By the time you read this it will be old news, at the rate events are moving.  A standout event of the last few days was the appearance of father and son Murdoch in front of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee last Tuesday. Their body language was captured by media Psychologist Peter Collett in the Guardian.  He analyzed Rupert Murdoch’s posture (intending to show he was fully involved), his pauses (showing a dominant individual) and his table-tapping “- a sure sign that he’s used to giving commands”.  Apparently James Murdoch was a “model of courtesy”, making sure by eye contact that all committee members felt included.  Peter Collett (author of “How to Read People’s Minds from their Actions”) concludes his article with a quip about the custard pie moment.  I was musing myself whether there might be a call for an Emergency Biscuit.*  Something else which is going on meanwhile in the world, and more difficult to identify astrologically, are babies (and adults) dying from famine, specifically highlighted in Somalia at this present time.  Somalia currently has Uranus transiting its Ascendant, and squaring its Sun/Venus on the cusp of its 4th House which conjunction is opposed by transiting Pluto on its 10th House cusp (forming a difficult T-square composed of transiting and natal elements).  The Somali Civil War, which began in 1991 and the consequences of which are being felt to this day, occurred with Saturn opposite Somalia’s Mercury in 4th House, and Neptune on its Saturn in 10th House.  Out of Somalia came one Rageh Omaar, born in 1967, the son of a wealthy businessman. He has the North Node in Taurus – the karmic mission to be an anchor or rock. We do not know his Ascendant, but Jupiter is currently trine Venus, the ruler of his North Node, and perhaps helping to expand his karmic mission. In his past lives he would have been accustomed to danger as a warrior with South Node in Scorpio conjunct Mars in Libra (perhaps as a go-between). His present karmic mission seems to be to translate Islam for us through the 3-part television series “Mohammed”, beautifully shown by transiting Neptune (spiritual aspect) trine his natal Mars and this year also to trine the South Node, and sextile the North Node. Transiting Saturn sextile his Jupiter (religion) give him the stability at this time but also the sense of responsibility (in a television interview he was aware of the difficulties of his role). Who can forget his steady, spellbinding and reassuring presence reporting day after day during the Iraq War in 2003?  He does have significant links with Iraq chartwise.  At the time of that war, Neptune (Spiritual Protection) was exactly sextile his natal Saturn (Responsibility), enabling him to endure this mission.  He says of his time there “We ran around, we did pieces on weapons inspectors, Saddam, the regime, and almost nothing about Iraqi people.” I always saw him as a hero, and I am sure many others did.  If you have missed the first two parts of his current programme, you can see the third and final part on Tuesday 26th July at 9 p.m. on BBC2.  We have another week now where the aspects begin in the middle of the week. Take note of how that was for you last week. Fixed star focus for the week is the Praesape Cluster (M44) in Cancer which has a short description in “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld, so I might as well quote the whole paragraph: “The primary energy here is in assisting individuals to fully accept loss, to release it, and to understand the great gifts of what one does not need any longer.  This is a way of surrender and trust in the God-force.  At a deeper level, most people will discover that a sense of what is needed created in them, as well as a sense of what is not needed.  Priorities can shift to spiritual levels, so the true God-nature of the priorities emerge.” On Wednesday (27th) after you have assessed your spiritual priorities the Sun in Leo trines Uranus in Aries, so this may give a boost to revolutionaries around the world, and any attempts you are making to revolutionize the areas in your life affected by this aspect.  If you know your birthchart, you can take a look at which houses the two planets are currently occupying to see which areas of your life can take a shift together.  On Thursday (28th) Venus enters Leo, boosting our Leo fire supply, and eagerness to party and to extract joy from our life’s experiences.  A little later on the same day, Mercury leaves Leo and enters Virgo.  There is a short, exactly 3-hour window, (in the UK it is between 2.59 pm and 5.59 p.m.) when Venus, the Sun and Mercury are all in Leo and you can make hay while the sun shines.  When Mercury enters Virgo, you might feel the call of your paperwork or other tasks which need attention.  Mentally, you would be more inclined to focus, and be more practical.  But an aspect the next day (Friday 29th) will make it difficult to keep distractions at bay – this is an opposition to Mercury from Neptune.  It could be a case that you have so much to do that life is complicated.  You may have an imminent wedding to plan, for instance, which requires your energies at all sorts of different levels.  You may have to call in the wedding planning Angels if so, to help you on the higher levels while you focus on the paperwork, such as paying the caterers.  You may be lucky, in that all will come together the next day (Saturday 30th) as it is a New Moon and blue moon at 7 degrees Leo, and therefore good for weddings or other large-scale functions and activities, such as film directing (did I tell you a lot of Film Directors are born under Leo?  I have?  Oh sorry, it is one of my fave astro-facts…).  Now, blogging about Astrology takes up a bit of my time, and although Past Life therapy is a good proportion of my work it rarely gets a look-in comparatively in my blog. Which is why I am grateful to fellow Astroblogger Joyce Mason, who has written a lip-smacking article on her Radical Virgo blog entitled “The Great Flow Charters in the Sky”.  It’s all about how she recognized the hand of reincarnation working throughout her life.  Here’s the link to a great read if you are thirsty to know more about Past Lives.  Have a good week, and enjoy the wedding season, or home-entertainment-for-schoolkids-season, whichever applies!

*Soon to be patented, perhaps, by Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – Spiritual priorities and Religious ruminations
  • Thursday – Spirited enthusiasm

[Fun window: 2.59 pm to 5.59 pm, UK time]

Knuckle down to paperwork

  • Friday – Mental confusion and complexity
  • Saturday – New ventures centred around enjoyment and leisure