…segueing nicely on from last week, Aries of the week (don’t worry, it’s not going to become a regular feature) and today’s birthday boy is Piers Morgan whose Solar return gift from the Universe was winning the U.S. Celebrity Apprentice. Aggression rules the day it seems today, because Sun is square Mars and even those who have a prominent Appeaser archetype in their make-up could get steamed up today. A reminder to those in the UK who have woken up with a hangover today that you have also lost an hour of time for whatever you were planning to do. Irritating? That sums up the mood today. But some of you may have been feeling aggressive for a few days, and the build-up to this aspect may be responsible. So channel any superfluous energy into some painting or singing, but resist the temptation to flick paint at your painting companion or shatter chandeliers with your vocals. Monday and Tuesday the raw energy is likely to ebb away, and when we reach Wednesday (2nd April) be ready for switches in gear. First Pluto goes stationary prior to turning retrograde, and it’s a good time to assess how far you have come since Pluto forged its way into Capricorn at the end of January. Some of you may have experienced real transformations, especially if the cusps of signs are prominent in your birth chart. Others may have stood back in awe. But everyone will have experienced something of the subterranean shifts. Now it’s time to revise and take stock and test out whether those changes were for real. The second factor for change on Wednesday is Mercury’s entry into Aries. If you have been holding back or embellishing your words over the last fortnight since Mercury was in Pisces, then it’s now time to be direct, to the point and say what you feel. Mercury’s travelling really fast now, and will only be in Aries for the next fortnight, so you might find yourself just blurting things out, or being pushed for publishing deadlines, or even be aware of time speeding up. Moving swiftly on, Thursday (3rd) is linked with one of the Fixed Stars, Alpheratz from Andromeda. According to Deborah Houlding Alpheratz “has a very fortunate influence and is renowned for attributing honour, harmony, popularity and wealth” very fitting for Leona Lewis, who just topped the U.S. charts and is an Alpheratz gal born on this day. The day also finds us with a square between Mercury and Pluto to contend with. Maybe all the aggression from Sunday, and the verbal carelessness from Wednesday, have contributed to building up a situation where nerves are to say the least frayed, and deeper resentments come out of hiding. Take care, too, while travelling, as those baggage handlers at Airports may have reached their stress limits by now. The consolation of Saturday (5th) is that it is the day before an Aries New Moon, and you can look forward to a new start and let go of the tears and tantrums of the week, even if you’re not quite there yet. It’s in sight and within reach.