I ought to be reporting back from the Eurovision song contest,  if you are reading this on Sunday.  By that time I will be touring Cologne,  perhaps even visiting the chocolate factory. So my account of any escapades of the phobic four won’t appear until next week or not at all, unless particularly newsworthy…But if it’s the aspects for the week ahead you are primarily interested in look no further. On Sunday evening in the U.K. Venus and Mercury leave the rootin’ tootin’ battlefield of Aries where they have had to argue every point, and enter the rose gardens of Taurus, where they can enjoy a mini-renaissance, a festival of art and literature.  It would be the ideal circumstances to begin writing a book with illustrations on every page; combinations of words and pictures will work well together.  Mercury, Venus and Mars are performing a concerto in the early degrees of Taurus this week, with aspects to  Chiron in early Pisces, and Pluto in early Capricorn.  On Monday (16th) Venus and Mercury dance cheek to cheek, and it may be one of those days where you see everything coming together especially when you are engaged in discussion – you can come to an agreement.  It could be a successful  week, potentially, but it will take work on your part.  Venus with Mercury will be good for dialogue and sweet talk, including diplomatic initiatives, e.g. for dictators to start talking to rebels without shouting.  Mercury/Venus sextiles Neptune on the same day, so there is a spiritual uplift to this creativity.  Savour the day.  The Full Moon in Scorpio dominates on Tuesday (17th) and you’ll need to deal with strops or tantrums from someone in your circle, if it’s not you.  Someone is fed up with the status quo.  But this week generally has a lot going for it, and this may be the only fly in the ointment.  The new series (number 7) of The Apprentice continues on Wednesday evening (18th), Sir Alan Sugar currently having Uranus (enterprising candidates) on his Sun in Aries (gruff persona), trine his shrewd Saturn in Leo (entertainment).  This series looks to be a stunner as befits his transit, so watch if you need to fill in time between all the planetary action, and if you enjoy the caricatures, the wild boasting, and the business ploys.  Melody, the successful Project Manager in the first show, has elevated credentials: “I was trained by Al Gore…I was personally taught by Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.”  I hope there’s an App, for that.  Mars/Mercury sextiles Chiron on Thursday (19th), ensuring your words will be heard loud and clear (wild boasting included), and more seriously also have the desired effect, which might be to heal a symptom, or a situation.  There may be a slight health and safety issue, so don’t ignore the basics, such as looking at fine print and checking your tyres.  By the Friday (20th) Venus too joins the sextile with Chiron: three chances for healing.  If you are a healer, join with others and role play Venus, Mercury, Mars and Chiron in a healing circle or psychodrama.  It’s a powerful line-up for healing, well-being, personal fitness and lifestyle choices.  If your path is not involved with healing, it may be a very active and productive day for you with healing side effects or by-products, especially in earth or ecological related activities.  On top of that, Mars trines Pluto, so an enormous amount can be achieved energetically.  For best results, do the communing/healing or the practical work first, and you can release a huge amount of potential energy, for constructive purposes.  If you’re in a war zone, there will be a lot going on, and though the two war planets Mars and Pluto are  working together, in a dangerous situation violence can still get out of hand.  Be aware.  Mercury, three hours later, trines Pluto – a chance to execute the perfec t post-mortem on the day’s events.  Saturday (21st) brings Mercury and Mars together in a conjunction.  The truth is, all three planets have been huddling together all week, and have hardly left each others’ side.  There is definitely a group effort going on.  The Sun, leading, now leaves the sign of Taurus, scene of most of the week’s  action, and enters Gemini, the sign of fresh air and variety.  The tone of cosiness is partially overtaken by a nimbler mental atmosphere beginning to emerge.  We may still be ploughing furrows, with Venus/Mercury/Mars still in Taurus, but we are also engaging on the mental plane, and receiving ideas for future applications (or Apps) of current practical activities.  The week ends with a heartwarming trine between Venus and Pluto, ideal conditions for expressing or unburdening feelings.  As with Mars trine Pluto, there is still scope for feelings to get out of hand, but by and large it’s favourable for exploring art, music, relationships or even financial issues.  There’s something for everyone this week.