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Entries from December 2020

Aspects for the week beginning 27 December 2020

2021 Welcome to the year 2021: A very much welcome new start.  We hope that it will be a year of recovery and progress.  It will certainly have a different feel to 2020, with an emphasis on Aquarius after the Capricornian emphasis of the previous year.  The challenging aspect this year is the square between […]

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Review of the Year 2020

Review of the Year 2020 That was the Year that Was.  You may not be eager to read it!  It is slightly more serious than earlier summaries.   But contains selections from the blogs, as usual… January 12th: Saturn conjunct Pluto As you may know by now, the two great planets Saturn and Pluto make a […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 20 December 2020

John Le Carre (1931 – 2020) “Le Carré was one of the giants of postwar English literature, a master of his chosen form and an exceptional prose stylist. He had an ear for the dialect of the governing classes of this country, perfectly tuned to their evasions, their deceits, their melancholy.” ~ Jonathan Freedland The […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 13 December 2020

Barbara Windsor (1927 – 2020) Another national treasure, Dame Barbara Windsor, has left us this week…Whether you were a fan of the Carry On Films, or a regular viewer of Eastenders, she will have been part of your lives.  Even if you weren’t a fan of either, you would have known her cheeky blond persona. […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 6 December 2020

Jonathan Van-Tam Jonathan Van-Tam has this week become more than just someone who flanks Boris at a covid briefing.  He has been recognized as an expert on more than just coronavirus.  He’s been hailed as king of the metaphors! Birth Chart With the Sun in Aquarius, he has the capacity to surprise us, having stood […]

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