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Entries from May 2008

Aspects for the week beginning 25 May 2008

It’s Retro week, with not one, not two, but a record 3 planets turning retrograde: Chiron, Mercury and Neptune. The Chiron/North Node conjunction is inching ever closer, the conjunction with the Mean North Node taking place on June 4th. So next week I hope to write more about the special healing projects it brings into […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 18 May 2008

You may be in the middle of a healing process this weekend, having earlier experienced a healing crisis. The last few days, due to Venus squaring Chrion, you may have noticed old patterns being stuck and presenting themselves for new solutions. Today brings perfect conditions for those new solutions to emerge and thrive, for doing […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 11 May 2008

The Sun squares Chiron today, so you may find it is a day when even skilled craftspersons can’t fit a square peg into a round hole. This may give rise to decision-making or at least debate over what should be done. The craftsperson may have one view, and the person commissioning the artwork will have […]

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Neptune, North Node and Chiron conjunction: Keeping Tabs

This one hasn’t gone away and in fact we are approaching the second phase, that of Chiron’s conjunction with the North Node. Over the summer months, Chiron which is now about one degree away from the North Node will conjunct and for a time travel together with the North Node, and still within the influence […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 4 May 2008

Today and tomorrow Neptune conjuncts the True North Node, and so there is still time to weave something beautiful out of this spiritual and karmic opportunity, using the information you have gathered over the last week. Why not have a get-together, or two/three or four…for after the stroke of midnight there is a New Moon […]

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