The opportunity to vote for or against the Alternative Vote is coming up on Thursday, a consequence of the Coalition.  The Coalition itself was a consequence of the hung parliament which arose as a result of last year’s election. The hung parliament was an expression of the deadlock of the t-square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, the aim of which was to dismantle social institutions which weren’t working, in this case the traditional voting system (the aim of the T-square was not to dismantle social institutions which were working, such as the NHS, as David Cameron seems to have interpreted it…!).  So the coalition was formed, from a tight  electoral result: Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib Dems, chose to ally with the Conservatives. Karmically, he and David Cameron had more in common and were born weeks apart, sharing the placement of the outer planets. There had been an option of allying with Labour, but there was no natural harmony with Gordon Brown, and Gordon Brown was clearly the last stand of the New Labour movement. The tight result of the election, and the resulting Coalition, was the fitting expression for the astrological aspects. I have not blogged about this since then, but believe now that David Cameron has not played fair, and indeed has taken advantage of Nick Clegg’s Capricornian Scapegoat Archetype.  The Coalition itself may be a pre-birth Contract between the two.  David Cameron, who has lately taken to flaunting his class, is not only a Libran, capable of balancing forces and people, but he’s a Super-Libran! He is not an easy-going Libran – he’s a powerful double Libra with the Sun in Libra rising with his ruler Venus in the first house of his birthchart. He is a therefore a power-wielding Libran, having the strength for his role as P.M.   He is given extra assistance by Jupiter on the cusp of his 11th House of Friendships and Groups, sextile his Ascendant, and the effect is a living example of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.  His Saturn (entrenchment of Institution) opposes Nick Clegg’s natal Uranus (desire for reform). This vote regarding the alternative system is a historic opportunity.  Many people seem undecided about it, even cagey about their voting intentions.  I am going to vote in favour (this is not an impartial blog) as I am tired of election after election voting for either Lib Dem or Green Party, and having nothing to show for it, always living in the heartland of one or other of the two main parties.  I’m with Eddie Izzard (said to be the youth vote) on this! A Yes vote may help balance the karma of this Coalition as the referendum is the one concession the Conservatives have granted the Lib Dems.