I redeemed my Wimbledon blogging reputation slightly yesterday at the Ladies Singles Final, by remarking that Sharapova’s aspects were not too good, and that Kvitova (who won) would be inspired.  Sue Barker, on interviewing Sharapova afterwards, stated:  “You came across a player who was inspired today”.  Due thanks goes to last week’s commenter who pointed out that I had originally chosen Serena Williams, which encouraged me to look into the remaining players. Meanwhile the International Monetary Fund came back into prominence in the news last week. The natal Venus (which represents money) of the International Monetary Fund lies exactly at the Galactic Centre, which is very appropriate for such an Institution.  This week Christine Lagarde was appointed the new Head of the IMF, close to the New Moon eclipse which fell exactly opposite her natal Sun.  Transiting Saturn was exactly trine her natal Venus (ability to handle money).  Her predecessor, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was released from house arrest, with Jupiter transiting his Sun (a transit which often coincides with a liberation of sorts).  Strauss-Kahn has a powerful chart, but will not be looking after our money any more, so Lagarde is the one to watch now.  She has her Part of Fortune in the 8th House of Other People’s Money, so enjoys looking after it for us, and I will be watching that space.  We have a huge aspect this week in the trine between Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, and that will dominate the week’s proceedings, giving us the sense of balancing two huge forces in our lives.  We are assisted in seeing its healing potential in having Chiron placed between them forming a sextile to each.  So bear this in mind as you proceed through the week, so that you are better placed to catch the wave on Thursday and capitalize on the trine.  But today is a different mindset because Saturn squares the Sun.  Think structure and limitation, caution and plugging loopholes.  Before a big enterprise, you have to attend to the details, or something small can throw the whole thing out.  What do you need to attend to today, in all seriousness?  Even if you are having a fun day out, there may be serious issues to think about which lie behind it.  Any conclusions now will contribute to your Jupiter-Pluto performance later in the week.  Venus enters Cancer tomorrow (4th) and it’s Happy Independence Day to my American reader(s)!  Venus entering Cancer is always a nice interlude for Americans, who have a few planets in Cancer in the natal chart of the U.S., and will bring heart as it tours through that sign. The aspect of life it brings out is making sure everyone around you is comfortable, nostalgia such as working on your family tree, home-making, baking apple pies, plumping pillows, gardening by the Moon, for enjoying all Cancerian aspects of life.  A good website to follow this month if you want to get into that groove (whatever sign, or country you are in) is http://auntiemoon.wordpress.com/ the website and blog of cjwright who conveys that mood among other moods and wider issues.  She has the knack of asking interesting questions and thinking outside the box, too.  It should be a Happy Independence Day whether or not you are American, for the day basks in happy aspects.  Venus trines Neptune, bringing inspiration to home and family activities.  Then Mercury trines Uranus so any good ideas can go global on the internet.  If you are wanting to stay away from the internet tomorrow, then try sending and receiving ideas by telepathy.  All you will need is at least one pal, to play this, and conduct such experiments.  A pack of Zener cards are optional, but by no means necessary.  Mercury squares Jupiter the next day Tuesday (5th) and by that time you may have experimented, and enjoyed the fruits of your telepathic experiments, but may be feeling mentally overcrowded, hyped up, overwired, and a bit of a space cadet.  Maybe you were contacted by Aliens the day before, and have too much to think about now.   If you can’t handle all the resulting creativity, just scale down your focus and get back to simple basics for a while, watch a candle or watch paint dry, or watch asparagus grow (if that is not too fast-paced).  Then reassess which of your new projects to follow.  Balance can be achieved the next day (Wednesday 6th) with Mars trine Saturn.  It may not be as exciting as the first half of the week, but it does allow for more common sense and sensibility.  Action and practicality succeed, where earlier in the week ideas and inspiration were to the fore.  All this before the main feature of the week, Jupiter trine Pluto on Thursday (7th).  This will be balancing power in one area of your life (Pluto in whatever natal house) with opportunities for expansion (Jupiter in another area of life).  High energy, high jinks.  When Jupiter was square Pluto last year, the first set of revelations by Wikileaks appeared.  Some resolution on these issues, e.g. information and suppression of information, High Court injunctions and the like, may emerge.  Also religious issues around faith versus agnosticism may come a step closer to understanding (Richard Dawkins meets the Pope?).  In our own personal lives we need to see how we use our power, and celebrate positive applications of that power.  Motto for the day is taken from Del Boy: “He who dares, wins” .  The rest of the week may seem an anti-climax, but even anti-climaxes need to be managed and observed carefully.  Venus squares Uranus later on Thursday, so be wary of social misuses of power, and new personalities emerging in your life who may not be all they seem, who may have agendas counter to your own and be peddling red herrings.  You can enjoy the novelty, and take ideas from other ways of being, but need to calm and centre down.  On Friday (8th) Venus trines Chiron in a small healing interlude, practicing the breathing, calming, centring and alignment, and remembering who you are.  Saturday (9th) may test you on that alignment with Pluto opposing Venus: being true to yourself even if you are tempted to please the other.  Once that test has been mastered, more enjoyable waters are reached with Venus sextile Jupiter favouring parties and barbecues, followed by Mercury sextile Saturn which would be best employed in a cool assessment of the challenges and achievements of the week.  You can put this in graph form, or on an excel spreadsheet, or just file it away under experience, but duly note it.  If you need the week in bullet points, please apply separately by email.