Confused? This is the Easter blog and we have the full snow scene…I am wearing three layers of the winter woollies I had scheduled to put away last week. We are contemplating regeneration, rebirth and resurrection and the pictures outside don’t match, well in the UK at least. Are you over the Cardinal T-square between the Sun, Moon and Pluto on Good Friday? Are you ready for the rebirthing of this first week of Spring? If it’s your birthday this week, you’ll probably manage it better than most, because you carry that Aries fire into everything that you do. Our Aries of the week is Sir Alan Sugar, a real Ram, with both the Sun and Moon in this sign. A new series of the Apprentice reminds us all that the first week of Spring is a good week to launch any new enterprise, or renew an existing successful TV series. Here in East Anglia we are launching Med Pod, devoted to the exchange and analysis of interesting meditations. If you want a tip for a starting time, tomorrow lunchtime (Monday 24th, Sir Alan’s actual birthday) is looking good, with Venus conjunct Mercury favouring artistic and business ventures and all their permutations. So make that the actual start of Med Pod, then. Wednesday (26th) evening at 9 p.m. is the start of the new series of the Apprentice, which is not an astrological aspect, but may give you a chance to see the Aries fire in action, with the corresponding Aries verbals such as “You’re fired!”. But it’s towards the end of the week when the intense action begins, starting on Thursday (27th) when we have two significant aspects to Mercury – a sextile with Jupiter and a conjunction with Uranus, both dynamic and both related to the development of thought, business and travel. There is a double thrust in these activities, characterized by expansion and innovation. On Friday (28th) our Sun is aligned with the fixed star Algenib in the constellation of Pegasus the winged horse, at the tip of its wing. This is the first major fixed star we encounter in the Astrological new year and is credited in “Starlight Elixirs” by Fred Rubenfeld and Michael Smulkis as being helpful to creative visualization. Friday is also the turn of Venus to shine, with her own enjoyment of the sextile with Jupiter and conjunction with Uranus. So the dynamism is applied to our social lives and relationships, adding a sparkle to these, champagne celebrations and brilliantly original artistic directions. It would be a great day to re-kindle an old friendship, or make a surprise new contact. Facebook will be buzzing. However, the important focus of the week, toward which all these bright initiatives and warm relations have been networking, comes on Saturday (29th) when Jupiter sextiles Uranus. This is of major importance in connecting two areas of our lives, one where we are expanding and radiating outwards, and the other where we are receving the latest information through our telepathic vehicles, downloading information about how to create a new life on a personal level, and renew the planet on a more worldwide level. Vow to recycle all the plastic bags you’ve got, and equip yourself with enough holdalls made of natural materials that you never again get caught short having to buy another plastic bag. And take part in Earth Hour at 8 p.m. that day (see their website), a global movement to switch off all lights for an hour.