I spent last week filling in at my old Office, and it’s funny the conversations that take place on the train.  Some of my various fellow commuters informed me that they didn’t like tennis, cats or biographies – all subjects I was planning to write about in my blog.  But first, the eclipse last week was definitive at least for Alkaida (my preferred spelling because of the Fixed Star Alkaid in Ursa Major), who appointed a new head last week: Ayman Al -Zawahiri.  He was born on a full moon, with the Moon and Sun in the same positions as on last week’s full moon eclipse.  It seems he was born to take over that role at that time.  It does make me wonder whether the appointment was deliberately planned according to astrological information.  Weather permitting, Wimbledon starts tomorrow, and I was hoping to blog about shining stars coming out for Andy Murray, but I can’t find any at a glance though I will keep looking, and hopefully updating as they arise.  Predictably, Roger Federer and Serena Williams’ stars are looking good (again).  This despite, in Serena’s case, Saturn moving through her 6th House of Health.  Just after Wimbledon last year, she cut her foot on glass in Munich (with Pluto transiting the cusp of her 9th House of Foreign Lands and squaring her Sun right at the beginning of her 6th House of Health.  Then in March this year, she suffered a pulmonary embolism, as Saturn transiting her Jupiter in the 6th House.  She and Federer were born a few weeks apart in 1981, and both have the transiting North Node transiting their Neptune (feet) by the culmination of Wimbledon.  They both have health issues, and North Node transiting Neptune could bring up issues of vulnerability, but I will plump for them doing well (and going for the record of unsuccessful Wimbledon predictions).  At the end of last week I reported that Mercury, and therefore our nervous systems, would be a little vulnerable during the first half of this week.  Today Mercury is opposed by Pluto, and re-wiring of communication equipment, both human and mechanical, will be going on.  However, there are mitigating circumstances and spiritual reinforcements coming to our assistance, in the shape of Mercury trine Chiron.  We are having sensitizing crises over the next few days, in order to find alternative new healing solutions arriving at more complex understandings, especially about health and communication.  Mars enters Gemini on Tuesday (21st) which would be complex enough (your energies split into two directions) but for the fact that Mars is working its way towards a square with Neptune.  During this period you need to be very, very, aware of both your energies and your communications, in order not to create messes which you then need to find the time and energy to clear later.  A little mindfulness and thoughtfulness will go a long way to avoiding problems, and keeping in the forefront of your mind what you are doing, why, and what the consequences will be.  Meditate in between, and you’ll be fine.  Fortunately, I am not going to be working in the Office this week, and can apply these practices in the safety of my own home.  The Sun enters Cancer later on Tuesday, and officially Summer starts, though there has been talk that Spring and Summer have switched places this year.  Certainly Spring felt like Summer.  Following that, Mercury squares Saturn, and there may be a certain stuckness or inertia in relation to communication.  This can be related to travel, but also to verbal and written analysis.  You may be in conversation with someone and both sound like a stuck record: you’ve been round and round with the same conversation ad nauseam, and have to leave the conversation there and retire to your individual corners of the boxing ring.  According to the Observer this morning, tennis star Andy Murray has been taking advice from boxer David Haye, and he feels that it has helped his attitude.  Conversations on Tuesday will reveal that no two people can think exactly alike or see exactly eye to eye, everyone’s spiritual path differs slightly from everyone else’s, and this is a point when we need to retire to our own thoughts and see where our thinking takes us.  You will need that fine tuning for Wednesday (22nd) when Mars squares Neptune.  This time it is not our thinking, but our energies and actions, which will reveal struggles for comprehension and where we need to understand complexities.  It is a time to become in tune with our physicality in order to understand how we interact with our world.  There are likely to be outbreaks of clumsiness, but also sensitive lessons learned.  If there are upsets, solutions may be forthcoming later with the Neptune trining the Sun.  There is a chance to integrate the lessons, e.g. the old chestnut that mobile phones and water don’t mix (how many times…?).  Saturday (25th) gives us a lovely sextile between the Sun and Jupiter.  Could be a winning moment for some.  As Lot Pod Cod (short for Lottery Pod Co-ordinator) for an officially registered syndicate of three, will I be able to inform the others that their lives are about to change?  Sun sextile Jupiter isn’t a life-changer, but it will help.