Victoria Azarenka

Azarenka is a Leo with a fiery Mars in the same sign.  She will be fired up with Mars sextile her Sun this weekend, but may be disappointed by Saturn squaring her Neptune.  Self-doubt may creep in and take the edge off her performance.


Petra Kvitova

Imaginative Piscean Petra Kvitova has some solid planets in Capricorn which help her focus. Her nerves could get the better of her at the weekend (Mars squaring her Mercury), but her inspirational streak is likely to be her most helpful factor with Neptune trine her natal Jupiter at the weekend.

Kvitova has Uranus conjunct Azarenka’s Saturn, which can produce shocks for Azarenka, though Azarenka can wear down Kvitova.  The edge would likely to be with Kvitova though.

Kvitova’s Uranus trines Azarenka’s Venus so they might get on well socially off court.


Sabine Lizicki

Lizicki has a deeply emotional chart, with Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, and  Jupiter with Chiron in Cancer possibly joined by the Moon there.  This will be the source of much of her energy.  Uranus, Saturn and Neptune sit in stoical Capricorn in her chart.  Her Sun is in Virgo, a sign which figures heavily in this generation of tennis players, both as Sun and Ascendant.  Mercury (her nervous system) and Mars (her physical energy, as distinct from her emotional energies) are in the traditional tennis sign of Libra.   Without knowing her Ascendant (from her birth time) Mars and Mercury represent important elements of her physicality and there is a gracefulness and elegance there, but not as much robustness as some other signs.


Maria Sharapova

In contrast to Lizicki, Sharapova has several planets in the very physical sign of Aries.  The Wimbledon website states: “Sharapova’s serene image hides a street-fighter”.  It is possible that her Ascendant is something contrasting and therefore hiding the street-fighter.  She has a tender side: Venus in Pisces and Moon conjunct Neptune, and that may be something she reserves for her private life.  The street-fighting image is also shown in a quincunx between Mars and Pluto.

Neither Lizicki or Sharapova have great aspects this weekend, but one of them has to go through to the final, and with Sharapova being on good form it is likely to be her.