Guest Post by Laura M. Dane

I feel that the following piece by my guest blogger goes some way to assisting our understanding of the spiritual perspective behind the recent events in Norway.  If you would like to read a little of the background of the author, please find more information under my Interviews Category (Interview 3).  Over to you, Laura:

The following was provided by one of my guides on Saturday, 24 July 2011 in response to my attempts to grasp the esoteric aspects of this atrocity. The key to  understanding is to recognise that a nationality, like every individual, has a personality which is in the process of evolving to reveal its inner divinity.

“Such crises denote a point in the life of the nation, expressed through a particular group of individuals, where a conflict of ideology becomes a matter of life and death.  The attachment to an ideology convinces the holder that his life is dependent upon the continued life of the ideology in the life of humanity.  He will come to believe that the turning away by many others from his ideology threatens his life and that the only course left for him is to kill those who deny or oppose his ideology.  His character is such that he is unable to free himself from his ideology into a greater and expanded understanding of life.

In a sense, such fixed views are of the past – often an idealised past which never existed but which still attempts to be realised in the life of the nation.  The frustration in attempting to realise this ideology and consequent sense of loss and failure does not have its cause in those who oppose or turn away from this ideology but in the new energies of goodwill, synthesis, peace and equilibrium sweeping through humanity.  There are those who can respond positively to these new energies and move into a new form of humanity founded in brotherhood whilst others respond through resistance and rejection, occasionally taking the conflict down into the physical realm.

The build up of such tensions within a nation will be noted and observed by those on the inner planes whose role is to guide the destiny of nations. If it can not be released and resolved on the mental and emotional planes, then the best course of release is upon the physical plane.  The release onto the outer plane reveals to mankind the consequences of his “desires” in physical terms. The conflict has not been resolved by elevating it to the level of love. Such events are, in their own way, an expression of war by ideologies caught up in materially-orientated groups who find it impossible to respond adequately to the energies of love and goodwill. Such “explosions” have to be accepted as a temporary measure until mankind has learnt to express itself as a brotherhood in its fullest understanding.

The conflict of ideologies within a nation will find its outlet within individuals who represent the line of least resistance and who are frequently perceived in society as the most vulnerable and innocent.  However, there will be a conscious decision by certain aspirants and disciples, for whom there is karmic opportunity, to play their part through the giving of their lives, taking into account also the karmic opportunities of their group, family and their nation. In the giving of their lives in this manner, they contribute the power of their loving sacrifice to counter the evil of the ideology which seeks to destroy life.  Their contribution adds to the healing forces of their nation so that it can recover from the trauma.

Many survived the massacre because their karma allows them to while others, despite all efforts to save them, will take some action which will bring about their death.  The role of “luck” and “miracles” has much to do with karma. There will be others who are injured, the area of their body which suffered the injury pointing to a symbolic area of psychological release by the individual.  Those who chose to die are afforded an even greater release.  Those who were not injured but who experienced the psychological trauma have healing to do at the level.  Whatever their experience, help is given at all times from the inner realms to heal all participants through a process of awakening or realisation which will prevent such occurrences in the future.

There will be greater national “security” but the greatest protection will come from the unfolding of a greater heart response from the nation as a whole.  It will become more itself.

Because the nation remains relatively unaware, it is not conscious of how its thoughts, feelings and actions affect itself, its people and the world as a whole.  It learns, therefore, through painful consequences.  The force of their thoughts, feelings and actions are not well directed and focussed because they are unconscious in some measure and therefore unexpected consequences occur and  seemingly innocent people are affected.

Everyone is connected and group actions affect everyone to some degree or other but not all are equal in their ability to respond positively to them.  The innocent, that is, those who are not able to respond, are unwittingly involved in national or group crises from which they should be protected by those in a position to act and who take the right action at the right time.  The inability or unwillingness to take right responsibility for action can cause damage to the lives of the innocent. A section of the national body has been injured and that section’s capacity to act as a conduit for healing and restoration is greatly inhibited because its faith in the goodness of life has been broken.

A nation needs to see its youth as the “innocent” and, to an extent they are, but they do bring with them into incarnation the karma of past lives and can choose the manner in which that karma is overcome or used.  The action itself is understood to be “wrong” but the nation, as a whole, has much soul-searching ahead, to discover its true cause, to become more its true self and thereby to discover the great gift bequeathed to them by the willing sacrifice of so many of its idealistic youth.”

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