On Thursday, the day that Jupiter trined Pluto (huge endings) it was announced that the last ever edition of the News of the World would be published this Sunday, it was the premier of the last in the Harry Potter series of films (transiting Jupiter squaring the magical Mars/Neptune conjunction of the natal chart of the first film), and the final launch of the space shuttle Atlantis marking the end of the space shuttle program(me) a day later.  Like the square between Jupiter and Pluto last year which brought revelations from Wikileaks, last week’s trine between Jupiter and Pluto uncovered other revelations from other sources, most notably the phone hacking scandals by the News of the World to innocent victims of murder and terrorism.  These started to emerge in the few days leading up to the Jupiter-Pluto trine.  By the anniversary of 7/7 it had emerged that victims of that event had been subjected to phone hacking. It was announced on the day of the Jupiter-Pluto trine that as a result of these disclosures the News of the World was to close.  Neptune was trine the Mercury in the natal chart of the paper, and the North Node (karma) trine its Pluto (death of the newspaper, but possibly also a reinvention).  Even the Wikileaks story re-emerged that day, because Julian Assange is shortly to appear at the High Court, but also has his 40th birthday (Saturn is currently square his Sun, and Neptune squares his Neptune so it is not an easy time for him).  In the huge recycling of energy within these events, what will replace the newspapers, films, and space shuttles, to name but a few manifestations?  Perhaps something similar transpired in your own world, a power play, or an exchange of funds, the ending of a commitment.  What new forms can be created now in your life?  The birth of a new country is an amazing new form for energy, and South Sudan has pulled it off, its constitution being ratified on 7 July, so the trine will be part of its nature. I would like to wish a happy birth day to South Sudan! The consequences of the Jupiter-Pluto trine will be with us for some time, but in this time period we need to look at new forms for our energies and new pathways.  I apologize in advance for the length of this preamble about the momentous past week, but as if to balance this there are fewer aspects this week.  In the early hours of this morning, Uranus came to a standstill, preparing to go retrograde. Last night or this morning may have brought new surprises (euphemisms for slight shocks) for you to deal with today, but if there weren’t any then it may be time to look at some reorientation which is needed now, or some going over old ground in an alternative way, finding new solutions for long term problems, or new ways of doing things, like teaching an old dog new tricks.  All the aspects this week take place early morning, so some of their influence will emerge in interesting dreams in the U.K.  In the U.S. they will produce interesting late night suppers, and in Australia mid-afternoon capers.  The next aspect is Mercury sextile Mars on Tuesday (12th).  This is a good aspect for rigorous communication, getting your thoughts down on paper, and you can apply this to any new embryonic projects emerging.  Criticism can be constructive at this time, and new ideas can be based on the knowledge of what needs to be corrected.  If you would prefer to channel your energies through sport, power-walking, Ashtanga Yoga, jogging and fencing are suitable outlets, or verbal banter at the breakfast table behind the scrunching of newspapers.  On Wednesday (13th) Venus squares Saturn and you might need to resolve relationship issues, or if there is nothing you can do, just lie back and do nothing:  resolve it in your own heart, to save getting drained if the other person is not likely to help.  The final aspect of the week is the Full Moon in Capricorn on Friday (15th) at 6.40 a.m. in the U.K.  Full Moons always require a balancing from us, based on the formation of the Sun opposing the Moon, and if you do not know which House this falls in natally, then taking the nature of the signs you will need to look at work/home dilemmas or struggles between the state and the citizen.  Your loyalties may be divided, e.g. you may be caught up in Institutions which are corrupt and find it difficult to decide where your loyalties lie.  Friday can be used to adjust your lifestyle and the structures of your life.  The Full Moon is not as potent as the previous eclipsed version, just as this week is tamer than last, but then we need a rest, don’t we?

For busy readers, the week in bullet-points:

  • Today – Reorientation
  • Tuesday – Vigorous Communication
  • Wednesday – Gentle Reframing of Relationships
  • Friday – Restructuring of Daily Life