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Aspects for the week beginning 15 October 2017

Harvey Weinstein

“I came of age in the 60s and 70s, when all the rules about behaviour and workplaces were different”

~ Harvey Weinstein

There’s no birth time for Film Producer Harvey Weinstein, but there is still much of interest to discover about this man who managed for years to conceal evidence of his sexual harassment of women, a story which has dominated the media this week.

Birth Chart

Disclaimer: If you have any of the features in his birth chart described here, that does not mean that you have the same proclivities.  The truth lies in the combined factors of a chart, and the Soul’s choices.

Weinstein has a commanding 6 planets in the Cardinal signs.  His Sun sign Pisces is traditionally that of the genius, but has also been known as the “sign of self-undoing”.

The Moon sextile Venus in his chart indicates a love of massage – apparently one of his ploys in trying to seduce young actresses!  The Moon may also have been opposite Uranus, making him emotionally abrasive if so.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in his chart was the successful Entrepreneur.  Film is specifically a province of Pisces (“All my life I served one master: the film. I love movies”), but he was hugely successful in the production of many films, such as Shakespeare in Love, The English Patient, Pulp Fiction and The King’s Speech. He acquired 300 Oscar nominations.

His conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in Aries was involved in a complex double opposition with Saturn and Neptune in Libra.  While Mercury/Jupiter was upbeat mentally, Saturn/Neptune would drag down his moods, a pattern difficult to resolve.

Mercury trine Pluto bestows a powerful mind, which can be very persuasive, especially on the casting couch (Pluto).

His sexuality (Mars in Scorpio square Pluto) could be quite brutal, and commanding in getting others to do his bidding, very indicative of the predator.   But there was a search for love going on, with Venus in Pisces trine Uranus – a search for ideal love through a zest for excitement.  Venus also conjunct the North Node in Aquarius urges a karmic quest for ideal love and beauty, in addition.  Many of his films had love as a central theme.

In a New York interview with Edward Helmore, published in the Observer this morning, Weinstein’s brother Bob analyzes his malaise:

“I know him on a personal level better than anyone.  It’s hard to describe how I feel that he took out the emptiness inside of him in so many sick and depraved ways.”

With Jupiter in Aries loosely opposite Saturn, he might be found chasing his own tail at times, especially in combination with Sun in Pisces.  Jupiter exactly opposite Neptune would find him very confused about religion and spirituality, and morality is a part of that theme.

Jupiter exactly trine Pluto is very personally powerful and persuasive.  He was able to achieve a great deal through positive thinking. But as for asking for a second chance?  For all his indiscretions over so many years?  That is a big ask, even he is not likely to be able to pull off.

His Inner Healer (Chiron) is very poor, with a square between Chiron and Saturn (exact) and an opposition with Uranus, forming with Uranus a Cardinal T-square – personal earthquakes, with rocky circumstances whenever the T-square is triggered.  He has been skating on thin ice for a long, long time.

His Current Transits

The aspects on the day of his exposure were more sensational than average: Venus was exactly conjunct Mars, and the Full Moon in Aries was opposite the Sun in Libra.  That Venus-Mars conjunction was exactly sextile his natal Mars.  Jupiter was exactly trine his North Node, which just goes to show the truth will out, even if you think you are untouchable (the exacting nature of Karma).  Neptune was sextile his natal Chiron, and he realized he had a problem:  off to rehab.  And Pluto was square his natal Mercury – exposure through a newspaper, and mental strain.


It seems almost unnecessary to look at the charts of his “victims”, as in the words of his brother he was “philandering with every woman he could meet”.  There are so many, and more stories coming out every day, that he could not have had a “type”.

However, one of the most vociferous actresses, Rose McGowan, who tried to be heard, but came to a settlement with Harvey Weinstein, does have an interesting link with his chart worth noting.  She has an exact conjunction of Venus and Uranus (mirroring his Venus/Uranus trine) in her 5th House of Creativity (we do have her birthtime), and in their synastry Weinstein’s Neptune (his ruling planet and in this matter his ability to deceive) is exactly conjunct her Venus-Uranus in 5th House.  When the story broke on 5th October, Pluto was trine her Mercury (cathartic information coming to light for her), and by 12th when she came right out in saying that he had raped her, Uranus by transit was exactly (to the day) trine her natal Moon in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre in her 7th House.  This week Karma supports her with the North Node exactly sextile her Venus/Uranus conjunction.

A Victor

The expose which triggered the current crisis for Weinstein is an article that appeared in the New York Times, an investigation by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey.  We do not have a birth date for the latter, but the chart for Jodi Kantor reveals her Saturn to be exactly square Weinstein’s Saturn.  After all the decades and the rumours, and the women who tried to speak out and couldn’t achieve a breakthrough, these ladies did.  When Saturn appears in the 10th House or close to the Midheaven in a chart, you often find there is a fall from grace at some point.  We do not know if Harvey has Saturn in his 10th House, but Saturn represents a fall of some kind, and Jodi’s Saturn squaring up to his, seems to represent symbolically that she was instrumental  in bringing him down.  Her major transit at the publication of the article is also deeply symbolic, Neptune square her Neptune, which could be interpreted as her engineering of a major denouement in the film world.

The One who Walked Away

In the midst of all the emerging tales and expressions of shock, his English wife Georgina Chapman left him, on 10th October.  She is a successful fashion designer and businesswoman in her own right, with Mercury conjunct Jupiter (like Harvey), and Moon in Libra (fashion).  Her relationship synastry with Harvey is actually quite difficult, and not a comfortable match astrologically (her Mars square his Saturn, her Mars opposite his Chiron and her Pluto square his Uranus).  Her transits this week reveal Uranus square her natal Saturn (an earthquake in her world), Uranus conjunct her natal Chiron (a severe and sudden healing crisis) but Neptune trine her natal Mars (taking action for her own sense of peace).

Emma Thompson

Many words have been spoken by many women and men this week on the subject of Harvey Weinstein, and in our collective consciousness we may finally be on the brink of change.  Emma Thompson was one of the first to give an interview, on Newsnight.  What she says is not startling or new, but is very sensible and solid, so she makes a good summary of Weinstein’s behaviour and the impact of the revelations in our society.  She calls a spade a spade in stating “He’s an actual Predator”, as opposed to a mere sex addict.  She describes his behaviour as “endemic to the system”, that Weinstein had an “appalling aura” and she “never wanted to work with him ever.”

“So what we need to start talking about is the crisis in masculinity, the crisis of extreme masculinity which is this sort of behaviour and the fact that it is not only OK, but it also is represented by the most powerful man in the world at the moment”.

~ Emma Thompson


This morning, before the blog was a twinkle in my eye, Mercury opposed Uranus, an aspect which puts the nervous system on alert and prepares for the possibility of controversial truths to be told.  Well, I usually try to shy away from writing about sexual predators…

You may still feel some sense of having your antennae on alert, and needing to state what you feel is true, but this will be fading throughout the day.

However, there is another opposition later in the form of Mars opposite Chiron, which highlights wounds, mainly of the psychological kind.  Something may be flagged up for you to heal.  Perhaps a longstanding misunderstanding in the family, especially concerning the male of the species.  Come to think of it, it may be the “crisis in masculinity” that Emma Thompson speaks of…We can only start to address something which has emerged in consciousness and awareness, so can thank Chiron for that process.

There may be a healing of sorts later still, as the Sun sextiles North Node, and Karma smiles on our power and creativity issues.  Father issues especially may be successfully be put under the spotlight.

Tomorrow (Monday 16th) brings a sextile between the Sun and Saturn, and if you found the weekend emotionally exhausting now’s the time to settle your office furniture and stabilize your mood, and plan seriously for the week.  You can lay foundations under this aspect.

Mercury enters Scorpio on Tuesday (17th) and time for a little more turbulence again, at least on the mental front, as maybe Mercury in Libra wasn’t rigorous enough to get to the heart of the mysteries in your life.  You can go forensic now.  The research will pay off.

Business acumen is to the fore on Wednesday (18th) with a conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter.  You can be confident that you can grow your business empire under this influence.  You might recall that both Harvey Weinstein and his newly divorcing wife Georgina Chapman both have this conjunction in their natal charts, which is a part of their business success.  It is also good day for education and learning, and travel should be enjoyable.

On Thursday (19th) Uranus opposes the Sun, so that could be a day which brings the element of the unexpected to the fore.  Try not to be too ambitious in what you undertake, as there could be twists and turns along the way which you hadn’t planned for.

In the evening (19.12 Hrs in the U.K.) there is a New Moon at 26 degrees Libra, which may help to smooth things over and bring about peace.  But the Uranus-Sun opposition may overshadow it to some extent.  Newness is a feature of the day though, as the New Moon brings a new beginning, and Uranus favours the new (while sometimes harshly discarding the old, beware of that).  Preserve what needs to be preserved, as you move on.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – highly-strung; highlighting wounds that need healing; some karmic resolution
  • Tomorrow – solid foundations
  • Tuesday – penetrating thought
  • Wednesday – business acumen
  • Thursday – the spanner in the works; new beginning


Aspects for the week beginning 8 October 2017

Jupiter into Scorpio

Jupiter moves into Scorpio on Tuesday (10th) at 13.20 Hrs in the U.K., a giant leap for mankind.

Jupiter will uplift and support whichever House (sphere of life activity) it occupies in your chart, bringing luck and expansion to those affairs.  Collectively, it will support and enhance a deepening of relationships and a sharing of resources, in the nature of the sign of Scorpio.  If your birthday falls within the sign of Scorpio, then at some point or points you will reap some sort of bonanza, the like of which comes round once every twelve years.  If you have several planets in this sign (a satellitium), it could be the gift that keeps on giving.  If your Ascendant is in Scorpio, it will also be your year, beginning from when Jupiter transits the degree of your Ascendant.  For all of us it will be an intense ride, as Scorpio may bring out the best and the worst of this sign, and this sign is known for its excesses.

Jupiter last entered Scorpio in November 2005, and left the sign in November 2006.  How was that year for you?  You may expect some similar experiences, though you have grown and moved on, and the world has changed, so you will need to make a translation accordingly.

A Review of Jupiter in Libra

But how was Jupiter in Libra, the sign it is about to leave?

I wrote, last September:

“Jupiter’s year long transit through Libra will in general improve relationships, romance and marriage, negotiations and the prospect of peace treaties.  It will bring a boost to the Arts, including the world of music.”

That was the hope.  The year has brought worsening weather conditions, stagnation in British politics, and the reversal of Obama’s gains by Donald Trump in the U.S.  Far from bringing peace in our time, we have heard the rattlings of war between Donald Trump, President of the U.S.A., and Kim Jong Un of North Korea.  It does not feel as though much progress has been made, or that the power of Jupiter in Libra emerged to its full potential.  Of course many other astrological events were going on at the same time, blowing Jupiter off course, notably the disruptive square between Jupiter and Pluto and the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus.

Here are a few examples I noted where Jupiter in Libra may have been at work:

Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature (long overdue), in April a report that people are returning to books (Libra) since kindle came into fashion, in May Centrist Emmanuel Macron was elected President in France, in June 2017 Theresa May was re-elected Prime Minister in the U.K., in July the BBC’s gender pay inequality came to light (hopefully a turning point) and in September we learned that Wind Power (Air Element) is now cheaper than Nuclear (good news in my book).

Jupiter in Scorpio

Scorpio among other things rules the world of finance, and various factions around the world, including our own Labour Party, are hoping to overturn the neo-liberal regime as promoted from the time of Margaret Thatcher, as an outdated system which does not work.  Jupiter in Scorpio may address this.

Scorpio also rules Psychiatry, and so there may be the long-awaited improvements in mental health services, the poor relation of the poor National Health Services.  Politicians in recent years have paid lip service to the need to put more resources into this area, so there is a possibility that they may put their money where their mouth is while Jupiter is in Scorpio.

We saw communities coming together in the face of adversity during Jupiter’s sojourn in Libra, and this process may intensify under Jupiter in Scorpio.

We are also likely to see more justice taking place in the increasing sexual scandals that are coming to light sometimes decades later.  This may bring in new legislations designed to protect people from abuse.

If you felt that Jupiter in Libra was dramatic enough (which it was), Jupiter in Scorpio is likely to bring more drama, rather than less.  But some of the drama may be cathartic in nature, and bringing to light what needs to be faced and dealt with.  There will be more honesty and less glossing over unpalatable facts.

Brave New World, Jupiter in Scorpio!


Did you feel any sense of empowerment last week, with the trines to Pluto?  I was striding round the streets of Paris on holiday (17,000 steps on the Tuesday) and climbing 37 sets of steps in Montmartre on Wednesday, so physically I can say yes to that.  Those of you who know me, know I am the slowest walker, and have always been so. So this was unusual, to say the least.

In contrast, we have a week of more challenge, this week.  Today’s challenge is Venus square Saturn, which may bring disappointment or flatness of mood, and the need to let go in relationships.  It is a day of facing reality.

This evening, the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 15 degrees Libra, concentrating the mind further on relationships and the arts.  The conjunction may help you focus your conclusions on these matters, if you have been feeling deflated earlier in the day.  You may be able to unite the mind and heart, and see your way clearer.

Tomorrow (Monday 9th), you may feel a sense of acceptance, with Saturn trine the North Node.  You may understand what it is that karmically you are meant to do at this time, which satisfies you and those around you.  It may not be a thrilling realization, but it feels sound and solid.

At lunchtime, Mercury squares Pluto, and that’s the next big challenge of the week.  There may be more drama on the news, and more nervous tension in the air.  Hard choices may be required, especially around communication and travel.

The early hours of Tuesday (10th) in the U.K. bring another dramatic square, between the Sun and Pluto.  You may be sleeping fitfully, with some heart-searching, and vivid dreams.

You may also be aware of the impending shift of Jupiter from peaceful Libra to passionate Scorpio, which occurs at lunchtime.  You may feel you have been too complacent of late, and need to engage more actively with matters which concern social conditions and human relations.

Venus also opposes Chiron, again underlining the need for healing in relationships.  Minor health conditions may be caused by stress, and reducing stress may help to ease the conditions.  Music and meditation may be the way forward.

Mars squares Saturn on Wednesday (11th), thus posing another difficulty, perhaps a practical one, such as an immovable object meeting an unstoppable force.  If you are the unstoppable force, just consider the immovable object.  If you are the immovable object, consider your reasons. Try to forge a mutual understanding.

Some slightly more soothing vibes come on Thursday (12th), and an upturn in the fortunes of the week, with Mercury sextile the North Node.  This can bring information which helps understanding, especially in karmic matters.  It is a good day for teaching and teachers, and as we all have something to teach and something to learn, there may be something in it for everyone (but especially for Geminis and Virgos).

Friday 13th (lucky for some) has another steadying force, in the shape of Mercury sextile Saturn.  It is a good day for shaping plans, at least on the mental plane, drawing up documents, filing, and office work generally.  It may be productive, in a non-dramatic, getting back to basics, way.

The week ends much more calmly, with Venus entering Libra on Saturday 14th.  You may be able to let go of some of your social anxieties arising out of Venus in Virgo, and immerse yourself in pleasant and less demanding interactions, especially centred around the Arts.  It would be a good time to begin a new meditation course, if greater equilibrium is what you seek.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – facing reality; clear realization
  • Tomorrow – karmic acceptance; drama around communication
  • Tuesday – drama and intensity; need for healing in relationships
  • Wednesday – impasse or blockage
  • Thursday – progress in communications
  • Friday – steadying and productive
  • Saturday – more prospect of peace

Aspects for the week beginning 1 October 2017

Lord Lucan

Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan

This week one of the greatest mysteries of modern times came to some sort of closure, with the death of Lady Lucan.  It wasn’t exactly a whodunnit, even though there was a murder involved, the perpetrator being fairly conclusively identified.  No, it was more of a where-is-he, a mystery that was never solved.  In 2016, Lord Lucan was officially presumed to be dead.

The Murder

On the night of 7th November 1974, the nanny Sandra Rivett was killed in the basement of the family home, at approximately 8.55 pm.  Lady Lucan was injured, and identified her attacker as her husband.  A piece of lead pipe was later found, linked to the crime scene. The suspect vanished. It all would sound like a round of the board game Cluedo, if it was not so horrifying.

Birth Chart

Lord Lucan had the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, and was a notorious gambler (a traditional Sagittarian trait), horse racing being one of his interests.  It’s a very Sagittarian phenomenon, too, that he was (subsequent to the murder) spotted in various places all over the world, even if it wasn’t him!  A curious fact about Lord Lucan was that he was considered for the role of James Bond, so there is another Archetype associated with him.

There was a strong streak of rebelliousness in his nature, with his Saturn in Aquarius and his Sun closely trine Uranus.  His North Node (karmic mission) was also in Aquarius, and he certainly had a unique and bizarre destiny.  Mars was exactly trine this North Node, and he was forever linked with this act of bloodshed.

His chart indicates that he very likely had a problem around being wounded by women (Moon conjunct Chiron if he was born from Noon onwards; and Moon conjunct Chiron trine Mars; Mars trine Chiron) and may have been the perpetrator of wounds.  His wife certainly reported that he had hit her in the past.  This aspect pattern links in with his karma, as the North Node in Aquarius creates a Grand Trine with these planets, so the wounding may have occurred in childhood (his mother was ill and that in itself was a wound, so he was looked after by a nurserymaid) or, as is often the case where the North Node and Chiron are involved, the pattern has been repeated from past lives.

His natal Mercury was square Neptune, indicating a confused mind at times, particularly when under stress.  He also had Venus square exactly Mars, which can bring impulsiveness in matters of the heart.

A square between Uranus and Pluto, that chaotic energy we lived with for a few years recently (2012 – 5), is also important in the dynamics of his chart.  Not everyone of course, reacts like that to having that square natally!  We do not know his Ascendant, and it may be linked directly with the angles in his chart.


Lord Lucan married Veronica Duncan around the time of his Saturn Return (which would have been in Aquarius).  They had met through aristocratic connections, and under some significant Neptune transits, a phase of glamour and illusion.  Although they had three children, the marriage only lasted 9 years, breaking up in 1972 after she had suffered depression, including post-natal depression, and they had attempted to seek help.  He had himself undergone psychotherapy in his youth for nightmares.

He had to leave the family home (with Pluto transiting his natal Mars in Libra), but fought for custody of the children, and became obsessed with this struggle.  He left notes at his disappearance, saying he only cared about the welfare of the children.  He had worked as a banker, but gave it up on the premise he could earn more gambling, and incurred a great deal of debt.

State of Mind

At the time the murder took place, there is a distinct lack of transits for Lord Lucan himself, suggesting that the planetary trigger for the event and his state of mind is linked with his Ascendant and the angles on his chart.  The Ascendant at 8.55 pm activated his natal Uranus-Pluto square, but there would be such an event at a different time on any day.  The most significant transit in my view is  his Uranus Opposition, one of the prominent life cycles that occurs around the age of 40 for an individual.  It represents the mid-life crisis and rebellion.

Lady Lucan

(nee Veronica Duncan)

Her Birth Chart

Lady Lucan’s birth chart can perhaps be seen as more revealing than her husband’s.  She was a talented artist and had been an art student (Sun in Taurus) and they had furnished their home at 46 Lower Belgrave Street in London to her taste.  Lady Lucan had Moon in Aquarius, with the Moon square Uranus (emotional estrangements in her life, notably later with her children). Her Mercury was trine Jupiter and sextile Pluto, describing her mind.  The family said about her: “She had a sharp mind, and when she spoke it, she did so eloquently.  She was courageous, and, at times, outrageous, with a mischievous sense of humour”, which is a good description of her Mercury aspects.  She had Venus square Pluto, which can indicate a volatile love life.  Her Jupiter was exactly opposite Pluto, which means power struggles, and points to the power struggle in their marriage and over the children.  Her Chiron was on the South Node in her chart, so she had brought through karmic wounds, and maybe the current circumstances were a replicated pattern from previous lives.  Her Neptune was exactly square her Nodal Axis – “karmically associated with a great mystery” (remember that phrase).

Synastry with Lord Lucan

In their astrological relationship, their Marses were sextile (an attraction), and his Uranus squared her Jupiter (the power of surprise).  Their main karmic link was her North Node in Sagittarius closely conjunct his Mercury, which suggests that he thought of his role as being a teacher to her.  Moreover, his Saturn was square to her Mercury, so he may have tried to discipline her mind or control it.  He attempted to teach her a string of subjects, among them hunting, shooting and fishing.

Lady Lucan’s Death

Again, the transits for the time of her injury were sparse.  This would make the birth time, Ascendant and angles a crucial piece of information.  It also makes me think of the phrase “nature abhors a vacuum”.  In contrast, the transits for the death of Sandra Rivett the nanny are very evidential.  The transits for Lady Lucan’s death this week are also prolific, among them Chiron trine Pluto (a healing through death).

At her death, Lady Lucan was estranged from her three children, one of whom (Frances) was a witness to some of the proceedings of the night in question:” Frances had heard a scream, and a few minutes later had watched as her mother (blood on her face) and father had entered the room.”  Mars was on Frances’ Mercury on the night.  Their son George was determined to inherit the family title, and after the Presumption of Death Act had come into force, petitioned to have Lord Lucan legally declared deceased, which came about on 3rd February 2016, whereupon he became George Bingham, 8th Earl of Lucan.  Their youngest child Camilla, four years old at the time of the murder, has Pluto square Veronica’s Jupiter (highlighting a power struggle), but with her father his Pluto squares her Sun (the father lost to her).

Sandra Rivett

Sandra Rivett, who lost her life that night, and who was probably mistaken in the dimly lit basement for Lady Lucan as she was usually out on a Thursday evening, was the unfortunate victim of this whole event.  She had North Node in Cancer (nannying) conjunct Mars (known for an incident of bloodshed), with that conjunction square a complex triple conjunction of Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron in Libra.  I would hasten to add that North Node conjunct Mars normally only implies that the Warrior Archetype is important within the karmic mission.  Another very interesting feature of her birthchart is that Neptune was exactly square her Nodal Axis, exactly as in Lady Lucan’s chart (“karmically associated with a great mystery”). They occur in different signs (Cancer North Node-Libra, and Sagittarius North Node-Virgo) as they were born 8 years apart.  We do not know what Houses they occupied in their charts, without birth times.

Sandra had herself given birth to a boy (Stephen) the same year as Veronica’s son George, but she had him adopted.  They were both 7 years old at the time of the murder, but Stephen was not told about his mother until years later.

What was her relationship like with the Lucans?  Apparently, Sandra’s parents reported that she got on well with Lady Lucan and the children.  Their Venuses were exactly in trine with each other.  Sandra had Uranus on Lady Lucan’s South Node, showing some bizarre past life karma.  On the surface of things, her relationship with Lord Lucan did not seem troubled: Her Jupiter/Neptune conjunction was trine his Chiron.

At her death, the North Node (karma) was trine her Pluto (death), which although one would not expect a murder to have taken place from such a transit, it certainly shows dramatic karma.


Lady Lucan has taken her story to the grave.  There are those who believe she was not telling the truth in her account of that night (and her account was supported by forensic evidence). So, mysteries remain…where was Lord Lucan all those years before he was officially presumed dead?  He had left his passport in a drawer, but had friends who may have helped his safe passage abroad.  What was the motive for the murder (most think he intended to kill his wife, and not the nanny)?  And what are their birth times and Ascendants?


The theme for this week is Self-Empowerment…  It rings the changes, doesn’t it, from last week’s challenges?

And you can start from today, as we have the most powerful aspect forming today, a trine between Mars and Pluto.  Not only that, but if you are late to the table today, you won’t have missed it because it occurs at 23.36 Hrs in the U.K.  So everyone’s a winner (providing you look in to the blog today!)

What can you hope for from this combination?  Firstly, dynamic energy.  If you have been feeling jaded recently, you could experience a re-birth in your motivation and in the ability to tap into the sources of your energy, be they nutritional, gymnastic or cosmic.  So if you are catching this blog reasonably early in the proceedings of your day, make a list of everything you wish to accomplish today, and just get on with it, and zip through it.  This aspect may also be useful in dealing with aggressive behaviours constructively, and possibly solving disputes using determination equalling the opposing forces.

Tuesday (3rd) brings the empowerment to the heart.  Venus trines Pluto, favouring Love, Money, and their intertwining.  The energy that powered the beginning of the week can be brought to bear to inject life and depth into your relationships.  Other beneficiaries are projects in connection with the Arts, including of course Music.  It is a good day to put all these connections into context and perspective at a deeper psychological level.  For example, if you have recently made a new friendship, that can progress in mutual awareness.  If ecology is your passion, Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn can help you help the planet.

A sweet conjunction follows on from that on Thursday (5th), that of Venus and Mars.  If you married (metaphorically) on Tuesday, you can honeymoon (metaphorically) on Thursday with this sensuous combination.  Men may be from Mars and Women from Venus and this conjunction can bring them together, but in these days of LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex) any combination is acceptable.  No one needs to feel left out, but there is still a need to respect boundaries and personal space (!)

…Of course, we can’t have a week which is all plain sailing, and a little rain or a few tears may fall on the Full Moon which takes place early evening in the U.K. the same day.  The Full Moon occurs at 12 degrees Aries, opposing the Sun at the same degree of Libra.  This Full Moon is about Selfhood and Relationship, and bringing the two into balance.  After the intensity of relating this week, you may so feel emotionally identified with the significant other that you need to stand back and reclaim your own individuality.  If there is Full Moon drama going on, it may not be your own, and you may need to remind yourself of that.  So it is about taking stock of yourself, taking stock of your relationship, and understanding the difference between the two.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Empowerment
  • Tuesday – Deepening Relationships
  • Thursday – Merging and Unmerging

Aspects for the week beginning 24 September 2017

Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Part 2

No apologies for another Strictly blog so hard on the heels of the last one!  Last night’s first display of dance was a feast of talent, with some outstanding performances which I think surprised the judges.

Here are the next four contestants under the astrological spotlight:

Alexandra Burke

In a shimmering gold, green and white dress, Alexandra Burke made her dancing debut last night to the song “A Natural Woman”, and scored well for her waltz in the first round.  Craig said she had a feel for the music, Darcy praised her expression, Shirley said she could be a front runner, and Bruno highlighted her natural artistry.  She’s a perfectionistic Sun in virgo squaring Jupiter, so can be up for anything.  Her Venus trines Pluto, which injects feeling into her singing, and with the North Node in Pisces (the sign of dance) forms a Grand Trine in Water.  With Saturn closely conjunct Uranus (personal earthquakes) she had a difficult childhood.  Her parents split up when she was four, and her mother Melissa Bell (from the band Soul to Soul) toured a lot and Alexandra had to look after her younger brother.  She tried to make her mark in the 2005 series of X Factor, but Louis Walsh halted her advance saying she was too young.  She worked hard and in 2008 re-entered the competition and won, memorably singing Hallelujah in the finale.  So she has the musicality and determination to succeed in Strictly.  She was very emotional, and has just lost her mother (28th August).  At the moment she has Jupiter sextile her Saturn/Uranus, keeping her buoyant in some ways, but at the same time she has the sadness of Saturn square her Mercury.  She has Saturn square Mercury natally, so is approaching her Saturn Return.  However, she also has Uranus trine her Uranus, which is the ability to surprise and pull the rabbit out of the hat when needed.  Pluto also opposes her Venus, which reminds us of her recent loss.  So, emotions pulled in different directions at the moment, but that may express well in dance.  At the end of the contest Mars will be trine her Chiron, lending energy and healing.  Jupiter will be trine her North Node (karma may decide she deserves the crown).

She was paired with Gorka Marquez, who was new to the contest last year.  I wrote: ” With the Sun exactly trine his Neptune, he is born to dance.  The Moon square Mars means he could be quick to temper.  But Mercury trine exactly Saturn at the same time gives him good concentration – he could be a hard taskmaster”.  In their synastry, his Venus trines Alexandra’s Saturn/Uranus, so he will be able to bring out her discipline and inventiveness.  His Mars squares her Sun, so there could be a few sparks between them!  His Uranus opposes her Chiron, which could lead to some awkwardness between them.  His Neptune squares her Mars, so she will feel extra sensitive and emotional around him.  Finally, his Pluto trines her North Node, so the relationship, though not easy, could be transformative for both of them.  At this point in time, Mars is on his Sun, which has his adrenaline working overtime.  Neptune opposes his Sun, so he has some confusion.  Jupiter sextiles his Venus, heightening his artistry.  Mars sextiles his Neptune, energizing his dance, and Neptune sextiles his Neptune so he is spiritually centred, despite Neptune’s opposition to his Sun.  At the end of the competition Neptune is exactly opposite his Sun, to the day.  Normally, one might look upon that as difficult, but because he is a dancer, and because Alexandra has a trine to her North Node (karma) from Jupiter (luck), it could be a defining moment for him.

Davood Ghadami

Rather self-indulgently, I am going to focus on soap stars for the rest of the blog.  Iranian Davood Ghadami, otherwise known as Kush from Eastenders, looks every inch the part of a romantic dance partner, and his debut was promising.  He’s a performing Leo, and seems to know exactly what is required.  His cha cha cha went down well with the judges, and scored well.  Craig did criticize a lack of hip action, but Darcy said he had the attack and the energy required, while Shirley praised his partnering skills, and Bruno declared him a sex bomb.  The attack and the energy come from an exact conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in sexy Scorpio, emphasized by a loose conjunction of Mars and Pluto.  At this point in time, Uranus is trine his natal Mercury, making him mentally on the ball and capable of innovation.  Pluto is square to Saturn, which can be a depressing transit if it were not for the fact that he has these two planets conjunct in his natal chart, so he may be used to that serious vibe.  At the end of the tournament, Jupiter squares his Sun so he’ll be feeling upbeat, but that may be the general jollity of the season and the Strictly atmosphere.  The North Node will be sextile his natal Saturn, so he will feel he’s done a good job.  Uranus will be trine his Neptune, which will enhance his dance skills with a touch of genius, but Chiron will square his Neptune (he may overdo it physically) and Uranus opposes his Pluto, so he may not make the final.

He is paired with Nadiya Bychkova, who, like Dianne Buswell (paired with Richard Coles, who dazzled last night), another newbie, is also aged 28, therefore undergoing her Saturn Return, probably in Sagittarius. No birth date is available for her.

Joe McFadden

Now to my favourite programme Holby City, and we have two stars from Holby this series, not forgetting that Tom Chambers from Holby won the series in 2008 (the year Alexandra Burke won X Factor!)  Joe plays Scottish doctor Raf di Lucca in Holby, but he threw himself into the Jive in the first round on the Strictly dance floor last night, and inspired  a score of 8 from one of the Judges.  His character in Holby is described as “A dedicated, driven and passionate doctor” and Joe describes himself as “over-enthusiastic”.  But what does his birthchart tell us?  He has an exact conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Libra, so he is musical and eager to please, with an intelligent way of going about things.  The extra enthusiasm, and the smile which won praise, may be a product of his Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter opposite the Sun.  He does have some Scorpio intensity, with Pluto loosely conjunct his Sun/Mercury, and his North Node in Scorpio.  Mars trine his Uranus gives his energy an electrical quality.  Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries gives an infectious positivity which can be healing for those around him.  At this moment in time, Uranus is sextile his Mars, so he’s on fire!  But Chiron is also square his Mars, so he needs to take care to avoid burnout.  At the end of the series, there is a distinct lack of transits, so despite his brilliant start, circumstances may see him out of the competition before the final.

He is paired with Katya Jones, who was responsible for the sensational dance act of last year together with Ed Balls, so without looking at her chart I can say she has tremendous ingenuity and flair!  She is a solid dependable Taurean, with the nimbleness of a few planets sprinkled in Gemini.  She has a very positive mindset from Mercury conjunct Jupiter, which together with Joe’s positivity can move mountains.  She seems to manage very well a complex opposition in her chart of Mars/Chiron to Uranus/Neptune/Saturn – her experience of life may have endowed her with problem-solving skills.  She also has healing qualities, with Chiron trine her North Node.  In their relationship, there is a karmic tie with her Sun on his South Node.  His Saturn sextiles her Venus, which is similar to an interaspect between Alexandra and Gorka, but in this case Katya can bring out Joe’s discipline.  At the start of the competition, Katya has the Nodal Axis square her Sun, an important but possibly challenging time for her.  Mars squares her Jupiter, again a little challenging energetically, but judging by their performance last night not very troublesome.  Ditto Neptune square her Jupiter, some spiritual confusion, which may be unrelated to what is happening on the dance floor.  Mars trines her Neptune, which is encouraging, and Neptune sextiles her Neptune (she is spiritually centred, like Gorka).  At the end of the competition, she still has Neptune squaring her Jupiter, but Jupiter sextiles her Saturn (an uplifting and steadying factor), Mars sextile her Uranus (electrifying moments), Neptune still sextile her Neptune, but the added bonus of Jupiter conjunct Pluto, so if the planets don’t come forward for Joe maybe her planets might pull them both through.

Chizzy Akudolu

Now to one of my favourite Holby characters of all time, Chizzy Akudolu, aka Mo from Holby City, a complex and contrary doctor.  She has currently left the programme, but I am not sure whether or not they have left the door open for a return some time in the future.  I miss her already.  It’s lovely to find that she is really effervescent in real life, and determined to be life and soul of the party.  I love her smile, and Bruno last night praised her personality and sparkle.  Craig’s criticism was that she was “all disco” but conceded she has rhythm and a feel for music.  Darcy pointed out balance and timing issues, and Shirley (who as new Head Judge was positive throughout for her debut) said she had great body rhythm.  Chizzy’s partner Pasha said she is focussed on detail in rehearsal.  She had the presence of mind to include John Michie in our thoughts last night, a Holby actor who has just lost his daughter.  Chizzy is another Libran who is eager to please, with good musicality.  Her Mercury is exactly opposite her Mars, so she could be quite fiery in speech, and make occasional mistakes on the dance floor, though Mercury trine closely Saturn gives her some discipline.  Venus loosely conjunct Neptune may give her touches of inspiration.  Mars square Jupiter is over the top enthusiasm!  Again this is tempered by Mars sextile Saturn.  Jupiter sextiles Neptune in her chart, so she can be quite lyrical on and off stage.  She has Saturn exactly square Pluto, which can be responsible for a depressive streak, which is not visible on Strictly but which her Holby persona occasionally hints at.  Saturn also conjuncts her South Node, so she may sometimes rail at the unfairness of life, or at least understand suffering.  Pluto also presents challenges to her in life with a square to her Nodal Axis. At the beginning of the tournament, Chiron is trine her Venus, which helps her physical stability, and North Node sextiles her Uranus, which helps bring out her talent and innovation, a karmic blessing.  At the end of the tournament, Mars trines her Saturn, so she is not likely to win, but will be positive nevertheless.

She was delighted to be paired up with the lovely Pasha Kovalev, of whom I wrote in 2015: “He has an intelligent Sun/Mercury conjunction in late Capricorn, which can be calculating and cool, but balanced by a warm and energetic conjunction of Mars with Jupiter.”  Their synastry shows a personal warmth with her Venus sextile his Sun, good communication with her Venus sextile his Mercury, plus loyalty and commitment with her Saturn trine his Venus.  What are Pasha’s prospects throughout the tournament?  At the beginning, the current Jupiter/Uranus opposition will square his Mercury, so his mind will be working overtime.  He may find it hard to sleep!  Chiron sextile his Mercury may help to balance this, but Chiron opposes his Saturn bringing some difficult issues in his life, not necessarily related to dance (possibly connected with health).  Saturn reinforces the latter transit as it sits on his Neptune, but the North Node trines his Neptune and sextiles his Pluto so there is some karmic support in with the challenges.  Saturn also sextiles his Pluto, so he will probably find the season tough but rewarding.  At the end of the tournament, Jupiter sextiles his Mercury, so he will feel easier in his mind, Chiron will be trine his Uranus, so he will also feel easier in his body.  But these do not look like winning transits, so maybe the pair will go out half way through the tournament.

I will be back with another Strictly blog in a few weeks’ time!


I have to confess there is not a friendly aspect in sight this week, and I don’t think you’ll find an Astrologer who will tell you otherwise!  Mars opposes Neptune this evening, so a sense of tiredness may overcome you after the weekend revelries.  You might not know what to do with yourself, and your fate may be that of a couch potato.  If you are confused about the way ahead, your best option is literally to rest and reflect.  Also, conserve your energies for the challenges of the week, as there may be some twists and turns to your best laid plans.  The planets are just plain awkward.  They may be trying to bamboozle you into making changes.  Be adaptable.

Tomorrow, Mercury squares Saturn, and the start of the working week may be beset with obstacles, such as the wrong trains on the wrong lines.  You may find communications obscure and difficult to deal with, or minor errors in written work which need correcting.  You may experience delays and frustrations, which if you have meditated beforehand may be less irksome.  I would advise regular meditations throughout the week, at least at the start of each morning.

Wednesday (27th) finds Chiron opposing Mercury, and that is related to health challenges and check ups.  This may bring up some ingenuity in problem-solving, too.  Again, don’t expect a smooth ride, and keep your eyes and ears open for information which may be helpful or even crucial to your understanding of today’s vibe.

The most important aspect this week, Jupiter opposite Uranus, occurs in the early hours of Thursday (28th).  This occurred last Boxing Day, and again in March.  It brings out the element of the unexpected (even more than the rest of the week!) and for some the prankster could also emerge.  Something one person finds funny may not necessarily amuse another.  Try to harness the power of the unexpected by thinking of various outcomes in advance and deciding how you would deal with them all.  This is not a superficial aspect, so treat it with respect (d’you hear that, Kim and Donald?).

The evening brings what should be the highlight of the week: Pluto Stationary, prior to turning Direct.  But the benefits of this turnaround, psychological clarification, may take a while to find expression, while Pluto makes that turn.  However, if you are sensitive to planetary turnarounds, or if you are a Pluto-ruled Scorpio, you may register it early.

Saturday (30th) in the early hours, or late on Friday, brings social confusion with Venus opposite Neptune.  Not a good time to get sozzled and oblivious.  You may mistake social cues, and misunderstandings may occur.  Both parties could be over-sensitive. You may sense a slight paranoia, or be treading on eggshells. Strictly Come Dancers could be very nervous about their forthcoming performances.  But if you, and they, have a well-developed Neptune, inspiration could shine through.

Continuing in the early hours of Saturday, Mercury enters Libra, and the mental outlook, which has been very exacting under Virgo, establishing Autumn schedules, starts to relax and become more open to artistic and musical creativity.  Mercury stays in this sign until 17th October, so you can take advantage of this influence if you are working in the Arts or have a creative project in mind.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Ennui
  • Tomorrow – Frustration
  • Wednesday – Health challenges
  • Thursday – the Element of the Unexpected; some Psychological progress
  • Saturday – Confusing Social Signals; Green Light for the Arts

Aspects for the week beginning 17 September 2017

Aung San Suu Kyi Revisited

I have written about Aung San Suu Kyi before, particularly at the time of her release from house arrest and visit to the U.K.  Her current standing is very different:  there is a worldwide clamour for her to denounce the actions of the military in her native Myanmar (formerly Burma), and thousands of Muslim refugees (Rohingyas) are fleeing to Bangladesh, with horrific tales which many say amount to ethnic cleansing or genocide.  This week she cancelled a trip to the U.N. General Assembly in New York for 20th September, a Myanmar government spokesman saying she had more pressing matters to attend to.

Birth Chart

Aung San Suu Kyi was born on 19th June 1945, and it is rumoured that she was born at Noon.  Her Sun is in Gemini conjunct Mercury in Cancer, and this conjunction is square to Chiron in Virgo and Neptune in Libra, which is a stressful and complex double square.  The square between the Sun and Chiron is exact, giving rise to a great deal of crisis in her life.  Venus is exactly sextile Saturn in her chart, signifying loyalty (to her country notably) and Saturn is conjunct the North Node in Cancer, the sign of patriotism (suffering for her country).  Venus is square Pluto, showing the pain of separation from her loved ones.  Mars square Pluto indicates the aura of implied violence she has lived under.

If she was born at Noon, the Sun, symbol of power, is at the top of her chart.  Jupiter and Chiron would be close to a Virgo Ascendant (Jupiter representing the role of philosophy in her life, and Chiron emphasizing crisis).  Neptune would also be rising (representing house arrest).  The Saturn/North Node conjunction would be in her 10th House of world status (representing a possible fall from grace at some point).


Aung San Suu Kyi was born in Yangon (then known as Rangoon), and educated at the Methodist English High School in what was then Burma.  Both her parents were involved with the politics of her native country.   She obtained a degree in philosophy, politics and economics at St. Hugh’s College Oxford in 1967.  On 1st January 1972 she married Tibetan scholar Michael Aris.  Their first son Alexander was born on 12th April 1973.  Another son, Kim, followed in 1977.  While living in Oxford in 1988 she was summoned to Burma (now Myanmar) due to the illness of her mother, who died on 28th December 1988.

This was to prove a life changing moment for Aung San Suu Kyi, and a point of decision in her life.  Uranus was opposite her ruling planet Mercury at the time, causing a disruption to her life.  Neptune was on her South Node, a possible karmic obligation throwing her life into confusion.  That transit does describe an act of self-sacrifice, which was the consequence of her decision to honour the political lineage of her family and her patriotism.

Her relationship chart with Burma/Myanmar has a very warm personal aspect, in that the love of her country is shown by her Venus exactly trine its Sun/Mercury.  But it is also problematic, with her Saturn opposite its Sun/Mercury.  Its Neptune square her Saturn describes her house arrest, effectively an incarceration.  Her Moon is trine with its Moon, describing an emotional empathy with its people.

She made the decision to stay in Burma/Myanmar and formed a political party, but was placed under house arrest for 15 years.  During this time, she meditated (practising her Theravada Buddhist principles) and made powerful speeches on human rights, for which she received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.  David Mathieson, a researcher for Human Rights Watch said of the speeches she made in that period: “She was electric.  She was funny.  She was informative.  She was principled.”

There is no doubt that Buddhism was at the forefront of her philosophy and strength, especially in this period.  She was once asked by Alan Clements, an American Buddhist, what her greatest struggle was, and she replied:  “It’s always a matter of developing more and more awareness, not only day to day but moment to moment.  It’s a battle which will go on the whole of my life.”  Her greatest aim was “purity of mind”.

On the subject of non-violence (she was often compared to Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela) she stated very pragmatically that “I do not hold to non-violence for moral reasons, but for political and practical reasons.”

Husband’s Illness

She was repeatedly told by the ruling party that she was free leave to be with her family, but on the understanding that she would not be allowed to return, and she made a conscious decision to stay under house arrest.  Meanwhile, in 1997 her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  The last time she saw him was in 1995. He died in 1999, and her children carried on alone after this loss.


She was released in October 2010, accompanied by mixed aspects, perhaps a foretaste of the difficulties to come.  Uranus, planet of freedom, was exactly square her natal Sun (freedom at a price, perhaps?).  Chiron was exactly trine her Sun (a healing for her; support from an asteroid which was at odds from her birth). The North Node (karma) was exactly trine her natal Mars (a reward for her Inner Warrior); and  Saturn square her natal Saturn (a new order of struggle begins).

In 2012 she was able to leave Myanmar legitimately, and undertook a tour around the world, meeting various politicians and statesmen.  She met David Cameron in the U.K., and John Bercow introduced her as “the conscience of a country and the heroine of humanity”.

After the 2015 elections, she was made State Counsellor, effectively the head of state.  In the same year, her party began to prevent Muslims standing for parliament.

Fall from Grace

The worsening situation for the Rohingya tribe in March this year, and her unwillingness to speak up about their suffering or to give interviews, saw her “crown slip” as the Guardian put it.  Saturn was opposite her natal Sun, and square her natal Chiron, triggering her very difficult natal square.  By May, Chiron was opposing her natal Chiron and squaring her natal Sun.  Now Chiron is retrograde but next March it will again be in that position of acute crisis.

Of her recent reticence on the matter of the plight of the Rohingya, even Archbishop Desmond Tutu has spoken:

“It is incongruous for a symbol of righteousness to lead such a country

“I am now elderly, decrepit and formally retired, but breaking my vow to remain silent on public affairs out of profound sadness,”

“For years I had a photograph of you on my desk to remind me of the injustice and sacrifice you endured out of your love and commitment for Myanmar’s people. You symbolised righteousness.

“Your emergence into public life allayed our concerns about violence being perpetrated against members of the Rohingya. But what some have called ‘ethnic cleansing’ and others ‘a slow genocide’ has persisted – and recently accelerated.

“It is incongruous for a symbol of righteousness to lead such a country,” said the anti-apartheid activist. “If the political price of your ascension to the highest office in Myanmar is your silence, the price is surely too steep.”

What is her Mindset?

She has the world (well, at least the U.N.)  trying to fathom what she is thinking right now.  For someone who used peaceful Buddhist arguments formerly to plead for freedom for prisoners on the grounds of love and compassion, it is perplexing.  She always had the interests of her country at heart, gave up much for it, but the problem of the Rohingya Muslims was known to her before she took power.  She will have known it could become a problem, and must have formulated in her own mind an intellectual framework of how she would deal with it.

Poppy McPherson, writing in the Guardian in March said: “Some defend her, saying it takes time to right the wrongs of decades; others see a misunderstanding of the woman herself. ‘Many who led the campaign [to free her] …were on the liberal side,’ one diplomat put it. ‘I think she’s closer to a Margaret Thatcher.’ ”

Is her reticence purely fear of the army?  In the same article, McPherson writes: “A peace process analyst said she had one strategy: ‘to have good relationships with the [army]’ “.  The article goes on to say: “Few people who know her believe Aung San Suu Kyi is prejudiced, though they do say she is afraid of being painted as cosy with Muslims by powerful, radical Buddhist influencers.”  Her own life may indeed be more in danger than ever.

In last week’s Observer, in an article entitled “Damned by her Silence”, Emma Graham-Harrison touches on what is probably the heart of the matter: “ ‘It is not power that corrupts but fear,’ she wrote in Freedom From Fear, perhaps her most famous work. ‘Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it.’ ” Right now, she seems paralysed.

It is one thing to be a theorist and a freedom fighter.  Some do not live to put their theory into practice, and are assassinated.  It takes a different set of skills to actually wield the power wisely, once it has been attained.  Has she run out of steam, become tired, or is she suffering from post traumatic stress?  She has made statements along the lines of the Rohingya did not properly belong to the nation, and that stories of their villages being burned by the military are fake news, but does she really believe that?

She passed a major test in her life, that of her very long seclusion in house arrest, but now her life is handing her a more excruciating test.  Planetarywise, that test is coming through Chiron (“the wounded healer”).  Astrologically, that test is yet due to intensify.

Astro Twin

Here is a curious thing.  Aung San Suu Kyi has an Astro Twin, Radovan Karadzic, born the same day, in Yugoslavia.  She is now being accused of ethnic cleansing and genocide, and he was convicted in 2016 of genocide and war crimes.  No one is suggesting the same level of involvement and depravity in Aung San Suu Kyi, but it is nevertheless quite a coincidence, as it is rare for anyone to be accused of this.  In a further coincidence, he was born at 11.51 a.m., and if she was born at Noon they would both have Virgo rising in their charts.

Going back to what I wrote in 2012, describing her character:

“What is it in her chart which points to the strength of character she has come to be known for?  Her North Node (karmic mission) is conjunct Saturn in Cancer, giving her resilience, forbearance and patience and a deep commitment and sense of responsibility towards her native land.  This conjunction is sextile Venus which adds love and grace to the way she has conducted herself in a personal history which mirrors to some extent Nelson Mandela’s.”

Will the real Aung San Suu Kyi stand up?


Tomorrow the working week begins with an aspect of sociability and innovation, or any combination of the two, with Venus trine Uranus.  People may surprise you, and reveal the real person behind the public persona.  Artistic and musical creativity will show originality. In the office,  it is a good time for Human Resources to implement changes in office routine, to satisfy the workers, such as free gluten-free sandwiches all round at lunchtime.

Tuesday (19th) may pose a problem, with possible minor health irritations, as Chiron opposes the Sun. It is good to cultivate a good relationship with your Inner Healer, and thus find more intuitive answers to any problems.  Look more deeply into the source of the symptom or problem.

With Venus entering Virgo on Wednesday (20th) the last of the minor planets leaves Leo, and the holiday season is officially over; the working season is officially under way.  Put some love into your work now, and it will reward you.  Cultivate working relationships.  Find artistic angles to enhance your work.  What working practices are beginning to look stale, and need an injection of warmth and feeling?

Another aspect that day, Mercury opposite Neptune, may be preventing you from seeing as clearly as you would like, and from working as efficiently as you would like.  There may be mental illusions getting in the way of productivity.  In business for instance, someone may be putting a gloss on their wares, and you may need to sense the true picture.  Messages may get garbled, so be ready to decode them.  Travel may also be complicated.

You can also start afresh, with a New Moon at 27 degrees Virgo, on the same day.  This is about getting practical matters right, to a high standard, and pertains very much to the working environment, and service.  It is about ensuring that your best practices are aligned with your highest ideals.  So it is a good time to start a new regime according to lines that have suggested themselves to you lately.  It could also be a good day for the working Unions and their purposes.

Mercury trines Pluto on Friday (22nd) which is helpful mentally, psychologically and in our working lives.  There may be solutions to some technical problems which have been in the air.  Discussion should be satisfying, and may bear long term fruit.  State your truth.

In the evening, the Sun enters Libra, and it is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness already: The Autumn Equinox.  There is still time to reap the rewards of Jupiter in Libra, before it goes into Scorpio, so brush up your negotiation skills, and help bring peace or artistic works into the world.  Bring the best out in your relationships – maybe you need to love yourself more (or not?).  Review the meaning of love in your life, and you may reach a new conclusion.  Libra is the sign of design, and maybe you need to re-design an area of your life or living space.  Libra is also the sign of balance, and the sense of well being that flows from that.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – sociable and innovative
  • Tuesday – health niggles
  • Wednesday – love your work; confused minds; start afresh
  • Friday – deep thought and communication; peace and balance

Aspects for the week beginning 10 September 2017

Strictly Come Dancing 2017

We so very recently said goodbye to the iconic Bruce Forsyth (for his obituary read Aspects for the week beginning 20 August 2017), the host for many years of Strictly Come Dancing.  The programme returned to our screens last night, with a special tribute to him.  I found the programme an enjoyable start to the new season, and thought the group dance looked very promising.  As in previous years, I will look at 4 contestants at a time, starting this week and following up in a few weeks’ time, and hope to get through them all by Christmas!  But first, a look at the new Head Judge…

Shirley Ballas

Shirley Ballas (I keep wanting to type Bassey) is the new Head Judge on Strictly Come Dancing, replacing the very popular Len Goodman, who seems to have sidestepped onto a quiz show. She has the Sun in Virgo, a perfectionistic and  a good sign for a critic, with an exacting Mercury/Venus square to Saturn.  This Sun is entangled in a T-square with Mars and Jupiter, so she is more fiery than the average Virgo, and has plenty of enthusiasm.  Her Moon is in Leo, the showbiz performance sign.  She has Saturn trine her North Node (fitting for a Head Judge) and Jupiter trine Uranus (The Entrepreneur Archetype).  She promises to be fun, firm, feisty and fair in that role.  Her chart ingredients for this are:

Fun (Jupiter in Sagittarius), firm (Saturn in Capricorn), feisty (Mars opposite Jupiter) and fair (Mercury and Venus in Libra)

When she was young, she actually trained with Len Goodman, so knows him well.  Her reputation is high in the world of Latin dancing, which fits well with her chart: Mars opposite Jupiter could be the signature for a Latin dancer.  Len was always strict on ballroom, so she may have a different emphasis.  Her new appointment was announced on 9th May 2017, when Uranus was exactly trine her Jupiter, activating her entrepreneurial natal Jupiter-Uranus trine.  Then yesterday on her debut on Strictly Come Dancing, Jupiter was exactly sextile her natal Uranus, again activating her trine of Opportunity, very much a theme of this year for her.  She also has a scintillating sextile of Uranus to her natal Mars at the moment, bringing on the glitter and sparkles to her life in a big way.

Debbie McGee

“The lovely Debbie McGee” as her late husband Paul Daniels used to introduce her in their double magic act, is a Scorpio, born on Halloween, and she is aiming to at least make the Halloween show this year.  She does have a stunning birth chart for magic and dancing (which are ruled by the same planet, Neptune), as she has an amazing quadruple conjunction (a satellitium) in Scorpio, composed of Venus-Neptune exact (itself an indicator of dancing prowess) plus the Sun and Jupiter.  Although Scorpio is a deep thinking sign, the Sun and Jupiter add a great deal of lightness or bubbliness to her make up.  Neptune’s prominence may bestow great gracefulness.  She also has Mercury in Scorpio, giving her a very Scorpionic chart, and her Sun/Venus/Neptune are all sextile Scorpio’s ruling planet Pluto. But there is another spot of lightness in her chart, in that her Moon is in Gemini.  She is very emotional, with half (5) of her planets in Water signs.  She is also very strong willed, with 7 of her 10 planets in the Fixed Signs.  She may be slightly accident or incident prone, with Mars opposite her Mercury and Mars square her Pluto.

On her debut yesterday (9/9/17) the Nodal Axis was square her Mercury,  and her North Node was trine her Saturn, so she will find it testing but meant to be (it may change her life).  At the end of this season of Strictly Mars will be on her Venus/Neptune, and Neptune will be trine her Jupiter.  She should do well.

Last night, she was paired with Giovanni Pernice, and joked that she would teach him some humour, while he would teach the dancing.  Interestingly, this may be mirrored in her Jupiter (humour) square his Neptune (dance) in their synastry.  She also has Uranus sextile his Venus, so could surprise him a great deal (and I think she alluded to that too).  Her Neptune sextiles his Jupiter, which helps their attunement (the Jupiter-Neptune square could be more dissonant).  Her Pluto squaring his Uranus could even shock him.  On the debut last night, Giovanni had Neptune opposite his Sun (he may be confused), Uranus trine his Venus, reinforcing the surprise nature of the new match, Mars square his Mars (he may find control difficult), but Neptune sweetly sextile his Neptune (the foundation of his confidence is firmly in dance).  When Strictly ends, Pluto will be trine his Mercury (good mental functioning) but conjunct his Saturn (a little dispiriting), but underneath it all he will still have the serenity of Neptune sextile his Neptune.

Richard Coles

The media have been whinging that this year’s batch are dull.  Well you can’t accuse the Reverend Richard Coles of being dull!  Richard has the energy from his Aries Sun Sign, plus the dance potential of Pisces (where he has Jupiter/Chiron and Mars/Mercury: “I have extensive dance experience from Ibiza in 1989”, he is quoted as saying!  He first came to prominence in the 1980s in the band known as the “Communards”, then became a Church of England priest.  What a combination!  He is a regular on our screens in various capacities, such as talk shows, and has a marked sense of humour and wit.  His Mercury is conjunct Mars, so he could be quite sprightly, as well as a master of the one liner in response to criticism from Craig Revel Horwood.  Mars trine closely his Neptune is very useful in co-ordinating dance moves, marrying the physical with the spiritual inspiration.

At yesterday’s debut, Pluto was sextile his Mercury, so he will derive plenty of mental stimulation and deep insights through the process.  Neptune, the astrological god of dance, is trine his natal Neptune, so he will be in the groove.  At Christmas, Neptune will be on his Mars, a little overwelming, but Saturn sextile his Jupiter, helping to steady him.  I don’t see him winning, but he’ll be deeply moved by the experience.

Richard was paired with Dianne Buswell last night.  We do not have a birth date for her, but her age is 28 which is around the time of the first Saturn Return, which she probably has in Sagittarius.  She may find her initiation into the responsibilities of Strictly quite testing, but I am sure will laugh a lot as Richard’s partner.

Ruth Langsford

Ruth Langsford, co-presenter of this morning with her husband Eamonn Holmes, and one of the anchors of Loose Women, comes from the dance sign of Pisces, and parents who were good dancers: “My dad is no longer with us, but I’m sure he will be looking down.  He might have even passed on some of his dancing moves.”  That seems promising.  She is another contestant with a strong Water element like Richard Coles.  So she has Venus Mercury and the Sun spread out in Pisces, and water planets Moon and Neptune in water sign Scorpio in harmonious relationship with her Pisces planets.  She has the Sun conjunct her South Node in Pisces, so may have known power in past lives, but in this life is prepared to use her power in a more subtle way.  Jupiter trine Pluto also hints at power, but is constructive in its use.  Like Richard Coles, she has Mercury trine Neptune, which gives the ability to receive inspiration through the mind.  She’s very sociable, with Venus exactly conjunct Jupiter, and will get along well with her fellow celebs in the class of 2017.

On her dance floor debut, Chiron is on her Sun (very much a healing crisis and learning), Mars trine her natal Jupiter (plenty of energy and enthusiasm), but Pluto is on her Saturn (she is finding some element of the experience very challenging).  This is a real learning curve for Ruth.  Perhaps she is feeling overstretched.  Jupiter trines her Mercury at the end of the tournament, which spells happiness or relief; the South Node sits on her Mars (the adrenaline will be pumping) and also on her Uranus (she may have surprised herself, or sustained a minor injury).  But Mars will also sextile her Pluto, so she will be energized by that.  Not particularly winning transits, but she will be wholeheartedly throwing herself into the project and enjoying the experience.

Ruth was paired with Anton du Beke last night, who she said was her hoped for choice (they all say that!).  Anton of course is a popular veteran of the programme, and he was tipped as possible Head Judge, but has never won the tournament.  In his personal life, he recently had twins!  Pluto was exactly sextile his Neptune at the time, deepening his experience of life.  Anton and Ruth have their Suns exactly trine in Water (hers in Pisces and his in Cancer) so it is a divine match in some ways, but not necessarily on the dance floor.  Her Chiron trines and brings healing to his Venus, but her Saturn opposes, inhibits and blocks his Jupiter (humour and philosophy) – perhaps he will think too much about what she thinks before he speaks.  He’ll be quite mindful around her.  But it will be a firm friendship, with her Saturn also trine his Uranus and Pluto, giving him strength and helping to shape his character further.  On the debut last night, Chiron was trine Anton’s Sun, reinforcing the healing message of this pairing, Uranus sextile his Venus (so he is almost as taken by surprise as Giovanni Pernice by the new pairing and its effect on his life).  Chiron squares his Venus, so this relationship is going to change him (she’s a strong woman, Ruth!).  Pluto opposes his Jupiter (more change), Pluto trines his Uranus (yet more change), and finally Pluto trines his Pluto (earth shattering change but empoweringly so).  By the end of the year expect to see a new Anton du Beke!  So what are his prospects at the end of the tournament?  Saturn squares his Saturn, a very disappointing result.  Taken together with Ruth’s final transits, it does not look as though they will go the whole way.

Simon Rimmer

Simon Rimmer, chef and co-host of Sunday Brunch, is born under the suitably foodie sign of Taurus.  Natally, he has an exact opposition between his Sun and Neptune, so he may be intrigued by the dancing world and glamour.  This opposition makes a T-square with Mars, and Mars itself opposes Saturn, so he may sometimes make some awkward gestures, which the picky new Head Judge may correct him on.  But Venus conjunct Jupiter means he is a sociable chap, and should be popular with his fellow contestants.  Sun trine Pluto in his chart gives him great strength and endurance, so he’ll have the stamina for the dance floor.  Sun sextile exactly Chiron gives him healing abilities he may or may not be aware of.  This is reinforced by Neptune exactly trine his Chiron, a gift for spiritual healing. He has Mercury square exactly Uranus, so he is not afraid to be controversial, and may revel in some outlandish costumes.

At the debut of the series, Jupiter squares his Nodal Axis, so he will throw himself into the project enthusiastically, and may forge lifelong friends during the process.  At the end of the series Jupiter will exactly oppose his Sun and conjunct his natal Neptune.  There may be some mystery in his life around that time.  Jupiter will also be trine his Chiron, and healing will also be important in his life.  Uranus will be squaring his Nodal Axis, and he’ll feel that it has been a life changing experience, plus it may also bring out the Inner Rebel, so he may have a vision of a new project.  This experience is going to make him dizzy!

Simon was partnered with Karen Clifton.  I wrote about Karen in 2015: ” She has a dreamy Moon/Venus conjunction in Pisces, gliding with a trine to her North Node, so she will always do well in ballroom dancing!  With three planets in Libra, she also connects well in partnership, and is married to another professional, Kevin Clifton.”  Her Mercury trines his Pluto, so there may be some thoughtful and deep mental interaction between them.  His Neptune trines her Venus, so they are well matched from the point of view of dance empathy and attunement.  His Chiron conjuncts her Venus, so there is a strong emotional tie, too.  For last night’s denouement Chiron was square her Neptune, so that may have thrown her into confusion at some level.  At the end of the tournament, Saturn is trine her Sun, so she will feel she has achieved something (she was unlucky last year as her partner Will Young pulled out soon after the start of the contest).  Jupiter will be trine her Venus, so she will end on a high in some respects, but then Pluto will be square her Saturn so there will also be something deflating her mood at the same time.  Uranus will also be opposing he Pluto, so there will be a great deal of change in the air for her.  It is possible that the pair may get to the final and be pipped to the post by the winners.  At any rate, she is likely to be experiencing extremes of emotion at that time.

Next instalment in two or three weeks’ time!


Early this morning, while you were hopefully sleeping, Mercury entered Virgo for the second time this year, as it is re-establishing its path after the three weeks of retrograde motion.  Mentally, we are preparing to knuckle down again to our working lives and schedules, from enjoying summer activities.  We have to earn a crust, and our work and service needs to be taken seriously in the scheme of our lives.  Today you may find yourself attending to some out of hours work, possibly unpaid!  If your work is your chosen work, that is all to the good.  If you feel resentment, it may be time to consider a change in your jobbing habits.

Tuesday (11th) brings a jolly sextile between Jupiter and the North Node.  If you feel it’s time your ship came in karmically, you could indeed reap some rewards.  Unless you have really stretched  the rules of the Universe, you should experience the positive end of karma.  There may even be some good news on the international scene (for a change).

Wednesday (12th) is about holding steady, for Venus trines Saturn.  In relationships especially, there will be displays of loyalty and commitment.  Friendships will be supportive.  Chats over coffee may be sober, but peaceful.

Thursday (14th) may be a more difficult day, with the Sun square Saturn.  Recent news may have been too sobering, and positive thinking may appear as a hill to climb.  When you have connected with the real reasons for your feelings, the hard slog will become a slow jog, and you’ll get there in the end.  “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it” said Moliere.

Fortunately, there is a more subtle influence that day which may assist you, and that is Venus conjunct the North Node.  The action of this conjunction may be summed up as “Perfect love casteth out fear” (Bible: 1 John 4:18), and you may come to re-experience the truth of this.  For example, you may feel a situation is lost, then someone may remind you of the power of love.  With this conjunction occurring in Leo, then it may even be time for some entertainment or distraction.

A glorious sextile between Venus and Jupiter warms us on Friday (15th), a day of social interaction, humour and fun, generally gathering rosebuds.  The Universe has ways to make you enjoy life today!  A good day for stag dos and hen nights!

Saturday (16th) is not quite so straightforward, but it will be fast-moving with Mercury conjunct Mars.  As you recall, this aspect last occurred on Sunday 3rd September while Mercury was still retrograde.  With this aspect, you can be riding along your path zippily and suddenly be prey to minor cuts and bruises, which then provide distractions or delays.  With this aspect too, words will fly rapidly back and forth, occasionally wounding through bluntness or the harsh angle of truth.  However, the results from this aspect may be as superficial or short lived as the nature of their wounding.  Hopefully the irritation may be minor.  If you are skilful, however, you can accomplish a great deal: it is a question of being mindful at the same time as being brisk.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – conscientious
  • Tuesday – upbeat
  • Wednesday – holding steady
  • Thursday – fear and love
  • Friday – glorious
  • Saturday – brisk and risk

Aspects for the week beginning 3 September 2017

Louise L. Hay

Louise L. Hay, one of the mothers of the New Age, died last week, virtually on the two year anniversary of the passing of Wayne M. Dyer, another of its leading lights.  To a great extent, Louise was a pioneer of the idea that negative thoughts and experiences can give rise to discomfort or dis-ease in the body, and compiled a list of possible metaphysical causes for many conditions, and affirmations to help in their healing.  Later, she published many other books and founded the Hay House publishing company (at her second Saturn Return).  She lived to the ripe old age of 90.

Birth Chart

She did have a very interesting and revealing birth chart, complete with birth time and Ascendant, fortunately for us.  Her Sun in Libra was in the 3rd House of Communication and Affirmations, representing her approach to healing, with a successful trine between the Sun and Jupiter.  Her Moon was in the deeply emotional sign of Scorpio, conjunct Mercury, hence the ability to bring the rational mind together with the emotions.  This conjunction was at the I.C., which is the foundation of one’s life.  Her chart marks her out as a healer, in that the asteroid Chiron (“the wounded healer”) was at the Midheaven (Careerpoint).  Chiron represents one’s wounding, which propels us to find a way through to healing, thereby preparing us for passing that knowledge and method on to others.  Which is exactly what happened in her life.  Her Mercury was also closely sextile Neptune, giving her mental sensitivity.  The Midheaven was closely trine her Neptune, a compassionate career.  Neptune was trine Chiron, a sign of spiritual healing, and Pluto conjunct the North Node (a gritty karmic mission, often at the coal face of life and death).


Louise’s Sun square Pluto and the Nodal Axis is reflected in her difficult early life, growing up in Los Angeles with her mother and abusive step-father. She was raped at the age of 5, and fell pregnant at 16, having the baby adopted.  She married Andrew Hay around the time of her first Saturn Return, and 14 years later was divorced due to his infidelity.

In New York, she joined the First Church of Religious Science, which introduced her to the power of positive thinking.  She also studied transcendental meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Around the time of her Chiron Return (also at its natal conjunction with her Midheaven), she was diagnosed with vaginal cancer (a Plutonic brush with death), which she connected with her earlier experiences, and decided to heal by natural means: therapy, forgiveness, nutrition, reflexology and colonic enemas, in her own words:

“I immediately began to work with my own teacher to clear old patterns of resentment.  Up to that time, I had not acknowledged that I harbored deep resentment…The other thing I did was to go to a good nutritionist and completely detoxify my body.”

She lived for another fruitful forty years after that.


Her first book “Heal Your Body” was written in 1976, affectionately known as “the little blue book”.  I bought it in 1987, digested and memorized it, and used it as a bible!  It was followed in 1984 by “You Can Heal Your Life”, a book whose scope was much broader than the list of physical ailments and their metaphysical causes with affirmations.  At the time of writing it has notched up more than 50 million sales.

I was introduced to the idea of affirmations via the rebirthing movement in 1986, and learned that they could be used to monitor one’s responses and divine the subconscious resistance to them.  I really enjoyed using them as I am attracted to the concept of healing through consciousness, but have since learned that not everyone feels the same about them.  Some find them an oppressive pressure, or too shallow to work, or even guilt inducing if they don’t feel as they are supposed to feel.

Others have copied Louise’s approach and expanded the lists of ailments and their causes and affirmations, so now there are many authors on the market who echo this work, e.g. Deb Shapiro in “Your Body Speaks Your Mind”.  Whenever I am at a loose end, for relaxation, I like to go through all these books and compile comparative interpretations and affirmations, rarely getting past the letter “C”.  I can’t tell you how many times I have done this in my life, but at the same time I rarely go back and refer to the earlier production, always starting from scratch, incorporating the latest book (in case you’ve ever wondered what I do for hobbies).  The point of it all is of course to find your own individual interpretation and the words that suit you.


When I write anything vaguely related to medical astrology, I like to include the Louise L. Hay affirmation as a contemplation point for more research on the subject.  Thus it was that another problem with Louise’s work was revealed to me when I wrote about Lou Gehrig and his reincarnation in April this year.  Regular commenter Dia wrote:

“I admit I have a knee-jerk reaction to Louise Hay and her approach to illness. I can almost no longer be rational when I hear someone saying that their friend-loved one-co-worker developed [insert terrible disease here] because they didn’t love themselves enough or some such….. I feel like her approach is too one-sided and far too often interpreted in a way that leads to victim blaming. Seriously, if you grow up in a toxic place, thing will go wrong with your cells.” (see blog for 16 April 2017 for the full comment)

That was a revelation, and a valid viewpoint, which reminded me of Glen Hoddle’s (the football manager’s) sacking after he made some comment about someone’s suffering being due to karma.  In the Times Obituary for Louise, it is reported that:

“In the 2008 Times magazine interview, she was asked if the notion that people’s thoughts were responsible for their condition meant that victims of genocide were to blame for their own deaths.

‘I probably wouldn’t say it to them,’ she replied. ‘I don’t go around making people feel bad. That’s not what I’m after.’ ”

I often promise myself that one day I will write a blog just on the subject of Karma.  But for the time being, I came across this summary recently in the new book by healer Barbara Ann Brennan (“Core Light Healing”):

“…the divine universe simply waits for us to initiate creativity in our lives. Then it responds, in kind, to all our thoughts, desires and actions (including the negative ones). This is simply called cause and effect.

While many people refer to cause and effect over lifetimes as karma, this term can have a negative connotation – as if it were punishment, especially when we take it personally. But it isn’t God directing punishment. Cause and effect is simply how the universe functions. If we don’t get the effect (outcome) we want, we just don’t know how to create it yet…”

There is a whole conversation to be had on this subject alone.


At her death, Mars was on her Neptune in Leo in her 1st House, activating consciousness beyond the veil.  Uranus was opposite her Mercury/Moon/I.C., a very important focus in her chart and life.  Uranus was also exactly conjunct her Midheaven, signalling a change of life direction, in this case her departure to a new dimension.


If “Know Thyself” was the keynote of philosophical enquiry for the ancient Greeks, “Love Yourself” is the exhortation in this New Age, very much called forth by the goddess Louise L. Hay.  If you feel in need of uplift, and are not allergic to affirmations, I recommend scrolling through her lists of affirmations to remind you to do that.  So many of her recommended thought patterns include that sentiment.  I leave you with a few.

I love and approve of myself.  I am loving and lovable.  (for Aches)

I am part of the Universal design.  I am important and loved by Life itself.  I am powerful and capable.  I love and appreciate all of myself.  (for AIDS)

I am love.  I now choose to love and approve of myself.  I see others with love.  (for Arthritis)

I love and approve of myself.  I see myself and what I do with eyes of love. I am safe.  (for Headaches)


For the record, yesterday, Sunday (3rd September) started the week with Mercury conjunct Mars, an incisive aspect which produces sharp words, incisive speech, critical expertise and analysis, and brisk mental and physical action and co-ordination, with a need to be alert to possible minor cuts and bruises.  This was of special application to Geminis, Virgos and Aries people.  Some Astrologers are equating it with North Korea’s latest and greatest nuclear venture.  This aspect comes round once every two years, so I would not normally give it too much weight.  However, it has been pointed out that Mars has been revisiting the point of the Solar Eclipse of 21st August, giving it greater power.

Tuesday (5th) brings an opposition between the Sun and Neptune, with a potential for confusion.  Certainly no one seems to know what to do about Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.  The Course in Miracles says that confusion is a high state.  So, what are we supposed to do with this confusion?  We can seek the answer through meditation, that’s one way.  Some people feel that any action is better than no action.  If you have any answers to this conundrum, please leave them under comments.

The day contains other distractions.  Mars enters Virgo, and energies pass from the hedonism of Mars in Leo through to a more purposeful,  nose to the grindstone shoulder to the wheel application.  At the same time, we find ways to be economical and resourceful with our energy.  A well-timed astrological shift for what is the beginning of term and back to work for many.

We also have Mercury stationary, prior to turning direct that day, welcome news for many.  I heard that one of my birthchart folders went missing in the post during this stint of Mercury retrograde (though I don’t tend to suffer much usually under the retrograde).  So I am hoping it will be miraculously found.  Waterloo Station is once again in operation, having been out of bounds during that period.  You may have your own pet Mercury retrograde story awaiting a happy ending…

Wednesday (6th) brings emotions to a flood,  with the Full Moon at 13 degrees Pisces, and may perhaps be felt the night before.  This is normally one of the most emotional and compassionate Full Moons of the year, but this one will be closely conjunct Neptune in Pisces, so super emotional and super sensitive, with the possibility of more flooding to add to recent floods of Texas and India.  You can see this Full Moon as a sense of release or culmination of pent up emotion, as Pisces is the sign of culminations.  Have a good clear out.

On Saturday (9th) September the Sun trines Pluto.  As this is good for settling deep psychological issues, maybe Trump and Jong Un can come to some arrangement.  Profound solutions can be found under this aspect.  Perhaps China will find some way through on that day.  Goodness knows the matter is urgent enough!  Take the time in your own life to make the day count.

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – brisk and risky
  • Tuesday – confused, hardworking, and communications eased
  • Wednesday – emotions to a flood
  • Saturday – possibility of profound solutions

Aspects for the week beginning 27 August 2017

Diana, Princess of Wales (1961 – 1997)

The 20 year commemoration of her death

 Diana is probably the most photographed woman and style icon there has ever been in the world, and acres of material have been written about her.  Unprecedented tears were shed at her death, and this year at the 20th anniversary of her death on 31st August, it’s a chance for us to re-evaluate how we feel.

Birth Chart

Diana had all the textbook traits of  her Sun in Cancer: shyness, emotionality, maternal qualities, and a special fondness for children.  The Sun in her chart was placed in 7th House, emphasizing the importance of her marriage.  Great sensitivity, a mystical bent, plus a talent for dance, were added to this Sun by a trine from Neptune.  She had a special healing Grand Trine in the Water element, consisting of Sun/Mercury, Chiron and Neptune.  Shaking hands with AIDS patients at a time when it was unheard of comes to mind with this. In her own words: “HIV does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it. What’s more, you can share their homes, their workplaces, and their playgrounds and toys.”  Her Moon was exactly square Venus, which can indicate friction with other women, and/or disharmony between the women in her life.  That brings to mind her frustrated relationship with her mother and stepmother, and her rivalry with Camilla Parker-Bowles.  Her ruler the Moon was opposite Mars/Uranus, showing sudden emotional outbursts, and this aspect may be connected to the purging in her eating disorders, as well as her reputation for emotional manipulation.  The Moon trine Midheaven shows that she had the personal touch and got on well with the general public.  Intriguingly, the Moon in her chart was conjunct  the South Node in Aquarius.  This indicates strong past life habits brought forward in this lifetime, and the Moon in karmic astrology often equates with Africa.  Thus, she may have had a lifetime or lifetimes with Prince Harry in his “second home”, Botswana.  Her North Node in Leo conjunct the royal fixed star Regulus indicates a destiny connected with royalty.  Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo gave her a powerhouse of energy when harnessed through work. Mars/Pluto were also conjunct the North Node, showing up the brave Warrior Archetype – who can forget the image of her walking through an Angolan minefield wearing a ballistic helmet and flak jacket?

Diana’s Relationships: Principal Players

Prince Charles: Charles and Diana’s Suns may have been in the compatible Water signs of Cancer and Scorpio, but Camilla’s Sun was almostly exactly trine that of Charles, whereas Diana’s was in a different decanate of Cancer.  Diana famously stated that there were three of them in her marriage, making it crowded.  This was her tragedy, and much of her unhappiness stemmed from Charles’ relationship with Camilla.  Charles and Camilla may be soul mates or twin souls, but karmically Diana was damaged more than anybody by the “false” marriage.  Charles now has his Camilla, but it seems likely that there will be consequences in their next incarnation, though we are not in a position to judge.

The Queen: The Queen has a strong personal karmic tie with Diana, indicated by her Sun exactly trine Diana’s North Node.  Diana’s personal status was elevated by her connection with the Queen (from the Queen’s Jupiter trine Diana’s Midheaven).  Some coldness between them may be shown from the Queen’s Saturn opposing Diana’s Moon, which keys into a T-square in Diana’s chart.

Prince William: Again, they have a karmic tie, as you would expect to find, consisting of William’s Sun and Jupiter sextile Diana’s North Node.  He has particularly taken to heart the lessons of her sensitivity, with his Neptune sextile her Moon, and his Pluto trine her Moon.

Prince Harry: Harry’s interaspects with Diana emphasize the impact of her death, with her Pluto on his Mercury.  That impacts his mind profoundly, and he has stated that he blocked out a great deal of grief for many years: “I sought counselling after 20 years of not thinking about the death of my mother, Diana”.  His Pluto also sextiles her North Node, with is a deep karmic connection, and again emphasizes the role of her death in shaping his life.

The Engagement

Looking at the astrological influences around the time of the engagement of Prince Charles and Diana, we find a bittersweet Jupiter/Saturn square to her Sun.  There seems to be an element of compulsion in events for her at that time, especially with Uranus square her Nodal Axis.  On the plus side, Neptune was sextile her Moon and Pluto was trine her Moon.  For Charles there is an absence of major transits, which is intriguing in the light of his comment at that time “Whatever love means”: part of him may have been absent or disengaged.

The Wedding

Did the transits at the time of their wedding reveal more about their relationship?  On the day, there was an exact conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Libra, again bittersweet, which significantly keyed into Charles’ Ascendant in Leo.  Jupiter was trine her natal Jupiter in Aquarius in 2nd House, elevating her wealth status.  Saturn was trine her natal Jupiter, shaping the discipline of her new role.  Chiron was opposite Charles’s Sun, bringing up a wound for him.  Pluto was also sextile his Mars, giving him courage for such a bold commitment in his life.

The Separation

They separated on 9th December 1992, under the early ’90s complicated conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn which brought the winds of change.  It was also a total lunar eclipse, with the Sun conjunct Diana’s Ascendant in Sagittarius.  The impact on the monarchy was foretold in a book before Diana met Charles by Astrologer Roger Elliot in 1977 (“Astrology and the Royal Family”).  Looking ahead to 1992, he wrote:

“This is the crucial year for the Prince of Wales and, by implication, the whole Royal family He will undergo a deep and important change, due to Pluto moving from a square aspect at birth to an exact conjunction with his Sun”

The Queen in her “Annus Horribilis” speech of 1992 stated: “1992 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure.”

Jonathan Dimbleby interviews Charles

In 1992, Andrew Morton had written an expose of their relationship in “Diana: Her True Story”, and on 29th June 1994 Charles tried to rebalance the story by giving a television interview to Jonathan Dimbleby.  At the time, Neptune was sextile his Sun (a spiritual recalibration), the North Node was on his Sun (a karmic expression), Jupiter was sextile his Saturn (a damage limitation exercise), Chiron was on his Saturn (not inconsiderable pain), and Jupiter was square his Ascendant (a risk venture which might be cathartic).

Martin Bashir interviews Diana

On 20th November 1995, it was Diana’s turn to say her piece.  She memorably aspired to be “Queen of people’s hearts”.  Mars was trine her Uranus at the time (a bold move) and sextile her Midheaven (taking control of her life), but other transits were not so kind: Saturn was square her Ascendant (a difficult time), Uranus was conjunct her Saturn (more difficulty), Neptune was square her Midheaven (she was still at sea in terms of her direction) and Pluto was square her Nodal Axis (a long term transit which was still in operation at the actual time of her divorce).

The Divorce

They were divorced on 28th August 1996.  Mars was square her Midheaven (a decisive action), Jupiter was sextile her Neptune (bringing her more peace and spiritual freedom), but Pluto was square her Nodal Axis (a karmic rupture).  For Charles, Mars was trine his Sun (also a decisive action), Jupiter sextile his Mercury (a welcome document), Saturn trined his Ascendant (striking out on his own again), and Uranus squared his Moon (estrangement with a female, literally).

Life and Work after Charles

The divorce was a bitter one, and though Diana held a great deal of anger, as expressed in her public interviews, she did try to rebuild her life and remould her image to create something worthwhile.  She had supported 100 charities, but concentrated on six for the rest of her life, giving her total commitment to them.  In her favour, she had immense personal charisma and the devotion of the public (to a great extent), and she used them to her advantage.  She particularly worked on behalf of the disenfranchised in society, being a great admirer of Mother Theresa (who died in close proximity). She also befriended Nelson Mandela, who said of her after her death: “When she stroked the limbs of someone with leprosy or sat on the bed of a man with HIV/AIDS and held his hand, she transformed public attitudes and improved the life chances of such people”.  Her work on campaigning for the relief of suffering caused by landmines bore real fruit after her death – later in the year 1997 the International Campaign to Ban Landmines won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Prince Harry continues her work in this sphere.

Diana’s Relationships: Secondary Players

Earl Spencer: Diana’s brother Viscount Spencer had Moon conjunct NN in Virgo, which may symbolize the importance for him of his Moon-ruled sister.  There may have been pain in their relationship, with her Pluto opposite his Venus, and her Chiron on his Venus.  But the poignancy of his speech at her funeral was just what was needed, someone who knew her well speaking up for her.  I remember at one significant point a burst of sunlight entering through the windows at Westminster Abbey.  It was probably the role of his life.

James Hewitt:  The synastry between Diana and James Hewitt, with whom she had an affair, is stunning, and shows a really strong connection.  Their Suns and Venuses were exactly sextile (almost as strong as the connection between Charles and Camilla), his Jupiter was trine her Moon, his Saturn sextiled her Moon, his Neptune trined her Mercury, and his North Node sextiled her Mars (a karmic affair).  Their Marses were however exactly opposed, which may have been the fly in the ointment.  But the overall synastry is outstanding.

Paul Burrell: Paul Burrell, her faithful servant, was recently shown on our television screens in therapy, being advised to let go of his attachment to Diana.  This relationship has kept him in the public eye, and earned him hard cash through books and reality TV appearances, but there is no doubting their closeness.  He literally was her right hand man.  His Venus was sextile her Chiron and trine her Uranus, his Saturn was sextile her Midheaven (“A Royal Duty” was the title of one of his books), significantly his Neptune was trine her Mercury (a spiritual link with her mind) and sextile her Mars (physically tuned in as well), and his Pluto was conjunct her North Node (a profound role in her life, and after death they were also linked – he often felt her presence).

Hasnat Khan: Hasnat Khan the surgeon, a secret love, was reported to have been the love of her life, and the relationship apparently ended just before she holidayed with Dodi Fayed in the last episode of her life.  His Mercury trine her NorthNode, so he was a teacher to her.  His Venus was on her Moon, bringing great love and affection.  Their Suns and Venuses were in square, which may be the reason it didn’t work out for them.  His Neptune trined her Mercury, as with Paul Burrell, and his Pluto was conjunct her NorthNode like Burrell’s (Khan and Burrell were born in the same year).

Dodi Fayed: Diana had a brief affair at the end of her life with Dodi Fayed, the son of the wealthy Mohammed Al-Fayed, who provided a yacht the Jonikal for them in the South of France.  This was not a good match astrologically or fatewise.  His Sun was sextile her Moon, but their Marses were closely square, introducing an element of danger or recklessness between them.  There will have been some magnetism from his Uranus sextile her Venus, and his Uranus square her Midheaven hints at disruption to her life.  His Pluto opposed her Moon, which can be a fateful combination, and his Pluto squared her Venus (so the relationship was not likely to last).

Death of the Princess

We all know how this story ended, in a tunnel in Paris.  The conjunction of Mars-Pluto in her 9th House of Foreign Lands seems to symbolize this.  I don’t personally go with all the conspiracy theories: for me it is enough evidence that the paparazzi hounded her to death – anything for a photo.  Her transits at the time included Uranus on her Jupiter and Neptune on her Saturn, both in her 2nd House (the relationship with the material).  Dodi Fayed’s transits included the extreme danger of Pluto opposite his Mars.  Who knows what the karma around the event was?  Uranus was opposing Charles’ Ascendant, a disruption in a close relationship.  For the 15-year old Prince William, Chiron was on his Jupiter, a wounding to his outlook on life which he has grown through admirably over the years.  Harry had Chiron on his Pluto, a severe wound: he too has grown, though he has had a different journey from William.  The Queen had Chiron opposite her Sun, a challenge to her Inner Healer.

She had her detractors, but there is no doubt that the outpouring of emotion at Diana’s death showed that she had achieved her aspiration to be the Queen of people’s hearts.


Today Mars conjuncts the North Node in Leo (coincidentally the same combination as in Lady Diana’s birth chart).  This brings out the dignity of our own Inner Warrior, and the practice of asserting this in the most constructive way we can understand at this time.  It depends where you are with your own Inner Warrior…you may be in denial that you have one at all, you may be working on being a peaceful warrior or a warrior on behalf of women’s rights.  With Mars conjunct the North Node, we see the karmic results of our actions straight away, giving us the wisdom of knowing, instant-karma style, whether or not we are doing things the right way and learning the right lessons, including the way to conduct our Inner Warrior.

We also have today the most important astrological feature of the week, Jupiter sextile Saturn.  This is a chance to balance our actions and wisdom, between caution and adventurousness, realism and optimism.  This aspect may be a godsend to Librans trying to make up their minds, as they have permission to sit on the fence and see both sides of the story with confidence.  As it is such an important aspect, you may feel its influence all through the week.

On Thursday (31st), Mercury retrograde re-enters Leo from Virgo.  You may take a break from some recent paperwork, to enjoy some late summer holiday revelries.  Bear in mind that the paperwork may still be waiting for you and you won’t be able to forget it entirely (!), but until 10th September (when Mercury re-enters Virgo)  there is still a lot of scope for letting your hair down before you get stuck into Autumn work schedules.

Saturday (2nd September) brings a dynamic trine between Mars and Uranus, a green light for many things, but especially favouring engineering, mechanics and engineers, energetic and electrical connections.  Sparks should fly, but in a good way!

An advance portion of Next Week’s Aspects

As I will be away at a wedding on Sunday (3rd September) and will write the next blog on Monday (4th) I am briefly covering Sunday’s aspect, which I will repeat or embellish later.  This is Mercury conjunct Mars, an incisive aspect which produces sharp words, incisive speech, critical expertise and analysis, and brisk mental and physical action and co-ordination, with a need to be alert to possible minor cuts and bruises.  This is of special application to Geminis, Virgos and Aries people.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Honing your Inner Warrior, and balancing your life and psyche for the week
  • Thursday – more fun
  • Saturday – energetic and dynamic

Aspects for the week beginning 20 August 2017

Sir Bruce Forsyth (1928 – 2017)

Sir Bruce Forsyth, who made the Guinness Book of Records for the longest television career for a male entertainer, died this week, surrounded by his family.  He began his television career in 1954, and began hosting Sunday Night at the London Palladium in 1958, a year after my family had our first television, so he has always been on our screens.  This big break coincided with Jupiter and Neptune trine his natal Sun, and Uranus sextile his North Node.  I remember games such as Beat the Clock, and a game rearranging well known phrases or sayings, novelties at the time but pre-cursors of later game shows.

Pisces, take a bow!  Sir Bruce had a birth chart dominated by this sign, which usually has a genius level talent.  In his case, he was multi-talented, with Sun/Moon/Mercury in Pisces in the 3rd House of Broadcasting and Presenting.  Pisces’ ruler Neptune was  opposite his Sun and trine his Ascendant.  He possessed one of the talents traditionally associated with Pisces, that of dance (specifically tap dance).  His other talents included ad-libbing, being able to handle the public, piano playing, crooning and acting.

With the Moon conjunct Mercury, he was able to engage the left and right brain together, and combine mental acuity and wit with imagination.  He also had the entrepreneurial conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus.  Saturn was conjunct a Sagittarian comic Ascendant by 3 degrees, adding the angular features distinctive to his facial physique, and contributing to his longevity.


He modelled himself on Sammy Davis Jr, a friend and fellow Sagittarian 3 years his senior.  Sammy Davis had Neptune exactly sextile Bruce Midheaven, crystallizing his own vision of his career (his own Neptune was 2 degrees away from an exact sextile to his Midheaven)

After the London Palladium, the next great highlight of his career was The Generation Game (2nd October 1971), and gave rise to some of his famous catchphrases, such as “Nice to see you, to see you nice” and “didn’t he do well?”.  Notably, Pluto from his 10th House of Career was trine his natal Venus in Capricorn in 2nd House of Earnings.

His later success was as host of Strictly Come Dancing (2004), which endeared him to a new generation of television viewers, and came at a time when Neptune (dance) was exactly trine his North Node (karmic mission) in Gemini (broadcasting) in 6th House of working conditions.  Asked which living person she most admired and why, his co-host Tess Daly from that programme answered: “Bruce Forsyth, because not only is he the most talented showman, he is the most generous individual.”  There was a karmic link between them, with his Venus exactly sextile her North Node.


He was married 3 times, Gemini on cusp of 7th House, traditionally being a sign of more than one marriage.  Wife number one, Penny Calvert, was unhappy with his philandering and sold stories to the newspapers.  Wife number two, Anthea Redfern (she of “give us a twirl”) had the Sun square his Mars and her Sun on his I.C.  Wife number three, and the most enduring, was Wilnelia Merced, and with her Neptune exactly trine his Sun, the relationship was much closer to perfection.  He had 6 children, and 9 grandchildren.


He suffered increasingly poor health from 2014, and this week, having just passed his third Saturn Return, and with Saturn on his Ascendant, it was his time to leave, after a full life and career, and a full expression of his talents.


Waking up to a bright and sunny morning in Norfolk, it is difficult to imagine that there will be an eclipse later today, and that North America will be in total darkness at some point, but that is the prospect for today.

For the record, yesterday, Sunday (20th) started with a bright note of Mars sextile Jupiter, ramping up energy and enthusiasm, and with it the ability to cope with any demands or stresses which may be perceived.  So it is was a good day to get things done, and to formulate positive philosophical attitudes.  We spent the day covering long distances travelling, but stopping for some tea and mirth with old friends.

This morning, Monday (21st) also started with a bright note: that of Sun trine Uranus, a happy day for innovation and creative originality, new ideas and technological advances, and possible technological solutions.  As this aspect took place at 6.22 a.m. in the U.K. it operated late last night (Sunday) in the U.S., nicely setting up curiosity for the eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse takes place at 18.30 Hrs in the U.K. and the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 28 degrees 53 minutes of the sign of Leo.  Effectively it is a heightened turning point, and the New Moon in Leo is usually the most creative New Moon of the year.  Set your intentions and your attitude, and may a good time be had by all.  Remember that events around the eclipse may not always seem significant at the time, but can affect the course of things for up to six months.  Thus a subtle event, such as a change of attitude or mindset, may determine events differently for some time to come.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd, brings a trine between Mars and Saturn, a time of practical action, possibly based on your conclusions about life from the eclipse.  It is a day of reconstruction, applying yourself to your goals, and a renewed sense of purpose.

In the evening, the Sun enters Virgo, and you may begin to apply yourself to preparing for Autumn working schedules and tax returns.  Part of you will still be in holiday mode, but part of you will be working on future work initiatives.

Venus trines Chiron on Thursday (24th), an aspect which gives us the opportunity to learn lessons of love, such as practising keeping the heart open under all circumstances, or fostering unconditional love.  It reminds us of the healing power of love.

Later in the early evening, we will be tested on that practice or lesson, because Venus will then square Uranus, catching us on the hop socially.  We might meet someone we were not expecting to meet, e.g. not the people we were rehearsing about earlier in the day.  So we might be challenged to be our best selves, in the face for instance of someone who might have criticized us.

Friday (25th) sees Saturn stationary prior to turning direct, which is always a welcome way of things.  You might cease to feel that you are swimming against the tide, and in practical matters some projects may run more smoothly.

Saturday (26th) is a day that you can let your hair down.  There is a return to pleasurable, holiday-style activities with Venus entering Leo.  I will be going to a one day local workshop on colouring in the style of Monet.  But Venus in Leo particularly favours the performing arts, so bring out your inner Bruce Forsyth.

The evening vibe is altogether quieter and more studious, with a painstaking conjunction of Sun and Mercury at 4 degrees Virgo.  That can be extremely focussed, so if you are having a quiet night in, you can bring out a challenging project you have put off and tackle it.  If that sounds too prosaic, and you planned to paint the town red, then you may enjoy your planned activities on an intellectual level and take in some useful information.  It’s a great conjunction for nerds, geeks and anoraks celebrating their passions.

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – energy with enthusiasm
  • Monday – Innovation and turning points
  • Tuesday – practical action; useful work
  • Thursday – focussed on relationships; healing and challenges
  • Friday – the prospect of progress
  • Saturday – performing arts, and focussed concentration


Aspects for the week beginning 13 August 2017

Solar Eclipse of 21st August 2017

“The challenge posed by the North Korean regime’s nuclear weapons programme had been festering for more than a decade, but it was Donald Trump who turned it into a global emergency with a few words” ~ Julian Borger, writing in the Observer today

I can’t remember a Solar Eclipse which has had more hype than this coming one for Monday 21st August 2017.  The Sun and Moon are conjunct at 28 degrees 53 minutes Leo, and in the U.K. it takes place at 18.30 Hrs.  In North America total darkness will be experienced, so it will not escape anyone’s notice.

Meanwhile the international stage seems to be reaching crisis point, with Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un trading warnings, and China urging them both to simmer down.

We all know by now that the Eclipse falls on Donald Trump’s Ascendant/Mars at the end of Leo.  Mars also trines his Moon at the time, inciting his emotions.  Saturn conjuncts his Moon, so he may also be feeling quite negative.  Pluto squares his Jupiter, which can bring uncontrolled and exaggerative behaviour, which we are already experiencing.  Neptune trines the U.S. chart (indicating sensitivity), the South Node transits the U.S. Moon (indicating population karma), Saturn opposes the U.S. Mars (the possibility of some harsh action), and Uranus squares the U.S. Pluto (some shock factor).  Chiron opposes the U.S. Ascendant (a healing crisis in relationships), but Chiron sextiles Pluto (some healing going on).

Kim Jong Un has two possible birth dates, but the 1984 date seems most likely, from past observation.  The 1983 chart has Pluto at 29 degrees Libra, which is at least in a harmonious sextile to the Eclipse.  Neptune at 27 degrees Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre is trine (also harmonious) with the Eclipse.  In the 1984 chart, Mars occupies 28 degrees Libra, Neptune is still at 27 degrees Sagittarius, and in addition Chiron is at 27 degrees Taurus, squaring the Eclipse (healing crisis).  Uranus opposes his Mars (inflammatory) but trines his Jupiter (giving him the capacity to surprise), Neptune squares his Nodal Axis (spiritually dodgy), and as has been mentioned before Pluto (nuclear) is right on his Sun.  For the North Korean Chart, Pluto (the nuclear factor) is exactly trine its Sun, so it feels empowered.  Mars trines its Jupiter (it feels enthused), Jupiter sextiles its Jupiter (it feels lucky), Uranus trines its Saturn (it feels strong)…These are not discouraging transits for Kim Jong Un, sadly.

Can China make anybody see sense?  The president Xi Jinping has fostered relations with both sides, and must feel like a very uncomfortable go-between at the moment.  He said this week: “At present, the relevant parties must maintain restraint and avoid words and deeds that would exacerbate the tension on the Korean peninsula.”  He has a lot of transits during the Eclipse. Mars sextiles his Mercury and Jupiter trines his Mercury, so his words may be true and carry weight.  Mars sextiles his Mars, so he is involved and active.  Saturn opposes his Mars (as with the U.S. Chart, indicating harsh action) but Mars sextiles his Saturn.  Jupiter conjuncts his Saturn, possibly enabling some mitigating action and lifting of the situation, and Saturn sextiles his Saturn (serious but balanced judgement).  Pluto opposes his Uranus (some shock factor), Saturn sextiles his Neptune (realism), Mars conjuncts his Pluto (negotiating a dangerous situation), Jupiter sextiles his Pluto (wise use of power), and finally Saturn trines his Pluto (great strength).  It would seem that Xi Jinping has the most constructive manner and astrological influences, and may be the key to solving the problem.  For the chart of China, Jupiter squares its Sun, which is upbeat though exaggerative.  Neptune sextiles its Jupiter, which is spiritually balanced, Uranus sextiles its Uranus (the power of surprise) but Chiron squares its Uranus (it may need to use shock tactics).

Getting on with our own lives

And then there are our own lives…have you noticed stirrings of change arising, whether solicited or unsolicited?

I tend to play such things down, but I am beginning to wonder what these events are leading up to.  It may be that we have cause to pause, or may undergo a shift.

Life, and eclipses, are to an extent what you make of them.  For example, if you are a sabre-rattling war-mongerer, you are going to attract the like.  Your approach to life and eclipses may make all the difference to what is created and manifested.  This is above all a time to examine your approach to life and what you are communicating and creating, and to be mindful.

With that in mind, I am taking a brief look at the possible approach of each of the Zodiac signs:


Aries are the Warriors, and as such may inflame issues, so you may need to cultivate the conscious peaceful warrior within.  If you were born at the end of Aries (roughly between 17th and 19th April) you may benefit or profit from a trine to your Sun from the Eclipse.  In some situations, there are winners and losers, and you could be a winner.


Taurus is the Rock for many people, and a calming influence, with a long fuse.  As such, you may help to keep events on an even keel.  If you were born at the end of Taurus (roughly between 18th and 20th May) you may feel a little stressed as the Eclipse squares your Sun.  You may need to put yourself first for a change, and stay centred.


Gemini will be the great Commentators of the occasion, keeping a running commentary going and ensuring that communication is happening, despite the fact that their ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde at the time.  Everyone needs to be kept informed!  If you were born at the end of Gemini (roughly between the 18th and 20th June) your Sun will be sextile the Eclipse, bringing mild benefits to you, though you do need to ensure you don’t over-activate your nervous system – keep meditating!


Cancerians are the Nurturers of the Zodiac, and will keep everyone supplied with Chicken Soup or your best vegetarian equivalent.  They will keep things cosy and possibly try to block out the world outside, and shelter their loved ones.  If you were born at the end of Cancer (roughly between 19th and 22nd July) your natal Sun will be semi-sextile with the Eclipse, which is mildly uncomfortable, but not enough to disturb the nest hopefully.


Leo will be right at the Centre of things, which is where they like to be.  So they will be comfortable with the role of leadership which the Eclipse brings.  They need to think clearly about the use of power that comes with it.  If you were born at the end of Leo (roughly between the 20th and 22nd August) yours will be the power and the glory, and the responsibility.  We are all looking to you.


Virgos will look after the detail for us, make up the spreadsheet, monitor and record what goes on, and take care of health and safety.  Thank you, Virgos!  If you were born at the end of Virgo (roughly between the 20th and 22nd September) you will have a special role to play, especially if you are linked with a certain Leo in a supportive role.  You will help to keep the lifestyle ticking over smoothly.


Libra represents the Peacemaker, much needed at this time.  You may have been rehearsing to play this role for some time, and will use all your skills in beauty and harmony to make this a pleasant experience for everyone.  If you were born at the end of Libra (roughly between 20th and 22nd October) your Sun will be sextile the Eclipse, bringing mild benefits to you, though you do need to ensure you look after your own well-being in the process.


Scorpio can look the drama in the face and see through it, but can others hear your message?  No sugar coating with you, but a deep level of reality.  We need your wisdom, though we may sometimes run from it.  Thanks for being you.  If you were born at the end of Scorpio (roughly between 19th and 21st November) you may feel a little stressed as the Eclipse squares your Sun.  Keep calm and carry on!


Sagittarius (unless you have a preponderance of Scorpio or Capricorn planets) will keep the Optimism flag flying, offering philosophical phrases to rise about the situation.  They could annoy people who are taking the matter more seriously.  If you were born at the end of Sagittarius (roughly between 19th and 21st December) which is also closely aligned with the Galactic Centre, you’ll be fully plugged into the Cosmos and may benefit or profit from a trine to your Sun from the Eclipse.  If this is the case, you’ll either be super-uplifting, or super-annoying.


Capricorn will leave no fear unexamined, no loophole closed, and may play devil’s advocate.  They will remind you of the bottom line, remind you to make sure your insurance policies are up-to-date, and know all the rules.  More frivolous signs may need to take heed.  Once they have accomplished their mission, they can relax and hope for the best.  If you were born at the end of Capricorn (roughly between 17th to 19th January) your Sun will be quincunx the Eclipse, which is a mild unease, not enough to deter your persevering nature.


Aquarians will see the Future Vision and possibly the bigger plan behind events and where they are going.  This will give them a leadership role (second only to Leos!)  They may even be able to balance out the Leo energy, so that it is not all about the Leo.  If you were born at the end of Aquarius (roughly between 15th and 17th February) your Sun will be opposed by the Eclipse, so you won’t be able to avoid its glare, or lack of glare.  You will know what you have to do or say, and in some ways will hold up a mirror to events.


Pisces will either be totally immersed, in denial or at worst feeding the paranoia.  Try to make sure your sensitivity does not run riot, and is fed by a constant stream of positive input such as high quality meditational material.  You need to be able to stand your ground as much as anyone.  When you do say something, it may be other-worldy or something that people need to hear but can’t access themselves, like a bridge from other dimensions.  If you were born at the end of Pisces (roughly the 17th to 19th March) your Sun will be quincunx the Eclipse, which is a mild unease, and hopefully you can stay spiritually centred enough to bring the more mystical messages we might need to hear.

If you know what House 28 degrees 53 minutes Leo falls in within your chart, then you may have some idea of the area of its impact.  If events prove not what you would consider in line with your intentions, it is possible that it is chosen on a Soul level, and the reason may still be a mystery to you.  In writing this, I hope that I have not added to fear nor  dodged the reality of the times.

Bring on global nuclear disarmament, please.


In the early hours of this morning, while you were asleep or trying to sleep (in the U.K.), Mercury went retrograde (cue the opening bars of Beethoven’s 5th).  Which means that it is retrograde as I write, and you may detect the hallmarks of it in my piece.  Although I tend to sleep very well these days, last night was an exception, and produced a sci-fi time-shifting dream, so this may have been influenced by the turn of the planet.  Whatever your own experience, you know the drill: keep your communications clear until 5th September, don’t panic and stay mindful.   Travel may be disrupted (my usual route to Salisbury via Waterloo is currently undergoing disruption until 28th August, so luckily I have a lift for my visit this month).  You may find yourself taking more scenic routes, literally and metaphorically.

Later, this evening, we have a sensible trine between the Sun and Saturn, which is ideal for planning and laying foundations.  Constructive deliberation is the order of the evening.

If there is going to be some confrontation during the course of this week, it may be contained within the opposition between Venus and Pluto on Tuesday (15th), though it may remain as passive aggressive behaviour.  Either way, it could be psychologically uncomfortable.  Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un may pout at each other.

Wednesday (16th) brings a conjunction between the Sun and the North Node, and this could bring a show of power by someone in your circle.  However, this show of power is firmly subject to the laws of karma, and if you have faith in the justice of that you’re O.K. (aren’t you?)  It could also heighten creativity if you are unattached to the power play of others.

Thursday (17th) offers us a fairly harmless and possibly fun square between Venus and Jupiter.  Laughter may be had, although the ethics may be dubious.  Social life may bring light relief, if you are dwelling on the world situation or eclipse warnings.

An advance portion of Next Week’s Aspects

As I will be away on Sunday (20th) and will write the next blog on Monday (21st) which is the day of the actual eclipse itself, I am briefly covering the first two days of next week, which I will include, modify, re-hash or expand on later.

Sunday (20th) starts with a bright note of Mars sextile Jupiter, ramping up your energy and enthusiasm, and with it the ability to cope with any demands or stresses which may be perceived.  So it is a good day to get things done, and to formulate positive philosophical attitudes, jollying everyone along.  Hockey, anyone?

Monday (21st) also starts with a bright note: that of Sun trine Uranus, a happy day for innovation and creative originality, new ideas and technological advances.  If you have been having any I.T. problems due to Mercury Retrograde, you may find solutions.  As this aspect takes place at 6.22 a.m. in the U.K. it will occur late the night before (Sunday) in the U.S.  It will set you up nicely for viewing the eclipse.

As already mentioned, the Solar Eclipse takes place at 18.30 Hrs in the U.K. and the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 28 degrees 53 minutes of the sign of Leo.  Effectively it is a heightened turning point, and the New Moon in Leo is usually the most creative New Moon of the year.  Set your intentions and your attitude, and may a good time be had by all.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – communications hazy; plan forward
  • Tuesday – emotional wranglings
  • Wednesday – karmic power and creativity
  • Thursday – humorous and sociable