Hope you didn’t see any flying buddhas last week…and that’s all I’m going to say about the weather in this blog. Venus is trine Mars today, and the Moon is trine with the Sun, which promises at least a balance between the sexes, and romantic trysts for some…and that’s all I’m going to say about male-female relations in this blog. Tomorrow (17th) Mercury is opposite Saturn, cutting short communications… and that’s – a stuck record. Tuesday (18th) is more dynamic, with Mercury trine Mars, the energy is beginning to flow more readily, people will be more inclined to open up and warm to their themes, take action and walk their talk. Trains will be punctual, signatures will appear on dotted lines, information no longer withheld. That’ll bring a sense of relief, as we let go of the winter in preparation for the Spring Equinox. For the entry of the Sun into Aries occurs at 5.48 a.m. (UK time) on Thursday (20th), and perhaps Mother Nature will wave a magic wand. So it’s bring on your Spring wardrobe, pack away the Winter woollies, and wear a smile. You’ll need some sort of chocolate fortifications for Easter Friday (21st), which brings a square between Sun and Pluto, and a Full Moon in Libra. To be fair, Easter always brings an emotional crisis because it’s calculated on the Full Moon, as it was in biblical times. So we should be quite practised now in its symbolisms and outworkings in our lives and charts (think back to all the Easters you’ve known: is there a pattern or theme?) If you are a traditionalist, you will need look no further than your local church or synagogue. But if you are looking for a new paradigm, try the latest book by Chris Griscom “The Evolution of God”. I’ve only just got my copy, and it’s hardly unwrapped, but I’m hoping to find time to read it over Easter. Happy Easter, and happy reading, gardening and/or worshipping to you!