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Entries from March 2009

Aspects for the week beginning 29 March 2009

This morning’s conjunction of Mercury and Venus sets the tone of a communicative and congenial Sunday.  Whether you are on Twitter, hosting a dinner party or preparing to attend the G20 you will be gratified by the feedback you are getting.  The North Node is sextile Mercury, Venus and the Sun early this week, so […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 22 March 2009

Hopefully if you experienced a blip in your long-term plans last week, you are back on track now, having learned what you need to know in relation to the coming triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron at the end of May.  Though I have mentioned its pitfalls, from feedback this week, it seems I may not have […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 15 March 2009

Mars entered Pisces in the early hours of this morning (for the UK, late the previous night for the US).  The high-spirited idealism of Mars in Aquarius gives way to the true service of Mars in Pisces.  The story which leaps out from the pages of the Sunday papers this morning is that of Mohamed […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 8 March 2009

Last week I mentally filled several notebooks about the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron at the end of May, but in the end have distilled into one recipe (see accompanying blog).  I hope to add further blogs on the subject, but in the meantime let me know if you have any probs with the execution, such […]

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Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron Conjunction – Recipe

Description: A giant souffle, needing careful preparation Serves: All humanity, but can be prepared for one, or any number Time for preparation: until the end of May 2009 Oven temperature: yes it is warming up Ingredients: An uncluttered kitchen or workspace Hope (Jupiter) Compassion (Neptune) Openness to healing (Chiron) Adaptability Listening skills (to your own […]

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