If you like to wing it, thrive under last minute pressure (Aries for instance), come back and read this blog on Wednesday.  If on the other hand you like to plan your diary (Capricorn, Virgo) in detail, start making notes now.  For there is an absence of major aspects until Wednesday this week.  This could have several different implications and applications.  Firstly, it may mean there is a vacuum and the Universe may have an agenda of its own to fulfil, often unexpectedly.  Secondly, there may be a literal “absence” of something in your life.  Thirdly, you may refine the last aspect which occurred (the healing challenges of last Thursday’s Sun square Chiron).  Fourthly, you can work at a blending of the last aspect (Sun square Chiron) and the next aspects, on Wednesday, which appear in this blog.  Regarding the content of this blog, which over the last couple of years has become more “newsy”, several people have said to me this week that they have stopped reading, watching or listening to the news because it is too distressing.  New Agers especially tend to do this, one reason given being in order to keep up their vibes.  Ironically, since I started this blog (four years ago) I have gone from describing the aspects plainly, to featuring the occasional celebrity profile, to now looking at the news on the whole, which means I am more glued to current affairs.  I think one reason for engaging in current affairs is that you can work with meditation and healing on the spiritual path in more connectivity.  However, there is value in drawing a line in how much you do take in, so that you are not too distressed to work with it on your spiritual path.  It depends how much “in overwhelm” you are, and taking into account the rigours of your own life.  So, if you are still working with last Thursday’s Sun square Chiron, you can continue to make strides now.  It was an uncomfortable ride for me going to the Festival of Mind-Body-Spirit.  As I mentioned last week I had chosen a past-life workshop and a future-life workshop.  Just to make it more challenging, the future life workshop was scheduled before the past-life one, and finished as the other was beginning.  So I found myself stunned leaving the future life workshop just having travelled to 1000 years’ hence, then straight into the past life workshop given by Andrea Foulkes from the Pleiades.  I joined my old friend June (who doesn’t do internet or my blog) who was trying to make some sensible initial conversation with me (in vain) and Andrea took us on a pleasant meditative journey.  There was to be a theme of “going karmic neutral” which we both missed (but remember I was still in 3000-odd A.D.).  However, the Universe remedied this with a heavy downpour of torrential rain and a thorough cleansing on our journey home.  So I have enough material to digest before Wednesday, and trust you have too.  On Wednesday morning (1st June) Saturn trines the Sun, and you can step steadily on the first rung of a long term plan.  Anything you undertake that morning (UK time) should be on solid ground, a firm foundation.  Later, in the evening, there is a Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Gemini.  This is a chance for a new intellectual outlook, perhaps in conversation with friends, or in exploring your own mind.  If it is your birthday around now, it could be a turning point for you.  There is generally an emphasis on the sign Gemini and the planet Mercury this week, so it may be an important week for you if these feature heavily in your chart make-up.  So on Thursday (2nd) we find that Mercury enters Gemini, and that day will be quintessentially Geminian.  You could be bombarded, for instance, with news and information, and may feel you need to put down that newspaper, switch off the radio or the television, and digest the things that are important for you.  Soft-focus your left brain, if it gets too much.  Turning up the right brain a little may help you relax, for instance.  There must be a dial in the brain that enables us to do that fine tuning…On Friday (3rd) Mercury squares Neptune, and if you didn’t soft focus on Wednesday or Thursday, you will now.  You may feel a bit scrambled or confused, and will need to lie in a darkened room if you haven’t got the hang of the brain dial yet.  This occurs at 7.05 a.m. in the U.K. (employers be aware: sickie alert) and may be a useful note in your diary, to plan your day accordingly.  It is compounded 20 minutes later by Neptune standing still, preparing to move in retrograde motion.  There is some sort of Universal brain connection which is undergoing some switchover, and this may be reflected in the news.  It is like a reorientation after a sea change, and may be felt on both the individual and on the collective level.  We are of course all being held in suspense at what Cheryl Cole is going to do, after the U.S. did not take to her Geordie accent.  Neptune is currently trine her Mars, so her whole relationship with men in general is under review, and this may be an important time for her spiritually, in understanding her dependency issues and finding her own inner strength.  The tide does change on Saturday (4th) with a refreshing new emphasis brought about by Jupiter entering Taurus.  It has completed its work in Aries in forgeing the fervent Arab Spring.  New hope now returns to the land and farming, and new initiatives will start to come in to the world of finance and economists (Vince Cable being one such Taurean).  Generally, if you are an April Taurean you will feel the benefit over the next few months, but if like Vince you are a May Taurean the benefits may accrue next year.  Lastly, on Saturday evening, Mercury sextiles Uranus, and that brain dial I talked about earlier becomes more easily serviceable, and links up with your intuition.  New ideas may flash into your mind, and new inventions can be pursued.  Technology is favoured, and old world communication (snail mail for instance) and new world communication (i phones and the like) can happily interplay and co-exist.  My elderly aunt this week was complaining that the government are expecting her to own a computer and have the wherewithal to be able to email, which are completely beyond her reach.  Perhaps under Mercury sextile Uranus the government can consider picking up these stitches.