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Aspects for the week beginning 20 April 2014

Cardinal Grand Cross

Part 2 – Here and Now

In the Christian calendar, Easter represents the crucifixion, as well as the resurrection.  The symbol for this is a cross, though not the equal armed cross.  In the esoteric astrology of Alice Bailey, the Cardinal cross represents initiation, and is the most potent of the three types of grand cross (the other two being the Mutable, and the Fixed crosses).  This week the two traditions coincide.  In a birthchart it is rare to find a grand cross, but those who have one are challenged by personal crises which may sometimes feel like a trial, or an initiation.  The task for us this week is to understand and embrace the personal and collective challenges it brings.  We can start by deconstructing the Grand Cross into its component parts:

Components of the Grand Cross

The Grand Cross is composed of 4 planets in opposition, which also creates 4 squares.  Learn to recognize these forces within yourself, around you, and in the wider world.  You may then be alert to ideas, or guidance, about the best way forward.  Under aspects I will give the timings of all these components, but you may notice any of them at any time throughout the week, and that may help you understand what is going on and how you should proceed, particularly if you have a responsibility for others or are caught up in a group drama.  You may already know what this week’s dilemmas may entail, and it may be one issue or a complexity of issues.


The oppositions are easier to deal with, as the signs of the two planets have a connection which enables them to blend or be transcended in unity.

Pluto opposite Jupiter

Pluto opposite Jupiter is about power play, with often one protagonist trying to exercise their power to the hilt, as in the current display by Putin.  The connecting issues of the signs which they occupy are Order (Pluto is in Capricorn) and Family (Jupiter is in Cancer) so work/life balance may be required.

Uranus opposite Mars

This combination is about accidents or incident-proneness, and the excitement of initiating change.  In truth there are no accidents, as everything has a purpose and there is a meaning for everything, but often we are taken unawares and do not realize the higher Soul purpose in the heat of the moment.

The Squares

The squares are the most challenging components of the Grand Cross.  They  involve compulsion, seemingly wrong turns, clashes and disharmony.  As there are four, it may seem as though events are locked into position, and there are few options on the ground.  But spiritually, there may be a bigger perspective, and more options than at first glance.  Again, taking into account the interlocking squares will help bring them together in your mind when you encounter them, and help you pull together your options, particularly if you are in a position of leadership.  If you are not in a position of leadership you may have a valuable insight for the group.

Pluto square Uranus

This is the most important of the squares, and I have blogged separately about this  (find it below this blog, or by clicking the bar on the right entiteled “Uranus square Pluto – Phase 5”).  This seemingly anarchic aspect is revolutionary on both counts (Uranus and Pluto) and has been operating for a couple of years, and due to go on for another year.  It is therefore a process, technically one of dismantling outworn institutions, but in its negative form is revolution for its own sake without a thought of what will replace the turmoil.  Thus some of the Arab Spring movements (which began when Uranus entered Aries, before the Uranus-Pluto square) have found that the new forms of society haven’t materialized as hoped, and there is still much work to do.

Uranus  square Jupiter

This square  is one of the two easier components: there is an element of surprise, luck and hope in this mix.  It is also an opportunity for the entrepreneurs among you, especially if motivated by good will, love of humanity, and a desire to help rather than only self-interest, to make a difference.  It is a good idea to examine your motives thoroughly, so that your actions have the highest outcomes.  I have included the best outcomes under Aspects, for each component, so that if you see that the proceedings are going towards positive solutions, you can help them along.

Jupiter square Mars

Jupiter squaring Mars brings a concentration of energy and enthusiasm, a fuel for getting things done on a practical level.  There is also some joy to be had, where the atmosphere is conducive to smooth outcomes.  For instance, in meditation this can produce ecstasy, bliss or travel to other dimensions.  It is the energy of rapture.

Mars square Pluto

Second in order of difficulty after Uranus square Pluto, this aspect occurs once every year or two, and often coincides with violence on some scale, such as the assassination of a prominent figure.  It will be important to be vigilant about aggression, coercion or even violence, and not be complacent.

The whole

Take all of these components into account and bring them together in your mind or meditation, using perhaps a symbol or a word such as “Peace” as your central purpose or intention. The aspect section which follows gives you the timing of each square and opposition, and possible higher outcomes which you can assist.


This morning the Sun went into Taurus, representing the indomitable spirit needed for this week of the Grand Cardinal Cross, and the will power to stand firm in the face of what does not seem right, e.g. non-violent resistance.  But also knowing when to surrender to the divine, and also the wisdom to know the difference.  More often than not, our own personal will is actually aligned with the divine will.

Also this morning one of the easier squares took place: that of Jupiter square Uranus.  This is it folks!  The first leg of the Grand Cross, and the spring board for hope that things will change for the better.  There is an element of surprise and luck, e.g. you may think you have made a wrong turn, but it may have been for your own protection, saving you from greater disruption.

Optimal Outcome: Opportunity for the Entrepreneur

This evening Jupiter opposes Pluto, which is the power play or stand off element of the Grand Cross.  One party may overestimate their power, and power itself may be seen for what it is.

Optimal Outcome: The limits of Power are reached and Co-operation Beckons

Tomorrow, Uranus squares Pluto (Phase 5).  There could be a total disruption.  If it were not a Bank Holiday in the U.K. people would have felt like striking!  If you are within a family dynamic, someone may rebel or go on strike.  A Bank Holiday may be a safer haven to act out such feelings!  In the wider world, this may be one of the stickier moments in confrontations.

Optimal Outcome: Stress may turn into Surrender and Relaxation after reaching a Peak

On Tuesday (22nd) Jupiter squares Mars, which can produce pure energy and enthuisiasm combined.  Some types may want to fan the flames of conflagration, however.  This aspect can propel the consciousness into another dimension, such as in meditation, or in others it may take them into a misguided direction, e.g.  when people can get in the wrong sort of company.

Optimal Outcome: Creative Action or Energies and Ideas brought through from other Dimensions

On Wednesday (23rd) Mars opposes Uranus in the morning, which brings another opportunity for change and surprise (if not shock).  Following on from yesterday, your motto needs to be “Be Prepared”!  What contingency plans do you have?  Think through loopholes in advance and be prepared to institute interim measures which will be helpful to reconstruction.  You may be required to think on your feet.

Optimal Outcome: She/He Who Prepares Wins

Still in the morning on Wednesday, Mercury enters Taurus, and you may change your mindset.  If you have been in a combative mindset (Mercury in Aries) you may now be thinking more in terms of stability and taking practical thoughts or steps.  It will be easier to have patience and think of the longer view.  However helpful, this may prove to be a background feature, as the Cardinal Cross has not quite completed its work.

Later in the day Mars squares Pluto, and so you cannot rest on your laurels.  This is one of the two more destructive of the four squares.  There may be international tensions, and violence abroad, and tension at home.  If you are aware of any of the components of the Grand Cross at this time, it is good to actively defuse any tensions.  If you are not required out in the field, hunker down and protect your own interests.  Surrender may be an option, but it is essential to look to the safety and welfare of the weakest of the tribe, such as the elderly or the disabled, as you move on collectively.

Optimal Outcome: Tension recognized and Defused

It is always darkest before the Dawn, and the Cardinal Grand Cross certainly ends with a confrontational crescendo of Mars square Pluto.  Thursday (24th) is a respite from aspects, and the beginning of the Dawn.

Friday (25th) has a trine between Venus and Saturn, a reconstruction of sorts, an opportunity to rebuild relationships or new foundations after the brinkmanships and demands of most of the week.

On Saturday (26th) the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 6 degrees Taurus, and thoughts and ideas crystallize about how to proceed in a practical and calm direction.  Later, Mercury sextiles Neptune and a space is cleared to receive inspiration and to bring practical and spiritual ideas together.

In all my years of blogging, I have never known a week like it!  It will be an intense week of learning, experiencing and challenge, but I hope meaning and fun will be in the mix too, so we’ll be able to see it as a memorable shift.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Surprise, and Power
  • Tomorrow – Complexity and Change
  • Tuesday – Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Wednesday – Incidents, and the need to defuse tension
  • Friday – Reconstruction in relationships
  • Saturday – Inspired thought


Uranus square Pluto – Phase 5

21 April 2014,  19.21 Hrs in the U.K.

This week sees the fifth of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto, which began in June 2012 and will end in March 2015, the penultimate occurring in December.

Although we are over halfway through the process, this week’s square will be extra concentrated, by virtue of being a component (the most powerful component) of the Cardinal Grand Cross.  So instead of affecting two areas of your chart, it will be more comprehensive in its reach, i.e. coordinating 4 areas of your chart, and world charts.

At the beginning of the process, in June 2012, we were aware that it would entail the dismantling of institutions, and this has really proved to be the case.

Looking back at my blog in 2012, here are some useful ideas which still apply:

Identifying the Square

First you need to identify the action of the square in your life, if it is not glaringly obvious.  Basically two different energies in two different areas of your life have been building up a storm.

[by now you are likely to know what the issue is]

Knowing your Chart

If you know which areas Pluto and Uranus are currently transiting, it is easier to make sense of how they are affecting you, and your nearest and dearest.

Not Knowing your Chart

If you do not know which areas Pluto and Uranus are currently transiting, you may be able to sense which area is being affected by Pluto energy, and which area is being affected by Uranian energy.


The area containing Pluto is the more passive but psychologically demanding area, and the area in which you will by acceptance and absorption achieve the most work over a long period of time.  (Pluto and Capricorn the sign it is transiting are both slow and deep-seated).


The area containing Uranus will be the ignition or trigger for events and the surprise factor, as well as the rebellion.  It will make more noise and be more active (Uranus and Aries the sign it is transiting are both active and volatile).

Degrees of Involvement

If you have a planet or planets at 13 degrees of a sign, you are more likely to be involved in events, and the effect of the square will be enhanced.  You may feel some benefits to the square if Uranus or Pluto are trine one of your natal planets, or at least a mixed influence.

The Global Picture

At the beginning of the square, these issues were highlighted:

 “You may have an idea of how clashing forces in your life are squaring up.  In the world situation, it relates to the dilemmas and intractable complexity of the Euro (to bail out or not to bail out), the Syrian Question (to intervene or not to intervene) and the climate issue (climate change or climate change denial).”

The problems of the Euro are still rumbling on, but the preoccupation in the U.K. has turned to issues about immigration, the rise in popularity of UKIP, and the possibility of a referendum if the Tories win the next election.

The Syrian question is even more dire.  It was the main story on the front of the Observer this morning.  The article begins: “The desperate residents of a besieged  district of Damascus are expected to run out of food today, leaving 18,000 people facing starvation and leading relief agencies to declare the  crisis ‘unprecedented in living memory’ “: An acute  reflection of this unprecedented Uranus-Pluto square and Cardinal cross.

Climate change has I think proved itself more starkly over the last two years, with the U.K. particularly hit by flooding  over the last year.  There is still a reluctance to act on behalf of politicians.  Controversy surrounds the practice of fracking to obtain shale gas here in the U.K. but is in widespread use in the U.S.  Our one Green M.P. Caroline Lucas, was recently cleared in relation to her involvement of a demonstration against fracking, and has vowed to fight on.  I personally don’t think that on this tiny island we can afford to have fracking or nuclear stations, and am in favour of wind farms.  The sight of them always gives me hope for the future.

The increase of poverty caused by the economic collapse (and I don’t believe government assertions about recovery) have made problems more acute for many families, and it is to the credit of the Christian church that the cause has been taken up.

The U..K. Coalition government is dismantling the NHS, and that was a feature of my blog a few weeks ago.  One wonders how it is going to be put back together.

On the world stage there is a new brinkmanship involving Putin and Russia, the U.S. and  Obama, the EU and Angela Merkel, and the Ukranian people themselves in a civil war.  This is of course a prominent feature of the Cardinal Cross, which will be the subject of a later blog today.  The recent Malaysian plane disappearance and the South Korean ferry disaster may also be features of the Cardinal Cross, of which Uranus squaring Pluto is a quarter of the picture.


Yes the Uranus-Pluto square has proved to be destructive, and many problems are still stuck, with very little sign of green shoots, repairing, or new structures emerging.  But there are new attitudes emerging, some of which may eventually prove constructive, such as the Occupy movement, and the tendency for people now to be feeling enough is enough.   Some countries around the world are starting to initiate democracy where there has been oppression and the suppression of women.  At the same time, in countries where stability and democracy have been established, there is a questioning of whether democracy and capitalism are working.  It all still feels to be a process still in transition, with everything still in the melting pot.  Now, more than ever, we need to be constructive in our personal choices, including our choice of thoughts.


Aspects for the week beginning 13 April 2014

Cardinal Grand Cross

Preparations – Part 1

The Grand Cardinal Cross takes place between 20th-23rd April inclusive, and will be very intense.  It is composed of 2 oppositions (Mars opposite Uranus and Jupiter opposite Pluto) and four squares (Mars square Pluto, Pluto square Uranus, Uranus square Jupiter and Jupiter square Mars).  World events are likely to reflect this set of interlocked problems (such as the problems between Russia and the rest of the world over the Ukraine), and you may have noticed crises building in society or your own personal circles.  So I have devised some preparation, in two parts.  The situation can be looked upon as an opportunity for everyone to get their act together.  I will be doing regressions and future life progressions in the Watford area during that time, and I feel like that will prove to be taking the bull by the horns.

General principles

You need to strengthen the function of each arm of the Cross.  For example, if you have a weak Jupiter principle, you may lose sight of the Hope you need for the task.  If you can balance all four psychological principles as represented by the four planets involved, you will be creative rather than responsive to events. Take my Quiz below to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and what you need to work on or develop before 20th April:

Are you fit?

Add your score as you go along.  If you do not know the answer, give yourself 1 point for the benefit of the doubt.

General Questions:

Do you have a Grand Cross natally? Score 5 points for Yes

Are you observing a build up of crisis or crises in your personal life? Score 5 points for No

Have you been working with Astrology for 5 or more years?  Score 5 points for Yes



Are you an Aries Sunsign, Ascendant or do you have Mars Rising? Score 5 points for a Yes

Is your natal Mars well aspected? Score 5 points for a Yes

Do you consider the Inner Warrior to be one of your Archetypes? Score 5 points for  a Yes



Are you a Sagittarian Sunsign, Ascendant, or do you have Jupiter rising? Score 5 points for Yes

Is your natal Jupiter well aspected? Score 5 points for a Yes

Do you consider yourself a lucky person generally? Score 5 points for a Yes



Are you an Aquarian Sunsign, Ascendant, or do you have Uranus rising? Score 5 points for Yes

Is your natal Uranus well aspected?  Score 5 points for Yes

Do you cope well with change? Score 5 points for Yes



Are you a Scorpio Sunsign, Ascendant, or do you have Pluto rising? Score 5 points for Yes

Is your natal Pluto well aspected?  Score 5 points for Yes

Have you been in Psychotherapy or followed a Spiritual Path, i.e. are you used to working on yourself?  Score 5 points for Yes


Grand Total


Add up the totals for each section individually, and then the Grand Total:

If your overall score is 35 or over, this may be a good shift for you, but you may still need to work towards the full score of

If your overall score is between 5 and 35 you still have a good chance of a reasonable transition with a little work

If your overall score is 5 or under, stay at home and chill out

Instructions and Homework

Depending on the score for the individual sections, where there is a section  with one score of 0, there is a need to work on that principle or planet, according to the suggestions and antidotes below.

General poor function:

If you know someone with a Grand Cross in their natal chart, observe how they manage it

If you are involved in a crisis, meditate for an overview

If you are a bystander to a difficult situation building up, try to look at the whole and perhaps work with the individuals involved

Go back to your favourite Astrology textbook and feel the foundations of the planets and signs noted above, until you are confident you can handle them

Read “Gaia” by James Lovelock

Mars poor function:

Read “Assertiveness for Earth Angels” by Doreen Virtue

Read Dan Millman’s “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, or re-read it if you have already done so

Increase your level of  daily exercise slightly, for physical fitness, with your favoured activity, such as Qijong.

Jupiter poor function:

Read uplifting literature or re-read a favourite Self-Help book

Read “The Luck Factor” by Richard Wiseman

Strengthen your philosophical streak, by reading a philosophical work, such as by Alain de Botton, which relate philosophy to modern living

Strengthen your Inner Child, by playing, on your own or with a child or grandchild

Read a good Joke book

Uranus poor function:

Read “Embracing Uncertainty” by Susan Jeffers

Interact with your networks, strengthening group consciousness and interaction

Do one rebellious thing every day to accustom yourself to the consequences of your actions

Pluto poor function:

Meditate with the aim of bringing into balance the four principles, and centering yourself

Create or work with a mandala to achieve wholeness

Practise your spiritual path more regularly

Gaze at your navel

Connect to the Divine through prayer

Coming Next Week – Part 2


On Monday (14th) you have a chance to flex your muscles prior to the Cardinal Grand Cross with a mild square.  This square of Mercury and Jupiter tends to produce over-stretching of resources, especially mental and geographic (e.g. travelling) resources.

By the evening, with all the mental stimulation, your antennae will be twitching with information from other dimensions, with a conjunction of Mercury and Uranus.

At 23.48 Hrs in the U.K., only 33 minutes after Mercury conjunct Uranus, and only 12 minutes before midnight, Pluto turns retrograde, and our psyches may take a turn, or revolve to an earlier state.  Issues we thought we had resolved may need another layer of examination.

In the. early hours of Tuesday (15th)  Mercury is trying out the Cardinal Grand Cross for size, gathering information prior to the involvement of Mars.  This time it squares Pluto, and you may feel temporarily confused about your reality.  Something you thought was true may be in doubt, for instance.  Consider that both realities may be true.

Later, you awake, rise and shine on Tuesday to an eclipse, so preparation the night before would be helpful.  If you wake in the night from the Mercury-Pluto square, have yourself some chamomile tea and lavender on your pillow in order to have a complete sleep cycle in between, before the Full Moon.  That way, through your dreams or through deep sleep, you may access the deep wisdom of this Full Moon in Libra, which may bet attuned to relationships, your relationship with yourself, or artistic or musical expression.

On Wednesday (16th ) Mercury opposes Mars late morning, and tension and irritability may bring frayed tempers or nerves.  Again that window asleep may have proved crucial to how you perform in the day.  If circumstances allow, go back to bed and re-set your nervous system.  Otherwise, stay away from fractious types.

Friday (18th  ) brings some welcome and light relief from the pre-Cardinal Cross angst.  Venus trines Jupiter, and you may have a pre-planned or impromptu celebration, or an enjoyable social occasion to look forward to. There is a chance to let your hair down and relax in the company of friends and loved ones. This aspect takes place in the early hours of the morning, so its benefits may have extended to the evening before, i.e. Thursday night.

Mid-morning brings another favourable aspect towards Venus, a sextile with Pluto.  Someone you met socially might prove that they are not just a pretty face, in fact they may just have a diploma in counseling, and you can counsel each other.  Role play the Cardinal Cross, and you will really be making the most of this warm and non-frivolous aspect.  Anyone having a diploma in counseling should make good use of this morning.

If you have followed the suggestions for Part 1, you’ll be nearly ready and limbered up for the exercise and tasks of next week.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – expansion, then original thinking; a psychological volte-face
  • Tuesday – drama
  • Wednesday – brisk and fractious
  • Friday – relief and breakthroughs

Aspects for the week beginning 6 April 2014

Holby City and Casualty

(sound effect) “Nee naw! Nee Naw!”

On the New Moon in Aries, Connie Beauchamp transfers from Holby City to Casualty.

On the Uranus-Sun conjunction, Holby City had its most shocking storyline ever!  The fiancé of Jac Naylor’s baby’s father died.

The two hemispheres of my brain have now been able to fuse.

Meanwhile, in real life…


GP Service

Family and friends are finding it hard to obtain appointments with their G.P’s…We were told recently that the GP system is on the verge of collapse. New Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners (from December 2013) Dr Maureen Baker said the family practitioner service was “under severe threat of extinction” on 23rd March 2014.


On 1st April, in a speech on his first day as NHS England’s chief executive, Simon Stevens, highlighted the financial problems faced currently.

Royal College of Physicians

This week too (4th April) Sir Richard Thompson (President of the Royal College of Physicians) has stated that the  overload on doctors dealing with 70 patients where they should only be dealing with no more than 20, hence endangering the service they provide, likening medics to “scalded cats”.


Historically, Labour is the party which created the NHS and traditionally cares about it.  Under the  New Labour governments of 1997-2010, whatever else their failings, they managed to keep the NHS ticking over and reduced waiting times.

The Two Bevs

Lord Beveridge and the Welfare State

William Beveridge is credited with creating the Welfare State, through the Beveridge Report.  He was a Piscean, a fitting sign for the level of all-embracing care involved in such an institution.   He also had a very close conjunction of Neptune and Chiron, which I call a “crucible of healing”, plus a humanitarian karmic mission of North Node in Aquarius.

Aneurin Bevan

Along came the charismatic Aneurin Bevan, born exactly a Nodal Axis cycle later (18 years apart), with his North Node in the first degree of Aquarius, one degree from Beveridge’s, and as Health Minister he implemented Beveridge’s requirements and his karmic mission, creating the NHS.  Bevan had a satellitium (cluster of planets) in Scorpio (also a sign related to health and healing), including Sun conjunct Chiron (the Inner Healer, or the Wounded Healer).

Bevan’s Saturn (practicality) was sextile Beveridge’s North Node, and Bevan’s Ascendant was trine Beveridge’s Chiron (Healing).

Chart of the NHS

The NHS is a caring Cancerian institution, with a cluster of planets (satellitium) in Gemini squared by Mars in Virgo.  This highlights the need for communication, and high standards (Virgo) and the constant stress of its working environment.  The current disruptive reorganization of the NHS, whether it will prove necessary as the Coalition claim, is shown by the transit of Uranus squaring the Sun in the NHS chart and Pluto opposing the Sun.  In other words, the NHS is very much caught in the crossfire of the Uranus-Pluto square, which enters another phase shortly.


Under the Coalition, there has been a deliberate dismantling of the NHS, under the banner of reorganization.  One suspects that the government does not care passionately enough about its fate.

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt was made Secretary of State for Health in September 2012. Is the NHS safe in Jeremy Hunt’s hands? If actions speak louder than planets, he has not shown thus far a caring for the Institution.  However, after looking at his chart there is a mixture of influence (Chiron trine Neptune on the plus side, and Chiron conjunct Saturn on the minus side) and for the time being, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, to be fair.

The Coalition, has underfunded the NHS and failed to give it the priority it deserves, I feel. We are in danger of losing it, and need politicians who really believe in it.  We need another Bev!


Mercury enters Aries tomorrow, and we’ll be thinking more logically and leaving behind the imaginative approach and sometimes woolly thinking of Mercury in Pisces.  You’ll be concentrating on matters at hand, which signals a good first day of the week back in the Office.  Accounting is also favoured, though for most of us the income tax yearly calculations should be in by now, the deadline behind us.  If there is any immediate come back or problem arising, we should be able to deal with it immediately.

Tuesday (8th) brings an opposition between the Sun and Mars, so it will be action packed, on the verge of being manic.  You might feel the pressure to perform in some way: maybe someone expects a punishing programme of productivity from you.  You may start to automatically comply, until you realize it is counterproductive, and not in your best interests to work under those conditions.  Be wary of aggressive or bossy types.  You need to re-establish your own natural rhythm.

Lastly, on Saturday (12th), Venus is conjunct Neptune, a mood as far away as you can get from that of Tuesday’s opposition.  This is about expressing your sensitivity through the Arts and relationships, which may include a high degree of romanticism.  The awareness could also be highlighted about the plight of sea creatures, such as the whales and dolphins.  Such campaigns have recently had some success, and certainly Saturday’s aspect will sustain the opening of hearts.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – Focussed thought
  • Tuesday – strife
  • Saturday – peace and inspiration

Aspects for the week beginning 30 March 2014

The forthcoming Cardinal Cross in April has left Astrologers scrabbling about for some good news.  The shift of the North Node into Libra is one such nugget, as to have had both the North Node and Saturn in Scorpio these last 18 months has been karma-intensive to say the least.  North Node in Libra is easier, but it does entail doing some work on our relationships.

North Node in Libra

The True Node entered Libra in February, and the Mean North Node entered Libra last Sunday, so we are safely in the era of North Node in Libra.  The North Node is not difficult in itself.  Just as with new life, new love, and hope springs eternal… the concept of Karma, which it represents, it can be positive, but in its previous sign of Scorpio (it retrogrades through the zodiac) it can increase the angst and paranoia.  These have not disappeared overnight, but North Node in Libra is a softer option and less of a battle.  It favours working on relationships, and may improve the Arts, including the musical arena, and changes in Law.  Changes need to be enacted with progress in mind, and evolution.  These are different from some of the harsher and more seemingly destructive changes which are still going on under the banner of the Uranus-Pluto square, and the coming Cardinal Cross.  The North Node stays in a sign approximately 18 months, and the karmic tone of this new shift is Co-operation.

Last Week

Gay marriage was made legal in Britain on Saturday, with a perfect trine between Mars and Venus.  This looks like a manifestation from North Node entering Libra.  According to future life progression transcripts, relationships will be changing in the future, and new social forms of relationship likely.  So the next 18 month may be a key period for such changes to emerge, as it will be another 18 years before the North Node enters Libra again.  People may enter, and disappear, from your life to change your perception of what relationships could or should be.


Chris Griscom wrote in her seminal book in 1988 (“Ecstasy is a New Frequency”): “We are going through a profound change emotionally.  For example, how many of your relationships are working right now?  Relationships have not been working for the past 3 or 4 years.  Why?  Because we’re doing something wrong?  No.  Because we are speeding up.  We are quickening just as fast as we can, because now is our time.  We need to embrace this understanding, not from “Oh no, here it comes” but from “Hmmm, let’s see what we are choosing,” so that we can dance with the great integrity and wisdom and skill that we have on a divine level.” She wrote this 26 years ago, and we are still undergoing profound change in the nature of relationship.  We still have high expectations for relationship, and for most people relationships are of the utmost importance in their lives.

Relationships are Eternal

We are constantly working on relationships which go back centuries, even millennia.  Past life regression work is very helpful to understanding where you have been with a relationship, and Future Life Progression can help you to see where you are going with a relationship, in the Future.  These are two ways of working with North Node in Libra.


I billed today’s New Moon in Aries as “new life, new love, and hope springs eternal…”, so I hope that is how you are finding this Mother’s Day.  I was at a loose end a couple of times this week, and watched “Lambing Live” with Kate Humble, which really brought me up to the basics of what is meant by the Sun in Aries.  It’s an Aries version of “One Born Every Minute” which is another programme I like.  I never cease to be overcome with the wonder of seeing new birth.  You may be giving birth to something new today, and may marvel at the process of creation and new life. You may see green shoots where you didn’t expect to find them.

On Tuesday 1st (April Fool’s Day) someone certainly will have the last laugh as the Sun squares Jupiter.  Not too much harm done by pranks, but some laughter inappropriate with this aspect.  The human spirit may be irrepressible, which is mostly good.

On Wednesday (2nd) the Sun conjuncts Uranus, and the Universe certainly has a surprise up its sleeve, humorous or not.  Sharpen your Intuition the night before, and programme your dreams to be one step ahead, and you will be in the flow.

Thursday (3rd) starts well, with a steady trine between Mercury and Saturn. You may have recovered well and sensibly from any surprises the day before, and even formulate plans in your mind as to how to proceed.  This aspect occurs at 3.03 a.m. in the U.K, on 3rd, so the number 3 may be lucky for some.  Again you may have to work with this aspect in your sleeping, dreaming or insomnia time, but it will be good to get ahead.

Have everything ship shape and Bristol fashion by 9.22 a.m., for the Sun squares Pluto at that time, and you may have to re-schedule due to extra demands on your time, energy and resources.  Keep it free in your diary, or book a pampering aromatherapy session or something relaxing.  Something comes up urgently for processing, and you need to keep the space fairly clear.

Lastly, Venus enters Pisces on Saturday evening, and from a detached feeling perspective (Venus coming from Aquarius) feelings become more emotional until early May while Venus is in this sign.  Therefore throughout the Cardinal Cross (approximately third week of April) we will be experiencing our feelings with tears closer to the surface.  I need to remember the Kleenex tissues for my regression clients.  Someone brought their own this week, luckily.  It may not be too late to take out shares, just for the month.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – New creation
  • Tuesday – Fooling around
  • Wednesday – Surprises
  • Thursday – Plans made and unmade
  • Saturday – Deep feelings

Aspects for the week beginning 23 March 2014


Up until the 1990s there were many books about spiritual guides, and then in the early 1990s a plethora of books sprang up about Angels.  One of my favourite books about guides was updated to include Angels.  It’s an uplifting subject for reading, and I began to have a few experiences of my own.  One of the members of my meditation group was able to see Angels, and  used to regale us with detailed descriptions of them.  I have often wondered how the great art masters of yesteryear came to compose their paintings of Angels, and how clearly they saw them in their mind’s eye.

Emanuel Swedenborg

Emanuel Swedenborg was born in 1688 in Sweden, and for a considerable part of his life was a Scientist and inventor, but had a wide range of interests.  In the 1740s his spiritual sight began to open up, and in the mid-1740s he had a major spiritual awakening, and saw hosts of Angels in his visions, also communicating with planets.  Swedenborg was an Aquarian, with his ruling planet Uranus exactly conjunct his Moon (unusual visions).  This conjunction was conjunct his I.C. (Imum Coelum), so he had an unusual foundation for his life, which became more fundamental after his spiritual awakening.  His Neptune (spirituality) was trine his Chiron (healing) and it was soon after his Chiron return in mid life that he was able to access this healing pathway.  His North Node was exactly sextile his natal Neptune, indicating that Angelic communion was part of his karmic mission.  His Mars (physical vision) was trine exactly with his Ascendant.  At the time of his Spiritual Awakening, Uranus was transiting his natal Mercury (the opening up of his mind to higher consciousness) which is a once in a lifetime transit.

Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is a prolific writer on Angels, with CDs and Oracle cards a-plenty In the shops (as well as online).  Another is Diana Cooper (not quite so prolific), but her birth date is not available.  Emanuel Swedenborg was Christian in his focus, but Doreen is non-denomenational, which places her Angel work firmly in the New Age category.  She qualified in Psychology originally, and some of her early books are about diet and eating disorders.  It was on an early taped meditation about Angels that I first heard her refer to her career as an “Angelologist”, not a word I had heard before.  To make Angels the focus of your life’s work must be enjoyable, I thought.  She has a considerable presence on Facebook,  recently including a daily diary.  But the current focus of her work, from her most recent book, is Self-Assertiveness for Earth Angels, which ensures that none of us gets trampled upon.  When I first saw Doreen’s birth chart many years ago, I looked at her triple conjunction of Jupiter, North Node and Neptune conjunction, and thought: “There goes the chart signature of an Angelologist!”  However, I do know others born around the Spring of 1958 who have the conjunction, and have chosen to do other things for a living.  It is still rare to be an Angelologist.  She has Mars (physical vision) trine her North Node and Neptune (karmic mission plus Angels).

Lorna Byrne

By the time Lorna Byrne’s first book came out in 2008, I felt I had read enough books about Angels and considered I had the t-shirt.  I was wrong, but I resisted reading her books until recently.  Lorna is an Irish mystic from birth, who saw Angels from the time she was a baby.  For someone like myself who does not see Angels, her detailed descriptions of them are a treat, and make you feel as though you are seeing them.  She brings them to life more vividly than other writers. It would be wonderful if she or someone else produced a book of illustrations of her visions.  She has a particular emphasis on Guardian Angels:

“I am continually amazed at the number of people who doubt they have a guardian angel.  Many are happy to accept that other people might have a guardian angel, but doubt that they have one themselves.”

Her third book, brought out in the middle of the era of the Uranus-Pluto square, focuses on the need to recognize the Angel of Hope, who she describes thus:

“The Angel of Hope doesn’t look like any other Angel I have ever seen.  He looks like a massive flame.  Within this very bright flame I am shown a faint human appearance, which is masculine, and a beautiful dazzling emerald green colour, holding a torch – like an Olympic flame.  The brightness of the Angel of Hope looks different to any other Angel; I think this is because it’s a light within a light.”

Lorna came from an Irish Catholic background, and because she was withdrawn as a child, always seeing and communicating with Angels,  she was considered to be “retarded”, and left school at 14.  She married and had four children, but her husband Joe was dogged with ill health and died young, leaving her to bring up her children as a single parent.  It was revealed to her when young that she would one day write books about her experiences, but for the most part needed to keep silent about what she saw.

Lorna’s Sun and Mercury in Aries (the sign of physical vision) are largely unaspected, pointing to a highly individual path and vision.  Her Sun does however exactly sextile the asteroid Chiron (healing) and squares by three degrees the Nodal Axis  – again marking out her karmic path singularly.

Her fourth book “Love from Heaven” is due to be published on 24th April, just after the Cosmic Cross which includes the next square of Uranus and Pluto, so it will be most timely.  I have pre-ordered a copy.


All three of these Angelologists have Neptune (Angels) aspected to their North Node (karmic mission).  Swedenborg had Neptune exactly sextile his  North Node,  Doreen Virtue has Neptune two degrees away from her North Node, and Lorna Byrne has Neptune sextile her North Node within 3 degrees.  The healing applications of Chiron are prominent for all three, too.  Emanual Swedenborg had Chiron trine his Neptune, with the North Node sextile both, in between them.  Doreen Virtue has a trine between her Chiron and Jupiter, three degrees apart, and Lorna Byrne has an exact sextile beteen her Sun and Chiron.


A splendid first aspect for the week arrives on Wednesday (26th) when Mercury trines Jupiter.  Sales and business plans are blessed, as is travel, communication and education.  Use any preparations you undertake that day as a launch pad, setting the tone for the rest of the week.

Friday (28th) has another constructive aspect in the form of Mercury sextile Pluto.  Though Wednesday’s  proceedings would have been informative, Friday’s takes information to a deeper level, perhaps taking into account causation, or psychological motives.  If you sketched out a plan of action on Wednesday, you can connect the dots or colour in the outlines on Friday.

Saturday (29th) brings another aspect to Mercury, this time a conjunction with Chiron.  Here the focus will be on healing, and solutions should follow on sequentially from any mental crises.

Next Venus trines Mars, which is good for kindling romance, or balancing the male and female sides of the psyche, occurring in the evening (U.K. time).

If you meet an attractive stranger at a party, be aware that only two hours later, with Venus going on to square Saturn, they could break your heart, and disappear leaving only a glass slipper, even before midnight.  In other words, do not set too much store by an early evening attachment, as its loss could be keenly felt all too soon.

It seems like a melancholy way to leave the week, so let’s take a sneak preview at the next day (Sunday 30th).  There we see a New Moon in Aries: new life, new love, and hope springs eternal…

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – freewheeling
  • Friday – benefits from a deeper look
  • Saturday – healing thoughts, pleasure followed by let down, but tomorrow is a new day

Aspects for the week beginning 16 March 2014

Bob Crow  (1961-2014)

“You don’t get me,  I’m part of the Union”
~  The Strawbs, 1973

In one week we lost two irreplaceable left wing highly individualistic public figures.   I have written a separate blog for Tony Benn, but felt I should write about Bob Crow too.  Both were divisive figures, often demonized, but both have received praise this week from their detractors.

Bob Crow, leader of the RMT (National  Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers), had such a dynamic  birth chart, it is no wonder that he was successful in his chosen profession of union leader.  He did say if he had not been a union leader he would have been a footballer (Sun sextile Mars)  or a weather man (New Moon in Gemini).  As it was, he utilized to a fine art his Negotiator Archetype (Venus  sextile Mercury).  The brilliance of his leadership is shown by Sun exactly sextile his Uranus.

The karmic balance of overly powerful unions was “dealt with” by Margaret Thatcher, and we do not need to fear “Reds under the beds” now.  I think it is time to honour the role of the unions as protectors of the working man now, and in his unique role Bob Crow is irreplaceable.

Yes he did call strikes, but the “gun to the head” was the draconian measure of removing all of the underground’s ticket offices, not to mention the scary prospect of driverless trains.  As Owen Jones argued forcefully against Andrew Neil on “This Week” we no longer need fear the “militancy” of the trade unions.

Downham Market

Downham Market railway station ( my local) has a wonderful ticket office (under threat) and a helpful station master (I will spare his blushes by not naming him) who ensures the best deal for your journey.

Downham Market, a sleepy town in Norfolk, itself was in the national news this week, its fire station having burnt down in the early hours of the same morning Bob Crow died.  Apparently, the fire station lacked a set of sprinklers…

The assistant fire officer commented in the “Lynn News”: “We usually  go to other people’s disasters and clear up the rubble. Fire happens to other people and for it to happen to us is difficult to deal with. But it is not the fire station which goes out to people’s fires, it is the engine. This is not the end of fire cover in Downham.”


It is the Full Moon in Virgo today, and emotions are running high. There is something niggling that you may be trying to get right, and which may be causing anguish.

Tomorrow Mercury enters Pisces, and the start of the week may  be muddly or chaotic – you may have forgotten where you put things in the office on Friday, and forget where you left off.  On the plus side, you may have greater imagination, may see things differently, and have a new vision of how the office could look.

Tuesday (18th) has the best aspect of the week, Venus sextile Uranus, which holds all sorts of exciting possibilities:  dynamic meetings, exhilarating romance, financial bonuses, cohesive group interaction, and telepathy, among them.

Thursday (20th) brings the Spring Equinox, the ingress of the Sun into Aries; the birth of the astrological year.  You may feel like a new born lamb emerged from its mother’s womb. New energy and initiatives are possible.

Saturday (22nd) culminates with a conjunction between Mercury and Neptune. This aspect can result in the sublime or the ridiculous: a blissed out meditative state, or confusion and clutter. Focus on the divine as you ask for the path to clarity.

You may at the end of the week feel that you have come full circle with the theme of mental focus and expansion beginning and ending the week.  You will need spiritual bi-focals .

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – emotional high tide
  • Tomorrow – fog
  • Tuesday – exciting
  • Thursday – new energy
  • Friday – seeing through the fog

Tony Benn (1925 – 2014)

Sun in Aries can be very individualistic and authentic, which left wing politician Tony Benn, who died this week, undeniably was. However, he would not have wanted to be pigeon-holed or categorised by astrology or anything else. His was the freedom to think and act as he pleased, with the prerogative to change his mind. In early photos of Benn, you can really see the Aries glint in his eyes.

Within the dynasty of his family setting, he was an individual, and changed the course of the family direction. His father was a liberal politician, and his son Hilary is a much more conventional and mainstream Labour politician. That Tony Benn broke the mould by renouncing the peerage status of his family is shown by his Mars squaring his father’s karmic Nodal Axis. His Ascendant was also conjunct his father’s South Node, further emphasizing this. He fought all his life against privilege and for fairness and justice in society.  At the time when he renounced his peerage the transiting North Node was sextile his Pluto (a deep seated karmic change). Jupiter was also trine his Ascendant, so he will have experienced a real sense of triumph.

His mother Margaret had Mars conjunct his North Node, which will have instilled courage for his karmic mission, to do what he came here to do. She was very highly principled in her Christianity and that too affected his resolve. Their Neptunes were sextile (spiritual harmony) and her Pluto was sextile his Sun (again installing a deep courage).

Tony Benn’s early career was divisive to the Labour Party, but he mellowed and later became a “national treasure”.  Nowadays the integrity of his character is much hailed.

I have read his diaries, and luckily for astrologers, he slips in the time of his birth within these pages. An Aries Sun often takes a lot of colour from the Ascendant in a chart, and in his case the ascendant is Virgo, which gave him a pedantic mind and a great deal of perfectionism, plus a predilection for diary writing.  The warriorship he displayed came from his Aries Sun, and Mars at the top of his chart – warriorship in action in his career and persona out in the world.

Mars bisects an exact trine between his Moon and Venus, which made him a warrior for peace, such as in C.N.D. and his presidency of the “Stop The War” coalition.

He made a good marriage, with his American wife Caroline, who shared his political views, and they had a large family of four children (Jupiter in his 5th House).

It is generally recognised that he did not succeed in his dearest wish to change society to the fairness and justice of his vision, but he did succeed in always being true to himself.

At his death the finality of transiting Pluto exactly square his natal sun was being played out.

The Observer leader today sums up his worth nicely: “He had the facility to reach across the generations and to re-energise the debate about what should and should not constitute the common good”.

Aspects for the week beginning 9 March 2014

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Given the safety of air travel nowadays, the disappearance of this flight is a total mystery.  The safety record of that airline (Boeing 777) is excellent.  There was no warning of messages from the crew, and it was a sudden event.  Oil slicks were found in the Gulf of Thailand, but who knows if they are linked?  Several countries have taken up the search, and a current theory is that terrorism is involved, with the discovery that two passengers were travelling under stolen passports.  There were 277 passengers on board, and 12 crew members.  Venus was still exactly square the Nodes on the day it happened, suggesting a collective karma requiring co-operation of several nations to help to solve the mystery.

Flight Takng Off

The plane took off from Kuala Lumpur airport just after midnight in the early hours of 8 March 2014 (local date).  The chart shows Neptune at the foot of the chart (shaky foundations).  On any given day there always such possible “wobbly” moments, but most of them do not result in dramatic events.  What emphasized and amplified this was an exact conjunction of Neptune and the I.C. (Imum Coelum, nadir).  Neptune also emphasizes that there is a mystery involved.


The chart of Malaysia is involved as the airline was a Malaysian airline, taking off from Kuala Lumpur, so it is probably the most important country involved.  Yet the transits for Malaysia look strong at the moment, with even Pluto trine its natal Pluto (self-empowerment).  The most suspect transit for Malaysia at the moment is Neptune opposing its natal Uranus, a transit which has a sense of the bizarre about it, perhaps even a Bermuda triangle effect, but although close, it is not an exact transit at this time.  There is also a close but not quite exact square between Sun/Chiron and the Malaysian Ascendant.

Flight disappeared

The flight lost contact at 1.22 a.m. and was reported missing some time later.  Current theories indicate that the plane may have even turned back slightly.  So far there is no trace of what happened, and experts say it may be a long time before the truth is known, from previous experience of such incidents.  It is thought that the plane was in the vicinity of the Gulf of Thailand when it disappeared.  At the time the plane lost contact, the Sun/Chiron conjunction (wounding) was at the foot of the chart squaring the Ascendant, and conjunct the Imum Coelum.


Thailand is one of the countries searching for the missing plane, and is very much in the spotlight as the territory where the plane may be found.  At the time of the disappearance, Neptune was exactly opposite Thailand’s own natal Neptune – again the bizarre, and mysterious at work.

Oil Slicks

Two oil slicks were found by Vietnamese searchers off the South coast of Vietnam.  These may or may not prove to be linked.  The chart of the disappearance taken for the location of the oil slicks does not have a strong correlation.


The South coast of Vietnam is not too far off from the Gulf of Thailand, and the Midheaven of the disappearance chart is exactly sextile the Moon in the natal chart of Vietnam.  So there is some public interest and relevance here, at least for Vietnam.  The Neptune (mystery) of the disappearance chart also squares the Ascendant of Vietnam.


Two thirds of the passengers (and therefore two thirds of the grief carried) were from China, and it was scheduled to land in Beijing at 6.30 a.m., a landing which did not take place.  The chart of the hoped for landing,  which tragically did not materialize has the Sun/Chiron wounding conjunction rising, and conjunct the Ascendant.


The transits for China shows Neptune (confusion) opposing  its natal Saturn (loss and grief) at this time.  The mystery continues, and in the meantime our hearts go out to all those suffering loss from this event.


There are three aspects this week.  Two are trines, and one is a square, so we are winning.  Two involve Mercury, one of each aspect, so Mercury types Geminis and Virgoans will be balancing.  Two aspects involve Saturn, again one of each type of aspect, so Capricornians too will be balancing.  The Sun and Mars will be involved in trines, so Leos and Ariens may be winning.

The square occurs on Tuesday (11th), and that is Mercury squaring Saturn.  That aspect occurred recently, before Mercury turned direct, and brought the need to pay attention to problems in communication and how they could be solved.  You may by now be fully conversant with the problem, and though Mercury and Saturn are in square, Mercury is at least direct now, so an opportunity may occur to put right what you have known for a while needed addressing.

The good news aspects occur later in the week, first with the Sun trine Saturn on Thursday (13th).  Sun trine Saturn may not sound very exciting, but is good for achieving the donkey work or laying foundations, or making long term plans.  It may not be the exciting part of progress, but it is the beginning of progress.

Then follows the second trine on Friday 14th, with Mercury trine Mars, which is no weightier than the first trine, but will seem as though progress is being made, because so often when people are doing things it looks like they are making progress.  So it is a brisker day, and can build on any work or foundations sensibly laid the day before.  If the work has not been done on Thursday, the work may be flimsy, superficial or lightweight.  But the two days together, properly focussed,  can result in work built to last.  So Friday is a day when people will be whizzing around looking busy and some of that will be productive, often depending on how much has been thought through.

Mod Cons

Last week two commenters requested innovations, which I put to the Tech Dept.  These were the facility to alter your comments if you incur a typo, and the facility to be informed if a discussion you participate in is continued by other commenters.  Our Tech Dept has now provided both innovations.  Take a bow, our man behind the scenes!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – seems deflating, but plough on
  • Thursday – serious hard work pays off
  • Friday – busy doing


Aspects for the week beginning 2 March 2014

The Voice

In its 3rd series, The Voice has come of age.  From a bold and popular start, winning viewers through its emphasis on the contestants’ voices instead of looks, through a downturn when the chair-swivelling ceased and a very shaky second series, now we have a more confident programme which has tried to iron out its weaknesses.  I loved Jessie J and Daniel O’Donoghue in the first two series, but somehow the vibe has been refreshed with the two new judges and mentors: Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson.  Even the battle rounds, which used to resemble a boxing ring mentality, has come to be a skilful display of individual expertise combined with genuine harmonies.  I used not to enjoy those, being of a non-competitive disposition, but there were some superb double performances last night.  I suspect a lot went on behind the scenes to try to embody a positive spirit for that process, with some contestants having to work at it more than others.  I think, too, that the standard of the contestants in the current series has been better than ever.  I felt the loss of every contestant who did not get through, both in the early rounds, and in the “battles” phase.  I am not sure when this series ends, but may take a look at the judges’ aspects nearer the time.

Tom Jones

All that hip-swivelling in his early career was too much for me, but from the swaggering stories of who he had performed with in the first series, we now see a much mellower and rather likeable elder statesman of the programme.  The “sex bomb”  image of his career was inevitable with Pluto exactly trine his Midheaven at birth, plus Venus conjunct exactly Mars – what other career could he have had?  Now he relies on twinkling his eyes instead of swivelling his hips, and that’s enough excitement for me.  He is in a process of transformation at the moment, with the Nodal Axis squaring his Pluto, and Pluto opposing his Venus/Mars conjunction.  There is a lot going on under the surface,  but I think he is learning to contain himself.

Will I Am

What a treat that we have grown to know this American superstar these last three years or so.  He has such intelligence, quick wit (Mercury trine Uranus) and energy, and sometimes it is difficult to catch his drift, but it is always worth straining to her what he has got to say.  He is also mischievous and spiritual, so eminently watchable.  I am so glad he stayed on.   He is a typical talented Piscean genius, with a mind that is everywhere.  Not only does he have an expansive and humorous Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, in a chart with no Earth planets, but he has a rich and intensely creative 5th House populated by an almost exact conjunction between his Moon and Chiron (using humour to solve emotional  pain) and Venus.

Kylie Minogue

Will I Am crossed the Big Pond to persuade Kylie,who was umm-ing and ah-ing about whether or not to join the Judging panel on The Voice, and  the Producers of the programme must be glad that he did.  From the first bars of “I Should Be So Lucky” I decided that Geminian Kyle would be lightweight, and why wasn’t she just content with an acting career?  But her heart was set on light, upbeat dance balladeering, and that is what she did.  She went on a profound journey in her life though, with romantic and health problems, which pulled at the heartstrings, and which she bore with dignity.  And now she is in a renaissance, with this new role.  She has brought life and sparkle  to the proceedings.  The Geminian element has turned to a great sense of upliftment  at sharing in her joie de vivre.  Geminians can make it look easy, taking life lightly, helped by her Part of Fortune in Leo in the 1st House. Her glamorous image comes from a close trine from Neptune to her Ascendant. Currently, Chiron is squaring her Mars, so she is working something out in connection with male energy  (e.g. an aspect of female emancipation)– and with her natal Mars in 11th House of judging panels, the three male fellow judges are helping her to work that out.

Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson was as unknown to me at the start of this series of the Voice as Danny O’Donoghue was at the start of the first series, but I have grown to like him just as much.  Of course, I had heard of the Kaiser Chiefs, and “I Predict a Riot”  is a powerful song, especially for an astrological blogger.  I have enjoyed his  sense of reserve and subtley, and general lack of swagger.  He proved his mettle in doing some good work in putting together some of the performances last night for “the battles”.  He has a Sun in Capricorn way of standing back and looking at the bigger picture, and his love of song comes from his Venus conjunct the Sun, plus Moon in Taurus.  He also has balance and maturity with a close sextile between Jupiter and Saturn.  His team should be in good hands, with his Chiron trine Saturn.  His band, The Kaiser Chiefs, found time to make a creditable performance on the Andrew Marr show this morning, so I was able to see him in vocal action, which always makes for more informed blogging.


Today Saturn is stationary, prior to turning retrograde, so we may have to be patient for longer in resolving certain issues in our lives, particularly since Saturn is one of the planets embroiled in April’s Grand Cross.

Venus squares Mars today, with Mars recently turned retrograde and Venus now direct.  Perhaps you remember some incident around 16th January when these two last locked horns, which involved inappropriate social behaviour, or unruly passions.

Tomorrow the Sun sextiles Pluto and all can be integrated psychologically.  This aspect can help you with both  unresolved long-term issues, and bring into line unruly passions on a deeper level

The Sun also conjuncts Chiron, which reinforces this.  You may have been wondering what the longstanding issues and unruly passions were, and they will reveal themselves and come bubbling  up to the ocean’s surface for a gasp of healing air and expression

On Tuesday (4th) Venus squares the Nodal Axis, and any residue of healing needed in relationships will have to go that bit deeper, past your early life, and your birth, into past life awareness of recurring patterns.  This particular issue or set of issues may involve repeated patterns from past lives with a group of people.  One person working on this may unlock the truth for the whole group.

On Wednesday (5th), encouraged by her deep work on Tuesday, Venus enters Aquarius with a fresh new page: The Future of Relationships.  Having set aside the past (for the moment), and working from the power of the present moment, she looks to the future of relationships and assesses what she sees.  Your Inner Goddess can reshape her vision of future relationships.

Thursday (6th) brings another change of direction, with Jupiter stationary prior to turning direct.  This may help to balance some of the Saturn retrograde perspective, as the glass which has just been deemed to be half empty, may now be declared at least three quarters full.  Watch out for some playful symbolism occurring in your life to show you this, and allow the Universe to express its humorous side in your life, the cosmic giggle.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – backtracking, and passion
  • Tomorrow – psychological resolution, and healing crises
  • Tuesday – karmic relationships
  • Wednesday – fresh relationship perspectives
  • Thursday – cosmic clowning