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Aspects for the week beginning 27 July 2014

POSITIONALITY – “That which orchestrates our perception.  What we perceive through the filter of our positionality is our repertoire, which is limited to what we allow in, according to the responses of the emotional body.”

~ Chris Griscom: “Ecstasy is a New Frequency”

Israel and Gaza

In any conflict, karma will not be eradicated by trying to obliterate the other party, it will only create further karma.  And any solution will have to satisfy both sides, or karma will be perpetuated, the karma of broken hearts.  Today, after a short truce, Israel and Hamas have decided to continue fighting, and the world watches helplessly by.

Daniel Barenboim

The Guardian published an article this week by the conductor Daniel Barenboim, who holds both an Israeli and a Palestinian passport, and brings together the two worlds in his Peace orchestra.  He has a unique ability to stand in the middle of the two, and have both their interests at heart.

He writes: “After decades of devastation and loss on both sides the conflict has today reached a previously unimaginable level of gruesomeness and despair.”

His Chart

What can we learn from Daniel Barenboim’s chart about working to unify two sides of a conflict?  Is it easier for people detached from a conflict to mediate, such as the U.N., or is someone deeply immersed in both cultures more qualified to pass an opinion?

Daniel has Chiron conjunct the North Node – his karmic mission (North Node) is to achieve healing through wholeness (Chiron).  He has this conjunction in Leo, the sign of Creativity and Conducting, the Performing Arts and Leadership.

The Moon rises in humanitarian Aquarius in his chart, so he has the empathy for people (Moon) whilst having some detachment in his position (Aquarius).

His Sun  is exactly conjunct Venus in Scorpio, and to do such work, you need to come absolutely from a deep place (Scorpio) of Love (Venus) for all.

Another feature of his chart which places him in the middle is Mercury right at the top of his chart, squaring his Ascendant/Descendant axis.  He is a Messenger, for both sides.

We cannot all be in the middle.  Sometimes powerful personal interests may put us on one side or the other.  But the more we look at the whole, the truer our vision will be.

Daniel concludes by saying:

“In this conflict, we are all losers.  We can only overcome this sad state if we finally begin to accept the other side’s suffering and their rights.  Only from this understanding can we attempt to build a future together.”


Tomorrow begins with a karmic theme, that of Mercury squaring the Nodal Axis.  This is about communication karma: maybe both sides of a conflict talking.  Where a planet sqaures the Nodal Axis, I find, this speaks of a group situation and need.

This follows on with Venus opposing Pluto, a painful exploration of love and loss, and part of a T-square occurring this week, involving Uranus.  There is no side-stepping a personal issue, and if you dodge this one, it will catch up with you from another angle later this week.  Do the deep personal work required, and try to reach a state of inner peace.

On Thursday (31st) Mercury enters Leo, and there is scope for drying your tears on issues of mental focus, and focussing on the joy of existence, being thankful for small mercies, and enjoying life in the moment.  We have a window to accommodate this mindset until mid-August when Mercury enters Virgo, so put your mental searchlight to attuning to that happy and creative mental vibe (if necessary listen to or watch Pharrell Williams’ “Happiness”).  Mercury is working for us on this, so don’t let it pass you by.

Friday (1st August) starts with the other leg of the T-square, Venus squaring Uranus.  This highlights divisions, schisms and estrangements, but take heart because other aspects later in the day counteract some of the harshness of that aspect.

Next, Venus trines Saturn, so something may be salvaged in relationships, a rapprochement may be brokered.  Perhaps not as full as hoped for, but it is at least a start.

If both sides come to the table, they can partake of the next aspect: Venus trine Chiron, which is healing and has the potential for wholeness.  Of course, if they do not come to the table, they cannot partake of the next stage of healing.

A Grand Trine is also created between Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, so on the heart level (Venus) much can be achieved.

Finally, Mars squares Jupiter, which can bring about a celebration, high jinks, exuberance, fireworks, and emotions going over the top.  If celebrating, pay attention to health and safety factors, such as avoiding the use of fireworks altogether.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on Saturday (2nd) which is a sane way to end the week!  It speaks of healthy sales and business, expanded consciousness, broadened horizons, and buoyant mentality.  It is a good news aspect, which it is good to be receptive to in this day and age.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – dialogue, and soul-searching
  • Thursday – lifting the mental mood
  • Friday – mixed feelings, but the potential for working together; celebrate cautiously
  • Saturday – holiday atmosphere, productivity, achievement, and sharing

Aspects for the week beginning 20 July 2014

Another Malaysian Airline Tragedy

In March, a Boeing 777 from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia disappeared on its way to Beijing.  The airplane and its passengers were never recovered.  This week, a Boeing 777 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flew over war-torn Ukrainian airspace and was shot down, much of the debris scattered over a wide area, while some have been removed, possibly with the black boxes.

Chart of Malaysia

The chart of Malaysia has Chiron exactly on its Midheaven with Pluto exactly on the opposite point, the I.C., which is a difficult balancing act.  Pluto at this point in time is exactly sextile the natal Midheaven/Chiron and trine the Pluto/I.C., denoting an event of great import.  The search for the first flight became a global issue and concerted search, with China hard hit in terms of casualties, and Australia for a long time the subject of nearby ocean searches.  In the current tragedy, the tussle between Russia and the U.S. over the Ukrainian war has intensified, and there are casualties from all over the globe, but it is especially the Netherlands who are mourning the dead.

Chart of the Tragedy

The chart of the airplane being shot down by a missile shows a karmic war situation is involved, with Mars and the North Node conjunct the Ascendant.

Some of the long term transits to the Malaysian chart are still operative.  I wrote in March:

“Yet the transits for Malaysia look strong at the moment, with even Pluto trine its natal Pluto (self-empowerment).  The most suspect transit for Malaysia at the moment is Neptune opposing its natal Uranus, a transit which has a sense of the bizarre about it.”

All of that still applies.  In addition a trine from Saturn to the North Node of the Malaysian chart implies there is a sense of responsibility, which Malaysia is yet to work out.  In the weeks after the first tragedy, they were blamed for mismanagement by the relatives of the passengers.  In this situation, there may be responsibility over the issue of the flying space.  Apparently, the plane was flying there because it was diverted due to thunderstorms.


There was Ukraine, just getting on with its civil war and tussle between Russia and Europe, with the U.S. heavily involved, when suddenly someone hits a plane flying overhead killing 283 passengers, in one fell swoop the same number as the current total of casualties in Gaza from the current conflict there.  Suddenly the conflict in the Ukraine has taken on an even more macabre tone, and an even wider implication globally.  Australia and the U.K. have issued strong statements to Vladimir Putin of Russia suggesting that he pull back his ambitions there.  Chiron trines the Ukrainian Pluto, a strong message for change and the need for healing, and Mars squares its Ascendant (blood on its hands). Uranus is currently square the Nodal Axis of Ukraine, bringing anarchic karmic conditions.


Whatever Putin envisaged as his aim for this conflict, it surely didn’t include an aircraft full of passengers tragically killed in the field of battle.  Putin currently has Chiron trine his Uranus (his Uranus trines the Ukrainian Pluto). So there is a shock element here for him, but will he do the right thing?


The Netherlands are shocked, horrified and upset not only at the loss of its people, but the way the bodies have been so casually treated on the field.  The right approach to satisfy all parties is still to be decided, but some clearing has been started.  The most relevant transits to Holland’s chart at the moment seem to be Uranus squaring its natal Neptune (a bizarre shock) and the Nodal Axis across its Ascendant/Descendant axis, implying a karmic element to this event.  Who or what would the karma be with?  Its Neptune is conjunct the Ukrainian South Node (past karma, but when?), and its Uranus is square the Ukrainian Pluto (an anarchic relationship). With Malaysia, Holland has unhappy chart relations, with its Mars conjunct exactly the Malaysian Uranus (the capacity of shocks from Malaysia), and a karmic conjunction between the North Node of Malaysia and the Neptune of Holland.  There is therefore an exact karmic link between Malaysia and the Ukraine in that their Nodes are exactly reversed.  This reversal of axes pulls the chart of Holland into the fray through its Neptune (bizarreness, mystery and illusion).  There is karma of countries, but without delving into their histories, I can only point out that it is pertinent here.

Philip Hammond

Our own cabinet reshuffle this week is worthy of mention in this context, with the departure of William Hague as Foreign Secretary, and his replacement with Philip Hammond.  Sun in Sagittarius gives him the globetrotting air that this post requires, so that is a good start astrologically.  Philip Hammond has made strong utterances already to Vladimir Putin, warning that “the world’s eyes are on Russia”.  As well as an exact conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius (a lot of globe trotting!) he has a conjunction of his ruling planet Jupiter to Pluto (an interest in power play) which is ideal for the job.  Whether he has the gravitas or statesmanship for a job of such responsibility remains to be seen.  But something exciting is occurring for him when Jupiter transits his Uranus on 25th July (this coming Friday), which may be an international situation, or a personal event.

Another Perspective

Award winning Financial Astrologer Raymond Merriman observed that when the Ukrainian conflict first started, whoever appeared to be the aggressor would end up the loser, based on the position of Mars at 27 degrees of Libra.  Now with Mars back at that position, having spent a great deal of time in Libra, it appears his observation may be very true.


Today, Saturn is stationary prior to turning direct, which is welcome news.  Foundations you have tried to build which may have been rocky can now be relied on…

…Or can they?  For on Tuesday (22nd) Uranus will be stationary prior to turning retrograde, and could throw a spanner in the very cement that seemed so solid.  That is not to say it will, but it may.  So check your cement for spanner imprints before proceeding cautiously.

You’ll know immediately if Uranus is going to cause you problems, because soon afterwards Mercury opposes Pluto, and there may be a mental conundrum to unravel.  Communications could go awry, too.  So if your cement holds through all of that, your project may prove to be workable.  It may be that you are spinning a few plates at one time, and may have to reduce the number of plates in order to keep track.

The Sun goes into Leo later that day, and it shines warmly in its own sign.  It may have been dampened in the sign of Cancer, but Leos will certain be winning this month, and this year.  Spiritually, it supports the process of individuation, so it is good for Jungians and creative artists such as mandala experts.  We have had positively tropical hot temperatures, and thunderstorms, this last week in the U.K. and that pattern may continue throughout the coming week.

Thursday (24th) brings two welcome aspects: first Venus trines Neptune, which is inspired for the Arts, such as music and dancing, and also for spiritual love.  The second aspect is a conjunction between Jupiter and the Sun in early Leo, which favours travel, playfulness, sun-seeking, holday-making and creativity.  Any leisure activity would be blessed by their combined rays in Leo.

Friday (25th) may see Philip Hammond blossom in his new role of Foreign Secretary, so it is lucky for some.  For others (especially Mercury-ruled Geminians and Virgoans) it may be a day of mixed fortunes, with Mercury first squaring Uranus (surprises or shocks) then trine Saturn and Chiron (mental plans and foundations favoured, and healing outcomes).  Mercury in Cancer forms a Grand Trine in water with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, so it is a good day for water sports and walks on the beach, or the resolution of emotional issues.

Meanwhile, Mars is leaving Libra, so hopefully you resolved some relationship issues or conflicts over the last six months.  On Saturday (26th) it moves into Scorpio, and in some ways gets tougher.  The gloves are off the Inner Warrior, and we all need to stand our ground and draw our boundaries, and resist external dictators.  Mars stays in Scorpio until mid-September.

But the week ends on a high, if you find New Moons to be a positive force in your life.  The New Moon takes place in Leo at 3 degrees, close to the Sun/Jupiter conjunction, and should be a wholly positive experience.  It takes place at 22.42 Hrs in the U.K.  Enjoy!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – the best laid plans…
  • Tuesday – the spanner in the works, and communication headaches.  Later sunniness…
  • Thursday – sublime
  • Friday – mixed messages but some headway in emotional issues
  • Saturday – intensification of warriorship; later joyful new beginnings


Aspects for the week beginning 13 July 2014

World Cup 2014

I haven’t watched one football match during the world cup, but I think my husband has watched them all.  Nevertheless, some of the stories of this year’s tournament have piqued my astrological curiosity, and I thought I would look at some of them today.  I wrote about Luiz Suarez a couple of weeks ago, in case you missed it and would like to catch up.


Where did it all go wrong for our team?  At the very start of the tournament, the United Kingdom (I do not have a separate chart for England) had Jupiter on the Moon, high hopes.  Saturn was however squaring the U.K. Neptune (a set up for disillusionment).

Much of the pressure rested on Wayne Rooney, who had a reasonable transit of Uranus trine his Uranus at the outset.   That should have brought the capacity to surprise, but it seems he neither distinguished or disgraced himself.

Disappointment followed disappointment, and by 20th June England had been finally knocked out of the competition.  By then the brilliance that had failed to show its promise for Wayne Rooney (Uranus trine his natal Uranus) had faded.  And for the U.K. chart, a deep wound was showing  (Pluto square the U.K. natal Chiron).  The transits to the national chart seem to have been more relevant than the transits to that of Rooney the player.

Perhaps a look at Roy Hodgson’s chart may elucidate matters, I thought.  At the start of the tournament he too had glowing transits: Uranus exactly trine his natal Sun (brilliance) and Chiron trine his natal Jupiter (excellent prospects for success!)  By the time England were knocked out, he was still holding those wonderful transits, plus the North Node exactly trine his natal Uranus (a karmic surprise).  A sorry tale for football, and astrology.  It seems again that the chart of the nation was more relevant to the individual.  Hopefully, the astrology will hold up elsewhere in the tournament.


A heartrending passage through the World Cup story, that of Brazil.   They took an economic risk in the project to host the tournament, and found it difficult to complete the work in time.  Again, a country full of hope, but initial hopes fulfilled by getting a good way through the tournament.  Their best player  (Neymar) honoured by his success, but then badly injured, and knocked out of the contest.  Then at their very next game, an unprecedented 7 – 1 defeat, at the hands of Germany, meant not only hope destroyed, but a sense of humiliation.

At the beginning of the tournament Saturn was squaring the Brazil chart Venus (was this a portent of the sadness to come?)  At the 7 – 1 defeat in the semi-finals, Uranus was exactly conjunct Brazil’s natal Chiron (a shock wound).  Neptune was exactly square their natal Moon, too (seeing themselves as humiliated, and also some disillusionment).


Does Neymar’s chart show his brilliance as a footballer?  He has Mercury exactly conjunct Saturn (precision and application) and Mars sextile Pluto (great strength and energy), and his skill and complex dexterity may be depicted by his Mars close to  a conjunction of Uranus and Neptune.  At the beginning of the World Cup he had Jupiter trine his Pluto and Pluto trine his natal Jupiter (a peak of power), plus and minus some mixed aspects.  At the time of his injury, Mars was exactly square his Mars, which would indicate an injury, but I would not have expected it to be as severe or far reaching in its implications.


At the beginning of the World Cup Argentina had Saturn exactly trine its Sun (a steady climb).  Now at the final of the tournament, Saturn squares its Mars and Uranus trines its Mars, which could indicate a tough struggle but the possibility of a sudden breakthrough for them.


Lionel Messi Is being hailed as Argentina’s finest hope now.  His footballing brilliance chartwise is shown by Jupiter (success) exactly sextile Mars (football).  At the beginning of the tournament, his transits were glowing: Jupiter trine his natal Jupiter and Uranus sextile his Chiron, and this has been a great tournament for him.  His personal final transits do not look remarkable.


Germany have done exceedingly well in this tournament, memorably beating Brazil 7 – 1 in the semi-finals.  Their closest transit at the beginning of the tournament was Mars trine exactly their natal Mars (good transits for football!)  At the time they defeated Brazil, Pluto was exactly on their natal Neptune and Saturn exactly on their natal Pluto (a heavy cosmic test triumphantly won – they had trained to perfection!).  For tonight’s final, the same two transits apply, so provided they have kept up the overtraining, there is no reason why they should not win.


Early this morning, Mercury entered the sign of Cancer, bringing a new mental tempo: from strictly factual to incorporating emotion into mental evaluations.

This morning too, Venus trined Mars, so it could be an indulgent, sensual day.    It is a good day for exercise, body awareness and body psychotherapy.  It can be a day of pleasure-seeking, and balancing the male-female relationships in your life, as well as  balance between your own Inner male and female.  The aspect could also bode well for tonight’s final of the World Cup, as Mars rules football and Venus could add elegance to the game which has been too full of injury and foul play at times.

Mars is also conjunct the North Node today, which fits well with having such a crucial football match, but if your interests do not lie there, activity and warriorship will be strongly highlighted generally, and may apply to your own karma in some way.

Wednesday (16th) is the most important day astrologically this week.  It starts with the Sun squaring the Nodal Axis, which is generally about karmic power play.  You may find yourself in a group situation where people are jostling for power, but the aim should be the fair sharing of power.

Jupiter in Leo

The most important aspect of the week, by a mile, is the entry of Jupiter into Leo, which takes place at 10.30 a.m. on Wednesday.  Hopefully, you have processed some of  your home and family issues while Jupiter has been in Cancer for the last year.  Pat yourself on the back for any successes in this sphere  Jupiter as a planet is in great harmony with the sign of Leo, as its natural sign Sagittarius is a fire sign.  Leo allows a full expression of the exuberance of Sagittarius.  It also allows an expansion for Leos and Aries of their personalities and lifestyles, including increased foreign travel.  All signs may experience an influx of energy when Jupiter crosses the threshold into Leo.  Jupiter’s year in Leo will benefit the pursuit of the enjoyment of life, the leisure industry, creativity and new interests.  So mid week could bring a taste of the high life.

Friday (18th) sees the entry of Venus into Cancer.  Though we have lost a big player from Cancer, we have gained two everyday planets (Mercury and Venus) and so continue to monitor family issues this month.  Venus in Cancer brings warmth and love to family relationships.

There is a complex pair of aspects early on Saturday (19th) which may have relevance to you in planning the week.  First, Mercury trines Neptune, an aspect of spiritual inspiration.  But shortly afterwards, the Sun squares Mars, which is super fiery, and Health and Safety issues may need to be addressed quickly:  check smoke alarms and have the fire extinguisher ready.  The aspect which precedes it may mean you might suddenly have to go from meditation mode to high alert, but if you can combine the two you’ll be well equipped.

Overall, this week you should be buoyed up by Jupiter’s entry into Leo.  If you have a lot of activities planned for the rest of the summer, you should be super-charged in anticipation.  Jupiter in Leo is the ultimate in feel-good factor.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mind and emotion combine, sensuality heightened, football or warriorship on the agenda
  • Wednesday – power karma and super-enjoyment
  • Friday – More emotion
  • Saturday – meditation, followed by a leap into action


Aspects for the week beginning 6 July 2014

Dalai Lama

Happy Birthday to the Dalai Lama

I am not ready yet to write a eulogy to the Dalai Lama, and as a man of great simplicity he would not want much razzmatazz on his birthday, but I simply want to wish him a happy birthday, and to thank him for being such an inspiration in my life.  He is one of the great icons for me of peaceful resolutions, together with Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela.  I like to spend my birthday in spiritual retreat, which is something he does a lot of, throughout his daily life.  So I am sure that will form part of his birthday.  Someone may thrust a birthday cake and candles at him, given the chance.  But he keeps his level of consciousness high at all times, which requires a certain amount of solitude.

He is a Cancerian, like Nelson Mandela, both of whose life struggles were intimately bound up with the fate of their countries.  With Mercury rising in Gemini (his Ascendant sign) he is also a great teacher and a  man of great intellect, having studied very deeply the ancient treasury of Tibetan scriptures in his youth in Lhasa, and then ever more widely as he left Tibet exploring the world teachings, and became a global figure and produced a prolific body of writing, with a vastly Universal consciousness and outlook, but could  explain compassion and forgiveness to anyone.  Would that the whole world would listen… But the sense of joy that pervades him, and that tinkly laugh always ready to bubble, those are qualities of the Soul embodied in the personality, and very infectious when you are in his presence.

He has the full package of religion (Jupiter exactly trine his Sun) and Spirituality (Neptune exactly sextile his Sun), which equals Jupiter sextile Neptune (perfect balance between Religion and Spirituality).  Born to be Dalai Lama, but then the Tibetans believe in reincarnation, and he chose the symbols and objects of his predecessor when he was a tiny child, recognizing them.

He will be 80 next year, and physically he is not beyond human frailty (with a T-square between Chiron, Saturn and Neptune in his natal chart).  How are his birthday transits?  Some believe these are symbolic of the year ahead (Solar Return).  The Sun trines his natal Jupiter (some laughter), he has an exact Mercury Return in Gemini (his mind will be sharp as a razor) and Pluto is exactly trine his Neptune (one of the most consciousness-expanding transits possible).  It’s a great recipe for his birthday, and suggests that if he is writing a new book at this time, it could go beyond all he has written before.

Happy Birthday, Dalai Lama!


Tomorrow there is a sextile between Venus and Uranus, producing a pleasant social spark.  It is a good day for artistic originality, and for good conversation in cafes or  at soirees.  You might bump into someone you haven’t seen for some time!

On Tuesday (8th) Venus squares Chiron, so you may regret something you said in your chance encounter the day before, or feel you revealed too much of yourself.  Spend a little time on self- healing, and achieving wholeness.

In the afternoon, a fresh incident may set you off again, with the Sun squaring Uranus.  It may be the same issue, or a different angle.  More self-healing required for equilibrium.  It is no good second guessing this one, because Uranus is the planet of surprise.  Trust that the Universe will send you what you need.

Just after midnight on Wednesday morning (9th) the Sun trines Saturn, so you can achieve a more grounded perspective, perhaps before sleep.  A short period of insomnia should do the trick, and things may fall into place in your mind, so that you know how to proceed.  When you turn out the light shortly after 00.28 Hrs (UK time) you may sleep through.

Thursday 10th brings another gift, in the form of Sun trine Chiron.  You may then be able to look at the whole of the events of the week, not only with equanimity, but also with the perspective of how they have conspired to first reveal your issues or wounds, and then helped you to resolve them.  You should feel more of a sense of wholeness than at the very beginning of the week.

Give yourself a day or two basking in this beautiful energy, and prepare yourself for the Full Moon in Capricorn (20 degrees) which comes late morning (UK time) on Saturday.  This is likely to affect you according to your history with Full Moons.  If you are Cancerian or Capricorn the Universe is highlighting issues relating to home and work (e.g. your home life and work balance).  Consider a job share, if appropriate.  Even if your own emotions are not a serious object of attention, someone else’s may be.  It is a time for processing, rather than charging around trying to fix things through action.  Achieve contemplation effectively, and you will clear the ground for next week, so that you will more easily be able to enjoy its gifts, which include Jupiter’s rip-roaring entry into Leo!  Some of your Cancerian issues (such as old hurts), dealt with during the Full Moon, can be laid aside permanently.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – sparkling social scene, with a little backlash
  • Tuesday – licking wounds, then more “surprises”
  • Wednesday – settling down and stabilizing
  • Thursday – healing
  • Saturday – heightened emotion and processing required

Wimbledon 2014 – Men’s Final

Federer vs Djokovic


The chart for this match is a similar shape to that of the women’s final, with Mars (now exactly on the Ascendant)/North Node rising in Libra, except that the Moon has joined the conjunction.  This may mean that the match is a little more balanced than that of Petra Kvitova against Eugenie Bouchard.  I don’t think it likely that it will be as one-sided.  Jupiter in the chart of the event is exactly on the Midheaven, so I think the quality of play will enhance the reputation of tennis and Wimbledon!

Their playing history would show more wins for Roger, as would his playing history with all the tennis players!  But it is still worth looking at their charts in relationship:  they have a karmic tie, being Roger’s North Node exactly sextile Novak’s Sun.  They came into incarnation to be part of the big four, competing against each other, and had interacted before.  But one gets the sense that Roger and Rafael Nadal have more issues between them, cast aside for now.  Roger’s Jupiter also squares exactly Novak’s natal Neptune, so there is a fundamental difference in approach to life and faith between them.  All part of life’s rich tapestry.

What can be written that is new about these two opponents today?  The fascinating thing is that both appointed old champions as their coaches at the same time, at the beginning of this year.  So I will find myself writing about their huge support from Stefan Edberg (weighing in on the side of Roger) and Boris Becker (weighing in on the side of Novak).  This magnifies the power on both sides, and certainly explains some of Roger’s astonishing return to tip top condition.  It also provides more polarization of styles: the coolness of Edberg plus Roger’s unflappability, and the more passionate style of Boris and Djokovic.  Could this be a set up from the Universe for the greatest men’s single final of all time?  Six months into their coaching relationship, they have had time to really get their acts together.

Roger Federer

At the beginning of this Wimbledon tournament, Roger was seeded 4th and I wrote:

“Mars sextiles his Sun at the beginning of Wimbledon, so he will start out with plenty of energy and resolve.  At the end of Wimbledon there are a couple of minor personal congenial transits, but nothing indicating that this will be a special Wimbledon for him.”

I have been reviewing the situation since, especially with Roger Federer doing so well throughout the tournament, and through the encouragement of Tri, a commentator to this blog, who kept me on my toes!

So at the semi-finals I added:

“I still feel Raonic has a fair chance of getting through, but Roger does not have any real adverse aspects, so if he wins it will be “all in a day’s work”, because of the calibre of man that he is and where his consciousness is.  If Roger gets to the final, he will be strong in heart and mind at that time, with the Sun on his Mars and Venus sextile his Sun. Those are not major transits, but he will be equinanimous at that time.”

Fine-tuning for the actual time of today’s match, 2 pm, I cannot add more, other than a sextile by Saturn to his Venus has caught my eye as being a very solid and satisfactory aspect.  Could it be that Roger Federer, who has overcome many players and many astrological aspects over so many years, actually transcends astrological forces?

Coach: Stefan Edberg

Stefan Edberg has an outstanding chart, and Federer has chosen well in this respect.  Between them, they would bring a great deal of finesse and sensitive skill to a game already at the top level.  Highlights of his chart include: Mars trine exactly Jupiter (Energy, Enthusiasm and Luck); Mercury trine Uranus (quick thinking and telepathy – maybe he is able to transmit his advice to Roger from the sidelines); Mercury exactly trine Pluto (psychological perception, so his comments to Roger about his opponents could be very incisive) and Uranus closely conjunct Pluto (a powerful wild energy, which can knock opponents off their stride).  At the time he became coach, Uranus sextiled exactly Roger’s natal Sun (a significant change in his life).  Jupiter was transiting his natal Mars (new luck in his physical path)  and Pluto was exactly trine his natal  Ascendant (very profound changes physically).  There are good aspects between them, most notably Stefan Edberg’s Mars (energy) exactly trine (supporting) Roger’s Pluto (power).

Novak Djokovic

At the beginning of this Wimbledon tournament I wrote:

“…At the start of Wimbledon, he has some of those scintillating aspects: Neptune sextile his Neptune (spiritual centredness) and Neptune trine his Pluto (a deep sense of truth), so he should be starting on good form.  By the end of Wimbledon, only one of those prevails (Neptune trine Neptune) so it is possible that he may not make the final, but he will be philosophical at the end of the day.”

But then I picked him to have the best bunch of aspects of the top four!

For the semi-final with Dimitrov I added:

“Though Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are only born a week apart, the fine difference is that at the moment Neptune is closer to a trine with Djokovic’s Pluto, which is helping him, and likely to see Djokovic into the final.”

Coach: Boris Becker

I would think  that Boris Becker is a towering figure to have standing behind you.  He symbolizes strength and force (he has Mars exactly trine Pluto in his chart).  His Sun is exactly sextile Uranus, so he has brilliance and originality.  His Moon (females) is exactly square his Nodal Axis (karma) which is why he has had such a difficult relationship history with women.  There are a lot of strong connections between their charts: In his relationship with Novak Djokovic their suns are opposite, so he would be able to complete Djokovic’s thinking, complete the circle for him.  Mars was sextile Novak’s Mercury when Boris became his coach (the appearance in his life of a male who completes and stimulates his thinking).  Jupiter sextiles exactly Boris’s natal Uranus by transit at the final, which supports a win.  It depends how important to him in his life, whether such a win would show up.


I don’t know!  My heart goes with Roger Federer, partly because his playing in this tournament has made my heart sing.  But my head goes with Novak Djokovic.  May the best man win.

Wimbledon 2014 – Ladies’ Finals

Kvitova vs Bouchard


2 pm today when the match is due to start, under cover of Centre Court if it continues to rain, sees Libra (tennis) rising with Mars/North Node (a karmic battle!) close to the Ascendant.  Certainly each of the two ladies is going to fiercely contest this title.  Petra Kvitova as a former holder of the title of Wimbledon champion, and Bouchard as a determined and confident “newcomer” to the top echelons.  The final is always fiercely played, but these two are very strongly motivated in this unique opportunity, with some of the older guard out of the way.

In the comparison of charts between Petra Kvitova and Eugenie Bouchard, the weightier planets overall weigh in for Bouchard.  Kvitova’s Mars is heavily involved, as in the picture of the match chart: Kvitova’s Mars sextiles Bouchard’s North Node/Pluto – could be Petra’s fight of her life in a sense.  Eugenie’s Neptune conjuncts Kvitova’s Saturn: Kvitova may try to play it straight but Eugenie’s Neptune may pull rank and bamboozle.  The strange thing is that they are both Pisceans, i.e. Neptune ruled.  So there could be a lot of inspiration and imagination in this match.  Transitwise it may be the battle between Chiron which transits Kvitova’s Sun, and Neptune which transits Bouchard’s Sun (both exact conjunctions by transit), and there again Neptune (Bouchard’s transit) could pull rank.

Eugenie Bouchard

I first wrote about Eugenie Bouchard on Tuesday afternoon in an update:

“Eugene Bouchard has a twin named Beatrice. Eugenie is a Piscean, with Sun conjunct Saturn in that sign, so serious and deep. Her Sun/Saturn conjunction is opposite her Chiron, so she does not have an easy path, yet there is a journey towards healing and wholeness, and a wide consciousness. She also has Mars conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, so she is fleet of mind and foot. Her Pluto exactly conjuncts her North Node, so whatever she will do in her life will have profound meaning. The Nodal Axis is currently squaring her Uranus, which brings surprises. But by the end of Wimbledon, Jupiter trines her natal North Node/Pluto conjunction. We could be looking at the winner, and the winning transit.”

Much has been made in the press this last couple of days of her relationship with our Laura Robson.  Looking at her chart comparison with Laura’s they have an intense and to some extent difficult set of interlinks:  Their “estrangement” is shown by Eugenie’s Uranus (estrangement) exactly conjunct Laura’s Mars (self-esteem).  Laura’s Saturn opposes Eugenie’s Moon, so they may have fed into each other’s teenage angst.  Laura’s Uranus is exactly conjunct Eugenie’s Neptune (a complex interaction – plus Laura’s Pluto conjuncts Eugenie’s North Node (definitely a heavy relationship from past lives).  Her relationship with Laura Robson is irrelevant to this final, but for the fact that some members of the audience might be holding resentment over this item of publicity, so the viewing audience may not be so much behind the “underdog” as she would be against the former title holder.

Apart from the Neptune transit to her Sun mentioned above, Saturn trines her Venus (a personal consolidation of some sort), the Nodal Axis squares her Uranus (surprises, possibly upsets) and Jupiter trine her Pluto (all power and triumph to her elbow).  So all not entirely plain sailing.

Petra Kvitova

I correctly predicted Kvitova’s triumph in gaining the title in 2011:

“Imaginative Piscean Petra Kvitova has some solid planets in Capricorn which help her focus.  Her nerves could get the better of her at the weekend (Mars squaring her Mercury), but her inspirational streak is likely to be her most helpful factor with Neptune trine her natal Jupiter at the weekend….”


“I redeemed my Wimbledon blogging reputation slightly yesterday at the Ladies Singles Final, by remarking that Sharapova’s aspects were not too good, and that Kvitova (who won) would be inspired. “

Last Sunday I updated my comments:

“Petra Kvitova is upbeat at the moment, and just beat Venus Williams to a place in the second week of Wimbledon.  She has a good set of transits at the moment.  Saturn is trine her Sun, which is very steadying.  Chiron is on her natal Sun, which is healing.  Neptune is on her natal Mercury, which can be insiring.  And Chiron is trine her Pluto. Which is very profound.  The latter aspect highlights the sheer strength of her natal Sun-Pluto exact trine.  The only fly in the ointment is Saturn on her natal Pluto, but I think she is handling that.    All these transits remain with her until the end of Wimbledon, and are joined by an opposition of Jupiter to her Mars, which may just be enthusiasm about winning Wimbledon.  She is a definite contender for the title.”

So she is now through to the final, and her current transits (there is an hour before the match starts, as I write):

Saturn trines her Sun exactly (she should put in a solid performance) and Chiron transits her Sun (she is on a healing journey at this time).  Neptune conjuncts her Mercury (normally that would be mental confusion, but Neptune is her ruling planet, as a Piscean, so you could see a wide consciousness there, maybe some shots that make you think “where did that come from?”!).  Jupiter opposes her Mars, so at some points of the match she may make unforced errors, trying to focus, exaggerating wide of the mark).  Saturn conjuncts her Pluto (psychologically she may be working through some heavy issues at the moment) and Chiron trines her Pluto.  That could work for her if she is really working through her issues.


I have to go with my statement of Tuesday about Bouchard:

“The Nodal Axis is currently squaring her Uranus, which brings surprises. But by the end of Wimbledon, Jupiter trines her natal North Node/Pluto conjunction. We could be looking at the winner, and the winning transit.”

I will update this blog later, to write about the Men’s Final


Aspects for the week beginning 29 June 2014


I have come across at least 4 “biting” stories this last week, which ties in with last week’s Mars opposition to Uranus.  Most prominent was the story of Luis Suarez teeth accidentally colliding with Chiellini’s shoulder.   Biting is not uncommon in toddlers, so Piaget if he were alive might have said he was fixated at the biting/toddler tantrum level.

Luis Suarez

In his chart, his skill as a footballer is shown by Mars exactly sextile his natal Mercury: extremely good co-ordination and quickness.  Mars is conjunct his North Node, so colours his karmic mission to achieve athletic prowess.  There is some underlying sadness, with Venus exactly conjunct Saturn, although this conjunction is in the enthusiastic sign of Sagittarius.  Chiron is also exactly sextile his natal North Node, which might hint at healing, once he works through his biting issues.  I doubt he can sell himself as a healer through biting.  His Moon is in Scorpio, so this may be the emotional sting, or bite, trined as it is with Jupiter making it very enthusiastic.

Uruguay and England

He seems to have played a crucial role in the destiny of his birth country in the World Cup and the country he currently plays in, as a Liverpool player in England.  Pluto sextiles Suarez natal Sun, so he would be very passionate and dramatic about his nationality.  His Jupiter squares his birth nation’s Ascendant, so he can go over the top in relation to his tie with his motherland.

England and Uruguay were placed in the same group in the initial rounds of the World Cup tournament 2014.  Suarez scored a goal against England when the two teams met, which was crucial in knocking England out of the qualifying rounds.  Suarez has some great natal interaspects with the United Kingdom chart (while we are still in union with Scotland) but there is a dangerous square between his Mars (biting) and our Pluto (definite ouch factor) which can surface from time to time.

He was then hailed as a great asset to his home country team, but the bite at the end of the match with Italy earned him a four month ban from football.  So he was unable to prevent his team Uruguay from a defeat yesterday again Columbia.

Chiellini and Timing

This was a karmic bite!  Or so says the Astrology…for transiting Mars was exactly conjunct Suarez’ natal South Node.  Perhaps it was a set up for him to deal with his biting habit from past lives (literally).  Mars was also exactly trine his natal Chiron which may have helped his footballing success at the time, but it is possible he could not help himself, as he was expressing a deep wound of his own (Chiron).  In the context of the Mars-Uranuz opposition of last week, Uranus is positioned at Suarez’ North Node, which indicates a drastic change of circumstances. His natal Pluto is exactly conjunct Chiellini’s natal Saturn, which may indicate a fated quality to their interaction.  Finally, the victim, Chiellini, had a transit at the time of Neptune (the bizarre) squaring his natal Chiron (wounding).

The Astrology is very clear that it was almost unavoidable that Suarez bit, but the time has come for him to do something about this habit, and I hope FIFA can book him into some sort of suitable rehab.  There must be experts in the subject.


The weather may be damp (in the U.K.),but spirits should be high today.  There is a chance of a spiritual shift, with the Sun trine Neptune, from early in the morning.

But as the day progresses, and towards early evening, Venus squares Neptune, and some aspect of your spiritual perspective may be deceptive.  Someone may not be all they seem, for this evening aspect especially concerns relationships.

Tuesday 1st July is a day some of you have been waiting for, as Mercury turns direct after 3 weeks in retrograde motion.  Hopefully, communications and computers can operate more smoothly.  Contracts can be signed and processed.  Stuck situations may now start to move.  All these activities can be consolidated mid week.

After midweek you may be increasingly uncomfortable with a situation that is developing.  For on Friday the Sun opposes Pluto, and it’s not a day to chance your luck, unless you’re taking part in a tennis tournament and are scheduled to play that day, in which case you may have as much luck as your opponent across the net.  If you find yourself immune to doom laden soothsayers, and are fairly upbeat, you may find yourself supporting someone close who has not been able to rise above the day’s aspect.  We, and you, can overcome.  A little rain may fall, but the sunshine will follow the rain.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – spiritual uplift, then a test of illusion
  • Tuesday – a sigh of relief in communications
  • Friday – some tough tension to work through

Wimbledon 2014 – Week 2

The rain stopped play yesterday for all but a handful of matches at Wimbledon yesterday.  What a difference a week makes!  I had my annual strawberries last week, but it doesn’t seem right to eat them in this grey weather, and while Wimbledon is at a hiatus.  Hopefully the Sun will be out again tomorrow, and play will resume.  Certainly the schedules are now lagging behind.  Here are 8 more tennis charts to ponder:

Stan Wawrinka

With Mercury exactly conjunct Venus and the pair trine exactly Uranus in his natal chart, Wawrinka would have considerable talent for writing and broadcasting, maybe later in life.  Mercury trine exactly  Uranus makes him fleet of mind and foot.  He also has Mars exactly square Jupiter, which gives him a great deal of energy and enthusiasm, a strong “bounce”.  As we approach the midpoint of Wimbledon, Mars opposes his Mercury-Venus conjunction, so he may slip or sustain an injury, but at the same time Mars sextiles his Uranus, which should sustain him through the tournament.  By the end of Wimbledon Jupiter trines his Saturn, so he could have staying power, and may make the final.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova won the French Open tournament, despite transits putting her under pressure from Mars.  She had Neptune sextile her natal Neptune, which brings spiritual poise. As we come up to the midpoint of the tournament, Jupiter adds brightness to her prospects by providing a trine to her natal Venus.   By the end of Wimbledon Mars will be sextile her Saturn, which should work well for her as she was not bothered by a difficult Mars transit in the French Open final.    She is due to meet Kvitova in the next round.  They are well matched, and whoever wins that match could go on to win the tournament.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

In 2012 I wrote:

“Tsonga is a tough opponent, and may well endure to the final.  Natally he has an opposition between his Mars and Saturn which runs in conjunction with his North Node and South Node axis.  Like Djokovic, Murray and Bhagdatis he was born in 1985!  A good vintage year for tennis players.

Jupiter is currently trine his natal Saturn, sustaining him in the tournament.  It squares his Sun by the end of the tournament, so he could overreach himself in the meantime.  Good spirits, but perhaps more overshooting or inaccuracy than usual.

Petra Kvitova

Petra Kvitova is upbeat at the moment, and just beat Venus Williams to a place in the second week of Wimbledon.  She has a good set of transits at the moment.  Saturn is trine her Sun, which is very steadying.  Chiron is on her natal Sun, which is healing.  Neptune is on her natal Mercury, which can be insiring.  And Chiron is trine her Pluto. Which is very profound.  The latter aspect highlights the sheer strength of her natal Sun-Pluto exact trine.  The only fly in the ointment is Saturn on her natal Pluto, but I think she is handling that.    All these transits remain with her until the end of Wimbledon, and are joined by an opposition of Jupiter to her Mars, which may just be enthusiasm about winning Wimbledon.  She is a definite contender for the title.

Milos Raonic

Milos has 5 planets plus the North Node in the sign of Capricorn- a steadfast line up for a tennis player.  His Venus is exactly trine Pluto, giving him a strong presence on and off the cour.  Mars trines his North Node closely, so it is important for him to attain and sustain a peak fitness.  His serve is highly praised in the tennis world, and that may be a product of his Mars-North Node trine.  Jupiter transiting his natal  Chiron has been a feature of getting to this stage.  Transits for the beginning of week two do not look so promising, with a square from Mars to his Venus.  But if he can get over that hurdle, he has Jupiter sextile his natal Mars at the end of Wimbledon (all power to his health, fitness and energy) and Jupiter also transits his South Node )a re-match from past lives!).  His chances are fair, I would say.

Angelique Kerber

Angelique Kerber beat Victoria Azarenka  at the end of last week to gain a place in the second week of Wimbledon. Like Milos Raonic, she is a steadfast Capricorn Sun sign (and Moon sign too).  She does not have an easy chart, and may have inner struggles, with Saturn conjunct Uranus both opposing Chiron.  Her sporting prowess may be down to Mars in Sagittarius plus Jupiter sextile her Chiron.  She also has the Sun sextile her North Node, giving her leadership qualities.  Pluto is sextile her natal Pluto at the moment, which means she is coming into her power at this time.  By the end of Wimbledon, Jupiter will also oppose her Sun, so she will be happy to have  reached her potential in the tournament, but I don’t think that it is her time to win Wimbledon.  I think she will be pleased with her performance and how far she reaches.

John Isner

John Isner has the Sun in determined Taurus, and Mars conjunct Gemini in fleet footed Gemini.  That proved to be a recipe for taking part in the longest ever match at Wimbledon, agains Mahut in 2010.  Taurus is an unusual sign for a tennis player, but it does have endurance.  He has Venus conjunct Mercury which is good for writing and broadcasting, but not as exact as Stan Wawrinka’s conjunction. His match against Lopez has been postponed during this rain-soaked patch in Wimbledon, but the delay may help him recoup, as Jupiter trines his Saturn currently. However that helpful trine has waned bu the end of the tournament, and I do not think he will go much further in the competition.  Despite his respite he may be beaten by Lopez, who has a stronger interaspect in their relationship, and whose Jupiter is currently trined by Uranus.

Aliza Cornet

Seemingly out of nowhere has come Aliza Cornet, who beat Serena Williams yesterday in the upset of the first week.  She did apparently previously  beat her in the semi-finals at Dubai, but has surprised herself by getting into the second week round at Wimbledon.  Who is she?  She is an Aquarian, with a preponderance of planets in Capricorn.  She is artistic (Sun conjunct Venus and quick thinking (Mercury conjunct Uranus).  Much was made of her ability to vary the play (Mercury-Uranus disruption) in order to prevent Serena from staying in rhythm.  She is playing with great depth at the moment, with Pluto transiting her Neptune.  The North Node (karmic reward) is also sextile her Mars (athletic prowess).  At the end of the tournament Chiron sextiles her natal Saturn, which is satisfying but not especially uplifting.

I will be back in a few days with an update, reviewing other tennis players and emerging figures.

Aspects for the week beginning 22 June 2014

Wimbledon 2014

I have made a separate blog for Wimbledon, so that those who are interested can easily find it.  So click on the link to the right or find the blog immediately below this one.  As in previous years, I hope to provide updates throughout the tournament.


Tomorrow Venus enters Gemini, and you may feel lighter and freer, especially if you are a Taurean or a Libran (i.e. Venus-ruled).  If you are an uninhibited type, you might loosen up and talk about your feelings..  If uninhibited,  you’ll be even more open and friendly.

By Wednesday (25th) you’ll need to draw in your horns and re-draw your boundaries.  Mars opposes Uranus which is incident-prone, if not accident-prone, and unless you are a dedicated warrior at the coal face, or a member of ISIS fighting in Iraq, you may want to keep out of the fray.

After licking your wounds and leaving behind the dramas of mid week, Friday (27th) brings a fresh outlook with a New Moon at 5 degrees Cancer.  This is an excellent time to re-build bridges in family relations or in the garden, or refurbish the home in a one day makeover.  If you know what House this falls in, in your birthchart, this will provide further insight into its application.  For example, it falls in my 3rd House of Blogs, and I anticipate writing a Wimbledon follow up blog, written with an influx of sensitivity and emotion based on some viewing!

We are experiencing some lovely summer weather here in the U.K. at the moment, so enjoy the strawberries and cream if you are here.  If elsewhere on the globe, hope your weather is fair.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – Social
  • Wednesday – Incident-prone
  • Friday – New Beginning

Wimbledon 2014

I was doing increasingly well blogging Wimbledon until last year.  The top seeds seemed to fall away early on, and a new crop of tennis players came to the fore.  I indicated that I may not blog again, but here I am getting back on the horse.  I always learn from each wrong prediction…  As usual I will start with a handful of tennis players, and then look at others who emerge later.


Serena Williams

At the start of the French Open, Serena’s transits were lacklustre, even difficult.  She went out in an early round.  The end of Wimbledon looks very promising for her with Jupiter conjunct her North Node and trine her Uranus.  Perhaps she will avoid injury and last the course, triumphing once again.  The positioning of these transits is particularly good for doubles.

Li Na

I have not looked at Li Na’s chart before.  She is the first Asian to win a Grand Slam.  Her Sun sign is Pisces, which often shows outstanding talent.  She has Mercury square Jupiter, indicating a wide ranging mind, and a global traveller.  Her Venus squares Pluto which is extremely intense in relationships (her husband is her coach).  She does not have an easy chart altogether, and must have overcome many hurdles to reach her current status.  At the start of Wimbledon, Neptune transits her Sun, a confusing transit.  At the end the same transit is operational, being a long lasting influence, and additionally Jupiter opposes her Venus which could bring overoptimism.  The transits do not look very promising.  She could be a finalist, but I would expect her to remain No. 2 if so.

Simona  Halep

Here is another player I have not investigated before, though I did see her doing well in the French Open.  She is Romanian, and has Neptune conjunct her North Node natally.  This points to spiritual leadership potential, so she may have many followers who do not only follow her for her tennis playing.  She is Libran, one of the commonest Sun signs for tennis skill, because it involves a close monitoring of the person the other side of the net!  At the end of the French Open, Chiron was trine her Pluto, a supportive and profound transit.  This transit is still operative at the beginning of Wimbledon, so she should start well and continue throughout the tournament.  She may do at least as well as in the French Open.  She will also have the North Node sextile her Venus (ruling planet) at the end, so could be a finalist.

Agnieszka Radwanska

She has a bouncy, enthusiastic and energetic conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in her chart, which is useful in a sporting life.  But   Agnieszka has a natally depressive exact conjunction of Saturn and Neptune, and that conjunction is transited this year by Pluto, which is an enormous personal and psychological challenge.    Unless she is able to tackle it head on and overcome it, I imagine that it would take its toll on her in a tournament, with all she would need to process.  At the start of Wimbledon she also has Neptune conjunct her Venus (confusion in her personal life).  However the end of Wimbledon looks a little more upbeat, but this may be for social reasons.  The North Node trines her Mercury, and she may be thinking of taking up a teaching role.  Jupiter sextiles her Mars, so she will be super-energetic.  But Pluto will still be on her Saturn-Neptune.  In mid-July Jupiter will be sextile her Jupiter, so depending on where she is on or off the circuit, she could be very successful at that time.


Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic put up a brave fight against Rafael Nadal in the French Open, with the crowd largely supporting Nadal.  At that time he had some scintillating transits, and I would have expected him to do well, but crucially Saturn was squaring his Ascendant, which may have been the deciding factor in losing the ultimate prize of that tournament.  At the start of Wimbledon, he has some of those scintillating aspects: Neptune sextile his Neptune (spiritual centredness) and Neptune trine his Pluto (a deep sense of truth), so he should be starting on good form.  By the end of Wombledon, only one of those prevails (Neptune trine Neptune) so it is possible that he may not make the final, but he will be philosophical at the end of the day.

Rafael Nadal

Nadal avoided all obstacles and outshone Novak Djokavich in the final of the French Open a few weeks ago.  At the time he had Jupiter trine his Jupiter (luck and success) but he did also have Uranus square his natal Venus, which could have caused an upset, or may be connected with his private life.  At the start of Wimbledon he has a Mercury return, so will be mentally focused.  At the end of Wimbledon he has Mars sextile his Uranus which is promising, but I would not predict a win on the basis of that alone.  However, he seems to have a good relationship with Uranus, which also supports him doing well.

Andy Murray

Sadly, Andy Murray only reached the semi-finals the French Open this year.  Being born a week apart from Djokovic, he had some of his good transits, plus a trine from the North Node to his Mars, which at least would have made him resolved at the start.  What made the difference was by the middle of the French Open Neptune from his 6th House was square to his Midheaven (Careerpoint) signaling confusion about his direction.  At the end of the French Open he had announced that he had a new coach Amelie Mouresmo, having parted amicably from Yvan Lendl in March.  Her chart shows her to be a strong and disciplined teacher (North Node conjunct Saturn).  That she is in a teacher role to him in this lifetime is clearly shown by an exact trine of his North Node (karma) to her Mercury (teacher/guide/coach).  The start of Wimbledon shows Neptune sextile his Neptune, which is spiritually sound.  At the end, Jupiter squares his Venus, Neptune still sextiles his Neptune, and the Sun sextiles his Ascendant – pleasant and sociable aspects, but not special enough for an outright win.  I may be missing something.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer has not done so well over the last year, which transits at the beginning of Wimbledon last year hinted at.  However, in his personal life he has gained another set of twins, (born on 6 May 2014) and so some of his energy may be a little diverted at this time. – certainly from their charts they look to claim some of his energy! Mars sextiles his Sun at the beginning of Wimbledon, so he will start out with plenty of energy and resolve.  At the end of Wimbledon there are a couple of minor personal congenial transits, but nothing indicating that this will be a special Wimbledon for him.

At this time and based on the above analysis, I would go for Novak Djokovic for the men’s title and Serena Williams for the ladies’ title.  But as the picture changes, and more players emerge, new information may throw up a different verdict.

I will be back in a few days with an update, reviewing other tennis players and emerging figures.