Happy Easter Sunday to all my readers!  Did you feel a minor tide turn yesterday, after Mercury stopped in its tracks preparing to turn Direct?  I felt the need to rest as it turned Stationary, but then as I began to hear reports of movement, I became re-energised.  I hope it does make some lives easier.  We have today a sextile between the Sun and Chiron.  This may put healing back on the map for you.  Self-healing, if not actual resurrection, is an issue which can be worked on.   Through the course of history, we gradually lost that sense of miraculousness prevalent in biblical times, and may in some areas be harking back to it now.  I have just read a book called “The Healing Code” by Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson, promoting an all-encompassing method of healing.  I enjoyed reading it, and have got to the stage of trying to practise it.  You will probably have your own favourite alternative healing modalities to try today if you want to work with the Sun/Chiron sextile.  One of my favourites is working with the Fixed Stars, and the star aligned with our Sun today is Mesarthim (the Gamma star in Aries), a double star. ‘Tis written in “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld in relation to this star: “…a clearing away must occur before building can take place.  In finding the correct balance between these [two stars and balancing] many individuals will have deeper insight into their own personal karma and what they have come here to learn.  Thus, an enlightened karmic perspective is enhanced by the use of Mesarthim.” With an emphasis on Chiron and Pluto in the aspects this week, it’s all about digging deep and finding the insights which will provide the healing for you.  “The Healing Code” claims on its cover “6 minutes to Heal the Source of any Health, Success or Relationship Issue”.  It is the Relationship Issue which will come under the healing spotlight on Wednesday (27th), for Pluto squares Venus.  This aspect will expose the cracks within a relationship, give insight into their nature, and show where Unity is needed.  So whether the relationship is a personal one, or the relationship between a dictator and his rebels, or a coalition government preparing for a test of the voters’ allegiance, or two families coming together preparing for a wedding, there will be some sort of last minute panic – will the relationships hold?  Can they ever come together in Unity?  Fortunately, on Thursday (28th), at the last minute before the proposed Union (at least for the U.K., in the shape of the Royal Wedding) the Sun trines Pluto, a sign that extremes can find Unity if they search themselves long and hard enough.  If you want your big preparations, e.g. for a street party, to come together, Thursday’s your day!  From what I have been hearing, on the streets, and in the trains, there is a big split.  I don’t like to fuel stereotypes but most of the women I have spoken to intend to watch a little of the Royal Wedding on the T.V., while most of the men intend to make it an excuse to do something else…So the Big Day is Friday 29th, and here in the U.K. we have been granted a National Holiday.  I did post a blog around the time of the royal engagement (20th November 2010: under the category “From my Postbag”) about the wedding day.  I added comments as the date, and then the time, were announced.  So, again, I can put my feet up as I report.  On 23rd November I wrote: ” I will write again when they give the schedule and there is a time of marriage, but looking at the chart for Noon, the Sun is on the Midheaven so there is a bright Royal event with possibly the Sun shining which will be nice for the national holiday and the photos. If the wedding takes place around Noon the Ascendant will be Sun-ruled and Regal Leo.”  I added on 9th January: “The Ascendant (previously calculated for Noon) is still Leo, and therefore Sun-ruled adding to the regal flavour, pomp and circumstance – no holds barred on this.”  The weather according to this morning’s “Observer” states: “The unseasonably warm Mediterranean weather is expected to begin to retreat next week, with temperatures cooling in the runup to the royal wedding….The really warm weather will give way by Tuesday and temperatures will be down on what they have been, although still above the average…London is expected to be clear and dry for the royal wedding.”  One of the stated aims of the royal wedding was to provide a distraction for the populace from the economic woes…well the word on the street and the train is certainly that we are all welcoming an extra National holiday, not sure whether it distracts or highlights the economic woes, though.  But I do sincerely wish the royal couple, William and Kate, and indeed all young couples starting out, all the very best in their effort to balance out their relationships.  My husband and I are ourselves celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary on Thursday.  I haven’t googled 38 yet, but he tells me it’s Velcro.

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