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Entries from May 2012

Aspects for the week beginning 27 May 2012

Disco Giants Donna Summer In the week or so coming up to the glorious mediocrity that is Eurovision, we lost two disco giants, capable of inducing nostalgia in many hearts: Robin Gibb and Donna Summer.  Their musicality is portrayed very differently in their charts.  Donna in life and in personality tended to swing between two […]

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Revolving Doors, or The Gemini Guide to Communication and Teaching

Gemini New Moon Mandala painted by Sarah Berry Line Mandala from Mandala Colouring Book by Barry Stevens available at http://www.mandalas.freeserve.co.uk/colouringinbook.html This is the seventh piece in an occasional series written about the expertise of each Sun Sign. I am still looking for the Capricorn who can write a guide to Ambition, and a Libran who […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 20 May 2012

The Aspects On Sunday 20th May the Sun enters Gemini at 15.15 Hrs in the U.K.  You may have been communing with the Pleiades on Saturday 19th, but a new mental focus will come about on the Sunday.  I am planning for the latest in the Zodiac Masterclass series “Revolving Doors, or the Gemini Guide […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 13 May 2012

Leveson Inquiry Who is Lord Leveson, astrologically?  Brian Leveson was asked by David Cameron on 13 July 2011 to conduct the Inquiry into the actions of the British Press, as a result of the phone-hacking scandal.  Natally he has the Sun exactly conjunct Uranus (insightful) at the beginning of Cancer.  He also has the critic’s […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 6 May 2012

Winners and Losers It has been a week of winners and losers, starting in football with Monday’s match between Manchester United and Manchester City in the Premiership. On Wednesday evening on The Apprentice teams Sterling and Phoenix went head to head  selling fake tan in Essex, and in the losing team one of them had to be […]

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