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Entries from June 2011

Wimbledon Ladies Semi-Finals 2011

Victoria Azarenka Azarenka is a Leo with a fiery Mars in the same sign.  She will be fired up with Mars sextile her Sun this weekend, but may be disappointed by Saturn squaring her Neptune.  Self-doubt may creep in and take the edge off her performance. Playing Petra Kvitova Imaginative Piscean Petra Kvitova has some […]

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Wimbledon Men’s Semi-Finals 2011

Andy Murray Have been avoiding looking too closely at Andy Murray’s chart.  It would be lovely for a Brit to win Wimbledon for the first time since I think Virginia Wade… He has got some very favourable aspects in his natal chart, such as the Part of Fortune conjunct his North Node (he does aim […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 26 June 2011

Top Customer Service complaint of the week goes to a long-standing reader who complained there was too much preamble to the actual aspects of the week.  I have devised a simple solution, so please be patient.  Second place goes to a reader who pointed out that I did not correctly predict the Wimbledon winners last […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 19 June 2011

I spent last week filling in at my old Office, and it’s funny the conversations that take place on the train.  Some of my various fellow commuters informed me that they didn’t like tennis, cats or biographies – all subjects I was planning to write about in my blog.  But first, the eclipse last week […]

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Elizabeth Taylor Astrobiography – Part 1 The Birthchart

From “Elizabeth” by Alexander Walker: “I realize that my whole life is being in motion pictures.  For me to quit would be like cutting away the roots of a tree…I’ve made up my mind for myself and I’ll take all the hardship and everything else that comes along.” (from a note to her mother in […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 12 June 2011

This week has seen further international pressure for Syria’s government to stand down or at least stop killing its own citizens.  President Bashar Al-Assad heads another dictatorship in the Middle East, but one being treated very differently than that of Muammar Al-Ghaddafi in Libya. Bashar has a very different personality than the colourful Ghaddafi, and […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 5 June 2011

I have become fixated about cucumbers lately.  If you have been following this blog, you’ll know that a phobic party of four went to the Eurovision Song Contest in Duesseldorf in mid-May, at the time of the E-coli outbreak in Northern Germany.  So we had a lucky escape, considering we all had a salad at […]

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