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Aspects for the week beginning 1 December 2019

Clive James (1939 – 2019)

Polymath Clive James died this week at the age of 80, after a very long illness.  He was known for his acerbic wit, and produced a prolific quantity of books in his lifetime.  He wrote regular newspaper columns, and was in his heyday a regular personality on our television screens.  Australian by birth, he chose to make England his adopted country, and died in his Cambridge home.

Birth Chart

A Libran Sun Sign, Clive had a need to be liked, despite all the cutting soundbites he made as a critic.  The Arts were definitely his sphere of activity and influence, another Libran trait.  His Sun was in a square with Chiron natally, so there was an element of woundedness and self-deprecation (his father died in a plane crash when he was six years old, which he described as deeply formative).  His Moon was in Cancer in the 3rd House, a literary placement: he read English Literature at Cambridge, and also wrote four novels (specifically a province of Moon in Cancer in 3rd House), as well as his poetry and other literary output.  His Moon (emotions) received a complex set of aspects in his chart: Moon trine Jupiter (“I’ve had a lucky life, and I’m grateful for it”), Moon exactly square Saturn, Moon conjunct Pluto, and Moon square exactly the Nodal Axis (the latter three aspects making him emotionally deep and conflicted).  Mercury conjunct Venus in Libra is the Writer Archetype, and in accordance with the sign of Libra where the conjunction was placed, he wrote about the Arts; placed in the 6th House of Working Conditions, it made him a workaholic in this respect.  Mercury conjunct the North Node and trine the Midheaven represented a Media and Broadcasting career, and the North Node exactly trine his Midheaven (Careerpoint) ensured that his conventional career and his karmic mission were exactly in tune, a factor in his success.  His enthusiasm and joie de vivre is shown by Mars in Aquarius sextile Jupiter: Rachel Cooke writing in the Observer this morning says: “He could squeeze such pleasure from things”.  His sense of power comes from an exact trine between Jupiter and Pluto.  Saturn was conjunct closely South Node in Aries, suggesting difficult past lives, and Saturn implying lives in Russia – he was polylingual, and writes in his book Cultural Amnesia ” some languages are inherently more beautiful than others, and Russian is among the most beautiful of all.”  Most arrestingly, Uranus was exactly conjunct his Ascendant in Taurus, which gave him that maverick quality.

Education and Career

He first obtained a degree at Sydney University, in English and Psychology.  After he moved to England, he studied at Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he read English Literature, and became President of the Cambridge Footlights.  He specialized in Percy Bysshe Shelley (his Sun was exactly sextile with Shelley’s).  Between 1972 and 1982 he became television critic for the Observer, and I remember we avidly read his column on a Sunday morning.  He had a huge presence on television for a time, with various shows, and promoted the comic performer Margarita Pracatan who used to do a star turn at the end of a show (there is no birth date available for her).  He also presented shows about television programmes all over the world, alerting us to the cruelty of some Japanese game shows.  He wrote a number of autobiographies and compilations of his critiques.

Politics and Religion

James’ stated political stance was that of a liberal social democrat.  One of his most memorable quotes came at the beginning of Margaret Thatcher’s reign as Prime Minister in 1979:

“Now that the incoming Tory Government has made greed patriotic there is no use pretending that we aren’t going to have a much easier time of it. Except, of course, for those of us who are going to have a much harder time of it. But in one thing we are all united.  We are all doomed to cope with five years of Margaret Thatcher’s liturgical tones…”

In religion, he was a firm Atheist (Mars in Aquarius in the 9th House of Religion).


In January 2010, after a lifelong penchant for drink and cigarettes, he was diagnosed with emphysema and kidney failure (Uranus was opposite his natal Neptune).  In April 2011 he confirmed he had been diagnosed with leukaemia (when Saturn was on his Sun, Jupiter squared his Chiron, and Uranus was on his Jupiter).  This concentrated his mind on matters of life and death, and in 2014 he wrote a farewell poem Japanese Maple:

Your death, near now, is of an easy sort.

So slow a fading out brings no real pain.

Breath growing short

Is just uncomfortable. You feel the drain

Of energy, but thought and sight remain:

Enhanced, in fact. When did you ever see

So much sweet beauty as when fine rain falls

On that small tree”

But, life continued, and under the care of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, he was grateful (and embarrassed) to have his life prolonged by experimental treatments.  This gave him the opportunity to continue his prolific literary output, and he also continued to give interviews.

In February of this year 2019 he underwent surgery for skin cancer, which did not go well, and caused a marked deterioration in his condition, leaving him frail and blind (among other transits, Pluto was square his natal Venus).  On his passing this week,  Uranus was square his natal Pluto,  Pluto was trine his natal Uranus to the day (the final transition) and Pluto was trine his natal Ascendant in Taurus from 9th House cusp of Religion and about to enter that House (the atheist was about to find out the truth).


Jupiter in Capricorn

Tomorrow (Monday 2nd December), Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, and we may discern a distinct shift in how we view the world, and our philosophy of life, around tea-time.

Jupiter spends a year in each sign…What has Jupiter in Sagittarius done for us?  Jupiter represents global issues, and during this time climate change has come to the fore thanks to the Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who is still travelling by sea to Lisbon, due to land on Tuesday.  Her own movement gave rise to another movement, Extinction Rebellion, which was founded 9 days before Jupiter went into Sagittarius.  However, there is still so far to go, and scientists agree we have reached the tipping point in our damage to the planet.  Jupiter in Sagittarius needed to bring hope, but there are still so many difficulties facing us, and that is partly down to Saturn and Pluto’s presence in Capricorn.

So Sagittarians (ruled by Jupiter) may feel a greater sense of seriousness, discipline and responsibility when their planet goes into Capricorn, but there will be some balancing because Capricorns (who have been bearing the brunt of the challenging planets) will receive some lightening of their load with the presence of Jupiter in their sign.  They may not feel the benefit (unless they are born early in their sign) until after the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on 12th January (which will be challenging generally).  Late in 2020 (December 21st) Jupiter and Saturn will enter Aquarius together and conjoin at 0 degrees of that sign, which will be another major turning point.

If you know the House position Capricorn falls in within  your chart, you will be able to consciously work with that area of life to bring optimum results.  With Saturn and Pluto in that House, most likely it is an area you have been struggling with, and Jupiter will attempt to bring some enlightenment.  You may think back to the period of December 2007 to January 2009, and the benefits which Jupiter in Capricorn brought to you then.  Jupiter in Capricorn favours ambition and career advancement, politics, and public institutions.  Politics and public services have been battered since Pluto and Saturn entered Capricorn, and the much needed reforms that are due have been promised by all parties in the run up to the U.K. election on December 12th.  The issue of Brexit and its consequences of course continues to dominate, so it will be interesting to see whether we can get past this civil war enough to attend to other matters of great concern.  So Capricorns!  This is your year to lighten up.


Mercury sextiles Pluto on Tuesday (3rd), which can produce profound thought and communication,  honouring the gravity of a situation if necessary, and enabling meaningful debate to occur.  If you have something important lined up, you may be successful in getting your point across.

In the afternoon, Venus sextiles Mars, which is an altogether more relaxing prospect.  Time for some pleasure and enjoyment, which may include romance.  Take a break and socialize, but with Mercury sextile Pluto still operational, conversation could be soul-searchingly interesting.  With two sextiles, Tuesday is possibly the best day of the week, if you are planning something special.

Fixed Stars

With the rest of the week bereft of Aspects, I turn to the Fixed Stars to add meaning to the week.  There is an alignment of our Sun to Rastaban in the constellation of Draco, also occurring on Tuesday.  “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld provides the following complexion on the influence of this star:

“There are multiple influences from this star which can be useful in dealing with inner conflict and with trying to sort out ideas that do not necessarily make sense or that do not fit well together.  It may at first seem that you are only adding energy to the difficulties.  This will eventually sharpen the contrast and highlights between the competing ideas and allow you to take a higher form in which you are able to utilize the approach that works best in your life.  Then what may also emerge from this is an attitude in which there is laughter or separation from the competing ideas, and then you do not take that entire issue so seriously.”

Saturday (7th) avails us of the blessings of the star Wei in the constellation of Scorpio.  Again from “Starlight Elixirs”:

“This star can enhance hands-on healing energy to people.  The practitioner of Reiki, various form of massage, acupuncture or acupressure will do well to utilize this star.  The energies that are transferred are largely those already available in the person’s development; thus they simply are able to be more consistent and apply these energies more regularly than they have before.  Some energies from past lives served as a healer, energies of one’s guides that have direct healing capacities, or unconscious energies that might be available only under stimulating circumstances, will all be more clearly available to the healer.”

So it is nice to end the week on a healing vibe.  The energies of the Fixed Stars are far out, and have a subtler impression on us, so you may need to actively tune in.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – discipline and boundaries for some; more freedom for others
  • Tuesday – deep communication; pleasure; adjustment
  • Saturday – healing

Aspects for the week beginning 24 November 2019

Martin Kemp

I’m a Libra and try to take a balanced view of any situation.” ~

Martin Kemp, in an interview

Bassist in the band Spandau Ballet, Martin Kemp, and his wife Shirlie released their first album together on Friday, “In The Swing Of It”.  Librans are dubbed the beautiful people of the zodiac, and Martin certainly was first in the queue when they handed out good looks.  He brought out his Autobiography “True” in 2000, and while I read it at the time (I remember poignant detailed narrative about his two brain operations), I could not locate it for the purposes of this blog (it’s buried, somewhere under 19 years of autobiographies, sadly).  I also remember it for a gentle philosophical outlook and faith in life.

Birth Chart

Martin is a double Libran, with both the Sun and Ascendant in that sign, and the Sun conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th House of the Unconscious.  He was born on a New Moon in Libra, with the Moon rising in his chart in that sign (Spandau Ballet were part of the New Romantic movement, and Libra is the sign of romance, too).  With a triple conjunction of Mars/Mercury/Neptune in Scorpio also in his 1st House, he has great personality, charisma and magnetism.  Libra is the sign of the Singer/Musical Archetype, and in addition he has Venus (music and singing) trine his natal Midheaven (Careerpoint).  Natal Mars (the head in medical Astrology) conjunct Neptune may have been a factor in his brain tumours and surgery, though I hasten to add that if you have that conjunction in your chart your chances of that medical condition are still remote.  Worthy of note too is the fact that he has The North Node conjunct Uranus (karmic bands) and Pluto in the 11th House of Bands and teamwork, in Leo, the sign of Performance.


Spandau Ballet were formed when Martin joined Gary’s band in July 1979, when Pluto (ruler of his 2nd House of Finance) was on Martin’s Sun in Libra.  They enjoyed 11 years of success, with such iconic hits as “To Cut a Long Story Short”, “True” and “Gold” (the virtual theme tune to the London 2012 Olympics!).  The band split up in 1990, with later acrimony and legal proceedings (in 1999) related to royalties for the songs (which had been written by Martin’s brother Gary), in a tussle with Tony Hadley, lead singer, and others.

The two brothers went on to develop the acting side of their careers, notably as the Kray twins in the film “The Krays”.  Later on, Martin played villain Steve Owen in the soap series Eastenders, from December 1998.  For his explosive exit from the soap, he had suitably final transits: Pluto sextile his natal Sun in Libra in 12th, and Pluto sextile his natal Ascendant.

The band reunited in 2009, announcing their return on 25th March of that year.  On that day, Chiron was conjunct Neptune in Aquarius – symbolic of a group spiritual healing.  Jupiter was trine exactly Martin’s natal Ascendant on his Creative 5th House cusp, and Uranus was trine his natal Midheaven (Careerpoint).


Martin undertook surgery for two benign brain tumours, beginning in February 1995.  At that time, Neptune was transiting Martin’s I.C. and Saturn (uncertain foundations to life).  It was a difficult time for his wife Shirlie, who in addition to looking after him at home, had two young children to bring up and look after.


“We’re best friends…Martin is my family, he’s my home.” ~

Shirlie, from an interview

Shirlie Kemp, nee Holliman, was one half of the pop duo Pepsi & Shirlie, and girlfriend of Andrew Ridgeley of Wham when she got together with Martin.  But they had both previously fallen for each other on sight or on screen.  Martin says he literally fell in love when he saw her on the television, and she had seen him with Spandau Ballet and was instantly smitten.  She said she thought he had a kind face.  It was George Michael (the other half of Wham) who brought Shirlie and Martin together, and even accompanied them on their first date.  Shirlie is an Aries, a very balancing and complementary sign for Libra.  In their synastry, their Venuses are trined in Virgo and Taurus, a harmonious love.

Theirs is a true romance, and in the videos of the album there is consequently a naturalness to their performance.  The current transits for the album are interesting: For Martin, Mars trine his natal Chiron in Pisces in his 5th House gives him a satisfaction through the healing that creativity brings.  Transiting Pluto trine exactly his natal Venus in Virgo in 12th House is a deep expression of his relationship with Shirley.  For her, Jupiter is trine exactly her Sun – a huge success and showcase for her!  Saturn also trines her natal Venus – an expression of the loyalty and commitment of their relationship.


Roman Kemp is the younger of their two children, and is currently appearing in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.  He normally works as a radio presenter.  So far in the Jungle he has revealed that it was his Nan’s suggestion that Gary bring Martin into the band Spandau Ballet, and that he has seen a UFO.  He describes his father as his best friend.   Martin’s Sun is conjunct Roman’s Jupiter, which suggests a shared sense of humour.  They have a karmic link, in Martin’s Ascendant sextile Roman’s North Node.  George Michael was Roman’s godfather.

Gary Kemp

Martin’s brother Gary of course has played an important role in his life, from bringing him into Spandau Ballet, to co-starring in the Krays.  They are both Libran, a singing/musical brotherhood.  Martin Moon’s in Libra is exactly conjunct Gary’s Sun in Libra, always an important significator of a personal relationship.  They have strong energy for working together: Gary’s Pluto sextiles Martin’s Mars.  Gary’s transits for some of the milestones they shared are:

In the formation of the band, the North Node sextile his Mercury (working karma); for the winning of the legal battle (more significant for Gary), Mars was sextile his natal Saturn (a fight for integrity), but Pluto was square his natal Venus (depicting the huge strain of a longstanding battle for his musical rights).  At the time, Martin had Jupiter on his Descendant (a victory for someone very close to him).  For the reunion of the band in 2009, the Nodal Axis (group karma) squared Gary’s natal Neptune in Scorpio.  2009 was an important year for the brothers, as their parents died within days of each other: Martin had Pluto sextile his Chiron, and Gary had Pluto on his Saturn – a lot to digest, psychologically.

George Michael

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Soul Group…

Shirlie was a backing singer with Wham, and as has been mentioned, a girlfriend of Andrew Ridgeley (who has just brought out his own autobiography).  Shirley and George had a lovely link of Shirlie’s Jupiter closely trine George’s Sun.  Martin’s Chiron was exactly trine George’s Sun.   As for the making of the new album from Martin and Shirlie, she has said: “I could feel him [George Michael’s presence] while I was singing, I knew he was smiling at this. Could this gift have come from him? I don’t know. It’s a lovely  thought, though.”  George’s music is currently being featured in the film “Last Christmas”.

Do a job you are passionate about because it will bring you happiness – all the money in the world is worth nothing if you’re not happy.” ~

Martin Kemp, in an interview


“I’m comin’ up so you better you better get this party started
Get this party started on a Saturday night”

~ sung by Pink

On Friday, the Sun entering Sagittarius set the scene for

“…the general festive pre-Christmas season of Sagittarius. ‘Tis the season to be jolly,… Your enthusiasm and preparations now can help create and inject warmth into the big day, in advance”  I wrote, and hopefully, you felt it.

Today we have the ultimate party aspect, and the best aspect of the year, Venus conjunct Jupiter (at 28 degrees Sagittarius, close to the Galactic Centre), an even more upbeat version of that conjunction than most years, as Jupiter is still in Sagittarius (and more depth and gravitas coming from the Galactic Centre).  Jupiter is soon to enter Capricorn, and will be more sober and sensible in that sign, so let your hair down and embrace the silly season.  It is a great conjunction for getting out and socializing, and pulling out the best jokes from your joke book (if you are not a natural comedian).  It is also a conjunction of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.

In the afternoon, Uranus opposes Mars, so be vigilant for the element of the unexpected.  If you are driving, for instance, check your tyres or any safety issues which may be on the brink.  Another possibility is tempers fraying (yes I agree, it seems unfair to have that on the same day as the perfect social aspect).  It is also the sort of aspect which brings out the Activist Archetype, so you may be campaigning for a particular party or against climate change, or whatever is your highest priority.

On Tuesday (26th) Venus enters Capricorn.  So we have just got the party started, and the great party goer Venus decides to leave Sagittarius, the party venue, leaving the Sun and Jupiter in that sign to keep the background music playing.  So the party may temporarily fall a little flat; Mercury and Mars are still in the intense preceding sign Scorpio, and Venus joins heavyweights Saturn and Pluto in the more responsible sign of Capricorn.  Mercury will revive the party a little when it enters Sagittarius on 9th December, but by then Jupiter will have deserted the party for more serious duties in Capricorn.  The moral of this story is to keep the party bubbling along.  Meanwhile, Venus needs to bring her skill in human relations into the workplace, into administration and public institutions, and into politics (currently much needed).  So if you have started to set up some entertainment for the Christmas period, think further ahead to what might be needed for your relationships to move forward in 2020, and also what is needed in the structures of your life, and begin working towards that.  The upside of Venus in Capricorn is more commitment, loyalty and realism.   The dance of the various planets may seem a bit complicated at this time, but we all have to juggle work and pleasure.

But Tuesday is not bleak!  There is a New Moon in Sagittarius at 4 degrees – yes, the Moon just snuck into the party at 8.11 a.m., and there she will stay for two days, keeping that rhythm going.  The New Moon of course always carries the potential for a new beginning, and in Sagittarius the focus is the global picture.  We may have a message from Greta Thunberg to keep us on track, from her ocean voyage in the middle of the North Atlantic.  She is due to arrive in Lisbon in early December.  It is a good day to declare your intentions for the next month or year in relation to the planet, even if it is an intention to vote Green in the coming election.

Wednesday (27th) brings more progress, this time on the spiritual front, for Neptune Stationary, prior to turning Direct.  It is an opportunity to fine tune relationships, art, or spiritual practices.  After the turnaround has been achieved you may detect greater flow and movement on your spiritual path.  Interactions may be subtle, but subtlety can be powerful.

We are blessed with two trines  on Thursday (28th)!  The first is Mercury trine Neptune, which occurred on 13th of this month, just before Mercury turned direct.  This brings mental inspiration, transcendent wisdom, higher harmony, spiritual journeys, and insight.

In the early evening, Venus will be trine Uranus, so there is a good chance of igniting that party on Thursday.  Venus and Uranus combine to bring exciting meetings, reunions, and sparkling relationships.   In the field of the Arts, it can bring originality and surprise, e.g. to a performance of music.  Ideas for assisting the problems in our society may also crop up, such as community based solutions.

An aspect occurring on Saturday (30th), Mercury sextile Saturn, can enable us to bring all the outlandish ideas of the week into practical reality, as long as we put the work in.  If you are a creative type, you may have received all sorts of ideas this week, which may have seemed like pie in the sky.  Saturday’s aspect affords the opportunity to bake that pie.  [Boris still has the oven ready microwave meal, bear in mind – sorry, couldn’t resist that].  If, however, you have a lot of outstanding paperwork, now’s the time to deal with it.  That will be just as satisfying as completing the entry form for next year’s “Masterchef”.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – sparkling socializing; beware of loopholes
  • Tuesday – duty calls; new beginning
  • Wednesday – spiritual progress
  • Thursday – mental inspiration; social excitement
  • Saturday – practical mental achievement

Aspects for the week beginning 17 November 2019

James Le Mesurier

“To save one life is to save all of humanity” ~

motto of the White Helmets

James Le Mesurier, the British Co-Founder of the White Helmets, has died at the age of 48 tragically from an apparent suicide.

White Helmets

The organization known as the White Helmets was founded in 2014, emerging from a charity known as Mayday Rescue, and trains Syrian volunteers to respond in emergencies such as the aftermath of bombing.  The Guardian Obituary reported: “Le Mesurier became convinced that the conventional models of stabilisation run by big-budget contractors in the region were dysfunctional, and that the only viable path to recovery was through empowering local communities.”  The White Helmets have been nominated for the Nobel peace prize every year since their inception, and have been reported to have saved over 110,000 lives during the Syrian Civil War.  They have about 3000 volunteers.  Prior to his work in Syria, Le Mesurier had worked in (among other places) Bosnia and Kosovo, Baghdad, Turkey  and the United Arab Emirates.

Birth Chart

Such courage and character must surely show up in a birth chart.  Looking into his chart, there are special signs, which put together made up such an extraordinary man.  Le Mesurier (who was related to the John Le Mesurier who starred in Dad’s Army) had 0 Water planets in his chart, and that may have enabled him to control his emotions.  Mars was conjunct his North Node, and the Sun in his chart was trine Mars, a sure sign of the Warrior Archetype (he retired from the military in 2000, after which he used his skills in a variety of roles in war-torn trouble spots).  Jupiter opposed Saturn in his chart, setting up a balance between an optimistic mindset and a realistic one.  He had an  inventive Grand Trine in the Air element, composed of his Sun, Uranus and Mars. Sun opposite closely Neptune, sensitive.  His Sun was also trine Pluto, enabling him to look harsh realities in the face.  Mercury was also conjunct exactly Venus – the Diplomat or Negotiator Archetype.  Mercury (his Sun ruler, as a Geminian) was square exactly his Mars – giving him very quick physical and mental reactions.  He also had healing energy, with Mars sextile closely Chiron.  What also gave him great strength and fortitude was Saturn exactly trine Pluto, and with Jupiter exactly conjunct Neptune he also had great vision and compassion.

Last Days

Sadly, for all his good work, as the head of the White Helmets organization, Le Mesurier was personally targeted and smeared by the Russians and the Syrian regime.  The stress eventually wore him down.  His wife reported that two weeks before he died he had become suicidal.  A week before he died, he was accused by the Russians of being a former M16 agent. He was found on the morning of 11th November having fallen from a balcony in Istanbul.

“Whatever we can, whenever we can, for as long as we can” ~

James Le Mesurier


We haven’t got an actual Aspect, as such, this week.  We’ve got two sign changes (ingresses) and a planetary change from retrograde to direct (no prizes for guessing which planet…).

The first feature of the week is on Tuesday (19th), when Mars enters Scorpio.  The time for patient negotiation has passed (Mars in Libra), battle lines are now drawn; prepare to defend the underdog, or provide strength and support.  Energies in our society are being concentrated now and focussed towards the General Election on December 12th, getting Brexit done or not done, and of course preparations for Christmas.  There is a sense of urgency.  The “fight the good fight” drive in terms of Christmas is about ecological awareness; making sure there is not a shred of tinsel on any card, wrapping paper, or – er – decoration?  Have a veggie Christmas too, and ensure that you will be guilt-free.  Mars is determinedly hanging round in Scorpio, not just for the pre-election duration, but up to Christmas, and beyond.  Right through the New Year (determined New Year resolutions!) up until January 3rd.

If communication is your priority, you’ll be pleased to know that Mercury is Stationary prior to turning Direct on Wednesday (20th).  You can start your Christmas cards in the sure knowledge they will arrive in time.  Forge ahead with your paperwork and documentation, and in transport pray that there are no leaves or the wrong type of snow on the line, and hopefully you too will arrive on time.  I am hoping that this turnaround of Mercury will enable me to continue polishing my novel (which I have been writing for 13 years) and write my two philosophy essay assignments for Descartes and Hume.  So if you have projects waiting to happen of a literary or technical nature, this may be a green light for you.

Thirdly, and lastly, the Sun enters Sagittarius on Friday (22nd), and some of that Scorpio intensity will be lightened by the general festive pre-Christmas season of Sagittarius. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, at least in the preparation of Christmas (it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive..).  Christmas itself comes under the sobriety of Sun in Capricorn.  Your enthusiasm and preparations now can help create and inject warmth into the big day, in advance.  Sagittarius also represents philosophy (not necessarily the Descartes and Hume kind), but working out your ethics and how you feel about the meaning of life, and religion.  It’s nice to have settled your take on these, before settling down to your nut roast on the day.  But as people are growing increasingly allergic to nuts, then your plant-based best effort, under a new government which has promised you the earth.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – new drive
  • Wednesday – better communications
  • Friday – in the festive mood

Aspects for the week beginning 10 November 2019

Tom Watson

The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, resigned last week, leaving a gaping hole at its centre.  Since his appointment, he has held together hopes from the moderates in his party, and acted as a reminder to the hard left that other points of view exist.  This has come at a crucial time for the Party, at the start of the election campaign.

Birth Chart

I wrote about his birth chart in 2015 when he was appointed to the post:

“Tom Watson, the front runner, has the politician’s Sun Sign, Capricorn.  He could be strident, with Sun exactly square Mars, and may need to polish up his people skills. Venus opposite Jupiter also points to possible social gaucheness. Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces could point to health weaknesses, which hopefully may not interfere with his career path…His natal Saturn opposes Uranus (the personal earthquake aspect) so he does not have an easy chart, and therefore not an easy path in life or easy relationships particularly.  If he has overcome all these obstacles in his personality, he may have acquired unique skills.  His strengths do lie in an exact sextile between Uranus and Neptune – the ability to grasp and work with complexity and subtlety, and Saturn exactly trine Neptune (the ability to harmoniously bring together practicality and spiritual values).  He too has the Teacher Archetype (Mercury closely trine his natal North Node), and some healing qualities (Chiron closely trine Neptune).”

I would add that Jupiter trine Saturn in his chart provides balance (needed in the role he played), and that the exact Saturn-Uranus opposition illustrates the great difficulty he had trying to bring the different sides together.

Chequered Career

Tom Watson began working for the Labour Party in 1993, and subsequently worked on the 1997 campaign.  In 2006 he became Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence.  A few months after his appointment, he signed a letter to Tony Blair urging his resignation.  In the event, it was Tom who resigned.  His transits at that resignation were Uranus sextile his natal North Node (a necessary karmic break), and Pluto square his natal Uranus (drastic change).

In 2011 he was a member of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, and as such he played a role in the questioning at the Committee session about the News International phone hacking scandal.  His transits at that time were confrontational: Mars square his natal Pluto, and Saturn square his natal Mercury.

When Labour lost the election in May 2015, Tom immediately announced his resolve to stand for the post of Deputy Leader. Among other transits, Jupiter was square his Nodal Axis (a competition), Mars was trine his Uranus (igniting a spark), and Uranus was square his Sun (a strong desire for change).

Tom was elected Deputy Leader on 12th September 2015, at the same time that Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader, and they have been uneasy partners.  Under Jeremy Corbyn, the Party has leaned significantly to the left, while Tom tried to represent the moderates. At the time of their election, Tom’s transits were not markedly strong, save that Pluto was trine exactly his North Node of karma (a stormy but necessary path).  Jeremy Corbyn’s own transits were difficult, with three significant exact squares.


Tom is reported to have lost 7 stones in weight in order to bring his diabetic condition into remission.  At the time he started his diet, in the summer of 2017, Pluto was on his natal Sun (urging transformation) and Saturn was square his natal Chiron (anxiety about a health condition).  I don’t think he publicized his efforts, but by the time he did (in September 2019), I hardly recognized him.  He has been evangelical since about the effects of healthy eating and exercise in ameliorating this prevalent condition.  Uranus was square to his natal Venus, completely changing his image (a drastic change to his form).


Tom was directly affected this year by the outcome of the trial of Carl Beech, who was found to have lied about sexual crimes by certain high profile politicians.  In earlier years, Tom had supported the investigation, believing there was some truth to Carl Beech’s allegations.  Tom was severely criticized for this, and the left wing of the party continued to clamour for his resignation.  At the time Carl Beech was found guilty, Neptune was sextile Tom’s natal Sun, and Pluto was sextile his natal Chiron.  He survived the scandal politically, but it must have shaken him, and been a factor in his decision to resign now.  With the Sun exactly square Mars in his chart, he does not shirk confrontation.


His transits for the announcement of his leaving this week include the Sun on his South Node (a karmic need), and Jupiter square his natal Saturn and Uranus opposition (a liberation).  The opposition in his natal chart may be seen as symbolic of the balancing role he had to play – the Old Labour (Saturn) versus the New (Uranus), or ironically New Labour (Uranus) versus Old Socialism (Saturn).  There might be other permutations of that…!  He is releasing himself from a yoke around his neck.  But even more to the point, Pluto is trine his natal Pluto (self-empowerment!)  There are so many things he wants to do in his life at this juncture, leaving for “personal reasons”.  He is a gym instructor, he has written a book, he wants to support the Labour Party in a different capacity, he wants to help diabetics (the fulfilment of his Neptune-Chiron trine).

I am not sure who is going to fill the vacuum left by Tom Watson’s departure, or what the effect on the party will be, or the effect on the upcoming election.  But like so many weary politicians at this time, he is deciding to try and live a more normal life.


In the early hours of this morning, Mercury was sextile Pluto.  This, combined with yesterday’s Saturn-Neptune sextile, should make for profound gains in your life.  Mercury sextile Pluto is particularly suited to deep study and communication.  Mercury of course is currently retrograde, and I note that the last time it was sextile with Pluto was the day the Commons sat on a Saturday for an all-day discussion on Brexit.  I am not sure much was achieved, but a lot of views were aired, and a lot of those views were heartfelt.

Tomorrow (Monday 11th), as today, there will be all sorts of events to commemorate war veterans.  The Sun will be conjunct Mercury at 18 degrees Scorpio, which concentrates the mind forensically.  93-year old veteran Harry Billinge sat on the BBC breakfast sofa the other morning, summing up what he thought was wrong with the world, in the light of his war experiences and the wisdom of his age.  It must seem bizarre to these war veterans, the state of the world that we are in now.  The Sun conjunct Mercury brings clarity whatever sign it is in, but in Scorpio that clarity goes deeper than most.  Conversations may produce revelations.

All this Scorpio energy may be stirring up the feelings, and awareness from your unconscious mind, and this may combine with Tuesday’s (12th) Full Moon in Taurus to stir your emotions, and possibly also bring about resolve in an issue you care passionately about (Taurus and Scorpio are Fixed signs).  If you are of an artistic bent, you can plough this feeling into your creativity.

In the early evening, Mars will be sextile Jupiter, a more straightforward combination  of energy and enthusiasm, so a good way to employ excess feeling in an absorbing leisure activity of your choice.  You’ll be able to find that extra drive, for what you are wanting to achieve, or go that extra mile even after a demanding day at work.  Boris Johnson may be able to whack a microwave meal in his oven… (a reference to one of his recent speeches).

Wednesday (13th) brings an opportunity for dedication, focus and precision in our mental work or documentation, with a sextile between Mercury and Saturn.  This is a constructive aspect, but may be a little dry; you might want to put some music on in the background, something soothing and non-intrusive, such as Simply Red or Leonard Cohen (suitably serious).  Perhaps Ravel’s Bolero, on replay.  Let me know your own suggestions.  This aspect is also good for planning.

In the early evening, the Sun sextiles Pluto (the fourth sextile of the week, which is helpful).  This continues the theme of delving deep into our psyche and into the issues which need solving in our world, and finding holistic solutions.  It is a profound aspect which may help to show us the direction we need to solve our collective problems, and understanding the meaning behind our dilemmas.

Very late that evening, we have a gift, in the form of Mercury trine Neptune.  All the deep searching of the week may result in some mental inspiration, going forward.  It might be as you are drifting off to sleep, that your mind lights on a problem-solving space which brings transcendent wisdom (you never know!).  This may be a way to bring harmony in relationships, or special artistry to your creations.   You may go on a spiritual journey.   Write down any precious insights that come to you…

For on Thursday (14th) Venus squares Neptune and relationships and art may be thrown into confusion.  You may misread someone’s motives, or someone may misread yours.  Be as clear as you can emotionally, and seek to look through illusions.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – deep study
  • Tomorrow – crystal clarity; energy + enthusiasm
  • Wednesday – concentration; delving deep; transcendence
  • Thursday – confused feelings


Aspects for the week beginning 3 November 2019

General Election 2019

So… we have a pre-Christmas election date, of 12th December.  Will this election be fought on the sole issue of Brexit?  I thought I would take a brief look at the chart for that date, and the transits for the leaders of the various political parties.

Notice how often Neptune (confusion) comes up in the transits…

Chart for December 12th

The main astrological feature of the day is the Full Moon at 19 degrees Gemini, depicting emotions at full flood and in two minds.  If the aim of the election is clarity (in order to move out of the current stagnation of a hung parliament), then Neptune’s T-square with the opposition of the Sun and Moon highlights, if not increases, the confusion.  It is an intriguing, if not alarming, prospect.

Half the planets (5) will be in Earth signs, and 4 of those in Capricorn (a Conservative sign).  Perhaps that tips the balance towards the Conservatives.  Venus squares Saturn, conveying a disappointing, dispiriting feeling.  Mars trine exactly Neptune may bring spiritual warfare, but as it is a positive aspect there may be some soothing.  Certainly Jupiter trine exactly Uranus offers at the same time, fresh hope.  So very mixed emotions, reflecting the many faces of attitudes to Brexit and what should happen next.  Jupiter will be exactly square Chiron, so some unrealistic hopes are among them.  We are inexorably edging closer to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which occurs on 12th January, a culmination of our difficulties, and where I have birth charts with birth times/Ascendants I can pinpoint which House this conjunction will occupy.  [I will write more about its personal effects nearer the time]

Transits for the Prime Minister

Is Boris going to “get Brexit done”?   He needs more Conservative MPs on his deck in order to secure his deal, and so we find ourselves in the throes of a December election (a phenomenon not seen since 1923).  He has refused an alliance with Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party (as recommended by their mutual friend Donald Trump) so he risks the Brexit vote being split.

We have the benefit of knowing his birth time, and one small point I have noted on reviewing his chart is that he has Neptune in his 2nd House of Finance natally.  This would account for the lavish luxuries of the Garden Bridge project, and the Water Cannons, that he engaged with during his time as London Mayor.  It may also depict his extravagant claims to bring back the 20,000 police which the Tories axed, and other financial promises.  To be fair, the Labour Party are also promising the earth financially.  I wonder how quickly we will forget austerity…

Boris’ transits at the time of the December election are quite reasonable: Chiron from Aries in his 6th House sextiles his natal Mars in Gemini in 8th House, he’ll be feeling strong.  Mars from Scorpio in his 2nd House will oppose his natal Jupiter in Taurus in 8th House, he’ll be feeling optimistic.  Neptune from Pisces in his 6th House will be sextile his natal Jupiter in Taurus in 8th House, a magic wand is not out of the question for him.  Mars will be on his natal Neptune in Scorpio in 2nd House, inflaming his spiritual will, and also his desire to spend, spend, spend.  Neptune from Pisces in his 6th House will be trine his natal Neptune in  his 2nd House, he will be at peace with himself.  Luck may be on his side.

Which House will the Saturn-Pluto conjunction occupy for the forthcoming Saturn-Pluto debacle?  It falls in his 4th House of Home and Family.  There may be more fallings-out with his siblings around 12th January, as well as repercussions for Brexit, whether deal or no deal.

Transits for the Labour leader

Sadly, we do not have a birth time for Jeremy Corbyn.  There is a fierce debate as to whether he is an asset to the Labour Party or a liability.  He loves campaigning, and is inspiring when he talks about equality, defending the vulnerable, and a fairer society: on these issues, his values are sound.  But he is more passionate about the Palestinian question than in dealing with anti-semitism in his party, and that could cost him dear: he is not even-handed in this area (e.g. he refused to visit the Holocaust memorial when in Israel).  Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell was most contrite on this issue on the Andrew Marr show this morning.  There are many wonderful middle-of-the-road Labour MPs who risk deselection under the current regime, and his party is no more united than the Tories.  If we deplore the decade of austerity handed out by the Tories, and want to reverse the rich and poor divide, then Jeremy may yet be our best hope, for the Conservatives have shown that they do not care, and are happy to feather their own nests privately (I do not need to list those top Tories).

What do his transits show for the December election?  Neptune squares his natal Mercury: that shows continuing confusion and fogginess surrounding him.  Neptune also squares his natal Venus, so he may be conflicted in his feelings (wondering whether he should stand down; possibly concerned about his own health and stamina).  Saturn trine his natal Mars, which will help shore him up for the gruelling contest and its denouement.  Chiron will be sextile his natal Jupiter (again, giving him heart and hope). But Mars will be square his natal Pluto, and that could put him in a dangerous position.  His personal transits are not as strong as Johnson’s.

Transits for the LibDem leader

Jo Swinson, newly elected as leader of the LibDem Party, has chosen the extreme stance of branding her party the Remain party.  However comforting for Remainers to have a home to go to (and I am one myself) it does not solve the problem that over half the country voted for Brexit, and we can’t reverse that.  People are passionate enough now, but that would be magnified if we tried to change course now.  The best we can hope for as remainers is a soft Brexit, one with a closer alliance with our European neighbours.  However, Jo’s party is on a roll at the moment, collecting defectors from left, right and centre (Remainers can come from any of these positions!)  And the LibDems did well in the council elections, to the dismay of both the Conservatives and the Labour Party.  However, the astrological picture is not as encouraging as she might hope for: Mars squares her natal Sun (putting her, like Jeremy, in danger).  The level of trolling of politicians, especially female politicians, has recently caused several top female politicians to resign in order to protect their family lives.  Pluto also squares her natal Pluto, which too is alarming.    At the time she was elected leader, I wrote:

” The contest officially began on 24th May. Jupiter was transiting her natal Neptune (opportunity for her dream job?!) and Jupiter sextiled her natal Pluto (the opportunity to seize power!)  Sounds perfect.  The new leader will take over on 23rd July, and at that time Jupiter will be exactly sextile her natal Sun (success in a contest!).  However, Pluto also squares her natal Pluto, so she will learn all about the challenges of Power.”

So Pluto was already square her natal Pluto when she took the reins, and she has been clear and firm, undaunted by the challenge of Pluto square Pluto.

Transits for the leader of SNP

As with the Irish, I feel that the Scots have been very much shortchanged and overlooked by Westminster in the process of trying to leave Europe.  The Scots voted to remain, after voting to stay in the Union, and are now being left to put up with choices made in parliament.  The Scottish National Party are now in favour of holding this election in the hope that they may gain more power.  In the resignation of Ruth Davidson, who was leader of the Scottish Conservatives, they may indeed gain many seats, as Jeremy Corbyn is not popular in Scotland.  Their leader Nicola Sturgeon hopes for more autonomy for Scotland and would like a second referendum for leaving the Union (but staying in the E.U.!).  Saturn closely trines her Saturn at polling day, so she could make significant gains.  This trine perfects on Boxing Day, which may be an important time for her.  We do have her birth time, and know that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction occupies her 3rd House of Communication on 12th January, and she may feel hidebound in her efforts to get her message across at that time.

Transits for the Green Party

Caroline Lucas is no longer the leader of the Green Party, but is their only MP.  I will also look at the co-leaders, Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry.

The Green Party are still a growing force (they did well in the Council elections) and the prominence of Greta Thunberg on behalf of environmental issues has helped their cause.  Caroline is high in integrity, and her cause, climate welfare, should be the most important cause of all.  On election day, she will be close to her Solar Return (as a Sagittarian); Chiron will be trine her Mercury, so she’ll be eloquent and there will be a healing perspective to her words.  Neptune will be trine her natal Mars, so her actions will inspire (she has been known to be a hands on activist against fracking).  And the South Node will be on her Jupiter, which if she were an egotistical politician it could be her undoing, but standing up for the planet as she does must be good karma…

Jonathan Bartley will have Chiron trine his Neptune, so he will be on message.

Sian Berry has Neptune trine her Sun, so she will be generally at one with her message, and purpose in life.  However, like Jeremy she will have Neptune square her Venus, and there will be conflicting feelings in some area of her life (possibly in personal relationships). Again, note the all pervading theme of Neptune in people’s lives on election day.

Transits for Brexit Party

Nigel took a seat to be interviewed on the Andrew Marr show this morning.  He insisted (having been rebuffed by Boris over the suggestion they unite which came from Donald Trump) that Boris’ deal was not a proper Brexit.  He proposes to field candidates for his Brexit Party all over the land, so as to obfuscate the mandate that Boris and his party seeks.  If he were to do so, he would be damaging both parties.  However, as they said on the couch this morning he is “Mr Brexit” and the architect of the whole dilemma.  Nevertheless, he is very upbeat on election day, with Jupiter trine his natal Mercury.  This is a man who has Pluto on his Ascendant natally, keeps coming back, and even crash landed in a light plane one election day.  Uranus will be on his natal Mercury, which could produce a shock, but may avail him of that enterprising Jupiter-Uranus trine of election day, so he could end up a power broker.  The transits for the Brexit Party (founded on 20th January this year) are also dominated by Neptune.  Neptune squares the Jupiter in its chart (highlighting its illusions currently), and Mars will trine its Neptune on election day, fuelling its fervour.  Many Brexiteers fed up with all the prevarication are drawn to its extreme message.

Transits for UKIP

At this time, UKIP is almost a spent force, continually losing leaders.  Neptune will be opposing its Mercury (more confusion, even if just about who is the leader), and Saturn will be on its Neptune, squashing hopes and dreams.  It could could be finished for this incarnation…

Transits for the U.K. Chart

Working with two possible charts for the U.K., both with birth times:

1922 chart – Neptune square its Mercury in Sagittarius in 7th House (again, Confusion!).  North Node will be  trine its Jupiter in Scorpio in 5th House (some karmic uplift) and North Node will be trine its Uranus in Pisces in 10th House (karmic change).  The True North Node will be  close to its Pluto in Cancer in 2nd House (very fateful) which peaked when Boris Johnson took the issue back to parliament last Monday.  The Mean North Node in the same transit will peak on 16/7 November, which may also be quite fateful.  The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12th 2020, which may see the consequences of all we are going through, is placed in the 8th House of shared resources.

1801 chart – The Mean  South Node will be close to its natal Sun, peaking 15th November, in Capricorn conjunct MC in 9th House, similarly timing to the 1922 chart for the fateful moment, while the True South Node equivalent transit, also as with the 1922 chart peaked when Boris Johnson took the issue back to parliament last Monday. So mid-November could be crucial.  Chiron trines the Jupiter of this chart in Leo in 4th House at the time of the election, which is a healing possibility.  12th December has a plethora of astrological influences:  Jupiter square its Uranus in Libra in 6th House (surprises); Chiron from 12th House opposes its Uranus (crisis);  Jupiter sextile its Pluto in Pisces in 11th House (good for sorting out power struggles); Saturn sextiles its Neptune in Scorpio in 7th House (calmer waters) and  Uranus sextile its Pluto in Pisces in 11th House (profound changes for society).  Which House will the Saturn-Pluto conjunction occupy on 12th January for that chart? The 9th House of Foreign Relations.


Andrew Marr said this morning that no one could claim to know what will happen, this election being so close to call.  The overwhelmingly Neptunian aspects bears out the theme of confusion, so there will need to be a lot of fine tuning, alliances and coalitions most likely in yet another hung parliament.  But if the question is which leader has the better transits, that would most likely to be Boris Johnson.  Peace and certainty seem still to be distant, and January will bring new challenges, so the election will not bring instant solutions.


The first aspect of the week, Pluto square Mars on Tuesday 5th November, is a bit of a jolt in our serene lives (!).  Stay out of the fray, unless you are an expert peaceful Warrior.  There may be political stand-offs  in the U.K. and the U.S. which may induce anger.

Save your best efforts for the end of the week which serves up a trio of  delicious desserts.  First off, on Friday (8th), the Sun sextiles Saturn:  practical initiatives are supported by this aspect.  It is a good aspect for setting up solid foundations, for instance.  It is also favourable for taking the reins of responsibility in your life.

An opposite but equally useful aspect occurs next, and that is the Sun trine Neptune: this favours heightening the spiritual inspiration behind your endeavours.  So together with Sun sextile Saturn, you have the best of both worlds!  Expand your consciousness, and allow your imagination to embellish your work, or project in hand.

Then on Saturday (9th) it all comes together, in a sextile between Saturn and Neptune, a major aspect.  You can easily bring together the practical and the spiritual under this aspect.  Environmental projects are especially enhanced by this combination.  We have been working on this major combination all year, and now is the chance to tie things up.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – conflict
  • Friday – constructive practicality and sublime spirituality
  • Saturday – bring everything together

Aspects for the week beginning 27 October 2019

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Part 4

And so to the rest of the competitors in what has been an amazing series so far.  And it is last, but not least…

Karim Zeroual

I was bowled over the first time I saw this 19-year old CBeebies presenter dance; he had such a sense of style and physical awareness.  Although I felt Michelle Visage had excellent transits for the competition, he won my heart, and continues to do so.

Karim has an amazing chart, but no birth time to fine tune our understanding.  He has 5 (half), possibly 6 (over half), of his planets in Scorpio, which is unusual.  Scorpios have an amazing ability to take up challenges, and you can’t get much more Scorpionic than that!  His Sun squares closely Saturn – so there is hope for all of us yet who have Sun square Saturn, as he seems to have a capacity to overcome such a handicap.  With the Sun sextile Uranus, he is innovative.  He also has Sun sextile Neptune – that boy can dance!  The Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio takes the depth of character to a whole new level.  Mercury conjunct exactly Venus gives him a way with words, while Mercury conjunct Jupiter increases intelligence, and the ability for rapid learning.  Mercury sextile Chiron enables him to be a problem-solver.  Mars exactly conjunct the North Node points to the Warrior Archetype, and Uranus exactly conjunct Neptune in Capricorn enables him to understand complex systems.

His transits for the results show tonight show Jupiter sextile his natal Saturn closely, a steady transit, but believe it or not, he hasn’t peaked yet!  For around the time of the final for the series Jupiter sextiles his natal Uranus – a wonderful surprise is in store! Jupiter will also sextile his natal Neptune, a sublime, and euphoric experience.  But Saturn square Jupiter will be a slight fly in the ointment – some drawback or something to attend to in his personal life, or possibly even  not sure about his life being under more scrutiny due to his success.

As for his partner, Amy Dowden, this is the first time I look at her chart.  At 21 she is herself very young, only 2 years older than Karim, so she is an incredible talent.  Her chart has various similarities to Karim’s, which is interesting.  With the Sun and Moon in Leo, she was born on or around a New Moon.  Sun conjunct Jupiter makes her extremely positive, and a bouncy personality.  Her Sun is exactly square Pluto, so she can take on Karim’s strong Scorpio nature.  She has Mercury exactly conjunct Venus, exactly like Karim, they must have very good communication between them.  Her conjunction is in Virgo.  The double sextile formed by the relationship between their conjunctions is exact, too!  Mercury trine Uranus bestows a brilliant mind (her choreography has been superb.  Last night the dance was criticized for not being a classic paso doble, and she admitted she had taken a creative risk).  Mars closely trine Neptune indicates a sensitivity in movement, an asset in dance.  A sextile between Mars and Pluto brings huge energy.  Mars trine closely the North Node means that, like Karim, she also has the Warrior Archetype, together they are going in to win!  And Neptune conjunct the North Node in Capricorn, shows her karmic mission in dance.

In their synastry, their Mercuries are exactly sextile: a sign of perfect communication.  Amy’s Jupiter squares Karim’s Sun – she gets the best out of him.  Her Jupiter opposes his Saturn, so helps him to overcome his natal Sun-Saturn square.  At the moment, Neptune opposes her Mars, while Mars squares her Neptune – her judgement may be slightly off kilter.  Jupiter exactly trines her Jupiter, bringing great success.  Chiron sextiles her natal Saturn, so she is working out problems.  And Saturn is on her Neptune – she is trying to pin down an aspect of dance.

At the final, she will have Jupiter on her Pluto – Empowerment!  Uranus will also be closely sextile her Uranus, bringing her to the verge of great success (if not taking her actually there).  If they win, she will have more opportunities.

Saffron Barker

You-Tuber/Vlogger Saffron Barker is also 19, and rising rapidly up the ranks in her performances.  She has Sun in Leo, and a triple conjunction of the Sun/Mars/North Node, another Warrior on the dance floor.  The Sun sextile her Jupiter makes her another super positive personality.  She has Jupiter conjunct Saturn, which is a complex conjunction that can provide balance, or sometimes stagnation (cancelling each other out).  With the Sun opposite Neptune, dance may be in her DNA.  And with the Sun loosely conjunct the North Node, performing is definitely in her DNA.  Mercury unaspected may make her a free thinker.  Venus trine Pluto gives her strong feelings, Mars sextile Saturn provides the capacity for controlled movement.  Jupiter exactly trine Neptune means she is capable of transcendent emotion – her modern freestyle performance of an earlier week was hailed as inspired.

Her transits at the moment show the North Node on her natal Mercury in Cancer, developing her concentration.  And Uranus squares her natal Neptune, challenging her to take on greater complexity.  At or around the final (I do not have the exact date of it), Mars squares her Sun and Saturn opposes her Sun, while Pluto opposes her Mercury and Neptune squares her Jupiter; her transits therefore are not encouraging.  Perhaps injury hampers her performance, or maybe she will peak for a while, then plateau.

Her partner is the youthful looking Scorpio A.J. Pritchard.  Their synastry is not so remarkable, although their chemistry seems good on screen.  His Mercury is square her Nodal Axis, so they may have a brotherly and sisterly karma.  His transits currently shows Pluto on his Neptune, so psychologically he has a lot going on right now.  At the time of the final, Pluto sextiles his Sun, so he may resolve a deep personal issue around that time; Uranus will be on his Venus, so his love life will be lively (he currently has a girlfriend).  He could do well, but in relation to Saffron’s transits, the prospect does not look promising.  However, they seem likely to make it to Blackpool week.

Chris Ramsey

Comedian Chris Ramsey is another performing Sun in Leo.  He has 0 planets in Air, so functions very instinctively.  He has Mercury exactly sextile Venus, so is another character with a way with words!  His Mercury trines Jupiter, so he has a wide ranging mind too.  Jupiter squares his Uranus, so he likes to take a chance in life and likes to take risks.  Together with Chiron, the opposition forms a T-square, so he does struggle sometimes.

Currently, his transits include the South Node on his Mars, so there may be a struggle in matters of movement!  He also has Jupiter square his Jupiter, plenty of enthusiasm, but perhaps over-expectation.  Chiron trines his Saturn, which will keep him stable, but it also squares his Neptune so there may also be tears or regrets.  With Uranus exactly opposing his Pluto to the day, he looks set to go out in tonight’s results show.

At the time of the final the Nodal Axis squares his Sun, karmic support is not there for him; Neptune squares his Saturn, again there may be tears or regrets.  Neptune sextiles his Neptune, enabling him to be spiritually more balanced, and Neptune trines his Pluto, so he will be philosophical too.

His partner, Karen Clifton , now sporting a mohawk-style haircut, has recently reverted to the name Karen Hauer, following her split from husband Kevin Clifton.  In their chemistry, her Mars sextiles his Saturn, so she is able to instruct him well.  But her Mars also squares his Neptune, so she can confuse him at times, too!  Her Saturn sextiles his Uranus and trines his Chiron, which are both positive for instruction.  Her Uranus  on his Saturn and her Pluto square his Mercury can be hard for him to cope with though.  And with her Pluto on his South Node, their karma can be quite dramatic, whether past life or present.  Her current transits show Chiron opposite her Mars, a possible healing crisis.  That also indicates that the pair might go out of the contest this weekend.  At the end of the contest, she has Uranus opposite her Mercury (nervously wrung out), and Neptune square her Uranus (too much complexity on her mind).  I would not be surprised if this partnership did not survive much longer.


Based on my four blogs on the subject, and attentive viewing, I would think that Karim, Michelle and Kelvin would be the finalists.


Today, Saturn squares Mars, which is a bit clumsy for dance prospects, if you were planning such moves.  The square may produce some tension.  Be aware of the effect of your actions on others.  There may be a block, impasse or obstruction occurring, either  literally or metaphorically – an immovable object meeting an unstoppable force, perhaps, or even a stoppable force.

Tomorrow (Monday, 28th)  there is a New Moon in Scorpio.  This can be a sign of Regeneration, but with Uranus opposing the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, the change may be uncomfortable or sudden.  There may be a certain amount of letting go required, before the fresh start can be established.

The opposition of Uranus with the Sun will require new insight, resolve and conviction.  You have to get with the programme, or be left behind.  Maybe you are challenged by an upgrade on your phone, and can’t use it until you sort it out!

Wednesday (30th) is more congenial, with Mercury conjunct Venus at 27 degrees Scorpio.  This is a splendid literary and cultural aspect.  It is also a good day for negotiation (take note politicians and diplomats).  Create something beautiful and harmonious.

Mercury goes stationary, prior to turning retrograde on Thursday (31st), Halloween and Brexit Day.  The previous day’s Mercury-Venus conjunction will have been useful for negotiation, but is not likely to produce miracles.  Certainly it is likely to be a jittery day, as it has been in the collective unconscious for a long time as being a possible cliff edge which no one can know the effects of.  The usual rules apply for Mercury Retrograde: keep your communications clear, and read the small print.  On the last occasion Mercury went retrograde, our sat nav took us down a cul de sac!  I am sure you have your own Mercury retrograde stories to tell.  In case you are counting the days, Mercury goes Direct again on 20th November.  Use this as a learning period for what works and what doesn’t work for you under Mercury retrograde periods, as we all respond in our individual ways.

On Friday (1st November) we have a change of social mood, with Venus entering Sagittarius.  That’s a “let’s get the party started” state of mind.  Let your love flow.  Venus will be in Sagittarius until 26th November, so this is a good period to plan Christmas festivities or winter holidays.   Be of good cheer.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a square peg in a round hole
  • Tomorrow – a new beginning; expect the unexpected
  • Wednesday – cultural
  • Thursday – communications awry
  • Friday – party mood


Aspects for the week beginning 20 October 2019

William Blake

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour”

~ William Blake, from the Songs of Innocence and Experience


Last week I went to see the William Blake exhibition at Tate Britain, and was bowled over by it: the size of it, the beauty of it, and the prolific quantity of the work he produced over his lifetime.  To do it justice you would have to spend the whole day there digesting the material the organizers have put out.  The exhibition runs until 2nd February 2020, and I would highly recommend it if you enjoy the writings and paintings of this visionary.

Birth Chart

The prodigious output of William Blake may be partly due to his hugely enthusiastic Sun in Sagittarius conjunct its ruler Jupiter.  This conjunction also accounts for the religious themes of his work, though he fought against conventional religion.  In his politics, he was a revolutionary, being in favour of the French and American Revolutions.  In Art, he fought against the conventional  institutions of his day.  He also rebelled against the class system, politically.  Uranus therefore has to be significant in his chart, as the Inner Rebel.  Uranus is in Pisces (a visionary placing)  in the 8th House of his chart, signifying the freedom of his spiritual vision.  But his intense rebelliousness is down to that Uranus squaring exactly his Pluto (an anarchic energy).  Uranus teamed up more harmoniously with Venus in a sextile, producing highly original art.  Mars in his chart was exactly trine his Pluto, giving him the fuel and energy to produce such a great body of work.  The themes of creativity and imagination are stamped on his birthchart; creativity from The Sun exactly trine his North Node, 29 degrees of his 1st House in Leo, and imagination from Ascendant in Cancer with the Moon in Cancer in his 12th House, mining the treasures of his personal unconscious, and the mythologies of the collective unconscious.  His 5th House of Creativity contained the Sun/Jupiter conjunction, and Pluto.  Last but not least, the Mystic Archetype – that is to be found in the North Node (loosely) conjunct Neptune in the 1st House, which often signifies spiritual leadership.

A Personal Note

William Blake once inspired a mystical experience of my own.  It was 5 a.m. on 15th March 1977.  The night before, I had been reading “The Ascent of Man” by Jacob Bronowski.  The four lines heading this blog were the heading to the chapter I was reading.  I woke up at 5 a.m. with two whole poems, which I hastily transcribed on to a bit of paper by my bedside.  One of the poems was set to music, and I can still hear the tune!  Ever since then, I have always kept a dream diary by my bedside, as I would not want to miss out on any gems from my subconscious!  It means that I can always record my dreams, but a whole poem has only emerged in this way on one other occasion, in 1989.  So far, twice in a lifetime!  But the poems that came as a direct result of William Blake’s lines and their accompanying feeling represented one of the peak experiences of my entire life.

Early Life

Blake received little or no formal schooling, but began to draw as soon as he could hold a pencil.  At the age of 10 he was sent to drawing classes.

He was then apprenticed to an engraver on 4th August 1772, at the age of 14.  At the time, Pluto was transiting his natal Venus in Capricorn in his 6th House of Working Conditions, transforming his relationship with art. This period gave him a profession starting out in life, honed his artistic skills, and provided him with stimulation for his religious subject matter (when sent to sketch in Westminster Abbey he experienced visions of Christ, the apostles, and monks and nuns, together with hearing their chants).


His marriage was long lasting, and his wife Catherine was very supportive of an involved with helping his work, but it was not without its problems.  Catherine was unable to bear children.  Saturn closely conjunct Chiron in his 7th House of Marriage describes those difficulties and loyalties.


In his numerous works, he not only illustrated his own poems, but other great works such as Pilgrim’s Progress, Paradise Lost, the Canterbury Tales, the Book of Job and Dante’s Divine Comedy.  Very often the commissions from his patrons dictated his subject matter, and he rarely turned work down, but biblical and mythological themes were most congenial with his own leanings.  His works depict both the light and the shadow, the Angels and the Demons.


Blake always preferred drawing and painting his own inner vision than drawing from life.  In his rich inner life, and access to the angelic realm, he had an affinity with Emanuel Swedenborg, and to some extent the German mystic Jakob Boehme (1575 – 1624).  According to Kathleen Raine: “Line was, for Blake, above all an expression of energy. Every solid form can be seen as the imprint and the product of a flow of energy, and it is certain that Blake saw line as energy, as the signature of life.”  Some thought him mad, e.g. William Wordsworth was on record as thinking so.


Towards the end of his life, Blake cemented a friendship with Astrologer John Varley (1778-1842) who was highly successful, and believed strongly in Blake’s visions.

According to Alexander Roob: “Between 1819 and 1820 Blake carried out spiritualist seances with the astrologer and landscape painter John Varley, producing ‘visionary portraits’.”

Their synastry was significant: their Uranuses (Astrology) were squared, Varley’s Neptune (spiritual interests) was sextile Blake’s Mercury (mind), Varley Pluto was sextile Blake’s Jupiter (adding power to Blake’s enthusiasms) and Varley’s Pluto was opposite exactly Blake’s Ascendant – a deep relationship at the end of his life, requiring a certain level of growth, which may have been more challenging if they had met earlier in life.


I was musing about the fact that William Blake was born on 28th (of November) and his family home was at 28 Broad Street, and its numerological significance, when I came across the following words in “Alchemy and Mysticism” by Alexander Roob (2019):

” Blake had a special relationship towards the moon, as the ascendant in his horoscope was in the sign of cancer, which is related to the moon. Thus 28, the number of the completed cycle of the moon, is of great importance in his mythology: it signifies the surmounting of traditional ideas through the act of free creation, when the muses of fantasy are illuminated by the sun of imagination”.

I think that firmly establishes 28 as being his number!


Blake was working on his Dante series up to the time of his death, and just before he died he was inspired to sketch his wife.  At the time of his death it was reported that his eyes brightened and he talked of going home.  Pluto (the planet of death) was exactly trine his natal Sun.  His wife died about 3 years later, and at the time she died she stated that she was about to join him calling out to him “as if he were only in the next room, to say she was coming to him, and it would not be long now”.

William Blake’s depiction of his inner vision enables the rest of us, who may not have a visual access to the inner worlds, the chance to glimpse them.


And did those feet in ancient time,
Walk upon England’s mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On England’s pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold:
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold:
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In England’s green & pleasant Land.

~ William Blake, from Milton: a Poem in Two Books

Set to music by Sir Hubert Parry

Re-scored by Edward Elgar


“William Blake” by Kathleen Raine

“Alchemy and Mysticism” by Alexander Roob


There are three favourable aspects to Venus this week, which benefits Taureans and Librans in particular.  It makes for a congenial week generally on the social front.  It doesn’t promise to solve our political woes, however.  Although I hadn’t planned to, I downed tools yesterday to watch the parliamentary proceedings and the 1 million protesters in London.  I can’t remember the last time I gave up a whole day like that.  So I am hoping that the issue of Brexit does not impinge on the coming week.

Today’s Venusian aspect is Venus sextile Saturn, a steady and loyal basis for Sunday’s interactions.  Honouring your family and existing relationships and friendships, with compassion if not gratitude, is the order of the day. It is also a good day for laying the groundwork for artistic endeavours, continuing to work painstakingly on them, or completing them with satisfaction.

Tomorrow’s Venusian aspect (Monday 21st) is Venus trine Neptune, an even brighter prospect than Sunday’s.  Socially, you find spiritual links with people.  Artistically or musically, you can achieve inspirational heights.  It is an ideal day for contemplating the divine inspiration of William Blake’s art and poetry.  It is also a good day to understand the relationship between materiality and spirituality, say in your quest for abundance.

The Sun enters Scorpio on Wednesday (23rd) and any equanimity we have carefully nurtured under Sun in Libra is tested, tipping the balance towards passion and extremes, so it is that the zodiac wheel turns…But having gained that still, centre point, you can refer to it after you have explored one extreme or the other.  Don’t leave it behind altogether.  We need to experience life with more insight, resolve and conviction.  On the road to Brexit, the two sides may be as far apart as ever, but this Scorpio month is an important part of the journey (and includes the all important Halloween date).

Our third Venusian aspect occurs on Friday (25th): it’s Venus sextile Pluto, and essential if we are to marry the harmony of Venus with the extreme understanding and realism of Pluto.  It could be a time of difficult but rewarding soul searching with loved ones.  In finance, there could be hard won but satisfying bargaining and balancing.  In art, there is a search for the meaningful both in the execution of art and its appreciation.  Again, in this, William Blake could be your go to artist!  It may not be an easy ride, but it can be a cathartic and constructive day in the realm of human relationships.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – love with loyalty
  • Tomorrow – love with inspiration
  • Wednesday – a deeper experience
  • Friday – love with psychological depth

Aspects for the week beginning 13 October 2019

Ginger Baker

“When the city of Atlantis stood serene above the sea,
Long time before our time when the world was free,
Those were the days.”

~ Those Were The Days, co-written by Ginger Baker and Mike Taylor, from “Wheels of Fire” 1968

Outstanding drummer Ginger Baker died last Sunday.  He didn’t like the term “rock drummer” preferring to be known as a “jazz drummer”.  He was 80 years old, but had survived a lifetime of poor health.  His working life encompassed the membership of several bands, but he is most known for his time in the legendary band Cream during the heady late ’60s.

Birth Chart

We do not have a birth time for the flame-haired Ginger, but his well-known fieriness comes from having half his planets in Fire signs.  It’s a volatile, dry heat of fire, and not an emotional passion, for he had no Water planets.  He did though have 6 (over half) his planets in the Fixed signs, so was very headstrong.

His Sun in Leo denotes the showmanship and natural leadership that he is reputed to have, and its conjunction with Venus inclined him to music.  He was also known for his unpredictability and eccentricity, and that shows up with Sun/Venus square Uranus.

His Moon was square Mars, making him quick to react emotionally, and he was known for having a violent temper.  I have not read his autobiography “Hellraiser” but his close bandmate Eric Clapton’s autobiography is one of the favourites in my bookshelf.  Here, Clapton describes his introduction to Ginger Baker:

“…I was very flattered that he was interested in me. I was also rather frightened of him because he was an angry-looking guy, with a considerable reputation. He appeared physically very strong although extremely lean, with red hair and a constant expression of disbelief mixed with suspicion. He gave the impression that he was fearless and that he would take anybody on…”   I will write more about Ginger Baker’s relationships with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce later in this piece.

There were plenty of strengths in his chart, one being an exact trine between Uranus and Neptune (the ability to process complexity), which formed a Grand Trine in Earth with his Mars.  That was part of his unique energy.  He also had a trine between Jupiter and Mercury/Pluto and Pluto exactly square his Nodal Axis (that’s the “Hellraiser”!).  With Chiron in Cancer, drumming and rhythm was therapeutic to him (and often to those who listened to his drumming).


Baker joined Blues Incorporated in the 1960s.  In his interest in drumming, he found a soul mate in Keith Moon (from the Who).  The latter was responsible for Baker acquiring a two bass drum kit.  They shared a flamboyant mentality, with their Mercuries in Leo exactly conjunct with each other.

Baker met up with bassist Jack Bruce.  The success of the later band Cream depended on a vital third member, Eric Clapton, three being the magic number to produce their exceptional music.

Jack Bruce had Mercury closely conjunct Uranus, a brilliant mind.  He and Clapton were credited for writing most of their hits, though Ginger Baker did appear on a few credits.  Both Baker and Bruce had Venus square Uranus in their charts, and therefore a propensity to estrangements.  We do have a birth time for Jack Bruce, and find his Midheaven (Careerpoint) in Scorpio in the 11th House of Bands.

The two clashed fiercely: Jack’s Sun was conjunct Ginger’s Uranus, activating Ginger’s Inner Rebel.  But Jack’s Venus was trine Ginger’s North Node, so their relationship came back together several times, through karmic forgiveness.  Jack’s Saturn sextile Ginger’s Mercury enabled Ginger to concentrate his mind.

So Eric Clapton joined them in 1966, and Cream was formed.  In the two years until they broke up (due to the clash between Baker and Bruce) they achieved the pinnacle of success, with three albums.

Eric’s relationship with Ginger held an element of fear:  Ginger’s Pluto was exactly square Eric Clapton’s Moon.  Clapton’s Moon was also conjunct Baker’s North Node, so karmically compelling.  Clapton’s Venus was conjunct Baker’s South Node, indicating they were “old friends” from past lives. But Baker’s Mars was conjunct Clapton’s Ascendant, an inflammatory placing.  Clapton’s Pluto was trine Baker’s Jupiter, so Eric did have some power in the dynamic between them, and was part of the glue that held the three of them together.

There was more harmony between Clapton and Bruce, with their Venuses exactly sextile (musical harmony), and their Jupiters exactly sextile.  Clapton praised Bruce in his autobiography:  “The most forceful bass player I had ever played with… His understanding of time was phenomenal. All this was reflected in his personality, fiery and quick witted.”

Eric Clapton reflected on his role in the group: “Maybe I was the necessary catalyst for them to get along, like a fulcrum”.  Certainly in their transits, Clapton seemed to be less affected by intense planetary line-ups, intimating that the primary karma was between Baker and Bruce.

At their first gig on July 29th 1966, the transits for Ginger Baker showed Pluto sextile his natal Chiron in Cancer, a major psychological fulfilment.  For Bruce, the North Node (karmic mission) was on his Sun (self-expression) and trine his Jupiter (a success, or karmic reward).  The impact on Clapton’s chart was not so notable.

At their split in November 1968, Ginger Baker had some strong transits:  Uranus sextile his Pluto (extreme change), Neptune square his Sun (extreme confusion) and Pluto trine his Mars (high energy, possibly inflammatory).

For Jack Bruce: Jupiter on his Neptune in Virgo in his 9th House (a spiritual freedom), Saturn was trine his natal North Node in Leo in his 8th House (karmically dictated event) and Uranus square his natal Venus in Cancer in his 6th House (a classic parting-of-the-ways transit, mirroring his own natal square and that of Baker).

For Clapton, maybe not so heavily affected, Jupiter was on his natal Chiron in Virgo in 12th House, a chance for a healing space.

A Brief Discography

If you’re not a Cream fan, perhaps you’ll remember “Spoonful”, “I feel Free” and “I’m so Glad” from their 1966 album “Fresh Cream”.

Or “Sunshine of your Love”, “Tales of Brave Ulysses”, “Strange Brew”, “Blue Condition” and “Take it Back” from  their 1967 album “Disraeli Gears”

Or how about “White Room”, “Those Were The Days”, “Crossroads” and “Sitting on Top of the World”, from their 1968 album “Wheels of Fire”.  That was the talk of the campus when I went to Uni in the Autumn of 1968.

After Cream

After Cream, Eric Clapton went on to work with the talented Stevie Winwood (from Traffic), and was dismayed when Ginger Baker asked to join them in their band Blind Faith (termed a “supergroup”).  His intuition told him  that history would repeat itself.  The band lasted not more  than a year (1969).

2005 Reunion

Ginger Baker played with Jack Bruce over the years, though their relationship was always volatile.  Bruce was quoted as saying: “It’s a knife-edge thing between me and Ginger. Nowadays, we’re happily co-existing in different continents… although I was thinking of asking him to move. He’s still a bit too close”

In 2005 with Clapton they prepared for a reunion tour, to be played at the Royal Albert Hall and Madison Square Garden.  The reunion took place around 3rd May 2005.  The transits are interesting for all three of them.

For Baker, his exact Neptune/Uranus trine was exactly bisected by Saturn: an orchestrating by the Universe, if there ever was one.  For Bruce, Saturn was sextile his natal Sun in Taurus in 5th House on his I.C., and trine his natal MC in Scorpio in 11th House of Bands.  Again, Saturn was pinning him down for a reunion.  In addition, Pluto was trine Bruce’s natal Chiron in Leo in 8th House – a healing.  For Clapton, it was a moment of triumph in that Jupiter trine his natal Uranus in Gemini in 8th House.  But he was struck down by flu and had to play in that condition, then regretted the encore at Madison Square Garden as he thought they peaked at the Royal Albert Hall – Uranus squared his Uranus, bringing the unexpected into the equation.


Jack Bruce died in 2014, and his funeral was attended by Baker and Clapton.

Ginger Baker suffered ill health for most of his adult life.  He was addicted to heroin, suffered from chronic back pain (from degenerative osteoarthritis), and in later years suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, with serious heart issues.  At his death, Neptune was exactly trine his natal Chiron (a final healing).

A eulogy from Stevie Winwood:

“Beneath his somewhat abrasive exterior, there was a very sensitive human being with a heart of gold.”


“The Autobiography” by Eric Clapton


At tea time today (in the U.K.) we have a sextile between the Sun and Jupiter which can bring happy news, fun and laughter.  It is one of the most upbeat aspects of the year.  A positive story in the news is rare, but look out for one.  In your own life, an opportunity may be coming your way.

Early evening the Moon is Full at 20 degrees Aries.  The Full Moon in Aries (emotional needs) opposes the Sun in Libra (balancing your own interests with that of the other) so it is a tussle, as it always is with a Full Moon.  At the same time, Pluto squares them both, creating a T-square, so there may be drama involved, or at the very least psychological adjustments to be made.

Early tomorrow (Monday 14th) is a day for serious communication, delivered in a measure fashion.  This chimes well with the fact that the Queen’s Speech is scheduled, which will be by no means an easy task for the deliverer.  She will not give away what she thinks about it, and will be well aware that none of it may come to fruition, because we don’t know the duration of the Johnson government (which does not have a mandate).  But it is a good day for laying down your intentions and plans, and realistically evaluating what can be done.

Hard on the heels of that aspect, Pluto actually squares the Sun (it was coming into a square at the time of the Full Moon).  That may be a difficult aspect to negotiate, but keep talking (Mercury sextile Saturn is still operational).  Last minute Brexit and Backstop talks may be going on even as the Queen speaks.  Pluto square the Sun is a deep soul searching aspect.  With the seriousness of Mercury/Saturn and the depth of Pluto/Sun you have to get down to business, and to the nitty gritty.  There is no whitewashing or kicking the can down the road.

It’s an easier ride on Tuesday (15th) which brings a trine between Mercury and Neptune.  While Monday represented hard facts, Tuesday lets in some whimsy and artistry (but established on the foundation of the previous day’s hard facts).  Perhaps you formulated a plan on Monday, and can embellish it slightly on Tuesday.  Not that I am suggesting that you can embellish the Irish Backstop question, some questions are just too hard.  But say you obtained funding for a project on Monday which had carefully laid rules and boundaries, you might be able to work on a more spiritual level with it on Tuesday, and bring forth some higher inspiration.  Monday is the contract (if not disrupted by the square from Pluto), and Tuesday is the opportunity for creativity.

A minor aspect on Thursday (17th) between two of the greater planets may affect us at a deeper level than the more superficial aspects.  Pluto will be semi-sextile Jupiter on that day, which can bring power struggles.  It may for instance be significant in the power struggles between the U.S. and Russia with regard to the Turkish-Syrian situation which is concerning at the moment.  In your own life, you may be re-arranging the furniture in some way.

We end the week, on Saturday (19th), with a sensible and constructive tone, provided by the third sextile of the week, that of Mercury sextile Pluto.  This may be helpful in tying up some of the issues of the week, and settling some scores.  The communication flows, but is not trivial.  It is the day when Parliament is being recalled to discuss the results of the current Brexit negotiations.  It is the first time the Commons have sat on a Saturday since the Falklands War in 1982.  It is the deadline for the prime minister to comply with the Benn Act (to write to Brussels for an extension) before Halloween.  Mercury sextile Pluto honours the gravity of the situation, and enables meaningful debate to occur (no filibustering!).  So if you have something important lined up, keep your negotiations to the point, and  you may find proceedings useful.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Jovial; emotional tension
  • Tomorrow – serious communication; deeper issues
  • Tuesday – mental inspiration
  • Thursday – rearranging power systems
  • Saturday – grown up communication

Aspects for the week beginning 6 October 2019

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Part 3

Powering through the next four contestants of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, though I still have a few more to report on later in the series.  The standard seems really high this year, and is an absorbing watch!

Kelvin Fletcher

Kelvin Fletcher was drafted into the contest at the last minute when Jamie Laing dropped out due to injury leaving professional Oti Mabusi without a partner.  Kelvin played Andy Sugden in Emmerdale for 20 years, before leaving in 2016.  He has 0 planets in the Air signs, so is very instinctual in his approach to life.  With the Sun square Mars he has a penchant for cars and racing, hence his switch to being a professional racing driver since leaving Emmerdale.  His Mars is conjunct Pluto giving him high energy, and a possible attraction to danger.  Mercury sextile exactly Mars provides quick mental reactions and excellent co-ordination, which  explains how he came out blazing in a fast-paced dance the first week.  Mercury conjunct Jupiter confers an excellent brain, which explains how he was able to learn the steps so quickly.  Mercury also conjoins Neptune, so his brain is attuned to the spirit of dance (Neptune).  In other ingredients which make for an engagingly watchable dancer Mars sextiles Jupiter (energy allied with enthusiasm) and Mars sextiles Neptune  (movement with meditation).  He is currently riding high on the leaderboard.  This weekend Mars squares his Neptune (not an easy transit),  and by the end of the contest he has contradictory indications in the shape of Saturn square his natal Pluto (difficult and exacting circumstances) and Neptune trine his Mars (skilful dance).  As things stand, he does look likely to reach the final, though Saturn squaring his natal Pluto may just scupper his chances of actually winning.

He is partnered with: Oti Mabuse

Kelvin’s partner Oti is the sister of new judge Motse, so the relationship between the two sisters will be very much under scrutiny.  Like Kelvin, Oti has 0 Air planets, and so is also very instinctual.  When their instincts are running in sync, they could be very inspired. In their synastry, his Saturn squares her Sun, so he is a challenge to her.  His Nodal Axis squares her natal Mercury, so he is also a puzzle mentally for her.  But his Chiron trines her natal Jupiter, so there is a healing chemistry that occurs when they dance.  His Saturn is also conjunct her Pluto, so they mean business.  It’s not altogether an easy match, but they are determined to make it succeed.  This weekend, Saturn sextiles her natal Pluto, firming up her determination, Uranus trines her natal Uranus (she has the surprise factor), Neptune sextiles her natal Mars (her dancing is inspired), Pluto is on her Saturn (again, great challenges) and Pluto opposes her Chiron (she needs to take care about the balance of her health).  By the end of the contest, Pluto trines her natal Mercury (exquisite mental concentration), Chiron is on her natal Saturn (again, the need for the utmost precision), Pluto is on her Neptune (a profound psycho-spiritual challenge and learning), and the North Node trines her natal Neptune (a karmic pinnacle of her dance talent).  That is a powerful finale for her, so if they get to the final or win, it will be testimony to her skill as a teacher and choreographer as much as Kelvin’s own undeniable talent.

Viscountess Emma

Emma is married to Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth, who she has known since she was four years old.  She has half her planets (5) in the emotional Water signs.  With the Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces, the sign of dance, she was born 5 days after the dancer Jamie Bell in the same year.  At Longleat, she works a great deal with the animals, but also does philanthropical work.  She has a lively, energetic and rebellious chart (Sun/Mercury square Mars/Uranus).  She can get irritable and tense (Mercury square Mars/Uranus), but her greatest strength is a Grand Water Trine involving her Moon in Cancer, Pluto and Jupiter, giving her deep emotional reserves.  She has endured a great deal in her journey through life, facing opposition from her husband’s family, and being the target of racial abuse (her father was a Nigerian oil magnate).  She also has the Warrior Archetype (Mars trine North Node and square Sun).  Dance could be a joy for her, and a way of unwinding, with Jupiter sextile exactly Neptune (dance) and the North Node trine Neptune.  She and her husband have two children, one born from a surrogate.  Her current transits show the Nodal Axis square her Venus (she could take a little time to settle in to the contest, though I don’t see her going out yet), Uranus sextile her Jupiter (a spirited performance), and Uranus trine her natal Neptune (being able to grasp the complexity required).  By the end of the contest, Pluto will be square her natal Venus (she may have matters to attend to in her private life).

She is partnered with: Aljaz Skorjanec

Aljaz is a veteran of Strictly, having danced with among others Alison Hammond, Daisy Lowe and Gemma Atkinson.  The chemistry between them shows a good karmic bond (Aljaz’ Sun sextile closely Emma’s North Node), his Mercury sextile her Saturn (the ability to communicate requirements), his Jupiter sextile her natal North Node (a successful partnership), and his Neptune square her Venus (stretching her dance ability).  This is a relationship which could continue as a friendship.  Aljaz current form shows shows a variety of influences Mars square his Jupiter, Pluto on his Saturn, Saturn on his Neptune, and the North Node on his Neptune.  To be fair, it is rare for any of the professionals to underperform!  By the end of the contest, Mars is sextile his Sun and Jupiter, and Jupiter is on his Pluto.  That is quite a high for him, but that may be more about success in the performance of the professional dances – Emma may not stay the course with him.

David James

Alas, footballer (goalkeeper) David James was in the dance off last week, and on the spin-off show It Takes Two (which I don’t watch by the way, but is scheduled just before the BBC 6 o’clock news) a panel of three voted him most likely to go next!  He is a Leo, with the height to match.  In his chart, his footballing credentials come out clearly in his Sun/Mars exact conjunction.  He would normally, say in private life and on the football pitch, be quite a sparky individual, with the Sun/Mars sextile Uranus, but somehow the spark does not translate to the dance floor.  He has a few difficult aspects to Neptune, which may indicate that he is not at home in this medium: Neptune square the Nodal Axis, Mercury square Neptune, and Neptune opposite Saturn.  It just doesn’t flow for him.  His great strength is shown by Saturn trine Pluto.  His transits this weekend (I am writing this on Friday evening, before this week’s show) are not memorable enough to report on…At the end of the contest, Uranus will be square his Mars (shock), and Chiron will be trine his Saturn – he’ll be philosophical!

He is partnered with: Nadiya Bychkova

This is Ukranian Nadiya’s third year in the contest.  I wrote last year: “She’s a very perfectionistic Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo, with all the brilliance of Sun exactly trine Uranus, and all the energy of Mars sextile Pluto.”  Her synastry with David is quite good (with a trine between her Jupiter and his North Node), so that does not seem to be the problem.  It may be purely down to his stiffness on the dance floor.  Her current transits are the North Node sextile her natal Mars (bravery), Chiron square her Jupiter (awkwardness), Mars square her Uranus (shock), and North Node trine her Pluto.  At the end of the contest she has Mars trine her Sun and Uranus (she’ll be energized), Neptune trine her Jupiter (she will enjoy the group dances!), Uranus sextile her Neptune (she will have some complex learning) and Pluto exactly trine Pluto (self-empowerment).  Maybe one of the dancers will lose a partner and she will step in.  Again, the two may remain friends on some level, so all may not be lost.  As you can see, I am not predicting that he will stay in the contest.

Alex Scott

Female footballer Alex Scott retired in 2017, and then followed a media career.  She has Sun/Mercury in Libra, which gives her a fair-minded outlook, but her birth chart is not well co-ordinated in terms of connecting aspects, and that may make her an unusually free spirit.  The standout feature of her chart is an exact conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn, which makes her super energetic and enthusiastic, driven and ambitious.  She kicked off the series with the first dance on the first week of the contest, and made a real impact.  Her current transits include Pluto square her Sun (the contest is a real challenge for her, or she has something currently challenging in her personal life), Uranus trine her Mars/Jupiter conjunction (huge excitement!),  and Neptune trine her Saturn (trying to master the precision required, with sensitivity).  At the end of the competition, Chiron squares her Sun, Mars opposes her Pluto and Saturn squares her Pluto, which are not helpful supportive transits.  I think she will progress well, and may make it to Blackpool, but may sustain a minor injury before the semi-final, or other factors may be distracting her by the end.

She is partnered with: Neil Jones

Red head Neil Jones recently split up from his wife Katya, another professional on the show.  He has waited a few years to get a professional slot, having taken part in the group dances in the meantime.  He’s a Taurean, with a sparkling triple conjunction of Mars/Mercury/Chiron in that sign.  The synastry with Alex includes good communication (his Venus trine her Mercury), and his Uranus opposite her Chiron (some clashing).  Head judge Shirley did comment last week that she liked their chemistry.  Neil’s transits this weekend show Saturn trine his Sun (steady) and Pluto trine his Mars (great force).  The latter transit was exact to the day when he and Katya announced their split, though it was presented as amicable.  He would be hoping to do well in his first series, but his transits at the final week are a mixed bag: Pluto trine his Sun (psychological strength), Chiron trine his Mars (physical well being) and Mars opposite his Saturn (a bit of friction).  I think he would achieve the semi-final at best, but my guess is that they will just get to Blackpool.

With apologies to my non-Strictly Come Dancing viewing readers!


Uranus opposes Mercury on Monday (7th), posing technological challenges and bringing controversial communications.  You could take a holiday from the internet and social media, but someone somewhere will probably need to get in touch and bend your ear, if only telepathically (Uranus rules telepathy).  No man or woman is an island these days, unless you happen to be on a real retreat.  If technology is a must, then take the opportunity to learn as much as you can about the issue at hand.  I always try asking questions, but not being savvy with these things, tend to end up with more questions than I started with…

Well that is the morning challenge, anyway.  In the early evening there is a different scenario, with Saturn squaring the Sun.  It could be that you may be a bit irritated from Uranus-Mercury wrangles if you have not been so successful on the communication and/or technological front, and that may contribute to a feeling of stuckness or frustration later in the day.  At any rate, the mood of Saturn with the Sun tends to be flat, and even unmotivated.  You could try distraction with lighter activities, or you can look into the source of the ennui and you may find you go through it to a brighter prospect.

On to Tuesday (8th) and we have a shift of feeling, with Venus entering Scorpio.  This is a time when deep feelings can be experienced and expressed.  Her previous sojourn through Libra focussed on relationships, and on entering Scorpio the quality of relationship deepens.  You can take a relationship to the next level.  Venus will change sign again on 1st November, so make the most of the opportunity.

You’ll wonder what is going on with relationships on Saturday (12th).  Uranus opposes Venus and keeps her (and you) on her/your toes. Someone around you may be displaying skittish behaviour (maybe it’s a pet!)  It will have been useful if you practised tuning in telepathically on Monday morning (Uranus with Mercury), as on a more human level telepathy will be useful in understanding your opposite number, or even a group situation.   In fact, group consciousness may be more suited to the requirements of this capricious aspect.  It occurs in the late evening of Saturday, and may also make for exciting encounters, or lively party atmospheres.  Don’t overdo the alcohol, though, you may just need to keep your wits about you.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – keep your mind alert; pay attention to your mood
  • Tuesday – deepening relationships
  • Saturday – flighty relationships

Aspects for the week beginning 29 September 2019

Gina Miller

This week, with Parliament reconvening after an illegal prorogation, female MPs such as Hannah Sheriff and Jess Phillips described their rage at incendiary language used by the Prime Minister, which they felt put them at risk.  They reported a constant daily barrage of threats, and Jess Phillips’ office was actually physically under attack.  Yvette Cooper’s daughter expressed her fears for her M.P. mother.  These female M.Ps are Brave (with a capital B).

Though known as a business owner, philanthropist and activist, not an M.P., Gina Miller played a vital role in bringing the occupants of the House of Commons back to their workplace this week.  She too has faced right wing hatred, and deserves a medal for bravery.  She has taken an unpopular stance on two notable occasions, and carried through with calmness.

Two Legal Challenges

The first occasion was over article 50 in June 2016, just after the referendum.  She brought a challenge to the UK government over its authority to implement Brexit without the approval of parliament. Her argument was that only Parliament could take away rights that Parliament had instituted.

Her transits at the time of the Referendum (23rd June 2016), which was such a crucial time in her life, as in ours, were: Jupiter square her Nodal Axis (a karmic push), Saturn trine her Mercury (mental focus), and Saturn square her Uranus (pushed out of her comfort zone).  She stated that her motives were for the sake of democracy.  She is undoubtedly a woman of great principle.  As an aside, I just see it as ironic these days, that both sides of the argument, Remain and Brexit cite that they are upholding democracy! Her legal challenge was upheld in January 2017, and article 50 was eventually triggered by PM Theresa May in March 2017.

Subsequently, Gina Miller suffered death threats, threats of acid attacks, and  racial abuse (she is from Guyana).  One man, who was charged in March 2017, called her a “boat jumper” saying “If this is what we should expect from immigrants, send them back to their stinking jungles”.

The second occasion was over the recent prorogation of parliament.  Her transits at the first legal challenge indicated that her issues were unfinished, her work not complete, with Saturn square her natal Pluto.  On 28th August this year, together with others such as John Major and Shami Chakrabarti, she launched legal proceedings against the government for their unprecedented action.   She stated it was “a brazen attempt, of truly historical magnitude, to prevent the executive being held accountable for its conduct before parliament”.

Although the High Court ruled against her, the Scottish Court of Session upheld her claim that the prorogation was unlawful, and on 24th September (last week) eleven members of the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that prorogation was unlawful and the Queen had been misled in agreeing to it. On that day, Saturn had moved to precisely trine her natal Pluto, the completion of that phase of her work.

Birth Chart

In her birthchart, she has the Warrior/Peacemaker dual Archetype.  Her Sun is in Aries (The Warrior) and is conjunct Venus in early Taurus (the Peacemaker).  Thus she is able to be in the fray of negotiation, playing that dual role.  We do not have her Ascendant, but she comes across as coolly composed and determined.  She has half her planets in Earth signs, making her very grounded and practical.  Her Moon is in Sagittarius, giving her a global perspective, and squares Uranus (challenging the status quo).  Mars opposes Saturn in her chart, giving her an understanding of the force lines of immovable objects, and knowing when to stand her ground or otherwise.  Her Mars is conjunct Uranus in Virgo, so she is a social engineer. Pluto is conjunct her Mars, endows her with a powerhouse of energy.  She has a free, unaspected Jupiter, making her very much a free spirit.  Saturn exactly opposes Pluto in her chart, and she is prepared to count the cost when making extreme decisions.  With Neptune trine closely with her Chiron,  she may be motivated by a desire for healing, and by her own concept of spirituality.

I have not read her memoir, entitled “Rise: Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall & Leading The Way” but it’s on my list.


The week largely belongs to Pluto – deeply challenging but ultimately rewarding.  Pluto reaches right to the heart of who we are.  To  set the mood:

“Pluto serves in a dual capacity as eliminator and renewer.  In this respect, it works surreptitiously, as its nature is subversive and its domain lies underground, but there is a good reason for its modus operandi.  Eventually, Pluto forces things out into the light.  It reveals ideologies, neuroses, and activities which have long remained hidden or suppressed in the subconscious of a person or nation. It draws these clandestine situations out of the darkness so that they can serve their purpose in the universal plan.”

~ Alan Oken, “Complete Astrology”


“The evolutionary past of any individual also represents the deepest sources of unconscious emotional security.  These old unconscious security patterns create resistance to change and the unknown in varying degrees of intensity in all of us.  This security/resistance dynamic creates compulsion, obsessions, or emotional complexes in many individuals (or nations).”

~ Jeff Green, “Pluto, The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul”

As the week opens you may still be basking in the late night aspect of Venus sextile Jupiter from Saturday:

“And as a reward for all that hard work, Venus sextiles Jupiter in the late evening, one of the loveliest aspects of the year.  It would be good for weddings, engagements, parties, and cultural events.  Chin up, and chin chin for the end of the week!”

You may be able to squeeze every drop from that in the run up to our first aspect, which occurs on Tuesday.  At some point, you’ll feel the pull of Pluto over Jupiter in relation to Venus and our relationships.  From carefree, to looking deeper.  In finance, from spending freely to skidding to the edge of our budget.

So the early hours of Tuesday (1st October) in the U.K. brings us a square between Venus and Pluto.  You may experience some tension, after the honeymoon from Venus sexile Jupiter. The gloss may wear off in a relationship, or in a financial transaction.  This will require some psychological soul-searching, e.g. were your expectations too high, did you really see things as they are/were?  In this transition, Venus (love and feeling) is a key player, and a heart to heart may be healing and get to the truth.  Self-honesty will also work well with this aspect.

Our next Plutonian feature is early morning on Thursday (3rd), with Pluto Stationary at 20 degrees Capricorn prior to turning Direct.  We may feel we are coming through a transition, or at least on a more salubrious path.  The ruminations of Tuesday and Thursday, or indeed even the entire retrograde period (since late April) if you are taking the longer view, bear fruit.  Breakthroughs can take place at this juncture, e.g. reunions where perhaps people have not been speaking to each other.  There may be a positive impact on the Brexit process.

A little later, the same morning, and continuing the Plutonic theme, Mercury leaves Libra (a concentration on fairness and justice) and enters the Pluto-ruled sign of Scorpio.  This mental outlook is more forensic in nature, and looks deeper than the surface.  As Alan Oken says, Pluto “reveals ideologies, neuroses, and activities which have long remained hidden or suppressed in the subconscious of a person or nation.”  We’ll put aside our romantic novels, and start reading crime fiction, or psychology textbooks.  In your own life, you will have more courage to look at what really matters, and to worry less about how things appear to others.  Mercury stays in Scorpio until 9th December, because there is a retrograde period during that time.

On Friday (4th) in the early hours Mars marches into Libra – a slight change of emphasis or mood, but Mars is known as the “lower octave of Pluto”, a more basic and physical energy.  What is happening here is that Mars, the god of war, is entering the sign of Libra, the sign of peace.  We are back to the principle of the peaceful warrior (as exemplified by Gina Miller).  There is a need for balance, especially between opposing factions, so the Warrior/Diplomats among us have work to do.  People may be putting more energy and effort into Libran pursuits, such as the understanding of art (we are intending to make for the William Blake exhibition at Tate Britain some time in October, which may fulfil that directive) or practising a musical instrument (Mars demands some action!). Mars entering Libra gives fresh incentive

to tackle such areas of our life and psyche where we are currently just gliding, biding our time, or complacent.  It energizes the issues of the area of our chart (the House) it currently moves through.  Mars stays in Libra until 19th November.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – the turbulence
  • Thursday – the psychological breakthrough; looking deeper
  • Friday – war and peace