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Aspects for the week beginning 10 March 2019

Dealing with difficult transits


The Transits are the current planetary positions in relation to your birth chart.  These can be ascertained from an Ephemeris, from a website such as Astrodienst, or from an Astrologer (as in a Year Ahead forecast).  Knowing your transits will assist you in working constructively with them ahead of time (as in planning or in a psychotherapeutic context) or as they occur, as conscious co-operation is more enlightened and produces better results than a lack of awareness or understanding of events and influences.  Transits are part of a psychological process, and if you do not complete the process you will have a chance when the same aspect comes round again.  If it is a once-in-a-lifetime aspect it is usually very profound in nature, but a similar aspect may come round.  Each time an aspect comes round in your life, it is an opportunity to refine the process, and raise your game with that issue.

Variation in Difficulty

Transits vary in their scale of difficulty.  The outer planets, such as Pluto and Neptune, move very slowly and their effect can be slow to build and slow to wane.  Mars at the other end of the scale moves much more quickly, and passes rapidly.  Generally speaking an easy or harmonious transit such as a trine or sextile will be constructive, whereas a square or opposition is likely to be more challenging.  We also have different relationships with the planets and someone might find a particular planet challenging where another may sail through the same transit.  The following guide is to assist you with the more difficult manifestations of the planetary transits, bearing in mind that much also depends on the planet they are interacting with, especially when it comes to a conjunction.  The aim would often be to turn the nature of a square into the experience of a trine, while fulfilling the lesson of the square.  The following transits appear in approximate order of difficulty, with Pluto as the most challenging.

Pluto in Transit

Pluto in transit will see you in a process of transformation of the aspect of your character and life represented by the planet it is applying to. You are likely to be researching a corner of your psyche, and that may be self-initiated, dictated by circumstances or triggered by an important event.  This can mean significant or dramatic change.  The approach to this transit may have been coming for some time, but the tide is bringing the wave now.  Pluto can liberate by forcing you to be yourself.  You realize the blocks to the Light are only your own illusions and fears.  Pluto transits require patience, as their timing can be lengthy, and often demand that you look at your shadow side.  Don’t be too hard on yourself throughout this process, and factor in some pampering, and a friendship which acts as a sounding board.  If all is proceeding smoothly with a Pluto transit, you go deeper into your experience and find it rewarding.

Recommended Reading: “Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul – Volume I” by Jeffrey Wolf Green

“If I can open a new corner in a man’s own heart to him I have not lived in vain.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Neptune in Transit

Neptune is very nebulous in its action, and also subtle, so that its effect can creep insidiously into your experience without you immediately noticing it.  Or you may suspect something, and wonder if it is your imagination.  Though not as slow moving as a Pluto transit, a Neptune transit is still slow.  Under a Neptune transit you may find that physically and personality-wise you are becoming more sensitive and spiritual.  For example, you may become aware of food sensitivities such as gluten intolerance.  You may also experience some absent-mindedness.  As I mentioned in last week’s Aspects “how you experience it may to some extent depend on your own evolving relationship with Neptune, and the clarity on your mystical path.”  Dealing with a Neptune transit contrasts with a Pluto transit which required examining the depth of feeling.  For Neptune, you need to meditate more, and even achieve a sense of transcendence.  Paradoxically that also means you need to be grounded. When you have your head in the clouds you also need to feel the weight of your feet on the ground.  If all goes smoothly with a Neptune transit you will be able to receive subtle impressions without feeling you are so split in your consciousness.  As I also mentioned last week it “can bring high spiritual experiences and inspiration, especially if you are channelling or working with your creativity, in art or music for instance.”

Famous example: Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn this week learnt that the Equalities and Human Rights Commission was considering investigating anti-semitism in the Labour Party.  Neptune (scandal or suspicion) was squaring his Mercury/Venus.

Recommended Reading: “The Gods of Change” by Howard Sasportas

“…what the soul knows is often unknown to the man who has a soul.  We are infinitely more than we think.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Uranus in Transit

A Uranus transit heralds Change, with a capital C.   That other great agent of Change, Pluto, can work very slowly but can also bring sudden dramatic change.  With Uranus, it is usually sudden, rapid change, often out of the blue.  Uranus is Master of the element of the unexpected, the spanner in the works, and the new broom sweeping clean.  You may be exposed to new ideas, and possible changes of work or residence.  You may also work more intensely with Astrology under this influence!  Physically, the ankles may be a vulnerable spot.  The best way to work with Uranus, is in advance (beat him at his own game!) by honing your Intuition and looking at loopholes in advance.  Once you are overtaken by events, use your Intuition from moment to moment, seeing the art of the possible.  Expand your consciousness, and look at whether Uranus is asking you to consider the best interests of society, not just your own.  If all goes smoothly with a Uranus transit, you anticipate and even choose the change, and it may have a wider application for humanity.

Famous example: Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd this week accidentally referred to Diane Abbot as “coloured”, causing a furore.  Uranus was square her natal Venus, an accidental social faux-pas, which left her “mortified”.

“A man can be free without being great, but no man can be great without being free” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Chiron by transit

A typical manifestation of a Chiron transit is a “healing crisis”, as asteroid Chiron represents the Wounded Healer, or the Inner Healer. Often the healing crisis is designed to point the way to what needs healing, and to concentrate the mind to that end.  The nature of Chiron has similarities with Pluto in that there is a depth to the issue, and often pain to be released.  It moves more quickly however, and healing when it comes can be instant, once the remedy (often at hand) is identified.  Chiron represents alternative medicine, and  the healing can often come from that quarter.  If more psychological in nature, the healing can come from a deep dive into the soul.  Problem-solving can also be undertaken under such a transit.  If all goes smoothly during a Chiron transit, you unwrap a new layer of your Inner Healer, and your ability to help others who have the same problem.

Famous example:  Home Secretary Sajid Javid this week was under fire for letting Shamima Begum’s baby Jarrah die in a refugee camp in Syria.  At his age of 49 he is about to have his Chiron Return (on 25-26th March, just before Brexit).  He has some deep soul searching to do.

Recommended Reading: “Chiron and the Healing Journey” by Melanie Reinhart

Saturn by transit

Compared to the above transits, a Saturn transit is more fast moving, but in terms of its nature it encourages patience, maturity, and slowing down.  It may teach us about loss, and value.  So a Saturn transit may be a little tough going.  It may be a struggle to think positively, as it can bring our your fears. “Perfect love casteth out fear” is one of the truest sayings in the bible.  But Saturn is also known as a teacher, Old Father Time, for which the maxim “All Things Must Pass” also has great meaning and solace.  Saturn may put barriers in your way or cause frustrations, but always leaves a gift, which is the thing it came to teach.  If all goes smoothly during a Saturn transit, you may be rewarded by previous hard work and planning, or present integrity.

Famous example: The singer R. Kelly was jailed this week on sexual charges.  Saturn was on his natal Sun and squaring his natal Mars.  He was released on bail a couple of days later, as these transits were easing.

Recommended Reading: ” Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body, and Soul” by Erin Sullivan

“A true hermit goes to the wilderness to find not to lose himself.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Jupiter by transit

Jupiter transits can prove beneficial even if the aspect itself is a difficult one (such as a square or opposition).  It moves more quickly again than its predecesssor Saturn.  But whereas Saturn teaches with a stick, Jupiter employs the carrot method and invites us to expand and exaggerate.  It tempts us to go beyond known boundaries,  and trust our luck (or God/Goddess if we are religious).  Opportunities can open up to spread our wings and use our talents.  Where we can come a cropper is that we can become arrogant, or become hoisted by our own petard!  Then we might need to try and keep our ego in check.  If all goes smoothly under a Jupiter transit, we can increase our confidence and expand our personal empire.

“The idea of God is different in every man, and one can never give another his own religion” ~ Kahlil Gibran

North Node by transit

The North Node is not a planet, but nevertheless the transit can affect us profoundly according to the state of our karma, and the karmic mission we are working on in this lifetime.  A Nodal transit can seem like being touched by destiny, or contain an amazing synchronicity or meeting with someone we have known in past lives.  It can point our way to any obligations we have outstanding, or where we might be of service.  It may ask you to take a karmic stocktaking, such as thinking about forgiveness in a long standing coldness of heart.  We may be able to see a Soul Contract, remember past lives, or glimpse future possibilities.  If you do not believe in karma or past lives, you may see events in terms of cause and effect or moral consequences.  If all goes smoothly with this type of transit, there can be a great meeting of minds, merging of destinies, or awareness and fulfilment of one’s karmic mission.

Recommended Reading: “Karmic Astrology Volume I – The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation” by Martin Schulman

I have been here before,
But when or how I cannot tell:
I know the grass beyond the door
The sweet keen smell,
The sighing sound, the lights around the shore.”

~ Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Mars transits

Of all the transit agents described, Mars is the quickest, spending two days only on the degree of a natal planet.  But it can act as a trigger for events, and make us incident-prone.  Some are more affected by Mars transits than others, for example people born under the sign of Aries are more prone to its influence.  Children, too, are susceptible to Mars transits because they have not yet mastered the art of discipline, or self-control (they can however be protected by their own innocence).  As you might expect, carelessness and impulsiveness can often result in bumps and bruises under the influence of a Mars transit.  Confrontation or conflict can also occur.  When Mars is applying to the natal Mercury, hasty speech can bring problems.  Antidotes to the negative manifestations of Mars can be love and patience, harmony and care, diplomacy and physical awareness.  If all goes smoothly under a Mars transits, you can get outstanding jobs done, assert yourself satisfyingly, or achieve a physical fitness goal.

Famous example: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un this week, after his 2nd summit with Donald Trump, is preparing to launch missiles again.  Mars is opposite his natal Saturn, so he is in defiant mood!


This afternoon Mars sextiles Neptune, bringing refinement to your actions and activities.  This favours flowing exercise such as Tai Chi, Qijong and Yoga.  Combining the physical with the spiritual is ideal, and achievable.

Wednesday (13th) graces us with another sextile, that of the Sun and Pluto, not to be sniffed at.  If you enjoy navel gazing and getting to the nitty gritty of psychological issues, then this one is for you!  If it is not your cup of tea, someone may ask you a question which is more searching than you would like, or life throws you a poser which stops you in your tracks until you have given it some thought.  In parliament, it will be the day after Theresa May’s new Brexit vote, and a good time to ask “What’s next?”

Thursday (14th) will be the day to pick up the mood and even find the humour in events, with the Sun square Jupiter. In some cases, the laughter may be inappropriate, but the clowns among us can try and lighten the mood.  It’s a fairly high-spirited day.  Just be sure not to promise more than you can deliver.

Mercury also trines the North Node on Thursday, which could bring mental insights around karma and past lives.  If you are Gemini or Virgo, or have a strong Teacher Archetype, you will feel in tune with your destiny, and confident of your contribution.

Also featuring on Thursday is a trine, between Mars and Saturn.  This favours translating the humour, philosophical insight, and karmic teachings of the day into practical action.  You can think through what you want to achieve, see what needs to be done, and set about steadily allowing it to unfold, with some concrete or physical input or ignition on your part.

The Sun conjoins Mercury on Friday (15th) at 23 degrees Pisces.  It is a good day to apply your mind even if the subject matter is unfathomable (Pisces).  As you enter into the mystery, with your mind, you can be richly rewarded.  Your imagination may also be stimulated by the process.  A sense of compassion may spark new ideas of how to proceed in the bigger picture.  Clarity can emerge from an investigation into a confused situation.

There is also a trine between the Sun and the North Node on Friday.  Clarity emerging can throw up creative avenues and karmic insights.  If power issues are involved, you may need “permission” from another.

Late on Friday (in the U.K.) Mercury squares Jupiter, which keeps the mental mood upbeat, but may overstretch the mind (such as in information overload when you are trying to sleep).  It’s another lavender and chamomile job.

Last but not least, on Saturday (16th) we end the week with another sextile, between Mercury and Pluto.  This continues the themes of the week as being deep and constructive thought.  So there is another opportunity to put good ideas to work, or to have those difficult conversations which might have been in your mind for a while, with the expectation that the time is right for success in the matter.  Your conclusions and discussions will be able to make sense to both parties, and provide a focus for moving on, for example in business negotiations.  It is a day when  you might be able to reach the parts previously unattainable.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – refined action
  • Wednesday – psychological depth
  • Thursday – complex but satisfying
  • Friday – insightful, karmic and mentally stimulating
  • Saturday – deep and constructive thought


Aspects for the week beginning 3 March 2019

Olivia Colman

Olivia Colman won an Oscar last week for her role in the film about Queen Anne, “The Favourite”.  She’s an actress of extraordinary range, who started out in comedy in Peep Show, played D.S. Ellie Miller in Broadchurch, and several roles later has earned herself an Oscar with this role.  She is due to play the Queen in “The Crown”.

Birth Chart

Olivia has 0 water planets in her chart (unemotional), so must have something like a water planet or sign on the Ascendant, as she can cry – witness her appearance on Would I Lie to You on You Tube.  She has over half her planets (6) in Air, so she operates mainly on a mental level. Mercury, Uranus and Saturn form a Grand Trine in the Air element, which could be a large factor in her success. She has been highly praised for her acceptance speech at the BAFTAs, displaying her talent for comedy (she has Mercury conjunct Jupiter) and sincerity.

The most obvious sign of theatrical talent in her chart is the Sun closely sextile Neptune, a planet associated with acting, empathy and emotion (so that does give her a link to the element of water).  This is backed up and deepened by a trine of Pluto to her Sun, ensuring that she grasps the deeper meaning of what she is portraying.  Her power is increased by having her North Node in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre, so these last two factors enabled her authenticity in her police detective role in Broadchurch.

Peep Show

Olivia originally met David Mitchell and Robert Webb (and also her husband Ian Sinclair) at Cambridge Footlights while studying at Homerton in Cambridge.  Her longstanding role in Peep Show kickstarted her very successful career, and she was reluctant to leave for pastures new, but was advised to do so by her agent. In Peep Show she played a co-worker who became romantically involved with Mark (played by Mitchell), and through the course of the series married and divorced him.

One would suspect a karmic link with Mitchell and Webb, and their synastry is close.  Mitchell’s Venus trines her Jupiter (a strong friendship), and his Uranus trines her Mercury (a mental spark).  Robert Webb’s Sun is conjunct her Pluto (a deep link) and his Mars trines her Venus, which is an emotionally deep bond.  Mitchell and Webb themselves have a definite karmic link, of Webb’s Uranus sextile Mitchell’s North Node (sparky karma).

Her transits for this opportunity (Peep Show first aired on 19th September 2003) were Neptune on her Sun in Aquarius (a starring role) and Pluto trine her natal Chiron in Aries (a sense of fulfilment).


Olivia has played many various parts on television programmes and in film, but Broadchurch, set in a fictional Dorset town, next stands out as a programme which established her as a serious actress. Her role in this hugely successful series was as D.S. Ellie Miller, and it earned her a BAFTA (not her first however) in 2014. She was first choice for the role, being offered it without audition.  In this series she was successfully paired with David Tennant, with whom she has a sparkling rapport (her Jupiter conjunct his North Node, her Sun trine his Uranus and sextile his Chiron, and her Uranus opposite his Sun.  The start of the series  found Olivia with a challenging opposition of Uranus to her Pluto, finding the depth in her psyche.  David Tennant had Pluto square his Uranus, in a similar dynamic, as well as a reorientating transit of Neptune square his Neptune.

Olivia won a Golden Globe in 2016 for her role in the highly praised The Night Manager, based on a John Le Carre novel.  In that series, she played an Intelligence Officer.  Again, she will have been stretched, with Neptune square her Neptune, and Pluto square her Chiron.

The Favourite

The film The Favourite premiered in the U.K. at the beginning of January this year.  In this role  she reprises her talent for comedy.  For the role, she gained 35 lb in weight (ever since Renee Zellweger did this for Bridget Jones I have found the concept quite eye watering).  The plot concerns two cousins, Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, and Baroness Abigail Masham (Played by Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone respectively) vying to be court favourites to Queen Anne in the early 18th Century.

The U.K. premier saw a transit of Uranus sextile Olivia’s natal Saturn, which highlights the strength of her natal Saturn exactly trine her Uranus.  She is able to bring together the old and the new.

Awards Transits

Olivia has won a plethora of awards over time.  Notably, she won two BAFTAs in 2013 (Jupiter was trine her natal Jupiter, equalling success, plus an exciting transit of Uranus sextile her natal Sun).  She picked up a third BAFTA, for her work in Broadchurch, in 2014 (with Mars sextile her natal Neptune and trine her natal Sun). In the pinnacle of her career so far, she won her fourth BAFTA and her first Oscar this year for the leading role in The Favourite (at the BAFTA ceremony, quite a dizzying concoction of transits: Mars opposite  her natal Uranus, Saturn trine her natal Mars, Saturn square her natal Chiron and Neptune sextile her natal Mars). For the Oscar ceremony, Jupiter came out for her, sextile exactly her natal Jupiter.  Many described her acceptance speech as “the speech of the night”.

Rachel Weisz won a BAFTA for best Supporting Actress for her role in The Favourite (with recognition for hard work, Saturn sextile her Sun, inspiring and healing Neptune trine her Chiron, and karmic depth of North Node sextile her Pluto).


It will be interesting to see what roles she chooses from this point.  She has the huge role of Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, which should keep her occupied for a while.  It is difficult to describe her appeal as an actress, other than that she is very relatable, you feel you know her.  This may be her Sun in Aquarius shining through.


Hereby two days’ notice before Mercury is stationary prior to turning retrograde;  two days to put your paperwork in order, and service your computer.  Tuesday (5th) sees Mercury stall at 29 degrees Pisces, before turning back and possibly causing communication havoc.  Who goes there, friend or phobia?  We are all the time refining and evolving our communications, and depending on where we are, we can have a difficult time, or a less difficult time (not every phenomena that ensues during a Mercury retrograde period can be down to us; we can get caught up in outer forces such as strikes).  But with “failing Grayling” still occupying the position of Transport Minister, and clinging on to the post by his fingernails, you have to wonder what else can happen to confuse conditions of this area of life in the U.K.  There are rumours that he may be forced to step down tomorrow, which would be an interesting correlation astrologically in terms of Mercury’s position.  His own Mercury, at 27 degrees Pisces, is quite close to this point, and natally his Uranus is quincunx to it, which is disruptive to communication (who put him in the post…?).  He is in a bit of a quagmire at the moment, with Mars opposite his Neptune and Neptune on his Mars, wondering how to proceed.  For those of you more interested in your office fortunes and documentation, check the fine print assiduously until 28th March, the day before Brexit, when Mercury proceeds forwards again.  It might be worth having an extra proofreader this month.

The big feature of the week comes on Wednesday (6th) when Uranus re-enters Taurus, where it will stay until July 2025.  It may have a groundbreaking effect in the area of your life (the House) in which it appears in your chart.  When it first entered (before retrograding) in May last year, I wrote:

“Uranus enters Taurus: the unstoppable force meets the immovable object, as it were.  You may register this if you are sensitive to Uranus and/or Taurus … or you may observe it in events in society or on the global stage.  For others, it may pass them by for different reasons, e.g. the timing is not critical in their charts or with their planets, at the moment.  But it will be the beginning of a new process, and a new way of seeing progress and the way forward.  We have exhausted the possibilities of Uranus in Aries, and must find new ways to circumvent and deal with new challenges, or new ways around old challenges we haven’t given up on.”

This will be followed, in the afternoon, by a New Moon in Pisces at 15 degrees.  This is the time to set intentions for the following month.  On a personal level, you may have deep emotional issues that you want to get to grips with.  On a global level, collectively we are only just starting to realize the huge effort required to eliminate plastic from the oceans, and the impact of global warming on the ice melting at the poles, two issues which are Pisces-related. So any affirmations, practical projects and creative visualizations along these lines would be apt.

Thursday (7th) sees the conjunction of the Sun and Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces, which to some extent continues the themes of the New Moon.  This conjunction last occurred on 4th March last year, the day of the Skripal poisonings (Neptune) in Salisbury.  They have just cleared the last site of contamination (Sergei Skripal’s own house), but are continuing investigations, as there are still many mysteries and questions unanswered (Neptune).  At the other end of the spectrum, Neptune combined with the Sun so intensely can bring high spiritual experiences and inspiration, especially if you are channelling or working with your creativity, in art or music for instance.  Again, as with Mercury, how you experience it may to some extent depend on your own evolving relationship with Neptune, and the clarity on your mystical path.

Saturday (9th) brings a sextile between the Sun and Saturn.  After the Neptunian intensity, the balance starts to revert to the practical.  Creativity, having received inspiration, now settles into practical results and projects, and can more easily take form.  It is also a time you can lay down some plans, foundations and preparations.  Perhaps there are ideas you have had which are more suited to the springtime, and you can prepare for them now.  For gardeners, itching to sow seeds, you may have the urge to get going.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – communication needs care
  • Wednesday – groundbreaking; new beginnings
  • Thursday – confusion or inspiration
  • Saturday – practicalities

Aspects for the week beginning 24 February 2019

The Independence Group

Last Monday we were driving to Leicester and it was suddenly announced that a group of Labour MPs were lining up for a Press Conference, which helped to while away the journey.  We were riveted as we listened to each one and their reasons for leaving the Labour Party and their hopes for their small group.  I was dismayed at the damage to the Labour Party, but understood where they were coming from, and then two days later the “three Amigos”, female MPs from the Tory Party, made a similar attack on the Tory Party and Theresa May’s effort to keep her Party together, and joined the seven (who had by then become eight).  The aspects for last Monday were full on, and the Sun sextile Uranus particularly conducive to seizing the day:

“This sets up a sense of excitement early on.  There may be a sense of anticipation about the day, or the week.  Perhaps you have something special you wish to accomplish during those time frames.  It may be a radical change of direction, or some bold changes.”

The stated aim for the group, not yet a Party as such, was to try to heal, by setting up a central group in politics, what is now evidently broken in our nation’s politics.

This chimed with another astrological feature that day, the ingress of Chiron into Aries:

“You may be able to clarify some healing issues on Monday.”  Chiron entering Aries will certainly take a fresh look at current problems.

It will be interesting to look at whether there are any common astrological themes which bind the group together, and what are the strains and stresses in their transits which made them break away from their Parties at this time.

Chart of the Press Conference

A chart of the time of the Press Conference is a good starting point for studying the evolution of this group.  The Ascendant is in Taurus, close to Mars.  The Venus-Saturn conjunction (a leave taking in relationships) is on the Midheaven in Capricorn (the political scene).  But most interesting is the position of the Sun, about to go into Pisces, at 29 degrees Aquarius.  It symbolizes the desire to change things.  As we move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, which is a retrograde motion in the zodiac, 29 degrees Aquarius would be our position if we had just entered the Age of Aquarius.

Cast in Order of Appearance:

I apologize in advance for the necessary length of this blog – if you cannot bear to read every one, just pick your favourites!

Luciana Berger

I have become embarrassed and ashamed to remain in the Labour party”

Of all the members of the Independence group, Luciana has the most emotive reasons for leaving, and has been through the most difficult time.  She has without question been subject to anti-semitism in her constituency of Liverpool Wavertree, and not received any support from the leadership on this, despite protestations that anti-semitism “has no place in the Labour Party”.

In her birth chart, she has Sun/Venus opposite Uranus (the Rebel Archetype) and Sun also conjunct Chiron (a Healer and Problem-Solver). Life would rarely stand still for her.  Mars also conjuncts Chiron (woundedness: in December 2014 she was subject to 2,500 hate messages in three days).  Plus she has a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which can make it difficult for her to move forward, and it requires a balancing act when she does.

She is the great-niece of the late Labour MP Emmanual Shinwell.  In 2013 she became Shadow Minister for Public Health.  She increased her majority at the 2015 general election, and though she was appointed Shadow Minister for Mental Health, she resigned on 27 June 2016 (just after the Referendum) amid concerns about the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.  Mars was exactly opposite her Sun at the time (anger).  She again increased her majority in 2017.  On 7th February this year, her constituency reported two motions of no confidence brought on by her criticism of Jeremy Corbyn.  For her this may have been the final straw, when examining “why now?”  Pluto was exactly trine her Sun – a call for transformation in her life.  Pluto was also exactly square her natal Pluto, almost a force beyond her control.  And so to last Monday, when astrologically Pluto was still trine her natal Sun, Chiron was opposing her Jupiter in Libra (acknowledgement of a wound), and Pluto squared Pluto to the day.

Chris Leslie

“The evidence of Labour’s betrayal on Europe is now visible for all to see”

Next up was Chris Leslie.  His main complaint was about Labour’s stance on Brexit.  One common belief among the eight Labour MPs forming the Independence Group was that they were all in favour of remaining.  Chris was on Question Time on Thursday evening, and found himself under fire from all sides of the panel.

Chris has Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn.  With Mercury conjunct exactly Mars, he has the Critic Archetype.  These two planets sextile Pluto, so he is strong minded.

He served briefly as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer under Harriet Harman while the Labour Leadership contest was under way in 2015.  In 2018, he too lost a vote of no confidence at his constituency.  Many Labour MPs are currently under threat of deselection.  Nine years older than Luciana Berger, historically he sits firmly under the New Labour/Blairite banner, which is anathema to the Momentum movement.  When elected to his current seat in 2010 at Nottinham East, transiting Saturn (politics and stability) was conjunct his natal Pluto and sextile the natal Mercury/Mars conjunction.  In May 2015 he replaced Ed Balls as Shadow Chancellor, who had lost his seat.  But he resigned in September 2015, critical of Jeremy Corbyn.  His transits for the foundation of the Independence Group are:-

Transiting Uranus square to his natal Mercury/Mars – a mental breakout, and a major disruption

Chiron trine his Mercury/Mars – for him, a mental solution, and a personal healing

Mars trine his natal Jupiter a physical sense of freedom

Angela Smith

“Our politics is broken and all the main parties are incapable of inspiring confidence in the future.”

Angela Smith, the MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge (not Baroness Angela Smith of Basildon) found herself soon after the launch of the Independent Group apologizing for referring to a person of colour as having a “funny tinge”.

Her birthchart has a satellitium in Leo, and the Moon in Libra.  Like Luciana, she has the Rebel Archetype, showing up in her chart as the Sun/Mercury/North Node conjunct Uranus in Leo.

She joined the Labour Party early in life, at the age of 16, and also worked for the N.H.S.  In 2011-2012 she was voted Constituency MP of the Year.  In 2013 she worked with Brian May in opposing the badger cull.  However, she supported fracking and last November received a no confidence vote from her constituency.

Her transits last week were:- Neptune trine her natal Venus (poignant feelings), Chiron opposite her Mars (registering a wound), Uranus trine her Jupiter (a new direction) and the South Node on her natal Saturn (a serious karmic decision).

Gavin Shuker

“Today, the Labour party…is perfectly content to enable the hard Tory Brexit that will directly and negatively affect people in Luton”

Born in 1981, the same year as Luciana Berger, Gavin shares the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, which encloses his Sun in a triple conjunction in Libra.  He too has a strong Inner Rebel, with Uranus exactly trine his natal North Node, and Mars square his Uranus.  He has strong religious convictions with Jupiter sextile Neptune, with Christianity as his chosen religion.  He has strongly opposed the far right in society.

A motion of no confidence was passed against him last September.  His transits at the founding of the Independence Group show up Saturn square his natal Sun (a time of difficulty, sadness and decision), Mars opposite his Mercury (expressing his anger), and Jupiter sextile his Jupiter (at the same time, a feeling of freedom).

Ann Coffey

“Any criticism of the leadership is responded to with abuse and accusations of treachery”

Ann Coffey’s career began in social work, and she has a special interest in the protection of children.  Born in 1946, she has a long history in politics, having made her maiden speech on 12th May 1992.  Ann Coffey is a Virgoan Sun Sign, but with 5 planets in Libra.  She is the third of this group to have Mars closely sextile Pluto, the others being Gavin Shuker and Chris Leslie (who have it exact).  It would confer a deep and determined drive.  Her transits this week included Jupiter sextile her Chiron (the solution to a problem, for her).

Mike Gapes

A Corbyn government would threaten our national security and international alliances”

In their brief speeches, a number of the group described their working class roots, and Mike Gapes was the son of a postman and a shop assistant.

Another Virgo, Mike Gapes made his maiden speech in May 1992 like Ann Coffey.  With Mercury square Jupiter, he has travelled widely to many countries on parliamentary business.  He has been enthusiastically pro-European.  He is also a staunch defender of Kurdish human rights, and a critic of UKIP.  Like Ann Coffey and Luciana Berger, he has a strong Inner Entrepreneur (positive connection between his Jupiter and Uranus).  His transits this week were Chiron opposite his Venus (a wrench, relationship-wise), Saturn opposite his Uranus (a personal earthquake), Jupiter sextile his Neptune (doing the right thing by his Soul).

Chuka Umunna

“If you are sick and tired of politics as usual, guess what, so are we.”

By far the best known name among the Labour group, Chuka Umunna withdrew from the contest for the Labour leadership in 2015 because he was protective of his family.  That was a few years ago, and he has not elaborated on that view more recently, as far as I know. He sees this opportunity to join with other disaffected Labour MPs and Remainers to create something more moderate than the left leaning tendencies which currently hold sway in the Party.

Chuka would seem to be the natural leader of the group, though maybe reluctantly so.  He is a Libran, but has four planets in Scorpio.  Six of his planets are in the Fixed signs, so he is more strongwilled than the average Libran.  Some added Scorpionic steel is present with a conjunction between the Sun and Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler.  The Moon was closely conjunct Chiron at Noon the day he was born (no birthtime available), which may account for his great protectiveness when it comes to his family.  Mercury squares his Jupiter, and he has a wide ranging knowledge and retention of facts, figures and statistics.

He was Shadow Business Secretary from 2011 to 2015.  On his appointment, Jupiter was conjunct his natal Chiron in Taurus (business); Pluto was sextile his natal Mercury in Scorpio.  He resigned when Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader.  He has been an enthusiastic proponent of a second referendum, or People’s vote.  His transits this week show Pluto sextile his natal Venus (a new, deeper set of alliances), Neptune trine his Uranus (sensitive change), Neptune square his Neptune (some disorientation), and Saturn square his Pluto (you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs).

Joan Ryan

“The values that led me to join the Labour party are the same values that have led me to leave it today.”

Joan Ryan resigned from the Labour Party the day after the initial seven.  Joan is another Virgoan (that makes three so far).  She was the subject of an expenses scandal in 2007 and  lost her seat in 2010, but was re-elected in Enfield North in 2015.  Her transits when she decided to leave were: Saturn trine her Mercury (a serious decision), Saturn sextile her Saturn (taking back control), Neptune opposite her Sun (feeling a bit at sea), Neptune trine her Saturn (a balance between practicality and idealism).

The main uniting factors for these MPs are a dissatisfaction with Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, favouring a People’s Vote on Brexit, and dismay in relation to the Party’s lack of satisfactory action on anti-semitism.

Anna Soubry

“The right wing, the hardline anti-EU awkward squad that have destroyed every leader for the last 40 years, are now running the Consdrvative party from top to toe”

It has often been stressed this week that the group that have come together have been like-minded friends for some time (probably since the Referendum).  Anna Soubry in particular is close to Chuka Umunna.  So it is now on to the Conservative wing of the group, and Anna more Tory than most, in that she waxed lyrical this week about George Osborne’s austerity policies.  She harks back to the grand old days (?) of the coalition, in which she played a part.  As soon as Theresa May was elected leader of the Conservative Party, she became a vociferous critic of her government, having been a passionate Remainer.

Anna is a colourful Sagittarian, with Mercury also in that sign, not afraid to speak her mind.  Half her planets are in Fire Signs.  She has the Critic Archetype in her birth chart, in the form of Mercury closely square Mars.  Like Chuka and Mike Gapes, she has the wide ranging mind of Mercury square (exact in her case) Jupiter, the type of mind that doesn’t like to be fenced in.  According to the Independent newspaper “she has a record of unusually free speech”.  She also has the Warrior Archetype, with Mars in Aries trine her North Node (karmic mission) and Mars opposite her ruling planet (Jupiter).

Soubry started her career as a journalist (a Sagittarian occupation).  She became an MP in 2010 (a relative latecomer, for this group).  Like Angela Smith, she has supported fracking.  Her transits on Wednesday were Uranus trine her natal Mercury (a surprise announcement), Neptune square her Sun (disorientation) and Neptune trine her Venus (relationships which are more in harmony with her spirit).

Sarah Wollaston

“The Prime Minister simply hasn’t delivered on the pledge she made on the steps of Downing street to tackle the burning injustices in our society.”

Sarah Wollaston, the second of the Tory three, is an Aquarian.  Sarah is an Ex-GP and an Ex-Brexiteer, but of the three smiling faces on Wednesday, hers was the broadest grin.  She is strongly Aquarian, having the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in that sign, so may be assumed to be forward thinking.  Her chart has a phenomenal 8 out of 10 planets in Fixed signs, so she is extremely strong willed and would not change her mind on a whim (though she has changed her profession and her stance on Brexit).  Like Anna Soubry, she became an MP in 2010.  Like Gavin Shuker, she has a go ahead Sun conjunction with Jupiter (the broad grin testifies).  The Sun exactly opposite Uranus depicts the Rebel Archetype.  In fact, she has an interesting match with Luciana in that her Sun conjuncts Venus in different signs (one at the end and the other at the beginning of the next sign) opposite Uranus in the same sign as the Sun.  Perhaps that (disruption in relationships) is one of the signatures for the group, as it is unusual.  She also has the Critic Archetype (Mercury conjunct Mars).

When she put herself forward as a candidate for Totnes she admitted she had no background in politics but did have “real life experience, approachability and enthusiasm”.  Since becoming an MP, she has voted against having a referendum in 2011.  She has voted in favour of suspending Universal Credit.  She voted to maintain the ban on hunting.  She warned David Cameron of the consequences of his policies on the N.H.S.  So not necessarily the average, toe the line Tory.  Her transits on Wednesday were:  Mars sextile her Venus (a great pleasure), and Uranus sextile her Uranus (the power of surprise) – hence the big grin.

Heidi Allen

“I can no longer represent a government and a party who can’t open their eyes to the suffering endured by the most vulnerable…”

Heidi Allen was bright and breezy on Andrew Marr’s couch this morning.  As the final of the eleven strong group, with Sun in Capricorn she does not fall into a pattern in terms of Sun signs.  Some of the group share aspects and characteristics, but we do have 3 Virgos out of the eleven.  Heidi has the Rebel Archetype, in Sun square Uranus.  She also has a very literary and futuristic conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Aquarius (she may write books in the future).  Jupiter trine Saturn provides a useful balance in her chart, especially for a Centrist.  And she has a very profound karmic mission to play out, with Neptune conjunct her North Node and Pluto sextile her North Node.

Heidi has a degree in Astrophysics from University College London.  She was inspired to become active in politics after seeing the Tottenham riots.  So having become an MP in 2015, she seems to be the newest to politics though not the youngest in the group (who are Luciana Berger and Gavin Shuker).  In 2017 she stated that if Jacob Rees-Mogg became leader of the Conservative Party she would leave the Party.  She also spoke up in a parliamentary debate about having had to have an abortion on health grounds.

Her transits on leaving the Party and helping to form the new group were: Saturn sextile her Jupiter (a balanced decision), Mars opposite her Uranus (an expression of anger at desire for change, at the same time)

Reaction and conclusions

Many people believe that the Independents should submit themselves to by-elections, as they were elected under the banner of their respective parties.  That would certainly be a test of their mettle, and I think it is fair to ask that they do.  On Andrew Marr’s couch this morning, Luciana Berger said she had had a lot of enthusiastic feedback this week from her constituents, and still had the same values as when she increased her majority in 2017.

On the issue of anti-semitism, I feel that it is very much a question of the definition of the word, and there are many definitions and opinions.  I think some of the manifestations of anti-semitism which have offended some Jews are not regarded as anti-semitic by the leadership of the Labour Party, hence their denial.

The eleven are hoping that this is the beginning of a brave new politics. Luciana Berger mentioned this morning that tomorrow will be their first meeting.  They have angered the Parties they left behind, but at the same time many people wish them well and would like some sort of  new politics.

Forthcoming Transits to the chart of the Independence Group

The next few month do not look easy for this new birth.  Dates to watch:

3rd March 2019 – Jupiter in Sagittarius semi-sextiles its natal Pluto in Capricorn in 9th House – issues around power, for example choosing a leader

21st March 2019 – Neptune sextiles natal Venus in Capricorn in 9th House – some harmony

22nd/23rd March 2019 – Neptune sextiles natal Saturn in Capricorn in 9th House – ideals expressed and an attempt at practicality

18th March 2019 – Uranus semi-sextiles the natal Chiron in Aries in 11th House – a possible healing crisis

5/6th April 2019 – Chiron semi-sextiles the natal Mars in 12th House – a possible wound or defection

25th April 2019 – Uranus reaches the natal Mars in 12th House – sparks will fly!

19th May 2019 – Jupiter in Sagittarius quincunxes its natal North Node in Cancer in 3rd House – a karmic moment in terms of its stated aims and mission

15/17th July 2019 – Saturn retrogrades over the natal Venus/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in 9th House – a firming up of resolve, or a disappointment; definition needed

13/14th August 2019 – Saturn retrogrades over the natal Midheaven in Capricorn in 9th House – more defining of aims and image needed, and possible talk about leadership


The pendulum has swung right back again this week, with a bare minimum in the way of aspects.

Make a note in your diary that Mars is sextile with the Sun on Thursday (28th).  This is a dynamic combination of ideas, and action.  A good day to formulate some policy if you have a new project, or are forming a new Party.  A good day for men, dogs and cars.  A concentration on the male side of life.

Friday (1st March) brings a square between Venus and Uranus, which is more tricky.  There may be sudden disagreements, or sudden defections from your new Party.  It is not an easy day for meetings (business or personal), though you may have to negotiate them if you have already planted them in your diary.  If so, be diplomatic, and use your intuition; try to see the overview of the situation.

In the afternoon, Venus enters Aquarius at 16.45 Hrs in the U.K.  If your meeting runs on, you may experience a slightly friendlier mood at that time, a shift in energy.  This may make a difference between arriving at a deal and not, though if you are negotiating a Brexit deal the effect may not be powerful enough.  Venus will be in Aquarius until 26th March, so for most of the month the general tone will be more affable.  Negotiations will be conducted more in the spirit of what is best for society.

The week in bullet points:

  • Thursday – dynamic
  • Friday – disruption in negotiations; later, more friendly


Karl Lagerfeld (1933 – 2019)

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld died last week, from complications of pancreatic cancer.  He certainly created a unique and unforgettable style and image for his own person, as well as the creativity in his work, and continuing the line set by Coco Chanel.  In the Guardian Obituary by Veronica Horwell, she says “He had a genius for visual quotation and allusion, impersonation and pastiche”.

Birth Chart

Karl Lagerfeld had Sun in Virgo closely conjunct Mercury, indicating a great attention to detail, and some degree of critical faculties.  He was said to listen to and act on his inner voice, and that is portrayed by his Mercury conjunction with Neptune.  With Venus opposite Uranus, trine North Node in Aquarius, he had a penchant for off the wall fashion tastes, and the expression of that was part of his karmic mission.  Uranus was sextile exactly the North Node in Aquarius – he was an innovator, who liked to be on the cutting edge.  Venus was exactly square Pluto in his chart, and he claimed to have only been in love with his work, yet his emotional life (Venus) was shaped by the earl death (Pluto) of his friend Jacques de Bascher whose ashes he kept for the rest of his life.


Lagerfeld was a friend and admirer of Andy Warhol, and borrowed much from his image: the pancake white face and hair, the wooden gait (Mars square exactly Saturn, in the case of Lagerfeld) and the dark glasses, trailing his entourage.  To these he added fingerless gloves and high, starched, detachable collars.  He liked to be controversial, but once stated (in 2007) that in itself was an act.  Andy Warhol had the Sun on his Ascendant in Leo, and in the absence of an Ascendant for Lagerfeld, it would be tempting to assign such a flamboyant Ascendant or Midheaven for his persona.

Life and Career

He was born in Hamburg in a family which belonged to the Old Catholic Church, but adopted France as his home country.  As a child he was fond of sketching, and later became a caricaturist.  It was an early passion for the French artists that drew him to France.  He also studied history.  He came to Paris in 1953, and got to know Yves St. Laurent and Pierre Balmain.  In 1967 he became involved with the fashion house Fendi, where he developed their fur line.  He was hired by Chanel in 1983, where he invigorated the company (Coco Chanel had died in 1971).

Jacques de Bascher

He had a relationship with Jacques de Bascher, who was also involved with Yves St. Laurent, lasting 18 years up to Bascher’s death from AIDS  in 1989.  Their astrological chemistry was considerable: his Mercury was sextile Bascher’s Sun, a mental link; his Mars was trine Bascher’s Uranus, a significant spark; his Jupiter was sextile Bascher’s Mercury, an intellectual link; his Jupiter was square Bascher’s Chiron, attempts at mutual healing; and his Neptune was sextile exactly Bascher’s Uranus, providing complexity mixed with spontaneity.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was five years older than Lagerfeld.  According to Veronica Horwell, “Andy Warhol borrowed a Lagerfeld apartment as the venue for a movie, L’Amour (1973), and Lagerfeld adopted Warhol’s creed of superficiality, although behind that facade lay a wide and deep consumption of art and literature”.

In their synastry (also quite considerable), Warhol’s Mercury was sextile Lagerfeld’s Chiron in Gemini, their Venuses were exactly sextile – Lagerfeld’s in Libra, and Warhol’s in Leo (so artistic harmony), Warhol’s Mars was square exactly Lagerfeld’s Nodal Axis (there may have been contention in other areas, or karmically), Warhol’s Jupiter trined Lagerfeld’s Neptune (heightening each other’s inspiration), Warhol’s Neptune was positioned on Lagerfeld South Node, a mutual fascination probably borne out of past life karma, and finally Warhol’s Pluto sextile Lagerfeld Sun (a deep bond).

The Critic

His controversial streak and Inner Critic frequently landed him into hot water.  In 2012 he criticized the singer Adele for being too fat, and Pippa Middleton for being ugly.  Adele said she was like the majority of women, and proud to be so.  He did eventually apologize for his comments about Adele.  Adele had Neptune square her Mercury at the time (victim of dubious speech) and Uranus square her Saturn (a surprise attack on her confidence).  At the time he let loose his thoughts on Pippa Middleton Jupiter was square his Neptune (poor judgement) and Saturn on his Venus (having a misogynistic day).  Saturn was square his natal Pluto (not a good mood) too.


At the time of his death this week, Saturn was trine his Sun in Virgo and Neptune opposite his natal Mercury in Virgo.

According to his wishes, his funeral will be without ceremony and his ashes will be scattered together with those of Jacques de Bascher and those of his mother.

Aspects for the week beginning 17 February 2019

If last week was thin on the ground for aspects, this week is the opposite.  So much so, that I am devoting all of the space in this week’s blog to the aspects themselves.

Sunday (17th)

There is just the one aspect today, and it’s a congenial one: Venus sextile Neptune.  In terms of relationships (Venus) it is the best aspect of the week, as later on we have Venus conjunct Saturn, then conjunct Pluto.  So it is a day of sweet moments with your loved ones, heightened spiritual values, inspiration in art or music; a day that touches the heart.  If you are looking for a day this week to bring out the poetry in you, this is it.

Shamima Begum, who as a 15-year old went to join ISIS, and who wishes now to return to the U.K., gave birth to a baby boy this morning.  The issue sparked a lot of debate last week, revealing a great deal of complexity around it.  If he survives, he is likely to have a complex destiny.  If his mother is allowed to bring him into the U.K. she would have to face the music, and may be separated from him.  With the Moon in Cancer, his psyche will be very much tied to that of his mother.

Monday (18th)

Tomorrow starts with another sextile, that between the Sun and Uranus.  This sets up a sense of excitement early on.  There may be a sense of anticipation about the day, or the week.  Perhaps you have something special you wish to accomplish during those time frames.  It may be a radical change of direction, or some bold changes.  Your creativity will be firing on all cylinders.

The next aspect to occur tomorrow is a conjunction between Venus and Saturn at 16 degrees Capricorn, so you may experience a dip in mood after the original enthusiasm.  In human relations or in finance, there may be a setback or disappointment, which you will need to process.  This week you will need to be on top of your game in processing the aspects, which are coming through thick and fast.  Feel your feelings (e.g. the nostalgia, or injustice), or deal with them philosophically, and let them go if you can.  The conjunction of Venus and Pluto later in the week will encourage you to process them at a deeper level.

The most important event of the day is Chiron’s re-entry into Aries.  I wrote last April:

“Chiron has been journeying through Pisces in recent years, a sensitive crucible of healing.  Chiron coming into Aries will be more overt, and possibly more physical in its approach to healing.  If you have important points in your chart at 0 degrees, you may have healing issues come up.”

You may be able to clarify some healing issues on Monday.

In the last hour of the day (in the U.K.) the Sun enters Pisces.  Although healing issues will look clearer, the general tone of life will become more soft focus.  It is a year since David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II brought the issue of the proliferation of plastic in our seas to our screens.  It is amazing to think it was a year ago, but there have been initiatives as a result of that series.  Friday’s school boycott by children was to a great extent inspired by the graphic information it provided us.  But we all know we have so far to go, and have only just touched the surface of the problem.  So the theme of this coming transit of the Sun through Pisces may be the purification of the waters, and how to deal with the growing threat to our sea life.  Pescatarians may want to skip a stage and go on to vegetarianism, or even straight to veganism.

So tomorrow is a full-on day aspectwise, in a week that is full-on.  You may emerge with much food for thought.

Tuesday (19th)

Tuesday is an emotional day, with Mercury conjunct Neptune arriving first thing, at 15 degrees Pisces.  This colours the mind with emotion and imagination.  Depending on your relationship with Neptune, you may either find the combination disorientating mentally, or inspiring.  If disorientated, try a meditational route to your chosen spiritual path.  Journeys may be complicated, but messages could be subtle and finely-tuned.

Although there is a lot going on  this week, and some of it challenging, there is also a great deal of mutual support going on between the planets.  The Venus/Saturn conjunction on Monday is sextile with the Mercury/Neptune conjunction for Tuesday, creating a network with Venus sextile Neptune (Sunday’s handiwork) and Saturn sextile Mercury (on Wednesday).  This supportive network may be most keenly felt around Tuesday.

The emotion and tension will be building however towards the Full Moon at 0 degrees Virgo on Tuesday afternoon.  Someone is going to insist that something is done properly, to their specifications!  They may meet opposition from more idealistic quarters (the Sun in Pisces).  This all sounds like the average day in Parliament in these final throes of Brexit negotiations and wrangles.  But we all have our own lives to lead, and some of it unconnected with Brexit issues.  So there may be some brinkmanship in our lives between the principle of getting the job done, and perfectionism.

Wednesday (20th)

Wednesday brings a more exacting mood to the proceedings of the week, conducive to knuckling down to paperwork or practical ideas.  The aspect in question is Mercury sextile Saturn, which takes place in the early hours of the morning.  Your dreams may be very prosaic, but you may awaken with a sense of determination to go about your tasks, a renewed work ethic.  The aspect may also enable straight talking, or plain speaking.

 Friday (22nd)

Mercury squares Jupiter on Friday, in the evening.  This is more upbeat mentally, but liable to overstretching or information overload.  Travel plans may be ambitious.  This aspect is mind-broadening, so you’ll have plenty to mull over at bedtime.  If you’re anxious for a good night’s sleep, put into place all your favourite insomnia strategies, such as chamomile tea and lavender on the pillow.

Saturday (23rd)

The last day of the week is not without its drama.  Venus conjuncts Pluto in the early hours of Saturday (so even if you fell asleep easily, you may wake in the night with a vivid dream).  An extra helping of chamomile tea and lavender may be needed.  Issues which surfaced earlier in the week may be felt at a deeper level now, and may feel more pressing.  Occurring in those early hours, there is a chance of working with them in conjunction with your subconscious mind, such as holding a thought as you go to sleep (or fall asleep again) and asking for dream guidance.  Self-hypnosis is also a possibility.  But what is important, is to try to get to the root of the matter, and for that you may need to go back in time.  Those born under the Venusian signs of Taurus and Libra may find the  process more heavy going.  Those born under the Plutonic influence of Sun in Scorpio may find the process lighter, and more loving.

But Pluto hasn’t finished with us, for late afternoon it sextiles Mercury.  This brings the emphasis from a feeling-centred process to more of an analytical process.  You may have sifted through your feelings, exhausted them even, and then go on to analysing them on a more mental level.  Your conclusions will then be able to make more sense of context and perspective, and provide a focus for moving on.  You may come up with some profound wisdom, or statements.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – sublime
  • Tomorrow – ridiculously busy
  • Tuesday – emotional
  • Wednesday – mentally practical
  • Friday – exaggerative
  • Saturday – profound


Aspect for the week beginning 10 February 2019

Alan Turing

Voted Greatest Icon of 20th Century

“There should be no question in anyone’s mind that Turing’s work was the biggest factor in Hut 8’s success. In the early days, he was the only cryptographer who thought the problem worth tackling”

~ Hugh Alexander

This week cryptanalyst Alan Turing was voted Greatest Icon in 20th Century.  In 2002 Winston Churchill was voted Greatest Briton, from a list of 100 on which Alan Turing featured as number 21.  Alan Turing’s profile has since risen, with a detailed biography by Andrew Hodges and a film “The Imitation Game” made from the book, “Enigma”.  Both men were inextricably linked in the task of saving our country and the fate of others in World War II.  With the Sun in Cancer, it seems fitting that Alan Turing’s greatest service was to his home country.

Birth Chart

Alan Turing’s vital statistics (astrologically) were Sun in Cancer, Ascendant in Gemini and Moon in Libra. His Sun was conjunct Pluto, depicting one who was psychologically deep and faced huge inner challenges.

His Moon was sextile Mars and square Neptune, increasing the emotional content of his birth chart.  It was also closely conjunct the South Node in Libra in 5th House.  Mercury was conjunct the Sun, and more tellingly, trine his Chiron, a problem-solving, code-cracking trine.  His Venus was exactly conjunct Pluto, so his feelings could sometimes be volcanic.  Saturn was trine Uranus in his chart, enabling him to bring together the old and the new.  Another key factor in his chart was Uranus conjunct exactly with the Midheaven, showing brilliance in a scientific and technological career.

Early Life

Alan was born in Maida Vale at a time when his father Julius Turing was back in England temporarily from his post in the Indian Civil Service. On his mother’s side her grandfather’s second cousin had been George Johnstone Stoney, a famous Irish scientist.  His Pluto was sextile Alan’s Midheaven, so there may have been an astrological legacy there for his scientific future.

He was educated at Sherborne in Dorset at a school which was at odds with his natural talent, favouring the classics over science, to an extent that he was discouraged from pursuing his chosen subject.  However, he went on to win a place at King’s College Cambridge.

Christopher Morcrom

While still at Sherborne he developed a strong bond with a fellow student, Christopher Morcrom, who helped bring through his talent and passion for science.  Their relationship was a key component in Alan’s emotional history.  They were both Cancerian; Christopher had Mars sextile Alan’s Venus, an attraction, and there was also a powerful magnetism of Christopher’s Mars sextile Alan’s Pluto.

Sadly, Morcron died suddenly from complications from bovine tuberculosis (on 13th February 1930), and this was a great shock and loss to Alan.

Some of the effects on Alan show up in his transits at the time:  Saturn opposed his natal Mercury (sadness), Uranus squared his Mercury (shock), and Pluto exactly squared his natal Nodal Axis (karmically affected by a death).

The biography quotes from a letter he wrote to his mother at the time, feeling that destiny was calling him to continue their work together on his own: “I feel sure that I shall meet Morcom again somewhere and that there will be some work for us to do together, and as I believed there was for us to do here”.

Christopher’s mother recorded in her diary how Mrs Turing had called in on her: “We talked nearly all the time about Chris and she told me how much he had influenced Alan and how Alan thought he was still working with him and helping him”.


At Cambridge, Alan gained a first-class honours degree in mathematics.  He then continued to pursue an academic path at Princeton University in the U.S.  At the approach to World War II from September 1938 he began working part time at Bletchley Park, the codebreaking centre working on analysing German codes.  The day after the outbreak of war, he joined them full time, working and for a time leading the effort at Hut 8 to crack the codes for the Enigma machine, which had been invented in Germany at the end of the first World War by Arthur Scherbius.  At the time, Saturn was sextile his natal Sun (responsibility) and Pluto on his I.C. (founding a profound life’s work).  The efforts of the group at Bletchley Park contributed greatly to the prediction of the movements of the German navy in particular.

Joan Clarke

On 17th June 1940 another Cancerian arrived in his life, Joan Clarke, another mathematician and cryptanalyst, whose intellect won her a position in the team. In their synastry, Their Suns were conjunct, his Nodal Axis was square her Venus (romantic karma), and his Saturn was on her Jupiter (she was able to give him encouragement). Their friendship grew, enjoying chess and bike rides together, and in 1941 Alan proposed marriage and she accepted.  Eventually, he broke off the engagement deciding he could not go through with the marriage, despite her knowledge and acceptance of his homosexuality.

Winston Churchill

Just after the end of 1940 the efforts of the cryptanalysts began to pay off.  Appreciating the potential of their work, Winston Churchill paid a visit to Bletchley Park in the summer of 1941.  He gave the workers there a pep talk, and was introduced to Alan Turing [thus the greatest Briton of the 20th Century was introduced to the greatest Icon!].  The work had been lacking recognition and resources, and it was hoped that the visit from Churchill would make a difference to their working conditions.  But time dragged on without that hoped for change, and on 21st October 1941, Alan wrote to Winston about the work being held up.  Because of the secrecy of the work, there was no direct acknowledgement, but the help came through and the work was expedited.

The transits for Alan at this important moment of time were: Mars sextile his Midheaven (seizing the initiative); Saturn trine his Neptune (bringing reality to an ideal); Pluto trine his Sun (a deeply felt truth) and Pluto square his natal Neptune – sensing peril in the world.

The transits for Winston at the time were also galvanizing: Uranus was square his Moon (electrifying his emotions); the North Node was trine his Pluto  (a karmic urging) and Uranus trine his Ascendant (again, electrifying).

Bearing in mind their unique collaboration in history, what was the synastry between the two men?  Turing’s Jupiter is exactly conjunct Winston Sun, bringing him luck, Turing’s Moon was exactly conjunct Winston Mars (a shared motivation), Turing’s Neptune was exactly square Winston’s Jupiter (a spiritual challenge), and Turing’s Mars was on Winston’s Uranus (an encouragement to action).

By 1943, Turing’s role at Bletchley had been completed, but the work curtailed the war by more than two years and saved over 14 million lives.

After Bletchley

Alan’s secret mission was completed, but as a scientist and mathematician he extended his work to include more groundbreaking invention which further sealed his place in history.  Drawing on others who came before him in his field, such as Charles Babbage and Countess Ada Lovelace, he in effect invented the modern computer, computer programming and artificial intelligence, which are so much a part of our modern age.  He was awarded an O.B.E. by King George VI in 1946, even though his work had been in secret.


Turing made no secret of his homosexuality, even though in his time it was illegal.  However, he was targeted by the British government when in late 1951 and early 1952 he began a relationship with Arnold Murray and was subsequently prosecuted for “gross indecency”.  His case was heard on 31st March 1952.  Jupiter was square his Neptune at the time, which might have contributed some spiritual angst.  He was advised to plead guilty, and opted for chemical castration instead of prison, which disastrous effects.  It seems inhuman that he was given that choice and it was coldheartedly implemented.


Alan Turing was found dead on 8th June 1954, the cause thought to be suicide by cyanide poisoning, but some room was left for the possibility that it was accidental.  The transits at the time were:- Mars opp Pluto (possible violence against the self); Saturn square his natal Uranus/Midheaven (desperate measures), and Neptune square his Neptune (extreme confusion and poisoning).

Reputation Restored

Partly because he work during the Second World War was so low profile, Alan did not get due recognition for it until much later.  Certainly he did not become a household name until this century.  In 2009 Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a public apology on behalf of the British government, and in 2013 Queen Elizabeth granted him a posthumous pardon.  The book “Alan Turing: The Enigma” by Andrew Hodges was published in 2014, and the film “The Imitation Game” was released on 28th November 2014.  His posthumous transits for this week included Jupiter (recognition) trine his natal North Node (a karmic reward finally coming through).

“There was always a sense of this immense power and of his ability to tackle every problem, and always from first principles”

~ Peter Hilton

Bibliography: “Alan Turing: The Enigma” by Andrew Hodges


There is just the one aspect this week, accompanied by two ingresses.

The first ingress occurs today, with Mercury entering Pisces.  Mercury stays in Pisces until 17th April, a longer than usual stay in a sign by his standards, because there is a retrograde period occurring during that time.  One of the features of this placement is mental confusion, and of course we have the Brexit transition due to occur in this period.  Strange to tell, Mercury goes Direct on the purported day of Brexit itself, 29th March.  Countries, businesses, and ordinary folk do not know where they stand at the moment, with no firm plan in sight.  Every astrological feature of course has its positive as well as negative side, so the upside of Mercury in Pisces is more imaginative thinking (hopefully by politicians) but also in private lives.  There is also more creativity and inspiration, so it is not all confusion.  There may be times it is hard to focus, and you may feel your mind is “elsewhere” (which may be on other planes of light, sorting through possibilities).  So bring that inspiration down, and attempt to do something practical with it.

Wednesday features the only actual aspect of the week, a conjunction between Mars and Uranus, at 29 degrees Aries.  That is very focussed action, sometimes conducted at lightning speed.  It favours engineering, mechanics and science, and could be explosive if the energy is not harnessed with some sense of control.  The energies could be very galvanizing.   This conjunction makes a statement, and even more so by virtue of its position at the very end of Aries – a parting gesture, perhaps.  It is very dynamic, and with Mars about to enter Taurus there is a feeling of action needed now or there will be delay, or significantly slower progress. Uranus enters Taurus next month, which will also create more change, and enforce more contemplation.  It is currently opposite Theresa May’s Neptune.  However, next week Chiron will enter Aries (more of that later) which brings a new and different urgency to solving problems.  At the end of March, Chiron will be trine Theresa May’s North Node, a karmic reckoning.

The slowing down of Mars entering Taurus then occurs on Thursday (14th), Valentine’s Day, at 10.51 a.m. in the U.K.  If you are going to do any rushing around, complete it by that time!  Then take the day slowly, and savour the difference in energy.  Martian types (for example Ariens) may feel that they are straining on the leash, frustrated or impatient.  Venusian types (for example Taureans and Librans) may feel an influx of energy and a sense of purpose.   John Gray’s  adage “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” may get a little mixed up, as some people may be acting out of their gender roles.  On the romantic side, it could be a day of  fluctuating feelings, but it is certainly a demonstrative day with a mix of perplexity and sensuality.   Gentleness wins the day though, not the bull in a china shop approach.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – soft-focus, mentally
  • Wednesday – impulsive
  • Thursday – a gentler approach

Aspects for the week beginning 3 February 2019

Richard E. Grant

Richard E. Grant has had an emotional fortnight.  On 23rd January he found out he was nominated for his first Oscar, at the age of 61.  Then a week later, he shed tears over a tweet by Barbra Streisand.  The sense of anticipation in his life will be building up to the Oscars ceremony, which will take place on 24th February.

Birth Chart

Grant has the Sun exactly conjunct Mercury in Taurus, in a triple conjunction with Venus.  Taurus is a sign of deep feeling, and appreciation of the Arts.  Venus is exactly on his South Node, indicating that his past lives were very much involved in cultivating the Arts.  His Moon and Mars are in Cancer, and together with the Taurean planets, show that he is very much in tune with the female side of life.  Mars sextile Pluto in his chart gives him the potential of great stamina, and the resource of a powerhouse of energy.  His Mars and Jupiter receive all sextiles and trines, which is a very positive energy.  Saturn in his chart is unaspected, so he may have issues around rules, discipline and authority, and will express these himself in a very individualistic way.

Life and Career

Richard was born and brought up in Swaziland, and has an exotic mixed ancestry composed of English, Dutch/Afrikaner and German heritage. He obtained a degree in English and Drama from Cape Town University, and moved to London in 1982.

He made his name with the title role in the film “Withnail and I” in 1987.  Mark Kermode in the Observer this morning describes the characterization of this role as “emotionally unguarded” and contrasts it with his current role in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”

In between that first success and his current success (a time span of  31 or so years) Richard has taken a variety of roles.  He hit it off particularly with the comedy actor Steve Martin in 1991 during the filming of L.A. Story, communicating through fax.  Steve Martin’s funnybone is represented in his chart by a conjunction of Jupiter and Chiron, but he has a sparky conjunction of Mars and Uranus in his chart, which is trine Richard E. Grant’s Chiron.  Richard E. Grant would find this exchange particularly healing, because his natal Chiron has four squares to it.

Chiron seems to be an important planet for Richard by transit (we do not know its exact placement within his Houses because we do not have a birth time for him).  On 1st Deember 2006, he exposed a scam selling a bogus cure for AIDS on the television programme Newsnight.  At that time, Neptune (exposing a scandal) was transiting his natal Chiron in Aquarius (healing for society).  The character Jack, who he plays in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” falls victim to AIDS.  This may reflect part of Grant’s Inner Healer mission.

Oscar nomination

On 23rd January, Grant posted a video of himself outside a building where he lived in London, starting out as an actor, with enormous glee:  “I’m absolutely overwhelmed! 36 years ago I rented this bedsit here which is one room in Notting Hill Gate for £30 a week… I cannot believe that 36 years later I’m standing here as an almost 62-year-old man and having an Oscar nomination, ha!”

He had by way of transits Saturn trine his Sun, a long overdue plaudit, Uranus trine his Pluto – a profound surprise, and Neptune sextile exactly his Sun to the day – a sublime experience, connected with film and acting.  Pluto was also trine his natal Jupiter, indicating a profound success.

Melissa McCarthy

In the film, Melissa McCarthy co-stars (and has also received nominations).  She plays real life author Lee Israel, who fell on hard times and became a professional forger, with the help of Richard’s character Jack, a flamboyant drug dealer.  Mark Kermode describes this partnership as a “perfect pairing”, and that seems to be one of the secrets of the film’s success.

Richard’s Neptune is exactly conjunct Melissa’s Jupiter, showing great inspiration.  There is also a high-intensity conjunction between her Mars and his Pluto.  At the time of the nomination, the North Node (karmic reward) was sextile her natal Pluto (great meaning in her life).

Lee Israel

Lee Israel, the woman on whom the film is based (stemming from her own autobiography), deserves a mention here.  She had Mercury in Scorpio (a forensic mind) exactly trine Jupiter, making her an expert forger.  She had Jupiter trine exactly Melissa’s Neptune, which is an inspired rapport.  Lee’s posthumous transits include Chiron trine her natal Mercury, a healing of the mind.  Kermode describes the film as a “gently forgiving account” of Lee’s life.

Letter to Barbra Streisand

Richard popped up again on our newsfeed on 30th January, because of a letter he had written when he was 14 years old, and a huge fan of Barbra Streisand (a fellow Taurean).  At the time, he was still living in Swaziland, and because she was under stress at the time, he wrote to her offering her a refuge at his family home where there was “no chance of being mobbed”.  He shared the letter on Twitter on 30th, and she replied “What a wonderful letter … and look at you now! You’re terrific in your latest movie with Melissa, congratulations and love Barbra”.  He was apparently in tears.  What was the synastry between this star and superfan?  Her Sun was exactly square his Uranus, their Marses were closely conjunct in Cancer, her Mars was trine his Pluto (connecting in with his powerhouse of energy), Her Pluto was exactly conjunct his Uranus (a big impact).

On 30th, Richard had Jupiter exactly sextile his natal Chiron in Aquarius (again, I feel that Chiron is important in his chart), Saturn still trine his natal Sun, Uranus trine his Pluto, and Neptune sextile his Sun (but easing away from its position at his nomination).  But Pluto is growing ever closer to the trine with his Jupiter, which perfects or peaks on 16/17th February, closer to the time of the awards.  Barbra at the time had Uranus sextile her Mars, Mars sextile her Jupiter, and Chiron sextile her Uranus, which produce an air of excitement (probably in her life unconnected with the incident).

The Oscars: 91st Academy Awards

These take place on Sunday, 24th February, and the transits are:-

For Richard, Jupiter square exactly his natal Jupiter – high energy, super excitement.  Uranus sextile his natal Mars (more excitement).  Neptune sextile his Mercury (a sensitive nervous system, registering emotion); and Pluto still very close to the trine with his Jupiter (just a week after its peak).

For Melissa, Pluto trine exactly her natal Saturn (profound acknowledgement of hard work), and Uranus trine her Sun by 3 degrees (some success).

When the dust has settled on the Oscars, Grant has another project to look forward to, his forthcoming appearance in Star Wars: Episode IX.  But he will surely look back on this period as one of the highlights of his life.


We started this morning with a square between Venus and Chiron, a possible emotional wrangle in an otherwise unblemished week astrologically.  You may have had to examine your emotional or financial history in the early hours, for clues to any current dilemmas or overdue issues.  The question “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” might have come up…If you didn’t manage to come up with a resolution or conclusion, then it might be best to let the subconscious mind work on it for the time being, and enjoy the rest of the week.

A very forgiving, upbeat aspect occurs this evening, in the form of Mercury sextile Jupiter.  It’s a good week generally, but particularly for Geminis and Virgos, as their ruling planet Mercury makes favourable connections with some of the other planets.  So this evening favours business deals, travel and travel plans, and learning of all kinds.  New and upbeat ways of looking at things can start the week as you mean to go on, and on a favourable footing.

:Later still, Venus enters Capricorn, bringing a slightly more sober take on relationships.  But the upside of Venus in Capricorn is more commitment, loyalty and realism.  Thoughts may turn to the care of the elderly within the family circle.

A fresh New Moon at 15 degrees Aquarius awaits us tomorrow (4th February), and the chance of a new start and new vision.  Aquarius is community minded, sees the injustices in society and wants to bring about beneficial change.  So any projects you have in your mind or are involved with along such lines receive a boost at this time.  It’s a good time to look to the future.

A nod to the Chinese New Year on Tuesday (5th), which will be the Year of the Earth Pig.  Wishing you all a Happy Year of the Pig, whatever your Chinese animal sign, and the hope that people will take to heart the advice that eating less meat  will help the planet.  Any experts on the Year of the Pig would be welcome to add their comments below.

The continued conviviality between the planets bestows a superb sextile between the Sun and Jupiter on Friday (8th).  Whatever your enterprise, good fortune may smile on it.  It brings a cheery, if not laughter-filled vibration to the day.  It favours international relations (there may be handshakes with Michel Barnier and Donald Tusk in Brussels if we’re very lucky).  Boundless optimism will win the day.

The same day provides us with yet another sextile, that between Mercury and Mars.  That helps our minds and bodies work in sync and makes communication more sprightly.  It also adds excitement to the previous sextile, making the whole day quite dynamic.  It’s not a day for sitting with your feet up – make the most of opportunities which present themselves.

And the excitement doesn’t abate on Saturday, it just goes on, with another sextile, between Mercury and Uranus, representing great mental activity and intuition combining with the rational mind to good effect.  This is helpful for repairing or upgrading technology, and for receiving and implementing new and futuristic ideas.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – emotional need for healing, enterprising communication, and more settling in relationships
  • Tomorrow – new beginnings
  • Tuesday – Chinese New Year
  • Friday – luck and success, brisk and efficient activity
  • Saturday – brilliant minds



Aspects for the week beginning 27 January 2019

Prince Philip Revisited

“I reckon I’ve done my bit.  It’s better to get out before you reach your sell-by date.”

~ The Duke of Edinburgh

It has emerged this morning that Prince Philip has sent a written apology to the victims of the car crash he was involved in at Sandringham on 17th January.  People differ in their views as to whether at the age of 97 he should still be driving, but he was breathalysed (negative result) and his eyes were tested and found to be acceptable.  The passenger in the other car, who broke her wrist, was aggrieved that she had not had a personal apology from him (and that he got straight back in the saddle so to speak), and now she has received one.  So I thought it was time to review/update his chart, his current transits, and recent events.  I last wrote about him on his birthday in June 2012:

Birth Chart

“There are a couple of breathtaking features in common between the Duke of Edinburgh’s chart and his wife’s binding them despite being opposites in many ways.  He has the Sun in Gemini, and so all that he processes is through his intellect and the mental plane.  He is known for his witty, acerbic comments, which sometimes hit the mark (Sagittarius Archer ascending) and sometimes emerge as gaffes (Sagittarius rising again).  Sagittarius is very different from Elizabeth’s Capricorn rising.  But he knows his own mind (Moon closely sextile to the Sun), and he undoubtedly came into this world to play a specific role.  One of his main roles is as a spiritual bodyguard to the Queen.  He has a warrior’s chart (Sun conjunct Mars trine his North Node) and karmic mission.  Mars conjunct the Sun in Gemini indicate a more verbal than physical style of warriorship.  The stunning similarities with the Queen’s chart are his Moon in Leo (born to rule) and his Saturn exactly conjunct the Midheaven just as she has (defining his Career Path as one of duty and discipline, and showing just how close his path has been to hers).”


Prince Philip retired in 2017, with Neptune trine his natal ruler Mercury (giving himself a mental rest) and Pluto trine his natal Saturn/Midheaven in Virgo in 10th House (a final ending to a dutiful career).

Hip Op

He has had various health problems over the years, and in April 2018 he underwent a hip operation.  At the time, Mars (surgery) was sextile his natal Uranus, Saturn was sextile his natal Uranus, and the North Node (karmic factor) was on his Neptune (a planet connected with post-operative confinement).

The Accident

The accident occurred as Prince Philip was moving out into a busy main road at Sandringham, at 3.30 pm on 17th January.  At that moment, Pluto was exactly opposite the Ascendant, a moment of potential danger (which occurs once in every day).  His range rover careered across the road and overturned, and a passerby helped him out.  He was unhurt, and enquired about the passengers in the other car (which included a baby).

The police have yet to publish a report on the incident, but Prince Philip says the sun was low and in his eyes at the time.  The passenger in the other car contends that it was cloudy at the time.  But our own reporter (chief commenter on this blog) Sarah, who takes her dog walking in Sandringham every day, confirms that it was sunny.  That being so, if he was not sure, maybe he should not have moved out at that moment.

His transits were:-

Saturn opposite his natal Mercury in 8th House – the potential for poor judgment, Venus square his Jupiter in Virgo in 10th House (ensuing criticism of his behaviour), and Mars trine his Neptune (his lucky escape).

The Apology

“I would like you to know how very sorry I am for my part in the accident.  I have been across that crossing any number of times and I know very well the amount of traffic that uses that main road.  The sun was shining low over the main road. In normal conditions I would have no difficult in seeing traffic coming from the Dersingham direction, but I can only imagine that I failed to see the car coming, and I am very contrite about the consequences.”

It will be interesting to see if there are any further consequences to this story.  Already there are moves to reduce the driving speed along that main road.  Will the police be able to establish what actually happened?  The Duke of Edinburgh has not experienced any diminishing of his desire to drive as a result, but should he?  There are many unresolved questions.  Let me know what you think!


The Sun is conjunct Mercury on Wednesday (30th) in Aquarius, so it is a good day to apply your mind with clarity,  concentrate and focus,  make important statements and look to the future.

The most heavyweight aspect of the week comes on Thursday (31st), in the shape of a sextile between Saturn and Neptune.  This may bring possible advances in the use of chemicals and drugs, e.g. a more ethical use and awareness.  Ecological enterprises may receive a boost, such as ventures which tackle the rising tide of plastic.  It is a good day to think about and tackle such issues.  There is an opportunity to bring together sensitivity and spirituality, with practicality and plans.  So it is a major aspect, heavy but constructive.

In contrast, Mars square Pluto on Saturday (2nd February) is a more common aspect but very destructive.  If you are a peaceful type, stand back and try to stay out of the fray.  If you are a warrior, you may be able to courageously intervene, but it is not always wise to “have a go!”  If you are driving and uttering expletives about other drivers, don’t let an incident escalate into road rage, for example.  There may be political stand-offs  in the U.K. and the U.S. which may induce anger.  We all react differently to events according to our make up, but try to be restrained on Saturday.  And, above all, don’t beat yourself up.

“It takes a great deal of courage to live the plans you made before you were born.  My desire, my most fervent wish, is that you recognize the tremendous courage you show in every moment of every day, when, with each breath, you reaffirm your decision to embrace and learn from your own challenges.  Within that recognition, you will find your soul”

Robert Schwartz, from “Your Soul’s Plan”.

Very late on Saturday (coming up to midnight in the U.K.)  there may be some mitigating influences, with a trine between Venus and Uranus.  This will bring a lighter atmosphere to social occasions and functions, and interactions.  The higher human instincts and the intuition may bring some resolving of issues, surprises and a welcome meeting of minds and hearts.  These feelings can bring out ideas for assisting the problems in our society.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – bright mental  focus
  • Thursday – serious but meaningful progress
  • Saturday – on the edge, but later some restored harmony


Aspects for the week beginning 20 January 2019

Mary Queen of Scots

The new film released in the U.K. this week on Friday 18th January about Mary Queen of Scots looks intriguing, and stars two modern stars of the screen.  The film is based on a biography of Mary Queen of Scots by John Guy, “Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart”.  Mark Kermode describes the film in the Observer this morning as “a full-blooded tale of personal and pollitical rivalries told with wit, flair and passion”.  As often happens, I am writing about the film before seeing it, but it is always enjoyable to look at my blogs in hindsight when I do see the film and comment later.

Saoirse Ronan

The leading ladies in this film are Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie, both of whom I wrote about last March in a blog about the Oscars. Saoirse was signed up to play Mary Queen of Scots for this film six years ago, which gave this Irish actress plenty of time to practise her Scottish accent.  I wrote last March:

“Saoirse Ronan, the daughter of Irish American parents, is a fresh faced Aries Sun, with 0 planets in Air signs making her very instinctual.  In this film she expertly portrays a youth in Sacramento, and Aries represents a time of youth.  She has in her chart a square between the Sun and Uranus/Neptune, and so she would be a non-conformist, capable of creating an illusion, and would not shy away from a challenge.  She has Mercury conjunct Mars – quick mental reactions (which displayed in a recent chat show as a party piece in a speedy recital of mnemonic poem to describe how to pronounce her name). Mars also trine exactly Pluto gives her a powerhouse of energy, and Mars also trines her North Node so warriorship is part of her karmic mission. Uranus also sextiles exactly her North Node so the Rebel Archetype is also a strong element in her karmic mission.”

At this time, Saturn is trine Saoirse’s Venus, which suggests it is a serious role for her, and important to her personally.  The film portrays the strength of the woman.  When asked if she is inclined to play fiercely independent women she has said: “I don’t necessarily make it my mission to do that though, but I guess it’s what I’m attracted to, you know.”

In the synastry between her and the historical Mary, her Venus squares Mary’s Mars and her Neptune squares Mary’s Jupiter, so there is not a great deal of personal connection, though Saoirse has the fighting qualities in her chart to portray the Queen trying to keep her throne.

Mary Queen of Scots

The historical Mary was born in 1542, and was cousin to Queen Elizabeth I.  The action of the film begins around 1561.  She had three husbands during the course of her life, and gave birth to a son James who was the natural heir to the Scottish throne and later became James I of England.  Elizabeth I felt threatened by the existence of her cousin’s son as a possible heir, as she was not able to produce an heir of her own.  The film itself has been criticized for some historical inaccuracies.

The transits to Mary’s chart of the U.K. opening of the film are amazing: Jupiter is exactly on her Sun; Jupiter sextile her Pluto exactly; Neptune trine her Saturn, and Pluto sextile her Venus. That should be a favourable portrayal, in her posthumous book.

Mary spent the last months of her life imprisoned in Fotheringay Castle, where she was beheaded on 8th February 1687.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, who plays Queen Elizabeth I, was also in line for best actress last year, for her portrayal of the ice skater Tonya Harding.

I wrote at the time:

“Originally from Australia, Margot is the third Cancerian actress in the category, and deserves triple praise for acting in the film, producing the film, and actually skating in the film which concerns the drama of ice skater Tonya Harding’s real life.  Margot has an enterprising 7 out of her 10 planets in Cardinal signs.  She has the Moon (depicting important women in her life) in Scorpio, of which Tonya is one (certainly one she has decided to champion on her creative path).  Margot also has a useful Mars-Jupiter square, providing huge energy and enthusiasm (though also tempered by a square between Mars and Saturn).  Jupiter powerfully trines Pluto in her chart, too.”

Queen Elizabeth I of course has had many films made about her, and many prominent actresses have played her.  In the current film, Margot looks stunningly austere with a chalk white face and bright auburn topknot.  The transits for Margot at this time are Saturn on her Neptune, and Neptune trine her Pluto, portraying a time of sensitivity and complexity for her.  Margot’s connection with the real Elizabeth I is much stronger than Saoirse’s with Mary:

Interaspects include the Queen’s Sun exactly sextile Margot’s Pluto, a posthumous representation!  The Queen’s Venus trines Margot’s Saturn.  Their Saturns are exactly opposite.  Karmically, the Queen has her Mars trine Margot’s North Node, so the role may have a karmic significance for Margot (e.g. she may have known Elizabeth, for example in a minor court role).

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth ruled England from 1558 to 1603, one of the greatest monarchs of British history.  Her relationship with her cousin Mary was complex, and by all accounts she hesitated to sign Mary’s death warrant, as she did not want the stain of blood on her hands.  In the end, however, Mary’s son James did inherit Elizabeth’s throne, and that may have been a direct piece of karma.

The posthumous transits this week for Elizabeth are Neptune opposing her Sun and squaring her Ascendant (a further complication of her image), Chiron opposite her Mercury (portrayal of a headache she could not solve), and Pluto trine her Venus (a deeply affecting relationship).


In the film, towards the end, there is a clandestine meeting between Mary and Elizabeth.  According to Saoirse, the two actresses chose for that one meeting to be postponed to the end as that would give them a greater drama and tension for them as actresses.

In real life, Mary and Elizabeth had their Suns in square relationship to each other (so plenty of tension there).  But they also had their Venuses in sextile relationship, so underlying it was a personal love and kinship, too.

A Song for Mary

Songstress Sandy Denny was so moved by the life of Mary Queen of Scots that she wrote the song “Fotheringay” about her incarceration in the Castle, and it is one of her best and most heartfelt songs:

“How often she has gazed from castle windows o’er,
And watched the daylight passing within her captive wall,
With no-one to heed her call.

The evening hour is fading within the dwindling sun,
And in a lonely moment those embers will be gone
And the last of all the young birds flown.

Her days of precious freedom, forfeited long before,
To live such fruitless years behind a guarded door,
But those days will last no more.”

~ Sandy Denny


It’s an action-packed week if you like to work with your aspects!  The Sun entered Aquarius this morning, and we move to a more collective and socially-minded expression.  We take more notice of the underdog, and the things that need changing in society, rather than accepting the status quo as represented by Sun in Capricorn.  We are more open to embracing change,  as we emerge from the stiffness of winter, like snowdrops from the ground.  We still have a way to go before Spring, but are ready to look at different ways of being.

Tomorrow (Monday 21st), our relationships come under some scrutiny with Venus squaring Neptune.  We need to look below the surface illusion and determine what is really going on there.  Perhaps we are too timid to do anything about any problems, but it is time to be honest at least with ourselves, and look more objectively, and beyond the levels of need and addiction.  In the news, scandal and deception may be highlighted, such as political dishonesty and hypocrisy.

A Full Moon also occurs tomorrow, a Lunar Eclipse, also billed as a Supermoon, a Blood Moon and a Wolf Moon – these days, Moons seem to come with a lot more labels (than in my day…).  Its position is 0 degrees Leo, which is quite a powerful position in itself, even without all the other attributes given to it by the names.  Moon in Leo can be dramatic, and bring about power struggles.  And the effects of an eclipse can be world-turning and long-lasting.  But Leo is creative, and can write its own screenplay, and if working in a balanced way within a group (the Moon opposes the Sun in Aquarius), can lead to award-winning performances.  It is to a great extent, up to you what you create.

There is extra tension tomorrow also created by a square between Mars and Saturn, so the Moon in Leo may lead to a play for dominance, and a battle of wills.  You will need to bring out your Inner Peacemaker, and also ensure that one person is not made a scapegoat in a group.  In Question Time this week, Diane Abbot was set upon by the other panellists, and unsupported by chairperson Fiona Bruce (despite her designated role of impartiality) who even joined in the “bullying” and humiliation. Some intelligent forethought may bear dividends in avoiding that type of scenario.

With a sigh of relief we can enjoy a conjunction between Venus and Jupiter on Tuesday (22nd), one of the best aspects of the year.  It is a romantic and celebratory conjunction of the two traditional “benefics”.  It is a good day to get out and socialize, if you have been closeting yourself lately.  Joy and laughter is the order of the day.

Wednesday (23rd) brings us mental challenges (very possibly of the technological kind) with a square between Mercury and Uranus.  Be prepared for disrupted trains and computers needing attention.  Use your intuition to be one step ahead.

Mercury entering Aquarius the next day (Thursday 24th) may assist a more tech savvy vibe, e.g. you might find the right people to help you with your computer glitches, if you can’t solve them yourself.  Or you might be in a better frame of mind to tackle such matters.

The week ends on a high note, with Mars trine Jupiter on Friday (25th).  This is a go ahead, spirited aspect which makes us feel we can achieve anything.  If you felt held back earlier in the week, then Friday is the antidote.  It might help to schedule your active projects for Friday.  Enthusiasm and energy abound.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a collective mindset
  • Tomorrow – seeing through the fog in relationships; high emotion; and obstacles
  • Tuesday – shiny happy people
  • Wednesday – disrupted communications
  • Thursday – mentally clearer
  • Friday – energy allied with enthusiasm


Aspects for the week beginning 13 January 2019

Jupiter square Neptune

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…”

~ W.B. Yeats

Today Jupiter is square Neptune, which deserves a full blog on its own.  It is a major aspect, and occurs three times this year, returning in June and September.  So essentially, it does dominate the year, and the principle of this aspect is Uncertainty.


The world today seems on the brink of uncertainty, at least either side of the Atlantic.  We have a Brexit vote in parliament in the U.K. on Tuesday, which could bring the government down.  And in the U.S. President Trump is staking all on building a wall against Mexico, shutting down the government while he tries to fulfill his pledge to those that voted for him.


Jupiter and Neptune are both planets which deal with boundaries, or more correctly, the lack of them.  Jupiter wants to be limitless, and Neptune dissolves boundaries.  How ironic, or fitting, then that Trump is trying to build a wall, and that the sticking point for Brexit centres around the Irish border.  It is difficult to draw lines when Jupiter and Neptune are involved singly, let alone when they are interacting, let alone when they are interacting in disharmony.

Religion and Morals

I most habitually think of Jupiter-Neptune combinations in terms of religion (Jupiter) and spirituality (Neptune) interacting.  So in this case, there is a loss of spiritual compass. There can be extra lawlessness.  We seem to be on the edge of a precipice (Brexit or No Deal), but Jupiter-Neptune is more like a cloud of unknowing.

Public Lives

Some people will have a direct connection  in their chart with the transit of Jupiter and Neptune; but for those who have not, they will at least feel the effect in two areas of their lives which may not be gelling as they’d like, or may seem more chaotic.  If  you have a planet between 13 and 14 degrees of a mutable sign, then this transit will take on more importance for you.  Neptune is currently at 14 degrees 22 minutes of Pisces, and Jupiter reaches 14 degrees 22 minutes of Sagittarius at 18.58 Hrs today.

Looking at some of the people who have been in the news this week:

Theresa May

Theresa May does have the square in exact contact with one of her planets, in her case Neptune is currently on her Mars. As Neptune is slow-moving and goes back and forth on a particular degree over the course of a couple of years, it is now on her Mars again, as when she called the last election in April 2017.  Neptune was at that time at 13 degrees 22 minutes Pisces when she made that decision (which did not prove the right thing for her interests); her Mars is at 13 degrees 39 minutes Pisces.  Jupiter is therefore also square her Mars.  To say she is in a pickle at the moment is an understatement.

She also has Mars opposite her Sun in Libra, Chiron opposite her Mercury (a mental conundrum) in Virgo, Saturn sextile her Mars, Chiron trine her Saturn, Uranus opposite her Neptune, and Uranus trine her Pluto – so, a lot going on.

For the U.K. Chart: (1922 version) Jupiter is on the Sun/Mercury of the chart, with Neptune squaring the natal Sun/Mercury, so a direct hit, blowing up the situation.  The 1801 Union chart is not so affected.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump currently has Mercury square his Mars, the liability to dangerous talk (but that is not out of the ordinary for him).  Mars is applying to a potentially more explosive transit for him around 15/16th January (Tuesday and Wednesday of this week) when it trines his natal Pluto.  For the average person, that can bring extra strength and energy, but for Donald it may bring extra volatility.

Jupiter and Neptune are not directly contacting a planet in his chart, but as we know his birth time, we can see that Neptune is placed in his 7th House of Close Relationships (which may include his marriage and colleagues), and Jupiter is placed in his 4th House of Home and Family.

For the U.S. Chart, Saturn currently opposes its Sun, which is a major blockage to progress, presumably describing the present impasse.  The South Node (past karma) is also conjunct its Pluto, which is a heavy situation.  But there are a couple of mitigating influences, in Jupiter sextile its Saturn, and Mars sextile its Uranus – it is difficult at the moment to see what they are.

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has one of the protagonists (Neptune) working against him, squaring his Venus, which may be his current image, ambivalence about his attitudes to Brexit and losing some support in his own party; but Jupiter is working for him, trine his Pluto – an opportunity to wrestle power from Theresa May.  He also has Uranus sextile his Uranus (the power of surprise), Chiron square his Uranus (some discomfort) and Saturn square his Neptune (suspicion surrounding him).  Some of you may have one of the two planets working for you in their contact with your chart, in this way.

John Bercow

The Speaker of the House has been accused by the right wing press of putting up  a block against Brexit this week, in engineering a vote to stop Theresa May backing out of Europe without a deal.  He allowed a vote such that if Theresa May’s Brexit plan is voted out on Tuesday, she would have to come up with a Plan B within three days after that (which is almost an impossibility).  His chart is not directly hit by Jupiter and Neptune, but he has Uranus square his Sun (taking risks), Chiron sextile his Sun (trying to achieve healing) and Saturn sextile his Jupiter (standing firm and applying his rules) this week.

Andy Murray

As written in my earlier blog today, on his announcement of retiring:

“Mars was squaring his Neptune, so he felt vulnerable, Jupiter was square his Ascendant, and Neptune was opposite his Ascendant.  So today’s (and this year’s) Jupiter-Neptune square are exactly on his angles, and he is feeling the nature and pressure of this square ..  Its impact on his life is more than average, therefore.  Jupiter is entering his 4th House of Home and Family, which will bring him a greater domestic joy, with his wife and two daughters.  Neptune opposing his Ascendant makes his immediate future, and health (the Ascendant represents the physical body) seem more precarious and uncertain.”

Jeff Bezos

The richest man in the world, indeed “in modern history” announced his divorce this week from his authoress wife.  This would make the settlement one of intense interest to money-watchers, if not relationship-watchers.  He does have an exact hit to his chart from the Jupiter-Neptune square, as Jupiter squares his Pluto (his intense wealth) and Neptune opposes his Pluto.  He also has Pluto on his Sun (extreme transformation of circumstances), Chiron sextile his Mars (an attempt to heal), and Saturn square his Jupiter (deflating).

His wife, MacKenzie, has Uranus sextile her Venus (an advantageous relationship split), Chiron trine her Venus (an emotional healing for her), and Mars trine Pluto (a show of strength).

Nazanin Zhagari-Radcliffe

Nazanin, languishing in an Iranian jail, is about to go on hunger strike this week, with no sign of clemency from the government there.  The Nodal Axis is square to her Mars, a desperate  karmic action.  Saturn is sextile her Uranus, some strength if she decides to go through with it, though her health is in a parlous state.  Neptune trine her Uranus – it is something she feels she has to do, from her spirit.  A very sad situation, she’s in.

So as you can see, we have a range of influences on charts, which may provoke thought when pondering your own reaction to the Jupiter-Neptune square.

Nowhere has it been proven that a rich, joyous, abundant life cannot exist in the presence of uncertainty”

~ Susan Jeffers, from “Embracing Uncertainty”


Mercury was conjunct Saturn at 12 degrees Capricorn at lunchtime today, prompting serious communications.  Someone may be laying down the law verbally, or setting new rules.  Travel may be difficult or delayed.

Early evening is the more astrologically significant aspect of the day: Jupiter square Neptune.  This aspect is not just for today, it will dominate most of the year, so there is something to try to grasp or come to terms with, probably uncertainty itself.  But you may be more acutely aware of it today, and how it may be affecting your life (which will very much vary from person to person, but the repercussions in our society affect us all).  Just as we are in a state of flux about Brexit, you may be in a state of flux about a facet (or two) of your life.  To a great extent, you may not be able to solve it as a mental conundrum, and may have to bypass the mind and the mental analysis, for a higher plane of spiritual meaning and resolution. Dreams may be overblown, and grounding and practicality will be essential, however.  It is difficult, though not impossible, to draw lines during this influence.  Though Mercury conjunct Saturn today paradoxically can think, analyse, plan and draw lines more clearly than usual.

Tomorrow (Monday 14th) is helpful, especially if you are having any difficulty with the Jupiter-Neptune square, because Mercury (the rational mind) is sextile with Neptune (inspiration).  It is a day that you can start to clarify certain issues within uncertainty or confusion.  The left brain will be able to connect with the right brain, and higher guidance.

The Sun conjoins the South Node on Wednesday (16th), bringing light and insight into past actions and memories, and fostering existing talents.  The consequences of past actions will be more easily seen, such as Brexit negotiations and plans, and parliamentary wranglings and jostlings for power.

Friday (18th) brings a congenial trine between Venus and Mars.  If there are other wars going on, the relations between the sexes will be harmonious, or the connectivity between your own inner male and female.  You can find common ground, and shared activities.

The evening that day holds a conjunction of Mercury and Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn, which is a deeper experience than this morning’s Mercury-Saturn conjunction.  Truth needs to be told, and words will have more effect.

Then even later, the Sun sextiles Chiron, which may bring a healing balm to the verbal or auditory wounds.  There will be an attempt to bring everything to a wholeness.

On Saturday (19th) the Sun squares Uranus, so be prepared for the element of the unexpected.  Someone may break with tradition, or break ranks, and those around may have to think on their feet in order to keep the enterprise going.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Factual thought, followed by irrationality
  • Tomorrow – Rational thought and imagination work together more easily
  • Wednesday – Karmic consequences
  • Friday – Harmony in relationships, then challenging speech, then healing measures
  • Saturday – Element of the unexpected