For those who followed the occasion, it was the perfect Royal Wedding.  I watched it through the lens of the Royal Wedding of 1981, a fairytale commoner marrying her Prince: beautiful princess, fairytale dress, huge public support…in the intervening years the dream would turn sour, illusions shattered, and Diana, mother-of-two dying tragically in Paris.  As I watched the happiness of William riding in the open carriage after the ceremony,  I was moved to think that he was attempting to neutralize all the Royal karma and his own heartaches, in this match.  His relationship with Kate was not an unknown fairytale pipe dream, it had been tried and tested over 8 years.  She is a decorous and realistic Capricorn, and they tried both to honour the best of their family traditions but also not to replicate any of the mistakes or loopholes of the past.  Well done to them.  My highlights were:  the delicately laced dress, the tree-lined Abbey, the beauty of the Abbey itself (aerial photography has come a long way), the spine-tingling hymn “Jerusalem”, and the spiritual clarity of the sermon by the Bishop of London.  The Sun did come out, at strategic points, just as it had during the funeral of Princess Diana.  Meanwhile and in contrast, in the United States, President Obama was visiting the sites of the worst tornadoes in many years.  How can you have such contrasts when a day might have the same aspects?  Often it is the application of aspects to natal charts, which takes precedence.  And I have noticed that when there is a run of days without major aspects, the unexpected comes in.  In this case, Uranus is squaring the U.S. Venus at this point in time, and that may be the cause or one factor.  Today we have two major aspects, very different in nature (so again but for different reasons, we may see contrasting happenings).  First, Venus opposes Saturn, a deflation in relation to affairs of the heart.  Perhaps with the flight of Kate and Wills in the helicopter, the euphoria subsides and the humdrum takes over.  I am sure they have given us all, even their detractors, something to think about.  The other aspect, in complete contrast,  is Mars conjunct Jupiter at 22 degrees Aries.  There could not be a more enthusiastic aspect, so maybe you have party plans of your own, a barbecue perhaps, where you can use up the paper cups and doilies left over from the street party.  If you have not planned a party, maybe you can throw an impromptu one.  Some area of your life is taking off now (the House covered by the sign of Aries) and today may be ignition day.  In my own chart, for instance, it occurs in the 12th House of the Unconscious, so my subconscious may be firing on all cylinders (but I am unconscious of that – LOL).  On Tuesday (3rd) there is an Earth New Moon at 12 degrees Taurus.  Time to plough forward with what really has value for you in your life.  Again it will be optimal to plough forward in the area of life covered by the House which occupies Taurus in your chart, if you know what that is.  For example, if it is your 4th House, then il faut cultiver votre jardin in the immortal words of Candide, and quite literally get out into the garden.  A lot of people I know are finding increasing solace out there, including hubby who after this hot spell is finding the earth very dry, and praying for rain.  A friend of mine declared the wedding day her weeding day, and she’ll be out there I am sure.  Whatever you do on Tuesday will serve as a springboard for the rest of the month.  On Thursday 5th May we have local elections in the U.K., but most importantly the Alternative Vote for a new electoral system.  My thoughts about the Alternative Vote have spilled over onto a separate blog.  Read it only if you are prepared to listen to a biased opinion!  And finally, I would like to mention Sathya Sai Baba, who we lost on Easter Sunday, I learned, after blogging that we had forgotten the art of miraculousness.  The Guardian wrote a scathing piece headlined “Guru Tosh”.  We live in a cynical age.  I would just like to put on record that (in my humble opinion) I believe him to be a genuine Avatar, have personally been the recipient of one of his miracle manifestations, and know others who have received his divine interventions in their lives.