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Entries from August 2007

Aspects for the week beginning 26 August 2007

What’s the story this week? Not a lot to write home about if you’re looking at the quantity of aspects, but what there is has enough significance to keep you mentally and emotionally alert. All the action takes place on Tuesday 28th August, so ring it in your diary. It may already be ringed, as […]

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Moonpod, the first 6 months

Our Moon Research group Moonpod is now six months old, so thank you (you know who you are) for sticking with it, for valiantly filling in all the questionnaires and noticing every nuance of your change of mood, and for even putting up with its branch project the Depression Dossier (which fell a bit flat, […]

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Mandala and Sound Workshop

The next “Exploring Colour, Light and Sound Workshop” will be at Snailwell, Newmarket, on September 21st to 23rd. Further details can be found on Barry or Felicity’s websites (see Contact page). I have been a participant on all the previous workshops and have enjoyed the mix of fun and enlightenment provided by the co-hosts! So […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 19 August 2007

Luxuriate only until lunchtime today while Mercury remains in Leo, then when it reaches Virgo it’s pure service, whatever service means to you: whether it’s serving behind the bar, serving your aromatherapy clients (on a Sunday? You’re working too hard) or serving humanity. If you are a Virgoan, you’ll be in your element, polishing the […]

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Quotation from “Life from Light” by Michael Werner and Thomas Stöckli

“When you receive your nourishment from light, an energy or a force, or whatever you like to call it, flows into you; it is simply present when you need it. How much comes in depends on how much you use; this is like a law of nature.”

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Aspects for the week beginning 12 August 2007

If there’s one day in the year which inspires a holiday mood it’s the New Moon in Leo today, so have a barbecue and let your hair down, bearing in mind the health and safety issues involved. There’s the firework entertainment of the Perseids meteor shower tonight, so wishing on those is an experiment I […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 5 August 2007

You have all day to practise your Saturn trine Pluto exercises for tomorrow, as there are no other aspects to distract you. If you haven’t even made a start, please read Steps 1 and 2 to get into the groove. Tomorrow’s event may produce a moment of truth, and put the last couple of years […]

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Saturn trine Pluto: Step 2

Previously: Have you identified the forces of Saturn and Pluto as they are working in your life now? (see Step 1) Now you need to bring them both into harmony inwardly: the need for control and the need for psychological truth. Sense where they may be incompatible, and ask your Soul how they can be […]

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