Uranus in Pisces is currently exactly conjunct the Sun in the chart of Tibet, if we take the chart of 10 March 1959 at 6 a.m. If ever there was an indication of rebellion, from a literal cri de coeur, that would be it. The transit of Uranus to the Tibetan Moon will happen in April 2009, bringing more emotional and patriotic stirrings, but in the meantime, if the birth time is correct, then this week also sees the transit of Uranus to the Part of Fortune in this chart. I would interpret that as an expression of the spirituality of Tibet. Will that come from a statement by the Dalai Lama himself perhaps, who has asked that the Tibetan restrain themselves from resorting to violence? A more heavyweight transit comes in February, May and December 2009 with transiting Pluto trining the natal Pluto for Tibet. In an individual’s chart this would mean a process of empowerment. It is difficult to picture a material victory at this time for Tibetans, but a moral victory may be on the cards, and a symbol of the spiritual power of Tibetan Buddhism.