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Aspects for the week beginning 24 May 2015


All eyes have been on Ireland this week, from a historic visit by Prince Charles, to a groundbreaking referendum.

Ireland chart

The 1949 chart for Ireland (in the year the Republic was proclaimed) is dominated by Aries (Mars/North Node/Sun/Venus), and you have to take a closer look to get a feel of the Emerald Isle, the Earth based green planets.  This is provided by a close trine between Mercury in Taurus and the Moon in Capricorn, plus the Midheaven in Virgo.  Venus is exactly conjunct the Sun, and also trines the Moon (this is the laid back quality in the Irish character, and the love of song).  Strangely, there are no water planets for this Emerald Isle.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles has not had a close relationship with Ireland, but this week chose to tackle his relationship with the place.  The wound occurred when his close great-uncle  and mentor (“the grandfather I never had” Lord Mountbatten, was killed by an I.R.A. bomb in August 1979.  This week, Prince Charles travelled to Ireland to meet Gerry Adams, terrorist turned respectable politician on Tuesday (19th May), and visit the site of his uncle’s murder on Wednesday (20th May) at Mullaghmore.

The Prince has a lot going on, transit-wise, at the moment, and arrived in Ireland fresh from the revelations of his Black Spider letters.  But, with Jupiter sextile his natal Neptune, he has been laying to rest some ghosts in his life.

Gerry Adams

There was potential for peacemaking in Gerry Adams’ chart, with the Sun in Libra conjunct exactly Neptune (a complex inner journey).  Venus is conjunct Saturn in his chart, which may have closed his heart early in life.  We do not have his birth time, but if born around Noon he will have had the Moon square this conjunction, a very sectarian set of feelings.  He also has Mars conjunct Chiron, a woundedness, which may have in early life led to a belief in a “wound or be wounded” mentality, then later at some point switched to looking at a more healing approach.

Gerry Adams has some surprisingly good connections in his chart with Prince Charles, but tellingly his Sun/Neptune conjunction (confusion) falls exactly on Prince Charles’ I.C., a point in the chart which represents roots and security.  Here are Charles’s own words on the effect of the bombing in his life:

“So it seemed as if the foundations of all that we held dear in life had been torn apart irreparably.”

For this historic meeting of reconciliation and forgiveness, Mars was square Prince Charles’s Saturn (a difficult confrontation), but Mars was sextile the Prince’s Ascendant (courage displayed).

For Gerry Adams, his perspective was Saturn squaring his natal Saturn (again a difficult confrontation, perhaps facing up to his own weaknesses of the past), but Neptune trine his natal Mercury (mental peace) and Neptune square his natal Venus (a confusion of the heart).

Lord Mountbatten

Lord Louis Mountbatten, who played such an important role in Prince Charles’s life, has a very unusual chart.  A lot of planets are crowded into 3 zodiac signs, save for the planet Saturn, a singleton at the beginning of its own sign of Capricorn (a profound sense of responsibility), and Mars at the end of Taurus.  He was a double Cancerian, having the Sun and Ascendant in this parental sign (indicative of the important family role he played), but also the Part of Fortune, Venus and Mercury in the clandestine 12th House.  He also had a conglomeration of planets in the globetrotting sign of Sagittarius, including its own ruling planet Jupiter.  The importance of his death as part of his karmic mission is shown by Uranus, a planet of explosions and the ruler of his 8th House of Death exactly conjunct his North Node.

His deep psychological connection with Prince Charles is shown by an exact sextile between their Plutos (a bridge for the generations for each other), and the wounded element of their relationship history shows up with Mountbatten’s Mars opposing Prince Charles’s Chiron (the triggering of his own “wounded healer”).  On the day of Prince Charles’s visit to the place where Lord Mountbatten died, Neptune was squaring Lord Mountbatten’s Nodal Axis, a karmic opportunity for an act of spiritual peace on the world stage.


The referendum vote on same sex marriage which took place on Friday (22nd) and whose resounding result of a 62% Yes vote was announced on (23rd) represents a world first in terms of the population of a country (and a small one at that) voting on this issue.  The breaking of a taboo is shown in the transits by Neptune from Pisces in the 4th House (an expression of the sensitivity of its people) squaring the Irish Chiron in the 1st House in Sagittarius.  Ireland has the potential for being a groundbreaker, in its natal aspect of Sun exactly sextile Uranus.  There are also several natal aspects to Ireland’s North Node, so karmic events and responses are very much a part of its pattern.  Uranus is travelling towards its Mars in Aries, coming up close in July before turning retrograde, so when it does reach Mars next year there is likely to be some explosiveness when the revolutionary planet inflames the passion of the nation.  For the other side of the coin is Saturn at the top of the chart, representing the reactionary forces and the more traditional values, and this vote is one in the eye for the Catholic Church, which has sought to determine the country’s sexual mores.


Pope Francis does have other countries to attend to, and other fish to fry, and his transits at the moment have some harmonious elements, such as the North Node trine his natal Venus.  However, there is some aggro going on for him at the moment with Uranus (rebellion) opposing his Mars (will), so perhaps that is the Irish issue showing up.


You may be feeling a bit jangled this weekend, as we are in the middle of a T-square between Venus in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn – Taureans and Librans may be feeling this especially.

So on Friday we had Venus opposing Pluto (emotional wrangles) and yesterday we had Saturn opposite the Sun (deflation for some) and we start the week on Bank Holiday Monday (25th) with Venus square Uranus (the second leg of the T-square).  Tomorrow could find us on the hop or wrong-footed.  Still feeling jangled, you may be struggling to find your footing emotionally or spiritually.  It is the search for the right feeling tone for what you are experiencing, and what you hope for, in relation to what might not be going your way.  Relationships may be under strain, but more importantly, you may need to address your relationship with yourself in order to produce the smooth week that you might desire.  If you have a break from working, use it to devise the best possible strategy for yourself in the near future in order to pick up any pieces which may have got scattered over the last few days.

Any clarity you achieve will be tested on Monday evening, with a square between Mars and Neptune.  Having got things straight with yourself, you may then have to address the use of your energies in relation to others in your life, particularly the men in your life (whether same sex or not!).  Some extra confusion could be thrown up on this subject, and you may not know where you stand.  More re-assessment, re-evaluation, and piecing together your feelings may be necessary.  You may have a sense of being at sea again.  Try not to act while in this state (which may be due to over-imbibing alcohol over the Bank Holiday weekend!) and wait to sober up after the Bank Holiday.

Wednesday (27th) is the perfect opportunity to sober up, because Mars will be conjunct Mercury and you will need to think on your feet, act quickly to catch up on tasks which you haven’t quite been up to for a week.  So a splash of cold water on the face on Wednesday, and onwards and upwards!  Geminis and Virgoans especially will be nifty, but most people will be in a position to be  on the go, and on their bikes, or skateboards, or their chosen vehicle (Mercury retrograde notwithstanding).  Communication will be zippy, and conversations gabbled at the rate of knots.

Later that day, Venus trines Chiron, a real opportunity to re-group your healing energies and feel harmony within your being.

Friday (29th) reverts to confusion and tangled communication, with Mercury squaring Neptune.  Emails may be exposed, deceptions come to light, journeys undertaken may prove more complicated than anticipated, and there is a general foggy feeling.  You might be able to ascertain whether or not this aspect would be able to affect you, if you remember back to just after the General Election when Mercury squared Neptune before it turned retrograde.  Some of us were shell-shocked by the result, others not affected.  So, more re-grouping may be necessary, depending on how sensitive you are to this aspect. Disorientation and re-orientation being the watchwords.

Saturday (30th) gives us an opportunity for clarity, when the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 9 degrees of Gemini.  Super concentration and insight are possible, but because the Sun also squares Neptune the next day it might be like trying to get a crisp photographic image, a matter of trial and error, and perseverance and watchfulness.  Eyes wide open will help on Saturday.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – twists and turns, and fuzziness
  • Wednesday – getting ahead, coming to a place of peace
  • Friday – some confusion
  • Saturday – in the midst of some fine-tuning

Aspects for the week beginning 17 May 2015

Gemini Totems and Archetypes

The Sun goes into Gemini this week on  Thursday (21st) at 8.45 a.m. in the U.K.  I intend to look today at some of the animal totems and Archetypes for this birth sign.

I will start with the Animal Totems of this sign.  Although the traditional emblem of the sign is The Twins and it is one of the few signs which does not have an animal representation traditionally, I have been working since the late 1980s with animal totems, and a few have consistently presented themselves over the years.  I first developed my work with animal totems when I worked jointly with Sandy Colyer in Watford, who sadly passed away a few years ago.  We called ourselves ATTEMPT (Astrological Totem Tarot encompassing Massage and Past Life Therapy)! These totems and archetypes can relate to you whether you have Gemini Sun or Ascendant in your chart, or a prominent Mercury.  Otherwise, it might make your observation of Gemini family and friends more interesting.

Animal Totems

Definition of “Animal Totemic Theology” by Barbara Hand Clow: “Systems that explore how the gods act through humanity by showing characteristics in humans and gods that mirror animal traits.”


This refers to both the mischievous side of Gemini, and to the restless mind which they refer to in meditation circles as “monkey mind”, an inability to still the mind and settle to meditation.  Monkey is also associated with a talent for mimicry, at which Gemini can excel.


Gemini is an adaptable sign, one of the four “Mutable” signs as they are known.  Butterfly refers to the Geminian tendency to flit from subject to subject, or, as with Venus in Gemini, the social butterfly who works the room at a party or gathering. Butterfly also describes the Geminian love of variety, ephemeral change (as distinct from the deep change of Aquarius and Uranus).

Jamie Sams and David Carson write in “Medicine Cards” where Butterfly comes up:

“There is a need for change in your life that you are not recognizing.  This could be a possible need for freedom, for a vacation, or for a new job.”

There is a deeper side of Butterfly as an aspect of Transformation, associated with the sign of Scorpio, and the planet Pluto.  If I should carry on with this theme as a series for all the signs, I may get to that!


I think one of the manifestations of the Chameleon for Gemini is related to the fact that one of the talents of Gemini is mimicry, and it is remarkable that a high proportion of successful impressionists are Geminian.

Famous Examples: Mike Yarwood (a pioneer of the art) and John Culshaw (of Dead Ringers and Newzoids); Harry Enfield (who worked on Spitting Image), and Debra Stephenson (who worked with John Culshaw on Dead Ringers, and now accompanies him on Newzoids).

Gemini in combination with Pisces

Certain combinations of signs turn up animal totems.  An example is the dragonfly which comes up for Gemini in combination say with a Pisces Ascendant.  This incorporates the sense of illusion and delicacy from Pisces’ ruler Neptune.


Bird Totems

All air signs bring up bird totems, but Gemini does especially.


Eagle is the most prominent bird totem for Gemini, and particularly the Bald Eagle, which is strong for British Geminians, and I imagine would be even more so for U.S. Geminians!  It heralds all the bird totems in the zodiac, in the way that Gemini heralds the Air signs.

Nicky Scully writes, in “The Golden Cauldron”: “Eagle clarifies choices.  As you soar with him, you can view your choices and make decisions about your life based on the keen vision and lofty perspective you have as Eagle”.


Magpie refers to the slightly kleptomaniac tendency of some Geminians (though not all), as well as its curiosity.  It is the sense in which they collect bits of information, but also pass it on. [I have been indebted to a certain Gemini collector of information this week].   Magpie’s reputation has been linked with superstition through the old rhyme “One for sorrow, two for joy…”

In “Birds Divine Messengers” Andrea Wansbury writes:

“A magpie is saying you need to adopt a more enquiring mind and not be so resigned about your life by putting everything down to fate or ‘that’s just the way life goes’.  In this age of becoming conscious, we have to switch to detective mode, probing into our own lives to discover our fears and negativities.”


It has only come to my notice this week, after some feverish polling, that Wren seems to be one of the popular birds amongst Geminis, possibly because of its cheerfulness, a trait which Geminis often have.


Parrot speaks for itself!  Gemini is a conduit for its social environment, and passes on information as a natural function: a veritable winged messenger.


Red Kite for Sun in Gemini in combination say with Aries Ascendant (or vice versa)

Blackbird for Gemini in combination say with Scorpio Ascendant



Definition of “Archetypes” by Barbara Hand Clow: “Thoughtforms that shape reality, which may have existed before reality manifested and may even have precipitated reality; the primordial ideas.”


Communication is the most basic principle for this sign.

Famous Example: the loquacious Russell Brand

(Related to the Parrot Bird Totem)

The Thief

This Archetype has a more negative connotation than most, although all archetypes can have a positive side, and a shadow side.  This correspondence with Gemini derives from the ruler of this sign Mercury (Roman god, and Hermes the Greek equivalent).  He apparently stole Apollo’s cattle while still a toddler!  This trait may be a function of the Geminian cleverness, outwitting opponents.  And in the modern world, it may refer especially to the stealing of information (as in cribbing essay notes from Wikipedia).

(Related to the Magpie Bird Totem)

Other Gemini Archetypes:

Teacher, Scientist, Scribe, Intellectual, Merchant

These Archetypes feature heavily in Geminian careers, and potential.


Gemini in combination with Aries: The Engineer

Gemini in combination with Virgo or Aries: The Critic

Gemini in combination with Virgo: The Gossip

Caroline Myss writes of this Archetype:

“Most people would hesitate to choose this archetype because of its negative implications, yet many others make their living in the business of political, social and entertainment gossip in a positive way.  The Archetype is connected to lessons of truth, integrity, and honouring the trust another has placed in you.”

Famous Example: Gossipy style of Joan Rivers’ humour

Hope you have found it interesting to peruse the many faces of this multi-faceted sign!

The animal and bird totems reflect the traditions of shamanism and Native American culture.  If you are out in nature, the appearance of a particular animal or bird can carry a message, empowerment, protection or intervention for you for that time.  Perhaps a bird has been following you around, which sometimes happens.  Birds are often seen as messengers from the spirit worlds, after the departure of a loved one.

Archetypes are dynamic forces in the psyche, and can depict or highlight a psychological issue in a vivid and dramatic way.  Both animal totems and archetypes as they appear in meditation, dreams and sometimes in past-life regressions can be worked with in dialogue with each other or in role play.


“Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams and David Carson

“The Golden Cauldron” by Nicky Scully

“Birds Divine Messengers” by Andrea Wansbury

“Sacred Contracts” by Caroline Myss



The start of the week brings a New Moon at 26 degrees Taurus.  In the office that may mean a minor reorganization.  In the retirement garden, there may be a new spirit of landscaping; moving plants and trees where they need to go, according to your listening skills.  In the artist’s studio, a new painting or artform may begin.  I have been attending an art course, and have painted my first bird!  Hence the inspiration for this Gemini bird totem blog.

There is some information on the net linking this New Moon with the fixed star Algol, which frankly does not have a good press.  The Sun is aligned with Algol in the constellation of Perseus at this time of the year, and the ancients were most fearful of its presentation in their lives.  Bernadette Brady in her book of the Fixed Stars says: “Algol…is the wild, raw, frightening face of the outraged feminine which has been labeled demonic or simply evil.”

There are some deeply negative reputations from ancient astrology for some of the Fixed Stars, of which Algol comes out as one of the worst.  In astrological literature, I found these irredeemable until “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld fell into my lap in 1992.  Since then I have worked with this book in many applications, including a meditation group.

So here is an alternative interpretation from that book, should you wish to adopt it as an alternative mindset:

“Algol’s ability to prepare individuals for understanding their destiny, their life purpose, and the ability to manifest this purpose more easily in the world, this is at once spiritual and practical.  For most people what will usually result is an ability to understand their profession and accept it more easily.

Algol can attune individuals to harmonies deep within their being.  These are partly genetic in nature, partly past-life in nature, but more importantly are in attunement to the shared soul of the lifestream of humanity.”

In the early hours of Tuesday 19th (in U.K. time) Mercury is stationary, prior to going retrograde.  It has become fashionable to be alarmed at this, and now the internet is issuing prior warnings in advance, of communication disruption in its “shadow period”, declaring that its influence is beginning even before it turns retrograde.  Retrograde Mercurial disruption pertains primarily to old school communication, as Uranus represents the more modern and technological side of communication.  When these two planets are squared, we are stymied from both aspects of communication.  And of course much of our equipment these days, such as smartphones, double up for both functions.  I have observed that communication can be disrupted outside of a Retrograde period (e.g. we have had a rail strike announced recently) and also perceive that with clarity and consciousness, successful communication can take place during a retrograde period.  I feel that the Mercury Retrograde has been bigged up by the media as it is a phenomenon easy to see and to grasp by those not immersed in Astrology.  But I also feel it is a negative and fearful way of seeing and working with Astrology.  There are more likely to be glitches when Mercury is switching from direct to retrograde, but I do not favour the drama and demonizing of Mercury which is being perpetuated.  So bear in mind that you need to make extra effort to get your communications clear, but otherwise don’t panic.  Also it is good to from time to time cultivate the skills of the old forms, such as snail mail, just to show that you are not totally dependent on technology.  Practise handwriting. And mindfulness.  The lower mind (Mercury) and the higher mind (Uranus) need to work together, so you don’t need to let your natural skills go rusty.

On Thursday 21st at 8.45 am in the U.K. the Sun enters Gemini, so we have a focus and emphasis on the Gemini way of consciousness.  More communication (of the disrupted, the not so disrupted and even the harmonious kind), and more learning about the world.  Gemini represents information and news gathered from magazines, newspapers and television (broadcasting is ruled by Gemini), rather than book learning.  We may hear more about the new government’s Education plans, as this is another area associated with Gemini.  On Thursday, you may find your mind opening out to new areas of information, and new theories.

Late morning there is a minor aspect of Jupiter quincunx Pluto.  The aspect may be minor, but the two planets involved are major.  So there may be power struggles arising both in private and public lives, and volcanic activity in nature.

More volcanic activity, this time tending to be on the emotional front, on Friday 22nd in the early hours, as Venus opposes Pluto.  You may have retired to your bed fretting about an interpersonal encounter, but likely as not there may not be much you can do about it.  Surrender to sleep and ask your subconscious to come up with a solution, which it may do.

But Saturday (23rd) in the early hours may bring up another dilemma, with Saturn opposing the Sun.  The issue that keeps you awake may not be as deep as the previous night/morning, but may seem intractable and keep you weighed down.  Again, acceptance may be the key, and the ability to work with solutions from your subconscious, superconscious mind, or Higher Self.  In that way, a fresh outlook may await you in the morning as you emerge from your bedcovers.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – a practical new beginning
  • Tuesday – disrupted communication of sorts
  • Thursday – more emphasis on communication; some power struggle
  • Friday – emotional wrangles
  • Saturday – deflation early; let go of it

Aspects for the week beginning 10 May 2015

So…all the pundits were wrong, and we did not get a hung parliament.  Between them, the Conservatives and the Scottish National Party carved up the political map of the U.K.  There are a lot of people out there deeply disappointed and worried about the future of our country, and my feeling is that the shock will galvanize each person to ask what they can personally be responsible for in making a difference.  Whether it is writing more letters, getting involved in conservation projects, helping at food banks, there is more each person can do to take a step towards a world they want to see.   I feel that I have complacently walked into a situation whereby many more vulnerable people are going to be suffering, and I should have done more.  In our household, hubby and I have decided (at 65) to become more politically active – we’re united in this, and intend to seize the day!  Our youngest daughter who lives in London, meanwhile, is enquiring about when the next march is going to take place.  I hope that Nicola Sturgeon’s passion for helping the poor somehow highlights the inequalities of Conservative policies in parliament, and that might result in  softening the blow for those on the breadline and below.  Do they say you should never blog about religion and politics…?  Enough said.

And now for something completely different…

How you can spot a Zodiac sign from a mile off

Physical features tend to show up more in the Ascendant sign, but are often spotted in the Sun Sign.  If you have a planet rising, the sign which it rules will have sway, e.g. Neptune rising (ruler of Pisces) will increase the water retention in your body.  Have fun with this.  As this is not an illustrated blog, you will need your visual imagination.  Third eye to the ready!


Distinguishing features: Prominent chins, short stature, reddish hair, balding (hopefully men-only), glasses, large heads.

Famous Examples: Elton John, Jeremy Clarkson, Adrian Chiles, Alan Sugar, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Chris Evans, David Frost, Debbie Reynolds, Doris Day (Sun Signs)


Distinguishing features: Short stature, tendency to overweight, snub nose, prominent neck.

Famous Examples: Adele, Renee Zellweger (Sun Sign)


Distinguishing features: Thin, with plenty of nervous energy, a two-pronged nose (!), an open mouth, darting eyes.

Famous examples: Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp (Sun Sign)


Distinguishing features: A generous chest, spindly legs, short stature, tendency to fluid retention, sensitive skin, sidelong glance, moon face.

Famous examples: Hilary Mantel, Ricky Gervais, Ringo Starr (Sun Sign)

George Michael (Sun Sign and Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Tall stature, thick mane of hair, proud bearing, commanding appearance, blond hair

Famous examples: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Madonna, Robert Redford (Sun Sign)

Richard Branson, Stephen Fry (Ascendant)

Alfred Hitchcock, (Sun Sign and Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Short stature, slim, porcelain skin, neat or fine features, delicate bones

Famous examples: Ashley Roberts, Nigel Slater, Twiggy (Sun Sign)

Woody Allen (Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Beautiful people, tall and slender, even features, elegant.

Famous examples: Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Zeta Jones, Margaret Thatcher, Davina McCall, Gwyneth Paltrow, Roger Moore, Chuka Ummuna (Sun Sign)

John F. Kennedy, Rock Hudson (Ascendant)

Martin Kemp (Sun Sign and Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Short stature, wiry build, deep set eyes, neat pointed nose, piercing gaze, auburn hair, gravel-voiced.

Famous examples: Billie Jean King, Boris Becker, Conchita Wurst, Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Neil Young, Richard Burton (Sun Sign)

Jane Asher (Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Tall, large nose, a gap between the two front teeth, portly round the middle, open face, bushy eyebrows (hopefully just the men)

Famous examples: Alistair Darling, Bette Midler, Billy Connolly, Christopher Biggins, Marco Pierre White, Martin Clunes, Miranda Hart, Richard Osman (Sun Sign)

Ronald Reagan (Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Tall, dark hair, slim, olive complexion

Famous examples: Joan Baez, Angus Deayton, Ed Miliband, Kate Middleton, Rowan Atkinson (Sun Sign)

Colin Farrell, Victoria Beckham (Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Very tall, very slim, very long arms, live wire electrical energy, distinguishing features (nothing ordinary about the appearance).

Famous examples: Alice Cooper, Eddie Izzard, John McEnroe, Vanessa Redgrave, Peter Crouch (Sun Sign)

David Bowie  (Ascendant)

Alan Cumming (Sun Sign and Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Prominent feet, water retention, dreamy eyes.

Famous examples: Elizabeth Taylor, Vanessa Feltz (Sun Sign)

Ringo Starr, Barry Humphries (Ascendant)

Do these descriptions fit anyone you know?


Tomorrow (Monday 11th) offers the best prospect for healing, with the Sun sextile Chiron.  If you have a medical appointment, Chiron (the Healer) should afford you decent care today.  If you are self-treating with herbs or consciousness, your path too should be eased.  If you are merely trying to Heal your Life, you should be comfortably on track.

On Tuesday (12th) you will be fighting different battles.  Mars leaves Taurus, where the Inner Warrior has been determined and focussed, and enters the debating chambers of Gemini, where the fight is on the mental plane.  Wars of words, banter and repartee characterize its stay here, which lasts until 24th June.  Gemini is a more adaptable sign, so dodging verbal bullets and hedging bets is the way the battle is fought in this territory.  Those who are clever with words may have the edge.  Time to take a course on linguistics.

On Friday (15th) Mars opposes Saturn, perhaps the first battle which Mars initiates in this sign.  Opposing Saturn, it may be a battle against intransigeance.  It may be an internal battle against an area where you lack self-confidence or self-belief.  Conversely, you may be taking a stand (the Saturn position) against another who is seeking to impose their will, or asserting themselves.  You may be the last bastion of an Institution dedicated to preserve the status quo.  Or you may be a pacifist seeking to demonstrate that fighting is not the answer.  In the exchange though, lessons will be learned and information supplied.  Questions may be answered, too, through confronting issues.

Venus squares the Nodal Axis on Saturday (16th), and relationships come under the karmic microscope.  Who are we in relation to each other, and perhaps who were we in past lives in relation to each other, plus how will we be going forward, and how will we be in relation to each other in the future?  Some might just prefer the approach of the Now, but the whole tapestry can be very interesting.

By tea-time (in the U.K.) you may have some answers to those questions, supplied by Venus in a trine with Neptune.  You may have needed the questioning, in order to arrive at the sense of peace, or the potential of spiritual bliss of this aspect.  The Arts receive a special grace from this aspect, a world away from political wrangling.  It’s a night at the ballet, or nearest equivalent!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – healing
  • Tuesday – a different battle strategy
  • Friday – tackling stuck energy
  • Saturday – karmic relationships and artistic inspiration

Aspects for the week beginning 3 May 2015

UK General Election 2015

There’s no doubt about it, the astrology is reflecting the polls at the moment!  Undistinguished leading politicians have undistinguished transits, and there is a T-square this Election week (Saturn opposite Mercury and square Neptune), depicting another hung parliament situation.

People are having to search themselves to determine what they really believe in and what are their priorities.  Are they willing to give up the nuclear deterrent, for instance? Is the N.H.S. their priority? Or is immigration the hot potato?  Should we vote against what we want to keep out, or vote for what we believe in?

Highlights of recent blogs?

I was hoping to have highlights by this time of clear bright astrological points about the politicians and parties.

I wasn’t hoping for this: The only leader who has bright transits on the day is Nigel Farage:

Nigel Farage (UKIP): [High] Jupiter trine his natal Sun (A stroke of luck).

Transiting Pluto will also be sextile his natal Chiron, also putting him in a strong position psychologically.”

Jupiter is not likely to win Farage a majority, just exceed his expectations.  Then again, Jupiter can also represent liberation, and I suspect that Nigel Farage would like to prove a point, but not necessarily want to follow through, and he might be relieved not to win his seat at Thanet.

One of his party members, not the obvious Douglas Carswell, may also do well as I wrote a few weeks ago about Mark Reckless:

“Like Nigel Farage, he has transiting Jupiter trine his natal Sun (which is in Sagittarius) at the time of the UK General Election.  So another lucky UKIP result on the cards!  His and Nigel’s natal Suns are exactly trine within a minute (13 degrees 55 minutes Sagittarius for Mark, and 13 degrees 54 minutes Aries for Nigel) giving them good working prospects together, and on election day Jupiter at 13 degrees 51 minutes Leo creates a Grand Trine with their natal Suns, magnifying the luck factor.  The stars certainly seem to smile on them that day.”

Ed Miliband’s transits for Election Day are not bad (see my blog dated 5/4/15) but may not be enough to see him rise above the parapet of the negotiating table.

Two Weeks After the Election

If as is likely, there is a hung parliament, then it seems important to look at the transits at least 2 weeks after the election (the length of time it took last time to sort out a government).

The picture here is clearer:

David Cameron at that time has a likely successful Jupiter sextile his Sun, the North Node will be on his Venus, and Saturn will be trine his Jupiter like Nick Clegg (who was born a few months later than him).  Nick Clegg chose David Cameron over Gordon Brown after the last election, and certainly Clegg and Cameron are more natural rose garden bedfellows being close in age.  The Saturn trine to their Jupiters may be another indication of a second Conservative/Lib Dem coalition.

Interestingly, the transits for Nigel Farage two weeks after the election look decisively difficult – Mars square his Uranus, and Saturn square his Saturn.  Maybe he will be liberated from his task after all and hang up his hat.  Or be marginalized as irrelevant by that point.

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Greens looks directionless, with Neptune on her Mars two weeks after the election. Caroline Lucas looks disappointed with Saturn on her Mercury and Neptune on her South Node, and Pluto opposite her Mars.  She may be fighting, but with Neptune trine her natal Neptune, will be as much in touch with her integrity as ever.

On Election Day this Thursday, Mercury will be  close to squaring Neptune, ensuring uncertainty. Two weeks on for the UK chart finds Jupiter trine exactly the U.K. Sun/Mercury, and Neptune trine exactly the UK Jupiter, so the post-election situation may not drag on as long as the papers are predicting this morning.  But Neptune will be at the top of the U.K. chart, so still a lot of sorting to do in terms of finer detail.

Other Coalition Combinations

We have been warned about:


Nigel Farage’s Neptune is on David Cameron’s South Node, so he has been able to pull David Cameron off course.  His natal Mercury squares David’s Jupiter, which stretches them both mentally.  Nigel’s Mercury sextiles David’s Midheaven, so he might be an asset to David if he chose to be.  His natal Jupiter trines David’s Mars: indeed he could bring him luck, if he chose to!  And his natal Saturn trines David’s Midheaven:  He could really stabilize a Tory government, but I suspect David won’t let him.   He has told us time and again he won’t entertain Nigel.


David Cameron doesn’t waste any opportunity of warning us of the perils of a Labour/SNP combination, but again Ed tells us it is never going to happen.  Nicola Sturgeon’s Sun sextiles Ed Miliband’s Pluto, so she could be a supportive asset to him.  Her Mars squares his Jupiter, so there would be a clash of wills.  Nicola’s Neptune sextiles Ed’s Pluto, again a good supportive relationship would not be impossible.  However, the killer interaspect is Nicola’s Pluto squaring Ed Miliband’s natal Venus, reinforcing his natal pattern of difficult relationships.  I suspect that is the deciding factor.  On a personal level, it would not work.

Hung parliament

Labour under the old politics would naturally inherit the disgruntled vote, but that is being dissolved by  the Lib Dems (less popular than before though) UKIP (who have eclipsed the Lib Dems in growth), Greens (who have gained ground) and the SNP (who have been tipped to win all the Scottish seats, and are a considerable threat to Labour).

Nate Silver who correctly predicted the last U.S. Election, predicts an “incredibly messy outcome” for the U.K. in this election, and hints at a “rainbow coalition” of several parties.

The old straightforward ruling Party versus strong Opposition model may be on its last legs, and the era of the Coalition may be a more permanent feature of politics.

New economy

The Observer Business Leader this morning advises:
“Last week’s GDP figures, showing the growth rate halving to 0.3% in the first three months of 2015, suggests the upturn of which the Tories are so proud may already be starting to fade”.

I for one do not believe in the successful economy, which the Conservatives boast about.  With European and World economies looking so delicate right now, it just doesn’t ring true.  And I don’t think you can call “successful” a society where the poor are being more and more crushed by an indifferent government.

Paul Krugman writing in the Guardian on 29/5/15 states:
“Cameron is campaigning largely on a spurious claim to have ‘rescued’ the British economy – and promising, if he stays in power to continue making substantial cuts in the year ahead”

Other economists, such as American Robert Wiedemer (author of “Aftershock: Protect yourself and profit in the next global financial meltdown”) warn there could still be a complete collapse of the world economy.

There definitely needs to be a re-evaluation of how we think about finance, and there are people working on that theme.  Caroline Lucas, in her book “Honourable Friends?” writes:

“If we can free ourselves from illusions such as seeing economic growth and consumerism as the root of human happiness, then we can reshape our society so that it becomes more nurturing, more supportive, and more sharing: and where our wealth is seen in what we share, in friendships, in freedom and in opportunity; and where our own success does not have to be seen in terms of the failure of others.”

The Yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur, while sailing round the world, thought deeply about sustainability, and has initiated a system which she calls “a circular economy” to use resources differently.


My Spiritual Voting Gauge

Greens 100% Spiritual – Putting the Planet first

Labour 75% Spiritual – The party of Social Fairness

Liberal Democrat Party 50% Spiritual – The party of Balance

Conservative Party 25% Spiritual – The party of Austerity

UKIP 0% Spiritual  – The politics of Fear


I will be voting Labour, because I cannot bear the Tory government’s actions and attitudes towards the poor and the NHS.



The aspects for this Election week are not very inspiring, so you may have to work hard to wring out every ounce of meaning and enjoyment, and screen out the minor irritations from what is going on around you.

The first leg of a dampening T-square occurs today, on a rainy morning here in Norfolk certainly, with Saturn opposing Mercury.  The line of least resistance to day would be defeatism.  Perhaps some dispiriting news drags you down.  To turn this to a positive you might need to actually take note of what is happening, take it seriously, and contemplate whether there might be a hidden gift in the situation.  You may have to let go of something, or leave something behind.

There may be added tension rising during the course of the day, because a Full Moon in Scorpio occurs in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Bank Holiday Monday 4th).  Perhaps you have not been able to draw an emotional line under events of the previous day, and the situation has invaded your dreamtime.  You may be able to change the energy round 3.42 a.m. tomorrow morning with a cup of camomile tea and a rice cake, and a fresh look at things.  Then draw a line, and get back to sleep!

In the morning the Sun squares Jupiter: this may feel much more buoyant, but may almost swing to the opposite extreme: overconfidence, arrogance, brashness.  Give the inner Clown or Hedonist some space for expression – it will be a relief!  It is not a good day for gambling or speculation, as you could overshoot the mark through overconfidence, but say yes to exuberance.

Wednesday (6th) is the best day, with a trine between the Sun and Pluto which is very constructive for activities or ideas with a psychological theme or programme.  Creativity and Drama thrive, because the depth of Pluto gives meaning to the creativity, and the Sun adds creativity to the drama of Pluto.  An ideal day for putting on a Shakespearean tragedy, if you are involved in a theatre company.  If you are alone, try a grand soliloquy!  You may be on call that day though to be a listening ear for someone, but this could be cathartic.  The Force is with you (and everyone else) today.

Venus enters Cancer on Thursday (7th) which is a neutral change (neither good nor bad), and the change may be as good as a rest.  Coming up to Election Day, your feelings may have been under a lot of analytical scrutiny while Venus was in Gemini, and they will be entering more emotionally expressive waters while Venus is in Cancer.  Perhaps you can meditate on eating a Cornetto while riding in a gondola in Venice, in order to get into the mood.  Or life may hand you a spontaneous signal that Venus has entered Cancer, and you will just feel the switch.  As the event occurs late evening, make the most of the last minute analysis and insights of Venus in Gemini which covers the actual polling period.

Saturday (9th) brings the challenge of Mercury squaring Neptune.  Perhaps you have complicated things to discuss with someone close, or you have a complicated journey to undertake, or the weather is not conducive to what you had planned.  Something is obscuring your perception and what you want to do.  You may set out to do one thing, and get distracted and waylaid and end up with a different programme.  This is the second leg of the T-square of the week, and it occurs in the afternoon.  By the evening though, you may be feeling that you have cleared a hurdle this week.

For some light relief, read my blog about the new Royal Baby, below

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – under a cloud
  • Tomorrow – emotional tension, then a pick-me-up
  • Wednesday – profound progress
  • Thursday – a different feeling
  • Saturday – confusion

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte

born 2nd May 2015, at 8.34 am

All eyes are on the young royal family at the moment, with a baby girl being born to Prince William and his wife Kate yesterday morning.  They have recently been given a house on the Sandringham Estate, which is in our county of Norfolk, to enable William to pursue his new job as a pilot in the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

I am pleased to report that with a Cancerian Ascendant, she continues the Cancerian astrological lineage, with Diana as her grandmother and William as father.  Parenting is likely to be a priority for her, as it has been for Diana and William.

She will be a solid support within the family group, as a Sunsign Taurus, with Mars also in that sign.  With Sun, Mars and Mercury in the 11th House of Friendships and Groups, she is likely to be involved in charity work and keen to work with the power of large associations.

Her overall life direction and career may have its difficulties, as the Mercury-Saturn opposition forms a T-square with her Midheaven, and her Neptune also forms a T-square with the opposition, possibly creating difficulties around education.  Strictly speaking the Midheaven and Neptune are just wide of a conjunction.

She has a lovely, equable Moon in Libra trine her natal Venus, indicating that she may smooth over difficulties between women in the family, which could prove important.

The silver spoon is shown up by Jupiter in royal Leo in 2nd House of wealth.

There is an emphasis on the family, with the Moon in 4th House and Cancer rising, but also karma is an important factor in the family she has been born into, with the North Node early in the 4th House, and the Nodal Axis squaring the Ascendant/Descendant axis.  Though fourth in line, she is not likely to clear the field and become Queen, with South Node in 10th House giving her a deferential role in the firm.

Relationships with the Family

Her Venus is exactly trine Prince William’s Pluto, so she will be a deep love of his life.  Mentally their communication may not be as good, with her Mercury opposite his Uranus and her Neptune square his Mercury.  Her Pluto also squares his Saturn, so she may provide some pressures on him.  But the loveliest interaspect between them is her Ascendant exactly conjunct his Moon, so she will embody a female Archetype for him, and in some way link him with his mother.

Astrologically, mother Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) is under more pressure at the moment than her smiley face on the steps of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Paddington showed yesterday.  The birth seems to have been short enough, but some of her astrological transits will take a while to play out, and may reflect in some ways her relationship with her daughter. I refer to Saturn transiting her natal Uranus (restricting her freedom), and Uranus squaring her natal Midheaven.  If Kate had pursued a conventional career, she would have found it severely disrupted at the moment.  As it is, the birth and childcare will disrupt her lifestyle, and maybe point her to a different direction in life.  As many mums know, it isn’t easy looking after two young children, in terms of emotional stretch (the finances will be a doddle).   Kate will find this new phase of life demanding, but it will also be creative and empowering (what to dress the baby in, etc.).  She may feel an urge to make sure that the new baby is able to express herself fully.

But the baby’s relationship with Prince George is key, and with Pluto in the 7th House she could be symbolically the power behind the throne.  The siblings will make a dynamic duo, with George’s Uranus exactly trine Jupiter.  They may cook up schemes outside the royal rules, regulations and guidelines, moving great grandmother’s furniture when they visit for instance, while no one is looking.  George’s Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer is exactly conjunct her Ascendant, so there could be battles, but also great joy in their sibling relationship.  Prince William will be able to join in with that special bond, as his Moon is conjunct this combination.  George’s top dog exact trine of Saturn and Neptune also form an exact Grand Trine with her Ascendant.  He definitely has a more powerful chart, but her relationship with him is powerful.

There are minor points of tension between her chart and her great grandmother the Queen’s chart.  Queen Elizabeth’s Moon squares her Sun, so she may challenge some of the Queen’s habits.  The Queen’s Jupiter squares her Mars, so she may find herself overruled by the Queen!  But the Queen’s Mars trines her Moon so she may bring out some warmth from the Queen.

Aspects for the week beginning 26 April 2015

Paula Radcliffe

The lovely Paula Radcliffe is a world record holder for the London Marathon, with a long list of achievements within marathon and cross country running.  Today she competes for the last time in the London Marathon, and says farewell to her fond fans.

Her Birthchart

Working without a birth time has been very revealing.  I will of course update this blog if a birth time comes to light in the future.

She has had her struggles, her ups and downs, but overall she has a strong birthchart.  She is a Sagittarian, with the North Node, Mercury and Neptune also in that sporty sign.  5 out of her 10 planets are in Cardinal signs, so she is a Leader, and 5 out of her 10 planets are in Air, the running element.  Her Sun conjuncts the North Node, so her karmic mission is as a leader in her field.

Venus makes an exact trine with Pluto in her chart, which gives her a lot of fortitude, and this trine plays an interesting role in her life and her transits, as we shall see.

But the planet which seems most prominent by aspect, and which the Astrologer Michel Gauquelin identified as strong in athletes, is Mars.  It trines her North Node exactly, it trines her Sun (great vitality and sporting energy), it sextiles her Saturn (conscious pacing of energy), and opposes her Uranus (an electrical quality to her energy).

The Part of Fortune is in her 10th House (the only House placing we know of for her), which indicates joy in her career.

Her Moon conjuncts Pluto: “I get emotional very easily” and trines Venus, giving her emotional warmth.  We get emotional with her.

Mercury sextiles Jupiter so she covers a lot of ground in her life!  Mercury also conjuncts Neptune, which may be responsible for her health weakness, and galvanizes her war on drugs.

Saturn is on her South Node in Gemini – she will have had past lives as a runner, developing discipline.


Paula’s father Peter Radcliffe was a Marathon runner, and her great aunt Charlotte Radcliffe was an Olympic silver medallist in swimming.  Did she perhaps inherit anything from her aunt, at least astrologically?  There is an important link between their charts, in an exact opposition between their Mars planets.  This is a direct energetic connection, and a complementary one: their energies will have been equal and opposite.

Paula has been running since she was 7 years old, but a seminal moment took place when she was 11.  Her father was taking part in the London Marathon, and she watched as the Norwegian Ingrid Kristiansen smashed the world record. ‘It broke down any barriers I had in my head,’ says Paula Radcliffe. ‘I thought: why can’t I be in there running and being competitive too?’  At the time, her progressed Sun exactly squared her natal Pluto, a time when a mindset can be overturned.  The dramatic effect of Kristiansen on her life story is shown in their synastry by Kristiansen’s Uranus squaring Radcliffe Mars, and Kristiansen’s Pluto sextiling Radcliffe’s Uranus.

Her choice of subjects at the University of Loughborough was very Sagittarian: Modern European Studies.


Over the years, Paula has sustained many injuries which have kept her away from competitions at times.  But from childhood she suffered from asthma (Mercury conjunct Neptune) and also anaemia (possibly Uranus opposing her Mars, though she has a strong Mars generally).  It is possible that a birth time would elucidate this point.

Her particular health sensitivities and sense of justice probably led to her prominent campaign against the use of drugs in her sport (Mercury conjunct Neptune, with Neptune representing drugs).

High Pain Threshold

But there is no doubt that she also has had extreme resilience at the same time.  Sean Ingle, in yesterday’s profile in the Guardian writes:

“What made her so special? Not only genes and a Stakhanovite zeal for work, but a staggering tolerance of pain.  Physiotherapist Gerard Hartmann, who has worked with 73 Olympic medal winners, says only Keith Wood, the Irish rugby union player, could take more pain on the massage table than Radcliffe.”

Her exact trine between Venus and Pluto has much to do with this quality, as I associate it with extreme endurance in a chart.  But the aspects she shares with Keith Wood, are Sun conjunct North Node [in Sagittarius for Paula, Aquarius for Wood] and Mars opposite Uranus, which may also play a part.


We all remember the heartbreaking times, but the astrology of her successes is interesting.  She seems to respond well to exact positive astrological aspects too her chart!  I find this interesting, because all the points of success I looked at showed up the sort of transits I look for when I am researching my summer Wimbledon blogs.  Quite often I find mixed aspects, which are difficult to evaluate, but in every success I looked at for Paula she had really positive transits to her chart, often involving either a Jupiter transit or a transit to her Jupiter (which is her ruling planet).

Here are some examples:

When she won the World Cross Country title in 2001, transiting Jupiter in Gemini (the sign for Running) was exactly trine her natal Venus and Pluto, creating a Grand Trine with her natal trine.

Her first Marathon victory in London 2002 coincided with transiting Saturn trine exactly her natal Jupiter, and Uranus exactly sextile her natal Mars.

Later that year her natal Venus-Pluto exact trine was again activated when she won the Chicago Marathon:  Neptune was transiting Paula’s natal Venus in Aquarius and trine her natal Pluto.

In  2003 she broke the record for the women’s road 10k in Puerto Rico, with Neptune exactly transiting her natal Jupiter in Aquarius.

At Helsinki in 2005 she won a gold medal at the World Championships for the marathon, with Neptune exactly sextile her natal Chiron in Aries.

Then in the New York City Marathon in 2007 she won again, with Pluto exactly trine her natal Mars and sextile her natal Uranus.

Her golden period lasted until 2008, which was halted by a stress fracture of the femur, a Sagittarian body part.

Now with Jupiter exactly trine her natal Mercury, she is doing a farewell run in the London Marathon, and though she does not expect to be in the forefront of the crowd, she should be on good form and will enjoy her day.


She is married to Gary Lough, who she met at a Loughborough pub, and they have two children, Isla and Raphael.  Gary himself was a runner, and Isla is a promising gymnast.  Gary also doubles up as her coach, and house husband.

I think the nation was shocked when many years ago in Edmonton he reprimanded her at a race, giving the impression of being a harsh taskmaster.

In an interview in 2012 with the London Evening Standard, she said:

“But I definitely wouldn’t have got as far as I have without Gary…Gary understands what makes me tick and wants to support me as much as he can to achieve that.”

Without having a birth date for her husband, the astrology seems to bear out what she says.  Her strongly positively aspected male planets indicate that in her life she would be supported well by her father and her husband: Sun trine Mars, conjunct the North Node and sextile Uranus, plus Mars sextile Saturn and exactly trine the North Node.

Paula has been an exceptional role model for women in sport, inspiring as she herself was inspired by Ingrid Kristiansen.  When I saw her at the start of the race this morning, she was smiling infectiously!

This whole blog has taken me 2 hours and 15 minutes.  Phew!  I have been up against my own record ;-}


It’s a fine day astrologically for the London Marathon, though the weather doesn’t look entirely comfortable – Paula Radcliffe started out with a few layers, which she could shed and toss to the crowd.  Venus sextiles Uranus providing love and companionship, speed and excitement – all good ingredients for a good day’s running, watching, and raising money for sponsorship.  If you are planning more leisurely pursuits, a good time can be had by all.  This aspect particularly supports originality in the Arts and in Design.

On Tuesday (28th) Mars sextiles Chiron, which is suitable for energy healing and physical healing.  This aspect supports real interaction between people, engaging on a deep level and perhaps at the same time addressing and acknowledging wounds in a constructive way.

There could be an initial blip on Wednesday (29th) with Venus squaring Chiron: a little too much dwelling on the wound, and some stuckness.  But as the day progresses the prospects may improve, and by the end of the day the Sun sextiles Neptune, so there is a possibility of coming to terms with what is, at least, if not rising above the issue, and a sense of spiritual transcendence (the highest potential of this aspect).

Finally, on Friday (1st May) Mercury leaves the leisurely pastures of Taurus, moving to the much more mentally stimulating airs of Gemini.  Communication will be more sprightly, minds wake up, and a little light exercise may not go amiss.  Perhaps start your training for next year’s London Marathon? Alternatively, the mental gymnastics of Sudoku, or trying to work out what will happen after a hung parliament (which keeps me awake at night).  All to keep our minds in tip top condition.

Next Week -: UK General Election: Pulling it all together

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – social excitement
  • Tuesday – energetic healing
  • Wednesday – emotional delicacy, then spiritual uplift
  • Friday – mental stimulation


Aspects for the week beginning 19 April 2015

The Conservative Party

It’s time to write about the Conservative Party now (6th out of 7 pre-election blogs) and in two weeks’ time I shall attempt to pull together all the available astrological factors on this theme.  In a week when David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party, was conspicuous by his absence at the TV debate (cheekily trying to blame it on the broadcasters), the polls are still neck and neck, and so are the astrological determinants, as far as I can ascertain.  According to Peter Kellner in the Sunday Times today, a You Gov poll shows that the result is too close to call, and that voters are warming to Ed Miliband:

“The facts have changed, so I have changed my mind. Until last week I expected the Conservatives to remain the largest party in next month’s election. Now the contest looks too close to call.”

But could it be a ploy from the right wing press to scare its right wing readers from straying from the straight and narrow?  My own conspiracy theory…

That said, I will try and be fair, starting with writing about the same number of MPs as in my piece on the Labour Party two weeks ago: looking at six of their most prominent members.  I will try and restrain myself from criticism, but can’t promise to do so.  Any bias that shows through may show only the tip of the iceberg.

David Cameron – Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party

David Cameron is a true blue Libran (see my colour blog three weeks ago): He has the Sun, Venus (Libra’s ruling planet) and his Ascendant all in Libra.  He has a lucky chart (which may reflect his privileged background) with his Ascendant/Venus rising exactly sextile a conjunction of Jupiter/Moon in the 11th House of Influential Friends.  Lucky of course for the rich, but not sadly for the poor…(oh dear, I can feel myself slipping already!). [Say something nice:] We have his birthtime, so we know the exact position of his Ascendant and Moon, and he does have a nice exact sextile between the Moon and Venus, ensuring good relations between the women in his life :-}  Even when he issues a put down such as “Calm down, dear!” he says it nicely.  He has a double opposition in his chart of Pluto-Uranus in Virgo opposing Saturn-Chiron in Pisces, so may sometimes fight himself to keep that Libran equilibrium, and this inner struggle or tension may be seen in an outward steeliness.

In my New Year survey of Election Day, I wrote:

David Cameron (Conservatives):[Low] Pluto square his Sun, Chiron opposite his Uranus

David Cameron’s Sun is at 15 degrees 28 minutes Libra, and on Polling Day Pluto will be at 15 degrees 27 minutes Capricorn, a stiff test for him.  Pluto has just turned retrograde, and so his darkest hour may be on 4/5th May, just prior to the election, when Pluto will be at its exact square to his Sun.  But it could be worse for him, in that if it were just after the election that would be an even more difficult timing.  And it may work in his favour, in that a plummet in his fortunes just before the election may pull in some sympathy voters.

George Osborne – Chancellor of the Exchequer

David Cameron and George Osborne have made a strong team, some might say invincible, over the last 5 years.  They both have half (5 out of 10) of their planets in Fixed Signs, so they would never have budged, on their chief achievement of Austerity, which turned round the economy (supposedly).  In an article in this morning’s Observer which argues that Elections are lost by the outgoing parties rather than won by the incoming parties, William Keegan writes: “Austerity was meant to revive the animal spirits of business, but in fact did the reverse, as Keynesian economists feared.”

Austerity is ruled by Saturn, and it is no surprise that we find a predisposition to Austerity rule in George Osborne’s chart, in the form of Sun conjunct Saturn (4 degrees apart), that may earn him the title of “Architect of Austerity”.  Although he does not have a background or training in Finance, he does have 4 planets in the finance sign of Taurus, including a talented exact Mercury-Venus conjunction which enables him to spin his financial achievements in the most flattering light.

He has a definite Karmic Relationship with David Cameron.  Firstly, their Nodal Axes are locked into an exact Grand Cross formation, and George Osborne’s Moon is conjunct David Cameron’s North Node (though we don’t have George’s birth time to see how close that is).  They come over as a pair of schoolboys, or as brothers-in-arms, but the Moon connection intimates that there is a parental tie at work: George may have a parental instinct towards David, which is brought forward from a past-life relationship.

On Election Day, Mars will be conjunct with George’s natal Saturn (Austerity) which sounds stressful, but on the plus side Uranus will be exactly sextile his North Node, so he should be in no danger of losing his seat were he to be worried.

Theresa May – Home Secretary

In June last year, I wrote:

“Theresa’s chart shows Saturn conjunct the North Node (a serious responsible life purpose working through politics) squaring Pluto (her struggles have a life or death quality to them).  Mercury sextiles the North Node/Saturn conjunction, so she is able to concentrate her mind and apply it to concerns which are important to her.  Her Sun in Libra sextiles Uranus, and she is capable of thinking outside the box.  Her Jupiter opposite Mars shows a fiery side, but there is also an interest in healing situations (Sun trine Chiron) and diplomacy (Mars in Pisces and Sun in Libra) which may show up later in life.  She has been tipped as the next Tory leader, but her health is of some concern (she recently revealed that she has diabetes).”

I rest on my laurels there, except to say that of the stalwarts of this government I believe her to be one of the most sincere and hardworking members, willing to fight for what she believes in.  The period immediately after the Election could be stressful for her, especially if a hung parliament arises, because Saturn will be about to retrograde over her North Node, and karma may dictate some difficult choices for her.

Boris Johnson – Lord Mayor of London

I must include Boris here, as he is about to step down from his position of Lord Mayor of London, in which he has been fairly successful and popular, and was one of the three cited as possible replacements as Leader of the Party, by the Leader of the Party himself.  He is a flamboyant figure, lightening the political landscape, but is perhaps too wayward and unreliable to be material for the top job.

In October 2012, the year of the Olympic Games, I wrote:

“Boris is a highly popular politician (Sun exactly conjunct Venus indicating the lovable component of lovable rogue), and riding high on the success of the Olympics last summer. His chaotic, anarchic side is his Uranus conjunct Pluto.  Sun in Gemini is associated with cycling, and he has promoted a cycling hire scheme in the capital among other accomplishments.”

I would add that he has an extraordinary 7 out of his 10 planets in Mutable (flexi-) signs, and with 4 planets in Gemini too, he would like to keep his options open, too much to be tied to an even more responsible job than the one he currently holds.

But on Election Day, he could put in a stellar performance, and will definitely be feeling the love, as he has a Venus Return.  He also has Uranus exactly sextile his natal Mercury, Pluto trine exactly Jupiter (he will be feeling the Power, too, and be glad he chose to stand for Parliament again), as well as Pluto sextile his natal Neptune (spiritually he will be clear about his future).

Iain Duncan Smith – Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

If George Osborne is the Architect of Austerity, Iain Duncan-Smith is the Architect of Poverty for those claiming benefits, especially the Disabled.  A previous lack-lustre Leader of the Conservative Party, he has been working on this project for years, and seems almost proud of this accomplishment.  We have heard stories of the disabled being deprived of wheelchairs and livelihoods under the regime.  Zero Hours contracts have become a discredited phrase.  His scheme seems to have been an unqualified failure, despite all the work he has put into it.  He must take a great deal of responsibility for the demonization of the working classes, and for much hardship.

He is an Aries, and sees things in straightforward terms, but has an unsympathetic opposition between Venus and Saturn.  His Sun exactly square Uranus can cause alienation, both personal and in terms of society.  With Jupiter trine Neptune, he at least has faith in what he does.  That he rose to the status of Party Leader may be connected with his powerful Jupiter sextile Pluto.  But he has much Karma in connection with Power, with his Sun exactly square his Nodal Axis, and Uranus at his South Node.  It does not look like he has been able to mitigate that karmic balance sheet in this lifetime, sad to say.

On Election Day Uranus transits his Sun, which could bring about a sudden change in fortunes.  Uranus also squares his natal Uranus, so even if David Cameron is re-elected, he may decide to reform this reformer.

Jeremy Hunt – Secretary of State for Health

Although I have been more critical than I set out to be, now I have reached the issue of Health, I can’t resist a proper rant!


I think it disingenuous of the Tory Party to suddenly say they will commit £8 billion to the National Health Service, when they have run it down in the last 5 years with a top to toe re-organization, and let it fall apart with no care for its survival.  Health should be top priority and not dependant on the whims and vagaries of the state of the economy.  If they could find money for foreign interests and a super duper exclusive HS2 railroad, they should have been able to find money for the N.H.S.  in the term time of this government.

End of Rant

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, was born only 23 days after David Cameron in the same year, so in some respects will be in tune with his thinking.  I am not sure the NHS has been safe in his hands, but his chart does show some interest in Medicine, with three planets in Scorpio, and four aspects to his Chiron.  However, 3 of the aspects to his Chiron (Inner Healer) are stressful: a conjunction with Saturn, which is an austere approach to healing, and an opposition from Pluto-Uranus (a lot of energy expended, but perhaps not much achieved for that).  However, there is some potential in his exact trine between Pluto and Chiron, were he to continue in that role.

Neptune (another Health-related planet) trines his natal North Node on Polling Day, so the fates may be kind to him and let him continue on his path…but I only hope that with time brings the wisdom and compassion that the NHS needs from politicians.

The Conservative Party

It is interesting that the Conservative Party chart has Capricorn (conservatism) on the Ascendant, and its Sun is conjunct Saturn – very apt!  Plus it has Chiron exactly trine Saturn which happens to be on its Midheaven (Persona).  You couldn’t construct a more fitting chart for the Conservative Party if you tried.

Transits to the Party chart are mixed on Polling Day, with Saturn pinning down its Venus/Mars conjunction in early Sagittarius in 11th House, so there will be some angst.  But more tellingly, Pluto trines its Pluto, so there is a good chance they will continue in power.

I didn’t get started on Housing and Free Schools, but feel free to comment anyone…!


The aspects seem quite reasonable this week, which is nice because Kate Middleton may be having her baby this week (at any rate the baby will be a Taurean, and may even arrive on the Queen’s birthday on Tuesday).  There is likely to be a high affinity with the Queen.

Today we have Mercury sextile Neptune, attempting to bring in subtle, refined communication.  This was my aim today, but I failed miserably.

The failure was due to another of today’s aspects Venus squaring Neptune, highlighting attempts at deception.  Ah, alas and alack, I deceived even myself in the attempt to produce a fair blog on behalf of the Conservative Party.

Tomorrow (Monday 20th) the Sun enters Taurus, and the collective expression goes from flighty Aries to stalwart Taurus, of which the Queen is an embodiment.  The month’s sojourn will favour artistic expression, financial initiatives and gardeners.  Foodies also come under Taurus, and avid viewers will enjoy, I am sure, the Masterchef Finals week to come, especially the productions of the sweet-toothed wizard chocolatier Tony.

On Tuesday (21st) first Mercury squares Jupiter, which could lead you on adventurous journeys of the mind and body.  We are travelling to see my grandson in Leicester, and taking a consignment of worms from Norfolk for his wormery, as last time we went there were no Leicester worms to be found in his garden.  I know, I know – it could be seen as uncomfortable for the worms, but I assure you I will say Om Mani Padme Hum constantly throughout the journey on their behalf, and it certainly will prove educational for all concerned.  I will also send them love and healing for the rest of their natural lives.  My grandson (Aged 4) is so proud of his wormery, which at the moment only houses slugs.  How does that nursery rhyme go…”What are little boys made of?”

In the evening, Mars trines Pluto.  This promises to be an energetic evening, so if you have plans for it, you could achieve a lot.  It may also be fiesty, so keep an eye on fiery types, and help channel the group energy constructively.

Wednesday (22nd) looks set to be the big day of the week, starting with a trine between Mercury and Pluto, excellent for intellectual and academic exercises, especially those with a psychological element.

That is followed at tea-time by a beautiful sextile between Venus and Jupiter.  If the weather is warm, you might sip your favourite cocktail (mine’s a sparkling mineral water with a drop of pear cider in it) on the patio, with barbecued veggie burgers.  It is a good aspect for entertaining, and social events.  Cheers!

Late, around 11 pm, Mercury conjuncts Mars.  If there is a frown on your forehead that day, it may appear around that time, with some petty irritation perhaps, or minor burns from the barbecue.  But it may go perfectly smoothly, with excellent after-dinner banter and witty conversations.

Friday (24th) brings a sextile between Mercury and Chiron, a stabilizing marriage of conventional and unconventional medicine.  There is a chance to play with new therapies, and win.

The week in bullet points

  • Today – mental sensitivity and emotional blurring of lines
  • Tomorrow – supportive of gentle pursuits
  • Tuesday – journeys out of your comfort zone, but energetic productivity
  • Wednesday – great potential: psychological ideas, sparkling socializing, and speed of thought
  •  Friday – healing possibilities


Aspects for the week beginning 12 April 2015

Andy Murray weds Kim Sears

At last a good news story to intersperse my political blogs!  You won’t find exclusive pictures in “Hello” or “O.K.” for yesterday’s wedding, all credit to Andy Murray, who has over the years firmly embedded himself in the hearts of the nation.  I have written many times about his tennis in my Wimbledon blogs, but haven’t until now devoted the luxury indulgence of a whole blog to him.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a stolid Taurean, and that is one of the secrets of his endurance through long 5-set matches on court.  As a Scottish personality, we are lucky to have his birth time, which provides an Ascendant of Virgo, combining with Taurus to give a very shy nature.  Extra emotional diffidence comes from a conjunction of his Moon and Saturn in the 4th House of Home, and it has taken years for the public to see the real Andy, and what they have seen they have liked. 

Moon conjunct Saturn in 4th House also shows up the protectiveness about his home town of Dumblane and the tragedy it suffered in 1996, which he himself was involved in, hiding under the headmaster’s desk during a shooting massacre.  He says of Dunblane: “I will always hold this place close to my heart”.

At the time of the massacre there was a raft of dangerous transits to his chart (Mars squaring his natal Moon, Pluto opposing his natal Mercury, and the emotional confusion of Neptune squaring his Venus), but there was also the protection of Jupiter trine his natal Ascendant.  Unsurprisingly, there’s no doubting the impact of this event on his life and mind, but some of his toughness may also be due to that.

We as the supportive viewing public went on a journey with him, through the ups and downs of tournaments and nail-biting contests.  Often he would start well, drop a serve or two, and then come back fighting.  The defining moment in relation to the British public was his defeat in the Wimbledon final of 2012, where he seemed to drop his guard and open up when interviewed, and displayed more emotion than before.  He won even more hearts, and the public felt closer to him than ever.  That may have played a part in the final shift which made him a champion, in the subsequent Olympic tournament.  But there was no doubting that he had broken decades of frustration with our tennis performance.

Kim Sears

Now his wife, Kim Sears has a very energetic chart, with 4 planets in Sagittarius, the Sun closely trine Jupiter, Uranus square the Nodal Axis, and Mars exactly conjunct Pluto. She has been an almost constant support to Andy in his tennis career.  Her own talent lies as an Artist, specializing in animal portraiture (Sagittarius).  Andy Murray’s mother Judy says Kim is the best thing that has ever happened to him, and she looked predictably stunning as a bride.

Just a word about the temper…she used the “F” word in a rant against Thomas Berdych in January, in the semi-final of the Australian Open.  Of course, that Mars-Pluto exact conjunction has got to come out sometimes.

Synastry (Comparison of Charts)

Aged 27, both Andy and Kim have their highest number of planets in Fire signs, and she has 4 Sagittarian planets, and he has 3 (which include his Moon, representing the females in his life).  There is a lovely exact trine between Andy Murray’s Jupiter and Kim’s Sun, so that increases the luck when they are together.  Andy Murray’s Saturn also exactly trines Kim’s Jupiter, and she herself has Saturn trine Jupiter, so when together they are able to make balanced decisions.  There is some spark, though, in the form of his Mars opposing her Uranus, so it might not necessarily be a calm pairing.

They could face some tough decisions or restrictions over the next couple of years, with Saturn’s sojourn through Sagittarius, and both of them facing their Saturn Return.  But the Saturn Return is often the time when people have their children, and that does change their lives considerably and restrict their freedoms.  He is reported to have said: “I think I will be more nervous about starting a family because that would be more life-changing, in a good way.”

Chart of the Day

They were married at 4.30 pm yesterday at Dunblane Cathedral.  The chart of the wedding shows up an Ascendant very close to Andy Murray’s own Ascendant, so he is likely to be very comfortable in the marriage.  Uranus transiting his Jupiter ensures that the marriage will keep him on his toes though.  For Kim, Pluto transits her natal Venus, so it is a profound time for Kim emotionally, and may change the course of her Art in some way.

There is some drama depicted in the chart, as the Moon was exactly conjunct Pluto at the time.  A last minute snow flurry erupted, and a photographer died after a fall at the scene.

Mother of the Groom

The only “A” List celebrity reported to have attended the wedding was Tim Henman, whose Henman Hill at Wimbledon turned into Murray Mound when Andy took over as the nation’s hopeful.  But Judy Murray, Andy’s mother and original coach, is now a celebrity in her own right, and has displayed a canny sense of humour we never knew she had, since appearing on Strictly Come Dancing.  On her debut, I wrote: “She has Mars square Saturn in her natal chart, which is presumably the grit with which she encouraged and cajoled her sons as they grew up  in a life of tennis.  She also has as her karmic mission North Node conjunct Mars in Libra, symbolic of her raising sons to be tennis champions, with the drive needed to do that.” Like the bride, Judy looked simply stunning!

Father of the Bride

Kim Sears’ father Nigel is a tennis coach, and apparently was responsible for introducing the couple in 2005.  He actually does have the chart of a matchmaker, believe it or not!  His Sun conjuncts Venus with Venus exactly sextile Mars – excellent credentials for a matchmaker.  Like Kim and Andy, his highest proportion of planets are in Fire signs, and he has Saturn in Sagittarius (so may need to reduce his activity a little over the next two years).

A lovely couple, providing a feelgood story!


Mars sextile Neptune kicks off the week today, though its action is anything but a kick, more a gentle nudge.  It’s a time when you can unite action with spiritual intent and aspiration.  You can start the week on that note, and let it flow.

On Tuesday (14th) Mercury enters Taurus.  While in Aries lately, the collective mindset will have been logical and straightforward.  Mercury in Taurus brings the mind to bear on more relaxing and artistic pursuits.  Gardening, painting and musicality benefit from the application of the mind.  This reinforces the present outlook of Venus in Gemini, as Venus and Mercury in this case are said to be in mutual reception, in each other’s signs.  It’s a good time to set up a cosy club.

Venus is opposed by Saturn on Wednesday (15th), which may deflate some Venus types (Taureans and Librans for instance).  Cinderella may be confined to the housework, and be unable to see her way to the ball.  At best humdrum, and at worst some release of sadness arises.

There may be a sense of flatness midweek up to Friday (17th) because Pluto is preparing to  turn from Direct to Retrograde on that day, in the early hours.  Looking at the issues behind the flatness, you may realize how deep-seated they are.  You may be able to work through this in your dreams or half-awake, before tackling the day.

Saturday (18th) is a different kettle of fish entirely.  Mars squares Jupiter, whipping up excitement, and for a few people anger.  Enthusiasm abounds for your weekend activities.  Then at teatime a New Moon at 28 degrees Aries can bring about a renewal, a new you and a new emotional focus.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today -  sensitive physicality
  • Tuesday – mental application in leisure and pleasure
  • Wednesday – letting go
  • Friday – psychological introspection
  • Saturday – bouncing back and renewing yourself

Aspects for the week beginning 5 April 2015

The Labour Party

This is the 5th in my pre-Election series, and I know many of you are finding this tedious, but I have to do this!  This was an interesting week for surveying the political party leaders, with the 7-way TV debate, in which we got to see the whites of their eyes – most revealing.  They all got a shot at putting forward their case.  David Cameron and Ed Miliband emerged neck and neck in the polls, while Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party went up in the nation’s estimation, with people googling whether they could vote for her in England.

But I am looking at Ed Miliband and his team today.  I have picked out a few prominent faces in the Labour Party, but if your favourite is not here, let me know – I have been poring over quite a few charts, and narrowed the selection down.  I only hope that I can be fair and write about the same number of Tory politicians when I write about them in two weeks’ time.

Ed Miliband – Leader of the Labour Party

Ed’s profile has risen slightly since the TV interview with an ebullient Jeremy Paxman the week before last. He told him he wasn’t bothered by his geek image, but was concerned about the ordinary working man/woman.  There is no getting away from the fact that a lot of people don’t see him as a future Prime Minister.  Nicola Sturgeon was reported this week to have said that she didn’t, but she has refuted this and held out an olive branch to Ed to say she would help him, in the event of a hung parliament, establish a government.  A couple of weeks ago, he was forced, after being repeatedly pestered to do so, to categorically deny he would make a deal with the Scottish National Party.  But his position in terms of the eroded support for Labour in Scotland and the rise of the Scottish Nationalists, is such that it would be almost impossible for him to form a government without their support.

For all his lack of charisma, he does have a very good astrological chart.  Like Gordon Brown, he is an introvert, which is shown by 8 of his 10 planets being in the introverted signs.  One thinks of him as an academic, but he only has one Air planet, most of his planets are in Earth and Water signs (practicality and emotion).

His natal Capricorn Sun sextiles Jupiter (lucky enough to win the leadership contest against his brother) and trines exactly his natal Saturn (great practicality and seriousness).  He has good energy levels married with enthusiasm (Mars trine Jupiter).  He also has (believe it or not) good healing energy (Neptune trine Chiron).  On the minus side, Jupiter opposes Saturn, so he can chase his tail a bit, and Venus squares his Pluto (some relationship schisms, e.g. the brother issue).  But overall a strong and dependable chart.

At the New Year I looked at his transits for Election Day:

Ed Miliband (Labour): [Neutral] North Node transits his Uranus – A sudden change in fortunes”

To this I can add that Saturn (his ruling planet) trines his Chiron, Pluto sextiles his natal North Node, and that Mars trines his natal Pluto the next day, so there are some assertive transits going on.  He is posing these days as though he believes he could be Prime Minister, which formerly he wasn’t.

Harriet Harman – Deputy Leader

Harriet is currently the longest serving female MP in the House of Commons.  Her chart also has much to commend it.  Mercury sextiles Mars, so she is quick-thinking.  Venus is conjunct Uranus so she is skilled at networking.  Jupiter is trine Uranus, so she has the Entrepreneur Archetype.  Neptune sextiles Chiron, so like Ed she has the healing energy, and Pluto trines Chiron adding greater depth and strength (maybe the secret of her staying power in Parliament).

On polling day, she has 3 strongly beneficial transits, and one difficult one.  Neptune trines her natal Venus, so her charm should win out.  Jupiter sextiles her natal Neptune, so her faith will be rewarded.  Uranus trines her natal Pluto, so the element of the unexpected will be with her.  But Pluto squares her Neptune, so there will be a very challenging deep-seated change.  If she is called to serve in a cabinet the transition will not be easy for her.

Douglas Alexander – Shadow Foreign Secretary

Douglas Alexander’s position is difficult, as he holds a Scottish constituency, and most Labour MPs in Scotland are at risk of losing their seats.  His birthchart shows him to be a fighter (Sun in Scorpio exactly sextile Mars), with energy allied to enthusiasm (Mars trine Jupiter) and a lucky streak (Jupiter sextile the Sun).  So he may win through on his natal strength alone.

Despite the disadvantage for Scottish Labour MPs in the current situation, he could hold his seat, as on Election Day he has  Pluto sextile his natal Mercury (important news), Pluto trine his natal Venus (personal satisfaction) and Mars trine his natal Uranus (excitement, in a good way).  On the minus side, Chiron opposes his Pluto, so like Harriet Harman he could experience a culture shock.

Ed Balls – Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Ed Balls is another Labour politician who has failed to gain real popularity for some reason.  He is a Pisces, which can bamboozle the public perception of him.  He also has Chiron conjunct Mercury, which can lead to an odd way of thinking, but also a penchant for problem-solving.  Pluto also opposes his natal Mercury, which is challenging – he probably does advanced Sudoku in his sleepless hours!  He is an affable enough type of chap, reaching out to George Osborne on Andrew Marr’s sofa, though there are elements of shyness in his nature (Sun in Pisces, Venus conjunct Saturn).  One of the best features of his chart is an exact trine between Jupiter and Neptune (endless faith) which forms a Grand Trine with Saturn, giving him the ability to translate pie in the sky into concrete reality.

He has a good showing for Election Day, with Saturn trine his natal Venus (a good solid result) and Neptune sextile his natal North Node (spiritual exultation).  I would expect him to keep his seat.

Yvette Cooper – Shadow Home Secretary

Yvette is married to Ed Balls, and has been touted as a possible future leader of the Labour Party.  She has an outstanding chart, with great leadership and healing skills (Chiron conjunct the North Node – a healing karmic mission, and Neptune trine her North Node).  She can be mentally combative and possibly irritable, with Mercury square Mars.  Like her husband she has a diffident but loyal conjunction of Venus and Saturn.  But Jupiter is exactly conjunct Uranus (the Inner Entrepreneur) and works well with groups.  Her Pisces Sun trines its ruling planet Neptune, so somewhere she is tuned in with the Cosmos, though it is up to her to cultivate that quality – she may not even be aware of it.

Despite all this potential, she has a square of Neptune to her natal Mars on Polling Day, so she may feel uncertain or hamstrung in some ways from actions she would like to pursue.  Her self-confidence may be dented, e.g. a reduced majority.

Chuka Ummuna – Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

Chuka Ummuna has been up and coming for a few years, a really good speaker on the Question Time circuit, answering clearly and knowledgeably.  His Mercury square Jupiter gives him a breadth of learning.  His Mars conjunct Uranus can give him a scientific bent, and a sparky personality.

Is this his time to come forward?  He has mixed aspects for Polling Day, with Pluto sextile his natal Uranus which could propel him forward, but at the same time Neptune opposing his Saturn, which could give him a headache or a hangover of some sort to deal with.

The Labour Party

The chart of the Labour Party has an idealistic and ideological Sun/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius, also conjunct Mars in Aquarius (fighting for the underdog).  It also has the Chiron/North Node karmic mission of Healing, but opposing the natal Ascendant/Pluto/Neptune, which is not easy to manage.

The chart of the Labour Party is actually reasonably well-aspected at the time of the Election, so may be a force to be reckoned with, in a Coalition at least.  Uranus will be sextile its Sun (Change), Chiron will be transiting its Venus (a time to get its act together), Jupiter opposing its Mars (energy and enthusiasm), but buoyantly North Node sextile its Jupiter (karmic reward) and Jupiter sextile its Pluto (Power).  That is a good set of prospects, surprisingly enough – it is possible then that a good proportion of the votes of the disaffected, disillusioned and impoverished will go to them, although undoubtedly many will vote SNP, UKIP and Green.


The first half of the week could bring further challenges (if you found the Lunar Eclipse difficult at the weekend), but the second half is much more plain-sailing.

Mercury conjuncts the South Node today, and some karmic information could come your way, which may be useful.  Relationships with siblings and neighbours may be under the karmic microscope.

The Sun squares Pluto in the afternoon, a cloud or downpour, only softened by the knowledge that we are past the worst of the Uranus-Pluto square and its disruptive powers.  So a situation may return or reverberate, but hopefully only an echo of its former upset.  Some may have solved a long term problem by the last Uranus-Pluto square (I had one of my two cataracts removed; a friend managed to make a long-sought house move) but if you are still working to solve your Uranus-Pluto problem(s), this may be an opportunity to look at it and tackle it again.

Tomorrow (Monday, 6th) you may be able to see the light shining through the clouds or a parting at the end of the tunnel, with an upbeat trine between Mercury and Jupiter.  Helpful news or information may come to light, and there is an opportunity to broaden your mind and horizons, or make travel or holiday plans.

The Sun also conjuncts Uranus, which could be favourably dynamic if it were not for the fact that Uranus is still linked with Pluto in a square, albeit moving away from the situation.  You may be able to see how to make changes, but may be locked in a dependency with others for the working out of that change.  That may make desired changes frustratingly complicated or delayed.  All change at this time has to be sensitively handled.

On Wednesday (8th) Mercury tackles the waning Uranus-Pluto square head on, squaring Pluto and then conjuncting Uranus all in one day.  You may feel compelled to pursue certain communications, although they may be difficult, sensing that the time is now or never, and despite the exhortation of more cautious types that this is not the time for a battle.  Geminis and Virgos may be the most affected.  Remember that words, once said, cannot often be unsaid.  But there will be a fast and furious energy to communication, and words will come out of the mouths of babes.  After this aspect, you may be able to move on for the rest of the week with more harmony.

Mid-afternoon Jupiter goes stationary prior to turning direct, and you may see this as the turning point of the week, a green light for a more positive outlook and a sign of hope even.

Friday (10th) brings a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at 20 degrees Aries, shining a focus of light on Authenticity.  Be yourself, and be unafraid to be yourself!

Venus enters Gemini on Saturday (11th) staying in that sign until 8th May, and artistic matters will take a more cerebral turn.  I have signed up for a local watercolour pencil course which starts this month, which is very fitting to give more shape to my artistic work, now that I can actually see my way to putting pen to paper again [by the way apologies to all who have received garbled messages and endless typos in the last 9 months].  Venus in Gemini is also an opportunity for the social butterfly to flit from engagement to engagement, lunch date to soiree, new best friend to new best friend!

And finally (sigh – it’s so nice to end on a happy aspect) later that afternoon Mars sextiles Neptune and we should all be able to handle ourselves and others with sensitivity, finesse and spiritual attunement.  What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon…

[Wednesday - just discovered that the Mars-Neptune sextile actually occurs on Sunday, sorry folks!  But the energy of it will be available to you on Saturday, so tune in, in advance.  Will write about it again next week]

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – karmic information, then storm clouds
  • Tomorrow – Expanded mental horizons and business prospects, then too much excitement
  • Wednesday – mental friction, then a clearing of the clouds
  • Friday – clarity and authenticity
  • Saturday – new artistic lines

Aspects for the week beginning 29 March 2015

Colour and the Zodiac Signs

It’s uncanny how often people come to consultation wearing their Soul colour (of their Sun sign) or their Physical colour (of their Ascendant), often down to the specific shade of their portion of the sign.  I have always been interested in colour, being mildly synaesthetic since childhood:  I always saw letters, numbers, words and days of the week in colour.

Healing can involve a technique called Colour Breathing, where you visualize the colour you need, and breathe it in.  You can focus it towards a particular area of the body.  Often the colour you need contrasts with your natural tendency, as it is a colour that can bring you into balance.  You can use colour in absent healing, if someone has agreed to receive it.  Chris Griscom is a great advocate of the technique of enquiring within what colour is needed, and then transmitting it to someone who needs to heal a situation or health problem.  Clark and Martine in their book “Health, Youth and Beauty through Colour Breathing” recommend pink as an overall healing colour for their technique.

There are many systems of colour attributions, mostly in agreement, though sometimes diverging.  I have listed four books at the end of this piece which I have enjoyed and used.

From  my blog 28/10/12:

Colour Healing

“Colours of the chakras run opposite to the colours of the zodiac, so they balance and neutralize each other, rolling into white light.  Aries rules the head and the colour red, and Libran blue is an antidote for Aries headache.  The Crown Chakra has Violet as its traditional colour, and Pisces which rules the feet has that colour as one of its main associations.  In the chakra system, the feet are part of the red area of the spectrum.  In the rainbow, and the chakra system, green is the central and most neutralizing colour, and I associate that with Virgo, the sixth zodiac sign.  In the chakra system, green is associated with the heart and yellow with the solar plexus chakra.  However, in astrology the Sun and Leo, the sign prior to Virgo, represent the heart.”



New blood:

Out of a deep breath

of pure peace

the embryo weaves

its earth warm inheritance

Playing its own

unique rhythm

insistent pounding

on and on.

What lies beyond

the crescendo?

No matter:

“I must be heard”

Red is the colour of the 1st chakra in the Hindu chakric system.  In esoteric systems, it is the 1st Ray of Will and Power.  As a basic foundational colour, there tends to be more agreement about it than the rest of the colour spectrum.

As Aries springs into life at the beginning of the astrological year, around March 21st, and on the cusp with Pisces, Crimson is the colour which most expresses that cusp.  There are variations of colour within this sign, but a good clear red serves most of this sign well, especially pillar box red.  As you near the cusp with Taurus, from around the middle of April, this may lighten to a scarlet red.

Late March: Crimson

Early April: Pillar Box Red

Mid-April: Scarlet

Aries natives can be subject to eyestrain, headaches and general hot-headedness, so blue is a soothing antidote for them, and very suitable for colour breathing, even though red is an expression of their nature.

“Colorstrology” by Michele Bernhardt provides a colour reading for each birthday.

For April 1st she gives Fiery Red:

“You have come into this world to be a leader. You are active and lively and want to stand out and express your unique point of view.”


Taurus lies between the red of Aries and the Orange of Gemini, and because it is a feminine sign, and Venus-ruled, the softer pink-orange shades suit it.

Apricot would be closest to the Aries-Taurus border (around 19th April), and Peach would serve the sign generally, especially where subtler and higher levels of spiritual exploration are involved.

Lilla Bek says of Peach:

“Peach is orange on a higher vibration.  For some it is the colour of spiritual love and relates to a more advanced person who has made interesting journeys on a soul level.  It may look wrong on some people.”

According to Linda Clark and Yvonne Martin in their book “Health, Youth and Beauty through Colour Breathing”, Salmon Pink is the colour of Universal Love.  That resonates with the highest expression of the planet Venus.



Beside the shores

of a sacred lake

aglow with goldfish,

let your inner knowing

guide you to

“let go!”

Come and join

the rhapsody in orange

Circle and spin

and dip and whirl,

zing and wing

and taste the succulent

fruits of life

from bountiful trees.

Orange describes the light-hearted and youthful nature of Gemini.

Gemini is at home with a variety of colours, but the other colour most associated with this sign is Yellow, associated with Gemini’s ruler Mercury, and the intellect.

Under the Aura Soma system, Orange over Orange is the bottle to use as a shock absorber, for revival.



Tangerine is a lighter orange, between the full orange of Gemini, and the Yellow of Leo.  It carries the nurturing qualities of Cancer, and the association of the 2nd (Sacral) chakra with digestion.

But other colours are traditional for the soft emotions of Cancer.  White, Pearl and Silver are associated with the Moon, which is her ruling planet.

Laeh Maggie Garfield says of Silver: “The colour to use for triggering intuitive and creative channelling, including artistic endeavours such as music and writing.  When you are done channelling, remove it and replace with your customary colour”

Powder blue is also associated with this Water sign, and is associated with mothering and the Madonna.  Pale blue can cool the fevered emotions of Cancerians.



Lemon sherbert

Light from the Sun

that same light

playing through

each of us.

As the Sunflowers

turn their faces upwards,

So our hearts and minds

obey a higher instinct ~

now to act

And now to wait our turn.

So too the Sun

keeps its place

in the universal

march of time.

Leo resonates to the colour of yellow, bringer of sunshine.  On a higher level, Gold can represent the benevolence and magnanimity of the evolved Leo.  Traditionally, Gold has been associated with its ruler the Sun, just as Silver has been associated with Cancer’s ruler, the Moon.

Cusp of Leo/Virgo

The cusp of Leo and Virgo (around 22nd/23rd August) has two special colours worth mentioning, as people born around this time resonate especially to these colours.

  1.  Lemon-Lime: Laeh Maggie Garfield says that it represents a well-organized mentality, and is “Mentally soothing and uplifting.  The consciousness is in the process of being elevated.”
  2. Olive Green: Under the Aura Soma system, Olive over Olive represents the new age approach to group work of Feminine Leadership.  It is the earthier alternative to Lemon-Lime, as you step into Virgo.



Green has

nothing to prove;

those slanting emerald


through the rainforests,

let them lie.

The green tree

rooted in the earth

that we pass

strolling through the park,


The vast savannah

grassland in our mind

yields its space to us,


And, as time goes by,

we grow to love


As we come to the middle of the Zodiac (the cusp with Libra) we have the colour Green which is a colour of balance and neutrality.  Its associated gemstone Green Aventurine is helpful for soothing the nervous system.

Sage green represents the muted type of Virgo personality.

Apple green more readily represents the connection with Nature, Ecology and the Environment of Virgo.

Fabric-wise, small patterns, such as fine polka dots, appeal to the Virgo love of detail.

Cusp of Virgo/Libra

The cusp of Virgo/Libra and Spring Equinox (around 23rd September) is the mid-point of the zodiac.  While its opposite point, 0 degrees Aries, is Red, here is the beginning of Blue.  At the end of Virgo and the beginning of Libra we have a mix: Blue-Green or Turquoise.

Traditionally, turquoise, and its gemstone namesake, is associated with luck, mental brightness, lecturing and uplifting communication.



Once upon a time,

when the oceans

were true blue,

We used to speak

directly from our hearts,

do you remember?

Listen ~

what are we communicating?

Can it be

the sparkling truth

of aquamarine my friend,

or has time made it easier

to disguise our voices?

Speak to me with joy.

Blue is seen as a generally calming and soothing colour, the state that Librans aspire to.  In colour breathing, blue is especially good for the Throat Chakra, and wearing a blue scarf can be beneficial to reinforce that.

Colorstrology  gives Kentucky blue for October 2nd:

“Your ability to see both sides of a situation makes you a favourite when it comes to telling it like it is. You are the one to be trusted and to judge fairly.”

Late September: Turquoise

Early October: Sky Blue

Mid-October: Royal Blue



Stars at night –

  somewhere a harp plays

  in a distant castle.

But my sight is faded

by the mists of time,

only my heart responds.

  I see a bluebell wood,

  A piper playing –

but can’t quite grasp

the reason for my loneliness.

  The nurse rocks the babe,

  the west wind gently plays…

I cannot go back.


Things will never be

exactly the same.

  Lost and found

  continually shift key,

Stars twinkle…

Indigo for Scorpio represents Healing and Psychology.  Lapis Lazuli is a useful gemstone for this sign, and for the Third Eye.

In fashion, Scorpios like the little black dress (their ruling planet is Pluto, Lord of the Underworld!), and often wear a combination of black and white.

Black is not a colour for healing, but Laeh Maggie Garfield writes:

“As a colour that you wear, has certain uses for introspection and inner growth.  Black causes a kind of sensory deprivation, so that you have a chance to look at your old data without being distracted by new material coming in.  Black does attract negative energy, however.  It’s not good to wear frequently, and it’s never under any circumstances to be introduced into your aura or chakras.”

Maroon is also a colour I associate with the expression of Scorpio’s heavy emotions.


When we come to Sagittarius purple is introduced into the spectrum, and because we are just leaving the indigo of Scorpio, we have the Blue-Purple shades.

Luscher colour testing way back in the 1970s introduced us to the idea that the colour Purple was innovative, thinking outside the box of the primary colours.  It is starting to reach out to the spiritual realms.  It also implied androgyny, because Violet was made of a combination of red and blue.  It is also a protective colour, much used in Ascension circles.

Esoterically, Sagittarius is one of the signs which correspond with the 7th Ray of ceremonial order and magic, and the Violet Flame of the ascended master St. Germain.  The Sagittarian purple represents the sign’s affinity with Religion and Spirituality.

Sagittarius is associated with middle life, through its ruler Jupiter.  Jenny Joseph wrote a popular poem in 1932 which begins with the words “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple”.  Perhaps because I am Sagittarian, I started wearing purple in my early 20s.  At any rate, purple refers to that period of the second half of life which Carl Jung referred to as the time of spiritual seeking, and so fits the sign of  the Seeker well.



When we reach Capricorn, the esoteric sign of the mountain of Initiation, the colour purple deepens to an almost Inky shade of Mauve, before the introduction of red into the purple in Aquarius.  This represents the authority, temporal power and majesty of Capricorn (as distinct from the religious power of Sagittarius).

Other colours are Earth tones, and Green through the esoteric colour for its ruling planet Saturn (designated by the work of Alice Bailey).

The greens of Capricorn are darker than those of Virgo. So you might have bottle green, for instance.

Colorstrology gives evergreen for 22nd December, at the beginning of Capricorn:

“You have an uncanny ability to build and persevere once you decide where you are going and what you want in life.  You need to cultivate security and material success”.


In Aquarius, the spectrum starts to introduce red into the purple, so we have Magenta. This colour helps with group consciousness, which is often the life purpose of Aquarius.  It also represents the wise intuition of Aquarius.

Laeh Maggie Garfield points out that with Magenta:

“ We all have a touch of this.  It means a past life in which we were an administrator, and we are here again to administrate.  Perhaps to organize groups of people.”

Another colour which has been traditionally associated with Aquarius is Electric Blue, courtesy of its ruling planet Uranus.  This helps to express the technological and communicative aspects of the sign.


Dusky pink

The softest sign of the Zodiac, before returning to the pure red of Aries, Pisces has the dusky pink tones after the more strident Magenta of Aquarius.  This represents unconditional love and compassion, and heart-centredness.

Other colours of Pisces are Lilac, also very soft and spiritual, pale sea blue/green expressing the affinity with the ocean, and the more vibrant Aquamarine where the Piscean nature has overcome some of its frailties and is able to express itself with more confidence and self-assurance.


An Angel surrenders

one perfect note

to the Choir

for the Creator;

A tiny child

eagle eyed

spies a pink violet

and tenders it

to the parents;

Cycles of sacred sound

turn over and over and

dreams of perfection

spiral towards reality


“Companions in Spirit” – Laeh Maggie Garfield

“What Colour are You?” – Lilla Bek

“Health, Youth and Beauty through Colour Breathing” – Linda Clark and Yvonne Martine

“Colorstrology” by Michele Bernhardt

Poems by Lana commissioned 1990 by Ray Didcock



With four trines and a sextile this week, things will tend to run smoothly most of the time.

A profound trine of Venus to Pluto on Monday (30th) starts the week on seriously good form.  It is a great day to come to a deep understanding in your relationships, and maybe to resolve long-standing hurt.  You should absolutely know where you stand with someone close.

The same day the Sun conjuncts the South Node, so in addition there will be karmic understanding, so there may have been possible talks about the past, or even about past lives, which highlights karmic wisdom and understanding.

Mercury enters Aries in the early hours of Tuesday (31st), promoting an active mentality which may keep you awake for a while.  The emotional issues of Mercury’s time in Pisces may have been cleared out of the way, and you may be able to see more straightforward possibilities, so it may be the excitement which is keeping you awake.  Bright eyes and bushy tail, at the wrong time of day!

The same day another planet changes sign, with Mars entering Taurus. So during that day you will be able to calm down a little, indeed you may be forced to through sleepiness.  Mars in Taurus is a measured pace of action, and a fairly laid back position with which to conduct the day’s affairs.  Mars will be staying in Taurus until 11th May, should you wish to cultivate that position, through meditation perhaps.  It is good for gentle activity such as Tai Chi, or for mindful gardening.

Wednesday, 1st April (and April Fool’s Day) is a day for healing, with Venus sextile Chiron.  It is especially suitable for herbal healing or Homeopathy, but if you have a medical appointment you’ll be sure to find a harmonious rapport with your practitioner, and congenial ways forward for your treatment.  Love and Money are also well-starred, with healing feelings, and healing financial dealings.

A spectacularly constructive day follows on Thursday (2nd), with Mercury trine Saturn at lunchtime, and Sun trine Jupiter in the afternoon.  Mercury trine Saturn is suitable for getting the paperwork done, attending to the fine print with efficiency, and mentally mulling over plans.  You may have an awkward travel itinerary to sort out, but can do so satisfyingly.

In the afternoon, there could be a golden moment due to the second trine.  It is a day generally when things could fall into place, but you may feel jubilant about developments in the afternoon.  Something you have wished for may go better than expected, even exceeding your dreams.  Taking the day as a whole, you may solve some long-standing issues.

After the peak of that day, and a sense of achievement, you may need to draw a line in the sand, because by Saturday you will be dealing with a Full Moon and Eclipse in Libra.  So you may not be able to afford to rest on the laurels of Thursday, and may start to sense the unease or emotional turbulence building up to the Full Moon.

Saturday’s (4th) Full Moon occurs just after midday.  You may not be able to forget the last eclipse in a hurry, the sight of the half sun glimpsed (or not glimpsed) through your kitchen colander on 20th March, and Brian Cox waxing lyrical on the television.  The Full Moon is a little more challenging emotionally, and some people were challenged emotionally on the New Moon.  Emotions (Moon) will be trying to achieve equilibrium in relationships (Libra), while being opposed by individual needs (Sun in Aries).  Try the colour breathing for Libra, which is blue.  You might also see the continuum between blue and red (Libra and Aries polarity) or fuse them with purple or violet, and raise them to a higher level.  If you are very colour conscious, you may become aware of still higher colours in your meditations, such as opal (which is the gemstone for Libra) or colours that we even don’t have a name for in our current language.

Next Week:  The Labour Party

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – deep abiding love
  • Tuesday – energy shifts: slow (Pisces) slow, quick (Aries), quick, slow (Taurus)
  • Wednesday – harmonious healing
  • Thursday – real deals
  • Saturday – emotional wrangles