Top Customer Service complaint of the week goes to a long-standing reader who complained there was too much preamble to the actual aspects of the week.  I have devised a simple solution, so please be patient.  Second place goes to a reader who pointed out that I did not correctly predict the Wimbledon winners last year.  I didn’t get a lot of time to watch Wimbledon last week, but half way through I will stick with Roger Federer and Serena Williams for my chosen winners (I don’t want to sound vacillating).  Gemini Serbian Novak Djokovic sounds like my kind of feller, though…He is winning on a gluten-free diet, and is a peace campaigner.  But it hasn’t been all complaint this week: I have increased my Australian readership by 50% (a cheery wave from me to all my Australian readers!) and the long-standing reader who complained there was too much preamble actually won £200 worth of vouchers courtesy of the Sun-Jupiter sextile as I had predicted.  Enough preamble, though I might get back to it.  The Sun squares Uranus today, so surprises are afoot, and some of those could be tricky.  With the Sun being in Cancer, home appliances could go on the blink, for instance.  The Sun trines Chiron tomorrow though, so some of these home appliances could just as suddenly come back to life.  Tomorrow is a good day for energy medicine and miracle healings in general, with Mars also sextile Uranus.  It is a good day for buying new appliances, if it turns out that your appliances are not going to make it through.  Be sure to draw up a chart for the buying of the appliance, so that you can follow its progress for the duration, and track those times when it might not be performing up to scratch.  Tuesday 28th – uh oh!  There may be a blip with the new appliance, and you may even have to take it back, with the Sun being opposed by Pluto.  Or it may seem so, for the problem may lie within you and your own psychological issues.  Perhaps you have an attitude problem, or need to shift the perceptions you have in relation to the said appliance.  If you bought it on Monday, it should be sound, especially if it has an electronic component.  Appliance aside, just focus on getting your own psychology as aligned correctly as possible, and you will understand all the issues your appliance has.  Think of it as you would a pet, and your relationship as one of pet and owner.  So if the appliance is designed to work on its own, you may need to look at your dependency issues.  Tuesday in fact can be a whole healing journey on its own, because there are three other aspects arising: Mars squares Chiron, so energy and mechanisms which were operating smoothly the day before may seem awkward or clumsy today.  You may need to separate out the electrical component from the energy and mechanism, heal the mechanical side, then put it back together with the electrical component.  But your job will not be finished, because next up is a semi-sextile between Jupiter and Uranus, which could be the crux of the week’s problems, involving two of the larger planets.  Uranus, a wilful planet, is being particularly cranky this week, in a good mood one day then awkward the next.  It is determined to move the goal posts at every step, so you may find it difficult to settle, especially if you are in the middle of a major project such as a home refurbishment.  However, good old Jupiter is doing its best to keep things buoyant by directly engaging with this process.  So there may be a pattern of problems arising within a major project, followed by breakthroughs and adjustments.  The last aspect on Tuesday is a conjunction between Venus and the South Node, focusing on relationships and the reasons for how they are now, which can go back to earlier in this lifetime or further back dipping into past life causations.  You’ll be saying “Phew. What a day!” but hopefully also knowing why it was such a day.  On Friday 1st July there is another Solar Eclipse and New Moon, reminiscent of 1st June, but this time in the sign of Cancer.  Another turning point, but with issues of Home and Family to the fore, and especially potent for those born around 1st July.  On Saturday 2nd July Mercury enters Leo and that may mean a sunny finals’ day or weekend at Wimbledon.  Mental focus will start to move on from home and family to leisure and holidays.  Of course for leisure and holidays you need expendible earnings, and European finance is now under threat of further chaos because of the instability of the Greek economy.  I have an oft-stated fondness for the Elgin Marbles and ancient Greek culture, but the modern state has a couple of very difficult conjunctions: Mercury/Saturn/Ascendant, and Moon exactly conjunct Pluto.  When these complexes are under fire, there is a pulling towards the underworld or a drag towards the underpsyche to coin a phrase.  Both these points are being currently assailed: the Mercury/Saturn/Ascendant squared by Saturn (intractable problems) and the Moon/Pluto caught up in the current square between Uranus and Pluto.  It is my prayer that the collective Greek psyche can harness the ancient mythological power for its own healing.  Somehow the way has been lost, and the heart needs to be found again.  So I have managed to bring some of the preamble to the conclusion.  And in a further nod to the long-standing award-winning and voucher-bearing reader (and any other busy reader), the week in bullet-points:

  • Today – be on your toes
  • Tomorrow – healing and dynamism
  • Tuesday – it’s a journey
  • Friday – turning point
  • Saturday – have fun in mind