Do you feel well and truly ready for a new start? What could be newer than the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year, in Aries? In the UK that will be in the early hours of Sunday morning, so make sure that you do something special on Sunday to mark how you mean to go on throughout the next month, if not the next year. You could spring up from your bed with a new outlook on life, or raring to start a new creative project. Venus also enters Aries on Sunday, symbolizing new life and new love. Monday (7th) could find you back at work, but preoccupied over new dilemmas revolving around the new life and love, for Venus squares Pluto and you may find it difficult to square the old and the new. It may be an opportunity to make a quantum shift in your understanding of love and relationships and the vulnerabilities of the human heart. A new understanding may ease things, and letting go of what you cannot fathom for the moment. The middle of the week is a bit of a transition period: from the square of Monday to two squares occurring on Thursday. You might feel tense or uneasy and not know why. Yes, realize you are in the transitioning zone. We are all experiencing these squares of the Cardinal signs, and learning to use our energies constructively and sensitively. So the two squares to tackle on Thursday (10th) are Sun square Jupiter and Mercury square Mars. Not too daunting – these should be easier, even if there are two of them, than Monday’s square. Jupiter and the Sun just produce a lot of enthusiasm and sometimes hot air, unless they are combined with binge-drinking, in which case they might get out of hand. Mercury squaring Mars can produce minor incidents, such as a tussle over the hole punch in the office, or the train arriving a minute early (just set out earlier, as you’re in the know). Practise your deep-breathing if you encounter any of these problems. Yes, practise deep-breathing, and meditating in public places. And if you are svelte enough, the lotus position.