Sorry to be so late in reporting that there was a wonderfully flowing spiritual aspect this morning in the shape of Sun sextile Neptune – I was preparing the third in my Neptune/North Node/Chiron conjunction series. Indeed, the next couple of days are ideal for understanding and looking forward to the more positive benefits of this forthcoming conjunction, because we also have Sun sextile North Node tomorrow. Meanwhile, at tea-time today Mercury squares Jupiter. Those who have recently travelled to the other side of the world may find jetlag catches up with them, and the rest of us may be yearning for some exploration in far away lands, but having to juggle the here and now with our other aspirations. For those in academia, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish what their minds can envisage. Tomorrow (Monday 14th) also has Mercury sextile Neptune, again another positive linkeage with the forthcoming conjunction between Neptune and North Node at the end of April, and it’s a good time to apply information about it, for instance seeing how its celtic knot of complexities are mirrorred in the lives of those around us. Sun conjunct Mercury livens up proceedings on Wednesday (16th), and encourages us to really be in the moment and to emit zen poetry wherever we find ourselves at the time. Get really interested in what you are or are not doing midweek, become poetry yourself. Mercury moves into Taurus the next day (Thursday 17th) and we go from a very direct way of experiencing, to a more practical application of our mental processes, e.g. finally sowing our vegetable seeds in the potting shed after months of envisaging how the finished product will look and taste. Mercury is on a roll this week, with two trines on Friday (18th). First Mercury trines Pluto, and all these benificent aspects from the week can bring about some really profound shifts in your mindset – your mental processes may literally shift upwards a gear. Communication will have long-term significance. If you are travelling that day with others, the companionship could take on the quality of the tales of the Canterbury pilgrims. And as if to reinforce this, Mercury trining Saturn later in the day may find people acting on these profound ideas, even laying foundation stones to five-year plans, or four-year plans under the Mayan Calendar. If you are sharing a meal in a group by Friday evening, the atmosphere will be one of solid and loyal friendship, and commitment to a shared future. If dining alone, you should feel a sense of spiritual wholeness, and telepathically sense the spiritual sangha of which you form a part. On Saturday (19th) Sun moves into Taurus and there is more adjustment into reality, with an accompanying feelgood factor, but also a whiff in the air of the forthcoming full moon, so that we don’t get too complacent on our newly-arrived at plateau of awareness.