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Aspects for the week beginning 21 April 2019


One of the greatest and most beautiful Cathedrals in the world, Notre-Dame in Paris, was shockingly partially destroyed by fire on Monday evening.  The next day, as the damage was assessed, new hope arose and its rebuilding was pledged.

It is an incomprehensible marvel to contemplate how such an edifice was created over its 170 years of building, using medieval methods, the finest artistry, with the devotion of its workers, some of whom may have spent nearly their whole lifetimes on the project.

I am not well travelled, but I have been to Paris several times in this lifetime (as well as in past lives) and have a huge fondness and sentimentality for the city.  And Notre-Dame is undoubtedly the soul of the city.


Notre-Dame, a project started by Maurice de Sully, was built on the site of an ancient 6th Century church on the Ile de la Cite, and that was built on the foundations of a Roman Temple of Jupiter.

“Masons had to haul the stone from quarries far from the city; while a new street, Rue Neuve-Notre-Dame, was pushed through to enable materials to be brought up to the building site from quarries upstream on the Seine.  Pope Alexander III blessed the foundation stone”

~ Alistair Horne from “Seven Ages of Paris”

The date of the laying of the foundation stone in 1163 is most interesting astrologically.  6 of the 10 planets are in fire signs.  In looking at transits for last Monday’s conflagration, we need look no further.  For there is a double whammy of conflagration transits, namely Pluto square its Mars in Aries, and Mars on its Pluto.  There is also Chiron exactly on the Cathedral’s Sun, indicating that this event has a healing purpose.  In practical terms, the wooden constructions may be rebuilt with more enduring modern materials.  In psychological terms, the event has raised all sorts of issues about French society, and the world at large: the repercussions and chain of issues seem huge.


There are many who see this burning, at this point of time, as deeply symbolic.  Is it a warning of an ending?  Is it a divine judgement on the presidency of Emmanuel Macron, is it aimed at the European Union, or the state of western civilization itself? Or even more broadly, does it hint about our failure to address the dangers of climate change?  The religious and the mystical thinkers may think this way, but atheists too have loved this monument and find meaning in it.  Some have said it is only a building, and others have said it is not a tragedy because nobody died.  But, like the sight of a comet across our skies, deep down it feels significant in an unknown way.

Chart of the Event

The first intimation that there was anything happening came at 6.20 p.m. local time on Monday (15th April).  An alarm sounded during a service. There was no sign of fire, but the building was evacuated.  23 minutes later a second alarm was heard, and fire officially declared.

Eyewitness Agnes Poirier writes movingly in the Observer this morning:

“Of those moments, I remember a kaleidoscope of images and feelings: the stupor in people’s eyes, their mouths forming in silent screams, the vivid yellow of the smoke…The flames were bright red and orange like those tongues of fire in Renaissance paintings.”

The chart of the event shows Pluto on the South Node, a devastation which bears the hope of a phoenix rising from the ashes.  How does the timing of the event strike the chart of France itself?  Does it give any clue to its significance for the country?  For the last few months of agitation by the Gilets Jaunes, Uranus has been on the 4th House cusp, signifying the civil unrest, and that is part of the picture.  Last Monday transiting Venus was in the 2nd House of the nation (signifying its beauty and treasure) and Pluto from the 12th House of hidden dangers was exactly sextile Venus.  Again, there is a feeling that all is not quite lost.  In addition, Chiron is trine France’s Moon, showing the need for the emotional healing of the people (Moon).  Saturn trines its Mercury, sober thinking will be constructive.  And Uranus opposes France’s Jupiter (an unexpected event).


The 500 firefighters faced a gargantuan task, and at one point it looked as though the whole Cathedral would be destroyed, but much was saved, including the twin bell towers.  The fall of the spire was one of the most dramatic images of the night.  The next day’s stocktaking revealed that the trio of rose windows had been preserved, all the works of art from the ‘treasures’ area were preserved, Coustou’s sculpture Descent from the Cross, and the great organ, were all saved.  Father Jean-Marc Fournier was responsible for saving some of the holy relics, such as the Crown of Thorns.  And a few days later, the bees thought to have perished from the hives in Notre-Dame were found to be alive and well.

Emmanuel Macron

Just checking on Emmanuel Macron’s chart at the time of the burning, Mars was trine his Mars (a burning issue) and Uranus was sextile his Jupiter (an unexpected event, not necessarily detrimental to him).  He has pledged to rebuild Notre-Dame within 5 years, which many say is unrealistic.  A competition will be launched around the world for architects to unveil their ingenuity.


Almost immediately, Francois-Henri Pinault (the husband of actor Salma Hayek) pledged 100 m euros towards the rebuilding of Notre-Dame (moved by Chiron opposite his Ascendant), then another billionaire Bernard Arnault pledged 200 m euros.  The fund now stands at more than 1 billion euros.  It is clear that the fire and destruction of this beloved Cathedral means much in the hearts of many.

Very quickly too, the counter arguments began to unravel.  The population of Paris had stood strong together, singing hymns, that first night.  But the poverty highlighted by the Gilets Jaunes had not gone away.  Emmanuel Macron had postponed his speech on the subject. Many people argued that money pledged by billionaires should be more available to the plight of the poor.  Shades of the Ancien Regime and the French Revolution…And indeed the turnout in the Saturday riots yesterday had risen, far from being sobered by the shock of last Monday.

It has been upsetting these last few months to see the centre of Paris (e.g. the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees) destroyed every Saturday.  Peaceful demonstration is one thing, but the antiquities, burnings and graffiti showed no feeling about the historical preservation of the city.  There has been no suggestion that the fire at Notre Dame was started deliberately, but it seems to be a peak after all the destruction that has taken place.

Now in England we have a new movement, the Extinction Rebellion movement, which sprung up a week or so ago, causing disruption but so far peaceful, as has been Greta Thunberg’s School Strike movement.  Greta Thunberg this week gave a speech in Europe asking why the time and money spent on Brexit could not be spent fighting climate change.

So there is a highlighting of our values and what we pledge money to.  Do we value the preservation of antiquity, do we value the plight of the poor, or do we value the fight for our planet?  I think that it might be a good idea to have one of those pledge evenings such as Comic Relief and Children in Need devoted to Climate Change, with David Attenborough films interspersed, and see where people put their money.  In a scale of values, the planet ought to come first, and humanity’s suffering is also a priority.  There ought to be enough money for all these things.  The hearts of politicians, though, don’t seem to be in it.


Happy Easter!  I hope you are enjoying basking in the gift of the sunshine.

Tomorrow, Easter Monday (22nd), sees the Sun conjoined with Uranus.  Expect the unexpected, in other words!  It is a good day to demonstrate your originality and inventiveness, and in your leisure time begin a project which is highly creative or benefits society.  You may decide to join a group activity along those lines.  If you are feeling more contemplative in mood, new ideas can flash into your consciousness during meditation.  Unveil your ingenuity!

Wednesday (24th) may bring a deep realization that you need to go back and work on old psychological themes, without which you cannot progress in the long term.  For Pluto is stationary, prior to turning retrograde.  You may recognize a psychological theme where you have been making headway, but now need to revise your steps, perhaps look further into the past.  If you’ve been knitting, you may need to unravel a few rows, for instance.  Eventually, you will recoup your ground and be stronger, richer and truer for it.

On Saturday (27th) clumsiness or confusion may reign, so take extra time for activities and for thinking things through, for a smoother ride.  You may find it difficult to harmonize your spiritual ideals with your practical action. Meditation can be helpful, and particularly those which combine physical movement with a stilling of the mind, such as Tai Chi.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – originality and surprise
  • Wednesday – going over old ground
  • Saturday – trying to combine the spiritual and the physical

Aspects for the week beginning 14 April 2019

Darcey Bussell

“I believe that in life, if you are fearless and curious, allowing your ideas to evolve beyond their immediate boundaries, I think they can take you anywhere.  This is why I think creative arts like dance must always have a place in education, so that children and young people can benefit from the many attributes they provide.  Increasingly, complex societies rely on the creative individual, so let’s make sure we always encourage creativity.”

~ Darcey Bussell, “Evolved”

Dame Darcey Bussell announced this week that she would be stepping down from her role as one of the judges on the nation’s favourite programme “Strictly Come Dancing”.  The programme won’t be the same without her: we rely on her kindness and grace to prop up hapless contestants.  Other judges have other personas: Craig Revel Horwood is the pantomime villain, and Bruno Tonioli expresses superlative passion like no one else.

Birth Chart

In looking at her chart, the question of what makes such an outstanding dancer is posed.  She has half her planets in the element of Earth, so grounding presumably is a useful asset for dance.  The feet are ruled by Pisces, and so dance is associated with Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune.  In her chart Neptune is exactly sextile Jupiter, which is one feature of her genius in this genre.  Her Sun itself is in the sign of Taurus, a sign associated with beauty and the Arts in general.  She has tried to be a supporter of the Arts, not just of dance, and has in her life taken part in many collaborations in different areas of the Arts, as well as many different types of dance.  We do not have her birth time, but if she was born exactly at Noon her Sun would have been exactly trine her Moon, which would show that her right hand (or foot) knows what her left hand (or foot) is doing, again a useful attribute in dance.

Darcey has Mercury trine closely with Jupiter, denoting an expansive mind and sense of movement, and an intelligent application of her mind, with many interests.  A trine from Uranus to her Mercury adds the capability of original thought.  Pluto also lines up for the trine with Mercury, giving her the power of deep thought.  The triple conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus is in itself a very powerful expression.  North Node in Pisces points to a  karmic mission as a dancer.  Venus trine Mars gives great sensuality, and Venus conjunct Chiron enables healing through the Arts, though it may link with childhood wounds.  Mars square Pluto may also link with childhood wounds, but also generates great energy.  Jupiter conjunct Uranus is the Entrepreneur, and Jupiter conjunct Pluto confers personal power.

Karmically, Jupiter closely conjunct the South Node in Virgo brings through good karma from past lives, which the North Node in Pisces trine exactly with Neptune re-emphasizes her potential as a supreme dancer (which she realized early in life).  She also has the North Node conjunct Chiron, an attempt to bring healing and wholeness in what she does being a part of her karmic mission.

Life and Career

Darcey was born in London to Australian businessman John Crittle and Andrea Williams, his English wife, who separated when she was three years old.  Her mother then married Australian dentist Philip Bussell, and they lived for a while in Australia.

She trained as a ballerina at Sadler’s Wells, then at the Royal Ballet, and became a principal dancer at the age of 20, when her progressed Sun trined natal Jupiter and opposed natal Neptune, thus connecting with her natal sextile which showed so much promise.

She was taken under the wing of Kenneth MacMillan, who also had the North Node conjunct Chiron, principal choreographer at the Royal Ballet.  When only 18 she had performed his Elite Syncopations with the Sadler’s Wells Royal Ballet School.  MacMillan created a new arrangement of The Prince of Pagodas and wanted Darcey to play the lead role: this was her big break, and a star was born.  Undoubtedly, he played a crucial role in her life in elevating her so early in her career.  Their Marses were exactly conjunct in Sagittarius (their energies in affinity), and his Jupiter was exactly sextile her ruling planet Venus (encouraging success).  The Prince of Pagodas was launched on 7th December 1989, with Jupiter closely sextile with Darcey’s Sun (her big break).  Jupiter was square MacMillan’s Uranus (an adventurous experiment) and Pluto trine his Pluto (self-empowerment).  Darcey went on to become one of the U.K’s most acclaimed ballerinas.

Retirement from Ballet

She retired from her first career on 8th June 2007, at the age of 38, and spent a few years in Australia bringing up her two young daughters.  She had married Australian businessman Angus Forbes in 1997.  At the time of her retirement Pluto was square her natal Jupiter (a sense of an ending), and Pluto was square her Nodal Axis (a karmic ending).

Viva la Diva

One of the collaborations in her life, the show Viva la Diva performed with songstress Katherine Jenkins in 2007, brought her into different genres of dance.  “When we met, Katherine and I clicked” recalls Darcey in her book “Evolved”.  You can see why, when you look at their charts.  Their Suns are exactly sextile (Katherine’s Sun in Cancer to Darcey’s Sun in Taurus) and their Mercuries are exactly sextile (Katherine’s Mercury in Cancer to Darcey’s Mercury in Taurus), so they are perfectly in sync!

Strictly Come Dancing

Darcey became a household name due to her involvement with Strictly Come Dancing.  She had made brief appearances in the programme, before replacing Alesha Dixon as a judge in 2012, after she had returned to live in England.  From the world of ballet, she was now demonstrating an expertise in the ballroom and Latin genres of dance.  She was a breath of fresh air, sitting among the veteran judges Craig, Len and Bruno, exuding a sympathetic and warm empathy.

Heroines and Heroes

Darcey has subsequently been involved in other programmes on the BBC.  In 2014, she presented a documentary entitled Darcey Bussell: Looking for Audrey.    Audrey Hepburn was “always a heroine” of Darcey’s, and a fellow Taurean.  There is a quiet, graceful, elegance which she shares with Hepburn.  Dress designer Neil Cunningham has designed dresses for Darcey along the clean cut 1950s lines of Audrey Hepburn’s couture, notably a red gown in her photoshoot at the restoration of the Albert Memorial.

Margot Fonteyn, also a Taurean, was the subject of another programme: Darcey Bussell: Looking for Margot, and Darcey had briefly worked with Margot when she was young.  Another Taurean, whose dances Darcey re-created in a production of 2011 (Darcey Bussell Dances Hollywood)  was Fred Astaire – she had to brush up her tap dancing for that.

So it is interesting, and worthy of note, that some very prominent dancers have been Taurean.  Taurus, through its ruling planet Venus, is associated with the Arts in general, but is not the first sign that comes to mind for dancing.  Nijinsky and Nureyev, born 12th and 17th March respectively, the subject of Darcey’s Ballet Heroes (2015) both fit the accepted mould of Pisces/Neptune.   But Taurus cannot be discounted for such talent.


A quirky fact: Uranus (the unusual) squared Darcey’s Sun in Taurus (models) in 1997 when her waxwork at Madame Tussauds was unveiled.  Her comment: It was certainly one of the more unusual experiences of my career”. Neptune (illusion) was also exactly sextile her North Node.

Stepping down from Strictly

Her announcement this week that she was leaving the Strictly family was a surprise.  Perhaps there is an inner process we don’t know about, for Neptune squares her Mars this week.  She says she would like to concentrate on other projects.  Certainly she has Pluto trine her Pluto currently, which means self-empowerment.  She soon experiences her Chiron Return (the emergence of the Inner Healer), on 8th May, and this may be a trigger for new pathways.

Her words:

“It has been a complete privilege for me to be part of Strictly, working with such a talented team. I have enjoyed every minute of my time and will miss everyone from my fellow judges, the presenters, the dancers, the musicians, the entire back stage team, and especially the viewers of the show, who have been so supportive.”


Today is a red letter today, with one of the best aspects of the year, Sun trine Jupiter.  If you found aspects of yesterday’s Sun-Pluto square tough, today should be much more easeful.  It speaks of eat, drink and be merry; laugh and the world laughs with you.  It is a good day to embark on voyages, and even to have a flutter on the lottery.  A touch of luck is possible.  It’s a great time for  positivity, affirmations and creative visualization of better outcomes in the future.

Late in the evening, just before midnight in the U.K., Venus sextiles Pluto, which is also constructive but much more soulful.  It favours the declaration of deep feeling, for example, where Sun trine Jupiter tended to just concentrate on enjoying life.  A steamy night may follow on from a heady day.

Tomorrow (Monday 15th) Venus squares Jupiter, so whereas Sunday was comfortably social, Monday is also social but more awkwardly so.  Behaviour may be gauche or a little inappropriate, and that may have consequences.

Mercury enters Aries on Wednesday (17th), and plain speaking replaces the flowery language of Mercury in Pisces.  You will need to get to the point much more directly in your communications, and there is more sense of urgency about paperwork.

Emotional tension gathers for the Full Moon on Friday (19th) at 29 degrees Libra.  If meditating, you can use the energy more constructively.  This Full Moon is emotionally dedicated to relating, while the Sun which opposes it wants its own way.  Thus a delicate balance operates, which may be resolved in common aims.  The Brexit juggernaut will still be trundling along, as we are now in extra time.

On Saturday (20th) the Sun enters Taurus, a time of the blossoming of the earth.  Gardeners will garden, artists will paint or sculpt, and dancers will dance.  Channel your inner Alan Titchmarsh (Sun in Taurus), Joseph Turner (Sun in Taurus) or Darcey Bussell.

In the afternoon, Venus enters Aries, so we may be torn between impulsiveness (Venus in Aries) or patience (Sun in Taurus).  There might be a place for both: use the Venus in Aries if you want to get things done, or watch your asparagus grow, or the Sun in Taurus if you are watching the paint dry on your garden fence.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – joy bringing
  • Tomorrow – mind your p’s and q’s
  • Wednesday – plain speaking
  • Friday – balancing needs
  • Saturday – blossoming


Aspects for the week beginning 7 April 2019

“Becoming” by Michelle Obama

Book Review

“When they go low we go high” ~ Michelle Obama, 2016

I have had this book sitting in a pile, waiting its turn, since Christmas, and have just finished it, I am glad to say.  So here is the evangelical book review:  if you have it on your book list or in a pile, read it as soon as possible!  It is one of the best autobiographies I have read.  It is honest (one of the things I most look for in this genre), philosophical, and  of course contains a wealth of life experience, especially as First Lady during the two terms of the Presidency of Barack Obama in America.

Birth Chart

Michelle has the Sun in Capricorn, and she paints a classic textbook portrait of herself which describes her sign well:

“But that was me. And as I’ve said, I was a box checker – marching to the resolute beat of effort/ result, effort/result – a devoted follower of the established path…I was busy climbing my ladder, which was sturdy and practical and aimed straight up”.

Her Sun is conjunct Mars (giving her the Warrior Archetype), and she has stood up all her life for the rights of black people who in her experience were largely marginalized, and in particular the rights of black women.  She has a humanitarian Venus in Aquarius, probably conjunct the Moon (we do not have a concrete birth time for her).

Mercury is loosely square Jupiter in her chart, which gives a wide ranging knowledge, and the probability of a great deal of foreign travel in her life.  She studied and practised law, and of course travelled a great deal as First Lady.  Mercury trine Uranus gives her the ability to think outside the box, and Mercury conjunct the South Node implies the Teacher Archetype from past life experiences.  She also has a humanitarian sextile between Uranus and the North Node.

Early Life

Growing up in Chicago, Michelle’s mother Marion took a traditional role in the family as housewife, and her father was a city water planet employee who was very conscientious about work despite suffering from multiple sclerosis. Stretching back in her ancestry, her paternal great-great grandfather had been born into slavery in 1850.

The family rented a flat from a great aunt who lived on a lower floor and was a piano teacher.  Michelle learnt to play piano with her.  There was a supportive network of extended family.  Michelle’s older brother Craig was always very protective of her, and she followed him on to Princeton University, where she earned a degree in sociology and African-American studies.  She then took a Law degree at Harvard.

Her autobiography charts her struggle to prove her own worth (a very Capricorn process) against the odds and prejudices towards her race and gender, with the development of her philosophy of her life and her efforts to put the developing philosophy into practice (hence the title of her book: “Becoming”).  She was galvanized in her ideals and aims too by the loss of her beloved father (who was a Sun Sign Leo, like Barack Obama) and that of  a close friend Suzanne at a young age.  Michelle wrote in her autobiography:

“Suzanne’s sudden death had awakened me to the idea that I wanted more joy and meaning in my life.  I couldn’t continue to live with my own complacency.”

Barack Obama

While working at a prestigious law firm on marketing and intellectual property law, she was asked to mentor a young summer associate who was then studying for his degree, Barack Obama, and they socialized and grew close, though she was more intent at that stage on pursuing her career than settling down, so it took her a while to clarify her feelings about him.

Some of what she relates of his background can be found in his autobiography “Dreams of My Father”.  He above all was responsible for changing her view about life.  She admitted that she was much more uptight and controlled about detail (Sun in Capricorn), and he was more confident, optimistic and free of anxiety about outcomes (Sun in Leo).  Although his career was to predominate in their relationship, and she had to make significant accommodations (for one, she had an antipathy towards politics), he did encourage her in her ambitions and aims, especially when she was hesitant or doubtful. She writes:

“In the presence of his certainty, his notion that he could make some difference in the world, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit lost by comparison. His sense of purpose seemed like an unwitting challenge to my own”.

Their Synastry shows her Jupiter exactly trine his natal Sun (expansion and success), her Mars was trine his Moon (emotional encouragement), and her Mars opposite his Mercury (they did not always agree).  The proposal of marriage is one of the delights of the book, and humorously told (so much so, that I read it aloud to my 90 year old mother on my last visit).  I wouldn’t do a spoiler, but it is a must read.

Their marriage took place on 3rd October 1992.  Jupiter was sextile Barack’s Midheaven at the time (a step forward in life direction), but Saturn was opposite his Sun (a serious commitment).  Mars was on Michelle’s North Node in Cancer (a male influence on her karmic mission), Mars was trine her Chiron (energy for her Inner Healer), Saturn sextile her natal Jupiter (a steadying influence), Uranus trine her Pluto (big change) and Pluto square her Saturn (portending a huge challenge).

Valerie Jarrett

At some point, and after much soul searching, Michelle decided to put her ideals first, in terms of service to society, and left the law firm for literally half the pay to work in a more social context (in various public sector roles at City Hall) – enter Valerie Jarrett into her life.

Michelle was beginning to follow her karmic mission (represented in her chart by North Node in Cancer trine Chiron, healing society), and was put in touch with Valerie Jarrett at City Hall, a woman very probably from her Soul Group. She introduced Valerie to Barack and Valerie came to later work with them as a senior adviser for the duration of their time in the White House.  Valerie’s Jupiter was exactly trine Michelle’s Sun (as Michelle’s was to Barack’s), and the friendship proved a great asset to her life and the success of her aims.  Valerie who was a decade older also had Saturn sextile Michelle’s Mars, giving her the benefit of her wisdom, especially in public service.  Valerie’s Neptune was also trine Michelle’s Venus, and her Pluto opposite Michelle’s Venus, providing a deep bond.  Valerie clicked immediately with Barack, who was also deeply passionate about community relations (as detailed in his book “The Audacity of Hope”).  Her Jupiter trine his Saturn was to prove an enormous help, both practically and in keeping hope alive, which he needed for his mission.

Michelle summed up their connection thus: “Valerie Jarrett was now a part of our lives. Without our ever discussing it, it seemed almost as if the three of us had somehow agreed to carry one another a good long way”.

First Lady

The public perception of Michelle at first was at times one of an angry black young woman, but she took on board this perception and realized what she needed to work on within herself.  Very soon, the tide turned and  she won over (a significant proportion of) the American public.

At his inauguration and their move into the White House Jupiter was conjunct her Mars in Aquarius (a move!), and Neptune on her Saturn (the necessity of a change of consciousness to accompany the new living arrangements and demands on her).

In her role, she was determined to make a difference (as she had tried to do in her own career) and among other things she created a 1,100 square foot vegetable garden in the White House, inviting schoolchildren to help create it and educate them in the process of growing and harvesting.  This was the foundation for Michelle’s healthy eating programme for the U.S.  Donations from the garden were made to soup kitchens and the Food Bank organization.  She had been motivated by concerns about the diet of their daughters, Malia and Sasha.  Another cause close to her heart which she supported was the contribution, sacrifice and suffering of military families.

Marian Obama

Michelle’s mother Marian is worthy of note, having encouraged her daughter throughout her life, stayed at home during the formative years, and then moved into the White House to help look after Malia and Sasha during their eight years there.  Clearly Marion has been a rock in Michelle’s life.  Marion’s Mars is sextile Michelle Sun (lending energy and strength), Marion’s North Node trines Michelle’s Jupiter (happy karmic link),  and their Neptunes are exactly sextile (spiritual harmony).

Leaving Office

As with many politicians, their ideals before they attain power can be huge, and the reality of what they can achieve is more limited once in office.  Michelle realized early on, sitting in Congress as an onlooker, that the Republicans did not want Obama to succeed.  He achieved many aims during his eight years as President, but a fraction of what he set out to do probably.  He was particularly stumped on reforming gun laws.  He achieved a health care system, Obamacare.  With sadness, on leaving office, Michelle was acutely aware that their legacy would not necessarily be honoured by Barack’s successor.  The rest, of course, is history.  For Michelle, this huge moment of change in her life was accompanied by Pluto (transformation) trine her natal Neptune (sensitivities), allowing her more time to reflect and write the book.

The Book

Michelle’s book, “Becoming”, was released on 13th November 2018, with Uranus sextile Michelle’s Venus.  At the end of March it was reported by the Guardian as being “on track to become the most successful memoir in modern publishing history”.  It has now sold over 10 million copies.

Related Reading: “Dreams of My Father” by Barack Obama

“The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama


Mercury sextiles Saturn today, hence I am slightly late with my blog.  Saturn slows down mental processes, transport and written work.  Impatience has no place in the processes of today – “it” will take as long as it takes.  You may need to make economies (I have lost my meditation slot!), but with the sextile it is all constructive.  Delayed work may be of better quality for the extra thought, for example.  Work done accumulates the quality of maturity.  Good sense prevails.  Realistic evaluations of what might be done can take place.  This aspect is also good for planning.

On Wednesday (10th) Venus conjoins Neptune at 17 degrees Pisces, a much more whimsical aspect.  Wednesday is generally pretty busy aspectwise, so be mindful of your diary engagements accordingly.  Inspired artistic and musical expression are assisted.  Idealized and spiritual love may also be on the menu.  Love of the oceans and care of ocean life may also be highlighted.

The Sun also squares Saturn that day, so among the beauty you see that day, you also may be saddened by human suffering and the state of the world, the planet and the oceans, or specific personal problems.  There is an acute awareness of the contrast between the things that inspire you and help you to envision a better life or society, and how much there is yet to do to ameliorate current conditions.  As the Brexit screw tightens ever closer, for instance, the promise of a Leave Utopia contrasts even more with remainers’ fears.  Though we each create our own reality, we may feel stymied about our personal direction or plan of action, what we can realistically do for the plight of our country (or personal dilemmas).  Local elections loom, and many feel disenfranchised by the performance of the main parties here in the U.K. and there is the added complication of whether or not European MPs need to be elected.  Frustration is the name of the game for this aspect, whereas for the Venus conjunction with Neptune occurring earlier the same day, transcendence is the name of the game (and may be a slight antidote).

Just when you needed Jupiter to play ball, it is Stationary that day, prior to turning retrograde.  You may have been working along a particular line and making steady progress, but now have to re-assess.  There is a possibility of a U-turn by Theresa May, e.g. towards a Customs Union.

Finally, at the end of the day we have an aspect which may re-set things in a constructive direction, though radical thinking may be needed: Mercury sextile Pluto.  After working with the highs and lows of the day, something may click on a deep level, e.g. a solution may occur to you.  Negotiations may see a way forward.  There may be a late night vote in Parliament.

So we come to Friday (12th), the most recent day (up to time of writing) mooted as the Brexit cliff edge, when we might find out if it is deal or no deal.  Mercury squares Jupiter in the early hours, the aspect of information overload, and sometimes insomnia when occurring during sleep hours.  You may be able to do something with the wide-ranging knowledge coming in, as this square is sometimes beneficial in nature.  For example, the next chapter of your book may occur to you.

In the afternoon, Venus sextiles Saturn, encouraging the qualities of loyalty and stamina in relationships.  There is a focus on relationships and alliances, both personal and political.  You may be required to make a decision in this context.

Saturday (13th) looks to be a more crucial day, especially in terms of our current national obsession, for the Sun squares Pluto, and that is a deep soul searching aspect.  Maybe by then we have come out of Europe with a no deal, and nearly half the population is despairing.  We have to dig deep for the courage inside (Pluto) to deal with whichever way it goes, whoever we are and whatever opinions we hold.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – delays but thoughtful communication
  • Wednesday – a rich tapestry
  • Friday – a holding sort of day
  • Saturday – the final countdown


Aspects for the week beginning 31 March 2019

Scott Walker (1943 – 2019)

Scott Walker, frontman in the Walker Brothers in the 1960s and later hailed as a creative genius in a solo career, passed away on 22nd March, from cancer.  He was charismatic, but fought shy of fame, and his musical career went through distinctly marked phases.

Birth Chart

Scott Walker had the Sun in Capricorn opposite closely with Jupiter, lending a contrast of light and shade to his nature.  The Sun’s exact sextile to his Midheaven (Careerpoint) and Jupiter’s trine to the Midheaven gave him easy opportunities in his career, but Mars was closely square to his Midheaven, so there were disruptions in the trajectory of that career too.

Sun in Capricorn, the Moon in Pisces and  Ascendant in Cancer all paint a picture of introversion and shyness, a trait which led him to break away from the limelight from time to time.  He also fought depression quite often, as seen in the Moon in his 8th House square exactly Saturn in 11th.  Although he was very creative in nature (triple conjunction of North Node/Chiron/Part of Fortune in Leo in 2nd House), his emotions could be easily flattened by the square of Saturn to his Moon.

Mercury was conjunct Venus in Aquarius in his 7th House, and this was the songwriter in him.  The early songs and successes of the Walker Brothers were penned by other songwriters, but he wrote in an avant garde way in later years more successfully.  He had a Grand Trine in Air, composed of Venus, Saturn/Uranus and Neptune, and that was another factor in his genius.  Uranus (group consciousness) and Saturn (loneliness) were both in his 11th House of bands and friendship, so there was some tension between expression with others (sometimes for commercial reasons) and the need to be alone (the latter becoming ever more dominant).  In an interview with Sean O’Hagan in the Observer in 2008 he said “I have long since stopped worrying about fitting in.  I’m an outsider for sure.  That suits me fine.  Solitude is like a drug for me.  I crave it.”


Scott was born in Canada, then lived in California with his mother.  He teamed up with John Maus in 1961 and Gary Leeds in 1964, and they began to acquire a following as the Walker Brothers (they were not brothers, and their names were not Walker originally).  Their stunning vocals and harmonies marked them out, and if Scott had not got together with John and Gary, he may not have had the artistic and creative opportunities he explored later in his life.  The astrological harmonies were exceptional between the three of them, but it was a suggestion by Gary that they come over to the England of the “swinging sixties” (and the financing of the trip by Gary’s father) which brought them success (Jupiter trine closely Midheaven in Scott’s chart, a change of country, bringing luck in career).

Some of the highlights of their synastry were:

Scott and John’s Suns exactly trine; John’s Sun exactly trine Scott Midheaven (enhancing his career); John’s Mercury exactly trine Scott’s Jupiter; their Venuses exactly trine.

Gary’s Sun in Pisces also sextile exactly Scott’s Sun in Capricorn, which meant that Gary and John’s Suns were exactly trine with each other.  Gary’s Sun conjunct exactly Scott’s Midheaven  (again, supportive to Scott’s career).

For Gary and John, the third side of the triangle, apart from their Suns being exactly trine, Gary’s Mercury was trine John’s Mars.

Within a short time of their move to England in February 1965, they had their first No. 1 hit “Make it Easy on Yourself” (written by Burt Bacharach) in August of that year.  This was followed by the wonderful “My Ship is Coming In” (written by Joey Brooks).

As a teenager in those years, I can vouch for the fact that they were definitely swoonable, and the impact of initially hearing their ballads was heady.  My best friend at school went on to marry a Scott Walker lookey likey!  My teenage diary records, on 25th February 1966, liking their hit “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”, which reached No. 1 in the charts in March (written by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio).

Scott’s own baritone voice was deep and affecting.  Later, Midge Ure was to give it the definitive description: “the man with the mahogany voice”.

After the highs of this first phase of Scott Walker’s musical career, and with at one point their fan club membership exceeding that of the Beatles, the group’s success began to dwindle, Scott became dissatisfied with the demands of his role (“I was having to find songs and getting the sessions together. Everyone relied on me, and it just got on top of me”). Eventually in 1968 they disbanded, and Scott pursued a solo career.

In the late 1960s, he continued to release albums in a baroque pop style, which sold with varying success. He had  found a new creative path in the inspiration of the steamy music of  Belgian singer Jacques Brel (composer of “Ne Me Quitte Pas”/”If You Go Away”).  That he found musical identity through Jacques Brel is very interesting astrologically.  Brel’s Mars was exactly conjunct Scott’s Ascendant, and Scott’s own Mars was unaspected (except for its square to the Midheaven) so its energetic expression may have been helped by this.  Brel also shared the sensitive Moon placing in Pisces with Scott.  Their Mercuries were exactly sextile, providing a mental link.  Brel’s Neptune was also conjunct Scott’s Chiron, which may have been a balm to Scott’s self-healing.

After his 1969 album failed to sell, he lost inspiration for a few years, while trying to fulfil contracts.  He also drank heavily.  The decline was halted in 1975 when the Walker Brothers reunited temporarily.  Their hit “No Regrets” (written by Tom Rush), very much in the musical vein of their heyday, reached No. 7 in the U.K. singles chart.  Their comeback only lasted three years, and Scott found himself again in a wilderness.

His career subsequent to that time (i.e. from the early 1980s) was led by a more purely authentic creativity, as distinct from the artistic compromises he felt he had to participate in earlier in his career.  His career was still patchy, but he was more able to express his unique path.  In his chart, Uranus (independence) squares his triple conjunction in Leo, and it seems that had to be expressed, even if it was not always appreciated commercially, or appeared bizarre (Uranus in square).  He freed himself to become the avant-garde composer he needed to be.

His controversial album of 2006, “The Drift”, was an example of this.  His transits at the time, Saturn sextile his Saturn and Pluto trine his North Node, attest to his seriousness about this new body of work. The subject matter was strange (e.g. Mussolini, and 9/11) and its execution even stranger (e.g. at one point incorporating the sound of raw meat being punched).  The New York Times described the style he had evolved: “he barely needs melody anymore. Instead, there are whirring synthesizers, great orchestral blocks of sound, noises of unknown provenance.”

He continued to work along the path he had set for himself, earning a solid reputation in modern composition, and increasing more comfortable in interviews.  scoring a notable success with the theme to “Vox Lux”, a film starring Natalie Portman in 2018.

Along the way, he married, had a daughter (Lee) and a granddaughter (Emmi-Lee), divorced, and leaves a partner, Beverley.


His transits at his death include a sobering Saturn on his Sun in Capricorn, and Saturn sextile his Midheaven in Pisces, drawing a line on his creative life.

He was emulated and admired by many other artists, including Marc Almond, who paid this tribute:

“He was enigmatic, mysterious and with some of his latter recrodings, to me, infuriating.  An absolute musical genius”.

And a final tribute from his current record label 4AD:

“Scott Walker has been a unique and challenging titan at the forefront of British music…Audacious and questioning, he has produced works that dare to explore human vulnerability and the godless darkness encircling it”.


Happy Mother’s Day!  Mars enters Gemini today, an invigorating, high-energy influence, good for exploring mental pursuits or analysing active pursuits.  It is stimulating for hobbies and highlights some sports, such as running and cycling.  There is a strong urge to get things done, but if you are served breakfast in bed at the start of the day, enjoy.

Tuesday (2nd April) brings back the conjunction of Mercury and Neptune which we saw last Sunday, as Mercury turned Direct in the meantime.  As I wrote last week:

“Mercury conjoins Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces.  Journeys could be complicated, but information could be inspiring.  Dreams, meditations and channelling may provide uplift by and large, though there is the possibility of some dubious sources providing confusion and misleading information.  You may need to sort the wheat from the chaff in this respect.”

Mars will be sextile Chiron on Wednesday (3rd), which may see you on a healing mission of some sort.  Compassionate action may be the tone of the day, a day where physicality combines dynamically with healing.

There is a sense of an ending on Thursday (4th) with a rare conjunction of Pluto and the True South Node at 23 degrees Capricorn.  There is a line drawn with the past, whether for this lifetime or previous lives, as the South Node represents the past, and Pluto represents endings.  Whether this will impact on the Brexit process in the U.K. parliament is anybody’s guess.  In your own life, you may decide on “No Regrets” or to “Make it Easy on Yourself”.  It is an appropriate time for soul searching and letting go, coming as it does the day before a New Moon, and the Aries New Moon at that, the first of the Astrological New Year.

Having taken stock on Thursday, you can look to the future, or at least the present, on Friday’s New Moon at 15 degrees Aries.  This may bring a constructive new beginning, unhampered by the past.  It is time for positive action (very much a theme of the aspects and astrological features of this week), and go-getting.  Set your intentions, wishes, creative visualizations and affirmations accordingly.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – activity
  • Tuesday – mental inspiration
  • Wednesday – healing with action
  • Thursday – taking karmic stock
  • Friday – new beginning

Aspects for the week beginning 24 March 2019

Jacinda Ardern

“We are One”

~ Jacinda Ardern

On Friday 15th March in Christchurch New Zealand, a white supremacist opened fire in two mosques, killing 50 worshippers.  The 38 year old Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern immediately stepped up to the plate in this crisis.  Her words were exactly on point, and reminded you of the admirable values of her nation.  Images of her comforting the Moslem community this week are iconic: wearing a black headscarf she demonstrated her unity with those grieving, while at the same time bringing to mind the Madonna archetype.  Not only did she demonstrate empathy and compassion, but she exemplified what we all need at the head of our nations, that spiritual leadership and integrity so often lacking.  Not only did she strike the perfect moral tone, but this week she has also spoken about other issues which need addressing in her country and the world.  She has taken active steps on gun law, and she has professed a desire to initiate reform worldwide around social media excesses and problems (because the gunman live streamed his actions).

Birth Chart

Jacinda has an unaspected Sun in Leo, indicating a very  individualistic leader.  Her North Node in Leo also indicates leadership as a karmic path.  I pointed out last week that she has Neptune trine her North Node, like Greta Thunberg the subject of last week’s blog, showing spiritual leadership.  With Mercury trine Uranus she is also a very independent thinker.  Venus is closely sextile with the North Node in Leo, depicting her warmth.  Jupiter trine Chiron describes her positivity, the ability to see solutions.


After obtaining a Bachelor of  Communication Studies degree in Politics and Public Relations from the University of Waikato in 2001, she worked as a researcher for Prime Minister Helen Clark.  From there, she moved to London and worked as a senior policy advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair in the U.K.  When she returned to New Zealand, she had a rapid career trajectory, becoming the Leader of the Labour Party on 1st August 2017.  The transits for her leadership were Saturn opposite her natal Venus in Gemini (responsibility), Saturn trine her natal North Node in Leo (responsibility and leadership) and Pluto trine her natal Chiron in Taurus (power to her Inner Healer).  With a general election imminent, she declared that her campaign would be one of  “relentless positivity” (putting her natal Jupiter trine Chiron into practice).

Just a few months later, at the age of 37, she became Prime Minister, on 26th October 2017, in a coalition government.  She declared that her government would be “focused, empathetic and strong”, and she has proved true to her word.  The chart of that day has the Sun exactly conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio, which helps.  For her, at the time she was sworn in, highlighted the importance of her North Node in Leo (leadership as karmic mission) as the North Node had returned to its natal position.

In an interview with the BBC last November (2018) she was quoted as saying “it takes courage and strength to be empathetic, and I’m very proudly an empathetic, compassionately-driven politician.”  Again, she has proven that she can walk her talk.


Jacinda’s partner is television presenter Clarke Gayford (a Scorpio Sunsign), who has his Sun square to Jacinda’s and his Venus conjunct her Mars.  They were introduced in 2012 and started dating in 2013.  Their daughter Neve, who is now 9 months old,  was born on 21st June 2018.  Neve’s Sun is in the last degree of Gemini, and her Ascendant in Sagittarius.  Jacinda’s synastry with her daughter includes an exact conjunction of their Mercuries in Cancer in Neve’s 7th House (close mental rapport), Marses exactly trine in Air signs (energies working well together), and positive connections with Jacinda from Neve’s Neptune.  It is clear that Neve’s arrival in Jacinda’s life was a positive and strengthening event, and has inspired her in many ways.

Christchurch Mosque Shootings

The terrorist attack on 15th March has brought out Jacinda’s qualities of leadership and eloquence.  Her immediate words were:

 “Our thoughts and our prayers are with those who have been impacted today. Christchurch was the home of these victims. For many, this may not have been the place they were born. In fact, for many, New Zealand was a choice, a place they actively came to and committed themselves to, the place they were raising their families, where they were part of communities they loved and who loved them.

“It was a place that many came to for its safety, a place where they were free to practice their culture and their religion. For those of you who are watching at home tonight and questioning how this could have happened here … We, New Zealand, we were not a target because we are a safe harbor for those who hate.”

The event itself brought out stories of heroism and bravery, and acts of kindness within the community.  It demonstrated the very values the New Zealanders prided themselves on.

Jacinda was clear from the outset that something needed to be done about gun laws, and within days had set new laws in motion, banning semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles.  She has also called for  international action about the misuse of social media, as mentioned.  She appeared at the funerals as a genuine shoulder to cry on.

Her transits for the time of the shootings were: Jupiter square her natal Saturn in Virgo (a challenge), Saturn square her natal Pluto in Libra (great pain), Neptune trine her natal Mercury in Cancer (channelling spiritual sentiments), Neptune sextile her natal Chiron in Taurus (a conduit for healing) and Pluto trine her natal Saturn in Virgo (responding to difficulties with depth of character).


Jacinda patently has a strong ethical and moral sense.  She was raised as a Mormon, but left the church in 2005, and declared herself an agnostic in 2017.  She certainly is humane in her values, and a spiritual leader in some sense of the word.

New Zealand Charts

We have a chart for New Zealand dated 1907, and also a chart of the constitution dated 1853 to work with, looking at connections with Jacinda and transits at the time of the shootings.

Jacinda connects to the Constitution chart with her Jupiter opposite its Neptune, an attempt at  bringing clarity.  She connects with the New Zealand chart with her Sun trine its Venus, and its Uranus square her Mars (a high energy interaspect, with some disruption to her life).

At the time she was sworn in, Uranus was square the Constitution chart, heralding a time of change.  Chiron was sextile the Constitution Sun, indicating that healing was needed.  The Sun and Jupiter were sextile the Constitution Mercury, supporting effective legislation to come.  The transits of her becoming Prime Minister to the New Zealand chart is energetic (Mars conjunct its Sun) but holds some challenges, such as Saturn opposite its Pluto, and Chiron square its Pluto.

For the Constitution chart, transiting Uranus was conjunct its natal Pluto at the time of the Christchurch shootings (a violent shock).  It also indicates that changes will be made as a result of the event.  For the New Zealand chart, the Christchurch tragedy shows transiting Chiron opposite exactly the New Zealand Sun (a wounding and healing, coming together).

Other Policies

Jacinda describes herself politically as a social democrat and a progressive.  She has supported same-sex marriage, and removing the status of  abortion as a crime.  She is also strong on action in relation to Climate Change:

“We’re small, and our contribution to the global emissions profile is even smaller, but we are surrounded by island nations who will feel the brunt of climate change acutely. I see ourselves as having a responsibility to demonstrate that we can and we will lead the charge.”

According to Amelia Lester in the New Yorker:

”When Donald Trump made a condolence call and asked what support the U.S. could offer, she told him, ‘Sympathy and love for all Muslim communities.’ ”


Today, Mercury conjoins Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces.  Journeys could be complicated, but information could be inspiring.  Dreams, meditations and channelling may provide uplift by and large, though there is the possibility of some dubious sources providing confusion and misleading information.  You may need to sort the wheat from the chaff in this respect.

Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday (26th), and whereas Venus in Aquarius has been community minded, its entry into Pisces deepens the level of compassion.  Your heart will be touched, and this trend towards tenderness lasts until her entry into Aries on 20th April.  This will enable charities to be heard, and the Arts to acquire inspiration.

Venus is again the focus of attention on Wednesday (27th) when she makes an exciting sextile to Uranus, re-charging our social life and social interest.  A friendship, group or meeting may cause us to sit up and take notice, for its sense of novelty and future vision.  Relationships are arresting!

Last but not least, on Thursday (28th), Mercury goes Direct, and we are more able to know where we stand with communications, which may bring less uncertainty and paranoia, and greater functionality in our technological devices and public transport.  Forge ahead with your paperwork, correspondence, documentation and writing the book you have inside you.

Of course, Thursday is also the deadline of the day before official Brexit and the cliffhanger that is no deal (looking less likely as I write).  At Christmas, our next door neighbours (who happen to be Brexiteers) gave us a small box of chocolates on which the best before date was 29th March (I am sure they were not aware of that).  So we have said that, whatever happens, we shall demolish it on the day.

The newspapers this Sunday morning are full of warnings that plots are afoot to oust Theresa May as Prime Minister, so I shall take one last look at her transits for Friday (29th):

The Sun opposes her Sun (very confrontational), Mars trines her Mercury (she won’t go down without saying her piece!), Jupiter trines her Venus (normally a happy social transit, but maybe it will free her), Neptune opposes her Jupiter (great confusion, losing her way), Mars opposite her Saturn (being blocked), and Mars square her Pluto (personal danger).

The transits for the United Kingdom on Friday 29th shows Pluto opposite the Moon (unrest in the population), the North Node on the Moon (a karmic moment for the population), Pluto on the South Node  (huge karmic drama), and Mercury square its Mercury (mental conflict).  That doesn’t sound very uplifting, but with the whole country holding its breath, it is possibly that it will be an anti-climax (i.e. not even a no deal).

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – right-brained
  • Tuesday – compassionate
  • Wednesday – social sparkles
  • Thursday – eased communication



Aspects for the week beginning 17 March 2019

Greta Thunberg

“Skolstrejk for Klimatet”

School Strike for the Climate

Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this week, a week which saw the second day of school strikes on behalf of the climate (a month after the first) in the U.K, with similar action around the world.  She began this action last August in Sweden, with the powerful words:

“We kids most often don’t do what you tell us to do. We do as you do. And since you grown-ups don’t give a shit about my future, I won’t either. My name is Greta and I’m in ninth grade. And I refuse school for the climate until the Swedish general election.”

At the age of 16, she is a similar age to that of Malala Yousafzai at the time she won the Peace Prize, but it is quite rare for one so young to make such an impact.

Birth Chart

Greta has a concentration of planets in Earth sign Capricorn, the sign of seriousness and responsibility.  Her Sun in Capricorn exactly conjunct Chiron, so she is a healer and problem-solver.  Both her Sun and Moon are in this sign, and they may be conjunct, i.e. she may have been born on  a New Moon, or at least close to one.  That would confer the ability to  bring a freshness of outlook, energy and thought to bear on a longstanding problem.  Jupiter trine closely with Pluto gives her an enormous power and energy with a global reach.  Mars in Scorpio gives her a power and intensity, which can have great integrity in that sign.  She has Neptune trine her North Node, which gives her a spiritual karmic mission, but can also make her a spiritual leader.  Mercury sextile Venus gives her eloquence.  Saturn trine Uranus gives her a strong personality structure, and one which knows how to balance and preserve what is valuable in the old, while bringing in the new.  Her Venus is exactly square Uranus, a rebellious aspect.  Half her planets are in the Fixed signs, which gives her a strong will.


Greta has an interesting family background. Her mother is a Swedish opera singer who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.   She refuses to travel by airplane because of its effect on the climate.

A distant relative of her father was the famous scientist Svante Arrhenius.  Arrhenius made calculations showing that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide increase the Earth’s surface temperature, which led in the 1960s to the discovery that carbon dioxide emissions can cause global warming.  Greta’s North Node sextiles the Saturn in Svante Arrhenius’ chart, indicating a karmic link, or perhaps a baton passed on, on behalf of climate change.

According to the New Scientist: “After learning about climate change when she was 8, Greta later developed depression when she was 11, which she links partly to the issue.”  She also has Asperger syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder and selective mutism.  She was responsible for her family becoming vegan and giving up flying.  However she sees her Aspergers condition in a positive light, that it helped her to see the crisis clearly.


Greta started her protests on 20th August 2018, sitting outside the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm.  Her astrological triggers at the time were Mars on her Mercury (taking action), and Jupiter exactly square her natal Jupiter (a huge risk, breaking the law).  Thus was a movement born.  She wasn’t planning a worldwide revolution, but from small acorns mighty oaks do grow.

The Movement grows

At Stockholm in November, she spoke about her awareness from the age of eight about climate change and its threat.  “We can’t change the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed.” she said, expressing the rebelliousness of Uranus squaring her Mars/Venus conjunction in Scorpio in her natal chart.

On 23rd January, she took a train to Davos, to attend the World Economic Forum.  There she gave voice to the Saturn-Pluto opposition of her peer group, desperation fuelling a sense of urgency: “Our house is on fire” adding “I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day.”  She had a good few important transits during that time: Mercury returned to its natal position, so she was speaking with a clarity of intellect; Jupiter was exactly trine her natal Jupiter, bringing success to her endeavours (the world was listening); Uranus was square to Mercury (she was not afraid to shock), Pluto was sextile her natal Mars (speaking with great energy and moral force).  She added  “We owe it to the young people, to give them hope.” (giving voice to the transit of Jupiter trine her natal Jupiter, on behalf of all young people).

School Strikes around the World

February 15th 2019

Friday February 15th marked the first school strike in the U.K. as well as in Europe (notably in Paris and Berlin) and around the world.  Greta’s message had taken hold, and spoken to the younger generation. 10,000 schoolchildren here in the U.K. joined in the strike, 3000 in London, 2000 in Oxford, 1000 in Exeter and 1000 in Brighton, with hundreds in other cities.

At this time, Pluto (power) was still trine her Mars (energy), and the North Node (karmic path) trine her natal Venus, but the whole issue had gone beyond the personal.  Perhaps the chart of her original strike takes over in importance, after a certain point of the growth of her movement.  Jupiter trined Neptune exactly in that chart: a huge trine in importance, from which indeed small acorns can grow into mighty oaks.

March 15th 2019

By the time of the second U.K. and worldwide strike on Friday, the whole movement had grown.  The Guardian reported: “From Australia to America, schoolchildren put down their books yesterday to march for change in the first global climate strike…Across India and Uganda, and in the Philippines and Nepal – countries acutely affected by climate change – tens of thougsands of children and young people went on ‘strike'”.  30,000 children marched in Sydney.  Dear Donald, are you listening?

Crowds gathered in Stockholm to hear Greta speak: “We are facing the greatest existential crisis humanity has ever faced.  And yet it has been ignored.  You who have ignored it know who you are.”

Awards and Nominations

On International Women’s Day (8th March 2019) in her home country Thunberg was declared the most important woman of the year in Sweden in 2019.  On 14th March she was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.  But Greta only wants action.

When Caroline Lucas of the Green Party recently called for a debate on climate change in our parliament, hardly any MPs (40 out of 650) turned up, so engaged are they with the subject.  In spite of this, Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary endorsed Friday’s action:

“Collective action of the kind you’re championing can make a difference, and a profound one.  Together can beat climate change.  It will require us to change the way in which our energy is generated, change the way in which our homes are built, change the way in which our land is managed and farming operates.  But that change is absolutely necessary.”

~ Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, 15th March 2019

The Observer Leader this morning concludes with the words of Anastasia Martynenko from Kiev:

“We are happy to be the driving force..because when our children ask us what have you done for our future, we will have an answer.”


Tomorrow in the early hours, Mercury is sextile Mars, a good time to start a worthwhile movement of your own!  This makes the start of the week (be it a working week or a more leisurely break) quite dynamic.  You can put new offices practices into play, new initiatives in your lifestyle, or plant new seeds in your garden.  It is a day to take action.  You may find shortcuts to your usual way of doing things.

The engine is still running on Wednesday (20th), when Mars is trine Pluto.  You may act with great energy and moral force, for example on projects you initiated on Monday.  This aspect speaks of self-empowerment, but you have to remember that everyone also has this force!  It is the sort of energy with which Hercules would have cleaned out the Augean stables.  This of course may run the risk of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, so if you do feel empowered, tailor the force of your action appropriately!  At this point, you may be feeling on a roll…

The next aspect, also on Wednesday, is a little more measured.  So after you have expended all that energy, you might need to pace yourself (don’t run the risk of adrenal burnout!).  A great aspect for sitting down, taking stock, and doing the practical paperwork or planning, or making serious phonecalls to back up your more physical efforts appears in the form of Mercury sextile Saturn.  If you are ladies who lunch, the conversation could turn from a passionate survey of the state of the world to a realistic evaluation of what might be done.  If you are still in the office, the overall work ethic is spot on.

In the evening, the Sun enters Aries (the Vernal Equinox), and on some level you may register that Spring has sprung.  It is the start of the Astrological New Year, the beginning of a generally more active, conscious, dynamic way of relating to the world (from the Sun’s more introspective time of its recent passage through Pisces).  If you have been wallowing, or experiencing compassion fatigue, it is time to do something about the issues you might have been fretting about, whether personal or worldwide in nature.

But first, there is the hurdle of managing emotional tension, either within your own psyche or from those around you, as the Full Moon in Libra occurs in the early hours of Thursday (21st).  The Full Moon in Libra requires balance, equilibrium, harmony, but is opposed by the Sun in Aries.  So while Sun in Aries likes everything his own way, direct and immediate, it gets off to a more complicated start in this sign, and may take a while to reach its stride.  Other people have to be considered, and the Ram’s impatience has to be curbed for the time being.  Aries and Libra have to come to some negotiation, just as the U.K. and the E.U. have to.

There is a bit of a battleground of the sexes occurring that day, because as well as the fact that Venus rules Libra and Mars rules Aries, Venus actually squares Mars that day.  You may want different things than your partner, and different parts of you may want different things again.  It is a time to examine your wants and desires, and put them perhaps in order of priority.  Look at what you really need, what you might need, and what you don’t need, and put them in appropriate piles according to whether they spark joy (!).  Then let go of one pile or another and if practical, take them to the nearest charity shop, or if not release them to the ethers in meditation.

Help is at hand, though, for a trine between Venus and Jupiter follows on (one of the best aspects of the year, if not the best).  Just as you may be flagging from emotional tension (the Full Moon) and the war between Venus and Mars, you may get happily distracted by a social whirl, a celebration, or a new friendship.  Someone may lend a hand with your baggage, or a stroke of luck may rescue a difficult situation.  Thursday should end happily!

Friday (22nd) may bring a new conundrum, with the Sun conjunct Chiron.  This may be a healing crisis, or an awkward situation – do you have space in your life for all these new contacts you made at Thursday’s party now on Facebook?  Fortunately, Chiron transits often come with their own in-built solutions, because its ultimate purpose is healing.  You just need to turn the appropriate key.  It is a bit like being on the Crystal Maze…Something is ready to be released, and if your mind can’t work it out immediately, take a quiet moment and allow the answer to emerge.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – brisk work
  • Wednesday – full steam ahead; attend to the fine print; celebrate the Spring
  • Thursday – emotional tension; men are from Mars, women are from Venus; more joy and celebration
  • Friday – healing crisis and solution


Aspects for the week beginning 10 March 2019

Dealing with difficult transits


The Transits are the current planetary positions in relation to your birth chart.  These can be ascertained from an Ephemeris, from a website such as Astrodienst, or from an Astrologer (as in a Year Ahead forecast).  Knowing your transits will assist you in working constructively with them ahead of time (as in planning or in a psychotherapeutic context) or as they occur, as conscious co-operation is more enlightened and produces better results than a lack of awareness or understanding of events and influences.  Transits are part of a psychological process, and if you do not complete the process you will have a chance when the same aspect comes round again.  If it is a once-in-a-lifetime aspect it is usually very profound in nature, but a similar aspect may come round.  Each time an aspect comes round in your life, it is an opportunity to refine the process, and raise your game with that issue.

Variation in Difficulty

Transits vary in their scale of difficulty.  The outer planets, such as Pluto and Neptune, move very slowly and their effect can be slow to build and slow to wane.  Mars at the other end of the scale moves much more quickly, and passes rapidly.  Generally speaking an easy or harmonious transit such as a trine or sextile will be constructive, whereas a square or opposition is likely to be more challenging.  We also have different relationships with the planets and someone might find a particular planet challenging where another may sail through the same transit.  The following guide is to assist you with the more difficult manifestations of the planetary transits, bearing in mind that much also depends on the planet they are interacting with, especially when it comes to a conjunction.  The aim would often be to turn the nature of a square into the experience of a trine, while fulfilling the lesson of the square.  The following transits appear in approximate order of difficulty, with Pluto as the most challenging.

Pluto in Transit

Pluto in transit will see you in a process of transformation of the aspect of your character and life represented by the planet it is applying to. You are likely to be researching a corner of your psyche, and that may be self-initiated, dictated by circumstances or triggered by an important event.  This can mean significant or dramatic change.  The approach to this transit may have been coming for some time, but the tide is bringing the wave now.  Pluto can liberate by forcing you to be yourself.  You realize the blocks to the Light are only your own illusions and fears.  Pluto transits require patience, as their timing can be lengthy, and often demand that you look at your shadow side.  Don’t be too hard on yourself throughout this process, and factor in some pampering, and a friendship which acts as a sounding board.  If all is proceeding smoothly with a Pluto transit, you go deeper into your experience and find it rewarding.

Recommended Reading: “Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul – Volume I” by Jeffrey Wolf Green

“If I can open a new corner in a man’s own heart to him I have not lived in vain.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Neptune in Transit

Neptune is very nebulous in its action, and also subtle, so that its effect can creep insidiously into your experience without you immediately noticing it.  Or you may suspect something, and wonder if it is your imagination.  Though not as slow moving as a Pluto transit, a Neptune transit is still slow.  Under a Neptune transit you may find that physically and personality-wise you are becoming more sensitive and spiritual.  For example, you may become aware of food sensitivities such as gluten intolerance.  You may also experience some absent-mindedness.  As I mentioned in last week’s Aspects “how you experience it may to some extent depend on your own evolving relationship with Neptune, and the clarity on your mystical path.”  Dealing with a Neptune transit contrasts with a Pluto transit which required examining the depth of feeling.  For Neptune, you need to meditate more, and even achieve a sense of transcendence.  Paradoxically that also means you need to be grounded. When you have your head in the clouds you also need to feel the weight of your feet on the ground.  If all goes smoothly with a Neptune transit you will be able to receive subtle impressions without feeling you are so split in your consciousness.  As I also mentioned last week it “can bring high spiritual experiences and inspiration, especially if you are channelling or working with your creativity, in art or music for instance.”

Famous example: Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn this week learnt that the Equalities and Human Rights Commission was considering investigating anti-semitism in the Labour Party.  Neptune (scandal or suspicion) was squaring his Mercury/Venus.

Recommended Reading: “The Gods of Change” by Howard Sasportas

“…what the soul knows is often unknown to the man who has a soul.  We are infinitely more than we think.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Uranus in Transit

A Uranus transit heralds Change, with a capital C.   That other great agent of Change, Pluto, can work very slowly but can also bring sudden dramatic change.  With Uranus, it is usually sudden, rapid change, often out of the blue.  Uranus is Master of the element of the unexpected, the spanner in the works, and the new broom sweeping clean.  You may be exposed to new ideas, and possible changes of work or residence.  You may also work more intensely with Astrology under this influence!  Physically, the ankles may be a vulnerable spot.  The best way to work with Uranus, is in advance (beat him at his own game!) by honing your Intuition and looking at loopholes in advance.  Once you are overtaken by events, use your Intuition from moment to moment, seeing the art of the possible.  Expand your consciousness, and look at whether Uranus is asking you to consider the best interests of society, not just your own.  If all goes smoothly with a Uranus transit, you anticipate and even choose the change, and it may have a wider application for humanity.

Famous example: Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd this week accidentally referred to Diane Abbot as “coloured”, causing a furore.  Uranus was square her natal Venus, an accidental social faux-pas, which left her “mortified”.

“A man can be free without being great, but no man can be great without being free” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Chiron by transit

A typical manifestation of a Chiron transit is a “healing crisis”, as asteroid Chiron represents the Wounded Healer, or the Inner Healer. Often the healing crisis is designed to point the way to what needs healing, and to concentrate the mind to that end.  The nature of Chiron has similarities with Pluto in that there is a depth to the issue, and often pain to be released.  It moves more quickly however, and healing when it comes can be instant, once the remedy (often at hand) is identified.  Chiron represents alternative medicine, and  the healing can often come from that quarter.  If more psychological in nature, the healing can come from a deep dive into the soul.  Problem-solving can also be undertaken under such a transit.  If all goes smoothly during a Chiron transit, you unwrap a new layer of your Inner Healer, and your ability to help others who have the same problem.

Famous example:  Home Secretary Sajid Javid this week was under fire for letting Shamima Begum’s baby Jarrah die in a refugee camp in Syria.  At his age of 49 he is about to have his Chiron Return (on 25-26th March, just before Brexit).  He has some deep soul searching to do.

Recommended Reading: “Chiron and the Healing Journey” by Melanie Reinhart

Saturn by transit

Compared to the above transits, a Saturn transit is more fast moving, but in terms of its nature it encourages patience, maturity, and slowing down.  It may teach us about loss, and value.  So a Saturn transit may be a little tough going.  It may be a struggle to think positively, as it can bring our your fears. “Perfect love casteth out fear” is one of the truest sayings in the bible.  But Saturn is also known as a teacher, Old Father Time, for which the maxim “All Things Must Pass” also has great meaning and solace.  Saturn may put barriers in your way or cause frustrations, but always leaves a gift, which is the thing it came to teach.  If all goes smoothly during a Saturn transit, you may be rewarded by previous hard work and planning, or present integrity.

Famous example: The singer R. Kelly was jailed this week on sexual charges.  Saturn was on his natal Sun and squaring his natal Mars.  He was released on bail a couple of days later, as these transits were easing.

Recommended Reading: ” Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body, and Soul” by Erin Sullivan

“A true hermit goes to the wilderness to find not to lose himself.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Jupiter by transit

Jupiter transits can prove beneficial even if the aspect itself is a difficult one (such as a square or opposition).  It moves more quickly again than its predecesssor Saturn.  But whereas Saturn teaches with a stick, Jupiter employs the carrot method and invites us to expand and exaggerate.  It tempts us to go beyond known boundaries,  and trust our luck (or God/Goddess if we are religious).  Opportunities can open up to spread our wings and use our talents.  Where we can come a cropper is that we can become arrogant, or become hoisted by our own petard!  Then we might need to try and keep our ego in check.  If all goes smoothly under a Jupiter transit, we can increase our confidence and expand our personal empire.

“The idea of God is different in every man, and one can never give another his own religion” ~ Kahlil Gibran

North Node by transit

The North Node is not a planet, but nevertheless the transit can affect us profoundly according to the state of our karma, and the karmic mission we are working on in this lifetime.  A Nodal transit can seem like being touched by destiny, or contain an amazing synchronicity or meeting with someone we have known in past lives.  It can point our way to any obligations we have outstanding, or where we might be of service.  It may ask you to take a karmic stocktaking, such as thinking about forgiveness in a long standing coldness of heart.  We may be able to see a Soul Contract, remember past lives, or glimpse future possibilities.  If you do not believe in karma or past lives, you may see events in terms of cause and effect or moral consequences.  If all goes smoothly with this type of transit, there can be a great meeting of minds, merging of destinies, or awareness and fulfilment of one’s karmic mission.

Recommended Reading: “Karmic Astrology Volume I – The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation” by Martin Schulman

I have been here before,
But when or how I cannot tell:
I know the grass beyond the door
The sweet keen smell,
The sighing sound, the lights around the shore.”

~ Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Mars transits

Of all the transit agents described, Mars is the quickest, spending two days only on the degree of a natal planet.  But it can act as a trigger for events, and make us incident-prone.  Some are more affected by Mars transits than others, for example people born under the sign of Aries are more prone to its influence.  Children, too, are susceptible to Mars transits because they have not yet mastered the art of discipline, or self-control (they can however be protected by their own innocence).  As you might expect, carelessness and impulsiveness can often result in bumps and bruises under the influence of a Mars transit.  Confrontation or conflict can also occur.  When Mars is applying to the natal Mercury, hasty speech can bring problems.  Antidotes to the negative manifestations of Mars can be love and patience, harmony and care, diplomacy and physical awareness.  If all goes smoothly under a Mars transits, you can get outstanding jobs done, assert yourself satisfyingly, or achieve a physical fitness goal.

Famous example: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un this week, after his 2nd summit with Donald Trump, is preparing to launch missiles again.  Mars is opposite his natal Saturn, so he is in defiant mood!


This afternoon Mars sextiles Neptune, bringing refinement to your actions and activities.  This favours flowing exercise such as Tai Chi, Qijong and Yoga.  Combining the physical with the spiritual is ideal, and achievable.

Wednesday (13th) graces us with another sextile, that of the Sun and Pluto, not to be sniffed at.  If you enjoy navel gazing and getting to the nitty gritty of psychological issues, then this one is for you!  If it is not your cup of tea, someone may ask you a question which is more searching than you would like, or life throws you a poser which stops you in your tracks until you have given it some thought.  In parliament, it will be the day after Theresa May’s new Brexit vote, and a good time to ask “What’s next?”

Thursday (14th) will be the day to pick up the mood and even find the humour in events, with the Sun square Jupiter. In some cases, the laughter may be inappropriate, but the clowns among us can try and lighten the mood.  It’s a fairly high-spirited day.  Just be sure not to promise more than you can deliver.

Mercury also trines the North Node on Thursday, which could bring mental insights around karma and past lives.  If you are Gemini or Virgo, or have a strong Teacher Archetype, you will feel in tune with your destiny, and confident of your contribution.

Also featuring on Thursday is a trine, between Mars and Saturn.  This favours translating the humour, philosophical insight, and karmic teachings of the day into practical action.  You can think through what you want to achieve, see what needs to be done, and set about steadily allowing it to unfold, with some concrete or physical input or ignition on your part.

The Sun conjoins Mercury on Friday (15th) at 23 degrees Pisces.  It is a good day to apply your mind even if the subject matter is unfathomable (Pisces).  As you enter into the mystery, with your mind, you can be richly rewarded.  Your imagination may also be stimulated by the process.  A sense of compassion may spark new ideas of how to proceed in the bigger picture.  Clarity can emerge from an investigation into a confused situation.

There is also a trine between the Sun and the North Node on Friday.  Clarity emerging can throw up creative avenues and karmic insights.  If power issues are involved, you may need “permission” from another.

Late on Friday (in the U.K.) Mercury squares Jupiter, which keeps the mental mood upbeat, but may overstretch the mind (such as in information overload when you are trying to sleep).  It’s another lavender and chamomile job.

Last but not least, on Saturday (16th) we end the week with another sextile, between Mercury and Pluto.  This continues the themes of the week as being deep and constructive thought.  So there is another opportunity to put good ideas to work, or to have those difficult conversations which might have been in your mind for a while, with the expectation that the time is right for success in the matter.  Your conclusions and discussions will be able to make sense to both parties, and provide a focus for moving on, for example in business negotiations.  It is a day when  you might be able to reach the parts previously unattainable.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – refined action
  • Wednesday – psychological depth
  • Thursday – complex but satisfying
  • Friday – insightful, karmic and mentally stimulating
  • Saturday – deep and constructive thought


Aspects for the week beginning 3 March 2019

Olivia Colman

Olivia Colman won an Oscar last week for her role in the film about Queen Anne, “The Favourite”.  She’s an actress of extraordinary range, who started out in comedy in Peep Show, played D.S. Ellie Miller in Broadchurch, and several roles later has earned herself an Oscar with this role.  She is due to play the Queen in “The Crown”.

Birth Chart

Olivia has 0 water planets in her chart (unemotional), so must have something like a water planet or sign on the Ascendant, as she can cry – witness her appearance on Would I Lie to You on You Tube.  She has over half her planets (6) in Air, so she operates mainly on a mental level. Mercury, Uranus and Saturn form a Grand Trine in the Air element, which could be a large factor in her success. She has been highly praised for her acceptance speech at the BAFTAs, displaying her talent for comedy (she has Mercury conjunct Jupiter) and sincerity.

The most obvious sign of theatrical talent in her chart is the Sun closely sextile Neptune, a planet associated with acting, empathy and emotion (so that does give her a link to the element of water).  This is backed up and deepened by a trine of Pluto to her Sun, ensuring that she grasps the deeper meaning of what she is portraying.  Her power is increased by having her North Node in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre, so these last two factors enabled her authenticity in her police detective role in Broadchurch.

Peep Show

Olivia originally met David Mitchell and Robert Webb (and also her husband Ian Sinclair) at Cambridge Footlights while studying at Homerton in Cambridge.  Her longstanding role in Peep Show kickstarted her very successful career, and she was reluctant to leave for pastures new, but was advised to do so by her agent. In Peep Show she played a co-worker who became romantically involved with Mark (played by Mitchell), and through the course of the series married and divorced him.

One would suspect a karmic link with Mitchell and Webb, and their synastry is close.  Mitchell’s Venus trines her Jupiter (a strong friendship), and his Uranus trines her Mercury (a mental spark).  Robert Webb’s Sun is conjunct her Pluto (a deep link) and his Mars trines her Venus, which is an emotionally deep bond.  Mitchell and Webb themselves have a definite karmic link, of Webb’s Uranus sextile Mitchell’s North Node (sparky karma).

Her transits for this opportunity (Peep Show first aired on 19th September 2003) were Neptune on her Sun in Aquarius (a starring role) and Pluto trine her natal Chiron in Aries (a sense of fulfilment).


Olivia has played many various parts on television programmes and in film, but Broadchurch, set in a fictional Dorset town, next stands out as a programme which established her as a serious actress. Her role in this hugely successful series was as D.S. Ellie Miller, and it earned her a BAFTA (not her first however) in 2014. She was first choice for the role, being offered it without audition.  In this series she was successfully paired with David Tennant, with whom she has a sparkling rapport (her Jupiter conjunct his North Node, her Sun trine his Uranus and sextile his Chiron, and her Uranus opposite his Sun.  The start of the series  found Olivia with a challenging opposition of Uranus to her Pluto, finding the depth in her psyche.  David Tennant had Pluto square his Uranus, in a similar dynamic, as well as a reorientating transit of Neptune square his Neptune.

Olivia won a Golden Globe in 2016 for her role in the highly praised The Night Manager, based on a John Le Carre novel.  In that series, she played an Intelligence Officer.  Again, she will have been stretched, with Neptune square her Neptune, and Pluto square her Chiron.

The Favourite

The film The Favourite premiered in the U.K. at the beginning of January this year.  In this role  she reprises her talent for comedy.  For the role, she gained 35 lb in weight (ever since Renee Zellweger did this for Bridget Jones I have found the concept quite eye watering).  The plot concerns two cousins, Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, and Baroness Abigail Masham (Played by Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone respectively) vying to be court favourites to Queen Anne in the early 18th Century.

The U.K. premier saw a transit of Uranus sextile Olivia’s natal Saturn, which highlights the strength of her natal Saturn exactly trine her Uranus.  She is able to bring together the old and the new.

Awards Transits

Olivia has won a plethora of awards over time.  Notably, she won two BAFTAs in 2013 (Jupiter was trine her natal Jupiter, equalling success, plus an exciting transit of Uranus sextile her natal Sun).  She picked up a third BAFTA, for her work in Broadchurch, in 2014 (with Mars sextile her natal Neptune and trine her natal Sun). In the pinnacle of her career so far, she won her fourth BAFTA and her first Oscar this year for the leading role in The Favourite (at the BAFTA ceremony, quite a dizzying concoction of transits: Mars opposite  her natal Uranus, Saturn trine her natal Mars, Saturn square her natal Chiron and Neptune sextile her natal Mars). For the Oscar ceremony, Jupiter came out for her, sextile exactly her natal Jupiter.  Many described her acceptance speech as “the speech of the night”.

Rachel Weisz won a BAFTA for best Supporting Actress for her role in The Favourite (with recognition for hard work, Saturn sextile her Sun, inspiring and healing Neptune trine her Chiron, and karmic depth of North Node sextile her Pluto).


It will be interesting to see what roles she chooses from this point.  She has the huge role of Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, which should keep her occupied for a while.  It is difficult to describe her appeal as an actress, other than that she is very relatable, you feel you know her.  This may be her Sun in Aquarius shining through.


Hereby two days’ notice before Mercury is stationary prior to turning retrograde;  two days to put your paperwork in order, and service your computer.  Tuesday (5th) sees Mercury stall at 29 degrees Pisces, before turning back and possibly causing communication havoc.  Who goes there, friend or phobia?  We are all the time refining and evolving our communications, and depending on where we are, we can have a difficult time, or a less difficult time (not every phenomena that ensues during a Mercury retrograde period can be down to us; we can get caught up in outer forces such as strikes).  But with “failing Grayling” still occupying the position of Transport Minister, and clinging on to the post by his fingernails, you have to wonder what else can happen to confuse conditions of this area of life in the U.K.  There are rumours that he may be forced to step down tomorrow, which would be an interesting correlation astrologically in terms of Mercury’s position.  His own Mercury, at 27 degrees Pisces, is quite close to this point, and natally his Uranus is quincunx to it, which is disruptive to communication (who put him in the post…?).  He is in a bit of a quagmire at the moment, with Mars opposite his Neptune and Neptune on his Mars, wondering how to proceed.  For those of you more interested in your office fortunes and documentation, check the fine print assiduously until 28th March, the day before Brexit, when Mercury proceeds forwards again.  It might be worth having an extra proofreader this month.

The big feature of the week comes on Wednesday (6th) when Uranus re-enters Taurus, where it will stay until July 2025.  It may have a groundbreaking effect in the area of your life (the House) in which it appears in your chart.  When it first entered (before retrograding) in May last year, I wrote:

“Uranus enters Taurus: the unstoppable force meets the immovable object, as it were.  You may register this if you are sensitive to Uranus and/or Taurus … or you may observe it in events in society or on the global stage.  For others, it may pass them by for different reasons, e.g. the timing is not critical in their charts or with their planets, at the moment.  But it will be the beginning of a new process, and a new way of seeing progress and the way forward.  We have exhausted the possibilities of Uranus in Aries, and must find new ways to circumvent and deal with new challenges, or new ways around old challenges we haven’t given up on.”

This will be followed, in the afternoon, by a New Moon in Pisces at 15 degrees.  This is the time to set intentions for the following month.  On a personal level, you may have deep emotional issues that you want to get to grips with.  On a global level, collectively we are only just starting to realize the huge effort required to eliminate plastic from the oceans, and the impact of global warming on the ice melting at the poles, two issues which are Pisces-related. So any affirmations, practical projects and creative visualizations along these lines would be apt.

Thursday (7th) sees the conjunction of the Sun and Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces, which to some extent continues the themes of the New Moon.  This conjunction last occurred on 4th March last year, the day of the Skripal poisonings (Neptune) in Salisbury.  They have just cleared the last site of contamination (Sergei Skripal’s own house), but are continuing investigations, as there are still many mysteries and questions unanswered (Neptune).  At the other end of the spectrum, Neptune combined with the Sun so intensely can bring high spiritual experiences and inspiration, especially if you are channelling or working with your creativity, in art or music for instance.  Again, as with Mercury, how you experience it may to some extent depend on your own evolving relationship with Neptune, and the clarity on your mystical path.

Saturday (9th) brings a sextile between the Sun and Saturn.  After the Neptunian intensity, the balance starts to revert to the practical.  Creativity, having received inspiration, now settles into practical results and projects, and can more easily take form.  It is also a time you can lay down some plans, foundations and preparations.  Perhaps there are ideas you have had which are more suited to the springtime, and you can prepare for them now.  For gardeners, itching to sow seeds, you may have the urge to get going.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – communication needs care
  • Wednesday – groundbreaking; new beginnings
  • Thursday – confusion or inspiration
  • Saturday – practicalities

Aspects for the week beginning 24 February 2019

The Independence Group

Last Monday we were driving to Leicester and it was suddenly announced that a group of Labour MPs were lining up for a Press Conference, which helped to while away the journey.  We were riveted as we listened to each one and their reasons for leaving the Labour Party and their hopes for their small group.  I was dismayed at the damage to the Labour Party, but understood where they were coming from, and then two days later the “three Amigos”, female MPs from the Tory Party, made a similar attack on the Tory Party and Theresa May’s effort to keep her Party together, and joined the seven (who had by then become eight).  The aspects for last Monday were full on, and the Sun sextile Uranus particularly conducive to seizing the day:

“This sets up a sense of excitement early on.  There may be a sense of anticipation about the day, or the week.  Perhaps you have something special you wish to accomplish during those time frames.  It may be a radical change of direction, or some bold changes.”

The stated aim for the group, not yet a Party as such, was to try to heal, by setting up a central group in politics, what is now evidently broken in our nation’s politics.

This chimed with another astrological feature that day, the ingress of Chiron into Aries:

“You may be able to clarify some healing issues on Monday.”  Chiron entering Aries will certainly take a fresh look at current problems.

It will be interesting to look at whether there are any common astrological themes which bind the group together, and what are the strains and stresses in their transits which made them break away from their Parties at this time.

Chart of the Press Conference

A chart of the time of the Press Conference is a good starting point for studying the evolution of this group.  The Ascendant is in Taurus, close to Mars.  The Venus-Saturn conjunction (a leave taking in relationships) is on the Midheaven in Capricorn (the political scene).  But most interesting is the position of the Sun, about to go into Pisces, at 29 degrees Aquarius.  It symbolizes the desire to change things.  As we move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, which is a retrograde motion in the zodiac, 29 degrees Aquarius would be our position if we had just entered the Age of Aquarius.

Cast in Order of Appearance:

I apologize in advance for the necessary length of this blog – if you cannot bear to read every one, just pick your favourites!

Luciana Berger

I have become embarrassed and ashamed to remain in the Labour party”

Of all the members of the Independence group, Luciana has the most emotive reasons for leaving, and has been through the most difficult time.  She has without question been subject to anti-semitism in her constituency of Liverpool Wavertree, and not received any support from the leadership on this, despite protestations that anti-semitism “has no place in the Labour Party”.

In her birth chart, she has Sun/Venus opposite Uranus (the Rebel Archetype) and Sun also conjunct Chiron (a Healer and Problem-Solver). Life would rarely stand still for her.  Mars also conjuncts Chiron (woundedness: in December 2014 she was subject to 2,500 hate messages in three days).  Plus she has a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which can make it difficult for her to move forward, and it requires a balancing act when she does.

She is the great-niece of the late Labour MP Emmanual Shinwell.  In 2013 she became Shadow Minister for Public Health.  She increased her majority at the 2015 general election, and though she was appointed Shadow Minister for Mental Health, she resigned on 27 June 2016 (just after the Referendum) amid concerns about the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.  Mars was exactly opposite her Sun at the time (anger).  She again increased her majority in 2017.  On 7th February this year, her constituency reported two motions of no confidence brought on by her criticism of Jeremy Corbyn.  For her this may have been the final straw, when examining “why now?”  Pluto was exactly trine her Sun – a call for transformation in her life.  Pluto was also exactly square her natal Pluto, almost a force beyond her control.  And so to last Monday, when astrologically Pluto was still trine her natal Sun, Chiron was opposing her Jupiter in Libra (acknowledgement of a wound), and Pluto squared Pluto to the day.

Chris Leslie

“The evidence of Labour’s betrayal on Europe is now visible for all to see”

Next up was Chris Leslie.  His main complaint was about Labour’s stance on Brexit.  One common belief among the eight Labour MPs forming the Independence Group was that they were all in favour of remaining.  Chris was on Question Time on Thursday evening, and found himself under fire from all sides of the panel.

Chris has Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn.  With Mercury conjunct exactly Mars, he has the Critic Archetype.  These two planets sextile Pluto, so he is strong minded.

He served briefly as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer under Harriet Harman while the Labour Leadership contest was under way in 2015.  In 2018, he too lost a vote of no confidence at his constituency.  Many Labour MPs are currently under threat of deselection.  Nine years older than Luciana Berger, historically he sits firmly under the New Labour/Blairite banner, which is anathema to the Momentum movement.  When elected to his current seat in 2010 at Nottinham East, transiting Saturn (politics and stability) was conjunct his natal Pluto and sextile the natal Mercury/Mars conjunction.  In May 2015 he replaced Ed Balls as Shadow Chancellor, who had lost his seat.  But he resigned in September 2015, critical of Jeremy Corbyn.  His transits for the foundation of the Independence Group are:-

Transiting Uranus square to his natal Mercury/Mars – a mental breakout, and a major disruption

Chiron trine his Mercury/Mars – for him, a mental solution, and a personal healing

Mars trine his natal Jupiter a physical sense of freedom

Angela Smith

“Our politics is broken and all the main parties are incapable of inspiring confidence in the future.”

Angela Smith, the MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge (not Baroness Angela Smith of Basildon) found herself soon after the launch of the Independent Group apologizing for referring to a person of colour as having a “funny tinge”.

Her birthchart has a satellitium in Leo, and the Moon in Libra.  Like Luciana, she has the Rebel Archetype, showing up in her chart as the Sun/Mercury/North Node conjunct Uranus in Leo.

She joined the Labour Party early in life, at the age of 16, and also worked for the N.H.S.  In 2011-2012 she was voted Constituency MP of the Year.  In 2013 she worked with Brian May in opposing the badger cull.  However, she supported fracking and last November received a no confidence vote from her constituency.

Her transits last week were:- Neptune trine her natal Venus (poignant feelings), Chiron opposite her Mars (registering a wound), Uranus trine her Jupiter (a new direction) and the South Node on her natal Saturn (a serious karmic decision).

Gavin Shuker

“Today, the Labour party…is perfectly content to enable the hard Tory Brexit that will directly and negatively affect people in Luton”

Born in 1981, the same year as Luciana Berger, Gavin shares the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, which encloses his Sun in a triple conjunction in Libra.  He too has a strong Inner Rebel, with Uranus exactly trine his natal North Node, and Mars square his Uranus.  He has strong religious convictions with Jupiter sextile Neptune, with Christianity as his chosen religion.  He has strongly opposed the far right in society.

A motion of no confidence was passed against him last September.  His transits at the founding of the Independence Group show up Saturn square his natal Sun (a time of difficulty, sadness and decision), Mars opposite his Mercury (expressing his anger), and Jupiter sextile his Jupiter (at the same time, a feeling of freedom).

Ann Coffey

“Any criticism of the leadership is responded to with abuse and accusations of treachery”

Ann Coffey’s career began in social work, and she has a special interest in the protection of children.  Born in 1946, she has a long history in politics, having made her maiden speech on 12th May 1992.  Ann Coffey is a Virgoan Sun Sign, but with 5 planets in Libra.  She is the third of this group to have Mars closely sextile Pluto, the others being Gavin Shuker and Chris Leslie (who have it exact).  It would confer a deep and determined drive.  Her transits this week included Jupiter sextile her Chiron (the solution to a problem, for her).

Mike Gapes

A Corbyn government would threaten our national security and international alliances”

In their brief speeches, a number of the group described their working class roots, and Mike Gapes was the son of a postman and a shop assistant.

Another Virgo, Mike Gapes made his maiden speech in May 1992 like Ann Coffey.  With Mercury square Jupiter, he has travelled widely to many countries on parliamentary business.  He has been enthusiastically pro-European.  He is also a staunch defender of Kurdish human rights, and a critic of UKIP.  Like Ann Coffey and Luciana Berger, he has a strong Inner Entrepreneur (positive connection between his Jupiter and Uranus).  His transits this week were Chiron opposite his Venus (a wrench, relationship-wise), Saturn opposite his Uranus (a personal earthquake), Jupiter sextile his Neptune (doing the right thing by his Soul).

Chuka Umunna

“If you are sick and tired of politics as usual, guess what, so are we.”

By far the best known name among the Labour group, Chuka Umunna withdrew from the contest for the Labour leadership in 2015 because he was protective of his family.  That was a few years ago, and he has not elaborated on that view more recently, as far as I know. He sees this opportunity to join with other disaffected Labour MPs and Remainers to create something more moderate than the left leaning tendencies which currently hold sway in the Party.

Chuka would seem to be the natural leader of the group, though maybe reluctantly so.  He is a Libran, but has four planets in Scorpio.  Six of his planets are in the Fixed signs, so he is more strongwilled than the average Libran.  Some added Scorpionic steel is present with a conjunction between the Sun and Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler.  The Moon was closely conjunct Chiron at Noon the day he was born (no birthtime available), which may account for his great protectiveness when it comes to his family.  Mercury squares his Jupiter, and he has a wide ranging knowledge and retention of facts, figures and statistics.

He was Shadow Business Secretary from 2011 to 2015.  On his appointment, Jupiter was conjunct his natal Chiron in Taurus (business); Pluto was sextile his natal Mercury in Scorpio.  He resigned when Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader.  He has been an enthusiastic proponent of a second referendum, or People’s vote.  His transits this week show Pluto sextile his natal Venus (a new, deeper set of alliances), Neptune trine his Uranus (sensitive change), Neptune square his Neptune (some disorientation), and Saturn square his Pluto (you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs).

Joan Ryan

“The values that led me to join the Labour party are the same values that have led me to leave it today.”

Joan Ryan resigned from the Labour Party the day after the initial seven.  Joan is another Virgoan (that makes three so far).  She was the subject of an expenses scandal in 2007 and  lost her seat in 2010, but was re-elected in Enfield North in 2015.  Her transits when she decided to leave were: Saturn trine her Mercury (a serious decision), Saturn sextile her Saturn (taking back control), Neptune opposite her Sun (feeling a bit at sea), Neptune trine her Saturn (a balance between practicality and idealism).

The main uniting factors for these MPs are a dissatisfaction with Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, favouring a People’s Vote on Brexit, and dismay in relation to the Party’s lack of satisfactory action on anti-semitism.

Anna Soubry

“The right wing, the hardline anti-EU awkward squad that have destroyed every leader for the last 40 years, are now running the Consdrvative party from top to toe”

It has often been stressed this week that the group that have come together have been like-minded friends for some time (probably since the Referendum).  Anna Soubry in particular is close to Chuka Umunna.  So it is now on to the Conservative wing of the group, and Anna more Tory than most, in that she waxed lyrical this week about George Osborne’s austerity policies.  She harks back to the grand old days (?) of the coalition, in which she played a part.  As soon as Theresa May was elected leader of the Conservative Party, she became a vociferous critic of her government, having been a passionate Remainer.

Anna is a colourful Sagittarian, with Mercury also in that sign, not afraid to speak her mind.  Half her planets are in Fire Signs.  She has the Critic Archetype in her birth chart, in the form of Mercury closely square Mars.  Like Chuka and Mike Gapes, she has the wide ranging mind of Mercury square (exact in her case) Jupiter, the type of mind that doesn’t like to be fenced in.  According to the Independent newspaper “she has a record of unusually free speech”.  She also has the Warrior Archetype, with Mars in Aries trine her North Node (karmic mission) and Mars opposite her ruling planet (Jupiter).

Soubry started her career as a journalist (a Sagittarian occupation).  She became an MP in 2010 (a relative latecomer, for this group).  Like Angela Smith, she has supported fracking.  Her transits on Wednesday were Uranus trine her natal Mercury (a surprise announcement), Neptune square her Sun (disorientation) and Neptune trine her Venus (relationships which are more in harmony with her spirit).

Sarah Wollaston

“The Prime Minister simply hasn’t delivered on the pledge she made on the steps of Downing street to tackle the burning injustices in our society.”

Sarah Wollaston, the second of the Tory three, is an Aquarian.  Sarah is an Ex-GP and an Ex-Brexiteer, but of the three smiling faces on Wednesday, hers was the broadest grin.  She is strongly Aquarian, having the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in that sign, so may be assumed to be forward thinking.  Her chart has a phenomenal 8 out of 10 planets in Fixed signs, so she is extremely strong willed and would not change her mind on a whim (though she has changed her profession and her stance on Brexit).  Like Anna Soubry, she became an MP in 2010.  Like Gavin Shuker, she has a go ahead Sun conjunction with Jupiter (the broad grin testifies).  The Sun exactly opposite Uranus depicts the Rebel Archetype.  In fact, she has an interesting match with Luciana in that her Sun conjuncts Venus in different signs (one at the end and the other at the beginning of the next sign) opposite Uranus in the same sign as the Sun.  Perhaps that (disruption in relationships) is one of the signatures for the group, as it is unusual.  She also has the Critic Archetype (Mercury conjunct Mars).

When she put herself forward as a candidate for Totnes she admitted she had no background in politics but did have “real life experience, approachability and enthusiasm”.  Since becoming an MP, she has voted against having a referendum in 2011.  She has voted in favour of suspending Universal Credit.  She voted to maintain the ban on hunting.  She warned David Cameron of the consequences of his policies on the N.H.S.  So not necessarily the average, toe the line Tory.  Her transits on Wednesday were:  Mars sextile her Venus (a great pleasure), and Uranus sextile her Uranus (the power of surprise) – hence the big grin.

Heidi Allen

“I can no longer represent a government and a party who can’t open their eyes to the suffering endured by the most vulnerable…”

Heidi Allen was bright and breezy on Andrew Marr’s couch this morning.  As the final of the eleven strong group, with Sun in Capricorn she does not fall into a pattern in terms of Sun signs.  Some of the group share aspects and characteristics, but we do have 3 Virgos out of the eleven.  Heidi has the Rebel Archetype, in Sun square Uranus.  She also has a very literary and futuristic conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Aquarius (she may write books in the future).  Jupiter trine Saturn provides a useful balance in her chart, especially for a Centrist.  And she has a very profound karmic mission to play out, with Neptune conjunct her North Node and Pluto sextile her North Node.

Heidi has a degree in Astrophysics from University College London.  She was inspired to become active in politics after seeing the Tottenham riots.  So having become an MP in 2015, she seems to be the newest to politics though not the youngest in the group (who are Luciana Berger and Gavin Shuker).  In 2017 she stated that if Jacob Rees-Mogg became leader of the Conservative Party she would leave the Party.  She also spoke up in a parliamentary debate about having had to have an abortion on health grounds.

Her transits on leaving the Party and helping to form the new group were: Saturn sextile her Jupiter (a balanced decision), Mars opposite her Uranus (an expression of anger at desire for change, at the same time)

Reaction and conclusions

Many people believe that the Independents should submit themselves to by-elections, as they were elected under the banner of their respective parties.  That would certainly be a test of their mettle, and I think it is fair to ask that they do.  On Andrew Marr’s couch this morning, Luciana Berger said she had had a lot of enthusiastic feedback this week from her constituents, and still had the same values as when she increased her majority in 2017.

On the issue of anti-semitism, I feel that it is very much a question of the definition of the word, and there are many definitions and opinions.  I think some of the manifestations of anti-semitism which have offended some Jews are not regarded as anti-semitic by the leadership of the Labour Party, hence their denial.

The eleven are hoping that this is the beginning of a brave new politics. Luciana Berger mentioned this morning that tomorrow will be their first meeting.  They have angered the Parties they left behind, but at the same time many people wish them well and would like some sort of  new politics.

Forthcoming Transits to the chart of the Independence Group

The next few month do not look easy for this new birth.  Dates to watch:

3rd March 2019 – Jupiter in Sagittarius semi-sextiles its natal Pluto in Capricorn in 9th House – issues around power, for example choosing a leader

21st March 2019 – Neptune sextiles natal Venus in Capricorn in 9th House – some harmony

22nd/23rd March 2019 – Neptune sextiles natal Saturn in Capricorn in 9th House – ideals expressed and an attempt at practicality

18th March 2019 – Uranus semi-sextiles the natal Chiron in Aries in 11th House – a possible healing crisis

5/6th April 2019 – Chiron semi-sextiles the natal Mars in 12th House – a possible wound or defection

25th April 2019 – Uranus reaches the natal Mars in 12th House – sparks will fly!

19th May 2019 – Jupiter in Sagittarius quincunxes its natal North Node in Cancer in 3rd House – a karmic moment in terms of its stated aims and mission

15/17th July 2019 – Saturn retrogrades over the natal Venus/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in 9th House – a firming up of resolve, or a disappointment; definition needed

13/14th August 2019 – Saturn retrogrades over the natal Midheaven in Capricorn in 9th House – more defining of aims and image needed, and possible talk about leadership


The pendulum has swung right back again this week, with a bare minimum in the way of aspects.

Make a note in your diary that Mars is sextile with the Sun on Thursday (28th).  This is a dynamic combination of ideas, and action.  A good day to formulate some policy if you have a new project, or are forming a new Party.  A good day for men, dogs and cars.  A concentration on the male side of life.

Friday (1st March) brings a square between Venus and Uranus, which is more tricky.  There may be sudden disagreements, or sudden defections from your new Party.  It is not an easy day for meetings (business or personal), though you may have to negotiate them if you have already planted them in your diary.  If so, be diplomatic, and use your intuition; try to see the overview of the situation.

In the afternoon, Venus enters Aquarius at 16.45 Hrs in the U.K.  If your meeting runs on, you may experience a slightly friendlier mood at that time, a shift in energy.  This may make a difference between arriving at a deal and not, though if you are negotiating a Brexit deal the effect may not be powerful enough.  Venus will be in Aquarius until 26th March, so for most of the month the general tone will be more affable.  Negotiations will be conducted more in the spirit of what is best for society.

The week in bullet points:

  • Thursday – dynamic
  • Friday – disruption in negotiations; later, more friendly


Karl Lagerfeld (1933 – 2019)

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld died last week, from complications of pancreatic cancer.  He certainly created a unique and unforgettable style and image for his own person, as well as the creativity in his work, and continuing the line set by Coco Chanel.  In the Guardian Obituary by Veronica Horwell, she says “He had a genius for visual quotation and allusion, impersonation and pastiche”.

Birth Chart

Karl Lagerfeld had Sun in Virgo closely conjunct Mercury, indicating a great attention to detail, and some degree of critical faculties.  He was said to listen to and act on his inner voice, and that is portrayed by his Mercury conjunction with Neptune.  With Venus opposite Uranus, trine North Node in Aquarius, he had a penchant for off the wall fashion tastes, and the expression of that was part of his karmic mission.  Uranus was sextile exactly the North Node in Aquarius – he was an innovator, who liked to be on the cutting edge.  Venus was exactly square Pluto in his chart, and he claimed to have only been in love with his work, yet his emotional life (Venus) was shaped by the earl death (Pluto) of his friend Jacques de Bascher whose ashes he kept for the rest of his life.


Lagerfeld was a friend and admirer of Andy Warhol, and borrowed much from his image: the pancake white face and hair, the wooden gait (Mars square exactly Saturn, in the case of Lagerfeld) and the dark glasses, trailing his entourage.  To these he added fingerless gloves and high, starched, detachable collars.  He liked to be controversial, but once stated (in 2007) that in itself was an act.  Andy Warhol had the Sun on his Ascendant in Leo, and in the absence of an Ascendant for Lagerfeld, it would be tempting to assign such a flamboyant Ascendant or Midheaven for his persona.

Life and Career

He was born in Hamburg in a family which belonged to the Old Catholic Church, but adopted France as his home country.  As a child he was fond of sketching, and later became a caricaturist.  It was an early passion for the French artists that drew him to France.  He also studied history.  He came to Paris in 1953, and got to know Yves St. Laurent and Pierre Balmain.  In 1967 he became involved with the fashion house Fendi, where he developed their fur line.  He was hired by Chanel in 1983, where he invigorated the company (Coco Chanel had died in 1971).

Jacques de Bascher

He had a relationship with Jacques de Bascher, who was also involved with Yves St. Laurent, lasting 18 years up to Bascher’s death from AIDS  in 1989.  Their astrological chemistry was considerable: his Mercury was sextile Bascher’s Sun, a mental link; his Mars was trine Bascher’s Uranus, a significant spark; his Jupiter was sextile Bascher’s Mercury, an intellectual link; his Jupiter was square Bascher’s Chiron, attempts at mutual healing; and his Neptune was sextile exactly Bascher’s Uranus, providing complexity mixed with spontaneity.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was five years older than Lagerfeld.  According to Veronica Horwell, “Andy Warhol borrowed a Lagerfeld apartment as the venue for a movie, L’Amour (1973), and Lagerfeld adopted Warhol’s creed of superficiality, although behind that facade lay a wide and deep consumption of art and literature”.

In their synastry (also quite considerable), Warhol’s Mercury was sextile Lagerfeld’s Chiron in Gemini, their Venuses were exactly sextile – Lagerfeld’s in Libra, and Warhol’s in Leo (so artistic harmony), Warhol’s Mars was square exactly Lagerfeld’s Nodal Axis (there may have been contention in other areas, or karmically), Warhol’s Jupiter trined Lagerfeld’s Neptune (heightening each other’s inspiration), Warhol’s Neptune was positioned on Lagerfeld South Node, a mutual fascination probably borne out of past life karma, and finally Warhol’s Pluto sextile Lagerfeld Sun (a deep bond).

The Critic

His controversial streak and Inner Critic frequently landed him into hot water.  In 2012 he criticized the singer Adele for being too fat, and Pippa Middleton for being ugly.  Adele said she was like the majority of women, and proud to be so.  He did eventually apologize for his comments about Adele.  Adele had Neptune square her Mercury at the time (victim of dubious speech) and Uranus square her Saturn (a surprise attack on her confidence).  At the time he let loose his thoughts on Pippa Middleton Jupiter was square his Neptune (poor judgement) and Saturn on his Venus (having a misogynistic day).  Saturn was square his natal Pluto (not a good mood) too.


At the time of his death this week, Saturn was trine his Sun in Virgo and Neptune opposite his natal Mercury in Virgo.

According to his wishes, his funeral will be without ceremony and his ashes will be scattered together with those of Jacques de Bascher and those of his mother.