. has indeed taken place, as expected. But in the case of the N.H.S. nothing has been put in the place of its dismantling, and it is left hanging until the election.  Many of the problems we were facing then, such as climate change, have escalated, and certainly not diminished let alone been solved. In the case of climate change, the deniers I think have lost ground, and its dangers are more universally acknowledged. Other problems, such as those in Syria and the Middle East, have grown tentacles: ISIS has erupted, and disillusioned youth in our society have been going out to Syria via Turkey to join the Jihad.

Most Recent Phase

At the penultimate square in December, I wrote: “…the two world developments which most easily come to mind as representative of this [last] square’s influence are the rise of I.S.I.S. and the new developing cold war with Russia over conflict in the Ukraine.  I.S.I.S. had long been building up its force, and Putin has been in power for many years.  Both have necessitated involvement by the U.S. and Europe and other countries.

Outside of warfare and politics, the Ebola crisis has come more into focus, and there is urgency about finding a cure, and controlling the outbreak…war is a more deliberate act of choice by mankind than the eruption of a virus.”

After the Square is Over

At that time, I also wrote about the post square period: “Some situations may resolve themselves by the middle of March, or after the last crescendo.  If yours has followed the twists and turns, especially in the chronology of this square, then maybe you will see a peaceful end to that struggle in the spring.  I expect that in many cases it will be merely an end to the intensity of pressure.  Where conflict and revolutions and dismantlings have been destructive or not sufficiently thought through, there may be a long recovery period.”

Climate Change

Green M.P. Caroline Lucas has just published a book “Honourable Friends?” which is an enjoyable read. She contends that since entering parliament, she discovered that the political system needs to be overhauled.  She has a lustrous set of testimonials on the cover and flyleaf of her book: praise from Naomi Klein, Jon Snow, George Monbiot,  Melissa Benn, Owen Jones, Jonathan Porritt and Zac Goldsmith.

The book is a weapon for the sort of change we need right now.  It embodies the positive and maybe even ethical side of Uranus-Pluto.  No one can be doing more than Caroline at this time for the cause of climate change.

She quotes Rudolf Bahro:

“When the forms of an old culture are dying, the new culture is created by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure”

That is right where we are now in the cycle of growth forced by Uranus square Pluto.

Israeli Election

A regime change is possible for Israel on the day of the last Uranus-Pluto square as Israel goes to the polls.  Israeli politics has been dominated by the hawkish Binyamin Nethanyahu for many years.  He has used the politics of fear to try to assert that the people cannot afford to get rid of him, because only he can stand up to the threat of Iranian nuclear power.  He is not popular outside Israel, for many reasons: one being his near total destruction of Gaza, resonant of the Blair/Bush destruction of Iraq in 2003.  He showed a total disregard for the laws of  karma, which are compassionate and proportionate.

At the time of the election, he has a mixed bag of transits, which suggests the election may be close run, with probable alliances being negotiated thereafter.  The transits for the Israel chart are intriguing: a trine from Saturn to its Moon (possibly indicating they may choose the tried and trusted option) but a transit of the North Node to its Neptune (paradoxically that a karmic and spiritual choice may be made). Nethanyahu’s main opposition is an alliance between Isaac Herzog of the Labour Party and Tzipi Livni (Centrist), together known as the Zionist Union.  At the election, Herzog has a harmonious trine of Neptune to his natal Neptune (spiritually at one with himself), but Livni takes the Uranus-Pluto square head on, as it forms an exact T-square with her Sun, so either she is massively challenged, or will find that coming into power is a shock.

The Guardian leader this week stated: “The unexpected has happened before in Israel and it could happen again on Tuesday.  Those watching from afar, longing for an Israeli government committed to compromise rather than intransigeance, must hope that it does.”

The new government will have implications for the future of the Middle East, and the future of the Middle East has implications for the whole world.

Personal Lives

For several people I know, the Uranus-Pluto issue they have been dealing with has become clear to them, and as it nears the denouement it has very much felt like a crescendo.

I have to share my story here, because the timing has been so pertinent.

Last August, between the 5th and 6th square, I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes, and put on a waiting list for their removal.  With an 18-week waiting list, I immediately worked out that the operation would be scheduled for my birthday, which was the 6th, and penultimate, Uranus-Pluto square.  I also knew that somehow the issue of this square for me personally was linked with my cataract operation.  In October, I asked about my progress on the waiting list, and was given that date (15th December 2014), as the target date: official confirmation of what I knew.  The Uranus-Pluto square was following me closely…

In November, I attended an assessment at the Cataract Clinic, but was told that I had diabetes, and needed for that to be under control before I could have the operation.  I then “knew” that the Uranus-Pluto square would continue to follow this process.  I cut out sugar from my diet, which is anyway now a fashionable thing to do (witness the success of Davina McCall’s book “5 weeks to Sugar Free”, and was eventually re-referred to the Cataract Clinic.  When I received an appointment for a second assessment there last Thursday (12th March), I again “knew” my operation date would be on the Uranus-Pluto square, even though the finale was only days away.  “I have good news for you, Mrs. Wooster – we can offer you an appointment on Monday morning or Tuesday afternoon!” said the nurse at the assessment.   These two possible appointments were equidistant either side of the final square, which takes place at 2.54 a.m. in the early hours of Tuesday 17th March in the U.K. (the evening of 16th in the U.S.), and at any rate both possible appointments were within 24 hours of the square!  I have plumped for the first appointment, tomorrow morning.  Some Astrologers may have tried to re-schedule, but I rarely do that, as it is my philosophy to work with what is.  Whatever happens, the operation (to remove the first cataract) will be life-changing for me, and I will learn the meaning of the Uranus-Pluto square, which may for me be about accepting the process of life (subtext: to fear or fear not!).


We should be able to move on in relation to a major issue in our lives after this last square.  It has been argued by Barbara Hand Clow (expert on Chiron, who has documented her past lives in detail) that we will not be free of it because the Pluto-Uranus conjunction of the Swinging 60s has to run its course, and the two planets will re-meet periodically.  But for our generation, this present square is what we have had to deal with, and it is always important to establish good relations with our planets, both natal and transiting, which assists us in dealing with any transits.   It is as ever a case of “Seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free”.

Cyclone Pam, which has just devastated the South Pacific island of Vanuatu, is a last minute calling card of the destructive power of the Uranus-Pluto square.  However, an example of a more constructive completion in the last few days is the official ending of our involvement in the Afghanistan war, creating a new breathing space and releasing resources, as well as a conscious ending of conflict.  The conflict itself goes back 13 years, and is not a product of the Uranus-Pluto square, but its ending may have been assisted by the completion of the Uranus-Pluto cycle of squares.  Though our involvement was dubious and did not accomplish much if anything, any ending of any war is an accomplishment and a step in the right direction.  Theoretically, after the square, the only way is up.


It is a watershed week astrologically.  Not only does the Uranus-Pluto square have its final say, but there is also an eclipse later in the week.

Tomorrow (Monday 16th) Mercury squares Saturn, and there may be travel delays or slow communications.  It is not the ideal time for scheduling medical appointments, operations, or dental work, but if the fates have it that way, there may be a special learning involved.  Reading the small print [cataract-related joke] is a good idea for tomorrow, especially as you start your working week.

In the early hours of Tuesday (17th) in the U.K. the final Uranus-Pluto square (of 7) occurs.  This represents a heightened tension, disruptive energy, conflict and unpredictability.  If you have been following my blog and other astrological blogs by now you will know all about it, and how it has tended to affect you, what are your attendant issues, and what is now coming to a finale, prior to a new beginning and possible sense of relief and resolution.  If you have a planet at 15 degrees of a sign natally, that will be particularly involved in the process.

Later that morning, Venus enters Taurus, which may register immediate relief for some.  If you are Venus-ruled (Taureans and Librans particularly), you will feel Venus sighing “Home at last…” as she limps from the battlefield of Aries which is so not her comfort zone.  Peace may be tangible for some, though others may still feel embroiled in the Uranus-Pluto square, especially if it has thrown up some practical tasks to attend to.

On Wednesday (18th), Mercury conjoins Neptune.  This aspect can run the gamut from confused communication and mixed messages, through complicated journeys, to inspired spiritual communication.  So it may help you to understand the sensitive messages of the week, or compound their complexity.  It would help matters if you were  to work through your impressions before you communicate them, so that they leave your lips clearly at least.   Then listen very carefully…

All good preparation for the Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces on Friday (20th).  As with the last Uranus-Pluto square, it represents a turning point, and if you have a planet in that degree of a sign, the eclipse may be more intense for you.  Its placement at the very end of Pisces, also symbolizes a completion, for that is the last degree of the astrological circle.  So there are two completions in one week, which may merge together in some way.

Later that evening, the Sun enters Aries, birthing the Spring Equinox.  Apparently the Northern Lights are more easily visible around the Equinoxes, and also at the time of the New Moon, so this is a double whammy for anyone aspiring to view them. [Information courtesy of Janet].  By the end of next week, you may genuinely feel that life is beginning anew.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – pay attention to detail
  • Tuesday – potentially disruptive, but also a sense of resolution, completion and relief
  • Wednesday – spiritual thoughts
  • Friday – a turning point: another completion and a new beginning

Aspects for the week beginning 8 March 2015

Scottish Nationalist Party

This is the third of the political blogs approaching the UK General Election, and if you are bored, look away now!  It was revealed this week just how crucial the Scottish National Party performance is in the forthcoming election.  Support for this party grew up to the Referendum vote in September, and then grew further beyond that point.  The vote was close enough to almost split the Union, and the existence of the Labour party in Scotland is considerably threatened by a massive vote in favour of the SNP come election time, which it has been warned this week may result in a Conservative landslide.  There are several angles to explore astrologically in seeing how various MPs may fare at the time of the election.   Labour MPs in Scotland are particularly vulnerable to lose their seats, some of them established figures in the world of UK politics.  So difficult to call is this election, that this week Kenneth Baker, a Tory grandee, boldly proposed a Labour-Conservative coalition.  In a continuing saga, this week also saw David Cameron ducking and diving the TV debates.  This morning it was suggested he have his own separate TV interview, a soft option I would have thought.

When I last wrote about the S.N.P. in mid-September, Alex Salmond was at its helm, and Nicola Sturgeon his deputy.  Now she has taken over as Leader of the Scottish Nationalists, and Alex Salmond is seeking to take a seat in Parliament as M.P. for Gordon in order to have more of a say in Parliament.  Thus the two of them can still create a powerful force-field.

Here is a re-cap about Nicola Sturgeon’s chart:

Nicola Sturgeon

“Nicola Sturgeon has been prominent on our screens for several years, appearing regularly on Question Time.  She is a role model for the strong woman, and unflinching in her political aims, and in her solidarity with Alex Salmond.  She is a Cancerian to his Capricorn Sunsign, the perfect combination to complete a job.  She is comfortable with power, as her Sun is sextile Pluto”.

She believes that austerity has been too harsh and must be balanced with reducing debt, and that the resultant freeing of funds can go towards helping the N.H.S.  She would also be in favour of getting rid of Trident from Scotland, or not renewing it.

She would be willing to work with Labour: “Post-election, if we are in a position of influence, I would hope that we could persuade the more progressive strands of opinion in the Labour party to see what we’re putting forward sits far better with the principles they profess to practice.”

On polling day, Nicola has an exact sextile from Mars to her natal Sun, so she should show up in a strong position which is forceful for bargaining.

And Alex…

Alex Salmond

“Alex Salmond’s  birthchart displays spectacularly his life path.  Alex is a Sun in Capricorn (ambition and politics) whose Sun is conjunct the North Node also in Capricorn (representing his karmic mission, which is also on side).  He has the fighting spirit of Moon conjunct Mars in Pisces, which sometimes obtains what is desired by subterfuge.  But his Ascendant is in Cancer, giving rise to the moon face and also the patriotism.  Rising within 6 degrees of his Ascendant is an exact conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus (the Inner and Outer Entrepreneur)  And we all know what his Enterprise is.”

Alex Salmond has a special interest in securing the living wage, and protecting oil interests in Scotland.  He has said that after the election, the Scots will be able to “call the tune”.

On polling day, Alex Salmond has a curious mix of aspects: Neptune exactly sextile his natal Sun (he could be smug or at least at peace with himself), Mars exactly sextile his natal Jupiter (boundless enthusiasm) but Mars squares his natal Pluto (some personal danger, perhaps egg throwing directed his way?).

Some M.P.s Affected from other parties

Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling are standing down as MPs at the forthcoming election, and polls have shown that their seats may well fall to the S.N.P.

Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy is a late Leo leader, with a karmic leadership role shown by North Node trine closely his Sun.  His appointment as leader to the Scottish Labour Party was controversial after the Referendum, but he came forward after Johann Lamont resigned due to her treatment by the main Labour Party.   He has the rebellious mid-1960s conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, a sensitive Mars-Neptune conjunction, and his emotional make-up (Moon) depending on whether he was born in the morning or afternoon would be either heavily involved with Chiron (emotional wounds) or Saturn (emotional realism).  His Mars is exactly square Jupiter, so he is immensely enthusiastic.  In addition, he has huge energy at his disposal, with Mars exactly sextile Pluto.  Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer wrote that he “has got off to an energetic start that is attracting admiration from his colleagues”.   Politically he has a difficult task – trying to serve the Scottish people, the Labour Party, and standing up to the force of the Scottish National Party. In some ways, the interests of the Scottish Labour Party are at odds with the central Party.  This week’s poll suggests that he may just hold on to his seat in East Renfrewshire by a whisker.

On polling day, Neptune opposes his natal Venus, which may unsettle his personal life, but Chiron trines his natal Neptune, which may bode well for his greater role in society and healing divisions.

Charles Kennedy

The Ashcroft poll this week identified Charles Kennedy’s seat as one of those which was in danger of falling to the S.N.P.  As former leader of the Lib Dem Party, he is a veteran politician.  He is the M.P. for Ross, Skye and Lochaber.  He’s a Sagittarian, and arguably drink was his downfall, leading to him standing down as leader of his party.  However, he has Sun closely sextile his North Node, so leadership skills similar to Jim Murphy.  He also has a very heavyweight exact trine between Saturn and Pluto, so if it were not for his addiction or frailty, he could have been an outstanding statesman.  As it is, he seems much more comfortable these days in the less demanding role.

On polling day, sadly, Saturn is transiting his natal Sun in Sagittarius, and it looks as though the pollsters may be right, he could well lose his seat.  If he does not lose his seat, he may be heavy hearted at the state of his political party. In two weeks’ time I intend to take an overall look at the Lib Dem party.  A possible gain, one of many perhaps, for the Scottish National Party.  If any Scottish readers are tuning in, perhaps you can leave a comment about the complexity of your electoral choices, and how it looks from the other side of the border.


It’s one of those weeks when you need to hold on to your hats, not just because of March winds, but because the aggressive planet Mars is about to activate the Uranus-Pluto square.  The good news is that NEXT week sees the last actual Uranus-Pluto square, so I will be writing about that next Sunday.

The beginning of the week is the most positive and dynamic portion, so make the most of it!  Mars trines Jupiter on Tuesday (10th) and you will see that as the green light on all sorts of matters, particularly practical and physical activities, such as planting spring bulbs in the garden.  Hubby has promised to plant some of my favourite flowers, freesias, this year.  The enterprise failed miserably when he first tried them, a few decades ago.  But now there is global warming, I have persuaded him to try again.  Both planets are in fire signs, so anything energetic, light and bright will be favoured.  I will be meeting with Sarah for Light Pod, channeling and healing.  Hubby usually rewards us for all our hard work with a beetroot, carrot or kale juice, or all three.  “Ah, this is the life!”  you might think, on Tuesday.  Enjoy!

The middle of the week is very testing (I flinch to write about it!) but Mars conjunct Uranus on Wednesday (11th) will be the last time Mars encounters the Uranus-Pluto square in its intensity – further contacts will be as the square wanes.  Uranus conjunct Mars is a lighting of the blue touch paper, it is electrical, explosive and fiery (especially as it is in Aries).  Keep away from conflict areas and warlike people as much as possible.

I saw a clip on You Tube last week of Leonard Nimoy reading the poem Desiderata, and a few lines from that poem really resonate with what we need to achieve this week:

From Desiderata:

Go placidly among the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence

…Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit

…and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.”

Max Ehrmann (1927)

Later the same day, Mars squares Pluto, which is even more difficult: it’s energy gone out of control.  Whereas Tuesday’s trine between Mars and Jupiter is constructive and positive energy, this is a conflict most people cannot engage with without getting burnt fingers.  Tuesday may contain lessons about handling energy, which may help you on Wednesday.  But if you are not confident, just keep out of the way of warring factions.  Some people, such as those who have Mars trine Jupiter, Uranus or Pluto natally, are born to work on the coal face, as say firemen, in emergency services, or in the armed forces.  And we need them, but we don’t all have that specific skill, courage or strength.  Know yourself, and your limits.

Mercury enters Pisces in the early hours of Friday (13th),  so the collective mindset changes from cool intuition to warm compassionate thinking.  Both signs involve the collective in some ways, but there is a change of mental focus.  As it occurs in the early hours, you may perceive the change from when you begin sleep through to your waking perceptions and guidance, which may present an alternative view of something  you are working on, particularly if it is a collective issue.

Prepare to slide a little down the slippery snake of the game board on Saturday (14th) afternoon, for Saturn turns retrograde, requiring us to look back yet again at some piece of work, revise and rework it (groan…).  Yes, Saturn is a hard taskmaster, but the method in its madness is always eventually revealed as wisdom.  It’s just human nature to want quick results, and to resent having to take a step backwards.  The long term view is what is needed right now, or even the higher overview.   A spot of Future Life Progression may reveal the hindsight!

Next Week: The final crescendo of the Uranus-Pluto square

The week in bullet points:

  • ·         Tuesday – a frabjous day
  • ·         Wednesday – if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen
  • ·         Friday – a more deeply felt intuition
  • ·         Saturday – be prepared to have to re-take your tests


Aspects for the week beginning 1 March 2015

Leonard Nimoy (1931 – 2015)

I am not a Trekkie, but as an Astrologer I have a natural affinity for the territory.  There is a huge worldwide affection for Leonard Nimoy, who died this week,  and his alter ego Spock the Vulcan in Star Trek, although the actor wrestled with his screen persona, and eventually surrendered.  His relationship with William Shatner, who played the Captain of the Starship Enterprise, makes an interesting study.

Spock the Vulcan

The unique character with whom Leonard Nimoy is forever associated, Spock, is dramatically depicted in his own chart, and so is in fact a part of his own psyche.  Leonard was an Aries Sunsign, so straightforward, logical and individualistic.  He had an exact conjunction between Uranus , the North Node and Mercury: a cement-like bond between his higher mind, his lower mind and his karmic mission.  His mind, like Spock’s own, worked in a unique and unusual way, with extra-terrestrial connections.  The role of Spock truly was his karmic mission.  The portrayal of this character opened people’s minds to other realities.  This triple conjunction occurs in his 11th House of Starship Crews.


His rising sign and Moon were in the logical Gemini, and his Midheaven (persona) the supercool oddball sign of Aquarius.

Paradoxically, he had a strong feminine side, and was a man of great warmth:  This is shown by the gentleness of a trine between his two female planets Venus and the Moon.  He published love poetry (Neptune conjunct the Part of Fortune in his 3rd House), which expressed this tenderness, as well as general poems about life:

I may not be

I may not be the fastest
I may not be the tallest
Or the strongest

I may not be the best
Or the brightest

But one thing I can do better
Than anyone else…

That is

To be me

Relationship with William Shatner

William Shatner, his co-star on the Starship Enterprise, is quoted to have said: “I loved him like a brother”. My feeling is that they came from the same Soul group, and possibly had recent lives in other star systems, planning to portray space adventurers in this lifetime.  In two  amazing coincidences, they both came from Ukrainian Jewish descent (two letters away from Uranian descent!), and they were also born only 4 days apart in the same year (which makes them almost astrological time twins).  Though he has many similar planetary placements, William Shatner has a more indulgent chart, with Venus rising in Aquarius, and Moon in Taurus.  Apart from the astrological affinity of their planetary conjunctions, brotherhood is shown by William Shatner’s Mercury in Aries exactly sextile Leonard Nimoy’s Ascendant in Gemini.  William Shatner has the conjunction of Uranus and North Node, symbolizing star trekking, but unlike Leonard Nimoy the conjunction does not include his Mercury, so there is not the same emphasis on intellect.  They both contracted tinnitus of the ears (Aries-related) during an episode of Star Trek which involved an explosion (a Uranian phenomenon).  William Shatner’s persona (Midheaven) is in the flamboyant, fiery sign of Sagittarius.  Although Captain Kirk (Shatner’s character) was the leader on the starship, in truth they both have astrological top billing because they both have 7 out of their 10 planets in Cardinal signs.

Last Tweet

At his death, Neptune (chronic illness) was exactly at the top of his chart, squaring his Ascendant.  His last tweet was well thought out:

“A life is like a garden, Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory”

Having attained the grand age of 83, he could be said to have lived long and prospered.


There are 11 astrological events to write about this week, and possibly to process, so without further ado:

We start today with a conjunction between Venus and the South Node, and therefore a blast from the past.  Someone may contact you who hasn’t communicated for a long time.  It is a good day for reminiscences, and remembering precious moments.

Mid-afternoon Mercury then sextiles Uranus, an aspect that Spock would have liked: it is a reaching out of the box mentally, and an exploration of other ways of thinking.

In the evening Mercury opposes Jupiter, and we have stretched our minds as far as we can, and need to recognize that point.  We may have done some armchair exploration and adventuring, or watched several episodes of Star Trek boxed sets, but need to know when to give it a rest.  Try to have a peaceful evening, so that your mind is not over-exercised when you place your head on your pillow.

Tuesday (3rd) brings more fun and games, some of them of great importance with Jupiter trine Uranus, that very adventurous and enterprising aspect which can enable us to put into practice our wildest ideas.

Wednesday (4th) brings another happy clappy aspect, Venus trine Jupiter.  This is a good aspect for a celebration or party, and may of itself give you something to celebrate or shout about.  It is a very social aspect, so whatever is in your social diary should go with a swing.  If you are spending the day alone, give all your Archetypes a good work out; make sure they interact, even the wallflowers.

Venus then goes on to meet Uranus, and though that usually ensures exciting meetings, the conjunction is too uncomfortably close to a square with Pluto to be entirely beneficial!  If a new acquaintance is being ultra pally, and not observing comfortable boundaries, or if an old pal is behaving erratically, take a step back and analyze the situation with care.

To recap: it will be easy getting the party started, but don’t let it get out of hand later.  For by Thursday (5th), it may become hard to disentangle yourself, with Venus squaring Pluto.    Even established relationships may be under strain.  You will need to decide where your loyalties lie, if you can’t please everyone.   If you are able to unite on a higher plane, e.g. through group meditation, solutions may be easier to find.

You might feel you are running out of stamina by now, just reading, let alone in the process of the week.  But you will need extra stamina to get through Thursday.  The next aspect to tackle is Mars conjunct the South Node.  This may require you to deal with past battles, or even past-life battles.  You may, as a result of insights gained into your own behaviour, need to adjust your Inner Warrior slightly: maybe your helmet is wonky, or your sword rusty, or your attitude needs to be more compassionate.

By early evening, the tension rises to the crescendo of the  Virgo Full Moon, and you may have a feverish obsession to clean the house, get all your filing up to date, or show your conscientiousness some other way, perhaps in the community.  Be aware of any types around you who are affected by the Full Moon and may disturb your equanimity; but otherwise things should settle later in the evening, and you can quietly read a study book, or watch an educational documentary on the television.

On Friday (6th) you should feel much more sorted, Everyman, or Everywoman!  The Sun will be sextile Pluto, and you will be in a frame of mind to lucidly articulate your current psychological state to your favourite therapist, counselor or true friend.  You will have a lot to relate, if you have been exercised by all the aspects of the week, describing your adventures and how you overcame hurdles.  Unless – of course – you are the therapist, counselor or true friend, in which case you may not get a word in edgeways, but there is scope for an equal exchange., and a thorough psychological work out.

Which leads to the last aspect of the week, taking  place on Saturday (7th), that of Sun conjunct Chiron.  A good thrashing of your psychological issues the day before will enable you to go further and equate any physical symptoms and need for healing, with their psychological counterparts.  The day favours both physical and psychological healing, but could also bring up crises and the emergence of wounds in order to find the solutions.  Have faith in the Chironic process, which usually indicates that healing is near.

Good News for Astrology?

Astrology has found an unlikely champion in Parliament.  Last year Tory M.P. for Bosworth in Leicestershire David Tredinnick revealed (shock, horror) that he believed in Astrology, and had been a student of the subject for many years, and even introduced it to other politicians.

He revived the topic this week, with an interview in the Astrological Journal providing more details about his beliefs, presumably in preparation for the forthcoming General Election.  He has prescribed both Astrology and Homeopathy for the rehabilitation of the N.H.S.

I myself have been collecting astrological medical research data for a few years, but would not be qualified to employ it to that level.  However, it is a fascinating area of study, and has the potential to help.

He states “Ninety per cent of pregnant French women use homeopathy.”

He criticizes the scientific sceptics:

“People such as Professor Brian Cox, who called astrology ‘rubbish’ have simply not studied the subject.”

I will allow him to analyze his own chart, in his own words.  According to the Daily Telegraph:

‘Tredinnick, who was born under the Capricorn star sign, claims his own astrological chart suggests he was destined to be a “servant of the people.”

He said: “I have a strong 6th house which suggests an emphasis on being a servant of the people – and this is quite a strong indication of health and healing. My Moon-Venus-Jupiter planets (in Aquarius) sit opposite Pluto in the 12th house.” ‘

How do his prospects look for polling day?  Uranus (Astrology) will be trine his Chiron (Healing), so maybe he has taken a calculated gamble that his outspokenness will pay off, or at least not harmed his chances as much as the average scientific sceptic might think!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – past relationships under the microscope; exciting ideas; mind-stretching
  • Tuesday – a big, bold day
  • Wednesday – socializing, but keep your boundaries
  • Thursday – crunch time for relationships; the return of the warrior; emotions full
  • Friday – talking things through, satisfyingly
  • Saturday – healing required, and probably supplied

Aspects for the week beginning 22 February 2015


This is the second in my pre-U.K. General Election series.  It is also my second blog on the subject of UKIP, the first having been posted on 5th May 2013.  This week the Tories have nudged ahead in the opinion polls, but the bid for electoral power is still all to play for, with the minority parties in with a chance to affect policies and in line for possible alliances in the event of another hung parliament.  Since I wrote my original piece on UKIP two years ago, I managed to lose a friend over the subject – and I am not usually that careless!  In the political arena, since that time, UKIP have acquired two bona fide MPs, and altered Conservative policy through Cameron’s fear of their further success.

Nigel Farage

My astrological portrait from 2013:

“As a Sun sign Aries, Nigel Farage cuts an individualistic and almost self-sufficient figure.  On the Andrew Marr show this morning, he was very confident, straight speaking and focussed.  He has leadership qualities through that sign, but also from an exact sextile from Uranus to his North Node (karmic mission).  He has the capacity to surprise.  We do not have his birthtime, but I suspect Pluto is prominent on the angles of his chart, because of the way he rose from the ashes of the plane crash on the day of the last election declaring that he was lucky to be alive.  On that day Pluto squared his Mars (the near death experience), trined his Natal Uranus (surprise survival), and conjuncted his South Node in Capricorn  (karmically facing death)”.

At the time I wrote that, I did not have a birthtime for him, but having acquired one, I found Pluto exactly on his Ascendant (the ability to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes)!  Another extra point to note is that he has no aspects to his natal Sun in Aries, which makes him even more of an individualistic, almost maverick, figure.  He also has no Air planets, and though intelligent (Mercury conjunct Jupiter), he does not primarily operate in the mental sphere, but more on instinct.  This individuality is both the source of some of his charisma, but it is at the same time a factor in failing to organize a party properly, because you cannot replicate the personal success across a motley crew of a party.

So, what are his transits like on the day of the General Election?  As reported in my new year blog:

Nigel Farage (UKIP): [High] Jupiter trine his natal Sun (A stroke of luck).  Well, at the last election he survived a plane crash.  I am hoping the UKIP bubble will burst before the election, but he could get a seat.”

Transiting Pluto will also be sextile his natal Chiron, also putting him in a strong position psychologically.

Douglas Carswell

UKIP seem to have a particularly strong presence around Essex and Kent, and are apparently also coming up strongly in the North East of England.  Douglas Carswell was the first ever UKIP MP (representing Clacton), thus giving the party some presence and more respectability in parliament.  Like Nigel Farage, he has no aspects to his natal Sun (an unusual feature in a chart) and this points to operating independently.  He left the Conservative party because he wanted to see fundamental political change in Britain.  His ruling planet Venus exactly opposes Uranus, and this may be a driving force in that aim.  Mars trines his Pluto natally, so he has plenty of driving force generally.  He has no Water planets, so may be low in emotion.  At the time of the UK General Election this year, his transits are not remarkable.  He has Saturn transiting his Neptune, and may find things tough going or disappointing.  He may not do as well as he hopes.

Mark Reckless

Mark Reckless defected from the Tory party last year, and gained a seat in Rochester and Strood.  His is another very independent chart (Sun closely sextile Uranus – the Rebel Archetype, Mars trine the North Node), with leadership qualities but not as charismatic as Nigel Farage.  He had been notoriously rebellious while still a Conservative MP.  At the time of his re-election in November as a UKIP MP, he was experiencing his Uranus Opposition (which is the mid-life rebellion in terms of astrological cycles).  Like Nigel Farage, he has transiting Jupiter trine his natal Sun (which is in Sagittarius) at the time of the UK General Election.  So another lucky UKIP result on the cards!  His and Nigel’s natal Suns are exactly trine within a minute (13 degrees 55 minutes Sagittarius for Mark, and 13 degrees 54 minutes Aries for Nigel) giving them good working prospects together, and on election day Jupiter at 13 degrees 51 minutes Leo creates a Grand Trine with their natal Suns, magnifying the luck factor.  The stars certainly seem to smile on them that day.

UKIP chart on Election Day

Transits to UKIP’s own chart on Election Day are a mixed bag, but overall strong.  Uranus squares its Uranus, so there may be upsets, but Pluto trines its Mercury, indicating a positive shift on a deep level for their electoral machine.


One of the problems with UKIP is the lack of development of their policies, other than the prominent attitude of being anti-immigration and anti-Europe.  Here is a summary of some of their aims:

  • Pulling out of the European Union
  • Slashing the foreign aid budget
  • Bringing back smoking in pubs
  • Abolishing the Human Rights Act
  • Boost funding for the NHS
  • End involvement  in foreign wars

I can go along with their NHS policy, but the smoking policy seems a retrograde step.  Other than that, no comment!


I am straining hard not to show my anti-UKIP bias, but have to concede that the immigration issue is of concern to many in this country, and that is the main reason for their popularity.  Nigel Farage denies that the party is racist, but it did inherit members from the BNP and even the National Front, and many UKIP supporters have embarrassed Nigel by making racist comments.  Tonight there is a documentary about UKIP, in which Rozanne Duncan, a former UKIP councillor, is seen to explain why she has a fear of “negroes”.

I feel that UKIP  is fuelled by fear, if not hatred in some cases, with its racist, homophobic and misogynistic tendencies (judging by quotes in the past from its membership).

A spiritual Perspective

Under comments in my last blog on the subject, my friend Laura posted a long commentary on the subject of people’s perception of immigration.  For me it stands the test of time and bears repeating:

“UKIP and its immigration policy” ~ Laura Dane:

“If there is one thing I have learnt from my years of spiritual work, it is that what we notice in the “world out there” and how we respond to it is a reflection of our “inner world”. The outer world is a reflection: the cause and solution lies in our inner world.

So, if we, for instance, are troubled by the idea of poor economic refugees flooding into the country, (as opposed to rich economic refugees like the Russian billionaires fleeing Russia after falling out with Putin and bringing with them, the extension of Gangster style Russian politics into the UK), what we are really experiencing is:

A new and foreign aspect of our personality nature (“the European foreigner”) is emerging into our lives (“coming into the UK”) and we sense that we have no barriers to keep it at bay (“open UK borders”) and no power to stop it because it is under the control of our higher or soul nature (“the EU”). We feel threatened by it because it threatens our sense of identity (“our sense of Britishness”) by undermining our sense of self. We perceive it as an act of impoverishment (“Migrants taking up our jobs, our benefits etc without contributing taxes etc”).

Our response to the EU indicates our response to our own higher nature or soul nature while our response to “being a European” indicates our response to the notion of an integrated personality. Each new European nation is, in this sense, a new unknown aspect of our nature to be integrated into our personality nature.

There is a deeper challenge at work. Do we believe that the role of our higher/soul nature (“the EU”) is to support the personality-focused life of material power, possession and dominance in the world – the life of the lower chakras, the world of the past ( “winning the economic race”) – OR is its role to uplift the personality into a soul-centred life – the life of the higher chakras, particularly the heart in which brotherhood and sharing are central, the life of the future?

We will tend to see one or the other as we look out into the world, particularly the world of the EU but sometimes, we will observe that what is happening is a shift from the personality-centred to the soul-centred life. When we can observe this state of shift, we are experiencing the same within ourselves and participating in a great national shift in which the British nation, as a whole, is moving from a personality/material centred life to a soul/spiritual centred life.

There are those who can move forward into this new way of living and there are those who can not. There must be room in the nation for both. It is not an easy shift to accomplish. We resist it with every fibre of our being every inch of the way. Today’s crises about membership of the EU, the meaning of what it is to be British, the UK’s role in the world are all reflections of our inner crises which form the path to a soul-centred life. Paradoxically, from a spiritual perspective, it indicates success and a guaranteed new role for the nation in the life of humanity.”


Today is the real Valentine’s deal this month, with Mars exactly conjunct Venus (though they were travelling together last week).  A conjunction should be an equal match, but the cards are stacked unfairly against Venus in this respect.  Firstly, Mars has a tendency to overrule Venus, as he is the more forceful, and Venus the more diplomatic.  Secondly, Mars is right now strong in its own sign of Aries, so the Inner Warrior is fortified.  Thirdly, Venus is out of her comfort zone in Aries, and it is difficult for her to express herself.  So if there is a battle of the sexes today, Mars will win.  That can be a more Martian female, for instance.  It is a good day to read “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray, and ponder.

Tomorrow, Monday 23rd, the honeymoon (if it was a honeymoon) is over, and the shine is taken off the romance, with the Sun being squared by Saturn.  A mood of deflation (financial or otherwise) holds sway at home and abroad.  This is not a good starting position for the beginning of the working week, but you get a sense of what you are up against and what you need to do.  There is no chance of sleepwalking into the week.  It has to go onwards and upwards, from that point.  Practicality, rather than romanticism, wins the day.

On Tuesday (24th) Venus trines Saturn, so a little romance may be creeping back in, if you need it.   It is more loyalty and commitment than romance, but at least it is more of a sense of connectedness.  The Arts will need to be seen to have some practical value.  Financially, the emphasis is on savings rather than spending.

The cautious trend continues on Thursday (26th) with a trine between Mars and Saturn, where practical action is the order of the day.  Deliberate, constructive initiatives stand a chance of succeeding.

There is spiritual inspiration too on Thursday, a nice balance to the Mars-Saturn energy.  The Sun conjuncts Neptune, so it is a good day for meditation and dance, perhaps for starting a course in either.

On Friday (27th) Jupiter is quincunx Pluto, a minor aspect but involving two major planets.  There could be minor power tussles in personal lives as well as globally, e.g. posturing between Putin and the West, and Greece and Germany.

A note about Pluto: I noticed this week that Pluto had been omitted from my grandson’s astronomy book.  Of course it has been demoted to a dwarf planet.  But I would just like to stand up for its gigantic role in our lives psychologically in astrological terms!  There have been moves afoot to re-instate it as a proper planet, but it will always be one in my eyes, whatever should happen.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – romantic interplay
  • Tomorrow – a slight feeling of deflation
  • Tuesday – loyalty and commitment
  • Thursday – practical action; and spirituality
  • Friday – power tussles

Aspect for the week beginning 15 February 2015 – Mercury sextile Saturn

Mercury sextile Saturn – Work Ethic

From: Alan Oken “Complete Astrology”

 “COMMUNICATION FLOWS OR WORKS WELL WITH CONSOLIDATION.  This configuration imparts common sense and a fine head for business.  It allows one to make the most out of the least.  Those fortunate enough to have such a flowing aspect in their charts have a a way of achieving goals through careful planning and an awakened sense of existing opportunities…allows for consistent mental work and fine organizational ability.”

There is only one aspect this week, though we do have three changes of sign for planets.  This provides the space to look at the aspect in more detail, and look at the possibilities for the week.  Because Mercury is now direct, and was retrograde, we came upon this aspect twice recently.   On its last outing (Thursday 5th February), I summarized it as denoting “work ethic” and said that this week would offer the chance to complete things or pick up where you left off.  Which is where I find myself, enlarging more fully on this aspect.

I thought I would look at a few famous examples of those born with this aspect, to show the qualities, achievements and potential of what we have to work with this week.  Mercury represents the mind, and often a person has more than one aspect to their Mercury, so there is more complexity.  And equally,  the Mercury picture is not the only description of a person’s mental outlook in a chart.  Also, the mental outlook needs to be put into context within the whole make up of the character. I will highlight those features which show us what we are capable of this week with Mercury sextile Saturn, to show what is most relevant.

Famous Examples

Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy is an author and activist, who wrote the Man Booker Prize winning “The God of Small Things” in 1997.  Her activism comes from Sun conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, and her literary skill is shown by Mercury conjunct Venus (The Writer Archetype) in Scorpio.  Mercury also squares her Nodal Axis, giving her an awareness of the difficulties of karma.  Otherwise, the aspects to Mercury are not too complicated, and  Mercury sextile Staurn is clearly shown in the premise of her beatifully titled book “The God of Small Things”.  Wikipedia describes  the book as “A description of how the small things in life affect people’s behaviour and their lives.” The significance of the small details in life is therefore something you can become aware of this week.  We can all benefit by becoming more Virgoan. Mercury sextile Saturn encourages mental precision and organization, such as through list making and efficient filing.

Brian Aldiss

89-year old Brian Aldiss, O.B.E. is a prolific author of science fiction novels, and a vice president of the international H.G. Wells society.  The creativity and fantasy of his writing come from Sun conjunction Neptune in Leo. But in order to be convincing, he needs to utilize the scientific and logical qualities of his Mercury-Saturn sextile, which he has done successfully.  Mental vigour is shown by his Mercury conjunct Mars, but the Mercury-Saturn sextile conveys mental stamina, and hard-working perseverance.  If you are engaged in writing projects, this week may be the week to persevere, knuckle down and be productive in such a project.

Eric Cantona

At first glance you might not have the maverick Eric Cantona, footballer, philosopher and actor, down as a Mercury-sextile-Saturn type.   But there is a mental hardness and steeliness about him, the upside of which is mental resilience and fortitude.  The application for you, for this week, is to Keep Going!  A working project may seem arduous, or even dull at times, but don’t give up.  Alex Ferguson used to hold  him up as an example to other players, as he would stay overtime for practice long after the others would leave.  I  quote you two of his aphrisms, not because they particularly reflect the Mercury-Saturn sextile, but because they show his philosophical side (Mercury-sextile-Saturn can be very logical, an aspect of the philosophical mind):

Eric Cantona:

“The noblest revenge is to forgive”

“I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery.”

Like Brian Aldiss he has Mars conjunct his Mercury (mental vigour) and like Arundhati Roy he has Sun conjunct Mars (Warrior Archetype).  His maverick, rebellious quality comes from his exact conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo.

Benjamin Crème

Benjamin Creme has been presenting information about the gradual emergence  of Maitreya, the World Teacher since 1975 and, humanity’s response to Maitreya’s teachings has been such that Benjamin Crème has recently reported that Maitreya’s declaration of himself openly as the World Teacher could be in about  18 months’ time.  The organization he founded -  Share International - was set up to present information on the emergence of Maitreya  and his message of hope for the future.  It also promotes the values of justice and sharing, a prominent value of the coming Aquarian age.  (For more information, see http://www.shareintl.org/)

He uses telepathy to communicate with  Maitreya and his own Master.  Obviously he would require  efficient mental equipment for all this!  He has a slightly more complex mental picture than the other examples. What he has are 3 major aspects to his Mercury.  You would expect to find Uranus square his Mercury, for the telepathy and controversialism of speech - and he has this.  He has Mercury exactly trine Chiron, which promotes healing and problem-solving through the mind.  He has no earth planets, so the mental grounding and patience of his third Mercury aspect, the sextile with Saturn, is very much needed.  Mercury sextile Saturn also gives him a sense of gravitas and responsibility in his communication, and his message has been consistent over the years.  Be aware this week of the weight and responsibility of your words, and the karma of thought. 

Mercury sextile Saturn may not be the most exciting aspect for us to live with this week, but it does present a great opportunity.

Babies born this week

Babies born this week will have the full qualities of this natal aspect:  A steady mind, capable of concentrated methodical systematic work.  He or she will be able to work in a detailed way, e.g. if in a career in Medicine,  she or he would be able to perform detailed and precise surgery.  If  engaged in sport, he or she would have good control and co-ordination.


The Mercury-Saturn sextile can apply all week, so you can get cracking today on your week’s project or catch-up exercise with regard to your documentation.

There is a New Moon at the very end of Aquarius on Wednesday (18th).  Coming at the end of Aquarius as it does, it represents the very highest ideals of this highly idealistic sign.  Put into practice your most humanitarian wishes.

The Sun enters Pisces late that day, so humanitarian ideals will turn to compassion.  You may be all fired up mentally about an issue, then suddenly turn soft and emotional over the same issue.

At lunchtime on Thursday (19th) the sharp focus of Mercury sextile Saturn comes into play (see above).  If you haven’t started a mental project, you can set the foundations for it now.  Whatever you are engaged in, should be a constructive enterprise.

In the early hours of Friday (20th) Mars enters Aries, its home territory.  You may either be very wakeful and feeling restless, or having dropped off to sleep may wake suddenly bolt upright with ideas for active projects and things you feel you must do, perhaps sparked by a florid dream.  When you are in the heat of the day, you may have a strong push to get things done, or scriptwrite a play in which you are the central or the only  character!

In the early evening of the same day, Venus also enters Aries.  She gets dragged into the play even though not in her comfort zone on the battlefield of Aries.  Someone has to play the feminine lead, though, and she is there to temper the excesses of the male lead who may be rampaging across the stage set otherwise.  There will be passion in this play, undoubtedly.

Good News Story of the Week

(A real Valentine’s Tale)

Ashley McIntyre of Louisville, Kentucky in the U.S.A. donated her kidney to Danny Robinson, and is now set to marry him!  They are also expecting a baby in June.

The story began on the day before her birthday last year, when she overheard her mother talking about a local lad who needed a kidney.  We have her birthchart therefore for this story!  Ashley has natal Venus conjunct Saturn, usually an indication of responsibility in relationship, and here it may symbolize her gift of her kidney.  At the time she decided on the generous gesture, Jupiter the planet of beneficence was trine her natal Sun.  It certainly was an act of unconditional love.  At the time of the donation of the kidney, Neptune (planet of sacrifice) was exactly conjunct by transit to Ashley’s North Node (karma).  They began dating a few weeks later, when romantic Venus was exactly trine Ashley’s natal Venus.  He popped the question on Christmas Day 2014, when Uranus (surprise) was exactly sextile Ashley’s Mercury (a question asked).

Danny’s mother, Denise Stutzenburger, was sure her son would marry Ashley.

“I told her, ‘You are going to be my daughter-in-law, you just don’t know it yet.’”

Ashley, when interviewed, gave the credit to the Creator:

“It’s crazy how it all worked.  It was all planned out by God.”

The week in bullet points:

  • ·         Wednesday – new beginnings; compassion
  • ·         Thursday – work ethic
  • ·         Friday – fire and passion

Aspects for the week beginning 8 February 2015

Green Party

It is now three months until the U.K. General Election, and time to start a series of blogs on that theme, though you will be pleased to know the series will be punctured by blogs on other subjects.  The pundits seem perplexed as to the likely outcome of the election, although everyone is prepared for the likelihood of another coalition of some sort.  Because the outlook is so uncertain, the minor parties will possibly have more say, and already David Cameron paid the Greens a compliment of declining to take part in the TV debates unless they were included!  I have been waiting for two years for signs  that the UKIP bubble is bursting, and polls suggest that might be happening.

I am starting the Election astro-analyses with the Greens, who are literally gaining ground, and are the only party who take seriously the issue of Climate Change, arguably of the utmost importance.  I think their recent rise is interesting in terms of the fact that we are nearing the end of the Uranus-Pluto series of squares, and it may indicate that we are prioritizing our values in the wake of the damage it has caused.

It is easier to vote for the smaller parties mid-term, but many people lose their nerve during a General Election, and go with the traditional parties, anxious not to waste a vote.   But if you are living in a constituency which is governed by die-hard opposition to what you believe in, then you may not have much to lose, and may be able to afford the luxury of voting, say, for the planet.

The U.K. Green Party  were encouraged recently by the victory of the Syriza party in Greece, on at least two counts: one that it was a victory for a small party in Europe, and two that it was Anti-Austerity.

Astrology of the Green Party

What’s not to like about Green policies?

  • They look after our Home planet
  • They are anti-Austerity
  • They are against funding nuclear weapons
  • A liveable minimum wage
  • Keeping the NHS in public, not private hands
  • Scrapping University tuition fees
  • Bringing the railways back into public ownership

The jury may be out for some people on one of their other policies:

  • They are republican; anti-Monarchy

That may lose them some votes, but they may also gain a few.

A letter in the Observer this morning attacks the record of the Green local council in Brighton, but the writer may be biased in some way.

The history of the Green Party goes back to 1972, but in 1990 it split into 3 parties, the largest of which is the Green Party of England and Wales.  I cannot find a precise date for this event, so have to look at the broad planetary themes of that year.   Heavyweight planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were in the earthy practical sign of Capricorn, digging up the problems which beset our Earth, while opposing Jupiter and Chiron in Cancer, helping to find solutions for making our Home planet more hospitable.  The purpose of the Green Party was in response to finding solutions for the ever widening problems, which then were more focused on the plundering of our resources such as oil, and the ever widening hole in the ozone layer.  Current focus is more on Climate Change, weather patterns and  preventing further damage (e.g. through the threats posed by fracking).  I will continue to search for precise dates for both the original founding in 1972 and the 1990 reorganization, and if I find them they’ll be included in future posts.  If I do find them, I will be in a position to look at how the Green Party will do as a whole on May 7th.

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas was previously Leader of the Greens, and yielded that title to Natalie Bennett when she became M.P. for Brighton and Hove, so that she could concentrate on her new role.  Her profile has gained ground over the last year, and she was voted Politician of the Year in 2014.  She was hands-on in the battle against fracking, even being arrested during a demonstration.

I wrote on 9th May 2010, after the last General Election:

“The Earth is the Esoteric Ruler of Sagittarius (her Sun Sign) in the Esoteric Astrology of Alice Bailey.  Caroline’s astrological chart shows  a fine exact powerful trine of Jupiter and Pluto, balanced by a spiritual sextile of Neptune between the two.  She will serve with dignity and integrity, and though her influence is not wide, it will be powerful  by example.  And if you look at her Human Design chart, you find that she has all her centres filled in, which is the first chart of its kind I have seen since I started to look. “

In my New Year blog this year I looked at her personal transits for 7th May:

“Caroline Lucas (Greens): [Low]  Saturn conjunct her natal Mercury (mentally dispiriting).  Sadly, though the Greens have increasing popularity now, often this does not translate into success at the time of a General Election.”

Knowledge of the Green Party chart may brighten this picture, if you’ll pardon the pun.  And birthtimes for Caroline Lucas and Natalie Bennett might also improve the perspective.

Natalie Bennett

Australian-born Natalie Bennett is currently the leader of the Green Party, and I wonder if her origins have encouraged the anti-monarchy stance.  When she took over as leader I analyzed her chart:

“[Caroline’s] replacement Natalie Bennett, Australian born with a scientific background, has a very strong chart, and not an entirely easy one, but presumably that has made her stronger.  Her easier path comes from two good trines:  Sun exactly trine Jupiter (immense good will) and Venus in Capricorn (lover of the Earth) trine her North Node (karmic mission).  She has notable squares too, but the other dominating feature of her chart is a double opposition between Pluto/Uranus (exact conjunction) in Virgo (the Rebel on behalf of the Earth) and Saturn/Chiron in Pisces (a sensitivity to suffering).  This double opposition, composed itself of challenging planets, will have forged her character under difficult circumstances.  Her political coming of age may be due to a recent Nodal reversal by transit, highlighting her South Node in Sagittarius (esoterically ruled by the Earth).”

Caroline and Natalie have undoubtedly worked well together, especially building up the party since Caroline relinquished the title of leader and entrusted it to her political sister.  They have some solid interconnections in their charts, such as Saturn sextile Saturn, and Natalie’s Pluto trine exactly Caroline’s Saturn.  But the sharing of power is also a theme between them, with Natalie’s Pluto square Caroline’s Sun, and Caroline’s Pluto opposing Natalie’s Mars: they may have at times hotly debated issues of policy and power.  But on a personal level, their Venuses are warmly exactly conjunct at the end of Capricorn, so they are very much at one in their love of the Earth, their approach to such matters and their approach to relationships.

Does Natalie fare any better on May 7th than Caroline?

Yes, I would say the transits register quite positively.    Firstly, Chiron trines her natal Neptune, so she will experience a healing sigh of relief at hard work paying off, in terms of all her spiritual input being rewarded.  That is a powerful thumbs up from the Universe.  However some of her expectations may prove unrealistic, in terms of Chiron squaring her Jupiter: she may well experience a sense of exhaustion through anti-climax.  And Neptune will be transiting her Mars, so there may be uncertainty as to how she proceeds.  This may be through a period of establishing a new coalition, where her opinions and loyalties may be sought by one of the main parties.  Mercury itself squares Neptune on Polling Day, and so that would point to uncertainty, such as we had on the last General Election day.

So if that all sounds unpromising if you are a Green supporter, then you will have to personally make up the astrological shortfall and the political stranglehold of the main parties before the Election!  I will continue to keep my eye on this space, and look out for any more constructive prospects.


Venus is sextile Pluto today, so it is a good day for psychological analysis, intimacy and human relations.  For instance, if you were making a social tour of a room at a party, you could make a few really deep contacts in a short length of time.   Other connections between Venus and Pluto are love and money, so artistic interpretations will have more depth than the diamond-studded skull of Damien Hirst or the abandoned bed of Tracy Emin.  In finance, you may be able to bring together all the dimensions of your inner and outer riches, the ingredients you may need for a more abundant life.

Tomorrow (Monday 9th), Venus is conjunct with Chiron.  Today’s Venus-Pluto sextile may have encouraged your to open up to long-buried emotional wounds in order to assist their clearance. You may become aware of artistic wounds, such as feeling vulnerable when expressing the Arts. Even Hilary Mantel, author of the Tudor classic Wolf Hall which is currently gracing our TV screens, admits to finding writing painful in her autobiography “Giving up the Ghost”. But paradoxically this aspect can make your artistic or musical creations healing for yourself and others.  The singer Adele has Venus conjunct Chiron in her birthchart and was able to produce two best-selling albums from the creativity inspired by the pain of Love and a relationship which touched her deeply.

Wednesday (11th) brings freedom from Mercury Retrograde, and a green light for communications, documentation, travel and transport.  If a process has been held up for the last three weeks, such as being on a hospital waiting list, you may find progress is made now.  You could spend the rest of the week writing the final chapters of your book, or deciding who to send your Valentine’s greeting to, and whether or not to send it anonymously.

There isn’t a major aspect for Saturday (14th),  so you may want to look for Valentine’s inspiration to the next astrological event, which is a New Moon in Aquarius next week.  In terms of male-female relations, Aquarius is neutral or androgynous, encouraging us to balance our own inner male and female, and being clear about ourselves before interacting with others.  This theme is reflected in and supported by this week’s Fixed Star, which is Sadalsud in the constellation of Aquarius

“Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld says of Sadalsud:

“This star can create peacefulness in the interaction amongst all women and men by increasing the female part of their understanding.  The male mind can open to its female aspects and in this way relate better to women.  Women are able to better express and share the very nature of what it means to be a woman.  This star may eventually be able to work with these energies in large groups; for now it is simply in small groups or in one to one relationships.”

That may not have the romance of Libra, but does progress the evolution of relationships, and you may be able to turn it into a whacky home-made card!

Skype Regression

I am now in a position to offer Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression by Skype!  Up to now, I have only been able to work in this way in person, so now I am not limited geographically, and can work with you wherever you are in the world.  I live in Norfolk, England, but for several years have travelled once a year to the Watford area for sessions.  I am planning, hopefully, such a trip in the Spring this year.  Working with Skype is effective, and Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression are powerful tools, which can help you to find information and experiences about yourself that are a revelation in the quest for self-knowledge.  The process itself can also be very relaxing.  The astrology of this sea-change for me was a Nodal Reversal in my chart, conjuncted by Uranus, the planet of Technology, signaling a new phase of working with Karma.  For more information please view the Past Life and Future Life pages of my website.  Please email me if you are interested, from the link at the top of my Contact page.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – harmony and understanding
  • Tomorrow – sympathy and trust abounding
  • Wednesday – no more communication illusions
  • Saturday – Love might steer the stars