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Aspects for the week beginning 22 February 2015


This is the second in my pre-U.K. General Election series.  It is also my second blog on the subject of UKIP, the first having been posted on 5th May 2013.  This week the Tories have nudged ahead in the opinion polls, but the bid for electoral power is still all to play for, with the minority parties in with a chance to affect policies and in line for possible alliances in the event of another hung parliament.  Since I wrote my original piece on UKIP two years ago, I managed to lose a friend over the subject – and I am not usually that careless!  In the political arena, since that time, UKIP have acquired two bona fide MPs, and altered Conservative policy through Cameron’s fear of their further success.

Nigel Farage

My astrological portrait from 2013:

“As a Sun sign Aries, Nigel Farage cuts an individualistic and almost self-sufficient figure.  On the Andrew Marr show this morning, he was very confident, straight speaking and focussed.  He has leadership qualities through that sign, but also from an exact sextile from Uranus to his North Node (karmic mission).  He has the capacity to surprise.  We do not have his birthtime, but I suspect Pluto is prominent on the angles of his chart, because of the way he rose from the ashes of the plane crash on the day of the last election declaring that he was lucky to be alive.  On that day Pluto squared his Mars (the near death experience), trined his Natal Uranus (surprise survival), and conjuncted his South Node in Capricorn  (karmically facing death)”.

At the time I wrote that, I did not have a birthtime for him, but having acquired one, I found Pluto exactly on his Ascendant (the ability to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes)!  Another extra point to note is that he has no aspects to his natal Sun in Aries, which makes him even more of an individualistic, almost maverick, figure.  He also has no Air planets, and though intelligent (Mercury conjunct Jupiter), he does not primarily operate in the mental sphere, but more on instinct.  This individuality is both the source of some of his charisma, but it is at the same time a factor in failing to organize a party properly, because you cannot replicate the personal success across a motley crew of a party.

So, what are his transits like on the day of the General Election?  As reported in my new year blog:

Nigel Farage (UKIP): [High] Jupiter trine his natal Sun (A stroke of luck).  Well, at the last election he survived a plane crash.  I am hoping the UKIP bubble will burst before the election, but he could get a seat.”

Transiting Pluto will also be sextile his natal Chiron, also putting him in a strong position psychologically.

Douglas Carswell

UKIP seem to have a particularly strong presence around Essex and Kent, and are apparently also coming up strongly in the North East of England.  Douglas Carswell was the first ever UKIP MP (representing Clacton), thus giving the party some presence and more respectability in parliament.  Like Nigel Farage, he has no aspects to his natal Sun (an unusual feature in a chart) and this points to operating independently.  He left the Conservative party because he wanted to see fundamental political change in Britain.  His ruling planet Venus exactly opposes Uranus, and this may be a driving force in that aim.  Mars trines his Pluto natally, so he has plenty of driving force generally.  He has no Water planets, so may be low in emotion.  At the time of the UK General Election this year, his transits are not remarkable.  He has Saturn transiting his Neptune, and may find things tough going or disappointing.  He may not do as well as he hopes.

Mark Reckless

Mark Reckless defected from the Tory party last year, and gained a seat in Rochester and Strood.  His is another very independent chart (Sun closely sextile Uranus – the Rebel Archetype, Mars trine the North Node), with leadership qualities but not as charismatic as Nigel Farage.  He had been notoriously rebellious while still a Conservative MP.  At the time of his re-election in November as a UKIP MP, he was experiencing his Uranus Opposition (which is the mid-life rebellion in terms of astrological cycles).  Like Nigel Farage, he has transiting Jupiter trine his natal Sun (which is in Sagittarius) at the time of the UK General Election.  So another lucky UKIP result on the cards!  His and Nigel’s natal Suns are exactly trine within a minute (13 degrees 55 minutes Sagittarius for Mark, and 13 degrees 54 minutes Aries for Nigel) giving them good working prospects together, and on election day Jupiter at 13 degrees 51 minutes Leo creates a Grand Trine with their natal Suns, magnifying the luck factor.  The stars certainly seem to smile on them that day.

UKIP chart on Election Day

Transits to UKIP’s own chart on Election Day are a mixed bag, but overall strong.  Uranus squares its Uranus, so there may be upsets, but Pluto trines its Mercury, indicating a positive shift on a deep level for their electoral machine.


One of the problems with UKIP is the lack of development of their policies, other than the prominent attitude of being anti-immigration and anti-Europe.  Here is a summary of some of their aims:

  • Pulling out of the European Union
  • Slashing the foreign aid budget
  • Bringing back smoking in pubs
  • Abolishing the Human Rights Act
  • Boost funding for the NHS
  • End involvement  in foreign wars

I can go along with their NHS policy, but the smoking policy seems a retrograde step.  Other than that, no comment!


I am straining hard not to show my anti-UKIP bias, but have to concede that the immigration issue is of concern to many in this country, and that is the main reason for their popularity.  Nigel Farage denies that the party is racist, but it did inherit members from the BNP and even the National Front, and many UKIP supporters have embarrassed Nigel by making racist comments.  Tonight there is a documentary about UKIP, in which Rozanne Duncan, a former UKIP councillor, is seen to explain why she has a fear of “negroes”.

I feel that UKIP  is fuelled by fear, if not hatred in some cases, with its racist, homophobic and misogynistic tendencies (judging by quotes in the past from its membership).

A spiritual Perspective

Under comments in my last blog on the subject, my friend Laura posted a long commentary on the subject of people’s perception of immigration.  For me it stands the test of time and bears repeating:

“UKIP and its immigration policy” ~ Laura Dane:

“If there is one thing I have learnt from my years of spiritual work, it is that what we notice in the “world out there” and how we respond to it is a reflection of our “inner world”. The outer world is a reflection: the cause and solution lies in our inner world.

So, if we, for instance, are troubled by the idea of poor economic refugees flooding into the country, (as opposed to rich economic refugees like the Russian billionaires fleeing Russia after falling out with Putin and bringing with them, the extension of Gangster style Russian politics into the UK), what we are really experiencing is:

A new and foreign aspect of our personality nature (“the European foreigner”) is emerging into our lives (“coming into the UK”) and we sense that we have no barriers to keep it at bay (“open UK borders”) and no power to stop it because it is under the control of our higher or soul nature (“the EU”). We feel threatened by it because it threatens our sense of identity (“our sense of Britishness”) by undermining our sense of self. We perceive it as an act of impoverishment (“Migrants taking up our jobs, our benefits etc without contributing taxes etc”).

Our response to the EU indicates our response to our own higher nature or soul nature while our response to “being a European” indicates our response to the notion of an integrated personality. Each new European nation is, in this sense, a new unknown aspect of our nature to be integrated into our personality nature.

There is a deeper challenge at work. Do we believe that the role of our higher/soul nature (“the EU”) is to support the personality-focused life of material power, possession and dominance in the world – the life of the lower chakras, the world of the past ( “winning the economic race”) – OR is its role to uplift the personality into a soul-centred life – the life of the higher chakras, particularly the heart in which brotherhood and sharing are central, the life of the future?

We will tend to see one or the other as we look out into the world, particularly the world of the EU but sometimes, we will observe that what is happening is a shift from the personality-centred to the soul-centred life. When we can observe this state of shift, we are experiencing the same within ourselves and participating in a great national shift in which the British nation, as a whole, is moving from a personality/material centred life to a soul/spiritual centred life.

There are those who can move forward into this new way of living and there are those who can not. There must be room in the nation for both. It is not an easy shift to accomplish. We resist it with every fibre of our being every inch of the way. Today’s crises about membership of the EU, the meaning of what it is to be British, the UK’s role in the world are all reflections of our inner crises which form the path to a soul-centred life. Paradoxically, from a spiritual perspective, it indicates success and a guaranteed new role for the nation in the life of humanity.”


Today is the real Valentine’s deal this month, with Mars exactly conjunct Venus (though they were travelling together last week).  A conjunction should be an equal match, but the cards are stacked unfairly against Venus in this respect.  Firstly, Mars has a tendency to overrule Venus, as he is the more forceful, and Venus the more diplomatic.  Secondly, Mars is right now strong in its own sign of Aries, so the Inner Warrior is fortified.  Thirdly, Venus is out of her comfort zone in Aries, and it is difficult for her to express herself.  So if there is a battle of the sexes today, Mars will win.  That can be a more Martian female, for instance.  It is a good day to read “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray, and ponder.

Tomorrow, Monday 23rd, the honeymoon (if it was a honeymoon) is over, and the shine is taken off the romance, with the Sun being squared by Saturn.  A mood of deflation (financial or otherwise) holds sway at home and abroad.  This is not a good starting position for the beginning of the working week, but you get a sense of what you are up against and what you need to do.  There is no chance of sleepwalking into the week.  It has to go onwards and upwards, from that point.  Practicality, rather than romanticism, wins the day.

On Tuesday (24th) Venus trines Saturn, so a little romance may be creeping back in, if you need it.   It is more loyalty and commitment than romance, but at least it is more of a sense of connectedness.  The Arts will need to be seen to have some practical value.  Financially, the emphasis is on savings rather than spending.

The cautious trend continues on Thursday (26th) with a trine between Mars and Saturn, where practical action is the order of the day.  Deliberate, constructive initiatives stand a chance of succeeding.

There is spiritual inspiration too on Thursday, a nice balance to the Mars-Saturn energy.  The Sun conjuncts Neptune, so it is a good day for meditation and dance, perhaps for starting a course in either.

On Friday (27th) Jupiter is quincunx Pluto, a minor aspect but involving two major planets.  There could be minor power tussles in personal lives as well as globally, e.g. posturing between Putin and the West, and Greece and Germany.

A note about Pluto: I noticed this week that Pluto had been omitted from my grandson’s astronomy book.  Of course it has been demoted to a dwarf planet.  But I would just like to stand up for its gigantic role in our lives psychologically in astrological terms!  There have been moves afoot to re-instate it as a proper planet, but it will always be one in my eyes, whatever should happen.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – romantic interplay
  • Tomorrow – a slight feeling of deflation
  • Tuesday – loyalty and commitment
  • Thursday – practical action; and spirituality
  • Friday – power tussles

Aspect for the week beginning 15 February 2015 – Mercury sextile Saturn

Mercury sextile Saturn – Work Ethic

From: Alan Oken “Complete Astrology”

 “COMMUNICATION FLOWS OR WORKS WELL WITH CONSOLIDATION.  This configuration imparts common sense and a fine head for business.  It allows one to make the most out of the least.  Those fortunate enough to have such a flowing aspect in their charts have a a way of achieving goals through careful planning and an awakened sense of existing opportunities…allows for consistent mental work and fine organizational ability.”

There is only one aspect this week, though we do have three changes of sign for planets.  This provides the space to look at the aspect in more detail, and look at the possibilities for the week.  Because Mercury is now direct, and was retrograde, we came upon this aspect twice recently.   On its last outing (Thursday 5th February), I summarized it as denoting “work ethic” and said that this week would offer the chance to complete things or pick up where you left off.  Which is where I find myself, enlarging more fully on this aspect.

I thought I would look at a few famous examples of those born with this aspect, to show the qualities, achievements and potential of what we have to work with this week.  Mercury represents the mind, and often a person has more than one aspect to their Mercury, so there is more complexity.  And equally,  the Mercury picture is not the only description of a person’s mental outlook in a chart.  Also, the mental outlook needs to be put into context within the whole make up of the character. I will highlight those features which show us what we are capable of this week with Mercury sextile Saturn, to show what is most relevant.

Famous Examples

Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy is an author and activist, who wrote the Man Booker Prize winning “The God of Small Things” in 1997.  Her activism comes from Sun conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, and her literary skill is shown by Mercury conjunct Venus (The Writer Archetype) in Scorpio.  Mercury also squares her Nodal Axis, giving her an awareness of the difficulties of karma.  Otherwise, the aspects to Mercury are not too complicated, and  Mercury sextile Staurn is clearly shown in the premise of her beatifully titled book “The God of Small Things”.  Wikipedia describes  the book as “A description of how the small things in life affect people’s behaviour and their lives.” The significance of the small details in life is therefore something you can become aware of this week.  We can all benefit by becoming more Virgoan. Mercury sextile Saturn encourages mental precision and organization, such as through list making and efficient filing.

Brian Aldiss

89-year old Brian Aldiss, O.B.E. is a prolific author of science fiction novels, and a vice president of the international H.G. Wells society.  The creativity and fantasy of his writing come from Sun conjunction Neptune in Leo. But in order to be convincing, he needs to utilize the scientific and logical qualities of his Mercury-Saturn sextile, which he has done successfully.  Mental vigour is shown by his Mercury conjunct Mars, but the Mercury-Saturn sextile conveys mental stamina, and hard-working perseverance.  If you are engaged in writing projects, this week may be the week to persevere, knuckle down and be productive in such a project.

Eric Cantona

At first glance you might not have the maverick Eric Cantona, footballer, philosopher and actor, down as a Mercury-sextile-Saturn type.   But there is a mental hardness and steeliness about him, the upside of which is mental resilience and fortitude.  The application for you, for this week, is to Keep Going!  A working project may seem arduous, or even dull at times, but don’t give up.  Alex Ferguson used to hold  him up as an example to other players, as he would stay overtime for practice long after the others would leave.  I  quote you two of his aphrisms, not because they particularly reflect the Mercury-Saturn sextile, but because they show his philosophical side (Mercury-sextile-Saturn can be very logical, an aspect of the philosophical mind):

Eric Cantona:

“The noblest revenge is to forgive”

“I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery.”

Like Brian Aldiss he has Mars conjunct his Mercury (mental vigour) and like Arundhati Roy he has Sun conjunct Mars (Warrior Archetype).  His maverick, rebellious quality comes from his exact conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo.

Benjamin Crème

Benjamin Creme has been presenting information about the gradual emergence  of Maitreya, the World Teacher since 1975 and, humanity’s response to Maitreya’s teachings has been such that Benjamin Crème has recently reported that Maitreya’s declaration of himself openly as the World Teacher could be in about  18 months’ time.  The organization he founded -  Share International - was set up to present information on the emergence of Maitreya  and his message of hope for the future.  It also promotes the values of justice and sharing, a prominent value of the coming Aquarian age.  (For more information, see http://www.shareintl.org/)

He uses telepathy to communicate with  Maitreya and his own Master.  Obviously he would require  efficient mental equipment for all this!  He has a slightly more complex mental picture than the other examples. What he has are 3 major aspects to his Mercury.  You would expect to find Uranus square his Mercury, for the telepathy and controversialism of speech - and he has this.  He has Mercury exactly trine Chiron, which promotes healing and problem-solving through the mind.  He has no earth planets, so the mental grounding and patience of his third Mercury aspect, the sextile with Saturn, is very much needed.  Mercury sextile Saturn also gives him a sense of gravitas and responsibility in his communication, and his message has been consistent over the years.  Be aware this week of the weight and responsibility of your words, and the karma of thought. 

Mercury sextile Saturn may not be the most exciting aspect for us to live with this week, but it does present a great opportunity.

Babies born this week

Babies born this week will have the full qualities of this natal aspect:  A steady mind, capable of concentrated methodical systematic work.  He or she will be able to work in a detailed way, e.g. if in a career in Medicine,  she or he would be able to perform detailed and precise surgery.  If  engaged in sport, he or she would have good control and co-ordination.


The Mercury-Saturn sextile can apply all week, so you can get cracking today on your week’s project or catch-up exercise with regard to your documentation.

There is a New Moon at the very end of Aquarius on Wednesday (18th).  Coming at the end of Aquarius as it does, it represents the very highest ideals of this highly idealistic sign.  Put into practice your most humanitarian wishes.

The Sun enters Pisces late that day, so humanitarian ideals will turn to compassion.  You may be all fired up mentally about an issue, then suddenly turn soft and emotional over the same issue.

At lunchtime on Thursday (19th) the sharp focus of Mercury sextile Saturn comes into play (see above).  If you haven’t started a mental project, you can set the foundations for it now.  Whatever you are engaged in, should be a constructive enterprise.

In the early hours of Friday (20th) Mars enters Aries, its home territory.  You may either be very wakeful and feeling restless, or having dropped off to sleep may wake suddenly bolt upright with ideas for active projects and things you feel you must do, perhaps sparked by a florid dream.  When you are in the heat of the day, you may have a strong push to get things done, or scriptwrite a play in which you are the central or the only  character!

In the early evening of the same day, Venus also enters Aries.  She gets dragged into the play even though not in her comfort zone on the battlefield of Aries.  Someone has to play the feminine lead, though, and she is there to temper the excesses of the male lead who may be rampaging across the stage set otherwise.  There will be passion in this play, undoubtedly.

Good News Story of the Week

(A real Valentine’s Tale)

Ashley McIntyre of Louisville, Kentucky in the U.S.A. donated her kidney to Danny Robinson, and is now set to marry him!  They are also expecting a baby in June.

The story began on the day before her birthday last year, when she overheard her mother talking about a local lad who needed a kidney.  We have her birthchart therefore for this story!  Ashley has natal Venus conjunct Saturn, usually an indication of responsibility in relationship, and here it may symbolize her gift of her kidney.  At the time she decided on the generous gesture, Jupiter the planet of beneficence was trine her natal Sun.  It certainly was an act of unconditional love.  At the time of the donation of the kidney, Neptune (planet of sacrifice) was exactly conjunct by transit to Ashley’s North Node (karma).  They began dating a few weeks later, when romantic Venus was exactly trine Ashley’s natal Venus.  He popped the question on Christmas Day 2014, when Uranus (surprise) was exactly sextile Ashley’s Mercury (a question asked).

Danny’s mother, Denise Stutzenburger, was sure her son would marry Ashley.

“I told her, ‘You are going to be my daughter-in-law, you just don’t know it yet.’”

Ashley, when interviewed, gave the credit to the Creator:

“It’s crazy how it all worked.  It was all planned out by God.”

The week in bullet points:

  • ·         Wednesday – new beginnings; compassion
  • ·         Thursday – work ethic
  • ·         Friday – fire and passion

Aspects for the week beginning 8 February 2015

Green Party

It is now three months until the U.K. General Election, and time to start a series of blogs on that theme, though you will be pleased to know the series will be punctured by blogs on other subjects.  The pundits seem perplexed as to the likely outcome of the election, although everyone is prepared for the likelihood of another coalition of some sort.  Because the outlook is so uncertain, the minor parties will possibly have more say, and already David Cameron paid the Greens a compliment of declining to take part in the TV debates unless they were included!  I have been waiting for two years for signs  that the UKIP bubble is bursting, and polls suggest that might be happening.

I am starting the Election astro-analyses with the Greens, who are literally gaining ground, and are the only party who take seriously the issue of Climate Change, arguably of the utmost importance.  I think their recent rise is interesting in terms of the fact that we are nearing the end of the Uranus-Pluto series of squares, and it may indicate that we are prioritizing our values in the wake of the damage it has caused.

It is easier to vote for the smaller parties mid-term, but many people lose their nerve during a General Election, and go with the traditional parties, anxious not to waste a vote.   But if you are living in a constituency which is governed by die-hard opposition to what you believe in, then you may not have much to lose, and may be able to afford the luxury of voting, say, for the planet.

The U.K. Green Party  were encouraged recently by the victory of the Syriza party in Greece, on at least two counts: one that it was a victory for a small party in Europe, and two that it was Anti-Austerity.

Astrology of the Green Party

What’s not to like about Green policies?

  • They look after our Home planet
  • They are anti-Austerity
  • They are against funding nuclear weapons
  • A liveable minimum wage
  • Keeping the NHS in public, not private hands
  • Scrapping University tuition fees
  • Bringing the railways back into public ownership

The jury may be out for some people on one of their other policies:

  • They are republican; anti-Monarchy

That may lose them some votes, but they may also gain a few.

A letter in the Observer this morning attacks the record of the Green local council in Brighton, but the writer may be biased in some way.

The history of the Green Party goes back to 1972, but in 1990 it split into 3 parties, the largest of which is the Green Party of England and Wales.  I cannot find a precise date for this event, so have to look at the broad planetary themes of that year.   Heavyweight planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were in the earthy practical sign of Capricorn, digging up the problems which beset our Earth, while opposing Jupiter and Chiron in Cancer, helping to find solutions for making our Home planet more hospitable.  The purpose of the Green Party was in response to finding solutions for the ever widening problems, which then were more focused on the plundering of our resources such as oil, and the ever widening hole in the ozone layer.  Current focus is more on Climate Change, weather patterns and  preventing further damage (e.g. through the threats posed by fracking).  I will continue to search for precise dates for both the original founding in 1972 and the 1990 reorganization, and if I find them they’ll be included in future posts.  If I do find them, I will be in a position to look at how the Green Party will do as a whole on May 7th.

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas was previously Leader of the Greens, and yielded that title to Natalie Bennett when she became M.P. for Brighton and Hove, so that she could concentrate on her new role.  Her profile has gained ground over the last year, and she was voted Politician of the Year in 2014.  She was hands-on in the battle against fracking, even being arrested during a demonstration.

I wrote on 9th May 2010, after the last General Election:

“The Earth is the Esoteric Ruler of Sagittarius (her Sun Sign) in the Esoteric Astrology of Alice Bailey.  Caroline’s astrological chart shows  a fine exact powerful trine of Jupiter and Pluto, balanced by a spiritual sextile of Neptune between the two.  She will serve with dignity and integrity, and though her influence is not wide, it will be powerful  by example.  And if you look at her Human Design chart, you find that she has all her centres filled in, which is the first chart of its kind I have seen since I started to look. “

In my New Year blog this year I looked at her personal transits for 7th May:

“Caroline Lucas (Greens): [Low]  Saturn conjunct her natal Mercury (mentally dispiriting).  Sadly, though the Greens have increasing popularity now, often this does not translate into success at the time of a General Election.”

Knowledge of the Green Party chart may brighten this picture, if you’ll pardon the pun.  And birthtimes for Caroline Lucas and Natalie Bennett might also improve the perspective.

Natalie Bennett

Australian-born Natalie Bennett is currently the leader of the Green Party, and I wonder if her origins have encouraged the anti-monarchy stance.  When she took over as leader I analyzed her chart:

“[Caroline’s] replacement Natalie Bennett, Australian born with a scientific background, has a very strong chart, and not an entirely easy one, but presumably that has made her stronger.  Her easier path comes from two good trines:  Sun exactly trine Jupiter (immense good will) and Venus in Capricorn (lover of the Earth) trine her North Node (karmic mission).  She has notable squares too, but the other dominating feature of her chart is a double opposition between Pluto/Uranus (exact conjunction) in Virgo (the Rebel on behalf of the Earth) and Saturn/Chiron in Pisces (a sensitivity to suffering).  This double opposition, composed itself of challenging planets, will have forged her character under difficult circumstances.  Her political coming of age may be due to a recent Nodal reversal by transit, highlighting her South Node in Sagittarius (esoterically ruled by the Earth).”

Caroline and Natalie have undoubtedly worked well together, especially building up the party since Caroline relinquished the title of leader and entrusted it to her political sister.  They have some solid interconnections in their charts, such as Saturn sextile Saturn, and Natalie’s Pluto trine exactly Caroline’s Saturn.  But the sharing of power is also a theme between them, with Natalie’s Pluto square Caroline’s Sun, and Caroline’s Pluto opposing Natalie’s Mars: they may have at times hotly debated issues of policy and power.  But on a personal level, their Venuses are warmly exactly conjunct at the end of Capricorn, so they are very much at one in their love of the Earth, their approach to such matters and their approach to relationships.

Does Natalie fare any better on May 7th than Caroline?

Yes, I would say the transits register quite positively.    Firstly, Chiron trines her natal Neptune, so she will experience a healing sigh of relief at hard work paying off, in terms of all her spiritual input being rewarded.  That is a powerful thumbs up from the Universe.  However some of her expectations may prove unrealistic, in terms of Chiron squaring her Jupiter: she may well experience a sense of exhaustion through anti-climax.  And Neptune will be transiting her Mars, so there may be uncertainty as to how she proceeds.  This may be through a period of establishing a new coalition, where her opinions and loyalties may be sought by one of the main parties.  Mercury itself squares Neptune on Polling Day, and so that would point to uncertainty, such as we had on the last General Election day.

So if that all sounds unpromising if you are a Green supporter, then you will have to personally make up the astrological shortfall and the political stranglehold of the main parties before the Election!  I will continue to keep my eye on this space, and look out for any more constructive prospects.


Venus is sextile Pluto today, so it is a good day for psychological analysis, intimacy and human relations.  For instance, if you were making a social tour of a room at a party, you could make a few really deep contacts in a short length of time.   Other connections between Venus and Pluto are love and money, so artistic interpretations will have more depth than the diamond-studded skull of Damien Hirst or the abandoned bed of Tracy Emin.  In finance, you may be able to bring together all the dimensions of your inner and outer riches, the ingredients you may need for a more abundant life.

Tomorrow (Monday 9th), Venus is conjunct with Chiron.  Today’s Venus-Pluto sextile may have encouraged your to open up to long-buried emotional wounds in order to assist their clearance. You may become aware of artistic wounds, such as feeling vulnerable when expressing the Arts. Even Hilary Mantel, author of the Tudor classic Wolf Hall which is currently gracing our TV screens, admits to finding writing painful in her autobiography “Giving up the Ghost”. But paradoxically this aspect can make your artistic or musical creations healing for yourself and others.  The singer Adele has Venus conjunct Chiron in her birthchart and was able to produce two best-selling albums from the creativity inspired by the pain of Love and a relationship which touched her deeply.

Wednesday (11th) brings freedom from Mercury Retrograde, and a green light for communications, documentation, travel and transport.  If a process has been held up for the last three weeks, such as being on a hospital waiting list, you may find progress is made now.  You could spend the rest of the week writing the final chapters of your book, or deciding who to send your Valentine’s greeting to, and whether or not to send it anonymously.

There isn’t a major aspect for Saturday (14th),  so you may want to look for Valentine’s inspiration to the next astrological event, which is a New Moon in Aquarius next week.  In terms of male-female relations, Aquarius is neutral or androgynous, encouraging us to balance our own inner male and female, and being clear about ourselves before interacting with others.  This theme is reflected in and supported by this week’s Fixed Star, which is Sadalsud in the constellation of Aquarius

“Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld says of Sadalsud:

“This star can create peacefulness in the interaction amongst all women and men by increasing the female part of their understanding.  The male mind can open to its female aspects and in this way relate better to women.  Women are able to better express and share the very nature of what it means to be a woman.  This star may eventually be able to work with these energies in large groups; for now it is simply in small groups or in one to one relationships.”

That may not have the romance of Libra, but does progress the evolution of relationships, and you may be able to turn it into a whacky home-made card!

Skype Regression

I am now in a position to offer Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression by Skype!  Up to now, I have only been able to work in this way in person, so now I am not limited geographically, and can work with you wherever you are in the world.  I live in Norfolk, England, but for several years have travelled once a year to the Watford area for sessions.  I am planning, hopefully, such a trip in the Spring this year.  Working with Skype is effective, and Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression are powerful tools, which can help you to find information and experiences about yourself that are a revelation in the quest for self-knowledge.  The process itself can also be very relaxing.  The astrology of this sea-change for me was a Nodal Reversal in my chart, conjuncted by Uranus, the planet of Technology, signaling a new phase of working with Karma.  For more information please view the Past Life and Future Life pages of my website.  Please email me if you are interested, from the link at the top of my Contact page.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – harmony and understanding
  • Tomorrow – sympathy and trust abounding
  • Wednesday – no more communication illusions
  • Saturday – Love might steer the stars

Aspects for the week beginning 1 February 2015


“I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world…”

~ Socrates

The Greek electorate made history last Sunday, by  voting in a communist leader Alexis Tsipras, head of the  Syriza Party. He has formed a surprising coalition with the far right party, in a combined anti-austerity thrust.  Conditions in Greece have become so intolerable that this outcome was inevitable, and this event has many ramifications for Greece, Europe and the world.

Greek Chart

I use the chart of 24th July 1974, which represents according to “The Book of World Horoscopes” by Nicholas Campion “the current republican, parliamentary regime” dating from the collapse of the military dictatorship. With Saturn exactly conjunct Mercury and conjunct the Ascendant, it is not an easy chart. Furthermore, the Moon is exactly conjunct Pluto in the 3rd House (square exactly Venus), a condition in which it would be difficult to keep buoyant. Jupiter squares the Nodal Axis, which could indicate karma swinging to extremes of excess.

Alexis Tsipras was born only 4 days into this regime, and therefore he is totally in tune with modern Greece and able to embody its aspirations and understand its needs.

The transits for Greece at the time of the election show a time of great uncertainty, with transiting Neptune exactly square the natal Neptune. This can also describe the extreme poverty of the nation at this time. The recent karmic Uranus/South Node conjunction squares the natal Ascendant at the top of the chart, with Pluto opposing the Ascendant: drastic times, seemingly Greece against the world.

Alexis Tsipras

To what extent can one person change the world?  Certainly Tsipras can speak on behalf of Greece. We do not have a birth time for him, and there are differences with the chart of Greece generated by the four days.  Some of the extreme difficulties are softened, and some great strengths appear.  Alexis has the Sun exactly sextile Pluto, a game changer if there ever was one.  Mercury has moved to an exact trine with Jupiter, alleviating the exact conjunction with Saturn, and enabling positive thought and hope.  The Moon has moved away from the exact conjunction with Pluto, taking it out of the pit of despair.  Neptune is within one degree of a trine with the Sun, providing inspiration. Tsipras is not fuelled by faith or religion, he’s an atheist, but I think he has a powerful instinct for the common good. He has taken a huge risk in promising so much, including a vow  to renegotiate Greek debt (Pluto rules debt) but the Greeks have put their faith in him.  In history, the mould breakers and ground breakers are not always destined to carry through the work, but he is still young at 40.

For his victory, the big guns have come out, in that Pluto is trine his natal Sun, and Neptune sextiles his Sun.

He has put his money where his mouth is straight away: immediately implementing a minimum wage, privatization schemes halted, and pensions reinstated.

Economic Implications

On the one hand, the Greek people have been criticized for not working as hard as the Germans, whose leader Angela Merkel is insisting that Europe will not cancel the Greek debt. On the other hand, huge sums of money have been loaned to Greece by the Eurozone, without looking at the humanitarian context, in the manner of a loan shark then rapping on the door of someone who has no chance of repaying. The money was diverted to the wealthy, and the poor and even the middle classes were not recipients.

The current economic policies of the western world, coming under the banner of Neo-liberalism, and popularized in the era of Reagan and Thatcher, is not working for common humanity, and money is not flowing along healthy lines.

Thus it is that the  Greek populace, and Tsipras, have said enough is enough, Neoliberalism is not the way. There must be an alternative, even if it means the drama of Greece leaving the Euro and returning to the drachma.

It is no coincidence that this crunch has come just before the last Uranus-Pluto square. The Uranus-Pluto square has taken destruction, chaos and anarchy to their extreme, and change has got to come.


The event does send ripples astrologically through the chart of the European Union: notably Mars sextile its Sun, galvanizing it to action. But Neptune squares its Mars, so action options are confused. Jupiter trines its natal Saturn, which gives some hope of bringing things into balance.

There’s a shock for the Euro chart too, in this week’s events: Uranus squares its Mars. But Neptune sextile the Euro Mercury: sensitive negotiation to take place.

Angela Merkel

Interestingly, there are many links between Angela Merkel’s chart and that of Alexis Tsipras, it could almost be said they are born adversaries. He challenges her directly with his Uranus-opposite-Chiron exactly square her Sun, forming a T-square. There is a dizzying array of aspects between Neptune, Uranus, Chiron and Pluto in their charts, all challenging planets. And in an exact conjunction Tsipras’ Saturn pins down Merkel’s Jupiter.  In their interaction, Tsipras is by no means powerless. And morally, there is a case for compassion to be made, in the same way that Germany’s debts were forgiven after the war.

Other European countries, notably Spain and Italy, may follow Greece’s lead, so this may be the start of something which grows and may change the economic system we use. Austerity would never be popular, but the widening gap between rich and poor in many countries, including the U.K., is not the right order of things. Writing in the 19th Century William Morris was appalled by it:

“The contrasts of rich and poor are unendurable and ought not to be endured by either rich or poor”.

Or as an Auschwitz survivor put it last week:

“There is no Them and Us”

Demis Roussos

The lovely Demis Roussos died on the day of the election. His larger than life image is shown by Jupiter close to the melodious Libran ascendant  and conjunct Chiron, a triple conjunction which trines another triple conjunction, namely the Sun, Uranus  and the North Node in Gemini.    He led an unusual life, born in Egypt but moved to Greece where he established his musical career. His heyday was the decade of the 1970s. One of the defining moments of his career was his single “Forever and Ever” reaching no. 1 in the U.K. charts in 1976, which coincided with transiting Chiron forming an exact trine with his Moon in 3rd House (which represented the emotion he put into his vocal expression).  That certainly would have been a triumph of his capacity of healing through music.  A strange episode in his life brought him to an incident of hijacking on a plane in June 1985.  It was on his Solar Return (birthday), his natal Sun being in the 9th House of foreign travel in Gemini (flight).    He was released, unharmed, fortunately.  It is a curious timing that he chose to let go of life on the day of the election – perhaps he felt able to entrust the nation to the new forces.  With the Sun conjunct his North Node his karmic mission was as a performer – his trademark flowing kaftans will not be forgotten.

The Glory that was Greece

Ancient Greece is my favourite arena for past life memories: the elegance of its Art, Architecture, Philosophy…It is likely that you had some lives there too, dear reader, as it was a long civilization.  I make no secret of my desire for the restoration of the Elgin Marbles.  So how about now for the British government, at least as an act of charity, to give them back to the Greeks instead of loaning them to the Russians?  It may help to restore some dignity, raise the vibrations of the Parthenon, and bring in more tourism.


Venus will be conjunct Neptune at tea time today, an aspect which is in the best possible taste.  The food on the table should prove delectable, the accompanying soundtrack uplifting, and any artwork visible from the dining table is likely to express great beauty!  Perhaps it is the same old food, the same old music, and the same old walls, but you will suddenly see the merit in  everything that surrounds you.  Or eat out at your favourite diner…

It is a week of mainly harmonious planetary links, though that is not to say there aren’t background difficulties.  Venus for instance has just had a relationship setback with Saturn, and may be wary of the reliability of her relationship with Neptune.  There is emotional tension in the air coming up to a Full Moon this week, and some may be affected by this.

But tomorrow (Monday 2nd) lunchtime we have a sextile between the Sun and Uranus, which is good preparation for the Leo Full Moon the next day, in that balancing the Sun (ruler of Leo) with Uranus (ruler of its opposite, Aquarius) will help balance your mood, and your inner relationship with the two signs which will be the arena for the opposition of the Sun and Moon.  But in the meantime, innovation, originality and creativity all benefit tomorrow.  You may surprise yourself with the ideas you come up with and implement.

So by Tuesday evening (3rd) you may be practiced at zipping from the principle of group membership (Sun in Aquarius) to the principle of individuality (Moon in Leo), owning all the nuances in between, such as needing your own space, and expressing yourself in a group, and creative innovation, and balancing boundaries in relationships.  The Full Moon comes just after 11 pm in the U.K. so if you haven’t mastered this hologram, you may continue to work with it in your dream life, and your Higher Self may be able to synthesize the information and bring it through as a coherent message.

Late morning on Thursday (5th) brings another sextile which may be of benefit, though a little more prosaic.  Mercury sextiles Saturn, so the application of  close and detailed work can be achieved, but bearing in mind that Mercury is still retrograde.  If you don’t quite manage to complete such a task, you know it will come to pass soon after Mercury goes direct (February 11th ).  This aspect will recur on Thursday 19th to be more precise, if you want to note in your diary when it comes round again and you can pick up those particular tools once more.

At tea time on Friday (6th) the Sun opposes Jupiter, so it may be time for fun and frolics, but there will be elements in society which take that too far, so there is a possibility of fun and frolics getting out of hand.  Leos and Sagittarians for instance may get ultra competititve, and practical jokers and class clowns may take a joke too far.

The appeal for Good News

Janet wrote under comments last week:

“Thank you for broadcasting the brilliant news about Ebola nurse, Pauline Cafferkey, because her story gave me an idea to suggest on your blog. Given that you often have to write about conflict and distressing situations all over the world, I had wondered if you, or any blog reader, could offer up a weekly good news story, something for which we should show gratitude.”

What readily springs to mind is the story of disabled pensioner Alan Barnes (Aged 67) who following a mugging has had a donation of over £200,000 from the public, including contributions from all over the world.  Please let us know if you have any other stories to share.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – sweetness and light
  • Tomorrow – brilliance
  • Tuesday – emotional high tide
  • Thursday – work ethic
  • Friday – a joke too far

Aspects for the week beginning 25 January 2015

Coronation Street

It has been an important week for the soap opera Coronation Street.  On Monday evening, we heard that Anne Kirkbride, who played Deirdre Barlow, had died after a short illness.

The same evening, they screened a heavy episode of Corrie in which several members of the cast were involved in a mini-bus crash.

After watching the soap for the first 10 years or so in the 1960s, I abandoned it on the grounds that I had better things to do than watch soaps. But over the last year, watching sporadic episodes with my mother, I have made the gradual slide into being a regular viewer.

Anne Kirkbride

I was very moved by the touching tributes to the actress Anne Kirkbride – she came over as a sweet person.  She died aged 60, and 42 of those years were spent playing Dierdre.  She met her real life husband David Beckett on the set.  She was a Geminian Sunsign, but had Jupiter, Uranus and  Mercury in the soap sign of Cancer.  When she joined the cast of Coronation Street, Jupiter was transiting her natal Mars (an opportunity) and sextile her natal Saturn (the offer of a steady job).  Her karma (North Node) was to be indelibly linked with the soap, with her South Node conjunct the Coronation Street Mars and Saturn.  Pluto was conjunct her natal North Node when she died.  At her death, Saturn was exactly transiting the Mercury of the Coronation Street chart: sad news for the cast.

In this morning’s Observer Barbara Ellen paints a sharply drawn word-portrait of Anne as Dierdre:

“Behind those huge glasses, gargling-with-wet-tarmac voice, and what must have been the most expressive neck tendons in show business, lurked a charming and gifted performer…”

Coronation Street

Coronation Street began on 9th December 1960, as every good Media student will have etched in their mind.  The chart has Mercury sextile Venus, and has been praised for the quality of its scriptwriting over the years.  Jupiter exactly trines its Pluto, which may be part of its powerful success in drama and comedy.  Pluto conjuncts its North Node, Jupiter trines its North Node, and Neptune bisects the trine forming sextiles with both.  That all contributes to a winning formula.  The mini-bus crash was designed to bring out new storylines, in the stories of suffering and recovery that ensue.    The chart of the crash is also the chart of Anne’s death, and so the Saturn transit to Mercury in this case shows a bad trip.  Curiously, the actor who played the mini-bus driver, Simon Gregson, whose character Steve McDonald has been suffering from depression, had Uranus opposite his natal Mars this week, which speaks of a motor accident.  The episode will have been filmed weeks ago, yet it registers in his chart for the time of filming.  On some level the actor will have been registering shock this week, some of it possibly in connection with the death of Anne Kirkbride and the stormy week for Coronation Street coverage.

William Roache

It has been said that the relationship between Dierdre and her on screen husband Ken Barlow, played by William Roache, has been a cornerstone of the soap for decades.  William Roache is the longest-serving cast member of Coronation Street, and starred in fact in the first episode.  So the chart of Coronation Street, and the chart of his job, or career, are the same chart.  I am fascinated by how actors’ charts often reflect their on screen personae, especially where they have been typecast for life!  So it is that William Roache has Mercury exactly trine Jupiter, which describes his erudite image as Ken Barlow.  In real life, he is a student of metaphysicas (Jupiter), having been a follower of the late Dr. Douglas Baker (interpreter of the teachings of Alice Bailey).  He is a patriarch of the soap however, and this is reflected in his chart with a strong Saturnian emphasis (Saturn at the Midheaven, square to his Sun).  His autobiography “Soul on the Street” has a strongly spiritualist content, and what came over to me in reading it was an adherence to rules and discipline which is very Capricornian.  He has a healing sextile between Pluto and Chiron in his chart, and has promoted spiritual healing (“Circle of Love”). In 2013 he was investigated for an offence of rape, as Neptune opposed his Neptune.  Anne Kirkbride testified on his behalf, and he was acquitted.  He returned to the soap a month before Anne Kirkbride left “for personal reasons”.  After “a short illness” she died, and William Roache was reported to have been present at Anne’s bedside at the time


The morning after Anne died, the cast met for work but it became clear that a normal working day was impossible, and they abandoned filming.

On Wednesday evening, the National TV Awards took place, and Coronation Street’s arch rival Eastenders took the trophy for Best Soap.   With Saturn still sitting on the Coronation Street Mercury, but exactly sextile the Eastenders Jupiter by transit, Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale of Eastenders) held aloft the trophy and dedicated it to the “Weatherfield One”, a reference to one of Anne Kirkbride’s storylines which had gripped the nation, when she witnessed a nationwide campaign to free her character from jail.

Barbara Knox

On Friday, Barbara Knox who plays Rita Tanner in Corrie, was banned from driving after admitting a charge of drink driving, in a saga which had been running since March 2014.  Like Anne Kirkbride, she became a regular cast member in 1972, so is another veteran.  Barbara has Mars in Scorpio, and with her trade mark red haired image, possible has her Ascendant roundabout that point in her chart.  She is still sporting the red hair at the age of 81.  Barbara has the Moon conjunct her North Node, which may symbolize the association with the soap, and has Sun conjunct Jupiter in Libra, giving her a tendency to take chances in life.  One such chance was hiring a “loophole lawyer” when she initially denied drink driving, but this week seems to have been fateful for her, as transiting Saturn opposes her Chiron.  The original driving offence took place when Mars was opposite her natal Uranus (a driving mishap).

Let us hope there are more peaceful waters coming up for this soap.  I used to say it was a waste of my emotional energy to watch it, and how much of the nation’s emotional energy is tied up with our national TV soaps, I wonder?  I would like a soap called “Nirvana”, but that is not likely to happen.


On Tuesday (27th) Venus enters Pisces. We switch from a heart centred in social ideology to a heart centred in compassion. It may be easier for stressed nurses to exercise the compassion which led them into nursing in the first place, but will it be easier for the politicians to find it in their hearts to release more money into the NHS?

With the good news that Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey has been released from hospital and recovering, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been quoted as saying:

“Her selflessness and courage are remarkable and she represents the very best of NHS values”.

At last some credit from our government! She and William Pooley, another British nurse who recovered after contracting Ebola in Sierra Leone, are among those saints who have volunteered to do that work.  It would have been unthinkable to lose either of them, so that is wonderful news this week.

Wednesday (28th) brings a sextile between Mercury and Uranus. With Mercury retrograding, we revisit an aspect from 2 weeks ago on Wednesday 14th:

“This may produce dynamic information, for instance on the health front.  Ideas may come out of the blue.  Look out for the left field on Wednesday – it could be a fruitful departure.”

There will be a realistic appraisal of some sort, which works for many, but for some it will be information overload, especially if Uranus is at an awkward angle in your chart.  Some people attribute computer problems to Mercury retrograde which may be down to Uranian activity (the two are very intertwined), but today should upgrade and harmonize both communication (Mercury) and technology (Uranus).  So if you have the Mercury retrograde blues, they may be to some extent alleviated on Wednesday.

Much of the week’s aspect action takes place on Friday (30th) starting at breakfast with Venus square Saturn. A packet of cereal may be past its sell by date, or an aspect of a relationship may be past its sell by date. You may have to let go of something, or cut your losses.

Fortunately, late lunchtime, we have the prospect of two much more constructive aspects, within 5 minutes of each other. At 13.40 hrs (U.K. time) Mars sextiles Pluto, enabling energies to flow freely and with gusto!

At 13.45 the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 10 degrees Aquarius. It’s a clear day and you can see forever.  Friendships and groups flourish, and benefit from focussed thought.  If it is your birthday, expect to have to let go of something old, and let in something new.

Mars conjuncts Chiron on Saturday (31st) at 14 degrees Pisces, and the energetic shifts of Friday could culminate in a healing shift on Saturday.  You may feel that the wound is raw or exposed, but allow the natural healing process to take place.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – Compassion
  • Wednesday – sparkling mentality
  • Friday – some sadness, fast action and focused thought
  • Saturday – a healing focus


Aspects for the week beginning 18 January 2015

Uranus conjunct the South Node In Aries

We are currently in the middle of the application of the Uranus-Pluto square to the Nodal Axis  Last week, Pluto squared the Nodes, and this week Uranus will conjunct the True  South Node.  At the end of the month Uranus will conjunct the Mean North Node, which may have a slightly more practical application, but both are karmic and you may see their influence at any time during the second half of the month.

There may be some gains to be made by the appearance of Uranus conjunct the South Node in our charts, despite the ongoing square with Pluto.  Uranus itself can be neutral: it represents the surprise factor, which can manifest as shock, but can be a positive force.  The South Node represents past life karma, or past karma in this lifetime. That too can be a positive force, and not necessarily a difficult experience.  Together they could bring a new way of doing things or looking at things.  Solutions, breakthroughs and innovations could be found through necessity.

Two of the ways that you can bring out the best in this conjunction are 1) through the use of your intuition, and 2) through accessing far memory (e.g. through past life regression) or even future vision to cut through to the causes of problems.

 The Complication

Uranus conjunct the South Node is rare, and may be an opportunity.

The complication is its square with Pluto.  Cast your mind back a few days, to last Thursday, which was a difficult day for many.  Burnings and shootings were taking place around the world, some as reverberations from the Charlie Ebdo massacre.

Working with Uranus conjunct South Node you will also need to work with the square of Pluto to the Nodal Axis which occurred on Thursday.  Here was the account I gave:

Later in the day the tough theme continues, as Pluto squares the Nodal Axis, so some karmic reckoning is likely to be in the air.  This may well be a group situation, and you need to identify and take responsibility for your role within it, however insignificant a part you feel it may be.  Each person has responsibility, however small, in the whole picture.

 Perhaps you were caught up in a disagreement between two or more parties which is still not quite resolved.  Or perhaps you were grappling with a larger theme which has characterized the Uranus-Pluto square for you for the last two years or so.  There is a chance to make things right.

But first I need you to do a little mental gymnastics.  Cast your mind back again to Thursday, and note that earlier in the day you may have been experiencing frustrations in being blocked from actions you intended to make.  You need to mentally extricate that influence from the picture in order to isolate the effect of Pluto square the Nodal Axis.  Mars  square Saturn was causing those glitches, as reported last week:

Thursday (15th) brings a square between Mars and Saturn, and another layer of the onion needs to be peeled.  There is further work to do, the next problem or stumbling block is revealed to be dealt with.

If you felt you were taking two steps backwards on Thursday morning, that will have been the effect.  Subtract that from the day’s memory, and what you have left is the ongoing situation you are helping to work out this week.

Uranus conjunct South Node in your chart

If you know your Ascendant, you may be able to work out which of these  sets of readings apply to you.  First is the possibility for now, and second is the type of memory which may surface:  The conjunction of Uranus to the True and Mean South Nodes for the rest of this month take place at 12 and 13 degrees of Aries.  If your Ascendant falls near those degrees, you may need to ask your nearest Astrologer for the exact position of the conjunction.

1st House

 (Ascendant   in early Aries or late Pisces)

Experience:  You may discover a dynamic new side to your personality. A talent may re-surface, which you developed in a past life.

Memory: You may link with a lifetime in Germany, in a technical occupation, perhaps during the industrial revolution or earlier working with print. You find a greater efficiency.
2nd House

 (Ascendant in early Pisces or late Aquarius)

Experience:  A crisis may force a new  idea about earning money through your own talents. You may want to streamline your material life, perhaps in a whirlwind of decluttering.

Memory: You see yourself in ancient Mesopotamia, presiding over a bartering scheme or in an ancient market place, trading in materials or jewellery.

3rd House

 (Ascendant in early Aquarius or late Capricorn)

Experience: You experience an amazing mental connection with someone, meet a vibrant stranger on a journey, or download a whole article from your guides at one sitting!

Memory: You see yourself as a teacher in Ancient Rome, speaking fluent Latin! This shows you that public speaking may be something you can confidently accomplish in the near future.

4th House

 (Ascendant in early Capricorn or late Sa\gittarius)

Experience:  There may be a new appliance in the home, such as a juicer, which makes a dynamic impact, but also may require some sort of adjustment to your lifestyle. Health and safety in the home may need checking.

Memory:  You may recall a lifetime where you led your tribe in a local rebellion or protection of your interests. The element of fire may have been important in that existence.

5th House

(Ascendant in early Sagittarius or late Scorpio)

Experience:  You may re-discover Astrology as a hobby. Perhaps as a pursuit it has become jaded for you lately, and enthusiasm is suddenly renewed. You find new angles of application.

Memory:  You tap into a lifetime in which the Inventor Archetype was strong in you. Perhaps you invented the wheel, or its equivalent for the times!  What could you invent now to enhance your life and those of others?

6th House

 (Ascendant in early Scorpio or late Libra)

Experience: You identify change which needs to happen at work, and in the working environment. You have been observing the needs of your fellow employees, and the practical conditions, and come up with the perfect vision of what could work all round.

Memory:  You return to a life which was in some ways linked with the medieval art of Alchemy. Perhaps an experiment turned into an explosion, and you feel a great need at this time in this life to get the relation between matter and spirit right, and ensure health and safety.

7th House

 (Ascendant in early Libra or late Virgo)

Experience:  Electric relationships come into your life: unusual people, with unconventional ideas, perhaps a group you knew in a past life. The nature of relationship is changing as we move into the age of Aquarius. You or someone close to you is in the vanguard of this fresh outlook and healthier relationship spaces.

Memory: You may hark back to a lifetime where separation in a close relationship took place through circumstances such as one partner going off to fight in the Crusades.  This may have tested the relationship to the core, but also made you aware of other levels of relating. In between lives, you may have learned more clarity around this.
8th House

(Ascendant in early Virgo or late Leo)

Experience:  You may come up with an unusual money-making scheme which may have a co-operative element to it. In meditation, you may currently be travelling to other dimensions.

Memory: You may recall a lifetime where you may have died through a false accusation, such as a witch.  You are able to re-affirm that your soul has lived through many incarnations, and its strength is everlasting.

9th House

 (Ascendant in early Leo or late Cancer)

Experience:  You may be suddenly whisked off for a short break to a country you and your companion once experienced incarnation.  There may be a resonance between events that happened to you then, and now.  Or less dramatically, you may be contacted by someone in a foreign land out of the blue.

Memory:  You may experience a lifetime in a climate and culture very different from where you live now, such as a land of Icelandic volcanoes and the spectacular sights of the Northern Lights.

10th House

 (Ascendant in early Cancer or late Gemini)

Experience: A sudden change in life direction or career.  It may be the end of a long phase of your life, but you recognize that change is important in terms of the work you need to do in the world.

Memory:  You may be looking at a lifetime where you were expressing your highest potential for the time (your highest potential is now!).  You may have taken on great responsibility in a hierarchy or type of administration.  You may, or may not, be surprised to see what you are capable of.

11th House

(Ascendant in early Gemini or late Taurus)

Experience : A friend produces a fresh insight into your life and character, which turns your thinking around 180 degrees.  This may be a direct karmic reward, in that you may have done the same for them in a past life.

Memory: You were perhaps part of a healing group in Atlantis, some members of that group being known to you today. The relationships between you were detached but very much connected on a higher level. You may be able to draw on the power of a group now for strength and healing.

12th House

(Ascendant in early Taurus or late Aries)

Experience: Meditations, dreams and reflections may bring something startling out from your subconscious mind.  Your best ideas come from solitude, and could revolutionize and enrich all levels of your existence.

Memory:  You feel the sacred nature of certain lifetimes and ways of life where you were really connected with the deeper levels of your psyche, perhaps in a religious or spiritual lifetime.

Hopefully, you will find the golden nugget this week among the chaos of our times.


Tomorrow (Monday 19th) could bring inappropriate laughter.  You may be in a serious setting, and have a fit of the giggles, for instance.  If so, you can blame an opposition between Venus and Jupiter.

On Tuesday (20th) Mars conjuncts Neptune, and you may be experiencing confused energies.  Perhaps you go to the gym intent on weight lifting and end up on a rowing machine.  Whatever you plan to do physically may get erased and replaced by something out of your comfort zone.  It could be a good learning experience.  Beware of that gym instructor though, who may be distracting you.

The conjunction of Uranus and the South Node follows, so there is a chance to re-establish triumph over your fate.  You need to outwit Uranus with your intuition or deeper knowledge!  Events in the world may take a bizarre turn.  Look out for the unusual, and find its application above..

The Sun also enters Aquarius, so a real chance to get positive change established in your life.  If you have been feeling bogged down lately, you may feel re-energized, awake and aware.

A positive mindset will take you far today, because there is also a New Moon at 0 degrees Aquarius.  It is a mini-dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  You may be able to galvanize those kindred spirits, the brothers and sisters of spirit, to work towards  common causes.

A note to complete paperwork and other types of communication early in the week as Wednesday (21st) brings that popular (!) spanner in the works – Mercury retrograde.  If you are one who counts the days with this regular phenomenon you may want to note that Mercury turns direct again on 12th February.  Some choose to put all their documentation on hold for the retrograde period.  Just be extra vigilant about communications going awry, and you can avoid some of the mayhem.

Towards the end of the week, on Friday (23rd) there is an easier aspect to work with in the shape of the Sun sextile Saturn.  You feel more certain of your ground, and more able to plan ahead.  The Uranus-South Node conjunction is still keeping you on  your toes, but you may by now have acquired the  appropriate footwear, for say your trip to Iceland.  Calmness for Friday is the order of the day. And sensible shoes.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – inappropriate laughter
  • Tuesday – some trickiness, some sparkiness, a lively day with new beginnings
  • Wednesday – communications gummed up
  • Friday – a leveling out of mood where solid plans can be laid

Aspects for the week beginning 11 January 2015

The Paris Shootings

As a million people plan to march through the streets of Paris, including 47 heads of state, in solidarity with the principle of freedom of speech, there seems only one subject for today’s blog: the  attacks by Islamic terrorists in the capital of France.  The beautiful city of Paris this week has been the site of tragic and alarming scenes.

Charts of France, and Hollande

With the rise of the far right in France under Marine Le Pen, the rise of anti-semitism, and the policy of banning the burka, arguably religious and racial tension is far greater than here in Britain at the moment.  At the time of the first set of shootings in the capital, the French principle of Liberty is being tested to the limit by the planets, and violence is to the fore: Mars squares the Mars of the French chart, while Jupiter conflagrates the whole issue of Liberty by a conjunction with its Uranus (Revolution) and an opposition to its Pluto.  A natal Uranus-Pluto opposition at the time of the French chart (the time of the Revolution) highlights the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity, but in such a way as to keep them simmering and evolving.  So this terrorist attack on the capital has at its heart the symbolism of the struggle for  freedom, in particular the freedom of speech.  Uranus also opposes the French Venus currently.

This would seem a defining moment for Hollande in his somewhat less than successful premiership, and indeed astrologically, Mars is sextile his natal Mars, giving him the opportunity to show his mettle, and preside over a global response to w worldwide problem.

By the third day of the crisis, when the gunmen were held in a siege and subsequently shot, Mars was squaring the French Midheaven, again highlighting violence and bloodshed.  The Uranus-Pluto square was then directly involved with Francois Hollande’s Nodal Axis, with Pluto on his North Node and Uranus squaring the Nodes.  Thus his own personal karma was coming directly in the line of fire of the current explosive square.  He is finding his own role in trying to solve the current dilemma(s) of our times.

Charts of the Protagonists

The main protagonists, the Kouachi brothers, were of Algerian origin, and there is a long history of tension from the French occupation of Algeria and then its struggle for independence from France.  The elder brother Said had an emotionally complex Moon conjunct the North Node, forming a T-square with an opposition of Chiron and Uranus.  Perhaps more telling was the religiously fanatical exact square between Jupiter and Neptune.  Chiron was exactly opposite his Sun at the time of the first shootings.  With Sun conjunct Uranus the planet of Revolution and five planets in the freedom-loving sign of Sagittarius, the second brother Cherif would have identified with freedom, but in a very different way from his cartoonist victims.  He had Neptune at the Galactic Centre, which may have indicated a deeply hidden secret mission.  Mars trined his natal Pluto at his death: he who lives by the sword (or gun) dies by the sword (and not by the pen).   Their comrade Amedy Coulibaly, who was responsible for the siege in the kosher supermarket, on the day the three of them died, had a difficult and potentially destructive triple conjunction of Mars/Saturn/Pluto in Libra.

Religion and Spirituality

My history teacher Mr Burkimsher used to say there are no absolute truths, although that may not be absolutely true.  Violence needs to be denounced, and cannot be a part of any religion.  Islam is one of the three religions which partake of the Old Testament, which contains the commandment “Thou shalt not kill”  So how the jihadist principle of righteous killing has come to take precedence, I wonder, and only scholars of the Koran can answer.  God created all creatures on this earth.  I am a Universalist, and try to honour and respect all religions, but we live in a secular society.  Two incidents lately have arisen from direct mockery of what is sacred to others (which may have happened anyway).  I have a tendency to sarcasm, but am ever mindful that it can be the lowest form of wit. The first was the hacking of Sony, allegedly by North Korea, at the film mocking its leader Kim Jong Un.  I don’t feel is is right to mock someone who is still alive, in that way.  It is a fine line in my mind, because I feel it is important to speak out about the evils of his behaviour or regime.  There is something more provoking about mockery.  You may think this illogical, or splitting hairs.  Then the satire of Charlie Ebdo cartoonists towards Islam made mockery of the sacred cow of the Islamic religion.  Again, I feel you have to speak out against the violence, but I feel that mockery crosses the line.  I think that where we are led by the likes of Richard Dawkins and intellectuals who ridicule religion, and say it doesn’t matter, you underestimate the emotional intensity and connection with the human psyche which religion has for many.  For me, a person’s right to believe is sacred, but violence is not justified in any way.  So a moment’s silence for those who have died in this ideological war.  In marching in solidarity today, we are showing that peaceful protest is the way to lead by example, and not violence: love, not hatred.


Mercury is travelling together with Venus at 9 degrees Aquarius today, although not exact to the minute, favouring literary efforts and arts projects, particularly for those Aquarians born around 29th January.

Mars enters Pisces tomorrow (Monday 12th), emphasizing the  passionate spiritual journey towards truth, and finding non-violent ways to negotiate ideological feuds.  Fight the good fight, but not in a bad way.

Venus sextiles Uranus on Tuesday (13th), a good day for finding revolutionary ways to relate and make art.  It is good for meetings, both prompt and impromptu.  I will be having a rare outing to the cinema, to see the film “Mr. Turner” which I reviewed astrologically a little while ago – that promises to be fascinating, although the film failed to pick up nominations for the Golden Globes this week.

We are treated to another sextile on Wednesdaqy (14th), that of Mercury to Uranus.  This may produce dynamic information, for instance on the health front.  Ideas may come out of the blue.  Look out for the left field on Wednesday – it could be a fruitful departure.

So far so plain sailing, but Thursday (15th) brings a square between Mars and Saturn, and another layer of the onion needs to be peeled.  There is further work to do, the next problem or stumbling block is revealed to be dealt with.  There may be a stand off, and one protagonist may feel they have to take a hard line, but as comedian Rik Mayall once said to some undergraduates in imparting his advice for life “Love is the Answer”.  There can be no solutions without the softening of the heart.

Later in the day the tough  theme continues, as Pluto squares the Nodal Axis, so some karmic reckoning is likely to be in the air.  This may well be a group situation, and you need to identify and take responsibility for your role within it, however insignificant a part you feel it may be.  Each person has responsibility, however small, in the whole picture.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – catch up on your paperwork, but make it enjoyable
  • Tomorrow – fight the good fight, in a good way
  • Tuesday – exciting for the arts
  • Wednesday –  good for brainstorming
  • Thursday – tricky from many angles; put safety first

Aspects for the week beginning 4 January 2015

2015The Year of Relief

“These are days you’ll remember.
Never before and never since, I promise, will the whole world be warm as this.
And as you feel it, you’ll know it’s true that you are blessed and lucky.
It’s true that you are touched by something that will grow and bloom in you.”

~ Natalie Marchant, 10,000 Maniacs

The calendar new year is a cultural construct, unlike the equinoxes and solstices, which have astronomical significance. Nevertheless, the in-breath of the new year, after the out-breath of the old year, carries the energy of hope. This applies in the collective unconscious, and at least on the astral plane, if not the joy of the eternal now.

The coming year has at least one major blessing to look forward to: the relief from the pressure of the Uranus-Pluto square, which completes its mission in March.

A major challenge in your life which began around June 2012 should resolve or ease. If not, you should be in a position to let it go, put it behind you, and move on.

Concurrent to this 7-pronged assault (the number of times the two planets have clashed) has been the transit of Saturn through Scorpio, a pretty depressing position for Saturn.  Saturn entered Scorpio on 5/10/12 and left on 23/12/14. This has kept our mood set to a bass line of “realistic” for most of the period of action of the square.  Hopelessness and despair have been hard to counteract.

The aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto finale, as I wrote for the penultimate square in mid-December:

After the Square is Over

Now that we have almost reached the light at the end of this tunnel, we might be able to afford a look at how things might be at the end of this Square.  Some situations may resolve themselves by the middle of March, or after the last crescendo.  If yours has followed the twists and turns, especially in the chronology of this square, then maybe you will see a peaceful end to that struggle in the spring.  I expect that in many cases it will be merely an end to the intensity of pressure.  Where conflict and revolutions and dismantlings have been destructive or not sufficiently thought through, there may be a long recovery period.

The shape of things to come – Highs and Lows of 2015

(For your diary, or not)



Tuesday 3rd:  (High) Jupiter trine Uranus – Enterprising and Successful

Tuesday 17th: (Low) last Uranus Pluto square – The denouement of the stressful challenges of the last two and a half years.  May be followed with an easing of pressure.

Friday 20th : (turning point) New Moon and Eclipse in Pisces – Spiritual turning point


Saturday 4th: (turning point) Full Moon and Eclipse in Libra – Conflict of interest


Thursday 7th: (Neutral) Possible date of U.K. General Election – Mercury trine the North Node – some karmic restoration

Transits of the Party Leaders:

David Cameron (Conservatives):[Low] Pluto square his Sun, Chiron opposite his Uranus

Ed Miliband (Labour): [Neutral] North Node transits his Uranus – A sudden change in fortunes

Nick Clegg (LibDems): [Mixed]  Saturn conjunct his Moon (emotionally dispiriting) but Neptune sextile his natal Mercury [the opportunity for some sensitive communication]

Nigel Farage (UKIP): [High] Jupiter trine his natal Sun (A stroke of luck).  Well, at the last election he survived a plane crash.  I am hoping the UKIP bubble will burst before the election, but he could get a seat.

Caroline Lucas (Greens): [Low]  Saturn conjunct her natal Mercury (mentally dispiriting).  Sadly, though the Greens have increasing popularity now, often this does not translate into success at the time of a General Election.

Will take a more in-depth look nearer the time.


Monday 15th: (Neutral) Saturn retrogrades back to Scorpio – revisiting some old angst

Monday 22nd: (High) Jupiter trine Uranus – Enterprising and Successful


Monday 3rd: (Low) Jupiter square Saturn – Stuckness, which may necessitate compromise

Tuesday 11th: 11.11am (U.K.) [Neutral] Jupiter enters Virgo – A revival of the work ethic. Good for the job market.  Also good for those interested in the numerology of the Master number 11, and planetary shifts.


Sunday 13th: (turning point) New Moon and Eclipse in Virgo – More industrial revival

Thursday 17th: (Low) Jupiter opposite Neptune – Religious fanaticism and confused moral perspectives

Friday 18th: (Neutral) Saturn re-enters Sagittarius – Change of focus, a little more hope perhaps

Monday 28th: (turning point) Full Moon and Eclipse in Aries – Conflict of interest


Sunday 11th: (High) Jupiter trine Pluto – A powerful day for positive change.  Perhaps the best aspect of the Year!


Thursday 26th: (Low) Saturn square Neptune – a sense of un-ease, in some ways difficult to pinpoint, but it is not a good time for diseases and epidemics, such as Ebola.

If I had to label this year overall I would dub it, in hope and expectation, the “Year of Relief”.


This afternoon Venus sextiles Saturn – and it is a good, sober time, to evaluate your New Year’s resolutions, if you have not already ditched them.  It is a good time for devising strategies to ensure you keep on track.

Tomorrow (Monday 5th) promises to be eventful on the aspect front.  First, Mercury enters Aquarius (hard on the heels of Venus).  They can work together to stimulate ideas and conversation, and literary and artistic projects.  If these are part of your resolution list, you will be supported in getting them under way now.

There’s a Full Moon in Cancer at 14 degrees, bringing out emotion and nostalgia.

The Sun squares the Nodal Axis, so power play will necessitate a balancing act.

In the evening Mercury sextiles Saturn, which can enable the balance you seek, at least on a mental level.  It is also good for formulating plans on a mental level, and having serious conversations.

Thursday (8th) finds the Mercury-Venus conjunction in semi-sextile relationship to Neptune.  Conversation and artistic projects will still be going on, but may run into complications, or need extreme refinement. Earlier in the day, the focus will be on the artistic content, and later in the day communication will be needing clarity.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – solid relationship
  • Tomorrow – mixed influences, high emotion and power play, then balance
  • Thursday – clarifications needed

Aspects for the week beginning 28 December 2014

The Diary

At this time of the year, we often receive a diary or two, or buy one suitable to our needs.  Some may have diary writing as part of their New Year’s resolution list.  But a dedication to the art of diary writing isn’t everyone’s priority, and many find it tedious.

On 1st January (2015) it will be exactly 50 years since I started writing a diary.  My mother gave me a 5-year diary for Christmas.  At the front there was a challenge: “Not many people will complete an entry for every day of this 5-year diary”.  It proved to be a challenge I could not resist.

Those 5 years, from the age of 15-20 were teen angst in the best tradition of Adrian Mole, or shall I call myself Adrienne?  It was vital for venting  hormonal problems, and self-analysis in those crucial years.

After those five years, I continued to write, and have not broken the stream of consciousness for 50 years.  In time, the diary evolved through being a dream diary, to a spiritual diary, and certainly preoccupations changed with the phases of life.

At the end of the 5 years I discovered Astrology.  Eventually I came to realize the incredible value of having a written personal record for many reasons, but especially for the purposes of Astrological research!

Now for the last 7 years I have written this blog, which is very much an extension of the diary, but in online form, and also acts as a historical and astrological archive, and reference to match past aspects with events, both personal and in current affairs.

If you are hesitating, pen poised, wondering “Shall I, or shan’t I?” then maybe being reminded of the value and many applications of diary writing will sway your quill or inspire you to write on line, or blog.


Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys, the diarist during the reign of Charles II and chronicler of the plague and the great fire of London, was a Piscean, but there is more than one date existing for his birth.

The first gives him an Ascendant of Sagittarius, conducive to diary writing, with the Moon (an everyday application) on the cusp of his 9th House, which rules some forms of writing.

The alternative chart gives him a Capricorn Ascendant, with the Moon rising (again, a daily discipline).

Both charts provide a conjunction of Mars and the Sun in the 3rd House of writing, providing an assiduous writing ethic, and much energy ploughed into the task.

Although his work proved a valuable historical document, it was encrypted in a form of shorthand, which method may be ascribed to the secrecy of Pisces.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born in Germany, but lived most of her (short) life in Amsterdam.  Her family hid from the Germans during the occupation of Amsterdam in the second World War.

Anne was a Gemini, which is the quintessential writer’s sign, but has the sensitive conjunction of the Moon and Neptune in her 1st House.  The diary is an expression  of her sensitive inner world and the turmoil of the family’s existence.  The Moon conjunct Neptune also reflects secrecy, including the secrecy of their lifestyle, as well as the complexity of her relationship with her mother.

The diary was given to her on her 13th birthday, 12th June 1942, which will have strengthened her Inner Writer.  She also has a vigorous aspect on this theme, with Mercury exactly sextile Mars.  She wrote over a period of about two years, and her diary was discovered by her father after her death.

Writing the diary was therapeutic and cathartic for her, and she wrote  about family life, her personal feelings, and events that were going on in her country.

Her last entry was 1st August 1944, ending on a poignant transit, Mars trine her natal Chiron, at what must have been a heart-wrenching time.

Tony Benn

Closer in time, Tony Benn, who died this year, after publishing his last volume, was a dedicated diarist, and wrote on personal themes, and historical and political ones.  His last volume, which chronicled his physical decline and ageing, is full of references to how tired he was.  In addition to his age (being well into his 80s), he had suffered for many years from a type of leukaemia.

His published diaries are extensive, and cover several decades of political activity, and public life.

I wrote when he died:

“I have read his diaries, and luckily for astrologers, he slips in the time of his birth within these pages. An Aries Sun often takes a lot of colour from the Ascendant in a chart, and in his case the ascendant is Virgo, which gave him a pedantic mind and a great deal of perfectionism, plus a predilection for diary writing.  The warriorship he displayed came from his Aries Sun, and Mars at the top of his chart – warriorship in action in his career and persona out in the world.”.

All these three diarists have left a valuable legacy.  Could your diary hold treasure for future generations?  The Catch-22 element is that a good diary needs the deeply personal element, and not many people would be willing for their work and life to be so exposed.  Samuel Pepys encrypted his, Anne Frank probably didn’t know hers would be published, but Tony Benn made it part of the art of his life to write and record and comment on society alongside living his life and was happy to publish and publicize  his inner and outer world.  He was a very open Sun in Aries.


The week’s aspects start on New Year’s Day itself, so there are a few days’ rest to digest the old year, before starting the process of a New Year.

Mars opposes Jupiter on New Year’s Day, an enthusiastic and active aspect!  It is a bit like an eager puppy leaping up at you as you enter a doorway.  So some aspects of that may be a little uncomfortable, unless you are geared for it, or have the energy from within to match and meet the greeting.  So it is a good day for making resolutions, and for physical activities such as power walking.  But it is also an aspect where you may overdo things, or be a bit reckless.

The Sun squares Uranus in the morning of Saturday 3rd, so again there is a theme of recklessness or incident-proneness.  You may want to take a different route that day, on your power walk.  But be aware of the unexpected, as you go.

Saturday is likely to be eventful, as the afternoon (in the U.K.) sees the entry of Venus into Aquarius.  You may leave behind some of the loyalties of late 2014, and look forward to new encounters.    The power-walk, or the dog walk, may bring new people  into your life.

You may well see Saturday as a signpost for the new year, so look out for signs, hints and clues strewn on your path about the new directions for your life.

The last aspect of the week, the Sun conjunct Pluto, close to midnight on Saturday, should concentrate your mind.  It will challenge you to more depth in your thinking and experience.  The beginning of the new year seems literally full of new departures.


Next Week: A look at 2015

The week in bullet points:

  • Thursday – frenetic
  • Saturday – the spanner in the works, new encounters, deep experiences


Aspects fior the week beginning 21 December 2014

Last minute gift ideas for the Zodiac signs

Physical: something to unwrap

Emotional: a gift from the heart

Mental: mind to mind

Spiritual: a transmission from the Soul


Physical: A football
Emotional: A Hug
Mental – Banter
Spiritual – Brotherhood


Physical: A paint palette
Emotional: A kiss
Mental: An invitation
Spiritual: Forgiveness


Physical: Newspaper subscription
Emotional: Space
Mental: A puzzle
Spiritual: Mental companionship


Physical: Kitchen tool
Emotional: Heart
Mental: Sympathy
Spiritual: Connectivity


Physical: A lamp
Emotional: Attention
Mental: Creativity
Spiritual: Mirroring


Physical: An organizer
Emotional: Privacy
Mental: Detail
Spiritual: An opportunity for service


Physical: Music CD

Emotional: Romance
Mental: Harmony
Spiritual: Unity


Phusical: Crime fiction
Emotional: Intensity
Mental: Challenge
Spiritual: Acceptance


Physical: A book token
Emotional: Joy
Mental: A good joke
Spiritual: Universalism


Physical: Tights

Emotional: Warmth
Mental: Respect
Spiritual: Kindness


Physical: Computer software
Emotional: Freedom
Mental: Telepathy
Spiritual: Futurism


Physical: A seascape painting
Emotional: Infinite permission
Mental: Letting go
Spiritual: Surrender, to the universe


Late evening today, Uranus is stationary, prior to turning direct.  That is good news if you have been trying to get into the flow, trying to surf a wave, or trying to skip in rhythm – all of which are much more achievable when Uranus goes direct.  You might have been trying to get into the spirit of Christmas, or just to catch up with yourself, either way you may suddenly feel it is all doable.

It all happens at the eleventh hour tonight, as the Winter Solstice follows shortly after, at 23.03 Hours.  It’s the beginning of the end of the dark nights, and that sense of ennui or fatigue which overtakes many at this time of the year.  The Sun enters Capricorn, and  the surface glamour of office parties largely over, it is time to get down to the serious business of Christmas: the attention to detail which will ensure it all goes smoothly, and contemplating the real and profound messages of the season.  Earth healing is also a focus for this point in the year.

Tomorrow early morning (Monday, 22nd) brings a New Moon at 0 degrees Capricorn, a bright start to the day and the week.  It favours aspirational ideas about the organization of our society and ethical politics.  Perhaps, while doing your Christmas food shop in your local supermarket, you might suddenly be struck by a yen to run for your local council in the next elections, or how you might bring out your work into the world next year.  It is a day when you can put a first foot forward on this theme.

Venus squares the North Node on Tuesday 23rd, as we edge nearer Christmas.  We may contemplate the karma we have with our nearest and dearest, and how we might negotiate that over the Christmas period.  We may contemplate group relations in general, and past life group situations: pow wows on the plains of North America, tribal negotiations on the cold windy steppes of Mongolia, staging the production of Greek tragedy in amphitheatres.  There are people you have travelled with century after century, and you may be about to reunite with them.

Saturn in Sagittarius

In the afternoon, a major development takes place: Saturn leaves Scorpio, which has been heavy going, and enters Sagittarius, which Astrologers generally are welcoming (except for Sagittarian Astrologers of a certain age, who remember the entry of Saturn into Sagittarius 29 Years ago).  But, a change is as good as a rest, and you may have been battling heavy issues for the two and a half years of Saturn’s sojourn in Scorpio, which may look more refreshing under Saturn in Sagittarius.  There certainly seemed to be an increase in violence in society and around the world during Saturn’s trip through Scorpio.  Saturn may lighten up in Sagittarius, and see the lighter side of life.  There may be an attitude of “Why not laugh about your problems?”.  For Sagittarians though, and depending on where their Sun is placed in that sign, they may feel pinned down to a sense of reality which is not natural to their make-up.  Rose-tinted glasses, for instance, may have to be swapped for crystal clear lenses.

Christmas Day’s aspects are not easy – I wish I could say otherwise.  Mercury gets tangled up in the Uranus-Pluto square early on.  In the early hours, when Santa is trying to deliver the presents, hampered by the monopolizing activities of Amazon, Mercury squares Uranus.  Perhaps the grandson staying with you decides to go on an exploratory tour at the strategic moment you are putting the toys in a stocking.  It is a mentally strung out square, so maybe people have been trying too hard to prepare for Christmas, and find they are too overwrought to sleep.

Later on, around dawn, Mercury conjuncts Pluto, and the mental intensity deepens.  Don’t tell me you forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer!  How could you?  If you are a vegetarian like me, it might be a Freudian slip…And this year has been rife with tales of how poultry contains campylobacter and such like.  Honestly, you can’t take chances when you are hosting meat eaters.  The nut roast will be fine, though.

With all that mental tension, and the surfacing of the dysfunctional in order to arrive at the more functional family atmosphere, here is the game for large gatherings:


(related to Psychodrama and Family Constellation therapy)

Divide up into groups of three, and each member of the group takes on the role of either Mercury (the Messenger), Uranus (the Rebel) and Pluto (the Transformer).

Each group then puts on an improvised Mike Leigh style short play, and the group who produces the best play, wins.

If you are having a solitary Christmas, you can feel relieved not to need to expend energy on group efforts, and can hopefully attend to your personal needs and tastes, and any inner tensions or  difficult memories.

But there is scope later on in the day for healing and having a good time, in the form of a sextile between Mercury and Chiron.  With all the accent on Mercury, you may find that Geminis and Virgos will somehow find themselves in the centre of the action on Christmas Day.  Later on, they may play a central role in the healing, and bringing everyone together after earlier irritability.  However, they need to relax themselves, as they could overstrain their nervous system or tolerance to alcohol, which may result in a Boxing Day hangover.

Geminis and Virgos, you can’t afford to get a hangover, for on Boxing Day you may again find yourselves at the centre of a rabble, with Mercury squaring the Nodal Axis.  Petty squabbles and disputes, or a sense of anti-climax may threaten to spoil what could be a civilized day with excellent conversation and more sensible eating.  Each person plays their part in winding up the Christmas season successfully, so don’t leave it all to the Mercury types.  In other words, don’t shoot the messenger, Mrs. Peacock, with the revolver in the library.

On Saturday 27th the revelries may officially be over, and the early hours (in the U.K.) may bring a sense of peace, with a sextile between the Sun and Neptune.  There may have been dramas, but there may also have been resolution.  A sense of spirituality reigns, perhaps after some tension held sway part of the time.  Perfect peace, and the sense of taking part in a group meditation may be the lingering impression of Christmas.

All that remains is for me to wish you, my dear readers, a very Merry Christmas!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a favourable surprise twist, and the celebration of the return of the light
  • Tomorrow – new beginnings
  • Tuesday – relationships under the karmic microscope; a new perspective on old problems
  • Xmas Day – much mental communication, some of it exhausting, culminating in healing
  • Boxing Day – karmic interaction
  • Saturday – serenity