I’ve been a subscriber to this treasure of a magazine for 22 years, and have kept some of the vintage copies. The current issue (find the link to their website on my Contacts page) has a printed copy of my mandala “Sextuplets” on its cover. The mandala, which I painted in July 2005, represents my Light Body page on this website. The Editor has written on the editorial page of Breathe: “The cover image is from ANON? I know someone will recognize it and say ‘Hey, that’s my design’. DO let me know. It happened like this: an email arrived with an image or a link to images; I made a copy, stored it in a folder for the next issue of Breathe then a few months later realized I didn’t make a link to the person who sent the email; now I can’t remember who sent it.” Breathe magazine began in the early 1980s growing out of the Rebirthing Breathwork movement that formed around the ideas of Leonard Orr. In the last 10 years Breathe has focussed on varieties of breathing techniques used for healing and self-development, including Holotropic, Buteyko and others. The current issue has some very worthwhile articles as always: Healing Post-Traumatic Stress and Life Mastery and Quantum Reality shift among them. I look forward to being properly credited in the next issue.