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Aspects for the week beginning 30 August 2015

Charlotte Church

“We want to make them question what they’re doing. This is predominantly to do with the American government but it is a worldwide issue.”

~ Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church has been through many incarnations, on a transformational journey from Voice of an Angel to Social and Climate Activist, via Ladette.  I have been looking at her birthchart to track these themes and Archetypes.

Voice of an Angel

Venus in Pisces epitomizes the epithet “Voice of an Angel”, and additionally with Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and the Part of Fortune all in Pisces in her 5th House of Creativity and Children, she is thoroughly Piscean and very much a performer.

She found success at the tender age of 11 in 1997, and was undoubtedly outstandingly talented, though I am no vocal judge of how exceptional she was in classical singing, and how much was talent (Sun in Pisces), luck (Sun conjunct Jupiter) or karmic reward (Sun exactly sextile North Node).  She enjoyed worldwide success, selling in excess of 11 million records.

The breakthrough came when Pluto (from her 2nd House of earning capacity) was exactly squaring her natal Sun in 5th House, but at the same time Pluto was changing her life in an exact trine to her natal Midheaven.

She was dubbed Voice (Venus) of an Angel (in Pisces).  Caroline Myss describes the Angel Archetype as providing “a channel through which angels’ presence is palpably manifested”.

Her career trajectory in life is solidly mapped out, depicted by her Midheaven (Career)/I.C. Axis exactly square to her natal Nodal Axis.  The exaltations and challenges of her life would have been carefully scripted pre-birth.  Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is a sign which symbolically contains everything, like the ocean.  It is an adaptable sign, and represents the evolution of the Soul.

From Angel to Ladette

On the way to the Activist Archetype and towards the end of her classical career, she had her adolescent rebellion.  Thus she unleashed her Inner Rebel (Mercury square exactly Uranus is not afraid to be controversial in speech) which later transformed into the Activist, a more constructive manifestation of her Rebel, previously without a cause.  She left school at 16 and gained a bit of a reputation as a Ladette.

A quote from Frank Clifford in British Entertainers says it all:

“In October 2002 she was thought to be going ‘off the rails’ when caught visiting her DJ boyfriend, defying her mother and…smoking a cigarette!”

I think Frank is implying an ironic shock value, but she was involved in a spoof of TV programme  Ladette to Lady, which was called Lady to Ladette.

When she turned 18, she liberated her financial assets, and declared that she would spend as she pleased.

Failed Pop Star

Eventually she put her energies in a new direction, the pop world.  In 2005, she launched the new branch of her career, but it did not really take off.  Somehow her voice was not as stunning in the new genre, as it had been employed as a child classical singer.

The Chat Show Hostess

Her chat show “The Charlotte Church Show” aired from 2006-8, where she showed her Piscean versatility.  It was a competent undertaking, and more successful than her pop ventures.

The Altruist

Charlotte has her Ascendant in Libra, which equals love of justice and fairness, and Pisces is the sign of charity, empathy and compassion. In 2007 she supported as Patron the charity The Topsy Foundation, which worked with poverty and AIDS in South Africa.

The Mother

She became involved with the Rugby player Gavin Henson, and had two children, a daughter then a son.  Motherhood is an important role of fulfilment in her life, with such a full 5th House, and the Moon on the Midheaven, although her relationship with Gavin did not last.  His Venus in her 4th House of Home and Family enabled this role.  Her daughter Ruby has a healer’s chart (Part of Fortune exactly conjunct Chiron and exactly sextile Jupiter), with talents in both sport (Sun square Mars) and song (Venus at the Midheaven).  There was a great deal of press intrusion in her relationship with Gavin, and she eventually accepted £600,000 damages and testified to the Leveson inquiry.

Enter the Activist

This year we have really seen the emergence of her Inner Activist.  This is an Archetype I associate with Mars and Aries (the Action Hero), and Uranus and Aquarius (The Rebel).  It is possible she took time to get her Mars and Uranus functions under control, because both have difficulty by way of squares in her natal chart, Mars square Venus giving her a passionate nature, and Uranus square Jupiter giving her an addiction to risk.

She has been seen opposing welfare cuts, supporting the left wing Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn, and opposing the drilling for oil by Shell in the Arctic Circle.

On 21st June she took a prominent role in an Anti-Austerity march in London, in which she stated that austerity was “unethical, unfair and unnecessary”.  She warned “the Government will “sell off our schools and our hospitals, and once it is done, it will be very difficult to reverse”.  She found a different, but no less potent voice, that of Piscean compassion.

In July she endorsed Jeremy Corbin, explaining that he is “unconflicted in his political views, and abstemious in his daily life. He is one of the only politicians of note that seems to truly recognise the dire inequality that exists in this country today and actually have a problem with it.”  She now has a new name in the media: “Prosecco Socialist”.

This week she turned out a performance below a London bridge, protesting against the Obama’s new endorsement of Shell for drilling oil in the Arctic.  In an astrological endorsement of her Inner Warrior, Mars was exactly trine her natal Mars.  Jupiter was exactly trine her natal North Node in Taurus, giving a nod of approval to her karmic mission.

In Esoteric Astrology, the Earth rules Sagittarius, the sign which contains both her natal Mars (Activist) and Uranus (Rebel).  The Earth is said to be positioned in the natal chart opposite the Sun.  At this week’s event, when she sang Dinah Washington’s blues song “The Bitter Earth” the Sun and Jupiter were on her natal Earth position.

In the last year or two, her Progressed Sun moved from Pisces to Aries (the Activist), which explains some of the timing of her recent transformation.  She stands on the brink of her Saturn Return in Sagittarius (14th December this year), which is a serious moment of contemplation about the structure of one’s life.  Who knows where the next year will take her…

There are several examples of celebrity females who have gone through a conventional phase, then a wild child phase, then turned to altruism.  Charlotte does at the moment seem to be expressing her Soul values.  Sometimes the personal challenges intervene, and throw a person off track for a while, but for now she seems on track.


There are only three aspects this week, so listen carefully and make the most of them!

On Tuesday (1st), the Sun opposes Neptune, which may bring up a mystery to be solved.  You may be working hard to achieve clarity on an issue in your life, and be torn by compassion.  On the world front, it may be a key day in relation to the fate of the boat migrants across the Mediterranean, as Neptune represent the sea and European leaders are trying to achieve some consensus about what to do about them.  It seems the poorest countries such as Greece seem to be on the coal face of the incoming refugees fleeing barbaric regimes in Africa and the Middle East, and some European countries are more humane than others in their approach to the subject.

The same day, Venus conjuncts Mars, which is a pleasure-orientated combination.  In art or social interaction, the sensuality could hold sway.  If you are being creative, you will enjoy the process.  If on the other hand, you are nursing patients or looking after migrants, you will want to make them as comfortable as possible.  It is a day dedicated to trying to make this earth side experience a heightened one.

On Saturday (5th) the Sun trines Pluto, and all could achieve a meaningful and satisfying interpretation of life’s experiences.  The impetus at the beginning of the week to co-ordinate compassion and practicality, and enjoyment, may have resulted in ideas and moves which enhance the quality and depth of your daily life and interests.  Saturday’s activities and contemplations could see the fulfilment of the puzzles and promises of the early experiences of the week.  It may also see some problem-solving by the powers that be.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – confusion and delights
  • Saturday – profound conclusions

Aspects for the week beginning 23 August 2015

Virgo Animal Totems and Archetypes

The Sun went into Virgo at 10.37 this morning.  Did you feel the shift?  This is the fourth in the series where I look at some of the animal totems and Archetypes for the various signs. Maybe you are Virgo Sunsign, Ascendant or Moonsign, or know someone who is.


Virgo generally rules small, and often humble creatures, and none more aptly than mouse.  Mouse conveys many Virgoan characteristics.

Jamie Sams and David Carson’s description of mouse in his medicine cards reads like a textbook for Virgo.  Here is a sample:

“It is good medicine to pay attention to detail, but it is bad medicine to chew every little thing to pieces”  [Virgo rules the intestines].

“Mouse people anger many other medicine types because they appear to be nit-pickers…They sort and categorize and file away for later use”

Nicky Scully says about Mouse: “It is important for humans to realize the sacredness of simplicity.  We tend to be demanding, always wanting the most and highest for ourselves, even on a spiritual level, and forcing our will on our environment.  Field mice have a richness in their lives that comes from living in harmony with the elements.”

The harvest mouse is especially associated with the Autumn season.


Small rats can come under Virgo, but larger ones more with Scorpio;  see Kim Sheridan’s book “Animals and the Afterlife” to understand the complexity of communication that can occur with rats.

The Squirrel or Tree Rat, squirreling nuts in the Autumn, is also a creature associated with Virgo.


Insects are a large category of creatures who come under Virgo, especially colonies of worker ants and bees (excluding the Queen Bee).

Here is an interesting piece from Diana Cooper (newsletter, 2012) about ants:

“Ants are fifth dimensional and originate from Sirius.  They build according to sacred geometry and so attract the sonics of the angels.  They teach oneness. They bite in order to protect themselves but there is no emotion as they do so.  They did not bite when they were in golden Atlantis for there was no need to.”

And another intriguing piece from Laeh Maggie Garfield on Crickets:

Crickets and other chirrupers make a very different kind of sound (in unison they produce a sleighbell effect, a jingling pulsation), but from this background some people are able to discern phrases in plain English: mainly advice and answers to questions.  Though cricket messages may not bring inner peace, they tend to be prosperity-orientated.”


Beaver is associated with Virgo through its industriousness and eagerness to help.

Nicky Scully writes “…the journey with Beaver is for assistance in bearing the responsibilities of daily life creatively.  He can help us to be more productive and industrious in our activities.  Beaver does what needs to be done without wasting energy through procrastination.”

Big Cat

If you are Virgoan and identify with some larger animals, this could be a characteristic from another element of your birthhcart, such as Leo planetary placements which are often found in Virgo charts as they are neighbouring.

But the good news is that Virgo has its very own Big Cat!  Virgo rules small patterns such as spots, and the Leopard is a favourite with Virgos according to a recent survey I conducted.  It is the perfect totem for a Virgoan thinking on a larger scale, or wanting to achieve greater ambitions.

Bird Totems

Birds of Virgo are the ordinary, humble birds, not the showy variety of some other signs.


The everyday bird next door, the Sparrow, epitomizes Virgo.

Famous Example: Chanteuse Edith Piaf, known as “the little sparrow”, who had Virgo at the Midheaven (which represents the persona in the world).

Ted Andrews writes about the history of the Sparrow in his book “Animal Speak”.  He tells: “…during the Middle Ages, it was a symbol for the peasants and lower classes throughout Europe.  Peasants, at this time, were often helpless under the power of the overlords.  Because of this, they loved to hear tales of how the insignificant sparrow triumphed over such powerful enemies as wolves, bears and eagles – the traditional symbols of nobility and those who mistreated the peasants…its ability to multiply and assert itself in spite of predation reflects the idea that nobility of the common person is inherently strong.”


Little Jennie Wren is a much loved bird (by all signs) and carries some of the essence of Virgo.

According to  Andrea Wansbury in  “Birds Divine Messengers” she can help with self-worth.

“A wren is asking you how you value yourself….Where in your life are you holding yourself back by deliberately not starting projects because you think you are not good enough?” 


There are a number of Archetypes associated with Virgo, and I have picked out just a few.  If you feel strongly that I have omitted a favourite of yours, please add a comment!

The Bluestocking

I have known several Virgo bluestockings in my time!  The Bluestocking is a studious, intellectual woman, so named after a society founded in the 18th Century by Elizabeth Montagu, who had her North Node (karmic mission) in Virgo exactly conjunct Pluto with Mars and Venus close by.  She gave birth to a sexual stereotype, depicted graphically by the planets clustered around her North Node in Virgo.

The Servant

The Virgoan is just as talented and accomplished as anyone else, but often chooses to work behind the scenes.  Thus the Servant is a common Archetype for this sign.  Caroline Myss describes this Archetype as engaging “aspects of the psyche that call us to make ourselves available to others for the benefit and enhancement of their lives.”

Virgoans are often found as health workers and therapists, and Chiron “The Wounded Healer” is often ascribed to this sign.

The Martyr

This Archetype is shared with Pisces, and Virgo forms a polarity with that sign.  It is a polarity which is much associated with the story of Jesus and the Crucifixion (through Pisces) and his mother Mary, particularly associated with Virgo.

A very ordinary way in which Virgoans can typify the Martyr Archetype is their insistence that they will do something themselves in order to make a better job of it, rather than entrust it to someone else.  This can start as an expression of their perfectionism, but in a relationship interaction can turn into a martyr complex, especially if anger and resentment are involved.

Religious Figure

Mother Mary, the Virgin Mary, is the archetypal religious figure for Virgo, representing purity and associated with the immaculate conception.  Some may regard her as a Deity, Goddess, or Master in the New Age sense (female Masters seem not to be called Mistresses).

Famous Example:  Queen Elizabeth 1,  The Virgin Queen, born 7 September 1533.

Caroline Myss says of the Virgin Archetype generally: “Needs to be explored symbolically as a pattern that represents not only purity, but also the beginning point of creation, as in bringing forth virgin ideas.”


“Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams and David Carson

 “Archetype Cards” by Caroline Myss

 “Companions in Spirit” by Laeh Maggie Garfield

“The Golden Cauldron” by Nicky Scully

“Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews


The Sun entered Virgo at 10.37 a.m. this morning, and you may have felt the shift from holiday mode to preparing for the new term.  It was a glorious 30 degree sunny day yesterday here in Norfolk, a fine day to see Leo out!  My hubby and I spent it in a light and airy indoor meeting for new Labour members in Cambridge, but maybe you headed to the coast and had a dip in the ocean instead?  Today you may have deadlines related to documentation or Autumn schedules, working round the Sunday nut roast perhaps.

Wednesday (26th) is the most promising day of the week, with two constructive aspects.  If you are planning ahead, a couple of dynamic appointments will do your diary proud.  In the afternoon, Mercury sextiles Saturn, which is very constructive for mental work.  Hopefully, you will have put in some preparatory graft from Sunday, inspired by the Sun’s entry into Virgo.  Take out and brush down your Inner Bluestocking, and get the first chapter of your new political thriller onto paper or screen (I intend to).  Wednesday will reward you by solidifying literary efforts, and learnings, and start to turn them into something more solid.  Practical plans of this nature can be founded.

In the evening, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter, one of the best aspects all the year round.  Success can be yours, dreams can come true, in the nature of the House it falls in, e.g. a creative venture if it falls in your 5th House.  Encouraged by more sober progress in the afternoon, you are allowed to be more flighty and fanciful for the evening’s ventures.  It is a lottery evening in the U.K., so worth a flutter as an impulse buy, though of course we can’t all win…  A tip: The conjunction occurs at 22.02 Hrs so it is all the twos for numerology enthusiasts, and if you are picking your numbers it might be worth a try.

Mercury enters Libra on Thursday (27th), and although the Sun is telling us to prepare for the Autumn academic and working schedules, Mercury’s mental vibrations are moving on to a more artistic and musical theme.  Musical and artistic composition is encouraged by this placement, and relationships benefit from dialogue, communication, sharing and analysis.  The emphasis in diplomacy and international relations is on communication, rather than gunboat diplomacy.

On Friday, the True North Node conjuncts Mercury.  You may feel a karmic compulsion to talk about serious issues, justice and fairness.  The international community may be forced to knuckle down and talk to each other about finance, and fleeing migrants from foreign regimes.  Climate change could also be on that agenda.  The True North Node has a spiritual emphasis.

The following day, Saturday (29th) the Mean North Node makes the aspect with Mercury.  It is just a slight difference in calculation, but the emphasis is slightly more practical.  So Friday’s discussions may be prompted by idealism, and Saturday can bring more practical discussion, after a night mulling over the implications of the ideas which were brought to your attention the day before.  You may be aware of guidance overnight from the Lords of Karma, urging patterns of thought aligned with the interests of the planet.

By Saturday afternoon/evening, The Pisces Full Moon (at 6 degrees) will have you either worked up to a lather with anxiety about all that needs to be achieved, or a fullness of heart knowing that you are on the right path to making a difference.

The week in bullet points:


  • Today – approaching new work patterns
  • Wednesday – achievement and celebration
  • Thursday – mental focus on the Arts
  • Friday – karmic discussion on a spiritual level
  • Saturday – karmic discussion on a practical level; emotional full flood

Aspects for the week beginning 16 August 2015

Deputy Labour Leader Contest

With the ballot papers about to land on the mat, it is probably time to look at the contenders for Deputy Labour Leader (sorry folks, another fun-filled political blog underway).  If you are undecided, the astrological picture may help guide you (more apologies, this time to the non-Labour population).

Ben Bradshaw

Ben Bradshaw is a Virgoan: As the Sun will be in Virgo when the result is announced, that is a plus for him, but I have to say I don’t think he has stood out in the race, his profile has not been as high as it could be.  He also has Mercury, Venus, Pluto and the North Node in Virgo, which is not particularly suited to his former post of Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, but Jupiter moving through his sign this coming year will advance his fortunes in some way, some of those personal.  He is adaptable and versatile, with 7 of his 10 planets in Mutable signs.  He has a keen intelligence (Sun exactly conjunct Mercury in Virgo) and a sensitive spirituality (Sun exactly sextile Neptune).  The latter aspect is reflective of the fact that his father was a former Anglican vicar of Norwich Cathedral.  He may be prone to social gaffes (Venus closely square Jupiter).  But he has an entrepreneurial spirit (Jupiter closely trine Uranus) so might do well in business affairs, he certainly would have an attention to detail.  His Sun is conjunct Pluto, so there may be some heavy issues in his personal life or psychology, but that can sometimes be a strength.  Mercury also exactly conjuncts Pluto, so he would be good at devising profound policies.  He will have trodden the warrior path in past lives (Mars closely square the Nodal Axis) which may equip him for political battles, though the Warrior Path may not be his focus in this lifetime.  We do not have his birth time/Ascendant, but you can see his Sunsign Virgo facially (e.g. the pixie chin).

His transits at the time of the contest results are mixed: Mars transits his natal Uranus, Jupiter transits his natal Sun/Mercury, Jupiter sextiles his natal Neptune, but Saturn squares his natal Chiron.  If Jupiter alone guaranteed success, he would do very well, but there seems to be some shock there too.

Stella Creasy

Stella Creasy is 17 years younger than Ben Bradshaw, born in 1977.  She has a pleasant Sun/Venus conjunction in Aries, but a non-aggressive Mars in Pisces.  Her Sun/Venus reflects her father’s professional training as an opera singer.  Mars trines Uranus, so she is dynamic, sparky and energetic and can get things done.  Saturn squares Uranus exactly in her chart, so her personal life may be subject to the occasional earthquake.  Her Sun trines Neptune exactly, so she has sensitivity and spirituality.  Her Venus additionally is exactly trine Neptune, so she may have artistic talents and interests, and though she was formerly a Shadow Business Minister, she might have done well under Arts and Culture.  I wonder if as an Aries she would be happy in a Deputy rather than a leadership role, but of course if she got the job she would be leading in her own area and department.  She has an unaspected Nodal Axis, so may have a fairly unfettered karma.  Chiron conjunct her Mercury may produce mental conundrums, but also a possible aptitude for problem-solving.  Though she has transiting Pluto sextile her natal Mars at the time of the contest result (putting up a good fight) Pluto also exactly squares her natal Pluto, which denotes tough circumstances.

Angela Eagle

Angela Eagle (one of twins with politician Maria Eagle) is an Aquarian: motivated by social causes.  She has Sun conjunct Chiron (a desire to heal), Jupiter exactly conjunct Saturn (can seen both sides of a story) and North Node conjunct Pluto (a meaningful karmic mission).  She is of a similar age to Ben Bradshaw.  Her Sun/Chiron/Mercury trines Mars, so she has plenty of mental and spiritual energy.  Mercury opposes Pluto exactly in her chart, so she may sometimes be subject to mental strain.  These two planets run along the Nodal Axis, so she has a Teacher Soul Lineage from past lifetimes, which informs her desire to make a difference this time round.  Jupiter conjuncts her natal Pluto at the time of the election result and so contacts her Nodal Axis: this could be a turning tide in her life, and although Jupiter opposes her natal Mercury that may just indicate extra work coming her way through being successfully elected.

Caroline Flint

Again, I don’t think Caroline Flint has been particularly high profile in this contest, but of all the contenders I am most familiar with her as she has been a regular on Question Time.  I have found her quite sharp and clear in her answers, quite impressive and fairly combative, though maybe lacking a little in gravitas.  Overall, I do like her.  Caroline is a contemporary of Ben Bradshaw and Angela Eagle, and another Virgo.  Therefore she could have a good year ahead, too.  She has a compelling North Node/Venus/Uranus triple conjunction in Leo, which may account for her generally higher media profile.  She also has an exact conjunction of Mercury and Mars in legally minded Libra, which makes her a good debater, able to pick holes in other’s arguments, and combative in speech;  hence the impression I have of her giving sharp and clear answers on question time.  Like Angela Eagle, she has Jupiter conjunct Saturn, though not exact.  The Moon is close by, but we do not have her birth time, so we don’t know how close it is.  Her Sun trines Jupiter exactly, which is a buoyant and successful aspect – she has a good parliamentary record for public office.  However, Saturn squares her Mercury/Mars conjunction, so she may sometimes fight with herself over paperwork – she was once accused of not having read a vital document.  She is doing well though in the contest, currently second to Tom Watson in popularity.  Her transits at the time of the contest result are not distinguished – they are lively but fairly minor, unless she was born at Noon in which case the North Node would be exactly trine her natal Moon, and that might provide a personal triumph or reward.

Tom Watson

Tom Watson, the front runner, has the politician’s Sun Sign, Capricorn.  He could be strident, with Sun exactly square Mars, and may need to polish up his people skills. Venus opposite Jupiter also points to possible social gaucheness. Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces could point to health weaknesses, which hopefully may not interfere with his career path.  His age group is between the older three and the younger one, so maybe he bridges a gap and is more in touch with the middle generation.  His natal Saturn opposes Uranus (the personal earthquake aspect) so he does not have an easy chart, and therefore not an easy path in life or easy relationships particularly.  If he has overcome all these obstacles in his personality, he may have acquired unique skills.  His strengths do lie in an exact sextile between Uranus and Neptune – the ability to grasp and work with complexity and subtlety, and Saturn exactly trine Neptune (the ability to harmoniously bring together practicality and spiritual values).  He too has the Teacher Archetype (Mercury closely trine his natal North Node), and some healing qualities (Chiron closely trine Neptune).  Again, his transits are not so strong at the time of the result, but the North Node is close enough to a trine with his natal Venus and a sextile with his natal Jupiter to indicate there may be some reward for hard work.


With Jupiter, the Sun and Moon all in Virgo, this may favour a result slanted in favour of the Unions.  I think the Unions are not a threat these days, and they do a good job on behalf of workers’ rights, so I do not see this as a negative.  Angela Eagle has the best transits for the result date of 12th September.


Continue basking in yesterday’s Sun/Venus conjunction and Mercury/Pluto trine for a few days: savour any happy outcomes from the weekend’s thoughts and activities.

The first aspect of the week arrives in the middle, on Wednesday (19th) and that is Venus trine Uranus, which could be a real highlight.  Venus is retrograde however, so the social whirl that it brings may not be all plain sailing.  For example, there may be elements of an old relationship which may haunt in the midst of your current bliss.  Taking stock of your karma may help resolve the issue.  Artistic creativity will be original – or will it?  Are you sure you are not plagiarizing something you subconsciously saw once before.  Enjoy the benefits of the day: hopefully any drawbacks will be minor.

If you anticipate a headache this week, it could come from Mercury opposite Chiron on Thursday (20th).  It may be a mental conundrum which you have failed to solve, and comes to a crisis point now where it has to be dealt with.  The trick with Chiron is to look for the solution within the problem.  Do you remember those Magic Eye picture puzzles which were popular a decade or so ago?  The trick was to relax and soft focus the eye, to reveal the true picture.  That may be the technique for dealing with Thursday’s situation.

Sadly, Friday (21st) brings some sort of dampener from Sun square Saturn (I would always elect to end on a bright aspect, but the astrological facts do not always comply).    It is a day when you need to look reality in the face, or perhaps deal with a long standing issue related to low self-esteem or confidence.  Resisting won’t help, but admitting you need help may.  Or maybe you will need to lend a hand to another, who needs a sounding board.  Keep the rescue remedy to hand to avoid someone’s paranoia or depression getting out of hand, and dole it out liberally.  My old friend Sandy always used to say put it in the pet’s drinking water as well for good measure.  Hopefully, the day will be helpful in getting to the root of a problem, before an upturn of the graph or the spiral.

Next Week: Virgo Animal Totems and Archetypes

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – the high life
  • Thursday – mental conundrum
  • Friday – under a cloud


Aspects for the week beginning 9 August 2015

The Great British Bake Off

In my blog on Mary Berry two years ago there was a piece of the jigsaw missing…Paul Hollywood’s birth date!  Now that is available, and the two of them are back with the super successful Great British Bake Off, together with Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc who are enjoying a career renaissance.  In addition, Paul Hollywood is appearing in a new series of “Who Do You Think You Are?”.

Mary Berry – A Reprise

From my blog dated 1/12/13:

“What is her enduring appeal?  She has the resilience and energy of Sun in Aries, and its directness and simplicity, a real English rose (she was brought up in the quintessentially English city of Bath).  Aries is not traditionally associated with baking, but we do not have her birth time and Ascendant, which could sway her towards baking (a Taurus or Cancerian Ascendant would suit the profession).

She has amiability (in her Moon/Jupiter conjunction) and diplomacy (Mars in Libra – see Saturday’s aspects).

The Sun in her chart sextiles Chiron, so she is a healing antidote to her more intense screen partner Paul Hollywood.  Chiron does exert pressure on her Mercury/Saturn however, so she would have experienced mental strain in her life.    Mercury conjunct Saturn can be associated with struggles at school.

Her baking talent, and the force of her personality, are likely to be due to a conjunction  of Venus at the beginning of Taurus (baking) and Uranus at the end of Aries (an out of the ordinary talent, plus social skills combined with Venus).  She has also been praised for her sartorial (Venusian) elegance.”

Paul Hollywood

Paul is a Sun in Pisces; well he certainly has the eyes to go with it!  Part of him wishes to stay out of the limelight, which is possibly why he found success in mid-life.

He is his own man, and has 0 planets in Cardinal signs, so doesn’t have a desire to lead, but likes to do his own thing.  He has 8 of his 10 planets in Mutable signs (unusual!) so is extremely versatile and adaptable.  He is emotional, with 5 of his 10 planets in Water, and has 0 Fire planets.  Referring to his experience in “Who Do You Think You Are?” he says: There was a time when I was talking to a historian and I had to walk away, because I was crying like a baby for about half an hour.”  His fieriness comes up in his Moon aspects (which are vague as we do not have a birth time) and in Mars square Jupiter.    But he does not let himself go overboard, with Mars conjunct Saturn.  Another set of checks and balances is seen in his Saturn exactly opposing his Uranus – he is conflicted between the old and the new.  Certainly Bake Off represents the traditional side of the equation.  He is a teacher, as seen by his Mercury closely sextile his North Node, and Venus (baking) trines his North Node as well.  He has the Wounded Healer Archetype, in Mars conjunct Chiron.

At the outset of Bake Off, Jupiter was exactly sextile Paul’s baking planet Venus, and Uranus was exactly sextile his natal North Node.  Saturn was trine his natal Venus, creating a Grand Trine together with his natal North Node.

Culinary Chemistry

Mary and Paul have a very energetic and dynamic partnership, with her Jupiter exactly trine his Mars, and his Mars trine exactly with her natal Pluto.  His Mars therefore completes a Grand Trine with her natal Pluto/Jupiter trine.  That is the recipe for their success!

Sue Perkins

Mel and Sue are the Ant and Dec of Bake Off.  They met at Cambridge University, and found success with their show Light Lunch in 1993.  After a few years where their careers diversified and faded slightly, they were offered the presenting of Bake Off, and were surprised to find that the formula worked.

Sue Perkins cannot have had an easy ride in life, with Sun conjunct Pluto square Mars.  There is a sense she may have had to fight for survival at times.  Her comic genius is shown in a classic comedian’s witty exact conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter.  Her own male and female energies are balanced (Venus trine Mars) but relationships with others not always easy (Venus square Neptune and Mars square Uranus).  She also presented a show about the Mekong River, which develops the love of travel from her Mercury-Jupiter conjunction.

When she was asked to present the Great British Bake Off she did not think it would be a lasting phenomenon.  Her transits of the time look like an event which changes her life radically: Uranus was opposing her Sun and squaring her natal Mars, and Neptune was square her Neptune.  It looks like quite an explosion in her life, astrologically.

Mel Giedroyc

Mel is said to have taken the presenting role on Bake Off  “just for the money” as money was very tight at the time.  Certainly she had a lot going on in terms of transits at the point Bake Off came into her life.  Transiting Jupiter conjunct her natal Chiron may literally have saved her maple syrup coated bacon.  Like Sue, she has a tie-in between her intellect (Mercury) and humour (Jupiter), in this case a sextile.  She has a charming triple conjunction of Venus/Sun/Mars in Gemini, which may give rise to the melodious tone of her voice, used in commercials.  Her sparky comedy duo partnership with Sue may be symbolized by her Moon conjunct Uranus in Virgo (Sue’s sign), although there is an equal chance her Moon is in Libra as we do not have her birth time.  Like Sue, she has a high energy square between Mars and Pluto, in Mel’s case exact.  They were born over a year apart.  Mel also has the chaotic Uranus/Pluto conjunction common to her year group, though by the time Sue was born it was waning.  She could suffer from high anxiety, with Mercury exactly square Chiron, too.  But she has leadership qualities in her Sun exactly sextile her natal North Node, and though she is equal billing with Sue and equal third in billing on Bake Off, it is possible that a later role in her life may fulfil that potential.

She has warm compatibility with Sue: Her Venus trine Sue’s Jupiter, and Sue’s Venus conjunct exactly her Jupiter.  In addition, they have some dynamic and complex interactions involving their outer planets.  In particular, some dramatic past lives together judging by Mel’s Pluto conjunct Sue’s South Node, perhaps saving each other’s lives and getting to know each other on a very deep level.


In the big event of the week, Jupiter enters Virgo at 11.11 Hrs on Tuesday 11th August.  This is good news for the coming year for people with Virgoan Sunsigns and Ascendants, who will be able to expand their talent and success.  It will though seem to be an exacting and to some extent constricting year for Sagittarians, who are more used to expansive living.  For the general astrological population, Jupiter’s time in Virgo may be helpful for jobseekers, farmers, professions which require skills of precision, breakthroughs in health research and awareness, and there may be advances in ecological areas and the battle to arrest climate change.  It will be a good period for creating your own job opportunities.

On Thursday 13th, interestingly at 1.11 a.m. (numerologists take note this week), Mercury opposes Neptune.  That’s a very confusing aspect, and the confusion can run to your thought processes, your travel plans, or weather conditions.  You will need to make an effort to see through the fog.  As it occurs in the very early hours of the morning, drive carefully if you are late out from the night before, and sip some chamomile tea if you are awake trying to solve mental mysteries.  Otherwise, your dreams may seem confused, and their meaning obscure.

Late morning the same day the Sun trines Uranus so you may have a sudden flash of insight as to what it was all about, or futuristic vision of the way forward.  Any creativity undertaken later in the day could hold originality and inventiveness.

Friday (14th) brings us a New Moon at 21 degrees Leo at 14.53 Hrs, a happy prospect with the promise of a new beginning in the areas of leisure, sport, holidays, creativity and the dramatic arts.  If you are involved with children or grandchildren it would be a good day for play and amusements.

Saturday (15th) is well-starred, with a conjunction in Leo between Venus and the Sun, which should warm the cockles of your heart in some way.  This conjunction takes place at 22 degrees Leo at 19.22 Hrs, and love rules the day.  Only 33 minutes later, at 19.55 Hrs, Mercury trines Pluto, so the love you have felt could give rise to some profound thinking and ideas.  Conversation will be deep and satisfying on a psychological level.  Though these influences may permeate the whole day, the evening activities will show their effect most intensely.

Read my analysis of the four Labour Leadership candidates, below

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – a big shift
  • Thursday – confusion, then dynamic expression
  • Friday – new beginning
  • Saturday – love and connecting the dots on a psychological level

Labour Leadership Contest

Labour Party Leadership

Fitting in an extra blog this week, as I promised to look at the overall candidacy for the Labour Leadership Election ahead of the start of the vote, on Friday 14th August.

As I have already written about Yvette Cooper and Jeremy Corbyn there isn’t too much to say, but this is the first time I have researched Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall.

Andy Burnham

Andy must be very disconcerted the way things have turned out.  He was almost a dead cert for the Labour Leadership at the outset, and along came the unpredictable Jeremy Corbyn from the outside lane of the race who is now streets ahead.  He must be thinking – what happened there?

He comes across as a competent and sincere man, but has not captured the public imagination – perhaps he is a little safe and dull?  He was born on a New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) in the prosaic sign of Capricorn, which is strongly politically motivated.  He is a decent chap, with Venus conjunct this combination, and his heart is no doubt in a good place.  He also has his Mercury in Capricorn: a methodical, practical, systematic type of thinker.  6 of his 10 planets are in Earth signs, so he is grounded and realistic.

He does have an imaginative side, with North Node conjunct Mars in Pisces, normally the Warrior Archetype conjunction but softened by its appearance in Pisces.  He is a Warrior, but does not like to confront directly.  If he was to challenge David Cameron at Question Time, he would do so, but fall short of the killer instinct (not that I approve of violence, just sayin’).  His Mars also sextiles his Sun exactly, and he has 5 of his 10 planets in Cardinal signs, so he has energy and would see himself as a leader.

The Piscean sensitivity also extends to his mental faculties, as his Capricorn mind (Mercury) sextiles closely Neptune, the planet of imagination.  So this is a balance in his make up, between the practical and the imaginative.  His Mercury also trines closely his natal Pluto, giving him depth of thought as well.  In addition, Neptune trines his natal Chiron, so he could also bring the party together in a healing way.

Yvette Cooper

I wrote before the General Election:

“Yvette is married to Ed Balls, and has been touted as a possible future leader of the Labour Party.  She has an outstanding chart, with great leadership and healing skills (Chiron conjunct the North Node – a healing karmic mission, and Neptune trine her North Node).  She can be mentally combative and possibly irritable, with Mercury square Mars.  Like her husband she has a diffident but loyal conjunction of Venus and Saturn.  But Jupiter is exactly conjunct Uranus (the Inner Entrepreneur) and works well with groups.  Her Pisces Sun trines its ruling planet Neptune, so somewhere she is tuned in with the Cosmos”.

She would be my second choice after (you’ve guessed it) Jeremy Corbyn.  Yes I am one of the idealistic youth voting for him, or a communist or Tory voter, as the media would have it!  She represents the hope of being the first female leader outside the Tory Party.  She has found her voice this week, distinguishing herself from Andy and Liz, and having overtaken Andy in the stakes.  In a brilliant piece of political analysis, and sharp observation, she has identified 9 ways in which David Cameron has broken his election pledges since his election.  They are (courtesy of the Guardian):

Cuts in child tax credits, cuts to child benefit, cancellation of rail electrification plans, downgrading in the number of affordable new homes to be built, delaying a decision on a new airport, delaying the introduction of tax free childcare from 2015 to 2017, shelving a pledge to give public officials three days off work to take part in volunteering, delaying the social care cap until 2020, and reversing the pledge for greater government transparency.  I like her style, and the fact that she would have the backing of her husband seasoned politician Ed Balls.

Liz Kendall

Liz Kendall is a Blairite, and as such is not doing very well in the race currently.  Immediately after the election, the New Labour faction were eager to blame Ed Miliband for deserting the “progressive” movement.  Ed was stuck between a rock and a hard place, wanting to go further left and express his real beliefs, but hamstrung by New Labour, and in the end this combination was not convincing.

Time has shown that New Labour is not what people really want.  It is too much like Toryism, and also tainted by the Iraq War.  Liz desperately wants to lead the Labour Party, and say the right things, so that Labour can win the next election, but in doing so she is not able to find her heart and speak from it.  There is no doubt she has been a good local M.P. and she states she is utterly committed to the Labour Party and always will be.  But, like the Labour Party, she is trying to find her identity at the moment.

She is a Gemini, like Jeremy Corbyn, but unlike Jeremy who has stayed true to his beliefs over decades, she is more like a reed blown in the wind and wondering where to go.  His intellect is at his core, whereas her Gemini intellect (she also has Mercury in Gemini) shows the vacillating tendency of her beliefs of this placing, its weaker manifestation for the time being, though she may change later in time.

She has Venus exactly conjunct Saturn, which maybe prevents her in life (so far, at least) from easily following her heart, so may be inwardly conflicted, yet to align her head and her heart in balance.  Venus conjunct Saturn can be disappointing in personal affairs, but can also produce tremendous loyalty (as in her loyalty to her Party).

Like Andy, she has the Warrior Archetype in the form of North Node conjunct Mars, in this case exact, and in her case in Aquarius.  This is a much more upfront Inner Warrior than Andy’s.  She is a strong female warrior, and this conjunction being placed in Aquarius means that she would fiercely support and fight on behalf of the underdog.  Her constituents receive good support from her, by all accounts.

She also has Jupiter conjunct Neptune, giving her enormous faith, whether in spiritual terms or in her own abilities.  So it might appear that sometimes she might argue that black is white, or be in denial about political events.  It is generally an asset, this conjunction, and although next to the other candidates she might appear inexperienced, on her own patch she can be inspiring.  Venus opposite Jupiter gives her enthusiasm, and enjoyment of society.  Jupiter opposing exactly her natal Saturn can find her chasing her own tail at times.

She has some leadership capacity (Sun trine North Node), and may do well in future years.

Jeremy Corbyn

I only wrote about Jeremy a couple of weeks ago.  Since then, he has gone from strength to strength, and worked very hard at sell-out performances.  There are alarm bells in several quarters, and some people feel he must be stopped!  But if he were to win the election contest, surely it would be the will of the people…?

Here is a reprise:

“Sun in Gemini Jeremy Corbyn has 6 of his 10 planets in Air signs, so is a Thinker.  He has 0 Water planets, which reinforces the tendency to reason, although he is not without passion with his Moon conjunct Mars in Taurus.  His speaking talent is shown by Mercury conjunct Venus by 1 degree in Gemini, with a sextile to Pluto giving that depth.  Mercury-Venus also trines Neptune, which gives him his idealism and the ability to put this across.  He is very grounded, with an exact sextile between Uranus (the Rebel) and Saturn (Authority), and can balance these forces well.  His Sun is trine Jupiter, which helps promote a buoyant outlook.  His Sun opposes Chiron, so he has to maintain a balance in his health.  Authenticity is part of his karmic mission, with North Node in Aries.  We do not have his birth time, but know his Part of Fortune is in the 12th House, so he has a quiet sense of inner security.”

Overall Prospects

Looking at the transits for the result of the leadership contest, I find:

Andy Burnham has Jupiter opposite his natal Pluto, which sounds like a lot of emotion, and build up, but not such a satisfying result.

For Yvette Cooper, Uranus trines her Neptune, which is complex but could be very satisfying and successful.  It will require a lot of reorganization of her life at that point, if she does win it.

Like Andy, Liz Kendall has Jupiter opposing her natal Pluto, but less acutely.  She may possibly have a sense of anti-climax, or have mentally given up before the event.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Jeremy Corbyn’s prospects:

“At the time of the announcement of the leadership winner, he has some challenging aspects.  Saturn squares his natal Saturn again, which is a hurdle he overcame when he got on to the ballot.  Jupiter squares his natal Chiron, so his Inner Healer will be stretched: he might be overdoing things physically, and need extra pacing… Lastly, Pluto squares his natal Neptune at that time, a challenge psychologically to encompass a greater public service.  If he did win, and was allowed to win, it would indeed be a challenging time for him.”

I feel he could be a valuable Opposition leader, opposing some of the brutal cuts of the current regime, and bringing back decent values in our society.

N.B. I hope to look at the Deputy Leadership Contest before the September result

Aspects for the week beginning 2 August 2015

The Bloomsbury Group:  A Soul Group – Introduction

A new three part drama entitled “Life in Squares” began on BBC2 (Mondays at 9 pm) this week.  It owes its title to a quotation from Dorothy Parker, who described the Bloomsbury group lifestyle as “lived in squares, painted in circles and loved in triangles”.

I have long been interested in this group, undoubtedly a Soul Group, but will start modestly with just a few astro-vignettes.  Sometimes I start a theme, and if there is not much interest, don’t take it further.  But hopefully there is enough interest out there for this subject.

Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf, or Virginia Stephen as she began life, formed with her sister Vanessa the core of an intellectual group starting in the early 20th Century in London.  Though the group were famed for their liberal sexual mores, there is no doubt that they were among the most talented contributors to the culture of their age.  Virginia herself was a profound author, though her writing style indigestible to some.  She struggled with her mental health and was possibly bi-polar, but perhaps that enhanced her work and creativity.

Her chart identifies her as a Soul Group leader with North Node exactly sextile her natal Sun (exactly at the Midheaven), with an entrepreneurial trine between Jupiter and Uranus.  Her delicate mental structure is identified in her chart by Chiron exactly square Mercury.  There is a depth of relating shown by Venus closely trine Pluto, and mental innovation from Chiron trine exactly Uranus.  She had no water planets, which may have been a source of struggle in emotional expression, coupled with an exact square of Saturn to her Sun.  Further indication that she didn’t do anything by halves is shown by 6 of her 10 planets being in the Fixed signs. She married political theorist Leonard Woolf who was karmically linked through his Sun being conjunct her North Node.

Vanessa Bell

Virginia’s sister Vanessa Bell was a painter, and became close to Clive Bell through a mutual love of painting.  She later married him, and he also formed a close relationship with Virginia.

Her Sun in Gemini is within 1 degree of Virginia’s, which indicates a close personal bond.  Her cultural interests and talent are shown by Mercury exactly sextile Venus in her chart.  There is an elevated spiritual quality about her exact sextile between Jupiter and Neptune.  North Node trine closely Pluto shows a profoundly driven karmic mission.  She has an exact conjunction of Chiron and Neptune in Taurus, a complex artistic talent possibly used as a route to her own self-healing.  This conjunction sextiles Jupiter, assisting success in that field.  In her marriage to Clive Bell, with her Pluto exactly conjunct Clive Bell’s Jupiter they built a focus of power.  Clive Bell’s Neptune was exactly conjunct Virginia Woolf’s Jupiter and he was able to sensitively critique her work.

Lytton Strachey

Lytton Strachey, author of “Eminent Victorians”, was a highly charismatic member of the core group, and predominantly homosexual (related with John Maynard Keynes and Duncan Grant), though he had a passionate relationship with painter Dora Carrington.  His Venus trine Mars is a sign of lack of sexual inhibition.  Mars also exactly squared his Uranus, bringing a continual need for excitement.  He too was a leader, with the Sun sextile his North Node. He had Mercury conjunct Jupiter, a sign of success in writing.  Virginia had these two planets closely square, showing the range of her intellectual interests.

His death through illness led to the grief stricken suicide of Dora Carrington, which was a contributory factor possibly to Virginia Woolf’s own suicide.  His Moon squared Venus, often a sign that the females in someone’s life do not get on, and certainly Virginia Woolf and Dora Carrington had a troubled relationship. Dora’s Pluto was exactly conjunct Lytton’s Mars, which may have been destructive, but it was also exactly trine his Venus and they had a deeply magnetic relationship.  They were also involved in a ménage a trois with Ralph Partridge.

John Maynard Keynes

Economist John Maynard Keynes, like Lytton Strachey, was a product of the Cambridge University culture of the time.  Arguably his legacy is one of the greatest of all the Bloomsbury Group, as his economic theory is now coming back into fashion after the failed experiment of Neo-Liberalism.  He was born on a New Moon in Gemini with the Part of Fortune on the Ascendant, bringing in new thought for the time.  He had a psychologically heavy triple conjunction of Saturn/Chiron/Pluto in Gemini, and the independent controversial thought of Mercury exactly square Uranus.  Venus conjunct the Midheaven in Taurus describes well his career as an economist.  He had no fire in his chart, so relied heavily on the 5 out of 10 planets he had in intellectual Air to make rational sense of the world.  His relationship with Lytton Strachey and painter Duncan Grant was very much a love triangle.

E.M. Forster

Also associated with Cambridge, E.M. Forster’s novels earned him many nominations for the Nobel Prize in Literature.  Notably, his novels are much easier to read than Virginia Woolf’s.  I was required to read them all at ‘A’ Level, and our set text “A Passage to India”, though not difficult, was perhaps the most complex and enigmatic.  He shares many natal aspects in common with other members of the Bloomsbury Group, some of those aspects being personal and some collective in nature.  The Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Taurus which Vanessa Bell channeled into painting, can be seen in the complex enigma that is “A Passage to India” giving that work a haunting quality.   There is an engaging portrait of E.M. Forster by Dora Carrington and they share the aspect of North Node conjunct Jupiter.  Like Lytton Strachey, he had Mars square Uranus.  He also had a very exacting square between his Mercury and Saturn.

Vita Sackville-West


So well she knew them both! yet as she came
Into the room, and heard their speech
Of tragic meshes knotted with her name,
And saw them, foes, but meeting each with each
Closer than friends, souls bared through enmity,
Beneath their startled gaze she thought that she
Broke as the stranger on their conference,
And stole abashed from thence

Poet and Horticulturalist Vita Sackville-West had Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces.  She had a brief affair with Virginia Woolf, and was immortalized by Virginia in her book “Orlando”.  Vita herself came from an aristocratic background and was brought up in a 365-room mansion, Knole, in Kent (North Node in Taurus conjunct I.C.).  She had a very interesting 5th House of Creativity, which included her North Node conjunct I.C. (many of her poems were about her ancestral home).  Another notable feature of her 5th House is an exact conjunction of Neptune and Pluto in Gemini, which lends depth to her work.  She was also involved in a love triangle, between her husband Harold Nicholson and a school friend novelist Violet Trefusis.

There are so many more characters and intricacies involved in the subject of the Bloomsbury Group, which I hope to explore at some stage.


There is a prolilfic line-up of aspects this week, something to occupy you each day, so without further ado, and with precise times (for the U.K.):–

Saturn turns direct today at 5.53 a.m., bucking the retrograde trend with Venus, Neptune and Pluto still retrograde, not to mention Asteroids Chiron, Pholus, and Ceres who are all retrograde at the moment.  You may find a chink in the brick wall now, and start to be able to move something which has been resistant for a while.  Saturn has been retrograde since 14th March.

At 14.50 Hrs Mercury trines Uranus, so you may have a lightbulb moment just after lunch, whether inspired by a great meal or an earlier breakthrough.  Take time to be open to new ideas before you go about your afternoon planned activities.

Tomorrow, Monday (3rd) holds the most important key of the week, the aspect of Jupiter square Saturn at 10.36 a.m.  You may find you are chasing your own tail, at least initially, until you realize that the task is to balance two ostensibly incompatible forces in your life.  Jupiter is freedom, and Saturn is restraint.  Jupiter is in the fun-loving sign of Leo, and Saturn is in the darker sign of Scorpio, so there are two contrasts already.  Depending on where they are placed in your birthchart, there will be more factors to balance.  Identifying the task is half the battle, then expanding your consciousness to look at the bigger picture may provide a way of dealing with it, or thinking about it.

You are in for a treat on Tuesday (4th) with the happiest of aspects, Venus conjunct Jupiter at 21.47 Hrs in the early evening.  As Venus is now retrograde, you may remember the recent occurrence of this aspect on 1st July, when you may have received a reminder of the unconditional love and abundance ever-present in the Universe!  There may be romance, and the promise of weddings or engagements in the air.  Friendships too are blessed.  If you receive a social invitation, take the opportunity!  Couch potatoes can always catch up on their favourite programme on i player or nearest equivalent.

Be prepared for a slump in mood the next day Wednesday (5th) when Venus then squares Saturn (the antithesis of Venus conjunct Jupiter) at 15.08 Hrs.  Could be that you may have underestimated the enduring nature of the previous day’s euphoric events (if indeed you did benefit).  A more realistic tone in relationships now ensues.  For example, a suitor may have proposed marriage on Tuesday, and on Wednesday you realize there may be some impediment and the road may not be clear in practical terms.  You may be able to clear this on a level of consciousness, e.g. determining a negative thought in relation to past relationships which is still lurking and may yet be cleared.

Another step forward occurs the next morning, Thursday (6th) with Mars trine Saturn at 8.29 am.  There literally may be an action you can take to move things forward in the direction of your goals.  Seize the day; the early bird will catch the worm.

Still seizing, next, at 14.25 Hrs Mercury is conjunct Venus, favouring literary and artistic pursuits, and forging on with documentation, diplomacy and discussion.

In the afternoon, after a fruitful and creative early afternoon, stop seizing the day, and turn to reflection and meditation.  For in the evening, at 20.19 Hrs Mercury will square Saturn, and you will be required to slow right down, and calm and focus the mind.  There may be a specific task concerning documentation or calculation which needs to be dealt with, or some difficult news to process or digest. The week may by now feel like a mini-roller coaster.

So it will not be difficult to imagine that another beneficial aspect is coming your way on Friday  (7th) – Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 7.08 a.m.  If you have entrepreneurial designs for Friday, especially involved with the dissemination of information, you will be able to sail through them.  Teaching and travel are especially favoured.  The up side or silver lining of yesterday evening’s news will reveal itself.

Early evening at 19.15 Hrs Mercury moves from hedonistic Leo into conscientious Virgo, so you may switch from holiday mode right into work mode.  A deadline may present itself to get stuck into a project or assignment lasting approximately the length of Mercury’s stay in Virgo which is until 27th of this month – it’s time to tackle my Tax Return!.  Perhaps the task is something preparing for the Autumn term, if you are a teacher or student.  It would involves the mental faculties.

Summer is not over though, fear not!  On Saturday (8th) your physical energies will be back surfing the waves of the holiday season with Mars leaving Cancer (the sign of home and family preoccupations) and entering Leo.  Perhaps you are basking in the sunshine home or away, are enjoying a staycation, or have been invited to a summer wedding.  Celebration, display and show are once more highlighted.  Whether you are a main player, supporting act, or behind-the-scenes worker, don’t hide your light under a bushel, behind the curtains, or under false humility.  Everyone’s a winner!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – moving forward with good ideas
  • Tomorrow – important balancing
  • Tuesday – happy clappy
  • Wednesday – grumpy slumpy
  • Thursday – two steps forward, one step back
  • Friday – mind-broadening and successful, then application
  • Saturday – show your wares

Aspects for the week beginning 26 July 2015

Jeremy Corbyn

I was waiting until just prior to the ballot on 14th August to blog the Labour Leadership Contest, but Jeremy Corbyn’s rise and rise has so dominated the news this week, that he is going to get a blog all to himself.

In an extraordinary sequence of events since the election, Jeremy got himself on the ballot, by the skin of his teeth, and has since proved the most popular candidate of the four.  His candidacy is proving very controversial, with the acting leader Harriet Harman being urged to pull the plug on his runaway success on the grounds that it is too left wing and could result in a Labour defeat in the 2020.  What an incredible turn of events!

I joined the Labour party in the wake of the election result, feeling I had been far too complacent for too long, and am overjoyed to find there is a candidate to vote for who thinks almost exactly as I do.  And I think many of those voting for him feel the same, and they are not all communists or conservatives paying £3 to vote in order to secure a Labour defeat in 2020.

My own feeling is that he represents the values I would like to see in society, such as looking after the poor.  We have become such a cynical society, and some idealism would not go amiss.  In fact, society might even like it, and decide that it works for them in the years to come, as hopefully the destructiveness of the Conservative policies come to be seen for what they are.

Jeremy Corbyn was interviewed on the Andrew Marr show this morning, and I felt respectfully so (Andrew can be quite aggressive at times).  Jeremy was relaxed throughout, and that was because he was being himself, not having to tread on political eggshells.  His authenticity shone through, plus he has a sense of humour.  He has even been found to have spent the least in expenses during the scandal of 2009 – that is the sort of politician we need. He is also vegetarian and teetotal.

His Birthchart

Sun in Gemini Jeremy Corbyn has 6 of his 10 planets in Air signs, so is a Thinker.  He has 0 Water planets, which reinforces the tendency to reason, although he is not without passion with his Moon conjunct Mars in Taurus.  In true Gemini fashion, he presents very logical cases for what some see as controversial policies.  His speaking talent is shown by Mercury conjunct Venus by 1 degree in Gemini, with a sextile to Pluto giving that depth.  Mercury-Venus also trines Neptune, which gives him his idealism and the ability to put this across.  He is very grounded, with an exact sextile between Uranus (the Rebel) and Saturn (Authority), and can balance these forces well.  His Sun is trine Jupiter, which helps promote a buoyant outlook.  His Sun opposes Chiron, so he has to maintain a balance in his health.  Authenticity is part of his karmic mission, with North Node in Aries.  We do not have his birth time, but know his Part of Fortune is in the 12th House, so he has a quiet sense of inner security.


Ballot:  At the time he secured enough votes to get himself on to the ballot, which he only just managed, Saturn from Scorpio was exactly square his natal Saturn in late Leo – a real sense of struggle.

Now:  As things stand now, he is riding the crest of a wave.  Earlier this month it became clear that he was overtaking the other three candidates for the Labour leadership, and transiting Jupiter was trine his natal North Node in Aries, which suggests karmic reward for authenticity.  The Aries connection is interesting because political commentator and author of “Chavs” and “The Establishment” Owen Jones is a vocal supporter of Jeremy, and is Aries.  And Tony Benn with whom he worked in the early 1980s was an Aries.  Both of them espouse similar values and straight talking, so it is a tribute to Aries which doesn’t often get much praise.  Young people especially are responding to this breath of fresh air.

14 Aug: When the voting starts, Jupiter will be on Jeremy Corbyn’s Saturn, so factors and traits which have held him back in the past may be unblocked.  This transit peaks about 3 days before, but that is close enough to be a hopeful sign for him.

12 Sept:  At the time of the announcement of the leadership winner, he has some challenging aspects.  Saturn squares his natal Saturn again, which is a hurdle he overcame when he got on to the ballot.  Jupiter squares his natal Chiron, so his Inner Healer will be stretched: he might be overdoing things physically, and need extra pacing.  A word about his age (65): in the 20th Century politicians who wore their statesmanlike wisdom and experience proudly tended to be of that age group – it is only recently that we have not had seasoned politicians in power.  Lastly, Pluto squares his natal Neptune at that time, a challenge psychologically to encompass a greater public service.  If he did win, and was allowed to win, it would indeed be a challenging time for him.

Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn has served the Labour Party for decades, and been an assiduous public servant in his Islington constituency since 1983.  He has good connections with the Labour Party chart: Mercury trine its Mercury – true to its original intellectual ideas; his Neptune trine its natal Mars – shared idealism and passion; his Chiron on its Jupiter (potentially a healing, though currently seen as crisis);  his North Node sextile exactly its Neptune (his karmic mission fulfilling its idealism) and his Pluto sextile exactly its Pluto (deep commitment and shared psychological truths).

I will include and update Jeremy when I write about the candidates as a whole in a couple of weeks’ time.


The aspects appear at the beginning and end of the week, so I have included some Fixed Star influences for the middle.

Today, Mars trines Chiron, so it is a good day for initiating some healing.  It is a healing day for Aries folk, and for getting good energy flowing generally.

However, Uranus turns retrograde, so electricity and I.T. matters are still very unpredictable, after the Mars-Uranus square of last week.  There will be things we need to re-assess, as a result of unpredictable occurrences which point out where we have been unaware.  Uranus remains retrograde until Christmas, so there is a lot to re-assess, and it is probably not a good Christmas for presenting electrical goods!  So the next half of the year is about learning about the loopholes you have ignored.  We all have blind spots (one of mine is technology itself) and it is good to make more effort (note to myself) to understand those things we neglect.

Moving on to Tuesday (28th) and the first of our Fixed Stars, the Praesape Cluster in Cancer: Bernadette Brady links it historically to stormy weather patterns.

“Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld gives the following interpretation:

“The primary energy here is in assisting individuals to fully accept loss, to release it, and to understand the great gifts of what one does not need any longer.  This is a way of surrender and trust in the God-force.  At a deeper level, most people will discover that a sense of what is needed created in them, as well as a sense of what is not needed.  Priorities can shift to spiritual levels, so the true God-nature of the priorities emerge.”

The same day the Sun aligns with the Fixed Star N. Asellus.  From the same source:

“With use of this star there is some strengthening in the dream state of the ability to perceive your direction with your family and how things are to work themselves out together.  The ability to nurture others is strengthened.  This star can assist individuals in professions that rely heavily on such nurturing abilities, such as nursing, childcare, or teaching younger children.”

On Thursday (30th) it is the turn of S. Asellus, of which it is written:

“The third chakra is strengthened and the eyesight is somewhat improved.  The ability to correct utilize Vitamin A in the eyes is improved slightly.  This elixir can balance the production of antihistamines and may assist individuals suffering from allergies to animals.”

I am hoping this is true, because my 2nd cataract operation was cancelled on 17th July due to flooding in the hospital, and Thursday is my next projected date.  I was first referred to the hospital for both cataracts last August, so it is almost a year that I have been in this process!

On Friday (31st) there is a Blue Moon (second Full Moon in a month) at 7 degrees Aquarius, a balancing between the integrity of the individual (Sun in Leo) and the group connectivity and wholeness (Moon in Aquarius).  Hopefully on your own journey of integrity and interrelation, you will make a step of progress.  The adjustment at the Full Moon is sometimes uncomfortable, and often involves a compromise.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Healing, but also disruption
  • Tuesday – spiritual priorities and looking after the young
  • Thursday – strengthening of vision
  • Friday – balancing the group and the individual needs

Aspects for the week beginning 19 July 2015

Leo Totems and Archetypes

“With pride the Lion lifts his mane

And takes a look at his wide domain

 He knows that he must rule with might

 Yet ever so gently with Love and Light.”

~ Alan Oken

The Sun goes into Leo at 3.30 a.m. on Thursday 23rd July.  This is the third in the series where I look at some of the animal totems and Archetypes for the various signs. If you are not yourself Leo Sunsign, Ascendant or Moonsign, you very likely will know someone who is, and can observe the Archetypes.

Animal Totems


In all my 25 years of working with Animal Totems, I have only ever been convinced of one main animal totem for Leo (contrasted with about 100 for Scorpio!).  I think this is because the Lion truly is the King of the Jungle, and wouldn’t want it any other way!  You will notice that some animal totems I have ascribed to Leo here are shared with other signs, of which they are primary totems.

[Hubby Mike says the Lion cannot be called the King of the Jungle, as he doesn't live in the Jungle: he should be re-named King of  Beasts]

Stefanie Weiss says of the Lion:

“Lions would rather roam the savanna with their pride than engage in battle with other animals.  If provoked, of course, they will fight ferociously and protect their loved ones.  They care for their young with great gentleness and more than enough patience, making for a beautiful family dynamic…The Egyptians linked the lions to power and wealth.  The Chinese viewed the lion as a symbol of courage and strength.”

There is only really one animal totem for Leo – all the others are bit players.


The Lionness has her own reputation, as huntress and provider, and guarding her young cubs with fierce protectiveness.  Her role is distinct from that of the male, who has great status as leader within the tribe, and in relation to other tribes as a warrior.

Other Big Cats

Other big cats can often, though not always, be ascribed to the sign Leo, but the association is not as powerful.  Quite a few big cats are associated with Scorpio.

Elephants and Gorillas honorary totems

The Elephant, by virtue of its size, has some affinity with Leo, although is a main totem for Taurus.  The Gorilla, again by virtue of its size, has affinity with Leo.  Monkeys are a totem of Gemini.  Genetically, Gorillas are closer to humans than chimpanzees.

Royal Corgis

Dogs mainly come under Aries and Sagittarius, but Corgis have come to be associated with our Royal family.  It was revealed this week that the Queen is not thinking of replacing her two ageing corgis.  She was first given by her father at the age of 7.

Queen Bee

Sshh! Don’t tell the Lion, but there is another Animal Totem, which I will title Insect Totem: the Queen Bee!  However, it’s only the Queen Bee that is associated with Leo.  Most insects come under Virgo, and especially worker colonies like bees and ants.

Bird Totems


The Peacock has a love of display, self-esteem, and magnanimity worthy of the Leo character.

Nicky Scully says of the Peacock:

“Peacock is a somewhat controversial totem…Peacock is quite playful – a hedonist, in fact – but it doesn’t bother him.  There is no self-criticism or denial here.  He encompasses, in a warm, open-handed way, his ability to relish and envelop life.  He would laugh at our judgements, for he enjoys himself without being kept from Spirit.”

Peacock is another totem shared with Scorpio, as it is known in the Tibetan tradition as the bird that can take poison.  Some are superstitious about this bird, and perhaps it says something about the human psychology of not revealing too much about oneself, or fear of arousing jealousy.

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is a regal bird, associated with power, strength and leadership.

 Smaller yellow or gold birds can be supporting characters: Goldfinch, Golden Oriole, Goldcrest, Canary, and Yellowhammer among them.



The King represents temporal power, and is related to the Tyrant archetype.

One example of the King Archetype is the Film Director, who controls all aspects of the making of a film.  Many Film Directors are born under Leo, and embody that total creative vision.

Examples: Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Sam Mendes, Christopher Nolan, Roman Polanski, John Huston, Cecil B. de Mille, Wim Wenders, Peter Bogdanovich


Strong Leo in a chart can indicate royal connections in past lives.  Tina Turner, who thinks she was an Egyptian Queen in a past life, has a Leo Ascendant.

Specifically South Node in Leo can indicate royal past lives in Egypt.

Leo actress Helen Mirren has played the Queen on film and in theatre.  Cate Blanchett, who has played Elizabeth I, has the Sun (ruler of Leo) rising.

The Queen/Executive

In 2013  Caroline Myss published a new book on Archetypes for the modern age.  One of these is the Queen/Executive:

“Elizabeth’s [I] archetypal successor in the modern world is the Queen/Executive.  A new archetype, this is a partnering of a noble force, the Queen, with a contemporary concept of power associated with business and finance, the Executive.”  I know a Leo woman who very much fits this description.

Inner Child

Play is a natural function of Leo, and Moon in Leo brings up the Playful Child, and also the Performing Child.  We all have the Inner Child Archetype, and it is usually described accurately by our Moon Sign.

“Star Healing” by David Lawson describes this quality of Leo well:  “Leos are inspired by the magical qualities of children and many Leos express their creativity through the raising, teaching or guidance of children.”

Examples of the Performer: Mick Jagger (Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, I.C., Mercury, North Node and Chiron all in Leo!) and Madonna (Sun, Uranus and Venus in Leo).  Madonna blends Leo with Virgo (Moon and Ascendant among other features) for her “Like a Virgin” image.  Performers can of course also be grown-ups.

The Father

Shared with the sign of Capricorn, this Archetype in its Leo manifestation brings up a feeling of Protectiveness and Guidance.  The Capricorn manifestation is more authoritarian and disciplined in nature.

The Hedonist

The Hedonist is one of the primary Archetypes for Leo.  It deals with the pursuit of pleasure and leisure.  Note that whereas there are not many animal totems for Leo, there are plenty of Archetypes.

The Hero

The Hero overcomes all odds, sometimes over and over again in their lives. You can spot a Hero Archetype by their stories, which can be long and complicated with a thread of how they came through.

Shadow Side

The Tyrant or Bully can be a negative Archetype, for whatever reason, and that includes psychological bullying. Napoleon, an Archetype himself, was a Leo.  It is interesting that the Arab Spring movement, that of the Inner Rebel (Aquarius/Uranus) confronted the various Tyrants (Leo) of the Middle Eastern Countries, and Aquarius opposes Leo in the Zodiac circle.  It is one of the astrological balancing acts, Leo vs Aquarius.


Deities include the Hindu deity Brahma the Creator, and the lioness-headed Goddess Sekhmet from the Egyptian pantheon (the Goddess as fierce protective mother).  Sekhmet does also have Scorpionic features.

Leo author J.K. Rowling is a female example of the Creator: she conceived her 7 Harry Potter books all in one original vision before writing them, and they were all turned into films – a gargantuan all-encompassing achievement.


The Salamander comes under this category, shared with the other fire signs Aries and Sagittarius.


 “The Golden Cauldron” by Nicky Scully

 “Archetypes” by Caroline Myss

 “Spirit Animals” by Stefanie Weiss


Today began with an early morning square between Mercury and Uranus – you may already have observed an over-active brain or some disruption to your normal Sunday morning routine.

There is also a trine between Mercury and Chiron operating today, so there is the potential for solving mental conundrums.  It’s a good day for solving the cryptic crossword or the advanced Sudoku.

On Tuesday (21st) the Sun will be trine Saturn, which can bring about some stability and solid endeavours.  Put your shoulder to the grindstone.

Mercury trines Saturn on Wednesday (22nd) and so the hard work will be on the mental level, with results that stand the test of time.

The Sun enters Leo on Thursday (23rd) and it is time to let your light shine in this month of the Inner Performer (see the animal totems, bird totems and Archetypes above, for inspiration).  Even if you are not a Leo, you can work on your self-esteem this month and display your talents, e.g. display your artwork in a local exhibition.

At lunchtime, Mercury follows the Sun into Leo, and mental application can be brought to bear on creative projects, ingenious holiday plans, and scriptwriting.

In the evening, Mercury catches up with the Sun and they form a conjunction.  I have found this conjunction to be excellent for writing and crystal clear thought, e.g. poetry, perception and future vision.  Its appearance in Leo increases its creativity, expression and joie de vivre.

Saturday (25th) is not quite so straightforward.  Firstly, Venus turns retrograde, for a considerable period, until 6th September.  Relationships, money, and the Arts all come under extra scrutiny and demand more from you.  Much has been made of this Retrograde by Astrologers, and it is worth observing and learning from your process during this period, and taking note for future reference.

Any blips in your experience may come from Venus turning retrograde, but they may also be confused with Mars squaring the spanner-in-the-works, Uranus.  You may distinguish the two as Venus causing relationship disruption, while Mars may cause mechanical or electrical disruptions.  Try not to be too ambitious about your plans for Saturday.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Disruption, then resolution
  • Tuesday – planning
  • Wednesday – planning
  • Thursday – creative expression
  • Saturday – relationship review, and disruption

Aspects for the week beginning 12 July 2015

Harper Lee

The story of the author Harper Lee, her early success in writing “To Kill a Mockingbird” (the most highly praised book in American literature), her withdrawal from publicity and chosen life of seclusion, her protection by her older sister Alice, then at the end of her life publication of the original text of her book (remarkably dug up by the publisher) and controversy about her own wishes – all that has intrigued me this year.  Her second book Go Set a Watchman will be published on Tuesday.

Birth Chart Essentials

Harper Lee has Sun in Taurus in 7th House, Ascendant in Libra, and Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio in 1st House.  Her North Node is in Cancer. The sharpness of her writing style is graphically shown by Mercury conjunct Mars.


Her 5th House of creations is interesting, representing her book(s).  She has Mars at the beginning of the House (representing her first born, early in life) and Venus at the end of the House, representing the sequel at the end of her life.  Of course, the uniqueness of this situation is that they are interchangeable in a sense, as she wrote the current book before the original publication of To Kill a Mockingbird.  It was rejected by her publisher, and she was asked to go and re-write it from an earlier perspective, and the result was To Kill a Mockingbird.  Go Set a Watchman is being published by Harper publishing house.


There are acknowledged elements of Harper Lee’s own life in her classic novel.  Her own father Amasa Coleman Lee was a Lawyer, as was the main character Atticus Finch in her novel.  Her father defended two black men on a murder charge, while in the book Atticus Finch defended a young black man Tom Robinson on a charge of rape.  The absence of a mother figure (Atticus Finch is a widower) is reflected in Harper Lee’s own Moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Pulitzer-Prize winning To Kill a Mockingbird paints a picture of racial attitudes in Alabama before the Civil Rights Movement of Martin Luther King.  Harper Lee was born in Monroeville Alabama, and resides there to this day.    The book raises issues of justice, class, integrity and equality, and many issues central to the meaning of life and society.

It was published on 11 July 1960.  Its Jupiter in Sagittarius is right on the Galactic Centre at 26 degrees.  That may be one of the secrets of its ability to capture something so intrinsic to humanity.  It is said to be one of the books people must read in their lifetime.

At that time, Uranus at 19 degrees Leo was exactly square Harper Lee’s natal Moon in Scorpio in her 1st House.  This demonstrates the measure of how much of a shock to her lifestyle the resulting celebrity brought.  She told a close friend Dr Thomas Butts: “You ever wonder why I never wrote anything else?…Two reasons: one, I wouldn’t go through the pressure and publicity I went through with To Kill a Mockingbird for any amount of money.  Second, I have said what I wanted to say and I will not say it again.”

The book has inspired Americans throughout the years, but also readers worldwide.  Shami Chakrabarti, head of “Liberty” the human rights organization, writes in the Guardian: “I wasn’t the first led into law by Atticus Finch, and I won’t be the last…The message is hope; for real progress towards a society based on individual human dignity, equal treatment and fairness.”

In 2013, while her sister Alice was still alive, Harper Lee raised a lawsuit against a literary agent alleging that he tricked her into signing over the copyright on To Kill a Mockingbird.  Her sister Alice died last year (2014), and in some way her death may have paved the way for the current publication, which she probably would not have allowed.


The narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird is a tomboy daughter of Atticus Finch called Scout.  It has been widely assumed that she represents Harper Lee’s own character, but Harper Lee herself says she identifies most with the reclusive Boo Radley.  Two of the characters from the book stand out starkly as parts of Harper Lee’s psyche and life from her birth chart.  The first is Boo Radley, who has the Moon in Scorpio, conjunct Saturn.  And the second is Atticus Finch, the lawyer and defender of the underdog, seen in her conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius.

She told Oprah Winfrey, privately:

“You know the character Boo Radley?  Well, if you know Boo, then you understand why I wouldn’t be doing an interview.  Because I am really Boo.”


The film of To Kill a Mockingbird was released on 25 December 1962.  It is hailed as faithful to the essence and message of the book, and would reach people in a different way.  The success of its vision is reflected in the transit of Jupiter sextile Harper Lee’s natal Sun to the minute (both at 7 degrees 54 minutes), a fulfillment of her requirements for it.  Moreover, the film has a healing purpose, in that Chiron is conjunct Jupiter (by 1 degree) in Pisces (the sign of film, and compassion).

Gregory Peck possessed the authenticity and integrity within his own internal cast of characters, in Sun/Jupiter/Mercury in Aries trine Mars.  His Mars and Jupiter were exactly trine, reflecting Harper Lee’s own Mars conjunct Jupiter but with bells on.  For the humanitarian element, he had Midheaven and Uranus in Aquarius.  No wonder Atticus Finch is the role he is most known for.

Mary Badham, who played Scout (the young daughter of the book, assumed to represent Harper Lee) has Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury in Libra, which is Harper Lee’s Ascendant sign.

Friendship with Truman Capote

Harper Lee brought into incarnation with her several members of her Soul Group, undoubtedly her father and sister, but also a childhood friend Truman Capote, whose major work “In Cold Blood” she helped research.  There is a real brother/sister karma there of mental companionship in her Mercury exactly sextile his North Node.  His Mars was exactly trine her Ascendant, giving her fortitude, and perhaps there is something of him in her tomboy character Scout too (at least it would seem so astrologically).

Publication of Go Set a Watchman

Publication is set for this Tuesday, July 14th 2015, only 3 days after the 55th anniversary of the publication of To Kill a Mockingbird.  You can see the family resemblance, with Sun, Venus and Mercury in Cancer for the original book, and Mercury, Mars and the Sun (and possibly also Moon) present in the chart of Go Set a Watchman.  The quality of the original book as a historical document is shown by these planets in Cancer, and Go Set a Watchman is certainly in the same spirit.

There has been a charge of racism in the character of Atticus Finch as revealed by Go Set a Watchman, which has yet to be fully exposed, but Mars opposite Pluto in the chart of this sequel would make it more explosive and contentious.  Apparently as the character of Atticus Finch develops later in life, he is happy to allow segregation to continue in Alabama.

The Sun in the chart of Go Set a Watchman is even closer (1 degree away) to Harper Lee’s North Node in Cancer, perhaps even closer to her karmic mission.  Uranus squares her Nodal Axis, again disrupting her life.  Her publishers insist she is of sound mind at 88, and publication was entirely in accordance with her will.


When I was studying French literature in the 6th Form, my teacher Miss Robinson remarked that I was capable of giving the impression of knowing more than I did about a subject.  Thus it is I need to confess now that I have not yet fully read To Kill a Mockingbird.  I only bought it in February, piqued by curiosity over Harper Lee’s story.  I will finish it, and maybe leave my impressions under comments at some stage.  But I have now read the first chapter of Go Set a Watchman (courtesy of the Guardian weekend supplement)!  I hope that those readers who have read To Kill a Mockingbird can fill in the gaps of my ignorance, and comment accordingly.


Gird your loins for a challenging week!  The way you respond to this week’s aspects is crucial to how things develop, and to keeping on top of things.  Some of these aspects will be best dealt with by your Inner Warrior, some dealt with as a damage limitation exercise, and still others may require surrender (to the Universe).  The trick is to be very present, and alert to your inner guidance, and make the right choices from moment to moment.

Tomorrow (Monday 13th) the Sun squares Uranus, so you really do need to expect the unexpected.  Battening down the hatches and closing all known loopholes may get you far, but may not completely master this aspect.  You need to use your intuition, anticipate, access your future memory.  Get ahead, with Future Life Progression!

Fortunately, the evening brings a more harmonious touch, in the form of Mercury trine Neptune – there may be a resolution of sorts.  The rational mind joins deftly with the mystical mind, to enhance your perception of reality.

Tuesday (14th) again brings a heavy dose of reality, in challenge number 2: Venus square Saturn.  This brings relationship realities to the fore – the disappointment after heavy expectation, the realization that one person is not able to fulfil all your dreams, and that you are very much responsible for what happens in your relationships.

Wednesday (15th) is even more intense, with an opposition between Mars and Pluto.  This is one where you don’t want to employ your Inner Warrior, but your Inner Diplomat might help.  Keep out of the way of potentially aggressive scenarios, even demonstrations if you are an activist, as it will be difficult to calm down those who are bent on destruction.

Late evening, Mercury opposes Pluto which imposes extra mental strain.  An extra hour’s meditation in the day may help.

Thursday (16th) brings a New Moon in Cancer at 23 degrees which may help to simmer things down, and present a fresh outlook or approach.  It is a good time to attend to matters close to home, and set your intent for constructive perspectives within the family circle or within your society or homeland if you wish to work on a more global level.

Mercury conjuncts Mars in the afternoon, and you may be engaged in some literary task, or some banter.  With tensions perhaps still lingering from earlier in the week, try not to let your words inflame matters.  It is a good afternoon and evening for getting things done.

Lastly, on Saturday (18th) Venus leaves behind the fiery passions of Leo and enters the cooler climate of Virgo.  You’ll be satisfied with subtler displays of affection, quieter colours in your artwork, more studious reading material.  This library atmosphere doesn’t last for long though, because Venus revolves around 0 degrees Virgo for a short while, and then retrogrades back into Leo on Friday 31st.  So if you are researching or writing for a theatre role or screenplay, you will go into seclusion for a while then be back in the limelight at the end of the month.  Use the interlude wisely.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – electrical sparks, then subtlety of thought
  • Tuesday – some sadness
  • Wednesday – conflict plus mental strain
  • Thursday – new beginning, then leaping into action
  • Saturday – quieter artistic pursuits

Aspects for the week beginning 5 July 2015

Wimbledon 2015 – Week 2

What an exciting week of tennis that was!  Having looked at the top seeds last week, I am now going to look at the next rung of seeds, going into the second week. Maybe your favourite is amongst them? I hope you (the readers) will continue to be interactive, as it does make viewing even more interesting.

Men’s Seeds

No. 6 – Tomas Berdych

As a Virgoan, Tomas is very analytical, but he has a sense of showmanship with Venus and Mars in Leo.  We do not have his birth time, so his Moon could be in Libra or Scorpio.  If in Scorpio, that would make him extremely emotionally intense as the Moon would be conjunct with Pluto in that sign.  There is a lot of seriousness overall in his make up, with the Sun exactly sextile Saturn, and Venus exactly square Saturn.  His great energy is coming from Mars closely sextile Pluto.  He has hidden depths, and a very strong will (5 of his 10 planets in Fixed signs).  He starts week 2 with a Venus Return, which is congenial enough, but I don’t know if that will carry him far tenniswise.  At the end of the tournament, Jupiter squares his Saturn (hopes not likely realized).  That does not look like an outstanding line up for success.  He plays Gilles Simon in the next round.

No. 9 – Marin Cilic

Marin Cilic has a very challenging natal chart, containing a Grand Cross in Earth signs, composed of Neptune opposite Chiron and Mars opposite the Sun.  He could struggle at times, especially when a transiting planet is crossing one of those four points.  With Saturn conjunct exactly Uranus, he can sometimes be subject to earthquakes in his life, psychologically at least.  He has chosen a difficult path, but would have the character to match.  There is a modicum of luck, with Sun exactly trine Jupiter, and great enthusiasm (Mars exactly sextile Jupiter).  Mercury is also exactly sextile Uranus (mental brilliance), so he could be a master of precision with all those precise aspects!  At the beginning of the second week of Wimbledon 2015 the North Node conjuncts his Sun, which could be karmically favourable.  Jupiter conjuncts his natal Venus, which is personally lucky.  And the South Node transits his natal Mars, so he could be facing some old warrior karma, and will be expected by the Lords of Karma to be ethically sportsmanlike.  By the end of Wimbledon, he will have lost the two favourable transits, just keeping the sportsmanlike requirement.  Again, he does not look like the overall winner this year, but should get through the next round.

No. 11 – Gilles Simon

We do have a birthchart for Gilles Simon, born in Nice (the French are good at birthtimes).  He is a double Capricorn, with Sun and Ascendant in that sign, but lightened by Jupiter rising.  His emotional reactions are quick, with the Moon conjunct Mars, but they are in the sign of Pisces so sometimes they can be vague or roundabout in their expression.  His Mercury is exactly conjunct his natal Uranus in Sagittarius, so he has a keen, quick and intuitive mind and mental reflexes, and a highly strung nervous system.  His Mars is exactly sextile Neptune, so he could be capable of some sensitive play and subtle shots.  He also has Saturn on the South Node, so may have brought through some difficult karma from past lives, possibly from Russia.  At the beginning of the second week, where he meets Tomas Berdych, Uranus squares his natal Jupiter which could cause an upset, though Tomas’ own transits are not distinguished so they may be evenly matched.  Towards the end of the tournament, Jupiter also squares his natal Saturn, so like Berdych he may not make the final.  In their synastry (compatibility) Gilles’ Saturn sextiles Berdych’s Sun, so Gilles may have the edge, though Berdych has beaten him this year.  It’s a fine call between them.

No. 14 –  Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is a Taurean from South Africa, with a persevering Mars in Capricorn closely trine his Taurus Mercury – quick mental and physical reactions, and a great deal of stamina.  He has 5 of his 10 planets in Earth signs.  He will need the stamina, as he’ll be playing Novak Djokovic in the next round, a real contender for the overall title.  As we start the second week, Uranus is square his natal Mars (which could make him incident-prone, or even accident-prone).  The Nodal Axis will also be squaring his natal Neptune, which could make him wobbly spiritually.  The latter transit vanishes by the end of Wimbledon, but the Uranus to Mars transit is still operational.  So the cards are stacked against him, astrologically as well as in the draw.  Their synastry is very weak, so Anderson may not engage much in the match.

Women’s Seeds

No. 5 –  Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki has 7 out of her 10 planets in Cardinal signs, so is a natural leader.  She has a natural system of checks and balances within her psyche, with a triple conjunction of Chiron/Sun/Jupiter in Cancer opposite her Saturn in Capricorn.  Her Mercury squares Mars, so she can get irritable or suffer from frayed nerves.  Her Sun/Chiron conjunction is exact, so she may have some healing talent.  She was engaged to Rory McIlroy the golfer, but with the engagement being broken last year she may have been emotionally drained, as she wasn’t so prominent in Wimbledon in 2014.  Hopefully, her star is rising again.  At the beginning of this week, Chiron is busy in her chart (and it is an important planet for her natally) – it trines her Jupiter and sextiles her natal Saturn.  This could help her healing and general physical wellbeing. She has an additional fillip with Saturn trine her natal Mercury, so she’ll be concentrating well too, so she should progress at the beginning of the week.  By the end of Wimbledon, the Jupiter transits have gone, but the Saturn transit remains.  That could get her into the final.

No. 6 –  Lucie Safarova

Lucy is an Aquarian, a sign you don’t often find in tennis players.  She has good energy levels (Sun sextile Mars), excellent control (Mars trine exactly Saturn), a magnetic personality (Venus conjunct Uranus), good karmic sense (Sun sextile exactly North Node and trine Chiron) and also has healing potential (North Node sextile exactly Chiron).  At the beginning of this second week, Neptune trines her Pluto, giving her some staying power, but that may not be enough to propel her through the second week.  The end of the tournament does not look promising either.  Her opponent in the next round, Coco Vandeweghe, looks quite dynamic and has a good transit at the final!

No. 13 –  Agnieszka Radwanska

Here we drop down 7 seeds as all the intervening ones are out!

I wrote in 2014:

“She has a bouncy, enthusiastic and energetic conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in her chart, which is useful in a sporting life.  But   Agnieszka has a natally depressive exact conjunction of Saturn and Neptune…”

At the beginning of this week, Mars trines her Venus, giving her some heart.  But Saturn opposes her Jupiter, so she may be disappointed by her next match.  Agnieszka’s transits are not easy at all at the end of Wimbledon: Jupiter opposes her natal Mercury, and the Nodal Axis squares her natal Uranus.  She plays Jelena Jankovic in the next round, who put out reigning champion Petra Kvitova yesterday.  Jelena seems set to make a comeback, with the North Node trine her Jupiter, though she does have a confusing Neptune transit to her Sun – she may have used this as a springboard to regaining her spirit.  As she will lose the North Node trine by the final, Jelena may not reach the final;  however,  Jankovic has the advantage in their synastry.

No. 15 –  Timea Bacsinszky

Timea has a lucky exact conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in Gemini, making her very nimble too.  She also has the exact conjunction of Saturn and Neptune which can also pull her down, so a very contradictory chart.  She has Venus conjunct Chiron in Cancer, so perhaps some poignant family issues (we do know she has issues with her father), and Venus opposite Uranus which is awkward for her personal life.  Her great strength is an exact sextile between Saturn and Pluto, which could make her very strong indeed under pressure.  Her Nodal Axis squares her natal Mercury, so she could have some responsibility as a teacher later in her career.  She seems to be on good form this year.  Saturn opposes her natal Mercury and the Nodal Axis squares her Venus as we start the week, which are not helpful for her.  To these would be added Mars opposing her natal Neptune by the end of Wimbledon, which is a lot to battle against astrologically.  She plays Monica Niculescu at the beginning of the week, who has a small edge in their synastry.  Jupiter trines Niculescu’s Uranus and Mars trines her Pluto, plus Nicolescu has supportive transits.  So Bacsingszky may lose the next round. Though Nicolescu loses her astrological support by the end of the Wimbledon – so is anyone going to get through?!!


Not an easy week, with the Sun opposing Pluto.  Though some people did not even find last week easy, and the aspects were very kind.

Today has a literary flavour with Mercury sextile Venus, so art and literature can flourish, as can diplomacy and discussion.  It’s a good day to forge ahead if you are engaged in a major writing project. Reading a favourite novelist can stimulate ideas, e.g. you may want to start up a book club.

Tomorrow afternoon (Monday 6th) is a little more heavy-hearted, there is no way to sweeten the pill of Sun opposite Pluto.  Serious issues may need to be dealt with, psychologically at least.  It is the Dalai Lama’s birthday, so you may want to take a leaf out of one of his books, and consider his philosophies.  Perhaps catch up with his interview at Glastonbury via You Tube.

Mercury enters the sign of Cancer on Wednesday (8th), at tea time in the U.K.  The collective mind has been in the nimble sign of Gemini, but now becomes more reflective and subject to emotion.  You may find that you cannot consider something rationally without having to bring human emotion into the equation.  Mercury will be travelling very rapidly through Cancer and enters Leo on 23rd.  If you are a budding novelist, take advantage of this current position, as the sign of Cancer lends itself to imaginative writing and reflection, e.g. historical fiction.

Mars trines Neptune late in the evening, so if you have started a novel at tea time, by the evening you could be on fire, and your imagination will run riot in an inspired way!  You can get something going in a big way on Wednesday, as long as it is a combination of physical energy and the higher imagination, running along spiritual lines.  If you are looking for a breakthrough in your meditation practice, for instance, this is a good day for it.

On Friday/Saturday (10th/11th) Mercury squares the Nodal Axis, and there may be some intense karmic discussion, teaching and learning, possibly in groups, if you are involved in any.  There needs to be absolute mental balance, in order to move forward.  Splitting hairs, if necessary!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a literary fest
  • Tomorrow – psychologically heavy
  • Wednesday – new mental outlook, incorporating feelings; constructive physical and spiritual movements
  • Friday/Saturday – a karmic recalibration on the mental level