You may feel that you were losing the plot last week, or that events in the world were going round in circles.  Has there been any progress in Libya, you might have wondered?  And what is going on in Japan?  In the UK, the government announced that they would not immediately be implementing their new NHS policies, to give time to “pause, listen, reflect and improve” them, playing for more time in order to “explain to the public”.  At the same time, UK nuclear plans were delayed, by at least three months, because of the lessons thrown up by the Japanese situation.  In the U.S. a federal government shutdown was narrowly averted.  In a week where the main astrological features were Neptune entering Pisces and Pluto going retrograde, the nature of events was hidden or appearing to tread water.  The conglomeration of planets in fire sign Aries did have an effect on UK weather.  We had a heatwave (the previous hottest April being in 1949 when there was also a satellitium in Aries – coincidence?) and on the irresistible TV programme “Lambing Live” the lambs came out to play and basked in the sunshine.  That was the week that was: I originally planned a separate blog on this, but I lost the plot and went round in circles with it.

All the action this week comes in a 7-hour time frame, which in the UK is 20.41 Hrs Monday (11th) to 3.59 a.m. Tuesday (12th).  The nature of the events will be similar around the world, but different times of day may give rise to different scenarios.

Coming up to the Mars-Uranus conjunction a week ago, we had a wave of action: in the Ivory Coast (now in stalemate), the Middle East (now in stalemate), Afghanistan protest against Koran burning in the U.S. and a peaceful PC killed in Northern Ireland.  For Monday night’s square between Mars and Pluto I would give similar advice: “If you are skilled at handling explosive energy, e.g. if you have been trained to dismantle the results, then you can let off the sparklers, but otherwise handle with caution.”

The Tuesday morning aspect is kinder and promises upbeat communication (Mercury conjunct Jupiter, at 17 degrees Aries), and if it can be dealt with separately from the earlier aspect, better results will ensue.  But by their proximity, the two events may merge into one.  So bearing in mind that you need to be fully present in order to create the optimum experience in that 7 hour period, here is a round the world tour:

UK Monday night, Tuesday morning:  You arrive home from work exhausted, and a bit touchy.  You force yourself to have a meditation, knowing that the peaceful vibes may be able to dispel any conflict or confrontation over who has the upper hand with the TV remote control.  You congratulate yourself that a major incident has been averted. Then you retire to try and sleep, but your mind is very active (Mercury conjunct Jupiter) and you find the best way to move through this situation is to read a volume of Encyclopaedia Britannica on your Kindle.  If you should fall asleep, a vision of Utopia may be presented in your dreams.

US Monday afternoon/tea-time (U.S. readers I am sure you don’t call it tea-time, please correct me):  At the office, there is a major conflict of interest, and two sides may polarize, over which brand of water to use in the water-cooler.  Whether it is better to use the more ecological brand, or the cheaper brand bearing in mind the economic stringencies of our times.  Of course the U.S. version of The Office is not the same as the original Ricky Gervais version, but is just as true to life.  For those staying a little late in the Office to smooth things over, you will find that useful discussions can take place during the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction, and deeper layers of understanding about the earlier Mars-Pluto skirmish can be understood and debated.

Australia Monday morning/lunchtime: You wake with a burst of energy, but realize that unfocussed or if not properly channeled, the energy may clash with others who are also bursting to express their raw energy.  A barbie on the beach may be one way to focus the energy, but there may be better, cooler ways.  You could find yourself defending the underdog, or protecting the environment, or just taking a cool dip in non-crocodile-infested waters.  Spiritually, you can practice forgiveness, towards ignorant foreign bloggers promoting stereotypes.  Surviving the Mars-Pluto square, you can then focus your mind constructively on the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction and your brilliant piece of writing for your local newspaper,  reporting what you observed in your neighbourhood earlier in the morning, or your insights as you performed the Salute to the Sun in your early morning yoga routine.

Libya On Monday evening the Moon conjuncts Gaddafi’s Mars, stimulating his emotions (over and above the Mars-Pluto square) and the Nodal Axis squares his natal Neptune, producing a sense of isolation and confusion in his bunker for that time.  For his P.R. son Saif, Venus will be square his Moon, and his personal life may feel uneasy, but Saturn will be trine his Saturn and he may be feeling more in control than usual.

Japan on Monday morning will still be feeling a sense of being uninformed (Moon squaring natal Neptune, confused emotion) but Pluto (planet of long-term and deep change) is trine the Ascendant of the Japan natal chart, and trine the Sun which enables them to carry on nobly bearing their environmental and emotional trials.  Pluto in favourable aspect by transit in this way mitigates to some extent the harsher aspects of the Mars-Pluto square and enables them to apply some of their philosophy in a constructive way.  Trust is not quite the right word, in the post-traumatic state they find themselves in, and acceptance may be a better word,  but at least there may be a deeper understanding for some.  Later in the morning or early afternoon, Mercury conjunct Jupiter may reveal some information which had been withheld, and which is useful, and may be better than they expected.

And the rest of the week

There are no major aspects for the rest of the week, and you may profitably spend the rest of the week digesting the Monday night/Tuesday morning scenarios.  If you find you have caught up, you can do some advance homework, working on the upcoming Full Moon of next Monday (18th April) at 27 degrees Libra.  The best work you can do is to harmonize the polarity of Aries and Libra within yourself, which is your own needs (Sun in Aries) balanced with those of close partners (Moon in Libra).  So that might entail more meditation to connect with what is necessary for you, and more discussion and communication with partners to understand how the assertion of your own needs affects them, and how far you can support them in their own quest.

P.S. I have created a new category: Mayan Calendar.  As well as the recent guest blog by Asia Haleem about the Babylonians, the Mayan Calendar and the Transit of Venus, O’Douce has now delivered a film of herself giving readings on the Mayan Calendar at a Festival – see the Interview “Swimming with Dolphins”


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