All sorts of side stories have had to be pushed aside this week, in order to look at the all-encompassing story of the dissolving empire of media mogul Rupert Murdoch.  A generation of minds have been infiltrated by the culture of sensationalizing the news which certainly was the style of the now defunct News of the World.  In a world where over the centuries power was associated with politics (temporal power) or religion, he found a way to general domination through a new source: the modern media.  His Sun/Mercury in Pisces shows his self-expression through the genius of that sign (working its way through the fabric of the collective unconscious) in the 3rd House of media, and this trine Pluto (power) in the 7th House and sign of the general public (Cancer), with Jupiter and Mars also in that sign and House for back-up.  The Empire Mogul has Capricorn rising with Saturn in the 1st House trine Neptune, adding shape, discipline and authority to the Piscean emphasis in his chart.  Karmically, North Node conjunct Uranus in Aries will have used a great deal of intuition in building his karmic mission, and squaring his Jupiter/Pluto in Cancer suggests power abused in past lives.  The Soul Group around him, the members of his family, plus Rebekah Brooks, may have practiced holding power in societies in previous cultures.  Rebekah Brooks, now stood down as Chief Executive of News International, has been called the fifth daughter of Rupert Murdoch, and certainly has a family aspect in her Sun trine his Venus.  There are a lot of karmic Nodal aspects between members of the group.  There is an exact conjunction between Rebekah Brooks’ North Node (karmic mission), which is in Aries (16 degrees) exactly conjunct Rupert Murdoch’s North Node (15 deg 56) – certainly partners if not partners in crime.  Her karmic mission joined and strengthened his.  At her resignation this week, the North Node was trine her Saturn and the Nodal Axis squaring her Pluto, invoking a recognition of karmic necessity.  Rupert Murdoch’s son James natally had a protected and privileged conjunction of his North Node with Jupiter, but currently has Neptune squaring his Mercury, effectively a rabbit caught in headlights.  Andy Coulson who has taken the rap and a pivotal role for years for the phone hacking scandal, had Saturn trine his North Node (similar to but the reversal of Rebecca Brooks’ resignation aspect) when he resigned as Editor of the News of the World.  Then further along the chain, Andy Coulson has a family-style link with David Cameron’s natal chart, but you have to stop somewhere…The power of Rupert Murdoch, as with the dictators in the Middle East, is beginning to unravel through the breaking of the spell of fear.  The injection of courage into the human race has come into the equation in a big way since the entry of Uranus into Aries, squaring and challenging the authorities of Pluto in Capricorn.  The period of this square over the next three years is likely to see some chaos and anarchy before the desired goal of freedom is won.  But in the case of the media battle, a start has been made in seeing through the deception and manipulation: it seems that this will all take a while to unravel.  At the age of 80, Rupert Murdoch is approaching his Neptune (sleaze) half-return.  His natal Neptune, also the ruling planet of his Sun sign, is at 3 degrees 59 minutes of Virgo.  Neptune almost reaches the half-return, at 3 degrees 9 minutes of Pisces, in June 2012, but then turns back.  It is not until 24/25th March 2013 that he will experience the half-return, when all may be revealed about what was concealed.  The stress by that time may take a toll on his health.  In the meantime we need to visualize the sort of society we would like, free of sleaze and violence.  I would like to see a ban on violence in film, for instance – is that too much to ask?  There are few aspects occurring in the coming week, and the first not until Thursday.  If you would like a cosmic focus for the first half of the week, the Fixed Star Procyon is aligned with our Sun today.  This star in Canis Minor traditionally has mixed reviews (e.g. Bernadette Brady hints at sudden success followed by failure).  The emphasis from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld is on the translation of incoming light into clarity of thought: “Procyon can enhance the direct transference of light into consciousness.  Procyon will beneficially influence all capacities of thought”.  The aspect occurring on Thursday (21st) is in fact a minor one: that of Venus semi-sextile Mars, which is about the nuance of a minor shift in perception of male-female relations or internal male-female balancing.  Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg for instance has been criticized for doing the school run, so fine-tuning about such debates may be going on.  On Friday 22nd Mars conjoins the South Node at 21 degrees Gemini: There may be a harking back to past wars, including past newspaper wars (Gemini).  Prepare for some role play with your Inner Warrior, using the opportunity to find the right role for this in modern times.  On Saturday 23rd the Sun leaves the sign of Cancer and enters Leo.  If you have been concentrating on DIY around the home lately, your focus may turn to outdoor leisure, holidays and Sun seeking.  If you want to continue with the DIY, it may take a more creative turn, but it is a good time of year to get your dose of Vitamin D, so do consider outdoor possibilities.  Now that I am retired I sometimes have to force myself away from the computer or daytime TV cookery programmes, by auto-suggestion that there are some enticing opportunities for photography in the garden, which hubby Mike kindly tends.  It’s always worth a stroll.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Mental focus and concentration
  • Thursday – Minor male-female adjustments in perception
  • Friday – Old scores to settle, hopefully peaceably
  • Saturday – Do something Outdoorsy