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Aspects for the week beginning 14 July 2024

James Timpson

“Thanks to everyone for their kind words about my appointment as the new government’s Prisons, Probation and Parole Minister. It’s a real privilege and I’m looking forward to improving the system for hard-working staff, turning more lives around and cutting crime.”

~ James Timpson

This is my first blog in the new era of the 2024 Labour Government, outside writing about Wimbledon for two weeks (my most successful set of predictions to date) it was inevitable for me to turn to a political subject…

Today I am looking at the surprise appointment of the key-cutting entrepreneur James Timpson to the role of Prisons, Probation and Parole Minister.  It is not too soon to try to do something different with our Prison system, as it is reported that this very week prison overcrowding has reached emergency proportions. There are only 700 adult male prison places left in England and Wales.  The government are having to think about releasing some “softer” criminals to accommodate some “harder” newcomers.

Timpson’s appointment has had a mainly favourable reaction.  The broadcaster James O’Brien has recorded a You Tube video interview with him.  Timpson’s genius is evidenced by a proven record of rehabilitating prisoners through finding them work and supporting them.

Birth Chart

Fittingly for someone who has played an outstanding role in the rehabilitation of ex-prisoners, James Timpson has an outstandingly interesting birth chart (even without the luxury of a birth time).

James has the Sun in Virgo (like Keir Starmer), that hardworking sign.  His Sun is in a triple conjunction with Venus and Pluto, suggesting love and depth are at the heart of what he does.  Keir himself has the Sun in Virgo conjunct Pluto, indicating a forensic depth to his approach.  Mercury in Virgo in James’ chart squares onto a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, which shows his great aspiration and faith in humanity.  Mercury closely squares Saturn, so his mind works in methodical ways.  There are several aspects to his Venus: it closely sextiles Jupiter/Neptune, another indication of his love for humanity, and a depth of compassion.  Venus trines Saturn in his chart, which makes him tremendously loyal.  Venus is exactly conjunct Pluto, adding a depth of love to his nature, possibly unconditional in nature.  Mars trine Saturn means that he gets things done, on a practical level.  Mars also trines Uranus, but exactly, so he is an expert engineer.  Mars/North Node with Uranus and Saturn make up a Grand Trine in Air signs, which is a great strength.  The Mars/North Node conjunction is also exact, and in Aquarius, so his karmic mission is in the area of technology and innovation, and also comprises the Warrior Archetype – that conjunction also indicates leadership.  As if Mars wasn’t placed strongly enough, it is also exactly sextile Chiron, which means he can use his energy in healing ways, and that can apply to his support for ex-prisoners.  The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is also exact (notice how many exact aspects he has) and intensifies his faith and positivity.  That conjunction is placed at 0 degrees Sagittarius, which makes it super-positive.  Jupiter closely sextiles his natal Pluto, giving him the ability to handle power and wisely: something he must have used in his career, and will be used in his new role.  He has three more exact aspects, which I have to mention: Uranus exactly trine the North Node in Aquarius (a supreme innovator) and exactly opposite Chiron (healing in surprising ways, but confronting hard realities) and lastly but not least Chiron exactly sextile Chiron (The Healer Archetype).

Life and Career

James Timpson was born in Knutsford, Cheshire, to John and Alex Timpson, his father building the family business in key-cutting, a high street name as long as I can remember.

His parents had three children, adopted two, and fostered 90.  This life experience must have shaped his character, and attitudes about society and humanity.

James studied geography at Durham University, then joined the family firm.

His work in helping former prisoners into work led him to take the Chair of the Employers Forum for Reducing Re-Offending, and Chair of the Prison Reform Trust, as well as founding the Employment Advisory Board network.

During the Covid period, in 2021, Timpson wrote a column for The Sunday Times which subsequently led to him publishing a book in February 2024 titled “The Happy Index: Lessons in Upside-Down Management”.  He suggested that only a third of prisoners should be in prison.

Current Transits

Looking at the transits for James’ appointment as Prisons, Probation and Parole Minister is a supreme example of how a transit fulfils the potential of a natal chart.  He was appointed on 5th July 2024, and Neptune was opposing his natal Venus.  Neptune was trine his natal Jupiter/Neptune (Neptune rules prisons!); Neptune opposed his natal Pluto (his life about to become more complicated); and Pluto was sextile his natal Jupiter/Neptune, the taking power and an opportunity to utilize his extraordinary faith and compassion (the exact Jupiter/Neptune conjunction at 0 degrees Sagittarius) towards its full potential.  That is not just coincidence, it is part of the plan of his life.

Keir Starmer

As has been mentioned, like Keir he has the Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo, but it is further elevated by the fact that it is joined in a triple conjunction with Venus, so his forensic work is imbued with unconditional love.

The partnership with Keir Starmer is a natural one, if you look at the Synastry between them:

Keir’s Mars exactly sextile James Timpson, Keir setting him to work and picking his brains!

Keir’s Jupiter opposite Timpson’s Mercury, Keir giving him a wider platform for his mental talents

Keir’s Jupiter square Timpson’s natal Saturn, Keir urging Timpson to expand

Saturns exactly trine: excellent for serious projects together

Keir Uranus square Timpson’s Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, again Keir maybe taking James out of his comfort zone

Shabana Mahmood

Into the mix comes the new Justice Secretary, Shabana Mahmood, also appointed just after the General Election, with North Node trine her natal Venus (the opportunity to put into practice her higher values), and two Neptunian (prison) transits: Neptune opposite her natal Saturn, and Saturn square her natal Neptune (illustrating the enormity of her challenge).

What is fascinating is that her birthday is the same as James Timpson’s (17th September), therefore their Suns are conjunct (they will understand each other) and that creates a Virgoan triangle of force to work together!

She has undertaken to strengthen probation by recruiting 1,000 trainee officers, something which is vital if offenders are to be released.

Other Initiatives

The Observer this morning carries a story about an Oxford brewery company, formed by Amy Taylor and Paul Humpherson which illustrates how this approach to offender rehabilitation works.  The Co-op, Greggs and Pret-a-Manger also have such initiatives.  And who can forget, years ago now,  Jamie Oliver’s innovative scheme in his restaurants.

We certainly need a miracle turn-around in this (as well as many other) areas of society, and I for one cheer on that hope.

 “If you are leaving prison and you have a stable job with employers that genuinely care about your wellbeing, you immediately have the framework that enables you to rebuild your life. That means less crime, less victims and less money spent on prosecuting and punishing people. There are no losers. It’s a no-brainer.”

~ Paul Humpherson


The dramatic attempted assassination today of Donald Trump expresses the approach of the upcoming conjunction of Mars and Uranus tomorrow lunchtime, so be aware that this energy may yet reach its peak.

Tomorrow morning (Monday 15th) the Sun squares Chiron, which in its own way is also challenging, so you may notice crisis situations to be solved, even before Mars’s tangle with Uranus reaches its peak.  Perhaps healing modalities were tried in the past with limited success, and now is the time to take a fresh look at what may be required.  What needs healing will be uncovered, and the answer may lie in the problem, or deep in the soul.  Time for self-mastery.  Look after yourselves, physically and mentally! This square may highlight current government attempts to solve aspects of the NHS need for healing, such as the Junior Doctors’ strike.

At lunchtime, Mars conjoins with Uranus, which is an explosive conjunction in itself, but which also aligns with the Fixed Star Algol which many Astrologers regard as malefic  Pent-up energy, tension, anger and enthusiasm are likely to erupt, so peacemakers will be much needed.  This morning rescuers came quickly to the aid of Donald Trump, who was injured in the ear.  Could Republicans re-think gun laws?  Engineering projects could benefit under this conjunction, but sparks are likely to fly both electronically and etherically.  This conjunction comes round every two years, but can make quite an impact.

More constructive outcomes can come about on Thursday (18th) with the Sun in a harmonious sextile to Uranus.  You can make this day count, in a spectacular way.  Spontaneity and innovation characterize the proceedings of the day.  Telepathy and higher consciousness, or liaising with a constructive group, are also favoured.

The week ends with two features on Saturday (20th), the first being Mars sextile Neptune.  This can be a soothing influence on Mars types (Ariens), or enlivening on Neptune types (Pisceans).  For the rest of us, it is conducive to refined and spiritual actions, meditations and exercises.  Yoga and Tai Chi are recommended under this influence.

In the evening Mars enters Gemini.  We go from the more sluggish energy of Mars in Taurus to a brighter, more expressive energy.  It’s a high action placing, with a spike in mental and physical energy, and the urge to get things done.  Certain sports, such as running and cycling, are highlighted.

There may be a lot of nervous energy about (Mars in Gemini) plus emotional energy building towards the Full Moon in Capricorn next Sunday.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – healing crises; explosiveness
  • Thursday – innovative and sparkling
  • Saturday – spiritually soothing but also invigorating; heightened mental energy


Aspects for the week beginning 7 July 2024

Wimbledon 2024 – Week 2

 Wimbledon coverage was vying with Election Coverage and Euros coverage for most of last week, but hoping we can settle down to some serious tennis viewing this week!  We said an emotional farewell to Andy Murray after his doubles match with his brother Jamie.  As promised, I am looking at the next four Seeds for the Women and Men.

Women’s Seeds

No. 7 Jasmine Paolini

The next Women’s Seed on the list is Jasmine Paolini.  She is due to play at 1 pm today.

.I wrote earlier this year: 

“She is a real Capricorn, ambitious and persevering, with Jupiter, the Sun, Neptune/Mars and Uranus all in that sign.”

Her current transits involve a Saturn Return (a decisive time), Uranus trine her natal Mars (the power of surprise and speed), Neptune square natal Jupiter (some self-delusion),

Neptune sextile natal Uranus (grasping complexity) and Pluto sextile natal (self-empowerment).  Generally good transits.

Transits for the Final: Saturn Return still operating but waning, Uranus still trine natal Mars but getting closer, Neptune still square natal Jupiter, Neptune sextile natal Uranus getting closer and Mars  trine natal Neptune (spiritual fire).

She could do very well…

No. 12 Madison Keys

Paolini plays Madison Keys today, at 1 p.m.  Way back in 2016, I wrote of her:

Venus from Capricorn sextiles Saturn in her chart, so she keeps her cards close to her chest, which may make it difficult for her opponents to read her game.  She has a difficult exact square between Jupiter and Saturn, which could make her game patchy or swing to extremes, e.g. between caution and abandon.”

Today, she has Mars square her natal Mars (dangerous!), Chiron square her natal Neptune (spiritually painful), Neptune trine her natal Pluto  (that is more helpful, in terms of overcoming challenges) and Pluto sextile her natal Pluto (self-empowerment). I think Paolini will win this match.

Transits for Final should she go through: Chiron still square her natal Neptune,  Neptune still trine her natal Pluto, and Pluto sextile her natal Pluto closer; but I don’t thin enough to see her at the final.

No. 13 Jelena Ostapenko

Jelena will play Putinseva, who memorably knocked out the No. 1 Seed Swiatek yesterday.

In 2018, I wrote:

“With Sun exactly sextile Saturn, Jelena can be very precise.  Mercury trine Mars gives her good co-ordination, and quick reflexes.  Mars trine her Neptune means she is capable of inspired strokes.  She also has a very spiritual mind, with Mercury exactly trine Neptune.”

She currently has:  Neptune sextile her natal Mercury (bringing out her spiritual side, and inspiration), Uranus trine her natal Mars (the power of surprise and speed), Mars square her natal Jupiter (slight tendency to unforced errors just now), and Neptune sextile her natal Neptune (spiritually at peace with herself).

Not bad transits, she stands a chance of going through in the next round.

At the final: she would still have Neptune sextile her natal Mercury, Mars trine her natal Mars exact to the day (speed and energy), Uranus trine her natal Mars (able to surprise with her speed) and Neptune will still be sextile her natal Neptune.  Though still good, I don’t think these are winning transits.

No. 17 Anna Kalinskaya 

This is the first time I have looked at her chart.  She is an outright Sagittarian, sporty and expansive, with Neptune, Mercury, the Sun and Venus in that sign.

Her transits now include: Jupiter opposite her natal Sun, Saturn on her natal Jupiter (damping down some enthusiasm but bringing more self-discipline) and  Jupiter trine her natal Uranus (the power of surprise and enterprise).  She will be playing at her best.

At the end of Wimbledon: she will have the North Node trine natal Sun in addition (a karmic boost),  Saturn square her natal Venus (some personal disappointment), Saturn still on her natal Jupiter getting closer, the North Node sextile natal her Uranus (ability to cope with complexity; a second karmic transit), Neptune sextile natal Neptune (spiritually at peace with herself) and Pluto on natal Neptune (perhaps out of her depth).  If she gets to the final, which she might, it will be a momentous time for her, but she would not be likely to win).

Of these four, the woman with the best transits is Paolini, but I still pick Rybakina (last week’s tip as the overall winner.

 Men’s Seeds

No. 5 Daniil Medvedev

Daniil Plays at 16.15 today versus No. 10 Seed Dimitrov, which should be an interesting match.

I wrote in 2019:

“What makes him an absolute high flyer?  He is a leader (Sun conjunct Mars trine his North Node).  Mercury conjunct Uranus gives him a brilliant brain, and Mercury exactly conjunct Neptune gives him the ability to channel inspiration.”

His transits Now: Uranus trine his natal Mercury exact to the day (an excellent transit which could alone get him through, but he has Uranus square his natal Mars (a touch injury-prone) and Pluto on his natal Uranus (painful!).  Uranus trine his natal Neptune adds the ability to cope well with complexity.

For the end of Wimbledon, he has Mars trine his natal Mercury (quick mental reactions and good co-ordination), Mars trine his natal Neptune (spiritual fire), Uranus still exactly trine his natal Mercury but waning, Uranus still square his natal Mars but closer, Pluto still on his natal Uranus but waning, and Uranus still trine his natal Neptune but closer.

A reasonable mix of transits.

No. 9 Alex de Minaur

Tomorrow he plays Arthur Fils.  I have written about Alex de Minaur:

De Minaur is an Aquarian, with the speed and agility of a close trine between Mercury and Mars, and the unpredictability of Mars square Uranus.  He has no Earth planets, which may make him ungrounded at times.”

Tomorrow he has Jupiter square his natal Mercury (mental enthusiasm but may sometimes overreach himself; this can produce unforced errors), Pluto sextile his natal Jupiter (that is powerful, and good for self-belief), but with Jupiter opposite his natal Pluto again he could over-reach himself, and produce drama; finally the North Node trine his natal Pluto gives him a strong karmic brief to stand or fall by.

Transits for the End of Wimbledon: Mars will be sextile his natal Venus (personally heartwarming, but that may be in another aspect of his life), Pluto still sextile his natal Jupiter but closer and more powerful; Jupiter still opposite his natal Pluto but waning, and the North Node trine his natal Pluto but closer.

There is a lot of intensity in his Wimbledon journey, but room for pitfalls.  Therefore I would not think he will be at the final.

No. 10 Grigor Dimitrov

As mentioned, Dimitrov will be playing Medvedev.  Way back, I wrote of him:

He has …interesting conjunctions in his chart: one is the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn of the early 1990s, which at the time I dubbed “the winds of change”. It enables him to deal with complexity and strong energies.”

His transits now show: Chiron square his natal Mars (prone to injury), and Saturn trine his natal Pluto (at the same time, great strength!).  Not a remarkable set of transits.

His transits for the end of Wimbledon: Mars on his natal Sun (fresh energy), Chiron still square his natal Mars but closer and Saturn trine his natal Pluto also closer.

Not an impressive array of transits, therefore I think Medvedev will win today.

No. 12 Tommy Paul

Tommy Paul is another player whose chart I haven’t looked at before. A Taurean, he has half his planets in Earth signs (so is very grounded) and 0 planets in Air signs, so plays more instinctively than mentally.  He plays Bautista today.

He currently has: Uranus on his natal Sun (he’s having the time of his life), and Neptune sextile his natal Neptune exact to the day (spiritually at peace with himself).  But he has two tricky transits to deal with: Saturn opposite his natal Mars (heavy going at times) and Mars square his natal Jupiter (a tendency to unforced errors).  Not the best line up of transits.  But I think he will beat Bautista today.

The end of Wimbledon finds him with: Uranus still on his natal Sun even closer (he could still pull off a surprise), Saturn still opposite his natal Mars even closer, and Neptune still sextile his natal.  I wouldn’t completely rule him out.

Of these four, I think Medvedev has the best prospects to win, but again will go with last week’s suggestion that Alcaraz will win.


Friday’s election results truly did constitute a new beginning.  With the New Moon in Cancer (the sign of the divine feminine) – we were presented with a new cabinet dominated by women, the chance for women to have a voice.

Tomorrow (Monday 8th) we have a sextile between Venus and Uranus.  There may be a social sparkle somewhere in your life, even if only on social media.  It’s a good day, for the most part, for socializing and meeting new people.  Meetings are significant with the combination of Venus and Uranus, and sometimes they can be strange and spooky with an air of serendipity.  And in the context of the new cabinet, it is a chance for females to innovate.

Two more aspects to go, for tomorrow: Mercury sextiles Jupiter, indicating a high note!  Some good news may be possible. This aspect favours communication, sales and travel.  Higher learning is also a benefit –  this may be encouraging to students anticipating upcoming exam results.  It’s a good time to practice any new language skills, too.  In the context of the new government, it is a time to forge good connections with business.  It will also benefit small businesses.

A more karmic aspect also takes place tomorrow: that of Mercury trine the North Node.  This ensures that information and communication are accurate and karmically relevant.  If you have something important to say, do it.

Skipping to Wednesday (9th) we are greeted with another sextile, that between Jupiter and the North Node.  If you feel it’s time your ship came in karmically, you could indeed reap some rewards.  Unless you have really stretched  the rules of the Universe, you should experience the positive end of karma.  There may even be some good news on the international scene (for a change).

Thursday (11th) brings us a trine between the Sun and Saturn.  This enables the re-establishment of a foothold on reality, if that is what you might need.  It is a solid and productive aspect.  If you are engaged in creativity, it can help ensure that it works on a practical level.  It is also a good aspect for making plans and laying foundations, and counting your chickens.

By late lunchtime, Venus trines Neptune, which is a beautiful aspect from a social point of view, enabling spiritual links with people.  Artistically or musically, you can achieve inspirational heights.

Early tea time Venus enters Leo), which is a summery vibe.   You can afford to be bold in seeking entertainment today, e.g. in a summer break.  Alternatively express some rich creativity, dine out, or polish up your performance skills…just a few suggestions!

Friday (12th) has an altogether more sober aspect: that of Pluto opposing Venus.  You’ll have to be patient if you are holidaying, for that summery vibe to fully manifest.  All Venusian matters (love, relationships, art, music, gardening and money) are put under a thorough psychological searchlight.  You could hear (or utter) phrases such as “Are you absolutely sure?”, “Is it Art?”, “Can we go on like this?”, “Climate change is playing havoc with my gardening” and “Money’s too tight to mention”.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – social sparkle; good for business; good information karma
  • Wednesday – good karma
  • Thursday – establishing foundations; artistic inspiration; here comes summer!
  • Friday – where has summer gone?; dig deep psychologically (to find your inner summer)


Aspects for the week beginning 30 June 2024

Wimbledon 2024

Here we are again, Wimbledon season!  I am looking at the top four women’s and men’s Seeds, while fully aware that my attempts to cover Roland Garros were unsuccessful.  I tended to pick the underdog players, but that tournament went with the top Seeds.  However, I learned a lot from that, and am getting back on the horse so to speak.  In contrast, at Queens, later in the month, Seeds were capable of being ousted, as often happens at Wimbledon.

Women’s Seeds

No 1. Iga Swiatek

Geminian Iga Swiatek beat Jasmine Paolini in the final at Roland Garros earlier this month.  With less than convincing final transits, and with Paolini’s sparkling transits, that illustrated to me that a seasoned winner has more astrological muscle to overcome difficult aspects. Uranus was square to Swiatek’s Uranus, while Neptune squared her natal Mercury. For Paolini, her transits were sparkling because it was a career high for her.  I will bear this lesson in mind, going forward.

A fun fact: after winning at Roland Garros in the intervening time, Swiatek attended a Taylor Swift concert.  She reported that afterwards “Three days after [the concert] I was so excited I couldn’t sleep”.  A warning note for insomniacs.

At the beginning of Wimbledon, Swiatek has Jupiter trine her natal Neptune (faith in herself), Saturn square her natal Jupiter (slightly muted enthusiasm) and still has Uranus square her natal Uranus (which, though unpredictable, is a transit under which she won a major tournament).

By the end of Wimbledon, she will have Mars square her natal Uranus exact on the day (a possibility of injury) and Neptune square her natal Mercury.  Not a wonderful set of transits, but she is having a good year so far.

No 2. Coco Gauff

Piscean Coco Gauff was one of those eliminated in the first round of Wimbledon last year.  She seems to have a particular problem in regard to Swiatek, in that Swiatek has beaten her in 11 out of 12 matches.  This is because in their synastry, Swiatek pulls rank (literally) in astrological terms: Swiatek’s Neptune squares Gauff’s Venus, Swiatek’s Uranus squares Gauff’s Mars, and Swiatek’s Pluto sextiles Gauff’s Neptune.

At the beginning of Wimbledon, Gauff has Pluto sextile her natal Mercury (powerful mind) and Uranus on her Mars (electrifying, or prone to injury).  She plays Virgoan Caroline Dolehide, and I think she will have an easy win.

However, by the end of Wimbledon, her main transit is a Mars Return, which, although energizing, does not look like a cup winning transit.

No 3. Aryna Sabalenka

I wrote about Taurean Sabalenka (born 5 May 1998) back in 2021:Mars exactly opposite Chiron forming a square with Uranus may make her prone to injury.”  She has declared that this Wimbledon she is not 100% match fit, and in the Observer this morning Simon Camber has written:

“What might help Swiatek is that her two biggest rivals over the past year, Aryna Sabalenka and Rybakina, have serious doubts regarding their health and fitness.  Sabalenka, the Australian Open champion, pulled out of the warm-up event in Berlin with a “teres major” shoulder injury that she says is causing her pain when serving.”

She has two major transits from Pluto at the beginning of Wimbledon: Pluto sextile her natal Venus (deep personal meaning) and Pluto on her natal Neptune (deep psychological challenges).  These can be triumphant if overcome, but the tennis court may not be the best arena to work through them.  That said, her astrological showing at the end of Wimbledon is even less impactful tenniswise (Venus trine Venus – some satisfaction in her private life).

No. 4.  Elena Rybakina

Another Geminian, Rybakina has in her birth chart a triple conjunction opposed to Uranus, so there tends to be a great deal of disruption in her life.  Simon Camber reports:

“Rybakina has pulled out of several events in the past few months because of illness and goes into the event cold, having withdrawn from Eastbourne last week”, and this does not sound promising.

Her transits at the beginning of Wimbledon show North Node trine natal Venus (some gentle karma) but Mars square natal Uranus (at the same time a possibly injury prone start.  However, should she overcome the Mars transit, she has a splendid transit at the end of Wimbledon in the shape of Jupiter exactly sextile Venus to the day, with that supportive North Node transit still in place.  That could be a clincher.  She could be one to watch if she survives the first week.

Of these four women, I think Iga Swiatek will do well, but the astrology favours Rybakina if she has the stamina.

Men’s Seeds

No. 1 Jannik Sinner

The highest-ranked Italian singles player in history, Leonian Jannik Sinner follows a healthy diet, lives in Monaco, and is a Formula 1 fan.

He did not make the final of Roland Garros, despite reasonable transits from Chiron and Pluto.  However, his astrological support at the Wimbledon tournament is sparse: Saturn square his Mars both at the beginning and at the end, which could be disappointing.  But I have just found his birth time which gives a little more information.  He has a Gemini Ascendant, with Mars/Pluto opposite his Ascendant, giving rise to his red hair colour.  For the beginning, he has a Venus Return, which is more encouraging, plus two transits to his Ascendant (a square from Jupiter, which may not be a bad thing) and Neptune trine his Ascendant exact to the day (spiritually encouraging).  However, by the end there is just the square from Saturn left.  On this information, I would say he probably would not make the final.

No. 2 Novak Djokovic

As I noted during Roland Garros, Djokovic injured his knee, with a transit of Saturn forming a T-square to his natal opposition of Saturn and Chiron, tearing his medial meniscus.  Knees are represented by Saturn, and Chiron represents injury or wounding.  The astrology was clear on that!

Andy Murray was born within a week of Djokovic in the same year (1987),  either side of the Taurus/Gemini cusp (Andy/Novak).  Saturn has been squaring that opposition they have between Chiron and Saturn, giving injuries necessitating recent operations.  The positions of the planets occur in different House positions in their charts, and they have different injuries.  But though they have both had recent surgery, as I go to press they are both willing to risk another throw of the Wimbledon dice.

At the beginning of Wimbledon, Djokovic has: Neptune sextile his natal Sun (being more sensitive to his own needs),  Pluto trine natal Sun (making a renaissance) and Saturn square his Saturn (still having a weakness there in the knees).

At the end of Wimbledon, he has Mercury sextile his natal Mercury (mental acuity).  But he will still have Neptune sextile his natal Sun and  Pluto trine natal Sun; Saturn still squares his Saturn (strain still on his knee) and Neptune squares his Mars.  This suggests his knee may prevent him from winning Wimbledon, even if he makes it to the final.

No. 3 Carlos Alcaraz

Taurean Carlos Alcaraz (born 5 May 2003) notably won Roland Garros, so is on good form this summer.  His winning transits were:- Jupiter square his natal Uranus, Saturn square his natal Pluto, Saturn sextile his natal Chiron and  Neptune sextile his North Node – a respectable set of transits.

Lookin at his transits now, at the beginning of Wimbledon, he has Jupiter trine his natal Mars (an enthusiastic beginning), but Saturn is still square his natal Pluto and although he won under that transit, it is closer or tighter than it was.

By the end of Wimbledon, Mercury will be square his Mercury (he may be slightly mentaly rattled by something), Jupiter will be close to a sextile with natal Jupiter (that is favourable to success), the North Node will be closely trine Jupiter (karma will be helpful), and Saturn will still be square Pluto, but waning.  So he could finish Wimbledon stronger than at the beginning or in the middle (in other words, there may be some notable challenges and challengers along the way).

No. 4 Alexander Zverev

Taurean Alexander Zverev came second at Roland Garros, so should be a contender for the Wimbledon title.  I did think he might win there.  At the final, he had Mars on his natal Sun and square his Neptune, and mars opposite his natal Chiron, with Neptune sextile his Neptune (in tune with himself spiritually)..

How have the planets moved on for him for the start of Wimbledon?  Pluto squares his natal  Sun (a huge challenge),  Mars trine his Mars (good energy), Jupiter trine his Uranus (luck and surprise on his side) and Neptune still exactly sextile his Neptune, and exact to the day.  He loses some of that get up and go by the end of Wimbledon, but still retains Pluto square his Sun (even closer and tighter for the enormity of challenge) and Neptune still exactly sextile his Neptune.

I wouldn’t rule him out as a winner on this basis, and think he could at least reach the semi-finals.

So of the four men, the strongest seems likely to be Alcaraz.

My two picks therefore at this time, are Rybakina and Alcaraz.

Fun fact: of these 8 top seeds, three are Gemini and three Taurus (of which two were born on 5th May).

I will try and post material under comments during the week, and write about the next eight Seeds next Sunday.

Those of you who enjoy Wimbledon, have a good time.  Remember strawberries are a recommended fruit for diabetics!


In the early hours of this morning, Mercury was sextile with Uranus.  This is a is a sparky way to begin the week, and  may feel like a breath of fresh air. Telepathy, intuition and the power of surprise are benefits of this aspect.  This aspect can amaze you and help you find that “wow” factor, or unusual ways of articulating your message.

On to Tuesday (2nd July already), where we have Neptune Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde,  and representing some retracing of steps on our spiritual path.  It has been direct since December last year, so you may have been inspired at that time by a new spiritual area opening up. Now is the time to consolidate on what you have learned, put it into practice, and walk your talk.  Neptune goes direct again this December.  This retrograde turn may re-emphasize issues related to the ocean, and ongoing mysteries.

Also on Tuesday, and just before Noon, Mercury will be trine Neptune, and things may fall into place spiritually, with some higher insight. This may result in an increased readiness to talk about a sensitive subject.  This trine brings mental inspiration, transcendent wisdom, higher harmony, spiritual journeys.  A kind astrological note.

At lunchtime, Mercury will enter Leo.  This placement favours applying the mind to ways of finding leisure and enjoyment in this holiday season.   Find novel ways to do so.  Take up a new hobby!

As if that was not enough for one day,  the Sun also squares the Nodal Axis on Tuesday, which may bring power issues within groups to the fore.  The positioning of the Nodal Axis will ensure karmic justice within the structure of projects and power balances, though there may be a few personality clashes.  You may need to glimpse a more multi-dimensional picture than just the here and now.

Mid-week Wednesday gives us an early hours of the morning trine between Venus and Saturn.  This brings hope, of people coming together with more commitment and loyalty, on the brink of the UK General Election.  Venus can provide a softening role to a hard line stance.  It is conciliatory, which may be just what is needed.  Relationships may need serious resolving, and this aspect can help, whether on a personal level, or between nations.

But at breakfast-time jitters re-surface, represented by Pluto opposing Mercury.  This means there may be a real danger involved in travelling if you don’t have to.  Watch your mental processes carefully, and be mindful in conversation.  Something could appear to be a minor snag on the surface, but may give you pause for deeper thought, leading to more psychological awareness.  Don’t skirt over it.  Examine the issue carefully, and the resulting insight could be a gift.

Friday (5th) of course brings the result of the election, and Mars sextile Saturn would be wholly fitting for the need of careful change.  This aspect enables us to harness energy constructively, and feel our way with any new energy that arises.  Mars sextile Saturn is a useful aspect on a practical level, and you may feel you have achieved something by the end of the day.  It helps to stabilize and firm up any plans, foundations or active projects you are currently undertaking.

Late evening affords us a New Moon at 14 degrees Cancer.  Could that be the new beginning we are looking for?  Do remember your New Moon intentions.  It’s a pure and simple chance to get back to basics with our home, family, roots, locality, emotions and ancestry.  Where it falls in your chart can give you extra clues about placing your intentionality, your hopes and wishes.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mental sparks
  • Tuesday – spiritual reorientation; higher insight; mental delight; karmic power issues
  • Wednesday – loyalty; mental strain
  • Friday – careful change; new beginning

Aspects for the week beginning 23 June 2024

Euros 2024

I thought I would take a look at the Captains of the top four team favorites in the Euros football contest.  France is first, with the odds of 4/1; England is second, also with the odds of 4/1; Germany is third, with the odds of 5/1; and Portugal is 4th, with the odds of 13/2.

France. 4/1

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is the Captain for the French team, and currently one of the most admired players in the world.  We have his birth time, because on the continent these things are recorded at birth.

He has the Sun in Sagittarius  (a sporty sign) loosely square Jupiter (a sporty planet).  He also has the Sun closely trine Saturn, so he has a good measure of control, to counteract the Jupiterian over-enthusiasm.  His Sun trines the North Node, which is one sign of a Leader, especially in terms of  a karmic mission.  The North Node is in Leo, another sporty sign.  Mars (football) is rising, only three degrees away from his Ascendant.  Mars, the planet of football, also squares his natal Midheaven (Careerpoint) emphasizing the nature of his career.  So all that is a sound basis for a successful sportsman of itself.

Sadly, on Monday 17th, he suffered a broken nose in the match against Austria.  At time of writing, it is uncertain whether he will return to the tournament immediately or at all, but he is hopeful that a mask is being built for him, so that he can return to the fray.  The transit which indicated that injury was Uranus (the planet of accidents) exactly squaring his Nodal Axis, showing disruption and possible karmic implications.

At the time of the final on 14th July, there are mixed transits for him: Mars square his Nodal Axis (possible repercussions from injury),  Jupiter trine his natal Uranus (he could surprise everyone), Neptune sextile his Neptune (at one with himself spiritually), Neptune trine his Chiron (healing on a spiritual level) and Pluto on his natal Neptune (deep growth, but not easy in nature).

England. 4/1

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is our Captain, but I will also look at the transits for our Manager, Gareth Southgate.  I wrote a blog about Harry Kane when he moved to Bayern Munich:

“Harry has the Sun in Leo, a good placing for a star sportsman, with the limelight of being a striker.  His Sun sextiles Jupiter, a sporting planet which may at times have brought him luck.  He would certainly be regarded as a lucky mascot.  The Sun trines the North Node, which gives him a karmic mission of leadership.  He has Mercury sextile Mars, acute co-ordination and quick reflexes.  This is beginning to sound like a textbook sportsman!  The early 1990s conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, which gives a capacity to work with complexity, is exact in his chart, at 19 degrees.  This conjunction opposes his Mercury, so he would always have a lot going on mentally, and will have learned to process complex scenarios.  His Mercury also has a powerful trine with Pluto, making him a master psychologist and a deep thinker.  Venus trines Saturn in his chart, a sign of great loyalty – well he has stayed with Spurs for 14 years.  Venus also sextiles Chiron, which gives a special skill in handling people wounded physically or emotionally.  Mars is closely trine Uranus, showing an electrical quality to his energy.  Mars also closely trines Neptune (sensitive action) and sextiles Pluto (a powerhouse of energy).  Jupiter sextile his North Node is a favourable sign of karmic rewards.  If this sounds like the absolute perfect chart for a human, let alone a footballer, he does have a problematic Fixed T-square between Pluto and an opposition of Saturn and Chiron.  Negotiating that in his life, may have helped him negotiate the high pressure life of premier league football, but when the larger planets transit those points he may get caught up in wider controversies.”

He currently has Jupiter sextile his natal Sun (having a good tournament), with Saturn  trine his natal Mercury and Uranus/Neptune. So far so good.

At the time of the final, Kane will have Mars square his natal Chiron, Saturn still trine his natal Mercury and Saturn sextile his natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction.  These are transits necessitating care.

Are Gareth Southgate’s transits more definitive?  He will have Jupiter exactly square his natal Sun (joyful), and Uranus trine his natal Mercury and Pluto (upbeat).

Germany. 5/1  

Ilkay Gündogan

The Captain for Germany, Ilkay Gundogan, has the Sun in Scorpio. with an amiable triple conjunction of the Sun with Mercury and Venus.  He would make a good negotiator.  He has Mars sextile Jupiter (energy harmoniously aligned with enthusiasm) and Jupiter square Pluto (a love of power, so happy in a commanding role).  He is known for his vision, athleticism and leadership.

Germany, of course, have got off to a flying start.  His current transits include Pluto squaring his natal Sun (enormous pressure), the Nodal Axis trine his natal Jupiter (karmic rewards), Saturn sextile his Saturn (steadiness) and the Nodal Axis square his Neptune (some confusion).

For the Final, he will have the South Node on his Venus (karmic relationships), Jupiter sextile his natal Jupiter (continued good luck), Saturn still sextile his Saturn (steadiness), Uranus sextile his natal Chiron (surprising resilience), but Pluto still square his natal Sun.  That looks pretty good for him and his team.

Portugal. 13/2

Cristiano Ronaldo

I have also written a blog about Ronaldo in the past, so can say about his birth chart:

“Ronaldo was born on a Full Moon, and characters born under this placing tend to elicit strong feelings from others.  He has the Sun in Aquarius exactly sextile Uranus, giving him mental brilliance and a strong essence of Aquarius.  With the Moon in Leo, he has flair, but wants to dominate emotionally.  In his chart Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, giving him mental success and a very positive mental attitude.  He also has a problem-solving Mercury trine Chiron.  Venus squares the Ascendant exactly, which can demonstrate vanity.  Mars in Aries sextiles Jupiter, which is a driven energy combined with enthusiasm: his special talent is goal scoring.  The Mars trine Saturn he has is useful for precision in activity.  His Jupiter square Pluto loves (and sometimes misuses) power.  There is a strong generally evasive streak, with Neptune exactly conjunct the Ascendant, plus Venus/Mars exactly square to Neptune.  Venus exactly square Neptune would exactly describe tax evasion, although he has denied evading tax.”

His current astrological form shows: Jupiter trine his Mercury (good co-ordination), Pluto sextile his natal Mars (has a powerhouse of energy at his disposal) and Neptune sextile his natal Jupiter (keeping up the faith).  These are very favourable transits.

At the final, he still has two of those excellent transits: Neptune sextile his natal Jupiter, and Pluto sextile his natal Mars.  He should do well.

Of the four, Ronaldo for Portugal has the most unequivocably favourable transits, for both now and the Final.  But there is a limited amount which can be told from just the  Captains (so many other factors to consider), so I may return to look at more later in the contest.


Slim pickings this week in terms of aspects, with only three features (two aspects and a retrograde), so savour each one…!

Both the aspects are favourable ones, however, so you may be able to gain ground this week.    The first occurs on Wednesday 26th, in the shape of Mercury trine Saturn, which combines mental work with practicality, and brings focus and realism to the mental activities.  So it is a good day for making plans.  Serious conversations can also safely take place under this aspect.  Be clear and methodical.  Apply your mind to exacting tasks and documentation which may be outstanding.  It favours list-making, planning, and productivity.

The second aspect takes place on Saturday (29th), and it is a sextile between Venus and Mars.  This aspect is given over to pleasure and  indulgence, and maybe romance is also on the cards.  Art will have vigour, and movement will have artistry or elegance under this influence.  Social plans should flourish. This is an altogether relaxing and indulgent prospect.

Saturday evening sees Saturn Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde, so the planet will be grinding to a halt, before reorienting itself.  Turning inward for contemplation is one of the requirements of a retrograde period.  That entails going through a period of revision: often with Saturn, it is a lesson all about patience and timing, and one of those lessons is that you can’t rush things.  Saturn is the Lord of Time, who reminds us that All Things Must Pass.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – mental practicality
  • Saturday – sensuality; introspection

Aspects for the week beginning 16 June 2024

Wes Streeting

“One Boy, Two Bills and a Fry Up” – Hodder & Stoughton 2023

This is a blog about the Shadow Health Secretary, who in a few weeks’ time may become the actual Health Secretary.  I was given his autobiography for Christmas, and recently got round to reading it.  It impressed me in various ways, so this is also a book review.

Birth Chart

Wes’ book is an astrologer’s dream, because he gives all the birth dates of his family, and intimates one or two birth times as well.  On his birth, he wrote:

“Just before lunchtime, the nurses came in en masse like an SAS squad mounting a rescue with the same bedside manner.”

From that, I have given him a Gemini Ascendant to his Aquarian Sun and Aries Moon.

Wes has the Sun square Saturn/Pluto, which can indicate a difficult childhood.  It would certainly indicate significant struggles in life, of which he has had plenty.  People may wonder why he has written an autobiography so early in life, but he was persuaded to by Tom Perrin, an Editor at Hodder & Stoughton, and encouraged by Jess Phillips (one of my favourite politicians) and it seems he did have much to relate.

His Moon in Aries has emotional directness, but is trine Neptune, adding sensitivity.  Looking at his childhood experiences, this sensitivity laid him open to suffering but at the same time helped him understand and accommodate some of his harsh experiences.

Venus conjunct his Midheaven in Aquarius in 8th House means that he puts a lot of love into his career choices, but a square between Venus and Chiron may be the source of his kidney health weakness, as Venus represents the kidneys.  He was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2021, a story he begins with in his book.

Mars closely square Jupiter/Uranus gives a keen enthusiasm allied with electrical energy, which he is able to direct through his trine between Mars and Saturn.  Mars trine Pluto provides a powerhouse of energy.  Two Archetypes pop up: The Warrior (Mars trine the North Node), which goes well with the Sun in Aquarius rabble-rouser; and Jupiter conjunct Uranus, The Entrepreneur.  His exceptionally difficult childhood (on a par with Alan Johnson’s in his book “This Boy”) can be seen in the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, as alluded to earlier.

Life and Career

Wes was born and brought up in Stepney, to two teenagers, who separated early in his life.  Decoding the title of his autobiography “One Boy, Two Bills and a Fry Up” the two Bils were his grandfathers (as different as chalk and cheese).  It should be said that the female members of the family were strong characters, although they are omitted from the title.  The Fry Up describes a story which meant the difference between being born, or not.  I don’t want this blog/book review to be too much of a spoiler, in case you should choose to read the book!

On reviewing the book, Rachel Cooke of the Guardian commented that it was: “both a little bit boring and unexpectedly fascinating…But on the other hand, it’s also transfixing, albeit in a way I struggle fully to explain.”  I know exactly what she means.  The first half of the book details every family member going back at least two generations.  If you are not interested in people, you might find it boring (Anyone who has tackled my first two novels, will realize I enjoy a bit of boredom).  But if you skipped all the family stuff, you wouldn’t realize just how excruciating his experiences in a life of poverty were, and how he reacted with love for his family every step of the way: admiration for his single mum, and fondness for his mother’s father who spent much time in jail, for instance.  In addition, you were able to see that however dire and disrupted his childhood, there were guardian angel figures who appeared along the way, often in the guise of schoolteachers, who looked out for him and tried to guide him into his best future.  Perhaps these are evidence for pre-natal contracts (I write as a past life therapist).  His closest ally was his father’s father, one of the Bills, who was a staunch Christian, a Virgoan, and who informed many of Wes’ values growing up: “For me, and for dad, he was the rock upon which our family was built and the single biggest influence on my life to this day”.  It was a sad day, when he passed away.  That Wes had the ability to negotiate his way through such a start is, astrologically I feel, down to a Water Grand Trine between Saturn/Pluto, Mars and the North Node.

He went to the Westminster City School for his secondary education, followed by Selwyn College Cambridge in his further education, in a miraculous path from his deprivation (helped along by the right teacher at the right time).  He studied History at University, but got involved with politics and became President of the National Union of  Students.  He worked for Stonewall on leaving University, but took his time to come out of the closet with his parents (having thought his sexuality was at odds with his religion).  That story was one of the most moving in the book.

He became a Labour councillor in Redbridge in July 2010, and became elected Member of Parliament for Ilford North in 2015.  In 2016 he campaigned for remaining in the EU, and later for a People’s Vote.  He was a critic of Jeremy Corbyn, and works on anti-semitism and also against Islamophobia.  In an interview last year, he stated:

“One of the great things about my job as the MP for Ilford North on the London–Essex border is, I’ve got such a diverse constituency in terms of not just ethnicity, but religion. I’ve got a really big Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh community. We’ve got – not so much in my constituency – but in Redbridge as a whole, we’ve got a Zoroastrian community.”

When Keir Starmer became Leader of the Labour Party, Wes was appointed to various positions in the shadow cabinet, including Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the Treasurer, Shadow Minister for Schools.  In November 2021 he was promoted to Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

It seems to be an area close to his heart, especially as he was diagnosed early that year with kidney cancer, and underwent surgery for this.  The cancer was caught early, and on 27th July 2021 he announced that he had been declared cancer-free.  Mars was trine his natal Neptune in Sagittarius in the 7th House (recovery), Jupiter was trine his natal Pluto in Libra in 5th House (another chance at life), and Neptune sextile his natal Chiron (a health correction).

Health Policies

In an interview with the Guardian in April, Wes defended Labour plans to use the private sector to help cut the waiting lists in the NHS, and emphasized that the NHS would not be privatised.

The Labour manifesto, which was issued this week, follows this line, pledging to cut NHS waiting times with 40,000 more appointments every week, and “use spare capacity in the independent sector to ensure patients are diagnosed and treated more quickly”, among many other features.

Election Date

How does 4th July look for Wes Streeting?  His partner Joe Dancey is, incidentally, also standing, for Stockton West, but we have no birth date for him.

Wes’ transits show:

Jupiter square his natal Mars in Pisces in 9th House (high energy; it is a square he has natally)

Saturn sextile his natal Mercury in Capricorn (Politics) in 8th House (serious intent)

Saturn square his natal Ascendant in Pisces on 10th House cusp (serious political responsibility, Pisces rules hospitals)

Pluto exactly on his Sun in Libra in his 5th House, as serious as it gets.

If he gets to be Health Secretary, he will hit the ground running, from these transits.

Another reviewer of the book, Jason Cowley of The Sunday Times, credits Wes with “emotional intelligence”.  For me, the value of reading his story is to know what makes him tick, what shaped him, and to see the sincerity of his political aspirations.  But for all his earnestness, he does have a good sense of humour, which often emerges in his interviews.  I will leave you to guess which parts of the book had me in tears.

“And for me, the sorts of things that really motivate me, are a deep commitment to tackling inequality and injustice in our society.”

~ Wes Streeting


There are three squares to Neptune this week, so the week may carry an air of surrealism or illusion.  Be alert to that.

Tomorrow (Monday 17th) brings us five features of note, and therefore I am resorting to a timetable, to help you navigate these:

3.46 a.m. – Venus square Neptune, the first of the Neptunian aspects, so a time when you may become aware of this feature of the week.  As it is sleep time in the U.K. you may receive impressions through your dreams which point to its meaning for you.  It could be could be socially confusing.  You may get paranoid about how other people are voting, for instance!  There may be a a sense of intrigue, involving relationship or money.  Maybe another political scandal…You need to look behind the illusion.  There could be uncertainty in the Arts or the world of Music.  You could experience frustrating flaws in creative works. Tread softly.

6.20 a.m. – Venus enters Cancer – We place our love on the home and family, and appreciate our locality.  We need to be conscious about our emotional boundaries during this period (to 11th July).  Find novel ways of cherishing the home and family.

7.41 a.m. – Mercury square Neptunethe second in this Neptunian wave: a challenging aspect to deal with. Perhaps you are grappling with a mystery in your life, such as why you have a leak somewhere.  Some undefinable snag may be nagging at you.  If so, allow your subconscious to bring it up in its own time, but don’t shut up shop until you have identified the rum note.  Then you can deal with it, move on and let it go.  There may be an emphasis in the news on the issue of boat people trying to cross the channel, or blustery weather.

9.07 a.m. – Mercury enters Cancer – The collective mind will be more able to encompass emotion when considering an argument.  Mercury will be staying in Cancer until 2nd July (it’s a short and quickfire stay), so we have to get with the programme.  Family matters are under the mental microscope throughout Mercury in Cancer, and examining our emotions about our roots.  Under this transit, you have to take emotions into account when making a rational judgement.

12.43 Hrs – Mercury conjunct Venus – this takes place at 0 degrees Cancer.  It may enable some of that sunburst of ideas to be communicated, discussed, and start the ball rolling towards making practical use of what has come to you.  This conjunction is ideal for socializing, conversation, artistic or literary endeavours, or negotiations.  Your communications will have an artistic flair, so it’s a good time to get creative.  I associate this conjunction with Cafe culture, but it has come to my notice that some people prefer pubs, so a pint may be more suitable in that case.  Conversation will flow just as easily…

Thursday (20th) brings the third of the Neptunian squares, the Sun involved this time.  By now, you might be becoming wise to the smoke and mirrors of this process.  “.  There are new considerations and issues arising, more sensitivity to consider.  You may be feeling a little confused, lost, or even  dizzy.  If you are on a journey, take a moment to stop and reflect, over coffee at a service station on the motorway for instance.  It’s a good moment to surrender to the divine, and ask what you are supposed to be learning from the experience, seeking out where the illusion lies.

In the political arena, there is a Question Time special in the evening, featuring party leaders.  We have hustings, locally.  Politicians lying is very much a Sun square Neptune province, and so is seeing through that.

In the evening, the Sun enters Cancer (the third ingress of the week): this is the Summer Solstice, the entry of the Sun into the sign of Cancer.  Smell the roses, and celebrate the moment of maximum light.  Many people will enjoy the benefits of nature, and hopefully the weather will allow us to make the most of it.  I run down the same road every day, but there are always changes to observe in the gardens and grass verges!  On long drives now, it is heartening to observe the wilding that is being allowed everywhere, flowers blossoming freely.

Mercury sextiles Mars on Friday (21st) which may bring about brisk action.  You may receive ideas to implement into your day.  Your mental reactions may be heightened, and this can lead to enhanced productivity.

The week ends with the crescendo of a Full Moon at 1 degree Capricorn, on Saturday (22nd), although you may feel the crescendo build on Friday evening.  This Moon represents the pull between authority and individual needs.  If you feel that part of your frustration is coming from the power wielded by authorities, then this may be your Full Moon issue.  Many people are feeling angry and frustrated by the current political climate, and may need to focus on what they can do for themselves at this point in time, especially with government being in a state of flux.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – most eventful day: much illusion; love of home and family; conversation and negotiation
  • Thursday – illusion; the peak of the light
  • Friday – brisk action
  • Saturday – emotional high tide

Aspects for the week beginning 9 June 2024

Rob Burrow (1982 – 2024)

A beacon of bravery, fortitude and optimism, the rugby player Rob Burrow who died this week, aged only 41, from a long illness of Motor Neurone Disease, was regarded as a hero who raised the profile of the disease and did much for the charity which needed to find something of a cure for the disease.  Rugby matches  honoured him in tribute yesterday on the field.

Birth Chart

With half his planets (5) in the Cardinal signs, he is marked out as a leader.  His Sun was in the sign of Libra, signifying balance.  The Sun in his chart was closely sextile to a conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Sagittarius, displaying that high-powered electrical energy and speed which had him flying fast-paced across the rugby field out of reach of his opponents.  The conjunction itself throwing up the Archetypes of The Warrior and The Rebel.  Having the Moon trine Venus meant he got on well with women – he started out life with two older sisters, to practice on.  His ruling planet Venus (from his Sun sign; we do not have a birth time or Ascendant) was closely square to Neptune, which could have been linked with the disease of his later years.  Jupiter closely trine the North Node points to a karmic mission as an athlete, an inspirer of positivity, and his ability to show that ever ready Smile – which never wavered, no matter what.  Saturn conjunct Pluto, a feature of his birth year 1982, may be responsible for difficult circumstances; it is not known what House this falls in, but possibly in the House of Health (6th).

Life and Career

Rob Burrow was born in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.  His father was a trade union branch secretary.  By the age of seven, it was clear that he had a boisterous excess energy, and to manage that, his parents took him to rugby training.  At the age of 17 he joined the Leeds Rhinos, playing in the positions of scrum-half and hooker.  In adulthood, he was short in stature, estimated to be 5 ft 5 in., nicknamed the “Mighty Atom”, and for many years was the smallest player in the Super League.  He played his first final in 2003, but sustained a concussion on that occasion.  All his professional career was spent with Leeds Rhinos, but he also played internationally.  In 2007 he was named Leeds Rhinos Player of the Year.  He announced his retirement in 2017.  In that year, his progressed Sun was trine his North Node, his karmic mission, in  Cancer.  He had fulfilled the first part of his karmic mission.  His last match was the Super League Grand Final of 2017.

Motor Neurone Disease

He was diagnosed with the disease, which still has no known cure, in December 2019, announcing his diagnosis on the 19th of that month.  At the time,  he had two transiting squares: Jupiter square his natal Sun, and Pluto square his natal Saturn.

His reaction to the diagnosis was typical of his fighting spirit and positivity:

“As an athlete you are used to injury, and then you recover and carry on as before.  With MND I couldn’t do that.  But I did decide immediately that, like an athlete, I would tackle the challenge head-on and carry on competing  like I had before.”

Together with his fellow team mate Kevin Sinfeld, he set about raising the profile of the disease.  In 2021, he published an autobiography “Too Many Reasons to Live” (which won an award), and in 2022, he made a documentary “Living with MND”, which also won an award.

In his karmic mission, he exchanged his ability to inspire on the rugby field to his ability to inspire as a human being in the face of adversity.

He played one extra match in 2019, a month after he announced his diagnosis.  In 2021 he was awarded an MBE.

Money was raised to create The Rob Burrow Centre for Motor Neurone Disease in Leeds, which he helped to design.  Amazingly, work started on the building on the actual morning after his death, an event which had been planned ahead.

Kevin Sinfield

Team Captain of Leeds Rhinos Kevin Sinfeld played an extraordinary part in supporting Rob and helping raise awareness of the condition.  He has run several marathons for the cause.  Their compatibility reveals a great personal closeness:

Sinfeld’s Mercury conjunct Burrow’s Sun (a mutual understanding); Sinfeld’s Mercury sextile Burrow’s Mars (a close working relationship); Sinfeld’s Venus trine Burrow’s Mars (a closeness and warmth between them); Sinfeld’s Mars trine Burrow North Node (a soul contract for Sinfeld to work on Burrow’s behalf) and Sinfeld’s Uranus sextile Burrow’s Venus (their ability to magnetize people’s affection, and money).

£15m has been raised for related charities, and the two men were awarded the CBE in 2024.  Kevin has declared that he would not stop fundraising until a cure is found.

Wife Lindsey

Rob’s wife Lindsey has received an enormous amount of praise for the way she looked after and supported him throughout these last years.  They met when they were 15, married in 2006, and had three children together.  She was an NHS Physiotherapist, a skill which must have been beneficial for his condition when she became his carer.  She has said she is “incredibly proud” of her husband and will keep his legacy alive.

An amazing man, with a joyous personality, the ability to inspire, leaving many legacies.


This morning Mars entered Taurus in the early hours.  Mars has held sway in its own sign since early May, and that energy has been very galvanizing most of the time.  But activity for its own sake has its limitations, and though Mars is not so happy in the earthbound sign of Taurus, the testing quality of this energy has its reasons and worth.  You may find yourself querying more often why you are doing something, and how to do it, e.g. working more resourcefully and more in alignment with planetary requirements.  As Taurus rules the Arts, an aesthetic angle or a musical rhythm may need to come into the equation, for instance.  But working on behalf of the Earth is also harmonious with this placement.

More slowing of energy happened mid-morning, with Saturn squaring the Sun.  This may have brought disappointing or deflating news,  delay or frustration.  I certainly can think of one such item, brought to our attention on Laura Kuenssberg’s Sunday morning news programme, of the tragic demise of Michael Mosley, the health guru, whose body had just been found on a Greek island.  The Sun-Saturn square is an opportunity to think through what you are doing, and your strategies.  If you are making economies, are they the right ones, based on your optimum values?

Later today Mercury sextiles the North Node, setting up a productive element to the day: the karmic wind will be beneath your wings.  Communication will be highly significant and imbued with meaning, though subject to differing interpretations according to belief.  Some solutions can be found: today.

Moving on to Tuesday (11th), we find Venus sextile Chiron, a congenial and healing influence, especially for relationships.  It is a good day to combine the Arts with Healing, such as creativity which involves and brings about healing.  This is a morning aspect.

However, at lunchtime, Mars squares Pluto, which is one of the most difficult energies of the year.  It’s a volatile combination, which can give way to riots or situations which can get out of hand.  Prepare your stock of peaceful vibes beforehand so that you can send out a blast of soothing comfort wherever you go.  You may need all your conflict resolution skills.  Look to health and safety loopholes, too.

Wednesday (12th) is awkward, too, I’m afraid, with a square between Saturn and Mercury. If there are obstacles or delays in communication, you’ll know why!  Patience may be the key here (e.g. you may have to repeat yourself), and “more haste less speed” may be a useful mantra to follow.  This aspect may compound Sunday’s second (middle) aspect if you have not been able to resolve that issue.  There may be more to be learned.

More clarity is possible on Friday (14th) when the Sun conjoins Mercury at 23 degrees Gemini.  That brings a touch of sparkle to your consciousness.  It is a good day to apply your mind with concentration and focus,  make important statements, and look to the future.  You may write or speak some memorable lines.  Look out for some telepathy, too!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – ups and downs: a change of pace, some deflation, and karmic communication
  • Tuesday – congenial healing; wild clashing
  • Wednesday – awkwardness
  • Friday – clarity

Aspects for the week beginning 2 June 2024

Diane Abbott – Part 2

“Reading his [Hester’s] remarks I was upset but not surprised.  This is partly because I am hardened to racist abuse  I receive hundreds of abusive emails, phone calls and  letters monthly, and the numbers shoot up whenever I am in the media.”

~ Diane Abbott, March 2024

This is the second blog I have written about Diane Abbott (so far) this year.  The events of this week were painful for her, and for those with the interests of the Labour Party at heart.  I will recap and update, to the best of my ability.  This is a Chironic story of two wounds: one to Diane Abbott herself, and another to the Labour Party.

Birth Chart

from Blog dated 18th March:

“Diane has 6 Air planets (mentally focussed) and 5 Cardinal planets (enterprising).  She has the Sun in Libra exactly trine the Moon if she were born at Noon (we do not have a birth time for her).  The Sun in her chart is trine the North Node, so she has a strong sense of destiny.  Mercury trine Jupiter increases her open-mindedness and intellect (she was Cambridge educated).  But Mercury is squared by Uranus, so she is not afraid to be controversial, and does not feel she has to toe the party line.  Mercury conjunct Neptune means that when under stress, she can get confused.  A few years ago, she made some confused statements, and claimed it was because her type 2 diabetes had got out of control.  She also has Saturn conjunct her Mercury and Chiron square to her Mercury, complicating her mental outlook.  Jupiter closely trine Saturn gives her some degree of  balanced judgement, to compensate for this.  Jupiter trine Neptune confers a good relationship between religion and spirituality, contributing to decent moral values.”

The Beginning of the Story

In April 2023 Diane Abbott wrote in The Observer:

“Irish, Jewish and Traveller people…are not all their lives subject to racism.”

She claimed to have accidentally sent in her initial draft of the article, but the incident does reveal her thoughts on the matter.  At that point, she lost the whip, as part of the drive to eradicate anti-semitism from the Labour Party.  At the time, Mars was opposite her Chiron (a dangerous mistake, and the triggering of a wound).  Jupiter trine her natal Pluto (she overstepped the mark in expressing her truth and power).  Saturn opposed her natal Venus in Virgo (in some ways, a loss of reputation, though the Jupiter transit balances it out in terms of the loyalty also generated).  Neptune square her natal Jupiter (a delusion exposed) and Pluto on her North Node in Capricorn (karmic drama).  One can only imagine the anguish she has gone through since that time, an inordinately slow process in investigating Diane Abbot’s remarks.

The Story in March

from Blog dated 18th March:

“A shocking statement reported this week from Frank Hester a few years ago had a wave of sympathy sent Diane Abbott’s way, and political reverberations which are still ongoing.  Diane was already the MP receiving the most abuse, but this was a dangerous attack.  I have always had a certain amount of sympathy for her, based on the loyalty of her constituents, but she has received criticism of some of her statements in the past (even this morning from Theo Paphitis on Laura Kuenssberg’s programme).  And her loyalty to Jeremy Corbyn [with whom she has trined Suns] has also marginalized her politically since the purge of anti-semitism under Keir Starmer.  One of her statements was deemed to be anti-semitic and caused her to lose the whip last year, and she is still under investigation for it.”

Diane Abbott got up from her seat in the Commons 46 times to speak on her ordeal, only to be snubbed by Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, claiming there wasn’t enough time.  On that occasion, Mars was trine her natal Neptune, a wave of public sympathy towards her.

Keir Starmer

from Blog dated 18th March:

“The synastry between Keir Starmer and Diane Abbott is mixed, and if she is allowed back in the fold there is potential for them to work together (their Marses closely sextile).  The volatility is her Mars close to his Sun/Pluto conjunction in Virgo, and her Mars opposite his Jupiter.  His transits when she lost the whip were Jupiter opposite his Venus, some contention with a female; and Mars possibly opposite his Moon (we do not have his birth time), in which case, again, conflict with a female.  Although he defended her rigorously at PMQs this week, she criticized the Labour as well as the Tory party in later comments.”

With the Sun in Virgo conjunct Pluto, Keir Starmer would be invested in control.  Andy Beckett, writing yesterday in the Guardian describes him. “Starmer is a methodical person, practised at gradually getting his way through the use of rules and procedures”.  He goes on to say: “Being left in limbo for more than a year by a party she has been involved in for half a century has been intensely distressing.”

After the whip was restored to Diane last week, there remained a question about  whether she could stand as an MP for Labour.  I had written in March:

“A more predictable upturn in her affairs would occur at her Jupiter Return in Gemini around 22nd/23rd May 2025, a liberating time for her – better status, or even retirement.”

It was only a few days later, that things started to move in her political affairs, though not as straightforwardly as she would have hoped.  Her whip was restored. A public rally of support was held in Hackney, and she displayed a marked tremor as she held the microphone, but her message was clear: she stated she still wanted to stand as a Labour MP, but was being blocked by the Labour Party (from an anonymous briefing).

Her transits currently are extremely difficult, as she makes her decisions:

Mars squares her natal Uranus, which is an injury.  Chiron squares her natal Uranus, a wound.

The wounding Mars/Chiron conjunction is opposite her natal Neptune (her sensitivities over-stretched), and

Uranus squares her natal Pluto (huge  change is afoot, in her life).

In the days that followed, Keir Starmer was given ample opportunity to clear up this mess (both for himself and for Diane), but kept saying “no decision has been made”, awaiting the party’s national executive committee which would meet this week.  Keir’s thought processes over this have been unfathomable.

In this morning’s Observer, Starmer is quoted as saying:

“I’ve got more respect for Diane than she realises.”

Angela Rayner

After a few days of Keir’s refrain, Angela Rayner forced his hand by declaring that Diane Abbott was a trailblazer and she did not see why she could not stand as a Labour MP.  Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Angela is one of several impressive strong women the party has in its arsenal: Rachel Reeves, Yvette Cooper, Lisa Nandy and Jess Phillips.  A few hours later from her intervention, Keir announced that Diane could stand as an MP.

Angela Rayner’s transits around election time are pretty sparkling: Mars will be trine her Mars. Uranus will be on her Venus, Uranus Opposition to its natal position (the midlife rebellion), and Chiron trine her natal Neptune.

Faiza Shaheen

There is no birth date available for this politician, but she is part of the story as she was removed Wednesday night, for a series of 14 past tweets, including a retweet linked with Palestine. She opened her heart in an article in the Guardian yesterday, reminding people of her loyalty in campaigning for Labour over the last few years, and claiming “the Labour party has picked on the wrong party” as she vows to fight on.

Resonance with Whoopi Goldberg

Interestingly, in relation to the original issue of Diane Abbot’s remarks, the actress Whoopi Goldberg made similar remarks in January 2022, and apparently reiterated them later.  She commented on a programme called “The View” that race was not a factor in the Holocaust.  She was suspended for two weeks from the programme.

She has also remarked in the Sunday Times:  “it doesn’t change the fact that you could not tell a Jew on a street. You could find me. You couldn’t find them.”  This may be what Diane Abbott meant, but the fact remains that anti-semitism is still a problem, made worse by the destruction in Gaza.  Although the policies of the Conservatives and Labour are virtually the same in relation to a ceasefire in Gaza (which most people want), Keir Starmer has come under more fire on the subject than Rishi Sunak.


Diane Abbot’s transits for 4th July should she stand, are strong, and that would pertain even if she had taken herself out of the battle, for instance on health grounds.  Mars will be sextile her natal Jupiter (an influx of energy), Mars opposite her natal Saturn (bittersweet, either way), Uranus still square to her natal Pluto (big changes still under way) and Neptune sextile her natal North Node (approaching peace in her soul).  The big hope is for her to be able to complete her parliamentary career with dignity.

I still fervently wish for a Labour government to be formed from the General Election on 4th July.  After fourteen years, we need change, to pull back from the brink.

“She’s a trailblazer”

~ Angela Rayner, and others…


Most of the action and meaning takes place early in the week, leaving enough to chew over for the rest of the week!

Starting with the heavenly picture tomorrow (Monday 3rd June) there is a stargazing opportunity, with six planets appearing in alignment.  Those planets are Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.  Let us hope we have the clear night skies to enjoy them, binoculars in hand.  Mars and Saturn will be the easiest to view, and the arrangement will appear diagonally across the sky.  The display will be best seen very early in the morning.

But more dramatic from an astrological point of view, in the first hour of tomorrow morning we have a trine between Jupiter and Pluto.  It occurs so early tomorrow that some of you may have felt the effects even from yesterday – mostly as benefits.  Jupiter here combines with Pluto harmoniously, and that can provide opportunities for balancing power in your own life, as well as opportunities to balance power in the world (Biden has put forward a new proposal for a ceasefire, for example).  I believe Trump’s recent court verdict is also part of the power of this trine, although we don’t yet know if it will work in his favour.  In the U.K. Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer are vying for the votes of the country.  There is therefore a step up in the quest for power, but not necessarily favouring one side over another.  There may be such a story operating in your own life. On the plus side, you may see your own path more clearly, as when Martin Luther King said he had had a glimpse from over the other side of the mountain.  It is about shaping a new world.

But that is not all that Monday has to offer: Mercury also sextiles Neptune, early in the morning.  This makes it a time of intense imagination, so it is helpful for creative dreaming in the night, and creative visualization in the day.  This aspect will assist you in refining your mindset and remaining mental clutter.  Our minds will be able to receive higher guidance more easily.  Delicate conversations and channelling will also be made easier.  If giving or receiving gifts, be open to non-material gifts.

Mercury also moves into its own sign Gemini tomorrow, at breakfast time (in the U.K.).  Mercury, representing our communication, is at home in chatty Gemini, and free to express verbally or in writing whatever comes to mind.  The communication will come thick and fast, but the consequences of the communication is another matter entirely.  You may find yourself gabbling…!  Mercury will be moving quickly, and will only be in this position until 17th June, when it will move into Cancer.

The last aspect tomorrow is the Sun sextile with the North Node: This favours and supports creative plans.  It is a good day to settle on your direction in life, or for the week at least.  You may find that everything falls into place.

On Tuesday (4th) we continue a karmic (North Node) theme.  Early hours we have Venus sextile the North Node, which is ideal for smoothing over karmic issues, resolving relationship karma and easing connections. It is more about forgiveness and laying aside grievances than exacting karmic balance.  The law of karma works automatically – you don’t need to engineer it.  Your own knowledge may not be complete enough.

Early breakfast time we have a trine between Mercury and Pluto, suggesting positive outcomes to deep issues.  Mercury trine Pluto brings deep thought and psychological reflection, and earnest conversations.  Conversations could be life changing: the right word at the right time, striking home in the right place.

More lining up of planets mid-morning, with a conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter at 2 degrees Gemini, which favours journalism, learning and education, communication and good news, sales and transport.  Aside from that, there should be plenty of enjoyment and philosophical awareness around.

Lastly on Tuesday the Sun conjoins with Venus at 14 degrees Gemini.  If you are an artist or a musician, it is the day you can produce your best creative output or performance.  If neither, then love or money may be beneficiaries of this combination.

On Wednesday (5th) we have a Fixed Star alignment with our Sun, with Cursa in the constellation of Eridanus (The River).  A thought from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld:

“This star has a capacity to increase endurance and strengthen the ability to do work of a mental nature with many individuals.  Some enhancement of thinking process will take place.  Physical stamina will be enhanced where concentration or direction of the energy flows in the physical body by the mind are necessary.”

Thursday (6th) brings us a New Moon at 16 degrees Gemini.  Make the most of the new beginning afforded by this New Moon.  Clear your mind in order to make your New Moon intentions along the lines of the Geminian qualities and occupations: communication, writing, and travel.  If you know the House this falls in, you can further refine its application.  The teaching profession may be one such focus.

Coming eventually to Saturday (8th), we find Venus squaring Saturn.  Perhaps your concerns are about close relationships and money, both of which are ruled by Venus, and under constraint by Saturn.  Maybe you felt let down by someone or you disappointed yourself in some way.  Forgiveness could be a solution, in that case.  We need a great deal of patience in our human interactions, and some may be dealing with rejection or sadness.  We need to acknowledge those feelings before we can move on.  Try and look at things differently.

And last but not least, it is the birthday of chief commenter Sarah today.  Hopefully, there will be well-wishers, and she will not be left as the only commenter!

The week  in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – packed full of alignments… power and glory; intense imagination; communication flowing; creative karma
  • Tuesday – busy again…relationship karma; profound thought; good news; artistry
  • Wednesday – co-ordination of mind and body
  • Thursday – new beginning
  • Saturday – kind thoughts and forgiveness


Aspects for the week beginning 26 May 2024

Michael Gove

In a week where Rishi Sunak called a surprise General Election (on the Sun/Pluto trine), there have been more Tory MPs announcing they are standing down.  None more prominent than Michael Gove, often regarded as an Architect of the Tory Party in the last 14 years, despite two unsuccessful leadership bids.  Regarded as a great intellect, he could always be relied upon to defend the indefensible when interviewed on a Conservative controversy of the day.

Birth Chart

He has of course featured constantly in this blog, so I will draw upon some of those references.  As for his birth chart, my first reference was during a spat with Theresa May on 8/6/14:

“Michael Gove has a strong chart, and like Theresa May, has endured in a cabinet post since the Tories came to power under David Cameron in 2010.  He has never been a teacher, but has been in charge of education policy, introducing measure after measure of policies which hark back to his own childhood.  The latest of these this week is a suggestion of punishing parents for children’s misdemeanors.  I think his awareness of psychology is fairly superficial.  He has a studious chart, with 5 planets in Virgo and the Moon harmoniously placed in Taurus, so that he is secure in his own childhood memories and plays them out through trines to his Virgo planets.  He is also a warrior, with a powerful Mars in Scorpio exactly sextile Pluto.  Mars is also conjunct Neptune, so some of his warriorship is subversive, but then so is Theresa’s, with her Mars being in Pisces.”

I would add that he has over half his planets in Earth signs, making him grounded in some ways, and half his planets in the Mutable signs (able to adapt his argument to any scenario).  With Uranus closely sextile Neptune, he can deal with complexity.  But with Jupiter square Neptune he is confused and conflicted in matters of religion and spirituality.  He stated in The Spectator in April 2015:

“To call yourself a Christian in contemporary Britain is to invite pity, condescension or cool dismissal.”

Life and Career

Michael was born in Aberdeen, and adopted at the age of four months.  He studied English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, and went on to become a journalist, his natal conjunction of Mercury and Venus giving him a facility with words.  He had joined the Labour Party in 1983, but switched to the Tory Party and met Boris Johnson during his time at Oxford.  He was selected as a candidate for Surrey Heath on 5th July 2004 (with Pluto trine his natal Jupiter in Leo – taking power), and became an MP at the 2005 General Election.


Gove was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families by David Cameron in 2007.  When in 2010, the Cameron-Clegg Coalition came to power, Michael Gove became Secretary of State for Education.  My first blog reference then was:

7/10/12 Blog:

“It is David Cameron’s week, in terms of hosting a party Conference, and it is interesting that the Mayor of London Boris Johnson now has a popularity rating much higher than the Prime Minister.  What is also interesting is that Cameron’s governmental U-turns have now been counted to number as many as 30.  And the government policies are proving to be Conservative in the true sense of the word.  Or maybe Retro would be a better word, as Education Minister Gove puts forward examination procedures which hark back to his childhood”.

He set about unnecessary reforms to the education system, while neglecting necessary ones, in my opinion.  I believe teachers in general, of whom I know a fair few (!) were not enamoured of his reforms in this tenure.  Teachers’ Unions passed motions of no-confidence in his policies.  He was, due to his unpopularity and failure, removed from the post on 15th July 2014, with Neptune opposite his natal Venus (a personal failure) and Pluto square his natal Saturn (forcible removal).


He was moved on to the position of Chief Whip in 2014, then after the 2015 election he became Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor.  When David Cameron announced a Brexit referendum in February 2016, Michael felt it was time to make his mark, and became a prominent architect of the Brexit movement to leave the EU.  Gove argued: “Britain would be “freer, fairer and better off” for leaving…the day after we vote to leave, we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want.”

From the blog:

Wednesday 24th February 2016

“Michael Gove tried to imply the European deal was not legally watertight, and could be overturned by a European Court.  That day he was feeling brave, with the Chiron trine to his natal Mars exact.  I think he has underlying emotional issues with Dave who removed him from the prestigious top Education job as he was so unpopular.  These two best buddies have a close relationship, but a wild exaggerated karma with Michael Gove’s Nodal Axis exactly square Dave’s Jupiter: Michael Gove was essential to David’s success, but only up to a point, beyond which the friendship became an embarrassment.”

A leadership contest for the Conservative Party ensued, and Gove first endorsed Boris Johnson, then pulled out his support at the last minute.  This was one of the events which gave him a reputation for mendacity and for a Machiavellian mindset.  He withdrew his support for Johnson on 30th June 2016, with transits including Mars sextile his Uranus (pulling a surprise) and Saturn trine his natal Saturn (a deliberate act).  He then put himself into the contest, finishing third to Theresa May, who took over as Prime Minister.  In 2017 he was  appointed as Secretary of state for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Levelling Up

He made another play for the Conservative leadership in 2019, which was won by Boris Johnson, coming third again, this time to Boris Johnson. Gove then became Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, during which time he threw himself into preparations for the Brexit deal (or no-deal) to come, to ensure that supplies would be maintained in the event (“Operation Yellowhammer)..  Then in 2021, during the Covid period, he became Secretary of State for Levelling Up, but public opinion seems to have judged his achievements in this role as being paltry.  During the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, he announced the Homes for Ukraine scheme, enabling families to take in Ukrainian refugees.

Gove was dismissed from the Johnson cabinet, on 6th July 2022, for alleged disloyalty, and was described as a “snake” by a Downing Street source, reinforcing his earlier reputation.  The astrological transits were emphatically karmic, with the Nodal Axis square his natal Jupiter, and the North Node trine his natal Pluto.

Under the premiership Rishi Sunak he has continued to front Levelling Up, but with no significant results.  His transits this week show Uranus exactly trine his natal Uranus (a conscious break with the past), and for when he stands down at the Election on 4th July, Jupiter square his natal Sun (a new freedom) and paradoxically Saturn opposite his natal Pluto (a wrench).

Sarah Vine

Married since 2001 to Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine (responsible for some vituperative headlines in the paper over the years), their split was announced in mid-2021, and they were divorced on the grounds of his “unreasonable behaviour”.  Their synastry is not super-warm on a personal level, but sparky (her Uranus sextile his Mars) and with shared values on a deeper level (her Uranus sextile his Neptune, and her Neptune sextile his Uranus).

I feel that, given his personality, and his transits, he may find it difficult to adjust to a non-political life come 4th July.  So it may take him time to make the psychological adjustments for a new path, but with all that mental energy he’ll find a way, reflecting on his time in power along the way.


After the flurry of aspects last week, which included Wednesday’s Sun/Pluto trine coinciding with the surprise announcement of a General Election (“There may be the sense of an ending, which clears the way for a new beginning or rebirth”), our aspects start this week on Tuesday (28th) with a sextile between Mercury and Saturn.  Thoughts and feelings can be channelled and harnessed into constructive plans and ideas.  Mental foundations can be laid.  You may have taken in all the facts for dealing with an issue or project, and are ready to put in serious and solid plans based on sober thinking. The aspect favours documentation and knuckling down to form-filling etc.  Geminis and Virgos have the chance to regain their balance, if they need to.  Progress can be made, including possibly for health related checks.

On the same day, our Sun aligns with the Fixed Star Hyades Cluster in Taurus.  “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld advises us:

“This is an energy of inspiration that can be brought into works of art, music, dance and poetry.  It can be used as an additional force for civilization or for people to grow and learn.  This force of  inspiration can be very powerful in times of stress or difficulty for the artist or for the people who would receive what is being shared.  The energy from this cluster can be very helpful to people involved in artistic pursuits when a blockage is felt and one needs to have an extra push of energy, a breaking down, or a shifting of perspective.”

Thursday (30th) links us to another Fixed Star, Aldebaran, the Alpha Tauri star.  From the same source, we learn:

“By the very nature of the broadcast energy from this star and its connection to other life forms and other stars, there has been occasionally set up a network of many other stars all around Earth.  These beings understand how loss and the understanding of it is unnecessary.  Yet they broadcast an energy to Earth to tell you that your creation of this as a learning principle is bold, is to be admired, is to be understood, and eventually when the lessons are understood from it, then discarded.”

Finally, on Friday (31st), a mentally enlivening aspect of Mercury conjunct Uranus appears for us to work with.  Communications are spiced up by this conjunction.  We will certainly see speedier communication, though with a possible touch of unpredictability.  It’s likely to keep you on your toes, on a mental level.  It could be exciting mentally, and unusual phenomena may happen, such as startling coincidences or undeniable telepathic experiences.  You’ll be thinking inventively and out of the box.  People will realize their connectedness in non-physical ways.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – constructive plans and ideas; artistic and musical inspiration
  • Thursday – deep learning
  • Friday – spicy communications

Aspects for the week beginning 19 May 2024

Paula Vennells

“What is it about this seemingly mild-mannered, devout woman that caused her to preside over a reign of total corporate psychopathy?”

~ Marina Hyde

Paula Vennells, former CEO of the Post Office, appears this week in front of the government’s statutory Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry, over the course of three days.  I first wrote on this subject in January, after watching the incredible TV series “Mr Bates vs. the Post Office”.  Alan Bates himself has recently rejected the latest offer of government compensation, labelling it “derisory”.

Birth Chart

I wrote in January:

“Paula Vennells has been an easily identifiable villain in the scandal.  Although not present at the beginning of the subpostmasters’ woes, she was instrumental in the harsh treatment given by the Post Office, and prolonging the agony over a long period of years.  She was the chief executive officer of Post Office Limited from 2012 to 2019.  She has the Sun in Pisces exactly opposite Pluto, which can be a recipe for deception.”

Mars in her chart is square to her natal Sun, giving rise to the Warrior Archetype, and physically granting the red hair.  We do not have a birth time for her, which may strengthen some of the impressions formed from the Noon birthchart analysed here.

The strange conundrum of her story and her character is the parallel career of CEO to the Post Office, with her role as a priest in the Christian (Anglican) church. Paula has the Sun in Pisces, which is particularly associated with Christianity.  One of the negative traits of Pisces’ ruler Neptune can be deception.  And in addition, her Sun, as well as being square to Mars, is also square to Jupiter, which inclines to a religious leaning.  I also observed in January:

“Jupiter at the very beginning of, the essence of, Sagittarius.  This may point to an attitude of over-optimism that the whole thing would go away.  It also describes her secondary career as an Anglican priest.”

She has a very difficult feature in her chart, in a Mutable Grand Cross formed between the Sun opposite Pluto, and Mars opposite Jupiter.  The Grand Cross is a highly stressed combination to manage.

Moon in Leo enjoys power, and the square between Jupiter and Pluto can be liable to the misuse of power.  Mercury square Mars indicates The Critic Archetype.  But most damaging is the square between Mars and Pluto, extreme harshness given and received in life.  Saturn closely trine Pluto equals the Strategist Archetype, and there are examples, to our knowledge, where she tried to influence policies which might have prevented further suffering to the subpostmasters and subpostmistresses.

In addition her Chiron in Aquarius is unaspected.  This means she may not be in touch with her Inner Healer, or it may be very unusual in its manifestation.  Pisces is a soft and sympathetic sign, but if it encounters an overload of suffering early in life, the heart can close up.  We do not know a great deal about her upbringing.

Life and Career

Paula Vennells grew up in Denton, Lancashire, in a working-class area.  Her father was an industrial chemist, and her mother was a bookkeeper and volunteer with the Citizens Advice Bureau.  She attended Manchester High School for Girls, and received her further education at Bradford University, reading Russian, French and Economics.  On leaving University, she trained at Unilever, then worked for L’Oreal, Dixons, Argos and Whitbread.

She became CEO of the Post Office on 1st April 2012, under difficult transits, which included:

Jupiter square her Uranus (risk-taking), Uranus square her Saturn (trying to reconcile the old and the new), transiting Neptune on her Sun (a personal challenge of integrity), and Neptune opposite her Pluto (a deeply complex task).  Looking at her astrological picture, she may have been inwardly floundering from the start (paddling furiously under the surface of the Piscean sea).  Problems with the Horizon IT system were already known, but she consistently sought to deny their existence.

She was paid £5m for her time as CEO, but the financial performance of The Post Office declined considerably during that period.  She resigned from the post in 2019, and took up a post with the NHS (Chair of the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust).  In the same year, she was awarded a CBE (for services to the Post Office and charity).  She resigned in 2021, as a result of the growing publicity about the subpostmasters scandal, from the NHS position, and stood down from her Anglican duties.

The broadcasting of the television drama in January of this year has marked an escalation in her exposure, and shortly after the show was broadcast she issued a formal apology, and her CBE was revoked.  Saturn was sextile her natal Saturn (taking some responsibility, and Neptune was transiting her natal Venus (a personal scandal).


Paula Vennells trained for holy orders and was ordained in the Church of England as a deacon in 2005, then as a priest in 2006.  According to Tim Adams writing this morning in The Observer, she was a confidant of the Archbishop of Canterbury:

“Justin Welby reportedly supported her – unsuccessful – candidature to become bishop of London in 2017…The Bishop of St Albans, her diocese, expressed his distress at the suffering of post office employees, particularly as his father had been a subpostmaster.”


The performance of actress Lia Williams in portraying Paula Vennells in Mr Bates vs The Post Office was uncanny, at least visually.  It’s amazing what styling and make-up can do in television and film!  The connections between the actress and Paula were strong in the personal layer of interaspects: Lia’s Sun was opposite Paula’s Mars, and Lia’s Venus was trine Paula’s Sun.


from January’s blog:

“The transits for the programme, were Jupiter trine her natal Saturn (a final reckoning), and Saturn was opposite her natal Pluto (a personal nadir).  Eight days later, under immense public pressure, she handed back her CBE, with Mars trine her natal Pluto (life forced her hand), Saturn squared her Mars (relinquishing something important to her) and Saturn sextiled her natal Saturn (doing the right thing).”

The transits for this week’s reckoning show the North Node (karma forcing the issue) trine her natal Uranus, including a shock factor.  In mid-June, next month, Jupiter will transit her natal Mars in Gemini, so there may be a temporary respite in intensity, and perhaps a sense of relief that it is all out in the open, having resisted the truth coming out for so long.  In mid-April 2025 Saturn will transit her natal Venus in Pisces, which may signal a considerable personal loss, e.g. to her freedom.  In the coming years, Uranus will transit and trigger her Grand Cross, beginning with an opposition to her natal Jupiter in early August 2025.

In this most distressing of sagas.  I can’t help seeing a comparison with the current benefits scandal in which vulnerable carers are being asked to repay thousands of pounds (which they haven’t got) to remedy mistakes made by the government.  Also, a comparison with the contaminated blood scandal in which the government is dragging its heels in providing the compensation which has been promised.

If anything comes up worthy of astrological analysis, I will post a comment below.

“I saw something in the Post Office that was bigger and deeper, maybe it was something about giving back…”

~ Paula Vennells


There are eleven astrological features this week, including 3 ingresses, so I will begin without preamble.

Late this evening, the Sun will be sextile Neptune.  It’s a sweet sextile, and as you reflect on the day, you may be in an equable spiritual state and ready for a good night’s sleep.  This aspect gives you a better chance of creating beauty and inspiration in your life, conferring spiritual harmony.

Even later, Mars will be conjunct the North Node, which conflicts somewhat with that peaceful vibe.  An early night may ensure that you settle into sleep before the challenges of this conjunction at 14 degrees Aries, though you may dream of ancient battlefields!  There is some element of needing to “fight the good fight”, but these two transits together may mean a need and ability to negotiate peace.  The worldwide news may be interesting, from that perspective, with contrasting pronouncements by doves and hawks.

Tomorrow (Monday 20th) brings the first ingress, that of the Sun entering Gemini.  With the Sun leaving Taurus, earthy preoccupations may give way to a need for Communication and lightness of heart.  In the month of Sun in Gemini any kind of communication goes, writing your book, dealing with your documentation, ensuring that you are walking and cycling to work instead of taking public transport.  It all aids the general connectivity, which society needs.

Deep progress may be made on Wednesday (22nd) when the Sun trines Pluto.  There may be the sense of an ending, which clears the way for a new beginning or rebirth.  You may have to make a decision which brings about changeIt is time to construct a new psychological mindset: one which is creative but also bears in mind the changes and cycles which are transforming our lives at this time. You may have felt that you haven’t got very far with a goal, but may receive an indication in this period that you have done better than you thought, your patience is rewarded, or that a pipe dream could become a going concern.  You may have cause to remember fondly the dearly departed.

Thursday (23rd) is quite a day, with 5 Aspects creating an aspect overload!  I will resort to a timetable:

8.29 a.m. – Venus conjunct Jupiter

First we have the great conjunction of Venus and Jupiter at 29 degrees Taurus, in line with the Pleiades.  In terms of beneficence, this is one of the year’s highlights.  It is an aspect of celebration, social pleasure, and romance.  There may be announcements of engagements, for example.  Look out for some good news, and crack your best jokes.

10.50 a.m. – Venus sextile Neptune

So next up we have this sextile.  This aspect can bring soothing waves of serenity, which hopefully you may experience (extra kudos to those who have been able to maintain it since Sunday’s Sun sextile Neptune).  People may come more into tune with each other.  New artistic avenues may flourish.

13.53 Hrs – Full Moon at 2 degrees Sagittarius

(Apologies for switching to the 24-Hour clock.  It’s not a mistake, it’s just how I like it!)

This particular emotional high tide concerns the expansive bigger picture (Sagittarius) in your life, your psyche, or the world.  If you are feeling such a maelstrom in your life, then you may need to start by going within to that still small spiritual centre, find peace (hopefully drawing from the positive Neptune aspects this week), then make your responses from that place.

20.30 Hrs – Venus into Gemini

The second ingress of the week, bringing a lightness and freedom of heart with the new placement.  It demonstrates a more mental focus to relationships, and increasing communication around love, art and money. Your diary is likely to be full of engagements during the period that Venus travels through this sign, which takes us up to 17th June.  We’ll all be social butterflies, deftly spinning plates in social circles!

21.44 Hrs –  Jupiter sextile Neptune

Last but definitely not least, this sextile between the outer planets could bring spiritual benefits and uplift, whether you subscribe to conventional or alternative religions.  This sextile allows religion and spirituality to work together well.  Higher solutions can be found to even practical problems, filtering down into consciousness from the causal planes.  In raising our consciousness now we have to find higher ways of looking at things, and that includes practical solutions (Jupiter-Neptune are not practically minded, but can inspire us to new practices).  It’s a heavyweight aspect in terms of importance, so make the most of it.

Saturday (25th) is another important day.  It begins with a profound but likely successful trine between Venus and Pluto.  This aspect can settle your deepest feelings into a more comfortable psychological context.  It helps us through changes and transformations on a human level.  Venus in harmony with Pluto benefits both love and money.

In the evening, there is a major ingress of Jupiter into Gemini.  Yay! Gemini, this is your year!  We may experience a surge of optimism.  Not that Jupiter in Gemini is necessarily better than Jupiter in Taurus, but a change is as good as a rest.  It brings new ways to better our lives.  We are moving on, philosophically.  New ideas will be coming in, and new ways of thinking.  We’ll be thinking deeply about the processes of our thoughts, and receiving insights.  Communication will also be stimulated, both in your personal life and in the Communications industry.  Publishing too may have a revival, and initiatives in Education. You may see a change of consciousness.  If you are a Gemini you can look forward to growth this year, with a special surge when Jupiter transits your actual natal Sun.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – harmony and conflict
  • Tomorrow – lively communication
  • Wednesday – constructive completions
  • Thursday – it’s all happening
  • Saturday – psychological resolution; a new mindset

Aspects for the week beginning 12 May 2024

Shirley Conran (1932 – 2024)

“Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom.”

~ Shirley Conran

Author Shirley Conran died this week, at the age of 91.  Her husband of seven years was household name Terence Conran, and her two sons Jasper and Sebastian are successful designers.  She emancipated herself, and sought to help other women to do so.

Birth Chart

Shirley had the Sun in Virgo, intensified by a conjunction with its ruler Mercury.  She was a female warrior, with Mars sextile to her Sun.  But one of her greatest assets, astrologically, was a practical exact Grand Trine in the Earth element, composed of the Sun, Chiron and Saturn.  This was one of the keys of her brilliance.  She had an exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Virgo which contributed to her self-belief, but it was square to her Moon, so subject to fluctuations of mood.  With it would have been a sensitivity to ideals about female lives.  Mercury in her chart was sextile Pluto, so she was not a shallow thinker, despite some of her flippant remarks, which were possibly humorous life hacks.  Mercury conjunct her South Node points to a tendency in past lives to be a teacher and communicator.  Venus conjunct her Ascendant (from her 12th House) was very evident in her life: she was a model, and trained in painting and sculpture, Venusian occupations. Mars conjunct Pluto made her a powerhouse of energy (a “Superwoman” as in the title of her first book), although she fell prey to M.E. (which is often found with high achievers who may have adrenal or perhaps other forms of burn-out).  Saturn squaring Uranus shows personal earthquakes, and she did have a rollercoaster of a life in many ways.  But crises seem to have led to solutions. And Pluto with Saturn and Uranus formed a T-square, which may have triggered these crises during transits to these points.  She was a Rebel (Uranus trine her Ascendant) and liked excitement (Uranus conjunct Part of Fortune).

Life and Career

When Terence Conran died in 2020, I only wrote a few words about her:

“Shirley Conran was Terence’s second wife (of four), and achieved fame with her best-selling book “Superwoman” which I dutifully read in 1975!  It was packed with information about short-cuts to housework and the domestic arts.”

So I can’t rest on my laurels!  Her life and character merit so much more.

She was born in Hendon.  She was kicked out of home by an alcoholic father at 19 and left school, then found herself in a finishing school in Switzerland (a country associated with the sign of Virgo).

She married Terence Conran in 1955, meeting him when she waitressed at his coffee bar.  Their synastry included a lively debating sextile between his Mercury and her Mars; and a karmic sextile between his Saturn and her North Node.  But his Pluto position exactly reinforced her own exact square between Uranus and Pluto, a deep desire for change.  Some marriages are just about the children, and maybe this was one of them, for she left him in 1962.

She said, many years later, “Terence and I had a lot of fun together but, apart from the infidelities, life became just criticise, criticise, criticise from morning to midnight. It was very wearing.”

In the seven years they were together, they had Jasper and Sebastian.  Towards the end of their marriage, she would have had her first Saturn Return (in Capricorn, in her 6th House of Health and Working Conditions) which may have intensified the strain.  In the year she left, she will have been galvanised by Pluto on her Jupiter/ Neptune in her 1st House in Virgo.

In order to finance her new life as a single mother, she turned to journalism, though in the first two years the boys were looked after by her mother.  She became women’s editor of the Daily Mail in 1968, and launched the “Femail” section.

In 1970 her financial woes deepened when she fell prey to M.E. as mentioned previously.  Her transits that year included a debilitating opposition of transiting Neptune to her natal Chiron.  But this led to her writing self-help books.

Her profile increased in 1975 with the publication of her book Superwoman.  Although I read Superwoman, and was amused at the time by her time-saving tips for housewives, I must confess I did not read any of her novels, which yielded more financial success.  These started with “Lace” in 1982, her 50th year, part of the Chiron Return (in her 10th House) of Self-Healing.  Rachel Cooke, writing in the Observer today, praises this book, referring to it as one of her favourite books on friendship.  With her boys now studying design, Shirley finally found the financial freedom she craved to fulfil the lifestyle she wanted.  The late career as a novelist satisfies her Moon in Gemini in 10th House.

Terence Conran

I wrote in 2020:

“With 6 (over half his planets) in the Cardinal signs, he was quite definitely a leader. He certainly led the way in transforming our homes after the war, from traditional furnishing to a more modern look.  In his career, he was always a step ahead, finding new avenues for his talents, such as establishing restaurants.  His Sun was in Libra conjunct his ruler Venus, the sign you would expect to find in an interior designer.”

In 1964 he opened his  famous homeware and furniture shop Habitat, on the Fulham Road in Chelsea.  He had four marriages altogether, five children, thirteen grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

In his astro-obituary, I also wrote:

“On a personal note, we have a monument to Terence Conran in our own home.  In 1975, in setting up our first home, we bought a pine dining table from Habitat.  I know, they’re not fashionable now!  It wasn’t elegant; it was chunky and solid, but one of the best and most enduring purchases of our married life!  It is still going strong, 45 years later.” [now, as of 2024, 49 years later]

Jasper Conran

Jasper’s parents divorced when he was two years old.  Shirley’s 5th House of children is ruled by Jupiter, with Sagittarius being on the cusp, and Jasper is a Sagittarian.  But he and Sebastian take after Terence in being designers, and Jasper has a Libran Ascendant.  Although Shirley has the artistic nature of Venus conjunct the Ascendant, Libra which is also ruled by Venus, is specifically about design, as an air sign.  Jasper and Shirley were estranged for more than 10 years, after she made a tactless remark about his lifestyle (he is gay), but were reunited for his wedding in 2015, with a healing sextile from Jupiter to her natal Pluto (a long standing psychological issue).  Interestingly, his birthchart reveals the possibility of such an estrangement, in his natal square between the Moon (mother) and Uranus (estrangement).  Jasper is more well-known for fashion design, having design for the rich and famous, including Lady Diana.


Sebastian, the other designer in this family unit, is an Aries, and like his brother has been involved in his father’s business.  He started out working as a roadie for the punk band The Clash, designing clothes,  and promotional material. But Sebastian is more well known for industrial design.  He has described his father as “a very charismatic, very driven person” and though he worked for him for several years, he needed to break away to nurture his own talent.  The brothers have good, entrepreneurial connections in their charts, such as Sebastian’s Uranus trine Jasper’s Mercury, and Sebastian’s Mercury trine Jasper’s Jupiter, and Sebastian’s Jupiter conjunct Jasper’s Uranus.


You will have noticed a monetary theme running through her life choices.  Her Sun and Mercury were in Virgo in her 2nd House of Finance.  So when she got to grips with the detail of managing her money, her fortunes changed.

“I became fastidious about checking every penny I spent. I scoured every receipt for mistakes and kept a list of any money I got back from being overcharged, say, for a pub meal or a lipstick. The list was on a pink piece of paper pinned to the back of my basement flat front door.” she explained.

She became an advocate for women’s financial freedom from men, and set up charities such as the Work-Life balance Trust (2001) and the educational non-profit Maths Action (2009). In Liz Truss’s resignation honours list she was made a DBE for services to mathematics education as the founder of the Maths Anxiety Trust.

I hope I have done justice to her life and character – she definitely played her part in the emancipation of women dating back at least to the time that Germaine Greer published “The Female Eunuch” (1970).

“One of the funniest, sharpest people you could ever meet”

~ Rachel Cooke


Tomorrow (Monday 13th) begins with a conjunction between the Sun and Uranus at 23 degrees Taurus.  It’s a day when expectations can be overthrown!  It is a good day to demonstrate your originality and inventiveness, and in your leisure time begin a project which is highly creative or benefits society.   If you are operating from your Intuition, you could have a very successful day, but if you are lagging behind backfootedly, you may have a struggle to keep up.  Some tuning in early on may help with this.

In the evening, Venus sextiles Saturn, which is a constructive aspect, a re-affirmation of where you are going, especially in terms of relationship, or art.  In the realm of human relations, it is about steadiness and loyalty: cementing commitment.

Wednesday (15th) sees Mercury’s entry into Taurus, and the quality of the mental energy may become steadier and calmer than the fieriness of Mercury in Aries.  This placing is better for negotiation, which is something much needed at the moment in this climate of war, with a ceasefire in the Middle East still eluding us.  It stays in this sign until 3rd June,  Practical ideas will be the order of the day.  This could be a productive day and period, mentally.

Breakfast-time on Friday (17th) could be more stressful mentally, however, as Mercury makes a square to Pluto.  It is a square which requires you, among other things, to rise above negative thinking, or to get to the root of it.  There may be a setback or a reversal (even if a fragile ceasefire was under way), so make sure your actions in the morning are solid if you have a conflict to resolve in your own life.  Perhaps there is a twist in the plot.  You may encounter awkward communications or travel.  You may need extra ‘me time’ in order to separate yourself from worried pronouncements about the state of the world.  If you do engage in chatter, choose a worthwhile subject.

Brighter prospects for the end of the week, for late morning on Saturday (18th) Venus conjuncts Uranus at 23 degs Taurus, the same degree as Monday’s conjunction, so there may be a resonance between events at the beginning and end of the week, both centring on the principle of surprise (Uranus).  If  you are socializing, it could be an enjoyable occasion, culminating in some startling exchanges and exciting meetings.  It is a vibrant social aspect, which may carry an element of serendipity.  People may question your sanity, however, or you theirs.

And – can we say all’s well that ends well?  Saturday evening rounds off with one of the best aspects of the year, the Sun conjunct Jupiter, which occurs at 28 degrees Taurus (not far off the Pleiades, if you are tuned in to them).  Where there has been dejection, it is time to let in hope, or even celebration.  It will certainly be lucky for some.  Focus on what makes you happy, and make more of that.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – surprise; followed by loyalty
  • Wednesday – practical negotiation
  • Friday – mental conundrums to deal with
  • Saturday – social excitement; and pure luck