This is the third in my series of blogs about this conjunction, and I will probably be writing about this combination long after the Neptune/North Node conjunction at the end of April, because after that event later in the year we have Neptune conjunct Chiron and North Node conjunct Chiron all occurring in the same area of our life. If this is the first blog you have come to, I suggest reading the Intro and the Houses I prepared earlier. What I have noticed this week is that many people have unusual or important appointments or trips booked for the end of April, and this event may encapsulate or crystallize the Neptune/North Node experience for them, with a karmic flavour. What I want to do this week is have a look at some of the Celebs, and see how the triple conjunction is panning out in their lives: David Bowie has the triple conjunction in his first house. He could decide to create a stir, as it’s the 36th anniversary of “Starman”. Gals who may have issues around money and values at the moment, with the triple conjunction occurring in their 2nd house are Heather Mills and Victoria Beckham. Oscar-winning Marion Coutillard may need to toe the politically-correct line in her communications with its occurrance in her 3rd House. Billy Bragg may have mastered political-correctness, but may have karmic connections with Glasgow and Gateshead where he is scheduled to appear – the triple conjunction falls in his 4th House. Rufus Wainwright (just to type his name is an amazing experience) may be cooking up a creative storm at the end of April with the conjunction in his 5th House. Virgo Ascendant Roger Federer, rumoured to be suffering from mononucleosis, may need to look into the mind/body implications of health. With Neptune/North Node/Chiron currently in 6th House, complaints do not easily respond to conventional medicine as they have deeper causitive layers, sometimes related to past lives. I suggest homeopathy or regression. Ascendant in Leo, triple conjunction in 7th House – who has marriage issues? For Angelina Jolie the triple conjunction falls in her 7th house of marriage and close relationships (she has Ascendant in late Cancer). And surprisingly, and by special request, Johnny Depp, whose triple conjunction falls close to his Saturn in 7th house which represents commitment issues. Mel Gibson may remember another lifetime in which he was of a different religion, with the triple conjunction in his 8th house of Rebirth. David Beckham continues to get to grips with his tricky transatlantic lifestyle (Ascendant in Gemini, triple conjunction in 9th House). Writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez will be undergoing another long, complicated and solitary career path which may result in an epic work in the distant future, having as he does Neptune/North Node currently in his 10th House. George Clooney is surrounded by women at the moment, and is working out his relationship with the wider feminine consciousness, with this combination of planets in his 11th House – he is being a triple conjunction groupie. And last but not least Gwynneth Paltrow may be feeling a little lost at the moment with the conjunction in her 12th house of unconscious, but should find her way through deep meditation in order to bring her spiritual ideas into concrete reality. Next week: Politicians and Countries.