Andy Murray

Have been avoiding looking too closely at Andy Murray’s chart.  It would be lovely for a Brit to win Wimbledon for the first time since I think Virginia Wade…

He has got some very favourable aspects in his natal chart, such as the Part of Fortune conjunct his North Node (he does aim to please his fans) and Venus in Aries trine Moon/Uranus in Sagittarius (energy and the power of surprise).  I am surprised that with the latter aspect he does not have more popularity.  The Moon also conjunct with Saturn may create the dour Scot side of his personality.  During the final Saturn will be on his South Node and Mars will be sextile his North Node.  Part of him will be go-ahead and another part of him will be held back.


Rafa Nadal

Rafael Nadal has an expansive energy in his Jupiter-Mars sextile, and may have healing hands (Sun conjunct Chiron).  His Moon is possibly conjunct his North Node, allying his emotions with his karmic mission.  It is possible that later in life he may reorientate his career, and work in connection with say sports injury.  On a personal, spiritual and emotional level he looks happy and peaceful this weekend, but he also has some difficult twists and turns with Jupiter opposite his Pluto and Uranus square his Neptune. I wouldn’t rule him out of the final or as a winner.  However, in his personal aspects with Murray, the latter has some strong suits: his Mars conjunct Rafa’s Mercury can unsettle him; Uranus opposing Rafa’s Mercury means that mentally Nadal has to stay strong.  Undoubtedly Nadal does have the mental strength required, as he has shown in the past.

Novak Djokavic

With the Moon sextile his Sun he knows his own mind, however he has a lot of both emotional tension (Moon square Mars, hence the temper tantrum the other day) and mental tension (Mercury conjunct Chiron) which may be manageable at certain times and difficult at other times.  At the time of the finals, heavyweight Pluto trines his Mercury giving him more mental stability and emotional energy.   Neptune trines his Mars, making his energies very sensitive – if he can handle that, he’ll be a fine finalist!


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Sun in Aries is pure energy, and Mercury is conjunct Venus in that sign (good with words!) but square Neptune which can fritter away his energies at times, or cause him to spin the truth.  The Moon may be in Pisces, or in Aries – Aries would be happier for a sportsman.  The North Node conjuncts Mars so his karmic mission in this (lifetime) round is that of a warrior.  The aspects between his chart and finals weekend are underwhelming, so he isn’t likely to go through (unless he is able to take advantage of the vacuum).

Tsonga and Djokovic also have antagonistic aspects between them natally.  Djokavic’s Neptune squares Tsonga’s Venus – he may be able to sway his feelings or confuse him with diversionary tactics.  On the other hand Tsonga’s Uranus opposes Djokovic’s Mercury (exactly the same aspect as Murray has towards Nadal) which can unsettle Djokovic mentally.  That is probably an aspect which counts for more on the tennis court.

I know who I think in both cases will go through,  but I am not going to commit this time,  unsurprisingly!