I’ve been avoiding writing about Libyan defector Moussa Koussa for weeks because I have seen 3 different phonetic interpretations of the spelling of his name and I didn’t want to have to choose. But he does seem to have become a bridge or symbol of past and future karma between Britain and Libya. Moussa Koussa’s Pluto is trine the U.K. chart Sun/Mercury so he is and has been capable of having a powerful impact on our country. His natal North Node ( karmic mission) is sextile the U.K. Mars (conflict) and his Uranus (capacity to surprise) is trine our Mars.  He is a Mars-conjunct-Sun warrior with a socialite Jupiter trine Venus ( a similar mix of qualities to Gaddaffi’s son Saif). At this point in time the North Node is trine his North Node: the bridge is activated. The karmic entanglements are complex, and even the U.S. has karmic history with Libya, such as in the Lockerbie event when U.S. citizens died along with our U.K. citizens. The Lockerbie disaster is said to have been masterminded by Moussa Koussa/ Musa Kusa/ Mousa Kousa. Mondays Full Moon has been covered in advance last week (opportunity to put my feet up): ” The best work you can do is to harmonize the polarity of Aries and Libra within yourself, which is your own needs (Sun in Aries) balanced with those of close partners (Moon in Libra). So that might entail more meditation to connect with what is necessary for you, and more discussion and communication with partners to understand how the assertion of your own needs affects them, and how far you can support them in their own quest.” Synchronistically the Sun/Moon opposition which comprises the Full Moon set-up runs exactly across Moussa Koussa’s karmic nodes (North to South respectively, and as I said the Moussa Koussa/ U.K./U.S. karma is so complex that at this point they may all be forced to work together. Also on Monday (18th) Mars opposes Saturn, an aspect involving immovable obstacles (such as Gaddafi?).  How you handle this depends upon where you are with this process whether you identify with the mover and shaker (Mars) the immovable obstacle (Saturn) or the intermediary (the transcended Aries-Libra polarity just described, as this opposition also falls across those two signs).  It might  help to simply work out your role, and to know who you are working with, or dealing with (even if it is only yourself).  Next up, on Tuesday (19th) Mars conjuncts Mercury, which represents the inner critic (John Ruskin the art critic had this in his natal chart, and I am still working on a blog for him). There will be an awful lot of critiquing going on, but of course some of us could manifest or project or conjure an outer critic to work with (“how dare they say that?”). The Sun enters Taurus on Wednesday (20th) when our thoughts could turn to the herbs we need to heal ourselves. Best to plant them, because on 1st May a European Union Directive (“The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive”) may affect our right to buy our favourite supplements from health food shops. It’s a pity we can’t plant our own seaweed as there’s evidence of pollution of this valuable healing plant from the Japanese disaster. I have been taking such a supplement, Spirulina, for 20 years.  Also on Wednesday the Sun sextiles Neptune in the evening in the U.K., so it is a good day to say the Japanese water prayer.   If you are planting by the Moon, note that the Moon will be in Sagittarius (favouring wide open spaces) but also squaring Neptune (maybe not a good idea to plant by the sea).  Consult a planting by the Moon book I’d say, as I am not a gardener, nor an expert on Moon planting.  On Thursday (21st) Venus enters Aries, which is good for learning self-esteem, or as Sarah Ferguson did recently, learning to love your body: “I’ve got a really good waist and a great pair of bosoms.  Plus the pins aren’t bad” she recently revealed in an interview.   According to a snippet of day-time television I happened to see while passing, a young girl of 6 was writing in her diary about weight issues.  The mother Angela Epstein snooped at the diary (don’t try this at home), then realized she might have impressed her own issues on the daughter.  This has been spotted and labeled as a trend…  So this is an issue which can be healed or worked on under Venus in Aries.  Friday (22nd) is the sort of day which is sparkling for love (self-, and other kinds) and for bumping into strangers or old friends, with Venus conjunct Uranus.  It ‘s a day when you could latch onto an ideology, philosophy or new idea which can heal issues of self-esteem or issues surrounding body image or dysmorphia.  Look out for such ideas in the media, or interesting encounters while out shopping.  And, for those desperate to regain some control over their communications – Whoohoo!  Mercury goes direct again on Saturday (23rd) and just watch your emails gliding smoothly, your trains running in perfect timing, and your computers running without crisis…My Customer Service Desk is taking a week’s holiday.