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Aspects for the week beginning 29 March 2015

Colour and the Zodiac Signs It’s uncanny how often people come to consultation wearing their Soul colour (of their Sun sign) or their Physical colour (of their Ascendant), often down to the specific shade of their portion of the sign.  I have always been interested in colour, being mildly synaesthetic since childhood:  I always saw […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 28 October 2012

Halloween Edition Colour Healing We certainly need the glow of pumpkins at this week, with Halloween and the American Presidential Election looming, plus fears around the trajectory of Hurricane Sandy.  The clocks went back this morning, and the nights are going to be darker. The Sacral Chakra just below the navel is linked with Scorpio […]

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Interview Series No. 4 – Barry Stevens, the Artist formerly known as Mandala Man

I wouldn’t have this self-created kind of website if it wasn’t for certain people in my life, and one of these is Barry.  From first seeing his mandalas in 1985 I was struck by their outstanding progressiveness and power.  I contacted him in 1987 when studying Tibetan meditation at Manjushri in London, and first saw […]

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Interview Series No. 1 – Introducing the Cosmokrator with Asia Haleem

Growing a little tired of my own voice, and with Jupiter recently entering my 11th House of Friendship, I thought I would set up a few mini-interviews with people whose voices I have great respect for! Asia Haleem has been a friend since 1986, when we discovered we had shared past lives as Astrologers in […]

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Balance in Groups

With the lunar eclipse in Aquarius last week, personal issues seemed to involve membership and leadership of groups.  It is a core issue in relation to who we are.  Some of the problems which came up were: For those involved as members in a group, the issue may have been how to hold on to […]

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