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Aspects for the week beginning 1 October 2023

Michael Gambon ( 1940 – 2023)

“Gambon’s iron lungs and overwhelming charisma are able to command a sort of operatic full-throatedness which triumphs over hard walls and long distances”.

~ Simon Callow

One of the greatest actors of our time, Michael Gambon, died this week at the age of 82.  He was able to undertake roles of gravitas, such as that of Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, in the film franchise of Harry Potter.  Among other well-known roles, he played the Singing Detective in Dennis Potter’s series of that name.

Birth Chart

Michael Gambon had Sun in Libra, unaspected, save for a square to Chiron.  This accounts for his very independent, individualistic character, with a slightly mischievous edge.  He was very much a prankster.  As we have no birth time, we only know that his Moon might be in Taurus, or Gemini.  At noon on the day he was born, it was exactly on the cusp between those two signs!  He had Mercury loosely opposite Jupiter, so there was a wide-ranging mind, but with a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, he could be indecisive, often a feature of the Libran personality.  Though with 5 Earth planets and 5 Fixed planets, he would probably stick rigidly to a point of view once decided.  He had Venus closely trine Jupiter, which made him a very social being (added to his Libran side).  A sense of loyalty was strong, too, with Venus also closely trine Saturn.  Mars was unaspected, save for a close conjunction with the North Node, indicating a karmic mission both as a warrior (Mars) and a peacemaker or tough negotiator (the conjunction being in Libra).  Uranus closely trined Neptune in his chart, enabling him to take on complex roles.  Pluto conjunct Chiron meant he was able to tackle the dark side of humanity in some of his roles – he was adept at playing villains.

Life and Career

Michael Gambon was born in Dublin and brought up in Ireland until he was six years old, when his family moved to London.  He was brought up as a strict Catholic, and educated in Kent, but left school at 15 without any qualifications.  This may be a reflection of the opposition to his Mercury by the huge exact conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, giving him a lot to overcome.  In his first employment path, he went into engineering, which may be a reflection of his North Node/Mars conjunction.  At the age of 24, he fabricated his CV and was taken on at Dublin’s Gate Theatre.  This fabrication again is reflected in that Sun/Chiron square of his birth chart.  He was known to be an inveterate fibber as a raconteur.  At the theatre, he played in Othello, and auditioning with a piece from Richard III he was noticed by Laurence Olivier who was looking for actors to join his new National Theatre Company.  Other actors recruited by Olivier at the time were Derek Jacobi and Frank Finlay who also became heavyweight actors.  His first film role was in Othello in 1965, and he played a vet in Ayckbourn’s play The Norman Conquests in 1974.  He went on to star in several plays by Ayckbourn and Pinter. In 2001 he played in the film Gosford Park, and from 2004 he took over as the headmaster Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter franchise, after Richard Harris died, which is probably his most well-known role among the younger generations.  His acting range was vast and versatile.

In latter years he found it difficult to learn his lines, and he started to withdraw from stage work in 2014.  He was well loved and highly regarded for his acting ability, and although his role as Dumbledore was less demanding than some of his Shakespearean roles, the image of him in his “flowing beard and tassel hat” (as described by Chris Wiegand in the Guardian) is probably the most iconic.


Neptune opposes Mercury tomorrow (Monday 2nd October), which can spark mental confusion.  There may be for instance a mental dilemma, or a demand for clarification.  It may be difficult to focus, if you are engaged in documentation work.  Journeys may be long and complicated.  You may need to take care near water.

On the same day, Venus trines the North Node, a more harmonious influence.  This links karma with harmony and love, and reminds us that love is a force underlying a great deal of human interaction, e.g. standing up for one’s country, and protecting loved ones.  It also reminds us of the Hindu law of ahimsa, or harmlessness, required to neutralize and promote good karma.

Tuesday (3rd) has a very constructive aspect, that of Mercury trine Pluto.  Mercury trine Pluto is mentally harmonious if not challenging us to dig deeper.  This aspect is conducive to psychological reflection, and earnest conversations between friends or colleagues.  It is good for in-depth consultations and negotiations, and researching past lives.  It may help to heal some aspects of the problems encountered on Monday.

Mars on the South Node on Wednesday (4th) could bring some age-old or ancient strife, some of it karmic.  We already know there is a train strike that day, which will bring anguish to many.  This conjunction is about addressing past conflicts, particularly in a group setting.  In this lifetime, we may be training to be a peaceful warrior, or we may be pacifist.  But in some way we come across conflict, just by participating in society.  It is a chance for us to look at our anger issues and how we choose to deal with them.

Mercury enters Libra on Thursday (5th).  This can bring a new mental focus on cultural themes, which could bring more pure enjoyment: art and music being fundamental areas for Libra, and decision-making. Mercury in Libra is slightly more relaxed than Mercury in Virgo, but having laid plans and attended to essential detail under the previous placement Mercury in Virgo, we can embellish, beautify and smooth things over.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – mental confusion; karmic harmony
  • Tuesday – deep thought
  • Wednesday – old conflict needing to be resolved
  • Thursday – new cultural mental focus

Aspects for the week beginning 24 September 2023

Rishi Sunak

“The UK was well-ahead of the rest of the world in decarbonising, so we would be doing other countries a favour if we slowed down a bit.”

~ John Crace

This I hope will be a short blog (his third from me), just to examine the question “What was he thinking?”, i.e. why has Rishi Sunak reneged on the standards for tackling climate change this week?  If you think it was a good policy, then avert your gaze, as I am one-sided on this.

His Birth Chart

Writing in 2020 when Boris Johnson hired him as Chancellor of the Exchequer, I wrote:

“He has the Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Taurus, the sign of money… He has a preponderance of planets in the Mutable signs (adaptability and flexibility), but he also has Uranus opposite his Sun (so is capable of rebellion).  It is an intriguing combination, in terms of his future role.  He has Mars closely conjunct Jupiter, energy allied with enthusiasm, which I feel has contributed to his success.”

Net Zero Speech

After a press leak early in the week, on Wednesday Rishi Sunak was forced to make a speech about his intentions regarding climate and environmental policies.  This he did at 4.30 p.m.  John Crace has written, in the Guardian:

“You could sense the panic when news was leaked of Rishi Sunak’s plans to water down some of his climate change targets. Instead of a controlled speech later in the week – probably somewhere with green connections: Rish! never knowingly undersells the irony – we got a hastily arranged press conference.”

Rishi has never shown any enthusiasm for the environment, except for saying once that his daughters were interested.  But gradually, he seems to have let go of all efforts to stem the tide of climate change, the rapid growth of which scientists have been reporting with increasing alarm throughout the years.  We are already as a nation, and as a global entity, far behind reasonable projected aims in that regard.  Ironically, this week Prince William has promoted his Earthshot project, and King Charles in France has committed to tackling climate change.  So, what planet is Rishi Sunak on?  And how sincere is he – is he, as he purports to be, suddenly caring for the poverty in our nation which the Tories have allowed since Cameron and Osborne initiated austerity? Or is he making a political ploy, based on an assumption, from the Uxbridge by-election, that the public don’t care about the planet? – beginning the process of preparing for the general election which will be forthcoming some time over the next year.

His current state of mind

Some of the statements Rishi made in his speech, do not stand up to scrutiny, such as policies he is abandoning which do not exist.  Leaving that aside, examining his current transits gives a picture of his current state of mind.  The main transits are (as for the time of the speech):

Uranus transiting his natal Sun in Taurus – this indicates a radical change in his thinking or policy.  He says “we have to change how we do politics”.

Saturn is opposing his natal Mars in Virgo – he is making economies in resources, including his own character.  He is shrinking his aims, while purporting to be looking at the bigger picture.

He is undergoing a major astrological life cycle, that of the Uranus Opposition.  The Uranus Opposition (when Uranus opposes its natal position) is the mid-life crisis or rebellion.  He feels compelled to be doing things differently from what is expected, and from how he has done things hitherto.  Many Conservative MPs have been shocked by his U-turn.

Chiron is opposing his natal Pluto in Libra – he is rocking the boat, at a fundamental level, and taking a huge risk.  Would that we had a birth time for him, we would be able to see this more precisely, in terms of what Houses these two planets occupy in his birth chart.

Dates to Watch

I now look at some forthcoming dates, based on these transits, which is when they become precise.  This is to watch the implications, significances, and outcomes resulting from this speech and change in policy. There are many other transits going on in the next year, but I am focussing on the transits which relate to this event.

For Uranus transiting his natal Sun in Taurus, 24th October this year and 21st April 2024 are dates to watch, for the change in which he is doing politics.  Will it be the making of him, or the undoing of him?

For Saturn opposite his natal Mars in Virgo, 23rd December this year is a date to watch.  Will he make a pre-Christmas announcement of further cuts?

For his Uranus Opposition, 22nd May 2024 crystallizes his mid-life crisis and rebellion.  Will he throw in the towel, or call a risky general election at that time?

And for his opposition of Chiron to his natal Pluto, 11th April 2024 is crucial.  The stress of this transit may cause him to announce a general election.

The Role of the Uxbridge By-Election

I wrote a blog about the by-elections in July:

“For Conservatives

Jupiter sextile its Uranus (may do better than they think)

They probably are in immense fear of the results, at this time.

For Rishi Sunak

Has he impressed?  Will that performance be reflected in the result?

Uranus on his natal Sun (surprise or shock result)

North Node sextile his natal Venus (karma gentler on him than he might think)

Chiron opposite his natal Pluto (some heavy shock, possibly affecting health)…

Uxbridge and South Ruislip

This will be a close contest due to the unpopularity of the London Congestion charge and introducing Ulez to improve air quality, brought about through the London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Labour Candidate:  Danny Beales – birth date unavailable (only available data, birth year of 1988)

Lib Dem Candidate:  Blaise Baquiche – birth date unavailable

Conservative Candidate:  Steve Tuckwell – birth date unavailable”

Well, the Conservatives won the Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election, on the issue of air pollution, by a small majority.  This gave Rishi the impression (which may be false) that the public do not have tackling climate change at heart.  Since then, he has veered further into ignoring the issue.  Keir Starmer also wobbled on the issue, but Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, stayed firm on his principles.

As you can see, some of the ongoing long-term transits to Rishi’s birth chart were operating back then, and are part of his astro-psychological picture.

Results of the Policy

It is difficult to ascertain at this time, how much the public believe in the pronouncements of Rishi Sunak this week.  The Party Conferences this season will be important on taking the temperature of public opinion and clarifying what all the parties actually stand for.  On the Laura Kuenssberg show this morning, the Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis called the speech cynical.  He has the freedom, away from British politics, to say what perhaps others could not or would not say.  Despite what Rishi Sunak is saying, we cannot possibly make progress on stemming climate change under the new policies.


I think Rishi is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.  He has talked about honesty, while showing dishonesty; and he has talked about long-term solutions, while expounding short-term solutions.  As Caroline Lucas and Zac Goldsmith have said this week, what should be top priority has been relegated to neglect.

“Rolling back on certain policies will mean we need to find emisions reductions elsewhere if we are to meet our legally binding near-term carbon budgets and our internationally committed 2030 emissionns reduction target”.

~ Alok Sharma


Today’s opposition between Mars and Chiron highlights wounds, mainly of the psychological kind.  Something may be flagged up for you to heal.  Perhaps a longstanding misunderstanding in the family, especially concerning the male of the species.  We can only start to address something which has emerged in consciousness and awareness, so can thank Chiron for that process.

Tomorrow (Monday 25th) Mercury trines Jupiter.  During its retrograde period, Mercury made a trine to Jupiter on 4th September, if you want to consult your diary.  I myself note from my diary that I made progress on writing the second volume of The Quiet Office at that time!  This aspect will help business transactions, and expand our horizons, minds and philosophies.  This is an upbeat vibe mentally, one that takes in great wads of information, produces good ideas and may incline one to travel, train strikes permitting of course.  There may be media opportunities, for those so inclined, and it could be a productive day.  A cause for optimism may be found.

There are no aspects in the middle of the week, and there was not a Fixed Star in sight to fill in the gap, so amuse yourselves!

On Friday (29th), there is a Full Moon in the morning, at 6 degrees Aries.  You may feel some emotional tension building on Thursday, with possible insomnia on Thursday evening, if you are susceptible to the Moon’s phases.  The Full Moon opposes the Sun in Libra.  This is about being aware of your own needs and that of the other, and bringing the two into balance.

Late afternoon, early evening on Friday, brings a square between Venus and Uranus, which might prevent the usual feeling of being settled after the Full Moon.  It may prolong the tension.  There may be twists and turn in relationships, with this square.  There may be a quirky end to a relationship or money saga, slightly out of your comfort zone.  Your plans may have to be modified at the last minute.  The way through is to use your intuition, and stay one step ahead.

Mercury trines Uranus on Saturday (30th), so it’s a strong week for the Mercury-ruled signs of Gemini and Virgo.  They may be feeling entrepreneurial.  This aspect can inspire high functioning minds, intuition and good ideas.   Uranus will add extra spice to your plans, and documentation.  Computers and technology should be on sparkling form and assist your expression.  You may spring pleasant surprises.  Writing projects may flow, as with Monday’s aspect.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – issues come up for healing
  • Monday – expanded minds
  • Friday – emotional high tide; relationship wrangles
  • Saturday – high functioning minds

Aspects for the week beginning 17 September 2023

Strictly Come Dancing – Part 1

The partners of Strictly Come Dancing 2023 were introduced to each other last night, gracefully kicking off the season.  So as usual, I am starting with four contestants, and will come back to this topic in a few weeks’ time.

Angela Rippon

from 6 August blog:

“Angela’s Sun Sign is that elegant and musical sign of Libra, so musicality won’t be a a problem in her performance.  And she has her Ascendant in twinkle-toed dancing Pisces, so again, she is perfect for her new venture.  She has intelligence a-plenty: Sun conjunct Mercury trine Uranus.  Her Moon is exactly sextile Mars, so she has quick emotional responses, and so I should think she will excel at portraying emotion in her various roles around the dance floor.  The Moon in her chart exactly trines her Midheaven, so she is a household name, with the public.  Mercury sextiles Pluto in her chart, which will have made her a newsreader capable of gravitas when it was required.  Venus is closely sextile Jupiter in her chart, which makes her very sociable.  Venus also trine her North Node makes the expression of her Venusian abilities (music and dance) part of her karmic mission.  Mars is exactly sextile her Midheaven, so she is able to assert herself in the world (ideal quality for the  programme Rip Off Britain).  Another quality which suits the programme she currently presents is Jupiter square Uranus (the Chancer), so she is alert to the way scammers work.  She’s a healer, too, from North Node sextile Chiron.  Her catchphrase last night was ‘Angela, rippin’ up the dance floor!’ ”

Her transits now, show:  Mars on her Mercury (excitement!) and trine Uranus (more excitement!), Uranus sextile her North Node (even more excitement!), Neptune opposite her Chiron (some frailty), and Pluto sextile her Ascendant (an important event in her life), which is a good start.  If the end of the contest is the middle of December, she will have Mars square her Jupiter at the time, which is the overstretching of energies.  Neptune will be opposite her natal Chiron, so she may have some physical niggles through a prolonged period of dancing.  Pluto will still be square her Mars, so she may have to pull out before the end, and Pluto will still be sextile her Ascendant, so that may help her through.  But we all hope she endures and thrives in the competition, and there will be no shortage of fans cheering her on to win!

She is paired with Kai Widdrington, which delighted them both.  I wrote in 2021:

“He has his Sun in performing Leo conjunct Venus in fastidious Virgo, and is a superb impressionist.  He is intensely disciplined, with Mercury exactly opposite Saturn, and he also has a complex conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, common to those born in his year (1995).”

Their synastry: Her Mars sextiles his Sun and conjoins with his North Node – a vigorous, vibrant partnership!  His current transits: Kai has a lot going on – Uranus sextiles his natal Saturn exact to the day (an exciting partnership with an older woman!), Uranus trines his natal Neptune (interesting times for him), Neptune sextiles his Uranus (more interesting times), Pluto transits his Uranus (big changes of consciousness), Pluto sextiles his Pluto (self-empowerment) and trines his Chiron (deep healing).  This partnership will be good for him. His transits for the final: A lot can change in three months.  Pluto will be square his Nodal Axis (a significant ending in his life) and Pluto still trine his Chiron (deep healing ongoing).  This does not look like a win for him, either.  But let’s hope Angela gets her wish to last until the Argentine Tango.

Bobby Brazier

Bobby, famously, is the son of  presenter Jeff Brazier and the late Big Brother star Jade Goody, and he recently won NTA award for best newcomer.  A rising star within Eastenders, as was Rose Ayling-Ellis two years ago.  Bobby has Sun in Gemini, and portrays a ditzy young character in that acting role (sorry, that’s a term usually used for women, but I think it describes the role).  In his chart Bobby has a close sextile of Jupiter to his Sun, which gives him good opportunities in life.  His father gave him the motto “because I can”, according to his speech at the NTAs.  His Sun is also closely trine Neptune, so he is close to spirit, possibly in his connection with his mother who died young.  He plans to dedicate a dance to her in the competition.  His Moon (mother) is sparsely aspected in his chart, a reflection of the lack of her physical presence.  But his father Jeff seems to have done a good job of bringing up Bobby and his brother.  Bobby has Mercury conjunct Venus, so like his Eastenders character, he can be a smooth talker.  Mercury closely trines his Chiron, so like his character, he can think up quick solutions to any scrapes.  Mars trines Saturn, so he has the ability to work deliberately and in a disciplined way, useful in his acting career.  Jupiter opposes Neptune exactly in his chart, so he may be confused in matters of religion.  But Jupiter trine Pluto gives him an awareness of his own power.  He tells us he has “great rhythm”, and practises mindfulness.

His transits right now show: Uranus square his Mars (danger of initial sprains in early practice sessions), Mars sextile his natal Jupiter (great enthusiasm), Saturn on his natal Uranus (he really does need to be careful), Mars exactly trine Neptune to the day (dance prowess displayed) and Chiron trine his natal Pluto (a deep self-revelatory experience).  At the end of the tournament, Saturn is still on his Uranus (ouch!), but the North Node will be exactly trine his natal Pluto to the day (which is powerful and karmic!), so if he survives until then in the contest, he stands a good chance at the final.

He is partnered with redhead Dianne Buswell.  I wrote in 2021: “Dianne is a supportive Taurean, with Chiron, Mars and the Moon in Cancer (the sign of musical rhythm).” She says she thinks of Bobby as her little brother. Their synastry: Her Sun trines his Chiron, so he will be a healer for her.  Her Jupiter conjoins his Sun, so she is lucky for him, which bodes well for their success.  Her Pluto squares his Jupiter, so she will assert her power in the relationship.  At the same time her Pluto squares his Neptune, so she will shake up his religious/spiritual views.  Her current transits: Pluto is trine her natal Venus (showing a new in-depth relationship coming into her life), Mars is square her natal Saturn (so initial physical adjustments might be awkward for her) and square to her Neptune (a further challenge).  Her transits for the final: Jupiter will be sextile her natal Mars (a sign of success and enthusiasm, particularly for the men in her life: Joe Sugg, and Bobby).  This may not be enough for an outright win, but could propel this couple into the final.

Annabel Croft

Annabel is a tennis commentator and former tennis player, who lost her husband just before Wimbledon this year.  She is a Cancerian, and has an emotional chart generally, as half (5) of her planets are in Water signs.  That may mean that she will be adept at conveying emotion in her expression of dance, though she has stated she may struggle to lose her inhibitions.

Annabel has the Sun in Cancer (attuned to rhythms) conjunct Jupiter (her love of sport).  She has a sparky side, with Sun sextile Uranus, and dance prowess (Sun exactly trine Neptune).  Her Mercury in Leo looks competitive, but unaspected, so she has an independent mind.  However she disputes having competitiveness, claiming the word makes her shudder – we’ll have to see!  Mars closely square Saturn could make her moves awkward at times, but if she lets her Neptunian side take over, it should smooth over that trait.  Jupiter closely sextile Uranus means that she is able to take advantage of opportunities in life.  She also has the chaotic/anarchic mid-60s conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, so watch out for the wild child when she does release her inhibitions!  Like Angela Rippon, She’s a healer with North Node sextile Chiron.

Her transits now show: Chiron square her natal Sun (she is currently out of her comfort zone), but Chiron sextile her Venus (so her musicality is being exercised).  She also has Jupiter sextile her natal Jupiter, so a happy start.  At the end of the tournament, she will have Uranus sextile her Sun (she could surprise us!), Mars square her natal Uranus (possibly strain or sprain).  Pluto will sextile her Saturn, which is strengthening, but  Uranus will oppose her Neptune (she may get confused) and Mars will square her Pluto (which is sticky).  She may not make the final.

She is partnered with: Johannes Radebe.  He has proved to be a legend, but when he first appeared in 2019 I wrote:

“He has 6 Fire planets, and was born close to a New Moon in Taurus.  His dance credentials include the Sun closely trine Neptune.  He could do well in the dramatic dances such as the Paso Doble, with the Sun opposite closely Pluto.  He has Mercury trine Uranus, so could surprise us with ingenious choreography.  With Mars sextile Jupiter, he has energy combined with enthusiasm.  Venus/Jupiter conjunct his North Node could bring him luck in life (in the right place at the right time with the right people).”  Seems like an understatement, to read that now.  Their synastry: His Uranus squares her Chiron, so despite their initial mutual enthusiasm, the relationship may prove to be an awkward fit.  His current transits: The North Node transits his natal Mercury (indicating an important teaching role for him), Mars opposes his natal Jupiter (he will be excited and enthusiastic), Neptune is square his Uranus (a complex scenario), and the North Node trines his Uranus (a karmic opportunity to display his ingenuity).  His transits for the final: Jupiter will transit his natal Sun (a superb indication of success).  As Annabel’s transits for the final are not on the same page as those of Johannes, his high at that time may be due to something other than lifting the glitterball.  But it’s a poignant journey for Annabel, as her husband loved Strictly.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Krishnan Guru-Murthy, the news journalist and broadcaster has a free-spirited unaspected Sun in Aries.  He confesses to the Aries trait of impatience.  He has Mercury conjunct Venus – which lends itself to broadcasting and writing.  He has a very Aries chart altogether, with the Sun, Chiron, Mercury and possibly also the Moon in that sign (we do not have his birth time).  This can give him a combative interview style, but not to be confused with Diana’s interviewer Capricorn Martin Bashir, a mistake people have often made in the past.  Mercury opposite Jupiter gives him a wide ranging mind, suited to broadcasting and journalism.  And Mars trine Pluto bestows a powerhouse of energy.  He studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University.

His current transits show: Pluto squaring his Mercury (quite a mental strain; he says “physically catastrophic!”), Saturn sextile his natal Venus (a demand for discipline in relation to musicality), Saturn trine his natal Jupiter (mastering a new activity) and Neptune opposite his natal Pluto (a deep psycho-spiritual challenge).  At the end of the tournament, he has Mars trine his natal Sun (energy), Chiron on his Sun (a possible health challenge), Pluto still square his Mercury, Saturn still sextile his Venus, and Neptune still opposite his Pluto.  Doesn’t look good, so he is likely to be out of the contest before the end.

He is partnered with: newcomer Lauren Oakley.  Lauren has Sun exactly conjunct Mercury in Pisces, so she is super-focussed in dance terms, with a touch of genius about her.  There’s a bit of a warrior about her (Sun square Mars), so that might make her super-competitive.  Mercury square Mars may be very critical or sometimes irritable, which might affect Krishnan, were it not for the fact that he is a combative Aries anyway, and used to combat.  They could get irritable together!  They both also have Jupiter opposite Saturn and can get hamstrung, so hopefully not both at the same time, as that might see them both stop at the same time on the dance floor.  Her best feature is an exact trine between Pluto and Chiron, which is an ability to alchemically change someone’s psychology, or alter the mood of a place at a deep and subtle level.  However, this relationship does look distinctly dicey, and very stressful.  One of them may storm off at some point!  Looking at their actual synastry: His North Node is conjunct her Sun (they do have a karmic link, perhaps as old adversaries).  This is further borne out by his Sun sextile her Mars (on battlefields together in past lives, perhaps).  But her Saturn squares his Venus and Jupiter, so personally they may not gel.  Furthermore, her Neptune squares his natal Sun, and although Krishnan is a confident man (off the dance floor) he may not know how to handle her. Last, but not least her Pluto opposes his Mars (clashes galore!).  That is all very stark.  However, she will be wanting to make a good fist of her debut in this programme, and will want to hold it all together if she can.  Her current transits: Mars squares her natal Uranus (sparks flying!), but Jupiter trine her natal Neptune (a beautiful dance opportunity for her).  Her transits for the final: Chiron square her natal Neptune (a dream possibly shattered) and Uranus opposite her Pluto (difficult changes).  That does not support her chances at the glitterball, either.

So of these four, Bobby Brazier looks the most promising for the final, which is fairly predictable without the Astrology (!)

I will be back in a few weeks, with the next set of four.


All aspects occur in the morning this week!

This morning, Venus squared Jupiter, first thing.  You may be confronted with an awkward social situation.  Behaviour may be gauche or a little inappropriate, and that may have consequences.  You may be socializing when you don’t feel like it, or feel that you have to force jollity.  There will be a meaning to it – there always is!  Even if it is one remark which makes you think deeply, or helps you to realize what you don’t need.  Social non-conformists won’t care, but conformists may lament the lack of sticking to the rules.

On Tuesday morning (19th) Neptune opposes the Sun, which is not exactly murder on the dance floor, but more like confusion on the dance floor. It’s early days for our contestants. Careful schedules may be thrown into confusion.  Your concentration may not be so acute, and issues may seem more clouded.  Conundrums may present themselves to you.

A much more constructive influence awaits us on Thursday (21st) when the Sun trines Pluto early in the morning. You can be sustained by the fortitude of this aspect, which is deals with the important and deep stuff of life and psychology.  You may experience and contemplate (or dream) in great depth, and any creativity will have this profound quality imbued within it.  You may find that you have made more real progress than you thought, and your patience is rewarded.  There could be a revelation.

Even more mellow, the Sun enters Libra on Saturday (23rd), which is the Autumn Equinox, also occurring first thing.  This may bring some balm.  That could bring a change of pace and mood.  It is a good time to take stock of the events of the Summer, and embrace the colourful Autumn prospects: different, but equally beautiful.  Libra may draw you to artistic or musical pursuits, new relationships, or an interest in the law and justice.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – socially awkward
  • Tuesday – confusion, on and off the dance floor
  • Thursday – psychological depth, in a good way
  • Saturday – mellow fruitfulness

Aspects for the week beginning 10 September 2023

Mike Yarwood (1941 – 2023)

The groundbreaking impersonator of the 1970s Mike Yarwood left us this week, aged 82.  I will try and give an impression of his birth chart.

Birth Chart

Of the great impressionists, a high percentage of them turn out to be Geminis, and Mike Yarwood, born on 14th June, had the Sun and Jupiter in this sign.  It is quite a mercurial profession, employing linguistic skill and versatility.  The animal totem of that sign, the monkey, is known for aping.  Other planets which feature heavily in impressionist charts are Neptune (for illusion) and Uranus (for surprise).  Mike Yarwood’s Sun was square to Neptune, and in a T-square with his Mars-Neptune/North Node opposition.  Perhaps the North Node/Neptune conjunction (The Illusionist Archetype) is the most telling depiction of his karmic mission of shapeshifting into other people – and it occurs in his 3rd House of Verbal Expression.  We do have a birth time for him, which reveals an Ascendant of Cancer with Venus rising, and Moon placed close to the Midheaven (careerpoint), showing a career in the public eye.  Uranus (ingenuity) is strongly placed in his chart, being trine his Neptune (working with complexity), exactly squaring his Midheaven, trine his North Node (a strong element of surprise and innovation in his karmic mission), and closely sextile his Chiron (healing through humour).  Oh, how we parodied his impression of Edward Heath in the 1970s…  He also had the Entrepreneur Archetype (Jupiter conjunct Uranus).  Mercury conjunct Venus gave ease of verbal expression, and was placed close to the Ascendant (an integral part of his personality).

Life and Career

Mike Yarwood was born in Cheshire.  When leaving school he took up the Geminian pursuits of messenger and salesman.  He was also involved in football (Sun square Mars). He took part in a talent show and came runner-up, then started touring in pubs and clubs, eventually breaking into television.  He appeared on Sunday Night at the London Palladium in 1964, airing his famous impression of Harold Wilson.  The BBC gave him his own regular show, which was avidly watched by millions (an average of 18 million).  His genius pushed the art of impressionism to new heights: he would morph almost physically into the portrayal of another persona, but also put in comic verbal scripts which were inspired.  This was utterly new at the time, although he has had his own impersonators, subsequently.  He in effect created a new artform.

He flattered and pilloried many a celebrity of his day, among them Brian Clough, Robin Day, Magnus Pyke, Alf Garnett, Columbo, Prince Charles, Patrick Moore and Frank Spencer.

He married a dancer in November 1969, and had two daughters.  Like several comedians, he suffered depression, and had  a spell of treatment at the Priory in October 1999 (when Neptune was opposite his natal conjunction of Pluto and Chiron in his 1st House).

Other Impressionists

Four other notable Gemini impressionists are John Culshaw (who directly credits Mike Yarwood as inspiration), Debra Stephenson, Harry Enflield and the relative newcomer Luke Kempner (who came to fame impersonating all the Big Brother contestants consummately).  John Culshaw (born 2nd June), a star of Spitting Image and Dead Ringers, has the Sun, Venus and Mars in Gemini, and is especially known for his impersonation of Tony Blair.

Debra Stephenson (born 4th June) and also from Spitting Image and Dead Ringers, is a double Gemini, with the Sun exactly conjunct its ruling planet Mercury in the sign of Gemini, together with Mercury and Saturn also in that sign.  Her Sun/Mercury conjunction is exactly trine Uranus, giving her brilliance.

Harry Enfield is also Gemini (born 30th May), with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus all in Gemini.  His performances are usually centred around characters he has created, but he has played Prince Charles in The Windsors.  The Observer reports him as saying:

“It started with Mike Yarwood for me.  His impression of [Prince] Charles was one you did at school, because there was nothing too rude in it.  So I did Mike Yarwood doing Charles, rather than Charles, along with his Harold Wilson.  I probably did Charles with quite a lot of cuff action.”

Luke Kempner (born 5th June) is an amazing young impressionist, born in 1987, and has worked on the Tracey Ullman Show.  Luke has the Sun and Chiron conjunct in Gemini.  His chart bears similarities to Mike Yarwood’s, with Mars opposite Neptune and Saturn conjunct Uranus, both features of Yarwood’s chart.  In common with John Culshaw, he has Jupiter trine Saturn.  He has been seen to impersonate almost anybody at the drop of a hat, but particularly known subjects are Andy Murray and Tom Daley.

See what you started, Mike Yarwood?  We are so glad you did!  Laughter is still the best medicine.

“He absolutely made people better informed, even giving people catchphrases…He seemed to have an affection for those he impersonated, turning them into fun characters.”

~ Steve Nallon

The Quiet Office

I am pleased to announce that I have finished writing the second novel of my trilogy, “The Quiet Office”.  If you enjoyed Volume I – “The Mundane and Mystical”, you will love catching up with the characters in Volume II – “The Search for the Now”.  This volume maintains the gentle humour of Volume I.  Volume III will be taking us into Future Life Progression.

I have also painted an astrological mandala for each chapter, and they will at some point be available to buy as a set – enhancing the reading of Volume II itself.

Volume I is available on Amazon, if you have not yet started on the trilogy.

Will keep you posted!


All the action comes at the end of the week!

I am starting with a Fixed Star, Denebola, the alignment of which takes place on Wednesday (13th).  Denebola is the Beta star in the constellation of Leo.  We gather from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld:

“This star has a direct bearing upon will and leadership functioning, enhancing awareness of the deep meaning of leadership, and the ability to create more consciously the links usually unconscious between any leader and a group.  This is the basic form in which charisma comes, in the way in which one becomes the voice for many, in a way in which the many are unable to express that voice.”

They add:

“This star can also be beneficial anytime a group focuses on an individual, even when it is group healing or receiving energy of the group, as this group energy then becomes one-pointed and focused within the individual.”

You may come to the end of a line of enquiry or a work project during the course of the week, ready for the New Moon at 21 degrees Virgo in the early hours of Friday (15th), when new experiences can take place.  Aspirations around this New Moon in Virgo could be very work-orientated.  Ecology and the environment are also provinces of Virgo, so benefits could accrue for the planet if enough minds are concentrated on this aspect of life.

You may also be feeling upbeat or that things are about to change for the better, as that evening Mercury is Stationary prior to turning Direct.  There is some relief from recent communication glitches and if we’re lucky ease from some rail nightmares.  There may be a turning point in your travel plans. Hopefully, if you have projects waiting to happen of a literary or technical nature, this may also be a go-ahead for you.  If you have been holding back on communication, you may feel the push to move forward again with it.

Saving the best to last this week is the Sun’s trine with Uranus in the early hours of Saturday (16th).  If you’ve read my blog diligently you might have noticed that impressionist Debra Stephenson has an exact trine between the Sun and Uranus, so you may find that your impressions that day are extra talented.  The trine may give you the go ahead to forge ahead with innovative plans and original creativity.  This is a hopeful influence, and can also bring surprise.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – leadership issues and solutions
  • Friday – new beginnings and smoother communications
  • Saturday – innovation and brilliance

Aspects for the week beginning 3 September 2023

The Ministry of Defence

“Just then, Sunak received a letter from Ben Wallace saying he was resigning as defence secretary.  And that reminded him he was supposed to be doing a mini-reshuffle.  Who to replace Wallace?  There just wasn’t any talent left in the Tory ranks.  So he supposed it would have to be Grant Shapps.”

~ John Crace

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, possibly one of the safest pair of hands in the  cabinet, resigned on Friday and was replaced by Grant Shapps, a minister loyal to Rishi Sunak, but who has been associated with past scandals.

Outgoing Defence Secretary

Ben Wallace

Birth Chart

Half his planets (5) in Earth signs makes Ben Wallace very grounded, and with 0 planets in Fire he is not likely to get carried away too easily.  On top of that, his Sun is in Taurus, so hence his reputation for being trustworthy, sensible and dependable.  His Sun is exactly trine Pluto, so he is able to look realities in the face, and as a military man, he would have had to.  With Mercury closely conjunct Saturn, he had the ability to focus and apply himself.  Mars square his Pluto marks him out as a warrior, or military man.  He was immensely suited to the post of Defence Secretary.

His time as Defence Secretary

He was appointed Defence Secretary when Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, but had made his mark before then.  In 2016, the year of the Referendum, he was strongly in favour of remaining in Europe.  Theresa May made him Minister of State for Security in the Home Office, and in December 2017 his brief was extended to economic crime.  In that capacity, it fell to him to deal with the episode of the poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury.

Johnson made him Secretary of State for Defence on 24th July 2019.  His transits included three suitably Martian ones: Mars square his natal Mercury and Saturn, and Neptune square his natal Mars.  In July 2021, he described Britain as being in a “very difficult position” when the United States decided to withdraw from Afghanistan, an event which took place at the end of August that year, and obliged the U.K. to act.  The Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab was sunning himself on a beach at the time, and that operation was not handled well.  Wallace expressed an intention at the time to work with the Taliban.  He was interviewed that month, and asked why he felt the withdrawal so personally.  His reply was:

“Because I’m a soldier … because it’s sad, and the West has done what it’s done and we have to do our very best to get people out and stand by our obligations”

He had strong feelings, too, on the subject of Ukraine, stating that Ukraine should offer more gratitude to the Western allies, and that its wishlist of military aid was very demanding.

On 15 July 2023, Wallace announced that he was ready to resign from his post, but he remains the longest serving Tory Secretary of State for Defence.  His main transit at the time was Pluto sextile Neptune, a deep urge to address the balance of sensitivities in his life: the demands of the job had taken its toll on his family life.

He formally resigned on Friday this week, with Jupiter on his Mercury (mental freedom) and Pluto exactly square his natal Jupiter to the day (his relinquishment of power), plus the South Node on his Jupiter (he had fulfilled his karma) – that’s three Jupiterian influences at this time for him.

Incoming Defence Secretary

Grant Shapps

Birth Chart

Half his planets (5) in Mutable signs, which are adaptable and versatile, chime well with the fact that he has had five ministerial posts during the course of one year!  He has an entrepreneurial chart, with the Sun in Virgo conjunct Jupiter and Uranus., but more importantly he has the Sun and Pluto exactly conjunct in that sign.  Interestingly, the leader of the Opposition, Keir Starmer also has the Sun and Pluto exactly conjunct in Virgo.  Both can be inscrutable, but whereas Grant Shapps has a reputation for dodgy dealings, Keir has a more trustworthy reputation.  Grant has Mercury conjunct Venus, and therefore can sweet talk his way in and out of situations.  He is valued within the Conservative party as a communicator, and for being media-savvy.  Mars trine closely Saturn, could indicate that he can get things done, but he does not so far have a lot to show for his responsible positions.  Mars closely square Neptune can be slippery, and Jupiter conjunct Pluto may indicate a love of power.  With Mercury ruling his Sun and his Moon Sign (Gemini), his would have found his stint at Transport congenial.

Life and Career

He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1999, but recovered well after treatment.  At the time, his progressed Sun was semi-sextile his natal Pluto.  It was after this time that he set up in business, but was later found to have set up fictitious names for testimonials in his business.  Around that time, his progressed Sun was opposite his natal Saturn.  In September 2012 many of his business websites were blacklisted on Google for violating copyright infringement rules.  He marketed get-rich-quick schemes under a pseudonym.

2015 was not a good year for him.  He was discovered to have lied about having jobs while being an M.P., and he was accused of bullying within the Tory party.  He was let go from the cabinet on 11th May 2015, with transiting Pluto square his natal Venus.

His fortunes were on the rise by 2019, when Boris Johnson appointed him as Transport Secretary in his new cabinet.  And this week, he has been entrusted with Defence – Uranus is trine his natal Pluto (enormous change and responsibility) and Pluto at the same time is trine his natal Uranus – same again, with bells on!

Grant Shapps does not have any experience in the area of Defence.  A former chief of the general staff of the British Army, Richard Dannatt, has said the post comes with a complex portfolio which would take time to learn, and according to the Guardian he wonders whether Grant Schapps “would put his loyalty to Sunak above pushing for the needs of the defence community”.

“The United Kingdom is respected around the world for our Armed Forces and that respect has only grown more since the war in Ukraine. I know you agree with me that we must not return to the days where Defence was viewed as a discretionary spend by Government and savings were achieved by hollowing out.”

~ Ben Wallace


Monday (4th) is a busy day, aspect-wise.  First of all, in the early hours of the morning, Venus is Stationary prior to turning Direct.  Phew!  That’s one planet off the Retrograde list.  Venus has been retrograde since 23rd July, and relationships may have been tested and put through their paces in that time.  You may have realized the true worth of some of your relationships.  You can pause, breathe and relax into that knowledge.  That doesn’t mean relationships will suddenly be easy, but you will have learned something important for moving forward.

A helpful aspect occurs later in the morning, when Mercury trines Jupiter, the veritable aspect of good news itself.  This could bring productivity, and good conversation.  .  Mercury trine Jupiter expands our minds and philosophies.  This is an upbeat vibe mentally, and can bring opportunities.  It is also helpful for writing projects and studying.

Just when you think you can rest on your laurels, another directional turn of a planet takes place, on the same day, late lunchtime.  So while Venus has gone Direct, Jupiter is replacing her on the Retrograde list.  This could find us feeling we are in a state of flux.  You may have been working along a particular line and making steady progress, but now have to re-assess.  There is a possibility of a U-turn by someone in power, or you may make a U-turn in  your own life.

The Sun conjoins with Mercury at 13 degrees Virgo on Wednesday (6th).  This may therefore bring an opportunity to apply your mind with clarity,  concentrate and focus,  and make important statements.  The focus may be on working schedules and documentation or environmental projects.  Mentally you may be able to see things clearly.  If you know which House Virgo occupies in your chart, you’ll find that area of your life to be exceptionally busy.

We end on a high note this week, with a trine between the Sun and Jupiter on Friday (8th). This is one of the brightest aspects of the year.  If you have been feeling stressed, you may experience a welcome distraction.  It’s a happy-go-lucky aspect where circumstances allow.  So whatever lights your candle today, grasp the opportunity.  Good cheer, laughter, and adventure may characterize this time.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – Relationship ease; good news; U-turns
  • Wednesday – clarity and diligence
  • Friday – a high note

Aspects for the week beginning 27 August 2023

Nadine Dorries

Nadine Dorries, MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, finally resigned yesterday after declaring she would do so on 9th June, having kept the nation dangling.  Opposition parties have already been polishing their strategies for an upcoming by-election.

Birth Chart

Nadine has half her planets (5) in Fixed signs – is that what gave her the sticking power to hang around for so long?  Only 1 of her planets comes under the Cardinal  quadruplicity – so she would not have leadership material (or aspirations).  She has remarkably few aspects in her chart.  This may mean that in her mind and personality she does not make as many connections and associations as the average person.  It’s quite unusual, and I haven’t studied many charts like that.  I am locking that into my research files.  In her chart too, the Moon squares the Sun, which is an indication that sometimes the conscious mind doesn’t know what the unconscious is doing, and that can make decision-making hard.  That too may have been a factor in her recent behaviour, although she has stuck to the idea that Rishi Sunak should have got her recommendation to enter the Lords across the line (that’s where her Fixity comes in).  We are possibly looking at a pattern of finding it hard to make decisions (which is a difficult trait to manage if you are a serving constituency MP) but sticking to an idea once a decision is made.  Sun sextiles Uranus in her chart, so there is a bit of a Rebel there, and the desire sometimes to be contrary – as when she decided to go into the Jungle, much to the consternation of parliament and her constituents: that was as long ago as 2012.  Sun squares Pluto in her chart, so there is a taste for drama, and she did have a poverty ridden childhood which produced day on day drama.  This sense of drama presumably is useful in her ability to write her novels.  Emotional drama is a special forte, because her Moon is opposite Pluto – she certainly kept everyone in suspense these last few months.  The Moon aspects are a bit vague because we have no birth time.  But in Mercury exactly sextile Mars we have a firm aspect, and that is a quick mind, with sometimes a caustic wit – remember her jibe about Cameron and Osborne being arrogant posh boys who didn’t know the price of milk, back in 2012?  She accused them of not knowing  “what it’s like to go to the supermarket and have to put things back on the shelves because they can’t afford it for their children’s lunch boxes”.  They were well on the road of imposing austerity at the time.  Going into the Jungle in 2012, she stated: “I won’t deliberately start an argument. But if anyone wants to take me on, I will be up for it.” That’s a manifesto for Mercury sextile Mars!  Mercury is also square Uranus in her chart, indicating some nervous tension and possible erratic thought – she certainly would not care about being controversial.  She has Venus opposite Saturn, and would understand heartache, and deprivation, which are good qualities for a novelist – she knows how to pull at the heartstrings.  Jupiter sextiles her North Node, giving her good opportunities in life to fulfill her karma.  Last but not least, Chiron squares her Nodal Axis, indicating an interest in healing and her original path as a nurse.

Life and Career

Nadine was born in Liverpool and brought up on a council estate in Runcorn.  She began training as a nurse in 1975, in Warrington.  Her Moon may be in Pisces, which is a sign associated with nursing, which would reinforce the healing aspect of Chiron square Nodal Axis.  Her parents divorced in her teens, which may be depicted by her natal Moon square Sun.

She married a mining engineer named Paul Dorries, and they lived for a year in Zambia, in connection with his work.  She first tried to become an M.P. in 2001, but was  unsuccessful, and subsequently supported Shadow Chancellor Oliver Letwin as a special adviser for three years.  She became an M.P. in 2005 in her safe seat of Mid Bedfordshire, when coming up to her Chiron Return.  She was proud to be elected, from her humble beginnings in life.  Her maiden speech took place on 25th May 2005, with very appropriate transits:

Jupiter trine her natal Venus (a victory celebration)

Uranus sextile her natal Mercury (a display of speech)

Uranus trine her natal Mars (a display of intention), this transit being exact to the day

Neptune on her Chiron (personal fulfilment)

She was re-elected in 2010, increasing her majority.

Her interests as a backbencher often included women’s issues, regarding abortion, counselling and sex education.  But in 2012, she took off to Australia to appear in the reality programme “I’m a Celebrity”.  She flew out there on 6th November 2012 – what was she thinking at the time?  She had some tough squares: Mars square her Jupiter (adventure or escape?), Saturn square her Uranus (something’s got to give) and Neptune square her Sun (uncertainty about her direction).  On the other hand, she had Uranus trine her Uranus (her Inner Rebel holding sway), and Neptune trine her Neptune (following her spirit).  She was first to be evicted from the Jungle (a barometer of public opinion), and she lost the party whip for a year.

Her profile was heightened when in July 2019 Boris appointed her as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Patient Safety, Suicide Prevention and Mental Health.  On 10th March 2020, she was the first MP to contract coronavirus (just ahead of Boris Johnson), with Uranus square her natal Uranus at the time (shock).  Then in September 2021 she became Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.  In that capacity, she took on the future of Channel 4 and seemed determined to privatize it.  When the flurry of MPs decided to get rid of Boris Johnson as PM in July 2017, she staunchly stood by him (together with Jacob Rees-Mogg).

Further controversy took place more recently, this year, when the nominations were announced for Boris Johnson’s honours list, and she had been left out.  She blamed Rishi Sunak and announced on 9th June 2023 that she would resign with immediate effect.  Mars was trine her Saturn at the time (contesting a decision).  A deeper transit, Pluto trine her natal Sun, required a longer period of reflection.  And transiting Pluto square her natal Neptune left her floundering psychologically.  On 14th June she decided she would wait for clarification from the House of Lords Appointments Commission about the reasons for her rejection.  By this time, Uranus had moved  to trine her Jupiter, so she sensed an entrepreneurial opportunity there.  It did not work out for her, however, and she received a lot of criticism.  Meanwhile three by-elections took place, and opposition parties poised themselves to compete for her constituency.  Between then and now, her constituents have become increasingly vocal about her lack of commitment in their locality.

Relationship with Boris Johnson

Both have Sun in Gemini  Her Sun conjunct his Mars, which is an intense tie.  Her Mars exactly squares his Ascendant, again quite invigorating.  Her Saturn squares his Pluto, which is a difficulty of some sort, possibly karmic, but her Saturn at the same time sextiles his Ascendant, which can support him.  Her Neptune is conjunct his Moon, which is an emotional tie and may be subject to illusion on her part.  Her Pluto sextiles his Sun and Venus, so she can invest deep emotion in the relationship.

Rishi Sunak

Nadine resigned yesterday with the transit of Mars trine her Sun (decisive action).  In her resignation speech, she did not hold back her feelings about Rishi Sunak, telling him that history would not judge him kindly, that  he had demeaned his office, that he was presiding over a zombie parliament, and that his recent criticism of her had whipped up a public frenzy.  How did her resignation affect him?  This has to bear in mind the criticism he is currently receiving from other quarters, e.g. John Crace wrote this week:

Ever since he’d returned from holiday in Santa Monica Rishi Sunak had been overwhelmed with a sense of despair.  A futility no number of sessions on his Peloton could erase.  He was meant to be living his best life.  The tech-bro turned prime minister.  The man who fell to Earth to save the UK from Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.  Where was the gratitude for all he had done?  At best, the country was totally indifferent to his efforts.  At worst it was hostile.”

His transit show Mars was squaring his Venus yesterday (a personal wound), and he is currently experiencing his Uranus Opposition (mid-life crisis).  He may be feeling a desire to take a leaf out of her book, and head to the Jungle…


Saturn opposed the Sun around breakfast time this morning.  This could produce frustration in the cold light of day, but on a more creative rather than specifically mental level.  Pushing projects further may be a struggle.  The skies may be a little overcast with some rainfall or showers…We need to assess all our exciting ideas in the cold light of day, whether they will work in practice, etc.  We need to digest the current state of progress, and discriminate about what is worthwhile, what may be pie in the sky or overly romanticized.  There may be feelings of deflation, or feeling unappreciated.

At lunchtime, Mars enters the sign of Libra: What is happening here is that Mars, the god of war, is entering the sign of Libra, the sign of peace.  There is a need for balance, especially between opposing factions, so the Warrior/Diplomats among us have work to do.  People may be putting more energy and effort into Libran pursuits, such as the understanding of art or practising a musical instrument (Mars demands some action!). Mars entering Libra gives fresh incentive to tackle such areas of our life and psyche where we are currently just gliding, biding our time, or complacent.  It energizes the issues of the area of our chart (the House) it currently moves through.  Mars stays in Libra until 24th November.

On Tuesday (29th) Uranus is Stationary prior to turning Retrograde, in the early hours of that morning.  Yes, we are truly in Retrograde Season, with Mercury, Chiron, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, also in that reflective and revisionary mode.  Uranus of course is the trickster, so things may not necessarily go according to plan. Plan for the unexpected, if you can.  You may see some goalposts moving.

Unease may increase until the peak of the Full Moon at 7 degrees Pisces on Thursday (31st).  Pisces is one of the most sensitive and emotional Full Moons of the year, so treat yourself with tender loving care and you can then treat others with that sensitivity.  Issues which may come up may be flooding, the plastic in the sea, or the fishing industry.  The Pisces Full Moon reminds us that we are all One.

Friday (1st September) aligns us with a Fixed Star, Alioth in Ursa Major.  “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld advises us:

“The star can strengthen the ability to create enhanced loving states and to communicate love appropriately.  The use of this elixir is recommended for counsellors working with individuals with mental difficulties including schizophrenia, manic depression, and other very disturbing psychological states.  There will be no direct benefit to the patient; it is to assist the counsellor in the counselling process.”

The following day, Saturday (2nd September) aligns our Sun with the Fixed Star Zosma in the constellation of Leo.  From the same source, we learn:

“Those who understand leadership and charisma may reach a point of deep introspection where they may be in a position of more fame than they wished, more exposure to the public eye than they felt was appropriate, or an awareness of themselves in a leadership capacity that brings them to a place where they must reconsider who they are.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – frustration; negotiation
  • Tuesday – the unexpected factor
  • Thursday – emotional high tide
  • Friday – creating love
  • Saturday – leadership issues

Aspects for the week beginning 20 August 2023

Michael Parkinson (1935 – 2023)

Michael Parkinson, whose chat show was a Saturday night staple across three decades, died peacefully this week aged 88, after a brief illness.  He had interviewed 2000 celebrities in his career, and is regarded as the most successful chat show host.

Birth Chart

His Sun was in Aries, with the Moon in Capricorn, giving rise to the no-nonsense, down-to-earth Yorkshireman that was his persona.  He was self-admittedly not given to introspection.  The sole aspect to his Sun was a close sextile with Chiron, so he was very individualistic, a free spirit, with some desire to heal.  Unlike some chat show hosts, he had quite a restrained mental function: Mercury in Pisces loosely conjunct Saturn and opposite Neptune.  A contemporary, David Frost, for example, had Mercury square Mars, a more interrogational style (The Critic Archetype), whereas Parky had a more cosy, conversational style for the most part.  He once explained:

“The people I interview aren’t criminals, so why on earth should I act like an interrogator?  I relax the guests, I am a great listener” (the words of Mars in Libra)

He did have some element of aggression in his make up, however, from Mars square Pluto, which perhaps he saved for the cricket pitch.  The feature of his chart which I feel is most telling (without the luxury of a birth time) is Jupiter trine closely Pluto – this I think is the key to his success, being comfortable holding power.  He met with the rich and famous from all eras, and revelled in it.  It’s also worth mentioning his Nodal Axis squaring Uranus, a karmic mission around groups, i.e. the chat show genre.

Life and Career

Michael was born in Cudworth, near Barnsley.  His father was a miner, which may be seen in Pluto (mining) on his South Node in Cancer – depicting ancestry.  After attending Barnsley Grammar School, he left school at 16 having passed two O’Levels (Art, and English Language).  His parents were so determined he would not follow the family line, that his father escorted him down a mine in order to put him off.  Instead, he went into journalism.  He also took up cricket, which was a passion of his father’s.  Michael went on to work for the Manchester Evening News and the Daily Express, and did two years of National Service.

“Parkinson”, the Show

He entered broadcasting via Granada, and in 1971 was invited to begin a chat show, a fairly new format.  The show proved so successful that it ran until April 1982, and then again from January 1998 until December 2007.  At the launch of the show, on 19th June 1971, Jupiter in late Scorpio was conjunct Neptune in early Sagittarius, an upbeat and mind-expanding influence.  This chimed with his chart, in terms of transit, with that conjunction trine his natal North Node (karmic mission).  His transits for the end of the show, on 22nd December 2007, include Jupiter trine his natal Uranus (the freedom of retirement) – it was the right time, for him, to wrap up.

His Guests      

In a total of 2000 guests, it would be easier to name those he didn’t interview, Frank Sinatra being one.  He interviewed many of the greats from the Golden Age of Hollywood, including Jimmy Stewart, Fred Astaire and Lauren Bacall.  He was very honoured to interview Mohammed Ali (four times), and was responsible for launching the career of comedian Billy Connolly.  In the world of music, he interviewed John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, George Michael and Madonna.  His favourite interview was that with the mathematician Jacob Bronowski, who spoke about his visit to Auschwitz.  Some of those he interviewed became genuine close personal friends.  His cricket buddy, Dicky Bird, had known him since childhood, and spoke to him over the phone the day before he died.  Parkinson told him “We’ve had a great life.”

Achilles Heel

“I came across as kind of pompous and I could have done better.”

Aries men of a certain era can be prone to male Chauvinism, and Parkinson came to realize his failings in that respect.  He admitted having been “pompous” with Meg Ryan and Helen Mirren, and “sexist” with the latter.  He could also be snobbish, insulting Jade Goody in a blog for example (“barely educated, ignorant and puerile…a woman who came to represent all that’s paltry and wretched about Britain today”).

His interview with Meg Ryan was in October 2003 when she was promoting her film “In the Cut”.  Their synastry shows, surprisingly, some rapport.  The stickiness though was her Mars square his Saturn.  She refused to co-operate, and perhaps she was reacting to these traits. In amongst his transits, he had Jupiter opposite Mercury at the time (overreaching himself in interview).  At the time, she had Neptune square her Venus (personal exposure being an issue, as it was in the film at the time).  She was in an evasive mood, and feeling vulnerable.  Perhaps, karmically, they met in order for her to expose this weakness.

His nemesis, however, was Rod Hull’s Emu, who wrestled him to the ground in an interview on 27th November 1976.  Transiting Mars was square Michael’s Saturn (an attack) at the time and Uranus was on Rod’s Mars (seizing an opportunity to attack!)


He had a solid marriage with Mary Parkinson, and they had three sons.  His transits at the time of marriage on 22nd August 1959 point to a very solid foundation indeed, including a Jupiter Return, Jupiter trine his natal Pluto (reinforcing his natal strength and superpower) and Saturn trine his Uranus.  Mary had Jupiter trine her Sun, exact to the day.

Being interviewed himself at one time by Irish broadcaster Gay Byrne, Parkinson described his religious stance as “an agnostic atheist”, which given his personality is not surprising.  I wonder what he would make of an afterlife.  He would certainly have an impressive and illustrious “meet and greet”!

 “The genius of Parky was that unlike most people – and most of his guests, me included, he was always 100 per cent himself. On camera and off. ‘Authentic’ is the word, I suppose.”

~ Stephen Fry


Our aspects begin on Tuesday (22nd) this week, with Jupiter square Venus around midday.  This is a very social and sociable aspect, but can be gauche, awkward, or inappropriate.  Social non-conformists won’t care, but conformists may lament the lack of sticking to the rules.

In the evening, Neptune opposes Mars, and the themes from this aspect may be vision, and illusion.  If you are confused about the way ahead, your best option is literally to rest and reflect.

Wednesday morning (23rd) brings an ingress: that of  the Sun’s entry into Virgo.  We will start to realize the Autumn term is almost upon us.  The need for knuckling down conscientiously to work and study schedules is reinforced.  The Sun in Virgo will underline the need for a sense of focus and purpose.  Efficiency and Economy will be watchwords for how we organize the second half of our year.  There may be a new resolve to institute health and fitness regimes, and work rotas and practices.  You may be thinking ahead to September courses, and self-improvement.

Do what you can during the day, for in the evening, Mercury is Stationary prior to turning Retrograde.  You may be up against a deadline.  Be clear in your communications for the next three weeks, in order to avoid misunderstandings and loopholes.  Although technology can go awry, it can be a good period to upgrade such devices.  You may have developed your own strategies, according to past experiences.

A dynamic aspect on Friday (25th) still needs to be handled with care: that of  Mars trine Pluto.  It takes place in the early hours of the morning, so could make for a lively evening on Thursday, and some tossing and turning in the night.  There may be some upheaval involved, as when you are decluttering in earnest, but you should have the energy to start afresh once you have cleared some old ground.  This aspect speaks of self-empowerment, but you have to remember that everyone also has this force!  This is a great aspect for tasks which need great energy, and should still be of benefit to you throughout the day.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – sociable but possibly awkward; confusion
  • Wednesday – knuckling down; communication glitches
  • Friday – onwards and upwards

Aspects for the week beginning 13 August 2023

Harry Kane

“Most of my family were Spurs fans and I grew up 15 minutes from the ground, so I was always going to be a Spurs fan”

~ Harry Kane

Tottenham’s star goalscorer Harry Kane has signed for the German team Bayern Munich this week.  Who knows his real reasons, but some say he regretted not winning any trophies with Spurs, despite his record breaking career (having scored over 350 goals).  The fans at Spurs must be deflated, to say the least, never mind England supporters.  Bayern Munich, in their glee, have released a video of him portraying James Bond.

Birth Chart

Harry has the Sun in Leo, a good placing for a star sportsman, with the limelight of being a striker.  His Sun sextiles Jupiter, a sporting planet which may at times have brought him luck.  He would certainly be regarded as a lucky mascot.  The Sun trines the North Node, which gives him a karmic mission of leadership.  He has Mercury sextile Mars, acute co-ordination and quick reflexes.  This is beginning to sound like a textbook sportsman!  The early 1990s conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, which gives a capacity to work with complexity, is exact in his chart, at 19 degrees.  This conjunction opposes his Mercury, so he would always have a lot going on mentally, and will have learned to process complex scenarios.  His Mercury also has a powerful trine with Pluto, making him a master psychologist and a deep thinker.  Venus trines Saturn in his chart, a sign of great loyalty – well he has stayed with Spurs for 14 years.  Venus also sextiles Chiron, which gives a special skill in handling people wounded physically or emotionally.  Mars is closely trine Uranus, showing an electrical quality to his energy.  Mars also closely trines Neptune (sensitive action) and sextiles Pluto (a powerhouse of energy).  Jupiter sextile his North Node is a favourable sign of karmic rewards.  If this sounds like the absolute perfect chart for a human, let alone a footballer, he does have a problematic Fixed T-square between Pluto and an opposition of Saturn and Chiron.  Negotiating that in his life, may have helped him negotiate the high pressure life of premier league football, but when the larger planets transit those points he may get caught up in wider controversies.

Life and Career

Harry was born in Waltham Forest, and began playing at Tottenham Hotspur’s club when he was very young, joining the premier team at 16, on his birthday (with transiting Jupiter and Neptune exactly trine his natal Venus, and three positive transits from Saturn).  It was not until 2015 that he began to be recognized as a top player, becoming Young Player of the Year.  He suffered a hamstring injury on 1st January 2020 (transiting Mars square his natal Saturn in Aquarius).  In the 2017-18 season he scored 41 goals, and won the golden boot.  He was top goalscorer in the UEFA Champions League by 2021.

He is married to Katie Goodland, who he has known since childhood, and they have three children, with one on the way.

The Transfer

Although loyal to his club, Harry has been wanting to leave for a few years, but the time has not been right.  The transfer this week included the following transits for Harry:  A Mars Return (Mars representing football), Mars trine his natal Uranus/Neptune (an injection of energy into his superpower) and Uranus opposite Pluto (a massive change in his life).  One guesses that it will be a huge adjustment for him and his family.

Tottenham Hotspur Club

Harry’s Synastry with his (now former) club is strong, which has much to say about their long connection:  Tottenham’s Jupiter trined Harry’s Saturn (a good placement for him), Tottenham’s Uranus sextiled Harry’s Mercury (stimulated his mental growth, Tottenham’s Uranus sextiled Harry Neptune/Uranus (brought out his brilliance), and last but not least their Neptunes were exactly sextile (spiritual attunement).

This week’s events for Tottenham’s chart are incredibly apt, as they show up:

Pluto square its natal Venus (major loss of a player!)

South Node on its Venus (a karmic loss or debt)

North Node exactly sextile its Jupiter to the day (they will get a tidy sum for him!)

Bayern Munich

Is it a match, for Harry?  It is certainly karmic:  Its Sun squares Harry’s Nodal Axis (a group karmic connection); Its Mercury trines Harry’s Pluto (reinforcing Harry’s mental powers); Its Mars conjuncts Harry’s Saturn (they will work him hard!); their Jupiters are exactly sextile (ensured success); Its Jupiter is conjunct Harry’s North Node (a happy and successful karmic link); Its Neptune is on his Venus (may be confusing emotionally, for his private life, and there will be nostalgia), and finally its Neptune sextiles his Chiron (so part of his spiritual and healing pathway).

How does his arrival impact the club?  Transiting Uranus sextiles the Bayern Munich Mercury exact to the day (a startling signing); and the North Node sextiles its Mars (a karmic football event).

The price of a footballer goes up every year, with the cost of living.  Kane is now the most expensive signing in the history of the Bundesliga.  The transfer fee is 110 million Euros.

“In our hearts, every fan knew this moment was coming…A player such as Kane deserves to end his career with a few winners’ medals and playing Champions League football.”

~ John Crace (in serious mode)


As I write this morning, the Sun conjoins with Venus (Retrograde).  This may bring harmony to proceedings.  If you are an artist or a musician, it is a day you when you can produce your best creative output or performance.   As Venus is Retrograde, there may be an aspect of the past, in a relationship or creative project, which needs to be considered, included or revised.

Tomorrow (Monday 14th) Venus trines Chiron, which may aid healing and recovery.  Try to keep the heart open; it is the antidote for many things.  The healing power of love comes to the fore.  There may be a real opportunity to re-group your healing energies and feel harmony within your being.

Change is in the air on Wednesday (16th) with Uranus square to the Sun, and Wednesday is the most eventful day this week aspectwise.  There is bound to be an element of the unexpected.  The aspect occurs in the early hours of the morning, so you may suddenly wake, with an unusual thought!  And your dreams may be more bizarre than usual.  During the day, be aware of possible loopholes through which the element of the unexpected can enter.  Disruption can occur, but unexpected twists and turns may give you new ideas for future reference.

After breakfast, we have a New Moon in Leo at 23 degrees.  The New Moon in Leo is about the soul quality of Joy.  This emphasizes the holiday making, creative and performing qualities of the sign and the season. It is some kind of a new beginning, so if you have experienced some testing times recently, you can press the re-set button, but bear in mind the capricious influence of Uranus square the Sun (previous paragraph).

At lunchtime, you may be able to swing the element of the unexpected to work your way, as Mars trines Uranus.  Could make for an unusual lunch!  Excitement may describe proceedings.  In science, technology and mechanics there could be progress and advances.  Engineering and electrical themes also benefit, so sparks fly, but in a good way!  You may also notice some bold and controversial moves.

As there are no more aspects for the rest of the week, I present to you a Fixed Star for Saturday (19th), and that is Alphard in the constellation of Hydra.  Traditional interpretations can be difficult, so while bearing that in mind, also consider the interpretation from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld:

“Alphard can enhance the ability to bring emotions to consciousness and to work with them with others, particularly in dealing with the emotion of anger.  The true source of anger may be felt more deeply and be easily released as a result.  Individuals in therapy where anger is an important issue will benefit in utilizing this elixir for more understanding of the purposes of the anger.  This elixir or meditation upon the star is often able to transform anger into enthusiasm more easily for people.”

They go on to say:

“This star can influence many other processes of transformation such as the transformation of fear into a deep love, compassion and oneness, and the transformation of pain into the awareness of healing and change.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – love and harmony
  • Tomorrow – the healing of relationship
  • Wednesday – the spanner in the works (shock); new beginning; the element of the unexpected (surprise)
  • Saturday – transforming anger into something constructive

Aspects for the week beginning 6 August 2023

Angela Rippon

Angela Rippon has been announced as a contestant for the forthcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing.  She is, apparently, at 78 the oldest contestant so far to compete.  They are announcing her as “Rip Off Britain” Angela, a reference to the current programme she presents.  But she has been known to the public for decades: as a newsreader, and as a participant in the Morecambe and Wise Show, going back a long way.

Birth Chart

Angela’s Sun Sign is that elegant and musical sign of Libra, so musicality won’t be a a problem in her performance.  And she has her Ascendant in twinkle-toed dancing Pisces, so again, she is perfect for her new venture.  She has intelligence a-plenty: Sun conjunct Mercury trine Uranus.  Her Moon is exactly sextile Mars, so she has quick emotional responses, and so I should think she will excel at portraying emotion in her various roles around the dance floor.  The Moon in her chart exactly trines her Midheaven, so she is a household name, with the public.  Mercury sextiles Pluto in her chart, which will have made her a newsreader capable of gravitas when it was required.  Venus is closely sextile Jupiter in her chart, which makes her very sociable.  Venus also trine her North Node makes the expression of her Venusian abilities (music and dance) part of her karmic mission.  Mars is exactly sextile her Midheaven, so she is able to assert herself in the world (ideal quality for the  programme Rip Off Britain).  Another quality which suits the programme she currently presents is Jupiter square Uranus (the Chancer), so she is alert to the way scammers work.  She’s a healer, too, from North Node sextile Chiron.

Life and Career

Angela was born in Plymouth.  Her father was a marine, and her mother was a seamstress.  She left school at 17, and worked in newspaper journalism before joining the world of broadcasting.  She was 22 when she began working for the BBC, and became a regular newsreader for BBC One’s Nine O’Clock News in 1975.  At the time she was regarded as the first female  newsreader, but it appears there were historically a couple before her.

It was not long after, although she was definitely an established figure on our screens by then, that at Christmas 1976, she appeared in an iconic sketch on the Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show.  Long before we looked forward to the Only Fools and Horses Christmas Shows, Morecambe and Wise kept us entertained in that slot, and I remember the hilarity of seeing her unfurl her legs from under a newsdesk to reveal the dancing “pins” and to perform her high kicks.  She was such a hit that she appeared on the next year’s show, too, as a cameo.

She has of course appeared in a lot more programmes between Morecambe and Wise and Rip Off Britain, having hardly been away from our screens.  She has presented Come Dancing, the Eurovision Song Contest (in 1977), among others.  She has also written fourteen books.


Transits for this week’s announcement include transiting Uranus sextile her natal North Node, springing a surprise, something she likes to do with Uranus natally trine her Sun and square her Jupiter.  Pluto also squares her natal Mars, so she knows she is stretching herself physically.  But Pluto yesterday was exactly sextile her natal Ascendant to the day, on the cusp of her 11th House, so there is an important shift in her life.

We don’t have the start date of the contest.  If the end of the contest is the middle of December, she will have Mars square her Jupiter at the time, which is the overstretching of energies.  Neptune will be opposite her natal Chiron, so she may have some physical niggles through a prolonged period of dancing.  Pluto will still be square her Mars, so she may have to pull out before the end, and Pluto will still be sextile her Ascendant, so that may help her through.  But we all hope she endures and thrives in the competition, and there will be no shortage of fans cheering her on to win!

I will update the astrology later, when dates are announced.


There are only 3 aspects this week!

Monday (7th) Jupiter squares the Sun, an aspect which exaggerates everything it comes into contact with.  There is also a joyful, humorous side of Sun square Jupiter, so some laughter-yoga from time to time during the day would not go amiss!  It could be a fun day, but be aware of carelessness or overreaching goals.

Another square, Uranus square to Venus, occurs on Wednesday (9th).  It may be an abrasive day for meetings.  The way through is to use your intuition, and stay one step ahead.  Relationships can be disrupted, and subject to misunderstandings.  On the other hand, on another level, it can open up telepathic communication between individuals  on a higher level.

The Universe has saved the best till last, this week.  On Thursday (10th), Mercury trines Jupiter.  This aspect will help business transactions, and expand our horizons, minds and philosophies.  This is an upbeat vibe mentally, one that takes in great wads of information, produces good ideas and may incline one to travel, strikes permitting of course.  There may be media opportunities, for those so inclined, and it could be a productive day.  A cause for optimism may be found.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – chancing luck
  • Wednesday – chancing relationships
  • Thursday – lucky communications

Aspects for the week beginning 30 July 2023

George Alagiah (1955 – 2023)

“My parents moved us first to Africa and then to Britain, always in search of something better for their children.”

~ George Alagiah

The much loved, admired and respected foreign correspondent and newsreader George Alagiah died this week aged 67.  His love of travel, humanity, the world and in turn the love and loyalty he inspired, is graphically seen in his conjunction of the North Node (karmic mission) conjunct Venus (Love) in the sign of Sagittarius (the World).

Birth Chart

George had over half his planets (six) in the strong willed Fixed signs, making him an indomitable character.  His Sun was at the end of Scorpio, an indomitable sign, part of a triple conjunction in that sign with Mercury and Saturn.  The Saturn addition showed his uprightness.  That he was able to maintain composure and optimism and encourage others at the same time, is due to the close square of the Sun to Jupiter.  He also had a sense of what was possible, shown in the trine between his Sun and Uranus.  His character was complex, because there was also a close sextile between his Sun and Chiron (healing qualities), but a willingness to look at the tragic scenarios of the countries he visited (Sun exactly square Pluto), with a proximity to the death and dying.  Mercury was square to Jupiter (almost too much travelling in his lifestyle, at least early in life).  He had attention to detail (Mercury closely conjunct Saturn) too.  Mars conjunct Neptune squaring Uranus gave him an electrical energy, which may have been part of his magnetism, an aura which also exuded a spirituality.  Mars sextile Pluto gave him a toughness, endurance and a plentiful energy supply.  But Jupiter conjunct Pluto gave him power.  We do not have his birth time, so do not know where these qualities were placed within his life.

Life and Career

George was born in Colombo, Ceylon.  At the age of 6, his family moved to Ghana, where he was brought up for his formative years, until moving to Britain aged 11.  He wrote of his experience trying to fit into British life:

You are desperate to shed one skin and take on the skin of the place you are in, and subconsciously that is what I did.”

He studied politics at Durham University, and met his wife Frances there.  He became the Developing World correspondent for the BBC in 1989.  He is especially remembered for his reports on the famine in Somalia, and found the genocide in Rwanda the most challenging assignment that he had experienced.  He was almost killed in 1994 while covering the civil war in Afghanistan, but miraculously saved.  In 1999, at the age of 44, he gave up travelling, to concentrate on work in the studio.

In 2003, he began working with Sophie Raworth on the BBC 6 o’clock News.  She has posted a long tribute to her colleague, which includes the words:

George had a rich spirit. He radiated warmth with a wonderful smile and a velvety laugh.

He has won numerous awards for his journalism and news presentation, and wrote a debut novel in 2020 entitled “The Burning Land”.


He was diagnosed in April 2014 with having colorectal cancer, with Saturn on his natal Mercury when he announced the condition.  But he was well enough to return to work at the BBC on 10th November of that year, with Mars sextile his Sun (fresh energy), Jupiter square his Nodal Axis (karma willing) and Uranus trine his North Node (a new phase in his life and karma).  He became a regular on our screens again.

The cancer returned in 2018, and gradually spread over the next few years, during which he did work from time to time.  But he remained remarkably sanguine, and philosophical, according to friends, even seeing a gift in the cancer as having helped him to know himself at a deeper level.  This won him even more admiration.  He said:

“On being diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer in 2014, I constructed a pros and cons list of how my life had gone so far.  The things that had gone well far outweighed the others, which brought me to a place of total contentment.”

He was a great family man, and had two sons.  He always regarded his relationship with his wife Frances as a great blessing.  He died peacefully, surrounded by those he loved.

I have very strong views, but I keep them to myself; impartiality is important.  In the seat I regularly occupy on the BBC News at Six, I speak to millions of people.  If they all knew what I thought on every topic we report on, we’d lose some of them.  In my job one can’t decide that the view you subscribe to is the only one.

~ George Alagiah


Our aspects this week begin with a Full Moon at 9 degrees of Aquarius on Tuesday (1st August), early evening.  So we’ll be working up to that for the next couple of days!  We might be torn by looking at an issue emotionally, then from a detached perspective, then back and forth.  This may produce a stand off between the individual and the group.

The same day, slightly later in the evening, Mars trines Jupiter, so when the energy of the Full Moon has been released, you may feel a new lease of life, and an influx of new energy for whatever purpose.  This is a go ahead, spirited aspect which makes us feel we can achieve anything.  Enthusiasm and energy abound, and you may spring out of bed early full of the joys of the season.  Sinead O’Connor had Mars sextile Jupiter natally, as described in the blog below, which helped her express her fiery energy.

Wednesday (2nd) is a different energy, characterized by Saturn opposite Mercury, and occurring in the early hours.  There may be a setback to a plan, or you may suddenly feel fatigued.  Challenges or blockages may occur to the smooth flow of earlier in the day.  Travelling plans may be delayed that day, especially if there is another rail strike.

That concludes the aspects for the week, but we have two correlations with Fixed Stars, one for Thursday and one for Friday.  On Thursday (3rd) our Sun aligns with Kochab in Ursa Minor.  “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld offers the interpretation:

“This star can assist people in grounding information from their past lives.  This is a way in which one becomes more comfortable with one’s past lives, as if these lives are running concurrently or parallel to one’s present life and can affect the person in positive ways.  The ability to accept this easily, feel good about the information, and take it in by actually owning it and really knowing it, this is far beyond a verbal or intellectual process.  This can generate a deeper sense of power within the individual.”

On Friday (4th) our Sun aligns with Acubens in the constellation of Cancer.  Bernadette Brady reports that Rigor associates Acubens with a logical mind, strength, perseverance and good organization, that Resurrection “is the key concept” and that the star is associated with Scarab beetles.

From “Starlight Elixirs” we have:

“In this star you see some of the more generalized tendencies of Cancer that have a symbolic effect on people such as a willingness to express and work out family issues, to understand the nature of the home, and to create this more clearly. There is some general influence here with better understanding of the subtle forces involved in creating a home, such as through the Chinese art of geomancy known a feng shui.  Individuals studying feng shui may do well with this elixir.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – emotional high tide, release, then influx of new energy
  • Wednesday – be patient with blockages or delays
  • Thursday – good for working with past lives
  • Friday – good for working with family issues