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Aspects for the week beginning 24 July 2016

Current State of the Labour Party

Since the European Referendum, the Labour Party has been tearing itself apart.  The seeds of disunity were there before the Referendum, but the Brexit vote by the British public was the trigger, for first a failed coup, and now a new leadership contest.

There are two existent charts for the Labour Party: 27th February 1900 and 12th February 1906, both drawn up for 12 Noon in the absence of a precise time.

The character of the first chart shows Sun in Pisces, with 3 planets in Sagittarius.  Pluto opposes the North Node in Sagittarius and Neptune exactly opposes the Chiron at 24 degrees Sagittarius.  The Moon is in Aquarius.

The character of the second chart shows the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Chiron in Aquarius, with Sun/Venus being in exact conjunction.   The Moon of this chart is in Libra.  In keeping with socialist principles, this second chart would seem to accord more with the nature of the institution.

In assessing the impact of the European Referendum on these two charts, however, there is much more impact on the first chart.  On 23rd June, Jupiter was exactly square the Nodal Axis, and furthermore the Nodal Axis was conjunct Jupiter and therefore exactly square the Nodal Axis, creating a Grand Cross.  That is a major karmic impact.  Saturn was exactly conjunct the Labour Party Uranus (earthquake!).  Uranus was sextile its Neptune (a need for awakening) and trine its Chiron (a sharp call for healing), Neptune was square its Uranus (chaos) and Pluto was exactly square its Venus (personal relationships ripped apart).

By contrast, the transits for the second chart show Mars squaring its Sun/Venus (inflamed passions).


The battle raging now is a battle for the heart and soul of the party, to determine whether it goes forward with its original principles (Jeremy Corbyn) or a watered down version to please more MPs (currently represented by Owen Smith).  New Labour (as represented by Tony Blair’s regime) is now out of favour, although many Labour MPs still believe in it.  After the referendum, some of the failure of the Remain campaign was put down to Jeremy Corbyn’s lukewarm attitude towards remaining, though officially he was on the remain side of the debate.

Jeremy Corbyn

I would rather not be writing about this subject this morning, partly because we have an internal schism in this very household!  Hubby believes that, as accused, Jeremy Corbyn has indeed proved to be an ineffective leader.  I still want to have a Labour leader with the values that he espouses, plus I have no problem with getting rid of Trident (as a pacifist) which is a sticking point for some.  But there are reports of dirty tricks on both sides of the divide, and our local Labour group, of which we have been members for the last year and regularly attended meetings, are all fervent Corbynistas – so much so, that hubby can barely get a word in edgeways.  Awkward!  Things can be tense over the low blood sugar dinner table, but I have told hubby I am not putting the Labour Party above our marriage.

I wrote about Jeremy’s chart a year ago:

“Sun in Gemini Jeremy Corbyn has 6 of his 10 planets in Air signs, so is a Thinker.  He has 0 Water planets, which reinforces the tendency to reason, although he is not without passion with his Moon conjunct Mars in Taurus.  His speaking talent is shown by Mercury conjunct Venus by 1 degree in Gemini, with a sextile to Pluto giving that depth.  Mercury-Venus also trines Neptune, which gives him his idealism and the ability to put this across.  He is very grounded, with an exact sextile between Uranus (the Rebel) and Saturn (Authority), and can balance these forces well.  His Sun is trine Jupiter, which helps promote a buoyant outlook.  His Sun opposes Chiron, so he has to maintain a balance in his health.  Authenticity is part of his karmic mission, with North Node in Aries.  We do not have his birth time, but know his Part of Fortune is in the 12th House, so he has a quiet sense of inner security.”

As I mentioned at the time, transiting Uranus was on Jeremy’s North Node during the Referendum vote, a sudden change in karmic progress.  That proved to be very accurate.

How does his chart square up to the two Labour charts?  Again, he seems to have more affinity, and karmic connection, with the first chart:  his Mercury/Venus on the South Node (a past life affinity with its principles), Venus conjunct its Pluto (a great affection for its deepest values), Uranus trine its Mars (the ability to proclaim its message energetically), and Pluto sextile its Pluto (a deep psychological connection and affinity).  His North Node trines exactly the Chiron of the Labour Party chart, so his karmic mission is an attempt to heal it (though some would accuse him of tearing it apart – this is the healing crisis).

With the second chart, his Sun sextiles its Mars (an energetic connection), and his Mercury trines its Mercury (intellectual compatibility and oratory).

Owen Smith

Moving on now to the new incumbent, who saw off Angela Eagle to become the sole contender against Jeremy Corbyn, we have Owen Smith in the other corner.  Owen Smith has 0 Water planets in his chart.  Despite the warm toned voice, he is fairly lacking in emotion astrologically speaking.  But then, so is Jeremy, who also has 0 planets in Water! Jeremy is mostly air (intellectual theory), but Owen has 4 planets in Earth (so is quite practical and pragmatic).  Owen can also be quite authoritarian and strong willed (Sun exactly conjunct Saturn in Taurus), and his leadership aspirations (manifesting so early in his political career) come from the Sun sextile his North Node (karmic mission).  His Mercury trines Pluto, so he is confident of his intellectual power and psychological perceptions.  His Venus is trine exactly Uranus, so he has social popularity.  He has Mars trine Uranus in his chart in Air signs, and would have skill in engineering (he has worked in biotechnology), or even social engineering.  His Mars exactly squares the Nodal Axis, so he is a fighter but he could also divide people (although his stated aim is to unite the party).  I do not personally believe he has the depth and experience to provide a viable leadership, but he seems to be the best candidate the MPs could throw up.

The transits for Owen when Angela Eagle withdrew from the Labour leadership race this week were not outstanding: Mars was sextile his Pluto, giving him some impetus, Saturn was opposite his Mars (a difficult responsibility), and Neptune was sextile his Sun/Saturn conjunction (implying that this is an exercise of spiritual growth for his Soul).

He too has more connection with the first chart for Labour, though nothing like the intimate connection that Jeremy has.  Owen’s Mars squares the Labour Sun (again emphasizing strife and division, rather than unity) and opposes its Jupiter (injecting some revival of fire within the party).  This enthusiasm is reinforced by his Jupiter exactly trine the Labour Party Mars.  Owen’s Pluto squares the Labour Party Neptune (a deep challenge) and squares its Chiron, creating a T-square and deepening the challenge.

With the second chart, his Uranus opposes the Labour Mars (emphasizing rebellion and hinting at participation in a coup).

Labour Leadership Election

The new leader will become known on 24th September 2016.

At this time, Uranus (need for change) will still be on Jeremy Corbyn’s North Node.  If he wins, as is very likely, he will need to change in order to work with other MPs.  Around that time (19th September to be precise) Jupiter will be trine his Jupiter, indicating success.  It could be that a few days before the result, the polls will show a good standing for him, and the polls might be accurate.  A win for him at that time will still bring many problems in its wake as to how to go forward for the party in general, how to resolve differences, whether he can actually form a Shadow Cabinet, and most crucially whether the party will split altogether.

The astrological showing for Owen at that time is most lacklustre: Neptune squares his natal Mars, which could leave him confused and wondering about his direction.  This slow-moving transit does not become exact until 1st/2nd November, at which time he may be under pressure to change his tune.

In a consistent pattern occurring right through this study, the first Labour Party chart again has the most resonance looking at this period.  Mars trines its Mars (onwards), Jupiter squares its Saturn (dilemmas to resolve), Uranus sextile its Neptune (new ideas) and Neptune square Jupiter (trying to keep the faith, but which faith?).

How will the party go forward?  It is anybody’s guess; the same dilemmas will exist, and there will still be divisions.  It’ll be time for another blog on the subject no doubt.


The aspects begin on Wednesday (27th) this week, which gives time for those readers who don’t manage to read this at the starting position!  Mercury trines Uranus on that day, which is mentally stimulating and sparkling.  Your mind may be crowded with new ideas, and communication will be zippy.  Make the most of this opportunity, because Uranus is about to go retrograde.

There are three aspects to Mercury this week, so again Geminis and Virgos seem to be strongly affected.  By Friday (29th), Mercury squares Mars, so all this heightened communication may become irritating, wearing you to a frazzle mentally.  Too many emails, too many messages on Facebook, words spoken in haste, that sort of thing.  Minor accidents or incidents could also be possible, such as minor cuts and bruises.  Your instincts may be to work fast, but it would be wiser to slow down and become more contemplative.  You might find that you are trying to work to a deadline, but examine whether that is just a mental construct which you might be able to let go of.

In the evening, Uranus does make that turn, and this may affect long term plans, and the performance of the technologies people rely on so much.  Interestingly, it is the date for the deadline on free conversion to the dreaded Windows 10.  I took the plunge this week accordingly (facilitated by hubby) without any adverse effects.  So if you are reading this, and you are still not plugged into Windows 10, may I remind you of this deadline.  So with Uranus going into spanner-in-the-works mode on Friday evening, you may find that some types of plans (mainly communication or technology based) grind to a halt, or go backwards.  This may cause consternation, but remember that timing is all.  It may just not be the right time for something to go through.  Put your attention elsewhere for the time being.

On Saturday (30th) Mercury enters Virgo.  It may seem too early to be knuckling down to Autumn work schedules or academic planning, but astrologically it is the perfect time.  You can still have some summer holiday fun (indeed with the U.K. weather we seem to have only just got started), but if you can find time to do some early research or documentation you may find that it flows just now.  I always set 31st July as my tax return starting point, so am hoping that Mercury going into Virgo will assist that painful process.

In the meantime, happy holidays!  We will still have the Sun and Venus in Leo to play with.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – brilliant minds
  • Friday – mental fractiousness and disruption
  • Saturday – quiet application

Aspects for the week beginning 17 July 2016

Theresa May

Another tumultuous week: On Monday, Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the Conservative leadership contest, disrupting Angela Eagle’s Labour leadership bid (Mercury square Uranus), David Cameron stepped down as Prime Minister and Theresa May prepared to take on that mantle.  Theresa May met the Queen and was asked to form a cabinet on Wednesday, and surprised us with some of her appointments: it was portrayed as a brutal culling of the existing order (the Notting Hill set) by the media.  On Thursday evening, a lorry driver ploughed through crowds in Nice (Mars quincunx Uranus), killing at least 84 people; and on Friday evening, there was an attempted coup in Turkey (Sun square Uranus), killing at least 265.  It is all too much for the head, heart and soul.  I intend to concentrate today on Theresa May, our new Prime Minister, and though there is much I could write about her new cabinet, I will keep that to a bare minimum.

Her Birthchart

My 2014 reading of Theresa’s chart was:

“Theresa’s chart shows Saturn conjunct the North Node (a serious responsible life purpose working through politics) squaring Pluto (her struggles have a life or death quality to them).  Mercury sextiles the North Node/Saturn conjunction, so she is able to concentrate her mind and apply it to concerns which are important to her.  Her Sun in Libra sextiles Uranus, and she is capable of thinking outside the box.  Her Jupiter opposite Mars shows a fiery side, but there is also an interest in healing situations (Sun trine Chiron) and diplomacy (Mars in Pisces and Sun in Libra) which may show up later in life.”

Her Mars in Pisces is interesting, and I would like to pick that up.  Mars represents the Inner Warrior in the chart, and David Ruffley has been quoted as observing:

“She has developed a reputation for being a very tough operator and an incredibly successful Whitehall warrior.”  She has been applauded for staying in the difficult post of Home Secretary for 6 years.

In Complete Astrology by Alan Oken, he describes Mars in Pisces thus:

“There is either a tendency toward a lack of cohesive direction in personal goals or an ability to bring together many facets of a situation, so that one is in a controlling if somewhat clandestine position.  Mars in Pisces can therefore make a great strategist or an incompetent.”

From being hailed a few years ago as a possible future Prime Minister, she kept her head down for a while, biding her time…

A different facet of her Mars in Pisces is a sensitivity and some compassion.  She was the first to observe that the Conservative Party had come to be thought of as the “Nasty Party” in 2002, and was anxious to provide a different prospect this week when setting out her stall.

In her inaugural speech, she made much of the principle of Unity, a province of her Sun sign Libra, but it must be remembered that Margaret Thatcher (the first female Prime Minister) was a Libran, and so was David Cameron (not particularly known for being a unifying force).  Her Sun is however closely trine Chiron in Aquarius (which is healing and humanitarian).  She may not have developed the healing potential of her Aquarian Inner Healer (Chiron) however, as human rights have not been a priority in her record.  On the plus side, her Chiron in Aquarius can be a staunch defender of the underdog, as seen in her protection of Gary McKinnon.

Transits this week

Some have greatness thrust upon them, and this week it was Theresa’s time.

In the aftermath of the European Referendum, when it was clear that she was a strong contender for the leadership, Theresa had a Jupiter Return to its natal position in Virgo.  This is a work related boost, though we do not have her birth time and do not know which House this falls into in her natal chart.

Andrea Leadsom stepping down on Monday was the catalyst for the sequence of events which put Theresa May in the top job earlier than expected.  Jupiter was on David Cameron’s Pluto, releasing him from a great deal of inner struggle (so much so that he was filmed humming as he turned into 10 Downing Street).  For Theresa May, Uranus (Change) was trine exactly her natal Venus, bringing about a personal change in circumstances, including what will be a change of home.


Theresa is sincere and hardworking, and willing to fight for what she believes in, and is thought to be a safe pair of hands (Saturn conjunct North Node; Mercury sextile Saturn), as is her choice of Chancellor, Philip Hammond.  Her other cabinet choices are in some cases bizarre: specifically Boris Johnson (tactless abroad) as Foreign Secretary, Andrea Leadsom in Environment (something of a climate denier, and wanting to bring back fox hunting; Caroline Lucas is very disappointed with this appointment). Words fail me in the continuation of Jeremy Hunt as “protector” of the N.H.S. (currently embroiled in a bitter dispute with Junior Doctors and wishing to impose the new contract, when a new Health Minister could have changed the energy).  One wonders if she would like to hoist them by their own petards – if so, that is quite a gamble.

She notably took the opportunity to dispatch Michael Gove, with whom she had had run-ins in the past.  His Sun squares her Nodal Axis – so there are power struggles brought through from past lives, as well as the recent government.  She is said to have reprimanded him for his lack of trustworthiness.

Personal Life and Marriage

 Like Angela Merkel, she is a Vicar’s daughter.  Another parallel has been drawn by the Financial Times, describing her as a “non-ideological politician with a ruthless streak who gets on with the job” in a comparison.

In religion, her  Christian faith “is part of me. It is part of who I am and therefore how I approach things”.

She took the subject of Geography at Oxford, where she was introduced to her husband Philip May by none other than Benazir Bhutto.  I was curious to see what kind of synastry would consist of this matchmaking relationship.  Benazir’s Sun was trine Theresa’s Neptune and sextile her Pluto.  Benazir’s Venus was sextile exactly Theresa’s Mars (particularly fitting for matchmaking).  In addition, Benazir’s Uranus was sextile exactly Theresa’s Jupiter (opportunity and luck).  Linking Theresa and Philip, Benazir may well be part of their Soul Group.

Philip, who is a Banker, has been praised for his sartorial elegance this week, and Theresa’s Libran Sun also displays an interest in fashion, especially shoes.  On Desert Island Discs the luxury item she picked was a subscription to Vogue.


Theresa was very upfront and responsible about declaring her diagnosis of diabetes, and firm about the intention that it would not affect her career performance.  She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in November 2012.  At that time, Neptune was opposite her Pluto, and Pluto was square her natal Sun, both very challenging transits.  She revealed on Desert Island Discs that she receives four insulin injections daily.

Astrologically, Venus rules diabetes, and natally her Venus squares Saturn, conjuncts Pluto and squares her Nodal Axis, all difficult aspects.

In Louise L. Hay’s metaphysical system diabetes represents “Longing for what might have been.  A great need to control. Deep sorrow.  No sweetness left.”  She has a strong Saturn in her make up, and may need to lighten up.  Well, lighten up she did this week – I have never seen her smile so much!  With overseeing Brexit (even though she has put staunch Brexiters in charge) she has her work cut out, so it is good to see that she is taking over the mantle of Prime Minister with an appetite for the job.

UK Chart

Saturn squares Uranus in the U.K. Chart this week, an attempt at stamping order and authority on a situation of rebellion and chaos (not mentioning the chaos within the Labour Party at this time).  I use the 1922 chart for the United Kingdom, but a friend has pointed out that Pluto currently transits the Mercury of the 1066 Chart.

In her relationship with the U.K., her closest interaspects with the 1922 chart are Venus square Venus (needs some work to achieve harmony) and her Uranus on its I.C. (stirring and fairly uneasy, perhaps indicative of her decisive cabinet changes).

Conservative Party Chart

The transits to the Conservative Party this week has some positivity (at least they got their act together much more quickly than the Labour Party).  Jupiter sextiles the Sun in its chart (a golden opportunity), Chiron sextiles its Moon (some emotional healing) and trines its Saturn (more solidity), Venus trines its Venus (some harmony restored), Neptune trines its Uranus (subtle benefits), the North Node exactly trines its Pluto (deep karmic change) and Jupiter trine its Ascendant (all good, then!)

Theresa May’s own relationship with the Conservative Party reveals her North Node conjunct the Party Venus (a close personal tie, and karmic), her Saturn square its Jupiter (she will keep it in line!), and her Jupiter trine its Ascendant (very favourable; bear in mind she has her Jupiter Return still operating now).

Future Trends

Pluto is close to a trine with her natal Jupiter now.  This becomes exact next January, around 27th.  That may be a moment when she feels she has got into her stride with the task.  She sounds likely to hold off a general election, and is also biding her time with Brexit, not intending to press the red button of Article 50 just yet.  Maybe she will have the confidence to do so around then, or stamp her style on the premiership in some other way.


Today the Sun trines Mars, so seize the day!  The weather is also hotting up here in the U.K., currently 75 degrees F in Norfolk, projected to rise to 84 degrees on Tuesday.  It is a good day for energetic pursuits, new exercise regimes, barbecues, car repairs and dog walks.

The Sun is also trine Chiron today, boosting healing efforts, and solving problems, and uniting the Party (well Angela Eagle and Owen Smith, Labour leadership contenders and opponents did appear on the same orange sofa on the Andrew Marr show today).  The Sun, Mars and Chiron form a Water Grand Trine in the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces respectively.  So much can be accomplished, at any rate on an emotional level.

The Mars trine Chiron component of this Grand Trine favours activities which are based on healing, such as movement meditations (e.g. Tai Chi and Qigong).

Tuesday (19th) presents us with a trine between Mercury and Saturn early on, enabling us to get our documentation up to date, and any teaching materials up to scratch.  Communication will be serious, constructive and sensible.

When you have your practical and written tasks ticked, you may have to deal with tensions arising from the upcoming Full Moon at the end of Capricorn, which peaks very late in the day.  Preoccupations of Capricorn are connected with the structures of our lives, e.g. housing.  In society and in the world, it represents politics, governments, authorities, and public institutions.  This may bring such issues to the forefront that evening.

The Full Moon over, we are free to enjoy a trine between Venus and Saturn on Wednesday (20th).  It is time to appreciate the loyalties of our nearest and dearest relationships, and their presence in our lives.  It is not a demonstrative aspect, but there is a great deal of unspoken affection, and acknowledgement of those who are in our team or our tribe.

On Friday (22nd) the Sun enters Leo, and the collective tone moves from family and emotion (Sun in Cancer) to festivity and enjoyment of life, and hopefully sunshine.  The Sun proclaims it is holiday season.  The projected temperature in the U.K. is 72 degrees, so let’s hope the Sun, both astrological and meteorological, lives up to its promise.  For those of you who are Leos, you’ll be expected to live up to your reputation as the life and soul of the party, and organizers of Busby Berkeley (Jupiter in Leo) style extravanganzas.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a golden opportunity for action and healing
  • Tuesday – knuckle down early, then process your emotions
  • Wednesday – honour your relationships
  • Friday – the holiday season officially begins

Aspects for the week beginning 10 July 2016

A Compatibility Guide for Cancerians

Are you a Cancerian, or do you have a friend, relative or partner born under that sign?

Cancerian Sun with Aries Sun

The approach to life for these two are poles apart.  The Aries wonders why the Cancerian has to make life so complicated.  It’s straightforward isn’t it?  And the Cancerian wonders how the Aries can fail to get emotionally involved.  The Crab may sometimes judge the Aries pronouncements as insensitive.  It is not the easiest of connections.

Cancerian Sun with Taurus Sun

These two both enjoy domestic activities, so the combination can make for domestic bliss, or a great team in the kitchen.  A harmonious pair, who can create a nurturing and supportive environment for others.

Cancerian Sun with Gemini Sun

Cancerians may be too emotional for the Gemini, and Gemini could be too unemotional for the Cancerian.  However, both of them are changeable, and it may depend on their mood on the day.  Their biorhythms do not always coincide, with Gemini’s moods dependant on the vicissitudes of Mercury, and the Cancerian’s on the phases of the Moon.  Conversely, they can help balance out each other’s mood.

Cancerian Sun with Cancerian Sun

People of the same sign have the potential to understand each other to a great degree.  This combination is great for home and family life, though emotionally they could create an insular world, and possibly foster any latent tendencies to agoraphobia.  Their emotional biorhythms are likely to run parallel, which may be great at the New Moon, but highly tense and emotional at the Full Moon.

Cancerian Sun with Leo Sun

People of neighbouring signs often have planets in each other’s sign.  Therefore their planets may mingle, which will give them something in common.  It can be a good combination for parenting, with the Cancerians #lovin’familylife and Leos adopting a paternalistic role.

Cancerian Sun with Virgo Sun

This is another harmonious pairing.  It can also assist domestic bliss.  The Cancer/Virgo emphasis may be on getting the home shipshape.  Virgo will get everything just so, and Cancer will make the place feel like home.  They may also have a shared interest in nutrition, the Cancerian liking to nurture in general, and the Virgoan having an interest in healthy eating.  A healthy eating catering business could be a going concern.

Cancerian Sun with Libra Sun

This is not such an easy pairing, the two signs being squared.  However, if they are both interested in home-making, they can pull together, with Libra having a say in interior design, furnishing and fabric.  Another possible area of bonding is music: Cancerians are skilled in musical rhythm, such as the drum section of a band, and Libran talents include singing and playing other musical instruments.  There is also a basic gentleness about both signs, which could prove a harmonious backdrop to a life together.

Cancerian Sun with Scorpio Sun****

This pairing works very well, the emotions of the two flowing in synch like the currents of an underground river.  There may be times they do not need to speak, as they can feel each other’s emotions and heartbeats.  They can look after each other well, and can be soulmates.

Cancerian Sun with Sagittarius Sun

This is not a natural pairing, unless one of them has the Ascendant in the other’s sign.  Cancerians like to be rooted, and Sagittarius is happy to be rootless.  So living arrangements may be difficult.

Cancerian Sun with Capricorn Sun

These two make an excellent foundation for home and family, complementing each other’s make up and skills.  They are able to make satisfying arrangements when it comes to the work/life balance, and are both natural parents.  There may be some tension, due to their opposite polarity.

Cancerian Sun with Aquarius Sun

Like Cancer/Saggy, this is not a natural pairing, and they may struggle to find common ground.  The Cancerians natural habitat is emotion and instinct (Water) and the Aquarian lives on a plane of intellect (Air) and intuition (Uranus).  As with Cancer/Saggy too, if one of them has the Ascendant in the other’s Sun sign, that can give the relationship some common ground.  Living designs could also be difficult to reconcile, in that Cancerians like to collect or hoard, and Aquarians like to streamline.

Cancerian Sun with Pisces Sun****

Here is another pairing which can be blissful, with plenty of shared emotion and sensitivity.  Life for these two together can be a sentimental journey.  They can live in a world of their own though, and need to ensure they are part of a wider group for grounding.


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.


A good start to the week is enabled by the Sun sextile Jupiter early this morning.  This should put a spring in your step, even if the weather still hasn’t cottoned on to the fact that it is summer in the U.K.  Will they need the roof on Centre Court this afternoon for the men’s final at Wimbledon?  And if so, will that favour Andy Murray?  Let’s hope these questions distract you from Brexit and whether or not Angela Eagle will stand against Jeremy Corbyn today for the Labour leadership.  And these are just our U.K. dilemmas…substitute your own if you are reading abroad.  A lot of our aspects this week take place very early in the day, so adjust that to the night before for the U.S. and mid afternoon for Australia.

It’s a good day for projecting positive affirmations and visualizations for the coming week, and tomorrow there is a positive trine between Mercury and Mars, which is an influence under which you can get things done and get things moving.  If you are born under Gemini, Virgo or Aries particularly, you will be able to co-ordinate mind and body successfully in your efforts, whether it is for office reorganization or mowing the lawn.  But at the same time, Mercury will be square Uranus, so there could be some mental tension as well, or a spanner in the works (in this case a paper jam in the printer, or a spanner in the lawn mower).  This aspect will especially affect Geminis, Virgos and Aquarians.  So some hitch may turn up just when you feel you are getting somewhere.  However, things may right themselves spectacularly when Mercury then trines Chiron, again affecting Geminis and Virgos.  You could end the day feeling all’s right with the world after all, and sensing possibilities for healing.

On Tuesday (12th) Venus enters Leo, so dry your tears from Venus in Cancer, and put your glad rags on and go out and have a good time.  With Sun still sextile Jupiter, there could be a real holiday atmosphere.  If it is still raining, don’t let it interfere with your planned leisure activities or outings.  If you are stuck in the office, get creative (paint a beach scene mural on the wall).

Mercury joins Venus in Leo on Thursday (14th) reinforcing any intentions of having a good time, and focussing on enjoying the summer.  The Hedonist Archetype can come out to play.  It’s a good time for interacting with children, or grandchildren, and exploring life through their eyes.

Saturday (16th) has a different time scale (not the early morning starts we had for the aspects the rest of the week) and a contrast of effects.  At lunchtime in the U.K. Uranus squares the Sun, and disruption or erratic behaviour may be the dominant feature of your activities.  The lawn mower may get stuck again, and the problem may be more than just a spanner.  So there’s some problem-solving to do, which may involve quick-thinking, or future vision.

In the evening, Mercury conjuncts Venus, so that adds a blessing to any socializing you’re engaged in.  Discussions will be creative and interesting, forming bridges between minds and hearts.  This should seal the week with an air of contentment.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – look forward with optimism
  • Tomorrow – mixed fortunes, mainly positive
  • Tuesday – play time
  • Thursday – more play time
  • Saturday – disrupted brunch, evening harmony

Aspects for the week beginning 3 July 2016 – Wimbledon 2

Wimbledon 2016 – Week 2

That first week was quite rain-drenched at Wimbledon, and there is some catching up to do to remain on schedule.  We have had the upset of top Seeds going out (Djokovic at No. 1 and Wawrinka, No. 4 men’s Seeds and Muguruza No. 2 ladies Seed).  Muguruza leaving makes it easier for Serena Williams to come out on top.

So here is a look at the next Seeds coming up, to start the final week.  As usual, I will be adding commentary as we go along.

Men’s Singles

Kei Nishikori – No. 5 Seed

Nishikori’s chart is very Capricornian, with Uranus/Sun, Neptune, Saturn Moon and Mercury in that sign!  That is 6 of his 10 planets.  He is not completely Capricornian, though.  The proximity of Uranus to his Sun (2 degrees) opposing Jupiter (2 degrees) means he is more flamboyant.  But all that Capricorn makes him very grounded.  He has 7 planets in the Cardinal signs, which makes him a leader (in a sport which is not necessarily about leadership).  Jupiter opposes Uranus exactly which means he is more of a risk-taker than the average Capricorn, calculated risk-taking being a large part of high level tennis playing.  Saturn conjuncts Neptune (by 4 degrees) opposed by Chiron, so depression could plague him from time to time.  One of his greatest strengths is Saturn closely sextile his Pluto, Pluto strengthening the innate perseverance of his ruling planet Saturn to a high degree. Pluto trine Chiron is also an asset in weathering extremely difficult situations psychologically.

At the beginning of week 2, Nishikori has Jupiter sextile his Chiron, which is very strong for keeping body and soul together, plus Neptune sextile his Neptune (spiritually at one), plus Pluto sextile his Pluto (psychologically rock solid). Things look good for him. At the end of Wimbledon, Neptune is still sextile Neptune, and Pluto is still sextile Pluto, but Pluto is on his natal Saturn, which is not so favourable.  That lessens his chances of making the final.

Milos Raonic – No. 6 Seed

I wrote in 2014:

“Milos has 5 planets plus the North Node in the sign of Capricorn- a steadfast line up for a tennis player.  His Venus is exactly trine Pluto, giving him a strong presence on and off the court.  Mars trines his North Node closely, so it is important for him to attain and sustain a peak fitness.  His serve is highly praised in the tennis world, and that may be a product of his Mars-North Node trine.”

At the beginning of week 2, he has Mars opposite his natal Mars (the possibility of injury, or loss of temper).  But Jupiter is trine his Neptune, which could regulate his mood on a higher level (e.g. rising above all those close calls).  Saturn is also trine his Jupiter, which is steadying, though he may incline to err on the side of caution.  At the end of Wimbledon, Jupiter is trine his Venus (which is celebratory and successful), but Uranus will be forming a T-square with his exact natal Saturn-Chiron opposition (so he will be very tense).  He will need a little luck to come through.

Richard Gasquet – No. 7 Seed

I have written about Gasquet before: “…Venus exactly on the Ascendant in Leo, which makes him astrologically a bit of an Adonis.  But tenniswise it means he is a showman and greatly competitive.  The competition is a very serious matter, as Saturn is at the beginning of the 5th House of Sport closely trine his natal Ascendant/Venus.”

At the beginning of this second week, Mercury sextiles his Mercury (a minor aspect, but favouring his nervous system). But Uranus squares his Mars (a possibility of injury or upset) which could prevent him reaching the final at some stage this week.  At the end of Wimbledon Chiron is square his Sun (again, a possibility of injury), with no other strong aspects to back him up.  On that reckoning, his appearance in the final looks unlikely.

Tomas Berdych – No. 10 Seed

Here’s my analysis from 2015:

“As a Virgoan, Tomas is very analytical, but he has a sense of showmanship with Venus and Mars in Leo.  We do not have his birth time, so his Moon could be in Libra or Scorpio.  If in Scorpio, that would make him extremely emotionally intense as the Moon would be conjunct with Pluto in that sign.  There is a lot of seriousness overall in his make up, with the Sun exactly sextile Saturn, and Venus exactly square Saturn.  His great energy is coming from Mars closely sextile Pluto.  He has hidden depths, and a very strong will (5 of his 10 planets in Fixed signs).”

At the beginning of week 2, he has minor transit Mercury trine his natal Mercury, again strengthening to his nervous system.  But Jupiter squares his natal Uranus (a risk too far), which may dominate his performance, dotting it with errors.  If he were to make it right through to the final, he will have Mars sextile his Sun (energy and strength), Uranus trine his Venus (surprise), and Mars on his Saturn (a loosening of inhibition, but also tension).  Therefore his prospects at the end of this week are better that those early this week, if he can go so far.

Ladies Singles

Simona Halep – No.5 Seed

From 2014:

“She has Neptune conjunct her North Node natally.  This points to spiritual leadership potential, so she may have many followers who do not only follow her for her tennis playing.  She is Libran, one of the commonest Sun signs for tennis skill, because it involves a close monitoring of the person the other side of the net!”

At the beginning of week 2, Pluto is square her Mars, which raises the possibility of injury, and doesn’t help her keep her cool.  But Jupiter trines her Neptune, so somehow she may be able to keep her equilibrium on a higher level.  The Pluto threat could really upset the applecart, though.

Roberta Vinci – No.6 Seed

It’s my first time looking at Roberta Vinci.  She has two stunningly placed exact conjunctions: Venus conjunct Mars in Pisces (balancing her male and female side in this incarnation) and Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius (the Inner Entrepreneur).  She also has a stunning trine composed of her Sun in the last degree of Aquarius (which could be very socially evolved) trine her natal Pluto at the end of Libra (emotional and psychological intelligence).

At the beginning of the second week, Chiron is on her Mars (a physical or health battle), which does not make things easy for her at this time, but she has great inner resources.  At the end of Wimbledon if she gets through, Mars trines her Venus (some physical resilience), but Chiron is still on her Mars.  That doesn’t look strong enough for a win.

Venus Williams – No. 8 Seed

Venus, of course, is no stranger to these pages, but she is looking stronger this year than in recent times, struggling with her debilitating Sjogren’s Syndrome.  In her natal chart, Venus has Venus conjunct her Sun in Gemini, which indicates her interest in fashion.  Libra rises in her chart, emphasizing the rulership of Venus.  She has the Moon conjunct Jupiter, which gives emotional positivity, and may reflect the strong women of her family.  Mars is conjunct Saturn, so she has a great deal of control physically.

At the beginning of week 2, she has minor aspect Mercury sextile her Mercury (her wits about her), Uranus sextile her Venus (strong intuition and power to surprise).  The North Node conjuncts her Mars, which could be a karmic reward physically (there is a chance of injury, but the way she is playing it seems more a karmic strength).  Venus trines her Ascendant, which though a minor aspect indicates a feeling of harmony.  So good transits, but maybe only semi-final material.

Madison Keys – No.9 Seed

Another player whose chart I haven’t looked at before.  Venus from Capricorn sextiles Saturn in her chart, so she keeps her cards close to her chest, which may make it difficult for her opponents to read her game.  She has a difficult exact square between Jupiter and Saturn, which could make her game patchy or swing to extremes, e.g. between caution and abandon.  Saturn trines her North Node (karmic mission) so she would be a restrained player, both in her work and in her life.  But she has an understanding of complexity, from a conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, and Uranus sextiles Pluto which gives her unusual reserves of strength at times.  Uranus also trines Chiron, which can give her remarkable powers of recovery and endurance, which combined with the healing power of Neptune trine Chiron can make her physically impressive.

At the beginning of week 2, Jupiter trines her Venus (which is a winning theme), but Saturn sits on her Jupiter, so she may not feel she is fulfilling her total potential.  More worryingly, Saturn squares her natal Saturn, so something is holding her back.  There is some assistance from Mars trine her natal Uranus, so she is not likely to suffer injury or upset.  At the end of Wimbledon, Neptune squares her Jupiter (she may be emotional or feel that a close call was unfair, and Uranus squares her Neptune too which is difficult, so I don’t think we are looking at the final winner.

Murray now has good prospects for the final.  Radwanska has good transits for the final, and of course Serena could still come up trumps.


The Sun at11 degrees Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces at 11.01 a.m. this morning, so there is strength in sensitivity, and displays of emotion can be constructive, if for instance you are having a family gathering.  Inspiration in the Arts are also favoured, and spiritual connection.

Then tomorrow, also at 11.01 a.m. (so the numbers 1 and 11 could be important numerologically this week) there is a New Moon in Cancer.  This favours a new paradigm of relationships within the family, and the experience of its bonds, plus a new appreciation of its young members and the role they play.

Tuesday brings a trine between Mercury and Neptune, so again sensitivity is honoured, but this time in relation to mental processes, sharing information sensitively, and the receiving of information, e.g. through channelling.

Wednesday brings emotional warmth through a trine between Venus and Mars, so that means love, romance and passion and positive connections and possibilities between them.

On Thursday, it is best to lie low, unless you have already booked yourself a packed schedule.  The Sun conjuncts Mercury in the early hours, which concentrates the mind, and you may wake up with insights.  You may be able to see your way clearly at the outset.  Mercury then opposes Pluto, so you may expect travel difficulties and deeply challenging communication.  In the early afternoon, Venus squares Uranus and relationships could be subject to bizarre misunderstandings.  The best way through that is direct telepathy, but only telepathy which is free of projections and illusions, if you can manage that.  Finally, in the very late evening (U.K. time), the Sun opposes Pluto, so you could have a lot on your mind of a deep nature, and that may make it difficult to settle to sleep.  If you are travelling in the evening your journey may not be easy.

Now if you are in a position to reschedule your travel plans, it would be ideal to choose the next day, for Friday (8th) brings a sextile between Mercury and Jupiter.  That is good for travel, communication and sales.  It is good for learning and broadening the mind, and looking at life from a positive mental outlook.  Hopefully, you can plan ahead this week.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – sensitivity and creativity
  • Tomorrow – new beginnings
  • Wednesday – emotional warmth
  • Thursday – don’t go there…
  • Friday – buoyant thinking

Aspects for the week beginning 26 June 2016

Reading Guide:

If you are of the 52% who voted for Brexit, you may want to skip this blog altogether

If you are not interested in politics, you may want to skip the following section, and proceed to Aspects, or my Wimbledon blog


I feel utterly devastated by the result of the European Referendum vote (to leave the EU), and the suffering it is going to cause.  The nation has already been thrown into chaos. I was not so stunned, because in my heart I knew how the country felt.  But astrologically, I was not able to pull together my researches to make that conclusion.

However, looking back, events do make sense of some of my astrological researches, particularly Boris Johnson’s outstandingly success orientated transits, and events unfolding around Jeremy Corbyn this morning make sense of the transit of Uranus to his North Node.  According to the Astrologer Jessica Adams, the dwarf planet Ceres, which represents strong feelings, had an important part to play.

Here is a little review of the current situation, which is still changing rapidly – by the time you read this it will be history.  Basically, it is a continuation of last week, except from a different viewpoint, the other side of the hill, hindsight.  Astrological quotations are from last week’s blog.

Jo Cox

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us”~ Jo Cox

Basically, Jo Cox died in vain.  Despite all the protestations of how she was loved locally and nationally, her message was not listened to.  How additionally sad for her husband.

The Vote

“Very late the night before Mercury squares Jupiter, so excitement will be high!  So will information overload.”

Mercury squaring Jupiter meant that the judgement of the people was towards risk.

David Cameron

“Mars will be trine David Cameron’s Chiron: his desire to heal the nation will be fired up!”

David Cameron has a very lucky birth chart, and has taken huge risks in his time, many of which paid off (e.g. the last General Election).

Laura Kuenssberg (Political Editor, BBC) has said: “David Cameron’s closest colleagues say that he’s a lucky politician. When it comes to the biggest gamble of his career, his luck has dramatically run out.”

He has stepped down as Prime Minister, as a consequence of the referendum result, and intends to stay until October.  Pluto is close to squaring his natal Sun at that time, which becomes exact on 12th November: that may be an important day personally for him in terms of psychological change.

Michael Gove

“Michael Gove will have Saturn trine his Saturn (stability) and Mars sextile his Uranus (excitement), so he will take the result well.”

I think he did take the result well: He appeared quite sober in his victory speech (Saturn trine Saturn) and probably surprised himself (Mars sextile Uranus).

Iain Duncan Smith

“Iain Duncan Smith will have Mars squaring his Pluto, and may feel crushed to the point of being ready for a career change.”

This, as yet, is still a mystery.  He seemed composed being interviewed this morning by Andrew Marr, and was not revealing any Mars square Pluto angst.

Boris Johnson

“So fast forward to 23rd June, and what do his prospects look like?  Astrologically, quite good, actually: Jupiter/North Node trine his Jupiter, and Pluto trines his Jupiter, forming a Grand Trine.  Moreover, Jupiter/North Node sextile his natal Neptune.  His personal standing looks good, but Saturn squares his natal Pluto and Neptune opposes his natal Pluto, so something is bothering him, at the same time.”

Exceptional transits for him…but what is bothering him?

He maybe does not want to do the hard work which is ahead of him.  He got away with two terms as Lord Mayor of London by doing very little, except for enabling cycling within the City.  He is big on ideas and loves power, but does not enjoy the hard graft and nitty gritty.  He is probably wondering what he is going to do now, in terms of the gargantuan task of getting elected to the premier job which he has coveted for so long, then undoing the European membership which is a huge task, then putting the country right which may include keeping the promise to the poor who elected him, and for whom he has so far shown very little interest.  That would leave him little time for being a playboy, which is how he keeps buoyant. The matching buffoons of Trump and Boris each side of the pond is a joke that is one step nearer coming.  It seems blond politicians with wispy hair are very popular in these times.

Nigel Farage

“On 23rd June, like Boris, Saturn squares his natal Pluto and Neptune opposes his natal Pluto and there may be some sadness involved.  But Pluto will still be sextile his natal Neptune and the North Node will be sextile his Neptune too, so he will be at peace with his own mission, win or lose.  He won’t have any regrets.”

He did have a wobble around the time of the vote, pulling out of the last debate at the last minute, and appearing sweaty and shaken when quizzed about his racist poster.  Then on the night of the election, he first conceded defeat and then unconceded it.

At the result, his slogan of “Independence Day” will not be forgotten.  It seems incredible that he has devoted his life to this mission, and that one man (who nearly died in a plane crash at the 2010 election) could change history to that extent.  What is it in his natal chart which indicates this?  Pluto exactly conjuncts his Ascendant, so he is an agent of change through destruction or transformation.  His North Node, which indicates his karmic mission, is in Cancer (patriotism) in the 10th House of Career and Politics.

Jeremy Corbyn

“For Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn, a dramatic shift in his karmic role looks likely, with transiting Uranus conjunct his North Node!”

Well!  Uranian change can go either way, but now it seems as though his own Shadow cabinet (in a “coup” led by Hilary Benn who has just been sacked) are wanting to unseat him.  It is looking as though this change is going to be destructive to him, but spiritually it all depends on how he deals with it and changes his own thinking.  If he is able to demonstrate steadfastness and a more dynamic style of leadership, he could remain as leader of the Labour Party.  But he would have to change quickly (Uranus is an overnight job).

I would have liked to have blogged more on this topic alone, but there is no time this morning!

Nicola Sturgeon

Well who can blame the lass for now putting into motion the next referendum about leaving the United Kingdom?  The Scottish voters loyally opted to Remain in Britain then Europe, and now face being cast adrift.  Of the three party leaders (Cameron, Corbyn and Sturgeon) she is the only one still firmly in place, and she has shown effective leadership both before the vote and since.

Chiron is currently trine her Sun, bringing out her uniting and healing qualities, but at the same time it opposes her natal Pluto, giving her hearbreaking decisions to make.  As she said this morning, she did not want to be in this position.  She has worked towards Scottish Independence all her life, but did not want it to be under such circumstances.  It is going to be a very complex process for the Scottish nation to negotiate. This morning she has spoken about the possibility of vetoing the UK exit from the EU.


“On the day of the referendum, the U.K. chart receives a trine from Saturn to its natal Chiron (Cameron fixing broken Britain?) and Jupiter squaring its natal Mercury (again, information overload).”

If this is to be ultimately healing, it is going to take a lot of time and we might hear the refrain from Brexiters who administer it of “No Pain, No Gain” for the next ten years.

European Union

“Saturn trines the European Union chart Uranus on the day of the referendum, which implies to me that “plus ca change, plus la meme chose”!  Seriously, it implies that a proposed change may be averted.”

The reverse happened:  The change was brought about, though I am not clear about the role of Saturn in that equation.

One thing that is clear: the people have spoken.  They may have been blaming Europe for all that was wrong with the austerity government of the Tories, but they have made their decision.  I hope that this watershed does not prove as divisive as the Scottish referendum was for the Scottish people socially.  Already there have been reports of outbreaks of racist behaviour in parts of the country, where presumably “racists” have felt emboldened and vindicated by the result.  Will Self said, at the final TV debate: “Not all Brexiters are racists, but almost all racists will be voting for Brexit”.


How we go forward now will need great courage.  Today’s momentous aspect will be very helpful in re-orientating ourselves.

Jupiter trine Pluto, today’s aspect, is a powerful signifier of change.  It is also a very positive aspect, so try to absorb as much of that vibe as you can allow (if you are a Remain voter who is currently disconsolate).  This is an aspect of empowerment.  This aspect embodies the Brexiters’ demand for freedom and taking back control.  For those who can’t quite see it like that in national and international terms, then start with your own feelings about your life, and work outwards.

Jupiter is still conjunct the North Node, so look out for any signs of karmic reward for you personally, even if you cannot seem them on the current U.K. political landscape.  It is time to allow yourself to be all you can be.

Tomorrow, Mercury sextiles Uranus, and ideas may occur to you as to how to go forward.  The light of the Higher Mind may illuminate the lower rational mind.

However, Chiron goes retrograde tomorrow.  This means that recent advances on your healing path may need re-tracing.  Clinical trials may need re-testing.  You may find that a new vitamin supplement you are using no longer shows effectiveness, and you need to search further, for instance.

Late lunchtime tomorrow Venus trines Neptune, and this is good for smoothing over worries and erasing the lines on your brow or forehead, hopefully without the aid of botox.  Something soothes your soul, be it music, or the words of a child spoken in truth, or some sensitive relationship interaction. If you can capture this in meditation, or encapsulate it in an affirmation, it may help you through for the rest of the week.

Finally tomorrow Mercury squares Chiron, which could bring a healing crisis, and you may need the calm of that earlier aspect to help you think clearly as to what action needs to be taken.  It may be that some angle of the current changes has hit home and is giving you a headache, but every problem has a solution within (you just need to find it).

On Wednesday (29th) Mercury enters Cancer, but not until very late at night.  During the course of the day it will be in the last degree of Gemini, still a very rational tone of thought.  You will need to employ the very best qualities of your mind for most of the day, but in the last hour of the day, you can allow your mind to go a little more soft focus and bring your emotions into play, combining left and right brain thinking.

Also in that last hour of Wednesday (in the U.K.), Mars stops still ready to go direct again, which will feel more progressive.  By the next morning, you will be raring to go, on projects which might have been on hold for a while.  It may be easier for you to express your raw energy.

On Friday (1st July) in the early hours Venus opposes Pluto, which is a serious plummet of mood, especially in relationships.  Financial markets may also plummet, with this aspect.  You might be reeling for most of the day.

But in the early evening, Venus sextiles Jupiter, which could redress some of the balance and socially at least you might be ready to party, and may even have something to celebrate.  Uncork your favourite tipple (make mine a sparkling mineral water with a drop of pear cider in it), and toast the fact that you have got through the first week of Brexit.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a powerful point of change
  • Tomorrow – a full day, with mixed influences
  • Wednesday – be alert in the day, late evening changeful
  • Friday – mixed fortunes for money, relationship and the arts

Wimbledon 2016 – Week 1

Here is my first serve for Wimbledon 2016.  As usual, I hope to update my observations regularly throughout the next fortnight.

Men’s Singles

Novak Djokovic – No. 1 Seed

The commenters on my blog last year pressed me to look at his prospects for this year. I was right about success in the Australian Open, but for the French Open I wrote:

” At the beginning of the French Open, he has Chiron square his natal Uranus – not a good start.  The transits at the end seem pretty empty, so not much progress made.”  I was wrong, and he won the French Open.

I then went on to say that for Wimbledon 2016:

“The beginning of Wimbledon (the two tournaments are quite close together) still finds Chiron square his Uranus, and again not much progress by the end.”

Therefore, he could win again, despite the lacklustre astrological picture.  He is a force of nature.

His coach Boris Becker:

Boris and Novak have made a very successful team since they formed a partnership.  At the beginning of Wimbledon, Boris has Mars sextile his Mars and sextile his Pluto (powerful energy to instil).  At the end of the tournament, Mars is on his Neptune, which could be a bit confusing or disorientating.

Djokovic plays James Ward (GB) in the first round, who has Chiron conjunct his Jupiter (valuable lesson) and square his Uranus (shock to the system) early in the tournament.

Andy Murray – No. 2 Seed

Since last Wimbledon, Andy Murray has become a father.  I wrote on the birth of his daughter in February:

“With her Neptune sextile Andy Murray’s Neptune, she will be spiritually in tune with her father.  Her Uranus is on his Jupiter, so she will bring wonderful surprises to his life.  That’s also true for her relationship with her mother, as she has Uranus trine exactly Kim’s Sun.  A beautiful change in their lives.”

He notably steered the G.B. team to a Davis Cup victory at the end of November 2015.

He was runner up to Djokovic in the French Open this year, about which I had written last year:

“Saturn still squares his Ascendant as it starts, which is not easy, plus Pluto squares his natal Jupiter – two big hurdles for him at that time.”

But he subsequently won at Queen’s.  About this year’s Wimbledon, I wrote last year:

“Chiron squares his natal Mars and Uranus at the beginning, again very difficult obstacles.  In addition at the end Mars opposes his Sun – he’ll be in the wars.”

Chiron also squares Djokovic’s Uranus, as they are born a week apart, but Murray has a little more hassle from Mars to contend with.  I will continue to look at Murray’s chances as we go through the tournament, in more detail.

His coach Ivan Lendl:

Lendl has Uranus (brillance and success) on his Midheaven (careerpoint) in Leo (competitiveness) in 10th House of Career.  Andy is able to take full advantage of this brilliance, as his Jupiter (luck and success) trines this point exactly.  Lendl’s Uranian conjunction also speaks of detachment – witness Lendl walking out and doing something else immediately after Murray’s win at Queens!

Kevin Mitchell observes in the Observer:  “The Czech speaks with a directness that cuts to the core of an issue, be it the player’s attitude on court or his attitude to the media.”

He goes on to say: “He did well with the more compliant Mauresmo until she walked in May, complaining he was ‘complex’ and ‘there was nothing more I can do’, although there was no acrimony.”  Andy’s Pluto squaring her natal Mercury was always going to bring her mental challenges.

Murray plays Liam Broady (GB) in the first round on Tuesday.  Neptune sextiles Broady’s natal Mars, so he will derive some benefit from the experience, of an internal nature, so we are not likely to hear about it!

Roger Federer  - No. 3 Seed

There is still much speculation in the air about whether or not Roger Federer, one of the most popular tennis players of all time, will retire and if so when.  But in interviews he is firm about wanting to play as long as possible at his current level.

The Observer’s Kevin Mitchell describes his current condition:

“Meanwhile Federer…looks relaxed and fit – and pleased with the results of his post-French rehabilitation.”..having struggled with a back injury, as well as the residue of a knee operation earlier in the year.”

He did not play in the French Open because of injury.

In 2015 I wrote for the French Open:

“…he may not reach the final as some of his favourable aspects have gone off the boil by the end.  Saturn will still be trine his Mercury, and Jupiter will be sextile his natal Mars (energy maintained well), but the planetary support I feel is not quite there.”

In the event, he pulled out of the French Open due to injury.

I went on to say:

“(Wimbledon and the U.S. Open) seem rather flat.”

Then for Wimbledon itself:

“At the beginning of Wimbledon 2016 there’s a lack of transits to Roger’s chart.  Perhaps he is a bit mentally absent.  The strongest transit is an exact square from Saturn in Sagittarius to his natal Ascendant in Virgo.  He may have family issues preoccupying him at that time, with Saturn on his 4th House cusp.  That is the picture right through to the end of Wimbledon, so it may not be a very exciting time for him.”

But, like Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams, Roger often defies the adverse astrological transits.

His coach Ivan Ljubicic:

Stefan Edburg will not be travelling with Roger Federer but instead Ivan Ljubicic will be on hand.  They have their Marses in trine, which is good energetic flow between them, and in addition Ljubicic’s North Node conjuncts Federer’s Venus, which is a good personal karmic link. Ljubicic’s Uranus sits on Roger’s Moon, which can be very stirring emotionally, but also could at times be wearing.  Right through Wimbledon, the South Node is on Ljubicic’s Mars, which could be difficult for him karmically.

Roger Federer plays Guido Pella (Argentina) in the first round.  Guido Pella has strong transits at the beginning of Wimbledon, so should play well.

Stan Wawrinka  - No. 4 Seed

At the beginning of Wimbledon 2016,  Uranus from Aries in  Wawrinka’s 10th House sextiles his natal Moon in Gemini in 12th House.  That should give him a good intuitive charge.

At the end of the tournament, Jupiter from Virgo in his 3rd House squares his natal Uranus in Sagittarius in his 6th House, so he could find himself in the final, though the result is not likely to go his way.  Saturn from Sagittarius in his 6th House sextiles his natal Jupiter in Aquarius in 8th House, which indicates he will be playing steadily towards the end of the tournament.  Neptune will conjunct his Midheaven in Pisces in 9th House, so his direction may be confused at the end.

His coach Richard Krajicek:

Here is another top player who has recently changed his coach.  Richard Krajicek is a previous winner at Wimbledon, who has a very Jupiterian chart, very positive and enthusiastic.  They have a good personal chemistry, though some nervous tension between them.  There’s a lot of energy in the air at the beginning of Wimbledon for Krajicek, for example Pluto sextile his Mars, but the transits are much quieter at the end of Wimbledon.

Wawrinka plays Taylor Fritz (US) in the first round.  Fritz will have Jupiter on his North Node, and Pluto trine his North Node, so he should enjoy the challenge and experience.

Ladies Singles

Maria Sharapova is now out of the running.  At the time her drug scandal came to light, she did have significant Neptunian (drug related) transits.  She also has Chiron on her Venus in Pisces this year.

Serena Williams – No. 1 Seed

Serena’s win at Wimbledon last year enabled her to break Grand Slam records.  At the beginning of this year, Jupiter from Virgo sextiles her Venus in Scorpio, and Pluto from Capricorn sextiles her Venus.  That constitutes a brilliant start, and she will be on good form.  The North Node from Virgo also sextiles her Venus, so she will have a great deal of luck.  But Pluto will at the same time square her Jupiter! So she will have challenges too.  Saturn will be sextile her Saturn, some steady playing, and Uranus opposes her Pluto, a possibility of upset but her transits are overall very positive.  At the end of Wimbledon, she keeps most of her positive aspects, but Pluto still squares her Jupiter, and this is possibly the reason she lost to Muguruza at the French Open.  I will keep looking at the nuances of her astrological picture throughout the tournament.

She plays Amra Sadikovic (Switzerland) in the first round, who has some very strong transits at the beginning of Wimbledon, and so is not likely to disgrace herself.

Garbine Muguruza – No. 2 Seed

Flamboyant Muguruza was runner up to Serena Williams in last year’s Wimbledon final, in a thrilling match.  She was runner up to Kerber in the Australian Open.  She has recently beaten Williams at the French Open, so she has to be a strong contender this year for the title, though she is diffident about her chances.  She may be Serena’s biggest threat.

When she won  the French Open Uranus was opposite Garbine’s Jupiter, Uranus sextile her Saturn and North Node trine her Uranus, quite a favourable line up, and Serena’s transits were difficult.

At the beginning of Wimbledon 2016 for Muguruza, Uranus is still sextile her Saturn, but Mars conjunct her Pluto, so there may be a hurdle or injury which hopefully she can get through in order to demonstrate some more of her crowd-pleasing brilliance. Kevin Mitchell in the Observer quotes her as saying “I feel quite calm, like I did in Paris”.  He adds:”Her on court demeanour is so at odds with the ice-cold attitude of some of her contemporaries that she cannot fail to become a Wimbledon favourite”.

At the end of Wimbledon, Mars squares her Saturn (not easy), Uranus still sextiles her Saturn (supportive), Jupiter trines her Uranus (that is a winning transit!), Jupiter trines her Neptune (spiritually strong) but Mars still conjuncts her Pluto.  Some astrological extremes going on here.

She plays Camila Giorgi (Italy) in the first round, who has a strongly Capricornian flavour to her chart.  Another heartening set of transits for Camila, so another who shouldn’t disgrace herself.

Agnieszka Radwanska  - No. 3 Seed

Agnieszka, no stranger to our pages, begins Wimbledon with strong aspects, mostly favourable: Jupiter opposite her Sun, Pluto sextile her Sun, South Node on her Sun, Mars square her Mercury, Neptune sextile her Saturn, and Neptune sextile her Neptune.  She will be feeling pretty “together”, harmonious with her own core energies and spirituality.

At the end, she may be feeling a little rattled, with Mars square her Mercury, but Uranus sextile her natal Mercury will give her mental strength, and Neptune still sextiles her Saturn and Neptune.  Pluto also still sextiles her natal Sun, so a strong showing at the end also likely.

She plays Kateryna Kozlova (Ukraine) in the first round, who has a very Piscean chart.  Kozlova has Uranus square Uranus, so may cave in quickly during the match.

Angelique Kerber – No. 4 Seed

Angelique, also no stranger to these pages, has Neptune trine her Pluto at the beginning of the tournament.  If she digs deep psychologically, she could be very strong early on.  This transit prevails right through the tournament, so it could be a complex but rewarding journey for her if she approaches it as a psychological and spiritual exercise, learning deeply as she goes on, employing mindfulness and staying in the Now!  I am not sure it is enough for her to win, though.

She plays our Laura Robson in the first round, who has unfortunately Uranus square Mars at the beginning of the tournament, indicating an upset or even injury.  A trine from Neptune to her Jupiter will ensure that she is philosophical about it.


Aspects for the week beginning 19 June 2016


This week’s European Referendum

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us”~ Jo Cox

The assassination of Labour MP Jo Cox this week has moved the country deeply, and drawn sympathy from all over the world.  People of all political persuasions have realized that we have lost a beautiful person of great integrity and influence for the good, and her death has brought people together.

It brought to a standstill for a few days campaigning on the European Referendum, which still hangs over us like a Sword of Damocles, due to be resolved one way or the other this Thursday.  What a relief to have that silence – we realized how toxic it had become.  It happened a couple of days before the big Saturn-Neptune square (major aspects like that cast their shadow beforehand), and it revealed the toxicity of the hatreds in our society.  That was the effect of the cloud of Saturn-Neptune; the poison on a societal level which had been stirred up over a long period of time, culminating in the tragic demise of one who had campaigned with great heart against it.  The country has paused for deep thought, and may if we are lucky bring people to their senses.

The perpetrator, Thomas Mair, apparently shouted “Britain First!” as he was murdering her.  Britain First, like UKIP, is a direct descendant of the National Front, then the BNP, whose negative emotions are founded on anger and hatred of immigrants.  The European Referendum has come about as a result of David Cameron’s fear of UKIP (and Nigel Farage).

In my 28th February 2016 blog I wrote:

“I will attempt to portray all sides of the issue, but have to nail my colours to the mast at the outset: I have always been pro-Europe (though not pro-Euro), for the same reasons that I wanted to keep the Union of Scotland and England together.  As a spiritual principle (and astrologically as a Venusian) I see it as a higher evolutionary way to strive to achieve union, cohesion, inclusiveness, and global peace.”

Today, in keeping with the semi-ban on campaigning, I will try and keep this blog very short.  There is not a lot to add from my February analysis.

About 23rd I wrote:

“Very late the night before Mercury squares Jupiter, so excitement will be high!  So will information overload.  On the following day, there is a fortuitous conjunction between the Mean North Node and Jupiter in Virgo, which may mean the right decision should be made karmically (whatever that is).

Mars will be trine David Cameron’s Chiron: his desire to heal the nation will be fired up!

Michael Gove will have Saturn trine his Saturn (stability) and Mars sextile his Uranus (excitement), so he will take the result well.

Iain Duncan Smith will have Mars squaring his Pluto, and may feel crushed to the point of being ready for a career change.

On the day of the referendum, the U.K. chart receives a trine from Saturn to its natal Chiron (Cameron fixing broken Britain?) and Jupiter squaring its natal Mercury (again, information overload).

Saturn trines the European Union chart Uranus on the day of the referendum, which implies to me that “plus ca change, plus la meme chose”!  Seriously, it implies that a proposed change may be averted.”

And for Boris Johnson?:

“So fast forward to 23rd June, and what do his prospects look like?  Astrologically, quite good, actually: Jupiter/North Node trine his Jupiter, and Pluto trines his Jupiter, forming a Grand Trine.  Moreover, Jupiter/North Node sextile his natal Neptune.  His personal standing looks good, but Saturn squares his natal Pluto and Neptune opposes his natal Pluto, so something is bothering him, at the same time.”

Nigel Farage:

“On 23rd June, like Boris, Saturn squares his natal Pluto and Neptune opposes his natal Pluto and there may be some sadness involved.  But Pluto will still be sextile his natal Neptune and the North Node will be sextile his Neptune too, so he will be at peace with his own mission, win or lose.  He won’t have any regrets.”

For Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn, a dramatic shift in his karmic role looks likely, with transiting Uranus conjunct his North Node!

Jo Cox

We do not have Jo’s birth time, but the most outstanding feature of her birth chart is an exact trine between Mars and Neptune: The perfect blend of action, and sensitivity.  Her exact opposition between Uranus and Chiron may point to her sacrifice.

She was pronounced dead at 1.48 pm in Birstall.  The most exact transit was Chiron, sextile her Venus.  The most major transit was her Uranus Opposition to its natal position.  The most karmic transit was the South Node (fate) to her Jupiter (goodness and optimism).  The latter transit represents one of the most unpalatable thing about her murder: that someone who so embodied love and light could be taken away, that her time was up.  This transit reflects her natal Jupiter being closely square the Nodal Axis: that she was an example in society of goodness, and that it was a crucial part of her destiny.  She was uncompromising about doing the right thing.

Jo was beloved by her constituents, for whom she did all she could.  Friends, family and colleagues have testified to the inspiration of the way she lived her life, and all that she did.  Jo Cox embodied all the greatest qualities of her Sun sign of Cancer: caring, standing up for women and children, tenacity and sincerity.  But above all, she was a great human being and example for all politicians.

Selected Eulogies:

Doreen Lawrence: “Meeting division with compassion, resentment with generosity, and anger with love is how we make sure some good comes from her death.”

Jo’s sister: “We were brought up to see the positive in everything and everyone, and have endeavoured to do so all our lives…She only saw the good.”

Her husband Brendan:

“Jo believed in a better world and she fought for it every day of her life with an energy, and a zest for life that would exhaust most people.

“She would have wanted two things above all else to happen now, one that our precious children are bathed in love and two, that we all unite to fight against the hatred that killed her. Hate doesn’t have a creed, race or religion, it is poisonous.

“Jo would have no regrets about her life, she lived every day of it to the full.”


An important week in our lives leads up to a trine between Jupiter and Pluto next Sunday, an important shift in the world order.

It starts with the Full Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow at approximately 11 a.m. (in the U.K.). The world view, as represented by the Moon in Sagittarius, is high on the agenda in people’s minds.  Last week’s preoccupations started with the unprecedented massacre of the LGBT community in Orlando. This shocked the world, and a vigil was held in London.

Political commentator Owen Jones walked out of a Sky news session, because the others in the room would not acknowledge that the gay community had been particularly targeted.  This was an issue close to his heart, and he had a Mars Return, Saturn squaring his Mercury and Neptune opposing it.  For once he was (almost) lost for words.  It will take him a while to process this.

And on Thursday we heard the shock news that Jo Cox had been killed, an event from which we are still reeling.  The two events of the week fuse in the horror of the realization that violence is on the rise in our world.  Could it bring about the ultimate defining moment, that we pray for on behalf of humanity, in demonstrating once and for all the futility of violence?

The Full Moon literally brings to full flood the emotions of the individual, society and the world.  Let’s hope the tears are put to good use.

The next aspect tomorrow is Mercury opposing Saturn, a deflated mental outlook, which re-engages us with the Saturn-Neptune square, and brings the mental focus to bear on toxic issues.

This is followed soon after by Mercury squaring Neptune, completing the T-square:  the mental note could go from rational to super- irrational, with a possible focus on conspiracy theories.  If you notice yourself getting suspicious, that is where it’s coming from!

Next, Jupiter at 15 degrees Virgo conjuncts the True North Node: a rainbow may appear, a spiritual blessing, like Noah’s dove after the flood.

And finally, the Sun enters Cancer (Summer Solstice) at the end of the day.  Rejoice at the pinnacle of the light! (…or moan that we haven’t seen much sunshine yet this year).  This combination of the Summer Solstice and the Full Moon happening on one day is apparently very rare.

What a day!

On Wednesday (22nd) Mercury squares the Nodal Axis, and communication is crucial, karmically.  Communication is particularly important in groups, e.g. in social media – a force for support or destruction (a karmic choice).  It’s a reminder that the internet has speeded up karma.

Late that night, Mercury squares Jupiter, bringing about information overload (Europe campaigners on the desperate last ditch plea to get their message across!).  Your mind will be buzzing.

Friday and Saturday (24th and 25th), the days after the vote, could bring a collective karmic reward from Jupiter conjunct the Mean North Node at 16 degrees Virgo.  Half the U.K. population will sigh with relief, and half with despair. It is the run up to the trine between Jupiter and Pluto on Sunday, so an important change in all our lives.  I honestly don’t know which way it will go.

Next Week: Wimbledon

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – a full day
  • Wednesday – karmic information and information overload
  • Friday/Saturday – karmic reward

Aspects for the week beginning 12 June 2016


A Compatibility Guide for Gemini

Are you a Gemini, or do you have a Gemini friend, relative or partner?  A friend asked me last week if Geminis get on with each other.  I would say mostly that people of the same sign get on well, as there is a fundamental understanding of each other.  So I thought I would fill in the rest of the spectrum of Gemini compatibilities!

Gemini Sun with Aries Sun

Good and lively compatibility.  Aries adds energy and activity, so providing they have shared interests, such as sport, they can do a lot together. They are a dynamic duo, an action team!  In this partnership, Aries initiates a physical work-out (as in “let’s go to the gym”!) and Gemini brings about the mental gymnastics (as in “why are we going to the gym?  Let’s go hiking or biking, or play chess.”). If some of their planets meet in Taurus, they may have artistic interests in common.

Gemini Sun with Taurus Sun

People of neighbouring signs often have planets in each other’s sign.  Gemini can be too cerebral for Taurus, and Taurus can be too practical for Gemini, but if they have planets in each other’s sign, they can blend energies well.  But an example of an enduring relationship between these two signs are Queen Elizabeth II (Taurus) and Prince Philip (Gemini).  These two signs can make good business partners.

Gemini Sun with Gemini Sun

People of the same sign have the potential to understand each other to a great degree.  These two can have a twin-like relationship.  Mutual understanding, and mental compatibility, providing they can each get a word in edgeways.  There may be a slight problem getting the flow of communication right, if they don’t have an agreement to take turns in talking.  Best employ a talking stick.

Gemini Sun with Cancer Sun

Again, as with Taurus, if they have planets in each other’s sign, they can blend energies well.  Otherwise, Cancerians may be too emotional for the Gemini, and Gemini could be too unemotional for the Cancerian.  However, both of them are changeable, and it may depend on their mood on the day.  Their biorhythms do not always coincide, with Gemini’s moods dependant on the vicissitudes of Mercury, and the Cancerian’s on the phases of the Moon.  Conversely, they can help balance out each other’s mood.

Gemini Sun with Leo Sun

As with Aries, there is a good and lively compatibility.  If the Gemini is easy going, then the relationship will be more harmonious, and Geminis tend to be adaptable.  Leo may well set the pace of the relationship.  This can be a very upbeat partnership, in which the two can create a lot of light together if they are both positive individuals.  It’s a playful combination.

Gemini Sun with Virgo Sun

They are both mentally-orientated, ruled by Mercury, and so communication should be good between them.  However, with too much mental energy, they may both get a bit irritable at times.  Virgos can find their Inner Extravert in relationship with a Gemini, while equally Geminis can find their Inner Introvert in the relationship!

Gemini Sun with Libra Sun ****

One of the best combinations, with good communication (both Air signs) but Gemini able to make the Libran think, and Libra driving the conversation along cultural lines of interest.  These two signs are very comfortable with each other.  If they both have Venus in Leo, they’ll enjoy trips to the theatre, or performance arts.

Gemini Sun with Scorpio Sun

These two signs do not easily combine.  Gemini likes to keep life on a lighthearted level, and Scorpio likes to get straightaway down to the nitty gritty.  Unless they have harmonious links between their planets, it would not be so easy to find common ground.  They are both energetic signs in different ways, but would need self-awareness and control of their energies to interact successfully.

Gemini Sun with Sagittarius Sun

Generally good interaction between these two, but sometimes they can clash.  Communication links these two opposite signs, and is the key to their successful partnership.  These two will be running questions and answers back and forth, piecing together the meaning of the Universe.  If they are living together,  they’ll have a house full of books and written material.

Gemini Sun with Capricorn Sun

As with Gemini and Scorpio, these two signs do not easily combine, and for similar reasons.  In addition, Capricorn may be overly practical and serious for the Gemini.  However, Capricorn is not overly energetic and can absorb some of Gemini’s excess nervous energy in a steadying way.  These two can reinforce each other’s scepticism, Gemini being super-rational, and Capricorn being super-practical.  A good example is the friendship between Jean-Paul Sartre (Gemini) and Simone de Beauvoir (Capricorn) who represented the very dry movement of Existentialism.

Gemini Sun with Aquarius Sun ****

This is another good combination, with much communication.  There can be a great deal of excitement generated between these two, as well as telepathy.  The Aquarian may tend to lead in the relationship.  These two could conduct much of their relationship online, or at least meet that way!

Gemini Sun with Pisces Sun

This is not an easy combination.  Although they are both adaptable (Mutable) signs, they could flounder in trying to find an anchor for their relationship, and may even clash at times.  The Pisces water may dampen Gemini enthusiasm, and Pisces may be too deep if Gemini is wanting to leave things at a superficial level.  On the other hand, the Piscean can raise the relationship to a transcendent level.  As both are dual signs (twins and fishes), the relationship can be complex.  But this relationship can work very well when both are focussed on high ideals and issues beyond the personal.


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.


We’re dealt a reasonable hand for most of this week, but may need to factor in the very difficult square right at the end.  Try to pace yourselves, and conserve energy.

Today is the best day: first, Mars trines Chiron bringing good, flowing, healing energy for whatever you need.

In the afternoon, Venus sextiles Uranus which is sparkling for social events, e.g. that local summer fair or fayre, or a street party for the Queen’s birthday celebrations.

Late tonight (in the U.K.) Mercury leaves Taurus, where practicality is to the fore, and enters its own sign of Gemini, enabling zippy thought.  This will encourage communication and transport for the rest of this month.

Tomorrow evening, Neptune is stationary prior to turning retrograde.  Steady spiritual progress comes to a point where there is a need for re-examination.  Have you been too enthusiastic about a new meditation technique, which perhaps is not as wholly beneficial in its results?  Might you go back to earlier practices, and just incorporate the best points of the new flights of the mind…Just something to consider.  You may later change back, after deliberation.  Your spiritual path is one of those things you will need to take stock of at the end of the week.

Later still tomorrow, Venus squares Chiron, and there may be a healing crisis, or a relationship problem.  This may or may not be linked with spiritual re-evaluation.  Your Inner Healer often works in tandem with your Inner Mystic, especially in these times when Chiron and Neptune find themselves both in Pisces.  So the two issues may be linked, especially if you are on a path with a heart, as Venus is involved.  For example, you may decide on a change of course, and that may impact on a relationship.

In contrast, Tuesday (14th) brings a refreshing sextile between Uranus and the Sun.  It’s a good day to implement change, and bring in new ideas.  For those engaged in creativity, you will marvel at your capacity for originality and inventiveness.  Much can also be achieved on a group level.  So it’s a day of making headway.

On Wednesday (15th) the Sun is squared by Chiron, so we are back to healing crises and the need for problem-solving.  Outcomes may look awkward and we need to ask ourselves the question: “What is this supposed to look like?”  The next step towards the solution is to ask the question: “How do we get there?”

Friday (17th) brings another change of sign, this time for Venus who moves from the light hearted banter of Gemini, to the more earnest, sincere and emotional expressions of Cancer.  You may have analysed a relationship issue enough by that point, and may welcome a different approach, and perhaps the opportunity to allow the tears which may have been held back by all that mental processing.

Finally, in the early hours of Saturday (18th) – which means you could experience the square on Friday night – Saturn squares Neptune, a huge planetary formation which has left us under a cloud for a year or so.  This can be experienced on different levels.

We may uncover some toxicity or leakage which has been working undetected for a while, both literally and metaphorically. This is an insidious aspect, but slow in its working, so you may have been aware of it coming.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a sense of tiredness around this time, and the inclination to give up.  Surrender may be what is required, but you will need to sleep on it, and hope for refreshment and inspiration by the morning.  Dreams may bring some piece of guidance you can work with.

The utter deadlock of the arguments over the European Referendum, and the negative campaigning on both sides may be getting you down.  If you are for Remain, you may be feeling that a Brexit outcome would be a total disaster, and vice versa.  Ditto anxiety keeping you awake in relation to the possibility that Donald Trump may become the next President of the United States.  If you live in the States, this aspect will occur on the Friday evening.

It is easy to feel hopeless, whether on a political, ecological or other issue, under a square of Saturn and Neptune. Saturn squaring Neptune (the spiritual path) may make you feel that you are uncertain of where you are going. When Saturn is square to Neptune in the birth chart, Astrologer Alan Oken describes it as the “Self-defeatist”.

Try to raise yourself physically and mentally with sources that you know give you a better quality of energy, such as good food and good rest, and affirm that a breakthrough is just around the corner.  It is a slow moving aspect, but there may be a step you can take to start to counter it.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – good for partying
  • Tomorrow – reorientation spiritually, relationship questions
  • Tuesday – sparkling and dynamic
  • Wednesday – more healing issues
  • Friday – more emotion
  • Saturday – softly softly

Aspects for the week beginning 5 June 2016


Muhammed Ali (1942 – 2016)

“I am the greatest.  I said that even before I knew I was.”

Boxer Muhammed Ali, formerly Cassius Clay, passed away on Friday evening, from respiratory complications while in hospital on life support.  He was 74.  He ensured his place in the history of professional heavyweight boxing.  But he was a larger than life character, not least in his own estimation, and earned worldwide admiration inside and outside the boxing ring.

His Birth Chart

Some of the strength of Ali comes from a legendary 7 (of 10) planets in Fixed signs: no one is going to deflect him from his course! [Quote: "The will must be stronger than the skill"].  He also has 5 (half) his planets in Earth signs, which is also a great strength.  He has 0 planets in Water, so may not be deflected by emotion.

His Sun was in Capricorn, a strong sign; he managed to live with Parkinson’s Disease for 32 years, a condition which has had many demoralized very quickly, but he bore it with dignity and always managed a humorous quip when in public.  The Pugilist in him comes from a square of Mars to his natal Sun, real fighting spirit, square closely Pluto (violence).  His talent for fighting was further enhanced by a trine to his Mars from the Part of Fortune.

He also had a strong Grand Trine, composed of his Sun in Capricorn, Saturn/Uranus in Taurus, and Neptune in Virgo.  The Saturn/Uranus strength could be devastating to an opponent.  The Sun in his chart was exactly trine his Uranus, so he was very independent and relied on the power of Surprise over his opponents.

His verbal prowess came from Mercury closely conjunct Moon (imaginative language: “The man who has no imagination has no wings”) and Venus (poetic prose) in Aquarius (thought ahead of his time).  The Moon was exactly trine his Jupiter, so his emotions were extremely positive, and he kept himself buoyant by expressing those thoughts about himself: “It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief.  And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

His Midheaven (careerpoint) was in Taurus (which is associated with boxing) square exactly the Moon in Aquarius.  Mercury too was square his Midheaven.  Chiron was exactly square his Midheaven, too.  On a personal level, he will have had a lot invested in his career, but there was an enforced career break along the way.

Uranus trine his Neptune gave him a higher tactical intelligence; he could see complexities and nuances that perhaps his opponents could not, and devise strategies accordingly (such as wearing them out).

The showman in him came from Leo rising, with Chiron and Pluto also in Leo (in 12th House).


At the age of 18 he made his professional debut, on October 29th 1960, and won against Tunney Hunsaker.  Mars was sextile his natal North Node in his 1st House in Virgo, and Jupiter was square his natal Neptune.

His breakthrough came at the age of 22 when he took the world heavyweight championship from Sonny Liston.  That this was a major watershed in his life is shown by his Progressed Sun  reaching his natal Descendant at the time.

Sonny Liston

The result of his match against Sonny Liston was a major upset in the boxing world.  Cassius Clay as he then was, became the youngest boxer to defeat a reigning heavyweight champion.

Sonny Liston, who was nicknamed “The Big Bear” had Mars conjunct Uranus and Mercury in Aries, and Sun conjunct Chiron in Taurus.  His Mars was exactly square Muhammed’s Sun in Capricorn, and at the time of the fight, Neptune was exactly opposing Sonny’s Neptune, throwing him into confusion.

Muhammed Ali had already established a verbal sparring technique of psychologically taunting his opponents ahead of a match.  For Liston, he had the words: “Liston even smells like a bear. After I beat him I’m going to donate him to the zoo.”

After the match Muhammed Ali declared: “Eat your words!” He added, “I am the greatest! I shook up the world. I’m the prettiest thing that ever lived.”

He had written a poem, stating:

“Who on Earth thought, when they came to the fight,

That they would witness the launching of a human satellite.

Hence the crowd did not dream, when they laid down their money,

That they would see a total eclipse of Sonny.”

At the time of this triumph, Jupiter was exactly trine Clay’s Ascendant, Mars was sextile his Mars, and Pluto was trine his Midheaven.

Boxing was a very high profile sport in the 1960s possibly because of Cassius Clay, and it seemed to me, as a 14-year old in 1964 a barbaric way of expending energy in a leisure pursuit.  I was told wrestling was more humane, as it was more controlled by certain conventions, but I never watched any wrestling.  Cassius Clay was mesmerizing and charismatic, whatever you thought of his choice of profession.  I was to have more admiration for his character as time went on.

I also felt sorry for his opponents, who he would inevitably label as “ugly” while holding up his own “beauty”.  For a teenager, this was very conflicting and shocking.  But his self-esteem was to be applauded, even if it did transcend all boundaries of arrogance and megalomania. He was the first American I remember to have expressed Black Pride, and that was heartwarming to hear, and of great service to many.

Conscientious Objector

How often it seems that warriors turn peacemakers.  Mohammed Ali (as he then became) refused to fight in Vietnam for reasons that he had “no quarrel with them Vietcong.”

Mars was opposite his natal Mars, and Uranus was trine his natal Saturn.  His boxing licence was revoked.

This was quite a sacrifice for Muhammed Ali in the prime of his boxing career, and he was not allowed to fight for nearly four years, from early 1967 to late 1970.  He started to fight again around the time of his Saturn Return in 10th House of Career.  Transiting Neptune was also sextile his natal Sun, and Pluto trine his natal Uranus.

Joe Frazier

His next major opponent was Joe Frazier, their first fight taking place in 1971, a match which Ali lost.  Joe Frazier had a natal conjunction of Pluto and the North Node (a karmic mission to embody the Shadow).  His natal Mars was exactly sextile Ali’s Pluto, his Saturn trine Ali’s Venus and his Uranus sextile Ali’s Pluto, which are strong connections.  Ali went on to win the second and third matches against Frazier, and considered him a fine opponent.  Frazier felt that the verbal sparring was unfair.

George Foreman

George Foreman was Ali’s next opponent, their first meeting being in October 1974, with Neptune square Foreman’s Ascendant.  He admitted that Ali “outthought me and outfought me.”  While Sonny Liston was a Taurean (a traditional sign for a boxer), Muhammed Ali (17th January), Joe Frazier (12th January) and George Foreman (10th January) were all Capricornian.  That’s one for the stats!  Foreman’s Mars was exactly opposite Muhammed’s Pluto, and Foreman’s Jupiter was exactly trine Muhammed’s Midheaven.  These two factors would give Ali a natural advantage.  The South Node on Ali’s Jupiter may have conferred an extra karmic advantage.


On July 27, 1979, Ali announced his retirement from boxing, but this was to be shortlived as he was enticed back into the ring, with poor results. He was beginning to display the beginnings of Parkinson’s Disease, very likely from head injuries related to boxing, though he is quoted as denying it.  Saturn was square his Jupiter in Gemini in 10th House.  He was formally diagnosed with the syndrome in 1984.

Parkinson’s Syndrome

In a blog of  August 2012 I analysed his condition thus:

” For Muhammed Ali, one of the most relevant features in his birthchart might be Uranus exactly trine with his Sun.  Although this is a favourable aspect, and accounts for his brilliance, there may have been a degree of strain to his nervous system involved.  His Uranus in turn is stressed by a conjunction with Saturn.  Mars squares his natal Pluto by 1 degree, which describes the violence of his profession, but also the strain on the physical body.  It has been thought that his Parkinson’s was caused by repeated trauma to the head during his boxing career.  He also has Pluto conjunct Chiron (extreme suffering) in the 12th House of chronic conditions.  Also causing difficulty would be Saturn exactly square his Venus.  For the planet I associate with the nervous system, Mercury, there is a trine with Jupiter (he has a way with words) but a close opposition with Chiron (the wounded healer).  A connection between Mercury and Chiron often disrupts the nervous system.

At the time of his diagnosis in 1984 he was undergoing his Uranus Opposition, and Uranus may be a key planet in relation to this disease.  Also in that year Neptune was squaring his natal Neptune, an aspect which may bring confusion and illness.”


Strong aspects to his Jupiter (two trines and a sextile) testify to his strong religious convictions, and strong aspects to his Neptune (two trines) show the strength of his spirituality.

Muhammed Ali always portrayed Islam as peaceful.  He converted to Sunni Islam in 1975, under his mentor Elijah Muhammed, who led the Nation of Islam movement.  Elijah Muhammed had a natal conjunction of Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, which may have given him mental positivity.  He also had Uranus conjunct Saturn, like Muhammed Ali, in Scorpio, opposite his conjunction, but with Uranus exactly opposite, offering a unique perspective for Ali, almost a telepathic link.  His Jupiter was trine Ali’s Uranus, and his Saturn/Uranus was exactly sextile Ali’s Sun.  At the time of this conversion, Ali’s Progressed Sun entered Pisces.

Later in life, he converted to Universal Sufism, a mystical branch of Islam, as a follower of Inayat Khan.  Although Khan had died before Ali was born, there was a great affinity in their charts.  Their Marses were in trine, Khan’s Uranus was conjunct Ali’s North Node in Virgo, firing his karmic path, and  Khan’s Pluto was exactly trine Ali’s natal Neptune in Virgo, initiating his mystical power.  At the time of this conversion, Ali’s Progressed Sun entered the sign of Aries.

Boxer turned Peacemaker

Notably, Ali intervened in the Gulf War in 1991, in visiting Saddam Hussein to try to sway him in the matter of the release of American hostages.

Later, in 2002, he travelled to Afghanistan as the “U.N. Messenger of peace” guesting as a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. in Kabul.

Marriage and Children

Muhammed Ali had Venus in 7th House of Marriage, with the sign of Aquarius on the cusp.  He had four marriages.  Sagittarius was on the cusp of his 5th House of Children, which was empty, but its ruler Jupiter was exactly trine Moon (depicting his 7 daughters).  He also had two sons.

His third wife was Veronica Porsche, whose Sun was in his 5th House of children, and their second daughter Laila Ali followed her father into the boxing profession.  Laila is also a Capricorn (30th December), with an exact trine between Chiron and Saturn, exactly bisected by Jupiter forming two sextiles.  She has Mercury, Venus and Sun in his 5th House of Children, and herself has two children (his grandchildren).

Ali’s Mars (fighting spirit) is trine Laila’s Venus and Moon, his Neptune squares her Jupiter (she is not religious), his North Node is exactly sextile her Uranus and his Nodal Axis exactly square her Neptune.  So they have quite a karmic bond, based on inspiration and empathy.

His fourth marriage was on 19th November 1986, to “Lonnie” Williams, with whom he has an adopted son.

Archetypes and Animal Totems

“I’m a poet, I’m a prophet, I’m the resurrector, I’m the savior of the boxing world. If it wasn’t for me, the game would be dead.”

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”


Ali looked increasingly frail in recent years, and his aspects on Friday evening were mixed.  Mars was sextile his natal Sun, Saturn was sextile his natal Moon/Mercury, Neptune was square his Jupiter as he crossed the veil, Mars opposed his Uranus at his shock departure, and Chiron was sextile his Uranus which may depict a merciful end, to a true individual.

“I’m the champion.  There’ll never be one like me”


We have the tail end of the Grand Cross early in the week, and the gentler manifestations of it.  Today begins with a square between Venus square Jupiter, perhaps gauche socially but fairly harmless.  Then a New Moon at 14 degrees Gemini enables a new start in mental projects and ideas.  All forms of communication benefit, so even small talk can have its place.  Today’s words may remain in your mind…

Tomorrow the Sun conjuncts Venus – what’s not to love?  All forms of Love are favoured, as well as the enjoyment of cultural activities such as painting and listening to music.  Some musical greats have passed away this year (e.g. Dave Swarbrick on Friday), so dust down your vinyls, play and reminisce…

On Tuesday (7th) Venus squares the Nodal Axis, and a re-examination of karmic relationships may come up for you, especially in regard to groups.  Look at past patterns, and past-life patterns and causes.

The Sun then goes on to square the Nodal Axis, so an examination of power is also required, perhaps in relation to groups or subsequent to a realization about relationships.  You may take both squares together.

On Wednesday (8th) Mercury sextiles Chiron, ideal for bringing conventional and unconventional medicine together, in the pursuit of Health.  A good time for the use of affirmations, speech or counselling on the healing path.

Thursday (9th) brings a constructive trine to the North Node from Pluto, so you can resolve deep karmic issues, and come to some worthwhile conclusions about relationships, patterns and power.

By tea-time that day (cue scones and cream) Mercury opposes Mars, so caution is needed while travelling and in speech (cutting speech could have consequences).  Best eat the scones in silence and a sense of quiet communion, and check health and safety. Geminis and Virgos especially incident-prone, and Arians could be irritable.

Despite a slightly frazzled ending to the week, it’s a lot more mellow than last week, which was full on in the eye of the Grand Cross.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – social silliness, and a new start in communication
  • Tomorrow – love
  • Tuesday – karmic
  • Wednesday – healing
  • Thursday – profoundly constructive, then slightly frazzled

Aspects for the week beginning 29 May 2016


Johnny Depp

Popular actor Johnny Depp was in the headlines this week, being sued for divorce by his new wife Amber Heard, and also facing a restraining order with respect to alleged violence against her.  His new film “Alice Through the Looking Glass” was released this week, and his mother died a few days before the problems erupted between him and his wife.

His Birth Chart

Gemini Johnny has a remarkable 6 planets in the Earth element, so on some level he is a realist, for example he is an atheist in his beliefs.  His Sun trine Saturn reinforces this.  However, with Neptune square his Ascendant and at the beginning of his 4th House, fantasy also plays a big part in his life and roles.

His Ascendant is in showbiz and performing Leo, one of the acting signs; originally he wanted to be a musician, and he still plays in a band.

His Moon is in Capricorn, exactly square Jupiter, showing his exuberant side.  The Moon represents the women in his life, and his 14-year long term partner Vanessa Paradis was a Capricorn.  He had a strong relationship with his mother, and this is reflected in his Moon exactly sextile Neptune, Moon trine Pluto and Moon sextile exactly Chiron.

He has Mercury exactly conjunct Venus in Taurus in 10th House, square Saturn in 7th House, so there may be a conflict between his career expression and his close relationships.  Some of his roles have been described as “iconic loners”, and this could be because in relating he has the isolating Saturn in Aquarius in 7th House of Close Relationships.

Does he have a temper?  His Uranus/Mars/Pluto conjunction is a powder keg of volatile energy, which he is able to channel constructively into roles such as Edward Scissorhands and Captain Jack Sparrow, but there may be times when it is difficult for him to handle, such as under extreme stress.  His Mars in Virgo is trine exactly his Midheaven, indicating a career portraying a certain type of masculine role: it is not a traditional macho role, but there is a sensitivity and delicacy from Virgo, plus the portrayal of vulnerable emotion from his Neptune sextile Moon.

Tim Burton

Film Director Tim Burton has undoubtedly had a major hand in Johnny Depp’s success, bringing him the roles of Edward Scissorhands, Sweeny Todd and the Mad Hatter.

Tim Burton’s Sun conjuncts Depp’s Mars and trines his MC (Midheaven), bringing out the potential of that career-enhancing natal trine; Burton’s Venus squares Depp’s Neptune and conjuncts Depp’s Ascendant, enhancing that fantasy angle of Depp’s chart; Burton’s Uranus trines exactly Depp’s Jupiter (entrepreneurial success for both of them), squares his Neptune (plunging them both into deep fantasy) and conjuncts his Ascendant (an exciting personal dynamic); in addition, Burton’s Neptune sextiles Depp’s natal Mars, sextiles Depp’s natal Uranus and opposes Depp’s natal Midheaven, conjuncting his natal IC (Burton’s sense of vision, imagination and fantasy working powerfully for Depp).

Apparently producer Scott Rudin once said “Basically Johnny Depp is playing Tim Burton in all his movies”, a statement endorsed by Johnny Depp (citing Burton’s inability to communicate as a teenager behind the role of Edward Scissorhands) but denied by Tim Burton.

Tim Burton has Gemini Ascendant (resonating with Johnny’s Sunsign), Sun exactly conjunct Pluto in Virgo, and Moon, like Depp, in Capricorn, giving some affinity in their natures.

Pirates of the Carribean

One of his most successful franchises is that of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean series of films.  He has owned this role as being a “big part” of himself, and said he modelled it on the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards.  Keith Richards’ Midheaven (Persona) is exactly conjunct Johnny Depp’s Pluto in 1st House, so he can inspire Depp’s dark side.  In addition, Keith Richards has the Sun in Sagittarius (the Swashbuckling Pirate Archetype), as well as having an exact conjunction of North Node and Pluto (a karmic mission to express the Shadow side of human nature).

Vanessa Paradis

For a showbiz relationship, his partnership with Vanessa Paradis was fairly successful, lasting 14 years, and managing to keep family life with their two children out of the public eye.  It may be that he married Amber Heard on the rebound, and has not found himself after the split with Vanessa.  In his synastry with Paradis, her Sun was trine exactly his Uranus, her Mercury trine exactly his Ascendant, her Mars opposed exactly his Mercury (some irritability), her Uranus trine exactly his Saturn and her Uranus square exactly his Nodal Axis (which could point to the eventual karmic separation).  Her Sun is placed in his 5th House of children (which is unoccupied by a planet in his own natal chart) and there is no doubt that having children has meant a great deal to him, giving him “real foundation, a real strong place to stand in life, in work, in everything”.

Amber Heard

It may be that when he looks back on his life, his relationship with Amber Heard may look like a short blip in comparison, though she could make a dent in his fortune through the divorce, without the usual pre-nuptial agreement in Hollywood circles.  She has a strong chart (Sun trine Neptune; Jupiter trine Pluto, among other aspects) but we do not have her birth time.  Her Venus is curiously unaspected, but links up with Johnny’s Venus/Mercury conjunction in Taurus.  She espouses the philosophy of the novelist and thinker Ayn Rand: “I’ve read all of her books. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with her ideals. All I’ve ever needed is myself.”  It is possible that her unaspected Venus has made her self-reliant. Like Vanessa, her Sun trines his Uranus, though from Taurus instead of Capricorn, so it could be he needed the relationship for a while to complete a Grand Trine to his Uranus.

The events of this week

In this turbulent period of losing his mum, allegedly throwing his mobile phone at Amber Heard, being filed for divorce, and Alice Through the Looking Glass premiering, he has (as you would expect) a variety of transits:

Mars is square his Uranus (shock), and Jupiter is trine his Moon.  His mother was ill for some time, so this may have been a release for her, and he may experience the change in his marital status also as a release.  Jupiter is sextile his Neptune (there may emerge a new spiritual outlook), Saturn is trine his Jupiter (giving him some perspective), Saturn is square his Chiron (touching old wounds), Uranus sextile his Saturn (shaking things up for him) and Uranus square his Nodal Axis (shaking up his karma).

For Amber, Jupiter is opposite her Jupiter (a sense of freedom), Uranus trine exactly her Uranus (breaking free), Saturn square her Jupiter (some struggle) and Neptune sextile her Mars (a vulnerable expression of her self-assertion).  Their synastry and their marriage aspects are not too bad, so it is possible they were just not destined to stay long in each other’s lives, and hopefully they will both be able to move on constructively after the dust has settled from the financial wrangles and allegations of domestic violence.  She indicates that he is aggressive when he drinks, so he may need to deal with that issue going forward.  He has Neptune moving slowly toward his natal Chiron (wounded healer) in 8th House (exact in March 2018) when he will need to deal with the complexity of past wounds (including past-life wounds); in preparation for this, when Neptune enters his 8th House in March 2017 his eyes may be more opened to spiritual ideas.


In the first half of the week we have two Mercury-friendly trines (a plus especially for Geminis and Virgos), but in the second half of the week we become embroiled in a Grand Cross composed of  oppositions and squares.  So adjust your diaries accordingly.

We start with a trine between Mercury and Pluto on Tuesday (31st), which is good for realistic thought, facing psychological facts, and deep communication.  You may find yourself speaking your truth to a satisfying degree.

On Wednesday (1st) you may be able to follow this up with integrity, through karmic communication, as Mercury trines the North Node.  You can re-state your truth in ways which count, such as putting them into a speech, an article or a book.

Thursday (2nd) brings the first component of the Grand Cross, the Sun squaring Neptune.  It is then that you may start to question again, your version of reality, or someone else’s.  The depth of your knowing earlier in the week may need to be tweaked.  Truth is truth, but truth itself can change and be refined continually according to circumstances, extra information, empathic understanding of another. You will see another facet of truth, and illusion.  You may see that your truth is someone else’s illusion and vice versa.  Don’t panic as the picture unfolds.  Hold what you know, and bear in mind what you suspect might be true, or new vision opening out.

On Friday (3rd) it is the turn of Venus to square Neptune, so there may be more smoke and mirrors but centred around relationship.  Money and artistic issues may also be involved.  You may be offered a piece of Brit Art for a phenomenal price, and question whether it is art…Particularly in the area of romance, you may see another in a different light.  You may wonder about the purpose of the relationship, e.g. the value you had placed on the relationship may need to be changed.  If you had seen someone as always supporting you, you may see that you have a different role in relation to that person.  Different qualities, or weaknesses, may emerge between you.

Then the Sun opposes Saturn, so you can experience a T-square component of the Grand Cross, which began with Sun square Neptune the day before.  This opposition encourages more of a sense of reality, so if you have had unrealistic expectations (uncovered on Thursday) you may be able to see how unrealistic that was.  This may engender some sadness (Saturn), but may be a pre-requisite of letting go (also Saturn) of the earlier viewpoint.

Saturday (4th) reveals more of the Grand Cross, and you may feel yourself to be caught in a large construct, especially if the situation is part of a group interaction.  If you move one way, you brush up against one problem, if you take a step to the other side you encounter a different facet of the problem.  Again, don’t panic, because the larger pattern is usually designed to bring about eventual healing.  You may win some and lose some, but overall the evolution will be towards group healing.

The first aspect of the day is Venus opposite Saturn, and again this involves letting go and some deflation, specifically in connection with relationships, money and artistic developments.

The second aspect of the day, Sun square Jupiter, brings in the fourth component of the mutable Grand Cross (Jupiter in Virgo).  This encourages us, having let go as far as we can, to take heart and expand our consciousness, however uncertain we may feel.  We may not be able to fully trust the situation, but opening our hearts and consciousness will bring new possibilities and ideas for solutions, and encourage goodwill in negotiations.  Whether the Conservative and Labour Parties, the Remains and the Brexiters, will stop tearing each other apart, is unlikely, but the worst hours of the Grand Cross will be over by then, and there will be a New Moon the next day, so we can start to breathe again and regroup.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – useful thought
  • Wednesday – useful karmic information
  • Thursday – illusion
  • Friday – illusion in relationship; deflation
  • Saturday – deflation in relationship; hope emerging