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Aspects for the week beginning 16 August 2020

Kamala Harris

“I have the great honour to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris – a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country’s finest public servants – as my running mate”

~ Joe Biden

On Tuesday last week, the Democratic presidential candidate in the U.S., Joe Biden, made his long-anticipated choice for a running mate.  In this crucial time, when many hope for someone with that extra something special which might oust Donald Trump, and prove a strong back up for the elderly Joe Biden, a seemingly promising choice has been made in Kamala Harris.  She is young, female and black, making this a historic moment.  What is more, she is more than capable of taking on Trump and Pence in debate.  This event enables us to take a fresh look at the prospects for the presidential race.

Birth Chart

Kamala has the Sun in Libra, the sign of the lawyer.  With half her planets (5) in the Fixed signs, she is strong willed.  She was born exactly on a full moon, and people have strong reactions to fullmooners (hence, she has her detractors, mainly based on her work in the past as a prosecutor).  The Sun conjoins Mercury across the Libra/Scorpio cusp, and  Mercury in Scorpio confers a forensic mind.  The Sun trines Saturn exactly, bringing great seriousness, inclining to politics.  The Sun also trines the Ascendant and Midheaven, creating a Grand Trine, very solid for the structure of her life.  The Sun also trines the North Node/Gemini Ascendant, making her an agent of karma, destined to be a leader.  With Saturn also at the Midheaven, this portrays one of her sayings, “Leadership isn’t about being perfect. Leadership means taking responsibility.”  The Moon in Aries trine Mars provides the cut and thrust she needed as a prosecutor, and will need in her future role.  Mercury trine Saturn shows an aptitude for mental application for exacting work and an eye for detail, which Donald Trump lacks (he has a foggy Mercury-Neptune square).  Add the social graces of Venus trine Jupiter, Venus closely sextile Neptune and Venus conjunct Uranus, and this rounds out her character.  Venus is also conjunct Pluto, giving her depth of feeling.  Mars in Leo square Jupiter,  provides fiery energy allied with enthusiasm.  In matters of religion she was brought up with Baptist and Hindu practices, and has married into the Jewish faith, a reflection of the Jupiter (religion) opposition to Neptune (spirituality) mixture in her natal chart.

Life and Career

Kamala Devi Harris was born in Oakland, California. Her mother had emigrated from Tamil Nadu in India in 1960 in order to pursue a professional career in science.  Her father emigrated from Jamaica in 1961 and is currently an emeritus professor in economics.  Her parents divorced when she was 7, and her mother brought up her and her sister  Maya.  As a child, she was bussed to school before desegregation. Her mother moved the family to Montreal when Kamala was 12 years old, and raised the girls to be strong.  Kamala has tweeted:

“I was raised to take action. My mother knew she was raising two black daughters who would be treated differently because of how they looked.  Growing up, whenever I got upset about something, my mother would look me in the eye and ask: ‘So, what are you gonna do about it?’ “

After leaving school, Kamala attended Howard University in Washington DC, where she led the debating team, and graduated in political science and economics.  She then went on to study Law in California.  By 2004, she had worked her way up to being San Francisco’s District Attorney. On 3rd January 2011 she took a further step on the ladder, becoming Attorney General for California.  Neptune was sextile her natal Moon in Aries in 11th House at the time; emphasizing her powerful natal Moon.  In 2016 she stepped into the political arena, becoming a junior Senator for California. In this role, she worked towards healthcare reform,  the improved status of immigrants, and the reform of gun law.  She was running last year to be the Democratic candidate for the presidency, memorably challenging Joe Biden, but ended her campaign on 3rd December 2019.  Her transits at the time were:-

Saturn trine her natal Venus in Virgo in 3rd House (she cited a shortage of funds); Neptune trine her Neptune in Scorpio in 5th House (recognizing a need to surrender); Neptune opposite natal Pluto in Virgo in 3rd House (a final surrender).

In January she made a speech regarding the impeachment proceedings for Donald Trump, in which she stated:

“We now face a choice: will we insist that we have one system of justice that applies equally to all? Or will we continue to have two systems of justice, in which some are above the law? … The Senate is charged with deciding whether the President of the United States, with all of his power and supposed wealth, will be held accountable for his actions – or whether we will finally live up to the principle: ‘Equal Justice Under Law.’ “

The transits for her selection as Joe Biden’s running mate this week were:-

Saturn square her natal Sun in Libra in 5th House – responsibility; Saturn square her natal Moon in Aries in 5th House – a chance for female equality (her natal Saturn balances her Sun/Moon opposition); and Jupiter trine her natal Pluto, a chance for real power.  Furthermore, she is close to having a Nodal Return: on 23rd August, the Mean Nodal Axis returns to its natal point, and 3rd/4th September is the date of the return to the natal point using the true node.  Bearing in mind the computer reading of her natal North Node as 25 degrees 47 minutes Gemini is a mean reading, you could say the whole of the next month is a new karmic calibration for her.

Her transits for the time of the election on 3rd November show Neptune opposite her natal Venus in Virgo in 3rd House (some personal confusion) and Jupiter trine her natal Jupiter in Taurus in 11th House (a sign for success).  In her transits for the Inauguration on 20th January, she has Pluto trine her natal Jupiter (the chance of a real step up in power).


Kamala married Douglas Emhoff (a fellow Libran lawyer) on 22nd August 2014.  This looks to be a very solid relationship, from several angles, one of which is that they were born in the same year, within 8 days of each other (they know each other inside out).  In their synastry, her Sun is trine his Saturn (stability), and their Jupiters and Saturns are exactly conjunct with each other, as are all the outer planets.  Where there are a few weaknesses in their relationship, these are mirrors of their own weaknesses.  Emhoff has children from a previous marriage, so Kamala has step-children, but they do not have children together.

Joe Biden

Kamala’s synastry with Biden is not easy.  Given their earlier friction, he put aside personal concerns to choose her as a most suitable candidate for his running mate.  But the day to day course of their relationship throws up: his Sun square her Saturn (she can block him at times); his Moon opposite her Mercury (possibly arguments over ideology); his Mercury opposite her Jupiter (more differences in opinion); his Venus square her Saturn (having to overcome a fundamental lack of affinity); his Mars sextile her Uranus (some dynamic work done between them) and his Uranus square her Midheaven (which could refer to his earlier disruption of her progress, and they may be able to put that behind them).

The transits for Biden this week during his decisive moment of choice show Saturn sextile his natal Sun, some solid support for him; and Chiron sextile his Saturn, healing and strengthening for him. As to his future transits, Biden had Saturn squaring his Moon around 6th April this year, and this recurs around 26th December.  This may indicate personal or health difficulties. Uranus squared his Pluto in May and again in December, which is additionally disruptive.  At the time of the presidential election, Joe Biden has Jupiter sextile his natal Mercury (which is mentally upbeat) and Chiron trine his natal Pluto (which is profoundly helpful).  For the time of the inauguration, Biden has very difficult transits, suggesting that he may have to cede to his deputy if elected: Mars will square his natal Pluto (danger); Jupiter will be opposite his natal Pluto (a difficult power struggle), Uranus will be square his Pluto (difficult change) and Pluto opposite his natal Jupiter (more power struggle).

Donald Trump

Donald has already, predictably, called Kamala Harris “nasty”… Her Synastry with Trump reveals his Saturn sextile her Jupiter, and his Uranus square her Venus, which is not easy for her.

There are already signs that Donald Trump wants to interfere with the election process itself, and he has intervened to oppose additional funds for the US Postal Service in these difficult times, claiming that a boost in mail-in voting benefits the Democrats. This may delay the true result for at least days, if not further.

Donald Trump at the time of the presidential election will have: Uranus sextile his natal Mercury (surprise), Saturn opposite his Venus (heartache, and some loss of popularity), Neptune square his Uranus (confusion) and Chiron opposite his Neptune (more confusion).  His prospects for the time of the inauguration show Pluto opposite his Venus (a low point personally), but North Node trine his Jupiter (more favourable, maybe meaning freedom for him on some level), the North Node on his Uranus (a sudden change in destiny – this can be favourable, but perhaps it is a sign of karma catching up with his past) and Chiron opposite his Neptune (which may signal a need to attend to his own mental health).

What is a surprise is the set of transits for his running mate, Mike Pence, which are partly favourable, so they do not rule out Pence taking over for Trump.  At the time of the election, Mars will be exactly sextile Pence’s natal Sun (new vigour), and the North Node will be exactly conjunct his Mercury (again, according to his karma, the result could swing either way).  At the time of the inauguration, Pence will have Saturn opposite his natal Mars (some blocking), Saturn square his natal Neptune (discomfort), but Pluto sextile his natal Jupiter (often meaning taking on power, and a milder version of Kamala’s positive transit at inauguration).

Our view of the next six months with regard to the run up to the election, the election itself, and the inauguration, is very fluid.  Both astrologically and in reality, both Trump and Biden may be removed from the picture for various reasons, leaving Pence and Harris at the forefront of the power struggle.  The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius on 21st December heralds a fresh new era, and that may include a new presidency.

Martin Kettle writing about Kamala Harris in the Guardian commented that “it is possible to imagine her as president”.

“[She is someone who]is experienced at just about every level of government [and someone who] would be prepared on day one to assume the presidency in the event that that was necessary.”

~ Barack Obama


Mars trines the Sun in the fire element at lunchtime today, reviving our energies for whatever task we have in hand.  It favours the yang side of the male/female equation or balance.  Sporting interests can flourish, or any vigorous pursuits.  It’s a good day to strike out on a new venture.

However, it is not all plain sailing for we also have a square between Chiron and Venus today.  So today could be incident-prone, for example people pursuing extreme sports may incur minor injuries…Chiron square Venus is more indicative though of the emotional bruising of the heart, and if you are subject to hurt or rejection, self-nursing may be needed.  It may be a day for looking at our relationship issues, where we might be looking at the source of any separations or longings.

Tomorrow (Monday 17th) is much more likely to flow better, with Mercury trine Mars early in the morning starting the day bright and breezy.  Communications may zip along, and the day could be very productive.  Much can be accomplished.

The Sun will also be conjunct Mercury at 25 degrees Leo, peaking in the afternoon. Mentally you may see things clearly, if egocentrically.  Creatively, this is a very helpful conjunction: If you are writing a play, for instance, the perfect line could come to you.

On Tuesday (18th) Mercury will be sextile the North Node.  Sibling, educational and business karma will be especially well-starred, and information well received.

In the evening, Venus will be sextile Uranus, so there may be a social sparkle somewhere in your life, even if only on social media.  It’s a good evening for socializing and meeting new people.

A New Moon arrives on Wednesday (19th), at 26 degrees Leo, trine the Galactic Centre, in the very early hours of the morning.  This emphasizes the holiday making, creative and performing qualities of the sign and the season. In fulfilling the spirit of holidaymaking, staycationing would seem the best bet, seeing travellers arriving at airports hurriedly trying to avoid being quarantined after venturing abroad.  But it is some kind of a new beginning, so if you have experienced some testing times recently, you can press the re-set button.

Make hay, for the very next day (Thursday 20th) Mercury enters Virgo, signalling a more studious change in focus and presaging the next academic term.  That is the day the GCSE results come out in England, and that really will focus the mind for many.  If the chaos around the A Level results last week is anything to go by, there will be a great deal of heartache around the estimated grades and whether they have been downgraded, and the anguish around effects on society about private schools being elevated in society and state schools downgraded in poor areas in their results and status.  A great deal of analysis will come into play, in order to assess what is right.  Students and teachers will be trying to plan for the term ahead, itself under question because of the pandemic arrangements and the need for social distancing.  Mental application will be needed all round.

The need for knuckling down conscientiously to work and study schedules is reinforced on Saturday (22nd) with the Sun’s entry into Virgo.  The Sun in Virgo will underline the need for a sense of focus and purpose, and bring people together in common objectives.  Efficiency and Economy will be watchwords for how we organize the second half of our year.  There may be a new resolve to institute health and fitness regimes, and work rotas and practices, for those who still have their jobs secure.  The mind will have to focus differently for those who are looking at re-employment, new opportunities for self-employment, and perhaps the training in new skills, thinking about September courses.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – vim and vigour; healing wounds
  • Tomorrow – bright and breezy; crystal clear
  • Tuesday – karmic information; social sparkle
  • Wednesday – new beginning
  • Thursday – mental analysis
  • Saturday – attention to future work and study plans

Aspects for the week beginning 9 August 2020

John Hume (1937 – 2020)

“Blessed are the peacemakers.  I remember John Hume and his vision.  Let’s sing for him tonight.”

~ Bono, 2018

Nobel Peace prize winner John Hume died last Monday.  I always love to study the charts of peacemakers; they can potentially change the world.

Birth Chart

John Hume had half his planets (5) in Earth, so was very grounded; he had the same number in the Cardinal signs, showing leadership; and he had 0 planets in Air signs, so relied on instinct a great deal.  His face and demeanour bore all the gravitas and earnestness of a good solid Sun in Capricorn.  That Sun in Capricorn was exactly opposite Pluto, so he looked life’s difficulties and the challenges of his society directly in the face.  We would expect to see Libra prominent in the chart of a peacemaker, but that sign is empty (it may be more prominent if we had his birth time).  He does have Mars, his warrior planet, in the battling sign of Scorpio, and that contributes even more perseverance to the naturally persevering Capricorn nature.  Though he had no Air signs, his Mercury (mental makeup) is well-aspected, being both practical (Mercury closely sextile Saturn) and inspirational and visionary (Mercury closely trine Neptune).  With Venus sextile Jupiter, he was able to establish good relationships and powerful alliances, one of the keys to his success in shaping a peace plan for Ireland.  But his feeling-sense (Venus, the ruling planet of Libra) has much more of a repertoire, being conjunct Saturn (loyalty) Venus conjunct Saturn, opposite Neptune (aware of nuance in relationship) and square Chiron (aware of his own wounds and those of others).  There were other challenges within his chart, too: Mars opposite Uranus (an awareness of volatile energies), Saturn exactly opposite Neptune (an awareness of the sadness in the human condition), forming a T-square with Chiron (the complexities of reaching solutions between people). He knew too of the sometimes uncompromising nature of fate (Saturn and Neptune squaring his Nodal Axis).  These qualities enabled him to tackle conflict resolution with courage.  Helpful features of his chart also included the Entrepreneur Archetype (Jupiter trine Uranus) and past life expertise in negotiation (Chiron conjunct the South Node in Gemini).


The Northern Irish “Troubles” lasted  approximately 30 years (1968 – 1998), and Hume was preoccupied with their solution throughout, aged around 30 when they started.  The Good Friday Agreement which he was largely responsible for has lasted 20 plus years, though frayed at the edges.  It has been a lasting achievement, and he jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize for this.  He also won the Martin Luther King prize (another Capricornian) and the Gandhi prize, both originating from the ideology of non-violent resistance.  The ruling planet of Capricorn, Saturn, in itself represents resistance, and self-control.  He had from an early age been interested in civil rights, and his declared philosophy was that “Politics is the alternative to war.”  Politics being the province of Capricorn, he was finding a distinctly Capricornian solution to war.  For him, the continuation of violence delayed a possible peace.

Peace Process

As the leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), Hume decided that in order to achieve real peace, he needed to talk to Sinn Fein, a step frowned upon by many, and considered risky.  This is where, among other qualities, the Inner Entrepreneur (his Jupiter trine Uranus) could step into an opportunity.  The result was a ceasefire called by the IRA in August 1994.  He was able to build on this, leading to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, together with various other interested parties both in the U.K. and in America.  Such a vast undertaking needed the co-operation of other players.  Trina Vargo, Edward Kennedy’s foreign policy adviser during the process, wrote:  “the outcome so depended on the timing being right and the right people being in the right places at the right time”.

Co-Creators in Peace

David Trimble

David Trimble was the leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, and shared the Nobel Peace prize with Hume.  He was born under the sign of peace, with the Sun in Libra.  He became the First Minister for Northern Ireland in 1998.  There seems to have been a karmic link for these two joint prizewinners (indication that their roles were planned before birth): Trimble’s Sun was exactly sextile Hume’s North Node.  In addition, Trimble’s Mercury was trine Hume’s Chiron, Trimble’s Jupiter was square to Hume’s Chiron, and Trimble’s Saturn was opposite Hume’s Jupiter.  Trimble described his relationship with Hume as “businesslike”.

Tony Blair

Tony Blair’s reputation was sullied by the later Iraq War, but he still feels justifiably proud of the Good Friday Agreement.  Tony Blair’s difficult Saturn/Neptune conjunction sextiles Hume’s North Node, signifying a serious contract or commitment between them.

Edward Kennedy

Edward Kennedy had a passionate interest in the Irish cause through his ancestry, and was a great admirer of John Hume, playing a valuable role in encouraging the peace process.  Kennedy’s Moon sextiles Hume’s Mars and trines Hume’s Uranus, a dynamic, “get things done” vibe between them.  In addition, Kennedy’s ruling planet Neptune (his sensitivities) sextiled Hume’s Mars (his urge to action), creating a shared passion.  Hume’s Jupiter was conjunct Kennedy’s Ascendant, leading to fulfilment and success (we have a birth time for Kennedy, though not for Hume).

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was the U.S. President at the time of the Good Friday Agreement.  Bill Clinton’s astrological contribution was his Jupiter (uplift) sextile Hume’s North Node (karmic mission).  At the 20th anniversary of the event in 2008, he declared that the Good Friday Agreement was a “work of genius” which helped to preserve the concept of democracy.

Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams also had a Jupiter link with Hume’s North Node, in this case an exact conjunction.  His Mercury (talks) opposed Hume’s Uranus (risk-taking).  Like Hume, Adams has Mars in Scorpio (the warrior), but his Mars is conjunct Chiron (wounding).  Hume was able to help turn a man of war into a man of peace (wounds turned into healing).  Adams saluted Hume’s “courage to take real risks for peace”.

John Major

John Major paved the way for the work which Tony Blair brought to fruition with Hume.  His Pluto squared Hume’s Uranus, a testament to the ground-breaking nature of the work they did together.

Mo Mowlam

Mo Mowlam went into the prisons in order to talk to Loyalist prisoners, working at the coal face for Tony Blair.  She said: “I have listened and it’s a difficult balance, but I don’t want to leave a stone unturned. I want to be sure we did everything we could to keep the process moving forward.”  Her Mars squared that of Hume (engaged in battle), but her Saturn trined his Jupiter (more power to his elbow) and her Uranus sextiled his Uranus (shared vision for change), plus her Pluto sextiled his Chiron (an enabler for his Healer).

Martin McGuinness

I wrote an astro-obituary for Martin McGuinness in March 2017, with his contribution to the Irish peace process, and his relationship with Gerry Adams.  I noted “Not only was his life one of two halves, but in looking at his birth chart, we are also looking for the Warrior and the Peacemaker… By 1993, McGuinness himself was said to be involved in secret talks with the government, trying to effect change in a different way.”  In his dealings with Hume, their Mercuries were trine with each other which helped communication, and change was effected through a sextile between Martin’s Jupiter and John Hume’s Uranus.

Pat Hume

John Hume’s wife Pat was a strong support for him throughout his career, often facing danger.  According to the Irish Times: “And still she held out her hand and not a fist, holding on to the belief that there was, and still is, a non-violent way to resolve the conflict. She accompanied her peace-building work with justice.”  Her principles were as strong as his, and she nursed him with his later condition of dementia.  We do not have a birth time for her.

Good Friday Agreement

The Good Friday Agreement was signed on 10th April 1998, and became effective on 2nd December 1999.  This was the culmination of John’s work.  At the time of the signing, Mars was forming a T-square to his Sun opposite Pluto, a symbol of the danger he had faced with such courage to get to that point.  Saturn was also trine his natal North Node, signifying an important karmic achievement.  At the time the Agreement became effective, the danger was also highlighted, in Mars squaring his natal Uranus.

Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace prize was awarded to Hume and Trimble in October 1998.  The transits for Hume were Mars trine his natal Uranus,  Jupiter sextile his natal Mercury (an award), Jupiter on his Saturn, and Jupiter opposite his natal Neptune.  For Trimble, Solar Return (on his birthday), fitting for a Libran Sun sign, and Saturn opposite his Mars (which might be seen as symbolic of his struggle against war).


It was as though in his long and painstaking efforts of hard work on peace in Ireland, John Hume had sadly worn himself out, or had achieved what he was destined to do, for shortly after (in 1999) he began to show symptoms of dementia.  At his death, Venus (peace) was exactly conjunct the North Node opposite the Galactic Centre: a fitting astrological tribute.

“His vision was decades ahead of everyone else.  His commitment never wavered; he just had to wait for everyone else to catch up with him.”

~ Trina Vargo

“He understood that when there are only two alternatives – in this case, of justice, but with force and violence on one side and on the other an unjust status quo – there will be no resolution. But in finding a third way, he helped people see that there was a different way forward altogether.”

~ Tony Blair       


With Mercury trine Chiron today, the brief is all about finding solutions, especially in health matters.  Mercury trine Chiron describes healing on a mental level (positive thinking, writing and affirmations), and helps to combine conventional and alternative or complementary healing approaches.   This is a good aspect to set up good practices for the week ahead, for what promises to be a bumpy ride (most Astrologers would agree).

The spanner in the works is a feature of tomorrow’s dynamic (Monday 10th), with Mercury square to Uranus.  Back up your computer files, and consider I.T. loopholes, as this is a time when you may experience glitches in this area.  Use your intuition to be one step ahead – the Universe may be trying to show you new pathways, and possible new perspectives.

Thursday (13th) brings the very explosive square between Mars and Pluto, so get ready to plaster your red “caution” stickers everywhere.  If you found last week’s Mars square Jupiter explosive (it occurred on the day of the explosion in Beirut) be aware that this square is even more volatile.  You may need all your conflict resolution skills.  Take a leaf out of John Hume’s book.

Lastly, on Saturday (15th), Uranus is Stationary, prior to turning retrograde, and recent strategies may start to let you down.  You need to review the way you do things, and the way you think about things, and find new types of solutions suited to future working.  A helpful book on the subject is “Future Vision Your Working Life” by Anne Jirsch, which was published in April this year, in the middle of lockdown.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – finding solutions
  • Tomorrow – finding glitches
  • Thursday – finding your inner peacemaker
  • Saturday – revisioning

Aspects for the week beginning 2 August 2020

The Murdoch Empire

My resignation is due to disagreements over certain editorial content published by the company’s news outlets and certain other strategic decisions”.

~ James Murdoch

On Friday night it was announced that 89-year old Rupert Murdoch’s son, James, was stepping down from the News Corporation.  This may be seen as the run up to Saturday morning’s opposition between Pluto and Mercury (a shake-up in the communications world).  So the Murdoch empire is again in a state of flux.  I last wrote about Rupert Murdoch when he married Jerry Hall, so it’s time for another look at the Murdoch charts.  As things stand, Rupert Murdoch is the 34th richest person in America, and the 96th richest person in the world, and undoubtedly one of the most powerful.  His work as a media moghul has had an influence on world politics, notably in the U.K. and the U.S.

Rupert’s Birth Chart

Rupert has the Sun conjunct Mercury in the “genius” sign of Pisces trine Pluto, the “power” planet in the 3rd House of broadcasting, communications, journalism and the media.  Need I write more?  Oh OK then…Mercury is on the I.C. also in the 3rd House, indicating that communications are the foundation of his life.  And Mercury trines Jupiter, giving a lucky touch to all these activities.  Need I write more? Oh OK then…His hard-headedness shows in Mars opposite Saturn and Pluto opposite Saturn.  He’s a gambler, with Jupiter square Uranus.  He’s a leader in the high tech world, with Uranus on the North Node and half his planets (5) in the Cardinal signs, and has problem-solving skills with Mercury sextile Chiron.  Rupert has six children, and two of the main contenders for taking over the family firm have now bowed out (Elisabeth and James), leaving Lachlan in prime position.  Rupert’s 5th House of Children shows Chiron in Taurus, and although Chiron is well-aspected, there is a definite theme of woundedness in that area of his life.

On Friday night, Rupert’s main transits were:-

Mars square his Mars (a disagreement with a male)

Uranus sextile his natal Jupiter (a new opportunity)

Neptune on his Sun (uncertainty)

James Murdoch

James Murdoch has long chafed against the appointed role set for him seemingly by fate, and has now emancipated himself from his father’s influence.  He holds different views on climate change from his father, and has supported Joe Biden in the US Presidential race, as distinct from his father’s support for Trump through Fox News.  James’s wife Kathryn, is an environmentalist, and the Fox News coverage of recent Australian bush fires proved unpalatable to the couple.  They have been married since 2000.

We do not have a birth time for James, but there are many similarities between his chart and his sister Elisabeth’s, as we shall see.  Saturn in his chart opposite his Sun may well point to an oppressive and authoritarian father.  But Uranus exactly sextile his natal Sun gives him a strong desire for independence, which has encouraged his Inner Rebel.  James has Mercury conjunct Venus, the Writer Archetype, and Mercury conjunct Neptune (mental sensitivity).  Mars sextile his natal North Node indicates he does have the Warrior Archetype, too, as part of his karmic mission.  All three of Rupert’s children who have been involved learning the family trade had the same mother, Anna Murdoch, Rupert’s second wife.  She is a Cancerian, and from their birth charts, had a strong influence on both James and Elisabeth.

Up to 2013 James was chairman and CEO for Europe and Asia of News Corporation, and in 2012 he was forced to relinquish his role as chairman of BSkyB due to the phone hacking scandal, an event which undoubtedly shook him personally.  His transits at the time included Uranus (sudden change in status) trine his natal Neptune (scandal).

The transits at the time of his decision and announcement on Friday night were remarkably apt:-

Jupiter sextile his natal Mars in Scorpio – a decisive action, fortuitous for him and giving him greater freedom

Jupiter transiting his natal North Node – a karmic act of liberation

Pluto sextile his natal Venus – a transformation of close relationships

Pluto square his natal Uranus – a brutal break with the past

These indicate something which had to be done, and a timing that is precisely right.

Elisabeth Murdoch

The Murdoch siblings have been notoriously at odds with each other, but Elisabeth freed herself from the family entanglements far earlier, stepping away from the family brand in 2001, which was an important year for her, as she married Matthew Freud, who belonged to another prominent family.  Astrologically, that was a year of breakaway transits which included  Jupiter square her natal Uranus, Uranus sextile her natal Saturn, Uranus square her natal Neptune, Pluto square her natal Mercury and Pluto square her natal Jupiter. She was involved in various media enterprises, but even further distanced herself businesswise from a company linked with NewsCorp around the end of 2014.  At this time, Pluto was squaring her Nodal Axis (, a complete karmic break, initiating a new karmic cycle).

In her chart, she has many similar patterns and combinations with James’ chart.  Like him, she has a Saturn aspect to her Sun, and whereas James has Moon trine Mars and sextile the North Node, she has the Moon conjunct Mars and trine the North Node (strong relationships with the mother).  Like James she has Mercury conjunct Venus, and like her father, she has Mercury linked positively with Jupiter.  James has Mars sextile his North Node, and Elizabeth has Mars trine her North Node, both exact, so both having equal capacity for warriorship.  Does the new development affect her?  Her transits for Friday evening were:- Jupiter trine her natal Venus (she may be pleased about it), Saturn squares her Saturn (certain elements may be frustrating), Uranus squares her Mars (estrangements connected to men in her life), and Pluto trine her natal Pluto (overall, an empowerment for her, even if only on an emotional level).

Lachlan Murdoch

Of all his children, Lachlan has a chart most complementary to Rupert’s, with his Sun in Virgo exactly opposite Rupert’s Mercury in Pisces and his Venus opposite his father’s Sun, so maybe his life path was designed to take over the baton all along.  Lachlan’s Mercury is square his Jupiter, so he may have more trouble concentrating than Rupert and Elisabeth.  He may scatter his interests too widely.  Mercury also squares Neptune in his chart, so again he may not be as focussed as his siblings.  Mars trines his Saturn, so he has determination and deliberation.  Mars trines Uranus exactly, so engineering may be a talent.  He has the warrior karmic mission of his siblings, in Mars conjunct exactly the North Node.  They all have exact aspects of Mars to their North Node, so it is no wonder that they have a reputation for sibling wars between them.  Lachlan has Jupiter exactly conjunct Neptune, so he can be capable of great vision, or great illusion.  And Jupiter is exactly sextile Pluto, which is a definite taste for Power.  Lachlan also has Uranus exactly trine his North Node, surprise in leadership being a characteristic of his karmic mission.

The transits for Lachlan on Friday night show Mars trine his natal Mercury (mentally on the alert) and Jupiter trine his natal Venus (very happy; his natal Venus is conjunct that of Elisabeth).  Jupiter transiting natal Venus usually means a cause for personal celebration.

For now, Rupert Murdoch seems firmly in control of the destiny of his empire, but he turns 90 next March, and Lachlan seems the most interested in continuing the legacy.


Uranus squared the Sun this morning, so the element of the unexpected challenges us today.  In the outcomes of the day, you could find that the least likely option wins.  So don’t rest on your laurels, provide for loopholes, and don’t take unnecessary risks.  Some people thrive under the excitement!

Tomorrow (Monday 3rd) the Full Moon at 11 degrees Aquarius keeps us on our toes emotionally.  We might be torn by looking at an issue emotionally, then from a detached perspective, then back and forth.  This may produce a stand off between the individual and the group.

In the evening, Saturn opposes Mercury, which may link with Saturday morning’s opposition to Mercury from Pluto, “a shake up in the communication world”.  There may be repercussions from difficulties that arose then.  The Pluto transit is more fundamental, and the Saturn transit more frustrating and prone to delay in communication and travel.  You will be urged to think before you speak, or even to remain tight-lipped in order not to deepen an existing crisis.  Documentation may be delayed, e.g. passports and driving licences – well, even more delayed!  You may have to tell someone “It’s in the post!”.  If you have something ready to post, maybe post it today, rather than procrastinating.

Jupiter squares Mars on Tuesday (4th), which can produce high jinx, fun and games, or just sheer over the top enthusiasm allied with energy.  Results are not guaranteed, however!  It is certainly less oppressive than the energy of Pluto/Saturn opposing Mars, but still requires caution in balancing.

Mercury enters Leo on Wednesday (5th) in the early hours of the morning in the U.K.  This placement favours applying the mind to ways of finding leisure and enjoyment in these challenging holiday times.  The usual rules do not apply, or are not clear (stay at home; don’t stay at home; go abroad, but quarantine on return, or cut short your holiday; staycation but make sure it is in an area which is not in lockdown; ease the restrictions but don’t contribute to a second wave, etc…)  The newspaper cartoonists have been having a field day! ;-}  So ingenuity, combined with common sense, are required to find just the right note, and stay safe, while enjoying yourself.

Another ingress occurs on Friday (7th) with Venus entering Cancer.  We place our love on the home and family, and appreciate our locality.  We need to be conscious about our emotional boundaries during this period (to 6th September).  This takes us up to the beginning of the school term, which at the moment holds a question mark (schools are asking the government to make safety arrangements more clear, and the government are considering sacrificing and trading pub openings for school openings).  The bosom of the family has been a theme as we have been closeted in our homes for the last few months, but also the poignancy of being separated from other branches of the family.  August therefore is a time to be focussing and strengthening our family ties, and deepening our understanding of what family means to us.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – surprises, or shocks
  • Tomorrow – emotional high tide; communication blocks
  • Tuesday – energy breaking out
  • Wednesday – focus on enjoyment
  • Friday – family involvement, with love

Aspects for the week beginning 26 July 2020

Kim Kardashian

I was touched this week by the words of support given this week by Kim Kardashian on behalf of her husband Kanye West, a few days after an outburst he made when addressing his declaration to run for President again.  Her words can be used as a plea for consideration for those with bi-polar syndrome, or with any other form of mental illness.  For this reason, I will print her words at the foot of this short blog.

Birth Chart

I mentioned Kim before in a blog about Kanye West himself, but have not written much about her.

Here is a fascinating pointer to her success as a style icon, from my blog of May 2018:

‘Together with his wife, Kim Kardashian, he forms a power couple in this age of the cult of celebrity.  They married on 24th May 2014, but had known each other for a long time.  Kim’s own chart is a fascinating study.  She is of course a lynch pin of the reality television success “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

She has Jupiter exactly conjunct the Midheaven – depicting a successful brand, in Virgo in 10th House (a style icon).  Her mother Kris (Kardashian/Jenner) has a similar successful signature, as I wrote in May 2017 in my blog about Caitlyn Jenner:

“Kris Kardashian, matriarch of the Kardashian empire, has an amazing exact conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Leo in 10th House conjunct her Midheaven (Careerpoint).  It is no wonder she carved out such a successful long running television slot.” ‘

Kim’s Sun is in Libra, the sign of Style Icons, in her 11th House of Society.

Her Moon in Pisces is exactly conjunct her I.C. in the 4th House: Family as the foundation of life.  Stepmother Caitlyn Jenner also has the I.C. conjunct the Moon.

Kanye West

Kanye held a political rally last Sunday in South Carolina, in which he talked about the fact that he wanted to abort his child with Kim, but she decided to go ahead with the pregnancy.  He was full of remorse because he had nearly killed his daughter.  He talked about how his own life was nearly aborted too during his mother’s pregnancy.

His transits for this speech were: Mars trine his natal Saturn (pushing himself) and Mars opposite his natal Pluto (risking his safety).

Kim’s difficult  transits at that time  were:

Jupiter square her natal Pluto (a power struggle), Saturn square her natal Sun (a cause for sorrow), Neptune square her natal Neptune (a state of powerlessness and confusion), Pluto sextile her natal Uranus (a need for big change).

Kim’s transits for her statement (below) a few days later, were:

Mars trine her natal Ascendant (asserting her self-image).  Mars was on the cusp of her 5th House, having been in the 4th House stirring up Home and Family a few days earlier.  Jupiter was still square her Pluto; Saturn square her natal Sun had become exact to the day, so she was confronting her sorrow. Saturn was trine exactly her natal Jupiter/Midheaven conjunction in 10th House, so again she was taking charge of her image and persona in the world.  Neptune was trine her natal Mercury, so she was ready to talk about a sensitive subject. Neptune was still square her Neptune, and Pluto was still sextile her natal Uranus.  The timing seems to have been right for her.

Bi-Polar Syndrome

I wrote in 2018 about Kanye’s general personality:

‘There is a lot in his natal chart which is relevant to his extraordinary behaviour and life.  Firstly, he has Sun in Gemini (a wordsmith) conjunct Jupiter (bombast).  Sun conjunct Jupiter does not always show a bombastic nature, but his Jupiter is exactly opposite Neptune (spiritual confusion and sensationalism) and Jupiter also trines Pluto (grandiose designs).

“I will say that I’m spiritual. I have accepted Jesus as my Savior. And I will say that I fall short every day.” ‘

I have been studying bi-polar birth charts for a while and have not yet found any firm indications within a natal chart.  This study is ongoing!  Other Astrologers may have had more satisfactory findings.

Kim’s Message:

“As many of you know, Kanye has bi-polar disorder. Anyone who has this or has a loved one in their life who does, knows how incredibly complicated and painful it is to understand.  I’ve never spoken publicly about how this has affected us at home because I am very protective of our children and Kanye’s right to privacy when it comes to his health. But today, I feel like I should comment on it because of the stigma and misconceptions about mental health.

I understand Kanye is subject to criticism because he is a public figure and his actions at times can cause strong opinions and emotions. He is a brilliant but complicated person who on top of the pressures of being an artist and a black man, who experienced the painful loss of his mother, and has to deal with the pressure and isolation that is heightened by his bi-polar disorder. Those who are close with Kanye know his heart and understand his words sometimes do not align with his intentions.

Living with bipolar disorder does not diminish or invalidate his dreams and his creative ideas, no matter how big or unobtainable they may feel to some.  That is part of his genius and as we have all witnessed, many of his big dreams have come true.

Those that understand mental illness or even compulsive behaviour know that the family is powerless unless the member is a minor.  People who are unaware or far removed from this experience can be judgmental and not understand that the individual themselves have to engage in the process of getting help no matter how hard family and friends try.

We as a society talk about giving grace to the issue of mental health as a whole, however we should also give it to the individuals who are living with it in times when they need it the most.  I kindly ask that the media and public give us the compassion and empathy that is needed so that we can get through this.”


A big aspect occurs tomorrow (Monday 27th) with Jupiter sextile Neptune.  It appeared in February and May this year.  This allows people to get clearer on religion and spirituality, although Jupiter and Neptune are both retrograde, so historical wisdom may need to come into play.  The positive manifestations of this sextile can still operate.  Kim Kardashian’s plea for kindness and compassion in relation to loved ones with mental health issues is very pertinent to the spirit of this sextile.  Other notable qualities associated with this combination are mercy and grace.

Later on in the day Neptune does complicate matters, with a square to Venus.  This can particularly cause confusion in relationships, and uncertainty in the Arts.  So while there may be clarity on spirituality and religion (Jupiter sextile Neptune), you will need to tread more warily on Venusian matters.  There may be paranoia in relationships, and frustrating flaws in creative works, as well as insecurity in finance.

Still later in the day, Mercury will be square Mars, and people may be irritable (possibly in relation to earlier frustrations).  Mistakes can be made, such as minor prangs in traffic.  If you are out and about, try and travel in a calm state (perhaps a spot of meditation beforehand), and avoid any war of words.  If you are centred, you may be quite productive, producing brisk work.

Jupiter opposes Mercury on Thursday (30th), which is mentally stimulating but can lead to mental resources being overstretched.  Travel news may also be quite testing, e.g. people being quarantined in places they didn’t plan to be.  Jupiter opposite Mercury is a learning curve, and can bring out some humour, but need some caution in the playing.

Around tea-time, there is more harmony, with a trine from Neptune to Mercury.  Things may fall into place spiritually, and you may be ready to talk about a sensitive subject.  This trine brings mental inspiration, transcendent wisdom, higher harmony, spiritual journeys, and insight.

At the end of the month, on Friday (31st), Chiron trines the Sun, bringing a healing opportunity.  This aspect favours both physical and psychological healing, and a trip or leisure activity may be just the tonic you need, or those you share a “bubble” with.

Finally, a more testing aspect on Saturday, the first day of August, in the shape of Mercury opposite Pluto.  Watch your mental processes carefully, and be mindful in conversation.  Travel too could be problematic.  Something could appear to be a minor snag on the surface, but may give you pause for deeper thought, leading to more psychological awareness.  Don’t skirt over it.  Examine the issue carefully, and the resulting insight could be a gift.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – religious and spiritual clarity; relationship confusion; minor skirmishes
  • Thursday – mentally stimulating and overstretching; spiritual inspiration
  • Friday – healing opportunity
  • Saturday – mental conundrums

Aspects for the week beginning 19 July 2020

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 – 1778)

“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.”

~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

In this fourth in my philosophy series, I look at a Cancerian philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Birth Chart

Traditionally, in a Cancerian chart, the mother’s influence is strong.  In the case of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, his mother’s influence is conspicuous by virtue of her absence, for she died nine days after his birth.  But Rousseau did concern himself a great deal with the phase of life associated with Cancer: childhood.  He wrote a treatise for the upbringing of a child, Emile. However, his perceptions were often skewed on the subject, and he did himself abandon his own children (which he later regretted).  Some of these paradoxes may be seen in the square to his Moon (Cancer’s ruler) from an opposition of Jupiter and Saturn, forming a T-square.  When Jupiter and Saturn are strongly connected by conjunction, square or opposition, there is a sense that the person is chasing their own tail, caught between two such different forces.  His Ascendant was in Virgo, and he was extremely concerned with health and hygiene, almost a hypochondriac, but in the end opted to avoid the conventional medicine of the day (which could often be quite brutal).  This worked for him largely, until he fell victim to the consequences of an accident.  He had all the creative brilliance, independence and originality of the Sun sextile Uranus, and with Sun trine Chiron, he had a healing intent.  He was a prolific writer, as you would expect from his natal conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Gemini.  He also had an acute critical faculty, with Mercury conjunct Mars.  Mercury occupied the top spot in his chart, square the Ascendant, on the 10th House cusp, marking him out as a Thinker.  Gemini is one of the signs associated with Philosophy, although my efforts to find a Sun Sign Gemini Philosopher were difficult (I settled on Blaise Pascal).  Mercury and Gemini rule the logic and mental processes involved, whereas Sagittarius is the sign actually associated with Philosophy and deeper levels of thought.  Mars trine Jupiter depicted great energy allied with enthusiasm (the “noble savage”), while at the same time Mars sextile Saturn produced very deliberate in action. Other “wild child” energy came from Mars square Uranus, and Uranus conjunct Pluto.  Mars conjunct closely the Midheaven in Gemini in 9th House shows the Philosopher-Warrior, at odds with the Encyclopedistes.

Life and Career

Much of what we know about his life comes from his Confessions, published after his death.  Rousseau was born in Geneva in 1712,  (he stated: “I was born almost dying, they had little hope of saving me”), and came from a family tradition of watchmaking (Ascendant in Virgo, Mercury at the top of his chart).  At the age of 10, he boarded with a Calvinist minister who lived just outside Geneva, where he learned mathematics and drawing. At the age of 13, he was apprenticed to a notary then an engraver, but ran away at 15 (on 14th March 1728).  That date shows a transit of Neptune trine his natal Jupiter, and it coincided with a new religious outlook (he was born with a square between those two planets).  He took shelter with a Roman Catholic priest, and met the love of his life Francoise-Louise de Warens, who was 14 years his senior.

Rousseau lived on and off in Paris, and later established a relationship with Therese Levasseur, who bore him several children.  In 1742 he met Philosopher Denis Diderot, who was to play an important role in his life.  They met at the Cafe de la Regence, watching chess and drinking coffee.  Initially friends, they became philosophical rivals. Rousseau contributed articles to Diderot and D’Alembert’s  Encyclopedie.

In 1750 he won a competition organized by the Academie de Dijon, in which he wrote an essay inspired by a revelation that he had about the arts and sciences being responsible for moral degeneration, being a reflection of man’s pride and vanity. Rousseau’s answer to these ills was the development of reason and being close to nature.

He met with controversy when he criticized the insincerity and shallowness of the Encyclopedistes, and that soured relations between him and his friend Diderot.  The two men had a close astrological connection, dynamic and profound, which included double whammy mutual sextiles between their Suns and Saturn.  There was great sensitivity (Diderot’s Neptune conjunct Rousseau’s Moon), but also the potential for conflict (Diderot’s Mars square Rousseau’s Uranus (sparks flying).  When he broke away from the Encyclopedistes, Rousseau found himself expressing more independent views, such as his more spiritual ideas in contrast to Diderot’s more materially based views.  He published Emile  and  The Social Contract in 1762.  At the age of 50, these will have carried the essence of his Chiron Return, the maturation of his Inner Healer.

In Emile the ideal education of the child, the process of which he advises from infancy, is not to be guided by the state, but by a chosen mentor, who would apply natural principles with as little intervention as possible (although Rousseau lays down so many rules and guidelines that it is difficult to see that as non-intervention).  His account of the ideal childhood in Emile is often naive and based on a narrow class of child in his own historical period.  I often found his assertions of what a child is capable at a certain age untrue, certainly in respect of the modern child, who is exposed to so much more stimulation and information from a young age.

In his work, he professed to be optimistic in his attitude towards human nature, believing that mankind was fundamentally good, and therefore should be allowed to thrive as naturally as possible – as distinct from Hobbes who believed that the people needed to be governed by an autocracy as they were fundamentally wicked.  In matters of religion, Rousseau did not believe in the doctrine of original sin.

He drew the attention of Scottish philosopher Edward Hume (the Taurean subject of my second philosophy blog), who later offered him some refuge from some of the criticisms of Parisian society (e.g. for contending that all religions are worthy, and religious tolerance was the right way forward).  On my Philosophy course [we have enrolled for a second year!] Hume is one of the most popular philosophers, and his reputation describes him as one of the nicest of their kind.  At that point in time, Voltaire was also sympathetically disposed towards Rousseau.  Rousseau also received support from Frederick the Great of Prussia, and travelled around to various places he thought might be safe from his accusations of blasphemy (including his native Switzerland).

In 1765 he met Hume in Paris, and made a very good impression, travelling at his invitation to England early in 1766.  Hume described his visitor as “gentle, modest, affectionate, disinterested, of extreme sensitivity.”  The astrological synastry between their charts is quite harmonious.  However, the relationship soured after inexplicably Hume was involved in a hoax letter being sent by Horace Walpole purporting to be from Frederick the Great.  Among other transits, Saturn was square Rousseau’s Pluto in Virgo in his 12th House (the House of Self-Undoing and Hidden Enemies).  Voltaire also wrote critically of Rousseau at this time.

On 21st June 1767 Rousseau moved to an estate outside Paris, recording feelings of anxiety and paranoia at this time. He married Therese on 30th August 1768.  He completed writing the account of his life Confessions the following year, with an eye to his future reputation.  Although not published until after his death, he read portions in group sittings in Paris.

After an accident in 1776, caught between a carriage and a Great Dane in the street, Rousseau suffered neurological damage and epileptic seizures.  Transits for the accident are stark: Uranus on his natal Mars (accident) and Uranus square his natal Chiron (difficult health challenges).  His natal Mars and Chiron were exactly square, so this was a weak point in his chart for his health and wellbeing in terms of transits.  He occupied time in these later years with the study of botany, refining his writings, and musical composition.  On 1st July 1778 he suffered a fatal stroke.


His influence was widespread in his time, and subsequently.  His political ideas inspired the revolutionaries, and his educational ideas resonated with Pestalozzi and Montessori.  He also promoted romanticism, and influenced German writers such as Goethe and Schiller.

Rousseau ever had an inner eye trained on the Inner Child, the province of the sign of Cancer.  The principle of allowing a child’s spirit and talents to flourish is of great importance.  Children above all need to be allowed to be themselves, and express their true nature.

On Pg 29 of Emile, he wrote:

“We were meant to be men, laws and customs thrust us back into infancy. The rich and great, the very kings themselves are but children; they see that we are ready to relieve their misery; this makes them childishly vain, and they are quite proud of the care bestowed on them, a care which they would never get if they were grown men.”


(1) Ed Patrick Riley – The Cambridge Companion to Rousseau, Cambridge University Press 2001

(2) Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Emile, Published by Pantianos Classics; first published in 1762

(3) Jean-Jacques Rousseau – The Social Contract; first published in 1762


There’s a New Moon at 28 degrees Cancer tomorrow, a pure and simple chance to get back to basics with our home, family, roots, locality, emotions and ancestry.  Where it falls in your chart can give you extra clues about placing your intentionality, your hopes and wishes.  (Rousseau would have loved it!).  After two New Moon Eclipses in a row, this one may feel like a bit of a relief, with some sense of normality.

In the late evening, Saturn opposes the Sun, so there may be a touch of sadness, and coming down to earth.  Reality dawns before midnight, so cosset yourself with some Green & Black’s cocoa, and lavender on your pillow, and settle down to some healing sleep.  Programme your dreams to contain information which can help you with any blocks or frustrations going on in your life.

The Sun goes into Leo on Wednesday morning (22nd) and that is another bright new start.  Normally, that would signal the holiday season, both academically and astrologically, but some of the population will be more cautious than usual about venturing forth, even on staycations.  As long as you all make sure to socially distance on beaches, we’ll (the collective) be fine!  Certainly the spirit will be there, if not the geographical relocation for all of us.  I’ve had as an earworm all week, the following song by the Bee Gees:

” Ooh you’re a holiday , ev’ry day , such a holiday
Now it’s my turn to say , and I say you’re a holiday
It’s something I think’s worthwhile…”

…The rest of the lyrics don’t have anything to do with holidays, but it has started to get me in the mood, and getting into holiday mood is a start, even if you don’t know how you will achieve an actual holiday.  Something may follow from the mood itself.  For schoolchildren and homeschoolers, it will be a welcome break from homework.  What do you need a break from in terms of your routine?

In the evening, we have a repeat of an aspect which occurred twice in June, due to Mercury’s retrograde motion: Mercury sextile Uranus.  Well it’s a happy aspect to revisit, being helpful for mental endeavours and technology.  Telepathy, intuition and the power of surprise are also benefits of this aspect.  This aspect can amaze you and help you find that “wow” factor.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – new beginnings; confronting reality
  • Wednesday – holiday mood; sparkling communications


Aspects for the week beginning 12 July 2020

Ennio Morricone (1928 – 2020)

The melodically-named composer Ennio Morricone died on Monday, at the age of 91.  His work encompassed many different genres, though he is still most widely known for writing the scores of Hollywood Western films.

Birth Chart

We are lucky enough to have a birth time, and Ascendant, and so can more easily put his character into the context of his life pattern.  Morricone had the Sun in Scorpio, a very enduring sign, and his work spanned the whole course of his life: he began composing at the age of six, and was working until the end of his life.  He also had Moon in Scorpio, though he was born a day or so earlier than an actual New Moon (when the Sun and Moon are conjunct).  His Ascendant is in the creative sign of Leo: he certainly was prolific, being credited with over 500 scores.  The only aspect to the Sun in his chart is an exact trine with Pluto (his Sun ruler), so this was a great focus of his creativity, and his work had a depth to it.  The Sun was situated in his 4th House of home and family, which were very important to him.  He always lived in his native Italy, and was not enticed to live in Hollywood, nor did he ever decide to learn English.  His Moon was conjunct Mercury, across the cusp of Libra and Scorpio in 3rd House: this gave him the ability to connect the imagination and the rational brain, and hints at musical rhythm.  He also had Mars in Cancer (rhythm) and his Sun ruler Pluto in Cancer (more rhythm).  Moon sextile exactly Neptune provided great emotional sensitivity, and the position of his Moon conjunct his I.C. meant that musical rhythm was one of the foundations of his life.  Mercury opposite Jupiter gave him a wide-ranging mind, and Mercury’s close sextile to Neptune meant that he was capable of receiving mental inspiration.  Venus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius in his 5th House showed loyalty in relationship, but also depicts how seriously he took his music and creativity.  Venus in Sagittarius in 5th House trine Midheaven in Aries in 9th House points to an international career in music.  Jupiter trine Neptune indicates a level of religious/spiritual sensibility: politically he identified as a “Christian leftist”.  Jupiter in the 9th House side meant that he had strong foreign connections and interests, balanced out with his Sun in the 4th House attachment to home.  His Jupiter conjunct Chiron indicated a healing quality to his life and work.  There was a great deal of originality on his karmic path, with Uranus sextile his North Node, and this aspect expresses the experimental quality of his work.  Neptune was trine his Midheaven, giving him an association with film music, though with Neptune exactly square the Nodal Axis his nerves may have been frayed at times through excessive sensitivity.

Life and Work

Born in Rome, he studied at the National Academy of Saint Cecilia (the patron saint of musicians).  As a youth he sometimes earned a living playing the trumpet (the instrument his father played) in jazz bands, and wrote music for theatre and radio, but in the 1960s he began writing scores for film (having noted he could do better than what was currently available).

Of this period, he wrote:

“My first films were light comedies or costume movies that required simple musical scores that were easily created, a genre that I never completely abandoned even when I went on to much more important films with major directors”.

Sergio Leone

He first met Sergio Leone at primary school at the age of 8.  As a film director, Sergio Leone collaborated on several film scores with Ennio Morricone, although Ennio had already started writing scores for westerns.  The pivotal year for their collaborative success was 1964, with the film “A Fistful of Dollars”.  Saturn, the planet of reward for hard work, seems to have been influential in his life in that year.  At the time “A Fistful of Dollars” was released, Saturn was trine his natal Mercury in Libra in 3rd House, opposite his natal Neptune in Virgo in 1st House, and square his Nodal Axis.  In the same year, his third child Andrea (who has followed in his footsteps) was born, with Saturn trine Ennio’s Mercury.  The so-called Spaghetti Western genre continued with among others the success of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (1966).  The composition included some of his experimental innovation, such as the coyote howl.  The iconic actor Clint Eastwood appeared in and gave character to some of these westerns.  As a measure of his success, the score for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly sold over three million copies worldwide and earned him over 200 million dollars.  When in 1968 his original score was certified with a golden record for its sales in the U.S., Saturn was again honouring Ennio, with a transit to his Midheaven.  Saturn, lucky for some!  It was not until 2007, however, that Ennio’s work was honoured in Hollywood.  But in 2016 he won an Oscar for the best original score in “The Hateful Eight” by Quentin Tarantino.

The partnership with Sergio Leone has been considered outstanding in terms of a collaboration between a director and a composer.  The Synastry between the two schoolmates underlines and enhances Ennio’s own natal aspects:

Leone’s Mars sextiles Ennio’s Midheaven: though Ennio was self-motivating, Sergio here urges him in a particular direaction.  Leone’s Jupiter trines Ennio Neptune – they were spiritually in tune (Leone died in 1989).  Leone’s Neptune sextiles Ennio’s Moon – they were spiritually and emotionally in tune, combined imaginations.  Leone’s Neptune was square Ennio’s Nodal Axis, giving them a shared destiny in film.  In addition, Leone’s Pluto was trine Ennio’s Sun, adding intensity to their collaborative output.  The outer planets were to a large extent conjunct, as you would expect to find in schoolmates.

Wide-ranging Music

Writing over several decades, he wrote for a variety of artists: Early on he wrote for Paul Anka, Mireille Matthieu, and Francoise HardyHe later wrote for  Demis Roussos, K.D. Lang, Andrea Boccelli, and Sting;  he collaboration with the Pet Shop Boys; and he influenced Dire Straits and Metallica.

He notably collaborated with Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore, including writing the film score for the drama film Cinema Paradiso.  The soprano Katherine Jenkins has just released a recording of the haunting song of the same name, just released, on her new album of the same name (3rd July).


Ennio’s marriage and family life was an integral part of who he was as a person.  He married lyricist Maria Travia on 13th Octobeer 1956, and they had three sons and one daughter.  Saturn was even influential on his marriage date, transiting his natal South Node (cementing his destiny).

He said:

“Meeting my wife Maria, and marrying her, are the most romantic moments of my life.  She was a friend of one of my sisters.  We have been married for 60 years.  When I was 40, I told her I would stop composing film music and dedicate my time to what I call my ‘absolute music’.  I said it again at 50, 60, 70 and 80.  Maybe when I get to 90, I will stop.”


The age of ninety-one is a good innings, but Ennio recently suffered a fall, and died as a result of injuries he sustained during the fall.  He died at approximately 5 a.m. in Rome, when   Mars on his Uranus symbolized injuries; Saturn square his Mercury symbolized a fall.

“Everyone has to die.  I’m not particularly scared about it.  What really frightens me is that if I go before my wife, I will leave her alone, and vice versa.  The ideal would be to die together.”

~ Ennio Morricone

He is survived by his wife and children.


Chiron has just gone retrograde (ephemerides vary as to the timing), so a healing issue may crop up today; perhaps you have gone as far as you can with a particular line of healing, and may need to revise or go over old ground for a while.  There may be more understanding to be achieved, for instance, about the emotional component of the healing issue.

But today Mercury is Stationary prior to going Direct, which may be a relief for those who have struggled to maintain good communications over the last three weeks.  Such glitches can be smoothed out today or in the next few days to come.  So if you have projects waiting to happen of a literary or technical nature, this may be a green light for you.

Tea-time today brings a sparkling trine between the Sun and Neptune, especially good for receiving creative inspiration (and writing film scores – or writing about them?).  Expand your consciousness, and allow your imagination to embellish your work, or project in hand.

The Sun opposes Jupiter on Tuesday (14th) when the general feeling could be optimistic, humorous and buoyant, but there is a balance to be observed, beyond which you could overreach yourself or overstretch your energy or someone else’s patience (for example, overdoing a joke).  Freedom beckons, but again, know your boundaries.

One of the pitfalls in expressing the exuberance of Sun opposite Jupiter is that slapstick may actually have its consequences, and another aspect occurring the same day may trigger that.  Mars conjoins Chiron, which can trigger physical or emotional wounds, and these may have a past-life pattern (either in this life or a past life).  You may walk away from an encounter feeling relief (Sun opposite Jupiter) or touched (Mars conjunct Chiron), while someone else may be nursing an unseen wound.  So the day’s aspects are a tricky combination, and you may not be able to do anything about how anybody else reacts to an event, but just make sure you are in integrity with yourself.

It’s important to get the energies and balance right on Tuesday, because on Wednesday there is the challenge of Pluto opposing the Sun, which may bring up a lot of emotion and drama for people to balance and process.  It could be a day for sober reflection and unearthing the deep psychological significance behind events.  Being an opposition, there is a requirement again (after Sun opposite Jupiter) to balance two opposing forces, and possibly blend them or transcend the polarity.  A good question to ask on this day is: what needs to be transformed, or transcended?

If you need a Fixed Star boost for the end of the week, our Sun is aligned with the star Procyon on Friday (17th).  It’s the Alpha star in the constellation of Canis Minor.  Traditional interpretations point to short-lived gains (as detailed in “The Fixed Stars” by Bernadette Brady).  Another interpretation is provided in “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld:

“Procyon provides a greater acuity of mental functioning that can enhance concentration.  This may result in an ability to strengthen the physical body.  There is some stimulation of the intuitive understanding of reflex points in the physical body.  Individuals involved in reflexology would do well to utilize the starlight elixir.  Procyon can also enhance the ability to absorb energy directly from plants, the Earth, and the Sun.  In a healing process, the person receiving the healing energy will find the reception of such energy enhanced.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – healing reflections; communication improvements; sparkling creativity
  • Tuesday – enjoy; know where to draw the line; more healing reflections
  • Wednesday – balancing the light and darkness
  • Friday – mental acuity



Aspects for the week beginning 5 July 2020

Mars in Aries

Energy Report for the next 6 months – Mars in the Houses

Last Sunday, Mars entered Aries, and is set to stay in his own sign the whole of the rest of this year.  There is a sense that life will be speeding up.  There will be an emphasis on energy and initiative, and you may have already been feeling this influx of energy.

It would be good to pay special attention to the effects of the new position of Mars, in order to better understand the workings of Mars in that House in your chart, as with an unusual 6-month stay there is more opportunity for that awareness.

You will need to know your Ascendant sign to make use of the following information.  If your Ascendant is at the end of a sign, read the next sign.  If your Ascendant is in the middle of a sign, read that sign and the sign after it. Mars will invigorate the affairs of the House in question. If you don’t know (or cannot find out) your Ascendant sign, then be aware of your energies and the energies of those around you during this 6-month period – you could learn a lot!  Those with a cluster of planets in either Leo or Sagittarius may be especially motivated in this 6-month “happening” period.

Your own Mars in your natal chart represents your physical energy (there are other types of energy, represented by other planets) but the transiting Mars, which we are talking of, represents forces that may trigger you from the outside, and make you incident-prone (especially if they transit one of your natal planets during this period).  It is the Universe trying to get you to react, and how you react is in accordance with your own will, habits or line of least resistance, so you need to be aware of your reactions.

Mars in the 1st House, Ascendant in Aries

You will be busy, busy, busy (!), and in the most active sense of the word.  Your adrenals could be on high alert at times, and you may be on overdrive, spinning various plates.  Therefore it is important to key in some regular relaxation time, and some regular spaces in  your diary in order to recoup.  You may have all sorts of ideas for projects over this period, and the dynamism to put them into action.  You’ll feel bolder, if that’s possible for an Aries Ascendant!  Look at safety issues too, as you may be a little clumsy.

­Your Journey: You may start out firing on all cylinders in more than one direction, with a crusading zeal.  Then you may find yourself narrowing your efforts down to one main project.  Aries is a sign renowned for starting things but not finishing, but with a 6-month stretch of Mars in your 1st House, there is the potential to finish a project.

Mars in the 2nd House, Ascendant in Pisces

There will be an emphasis on money matters at this time, inflow and outflow, and you may be tempted to spend, spend, spend.  You might feel you have to keep it moving in some way, whether that is re-arranging it between accounts, working hard to earn it, or giving it away!  You might feel as though money is slipping through your fingers, but on the other hand if you are working on  your abundance issues, you may be able to sense the right and balanced flow for you at this time.  Some may actually feel the energy of money.  If your car is important to you, you may spend more than usual on it, or upgrade your model.

Your Journey: Affirmations like “I always have more money coming in than going out” or “Every penny I spend comes back to me threefold” [from “Creating Money by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer] could be very useful, and enable you to focus on the quality of the outflow and the wisdom of any purchases and their creative investment in your life.

Mars in the 3rd House, Ascendant in Aquarius

You may find yourself prolifically writing and communicating, learning and travelling at this time (government guidelines permitting).  You’ll have a tremendous urge and energy to respond when spoken or written to, and won’t want to leave words unspoken!  You may feel a need to defend the underdog for various causes, such as vulnerable sections of society ignored during lockdown or the rebuilding of society after lockdown.  If you have a major writing project, such as a novel, on the go, you could have the stamina to see it through in this period.  You may need extra mental rest in this period interspersed with the activity.

Your Journey: You may start out working on more than mental project. Then you may find yourself narrowing your efforts down to one main effort in communications.  It may be difficult to contain, control and direct your energies at the beginning, but by the end of the year you may have achieved mastery in this respect.

Mars in the 4th House, Ascendant in Capricorn

Activity will be mainly focussed around the home, family, and locality.  Home repairs, improvements and projects may take up your time and energy more than usual.  You’ll be keen to get things done in this arena, including a lot of decluttering!  There may be an emphasis on mechanical objects, some needing replacement.  If you have issues within the family, you will be more willing to confront them and assert your case, or take the lead.

Your Journey: You may be more than usually irritable or restless at the beginning of this period, but should quickly be able to channel your energies constructively.  By the end of the period your energies should be much more balanced, and you may feel a great sense of achievement regarding home and family matters.

Mars in the 5th House, Ascendant in Sagittarius

This is a good period for building your true self-esteem and exploring your creativity.  Maybe you will have more leisure time than you have been used to in the last year or two, and are experiencing a fertile space where you can do the things you want to do.  Perhaps take up a new hobby (if so, you’ll plunge headlong into this enthusiasm!).  It may be a sport or a physical activity, something that burns the calories, and fires your passion!  If you have children or grandchildren, you may be more engaged in activities with them.

Your Journey: You’ll start out with renewed vigour, and discover the space and enthusiasm for what you really enjoy doing.  The six month period will give you the sustained opportunity to make great inroads into new pathways of interest.

Mars in the 6th House, Ascendant in Scorpio

Mars in your House of Working Conditions and Health could mean a period of great productivity, especially in health and safety areas.  It is a time when you can reorganize your workspace and relationships with working colleagues.  Mars will be stirring things up in these areas, so you may find yourself driving hard bargains at work, and with minor cuts, bruises or inflammations at the same time as you forge ahead with activities of a practical nature to make life more efficient for yourself and others.  Focus on looking after your mind, body and spirit.

Your Journey:  You will probably start out with a long “to do” list, some items of which may be longstanding.  Now is the time to get things going, seize the half-year!   You may come to look upon this period of 6 months as a time of achievement.  Just ease up towards the end, when you may be more than usually “incident-prone”: go in like a lion and go out like a lamb.

Mars in the 7th House, Ascendant in Libra

You will be more than usually assertive in your primary relationships during this period.  The good news is that any conflict will tend to come right at the beginning, when you are re-learning how to use the energy of Mars within your close relationships.  After that, you can become the “Peaceful Warrior” and make sure that your own needs are served, without trampling on others.  You will learn to negotiate (from a place of strength), and your relationships will be more intense and passionate generally.

Your Journey: You may start out this period with some conflict or disagreement, but gradually learn a deeper level of negotiation within your close relationships.  You will be forceful, but increasingly more fair.  You may inspire and motivate others in the process.

Mars in the 8th House, Ascendant in Virgo

This is a time of learning about the energies of the life cycle, and there may arise some poignant awarenesses about life.   Build increasing confidence in how you relate to life, financial arrangements with others, and spiritual links (e.g. with your guides).  One area of caution: Documentation may be important in relation to financial dealings with others or insurance: handle them with care.

Your Journey: Have confidence: you may start out fearful about an aspect of life, but can prove to yourself in this process that you have what it takes!  Going from risk-averse to risk ready!

Mars in the 9th House, Ascendant in Leo

You’ll be raring for a holiday around now, and a break of some sort will do you good, even if you can’t travel abroad in these restricted times.  However, links and communications with abroad may be as vigorous as ever.  Your Higher Mind will be stimulated, and there will be new learnings, though not necessarily through conventional channels.  If you are literary-minded, you may be pursuing publishers!  There is a sense of adventure about this placement.

Your Journey: You could begin this period with enhanced vitality, and a determination to forge your way in determining Truth or a renewal of your enthusiasm for this.  A rush of energy is very welcome, and you may have an upsurge of feeling about a cause or a study.  This period will indeed be a journey for you, whether of mind, geography or both.

Mars in the 10th House, Ascendant in Cancer

The focus of this placement is on your career goals and reputation, and asserting yourself in the world.  You may be pursuing recognition for what you do, and fine-tuning how you put yourself across, and how you define your persona.  You won’t be shy about showing what you can do, and the skills you have been building in your lifetime.  There may be minor skirmishes with authorities, especially if you feel strongly about their handling of issues which affect people.

Your Journey: You may start out in rebellious mode, determined to knock down unnecessary rules and regulations set down by authorities and governments.  If you can establish a sense of co-operation and negotiation, you could be successful in achieving your aims.  Your own will is strong in this, but there is a need to work with the will of others, too.

Mars in the 11th House, Ascendant in Gemini

Your energies in this period will be concentrated in friendships and groups, including large clubs, societies and associations.  So you may be doing more socializing, albeit at a distance.  This will involve a lot of communication, emailing, and social media.  You will be very much in with the in-crowd, if not at the centre of it, and getting a sense of the current zeitgeist.  It will put you in a position of being able to speak for the underdog, and addressing current inequalities.  Your finger’s “on the pulse” so to speak!  Telepathy, groupthink, and group consciousness will feel like real concepts.

Your Journey: You will start out in reforming zeal, determined to put right the wrongs in society.  For this you may need to galvanize others: You will feel like putting extra effort into friendships, and joining or starting a group, or a group within the larger group of which you are a part.  “Come on chaps, sign this petition!” could become your mantra in this period.

Mars in the 12th House, Ascendant in Taurus

Mars travelling through your area of the Unconscious will stir up your dreams and meditations and make you aware of its contents!  Some of this may involve past life awareness of scenarios and relationships relevant to this time in your current life.  Archetypes and Sub-Personalities may emerge: some of these will show where you have self-sabotaged, and others will show your strengths, talents, and abilities you might only have been vaguely aware of.  Hidden problems may come to light, such as hidden enemies, but equally hidden treasure will be enjoyed.

Your Journey:  Travelling through the rich landscape of your own unconscious in this period will uncover little used resources, which will result in a richer and fuller experience when early in the New Year Mars will reach your Ascendant, and reinvigorate your personality and outer life.

Have a good ride!


You may have felt the build-up to this morning’s Full Moon and Eclipse in Capricorn, and this may have involved emotional tension or things coming to a head.  This Moon represents the pull between authority and individual needs.  If you feel that part of your frustration is coming from the power wielded by authorities, then this may be your Full Moon issue.  Many people are feeling angry and frustrated by the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, and some have reacted by abandoning all caution – hence the crowds in Soho last night celebrating Super Saturday.  Let’s hope that with a cool head (or a hangover) this morning, the majority of the population get the message that we are all in it together.  Eclipses can be turning points.

The Sun today, which opposes the Moon at the full, is aligned with the Fixed Star Sirius, our brightest visible star.  Traditionally, Sirius is associated with success and great deeds, but it is unusual to be linked with an eclipse. “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld provides an interpretation which is always useful, but especially pertinent to the time of an eclipse:

“The proximity of this star and the brightness of it are both symbolic to tell people that the transformation of the physical body is of great importance at this time.  The physical vehicle is the place to begin is the underlying message, and its brightness is then simply to remind you of this.  On the highest level of such work there is energy for the ability of the person to shift vibration – to change the vibration of the physical body to match better that of the spirit, to be able to change the vibration to higher dimensional levels.” 

Seen as an aspect, the Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon.  The main aspect of the week occurs on Wednesday (8th) when Mars squares Mercury.  With Mars currently retrograde, it is an aspect we have seen recently (on May 11th, check your diary).  Mars square Mercury tends to bring minor irritations, minor cuts and bruises, and minor conflicts, so be aware of this when you are trying to achieve a smooth flow to the day – you may need to put in extra effort on health and safety measures (masks, gloves, visors, hand gel and the like) just to make sure all bases are covered.  And though you may feel you want to make progress quickly, slowly is more holy at this time.  Watch your words, too!

It is a sparse week for aspects, so I am including a Fixed Star for the end of the week: Saturday (11th).  At the end of the week, our Sun is aligned with the star Castor, the Alpha star in the constellation of Gemini, the star being the twin of Pollux.  Whereas Pollux represents the right brain, Castor represents the rational, left brain.

Turning to “Starlight Elixirs” again, we find:

“There is a tendency for Castor to influence the logical processes and the various aspects usually associated with the dominant left hemisphere of the brain and the corresponding opposite side of the physical body.  This awareness is one that leads to the enhancement of various biological functions within the brain structure itself. This works first to influence at a cellular or metabolic level the uptake of small amounts of minerals necessary for these processes.  Calcium, magnesium, chromium, and selenium are all essential for such brain function.  Manganese becomes very important at the higher levels of brain function.”

Maybe you have a mentally-focussed project you especially need high functioning for.  Consider whether you have or need any of those minerals (I have some in my bedside drawer!  But I am out of chromium…).  Or maybe it is sufficient to tune into the star Castor and see how well you can connect.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – emotional high tide; turning point; vibrational shift
  • Wednesday – brisk, but need for caution
  • Saturday – enhance your brain functioning

Aspects for the week beginning 28 June 2020

Coleen Rooney vs Rebekah Vardy

The Battle of the WAGs

Staying with the theme of football, this week, there was an escalation in the dispute between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy on Wednesday, when the latter began a court action suing Coleen for defamation of character.  The two wives of high profile footballers were formerly good friends, until Coleen revealed last October that her investigations showed that Rebekah had leaked stories about her to the press.  Rebekah was pregnant at the time, and went into a deep depression, having her baby in December, resurfacing in February to speak about that.  The matter might have ended there…

Coleen Rooney

Coleen has her Sun in Aries, making her both a warrior and an initiator.  Her Sun trines Saturn, making her capable of controlled action, at the same time as her Aries impulsiveness. She has  her Moon square Venus, suggesting disputes with women, although we do not know how close this square is because we do not have her birth time.  Her Moon (females) also squares Pluto and the Nodal Axis, so there are multiple difficulties with females according to her birth chart.  With Mercury square Uranus, she is also not afraid of controversy.  Though her Venus (the other female planet) is opposite Pluto, it also trines her Mars and Neptune and conjoins her North Node, and this describes her love of fashion.  Her Mars sextiles Pluto and trines her North Node, reinforcing the Warrior Archetype, and giving her a huge powerhouse of energy.  Jupiter trine Pluto gives her a love of power, and Pluto conjunct the South Node points to difficult past lives.


In October 2019 Coleen alleged that Rebekah had been using information from her Instagram account to feed stories to a newspaper.  On suspecting that this was happening, she narrowed down an investigation by only feeding false stories to Rebekah Vardy’s account over a period of time.  This proved to her that she had caught the suspect, and she made this public on twitter.  The act earned her the nickname Wagatha Christie.  Rebekah Vardy was horrified, and claimed that someone else must have used or hacked her account.  At the time of the reveal, Coleen’s transits showed: Mars square her natal Mars and ruling planet – Action!  Jupiter square her Mercury – taking a risk; Saturn square her Sun, sadness and depression; and Uranus trine her natal Neptune, in the throes of a complicated matter.

Wayne Rooney

Top scoring footballer Wayne Rooney has Sun in Scorpio and was born in the same year group as Coleen, and they met at school at the age of 12.  They married in 2008 and have four boys. Their synastry shows his Sun opposite her Venus (which Jung showed in his research to be a common aspect between married couples); his Sun is conjunct her South Node (destined for each other); his Venus sextile her Saturn (they have stuck together despite his infidelities). But there are also three good trines involving Neptune and Venus.  Like Coleen, he has Pluto conjunct his South Node.

Rebekah Vardy

With 5 (half) of her 10 planets in Air, Rebekah Vardy can overthink things.  She has the Sun in late Aquarius, and like Coleen it is trine Saturn.  But at the same time her Sun squares Uranus, so normally she is independent and can be rebellious, but also has a controlled streak (the trine to Saturn). Her Mercury squares Jupiter, so that can mean scattered thinking.  But Mercury is also sextile exactly with Uranus (her ruling planet), adding mental ingenuity.   Like Coleen, disputes with women show up in her chart, but for her it is the other female planet Venus, which holds the difficulties, with three squares creating struggle.  Venus is also conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, showing past lives connected with the Arts, and in this lifetime she has earned a living through modelling.  Mars conjunct Saturn gives the capacity for deliberate action, and is situated in Libra, the sign of  close relationships (the marriage with Jamie Vardy being her third marriage).  She may have anger issues, with Mars loosely conjunct Pluto, but these may also stem from a difficult childhood, having been abused by her step-father.  Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra  may show a latent tendency to depression, together with Saturn and Pluto squaring her Nodal Axis, difficult karma.  Her North Node sextiles Chiron, and maybe when this has all settled down, she may train in the healing arts.

Her transits in October showed: Mars trine her natal Mercury, some confrontation in communication; Chiron sextile her natal Mercury, a conundrum presented to her; Jupiter sextile her natal Mars, high energy; and Chiron trine her natal Uranus, an unexpected twist.  The main difficulty would probably show up if we had her birth time and Ascendant, as a planet on her angles, for instance.

Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy, with Mars in Aries, is a speedy player, and one of the heroes of Leicester City’s 2015 cup win, and he notably stayed with Leicester after their victory.  He has the Sun in Capricorn, and the Moon in Gemini.  He met Rebekah in 2014, and they married in 2016.  Leicester had won the Premier League on 2nd May 2016, and Jamie’s transits at the time were: Saturn trine his North Node, Saturn Return within one degree, and Saturn opposite his Chiron, so a reaching of maturity in many ways for him.  The Synastry for the couple includes his Pluto on her Jupiter, so they have the potential to be a power couple.  After she married Jamie, Rebekah took part in “I’m A Celebrity” and was third to be evicted from the jungle. Mars was trine her natal Sun, sextile her natal Neptune, and conjunct  her natal Pluto (she was putting herself out there…).

Court Case

Following the fall-out in October, Rebekah gave birth to baby Olivia in December, and also went through a difficult period of depression, being hospitalized three times.  She experienced a great deal of trolling on social media, and even death threats.  In February, she gave interviews about how the events had affected her.  At that time, Saturn squared her natal Pluto, a heavy number, Uranus squared her natal Mercury, a great deal of nervous anxiety, and Neptune was sextile her natal Chiron (taking steps towards her own recovery).

The culmination of her ruminations came this week, with the news that she is suing Coleen for defamation of character, with possible legal costs of £500,000 on both sides: veritably Hermes handbags at dawn.  Coleen’s legal team greeted the news with disappointment, stating that the “time and money could be put to better use”.  Coleen has offered to meet Rebekah in person.  The court case would mean that Coleen would be able to present her evidence in Court: she had saved and screenshotted all the original stories.

The Synastry between the two women shows: their Jupiters are exactly trine (they were best friends, and maybe there can be a win-win outcome).  Rebekah’s Saturn is sextile Coleen’s Uranus, which is a tense but strong connection.

Rebekah had originally tweeted: “I liked you a lot Coleen and I’m so upset that you have chosen to do this, especially when I’m heavily pregnant. I’m disgusted that I’m even having to deny this.”

Their transits this week, with Rebekah taking a counter-initiative:  Jupiter is on Rebekah’s Venus, a favourable upturn in her self-esteem (Coleen is overall a more popular figure, and has generally received more support); Uranus is opposite Rebekah Jupiter, taking a risk; Neptune trine Rebekah North Node (she will have consulted her inner guidance), and Pluto on Rebekah Venus exact to the day (24th June), counting on her power, and acting on her pain.  For Coleen: Saturn is square Coleen’s Venus, a disappointment; Saturn square Coleen’s Nodal Axis, a source of karmic sorrow, but also Uranus sextile Coleen’s Jupiter, meaning it could prove advantageous to her.  There is a possibility they may reach an agreement, avoiding the necessity of a messy case.

The principle karma here is between Coleen and Rebekah, but is there any karma between the husbands?  There is a little tension, but they also have their Mercuries exactly sextile (a good working relationship) and Wayne Rooney’s Uranus trines Jamie Vardy’s North Node, which points to some surprise karma between them.

So here is a mystery, and I confess that I do not know where the truth lies, but I do know there are two unhappy women, and wish them both the best in resolving their problem.


Mars entered Aries at 1.45 a.m. today in the U.K., and is set to stay in his own sign the whole of the rest of this year.  Note that Jamie Vardy has Mars in Aries, making him a speedy player, so there is a sense that life will be speeding up.  There will be an emphasis on energy and initiative, and possibly an increase on football on our screens!  You may already be feeling this influx of energy.

Together with that ingress today, we have a sextile between Mars and Saturn, which will enable us to channel the energy constructively, and feel our way with the new energy.  If you feel that you have a handle on it, take notes (because at other times during the six-month period, you may be more at sea energetically).  There is a song lyric that comes to mind, having seen an old clip of Moloko performing at Glastonbury yesterday:

“Give up yourself unto the moment
The time is now
Give up yourself unto the moment
Let’s make this moment last”

It may not perfectly fit your experience, but it is very Aries energy.  Mars sextile Saturn is a useful aspect on a practical level, and you may feel you have achieved something by the end of the day.  It helps to stabilize and firm up any plans, foundations or active projects you are currently undertaking.

On Tuesday (30th) we revisit the groundbreaking conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto which we encountered in early April, and it occurs in the same position, 24 degrees Capricorn.  You might want to consult your diary at this point.  I wrote at the time:

“This conjunction would bring out extremes, e.g. of behaviour.  It mainly relates to power, and the expansion of ambitions.”

But I also see it as a symbol of hope. It presented itself to us this year at the beginning of the lockdown, when the coronavirus graph was climbing at an alarming rate.  At this time, we are waiting with bated breath to see if recent casual congregations, especially on beaches, are going to have an effect on the graphs, which had been plateauing.  There are spikes around the country, and the government are considering locking down a district in Leicester.  Jupiter with Pluto constitutes an explosion of energy, enthusiasm and power, which can be used for the good, but needs to be controlled.

The next aspect that day, Sun square Chiron, may throw up a problem, and health issues may be to the fore: look after yourselves that day, for if you don’t look after yourself you can’t look after anyone else!  The problem may literally be how to control the explosion of energy created by Jupiter with Pluto.  What needs healing will be uncovered, and the answer may lie in the problem, or deep in the soul.  Time for self-mastery.

Helpfully, the third aspect of the day, occurring late in the evening, is Mercury sextile Uranus, providing answers on the mental plane.  This encourages us to use all the new technology for our communications, and brings new ideas, heightening intuition and telepathy.  Answers to questions early in the day may suddenly flash into our minds.  There may be spectacular surprises.  With Mercury retrograde, you will still need to go carefully.

The new month, starting Wednesday 1st July, brings a crisp conjunction between the Sun and Mercury (at 9 degrees Cancer), and again mentally you may see things clearly. You can apply your mind according to where the House this conjunction falls in your chart, and if you don’t know which that is, then apply it to home and family affairs, emotions and women.

In order to support this and add a sparkle of ingenuity and inventiveness, Uranus sextiles the Sun also in the morning, so your efforts to get your writing, communication and documentation in order may be assisted with some telepathy and higher consciousness, or liaising with a constructive group.

Then there is another possible glitch during the day, with Mercury squaring Chiron, similar to the Sun square Chiron of the previous day, but more exacting mentally in terms of the need for problem-solving or attentiveness to health.  The answer lies in the question, therein lies a clue.

Just before midnight, Saturn re-enters Capricorn, retrograding from Aquarius.  This will set a more cautious tone, e.g. we may hear of further spikes, both geographically in connection with the virus, and in the daily graphs (which seem to have disappeared from our screens since the daily briefings stopped).  There is something in our own lives which we may have left undone, or need to do more properly, some loose ends to tie and firm up.  Saturn will go back to Aquarius in December, when we experience an exciting fresh start when it conjoins Jupiter at 0 degrees of that sign.  Something to look forward to…

But in the meantime, it may be back to the grindstone, and back to reality.  With such places as restaurants due to re-open on Saturday 4th, make that revived business work, it will be hard work, but it is doable.  Hopefully it is part of the plan for humanity, and part of your own individual karmic mission.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – new energy and constructiveness
  • Tuesday – groundbreaking; problems; solutions
  • Wednesday – crystal clear thought; originality and inventiveness; glitches; getting back to important issues which remain

Aspects for the week beginning 21 June 2020

Marcus Rashford

“This is not about politics; this is about humanity”

~ Marcus Rashford

Young footballer Marcus Rashford, aged only 22, procured a stunning U-turn from the government this week, on behalf of children living on the breadline.  The government had refused to extend lunch vouchers through the summer holiday for schoolchildren who needed them.  Marcus wrote an open letter to Parliament, and also opened up in an interview about his own dependence on lunch vouchers growing up, and how his mother struggled to make ends meet, bringing up several children.

His letter:

“On a week that would have opened Uefa Euro 2020, I wanted to reflect back to May 27th, 2016, when I stood in the middle of the Stadium of Light in Sunderland having just broken the record for the youngest player to score in his first Senior International match. I watched the crowds waving their flags and fist-pumping the three lions on their shirts and I was overwhelmed with pride not only for myself, but for all of those who had helped me reach this moment and achieve my dream of playing for the England national team.

Understand: without the kindness and generosity of the community I had around me, there wouldn’t be the Marcus Rashford you see today: a 22-year old Black man lucky enough to make a career playing a game I love.”

That date was an important milestone in his life, and that shows in his transits of the time: Saturn sextile his natal Jupiter – a formative moment in his life; Uranus trine his natal Mars – a life-changing moment in relation to his football career; Pluto trine his natal North Node in Virgo – A profound moment in his destiny.

Before this plea to Parliament, Rashford had been instrumental in raising £20 m for FareShare, a food distribution charity for the vulnerable.  He also recently received an award of special recognition in Greater Manchester for his work in the community.

The government had been sticking to its normal annual policy of withdrawing lunch vouchers in the school summer holidays, with a government minister in the daily briefing reiterating the policy, but such was Marcus’ standing and articulacy, that Boris Johnson had a change of heart, claiming he had “only just heard” about Marcus’s plea.  It was a feelgood moment in the country, in a time of frustration with our policymakers.

Birth Chart

Marcus has 5 out of his 10 planets in Fixed signs, so he does have stickability, both on and off the field.  The Sun in Scorpio is associated with integrity, and also describes his playing style (quick and intense).  He was born on a New Moon in Scorpio, with the Part of Fortune on his Ascendant: this means that he is able to start afresh regularly, and inject new energy into projects.

Like Vera Lynn (see mini-blog, below) he has the Sun conjunct Chiron and is a healer of sorts; in his chart this conjunction is exact.  His Moon too is conjunct Chiron, symbolic of his mother’s struggle in his early life; he feels that wound deeply on her behalf. With Mercury sextile the North Node he also has the Teacher Archetype, and you can see that coming through in the future in his aspiration to do more on behalf of the struggling masses.  Like Vera Lynn too, he has Venus closely conjunct Mars, but in the sign of Sagittarius (passion on the football field for the beautiful game!).  Plus a largesse of heart.

Astrology of the U-turn

We were informed of the U-turn by the government at 1.04 pm on 16/6/20.  The transits for Marcus wereMars exactly square his Mars, he was fighting the good fight!  And Uranus was exactly opposite his natal Chiron: his Inner Rebel (he has Sun square Uranus natally) was kickstarting his Inner Healer (Chiron), triggered by injustice.

The transits for the U.K. chart at the time were: Mars trine its Moon, power to the people! Jupiter sextile its Venus – a triumph. Uranus was opposite its Jupiter, and sextile its natal Uranus – a forced U-turn for its government.  Chiron was sextile its Ascendant, bringing about a healing.

Marcus’s synastry with Boris generally gives Marcus the upper hand: Boris’s Saturn is squared by Marcus Pluto, where Pluto trumps Saturn, and Pluto is Marcus’ ruling planet.  The transits for Boris on the U-turn (I think I need a separate file or blog now for Boris’s U-turns) were Saturn square his Moon (reluctance) and Saturn trine his Mars (being forced to act).

“I don’t even know what to say.  Just look at what we can do when we come together.  THIS is England in 2020”

~ Marcus Rashford


Coming hard on the heels of last night’s Summer Solstice, we have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer early this morning.  This is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon, and so qualifies as the only actual aspect of the week; the other astrological features are not actually aspects.  It is the second in a series of three eclipses, and its appearance at 0 degrees of a sign makes it extra impactful in terms of change and new beginnings.  Give it all the intention you’ve got!  If you know where it falls in  your chart, you can fine-tune your wishes, but otherwise the areas associated with Cancer are the human emotions, family, the home and security, women and mothers, plus roots and ancestry.  On a global scale, nationalism and patriotism (contain the coronavirus within all borders!), and working within the local community, sourcing your food within your country or locality, charity begins at home, etc.

On Tuesday (23rd) again early in the morning, Neptune will be stationary prior to turning Retrograde (joining Mercury Venus Jupiter Saturn and Pluto in a super-retrograde line-up).  What stone might you have not left unturned before one of these planets breaks up this nostalgic party later this week?  What have you left undone, what loopholes are you looking to fix?  What memories have you not yet worked through?  Now is the time to address those.  As far as Neptune itself is concerned,  where are you on your spiritual path? And are you ready to have a period of revision?  What spiritual insights have you gained during lockdown, which you can bank for the future?  Consolidate on what you have learned, put it into practice, and walk your talk.

I am inserting a Fixed Star into the paucity of aspect for this week.  On Wednesday (24th) our Sun is aligned with Tejat (Mu Geminorum), which in the heavens is the toe or front of the foot of the star Castor in Gemini (one of the heavenly twins).  It states in “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld”:

“This star can gently and easily increase the ability to bring spiritual ideas into clear and expressible form as mental concepts and direct ideas, to be shared with others.  There will also be a stimulation of the seventh and eighth chakras, so these ideas may come when least expected.  There may be greater patience with abilities that do not seem to form patterns in the usual sense.  Various cycles such as biorhythms and astrological rhythms will be easier for people.  They will be more patient with themselves having utilized this star or its elixir.  Individuals may also find that it is much easier to express what they have learned without judgement.  They can simply allow the ideas and what they symbolize to fall where they may so that others might absorb them and work with them.”

Last up, this week, is another change of planetary direction.  This time it is Venus which, again early in the morning, goes Direct on Thursday (25th).  Notice your energy first thing on waking this week, it may more than usually indicate how your day will flow.  You may have noticed the relationship testing taking place in her retrograde period since 13th May.  With lockdown especially, we have been confronted with the real nature of our nearest and dearest, and ourselves.  Some relationships have strengthened under this pressure, and some have been put under unbearable strain.  You may now find an easing of pressure, especially now that lockdown measures are easing.  You will be more able to stand back (2 metres, please) and assess the other coolly, and assess your part in the exchange.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – new beginnings and a turning point
  • Tuesday – retracing of your spiritual path
  • Wednesday – higher quality of thought
  • Thursday – less pressure on relationships


Vera Lynn (1917 – 2020)

Vera Lynn (1917 – 2020)

Dame Vera Lynn, a mainstay of the second world war died this week aged 103.  What a unique role she played, sustaining people through her voice!

Birth Chart

With 6 of her 10 planets of water, and Sun in Pisces, she conveyed emotion in her voice, an important resource for the nation in that time.  The Sun was conjunct Mars in her natal chart, reminding us of her connection with the Forces, and that in her own way she was a warrior, helping to sustain the morale of the nation.  Sun trine Saturn gave her a sense of duty and rightness, by all accounts a personality trait she possessed all her life.  But her Sun was also trine Neptune, providing her with great sensitivity at the same time.  With Sun square Pluto, she came to the fore in a time of crisis for the nation and the world.  She was a healer, too, with the Sun conjunct Chiron.  She had the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Uranus, describing a great humanitarian (among other things, she founded a charity “The Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children with Cerebral Palsy”).  She had Mercury conjunct exactly Venus, two planets associated with the voice, in Pisces, the sign of perfection, the perfect voice for the time.  But that conjunction also showed that she was a songwriter, too.  Venus was also conjunct Mars in her chart in Pisces, portraying the Archetype of the “Forces Sweetheart” in Pisces. Venus was trine Saturn, the strength of the message “We’ll Meet Again” and enduring love.  Venus sextile the North Node meant that it was part of her karmic mission, to be a pin up for the masses.  And last but not least:  Mars conjunct exactly Chiron – a healer for those on the battlefields.

“She was not a glamorous sex-bomb pandering to the lonesome soldiers’ lower instincts.  Instead she aroused a wistful yearning for the idealized fiancee.”

~ Dave Laing quoting Paul Du Noyer, in the Guardian Obituary