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Aspects for the week beginning 28 April 2019

“The Convoluted Universe”, Books 1 – 5 by Dolores Cannon (1931 – 2014) Book Review Dolores Cannon was an American past life therapist, who died in 2014.  I have just finished reading the fifth of her enormous volumes entitled “The Convoluted Universe.”  The content will seem bizarre to many, but I just found them wonderfully […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 16 December 2012

Last week we were thinking about 2 children who had lost their mother; this week we find ourselves thinking about parents who have lost their children – in the worst school massacre in U.S. history. From my Postbag Q: “I wonder if the fact of Friday’s aspect is what caused the spark (snap/crack) in the […]

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Babylonians, Mexicans and the Total Count

Calling All Enthusiasts of Astro-Archaeology! For my first Guest Blog, Asia Haleem has produced an article on why she thinks the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012, heralded by a transit of Venus. She was also the subject of an Interview on this website [See Interviews] I hope you will be as enthralled as I am […]

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Interview Series No. 8 – O’Douce swimming with Dolphins

In a complete departure this week I bring you a video of swimming with Dolphins.  I “met” O’Douce on the networking site ipeace a couple of years ago, and she agreed to do the eighth in my interview series, on her subject of the Mayan calendar.  I hadn’t heard from her since, but this morning […]

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