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Aspects for the week beginning 26 March 2017

Westminster Terror

On Wednesday, Westminster Bridge was the scene of a terrorist incident and Parliament and its surrounding buildings were in lockdown. A British born man, Khalid Masood, drove into passersby then tried to enter the gates of Parliament, and stabbed a policeman to death.  Five people died in total, including the perpetrator, and fifty people were injured.  Though many potential attacks have been foiled since, this was the first attack of its scale in London since 7/7/05.  There are many questions yet to be answered and issues raised, such as whether he was acting alone, what were his motives, and how far he was influenced by radicalization by ISIS, whether police in the City should be armed, and how far the police can keep tabs on all suspects. I will have a brief look at the charts of some of those involved, though crucially some important dates are currently missing, such as the birth date of the brave and heroic policeman who lost his life, Keith Palmer.

Chart of the Attack

The attack happened at 2.40 pm. in the centre of political life in London, with 14 degrees Leo rising, and 27 degrees Aries at the Midheaven, exactly trine Saturn at the Galactic Centre.  The chart is dominated by a T-square between Jupiter in Libra, opposing Mercury/Uranus in Aries and squaring onto Pluto/Moon in Capricorn.  It was two days before the Mercury-Pluto-Jupiter T-square was to become exact.  Themes of travel (Mercury) and destruction (Pluto) are involved, and Jupiter may represent the many tourists who were caught up in the incident (there were said to be 12 countries involved).  The Moon in Capricorn (the sign of government) was exactly square Uranus (planet of disruption).

Khalid Masood

The birth date of the killer, Khalid Masood, was clearly announced on the evening news on Thursday as 25th December 1964.  His age of 52 was remarkable as being untypical of the usual young radicalized Moslem involved in incidents of this type.  So far they have not established that he was working with a team, and there may be a strong element of mental illness involved. These rogue factors make it difficult for the police to identify who constitutes a strong risk.  Over the last year or two, there has been a pattern of cars or lorries on the continent driving into pedestrians, a method of killing which does not require sophisticated planning.  There was a copycat such incident the next day in Antwerp.

Masood’s planets show 6 in the Earth element, 0 planets in Air (tending to work on instinct), and 7 out of his 10 planets in Mutable signs (perhaps indicating a rudderless existence).  He had Mercury square Mars, which often exhibits a quick temper; Mercury square Pluto (some morbidity of thought, and an aspect he shares with Martin McGuinness); and Mercury square Uranus (mental unpredictability).  Pluto, Uranus and Mars were conjunct in Virgo, which of all triple conjunctions creates the most explosive cocktail of planets.  He had a few convictions in the past, where he had lashed out at people, and spent short bursts of time in prison.  But these were not serious enough to be within the police radar for potential terrorist offences.  Mercury was conjunct the South Node in his chart in Sagittarius, and this fits his sporadic profession as a language tutor, particularly abroad in Saudi Arabia.  The North Node in Gemini, indicating a path of language teaching.  But Mars (conflict) is exactly square the Nodal Axis, so violence is likely to be a pattern brought in from past lives.  With Mars trine Jupiter, he is often portrayed by people who knew him in the past as jolly, so he could have a deceptive exterior; others picked up that he could suddenly change and reveal a dark side.  His Jupiter has interesting aspects: it trines Uranus (also like Martin McGuinness), so he has an opportunistic streak; Jupiter opposes Neptune, so there is confusion or delusion in relation to religious matters (it is not clear when he was radicalized); and Jupiter was exactly trine Pluto, so there was a great deal of latent power in his make up.  He may have seen his last act as an ultimate power trip.  His first criminal offence took place in November 1983, when Pluto (the planet of power) was exactly trine his natal Saturn (Sun ruler), pushing at the boundaries of his inner sense of self.

On Wednesday, at the time of the attack and also when he died, Pluto was sextile his Neptune (also pushing him, this time concerning spiritual boundaries), and Jupiter was sextile his Mercury (he was said to be cheerful coming up to the event, by those who met him at the hotel he stayed at in Brighton the night before).  In his own mind, he may have been convinced of the rightness of what he was doing, especially if he was sold on the doctrine of the rewards of jihad.

Theresa May transits

We do not have Theresa May’s birthtime, but it appears that the North Node in early Virgo may have been close to her natal Moon, karma requiring her to step up to the plate, and bring out her Inner Statesman/woman. It was certainly her greatest challenge so far since taking over her role as Prime Minister.

Sadiq Khan transits

As London Mayor, the challenges of the event do show up in his chart.  Saturn squares his Pluto, which describes the seriousness of the occasion.  Sadiq has significant links with the charts of London (of which there are at least three), and the U.K. charts, and has certainly been a very involved Mayor, much more hands on, I would venture to say, than his predecessor.

Tobias Ellwood

There are heartening features surrounding the response to this attack: the speed at which the police responded, and the many people who tried to help.  One such was the Conservative M.P. Tobias Ellwood, who had formerly served with the Royal Green Jackets.  He sat quietly in the House of Commons the next day, as described by John Crace in the Guardian:

“All the while, Ellwood stood at the back of the chamber, arms crossed, holding his feelings in, as colleagues praised his actions.  he looked in pain; as if he would much rather be anywhere else but knew he couldn’t not be there.  As MPs drifted away, many, including Jeremy Corbyn, stopped to touch his arm and thank him for what he had done.  Ellwood half-smiled, but gave little away.  Whatever he was thinking and feeling was for him and him alone.”

He has in his chart a helpful conjunction of Mars exactly conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, and a compassionate Neptune on the South Node.  He tried, as did others, to help Keith Palmer, but his efforts were sadly in vain.  Chiron was exactly conjunct his natal Chiron at this time, i.e. he had his Chiron Return in Pisces.  This experience will stay with him, and shape his Inner Healer in the future.

U.K. Charts

This week the South Node (karma) was conjunct the Pluto (destructiveness) in the 1801 Union chart. Khalid Masood’s Mercury is conjunct the Mercury in this chart, and his Neptune (confusion) is exactly conjunct its Neptune.

Khalid Masood also has interesting links with the 1066 chart of the coronation of William I.  He has the same birthday (Christmas Day), so the Suns are conjunct.  Uranus (disruption) was square the Venus of this chart on Wednesday, and in the transits of this chart Saturn was conjunct Saturn (i.e. a Saturn Return was being experienced), i.e. a challenge to the structures of society.

“Upon Westminster Bridge” by William Wordsworth


Earth has not anything to show more fair:

Dull would he be of soul who could pass by

A sight so touching in its majesty:

This City now doth, like a garment, wear

The beauty of the morning; silent, bare,

Ships, towers, domes, theatres, and temples lie

Open unto the fields, and to the sky;

All bright and glittering in the smokeless air.

Never did sun more beautifully steep

In his first splendour, valley, rock, or hill;

Ne’er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep!

The river glideth at his own sweet will:

Dear God! the very houses seem asleep;

And all that mighty heart is lying still!

This poem was written in a moment of inspiration when Wordsworth stood on that bridge, Venus touching his own inner healer, Chiron.  It is a vision of Westminster Bridge at its most serene.  Time will never erase what happened there this week, and there are mothers on this Mother’s Day who will be missing their loved ones as a result of what happened, as well as the children missing their mother who died at the scene, but it is good to remember that place in a spirit of healing.

 To read also about Martin McGuinness, please click the link to the right or read below


Happy Mother’s Day to you all!  Mercury conjuncts Uranus today, which could make it a day of surprises and inventive ideas.  You may have been inspired to an unusual turn of phrase when writing your card(s).  Meetings could bring some lightning flashes of wit.  Telepathy between mothers and children, or between siblings, may occur, e.g. identical gifts could be offered!

Tomorrow Mars sextiles Neptune, starting the working week with the opportunity to combine physicality and spirituality.  Time to organize that lunchtime office tai chi, quijong or Yoga group you’ve had in mind lately…  If you need to put your point across or assert yourself in the workplace, you can find a way to do it sensitively but authentically.

The New Moon at 7 degrees Aries on Tuesday (28th) is another new beginning along the lines of last week’s Spring Equinox, very much getting down to the basics of what you would like to create in your life, with the Spring energy.  Practical tasks are now easier to envisage, initiate and formulate.  You have permission to concentrate on your own needs from the Universe; pleasing yourself may also create pleasure for others.

Mercury trines Saturn on Wednesday (29th), good for continuing practical projects and planning the detail.  It is an aspect of concentration and precision, so mental faculties are efficient.  Travel is slow but sure.  It is the day Theresa May is planning to press the Brexit button, so that pressing may be O.K. but…

The next day, Thursday (30th) brings a recurrence of the Jupiter-Pluto square, and although that does not occur on the actual day, it is a far weightier measure of the energies that will be unleashed by the triggering of Brexit, being a major aspect.  Difficult power struggles in a nutshell, and that is likely to be the long term characteristic of this endeavour, so very relevant.  It will be two years of tough negotiation, so at some point I will look at the two year mark astrologically to see how the planetary land lies.

On Friday (31st) Mercury enters into Taurus.  It leaves Aries and the initiatory mental energy it displayed in that sign, so you may be expected to put some work into projects you  initiated on the earlier days of the week.  Projects need to be sustained and supported (Taurus), not just initiated (Aries).  This work may literally fall to the Taureans, whom many describe as their “rock”.  Virgoans and Capricorns are also good at following through, and honouring the practicalities of work, and so you may also see them on the coal face.  It’s also a good time to get arty, such as in music, pottery or sculpture.  Ideas that come while Mercury in Taurus are likely to be realistic and realizable.  Mercury retrogrades on 9th April, then re-enters Aries on 20th, so make good productive use of this window.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – wit and surprise
  • Tomorrow – physicality with spirituality
  • Tuesday – new beginning
  • Wednesday – look at the small print
  • Thursday – power struggles
  • Friday – practical mental directions

Martin McGuinness (1950 – 2017)

Martin McGuinness (1950 – 2017)

“Martin was also a deeply committed Irish republican activist who in his youth was confronted by the naked sectarianism and injustice of the British state in Ireland, and stood strong against it. As a result he was imprisoned and spent long periods on the run”. ~ Gerry Adams


The theme of this week was terrorism.  From the beginning of the week people were evaluating Martin McGuinness not only as a peacemaker, but in his original profession as a terrorist.  Then in the second half of the week, we saw a terrorist attack in the heart of London.  In the days of the IRA attacks in England, most notably in the early 1970s, the chosen weapons were bombs.

Martin McGuinness Birth Chart

Martin McGuinness was a complex man.  Not only was his life one of two halves, but in looking at his birth chart, we are also looking for the Warrior and the Peacemaker.  As we do not have a birth time, we might be missing a crucial piece of information in this quest, in relation to a planet on an angle of the chart.

His Sun in Gemini weakly trines Mars in Virgo, which indicates some warriorship, but is not a major factor.  His Sun squared Jupiter, indicating the passion and enthusiasm with which he embraced his cause.   The Sun also sextiled his North Node, showing karmic leadership.  He had Mercury trine Mars, giving him quick mental reactions, and Mercury square Pluto which can give rise to dark, brooding thought.  Venus in his chart opposed Neptune (which some might equate with personal deception) but trined his Pluto (showing also the deep loyalty he showed his Catholic compatriots), in a constructive Fire Grand Trine with Chiron.  Venus was also exactly trine his Chiron, showing the potential for reconciliation and healing, and Chiron sometimes takes time and maturity to show in a person’s life and psyche.  Jupiter was  trine Uranus, making him an opportunist.

Northern Ireland

Martin McGuinness’ roots lay in the Bogside area of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.  His life path, first as a terrorist, and then as a peacemaker, mirrored the history of “The Troubles” as the Irish revolutionary period came to be called.  Born in 1950, he was 18 when one of the significant early events occurred, the civil rights march in Derry on 5th October 1968, which ended in violence.  Pluto was conjunct exactly Martin’s natal Mars at the time, and may well have ignited a taste for a violent way of proceeding with the causes he cared about.  It was a call for greater equality on behalf of the Catholic minority against the predominant Protestant population in the area, and the Ulster Unionist Party.  By 1969 he had been appointed second-in-command of the Derry brigade of the Irish Republican Army.

Political violence in Northern Ireland escalated over the next three years, and reached a peak in 1972.  That year Jupiter formed a trigger-happy opposition to Martin’s natal Uranus.  The newly formed Provisional I.R.A. was more committed to armed struggle against British rule.  On 30th January 1972 thirteen unarmed male civilians were shot dead by the British Army at an anti-internment rally in Derry, and this event came to be known as “Bloody Sunday”.

In 1973 Martin McGuinness was imprisoned for six months, after being arrested near a car carrying explosives and ammunition.  After his release, he married Bernadette Canning, and claims to have withdrawn from an active IRA role, though he was implicated in later events.  Some soul-searching may have taken place at that time, with transiting Pluto on his South Node.  Around that time, he also became more involved in the political activities of Sinn Fein.

On 27th 1979 Lord Mountbatten was killed by the I.R.A. by a bomb on his boat, at a time when Martin McGuinness was their chief of staff.  Transiting Pluto was exactly lined up with both Martin’s natal Pluto and Mountbatten’s natal Pluto, a huge event which was bigger than both of them.  In some ways, this event was the apotheosis of the violence, as there was a waning throughout the 1980s, and by 1983 McGuinness’ buddy Gerry Adams was beginning to seek a negotiated solution to the conflict.  Adams says of their relationship:

” He and I first met over 45 years ago behind the barricades in Free Derry and we have been friends and comrades since that time.”

At some point during this period, then, Martin McGuinness must have had a change of heart, though Gerry Adams himself denies that this could be pinpointed:

“Reading and watching some of the media reporting of his life and death, one could be forgiven for believing that Martin, at some undefined point in his life, had a road to Damascus conversion and abandoned his republican principles, his former comrades in the IRA and joined the political establishment.”

Would that we had a date or time for this change, to see what was going on for him astrologically…[sigh].  By 1993, McGuinness himself was said to be involved in secret talks with the government, trying to effect change in a different way.  In that year, Jupiter was transiting his South Node, which would have been a time of looking to more positive ways to move karma on.

Many had been affected by the violence of the I.R.A in its heyday, including the Conservative M.P. Norman Tebbit, whose wife had been paralysed after the Brighton bombing of a hotel in 1984.  Controversially, Tebbit claims that McGuinness’ change of heart was due to cowardice.  He  believed McGuinness became a man of peace because he feared being taken to account for a “number of murders which he had personally committed”.

The Omagh bombing of mid-1998 however was the single worst incident in Northern Ireland, and for McGuinness Pluto squaring his Jupiter will have showed him the worst extremes of the use of power.  But he had by all accounts by then embarked on a new pathway.

The process bore fruit in December 1998 with the Good Friday agreement, when Neptune was exactly trine his natal Sun in Gemini, a significant spiritual development for him personally. Self-government was granted to Northern Ireland on the basis of power sharing. U.S. President Bill Clinton had played a negotiating role in this agreement, and Pluto trine Bill’s Mercury at the time pays testament to this.

Alistair Campbell provided an insight into the roles of McGuinness and Adams in negotiations: “Adams and McGuinness made an interesting double act.  Adams would often talk in grand terms, and then McGuinness would come in with an absolutely chiselling point about what they wanted right there, right then and why they needed it right there, right then.  They were difficult to deal with, but also somehow very straightforward.”  In their synastry, Gerry’s Mercury (communication) trines exactly Martin’s Jupiter (positivity and philosophy).

However the transformation came about, from terrorist to peacemaker (as others, such as Martin Luther King, had taken that path before him), it is often said that great strength is needed in that role, and it is undeniable that his strong links with the I.R.A. and their trust of him played a huge part in his unique role as a go-between.  It has been said that no one else would have been in a position to achieve this.

“There was not a bad Martin McGuinness or a good Martin McGuinness.  Martin believed in freedom and equality. He resisted those who withheld these by military means, and then he helped shape conditions in which it was possible to advocate for these by unarmed strategies”

 ~ Gerry Adams

On 8th May 2007 Martin McGuinness took up a true power-sharing role with the Democratic Unionist Party leader Rev Ian Paisley.  Martin became deputy first minister.  The two, from being adversaries, became firm friends, known as the “Chuckle Brothers”, as exemplified by Ian’s Jupiter sextile exactly Martin’s Venus.  The transits at the time were quite healing for Ian Paisley: Chiron sextile his natal Sun, and the North Node trine his Pluto.

On 8 December 2007, McGuinness stated: “Up until the 26 March this year, Ian Paisley and I never had a conversation about anything—not even about the weather—and now we have worked very closely together over the last seven months and there’s been no angry words between us…. This shows we are set for a new course”.

Martin McGuinness  has in recent years worked tirelessly on behalf of Northern Irish communities to achieve reconciliation, and took a special interest in educational reforms.  In a startling event of 2012, he shook hands with the Queen, telling her their meeting was a “powerful signal that peace building requires leadership.”  Neptune (reconciliation) was trine his natal Uranus (surprise) at the time.  How was it for the Queen?:  there were positive transits from her Saturn (duty), and Mars opposite her natal Uranus portrayed the element of controversy and risk involved.


In December 2016, McGuinness was found to have a rare degenerative disease amyloidosis, which affects the heart and other organs.  With Uranus trine his Chiron (change linked with health factors), he resigned his political roles.  He was hospitalized on 6th March 2017 and died on 21st March, loved by many but also resented by many.

Karmic Thoughts

Though he spent many years working on the peace process, the bloodshed he was involved with earlier in his life obviously bears a great deal of karma, and there are many who will not forgive him in this lifetime.  From an evolutionary point of view, he probably has spent lifetimes as a warrior, and has just in this lifetime realized that violence does not work, and started the evolutionary climb upwards from violence.  What is interesting is that his karmic Nodal Axis runs along Aries and Libra (War and Peace) and is almost exactly squared by Uranus, the Rebel and the Disruptor, showing what a fine and skilful line of balance needed to be trodden in the years he was trying to please both sides of the conflict.

Bill Clinton speaking at his funeral:

“If you want to continue his legacy, go and finish the work he has started.”

Final quote from Martin McGuinness:

“The lesson from the conflict here is the same for everywhere else.  There are no military solutions – dialogue and diplomacy are the only guarantee of lasting peace.”

Aspects for the week beginning 19 March 2017

George Osborne

George Osborne was in the firing line this week over his acquisition of multiple jobs, since being fired by Theresa May as Chancellor.  He is M.P. for Hatton, recently started work with fund management firm BlackRock at £650,000 per year, has earned £800,000 per year in public speaking, and on Friday this week came out with the shock announcement that he is to be Editor of the London based Evening Standard newspaper.  Geminis are famed for liking to have “two strings to their bow”, but that totals four strings.

He has the Sun in the first degree of Gemini, the quintessence of print and communication, and a literary exact conjunction of Mercury and Venus. Not that it guarantees success necessarily: he failed to communicate the cause of Austerity during his time as Chancellor of the Exchequer, and that may be down to a lack of emotional intelligence.  The philosophy of Austerity is seen in his chart as the Sun conjunct Saturn (which is in the neighbouring sign of Taurus).  But, it has been said that journalism was his first choice, being a dream of his as a young man, and although he has no previous newspaper experience, it may be the fulfilment of a long time wish.

Many doubt that he can spin all these plates at once, and especially give his constituents the attention they deserve, and it is widely thought that he might have to give up the political power.  Jess Phillips writing in the Observer this morning says: “Without the time spent listening to and learning from my constituents, I would be a useless MP.  It is more than a full time job.”  But he may find that the free hand in criticizing Theresa May through editorials of the Evening Standard may be fulfilment enough.

He does have his supporters, though.  Michael Heseltine has said: “George was a brilliant chancellor and will see it as an opportunity to make his views clear about political issues.”  Those in poverty, and disabled, as a result of his Austerity rule might beg to disagree with that.

One of the difficulties he has set himself is reconciling Northern and Southern interests: he championed the concept of a new Northern powerhouse, which would have helped his Cheshire constituency, but the Editorship is dedicated to London interests.


David Cameron became Prime Minister in May 2010, and made George Osborne his Chancellor of the Exchequer.  Pluto was trine George’s Venus at the time, indicating an important change in his personal life.  Jupiter was sextile his Saturn, lending support to his ambitions.  Six years later, Theresa May replaced David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party, and replaced him as Chancellor.  At that time, Saturn was sextile his Uranus, and it was time for a change.

Birth Chart

We have no birth time for George Osborne, which is a disadvantage in evaluating this story.  He has 5 planets in Earth, 0 in Water, and 5 in Fixed signs: to sum up, he’s materialistic, unemotional, and stubborn.

Though George has the austere Sun-Saturn conjunction, it is opposed by an exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, indicating a very focussed idealism at the same time.  What I believe gives him such strength, resilience and unshakeable confidence in his own ability is an exact trine between Saturn and Pluto.  Another feature of strength and dynamism in his chart is an exact trine between Mars and Uranus.

Relationship with David Cameron

It is interesting that, after the tight alliance with David Cameron, the two have forged very different paths for themselves.

Cameron’s Jupiter is sextile Osborne’s natal Sun, which is a successful partnership (in some ways).  Their Jupiters are exactly trine, so they could give each other encouragement.  And Cameron’s Jupiter is also trine Osborne’s Neptune, so they would have similar philosophies and idealisms.  Osborne’s planets supported Cameron’s  Ascendant well: his Sun trined Cameron’s Ascendant, and his Jupiter/Neptune was sextile Cameron’s Ascendant.

Transits this week

The transits for the new appointment this week are Mars on his literary Mercury/Venus conjunction (firing up this interest), and a possibly self-destructive square of Saturn to his Pluto (he could have bitten off more than he could chew).

In Conclusion

The way he himself presented the matter was that he could work on the newspaper in the mornings, and attend Parliament in the afternoons.  He also has a wife and two children.  I never thought I would be writing about George Osborne again, but I am intrigued to find out how he is going to manage.


Today can be profitably spent clearing out any physical or psychological remnants of the old astrological year, for tomorrow is the Spring Equinox!

The Sun enters Aries tomorrow, so it’s a new day, a new week, a new astrological sign, and the beginning of an astrological year.  This favours projecting your ideas and plans forward, setting intentions and creating visualizations and affirmations for the next year.  Where do you want to see yourself in a year’s time?  You may experience new energy and vigour, and a stronger sense of purpose.

As with last week, there is another mid week hiatus in terms of aspects, so it is a good space on which to focus on where you want your life to go, and take supportive steps in that direction.

Friday (24th) brings a square between Mercury and Pluto in the very early hours of the morning.  Therefore, you may sense some mental tension the night before.  This could be a challenging aspect, affecting communication, travel, and bringing a great deal of psychological soul searching.  Make sure,  unlike George Osborne, that  you haven’t taken on too much for yourself to handle.

Around lunchtime, Jupiter opposes Mercury, so again there is a great deal of stress on Geminis and Virgos who are Mercury ruled.  However, their mood may improve, and they may be more able to deal with all the tasks they have set for themselves.  The middle of the day emphasizes learning and travel, e.g. academic tests and visiting.

There’s a beautiful finale to the week, with the Sun conjunct Venus in Aries on Saturday (25th).  Granted, Venus is retrograde, but I still think there is a great deal of scope for enjoying life and love under this conjunction.  All forms of love are intensified by the marriage of these two planets, and the Arts also benefit (e.g. musical performance).  Cultural trips are likely to evoke warm feelings and happy memories.  Nature walks and companionship to enjoy the new season would be enhanced.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – a new dawn
  • Friday – mental stress but some progress
  • Saturday – love and art

Aspects for the week beginning 12 March 2017

Monroe vs Hopkins

Food writer and anti-austerity campaigner Jack Monroe has become a hero overnight, a champion against the hate culture as exemplified by Katie Hopkins, by winning a libel action against her.  Katie has strewn destruction in her wake since her appearance in the Apprentice in 2007, and was rarely effectively opposed.  Indeed, she came second in Celebrity Big Brother in January 2015, when you might say she was riding high in popularity.  Jupiter was trine her Jupiter at the time.

In May 2015, a columnist for the New Statesman named Laurie Penny tweeted a controversial statement about graffiti on a war memorial which appeared during an anti-austerity demonstration.  Katie Hopkins was outraged, and tweeted a scathing response to Jack Monroe, who she confused with Laurie Penny.  Jack Monroe considered this a reputational slur, having come from an armed forces family, and tweeted to put the record straight, asking for an apology and £5000 to settle the matter.  Katie Hopkins refused to apologize, and the groundbreaking lawsuit was born.

Jack Monroe

Who is this person who has finally stood up to Katie Hopkins? Astrologically, Jack has 0 planets in Fire and Air, but 6 planets in Earth signs, so is very grounded and instinctual.  She/he (currently in a situation of non-binary transgender) has Sun in Pisces square Saturn/Uranus, and has overcome huge obstacles in life.  Single parenthood led to extreme poverty, but life turned around through a food blog for those experiencing poverty (Chiron in Taurus).  In the birthchart Mercury, Moon, North Node/Sun are all in Pisces, sign of poverty, charity and compassion. Mercury sextiles exactly Jupiter natally (the ability to sell oneself, and possibly success in litigation).  Jupiter trine Uranus bestows the Inner Entrepreneur.  Mercury sextile exactly Saturn implies the ability to apply oneself.  Jupiter trines Saturn/Uranus, showing balanced judgement, with reason (Mercury) in the middle. Mercury sextiles exactly Uranus (an original mind, which thinks outside the box). Chiron is exactly square the Nodal Axis, an important sign of the healer on behalf of society.

Venus trine Mars indicates a balancing sexuality, with Venus trine Neptune and opposite Pluto.  Mars conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Pluto, so it is easier to fulfil the male side of sexuality. On the announcement of gender reassignment Pluto, planet of transformation, was conjunct natal Mars by transit.

At the time Katie Hopkins made the slur, Neptune was sextile her Neptune, carefully calibrating spiritual sensibilities.  By the time suing was considered, Saturn was squaring natal Mercury, causing mental strain, and Pluto on her Mars (a last straw). At the time of winning the court case this week, Uranus was exactly sextile natal Chiron (a surprise healing). Saturn also squares the natal Sun: “It’s been a horrible, stressful experience and I’m so relieved it’s over…I just felt I started something and I will have to see it through.  It’s taken nearly two years of my life.  I’m just glad it’s over” The result creates a legal precedent in the realm of Twitter.

Katie Hopkins

Both these two came to fame in thoroughly modern ways: Katie through a reality TV show The Apprentice (having virtually fired Alan Sugar in a shock exit in the semi-finals); Jack Monroe through a food blog. Their court case is groundbreaking, emerging from another modern phenomenon, Twitter.

In her birth chart, Katie has the opposite of Jack: 5 Air planets and 0 Earth planets, relying on intellect and not so grounded in reality.  She has Sun in Gemini sextile Mars in Aries – a combination which makes for a Verbal Warrior.  She says of her youth: “I was going to be the colonel of the forces. I loved the military. I loved the discipline, the rigour, the big shouty men”. Mars opposes Pluto in her chart, showing the utter brutality which she gives full rein to in some of her attacks [please note not everybody with Mars opposite Pluto does so].

Mercury trines Uranus in her chart, so she thinks outside the box and is a staunch advocate for freedom of speech.  Venus is loosely square Jupiter, so she may not care for social mores or toeing the line socially. Venus conjuncts Saturn in Cancer so there may be some bitterness about the past, such as childhood, which she may not even be consciously aware of.  Venus also squares Uranus, which can produce alienation in life, and creates a T-square with Chiron.

She believes in giving out her opinions, but what she does believe in appears troublesome from the perspective of her birthchart: Neptune opposes the Sun, so she may manipulate reality; and Jupiter exactly squares Saturn, which can produce unbalanced judgement.  However, she has “never apologised for anything I’ve said. I find it very disappointing when people apologise. You should have the positive moral attitude to stand by what you say.”

She has had to contend with a serious medical condition in epilepsy, but had brain surgery which apparently eased the condition.

In  her choice to be a pantomime villain, she has hurt a lot of people along the way, many people not in a position to take her to court.  In April 2015, she compared migrants to cockroaches “spreading like the norovirus”.  At the time (which was shortly before the incident with Jack Monroe) Neptune was square her Sun (and square her Neptune) – deception and self-deception, and doing her worst (Neptunewise at least).  She was still under these astrological influences when she offended Jack Monroe.

The court has awarded Jack Monroe £24,000 damages, and Katie Hopkins has been ordered to pay £107,000 towards Monroe’s legal costs in the interim.  In their synastry, Jack has Mercury square Katie’s Nodal Axis.  With her North Node at 0 degrees Sagittarius, it may be that Katie relies on luck, rather than on karmic justice.  It will be interesting to see if she changes her philosophy or world view in the light of this court case result.

Laurie Penny

A brief word about Laurie Penny, without whom this whole narrative would not have evolved.  She is an anti-austerity commentator and columnist for the New Statesman.  In May 2015, as pictures of the vandalism of a war memorial spread online, Penny stated: “I don’t have a problem with this. The bravery of past generations does not oblige us to be cowed today.”  This was offensive to both Katie Hopkins and Jack Monroe, yet there is no evidence of any further comment on the matter by Penny, even about the subsequent court case. Presumably, she has always stood by her words.

Laurie Penny is a Libran by Sun sign, with Venus exactly trine Jupiter: nothing there to ruffle any feathers.  She also has a sensible exact sextile between the Sun and Saturn, still nothing to rock the boat or cause such an upset.  But she does have Uranus square her Jupiter, so does have some ability to be controversial, or to light the blue touch paper of a wider incident.  At the time of the incident, her Inner Rebel was quite confident with Uranus trine her natal Uranus.

This incident has all the hallmarks of karma and soul contracts, so it is worth noting that Laurie and Jack have a close synastry of Laurie’s Venus and Jupiter sextile Jack’s Mars (the Activist).  Katie’s Venus however opposes Laurie’s Mars.  And though Laurie Penny is the silent third member of this triangle, her own transits at the time of this resolution of the court case look happy, with Jupiter on her natal Mercury, Chiron sextile her Mars and the North Node trine her natal Neptune.  The mystery is why, karmically, Jack Monroe took the hit – but the triumph is all Jack’s.


Today may not be the easiest of days, with Saturn squaring Mercury, and a Full Moon in Virgo.  The Saturn-Mercury square is likely to slow down communications, and provide impediments if you are writing or travelling.  You may have to be extra rigorous checking grammar or spelling, or attending to political correctness.

After lunch, there is a Full Moon in Virgo at 22 degrees.  The Full Moon in Virgo pins you down on emotional realities. Someone may be splitting hairs over an issue which took place many moons ago, or at least a fortnight ago at the New Moon.  It is a matter of integrity, and it is important that all parties are settled in their own minds and hearts.  So it is worth working through.

Tomorrow Mercury enters Aries, after its sojourn in Pisces.  You can leave woolly thinking behind, and enjoy the benefits of a clearer and more logical mindset.  The time for dreaming is over for the time being, even if that is your preferred mode.  This placing, which lasts until the end of the month, favours accounting and straight talking conversation.  But a reminder: if you are giving it out, you also have to be able to take the other’s truth or criticism.

The middle of the week is a hiatus as far as the aspects are concerned.  For homework, you can practise your advanced maths or direct communication as befits Mercury’s transit through Aries, and hone these skills.

We find ourselves on Friday (17th) with a square between the Sun and Saturn.  There may be an air of victimhood or defeatism, throwing up issues to work on.  Remember that if there is something standing in the way of what you want to achieve, the greater the obstacle the greater the achievement in overcoming it.  Perhaps someone else is having a moan or crying “poor me!” If so, then you may have to go back to first principles with them, for the Victim Archetype is one of the most universal of archetypes to be dealt with.  The direct law of cause and effect is always a good angle to start when looking at this.

Happily, the week concludes on Saturday (18th) with that most amiable of conjunctions: Mercury and Venus  (at 9 degrees Aries).  It will be a good day for socializing, and cafe culture, as well as for overcoming any writer’s block from the beginning of the week.  It’s also the conjunction for negotiation and diplomacy (last year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner President Juan Miguel Santos of Columbia has it natally).

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mentally slow, emotionally exacting
  • Tomorrow – direct thought and speech
  • Friday – hard graft
  • Saturday – flowery


Aspects for the week beginning 5 March 2017

A Compatibility Guide for Pisces

Are you a Piscean, or do you have a friend, relative or partner born under that sign? Here is how you blend with the other signs.

 Pisces Sun with Aries Sun

These two may have planets in each other’s signs, being neighbours, and that may give them some common ground.  Otherwise, they are very different: Aries is all action, and Pisces is all dreaming.  They can certainly learn from each other, being such extremes.  And they may also admire each other.

Famous Example: Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton (married 9 years)

Pisces Sun with Taurus Sun

This is a  harmonious pairing, and both may  be gentle souls.  Together, they could achieve a quiet life, if that’s what they want!  They may also both be talented in the Arts, and could set up a cottage industry along those lines.  The Piscean will be very inspirational in such an enterprise, and the Taurean more hands on.

Famous Example: Liza Minnelli and David Gest (separated after a year of marriage!)

Pisces Sun with Gemini Sun

This is not an easy combination.  Although they are both adaptable (Mutable) signs, they could flounder in trying to find an anchor for their relationship, and may even clash at times.  The Pisces water may dampen Gemini enthusiasm, and Pisces may be too deep if Gemini is wanting to leave things at a superficial level.  On the other hand, the Piscean can raise the relationship to a transcendent level.  As both are dual signs (twins and fishes), the relationship can be complex.  But this relationship can work very well when both are focussed on high ideals and issues beyond the personal.

Pisces Sun with Cancerian Sun****

Here is a pairing which can be blissful, with plenty of shared emotion and sensitivity.  Life for these two together can be a sentimental journey.  They can live in a world of their own though, and need to ensure they are part of a wider group for grounding.

Famous Example: Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Pisces Sun with Leo Sun

The angle between the two Suns may not be entirely easy, but they have much to give each other.  They are both creative in different ways, and may both be interested in the theatre.  Leo is a master at performance, and Pisces acts with great sensitivity and intuition.  Their creativity together can be inspired.

Famous Example: Matt Lucas and David Walliams (worked as comedy duo)

Pisces Sun with Virgo Sun

These two are opposites, and well aware of it.  Traditionally Virgo is tidy and Pisces is messy, but in some humorous cosmic twist when they are in partnership the Pisces can accuse the Virgo of being messy, and the Virgo may find the Piscean too tidy.  They can merge quite a lot in partnership, having a direct line to each other in the zodiac.  In addition, the Virgoan can be quite susceptible to Piscean emotion, and the Virgo may encourage the Piscean to put a lid on it!

Famous Example: Alison Steadman and Mike Leigh; their Suns are in opposition by only 1 degree ~ they were married for 22 years

Pisces Sun with Libra Sun

Though the angle between these two signs is not an easy one, both do well in compatibility generally.  Libran is people-pleasing and likes to promote harmony, and Pisces can easily blend emotionally and empathize with the other.  Both are idealistic, and Pisces is imaginative and dreamy, and will enjoy the vibe that Libra puts out.  These two can create a cocoon of love between them: others may enjoy this ambience, but some may find it too sugary with the absence of edge.  Some who are drawn to their company like a quiet life and will enjoy this, but some unconsciously seek drama, which they won’t find so much with these two.

Famous Example: Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow (consciously uncoupling)

Pisces  Sun with Scorpio Sun****

This is a lovely partnership, unless one or other partner is very complex and proves too much hard work.  There is great emotional empathy, and compassion for others: a great well of it in the case of Scorpio, and an ocean of it in the case of Pisces.  They could take others under their wing, in charitable causes.

Famous Example: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell (together 33 years)

Pisces Sun with Sagittarius Sun

This is not traditionally an easy relationship, being squared signs.  However they do have a certain mysticism and faith in common, as Sagittarian ruler Jupiter was the original ruler of Pisces.  Both can have sagacity and wisdom, and both may be attracted to spiritual retreats.  Such a couple could be living on another plane!  Where their relationship may founder is that Sagittarius is outgoing, and may end up being the mouthpiece of the relationship.  Pisces is more introverted, and the Sagittarian may not be sensitive enough to understand Pisces’ moods and thoughts. There may be times when the depth and weight of Piscean emotion damp down the fire and enthusiasm of the Sagittarian, unless the Sagittarian has some Piscean features.

Famous Example: Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, television presenters

Pisces Sun with Capricorn Sun

This relationship is governed by the sextile, a harmonious aspect.  Both signs can  be quiet and gentle, and so this partnership can flow nicely.  They bring qualities to each other in stability (Capricorn) and emotion (Pisces) and so as a unit they have a lot to offer.  Capricorn can help give shape to Piscean dreams, and Pisces can add nuance to Capricorn’s realism.

Famous Example: Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

Pisces Sun with Aquarius Sun

As neighbouring signs, these two may have planets in each other’s signs, which will assist understanding.  Both are intuitive: Aquarius in a mental way, and Pisces in an emotional empathetic way.  As a union, they can be quite evolved, if they are using their higher faculties, and the potential of their ruling planets Uranus and Neptune.  This can make for a very interesting life together, full of mystery and wonder!

Pisces Sun with Pisces Sun

Generally speaking, people of the same signs get on well, and can achieve mutual understanding.  But there is no middle ground with this partnership, either they will get on famously, or they could bring out the worst in each other.  They might be spiritually very much in tune, or they could mismanage their lifestyle together to a point where it is unworkable.  But this partnership won’t be boring!

Famous Example: Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.



If you have been feeling tired and unproductive this last week, today could be a day of reconstruction, with Mars trine Saturn.  You may take steady steps towards your goals, and set up the forthcoming week in a deliberate fashion.  A purposeful day.

The early hours of Tuesday morning (7th) brings a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury at 17 degrees Pisces.  If you are lying awake, sleepless in St. Austell, you may have some moments of crystal clarity about issues you are working on.  Otherwise, you may incorporate this quality into your day’s work on  Tuesday.  You may be able to bring together different concepts or facets of the truth to produce a viable way of proceeding.  If you are researching, you may uncover a valuable nugget of information.  This conjunction in Pisces also favours writing poetry.

Mercury sextiles Pluto on Wednesday (8th) and this takes the concentrated thought one step deeper.  You may build on ideas you had on Tuesday, for instance, and add a psychological dimension you hadn’t previously thought of.  Words will speak volumes on Wednesday.  Meetings won’t waste time on small talk.  If you are engaged in a piece of sustained writing, such as a thesis, you can make good headway.  Information obtained that day could go right to the heart of the matter.

Thursday (9th) brings more progress, with the Sun sextile Pluto. Again it favours in-depth issues but with the emphasis on enriching creative ventures.  In the context of your working week, you may be able to implement ideas developed earlier in the week, consolidating themes which were more tentative.  You may feel that  you have overseen the production of a well oiled machine.

In the early hours of Friday (10th) Mars switches signs, from Aries to Taurus, and the energy changes from gung-ho to laid back.  Whereas you may have been feeling “Let’s get this done at all costs”, suddenly you feel it’s not right to rush a project and that the process needs to take its own time.  Again, if you are awake at that time, you may gain an insight into why.  So any enterprise on Friday needs to take account of the new energy and attitude.  As Taurus rules the Arts, an aesthetic angle or a musical rhythm may need to come into the equation, for instance.  Or a more supportive role may need to be taken by someone, and a former leader may need to stand back.

Mercury also conjuncts Chiron on Friday, and a problem or crisis may present itself which brings out the best of your problem-solving abilities.  You may be able to pluck out a solution from mid-air, especially if you assume that the answer lies at hand.  The problem may lie in the context of balancing conventional and alternative medicine, and how far to trust the experts on the matter or your own instincts. If  you are travelling and encounter unusual circumstances, unusual remedies may occur.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – constructive
  • Tuesday – clarity
  • Wednesday – deep thought
  • Thursday – accomplishment
  • Friday – gentle action, and problem-solving


Aspects for the week beginning 26 February 2017

Claudio Ranieri

“Yesterday my dream died.” ~ Claudio Ranieri

In this fast moving era of replacing football managers, the sacking of Claudio Ranieri this week as the Leicester City Football Club manager would seem a routine event.  But to someone like me, who tends to have little interest in football, it is the culmination of a touching story.

“…Lineker admitted he shed a tear when he heard the news, and that very human reaction will have been replicated all over the country, even by those with no Leicester affiliation.”

~ Paul Wilson, writing in the Sunday Observer today

The Dream

Last year, Leicester F.C. (“The Foxes”) won the league title, in an amazing rise to fortune.  The team seemed to unite as one, playing consistently throughout the season.   In recent years, the City of Leicester itself had been in the spotlight from the unearthing of the body of King Richard III, and there was speculation that the boost in morale was a contributory factor.  There certainly seemed to be something magical going on.

Birth Chart

Claudio Ranieri has 5 Cardinal planets, a sign of leadership.  As a Libran, and known as a “nice guy”, he is not as colourful or tempestuous in his emotions as the stereotypical Italian.  Indeed, he has been described as having a modest English temperament.  As a past life therapist, it is tempting for me to imagine that he does indeed have positive past life links with Leicester itself, giving rise to this dream-like episode in his life.

A criticism which has been levelled at him in the past, and which may have a hand in his current demise, as well as Leicester’s poor  performance  in the current season, is that he tends to tweak the formulae too much, earning him the nickname of “The Tinkerer”.  This may be seen in his natal Venus/Mars conjunction in Virgo – we do not have his birth time, so we do not know what House this falls in.  But Jupiter was in Virgo last year, and would have brought out the most positive side of this trait.  In his chart, the Venus/Mars conjunction falls on his South Node of past life karma, and as you will see his transits did trigger the Venus of his chart in the success last year. Natally he has Mars conjunct his South Node, indicating warriorship or sportsmanship as a past life pattern.

“After the euphoria of last season and being crowned Premier League champions, all I dreamt of was staying with Leicester City, the club I love, for always. Sadly this was not to be.”

~ Claudio Ranieri

Another feature of “The Tinkerer”, which could be looked upon as an Archetype, is his natal Jupiter closely opposing his natal Saturn, constantly trying to bring about a balance, which with the Libran indecisiveness, is at least a consistent feature of his chart!  He could be considered a perfectionist.


In the initial win of the 2015/6 season, on 8th August 2015, Ranieri had Jupiter trine exactly his Chiron, his “wounded healer”.  His Inner Healer was thus kicked into touch, if you’ll pardon the pun.  His natal Chiron, the way in which he heals, is placed in Sagittarius, a sign associated with sport, foreign lands and philosophy.  The Chiron in Sagittarius individual heals through finding the right philosophical tone, something which may have inspired his team during that period.  He also had a powerful trine from Uranus to his natal Pluto, as well as some oppositions to balance.

Leicester won the Premier League on 2nd May 2016, and the transit picture for this time shows Jupiter exactly conjunct his ruling planet Venus (great personal success) in Virgo (The Tinkerer) plus Jupiter sextile exactly his natal Uranus in Cancer (surprise success).  Uranus was still powerfully trine exactly with his natal Pluto.

From the first match of the 2016/2017 season, Leicester started to lose.  At this time Saturn (defeat) was exactly square his natal Mars (will to win).

The transits for the time of his sacking this week were Mars opposing his natal Neptune (confusion and a wound to his sensitivity), Saturn sextile his natal Sun (the ability to take this news with some equanimity), Uranus again trine his Pluto (now just having left this exact trine for the last time – the end of a cycle), and Pluto square his natal Neptune (some chaos in his affairs).  I hope that he will enter a new and happy era, but his time at Leicester is likely to be the stand-out pinnacle of his career.


If you have felt this week that you were in the middle of a storm, then maybe it is because Mars has been triggering a T-square of Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus, with an Eclipse in the middle.  You might have needed to concentrate your mind on all the wisdom at your disposal.  In addition, Saturn is entering the zone of the Galactic Centre, a transit whose influence may last at least two months, urging us to identify what is really important in our lives.

Today, the New Moon and Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces is a spiritual turning point, one in which we may lose and find ourselves in the vast possibilities of the collective mind.  “And in practical terms?” I hear you ask…Well there are no practical terms.  We are spirits having an experience in physical form, and this Solar Eclipse is that profound.  What did you enter incarnation for in this lifetime?  That may be the real question.

If you want practical, tomorrow’s (Monday 27th) aspect of Mars conjunct Uranus may be the answer.  It is likely to be an active day, as active as it gets.  You may be galvanized to action by a problem requiring a solution, or by the spirit of inventiveness itself.  Engineering projects especially benefit, but sparks may fly both electronically and etherically.

This conjunction is followed by an opposition between Mars and Jupiter, which again is high energy, this time with the emphasis on enthusiasm and sporting interests.  There may be a surge in gym membership and attendance, for instance!  Keep fit regimes will be re-ignited.

Both of tomorrow’s aspects occupy the position of 22 degrees of the signs (Aries and Libra), and so if you have a planet in your chart in this degree, you will be highly stimulated in some way.

The third aspect in tomorrow’s line-up is Mercury conjunct the South Node.  This brings to your attention information about karma or past lives, especially connected to the Teacher Archetype, or siblings.  There may be a gathering around this time, which entails pooling information.  You may learn something which is beneficial to your evolution or that of a group.

On Thursday (2nd March) the Sun conjuncts Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces.  This is another nebulous, sensitive, spiritual and emotional influence, and you may carry on where you left off in your ponderings from Sunday.  Perhaps you took the first steps towards your dream, then lost the mood a little in the realities of the new working week.  You may now be able to recapture its subtleties, and the fine threads of thought.  So again it is a day when progress may be made on the higher planes of your ideals, or the visions of your dreams.

Friday (3rd) sees the most important and major aspects of the week, in the form of Jupiter from Libra opposite Uranus in Aries.  This aspect occurred first on Boxing Day, so if you can think back now to recovering from Christmas pudding…I described the initial hit as one of the prankster, but by now we have been wrestling with it in the background for a couple of months, and may actually have a hold on the slippery eel.  Instead of falling prey to the unexpected, we may actually be able to harness it for our own purposes.  Since it is an opposition, it involves balancing on some level, in this case one’s own needs (Aries) with one in relationship (Libra).  Because of the nature of the planets Jupiter and Uranus, there is a sense of needing to put something into place which can be adaptable, and switch places as required, rather like the AC/DC current.  That may be something you are aiming for in some aspect of your life or social concerns.  If you have found a loophole, make it serviceable in your life somehow.

Saturday (4th) finds Venus stationary prior to turning retrograde.  This may be an important or pivotal moment for relationships, or one relationship specifically in your life.  You may need to start sifting over old ground, or look inward into your truest and deepest feelings, in order that the relationship may be enriched.

The other aspect of the day is Mercury conjunct Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces, favouring inspired thought, channelling, and understanding spiritual processes.  The entire week seems to be about deep exploration of the psyche, interspersed with the contrasting demands of “real life” intruding.  Like birds building their nests, we are required to immerse ourselves in our soul nature and then bring back the materials or “twigs” to interweave with our practical lives.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – turning point
  • Tomorrow – action, sometimes forceful; and karmic information
  • Thursday – spiritual retreat
  • Friday – opportunity and risk
  • Saturday – relationship review; mental inspiration


Aspects for the week beginning 19 February 2017

Fixed Stars of the Week

Our Sun is aligned with three Fixed Stars this week, and working with these may add extra dimension to our journey.  I personally feel more alive and conscious when I work out there with the Fixed Stars.


This star, the brightest star in the constellation of Aquarius, represents the right shoulder of the water carrier.  In her comprehensive book on Fixed Stars, Bernadette Brady points out that the ancients had quite a negative view of the influence of this star.  But, she says the Arabic name means “Lucky One of the King”.

“Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld gives this star the theme of group consciousness, so if you are working with a group this week the prospects for interaction may be enhanced:

“At the highest spiritual level there is an attunement to an energy that is coming from this star into Earth to simply encourage this ability to make this shift to group consciousness and to understand group interaction at a very much higher level.  Various  high capacities of spiritual telepathy that bring messages of deep clarity can improve, and an ability to understand this and put it into form will generally be strengthened.”


This star, the brightest star in the constellation of Pisces Australis, represents the fish drinking from the water of Aquarius.  Alan Oken in “Complete Astrology” finds it to have a very Neptunian influence.

Smulkis and Rubenfeld state that this star is helpful for treating addiction, if you were to meditate with it:

“Addiction is that which, in your understanding, depends intimately on denial.  You must choose to not see the true source of your energies or what is really nourishing you.  If you make such denials, if you choose not to see the larger picture, the addiction can remain.  Sometimes it is enough only to see the truth and stop the denial.  But the opposite is also true.  If you understand the addiction more completely, sometimes the denials will melt away.”

Deneb Adige

This star, the brightest star in the constellation of Cygnus, the Swan, is situated in the tail of the swan.  Bernadette Brady says: “Deneb adige is a very subtle star associated with the strength and hostility of the swan, but at the same time holding within its symbolism the mystic, transcendental qualities of shamanistic legends of the creation of the World Egg.”  Alan Oken states: “This star partakes of the nature of Venus and Mercury combined and as such it is favourable for musical and other artistic endeavours as well as contributing towards a quick intellect.”

Smulkis and Rubenfeld present it as a key to multi-dimensional states of consciousness, but additionally for healing of the lungs:

“It is a source that says: ‘I give to you knowledge.  From this knowledge it is hoped that you will extract wisdom.  From this wisdom it is hoped that you will extract love and that special way of your own uniqueness.’  This is a very poor translation.  A better approximation would be the ancient Chinese concept of wu wei.”


‘”In helping with the lungs, Deneb can influence the process of how you receive energy and choose how you will utilize it.”

I hope you enjoy these seed thoughts.  It’s been a while since I wrote about the Fixed Stars, and I have realized how much I missed them.


Tuesday (21st) brings us a sextile between Mercury and Uranus, bringing our mental equipment up to speed, and possibly along with that the technological toys in our lives. You may, for instance, find yourself upgrading your mobile phone or computer.  Conversation may be out of the ordinary, and ideas may come from out of the box.  In socializing, there may be the right space for sparkling conversation.

We’re in for a double treat on Tuesday as Mercury also trines Jupiter: Geminis and Virgos will be operating at full capacity.  Mercury trine Jupiter is excellent for selling, and imparting information, such as in teaching.  The travel industry, broadcasting and the media will also be favoured.  Recently, when Mercury was square Jupiter there was some agreement in the Southern Rail dispute, but last week there was another setback. Maybe the aspects on Tuesday will push the whole matter forward a little.  Donald Trump’s campaign against fake news may be highlighted too that day – what do we want from our media?  Do we want the same as Donald?  Mercury-Jupiter is good for truth, whatever that may be.

The Sun conjuncts the South Node later in the day, which shines a light on past karma, in this life or previous ones.  It especially focusses on our relationship with power, and how we used it.

Our Sun is also aligned with Sadalmelik that day (see above).  This will work well with the mental energies of the day, bringing a stronger group consciousness and assisting higher mental functioning.

Take a deep breath, for when we get to Wednesday (22nd) we may run into some difficult energies, with Mars squaring Pluto.  This is a very rampant energy, which is hard to control.  If you are not confident in conflict resolution, then take a step back, or even out of any embroilment.  If you can’t take the heat, it is definitely best to stay out of the kitchen.  Whether the argument is about terrorism, Brexit or Trump, you will need a cool head and a compassionate heart.

The Fixed Star Fomalhaut (see above) is strong in the energy of Wednesday, and may help this process.  You may, for instance, have an insight about how someone’s behaviour is stemming from an addiction, e.g. to adrenalin.

Thursday (23rd) may find you simmering down from Wednesday, but Mercury sextile Saturn is perfect for mental re-evaluation and stabilization.  It’s also good for work ethic, if you are trying to make headway in the office or your work arena.  It favours attending to the minutiae of a project or of ordinary life.  It’s a steady day on the travel front.

The crucial Stoke-on-Trent by-election takes place on that day, and Paul Nuttall hopes to take the seat for his party, UKIP.   Nuttall is an out and out Sagittarian, and has had a bad week, with revelations that he lied regarding his experiences at the Hillsborough disaster.  He is also very fiery, with 6 out of his 10 planets in Fire Signs.  He is a Warrior, with Sun closely conjunct Mars, too.  Pluto is on his natal Venus in Capricorn at the moment, an important week or two personally and in his political ambitions.  His transits on Thursday bring him closer to the slow moving transit of Pluto to his Venus.  Astrologically, what was going on at the time of Hillsborough with him?  Mars was opposing his Mercury, showing a possible danger.  Saturn was squaring his Pluto, which also was serious in nature.  So he may have been within distance of this event.

This by-election is crucial for the Labour party, and in particular a barometer for Jeremy Corbyn’s political standing.  The Labour candidate is Gareth Snell, the former leader of Newcastle Borough Council.  No birth date is available for him, sad for my researches.  However, Pluto trines Jeremy Corbyn’s Mars at this election, which may strengthen his hand, though the prospects do not look good for him in relation to the other by-election taking place that day, at Copeland.

Mercury enters Pisces on Saturday (25th), bringing a change of mindset.  Again, technological matters are best attended to at the beginning of the week with those glowing aspects to Mercury.  On Saturday, you may switch to using your right brain and be more creative and imaginative with the use of your mental energy.  Mercury stays in Pisces until 13th March, so obviously you will need to use your left brain to some extent during that time, but it is a good fortnight or so to explore the genius of your right brain functioning, through meditation for instance.

Saturday is also the day which closely connects with the Fixed Star Deneb Adige (see above), and that can also help your consciousness expand in wider areas.  If you have any health issues connected with the lungs, then try to connect with the energy of this star for your healing, too.

The new mental space on Saturday is good preparation for Sunday (26th), when we have a New Moon Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces: think about your possible wishes and intentions, personal and worldwide, which you would like to focus on the next day.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – mental brilliance and exploration; power issues, and group consciousness
  • Wednesday – conflict needing resolution or distance, and working on addiction
  • Thursday – realistic mental outlook
  • Saturday – switch from left brain to right brain; expansion of consciousness

Aspects for the week beginning 12 February 2017

John Bercow

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, has had an eventful week.  On Monday, he courted controversy when he stated that in his opinion Donald Trump should not address the joint Houses on his proposed visit to the U.K., and this morning a video has been released of him revealing that he voted to remain in last year’s European Referendum.  The controversy lies in the fact that he has expressed political opinions, as his post requires him to be absolutely impartial.  A motion of no confidence was launched against him, which may come to nothing.

Birth Chart

John Bercow has the Sun conjunct Mercury across the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp.  The Sun conjuncts closely the  South Node in Capricorn in his chart, suggesting themes of Politics and Power in past lives.  There is a theme of power in his chart: Sun in Capricorn, Sun conjunct the South Node, Mars in Leo and Jupiter opposite Pluto. The office of Speaker holds great powers, and when he was elected Speaker in 2009 it was written in the Guardian that Bercow was “dragged most willingly to perch on his new throne”.

He has a great following in the House of Commons, and equally he has made enemies.  He has sensitivity and emotional depth (Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune), but his Venus (social relations) is locked in a T-square with Jupiter/Chiron and Pluto, which can make his relationships quite difficult.  Venus also represents the women in his life, and his wife Sally has not exactly enhanced his reputation, plus their relationship has been quite stormy.

Office of the Speaker

When running for this office, Bercow said: “I wanted it because I felt that there was a task to be undertaken and that’s about strengthening backbench involvement and opportunity in parliament, and helping parliament get off its knees and recognise that it isn’t just there as a rubber-stamping operation for the government of the day, and as necessary and appropriate to contradict and expose the government of the day.”

Looking at his chart, he doesn’t have the obvious hallmarks of impartiality.  A previous outstanding figure in this role was Betty Boothroyd who served from 1992 – 2000.  She had the classic chart you would expect to find, the Sun exactly conjunct Mercury right in the middle of Libra, the sign of impartiality itself.

On the day John Bercow was made Speaker (22nd June 2009), Jupiter was exactly conjunct Chiron, mirroring his own natal conjunction.  It is a role designed to bring unity and heal. Saturn was also sextile his Neptune, so it was undertaken in a spirit of great sincerity and sense of honour.

Events this week

1.  Issue of the Trump visit

On Monday this week, Bercow expressed that he would be strongly opposed to the U.S. President addressing the Houses of Parliament, stating that “opposition to racism and sexism” needed to be considered.

His transits show that Uranus from Aries was exactly trine his natal Mars in Leo, triggering a calculated risk on his part, so if the astrology is right he knew what he was doing, but at the same time may have felt compelled to speak.  After many MPs objected to the prospect of Donald Trump’s being honoured in this way, and a petition signed by 1.8 million members of the public, he may have felt he was speaking for most people, and that it was in the public interest.

This act of impartiality put him in the firing line, especially with his detractors.

2.  Brexit issue today

Today, he was shown in a video telling students that he voted remain in the European Referendum.  Again, he has been denounced by various people, especially his known detractors.

His transits still show Uranus trine Mars, but there are two possibly sinister transits showing up in addition. Neptune opposes his Pluto, which peaks on 5th March, so his position as speaker may be threatened.

Only two days later, Neptune squares his Venus, which peaks on 7th March.  This may be a personal confusion or scandal, possibly involving his wife.

Though he intends to see the Brexit process through, which may take a further two years, his position is a little precarious.

Sally Bercow

The Bercows live at Westminster, as a requirement of the post of Speaker, and that itself must be claustrophobic and frustrating. They have three children, the eldest of whom is autistic.  Though his wife Sally seems like a more frivolous character, their charts show some remarkable similarities, so there is a bond between them.

In her chart, she has the Sun at the end of Scorpio conjunct Mercury at the beginning of Sagittarius, sextile John’s Sun/Mercury conjunction.  Both have a high proportion of Fixed planets, so they may both be stubborn.  With the Sun closely conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, she is deeply emotional and probably finds it hard to express that in political circles.  In his chart his Moon conjunct Neptune reflects the fact that his wife is very emotional.  Whereas he has Venus square Jupiter, she has Venus square Mars which is more indicative of inappropriate behaviour!  She also has Mars trine Uranus, which likes to shock.  In addition to that, her Saturn is unaspected, so that may make her a libertarian.

These traits have got her into hot water.  A fan of popular media, she joined the Big Brother house in August 2011, at a time when Uranus (controversy) was trine her Mercury (media and communication).  Neptune was also square her Sun, which can produce unwise decisions: whatever her hopes from the experience, she was first to be evicted.

Neptune was again square her Sun in November 2012, when she tweeted against Lord McAlpine in an allegation of a scandal; but with in addition the more serious transit of Pluto squaring her Uranus, she was taken to court and lost, having to pay damages for the effect on his reputation.

In her relationship with John Bercow (Synastry), his North Node trines her Sun, so it really is a karmic relationship.  They do have close connections, with his Neptune on her Venus, his Venus sextile her Mars (strong attraction), and his Saturn conjunct her Mars (so he does keep her in line a bit – she has been quieter lately).  In response to her various shenanigans he has been quoted as saying she is “not my chattel”.

On March 7th, when John Bercow has Neptune exactly square his Venus, possibly indicating a problem with the woman in his life, she has Saturn exactly square her Pluto, indicating a very difficult problem for her.

Opinions this morning

On the Andrew Marr show, it was pointed out that John Bercow had not divulged his views before the Referendum.  Tom Watson, on the same programme, praised his work as Speaker, and said he had shown great support of the backbenchers having a voice and getting their views across.  Whatever your views, whether anti-Trump or pro-Trump, Remain or Brexit, John Bercow has been brave to air his views this week, and the Bercows make a colourful couple.


There is still time to work with yesterday’s trine between the Sun and Jupiter, especially if you missed it (as I did).

This trine favours expanding your thought and creativity, and seeking new philosophical paths.  There may also be a touch of luck involved.

The first aspect of the week occurs on Tuesday (14th), Valentine’s Day: Sun sextile Saturn.  It’s not the most romantic of aspects, but it’s not a bad aspect either.  In terms of relationship, it is about loyalty and commitment, and the promise to look after each other.  So that is the focus of the day, if you are preparing your sonnet or limerick.  It favours laying down plans and foundations, and that may be applied to relationship.

Thursday (16th) is also highlighted this week, in terms of speedy communication, with a sextile between Mercury and Mars.  If you are travelling, you may be pleasantly surprised that your wheels are working and there are no rail impediments.  The time may whizz by on your journey.  Once you reach your destination, talk will be prolific, efficient and to the point.  It should be a productive day generally, with mind and body in sync.

On Saturday (18th) the Sun enters Pisces.  If you are going in for hi-tech procedures this week, then establish them earlier, as your preoccupations might go more soft-focus on Saturday.  You may be engaged in a sentimental review of an issue, or a relationship, and may need to relax and surrender to that, and take the day or weekend off from watching screens.  Get in touch with your emotions.  Listen in to your loved ones.  Hear the whispers of the Universe…

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – solid foundations
  • Thursday – let’s get busy
  • Saturday – going inward

Aspects for the week beginning 5 February 2017

A Compatibility Guide for Aquarius

Are you an Aquarian, or do you have a friend, relative or partner born under that sign? You must know one – they are among the friendliest in the zodiac!

 Aquarius Sun with Aries Sun

This is a dynamic combination, very active and quick-moving.  Aries moves fast physically, and Aquarius thinks at the speed of light.  They both have leadership qualities, so can initiate projects and get things going, though they may vie for top dog.  Never a dull moment!

Aquarius Sun with Taurus Sun

There could be some dissonance, especially speedwise, with these two.  Aquarians like quick results, and Taureans don’t like to be pushed.  They are both strong willed, so may run into problems if their wills are not flowing in the same direction.  But, as with all squared signs, they can rise above their differences and create something quite progressive and talented between them.

Famous Example: Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney

Aquarius Sun with Gemini Sun****

This is another good combination, with much communication.  There can be a great deal of excitement generated between these two, as well as telepathy.  The Aquarian may tend to lead in the relationship.  These two could conduct much of their relationship online, or at least meet that way!

Famous Example: Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard

Aquarius Sun with Cancerian Sun

This is not a natural pairing, and these two may struggle to find common ground.  The Cancerian’s natural habitat is emotion and instinct (Water) and the Aquarian lives on a plane of intellect (Air) and intuition (Uranus).  If one of them has the Ascendant in the other’s Sun sign, that can give the relationship some common ground.  Living designs could also be difficult to reconcile, in that Cancerians like to collect or hoard, and Aquarians like to streamline.

Famous Example: Adrian Edmondson and Jennifer Saunders

Aquarius Sun with Leo Sun

These two are opposites, and therefore can be complementary and create a whole.  At a lower level of interaction, there can be tension, but the relationship is worth working at.  Aquarius understands group work, and Leo understands how to maintain individuality within a group, so they may find themselves working in society for the common good.  They have a hotline to each other.  Leo admires the Aquarian cool, and Aquarius admires the Leo flair.

Famous Example: Lisa Faulkner and John Torode

Aquarius Sun with Virgo Sun

These two may not have a great deal in common, but socially they both like to keep a little bit of distance, so will respect each other’s boundaries.  Each can see the other as cool, in different ways.  Aquarius may be regarded as cool, as in hip, and Virgo may admire that.  Virgo can be cool and efficient, and Aquarius may admire that, and see Virgo as a valuable ally.  Both are idealistic signs, in different ways, and in a group or in teamwork their friendship can especially flourish.

Famous Example: Sinead Cusack and Jeremy Irons

Aquarius Sun with Libra Sun****

This is one of those ideal matches, both Air signs, understanding each other through mental communication of the lower mind (rational exchange of ideas) and the higher mind (through telepathy).  These two can be truly in tune with each other.  If in a group of friends, a working group or team mates, the Aquarian may take charge of overall organization and Libra may connect with each member of the group through a one-to-one heart connection, thus both contributing their strengths.  This is a good partnership for setting up groups and workshops together.

Famous Example: Yoko Ono and John Lennon

Aquarius  Sun with Scorpio Sun

Traditionally, as this is a squared relationship, there can be a great deal of tension.  For example, they may both claim that they are always right!  That can create moments or days of stand offs, unless one or both have a more easy going Ascendant or Moon.  On a higher level, however, squared Suns can overcome all odds.

Famous Example: Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

Aquarius Sun with Sagittarius Sun

This can be a lovely combination, with both signs tending to be positive thinkers.  It can be very dynamic, with a great deal of potential and achievement.  It is also a very high energy relationship, which may exhaust others in their company.  Humour may be very prominent in this pairing, and there are always surprises round the corner for these two.

Famous Example: Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero

Aquarius Sun with Capricorn Sun

As neighbouring signs, they may have a great deal in common.  At one time they were both ruled by Saturn, but now Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and personalities born under Aquarius can be very different and individualistic.  As long as the Aquarian has an understanding of the traditional values of Capricorn, and the worth of some of its enduring values, the partnership may work. It may also require the Capricorn to keep up with technology and social media, to aid communication.

Famous Example: Carla Bruni and Nicholas Sarkozy

Aquarius Sun with Aquarius Sun

As same signs, these two can understand each other perfectly.  Moreover, as Aquarians, they can be super-telepathic between themselves, like twins.  If both are focussed on the future, as is characteristic of Aquarians, they can achieve startling results, and leave others standing.  Their joint lifestyle could be quite unconventional.  Two Aquarians together can lead a new movement, or a humanitarian mission.

Aquarius Sun with Pisces Sun

As neighbouring signs, these two may have planets in each other’s signs, which will assist understanding.  Both are intuitive: Aquarius in a mental way, and Pisces in an emotional empathetic way.  As a union, they can be quite evolved, if they are using their higher faculties, and the potential of their ruling planets Uranus and Neptune.  This can make for a very interesting life together, full of mystery and wonder!


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.

Competition Results

Many thanks to all of you who submitted entries for the 10-yr anniversary competition! There were 8 entries in all, and I loved them all.

I would have loved to award a prize to them all, and found it difficult to decide between them. I nearly chickened out and put them in a hat.

But in the end, I did make some decisions, and the results are:-

1st prize (the full birth chart including year ahead) goes to Judith Bogner, who was very moved by the David Bowie blog.

The two runner up prizes (a Year Ahead each) go to Sarah Berry and Asia Haleem, for the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron recipe and the Jupiter-Neptune interplay blog appreciations.

Prizewinners, please let me know who you want the astrological work for, and their details.


Tomorrow a tide turns, with Jupiter going retrograde.  Progress in some area of your life may plateau, with a need for reworking or researching some background. Jupiter went retrograde on 8th January last year, if you would like to consult your diary for its effect.  With Jupiter being in Libra, it may concern a relationship in your life.  Perhaps you need to look at your own growth, as a key to the next step in the growth of the relationship.  Jupiter is retrograde until June, so this is a fairly long term process of discovery.

On Tuesday (7th) Mercury enters Aquarius.  It could be that you have gone as far as you can with patient, methodical thought on an issue, and it is time to turn up your thoughts an octave and bring more originality into your thinking.  Mercury will be travelling very rapidly through Aquarius, spending only 18 days there (leaving for Pisces on 25th).  So make the most of this window of mental stimulus, when ideas may come out of the blue and future vision will be more easily accessed.

That capacity for originality and invention is given an extra boost on Thursday (9th) when the Sun in Aquarius sextiles Uranus.  Those scientifically inclined may make some useful discoveries, while if more creatively inclined your own art could surprise you.  This aspect also favours networking, and group consciousness.

Friday (10th) is also an excellent day for socializing, with Mercury sextile Venus.  It’s great for dining out,  philosophizing in cafes, diplomatic meetings, and artistic and literary endeavours, or for combining all of those.  It’s a calm, contented, feelgood vibe.

Towards the end of the day you may be feeling a little of the tension of the upcoming Full Moon in Leo which occurs in the early hours of Saturday (11th), so make hay on Friday and seize the gifts of the day.  The Full Moon is also an Eclipse, so may be more powerful than most: it will stimulate creativity and individuality.

 N.B. The Full Moon occurs on Friday night in the U.S.

Late Addition

The Sun also trines Jupiter this afternoon, Saturday 11th.  You may experience some luck at the end of this week.

I seem to have short changed you this week, but hope to do better tomorrow.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – some retrospection
  • Tuesday – mental refreshment
  • Thursday – invention
  • Friday – harmonious
  • Saturday – emotional

Aspects for the week beginning 29 January 2017

John Hurt (1940 – 2017)

Actor John Hurt died on Friday, he of that beautiful, craggy, vulnerable face which never failed to move me. As an Aquarian, I always felt he had an aura of untouchability too.  His birth chart is very indicative of that exquisite combination of sensitivity and detachment.

Birth Chart

His Sun was at 1 degree Aquarius, the essence of the trailblazer and the groundbreaker, ahead of his time in the roles he undertook.  But Pluto was exactly opposite the Sun in his chart – not an easy life, and he didn’t take on easy roles either.  With Chiron and Pluto in the 12th House of Unconscious, he used the power of his unconscious as a resource to convey the subtlety of his roles.

He had his Ascendant in Leo, which is an actor’s sign, and though he did not meet with encouragement by those around him early in life, he knew that acting was the profession he wanted to pursue.  Uranus was square his Ascendant, giving rise to an unusual appearance.

His Moon was in Cancer, and he was undoubtedly in touch with his feminine side, a quality which was accompanied by the gentleness of Moon trine Venus.

His South Node was exactly conjunct Saturn at the Midheaven in Aries in 9th House and square his Mercury: he applied his intelligence to difficult roles, probably informed by experiences in difficult past lives which he was able to draw upon.  Saturn conjunct his Midheaven as his acting persona, saw him portraying lonely individuals with difficult lives often at odds with society.

But I feel the true genius of his sensitivity is depicted  by Mercury trine Neptune exactly in  his chart – and in at least one case he was able to channel his historical subject.

Richard Rich

In 1966, from school in St. Albans, we went for an outing to the cinema to see the film “A Man for All Seasons”, in which he played the part of the unscrupulous Richard Rich.  As a teenager, I was instantly mesmerized by him, and the event sealed his status in my mind as one of my favourite actors, as he is still to this day.

Comic actor David Schneider has paid tribute to him, saying: “Sad re John Hurt.  I was in a film with him, and he was so mesmerizing I kept forgetting to act and just watched him.  A genius and a lovely man.”  I totally relate to that.

Quentin Crisp

In 1975, John Hurt appeared on our television screens portraying Quentin Crisp in “The Naked Civil Servant”.  The title of this film refers to his earlier days as a life model for art students, and as a family we took a particular interest in Quentin Crisp as my sister, again when we were in St. Albans, sketched the naked civil servant himself during A Level classes.

John Hurt’s performance was sensitive and memorable in capturing the nuances of Quentin Crisp’s character and body language.  He brought out the wonderful personality of his subject, winning a nation’s sympathy.  This did much to raise awareness of homophobia and the plight of the homosexual in society in earlier decades of the 20th Century, in one of John Hurt’s groundbreaking roles.

Quentin Crisp lived to aged 90, and his synastry with John Hurt was very connected: most notably, John Hurt’s Sun was on Quentin Crisp’s Moon, John Hurt Jupiter conjunct Quentin Crisp Saturn (the ability to lift Quentin’s burden), Hurt’s Saturn sextile Quentin’s North Node (bringing a commitment to assisting Quentin’s karmic mission).

Joseph Merrick

In 1980 John Hurt played John Merrick, in the film “The Elephant Man”.  John Merrick was born in Leicester in the 19th Century, and suffered from an unknown complaint which involved growths to his skin, of such severity that his head in particular ballooned in size.  John Hurt wore a prosthetic head throughout the performance, but always made you aware of the human inside. In Merrick’s life, he was both rescued and exploited as a circus act.

Much of the subtlety of this performance rested on the use of John Hurt’s voice, as Peter Bradshaw of the Observer describes:

“…His quaveringly sensitive, refined, yet defiantly insistent voice – ‘Everyone has been very kind…!’ – became much imitated, much parodied.

The synastry between Merrick and Hurt is rather beautiful:  Their Marses were conjunct in Aries, to one degree.  John Hurt’s Mars (Warrior) was trine exactly Joseph Merrick’s Sun. Joseph Merrick’s Mars was exactly trine John Hurt’s Ascendant.  Joseph Merrick’s Jupiter was trine exactly John Hurt’s Mercury.  But the real piece de resistance is a double whammy of each of  their Neptunes being conjunct the other’s Jupiters: almost a mystical merging.  In this role, there was a real possibility that John Hurt’s exact Mercury-Neptune trine came into play in its potential for channelling.

This role too was groundbreaking in arousing sympathy and understanding for an isolated individual.

Other Roles

His career spanned 6 decades, and exhibited great variety and versatility. Peter Bradshaw, Film Critic in the Observer, prizes his role in “Scandal”, about the Profumo affair, above all others.  One role which brought him to the attention of younger viewers was as wand maker Mr. Ollivander in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, and author J.K. Rowling was among those paying tribute to a “beloved” actor.


John Hurt’s relationships may have  been characterized by his Sun Sign Aquarius, appearing on the cusp of his  7th House of Close Relationships and Marriage, in that he was married four times.  Venus in Pisces appears later in the 7th House, and trine his Moon, showing a sensitive rapport with women.

His longest relationship, which lasted 15 years, was with Marie-Lise Volpeliere-Pierrot, who died on 26 January 1983 in a horse riding accident.  They had planned to marry (Jupiter was square his natal Venus in 7th House at the time) but the relationship was cut short (Saturn was trine his natal Venus).

He married Joan Dalton on 24 January 1990, and they had two sons together, Alexander (born 5th February 1990) and Nick (born 6th February 1993), both Aquarians.

He lived with his fourth wife Anwen Rees-Meyers in Cromer, Norfolk, where he died. She has said:

“John was the most sublime of actors and the most gentlemanly of gentleman with the greatest of hearts and the most generosity of spirit.  He touched all our lives with joy and magic and it will  be a strange world without him.”

Carried on Acting

John was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015 and declared he would carry on working, which he did.  From diagnosis in June of that year (when Pluto was opposite his natal Chiron), he announced he was in remission in October of that year.

At his death, he had a very dignified set of transits: Saturn trine his Saturn, Saturn trine his  Midheaven, and Pluto trine his Uranus.

The gift he leaves to the filmgoing public is his current role in the acclaimed film “Jackie” with Natalie Portman, where he plays father confessor to the widowed Jackie Kennedy.

Peter Bradshaw describes him eloquently in this role:

“He is gaunt, lined, ascetic, a face redolent of wisdom leavened with a touch of kindly and sympathetic wit.”

He will also be seen in a 2017 film as Neville Chamberlain, so he leaves us with more to look forward to.


Competition Still Open

My very first blog was written on 30th January 2007, so this blog is approaching its 10th birthday!  The website was set up one year before that.  Thank you to anyone who has read my blog over the years.

So to celebrate this occasion, I have been setting a competition, for which the closing date will be 30th January 2017, which is tomorrow.

All you have to do to enter is to post under comments either your favourite out of all my blogs in the last 10 years, and the reasons why, or an idea for a future blog.  I will repost the competition next week, in case you need time to think about it.

There will be three prizes:

1st prize – a full astrological analysis, including a year ahead, for yourself or someone of your choice, worth £35

Two runner up prizes of a Year Ahead, worth £17.50

I will close the competition tomorrow at 5 pm, and post the results under comments on 31st January (Tuesday) and again in next week’s blog.

For those who have the stamina, I have earlier posted a history of the blog.  I know not everyone is a fan of history, but there may be some who are prepared to indulge me.



Tonight we have Mercury conjunct Pluto, which may bring on a taste for the dramatic.  Donald Trump may continue to enrage us with his words and actions…Thought and speech will be serious and profound in nature, and their consequences are likely to be notable.

The next aspect of the week occurs on Wednesday (1st), when Mercury squares Uranus.  Like the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto, this is also mentally challenging.  Mercury conjunct Pluto can challenge health, but with Mercury and Uranus there is more nervous exhaustion involved, so take care of yourselves in the earlier part of the week, get plenty of rest, good quality nutrition and catch up on your sleep, so that you can deal with any stresses with a clear and rested mind.  Uranus square Mercury also courts controversy, so you may find yourself speaking out on subjects that matter to you: you may not be able to contain yourself in that way.

Fortunately, improvement is on the way because on Wednesday there is also a sextile between Mercury and Chiron, so there may be medicinal help available, whether conventional or alternative, or both together.  For example, if you thought you were unable to obtain an appointment with a practitioner, a cancellation may make one available at the last minute.

Thursday (2nd) brings a square between Mercury and Jupiter, which although not great, is easier to deal with than the earlier aspects of the week.  Mercury square Jupiter is mentally adventurous, may overload or overstretch with information or travel, and there may be a tendency to overdo things.  But it is much more mentally buoyant than Mercury conjunct Pluto or Mercury square Uranus, and Mercury square Jupiter describes the Explorer Archetype which may be triggered if this is one of your natal Archetypes.  Notice the great connectivity of Mercury this week: that means Geminis and Virgos will have a lot to do!

Venus enters Aries on Friday (3rd), territory where the planet of peace is not so much at home.  But her motto might be “Who Dares Wins”, and she may feel more gutsy.  So Venus-ruled Taureans and Librans in particular may step out and boldly go out of their comfort zone.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – profound thought
  • Wednesday – nervous energy, but some healing available
  • Thursday – adventurous
  • Friday – less timid