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Aspects for the week beginning 8 November 2020

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 – Part 2 In this series of Strictly Come Dancing, there have been some unexpectedly high scores from the word go.  It will be interesting to see when they score a first 10, as there have been 9s already.  In this look at a further four contestants, I continue to assess […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 25 October 2020

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 – Part 1 A very different series of Strictly Come Dancing awaits us this year, with social distance rules and virtually no audience.  Nevertheless, there was clearly much enjoyment to be had in last week’s partnership reveal show, and no loss of zest.  And last night’s first Live show did not […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 11 October 2020

John Lennon’s 80th Birthday “You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one…” ~ John Lennon The life of John Lennon was celebrated this week, to commemorate what would have been his 80th birthday on Friday.  A member of the groundbreaking band The Beatles, and half of what is often hailed as […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 23 August 2020

Eric Clapton – Patti Boyd – George Harrison A Love Triangle “Friends are all souls that we’ve known in other lives. We’re drawn to each other. That’s how I feel about friends. Even if I have only known them for a day, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to wait till I have known them […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 26 July 2020

Kim Kardashian I was touched this week by the words of support given this week by Kim Kardashian on behalf of her husband Kanye West, a few days after an outburst he made when addressing his declaration to run for President again.  Her words can be used as a plea for consideration for those with […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 12 July 2020

Ennio Morricone (1928 – 2020) The melodically-named composer Ennio Morricone died on Monday, at the age of 91.  His work encompassed many different genres, though he is still most widely known for writing the scores of Hollywood Western films. Birth Chart We are lucky enough to have a birth time, and Ascendant, and so can […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 28 June 2020

Coleen Rooney vs Rebekah Vardy The Battle of the WAGs Staying with the theme of football, this week, there was an escalation in the dispute between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy on Wednesday, when the latter began a court action suing Coleen for defamation of character.  The two wives of high profile footballers were formerly […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 21 June 2020

Marcus Rashford “This is not about politics; this is about humanity” ~ Marcus Rashford Young footballer Marcus Rashford, aged only 22, procured a stunning U-turn from the government this week, on behalf of children living on the breadline.  The government had refused to extend lunch vouchers through the summer holiday for schoolchildren who needed them.  […]

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Vera Lynn (1917 – 2020)

Vera Lynn (1917 – 2020) Dame Vera Lynn, a mainstay of the second world war died this week aged 103.  What a unique role she played, sustaining people through her voice! Birth Chart With 6 of her 10 planets of water, and Sun in Pisces, she conveyed emotion in her voice, an important resource for […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 14 June 2020

J.K. Rowling A week ago, J.K. Rowling became embroiled in a controversy with the transgender community over remarks she had made.  A few days later, she defended her own comments with the revelation that she had experienced domestic violence in her first marriage, and also sexual abuse in her life. Birth Chart The Sun in […]

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