Martin Kemp

I’m a Libra and try to take a balanced view of any situation.” ~

Martin Kemp, in an interview

Bassist in the band Spandau Ballet, Martin Kemp, and his wife Shirlie released their first album together on Friday, “In The Swing Of It”.  Librans are dubbed the beautiful people of the zodiac, and Martin certainly was first in the queue when they handed out good looks.  He brought out his Autobiography “True” in 2000, and while I read it at the time (I remember poignant detailed narrative about his two brain operations), I could not locate it for the purposes of this blog (it’s buried, somewhere under 19 years of autobiographies, sadly).  I also remember it for a gentle philosophical outlook and faith in life.

Birth Chart

Martin is a double Libran, with both the Sun and Ascendant in that sign, and the Sun conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th House of the Unconscious.  He was born on a New Moon in Libra, with the Moon rising in his chart in that sign (Spandau Ballet were part of the New Romantic movement, and Libra is the sign of romance, too).  With a triple conjunction of Mars/Mercury/Neptune in Scorpio also in his 1st House, he has great personality, charisma and magnetism.  Libra is the sign of the Singer/Musical Archetype, and in addition he has Venus (music and singing) trine his natal Midheaven (Careerpoint).  Natal Mars (the head in medical Astrology) conjunct Neptune may have been a factor in his brain tumours and surgery, though I hasten to add that if you have that conjunction in your chart your chances of that medical condition are still remote.  Worthy of note too is the fact that he has The North Node conjunct Uranus (karmic bands) and Pluto in the 11th House of Bands and teamwork, in Leo, the sign of Performance.


Spandau Ballet were formed when Martin joined Gary’s band in July 1979, when Pluto (ruler of his 2nd House of Finance) was on Martin’s Sun in Libra.  They enjoyed 11 years of success, with such iconic hits as “To Cut a Long Story Short”, “True” and “Gold” (the virtual theme tune to the London 2012 Olympics!).  The band split up in 1990, with later acrimony and legal proceedings (in 1999) related to royalties for the songs (which had been written by Martin’s brother Gary), in a tussle with Tony Hadley, lead singer, and others.

The two brothers went on to develop the acting side of their careers, notably as the Kray twins in the film “The Krays”.  Later on, Martin played villain Steve Owen in the soap series Eastenders, from December 1998.  For his explosive exit from the soap, he had suitably final transits: Pluto sextile his natal Sun in Libra in 12th, and Pluto sextile his natal Ascendant.

The band reunited in 2009, announcing their return on 25th March of that year.  On that day, Chiron was conjunct Neptune in Aquarius – symbolic of a group spiritual healing.  Jupiter was trine exactly Martin’s natal Ascendant on his Creative 5th House cusp, and Uranus was trine his natal Midheaven (Careerpoint).


Martin undertook surgery for two benign brain tumours, beginning in February 1995.  At that time, Neptune was transiting Martin’s I.C. and Saturn (uncertain foundations to life).  It was a difficult time for his wife Shirlie, who in addition to looking after him at home, had two young children to bring up and look after.


“We’re best friends…Martin is my family, he’s my home.” ~

Shirlie, from an interview

Shirlie Kemp, nee Holliman, was one half of the pop duo Pepsi & Shirlie, and girlfriend of Andrew Ridgeley of Wham when she got together with Martin.  But they had both previously fallen for each other on sight or on screen.  Martin says he literally fell in love when he saw her on the television, and she had seen him with Spandau Ballet and was instantly smitten.  She said she thought he had a kind face.  It was George Michael (the other half of Wham) who brought Shirlie and Martin together, and even accompanied them on their first date.  Shirlie is an Aries, a very balancing and complementary sign for Libra.  In their synastry, their Venuses are trined in Virgo and Taurus, a harmonious love.

Theirs is a true romance, and in the videos of the album there is consequently a naturalness to their performance.  The current transits for the album are interesting: For Martin, Mars trine his natal Chiron in Pisces in his 5th House gives him a satisfaction through the healing that creativity brings.  Transiting Pluto trine exactly his natal Venus in Virgo in 12th House is a deep expression of his relationship with Shirley.  For her, Jupiter is trine exactly her Sun – a huge success and showcase for her!  Saturn also trines her natal Venus – an expression of the loyalty and commitment of their relationship.


Roman Kemp is the younger of their two children, and is currently appearing in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.  He normally works as a radio presenter.  So far in the Jungle he has revealed that it was his Nan’s suggestion that Gary bring Martin into the band Spandau Ballet, and that he has seen a UFO.  He describes his father as his best friend.   Martin’s Sun is conjunct Roman’s Jupiter, which suggests a shared sense of humour.  They have a karmic link, in Martin’s Ascendant sextile Roman’s North Node.  George Michael was Roman’s godfather.

Gary Kemp

Martin’s brother Gary of course has played an important role in his life, from bringing him into Spandau Ballet, to co-starring in the Krays.  They are both Libran, a singing/musical brotherhood.  Martin Moon’s in Libra is exactly conjunct Gary’s Sun in Libra, always an important significator of a personal relationship.  They have strong energy for working together: Gary’s Pluto sextiles Martin’s Mars.  Gary’s transits for some of the milestones they shared are:

In the formation of the band, the North Node sextile his Mercury (working karma); for the winning of the legal battle (more significant for Gary), Mars was sextile his natal Saturn (a fight for integrity), but Pluto was square his natal Venus (depicting the huge strain of a longstanding battle for his musical rights).  At the time, Martin had Jupiter on his Descendant (a victory for someone very close to him).  For the reunion of the band in 2009, the Nodal Axis (group karma) squared Gary’s natal Neptune in Scorpio.  2009 was an important year for the brothers, as their parents died within days of each other: Martin had Pluto sextile his Chiron, and Gary had Pluto on his Saturn – a lot to digest, psychologically.

George Michael

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Soul Group…

Shirlie was a backing singer with Wham, and as has been mentioned, a girlfriend of Andrew Ridgeley (who has just brought out his own autobiography).  Shirley and George had a lovely link of Shirlie’s Jupiter closely trine George’s Sun.  Martin’s Chiron was exactly trine George’s Sun.   As for the making of the new album from Martin and Shirlie, she has said: “I could feel him [George Michael’s presence] while I was singing, I knew he was smiling at this. Could this gift have come from him? I don’t know. It’s a lovely  thought, though.”  George’s music is currently being featured in the film “Last Christmas”.

Do a job you are passionate about because it will bring you happiness – all the money in the world is worth nothing if you’re not happy.” ~

Martin Kemp, in an interview


“I’m comin’ up so you better you better get this party started
Get this party started on a Saturday night”

~ sung by Pink

On Friday, the Sun entering Sagittarius set the scene for

“…the general festive pre-Christmas season of Sagittarius. ‘Tis the season to be jolly,… Your enthusiasm and preparations now can help create and inject warmth into the big day, in advance”  I wrote, and hopefully, you felt it.

Today we have the ultimate party aspect, and the best aspect of the year, Venus conjunct Jupiter (at 28 degrees Sagittarius, close to the Galactic Centre), an even more upbeat version of that conjunction than most years, as Jupiter is still in Sagittarius (and more depth and gravitas coming from the Galactic Centre).  Jupiter is soon to enter Capricorn, and will be more sober and sensible in that sign, so let your hair down and embrace the silly season.  It is a great conjunction for getting out and socializing, and pulling out the best jokes from your joke book (if you are not a natural comedian).  It is also a conjunction of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.

In the afternoon, Uranus opposes Mars, so be vigilant for the element of the unexpected.  If you are driving, for instance, check your tyres or any safety issues which may be on the brink.  Another possibility is tempers fraying (yes I agree, it seems unfair to have that on the same day as the perfect social aspect).  It is also the sort of aspect which brings out the Activist Archetype, so you may be campaigning for a particular party or against climate change, or whatever is your highest priority.

On Tuesday (26th) Venus enters Capricorn.  So we have just got the party started, and the great party goer Venus decides to leave Sagittarius, the party venue, leaving the Sun and Jupiter in that sign to keep the background music playing.  So the party may temporarily fall a little flat; Mercury and Mars are still in the intense preceding sign Scorpio, and Venus joins heavyweights Saturn and Pluto in the more responsible sign of Capricorn.  Mercury will revive the party a little when it enters Sagittarius on 9th December, but by then Jupiter will have deserted the party for more serious duties in Capricorn.  The moral of this story is to keep the party bubbling along.  Meanwhile, Venus needs to bring her skill in human relations into the workplace, into administration and public institutions, and into politics (currently much needed).  So if you have started to set up some entertainment for the Christmas period, think further ahead to what might be needed for your relationships to move forward in 2020, and also what is needed in the structures of your life, and begin working towards that.  The upside of Venus in Capricorn is more commitment, loyalty and realism.   The dance of the various planets may seem a bit complicated at this time, but we all have to juggle work and pleasure.

But Tuesday is not bleak!  There is a New Moon in Sagittarius at 4 degrees – yes, the Moon just snuck into the party at 8.11 a.m., and there she will stay for two days, keeping that rhythm going.  The New Moon of course always carries the potential for a new beginning, and in Sagittarius the focus is the global picture.  We may have a message from Greta Thunberg to keep us on track, from her ocean voyage in the middle of the North Atlantic.  She is due to arrive in Lisbon in early December.  It is a good day to declare your intentions for the next month or year in relation to the planet, even if it is an intention to vote Green in the coming election.

Wednesday (27th) brings more progress, this time on the spiritual front, for Neptune Stationary, prior to turning Direct.  It is an opportunity to fine tune relationships, art, or spiritual practices.  After the turnaround has been achieved you may detect greater flow and movement on your spiritual path.  Interactions may be subtle, but subtlety can be powerful.

We are blessed with two trines  on Thursday (28th)!  The first is Mercury trine Neptune, which occurred on 13th of this month, just before Mercury turned direct.  This brings mental inspiration, transcendent wisdom, higher harmony, spiritual journeys, and insight.

In the early evening, Venus will be trine Uranus, so there is a good chance of igniting that party on Thursday.  Venus and Uranus combine to bring exciting meetings, reunions, and sparkling relationships.   In the field of the Arts, it can bring originality and surprise, e.g. to a performance of music.  Ideas for assisting the problems in our society may also crop up, such as community based solutions.

An aspect occurring on Saturday (30th), Mercury sextile Saturn, can enable us to bring all the outlandish ideas of the week into practical reality, as long as we put the work in.  If you are a creative type, you may have received all sorts of ideas this week, which may have seemed like pie in the sky.  Saturday’s aspect affords the opportunity to bake that pie.  [Boris still has the oven ready microwave meal, bear in mind – sorry, couldn’t resist that].  If, however, you have a lot of outstanding paperwork, now’s the time to deal with it.  That will be just as satisfying as completing the entry form for next year’s “Masterchef”.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – sparkling socializing; beware of loopholes
  • Tuesday – duty calls; new beginning
  • Wednesday – spiritual progress
  • Thursday – mental inspiration; social excitement
  • Saturday – practical mental achievement