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Entries from May 2010

Aspects for the week beginning 30 May 2010

The term “planet” is Greek for “wanderer”, and this week two of them plus an asteroid change direction in their wanderings.  I have just a few hours ago returned from four days in Venice, so this blog may sound like a travelogue, or I may have total writer’s block.  The first day of my holiday […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 23 May 2010

Jupiter opposes Saturn today, and you may notice another facet of the Cardinal T-square being highlighted in your life.  The situation would be characterized by opposing interests, stuckness and impasse, and difficult negotiation.  Normally, Jupiter opposite Saturn would have a discrete effect identifiable on its own.  But at this time it is only a part […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 16 May 2010

After a week where I found that some political animals lost interest and others suddenly found their inner political animal, where we have a new government of a blue-yellow coalition in the UK, and two sets of twins being paraded in the political arena, it is time to take a rest from politics here.  Besides, […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 9 May 2010

With Mercury retrograde until the evening of Tuesday 11th, parliament in the U.K. may continue to be hung until that time or beyond.  The next hope for a fresh start after that is the New Moon on Friday 14th, but there are no guarantees of resolution this week.  The thoughts and will of the British […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 2 May 2010

Greece is the word…In European affairs this week it has been Greece as the Plutonian influence which has upset the delicate balance of the Saturn-Uranus applecart.  We are told that the whole European economy is threatened by this, and are pinning our hopes on the responsible Saturn structure of the German economy.  Meanwhile the applecart […]

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