Number four in my series, and just to recap there is a triple conjunction going on this year in Aquarius between Neptune and karmic features North Node and Chiron, which falls pretty much in one area of your life. The North Node/Neptune component, exact at the end of April, highlights the complexity of interaction between people, but can also bring about spiritual understanding between them. This week I am looking at where the triple conjunction falls in the charts of Politicians and Countries. In these charts, the North Node/Neptune may for instance have the effect of exposing scandal. For the more spiritually inclined it will refer more to spiritual and karmic factors. Integrity will be an important feature for Ken Livingstone as the triple conjunction straddles his 1st (Personality) and 2nd (Finance) Houses. There may be a microscope on his spending. Appearing in the 3rd House of the chart for Portugal, it highlights issues of communication, which may hint at the role of the media in creating and destroying illusion, secrecy and deception. Margaret Thatcher has this conjunction in her 4th House of home and family affairs, and in her later years her focus may be veering slightly more towards this area, for example the Neptunian complexities of her son’s worldly affairs. Neptune/North Node is transiting the 5th House of Nicolas Sarkozy and certainly it’s his love life, leisure activities and glamorous partner which have been receiving more intrigue and publicity than his political side recently. Tony Benn has the conjunction in his 6th House and in recent years has suffered some health complications in the nature of his Aries Sun Sign, but he continues to be passionately driven by his social conscience. The triple conjunction placed here enables him to continue to make a contribution of service, but he has to tread delicately and take into account health weakness with Neptune also opposing his Neptune (which was exact at the time he announced his comeback). Prince Charles has North Node/Neptune currently in his 7th House of Marriage and Close Relationships, and there may be emerging deeper layers of interaction between him and his nearest and dearest. For China, the conjunction appears currently in its 8th House of death and rebirth, and the deep challenges to its human rights record and image may reflect the presence of Neptune here while the North Node represents the clamour for change coming from world opinion. The Dalai Lama has the triple conjunction in the 9th House, and while the state of being in exile in foreign lands has been a theme all his adult life, the spiritual connotations of the 9th House also combine to make this a crucial time for him in combining his spiritual and temporal roles because of the karmic nature of the North Node. There is a similar theme going on in the chart of Tibet, which you will see under the 12th House. Going South, the new Labour Government of Australia may show what it is made of ethically and idealistically at the end of April, for instance on the issue of climate change, with the conjunction occurring in its 10th House of Politics. Our own Gordon Brown has the triple conjunction in his 11th House, and friendships and alliances are tricky for him at this time, and a test of sincerity both for him and those around him, conjuring up a picture of whispering corridors, and a cloak and dagger scenario reminiscent of a scene from Les Liaisons Dangereuses. And finally the chart of Tibet shows Neptune/North Node plus Chiron in the 12th House, a house of spiritual rescources but physical weakness. It is also the house of karmic justice, and this is a placement to watch with interest to see what is revealed over the coming year.