Happy Mother’s Day!  I am late to blog today, as I have just got back from visiting my new grandson.  It’s the New Moon today, and of all the New Moons, New Moon in Aries is the newest.  It’s time to celebrate yourself, and life in general.  Feel the earth energy rising up from your garden wellies and the rays of heaven pouring down through your Crown Chakra… (showing my hippie roots here -) “You are a child of the Universe no less than the treasured stars;  You have a right to be here.  And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should” (Max Erhmann, “Desiderata”).  What new project are you starting today?  I am hoping to start writing a new feature “That was the week that was”, examining what really did happen in the news and in personal lives.  So often we rush on in our lives (and fail to go placidly amid the noise and the haste) without examining what actually did happen and why.  We are on to the next experience with no time to analyse or learn from history.  I am going to try to make that time, and starting today.  Later today, some excitement bursts forth this evening (UK time) with Mars conjunct Uranus.  If you are skilled at handling explosive energy e.g if you have been trained to dismantle the results, then you can let off the sparklers, but otherwise handle with caution.  Those born with Mars-Uranus aspects or born during a thunderstorm (often the same thing) will know what I mean.  Still later, things could go flat, with Sun opposite Saturn.  What seemed like a good idea, those high jinks, could look very different.  Expectations may have been raised far above capabilities.  The cold light of day could set in just before midnight…Maybe a good night’s sleep will settle things, and there’s hopefully not too much damage done.  It’s an important night to re-align with the Soul, for we start a new 14-year era tomorrow, Monday 4th.  as Neptune in its own sign of Pisces signals the “Era of the Collective Unconscious”.  Chiron acted as Neptune’s herald, entering Pisces earlier this year, and you may have noticed you’ve been pushed to address some of your spiritual issues recently.  In the 14-year period while Neptune has been in Aquarius networking on the internet has expanded exponentially.  Some of its applications have had a callous quality of detachment.  But with Neptune in Pisces the involvement will be more emotional and demonstrate the Oneness of the human spirit.  Compassion will have to enter the picture.  Collectively we will laugh, and collectively we will cry.  Sales of Kleenex will rise.  The emotional web that connects us will be more keenly felt.  This means that we need to learn to define our personal boundaries more firmly.  But it does mean that those of hard heart may turn round and have compassion for their victims.  You may see this early on in Neptune’s reign of its own sign (for an event may symbolize this, and effects are most easily seen initially), but come back to this blog in 14 years’ time and you may see that the process of softening has happened gradually.  It is part of the plan for the Golden Age of Aquarius for hearts to open.  I do love it when a planet goes into its home territory.  There will be a moment of feeling a rightness about it, which some may notice.  On Wednesday (6th) the Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 16 degrees of Aries.  You may be jumping up and down with enthusiasm about something, possibly about a project you started on the New Moon.  Saturday (9th) may see a reversal or pulling back psychologically or practically, with Pluto going stationary prior to turning retrograde.  Have no fear, for a planet’s got to do what a planet’s got to do.  It is part of its motion from time to time, a taking stock.  But it would be helpful to notice what is going on for you psychologically, and see how it may be connected to this event.  For example, if you are in psychoanalysis, you may be literally covering old ground again.  There is a very helpful aspect later in the day, Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries, where thoughts crystallize and you may have a moment of true insight.  So you will start to feel it is worth re-hashing old ground again.  And the North Node is transiting the Galactic Centre this week and next.  From recent research, I have realized that in our lives important spiritual shifts occur when something is transiting the Galactic Centre.  And as the North Node relates to karmic mission, both personal and collectively, it can mean a karmic shift.  Meanwhile, I have re-posted a blog originally hosted elsewhere, about the Nodal Axis and more specifically the South Node.  Though it was posted on 1st April, it is not intended as an April Fool’s joke.