As we start the week two planets are preparing to enter the sign of Aquarius. Mars gets there by the normal route tomorrow, desperate to kick off yet another mini-dawn to the Age of Aquarius. Mercury on the other hand gets in through the back door from the other end (the actual cusp of the Ages) on Tuesday, asking “Are we there yet?” We do need to know because, as I expect you’ve noticed, there’s been some underlying tension from Saturn’s opposition to Neptune for some time now (see yesterday’s blog) and by Wednesday it all comes to a peak, but the good news it’s all laid out on the table now, you can see what is there. It could be a pivotal week in many ways, with Wednesday being the first pivot. Mercury sextile Pluto occurring on the same day is an opportunity for deep thinking and sharing of thoughts. The eclipsed full Moon on Saturday is the second pivot. Traditionally feared as far back as Babylonian times, eclipses certainly can prove to be turning points. If you are mediating in a group, try to ensure that the goodwill of the individual members reaches critical mass. All this clearing paves the way for easier aspects next week.