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Entries from March 2007

Aspects for the week beginning 25 March 2007

Some of you may have felt today’s Mars conjunct Neptune stealing its way into our lives in recent days. This aspect could take your breath away, so be aware, be very aware. What else is in store this week? Nothing until Saturday in terms of major aspects, so you could have the luxury of dealing […]

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Excerpt from “The Quiet Office” No. 5

Sharon was perplexed about the strange case of Angelica’s fiance’s stubbed toe. He had stubbed it exactly one week before, and then exactly one week after the date predicted by Rosemary on her website. Sharon counted herself as a 6 out of 10 when it came to Astrology, and her own sleuthing was leading her […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 18 March 2007

Still on the edge of our seats in an intense week of aspects, some of us may have acute aspect-indigestion or even be aspect-hungover. As I write this on Sunday morning, Mercury is entering Pisces and it’s a good time to focus on the nature of the sign. We have a New Moon tomorrow morning […]

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Quotation from “Eye of the Centaur” by Barbara Hand Clow

“The last barrier to be broken through is fear, the key issue seen in the Centaur’s Eye. The only barrier keeping you from total awareness is in the place where the optical fibres connect with the brain. Fear lurks there and blocks your sight.”

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Here’s a link to make you think – Older People

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Time Differences

For website visitors outside the UK this weekend’s aspects will apply at different times: if you’re in the West, for Friday night read Friday afternoon if appropriate and for Saturday morning read Friday night, but if you’re in the East it may be Saturday morning for Friday night and Saturday afternoon or evening for Saturday […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 11 March 2007

As with last week, all the main aspects are bunched up at the end of the week. In the run up, why not pave the way for these aspects by clearing mental clutter, releasing fears, meditating and practising your cosmic ordering? Some of you will be starting new regimes by next weekend and you need […]

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Book Reccy 2

Just discovered that Barbara Hand Clow has published her Mind Chronicles trilogy in one handy volume in 2007. Not since Joan Grant has anyone detailed so much of their past lives with such visual and psychological precision, and Barbara is an Astrologer too so there are astrological themes woven into the trilogy. Eye-watering stuff, though!

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Aspects for the week beginning 4 March 2007

Venus provides a boost for love, music and art this week which may prove a soothing antidote to recent events. Tomorrow will be perfect if you want to surprise someone, or a whole lot of people, with the Sun conjunct Uranus. The rest of the week aspects to Venus dominate: Venus trines Jupiter on Thursday […]

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Book Reccy

Have just read “Emissary of Love” by the Emissary for Peace James Twyman. I was amazed at the depth of love and intuition displayed by this writer and speaker who has a remarkable track record in the field of peacemaking. His next project is to Hug Jerusalem in May. May the force be with him.

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