Following on from last week’s Introduction to this event which occurs at the end of April and beginning of May this year, depending on whether you take the True or Mean North Node, I will now indicate how to spot where it is taking place in your life. If you don’t know your Ascendant, you may be able to sense where the conjunction is placed in your chart from the following descriptions. If two neighbouring descriptions seem to fit, then the triple conjunction may be on the cusp between the two houses, with Chiron (healing) in the first of the two and Neptune/North Node (entangling and disentangling) in the second one. If you find yourself away from home during that period, you may have karmic links with the people or place involved. [Ascendant in Aquarius, triple conjunction in 1st House]: You are quite possibly at the centre of this triple conjunction experience for you and your circle. In fact, you probably feel as though this situation is revolving around you. [Ascendant in Capricorn, triple conjunction in 2nd House]: There may be a complicated financial transaction around now and you will need to be very clear on your values, and be aware of just how much you value yourself. [Ascendant in Sagittarius, triple conjunction in 3rd House]: You may be in the midst of some long convoluted mental journeys at the moment, literally going round the houses. Try to keep your mind clear. [Ascendant in Scorpio, triple conjunction in 4th House]: Your home may have karmic issues at the moment, such as having to look into your rights and how you can secure them. [Ascendant in Libra, triple conjunction in your 5th House]: Your creativity or love life could reach a pitch of complexity and be tantalisingly subtle. [Ascendant in Virgo, triple conjunction in 6th House]: Health issues are the complicated area for you at the moment, ensuring someone receives the necessary treatment, becoming aware of your psychological issues in relation to health, or learning to perfect your practice if you are in the alternative health field. [Ascendant in Leo, triple conjunction in 7th House]: The complexity surrounds your relationship area at this time, and you find it difficult to hold the issues in your mind, having to surrender it to meditation or prayer. [Ascendant in Cancer, triple conjunction in 8th House] You may be aware of your spiritual links to Ancestors and Angels, how they interact and are grouped. Alternatively you may be trying to extricate yourself from a financial partnership which may have been draining you. [Ascendant in Gemini, triple conjunction in 9th House]: The abstruse finer points of philosophy may be obsessing you at the moment, trying to find the key to the meaning of life. Alternatively you may be worrying about long-distance travel, grappling with a fear of flying or incurring air miles. If you are in the publishing industry, be sure your practices are squeaky clean. [Ascendant in Taurus, triple conjunction in 10th House]: In drifting with existing ways and circumstances and allowing them to shape your career and life direction, you may be unwittingly losing your way: time to re-claim it and take charge of your career. [Ascendant in Aries, triple conjunction in 11th House]: Groups and friendships may have you all in a pickle, they’re sweet and sour and dizzyingly-interlinked pods of people in your life. [Ascendant in Pisces, triple conjunction in Pisces]: The karmic entanglement may be so subtle that you find it hard to put your finger on and may feel it doesn’t apply to you. This placement is best worked with through dreams and meditations, which may bring a breakthrough for you. More Next Week!